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File: 1411774668793.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WHEREDEMMISSLES.jpg)

1eb8b0 No.1707

Lets start one of these here

>thread theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVsXUZnn9bY [Embed] [Embed]

>What is this?

Wargame - an RTS franchise set in the late cold war gone hot with large numbers of accurately modeled units, semi-realistic gameplay, and emphasis on real time tactics with no tech research, no base building, and relatively light micromanagement.

>What game should I start with?

Red Dragon is the latest installment, European Escalation and Airland Battle are ded.

>I love [NATION]! Is it included?

USA, UK, Canada, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, W-Germany, USSR, E-Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and ANZAC.

>Official Site


>Comprehensive RD guide

*Reading about the game isn't a substitute for playing*

>Top-down images of every map


>Misc. gameplay analytics


>Replay Repository

Replays go into User/Saved Games/Eugen Systems/Wargame3
Watch games from organized teams and tournaments to quickly learn good strategies.

>Steam Group


>Related Topics

Wargame Lit: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zfm69f0k91pmf0y/wgg-lit-v1.3.rar
Contains a collection of Cold War fiction and non-fiction examinations of 80s military technology, strategy, tactics, and theory.

1eb8b0 No.1720


Has anyone heard anymore news on the upcoming DLC?

1eb8b0 No.1722

File: 1411788292049.jpg (467.79 KB, 2213x1485, 2213:1485, eugen.jpg)

Are we free from the HONs here?

1eb8b0 No.1725

Is there any reason to use IR SAMs instead of SPAAGS if the enemy doesn't use SEAD?

1eb8b0 No.1726

Hopefully all the shitters from the other thread don't migrate here. Seriously, the vitriol in /wgg/ is just unbearable at times.

1eb8b0 No.1727

hello my name is Toastghost and I now run this general.

1eb8b0 No.1728

You know all the advice given on 4chan that is never heeded because you are just pissing into an ocean of piss? You can make a difference here.
Don't feed trolls.
think out your posts and make them quality posts.
Don't namedrop like the faggot before me.
Generally don't be a retard

1eb8b0 No.1729

sorry my name is Rogal Dorn and as the ranking member of VG-Wargamers I am in charge.

1eb8b0 No.1730


Greater range against choppers on occasion and halfway decent players usually do use SEAD so it's safe to just have them in your deck and deploy them everywhere as apposed to selectively watching your radar AA all the time and losing them/ missing chances to shoot anything down when you're not looking.

1eb8b0 No.1731

File: 1411789961835.png (846.13 KB, 2000x2600, 10:13, Airframe Evolution.png)

Grouped IR SAMs will kill planes faster than SPAAGs. You're really better off with SPAAGs even if your enemy uses SEAD.

1eb8b0 No.1735

What are your honest opinions of the Patriot system

1eb8b0 No.1738

Retarded, out of scale. More or less balanced.

1eb8b0 No.1788

Why does eugene bother putting campaigns in wargame?
Surely they are aware of how horrible they are.

1eb8b0 No.1863

Hello this is Rogal Dorn (squadron leader of VG Wargamers… you might have heard of us) and I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that this thread has zero tolerance for shitposting. Don't even think about it.

1eb8b0 No.1864

Hello this is Rosenplats (shetland leader of Outer Bork… you might have heard of us) and I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that this thread has zero tolerance for shitposting. Don't even think about it.

1eb8b0 No.1866

Why do cat B and cat C restrictions exist? They are pretty universally shit, and encourage horrible inhouse games in the group that make my but hurt

1eb8b0 No.1879

cat c 80 restricted games are fun as hell, its wargame without the ultra jewtier elite units

1eb8b0 No.2779

>there will never be a map maker

1eb8b0 No.2816

File: 1412385160504.jpg (174.91 KB, 600x936, 25:39, a99499bc44c00e6a69b171fa7c….jpg)

Cat B & C used to be viable in A&L battle

1eb8b0 No.2893

There is no & in airland battle

1eb8b0 No.3155

File: 1412641744334.png (260.77 KB, 640x360, 16:9, OAEwtN3.png)

New unit of the day, Lvkv-9040.

1eb8b0 No.3465

I used to play WG:ALB.

Just got WG:RD

Any major differences from last time?

I tried play the campaign, but the AI was bullshit. It just spams infinite units.

Are amphibous operations even worth attempting?

I've seen some competitive bideos on GoogleTube and no one uses them.

1eb8b0 No.3562


main differences: bullshit ai

amphib units good for dropping infantry across a river

top tier tanks only usable in small games

cluster mlrs/top tier 7he arty necessary for non spec deck

helicopters are awesome, apcs are plentiful, tanks do tank things

1eb8b0 No.3676

ded game

ded company

1eb8b0 No.4646

if it goes on 75% sale, ill give it a shot.

Should I just get red dragon? or the bundle with european escalation airland battle and what have you?

1eb8b0 No.5657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Daily reminder to use smoke to prevent viking burials.

1eb8b0 No.16525

File: 1443102895387.jpg (194.75 KB, 1000x331, 1000:331, 1440091383895.jpg)

I support this general. Are we migrating half chains /wgg/?

1eb8b0 No.16581


I hope so. Don't want to keep on using 4chinz after the sale.

1eb8b0 No.24201

Ready to Remove Kebab?

d1f77a No.26399

I found this game and its related ones hard af to play and I'm an RTS veteran.

bf8fcc No.26491

Red Dragon really sucked all the fun out of Wargame. That's why it's dead just like this board :^)

cde898 No.26533

Are there any anons that still play this?

1dd243 No.26656


I do, occasionally

5b0dd8 No.26658



Let's play together now why not?

5b0dd8 No.26659


This is true, also Economy is the only good gamemode.

bf8fcc No.26800

anons used to play it all the time on the /rts/ threads. If we get an economy game going it should be fun

98f9da No.26894

So when do we play?

5b0dd8 No.27307


I guess once we get a bit more organised.

fcd414 No.27316

File: 4e2bd3d3866b55a⋯.png (160.39 KB, 319x378, 319:378, beonewithyuri.png)

>tfw even shittier at this game than regular RTS

5b0dd8 No.27317


But it's RTT anon.

fcd414 No.27371


doesn't change the fact that I'm bad at it :^)

5b0dd8 No.27374


Honestly for RTT you're better off going for WiC anyway.

fccc8a No.27388


Do we have a WiC thread yet actually?

5b0dd8 No.27394


We can always make one if not.

5b0dd8 No.27398

bf8fcc No.27808

File: f1131b9170650d8⋯.webm (5.02 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Glorious Wargame T-34 rus….webm)


Spammed T-34's and Rushed B yet? That actually is a valid tactic in this

00e867 No.28010

File: 4d6bd177a4d9d7a⋯.webm (8.36 MB, 480x270, 16:9, MASSIVE TANK CHARGE BROK….webm)

It's sad Wargame only really works in MP since in SP AI just get a fuckton more resources and even units than you and just attack move across the map. Makes them absolutely boring as fuck to play against.

5b0dd8 No.28013


In the pre-Red Dragon games they also knew where your command vehicles were exactly and would drop artillery on them with pin-point accuracy.

bf8fcc No.28272


They really nerfed Arty in Wargame anyway to the point for aside a few pieces and mortars they really aren't worth having except for lobbing smoke rounds.

f0af4f No.28312


Didn't they do that with airstrikes as well?

5b0dd8 No.28393


Both yes it was fucking bullshit.


Modern Wargame is no fun allowed anyway, do the stale motorised infantry meta or fuck off home. Economy mode helps but of course nobody plays it.

bf8fcc No.28407


Will see about a game of economy sometime.

3d5d72 No.28414

File: 9edf9064e41e3fd⋯.jpg (8.49 KB, 289x225, 289:225, 1471793394140.jpg)

>mfw I just wanted WWII Wargame but got Do Not Steal Division instead

bf8fcc No.28416

File: 31801320dd5a951⋯.webm (7.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Wehraboos Worst Nightmare.webm)


Steel Division was funny at least for causing butthurt among retards who think all Germany did was spam Tiger Tanks in open fields throughout the war.

5b0dd8 No.28417

File: e31bf66f2ef6d71⋯.jpg (50.73 KB, 256x360, 32:45, RUSE_boxart.jpg)


R.U.S.E. isn't like Wargame i.e. it's actually good and not autistic micromanagement but try it if you get a chance.

3d5d72 No.28420


RUSE just isn't my cup of tea. But those post-WWII skirmishes with nuke artillery are stupidly fun.

bf8fcc No.28446


Eugen Systems really seem like Petroglyph as a dev i.e. they can't remember what made their last games tick.

5b0dd8 No.28452


R.U.S.E. is like Wargame, you've got to play the right map and gamemode (hint: not 1945 mode) for it to really shine.


It's one of the curses of the RTS genre like higher quality meaning a worse lobby system.

f054da No.28549

File: 8aa6ef60a90b166⋯.png (28.65 KB, 224x353, 224:353, 8aa6ef60a90b166023ee6f4ca9….png)


It seems more that Eugen is on it's way out because of poor management and the fact that they can't seem to be able to pay their employees minimal wage.

Hell half their employees are currently on strike for unpaid wages


bf8fcc No.28551


>Do everything wrong


Good although I will feel sad. Hopefully they release their engine and finally we can have mod tools

5b0dd8 No.28556



>Hopefully they release their engine and finally we can have mod tools

If their employees are that mad maybe they'll leak it.

bf8fcc No.28569


Lets meme that into reality. Maybe we will get source code for R.U.S.E. and finally add in the Pacific Campaign and Naval

3d5d72 No.28571


Mod tools would be killer. 40k, WWII, and C&C would all work beautifully. IIRC, mod tools are necessary just to make new maps since there's no actual map editor and I think they had an outside company make them.

5b0dd8 No.28576


>Maybe we will get source code for R.U.S.E. and finally add in the Pacific Campaign and Naval

Or find a way to make piratefags able to do multiplayer since they stopped selling it legally.

bf8fcc No.28577


I think MP is linked to both Uplay and Steam. Getting round one is not an issue but getting round both is a pain.

5b0dd8 No.28579


The game will slowly die otherwise which is the problem.

bf8fcc No.29909


Funny enough the game's population is realtively stable with about 200 active players which doesn't sound a lot but considering it was a bit of a cult classic when it came out and also can't be bought anymore that's not bad going. It has more players than most modern RTS games

f0af4f No.30193


I just looked this up.

It's actually true. Game is more active than a lot of modern RTS games.

5b0dd8 No.30202


Problem is they're all clustered around 1945 mode which is crap outside of 1v1s. You can get a game on Total War or 1942 (the best mode in the game) but it takes a while and then the game is over in minutes because most of the 3,000 hour+ veterans can't play non-1945 to save their lives.

04a780 No.31755

I am up for a match of this during the weekend if any other anons are.

bf8fcc No.31784


45 is just spam your best unit to win.


Think there were a bunch of warbros that still played it from time to time but this was around two years ago.

5b0dd8 No.32551


>45 is just spam your best unit to win.

Pretty much, it's a shitfest.

bf8fcc No.32901


Wargame Airland Battle and Red Dragon isn't much better mind you and relies a lot of the same spam being meta.

5b0dd8 No.32927


Difference is R.U.S.E. 1945 is at least still occasionally fun.

bf8fcc No.33508


Also R.U.S.E. is fun outside of MP which is a big failing of Wargame honestly. Wargame is only playable if you have players to play against.

5b0dd8 No.35539


Well I wouldn't say R.U.S.E.'s SP is great unless you focus on doing the optional objectives.

bf8fcc No.35543


It's a nice enough SP that covers and rewrites a lot of the war. Sadly no Pacific Campaign ever since it did poorly

5b0dd8 No.36369


>It's a nice enough SP that covers and rewrites a lot of the war. Sadly no Pacific Campaign ever since it did poorly

Are you saying there weren't nuclear bomb firing artillery pieces and secret German rocket bases in WW2?

bf8fcc No.36543


No I'm saying that The US never won at Kasserine Pass

3e4524 No.39486

File: 47abaae82b1b3fb⋯.gif (760.12 KB, 600x313, 600:313, 47abaae82b1b3fb566b9027a8b….gif)

>Used to play Wargame with some Warbros back in the day

>Nobody plays anymore

>Eugene completely fucked the game up and abandoned it after trying to milk it for factions DLC

I am honestly livid.

b73504 No.39536


Are you trying to say the Isreal DLC wasn't totally 100% necessary?

bf8fcc No.39662


>When you shoot your allies as Israel and get them to apologise to you 6 million times.

7705e1 No.39696

>no night battles

>no time of day other than 12:00

>no weather besides sunny without clouds of wind

>no chemical warfare

>tanks, despite being equipped with thermal sights, have "bad" optis

>two guys with some binoculars have "good" optics

>helicopters must follow US "pop up" doctrine

>some infantry can run at 30kph

>infantry can't entrench in the woods

>you can't adjust the loadout of a plane depending on the mission you want it to run

>artillery can't fire cluster shells

>no mines

They market this game as "realistic" but all I see is a game of rock paper scissors, with different nationalities of rocks, papers and scissors. It has potential, but for three game they realized none of it.

bf8fcc No.39731


The game is like playing a tabletop wargame without any of the fun autism that goes into it so it does come across as a bit bland. Honestly the game needed some mechanics from R.U.S.E. even if it is only to bring in information warfare. Hell the game doesn't even have infantry with mortars.

dfeb53 No.40072


Well if it was historically accurate Burgers would be too drugged up to figure what the hell was going on, most of the continental Europe Nations stop for a very long lunch then go home on the weekends and most of the Warsaw Pact countries would somehow get lost crossing the Rhine. Scandinavian countries would be too busy trying to invite Russians into gay nightclubs.

d53b31 No.41155


>Tabletop Sim

Wargame would make a good 40k game cause of that.

bf8fcc No.41668

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>When this is so accurate you don't know whether to laugh or cry

5b6f27 No.42364

Amazed nobody ever mentioned this when it was happening.


>French Devs call a strike

>End up surrendering a week later

bf8fcc No.42428


Eugen Systems really has being going in a downhill spiral since Red Dragon's release.

04673e No.43644


>French cucks don't have guts to stick shit out

Why am I not surprised?

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