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File: 18fb7582f7efdc7⋯.png (17.24 KB, 426x364, 213:182, 1470699146998.png)

File: 165b5101be73ac0⋯.png (321.17 KB, 707x758, 707:758, 1478189149497.png)

File: 8d1a32f3e7cecc8⋯.png (36.24 KB, 154x139, 154:139, 1479601000243.png)

e98e89  No.31228

Season 2 never ever edition

Post your favorite mission, or contract.

Reminder that Blood Money is still the best in the series, 2016™ could've toppled it if not for a lot of retarded decisions

350876  No.31229


>Reminder that Blood Money is still the best in the series

I'd actually say it was tied with Contracts if not for Blood Money's ending where you can wake up and shoot the faggots at the funeral. I know the Hitman games aren't really ones for stories mattering but I really enjoyed that.

e98e89  No.31233


Reminder that the wheelchair is a witness and to get SA you need to make the guy drive down the stairs.

350876  No.31243

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


You can actually do this too.

73cf4f  No.32667

File: 1f9173434dfdd87⋯.jpg (89.16 KB, 690x1000, 69:100, 6336e5093e7460b839360292ab….jpg)

File: 37704d59790a45d⋯.jpg (76.43 KB, 799x1200, 799:1200, john_wick-166872838-large.jpg)

Just started Blood Money for the first time, pretty hype about it.

>tfw no John Wick game where you're super action man and doing sick assassin take down and shit

>tfw no "Cleaner" game where you play as Leon from The Professional and take a cute loli under your wing

e98e89  No.32706


>there will never be a good MMO game in John Wick universe

>the closest is shark cards online

0e5617  No.32716


I lean more towards a Leon The Professional type game. That movie holds a special place in my heart and every time I see it, I look as happy as Leon did when he watched old movies in the theater.

350876  No.32722

>Just started Blood Money for the first time, pretty hype about it.

It's a good game, tell us how it goes.

0e5617  No.32727

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I feel like going back to playing Hitman 1 is a mistake as it has aged like a fine milk. 2 hasn't aged much better but it's atleast playable and REALLY FUCKING HARD AT TIMES.

Also, reminder that 2 had an amazing soundtrack.

e98e89  No.32743

File: 5e85ac3130448a5⋯.webm (6.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HITMAN_attention_to_detai….webm)

File: 30d844e5f1f6f11⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hole in One.webm)

e98e89  No.35938

File: 1a9edbf141e08b4⋯.png (234.74 KB, 500x465, 100:93, 1478214700107.png)

File: 293b1414491bd85⋯.jpg (35.37 KB, 200x240, 5:6, 1479596345047.jpg)

>IO signed a publishing deal with (((Warner Bros))) for "boxed first season really complete edition this time for real"


Rip Hitman.

350876  No.35940


And I had hope when I heard they were back to being independent again.

2516d9  No.35962


I am tempted to go back and play Hitman 1 but I am worried in case it's terribad. What aged badly about it?

350876  No.35966


The usual clunky controls and it plays a bit less like Hitman and more like an experimental Third Person Shooter for what its worth I think it aged better than 2 since 2 has massive difficulty spikes.

2516d9  No.35967


>Experimental Third Person Shooter

You know what when you say that it makes a lot of sense about how the game played. Stealth feels a bit shoehorned in honesty.

350876  No.36110


Such is often the way with the first game in a series.

700ca9  No.36330


If you're used to the new ones, then the stealth mechanics will seem primitive. Otherwise it's still a good game.

b61a03  No.36348


HM2 was my first but yeah they fucked up the disguise system big league. You basically can't walk past someone in a disguise without them shooting you, like try walking inside the house from the front door in the first mission wearing a disguise. You can't, you get detected near instantly.

6a9e25  No.36467


I feel like this can be justified - it would make the game much too easy with the existing level design. Besides that, even disguised looking like 47 would catch a guard's attention very quickly. You can get fairly close as long as you don't hang around.

73cf4f  No.41565

You know what blows? The fucking Hitman moviesAnd they werent even made by Uwe Boll

e98e89  No.41567


Hitman movie should've been a slasher film or something like Jaws where you see the target but you don't see 47.

if you're not a hack director, you can spot him disguised in the background

73cf4f  No.41574


That would be fucking cool, combine that with the plot and soundtrack of Hitman 2 and you've got something.

e98e89  No.41636

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Basically you'd make a full feature version of this trailer teaser

54180b  No.51057


Works for me.

9cd8e5  No.51079


Shame none of the hollywood hacks are capable of something as basic as casting a proper actor for the role, not to mention directing it.

10 years ago Bateson could've played 47, but now he's almost 60 years old.

ffaa3e  No.51084

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I thought it would be more like this?

9cd8e5  No.51086


Absolution was made like the movies, so I'd hope not.

54180b  No.51087


It's shocking that the only good vidya movie was made by fucking Uwe Boll.

087510  No.52028


No it wasn't. Anyone who thinks that is an underagefag with terrible taste in movies and wasn't even born when The Last Starfighter came out.

e0cef6  No.53174

File: 0b898c90d186b3d⋯.jpg (328.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530123031_1.jpg)

File: 804bd516f066978⋯.jpg (500.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530123045_1.jpg)

File: 54bff8124cd6bee⋯.jpg (258.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530123223_1.jpg)

File: 41234c6fda1355f⋯.jpg (293.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530123229_1.jpg)

File: 24bc647473fbe15⋯.jpg (487.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530123527_1.jpg)

Was finishing Blood Money, here are some screenshots of A House Of Cards. Finished it with a perfect score even though I bombed the hotel.

Gotta say, the reflections look nice.

e0cef6  No.53176

File: ef0e6f9c67ffed3⋯.jpg (391.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530123547_1.jpg)

File: d0ac51926af411b⋯.jpg (226.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530123802_1.jpg)

File: d53ad0d614bc5ef⋯.jpg (231.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530124045_1.jpg)

File: 7a615de2465dba5⋯.jpg (175.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530124059_1.jpg)

File: 3b3e17007f6c31e⋯.jpg (289.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530124116_1.jpg)


This toilet is huge. I also like to do dramatic zooms on 47's face and pretend he's doing an inner monologue about his mission.

e0cef6  No.53177

File: 187a8ae9da02342⋯.jpg (226.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530124322_1.jpg)

File: 35a9189a84a5bdb⋯.jpg (230.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530124327_1.jpg)

File: 6997b44df16b6e7⋯.jpg (372.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530124809_1.jpg)

File: cb9f7c11e083e6b⋯.jpg (135.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530124950_1.jpg)

File: 90a750c1a88f623⋯.jpg (321.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530125113_1.jpg)


Found an old, rancid couple making out in the middle of the casino and then I accidentally pulled the fire alarm and caused a panic. What kind of fucking 8 story hotel DOESNT have a proper fire escape? The stairwell was blocked off by trash (forgot to take a screenshot of that) so people had to run and scream in front of the elevators.

e0cef6  No.53178

File: a777ca6c1806f8e⋯.jpg (239.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530125444_1.jpg)

File: 82976433b3705f1⋯.jpg (284.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530125449_1.jpg)

File: ae826b7cbb84f52⋯.jpg (266.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530130033_1.jpg)

File: 5c8eee50f7126f9⋯.jpg (265.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530131246_1.jpg)

File: f1485761fe5a311⋯.jpg (316.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530125122_1.jpg)


This arab fuck was annoying, not only was he surrounded by Agent Smiths but he's also kept saying "THIS IS A LARGE CASINO".

e0cef6  No.53179

File: 12a70f611814cf2⋯.jpg (207.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132155_1.jpg)

File: e8b0e92856e8ead⋯.jpg (270.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530131352_1.jpg)

File: 811f65ce20f3567⋯.jpg (284.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530131500_1.jpg)

File: 6bfb0a79b02c50f⋯.jpg (184.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132150_1.jpg)

File: 61161a1d0468ae9⋯.jpg (219.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132153_1.jpg)


After killing him, I stumbled upon this morbidly obese, terminal 7 looking thot who wanted that juicy 47 meat.

e0cef6  No.53181

File: 3f9d58207dd25b2⋯.jpg (381.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132300_1.jpg)

File: ea2a0c2511c30bd⋯.jpg (306.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132214_1.jpg)

File: c3627c14df5da50⋯.jpg (462.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132245_1.jpg)

File: 76cc136d5ea6bae⋯.jpg (373.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132250_1.jpg)

File: 943518e13531738⋯.jpg (404.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132255_1.jpg)


Oh god why did I follow her.

e0cef6  No.53182

File: fa628e29a15cd1e⋯.jpg (391.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530133826_1.jpg)

File: 9f5b520331dd6ee⋯.jpg (366.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530132412_1.jpg)

File: b159a1a765bd448⋯.jpg (328.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530133021_1.jpg)


Her death was pretty gruesome:

>47 headbutts her on the nose

>she stumbles backwards

>he gives her a good right hook

>she falls back, slams back of head on the corner of that table

>slumps down to the floor

>twitches a bit then stays still

It was fucking brutal to watch, I wish I recorded it because fuck me that was satisfyingly brutal.

Also soyboy 47

54180b  No.53184


I'd say House of Cards might be one of my least favourite missions when replaying the game. I guess it's too timing based.


>he's also kept saying "THIS IS A LARGE CASINO".

Well it certainly has large toilets.

e0cef6  No.53186


The last few screenshots didn't save but what happened was:

>perfectly kill 2 other targets and have important briefcase

>can't get to the last target, 8th floor inaccessible unless I scale a balcony and hope he doesn't see me.

>have perfect view to a kill from my room balcony but I didn't bring sniper rifle

>once on 8th floor, nothing to do because guards push you away

>decide to plant mine on hallway floor and trip fire alarm

>the mine's have an 8 year delay so I have to time it just right

>accidentally end up taking out 5 people, including target

>somehow take damage, even though I was far away

>proceed to escape

>get 100%


>I guess it's too timing based.

There is alot of waiting but It could've been worse. The fact the 8th floor is cut off from every angle is super bullshit.

>Well it certainly has large toilets.

The way he said it kinda felt like he was insinuating something, the briefing warned me that this could've been a set up so I felt like the mission was taking that direction.

No, he just liked big casinos.

e0cef6  No.53188

File: 04fd509fa4feccd⋯.jpg (414.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530150144_1.jpg)

e0cef6  No.53256

File: cd0efd70d8fc063⋯.jpg (339.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530150522_1.jpg)

File: 2fc5bd0cf829ba4⋯.jpg (338.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530151539_1.jpg)

File: 3643e3c83847076⋯.jpg (395.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530152145_1.jpg)

File: 04f1abd1b4593ec⋯.jpg (327.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180530152858_1.jpg)

Overall this is a great fucking game. Should I continue the hitman series past this point or should I just quit while I'm ahead?

9cd8e5  No.53258


2016 is fine unless you're into speedrunning autism, contracts mode is fun stuff, especially if you have friends to challenge.

Absolution is not a hitman game, but a third person shooter about a bald clone called "hitman" voiced by David Bateson becoming a moralfag and a father figure to a test-tube goop goop snailgirl that's just like him, but due to being a woman she needs a magic necklace for her hitman skills™ to work

4295b4  No.53271


>Should I continue the hitman series past this point?

>Blood Money

That's the last game m8, what are you talking about

9cd8e5  No.55426

>Sequel to HITMAN™ announced

>It's called HITMAN™ 2


>trailer target is a mystery meat female Formula 1 driver, her father and/or a Chink competition driver.

a65e0c  No.55453

File: 8365329ec551091⋯.jpg (27.02 KB, 468x363, 156:121, 8b089eeabc17a4ffa6f8b6b44a….jpg)


>it's got co-op gameplay

<you can only snipe in co-op

9cd8e5  No.55458


>You play as a cunt with lobotomite haircut, or a mulatto that looks like agent 47 chromosomes.

4bb1b4  No.59707





I just pirated Hitman: Codename 47 and jesus fuck this shit is good. But hard. The first few mission in Hong Kong were fun to work out the best way to do it. Like detonate the car-bomb when it drives past the other Blue Lotus guys.

But then assassinating Lee Hong… god fuck that was an ordeal. I know it seems reddit-tier, but no quick-save makes these long missions really hard. Unskippable kisses from tarted up whores just adds to the ordeal. I'm confused if his shudder was one of disgust or pleasure.

Now I'm in the jungle. Showed some grass-skirts my idol, and now I'm getting raped by the bridge guards.

79f355  No.59768


Play all of them. Absolution is shit but playable, 2016 is great.

9cd8e5  No.59775


Fun fact: Your contract account balance (used to unlock upgrades for guns so they're better in contracts but not the story) in absolution is programmed as a 32 bit integer, so you can reach a int overflow and go to negative 2 billions.

1ab05c  No.60472

File: c4ed59bf76b9dac⋯.gif (463.65 KB, 500x281, 500:281, spoonfeed.gif)

So I kind of want to get into this. Anyone care to spoonfeed me? Even provide demos of the game? Thanks.

9cd8e5  No.60476

File: 1041aa7e666f1fd⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 14.18 MB, 640x310, 64:31, Cirno's perfect math clas….webm)


read the thread.

Demos are available on >steam, and you can get full games through swashbuckling adventures

3ff082  No.60622

File: 5e3969a82f9b188⋯.jpg (52.77 KB, 625x625, 1:1, eaf051f918408f497f32010122….jpg)



9cd8e5  No.60691


Lost the full version.

bbc5b9  No.60699

File: 8eca1e50ba17628⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 14.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dongcopter Pirate (Alexan….webm)


Don't crop out the best part.

ef54a7  No.60727


How did he manage to have that up for so long yet have it uncensored was the biggest mystery.

0265be  No.68342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You know one thing that doesn't get mentioned enough about Hitman? The first person mode. Years and years before GTA finally got around to adding it Blood Money let you swap between them at will and it's pretty useful for the more precise shots or just as a challenge. Vidrelated was the only good video I could find of it, maybe I'll record some gameplay of me using it in a bit. I just find it weird that it's never talked about.

563f06  No.68605


Probably cause nobody knew it exist. Wasn't it omitted from the consolefaggotry version of the game?

c21951  No.68665


I don't think so. I played BM on PS2 and I remember using it.

e0cef6  No.68709


I had an issue with first person where it would increase the brightness to 1000% so it was impossible to see anything. It's also kinda useless imo, even if FPHitman is kinda immersive, taking specific shots wasn't any easier because Hitman aims like he's fucking drunk and high.

89be4b  No.68877


I think it was the other way round and what >>68709 said it was kind of bugged making the game unplayable on some computers if you used it.

db660b  No.69004

File: f643bba8f811b2d⋯.webm (15.14 MB, 480x320, 3:2, Hitman_Blood_Money_A_Vint….webm)


Here's a webm I made of one of the first missions in Blood Money. The first two games are alright, Contracts is one of those "love it or hate it" type games, Blood Money is hands down the best, and the new Hitman is supposed to be good but only play it if you can get all of the "episodes" in one package.

a8dd80  No.69207


>Contracts is one of those "love it or hate it" type games

No idea what Contracts isn't more popular. Blood Money is generally the better game but Contracts doesn't exactly have glaring flaws.

9cd8e5  No.69254


Traditions of the Trade are somewhat shittier compared to original.

8389a2  No.69273



He finally came out the closet huh?

I had to make a joke about that sorry. I'll go spank myself after this post.

It looks weird. Like really the way you move and act is suspicious as fuck but nobody notices.

151d6c  No.69455

File: 457e4af7afc8a7c⋯.png (264.27 KB, 420x396, 35:33, Smug4.PNG)


>Impliying it didn´t die already with absolution and Nu Hitman

9cd8e5  No.69456


It's now triple dead with (((Warner Bros))) publishing season two and having 3 tiers of preorder

>poor goy edition

you get the game, no early access, no reskinned map DLC no briefcase dlc

>silver goy

>golden goy

9e9939  No.69460



I'm not sure you're aware of this but there's a reason Square dropped both the project and the dev. The model wasn't financially viable.

I dunno if they're going to try the same damn thing with this new title though.

e29976  No.70036


What were they even hoping to accomplish with that Season bullshit nonsense.

0265be  No.73842


Check pcgamingwiki.


Nice webm.

>Contracts is one of those "love it or hate it" type games

It's a shame because Contracts is solid all around.


>force developer into retarded business model

>surprised when it doesn't make enough money

Squeenix truly are a special kind of stupid.


As best I can tell squeenix are trying to drive themselves to bankruptcy in some sort of highly elaborate insurance or stock market fraud scheme. It's the only explanation for their actions that makes even a tiny bit of sense.

9cd8e5  No.73898


>Squeenix truly are a special kind of stupid.

At least they gave them away the rights to hitman instead of engaging in maximum judaism

unfortunately most if not all of blood money devs are gone from IOI

88715e  No.73924


>no briefcase dlc

I think the briefcase is just a reskin but I am not sure either. Really sad that they had to rely on WB for publishing though. I can only hope they can work with the talented folks at Monolith if they do get bought out.

facb12  No.73938


If you think that they won't find a way to bring in kikery you are sadly mistaken. Nothing escapes Square Enix retardation. NOTHING!

fbaf87  No.74384

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9cd8e5  No.74442


I wonder if you can import your save, or do you need to regrind 20+10 levels of tedius bullshit professional mode to get items you unlocked in HITMAN™ 1

>Implementing gameplay functional mirrors


unless someone after Chaos Theory did it, but I don't recall.

bc83f8  No.74470


>I wonder if you can import your save, or do you need to regrind 20+10 levels of tedius bullshit professional mode to get items you unlocked in HITMAN™ 1

Only if you buy the special pre-order DLC anon :^)

9cd8e5  No.74475

File: 8131a77e9f2ffe1⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8131a77e9f2ffe1e01b62029e6….jpg)


of course, thank you merchant.

98b69d  No.74480


They reworked the progression system of Hitman 2 so to be standard across all of it they changed it. Will see if the changes were good or bad, because I liked Hitman 2016's progression although I have only played Sapienza to mastery 20.

9cd8e5  No.74490


It was ok since you had plenty of room to get all unlocks and challenges that didn't require scripted kills.

Promode was absolute fucking trash where for every thing they did well they fucked up 5 others,

>single save

>only way to progress is to do scripted skills made much more tedious

the biggest one being helmut kruger having 3 people eavesdrop on his phonecall in paris.

54180b  No.74493


>Implementing gameplay functional mirrors

What do you mean by gameplay functional exactly? Talos Principle for example has a working mirror but it's hidden in a side room and exists mostly as an addition to the actually really quite good writing. If you mean it has to be placed directly so you can e.g. look around corners I'm not sure. SWAT 4 did it but it came out only a year after Chaos Theory.

9cd8e5  No.74495


Working as in enemies see objects in the mirror as objects in the mirror and turn around.

Working mirror as in just a reflection are also rare.

54180b  No.74507


Oh, I don't think SWAT 4 even had that.

911c72  No.74512


I'm not sure but in Blood Money in the mission A New Life when you sneak behind the targets wife in that tiny bathroom with the mirror you could be seen, could be that it's only scripted for that place.

54180b  No.74516


There are more bathrooms, it'd be a matter of testing if they can see e.g. you holding a large gun behind them. If I hadn't just moved to Linux I'd just load up the game and check.

911c72  No.74518


Nevermind, i'm sure it's scripted. Ran the mission A House Of Cards and a civvie didn't see me standing behind him in the bathroom.


98b69d  No.74519


It didn't, last I played.


Yeah Professional made some good changes but a lot of it was lame as hell. They basically just watched a lot of Youtube videos of the best strategies and then made them unviable or removed them.

9cd8e5  No.74533


Not even that, there's literally 2 challenges in Promode

>Silent Assassin

>Silent Assassin Suit Only

The rest is "scripted kills, made more tedious"

If they were serious about a pro challenge they should've made something creative

>kill all targets Silent Assassin with X weapon and t time between each kill

>Finish mission under t time silent assassin

>Finish mission without using certain distractions

Hope they'll fix it in 2.

c2f065  No.74711


The suitcase is definitely a reskin. The suitcase at E3 did not have leather on it. I think we safely say that IO will never be owned again by another company. There is no reason to not but the game individually as you will definitely get more content then the first game for the same price and an updated version of the first game free if you already own it and then you can purchase the downloadablecontent individually if you want more stuff. This is the kind of sales model that the industry used to have for most games and I see no problem with it. Do not preorder of course but that goes for everything.

c2f065  No.74712


Contracts was good in everything but the gameplay. It was far too easy in most cases and tried to railroad you. In addition it was largely a reskin of hitman codename 47.

c2f065  No.74713


I hope they let profession be unlocked from the start. I do not want to waste my tame completing inane challenged in easy mode just to unlock it. I think I will purchase the game but play a cracked version with everything unlocked.

594cc0  No.74735


I think Elite Mod does?

Though other than that I can't think of another game that features it outside of scripted scenes. Impressive if it makes it to the final game.

8db025  No.75212


Manor is a top 5 Hitman mission and you can't prove me wrong.

Contracts was rushed but I still liked it better than Silent Assassin due to the better disguise system. It wasn't as ball busting as it was in SA.

9cd8e5  No.75217

>stairs punch bug still not fixed

maybe in hitman 2077: electric boogaloo they'll fix it

54180b  No.75300

File: 0cb54f77fb6a99d⋯.webm (5.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, DEUS_VULT.webm)


>It was far too easy in most cases

That's true of Blood Money as well if you don't go for a subtle approach.


>single save

Limited saves on higher difficulty was annoying in Blood Money too. I get what they were trying to do but the number you get needs to vary based on the relative size and difficulty of the level itself as well as the difficulty setting you pick. Longer or more intricate levels need more saves.

>only way to progress is to do scripted skills made much more tedious

That's another point: if you're essentially locked into a narrow set of options and any fuckup fucks you limited saves are just a frustration. Limited saves can work in a game but it needs to be a game where a failure is recoverable and fun to work around not one where it destroys the only real way to play.

c2f065  No.75309


Beldingford Manor was better than most of them but had several irritating elements. The dogs that automatically see through your disguise and the guard that shoots you for not reason if you open the door in the barn loft to name a few.

9cd8e5  No.75484


Don't forget, for every scripted kill "challenge" they added


requirement so you don't get that extra spherical brick reskin too easily.

7bb536  No.80543

File: aa55f399f4f6269⋯.mp4 (7.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Man who Hits Absolutely.mp4)


This is pretty much how you can play Hitman Absolution. In fact, it's only fun if you play it this way, cause the stealth is shit.

42c83f  No.80553


Is he murdering kids? I hope he is

9cd8e5  No.80555


He's euthanizing retarded gangsters led by a crippled and stuttering failure son of an arms dealer.

The story is fucking garbage, so is level design

823a65  No.81427


if it will truly have all Season 1 content remastered plus new missions and no always online bullshit, I may actually support them this time around

0265be  No.81624


Absolution was just a massive fucking misstep in general.

0265be  No.81625


And you can actually see the basis of a solid third person shooter here. The gunplay is fine though it needs a bit of a tweak and the obnoxious constant slowdown is dumb but take this foundation and go for Max Payne instead of Hitman and you've got a fun game.

543813  No.81808


>47 is usually well prepared and an expert hitman

>uses a fucking lighter to create light in a vent instead of a flashlight or similar

This weirdly autistic detail triggers me more than it should. It just doesn't fit with his character at all not least of all because it'd give his position away to anyone even glancing in the direction of the vent.

f4c422  No.81841

I'm playing a pirate copy of Blood Money on W10 and I have weird hangups/slows and sound doubling. The only way the game will launch is if I have it set to Win98 compatibility mode.

Is there a better way to get this running? I don't believe the version I have is a cracked copy of the Steam version, it may be a copy of the original disc version.

de91da  No.81848

File: e01638640d19502⋯.jpg (483.67 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, e01638640d195027cd6a4a2ee6….jpg)



Check this first up. If it's not a Steam version also make sure it's on the latest patch.

9cd8e5  No.81915


He also fails 3 (three) assassinations




f6fcf5  No.81916


Didn't he miss Dianas important organs on purpose?

9cd8e5  No.81917


Yeah, but it's still a failure in my book, he also didn't deliver the gurl because he apparently became a huge moralfag and questioned himself killing evil people for money from even worse ones.

cae675  No.81936


>That screenshot

I have to ask is that a real mod or just a shitpost? I've always wondered.

75885c  No.81947

File: 6eae3ffce022bb2⋯.png (797.43 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Holy Q 4.png)


There's only one Q allowed around here and you're not it.

dd11c9  No.82021


Real mod, GTA has always had a thriving scene of modelswaps and weird freeplay mods. Sadly there are little-no single player mods with actual content or outright total overhauls. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the San Andreas in GTA:IV one some slavs made and I don't think it was ever finished for actually doing the storyline.

f9d21c  No.82191


Link to mod and game? For research purposes of course.

f4c422  No.82387

Alright well I got Blood Money running sort of properly. I just have to keep launching the game and eventually it will decide to run.

Does anyone have any advice for the Mississippi steamboat mission? With so many targets I'm tempted to go about it the quick and dirty way and just execute them all with the Silverballer and not worry about cleanup, just make sure no one sees me. But I haven't found a way around the gun checkpoint and it's so crowded upstairs I get caught trying to do things the clean way.

fbef32  No.82402


1. the guy who goes down the stairs at the start will go into the engine room, you can kill him as he is opening the door and drag him to an adjacent room with a trunk and stuff him in it.

2. the guy in the hallway kissing his woman, you can wait for him to go outside and lean over the railing, at which point you can push him off and it's an instant kill, plus you don't even have to worry about the body. Just make sure nobody sees you do it.

3. in one of the staff rooms, you can find a waiter outfit; wear it and speak one of the guests and he'll give you a keycard, which you can use to access his room and steal his outfit and VIP card. His outfit and card will let you into the first restricted area. Additionally, there's a cake on the table, which you can hide a bomb or weapon inside.

4. In the kitchen, if you time it right, you can tranquilize the cook and steal his outfit, then you can reach the second restricted area. From here, you have many guards; best thing is to learn their route and pick them off one by one.

fbef32  No.82403


the cake is actually in the kitchen, not in the guest's room.

f4c422  No.82409


I saw the cake on one of my failed runs, and the dossier mentioned big nig having a sweet tooth for cake. Is it possible to poison the cake and kill him that way?

edc488  No.82416


>Does anyone have any advice for the Mississippi steamboat mission?

Do the Zombie easter egg.

edc488  No.82417


>Is it possible to poison the cake and kill him that way?


f4c422  No.82429

Thanks for the advice, got Silent Assassin. Now onto the hick mansion.

de91da  No.83165


Don't forget to replay the mission and unlock the gun in it.

4088ce  No.83190


>He didn't poison the cake

Fuck anon even I knew that and I hardly play Hitman.

543813  No.83212


Poisoning in general shows up a lot in Blood Money. I think you can also put the knockout needle into food and then they'll eat it and fall unconscious which has situation uses too.

de91da  No.83305


>I think you can also put the knockout needle into food and then they'll eat it and fall unconscious which has situation uses too

There's also the knock-out shit in A New Life you can use on the dog.

0265be  No.83922

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Best Sountrack

>Worst Soundtrack

>Best Level

>Worst Level


0265be  No.83929

>>83922 (You)

My answers:

>Best Soundtrack

2, obviously.

>Worst Soundtrack

Absolution probably. Mostly pretty generic in my opinion.

>Best Level

Traditions of the Trade (original not remake)

>Worst Level I'm not counting tutorials or mini-levels

Find the U'wa Tribe

543813  No.83998


>Best Soundtrack

>Worst Soundtrack

I love all four of them. Really couldn't pick between them.

>Best Level

Beldingford Manor hands down.

>Worst Level

Any of the Contracts remakes of 1's Hong Kong levels. They fucking ruined them and pointlessly changed the atmosphere into dark and rainy just for the sake of having something new.

I haven't played Absolution or 2016 yet though.

f4c422  No.84357


When I saw the cake it was only briefly as I was getting my ass shot at, and I wasn't sure if it was one of those food items that people eat or that you can carry around and hide shit it to get past frisks, like the food trays on the witness protection level.

Anyways not soon after that post I finished Blood Money and was pretty happy with it. I've downloaded all of the older ones and I've also picked up ™. At first I thought ™ was fucking terrible because of how dense Paris is and how closely guards stick to your targets, but as I started to understand the level I started having more fun with it and was enjoying tackling it from different angles. However the more I play the more I realize that the only ways to assassinate a target without getting fucked by guards is to play by the devs designs and set up the challenge kills. If I ever try to stray too far off their game plan I start getting suffocated by how densely they pack in the bodyguards.

But anyways fuck Paris. Sapienza was a lot more fun despite it suffering from the same problems. I've maxed normal mastery on both levels and I'm about to start on Marrakesh.

9cd8e5  No.84360



Jesper Kyd is great in every game

>Worst Soundtrack


>Best Level

Showstopper or A new life

>Worst Level

Anything in Absolution; Gilded Cage

de91da  No.84851


I also have not played HITMAN and I only managed a few hours of Absolution before I dropped it so I cannot make a fair judgment about either.

>Best Sountrack


>Worst Soundtrack

Contracts is the least good.

>Best Level

The Meat King's Party just for the great combination of atmosphere and gameplay.

>Worst Level

At the Gates or Hidden Valley.


>Anyways not soon after that post I finished Blood Money and was pretty happy with it. I've downloaded all of the older ones

Play Contracts if you haven't yet it has the highest concentration of great levels of any of the Hitman games I've played. If you liked BM you'll like Contracts just fine it's aged a lot more gracefully than the first two games. Silent Assassin has aged the worst of all due to the huge difficulty spikes.


>Traditions of the Trade (original not remake)

What's wrong with the remake? It's one of the few times you can use the word streamlined to actually mean streamlined. There are a lot of fun details to find too.

0265be  No.84862


>A New Life

I honestly always found that level a bit overrated. Once you've gotten over the flashiness of the first playthrough or two it can be a bit bland.


>What's wrong with the remake? It's one of the few times you can use the word streamlined to actually mean streamlined. There are a lot of fun details to find too.

It was much emptier feeling and whole bits of the level were closed off like the restaurant which I liked.

543813  No.84973

File: efed1ef247e9380⋯.png (196.53 KB, 500x244, 125:61, katarn_disgust.png)


>not playing the games in order from the start

f4c422  No.84991


The most consistent thing I've ever heard anyone say about the Hitman games is that Blood Money is the best one, so I figured I'd use it to judge the series. I wasn't expecting to be hooked so hard, other than MGS there hasn't really been another stealth series I've enjoyed as much as this.

Now that I'm mostly finished with ™ I'm going to go back and play 1,2 and Contracts starting tomorrow.

de91da  No.86716


>It was much emptier feeling and whole bits of the level were closed off like the restaurant which I liked.

The restaurant was basically unused though. There's no need to have large empty parts of the map.

157bac  No.86736

I think now more than ever I need to go back and play Hitman from the first game. I want to see where it all started going so wrong

0265be  No.86763


The thing is they also cut the number of wandering NPCs down so you just have less of a level and less activity in it too. It feels like less of a real location.



Fair warning that some of the levels in 1 and 2 can be a bit strange for a new player. The series was still finding its way.

9cd8e5  No.86821


>I want to see where it all started going so wrong


823a65  No.86843


2016 is the abortion. Absolution is way better ironically. Shitman 2 will continue the trend of losing its way, along with not making sales due to releasing too close to RDR2.

548c2e  No.86853

Just dropping by to mention that Hitman 2016 is 12$ or around 10€ on Humble Monthly at the moment. It does NOT include Patient Zero and some cosmetic DLC, however the Steam Winter Sale is just around the corner and it will probably be around 10$ total for both.


It never went wrong. Every Hitman game aside from Absolution and maybe Codename 47 has been good.


t. never played 2016

Anyone who has actually played every Hitman game would admit that 2016 is in the top 3 Hitman games, second best for me.

>along with not making sales due to releasing too close to RDR2.

Just theory, but I have a feeling that this was an intended decision by WB Games to get a hostile takeover of IOI. Maybe I am paranoid but who knows. I think Hitman 2 will be a sleeper hit like Hitman 2016 was.

9cd8e5  No.86882

File: 30338f88b6af8b2⋯.webm (2.72 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Shitman.webm)

File: 30d844e5f1f6f11⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hole in One.webm)


>Absolushit is way better

you don't deserve a serious reply.

823a65  No.86985

File: a4177abbf1352b6⋯.png (274.95 KB, 614x460, 307:230, 1519910347611.png)



>Anyone who has actually played every Hitman game would admit that 2016 is in the top 3 Hitman games

>Codename 47 questionably good

>defending always online unlocks for Hitman EVER

enjoy your fucking AIDS, queers

461687  No.87043


They're not defending always online bullshit, they're defending the gameplay.

76f83d  No.87097


>Codename 47 isn't good at most points

What are you implying

6c6776  No.87785

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hitman 2 is going to have a multiplayer mode. I think it looks neat.

ffe6c9  No.87800

File: 974a14c3d2eb4dd⋯.webm (7.83 MB, 820x442, 410:221, Hitman 2 Multiplayer.webm)


We saw. It's a sniper mode. It's going to be shit.

9cd8e5  No.87811


The trailer is for a different multiplayer mode that seems like a step up from the contracts mode, reminds me of ghost race in racing games

And the sniper mode's characters' design makes me want to puke

6c6776  No.87855


Did you even watch the video?

de91da  No.88188

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Better link.

0265be  No.88196

File: e7886f930f80d28⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HITMAN 2 - Ghost Mode Gam….webm)



>you must sign in to confirm your age


Webm is better.

On topic a multiplayer mode in Hitman isn't a terrible idea I guess as long as it doesn't suck development resources away from the singleplayer content.

0265be  No.88197


Actually looking at it it probably won't be much more than some netcode so it'll probably be fine. It's just building on the stuff 2016 had with being able to create your own challenges.

12a434  No.88449

File: ae6bbbf49d0b862⋯.webm (12.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, A_House_of_Cards_1.webm)



The mission will start with 47 standing just outside of the casino. While entering, one of the stewardesses will attempt to greet you. Ignore that bitch and run to the receptionist, who will give you a keycard that will allow you to access the 7th floor suites. Once you have the keycard, take the stairs to your left to the elevator and ride to the 7th floor. Once on the 7th floor, run around the corner and you will notice a porch area where one of the casino staff members is smoking. There is some grating between the two doors that you can climb that leads to an exterior ledge which will allow you to reach the 8th floor. Climb the grating, but just make sure the staff members or the patrolling security guard don't notice you climbing it. While atop the exterior ledge, go right until you reach room 801's terrace. If you timed it right, the first target should just be arriving, and the guest in 801 will go to his toilet to pee. If you timed it wrong, the guest in 801 will be sitting in front of the television, and while traversing the ledge to get to his terrace you'll be in his direct line of sight, which means you'll need to wait longer for him to go to the bathroom again. Once inside the room, sedate the guest and steal his keycard, then run into the hallway and activate the fire alarm. The alarm will cause everyone on the floor to scramble towards the elevators. While everyone is distracted, enter room 801 and use the terrace to enter the first target's room (room 803). The target will enter the room some time after the alarm subsides.

There are two closets in the bedroom; Since there is a chance that one of the guards who stand outside the room's door will hear you exit the closet and become suspicious, it's better to avoid the closet all together. Instead, just hide behind the wall and wait. Once he enters the room, kill the target as soon as he turns to look out his window. Unless you are interested in a direct confrontation, you will have to either distract or sedate the guard in the living room and then exit through the terrace. As mentioned, there are also two guards standing in front of the target's door. Since you'll have to return to this room later, it's probably a good idea to kill or knock out the living room guard. Additionally, there is a black briefcase in the target's living room area, and it contains money that is intended to pay for the White Supremacist's DNA samples. Grab it and exit the room.

12a434  No.88451

File: b3e7bc86e0bf168⋯.webm (12.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, A_House_of_Cards_2.webm)

Now, exit room 801, run to the elevator, and ride it to the 7th floor. The second target will be in the process of traveling to his hotel room (room 707). If you time it right you can kill him as he is entering his quarters. Steal his keycard, then drag his body into his room.Take the target's clothes and briefcase, and then go back to the first target's room on the 8th floor. Don't forget to leave the payment briefcase in the second target's room. If you have the silverballers and you want to use them to kill the final target, then place them in the second target's silver briefcase; you must do this because there is a weapon check that you must pass before you can enter the final target's area. For some reason, sometimes it's not possible to ride the elevator back to the 8th floor, even though you have an 8th floor keycard; perhaps this is a bug, not sure. Either way, you can get back to the 8th floor by climbing the grating on the porch once again. While in the first target's room, use the cell phone on the desk in the bedroom to call the final target, and he will enter a rooftop area to take the call.

12a434  No.88452

File: 6062eb5e1636852⋯.webm (15.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, A_House_of_Cards_3.webm)

From this point, immediately dash to the elevator and get to the lobby, time is of the essence because the final target will not stay isolated for long and you have only a small window of opportunity to kill him while he is alone. Run to the elevator and ride it down to the lobby, then dash down the stairs and enter the restaurant area where the final target is located. There are two guards standing outside his private quarters, and they will not let you in if you have weapons on your person. Once inside the final target's area, enter the double doors that lead to the rooftop, but make sure nobody notices you enter, because it is a restricted area and you will arouse suspicion. If you catch him as he is returning to his table, you should be able to kill him with relative ease and without attracting attention. If you are going to return to the second target's room for your suit and the payment briefcase, then you will want to take the time to drag the body to the rooftop and hide it behind the ventilators, otherwise one of the busboys will notice the body as he goes to the rooftop for a smoke. Once the final target is dead, you can just return to the second target's room, claim your suit and the payment briefcase, and you're home free.

93f4ae  No.88553

File: e70e693cf90c915⋯.jpg (191.23 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 92b58c65868091671b09751bf4….jpg)

76f83d  No.88574


And never will, Blood Money was the last game

9cd8e5  No.88580

File: 55b7d4091ae7584⋯.jpg (766 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, David-Bateson-Interview.jpg)


>Agent 47 chromosomes

How do you stray so far away from David Bateson's face?

In 2016 they over did the de-aging procedures.

12a434  No.88703

File: 2cde597d2881b24⋯.webm (15.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Curtains_Down.webm)

I know there are other ways to complete this mission; for instance, it's possible to replace the actor's replica Mauser with a live weapon and place a bomb on the mechanism in the attic in order to make the chandelier fall; doing so will make the aforementioned actor kill the target during their rehearsal, and when the director notices, he will run to the auditorium and stand beneath the chandelier long enough so you can blow the bomb and make it fall on him. I also know I didn't get Silent Assassin rating, but I think this is my favorite way to complete this mission, because there are so few opportunities to use the sniper rifle in this game. I use the W2000 sniper rife with a light frame, a carbon fiber barrel, a bolt action reload mechanism, and the standard scope and magazine. This is primarily so I can enjoy a stable aim.

It's possible to get to the keycard without taking the time to sedate a worker and use his outfit, but if you do this it will likely take longer just because there are at least four areas where you can be spotted and you'll have to wait for a gap in patrol routes to make it to your destination. In the interest of time, it's just easier to dash to the keycard while disguised and make it back in time for the final scene of the play. You need the keycard to snipe the two targets because guards patrol the third floor VIP sections and the guards in the auditorium may notice you from those vantage points.

Anyway, you can get a quick Professional rating on this mission in 6 minutes. It's quick and easy money if you want to upgrade all your weapons.

b4bab7  No.88771

File: 323e651f8de7a5d⋯.webm (4.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, JUST SHIP IT.webm)

I'll leave this here.

bf33ea  No.88839


Is she dancing to the news on the channel? Or is she wailing around cause you punched her in the face?

331d28  No.88860


That isn't a news channel anon. Look closer.

9cd8e5  No.88881


The courier was a spy from the Syndicate


>not wet despite the rain

>doesn't want a tip (if you knew a courier or a courier's wage you'd know that's off)

>suspiciously jacked

9cd8e5  No.88904

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>If you hang around weedlmao dude's house for 5 minutes he'll go on a walk around Sapienza

543813  No.89229


I'd agree with you. This mission really feels like it's set up for a sniper to get to work. Other missions where it's useful like A New Life have the problem that you usually have to grab some object as well so there's no point using it.

543813  No.89230



Oh though I should add I like sticking a mine outside of the VIP's room to handle him either as he runs out or just hoping that the explosion will be sufficient. Not as clean and I believe it's possible for the guards to find it sometimes but it feels more natural than his bodyguard's letting him run out into the open.

The attention to detail of allowing you to shoot him simultaneously to the prop gun instead of following the obvious path of swapping the prop gun and the real gun is one of those little things that makes Blood Money shine.

12a434  No.89233


>sniper rifle in A New Life

Where do you get to set up a shot on the target without exposing yourself for everyone to see?

>Mine outside the VIP room

Yeah, I tried doing that with the target in A New Life but it just causes more problems, it's too noisy and then the feds send in backup so it makes navigating the house without a disguise a pain in the ass.

Incidentally, how do you get the evidence tape in A New Life without those faggots in the truck knowing about it? There must be some way to distract them.

12a434  No.89236

File: 76eb46e386d2f48⋯.webm (15.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hitman_Blood_Money_A_New_….webm)

Shit forgot my webm

fd7233  No.92050


>Where do you get to set up a shot on the target without exposing yourself for everyone to see?

Get the garbageman disguise and go to the house that is parallel to Vinnie's house. Sneak in from the window, unpack your rifle, open the door and take the shot. AI can't see you that far away, but you will have to take care of the guard that follows him around cause otherwise it will not be Silent Assassin.

aeef08  No.92097


Were you born in a barn?

ff3471  No.93154

Looking forward to Denuvo?

9cd8e5  No.93162


If by that you mean it getting cracked under a week, then sure.

461687  No.93176



I wouldn't be surprised if Denuvo gets removed after a few weeks and the game's already cracked. I imagine the way stockholders see it, it's like how they don't want people spreading movies around during the first weeks of its theatrical release.

9cd8e5  No.93204


I hope IOI gets a hostile takeover from WB kikes because sales weren't not as good as RDR2.

>boohoo, square enix abused us

>get hitman license for free

>immediately have 50 "this time full edition for real guys" published by WB

>WB publishes hitman 2

>stronk womyn F1 driver (the only female formula driver in history managed to accumulate 0.5 (half) a career point.

>denuvo slapped on top week before release

>Diversity quota for coop, a retarded-looking mullato and a stronk bulldyke

3fed4a  No.93207


Don't even joke about that anon.

9cd8e5  No.93211


What? Hostile takeover? Why else would the (((publisher))) release the game 2 weeks after RDR2 which is unfortunate as it is, an event to overshadow other games' release for at least a month.

Everything else already happened with

>Hitman the complete first season (sold originally by SE)

>Hitman Goy of the Year

>Hitman Ultimate pack

Honestly, EA would've been better because they'd have killed IOI and ended hitman.

e8ee8f  No.93339


Not sure the brand is even worth WB shekels at this stage.

9cd8e5  No.93602

>65 gigabytes game

>ported maps from 2016 are another 45 Gigs

ebin, just buy a new internet infrastructure and hard drives if you're poor lmao.


Not about the profit, it's about having monopoly over ideas using jewish intellectual property laws.

Just a reminder that blacked.com operates on a net loss. because you can't put a price tag on demoralization

9cd8e5  No.93982

It's out for preorder cucks, watching a random stream

>Menus are mobileshit-tier, belongs in the trash worse than previous game

>story is tryhard illuminati shit that is over its head at pretending to be serious but is just too cheesy


>EXP mechanic for no fucking reason other than dopamine rushes for cattle

>performance is average, thanks Denuvo

>So far they're retconning 47's backstory because being a clone made for killing with 5 fathers is not good enough

>Gameplay looks like somewhat improved 2016, briefcase is clunky though.

1f0f9f  No.94021

Watched a stream.

Bad UI.

A lot of new weapons and shit.

New features are decent.

If you just play through it once it is short, they really are putting everything on replayability.

Only 5 missions with one small tutorial mission, 2 promised "new locations" with gold edition. Jewy as fuck.

Apparently mission design is good, like Hitman 2016.

Story seems really undercooked and bad, it uses these slides to tell the story and it feels like an intern wrote it, the awesome cutscenes of Hitman 2016 are gone. Current missions do not offer any closure on story either.

9cd8e5  No.94023


The plot devices are so fucking dumb, I'm apalled

>here have magic drug to make you remember our retcons

>tracking a coffin


The objectives that aren't "kill this fuck" are retarded, nobody asked for them in a game called


1f0f9f  No.94029


I agree. There is nothing wrong with having a minimalist story like Hitman Contracts. However, I feel like there was some sort of obligation to continue the story because what little was told in Hitman 2016 with Ether, the Shadow Client and ICA betrayals was pretty well told. It's sad that they had to continue it this way, though. I guess it is lucky enough that story in Hitman was never that good and that the level design in HM2 overall looks beautiful, with a ton of graphical detail and options for completing the mission.

The pretty cutscenes of Hitman 2016 are probably gone because they couldn't afford the company that made them for that game, Platige Image. I wouldn't be surprised if they were very expensive, as they do a lot for very high profile clients.

9cd8e5  No.94032

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Level design is really good though from what I've seen Miami, Cartel, and Island are the good maps because they don't have gimmicky shit.

Hitman wasn't famous for story, you played a killer clone who murdered bad people for money 2016 was ok, because story didn't interfere with gameplay except colorado

>I wouldn't be surprised if they were very expensive

>Platige has received over 200 awards and honors, including four Best of Show awards at the SIGGRAPH festival and a BAFTA award. The studio was nominated for an Academy Award, the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.

Also, the older guy in blue suit now sounds like complete trash, I dunno what they've done to him. First they took a chair

52fee5  No.94084


Did they do nothing to the game cause they knew it would fail or something?

9cd8e5  No.94173

File: 7b839178b799785⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1285x720, 257:144, Nice fucking design.png)


I believe nu-devs are too incompetent and once they figured out copypasted from github how to implement functional mirrors (enemies see you in them and react now) they decided that's it in terms of improvements and le modern tabletshit is a good way to design a menu.

Also WB set them up for failure hostile takeover by releasing within 2 weeks of RDR2, implementing denuvo, not hiring Platige for cutscenes (you have literally still images now) but instead having Sean Bean elusive target.

Map and minimap are worse than in 2016, less readable overall.

Levels look and seem to play really good except they added absolutely retarded objectives that aren't about killing people

>Go look for clues

>go find mystic dildo to reveal your past

>Identify your target by walking around near random pooinloos

>hack the planet computor with plot information

Pic related, sorry for chinkshit but the only picture of the atrocious menu I had at hand.

>7 missions, with a cutscene slideshow inbetween them

>you can see 2 at a time


acbbab  No.94503

Cracked already.

64a2c9  No.94516

File: d149252d2e3d66a⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 1837x504, 1837:504, VBTSdrn.jpg)


My shit didn't post.

9cd8e5  No.94519




64a2c9  No.94524


I'm kinda sad for IOI but WB deserves to get fucked. I just really hope that IOI will stay independent and Hitman 2 not performing as well as they wanted to won't result in them being bought out by WB. That will be the worst timeline.

9cd8e5  No.94529


>Implying WB kikes will be kind enough to have: a peaceful breakup, an easily worked out distribution deal after departure, easy time moving data from servers, and giving away the hitman IP

>IOI built up trust with 2016, could go to Devolver, Kikestarter, patreon

>Went to biggest kikes in the industry instead

64a2c9  No.94531


>IOI built up trust with 2016, could go to Devolver, Kikestarter, patreon

Mate, IOI is a big studio. Are you really suggesting an indie publisher, kickstarter and patreon for a studio with >150 employees?

WB Games are competing to be the biggest kikes, but Actiblizz, EA, Ubishit and Zenimax are still higher up.

9cd8e5  No.94543


should've restructured and went to devolver, or anyone else who isn't a huge backstabbing kike.

64a2c9  No.94551


But Devolver couldn't offer the kind of budget they wanted/needed to make the game they wanted to. You need AAA tier budgets to make this kind of game, and I think it paid off because the end result has been good. I can only really hope for the best and pray that WB won't destroy IOI.

As for publishers who aren't kikes, fucking who? The only ones that spring to mind are Focus Home Interactive, Devolver and THQ Nordic, and none of them would fund a risky AAA project like this because none of them are AAA publishers.

9cd8e5  No.94554


I considered hitman to be a AA series, with Absolution going full retard. and 2016 being episodic supporting that belief.

64a2c9  No.94558


Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 are both AAA productions with AAA production values, graphics and technology.

9cd8e5  No.94634

File: 30d844e5f1f6f11⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hole in One.webm)


I guess you're right.

I just got used to associating AAA with overblown budget, sterilie design, shitty textutures and gameplay that I forgot what actual AAA is supposed to be.

Also, fun fact, when designing sapienza, nobody from IOI actually went to Italy, they just looked up pictures of Amalfi Coast

64a2c9  No.94682


>nobody from IOI actually went to Italy

That's ebin. I guess that really freed up how they can design it then, because Sapienza is arguably the best/second best Hitman mission ever.

64a2c9  No.94788


Just a quick update, the crack is quite bad. It barely works, and cs.rin.ru mods have locked the thread. I suppose that FCKDRM was just trying to "flex" and be the first, even if it was a bad release.

edc488  No.94796


Good please include an archive link next time though.


The treehouse maybe?

804bb0  No.94925


So when will the crack be cracked?

64a2c9  No.94927


Probably when the game comes out fully. Which is tomorrow. FCKDRM will either just fix it himself or some other more experienced group like Steampunks or Conspiracy will do it.

It still works with some INI changes, but the release is overall buggy and apparently for some people it doesn't work at all.

9cd8e5  No.95036

File: 01cbccd9533c2c4⋯.webm (872.04 KB, 720x404, 180:101, 13292732.4_a weapon to su….webm)

64a2c9  No.95045


Homing throwing weapons is a funny bug.

4088ce  No.95052


Reminds me of Red Dead Redemption where you could at one point headshot people from 2 miles away with a throwing knife.

9cd8e5  No.95055


there's a better one if you properly time standing up from crouching with a throw.

044d3c  No.95264


Are you implying that there isn't child seeking missile bullet assault briefcases?

c5e265  No.95334

FYI, the game just went live for all on Steam just now.

4088ce  No.95335


crack when?

9cd8e5  No.95336


And it's black military-style briefcase too.

4088ce  No.95338



Ban Assault Briefcases now!

9cd8e5  No.95341

File: f2cba0ce27316eb⋯.png (397.63 KB, 1913x1079, 1913:1079, nani.png)

File: e27475c011b9770⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 800x600, 4:3, I don't understand.jpg)

The fuck?

Season 1 maps included for free?

c5e265  No.95357


If you have Season 1 then you get them for free.

9cd8e5  No.95364


Cool, shame about denuvo though.

c5e265  No.95375


I hope they will remove it. It's a shame for sure, but I think it's just par the course for being published by WB Games.

fd1b12  No.95403


I feel we need to make OC of this.

c5e265  No.95430

File: c1d5954add2a8b5⋯.webm (2.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1542127536048.webm)

47e4bc  No.95431


A weapon to surpass metal gear!

9cd8e5  No.95436


>inb4 IOI patches this out instead of

>headturning in expert mode

>the way footsteps work in expert

>the atrocious menus that are only going to get worse

>making an option for Diana to shut the fuck up

bed3f0  No.95584


you forgot

>never ever

16d544  No.95591


Anything that is remotely fun will be patched out.

9cd8e5  No.95626

>IOI still hasn't learned how to implement elevators

>IOI hasn't figured out stairs quite yet either

c5e265  No.95628


I think it's rather that they don't need elevators, and that elevators are an annoying hindrance to gameplay.

9cd8e5  No.95629


>have elevator shafts all over

>have levels with 5+ floors like sgail or mumbai

02cfa9  No.95694

File: a181f0138a2280e⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 437x312, 437:312, mindblown2.jpg)



o my god, laughing out loud so hard at this

I was just watching some gameplay footage of this, seems to me it just got over 9k levels of idiocy

so whats the verdict there? really that bad or just my superficial impression?

c5e265  No.95697


It's Season 2 of Hitman 2016. Hitman 2016 was good. This is also good. That's it.

9cd8e5  No.95698


Some of the scripted kills they show off are feeling too unrealistic and too wacky for the sake of it, for example

>burning knox alive with the engine at expo personally when dressed as kronstadt dude

>using fan on the pajeet

>Using cocaine bus toy on Cocaine Stan Lee as weedman

>the tattoo artist disguise kill is dumb as fuck

But it's literally more of Hitman '16 with some more polish added.

02cfa9  No.95700



>Hitman 2016 was good

was it though?

I just saw on where you disguise as a mascot and kill some mafia lady in that racing track level

she always walks fully loaded with security guards, but then she just ask them for a little privacy, so you can just dump her into a hole a walk away like nothing happened, even passing by complimenting the security guard on the way

another was that other guy, getting sick and vomiting over the railing, then you can just push with security guard just looking the other way

now the railing to the sea wall just a couple of meters below, seriously you kill him with just a push

its just ridiculous

c5e265  No.95704

File: e3ecb7dc22ed19b⋯.mp4 (10.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, don't you throw that thing….mp4)

71408b  No.95747


While i'm no defender to Hitman reboot, i have to say Blood Money had sections (the steam boat) where you could knock a guard and throw him over a rail, mind you the other side was at the same level as you, and the guard would still die from the fall

Also friendly thread reminder that 47 died in BM and his pre-Codename 47 days are achieved in the Blood Money book only. Anything else is non-canon and should be seen as spinoffs.

Yes i played the games for the story too.

c5e265  No.95757

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>47 died in BM

No he didn't.

9cd8e5  No.95760


<Also friendly thread reminder that 47 died in BM

>Diana literally feeds you a revival pill and gives you your guns,

>mash buttons to get wake up,

>you gun down the cripple, the journo, all the funeral attendees Franchise gets fucked ICA is back online

>47 visits a Chinese man for some service in the backroom

>Curtains roll, sequel hook

>Absolution happens, IOI apologizes and states that "all the absolution targets were killed but not in the way and for reasons depicted"

>Hitman 2016

>flashback to ICA training in 1999

>back to the future to 2019 for all the missions

>all the kills were orchestrated by a master ruseman pic related as a part of his war against ZOG (((Providence)))

>HITMAN™©® 2™

>You now work for zog because super sekrit 47 backstory

>You kill 6 people for zog, then switch sides for the master ruseman who is another clone, #6, who isn't as autistic as you and actually feels emotions, and you had a childhood promise that you'll destroy zog together because zog made you what you are, conveniently ort-meyer is retconned to have erased your memory but you get an injection to get memories back.

>You kill one of the founders of the (((Providence))) and then follow his corpse to a sekrit island for rich people to rape children in dungeons buy prepping gear, where his funeral will be

>There you need to kill two sheeboon twins whose hobby is stealing and destryoing historical artifacts, but they're also new (((providence))) fat cats who got to their position apparently thanks to affirmative action

>by killing them you enable #6's kidnapping of high position providence guy who originally hired ICA but got and bamboozled so now he was given a remote controled suicide injection to test his loyalty to ZOG

8f5c62  No.95764

I'm surprised they didn't turn Hitman into an attempt to cash in on John Wick.

9cd8e5  No.95770


They tried it with absolution.

8f5c62  No.95772


And now they've made it briefcase throwing simulator.

9cd8e5  No.95775


well, the child-seeking fully-semi-automatic

scary black assault briefcase sandbox is better than linear corridor shooter.

d0bc56  No.95788

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

543813  No.96269


Wasn't anon talking about killing the main target rather than a guard though?

71408b  No.96333

File: fd5dad70034b368⋯.png (447.78 KB, 1241x520, 1241:520, No number 5.png)

File: 03bb9d2a4da04c8⋯.webm (1.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Death on the Mississippi'….webm)



Let go buds, it was a dream, most of the main devs retired immediately after BM, including Iversen, although Nagan was kept as consultant for Absolution

>Retconning the entire book

No other way as the story told in there is a little more complex and makes 47 a playboy before realizing his residual memories (not outright erased) are the real deal mid-way in Codename 47, although he became jaded and paranoid already before Hong Kong

The main problem is believing all that stuff happened in less than a year.


In the steamboat level you can kill anyone, given the circumstance, with the rail. But i do apologize, it's not on the same level but pretty low anyways, webm for proofz

aaaeeb  No.96922

I just want to see the most retarded ways anons can kill in HItman. I swear I had door killing simulator.webm somewhere.

543813  No.97633


>In the steamboat level you can kill anyone, given the circumstance, with the rail. But i do apologize, it's not on the same level but pretty low anyways, webm for proofz

The difference for me is that killing one target out of 7-8+ with a railing throw isn't like having multiple targets in different levels conveniently dismiss their bodyguards for no reason and stand right near an instant death environmental hazard. I mean take for example the Meat King in Contracts where he does open himself up when eating the chicken but that fits in with his character and still requires at least a little legwork. In Hitman 2016, at least as anon describes it, it's characters doing something completely illogical for gameplay purposes.


>Incidentally, how do you get the evidence tape in A New Life without those faggots in the truck knowing about it? There must be some way to distract them.

The donuts. Inject something into them and leave it outside their door. Alternatively drop a mine outside of it and allahu ackbar them since the explosion goes through the wall.

9cd8e5  No.97645

File: 30d844e5f1f6f11⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hole in One.webm)

File: 55ac447b6512a58⋯.webm (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, It's treason, then.webm)

File: be599106334e139⋯.webm (2.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hitman Technology.webm)


All I have webmed is autistic youtubers

I lost the one I made with greeting Soders on operating table in Hokkaido when dressed as Santa

376304  No.97653


Why do you have soundless webms anon?

9cd8e5  No.97671


The first one had some streamer talking over it.

2nd was that way on a hosting site youtube video author used and I grabbed it off of there, and not sure about the third.

54180b  No.97674


>2nd was that way on a hosting site youtube video author used and I grabbed it off of there, and not sure about the third.

If he has a youtube version with sound just use youtube-dl.

02cfa9  No.97726


so tl;dr:

< codename 47 is the only part of the history that matters

talking of which, I've getting that nostalgia itch to the play the original back again, but I do remember it being a hell a lot more awkward than the newer ones, should I get into it or is it a trap?

>mfw absolution was the latest one I've played

>2012, and I still regard it as "the new one"

02cfa9  No.97729




nahhh admit it, these were webm from or for cuckchan, give up your faggotness and accept infinity into you

9cd8e5  No.97733

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, first one had thekotti speaking over it, and 2nd is https://gfycat.com/DeadSimpleAfricanharrierhawk because it a clip of a 5 minute video, embeded.

02cfa9  No.97848

File: a536abe0a7657d7⋯.jpg (6 KB, 285x177, 95:59, dead2.jpg)


>mfw codename 47 can still be played with tank controls

feeling old much lads?

9cd8e5  No.98934

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

71408b  No.98943


>feeling old much lads?

Don't you mean you are a flaming newfag for not enjoying the best knife animations along with crazy tie physics and actually the fastest 47 other than the Contracts version?

But talking serious, Codename 47 is worth it only for the Traditions of the Trade level. Top 3 in the series.


I understand and i agree it's silly, but plenty of targets had dumb moments.

Blood Money's golden devil man went to the bathroom 4 times in 8 minutes, Fuchs showered for hours, plenty of others were around chicks all the time uncovered, but that's completely understandable and will not be criticized.

f08768  No.99654

So how well did the Hitman game do anons? Was it a flop as predicted?

7daed3  No.99662


About 300k sold, but it will probably just be a slow burn like Hitman 2016 was. Launch was better than Hitman 2016's launch. The game was probably way more low budget than Hitman 2016 because IOI lost about 60 employees after the Squeenix split and it doesn't have those cutscenes by Platige Image like Hitman 2016.

02cfa9  No.99714


Not to mention very likely same engine with minor improvements

5f351f  No.100334


Guess WB won't be purchasing it so soon afterall.

7daed3  No.101214


I hope so.

c451c5  No.101288


They probably still will down the line but it will be more expensive for them.

543813  No.101724

File: cd3de6f95be3036⋯.jpg (100 KB, 747x810, 83:90, plank.jpg)


>Blood Money's golden devil man went to the bathroom 4 times in 8 minutes, Fuchs showered for hours, plenty of others were around chicks all the time uncovered, but that's completely understandable and will not be criticized.

Going to the bathroom or having a shower is at least a natural part of someone's day even if they do it a bit too often to be realistic. Randomly dismissing your bodyguards and standing right near an instant kill spot is not something anyone sane would do.

>But talking serious, Codename 47 is worth it only for the Traditions of the Trade level. Top 3 in the series.

I don't agree that's the only thing it's worthwhile for but TotR is indeed a great level.

9cd8e5  No.101731


>tfw ironically the tutorial map Nightcall is the best one because the target has a logical schedule that you can miss out on things if you take too long.

I think Landslide also has Abiatti's goons eventually find the lawyer.

Miami at least has the race end at some point, but mendez will never come to Robert on his own IIRC

4088ce  No.101875



I am honestly wondering if it would be possible to play vidya while trying to get /fit/

0265be  No.101983



I refuse to buy games with denuvo even if I otherwise like them. You have to have zero tolerance on these matters.

71408b  No.101997


Hence why i wrote "if only"

There's a lot of cool stuff in it

038c6b  No.102051


A surprising number of people do which is almost a relief. Now all we have to do is burn those who do support it at the stake.

fd4bb8  No.102059


Let us not have a Wii Fit thread shall we?

9cd8e5  No.102062


There's a JAV parody called We Fit.

6b8acd  No.102190


Anon, don't try and mix your business with pleasure. Work out, then play vidya as a reward.

543813  No.102229

File: c4bd3b63d9272f0⋯.png (1.41 MB, 900x1165, 180:233, confusing_premise.png)


>Hence why i wrote "if only"

Actually you said it only.

71408b  No.102399

File: 7af62d197d4c410⋯.webm (5.05 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hitman_flawless_tactic.webm)


I apologize, i didn't proof read, not even after calling you

WEBM to soothe our feelings

3ea620  No.103145

File: d02960411f0fa64⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 236x333, 236:333, fd46a0ba33e326761a2688fbc4….jpg)


I demand a hug.

9cd8e5  No.103209

File: 768578d6c5aed07⋯.jpg (166.83 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1477938439367.jpg)

File: 293b1414491bd85⋯.jpg (35.37 KB, 200x240, 5:6, tfw spaghetti tastes like ….jpg)

45aa52  No.103218



Is that a CGI or a real person? I'm confused.

9cd8e5  No.103232


CGI done by platige image for season one cutscenes, WB didn't give them money to rehire them and in S2 you have LITERAL SLIDESHOWS in-between the missions.

9cd8e5  No.103243

File: 9841e3ff0b16766⋯.png (432.7 KB, 607x417, 607:417, The best lawyer (((provide….png)

>was replaying season 1 along with cutscenes

>the phenotype of strandberg's lawyer

0265be  No.104538


Uncanny valley CGI.

9cd8e5  No.104576


The post mission cutscene in gilded cage looks less uncanny valley.

f4c422  No.104626

File: 108a81402b2bc74⋯.jpg (416.49 KB, 1922x1112, 961:556, HITMAN2_2018-12-07_02-23-5….jpg)

File: 607508b013033b8⋯.jpg (402.56 KB, 1922x1112, 961:556, HITMAN2_2018-12-07_02-24-0….jpg)

47 has really upped his disguise game.

543813  No.104638


The thumbnails made me think he was wearing the tree as a hat. I am extremely disappointed.


No problem lad.

9cd8e5  No.104711


I didn't like the tattoo artist disguise being an option, too over the top, unlike helmut kruger

f4c422  No.105305

The further I play the more and more I feel that 2018 has retconned the story. Is 47 even a clone anymore? Every bit of info I pick up points towards the backstory being more like the backstory of the shitty movies where all they did was much around with the DNA and minds of a bunch of kids.

155913  No.105313


>Best Level

A Dance with the Devil or You Better Watch Out…

>Worst Level

I never bothered to finish the other two games that came in the PS2 trilogy.

9cd8e5  No.105343


I think he's still a clone, but unlike other famous clones (Snakes from MGS) he had "normal" childhood without accelerated aging to make him more expendable.

At least you can always ignore the story through contracts mode, but would be great if they didn't force it in the main missions.

2ac4e9  No.105353


Looks like he's turned himself into Teal'c out of Stargate.

0265be  No.106096


>I didn't like the tattoo artist disguise being an option, too over the top, unlike helmut kruger

47 has gotten away with some pretty silly disguises historically to be fair. The fact nobody notices the bald policeman with a fucking barcode on the back of his shiny head is a bit off for example.

b3d9b8  No.106124

File: eb0269216fbdf91⋯.webm (8.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hiding in plain sight.webm)


Finally an excuse to post this.

543813  No.106360


>A Dance with the Devil or You Better Watch Out…

Weird picks. Not bad levels by any means but Dance with the Devil is one of the more linear of the Blood Money levels I'd say.

f7799e  No.106802


You think with today's surveillance he would be easy to spot unless he works for Mossad

4088ce  No.107261


Are you implying that the whole Hitman series is Mossad Simulator?

dd1ec9  No.108964

Anyone have an opinion on The Slater or Wetwork? They're clearly aping Hitman, but are they any good?

9cd8e5  No.108996


>The Slater



Shows promise but I'd wait until there's more. than 1 level (the first one is free in demo)

88322f  No.109038


Like which one that makes him draw a complex tattoo into his arms in less than a minute?

9cd8e5  No.109088


maybe it was a fake skin-tight sleeve?

88322f  No.109101


>Cloning some dude/target's tattoo pattern and save it under you trousers

Well, it does sound plausible but i would like details. Then again 47 never detailed his dot in the India levels

9cd8e5  No.109106


I was implying that the tattoo artist himself had a fake sleeve as a part of his normal clothing.

this could be resolved if an anon who bought it showed a screenshot of 47 and knocked out and naked tattoo artist next to him.

However in Patient Zero 47 reads the bootleg twilight between 1st and 2nd mission and you can ask the author about plotholes when disguised as the ghost fan.

f9314b  No.109110

Is it possible to buy the GOTY Edition of Hitman 2016, and then get the Legacy GOTY DLC for Hitman 2 for free? I have some of the episodes but not all of them for H1.

9cd8e5  No.109111


I think it's possible, but it'd be cheaper to buy the season 1 DLC for 2 instead?

f9314b  No.109113


Actually I just tried this and it worked.

If you just want the base Hitman 1 yes, it's cheaper to buy the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2. If you do want the GOTY copy though it's cheaper to buy the GOTY Hitman 1 on Steam, boot up Hitman 2 and redeem the Legacy Bundle and then let the remastered content download from there. Apparently by having Hitman 1 GOTY there are some extras not included in the normal GOTY Legacy like the silver briefcase.

Now to decide on Hitman 2 Basic or Gold.

f9314b  No.109414

File: 6b5d0a14bacd60a⋯.jpg (145.68 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, Dr9_iOXWwAAlM8u.jpg)


Double post, but can confirm getting the GOTY Hitman 1 does in fact give you the aluminum briefcase due to being a "returning player" compared to just buying the Legacy DLC.

I got it like so.

>Install base Hitman 1 content and DLCs, didn't even bother with the episodes to save time/space/data

>Booted up Hitman 1 tutorial area again

>Ran through, did one playthrough of Guided Training, two playthroughs of Freeform Training, and then one playthrough of The Final Test just for the server to confirm that I've played Hitman 1 before

>Quit out, booted up Hitman 2 tutorial

>Did a runthrough of The Final Test

>Quit out, went to bed

>Woke up, rebooted Hitman 2

>Got prompt that for playing Hitman 1 previously, I was entitled to the Aluminum Briefcase and it was automatically available in my inventory

What makes this one important is simply because it's the only briefcase available to Legacy players, as the earliest briefcase otherwise is for completing Miami in S2.

88322f  No.109456

File: 8a3f6986d32ab80⋯.png (699.17 KB, 800x600, 4:3, scared pals.png)

File: 319e641068b2dfc⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 299x360, 299:360, Those aren't her glasses.jpg)

File: 628978b6172a8b5⋯.png (25.8 KB, 302x49, 302:49, Suspicious.png)

Tried to revive old glories with Codename 47, i don't remember Lee Hong Assassination being that hard/tedious and i don't recall Colombia being that piss easy.

The thing i wanted to do was clean out the hotel level without being detected, and boy it's not hard but i gets glitchy after killing 15+ men

After 3 tries i announce it's impossible to do it because the damn thing crashes, also the guards are a tough call, but can be moved out of position with corpses. Also taking down the thermal bath guys needs glitch kills, and at some point the restaurant guys start getting seriously suspicious people are disappearing, here we can see them concerned and eyeing me wherever i walk, maybe they know but are too frightened to tell.

Shame, because in Blood Money the whole thing also crashes, or bagged corpses start falling from the ceiling.

e81d5a  No.110373

Okay I am confused, are we up to Hitman 7 or 8? Or is technically 2 due to a reboot? What's going on?

edc488  No.110387


>Shame, because in Blood Money the whole thing also crashes, or bagged corpses start falling from the ceiling.

Not an issue I've ever had in BM and I've cleared every level with full causalities possible.

9cd8e5  No.110481


7, hitman 6 was season 1.

There isn't a reboot, in tutorial to 2016™ you have a flashback sequence to ICA training in 1999, then first level is in 2nd decade of XXI century and all previous kills are canon best tutorial mission in the game btw, because it's the only one where not only you're shown all the mechanics, but you actually apply them in the same way as you're supposed to throughout the game, unlike others

6b5fdd  No.110981


>ICA training

Acronym for CIA? Are they even trying?

f9314b  No.110983


International Contract Agency, and Hitman has extremely lazy faction names. Franchise; Providence.

257444  No.112228


7 unless you count go when it's 8.

257444  No.112229


If you want a Hitman style game play Death to Spies 1 and 2.

7f6c18  No.115591

File: 991db5b799c64b5⋯.png (206.22 KB, 967x654, 967:654, MWrPIND.png)

Denuvo was removed from Hitman 2 just now. It was probably something that IO-I pushed for, as Denuvo was removed from Hitman 2016 after the Square Enix split.

f9314b  No.115593


This might explain why the performance when I was doing The Appraiser earlier today was a lot smoother than the last time I played this. Ended up with a SA run despite being spotted trespassing and a bullet impact.

b24901  No.115596

b24901  No.115602

Wait, did they remove trannies from "let us kill jews and minorities" disclaimer?

dfcb97  No.115604


So is this worth getting now? The only Hitman I ever played was absolution, and I hated it

f9314b  No.115606


It's got some of the features of Absolution like enforcers and a tweaked instinct, but you can change up the difficulty from babby handholding to the classic difficulties.

The purchasing options for the game are a bit retarded though.

>I want the completionist copy of Hitman 2 with all content available

<Buy Hitman 2 (2018) Gold and Hitman (2016) GOTY

>I want Hitman 2, but I don't want the Season Pass

<Buy Hitman 2 (2018) Standard and Hitman (2016) GOTY

>I want Hitman 2 and already own Hitman but not the GOTY copy

<Buy Hitman 2 (2018) Standard/Gold, but buy the Hitman 2 GOTY Legacy Upgrade DLC instead of Hitman (2016)

>I want Hitman 2, but I want the bare minimum in order to play Hitman 2

<Buy Hitman 2 (2018) Standard, and Hitman (2016) Standard

I feel like I should make an autistic flowchart for dealing with this shit. Remember buying games from other places other than Steam really does save you a lot of money, buying the completionist set off of G2A not only means getting the full Hitman 2 experience, but was also $13 cheaper than buying the standard Hitman 2 alone on Steam.

b24901  No.115608


><Buy Hitman 2 (2018) Standard, and Hitman (2016) Standard

Isn't Hitman 2016 DLC for HITMAN™ 2 cheaper at 20 dollars?

7f6c18  No.115623



Yeah, that's a new change. If you get caught trespassing and move out as instructed by a guard, you will retain SA.

>bullet impact

Never has affected SA in Hitman since Blood Money IIRC. I believe Silent Assassin and Contracts had a limit on how many shots you could fire and retain SA but I don't know those games' scoring system too well.



I prefer Kinguin for grey market CD keys as they don't try to fuck you into using G2Apay or whatever or have some bullshit like an "account inactivity fee". Note that rarely does your money go to the devs from these grey market sites. If you want to support the devs and not support the chinks/slavs who use stolen credit cards from TOR to acquire those grey market keys, buy from legitimate resellers like GMG and such.

I'm not gonna try to moralfag you into not buying from grey market sites since I do it too, I just want people to know that if you really like and want to support the devs it's better to not buy from them.

isthereanydeal.com is a site that only lists legit, non-grey market resellers for the cheapest price of any given game, it's a worthwhile resource.

f9314b  No.115624


That's the GOTY Legacy for $20, or the GOTY Legacy Upgrade for $10 if you already own Hitman (2016) Standard. If you buy through Steam yes, buying the GOTY Legacy for $20 is cheaper, but if you buy it off Steam it's cheaper.

Here's current Steam prices.

>Hitman 2 Standard: $59.99

>Hitman 2 Silver (Includes Hitman 2 and the first half of the Expansion Pass: $79.99

>Hitman 2 Gold (Includes Hitman 2, the Expansion Pass, and other goodies): $99.99

>Hitman 2 GOTY Upgrade (If you already own Hitman Standard): $9.99

>Hitman 2 GOTY Legacy (If you don't have Hitman at all): $19.99

>Hitman (2016) GOTY Bundle: $59.11

So for instance, buying it on Steam would be ~$180 for the completionist set and ~$80 for the minimum, but again checking isthereanydeal can save you a lot in pricetag like I did where for me it was ~$50 for the completionist set and $32 for the bare minimum.


Yeah, G2A's monthly subscription crap is extremely shady which is why I always make sure to turn it off before buying anything there. Isthereanydeal is a fantastic site for legitimate game purchases though.

54180b  No.115641



I was under the impression G2A and Kinguin were owned by the same company nowadays anyway.

6ab7a2  No.115651


>why I always make sure to turn it off before buying anything there

Well, that's another point for Kinguin. Kinguin doesn't have any such thing, they only try to sell you their G2A Shield equivalent and occasionally try to get you to buy those random key bundles when you go to check out but both are 2 clicks from avoiding them. To top it off I've found that Kinguin usually also has better prices, so I never found reason to use G2A personally.


Not that I know. Kinguin is based in Hong Kong while G2A is Polish.

54180b  No.115652


>Not that I know. Kinguin is based in Hong Kong while G2A is Polish.

According to (((Wikipedia))) they're registered to Hong Kong as well but I must have been thinking of someone else. I'm sure I remember two of the larger grey market sellers merging a few years back.

f9314b  No.115664


Does Kinguin have the G2A hidden fees when checking out? Usually if I cash out on G2A, I can usually expect a $2 payment fee on top of the purchase.

1ce7bc  No.115668


Can confirm. Game runs a lot better now as a result.

0bd649  No.115744

The XP system in Hitman 2 is so fucking retarded and half-baked

>act of opening a door without dying is rewarded the same amount of mastery points as getting Silent Assassin, the highest and only rank in the game.

>mowing down 6 people with headshots is worth more than acquiring SA.

f9314b  No.115747


The mastery shit is what gets me.

>Need to play through a level getting accident/wire/drowning kills for each level, along with scripted bullshit in order to get basic unlocks

0bd649  No.115749


At least it's better than Pro mode in 2016

>do scripted shit but more tedious.

>There's SA(SO) too I guess, fuck off already, balancing difficulty is too hard

dad8b9  No.115805

>Hitman is getting released for free on PSPlus

>Get content for Hitman 2

So what Hitman is it for?


01008b  No.115817



Original plan was to release HITMAN™2 as DLC for 2016 HI™AN, but Square Enix wasn't happy with its performance, so they gave away the license to IOI, but still own the online servers and sell the game through their store (Japanese PS4 version is fully dubbed btw.)

Since IOI owns hitman, but have a different publisher now, they launched 2018 as a standalone game that has all content from 2016 as DLC.

ccf1f6  No.116303

So who hires HItman in the Hitman games? Suicidal grandmothers?


b2d466  No.116340


Assuming by Hitman you mean agent 47 specifically,

In 2016™ he was hired by MI6; Biotech company moralfag; real estate developer, parents of a murdered model; ICA traitor, Oil company, Australian government and Interpol, and ICA.

In side missions he was hired by a movie company, the same real estate developer again, and by Caruso to kill his high-school bully who is now a politician.

In 2018™ you do half of missions for ZOG, then you change your mind and effectively shot yourself in the foot so you euthanize an old jew and two sheboons for your childhood friend.

Every mission including elusive targets mentions who hired you in the intro video.

6cfd01  No.116430


Are you trying to force a meme anon?

9be86f  No.117477

I hate mumbai in HI™AN 2, It's amazing how accurate and overfilled with absolute filth it is, there is no way to escape from the POO, it's on par with sapienza in terms of believably but instead of being comfy and pretty, it's a vile overcrowded abomination with no single white face in sight.

Well, there's a white actor roaming the streets but he wears a hood

a55f3b  No.117557


Believe it or not they broke the brown filters for that level.

5c38d9  No.125560

>new sniper assassin map

>not-SVD as the rifle

>it doesn't use the greatest scope ever created, PSO-1

>it's just a + with meaningless notches

to make things worse

>all weapons except snipers are hitscan

>snipers have an arbitrary travel time that is stated nowhere, cannot be reliably assessed using available tools

>there aren't ballistics like gravity, wind, or Coriolis effect

c7d6b6  No.130622


PSO-1 a shit. Get better snipefu choice.

fb147a  No.131096

So when is the molested child hunt DLC coming out? http://archive.fo/iIHWG

8fa785  No.131894


That wasn't particularly funny anon.

And anyone notice how everyone has completely forgotten about the latest Hitman game as if it has been erased from history?

ad13fd  No.131907


Season 1 was better in every way.

Season 2 only added the briefcase, and bushes

e318a6  No.131981

Update for HI™AN 2 came out

>being caught trespassing now ruins SA because apparently someone getting lost is enough to connect him to a murder.

2ed881  No.132150

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Doesn't it add Sean Bean back? http://archive.fo/VozKO

0b52be  No.132217


why would you remove Sean Bean from wnywhere

4088ce  No.132224



I had actually forgotten about this game. It's sad it was arguably one of the better titles last year but summed up how shit last year was.


Ask GoT

1de48a  No.132304


I think the implication is there's a new timed contract in same location with same character that has his return explained based on datamining of the most popular way people killed him.

de272f  No.132505

File: 3207e91497cf95c⋯.png (4.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Hitman May roadmap for anons still interested:


4733d9  No.132543



Fucking Ninjas.

4e4799  No.132562


>literally the same as the first run but with altered subject of a single dialogue, and wears an eyepatch now

Oh, and you get "le epic deja vu" in the briefing.

Nobody acknowledges Mark Faba actually "died" once already

ae674e  No.132608


This thing looks like a cartoon goddamn

47 died in Blood Money.

4733d9  No.132617


>The Deceivers

Merchant edit when?

How the fuck did I not notice this the first time?

4e4799  No.132628


>How the fuck did I not notice this the first time?

but have you noticed the main targets of season 1?

>Paris Dalia margolis, daugter of an Israeli general, runs a honey trap model agency to seduce indistrial, military and national secrets to sell for highest bidder

>Sapienza, virus is what Israel and USA is working on with research data seized from south africa after apartheid ended, an ethnic-cleansing biological weapon

>Marrakesh, a banker Claus Hugo Strandberg who fleeced billions from morrocans and "oy vey, you should've known better"

>Bangkok, (((lawyer))) Ken Morgan

>Colorado, former Mossad interrogator, Ezra Berg, "humanitarian" torturer using drugs instead of violence

In S2 they bet on diversity so you kill non-whites, but in final mission the Washington Twins almost literally go around saying WE WUZ KANGZ AND SHIEEEET to other NPC's.

b91633  No.137227

>Bank releases on 26th

>giving Season 2 a total of 6 maps, 1 tutorial, two map reskins like in season 1 on the way.

Inflation is a terrifying power. :^(

9f7d85  No.137493

File: 30c477a2de4ec3d⋯.png (643.21 KB, 690x388, 345:194, ClipboardImage.png)

Guess it's the Muffin Update for Hitman 2 Yes it still exists


Real question though is Is it a man or a woman who wrote this article?

b91633  No.137502


>Copy announcement straight from the game's official website

>publish it as an article

The absolute fucking state of gaming "journalism".

cca563  No.137683


Better than most honestly. Better than them telling a story about "muh feels"

b49832  No.138001

So would you buy Hitman music on vinyl? http://archive.fo/G4WU9

1854d3  No.138074

>knock out a guard NPC with fire extinguisher or secondary explosion

>this makes all subsequent bodies count as not found even if they have an axe sticking out of their heads

cb190a  No.138185


So you saying Hitman is realistic now?

ee063d  No.138637


Probably only until 25th of June since It's unintended

d49584  No.139153


Only if it is Jesper's

ee063d  No.139181


>The Hitman series has always featured excellent music thanks in large part to composer Jesper Kyd. For the past few years, iam8bit have worked with iO Interactive to get his tracks on vinyl.

>Hitman: Codename 47

>Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

>Hitman: Contracts

>Hitman: Blood Money

aad38c  No.139188

So what did fags think of that NOT Hitman groundhog day game that was shilled on Xbox?

fe059d  No.139240


I am not sure what it was called but it was 12 minutes long :^)

ee063d  No.139259


The top down game?

The idea is neat, but the scope is too small and it reminded me of something I'd see on kongregate/newgrounds, it's a groundhog day thriller taking place in a tiny apartment. I'm feeling an extreme deja vu, that I already played a meta-game like that

Or the black on black violence, deathloop?

Sounds boring and niggers are offputting, I'd rather play ghost-mode which also seems to fit the main premise of 1v1 with background mooks both of you have to take on when going to your objective.

d49584  No.139972


Quite interesting, i'll have to check that out, especially his work for CN47. Let's see if the vinyl rips add something up, or if they are in-game renditions instead of the studio masters.

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