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File: c2424fe80306637⋯.png (577.43 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: f9b5e7cebd823a2⋯.png (243.9 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)

File: eb80e70149d8a6d⋯.png (277.96 KB, 800x2700, 8:27, tutorial.png)

2364da No.38045

Just skim through the tutorial and start building your troops!

I'll tell you when anything is too over/underpowered, so don't worry.

Post last edited at

8f01c4 No.38048

File: 28bb7749b9f9b1c⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 453x320, 453:320, 1410478218319.jpg)

purple assign me up son

build me a power planet/refinery unit


[atk: 0]

8f01c4 No.38061


wait it needs attribute

(produces some power and generates some income)

0a440f No.38064

>not Green vs Purple

You had one job op

d4e4ba No.38065


thanks doc

411449 No.38069

File: 03c1db956da0057⋯.png (14.49 KB, 485x481, 485:481, purple_green.png)

The only true pair.

2364da No.38101

Its tempting, so I'm joining as well: Yellow Team.

Cardboard Warrior (1/2)

[HP: 150/150]

[Attack: 50]

Giant Pidgeon (1/2)

[HP: 60/60]

[Attack: 30]

(Bird: Flies, attacks ground units below it)


That'll take about 5 turns if it is as small as I imagine it to be

8f01c4 No.38104


you can't join in!

0a781e No.38105



The best colors

Also thoughts on injecting a dose of vidya into this thread? Maybe have side missions where anons can secure additonal resources for their factions by taking part in a vidya match?

2364da No.38165

Since no one seems to be posting right now, I'll update. I'll try updating once a day, but I'll probably do another one later today.

I also forgot to mention, but for now I'm putting a cap of 30 on units and 40 for buildings. I'll raise it as the game goes on, hopefully that'll keep things exciting!


It is Update #1, and the two teams have finally started clashing! Their greatest commanders are constantly at work in putting out their best soldiers to win the battle for them.

This turn, nothing has spawned yet, and thus no update image either.

8f01c4 No.38167


the time you've posted it was just abit bad, americans are busy and or sleepy

2364da No.38168




Yeah, i saw that, it would be cool.

2364da No.38169


Ah well, I'll do another one later. Nothing important happened today.

cc0a11 No.38172

Sounds fun! In for purple.

Rogue (2 / 2)

[HP: 80]

[Attack: 40]

(Thief: on hit, steals opponent's attribute)

8f01c4 No.38174


alright I'll let you


you never know

cc0a11 No.38175


Also, can I give a positive attribute to a unit and make him in one action point, if I also give him a negative one?

2364da No.38179


Sure, but not anything too special.

0a781e No.38185


Well guess it's time to start planning a Doom CTF match or something where whoever wins gets a free unit?

2364da No.38188


I don't know much about planning gamenights, so I'll leave that to someone else. For the reward, I have different idea

0a781e No.38190


What idea then?

2364da No.38193


The winning team gets a payload cart. If it reaches an enemy building, there will be a big boom.

0a781e No.38194

File: b757b47cd47cb4d⋯.jpg (5.64 KB, 194x212, 97:106, 80cc36f08dc52c393af8b7e50e….jpg)


>The bomb is armed, the bomb is mobile, and one anon holds the detonator

I like this idea so much

2364da No.38200


I knew you would

0a781e No.38219



Okayfags to see who gets the bomb which game should we play this weekend?






Or each side bids their two best Generals to face off in DTA? Inb4 one side is stuck with Stanks General

8f01c4 No.38220


well aren't we doing Tiberium essence this weekend?

0a781e No.38227


Oh shit nigga I forgot. Be perfect actually. Did we get a piratefag copy?

8f01c4 No.38229


of tib wars kw? don't think so

0a781e No.38230


Well that might put a jam on that then for time being

2364da No.38231

File: 04370c0c458a26e⋯.jpg (79.41 KB, 720x737, 720:737, iraq.jpg)


Cardboard Warrior (2/2)

Giant Pidgeon (2/2)

2364da No.38261

Alright, time for an update!

Purple has spawned a Rogue

Yellow has spawned a Cardboard Warrior & Giant Pidgeon

2364da No.38262

File: f79e821d5a0c03e⋯.png (667.77 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: d063d3f6f3ae90c⋯.png (279.77 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)

0a781e No.38265

>Nobody has built a barracks yet

Stanks General for each faction?

a83bf3 No.38274

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Purple supremacy bois

Roly Mo (underground unit) (2/2)

[HP: 200]

[Attack: 5]

(Coward; Upon taking damage, Roly Mo will run from any and all confrontations if possible by moving a square backwards. If there are no escape options, or an enemy is behind Roly Mo, pass and deactivate Haunting Tunes until safe)

(Haunting Tunes; Provides a passive debuff to the land and air squares directly above causing enemies to take double damage)

d324a3 No.38275

I build a mine for yellow.

912c2c No.38310


We can't hit the damn bird, so time to do this:

Bird Hunter (2 / 2)

[Health: 70 / 70]

[Attack: 60]

(Can shoot units above him)

ff86d5 No.38356


That'll be 8 turns

ff86d5 No.38357

ID changed for some reason

0a781e No.38369

Well for the vidya front plan to get a few matches going using vidya in the /vg/ servers thread >>27332 to influence this thread. Purple and Yellow teams will compete in a match and the winner will get a mobile bomb that will move slowly toward the enemy base, afterwards there will be a few more matches where the losing team of the first match has a chance to capture or destroy the bomb. Sound good?

Aiming to use Doom as a test to get the ball rolling starting on Sunday 00:00 UTC, a time that is sure to suit absolutely nobody. Also cause I want to play Tiberium Essence this weekend as well

8f01c4 No.38388

File: 84414445b4689c4⋯.jpg (50.44 KB, 639x307, 639:307, nuns-with-guns.jpg)

we need a squad of nuns with guns up in here with purple


I don't really know what the mechanics are

bc48d6 No.38503


Just do it like everyone else does

Paper Recycling Facility (1/20)

[HP: 500]

(Spawns a Cardboard Warrior every other turn)

Cardboard Knight (1/3)

[HP: 250/250]

[Attack: 40]

(Intimidating: Enemies are more likely to attack this unit)

e45b27 No.38521

Singing in as purple.

No move this turn.

e45b27 No.38526


(I still get +2 energy for 4 total next round right?)

bc48d6 No.38537


I guess I'll allow you to store up to 5 actions as long as you announce you're not taking your turn

bc48d6 No.38538

File: ba51ccb86895e2d⋯.png (690.53 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: 58a2c6e805214cd⋯.png (292.21 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)

Purple has spawned a Bird Hunter!

Hopefully, the next round will get more exciting..

Other news: It seems as though purple is at a huge advantage, of 5 players vs 1!

e45b27 No.38543


>See that purple team has nothing on their side except a skill-stealing Rogue on a field with no enemies

>There's actually 5 players at purple and 1 at Yellow


0a781e No.38544


Their Commander is the Stanks Commander.

d67521 No.38561

File: eca65882b838118⋯.png (182.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, A ceasefire between the gr….png)



Doom would be fine, but I don't think you can change the team colors. I know you can in Ace of Spades and you probably can in Xonotic.

>Sunday 00:00 UTC

So Saturday 8:00/20:00 ETC? I wouldn't mind that.


And that's how I know you can do it in AoS.

e45b27 No.38574


I feel bad for him. Can I take my 4 action points and go to his side instead?

0a781e No.38575


If one side is stuck as Bluecucks and one is played by ChadReds is fine.

>20:00 ETC Saturday

Yeah I was debating making it maybe 23:00 UTC Saturday but whatever is comfiest for everyone.

9ec2ac No.38657


Sure. I hope someone's gonna post their turn today though.

0a781e No.38670

So confirmed, Doom CTF Saturday 20:00 EST/Sunday 00:00 UTC?

Winner gets the bomb?

9ec2ac No.38680


Sure, let's do that.

d30cfd No.38702

File: b126b7f6e1f0796⋯.png (27.34 KB, 471x639, 157:213, artillery.png)

Signing up as Yellow and building Artillery with two actions.


[HP: 100/100]

[Attack: 40]

[Long Range: Can only attack two squares ahead.]

[Fragile: Takes double damage from attacks on the same column.]

9ec2ac No.38704

Sorry, but looks like I won't be able to update today and tommorow. In order to make up for it, everyone gets 2 bonus turns!

0a781e No.38707

File: e5e54561148e45f⋯.jpg (224.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2115742604.jpg)


Does that mean I get to spawn a gaint incests nest in the middle of the map that sends giant incests periodically to attack both sides?

8f01c4 No.38708

File: 1ce943d0dc80ace⋯.jpg (272.22 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 26752488061_a5fa63395f_b.jpg)

File: 20d4c4bd6306372⋯.jpg (95.65 KB, 735x488, 735:488, 2049.jpg)

File: 6de8f9f7597d383⋯.jpg (248.64 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, IMG_5153.JPG)

File: 3c007c0c4cfbd07⋯.jpg (96.73 KB, 640x420, 32:21, wiesel1withRMK30mmautocann….jpg)

give me a flying light vehicle war factory

[HP: 90/90]

[Attack: 0]


(produces and parachutes tankettes of various wacky designs with hp 20/20 atck : 2)

8f01c4 No.38709


for purples

0a781e No.38710

File: e23ff40b9521615⋯.jpg (134.72 KB, 552x800, 69:100, a022a606c7d13b89f669003081….jpg)


>tankette spam

Is this going to be Ital Ital tier tactics?

8f01c4 No.38712

File: 32a742c4dfcc0b1⋯.jpg (215.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, v18049_UK-WW2-Vickers-Mk.-….jpg)


don't shit talk tankettes, y-you know…

0a781e No.38714

File: 0532827359adb17⋯.jpg (144.93 KB, 1500x703, 1500:703, __girls_und_panzer_and_gir….jpg)


Are you planning on doing this to Yellow's artillery?

8f01c4 No.38715

File: 9b05ea2be8523bc⋯.jpg (336.43 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, 4395085966_f01b9e0706_b.jpg)


I plan on out producing yellow scum bags tbh

0a781e No.38718

File: a9821504ab5af66⋯.jpg (127.13 KB, 850x631, 850:631, 0760f5b.jpg)


Is War about to get /cute/?

8f01c4 No.38720

File: d20d76a798a9816⋯.png (20.81 KB, 584x619, 584:619, 0eb10c982293eb4d611a9d8395….png)

b915e8 No.38739

File: 8f6329aa17fbc45⋯.png (440.79 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 7ba65f12af8476df1054e7166c….png)

You just realized you switch your IP every now and then so you can't participate in a consistent manner.

a83bf3 No.38742


I'll repeat my previous post until the mole has spawned. Man's gotta have some roly support

b915e8 No.38763

Okay time to try my luck

If OP accepts I'm >>38574 , follow this path(Remember, I'm Yellow)

Spawn a 1 point Overarmored Knight:

50 ATK 100~ HP

+Overarmor(-30 damage taken)

-Slow(Only moves every 2 turns)

Then end turn at 3 points.

At next turn, spawn a 5 point Iop Warrior

100 ATK / 350 HP

Incredible Charge: When moving to next field, this creature can instantly attack a enemy unit for 100 damage. If no enemy units in field, move forward again.(Second effect only activates once)

8f01c4 No.38764


>being a yellow bitch boy

b915e8 No.38765

File: 44168d1552b272d⋯.png (163.81 KB, 317x441, 317:441, BadSmug.png)


>Muh 5 vs 1

8f01c4 No.38768

File: 05b5121c89fff34⋯.jpg (73.7 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 9fb1f733333d5580029bf8422c….jpg)


jerking off with your friends > being a weenie

b915e8 No.38769

File: 036936c288ca244⋯.jpg (37.8 KB, 241x325, 241:325, mw84996.jpg)


>Jerking off

8f01c4 No.38770

File: 7c5ccf5ba57c7b7⋯.gif (144.59 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 388bb2ef994c7f0c1fea0f60fe….gif)


>he doesn't have friends

0a781e No.38776



Since there is a TF2V gamenight do that instead?



8f01c4 No.38780


weekend game nights are supposed to be universal tbh

0a781e No.38789


True that.

In meantime probably still sticking with Doom plan for tomorrow unless anons rather have TF2V.

0a781e No.38882

Quick confirmation that anons are up for Doom tonight?

6ad6d6 No.38987

File: 43fb0d3a71a8620⋯.png (820.52 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: bf030de9ef5ebf6⋯.png (359.85 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)




That'll take 10 turns total. I am gonna assume you meant 20 attack, the lowest I'll go is 10.


>incredible charge

Enemy units already attack each other once they move. All units take their turn simultanously, so they all move forward at once, and if there are enemies in sight, they attack each other at once. Damage is then distribtued afterwards, meaning that even units that die end up getting a hit in.


The war has taken its first victim! RIP Rogue, who valiantly attempted to facestab Cardboard Warrior.

it appears as though Yellow has taken the lead!


Rogue hit Cardboard Warrior for 40 DMG.

Cardboard Warrior hit Rogue for 50 DMG.

Giant Bird killed Rogue with 30 DMG.

62a40f No.38993

File: 02fe786aad80ea8⋯.png (18.33 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Firstgoogleimageresult.png)


>Enemy units already attack each other once they move.

I meant he gets a free attack. So 200 damage in a single turn(or 100 damage to 2 different enemies), then if there are still enemies in the field he goes back to dealing 100 per turn.

My balance is trash just rework my mook's stats and ability if you wish, as long it stays within the same concept.

0a781e No.38995


>Giant Incests

Oh shit contact the EDF!

Also then, Doom in 3 hours?

0a781e No.38996

Well details for Doom:

Doom server IP: 12gameovers.mooo.com

Name on Doomseeker/Doom Explorer/etc: /v/ideo games

Password: infinity

Copy of the game: https://mega.nz/#!zdQlAYZD!Jrw3czLX4q30x85wG1qn4Dt6KvDz9oujLXEh8s9TvjM

6ad6d6 No.38997


>My balance is trash just rework my mook's stats and ability if you wish, as long it stays within the same concept

Will do

0a781e No.38999


Also reds are yellows, blues and purples.

Same time as stated earlier in thread.

62a40f No.39036

Oh, I didn't spend my points yet. I should start plans to attack the enemy base, this game isn't currently moving when you really look at it.

I put 2 points into a… 10~ point "building"?

Dreadmole cage

"A cage with a pack of angered dread moles. Which can't be contained into this shitty cage, so they'll burst out of it instantly and burrow underground."

Spawns 1 Dreadmole Leader and 3 Dread Moles.

Dreadmole Leader:

300~ HP, 50~ ATK

Big Leader: Must be killed before dreadmoles on same field can be attacked normally.

Digger: Moves in the underground.

Dread Mole: 50~ HP, 50~ ATK.

Earth Movement: Deals 30~ damage to buildings above ground every turn. Can't attack enemy units this way.

Digger: Moves in the underground.

62a40f No.39037



0a781e No.39051

Server is on CTF. 15 minutes.

0a781e No.39060

Starting. Jump in if you want to play

0a781e No.39085

File: 490b2b3c2d3ef47⋯.jpg (2.84 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_Doom_20180415_0….jpg)

File: 4418cf98dea6811⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_Doom_20180415_0….jpg)

Yellows get the bomb

62a40f No.39128

RIP purple, noplayers.

b157e8 No.39139

Make this for purple:

Vulture [2 / 4]

[HP: 100 / 100]

[Attack: 60]

[Scavenger: In addition to attacking, if a unit died this turn (on his square), eats his corpse to recover 50% HP of the dead unit. He's smart, and scavenges the highest-HP corpses. Does not discriminate, can eat his own. Above-ground.]

d30cfd No.39140

File: 495cd4508007af3⋯.png (27.94 KB, 470x638, 235:319, MORE ARTILLERY.png)


I spam more artillery. Every time that an artillery would be finished on my turn, start making a new one unless specified.

af059d No.39172

File: a579bc25e364e40⋯.jpg (222.53 KB, 1280x848, 80:53, autoindustry.jpg)

>tfw mass production is in the works and next turn we'll have power and refinery action

af059d No.39175

File: 85be9eb7b911c5f⋯.png (457.01 KB, 642x462, 107:77, 3520_SugarcaneHarvester_64….png)

for purple


[HP: 500 / 500]

[Attack: 0]

[finds and consumes minerals inorder to throw up again into refineries for MASS PRODUCTION]

af059d No.39178


wait not 500/500 hp

100/100 hp*

27be3c No.39217


Today I'll give purple a chance to re-take the bomb in TF2V! Blue = Purple, Red = Yellow. Since the teams switch after every match on A/D & payload maps, points will only score on maps which don't switch team, eg koth, plr, 5cp and such. Might need help counting the score.

27be3c No.39218



I can't keep track of everything! Please post when you're updating / making your units. Speaking of which..

Paper Recycling Facility (2/20)

Cardboard Knight (2/3)

af059d No.39220


it was the first post >>38048

27be3c No.39222


Yeah, but I can't make sure that a building from 6 turns ago gets in when I'm not reminded. I'm already afraid enough I forget to include something in the update (this is my first time hosting something like this).

af059d No.39225


well I just reminded you now then!

7af108 No.39226


Remember to make sure buildings from 6 turns ago get in.

af059d No.39227

this is the kinda situation a trip would work for tbh

27be3c No.39228


Fair enough


Here we go

27be3c No.39230


Looks like people are already in TF2V, so I guess I'll start counting scores as soon as I get in!

d30cfd No.39234


Previous Artillery arrived on Update 4. I'm gonna assume that it took 2 actions to build by that point, so by this logic the next update should have one more.

27be3c No.39269

Sorry, but can someone else keep track of the scores for me?

3d43f5 No.39272






27be3c No.39330

File: e6eeae94ea9b761⋯.png (1.07 MB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: 140264f5c58199d⋯.png (422.15 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)

Fuck it, Purple gets the Bomb.


Purple has gotten their infrastructure up! The Harvest gives raw resources to the Refinery Unit, allowing it to produce 5 Power per turn. It can store up to 50 currently.

The Yellow troops are pushing further into Purple territory, soon reaching their main base.


Giant Pidgeon slaps Bird Hunter for 60 DMG.

Bird Hunter shoots down the darn Bird.

Cardboard Warior finishes off the Hunter by thrusting his mighty foam sword into him.

af059d No.39335

File: 606faaa09dd40c3⋯.jpg (71.44 KB, 491x757, 491:757, 606faaa09dd40c3cedb2664e75….jpg)

purple brass warrior

[HP: 140 /140]

[Attack: 80]

>three different attack styles: acid jazz(attack), blues jazz(defensive) and smooth…(riposte)

<gets lonely very easily and wont move as a result

e9d15f No.39337


Okay but what do the different attack styles do

af059d No.39338


more attack, more hp, deflect some attack

e9d15f No.39341


>Purple gets another player

>He can't figure out how this game works either

Why not give them free stealth tanks? I think this game will be too sort otherwise. :^)

Stealth Tank:

50 ATK / 100 HP

Stealthy: Can't be seen by base turrets

I SEE YOU: Wait nevermind they can. Enemy Base Turrets can hit stealth tanks that are a tile away.

I'm not paying out of my pocket for this, its just a joke.

af059d No.39342


I've been here from the start tbh

e9d15f No.39353

Oh and how should we deal with purple's bomb? If there is a mook in the same field as the bomb can it still move forward?

0a781e No.39390


I think they need to push it inb4 the Giant Incests capture it

e9d15f No.39398


Welp, I have nothing in mind either. I up >>39036 to 4 points.

bbe2ad No.39532


That'll be 4 actons

bbe2ad No.39534


Yep, they do.

3d00ef No.39539


4 / 4, and the Vulture is ready to swoop down!

3228ed No.39585


A bit weak for a 4 point creature. Maybe 160 HP instead to capitalize on healing abilities?


Tbh without stats on its active you can't really tell if its a 3 point creature or even a 6 point one. I mean, for example, maybe its a low point creature since it gets +20 ATK but loses 20 HP every Acid Jazz attack. Maybe it doesn't have a downside or the effect is stronger.

I'm guessing you're going to put in your own stat if it gets int he game so maybe none of this applies.

bbe2ad No.39596


>A bit weak for a 4 point creature

its flying, and whilst it can be destroyed with a burst damage, its survivability otherwise is top notch as it can also feast on the corpses of dead allies. 100 HP should be fine, it regens 50% according to the corpses health and not of its own after all

>Tbh without stats on its active you can't really tell if its a 3 point creature or even a 6 point one

that's true, but since it's so vague I'll use my own stats. I generally try to keep the stats as the poster wanted them to and negotiate the action cost according to that.

bbe2ad No.39597

Paper Recycling Facility (4/20)

0a781e No.39600


>inb4 it explodes in purple's base.

3228ed No.39603


Friendly fire disabled.

bbe2ad No.39604



Actually fuck i always assumed it could attack ground units and eat their corpses. can it?

7ed934 No.39606


What if purple doesn't hold the detonator?

3d00ef No.39607


Yes, it can.

bbe2ad No.39680

File: aceae2d8af9eb4b⋯.png (1.07 MB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: 54323dbbcc18786⋯.png (448.91 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)

Cardboard Warrior bashes his thick,strong homemade sword against the wall, dealing a 50 damage!

The Turrets sneeringly grab it and attempt to rip it up. The Cardboard Warrior tries to stop them, but unfortunately it ended in a deadly scene to him.

0a781e No.39682

File: 8c58573fca7b533⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 216x228, 18:19, notsostealthy.jpg)

File: 03846d523b43eae⋯.jpg (35.88 KB, 369x369, 1:1, pillboxspray.jpg)

3228ed No.39698


6 points in.

af059d No.39735



d30cfd No.39767




d30cfd No.39771



3d00ef No.39787


Vulture Nest (2 / 10)

A Vulture >>39139 will fly to it every four turns.

0a781e No.39799

File: fcbb46b4180eec8⋯.jpg (127.9 KB, 800x538, 400:269, arty spammer.jpg)

>artillery spammer

Is Gustav II Adolf in this thread?

0dcb54 No.39802

Paper Recycling Facility (6/20)



wew lad

af059d No.39828

File: 02d05c7d60fd1d1⋯.png (44.96 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, flag of purple.png)


secrete purple only message do not read if yellow

lets hoard bombs and then send them all off when we have something like 5 or 8 tbh

3d00ef No.39830


Heh, I just realized that Yellow's base says "YELLOW wins if this is destroyed", and the same with purple.

So, I am bombing the fuck out of Purple's base. And Purple wins!

af059d No.39831


no it doesn't

0a781e No.39832


>If you kill your enemies they win

Canada tier tactics here

af059d No.39833



243fda No.39868

>Check back what happened on the OBJ text in >>38045

>Its correct

>In >>38262 the base names switch around to be proper with the fields


32c4fb No.39869


a812c5 No.39871

File: 1064a376eb0d7b9⋯.jpg (8 KB, 183x275, 183:275, tactical genius.jpg)

Building a battleship in the middle of a lake for yellow.

[HP 600]

[ATK 60]

(Long Range: Can only use big guns against targets 2 titles away, hits for a third of damage at units up close)

(Weak Bow: Takes double damage from Torpedo attacks)

(In a lake: Can't move unless a canal is dug to let it out to open waters)

How long will this take?

a812c5 No.39877


Actually change that to Purple no idea why I said yellow

af059d No.39879


we kinda don't have easy access to the lake

a812c5 No.39881


That's what makes it an act of tactical genius. We somehow get a lake in front of the base.

0a781e No.39882





Are we going to have take time out to play some sort of Sim Tycoon game where we build the Suez Canal just so Purple can not only deploy but move their battleship?

af059d No.39885


dude battle hovercraft

a812c5 No.39886

File: 8d78e31c3c4e239⋯.png (98.03 KB, 733x491, 733:491, TotallyFlaked83.png)


No they'd expect a hovercraft! It must be a battleship in a lake! Now all we need is some sort of lander to keep it company.

0a781e No.39887


and just like that I think we need to make an Advanced Wars thread

af059d No.39888


already had the mass artillery for it

a812c5 No.39893


You should.

0a781e No.39899

Well guess I better dig out the content for Advanced Wars and make a thread probably tonight.

d30cfd No.39902

Now all we need is about four more infantry a turn for yellow and a bunch of AA's and I reckon we can show em what for.

32c4fb No.39913

File: b41e7188f16cadd⋯.png (1.02 MB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: 8e9f9a12c45edd4⋯.png (433.58 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)


I estimate 12 actions


Roly Mo lets out its screeches and attracts the Vulture to prey on the Iop Warrior, for 120 DMG!

The Iop Warrior retreates to the purple base and slams against the wall, dealing 100 DMG.

The TUrrets kill the IOP.

Meanwhile, the Artillery are setting up on field 3. One is already ready to bombard the purple base, and does so. The shells hit the wall for 40 DMG!

32c4fb No.39914


(vulture should actually be on air field 2)

243fda No.39916

8 points on Dreadmole cage so next turn unless OP decides its OP.

d30cfd No.39917


>no Artillery built

OP is a fag

af059d No.39919


give him some leeway he's made this abit too complicated to keep track of easily

32c4fb No.39922


Dont worry sir the artillery is actually just invisible and will be uncloaking this turn

a812c5 No.39923


So 5 turns unless other anons chip in?

243fda No.39924


>2 x 5 = 12

af059d No.39925

File: ee8089fe80bbee2⋯.jpg (54.22 KB, 783x463, 783:463, Belluga-xl-Recherche-sur-T….jpg)

File: c6e77f46b81ce19⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tankettesy.jpg)

File: f1a8fc2fb2aea43⋯.png (80.7 KB, 602x552, 301:276, main-qimg-95d9478ef94f4888….png)


0a781e No.39926


>anons counting.jpg

a812c5 No.39927


Shit I meant 6

32c4fb No.39928




Well he already has 2/12 done, so it's 5 left

a812c5 No.39929

Reminder 2 more turns until we need to call the EDF.

3d00ef No.39948


4 / 10

0a781e No.40019


>inb4 it gets shot down in it's first turn

af059d No.40050


>implying I'll not shoot my goo in you dude

0a781e No.40062


Malaysian Airways are running it though.

af059d No.40065


no they're not running my penis

0ae294 No.40066

File: 7586fe58f8979de⋯.jpg (14.22 KB, 350x250, 7:5, 5150.jpg)


Thinly veiled /bane/ porno?

46ccb2 No.40150

OP how many actions would each building take? Please respond.

Training Barracks:

Increases max HP of all allied minions by 30

Medkit Dispenser: Every spawned allied minion gains ability new ability: Medkit: Upon receiving more than 40 damage, Heal 40 HP.

Training Barracks: Increases Attack of all allied minions by 30.

Basics of CQC Bookstore: Every spawned allied minion gains ability: CQC. When attacking a enemy on the same field, deal +40 damage.

af059d No.40152



fricking gay man


you're a big pussy

0ae294 No.40154


Fuck You

af059d No.40155

File: bef4f5c202efd3c⋯.jpg (33.06 KB, 583x400, 583:400, 134132.jpg)

how many turns will it take for me to upgrade purple base into a fully mobile base?

46ccb2 No.40159


>Limit of 30 minions and 40 buildings is just a joke mate

28fa0c No.40170


>1st Building

25-30 turns.(assuming that medkit is one-use)

>2nd Building

40 turns.


a lot

follow my advice and split half your actions into units and the other into structures, if you are building them

Paper Recycling Facility (8/20)

46ccb2 No.40171


>60 actions for +30 HP


46ccb2 No.40173


Wait idea.

What if I were to make a gimmick mob ability though?

>Lemming Training Base: If a friendly grunt has the Lemming Attribute, give it +40 HP

(Lemming: Unit has lower attack and health stats, but counts as a "lemming" on attribute checks)

cd47e0 No.40176

File: 181cab8ddd6f668⋯.png (65.55 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 0_06.png)

How much would this cost?

Orbital Relay Station

[HP: 50]

(Can call down reinforcements from orbit on any field except underground)

(Units called in such a manner cost 3x Actions before they appear on field)

And if possible give it to Yellows.

28fa0c No.40222


seems kinda gay tbqh

whats the point of it reducing hp only to increase it?

lemming trait might work if there was standarized units, but custom units make it reduntant


ill give it 5 cost, t probably wont be used much because of 3x action cost

working on update right now

46ccb2 No.40226


>lemming trait might work if there was standarized units, but custom units make it reduntant

>He doesn't realize that we're trying to cheese the game with custom units that seem underpowered but actually are 200% point efficient

Okay nevermind. Moving on…

What about:

???: Generates 1 point every turn. Point is given to a allied purple/yellow general on a first come, first serve basis.

28fa0c No.40229


yea sure, ill give that a 15 action cost

and then every time i post an update i take my turn afterwards :^)

28fa0c No.40232

File: 9a80e991a6e8f3f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: d8e1edd2fead4e1⋯.png (469.04 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)

an unknown amount of artillery has spawned in at yellow's side!

The artilleries fire their huge artillery guns, shots aimed or the turrets. however, the wall gravitationally attracts them, and absorbs them for 80 damage combined.

Up in the sky, the vulture preys on the unsuspecting artilleries. simultanously, roly mo enters the field below. in a single swoop, the vulture takes an artillery as a snack. then, the over-armored kngiht enters the field..

meanwhile, beneath the ground, roly mo encounters the viscious ant colonists, who rip out a chunk of roly mo's flesh. horrified, roly mo flees. the ants then prepare the sacrifice to their dark gods

af059d No.40234


fucking chinko ants!

46ccb2 No.40237

Dice rollRolled 20 (1d20)

Oh, we have dice. I have an idea… Maybe…

Lucky Kitten(2/2)

ATK: 40 HP: 100

Lucky: Roll a D20. If the roll is 11 or over, gain bonus stats!

Unlucky: Tie-in for above ability. If the roll is under 10, lose stats.


46ccb2 No.40240

File: d5e215e9ea832f9⋯.gif (914.38 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Noyoudont.gif)

Dice rollRolled 12 (1d20)


>Perfect roll

af059d No.40248

File: fe0c80cc9d47025⋯.gif (21.5 KB, 376x315, 376:315, Neuropabody2.gif)

File: 49405854ba7c722⋯.jpg (128.02 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Factions.jpg)

File: 273ad150698f1a1⋯.jpg (224.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, YZbot001.jpg)

[Neuropa Combot]

hp: torso100/100, legs 100/100, kinetic shield 300/300, rotary blade 100/100

attack: 200

>can take damage in different parts of it's body

<when destroyed drops it's intact parts which anyside can claim

af059d No.40249


for purplvania!

0a781e No.40303

File: fb0dd8422f2f924⋯.jpg (100.91 KB, 940x620, 47:31, earth-defense-force-2025-7….jpg)


>1 more turn before we need to call the EDF

Can you feel it niggers?


Absolute wew



>inb4 it is captured by Yellows.

8b2bb0 No.40351


6 / 10

b5f3df No.40392

File: a466e3a3996bc0c⋯.jpg (171.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, kokon.jpg)

can I spawn a giant crystalite entity that emits weirding rays?

d30cfd No.40402



oh god someone make an AA unit edition

0a781e No.40477


Why not make artillery that shoots into the air? :^)

d2ff31 No.40485


Depends on what it does and how many actions you're putting into it sweetie.

b5f3df No.40487


just as a neutral

d2ff31 No.40491


Oh dunno that, wait for OP. I was thinking I could ask him for something too.

b5f3df No.40492


sure thing sexy

2b31e2 No.40572




I'll give that 13 turns cost.



Nah, ant people is more than enough neutrals for now. Pick a team and ask some other time again.

b5f3df No.40573


>implying there can ever be enough neutrals

2b31e2 No.40576


>Purple vs Yellow turns into Colours vs Neutrals

b5f3df No.40577


>implying it was ever not that

3d00ef No.40583

I see this is getting complicated with these dice rolls, different body parts and shit. Might overwhelm the OP soon.

0a781e No.40584


>Implying there won't be a green, red, blue and orange faction joining eventually

d2ff31 No.40588


Dice rolls aren't hard. In fact I think they're quite simple.

the different body parts might be a bit difficult but not really.

I'd be more threatened by something like a building with a special ability.

2b31e2 No.40589


Nah I'm fine for now, just wish more people would post their actions (with perharps less gimmicky shit).

b5f3df No.40591


>implying I'm not going to buy the expansion pack and map dlcs for a much wider map with subfactions, terraforming water physics, time travel and smashing planets into each other

0a781e No.40592

File: 7c1370610d434f4⋯.jpg (169.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, flying-insects.jpg)


When the nest spawns do we get flying incests?

d2ff31 No.40600

File: ab3c8b8ba64b011⋯.gif (127 B, 20x24, 5:6, 0coreguide_eliminator.gif)

Question, how much would Eliminator cost?

Eliminator (ATK: 80 HP: 160)

Modus Operandi: Avoids enemy base, opting to chase enemy minions

Jetpack: Can freely move on ground or air tiles.

2b31e2 No.40603

2b31e2 No.40604

2b31e2 No.40605


No, 5

2b31e2 No.40610


No, 4

2b31e2 No.40611

0a781e No.40612

b5f3df No.40614

2b31e2 No.40615

d2ff31 No.40618


Remember he can't attack enemies in the ground/air so he can either kill a lot or die instantly depending on the first enemy the enemy team puts out.

I'll probably put another stat point on him so he has better stats than the ones I just gave him either way

Then I realized I could combo Jetpack with another passive that makes him attack off-field to make a nearly-immortal mook until the enemy makes a proper reaction to it.

2b31e2 No.40619


Paper Recycling Facility (10/20)

d2ff31 No.40620


>Remember he can't attack enemies in the ground/air

He can't attack enemies in the ground/air form the air/ground.


2b31e2 No.40621


Yeah, I'll let you figure out your unit til next turn.

I'll say 4 points for as it is now and 5 if you add the air/ground attack attribute.

d2ff31 No.40624


>5 if you add the air/ground attack attribute.

>5 points for a unit only damageable by either a group of both air and ground units OR a unit specifically made to counter it

Okay enemy team, get ready.

b5f3df No.40625

File: 20d4c4bd6306372⋯.jpg (95.65 KB, 735x488, 735:488, 2049.jpg)

[muffled tankettes falling in the distance]

2b31e2 No.40634

File: 33b11c0c9ee1f82⋯.png (1.65 MB, 5000x3300, 50:33, visualized playfield.png)

File: 65f99637017fe76⋯.png (523.79 KB, 5000x3300, 50:33, playfield.png)

File: 751bb899b6c80a0⋯.webm (3.39 MB, 720x405, 16:9, The V-Team.webm)

Purple obtains reinforcements! The glorious Flying Light Vehicle War Factory has arrived, parachuting a Tankette the moment it arrives!

On the other hand, Yellow obtains an exceptionally lucky Lucky Kitten.

The Artilleries line up, firing their guns. Once more, the wall takes the damage, of 120 dmg.

The Vulture flies down, hurting one of the Artilleries for 60 dmg.

Meanwhile, beneath the ground.. The Ants have completed their dark ritual.

2b31e2 No.40635

Once more, no updates the next days.

Enjoy your 5 bonus actions.

d2ff31 No.40637


>2 point mob with a drawback and trashy default stats only gets +20 HP and +10 attack for succeeding its +stat roll

>Objectively weaker than both the Deluxe Space Zombie and the Axeman and not even a gimmick ability

Excuse me, what?

b5f3df No.40638

production city

d2ff31 No.40644


Oh well, I'm gonna do this. For yellow.

Eliminator (ATK:100 HP:160) (Either 5/7 or 7/7)

Modular Rifle: Can attack the field above while on ground, or the field below while on air.

Jetpack: Can move in both air and ground fields.

Modus Operandi: Is intelligent and avoids the enemy base, opting to destroy enemy minions. Prefers to attack enemy minions form a field they aren't occupying.

I gave it a small stat boost at the cost of more actions because otherwise the enemy vulture would rapture it quickly.

b5f3df No.40647

File: 875d9bcd6f7d985⋯.gif (132.3 KB, 775x871, 775:871, 1430323245103.gif)

lets give purple a comfy engineer shall we



>passively repairs builds or units for 10 hp each round

>actively increases production of assigned building or unit

<cannot capture buildings

d30cfd No.40659


>no new artilleries

>vulture didn't one-shot artillery


I spend four bonus actions building 2 artillery, the first post to reply to this on the yellow team gets to take the fifth action for themselves. Also, I order all artilleries to pull back to the Yellow base.

d2ff31 No.40662


The vulture is dealing 60 damage, arty has 100 HP. That means a two-hit kill.


The vulture is technically in a different field so it doesn't trigger.

I'm not taking your action, by the way.

d2ff31 No.40663


Wait a minute


Uh, well, enjoy your buff.

d30cfd No.40664


It's ok, all my shit is 2 actions per, so as long as I keep spamming them it's a tie.

0a781e No.40716


That Ant hive is about to spew forth legions of Giant Incests. I hope Yellow's artillery puckered up.

6b8856 No.40732

File: 6d8b9440470b5f5⋯.jpg (35.56 KB, 600x367, 600:367, TD_Recon_Bike_Render.jpg)

Fuck it, I want in.


Recon Bike (2/4)

HP: 160

Attack: 30


(Anti-Air: Can attack air units directly above it)

(Short range: Can only attack ground units if the target is in the same field )

b5f3df No.40740


wait nm I misread

d2ff31 No.40745


>(Short range: Can only attack ground units if the target is in the same field )

That's the default.

9e022f No.40751


Ah. Well change it to "only deals half attack damage to ground targets"

6ad13c No.40763


So he can also shoot other fields? Broken as fuck, I'd give it at least 12 action points…


8 / 10


6ad13c No.40766


Oh wait, I misunderstood. Thought he can shoot other COLUMNS. No, so I guess Eliminator is fine then, though maybe still 7 is a little too little…with 3 so good skills.

6ad13c No.40775


5 bonus actions for everyone? Then >>39787 is 10 / 10 and I still have one left. Okay, if Eliminator is 7 / 7 then this should be fine too:

Paladin (1 / 5)

(HP: 120)

(Attack: 100)

[Honorable Fighter: Blocks attacks from above or below, as well as other squares]

[Leader: Lifts up the units around him. +20 Attack to units on the same column]

[Will to Fight: The first turn Paladin would have died, he will recover with one HP point]

f9b610 No.40821


GM here said that Eliminator's cost would be 5 if I added those 3 abilities to him. I complained on >>40624 but he didn't argue back even after having updated so I assume that's his final ruling.

I then gave him 2 action points for more atk. I think I screwed that one up, 2 actions isn't +40 atk. Oh well, too late.

What does "blocking" a enemy attack do, by the way?

f9b610 No.40823


Your unit is kinda underpowered for a 4-pointer already. You could switch its attack to 50 then have it deal double damage to air units.

e41577 No.40837


>What does "blocking" a enemy attack do, by the way?

Means the attack does no damage. Paladin can only be killed by direct fight.

Eliminator - well, maybe the OP didn't understand it. Otherwise I think you've hit the jackpot. The avoid base skill is especially overpowered. Turrets won't bring him down. He can fly around for a long time I guess.

f9b610 No.40842


>Tankettes have 20 ATK

>Overarmored Knight damage reduction is 30

Cute try, Light Vehicle factory, but that's 2 tankettes off the table with no loss on our side.

I kind of want to give tankette guy a apology for that. He got this costy 20 point summon and its already got 4 points blown off form it. Slow was never a drawback.


>Means the attack does no damage. Paladin can only be killed by direct fight.

Better wording: "Blocks attacks that come form other fields".

b5f3df No.40844

File: 73f7912c5649e57⋯.jpg (180.66 KB, 960x637, 960:637, TKS_muz3.jpg)


ho ho ho, you forget your footing fattie Knight!

*que Roly Mo lazily peaking his heat out of the ground*

with him my unending tankettes do 10 ATK to your knight. *que maniacal laughter*

b5f3df No.40846



0a781e No.40851

File: 37b2003876aea5c⋯.webm (15.11 MB, 640x358, 320:179, EDF Deploys From Space.webm)



6b8856 No.40860


Alright. I probably should've spent more time lurking and reading but I really wanted to get a recon bike in actually I wanted a Stealth Tank but it was already taken.

f9b610 No.40863


"Already in"

None in the actual playfield m8.


You should spawn something for Purple before they get further steamrolled.

6b8856 No.40864

File: 9e28b954ffa1d3b⋯.jpg (63.48 KB, 633x758, 633:758, pwUGCVy.jpg)

>None in the actual playfield m8.

God fucking damn it.

0a781e No.40869


I think Ants might deal with the Yellows soon.

f9b610 No.40870


>Has 7 actions

>Spends 2

>Someone reveals he could do what he wanted originally



6b8856 No.40873



I never cried about not having any more actions, I just don't want to overdo my first turn ever. I also barely understand how this works so I wanted to try something simple before I did more stupid things. I had no idea I had 7 actions considering the tutorial says you get 2 actions per turn.

f9b610 No.40877


The 5 actions is form >>40635 .

efcd47 No.41474

Did the Ants kill everyone?

b5f3df No.41475


they killed my dog

aa77d3 No.41487


The post above yours is linking to the explanation of what happened, c'mon.

In other news more people should take their turns.

9e022f No.41496


Stealth tank (3/6)

HP 500

Attack 75

(cloak: can turn invisible and avoid most ground/air units. Useless against defense buildings like pillboxes or mines)

why are there no water units?

0a781e No.41505


Someone is building a battleship on land for whatever reason. No idea what the progress on it is though.

b5f3df No.41614


he better make some reminders for that>>41505

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