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File: e8735d147827b1f⋯.jpg (116.71 KB, 652x439, 652:439, W-suigao-LEAD-652x439.jpg)

5c9c43  No.40533

A thread for vidya that encompasses all things at sea. Whether you are a bloodthirsty Pirate on an 18-Gun Sloop plundering the Seven Seas, a daring U-Boat Captain hunting Allied shipping in the Atlantic or even a cunning Chinese Skipper sinking US Destroyers with his Cargoship in the South China Sea, this is a thread where you are welcome.

There's already threads for Windward and Rule the Waves so I don't want to steal much of their thunder. Instead just link them and the downloads to their games. What I might do is see if I can find an old link to Silent Hunter III and see if it still works.

Windward Thread: >>27651

Download: http://igg-games.com/windward-free-download.html

Rule the Waves Thread: >>26797

Download: https://mega.nz/#!tJUizbrK!sOFOaHtXCtusbZvNkXl-XUxbMZoYlnUGQ2vlpl_wchc

Patch: http://www.navalwarfare.net/files/SAI/RTW_134b1_Update.exe

d26982  No.41361

File: a2d0aff89f68321⋯.jpg (9.72 MB, 1000x478, 500:239, Rule_the_Waves.jpg)

Reminder that Rule the Waves can be entirely contained within this image.

0e5380  No.51371


Any love for Silent Hunter?

4d7be9  No.51374

File: f8638c9d3b19323⋯.webm (8.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The kriegsmarine.webm)


No. No love whatsover! :^)

6533b8  No.53552


Used to play a fair amount of Silent Hunter II. Any anon's play world of warships? Have been on and off for a couple years and just picked it back up, up to tier IV cruisers american and remember why i like playing it. Haven't tried any of the other countries yet. also pub match destroyers need to get their shit together and start going after battleships, its not my fucking cruisers job to launch torps at them

0f4ca0  No.53556


I thought World of Slavships died early on cause they decided that having the Soviet Navy before the Royal Navy was more important and the backlash was that they dropped a shitload of players who wanted the Royal Navy ships?

48f6f0  No.53575


Nope, still kicking! Pretty decent community still around as well, lots of updates, recently just did an update for american cruisers.

9e8280  No.53597


I misread "Slavships" as "Slaveships" and got excited. I really hate you slavophiles.

f591f0  No.53604


I got back into world of boat recently. I mostly play nip cruisers and american DDs. Maybe we can play together anon.

f82328  No.53608


I got up to Yorck and Bayern but didnt really see a point trying to get passed Bayern. I then dropped the game once flamethrowing brits came out. Are the French BBs any good? Their shotgun style seems like it could be really frustrating or really satisfying.

348f0d  No.53620

From The Depths

e76443  No.53622

File: 195404527826356⋯.jpg (302.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170218170031_1.jpg)


Definitely this

0e5380  No.53627



As long as it isn't IV

9c1095  No.53664


We could always play an Age of Sail game and go around sinking Slaveships to save Murica in the future


That is unironically a good camo and ship design. Did you make this?

f82328  No.53723


should start a general for that so we can post our autistic boat designs

6b3b5d  No.53728


You can have a lot of fun making an orbital death laser. Not sure how viable that is these days

88f738  No.53736


Make sure to include a piratefag link. Anons love piratefag links.

4d7be9  No.53936


I keep meaning to get into this but I just don't have the time or autism to get into it.

36f5ba  No.53952

File: 1ae886120daf299⋯.jpg (311.48 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, k9EBMvG.jpg)

I ended up making a classic battleship design, too bad it's only a valid ship when used at long ranges far enough away to lob the giant cannons above. I added a short range defense to the ship since the picture.

7b575a  No.53960

Isn't From the Depths also multiplayer so anons can share their autism with each other?

36f5ba  No.53961


Yes. It runs on the same DRM as PULSAR and KSP so it's laughably easy to get working in multiplayer.

44e247  No.53984


Well if someone can get a server up I'd play on it

466832  No.53990


I thought PULSAR had no DRM?

36f5ba  No.54001


It has very very loose DRM, but it's so loose it might as well be no DRM. Basically being Unity all it does is just check for a running Steam installation and assigns a Steamid based on the active one. However when you delete the file calling for Steam, it uses the Unity default Steamid instead. This is how Unity vidya can release GoG versions by manipulating the output of the Steamid into a gogid.

84095b  No.54179


They sell the game without Steam anon.

0e5380  No.54245


It's on Steam isn't it?


What game?

e76443  No.54363

File: 17bda890328c325⋯.jpg (214.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170224203744_1.jpg)


Yes I did. I am an unapologetic dazzle-fag

e76443  No.54364

File: 2177803a5cea445⋯.jpg (227.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170218165920_1.jpg)


One more for ya. I hadn't really gotten the ship to an operational status, though. The hull is really finicky on turning and the guns aren't yet as powerful as I'd wanted, but it has potential and a lot of internal room still to upgrade systems.

11c17b  No.54376

File: 20517e385514f19⋯.jpg (156.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, serveimage.jpg)

Is there something like microsoft flight sim but with giant cargo ships?

I've never seen one but want to play it, maybe i should make it myself…

60a38a  No.54399


I think there actually is but for the life of me I cannot remember what the hell it's called. I will probably have to dig around. I remember seeing on the shelves a long time ago back when vidya stores actually had PC games. Christ this is going to bug me.

b22972  No.54495

File: 72f6ecf29c7cf64⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hexagon Oil commercial.webm)


European Ship Simulator

And it's terrible unoptimized piece of junk that rarely works.

b99394  No.54857

How dost I create a tank within FTD? I attempted to re-create a tutorial, yet it refuses to move itself.

0ed5db  No.54889


Kind of seconding this. Anyone got good guides for FTD? I am not autistic enough to figure this shit out on my own.

3ea367  No.54895


looks like a fun movie, can you give sauce?

4d7be9  No.54959

File: 9b42b73b87aa14e⋯.gif (2.1 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Drop It.gif)


Have you never watched The Naked Gun anon? It's got a rather interesting raifu lineup. Look it up on imfdb.

f54636  No.54991


Imagine an entire movie thats a constant tonge in cheek, making a gag, after a gag, after a gag. Thats the naked gun.

9e21d8  No.54998


And Airplane.

a6156f  No.55395


Can you build autism ports in game?

e76443  No.55430


You sure can! There's not a lot of cases where it's ideal to build a port, but you sure can build one. The first land base I ever took from the enemy was a sweet airship dock.

98c6f4  No.55647


If you are not careful anon you'll get a band of autitsts coming on building their version of MotherBase.

e76443  No.55726


/mgg/, I think that is a fantastic idea

a4b9cb  No.55788

File: 01a9d0dcbe3a25c⋯.mp4 (7.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, A Weapon to Surpass Metal ….mp4)


But will they build a weapon to surpass metal gear?

e76443  No.57941

File: 2ec1de3586c4391⋯.jpg (238.82 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20180612004810_1.jpg)

Came back to FtD after 3 years and my old unfinished designs work better than ever. What a lovely day.

4d7be9  No.57969


>Big Mac

Is it bad all I can think of now is Burgers? Can you build a McDonalds in game and turn it into a factory?

e76443  No.58170


Lol ya we could make our resource collection sites McDonalds and have little McDonalds delivery trucks to ship the resources around

4d7be9  No.58172


I think we have an idea for a gamenight.

46972a  No.58233


>form the McDonalds Empire and try to take over the planet from Burger Kingdom and Kentucky Fried Confederacy

>Wendy Republic appears causing anons to have a Civil War

>Pizza Hut Cartel and Dominos Dominion appear escalating the conflict

>Taco Bell Combine starts sending aggressively annexing territory

>In the Grim Darkness of the Fast Food Franchise, there is only War.

02da31  No.58423


I'd play it.

40a596  No.58916

Best age of sail sim?

b943b1  No.58919




e76443  No.58920



I don't even know how an FtD game night would work

f57e63  No.59432


Probably be an autism server.

e76443  No.59464


I don't even know how FtD multiplayer works, I've only played SP. Barely even SP, I've mostly played the constructor mode.

0533cd  No.59671

File: 00d857f34bcaad8⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jfeYq.jpg)

>Still no FtD thread

I-it's not l-like I was w-wanting to join in some a-autism or somehing?

e76443  No.59718


This is the defacto FtD thread. We could start an Engineering Games General though…

a1e354  No.59761


>Engineering Games General

May as well call it autism general.

e76443  No.59827

File: 648992115599ba3⋯.png (44.26 KB, 190x221, 190:221, engineers.png)


Yes :^)

9699c6  No.59830

File: 59dac290aebec67⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KHIII Pirates.png)

File: 0821560b28b2227⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KHIII Pirates_.png)

File: edfc38d3279a552⋯.png (3.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KHIII Pirates__.png)

God damn it, Square. I thought I had dropped this series for good, but they know my one weakness.

49f767  No.59863


>the character models are so good they're pretty much a 1:1 recreation of the movie's actor

>except Barbossa, looks nothing like the one in the movie

6e9aca  No.59952


I think the only character they got right was Goofy

112893  No.59984


I have no idea what the hell kind of game they are making. Are they making everything into one game?

9c1095  No.61562

Reminder that in the future we will only have cargo container boats to use for war.

0e5380  No.61590


The current upcoming trend in everything is pirates. Why exactly I couldn't tell you but it's going to be the new zombies.

4d7be9  No.61593

File: 494794e19e8d589⋯.jpg (578.71 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, butt-pirate.jpg)


>Pirates going to be the new Zombies

Or dear fuck no. They are just going to end up being a bunch of poopdeckplundering switchhitting bumjaws

9ae6a0  No.62529

So apparently Gaijin wasn't shitposting with their Silent Thunder game and may be introducing Cold War Nuclear Subs to War Thunder. What the actual fuck?

c1a970  No.62563

File: 42dacf8cc55224d⋯.jpg (124.47 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, boat.jpg)

Design your perfect boat game anons.

c0a41d  No.63302

File: 8633004385e01be⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 850x561, 50:33, serveimage.jpg)


I would love a naval game were you actually have to drive a realistic tall ship for the imperial navy in the victorian age.

It could be something that makes you start as a junior officer and develping with experience system to become the admiral of the fleet.

The gameplay can involve real time during battles as well as turn based during long ass navigation were you have to manage crew losses and scurv.

In a similar way to the early Total war games.

Off course the tallship have to be autistically detailed to the last inch of rope onboard. Allowing you to modify the rig and inclination of masts.

A cherry on top would be political juggling to get more money for your fleet from the parliament and stuff like that.

9f1f94  No.63528

File: e01aed49add590e⋯.jpg (94.91 KB, 690x652, 345:326, Stonewall-Kotetsu.jpg)


>Victorian Age

That would be more interesting to see the transition from sail to ironclads and steam. You could do a lot of historical autism there with how quickly technology changed. A Rule the Waves style game might actually be good here cause that was a period of drastic and rather sudden technology change. Imagine going from the space of 10 years from wooden hulled ships to ironclads to per-dreadnought battleships?

556295  No.63822

Well shit this board has been active as fuck lately and I have a lot of catching up to do.

>Mid 1800's to late 1800's naval vidya

There is so much intrigue there I want it.

0e5380  No.63837


>You could do a lot of historical autism there with how quickly technology changed

And that decade and a half where everyone thought rams were the new big thing and built them on all of their ships. Only result was a fuckton of friendly ships colliding and sinking immediately.

4d7be9  No.63851


You may joke about rams but they've been surprisingly effective against the US Navy in recent years.

44e247  No.63927


Something akin to a mix between From the Depths and Children of a Dead Earth. Complete with realistic water physics. I try to like FtD but it feels really, iunno, kiddy and arcadey. I want realistic damage, damage models, physics and armament, not voxel battleships that could fly in the air if I just strapped some jets to it and water that phases through everything.

d12617  No.64097


If you were to code proper realistic damage you would need a voxel engine. It is only engine that could do such a thing. I wonder if there will ever be game engine that codes atomic structure?

bde7a1  No.64154

Has anybody here played Clad in Iron: Philippines 1898 by Totem Games? Judging by Steam reviews it looks like they finally managed to get their shit together and actually released a decent game.

4d7be9  No.64219


I sort of avoided it as I felt it was going to be a worse version of Rule the Waves. I have yet to try it.

1280ca  No.64785


yeah from the depth water simulation was a huge disappointment.

I made a small light boat, slapped a small propeller on the bottom and when I powered up my boat did a fucking back flip!

I guess the only right meta for that game is huge airship with OP guns wich doesn't appease my naval autism.

4ae392  No.64812


It suffers from most of these autism constructor games. They let you build anything but don't simulate shit meaning most of the mechanics end up being completely shallow.

44e247  No.64903

File: 719ea4680c8530f⋯.jpg (283.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180710191825_1.jpg)

File: a64fc7a562dfa98⋯.jpg (310.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180710193157_1.jpg)

File: 93d6723911617f9⋯.jpg (396.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180710191921_1.jpg)

File: d1c25956ddaeaf7⋯.jpg (347.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180710191737_1.jpg)


Not necessarily. BDArmory plus BDArmory naval mods in KSP come relatively close to what I picture, but instead of pieces being individual they'd ideally seam together and there'd be layered malleable tiles a la CDE. The concept is doable. Maybe realistic water physics is a little too much to ask, but wanting water to not phase through ships is reasonable I think. The goal is an actual buoyancy model that doesn't rely on magic 'water pumps' and instead has realistic methods of water letting and such.


The meta is to build a max size gun and make it move fast. Pics related are my iterational builds for my light cruisers, earliest to latest. The last one is virtually invincible. Because the gun is spinally mounted the freeboard is effectively level with the water and the AI can't hit it for shit regardless of its speed. It spits 500mm shells like an autocannon. This is not fun, just broken. I will say I enjoyed building within the restraints of the game until I realized just how shallow everything truly is.

44e247  No.64917


>the last one is virtually invincible

Virtually invincible to cannon fire

4605af  No.65089


>Literally the most retarded one is the best one

Which has always triggered me about these games. They would not work in a million years in real life yet they are meta in game.

f19168  No.66646

Don't suppose there would be a chance of fags getting together to play Silent Hunter at some point? Or at least suggest mods?

d52a39  No.69035

File: 71dd9d6f3edcf76⋯.jpg (257.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6576544334.jpg)

>Start playing Cold Waters

>Play all day for a few days

>Once again go to bed in garage (very hot both outside and indoors)

>Dream about being sunk by lightning fast bullshit subs that are literally whale sized bright grey tandem ww2 hellcat planes with wings removed

>Wake up upset about this

>Notice bottom half of mattress is soaked and floor is very wet


>Hear thunder and pouring rain outside

>Hadn't pissed myself yet

>Go inside and keep playing


I'd like that too

0e5380  No.69036


>Once again go to bed in garage (very hot both outside and indoors)

You sleep in a garage?

4d7be9  No.69038

File: ef6a59472f70759⋯.jpg (405.68 KB, 750x557, 750:557, BritishFishingTrawlersOP.jpg)


I would need to reinstall it and relearn to play sometime. I'll search for a decent piratefag if I can find it.


>That pic

Did you literally fire a broadside of torpedos?

>Notice bottom half of mattress is soaked and floor is very wet

Sounds to me you wet the bed anon?

>Hear thunder and pouring rain outside

Eurofag by any chance?


That is not uncommon. Sometimes in summer I will go sleep in a barn myself. Shit is comfy as fuck.

a66d30  No.69053

File: 3d19e93062c0ad7⋯.png (842.53 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1.png)

File: c5da1daa16331d1⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2.png)

File: d7307a422c44e0b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, 5.png)


Mah nigga

d52a39  No.69054

File: 2d0f8e9bbad17c0⋯.jpg (567.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7613465.jpg)


>Doesn't sleep in a garage


>I'll search for a decent piratefag if I can find it

Why go looking?


zip password: www.newgamesbox.net OR www.newgamesbox.com

>Did you literally fire a broadside of torpedos?

I can do better than that. Pic related.

>Sounds to me you wet the bed anon?

No please don't tell mommy


Yes the one literally engulfed in flames



I am convinced.

a66d30  No.69056


>That swarm of chink ships

What the fuck did you do anon?

d52a39  No.69058

File: e1225be11fe12c7⋯.jpg (168.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, animal fml4.jpg)


Rookie mistakes. I'll kill myself now.

d52a39  No.69061

File: dfc219e880c1168⋯.jpg (322.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, anm koqinmuth medals.jpg)


I traded lots of rusty metal for a little shiny metal.

0e5380  No.69067


Probably has a pet dog.


>That is not uncommon. Sometimes in summer I will go sleep in a barn myself. Shit is comfy as fuck.

What the nigger.

81d9cd  No.69117


>Chinko Ant Swarm

Hope you have noodles

>Greek Fire

I am sure there is a joke to be made there

>Don't tell mommy

But she needs to know that you need a diaper :^)


How did you even manage to get into a position where that would happen? That's impressive actually.

98c6f4  No.69333




>Talk about bedwetting

Is this omorashi anon's work or something?

Guess if you piss in the sea though it would make no difference.

d52a39  No.69423

File: e00c0beddc388f9⋯.jpg (64.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, proxy.duckduckgo.comt55.jpg)


>omorashi anon

No but I'm flattered


Don't live in grease actually, but I've got the noodles.


Mfw Kiki is running guns and supplying the chinks with hardware to fight the west.

e9e84c  No.69441




Do you have to do trigonometry in this game like Silent Hunter?

a66d30  No.69443



>in modern submarines where almost everything is automated

Cmon lad

0e5380  No.69445


Still needed if your modern systems go down. GPS isn't exactly foolproof.

39bceb  No.69468

File: 191387fc7d13b77⋯.jpg (364.28 KB, 932x1167, 932:1167, 1691242.jpg)



Before I open this up it's not dolphin porn is it?


Actually you'd be surprised how much is still analog. Some are outright mandatory because if they are not and go wrong you may as well shoot yourself cause there will be no real way to fix them.

93ab46  No.69474

File: 95b240cb8ea9cf5⋯.jpg (573.16 KB, 1640x3584, 205:448, some torps and one of the ….jpg)


There are 3 campaigns. The earliest one, set at 1968 features a fast unguided torpedo and a slow electric seeking and wire guided one.

The later two feature only guided ones.

The unguided one is fired at a reticule on the tactical map you get from the subs computers. Haven't tried it myself but they're only for ships and you obviously have to be pretty close.

Guided ones are fired at a point between you and the target. At that point they'll start the seeking pattern you gave them and listen for sounds to hunt, so that they don't bother any of the merchants they had to narrowly pass on the way. (The same untill here for sub launched missiles such as tomahawks you use against ships and on harbor strike missions (pro tip, have missiles start seeking far from the target so they can acquire and turn toward them etc. in time))

The torps are wire guided too so you can change it's actiavtion point or activate it remotely. Also when they activate you can temporarily override seeking and steer them yourself. Useful if you had misjudged how far away the enemy was and have to turn back, or if your torp start seeking their decoys.

You can lose the wire if you go over 10kts, angle the sub too steep or if god hates you. If you lose the wire the torp will go on as usual with activation, seeking patterns and seeking. In other words, plan your activation points so that you should be fine even if you suddenly have to flee and sacrifice the wires.

The game is different to silent hunter in this regard. The focus is more on hiding from torp, ship, sub, sonar equipped helicopter and plane dropped sonar pod ears, evading and fooling them all. For example sending a noise making torpedo toward the enemy sub who has 5 torps hot on your tail and watch them sink themselves.



Does anyone know if a GNSS has ever been of use in submerged warfare? I imagine it to be near useless after the first few feet of depth.

93ab46  No.69483

File: 87452b6e91f679e⋯.jpg (248.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bezt porno 38 times jerked….jpg)


>dolphin porn

No. Lucky you didn't say whale, because that would have been a whole different matter.

765586  No.69491

File: 7213b30e9c6b085⋯.png (907.49 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Did you just fire a nuclear torpedo at a whale?

0e5380  No.69546


>Does anyone know if a GNSS has ever been of use in submerged warfare? I imagine it to be near useless after the first few feet of depth.

No idea I'm afraid.

a66d30  No.69547


>For example sending a noise making torpedo toward the enemy sub who has 5 torps hot on your tail and watch them sink themselves.

This happened to me only once but was highly satysfying, nothing better than defeating the enemy with their own weapon, i also once menaged to do this by getting somewhat close on very silent engines, dropping a decoy and setting balance to -30 and staying at -1600 so the enemy torpedo couldnt find me and made a turn toward the enemy

a66d30  No.69548


>sonar equipped helicopter and plane dropped sonar pod ears,

This is i think the most annoying mechanic in this game, sometimes you endlessly play cat and mouse with the fuckers with no effective way of escaping, even on full speed bellow -1000 meters, even on ultra quiet -1500m.

I just wish the helicopter and planes would give up after a while

fffde2  No.69549


turn absolutely everything off

93ab46  No.69551




Also nothing more embarrassing than sinking yourself with your own weapons. Not that I have repeated experiences with that of course.


I agree, they are rather persistent. Just a game of waiting. Especially scary when bottom is at 300ft…


…and they find you anyway sometimes.

9352df  No.69605

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





>Trying to evade detection

Have you considered trying this?

f965e0  No.69637

File: 869e27e2e2900a0⋯.jpg (137.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hidey hole.jpg)


Game doesn't support microphone. Tried anyway just in case but to no avail.

Instead I simply laid down between two loud bubbly concerts like the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBY0HRChalA I am, and I found it far more effective.

242c4b  No.69646


Don't worry about it.

It will probably be a single,short,very disappointing level.

f591f0  No.69722


That song is oddly suitable. Combined with the pic you posted it cracks me up every time.

e8bec7  No.69726


>When anons resort to shitposting and it becomes super effective

Surprised it hasn't been outlawed through some convention or another by now.


It will be barely half a level.

149acd  No.70031


You truly are having too much fun with this aren't you anon?

0ee4d8  No.71080


What the actual fuck happened in this pic? Is there a story to go along with this?

a043ac  No.71099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7795ca  No.71614


>average /pol/fags the show

Probably should webm this at some point.

cf8f79  No.71745

File: ba099de60e656b8⋯.jpg (63.02 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ba099de60e656b833054164d65….jpg)


>shitposting your way to a legit victory

There are few things more satisfying.


>having too much fun playing videogames

Not at all.


Does it suit this one too?


Had a bit of a lie down between two dead chinks at 1900ft not gay since they weren't living people anymore with 6 MOSS's and a full compliment of decoys.

Enemy air were very welcome to try find me, and then torp me in my little trench, if they could. They didn't.

Before that it was a rather intense undersea dogfight that I won.


Damn black nazis, I heard they were the most vicious and loyal.

Disclaimer; not my pic but I did the same with a merchant when I didn't even have a single AA bullet left, got screenshots buried somewhere.

4d7be9  No.71751


>That pic

Oh fucking God anon you marvelous bastard. I have to salute you for that one. Used to use that maneuver in BF1942 FH to drag Nippon Destroyers to their watery graves.

Well now I have a backlog of sub games to play and my weekend looks like it may all of a sudden become free.

52a020  No.72135


>You see Hans, if we land sub on top of their ship they can't use their guns to hit us!

Keep posting anon when you are not on fire. I enjoy your posts

92863c  No.72249


I never knew the Third Reich was so gay?


>Chinks ever being people

Chances are they sunk themselves I bet?

0ce94c  No.72527


>Didn't use the Yellow Submarine texture mod

Son I am disappoint.

9e8280  No.72547



>hiding in a graveyard is shitposting

What the fuck isn't shitposting to you people? Is breathing shitposting? Learn what words mean you stupid niggers.

0f8ab7  No.73625


Anon. See that stick? You can shove it up your ass.


8e5de4  No.73631


Excellent grouping of your prey, skipper.

4d7be9  No.74076

File: c20351b87bd9488⋯.jpg (957.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_2aa3e49a7a880a6eec1ae10….jpg)

>look on steam

>see this


I guess I better pirate it and tell everyone how terrible it is.


0e5380  No.74082


>American sub in WW2 Pacific

Meh. Subsim.com usually know what they're talking about but I find that a boring front.

ffe921  No.74362


Looks like a bad Silent Hunter III ripoff all things considered.

f591f0  No.74525

File: 4a28e7362b56439⋯.jpg (188.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 541210_screenshots_2018081….jpg)


>You see Ivan, when you sink this way, American submarine cannot of hiding in between you.

30238a  No.74741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think I have a song to go with this.

84354b  No.75107


You know at first sight I thought that was a fishing boat next to the Russian ship and felt it was very appropriate.

952293  No.76753


Have you tried wearing the ship as a hat?

2b4b51  No.78944

Don't suppose anyone knows what the state of Rule the Waves is?

0e5380  No.79633


Still waiting on RTW2 as far as I've seen.

3219c6  No.79647

>Playing Silent Hunter III

>Stuck in a middle of a destroy squadron running silent

>Tonight was curry night

I forgot how tense this game was.

8114ef  No.79731

Surprised nobody mentioned World of Warshits going to consoles. Then again it's World of Warshits.

Only shit I am remotely interested in is that Uboat game, Victory at Sea Pacific and cautiously optimistic for Feral Sea.

be7d97  No.86056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What the fuck is with pirate fever again? Did I miss something?

cdd2ed  No.86507


It was all over E3 and I have no idea. Was there some pirate show or something on tv recently that everyone is buying into?

a6a8a6  No.87255

I miss the Greek sub anon.

7dad4c  No.87500


He sank while trying to escape the fire

8a6139  No.87541


Didn't they have already a ship game set in the Warhammer universe?

4d7be9  No.87565


Talking about Man O'War Corsair?

a8f442  No.87710


Did they finish that game?

550203  No.87755

File: eab7d2ac3264092⋯.jpg (31.86 KB, 500x270, 50:27, eab7d2ac3264092bbf905e15e1….jpg)

4d7be9  No.87837


Not really no. They bit off far more than they could chew. It's got a lot of promise still but you can tell it could have been more.

bf2628  No.88010


Let me guess, Unity?

0c541c  No.88444


I've been playing Sea of thieves recently with some mates, laughing about how bad it is, but we realised that you could make a really good pirate game.

But not in Victorian era, do it in a modern era, think somalian pirate.

You start off with a tiny boat with an outboard motor and an ak in the Mediterranean, shipping drugs, attacking civilian ships for money to upgrade your ship and weapons, to shipping vessels who start hiring pmc's the more you attack them, acquiring better ships and weapons and money till you get to the point where you can attack military vessels and take them over launching jets and helicopter to attack other military vessels.

ea70b8  No.88510


So Arma Antistasi?

8a6139  No.88729


Yeah that's the one.

b753f1  No.90022

So Rule the Waves autist, where are you?

c2afa2  No.90222


This we need another Rule the Waves thread.

2cd1b6  No.90238


final boss is the russian navy

82b43a  No.90240


Well just bring a bunch of fishing boats.

78cfac  No.91038

File: 2d04cf1c861f4a5⋯.png (566.11 KB, 551x527, 551:527, H_class_(Richard_Allison).png)


Here. But haven't touched the game in a month. Hadn't the time for a campaign yet. ;_;

Here, have this H-class painting as compensation for my laziness…

c6c265  No.91045

>it's been two months since they promised a RTW2 closed alpha AAR

98688a  No.91227

So did anyone get some navy nigging going during the gamenight?

f82328  No.91322

File: f7061c9177b1b35⋯.gif (144.02 KB, 300x300, 1:1, f7061c9177b1b35d11ed034276….gif)

File: 38f76368b0a4452⋯.jpg (186.74 KB, 625x1000, 5:8, yamato_where_she_belongs.jpg)


Yamato got fucked hard.

76a075  No.91328

File: 28cb8bad6126194⋯.jpg (274.2 KB, 1917x1079, 1917:1079, fadsav457.JPG)


If you're asking for the guy who ran the /v/ Plays threads, that'd be me. Been kind of burned out on RtW since they've released info on RtW2, game feels empty without the possibility of carriers.

5880f5  No.91380

File: 6488b5cc7182269⋯.png (401.3 KB, 497x750, 497:750, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck you filthy gaijin Yamato-Chan fucked everyone hard! She was too big of a girl for you!

5b7ea6  No.91415



What happened with RtW2? Has it became Butterlord Tier Never Ever?

6b31f3  No.91515

File: dbacb3967ea8ed5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 859.24 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 890aa5fe6955633b1049231887….jpg)


Not as hard as the Bismarck

c5bc75  No.91535

File: e72486909c49a9a⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 60d60caf7d65e225fe9786650….jpeg)


Bismarck got torpedo'd hard in the rear and liked it.

710a0b  No.91548

This thread is getting lewd.

625ab0  No.91563

File: 052f64e412f2401⋯.png (708.26 KB, 1878x634, 939:317, game labs rtw.png)


Those threads amazing, anon! And they were what introduced me to RtW. I still don't understand half of it, but I enjoy it non the less. So thank you, both for the fun threads and introducing me to such a cool game!

On a separate note, Game-Labs, the guys behind Naval Action and the Ultimate General games are teasing a RtW game on their twitter. Ultimate General are pretty good. I haven't played Naval Action, so I don't know if it's decent or not. But I do hope this game comes out to be a 3D RtW.

And I hope this isn't just random teasing.

76a075  No.91586

File: d456e63087c00e9⋯.jpg (676.58 KB, 2808x1588, 702:397, All historical carriers ou….jpg)

Have some in-game recreations of historical carriers.


According to the devs, they've estimated a 2018 release. There's been some reports of some hangups with the aerial combat, but at worst I'd expect early 2019.


Danke anon.

625ab0  No.91626

File: dea4403c952bc68⋯.jpg (109.73 KB, 640x498, 320:249, AutogiroöStart_von_Dédalo.jpg)

File: 0287903d95ee7df⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 600x341, 600:341, Seaplane_carrier_Dédalo,_S….jpg)


I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see the addition of seaplane carriers. They could at least be used for reconnaissance missions.

The images are form this bad boi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_seaplane_carrier_D%C3%A9dalo

Another thing that would be stupidly awesome (and likely won't also happen) is to have control of the marines corp of your country, and be able to plan and carry out landings. Having full control of the sea for a whole year until the army finally decides that it may be a good idea to invade something, and then proceeds to get stuck in trench warfare for another full year is frustrating as fuck. Oh, and consider yourself lucky if the government doesn't sign a shitty peace deal before the invasion has concluded, and after consistently winning engagements for three years all you get out of your devastating war with Germany is a small sausage factory in Tanganyika.

Having some kind of control over the marines and being able to decide where and when to launch invasions would be a great addition.

76a075  No.91643


>seaplane carriers

Seaplanes and flying boats have been confirmed, but I'm not sure about seaplane carriers, although: "Seaplane Tenders (USN designation of "AV") will be included in RTW2"

>be able to plan and carry out landings

"Invasions: You can select a possession as target for invasion planning. If the conditions for a successful invasion are met (a substantial force with 4:1 superiority in the area) there is a chance that the invasion will take place. Invasion preparations will cost 1% + 300 000 every turn. Note: There will be no spontaneous invasions like in RTW1. You have to select a target to make an invasion happen."

625ab0  No.91652

File: 8c9b9d178b08723⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, laughing mongol.webm)


You've just made me a really happy (and hyped) anon.

2cd1b6  No.91663


I hope it has wave cannons and railguns

625ab0  No.91670


Imagine if a game like that was moddable.

>mod to make futuristic ships with wave cannons and railguns

>mod to take it back to the age of sail

>mod to the mid 1800s that lets you experiment with steam ships and the earliest ironclads

>mod to convert the game to Star Wars and create Imperial Star Destroyers

>mod in the Warhamme 40k universe that's what Battlefleet Gothic Armada should have been

Ok, let's wake up. Being realistic, the game will probably launch in late 2020 at the earliest (if it even ever launches) and will be simplified for a mass audience. And of course, it won't be moddable.

604cb5  No.91703


If it was a mod to make modern naval combat then it would just be Chinese cargo ships ramming US Destroyers.

86538f  No.92169

File: 1c236876d3760b2⋯.png (5.33 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, navalwarfarehistory.png)

545436  No.92177


So nothing to report?

721bd5  No.92362


That's only accurate when facing the USN.

76a075  No.92427


There's been a decent amount of updates, but it's mostly small things coming together. I'll try and compile a list of progress later.

60a38a  No.92493


Any new major features?

76a075  No.92767

File: bf9bd012b90651c⋯.png (325.29 KB, 1715x932, 1715:932, dgasfbad.PNG)

File: d315ae8c477fcf2⋯.jpg (49.12 KB, 916x319, 916:319, afgfdgbv.JPG)

File: 1f4d871b9620c12⋯.jpg (164.66 KB, 1066x720, 533:360, RT2Carriers.jpg)


It's been mentioned that adding ASW equipment to ships will now be part of the design process. In addition, I figure that bringing how aircraft acquisition works would be a good idea. While it's not set in stone, the process appears to follow this method

>player sets requirements for aircraft (armament/speed/range priorities)

>after a couple turns national/private companies submit designs

>player choose which of them they wish to pursue

>turns pass, companies create prototypes and perform tests

>player makes final decision on which models to put into production

So it seem that you (yes you!) can get fucking jewed by aerocorps promising you the Sub-Supersonic Invisible and Noiseless Defensive Second-Strike Offensive Attack Bomber and then delivering something that barely works.

78cfac  No.92905


Well, let's not forget that the aircraft industry often unintentionally jewed governments around the world - and sometimes governments (Germany and Italy especially) were quite prone to make heavy investments in certain companies and neglecting others.

I mean, look at the stuff Messerschmidt produced: they manufactured pretty much all types of planes instead of focusing on their interceptors and/or fifghters. This is a consequence of a government not knowing what to do with this company other than giving it pretty much all the resources…

This lead to the consequence that for example the guys from Heinkel did not receive enough resources for their dedicated bomber assembly.

Still, Germany was quite jewed by Heinkel with the He-177.

0aa224  No.93041


>inb4 F-35 Merkel in 1935

f18761  No.93054


>It's been mentioned that adding ASW equipment to ships will now be part of the design process. In addition, I figure that bringing how aircraft acquisition works would be a good idea. While it's not set in stone, the process appears to follow this method

Oh nice. I was going to make a new RTW thread asking for updated on the sequel.

76a075  No.93072


Honestly, the He-177 would probably have been fine had Germany not demanded dive-bombing capability out of it.


If you do, most of the information that's been released has been done so through the official forums. You have to dig through the individual threads for alot of stuff, since the Dev blog thread seems to be rather behind on alot of the smaller stuff.


be7d97  No.93074


>He-177 dive bombing

Is there some autism story to be told here?

cc20d4  No.93555


Do you still get cucked by your government?

6d705a  No.93804



What is the He-177?

0082e2  No.93818

Is Naval Action fun yet? Or are they still using the default Unity UI, shitty progression system, and unbalanced world map war bullshit

20ec3d  No.93858

File: 36713305ce2c147⋯.jpg (101.75 KB, 1200x770, 120:77, 1200px-Heinkel_He_177A-02_….jpg)

File: 1631d844006775c⋯.jpg (60.81 KB, 719x487, 719:487, He-177-engine-run.jpg)



Basically Germany's equivalent to the B17/Lancaster, just much less successful


>be Heinkel

>German Air Ministry requires you to create a heavy bomber

>needs to go fast, go far and carry a decent bombload

>German industry can't create high enough power engines

>come up with a solution, strap two engines together to power each prop

>thus the He-177 is a four-engine, two-prop plane

>decide to use the evaporative-cooling method that the He-100 uses

Not going to greentext this part, basically it involved pressurizing the coolant, thus allowing it to be heated beyond boiling without turning to steam. This superheated water then left the engine and was depressurized, thus causing rapid cooling while the resulting steam was vented throughout the wings to also cool before being reintroduced to the cooling cycle. The primary advantage of this system was that it meant that no radiator was required, thus eliminating a major source of drag and improving flight performance

>tests show that this method can't disperse enough heat

>have to switch to a conventional radiator

>this adds drag

>drag slows the plane

>lower speed equals lower range

>lower range must be fixed with more fuel

>additional fuel tanks means more weight

>more weight means less speed, repeat

>Luftwaffe suddenly demands that the He-177 needs to be able to dive bomb

>to accommodate this the wings need to be strengthened

>which means more weight…

>5 prototypes built

>#2 and #4 crash during dive tests

>#5 suffers engine fire and crashes

>eventually manage to convince Luftwaffe that dive bombing in this is retarded

>finally put into service in mid-1943 (arguably late '42, but not as combat aircraft)

>enjoy modest success deploying guided bombs against Allied convoys in the Mediterranean

>early '44, bomb London a bit

>Eastern Front, unable to perform long-range strategic bombing due to the desperate front-line situation

>spend most of the time bombing troop assemblies and supply centers

>Mid-'44, Goering orders use of He-177s as low altitude, tactical strike bombers

>fails horribly, order rescinded

>Late July '44, He-177s cease operations

>simply require too much fuel to operate

>entire remaining fleet sits idle

>by the end of the war, over 900 (almost the entire fleet) captured intact, many in mint condition

>almost all end up in scrapyards

Primary source is "German Air Force Bombers of World War Two, Vol Two, Alfred Price

36e618  No.93860


But I thought German engineer was the best in the world? :^)

78cfac  No.93916

File: b43b84624cfa504⋯.png (28.08 KB, 332x98, 166:49, ^wat ok.png)


If that means that they autistically overengineer stuff, yes, that's true.

Look at the Tiger-prototype Porsche submitted. That gives you quite the idea what german engineers tend to do: come up with actually quite innovative stuff, but it is so innovative they don't have the necessary tech and skill to make it work.

He-177, Tiger 1 (P), the Type XXI, Me-262, the Wasserfall-SAM-system, Kirschkern, you name it. They all were plagued by the same problems: too much stuff cramped in there, too little oversight, too little intervention by outsiders. Feature creep is not necessarily a geniuine german problem, but they suffered more from it.

I mean, the Wehrmacht actually should thank Albert Speer because that guy prevented more autism (he was quite autistic - but more in the Factorio/Tycoon-game/spreadsheet-simulator-sense). He was the leading drive behind for example the Henschel-prototype of the Tiger since it was easier to mass produce. "Easier" in relative terms; the tank was still complicated as fuck. Same with the Type XXI-sub. Speer took over naval production and came up with radical methods to shorten production times: the subs were supposed to be modular, so that a huge number or subs could be assembled in various locations in various stages at the same time. The aim was to a) spread out production over more facilities to prevent a large number of production lost in airraids and b) increased production in general. This obviously angered the Navy because they were pretty much "quality over quantity", but what can you do when more of your subs get sunk than you can put in the field?

bf2628  No.93983


You know if there were autistic engineers in Rule the Waves making your ship development a shitshow I'd actually think it'd be great for shitposting.

78cfac  No.93995


Given how many potential different contractors can be involved in the design and construction phases of a ship, this would make for hilarious fucking dumpsterfires.

Think about chosing between several different , COMPETING naval yards. They might try to bribe you to get the contract. They might try to play the politics game to get you removed from office. Or worse, depending on the circumstances. Jesus, that would add some nice clusterfuck situations to the game.

3d466a  No.94105

File: eca56002ba58fea⋯.webm (13.56 MB, 314x240, 157:120, Pentagon Wars - Bradley F….webm)



The greentext stories we could get out of such a game would be glorious.

78cfac  No.94190


"We built this thing?" - "Actually, Sir, you signed the paperwork, so yes… well, you built it…" - "Wait a mi.. oh fuck."

4d7be9  No.94206


Fund it! Actually…wait don't!

68f940  No.94504

>no mentions of Warship Gunner

>neither Battlestations Midway or Pacific

Are arcadey naval vidya allowed here?

4d7be9  No.94509


There's a massive ass reason I don't like to mention Battlestations Midway series. It's because I usually have to restock my entire liquor cabinet after thinking about it

So please post away about them anon while I go on a beer run

f5d3f1  No.94557


Why does the game have anything to do with your liquor stock? Does it forces you to drink? Any bad memories from the game that compels you to become drunk?

It isn't that bad, it simply need better crosshairs, mentally calculating bullet/shell drop from hundreds of meters away can be quite difficult.

4d7be9  No.94568


It's not that the game is bad. Far from it since I quite like the game. It just makes me angry with a few points in particular that piss me off.

The first thing I like to bitch about are the controls, unless you are using a gamepad I found the game close to unplayable. I know the game was sort of console focused but really no excuse for it to be downright awful on PC.

Second thing I like to bitch about is mostly a Pacific issue but holy fuck GFWL killed this game. Especially since the service is down it's a pain in the ass to play even campaign mode.

Third and lastly isn't exactly related to the game at all but more of the shit taste of normalfags. This game was World of Warships before World of Warships was a thing with much more interesting damage mechanics albeit still arcade but more interesting. Furthermore it let you command squadrons of vessels as well as direct control planes. There was no excuse for this to be so badly forgotten when it came out especially this sort of game is now semi-popular.

0533cd  No.94851


Only two of those things are really game issues though anon?

c6c265  No.94854

File: 78fc9579812a9f6⋯.png (656.19 KB, 540x512, 135:128, 78fc9579812a9f6ea4f0a87b34….png)


>So it seem that you (yes you!) can get fucking jewed by aerocorps promising you the Sub-Supersonic Invisible and Noiseless Defensive Second-Strike Offensive Attack Bomber and then delivering something that barely works.

What wonderful news

c8e042  No.94903

File: e48fef3937f1261⋯.jpg (821.23 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, F-35-ShekelEater.jpg)


>So it seem that you (yes you!) can get fucking jewed by aerocorps promising you the Sub-Supersonic Invisible and Noiseless Defensive Second-Strike Offensive Attack Bomber and then delivering something that barely works.

I look forward to this

4a4bc0  No.95094

File: a49444af7798e66⋯.jpg (171.17 KB, 1394x1003, 82:59, 761- A carrier battle.jpg)

File: a84b4fe5fc5d68f⋯.jpg (89.32 KB, 905x567, 905:567, 764 - Two Italian CVLs in ….jpg)

>After a full review of the current point and pace of development of the game, and in consultation with Fredrik and other NWS team members, we have decided that the game will require additional time past our original estimate of the end of this year (2018) to be as mature and feature-filled as we want at time of release, so with that in mind I have set a *final* release window for RTW2 of MARCH 2019.

>Now, as a non-release-window-related item, I have the following very recent internal post from a Beta Team member that I wish to share with you…the words are his own, however he did modify portions of it to remove references to prior battles and related info that would not make any sense to those who were not following the internal thread, as well as adding a short introduction to help put things in perspective.

''It was 1933. My Italians were engaged in a war with France, the second in 10 years. I found myself in a cruiser mission with two BCs per side. I had two CVLs, the Varese, an old converted BC with 19 aircraft, in company with the Sparviero, a purpose built CVL with 20 planes embarked. The French had a single small CVL carrying 12 planes. We each had a division of destroyers and a light cruiser as escorts. The mission started 2 hours before dawn and my single BC (the other was in a support force) immediately ran into the two enemy BCs at point blank range. Both sides turned and ran from the encounter but not before my BC took two torpedo hits. I limped away to the south with flotation damage at about 70%, but my 2 CVLs were intact and I had every intention of using them to hit the enemy hard.

At dawn I launched searches from my ships using 5 of my precious torpedo bombers and the few float planes on my cruisers. From land bases at La Spezia in western Italy and Olbia in northern Sardinia a dozen flying boats started their long patrols seeking the enemy. Within the hour, two separate reports seemed to have found the enemy BCs north of Corsica, 80 miles away from my CVLs. Shortly after dawn, my CVLs launched their remaining 15 torpedo bombers with 10 escorting fighters. They reached the location of the sighting and executed a sweeping search but could not find the enemy.

Now I was in a pickle. My flagship was seriously wounded and certainly would not survive another encounter with the French BCs. The French ships could make 30 knots, far faster than my wounded force, which was now limited to about 20 knots, if I wanted to risk a bulkhead breach. Those powerful enemy ships could be just over the horizon and I was in the dark. My planes eventually ran out of endurance and returned to my carriers, straggling in piecemeal and obviously disappointed (or was that me).

Additional reports came in. I learned that the BC in my support force had engaged an enemy ship. Where was she? Somewhere to my east, between my force and the coast of Corsica. Several more aerial sightings identified enemy ships operating just offshore the west coast of Corsica. One of those reports suggested there was a strong force of cruisers in that area. I turned west trying to put some distance between my limping BC and those cruisers as my ground crews frantically worked to rearm and refuel my planes now reduced to just 13 TBs due to damage from landing accidents. There were no more reports of ships north of Corsica so after spotting my planes on deck, I could wait no longer - I decided to launch a strike at the enemy cruisers to my east.

I wish I could report some level of success, but I cannot. For a second time that day my planes found no enemy to attack. In fact, that was the last act, as mission time ran out shortly afterward. My strike north had missed the enemy BCs because they had made a beeline for safety and were entering their port of Saint Florent even as my strike reached the target area. The large concentration of cruisers off the west coast of Corsica turned out to be a couple of corvettes swanning about, one of which had been attacked by the support force BC.

Anticlimactic it might have been but that did not, in the least, reduce the level of anxiety I experienced during the battle. Not knowing where the enemy was or where he might suddenly appear was nerve wracking. And there was not even the threat of an enemy air attack to worry about. The various reports, some highly accurate, others dismally, horrifically inaccurate were gut wrenching to ponder and act upon. Failure to locate and strike the enemy was a devastating disappointment. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I know there are enemy carriers out there just waiting to pounce, carriers that I may or may not even know are present and I've just launched my main strike that hit - nothing.

In the end it was just a minor affair, a blip in the war that would barely rate a mention in the papers, but if this little battle is any indication, this game is going to be seriously fun.''

fc46d0  No.95255


>Italians fucking up what should have been a sure thing

Why am I not surprised?

3158cf  No.96125

I miss Greek Submarine autist.

b34551  No.96297


Me too.

0e5380  No.96306


>Luftwaffe suddenly demands that the He-177 needs to be able to dive bomb

>Mid-'44, Goering orders use of He-177s as low altitude, tactical strike bombers

The luftwaffe was such a shitshow in WW2 it's amazing. I guess when the man in charge is quite literally an addict things were always going to go silly but still.


>the subs were supposed to be modular, so that a huge number or subs could be assembled in various locations in various stages at the same time. The aim was to a) spread out production over more facilities to prevent a large number of production lost in airraids and b) increased production in general

This is still a technique used nowadays for example in the new British carriers. It's also good for political purposes since it spreads the jobs around and helps when smaller dockyards couldn't build the full thing.


>After a full review of the current point and pace of development of the game, and in consultation with Fredrik and other NWS team members, we have decided that the game will require additional time past our original estimate of the end of this year (2018) to be as mature and feature-filled as we want at time of release, so with that in mind I have set a *final* release window for RTW2 of MARCH 2019.

I won't say I'm pleased about the delay but better than rushing it.

>Now, as a non-release-window-related item, I have the following very recent internal post from a Beta Team member that I wish to share with you…the words are his own, however he did modify portions of it to remove references to prior battles and related info that would not make any sense to those who were not following the internal thread, as well as adding a short introduction to help put things in perspective.

I'd kill to see that thread in its entirety.

0e5380  No.96307



Oh and:

>the few float planes on my cruisers.

Confirms that non-carriers will be able to carry a handful of scout planes as they often did in reality. I forget if they said that already.

bb69bc  No.96310


>Technique being used today

Best example of it in action is the F-35 Merkel

8aa067  No.96314

File: 199df5a1450459f⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

I miss Navy Field. It was fun, even though I sucked at it.

60648c  No.96317


I do to Anon. I had a lot of fun mucking about in my neutral dd. Even made it up to IJN bb line before I stopped playing.

558501  No.96352


But wasn't that a browser game?

8aa067  No.96383

13c806  No.96906


Looks a bit like trash tbh.

8aa067  No.96917

File: e912b057e0ef6ad⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


It's a sprite-based game from 2006, from the golden era of free PC games. Cut it some slack.

20cb49  No.97365


Free or (((Free))) anon?

8aa067  No.97371


Used to be free, now it's chinese*

bbab76  No.99463


I feel sorry for your loss anon.

f447c5  No.99624

So Rule the Waves autist, update?

1f0701  No.101566

File: ef1f2a0de54309a⋯.jpg (221.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, oscar goody buggering.jpg)


>But alas, Oscar Ivan, know that there is no escape and that he will still find something to do with you.

1f0701  No.101569

File: 70fe88088c82f8a⋯.jpg (393.93 KB, 1807x1384, 1807:1384, yx2LaTY.jpg)


2 escorts and 3 fishing boats

b4e0ef  No.101586

File: 9a1331304b20f26⋯.jpg (274.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, still undetected2.jpg)


Why would I want to be greek?


Yes I did. ssh


Thank you.

3be5e6  No.101674


Does anyone have the expanded version of that?

4d7be9  No.101867


Would you rather be Greek or a Turk?

a533f1  No.102003

File: d764f25187b4910⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.28 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 28959052_1960891210606864_….jpg)



c6c265  No.102010

File: eee9145a9fea14b⋯.png (139.62 KB, 1704x841, 1704:841, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b66a26b8d0837d8⋯.png (224.37 KB, 905x567, 905:567, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9b186feb9119e8f⋯.png (565.95 KB, 1394x1003, 82:59, ClipboardImage.png)


c6c265  No.102011

File: b4ee1ff01335c75⋯.png (125.07 KB, 1709x673, 1709:673, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d023b2c8743e488⋯.png (306.22 KB, 905x563, 905:563, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c7343826be9e890⋯.png (666.32 KB, 1813x567, 259:81, ClipboardImage.png)

0e5380  No.102024



Very nice.


So it's possible to get carriers that early.

5d0707  No.102036


There were carriers around in WW1 anon.

087c3f  No.102746

File: bced31dce607661⋯.jpg (306.31 KB, 1362x747, 454:249, 787 - Minesweeping and Tra….jpg)

File: 8d86807024cdd28⋯.jpg (310.59 KB, 1362x747, 454:249, 788 - Italian fleet destro….jpg)

c6c265  No.102748

File: 28740d251e6ca42⋯.png (321.28 KB, 704x772, 176:193, MComix_2018-11-21_04-55-58.png)


Goddamn I can't wait.

0e5380  No.102757


Only if you count seaplane carriers, but I suppose 1921 isn't as early as I first thought.

a37310  No.102779

File: 39899568fca4823⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 550x275, 2:1, furious aerial.jpg)


>Only count seaplane carriers

What are you talking about? RN in WW1 used flight deck carriers and in combat. Carriers as we know them were around by 1917.

61e0be  No.103110

File: fce5b7bb5d858a7⋯.jpg (423.58 KB, 2765x1659, 5:3, Japanese_aircraft_carrier_….JPG)


The first purpose built carrier was launched in 1922 and first purposely designed one was laid down in 1918. There were numerous conversions though before then.

c6c265  No.104981

File: 8f24c4123af45eb⋯.png (147.55 KB, 1708x547, 1708:547, firefox_2018-12-09_03-42-0….png)

File: b71f5d3272b5fbb⋯.png (413.95 KB, 1362x747, 454:249, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79b2a6e97d9ec5d⋯.png (423.92 KB, 1362x747, 454:249, ClipboardImage.png)


c6c265  No.104982

File: db6b269c0e321e3⋯.png (197.58 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1fd121ecbdc1e1b⋯.png (335.17 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

And the results of a strike by 800 torpedo bombers courtesy of a bug, plus a partial overview of carrier operations. Post is too long to screenshot.


1fab8c  No.105038


>Fill oceans full of torpedoes

>Still manage to miss

b4eefc  No.105393



I am more curious how bombers can be used to strike inshore targets. recreation of Pearl Harbor when?

a2cc8d  No.105760


>expanded version

Dear god I need to see this. Please! Anyone?!

a6a8a6  No.105768


Probably will be an event or ability to recreate it in game. It's too good an opportunity to miss.

4d7be9  No.105797


I'll have a look but can't remember if I have all of it. What I can remember is the point where they snagged an underwater telegraph wire when leaving port which cut off Europe from most of the world.

550203  No.105814

File: f0b75bfd7caabea⋯.png (885.9 KB, 1837x2153, 1837:2153, 1460999964703.png)

File: 97bcd89a9399fd0⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 927x1552, 927:1552, 1434851621707-2.jpg)

File: 8365495612b3f82⋯.png (604.21 KB, 1092x2986, 546:1493, 1471305110595.png)

File: 17bc5faa14239a5⋯.png (651.11 KB, 1280x1552, 80:97, 1425125977500.png)

File: ec527eb8db5cf43⋯.png (586.05 KB, 1089x2066, 1089:2066, 1433493065550-0.png)


Here you go, plus some extra /k/.

ab29d3  No.106140


Technically that last pic is /tg/ anon

85ebae  No.106808



But any word on a release date?

4d7be9  No.107259


Whenever you ask about release date anon it gets delayed another month.

c6c265  No.107374


February-March is the word.

c90c78  No.107376



cf6134  No.107528

File: 164cd390b1e774a⋯.png (1.01 MB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>Battlestations Midway

Now there is a game series I haven't heard in a long time

f19168  No.107630


Probably cause it was so badly handled it was killed off before it could find a true audience.

41f934  No.107643

File: 258b03c75adbd27⋯.jpg (224.97 KB, 1920x1160, 48:29, 807 - Situation after Her….jpg)

From the RtW2 Dev thread:

>In the latest build Fredrik enabled enemy aircraft to execute strikes and operate out of the carriers of AI controlled nations. Here's what happened on one fine day in 1931 …

It was a medium cruiser battle that took place in 1931. My small German main force consisted of a single older BC, (the Hertha, 26 kts, 12 13" guns) a CV, the Peter Strausser, with 75 planes, and an AV carrying 6 floatplanes. They had no destroyer escort. This small force was backed up with a support force that contained 2 older BBs, a CL and 3 DDs. The battle took place in the North Sea within long range of 3 German airbases at Kiel, Emden and Wilhelmshaven. Between them, these airbases had 360 aircraft, with around 200 bombers (TBs, DBs, and MBs) capable of reaching the battle area. However, the German fighters lacked the range to reach the site of the battle, so any strikes would fly without escorts.

The weather was fine, with a gentle breeze and the battle started in the early morning with 500 minutes to play out. I sent out flying boats from the land bases and the Peter Strausser launched a search pattern of its own, seeking the enemy to the west and south of the main force. The wind was out of the SE, so any air operations would take my carrier away from the suspected direction of the enemy, while the opposite would likely be true for the enemy.

Within 20 minutes the carrier scouts located a French light cruiser just as the Hertha also visually located the same cruiser to its southwest. The French cruiser quickly realized its plight and ran. The Hertha pursued, lobbing long range shots that occasionally scored.

More aerial reports came in. It appeared that there might be heavier French ships out to the west somewhere but their location and distance was uncertain. I launched two small strikes totaling 30 planes from Wilhelmshaven and Kiel. It was a long shot but the strike might catch that cruiser if it was slowed by the Hertha. The Peter Strausser readied a strike, but didn't launch, hoping for a better target.

At around 10:30, the Hertha spotted planes overhead. The crew wasn't concerned, surely they were from the Peter Strausser, that is until they turned over and dropped like rocks. They most certainly weren't German. They came roaring down as the Hertha's AA guns blasted away, but fortunately all the bombs missed, though one near miss caused some damage. The Hertha was old and her AA armament had not been upgraded recently, still, one of the planes splashed into the sea, downed by light AA fire.

Almost simultaneously, the two battleships of the Support Force, some 30 miles to the east, come under aerial attack, this time by torpedo bombers. These pilots were much better than the those in the dive bombers that attacked the Hertha. They executed a classic anvil attack and scored a hit on the BB Thuringen, cutting her speed to 15 kts. She began taking on water and detached, grievously wounded.

Shortly, the Hertha discovered what had to be the source of those attacks. It was a French CVL and it was steaming right toward the Hertha, obviously forced toward my ship by the wind out of the SE as it recovered its recent strike. The light cruiser was of little importance now; the Hertha shifted her fire to the carrier. As the distance rapidly closed, the Hertha began to score consistent hits. The Peter Strausser and her consort AV were by now far to the east, barely within visual range of the Hertha. I decided to launch a strike from the Peter Strausser, but with the enemy CVL likely doomed, I held back most of my bombers; there might still be other enemies over the horizon. But now time was running out for my land-based bombers. If I waited much longer they would be forced to land at night. I launched them all over the next half hour, aimed in the general location I thought the enemy would be located. I could only hope I was right.

41f934  No.107644


Apparently finished recovering its planes, the CVL turned to run, but it was too late. The CVL was hit repeatedly and soon slowed to a stop, continuing to absorb hit after hit. As the Hertha steamed past the the demolished CVL she spotted another CVL off to the west. So that's why I came under two aerial attacks. I launched the remainder of my carrier planes to strike this new menace but it would be 20 to 30 minutes before they could get in the air and onto the target. I tried to redirect the Hertha to target the new CVL but her gunners refused to switch and continued to rain shells on the smoldering wreck off her starboard bow. The second CVL was still coming on. She was either launching a strike or recovering one. I closed on the new CVL, intent on demolishing it as well, but the first CVL was too tempting and I was unable to get my gunners to target this new ship while the first CVL lingered so closely abeam. Before I could wrangle my stubborn gunners the new CVL apparently finished its air operations and turned away to flee. Finally I cleared the hulk and my gunfire shifted to target the newcomer, scoring several hits.

As the enemy CVL broke and ran my land-based air began to arrive on the scene. Several squadrons circled the burning CVL and put torpedoes into her twisted hull, but still she stayed afloat. Shortly after, my first carrier strike arrived as well and uselessly added to the carnage.

In the midst of this aerial assault I received another report from the Support Force. They were under attack again! More torpedo planes were attacking the damaged Thuringen and all was lost for her. She took two more torpedoes and a minute later plunged.

By now the Hertha had found the range and was beginning to score against the hapless CVL when unidentified ships were seen closing rapidly from the west. Within minutes it's became obvious that they were large and fast - battlecruisers, two of them.

I turned to run but my old ship was not fast and the enemy BCs quickly found their target, putting 3 devastating 16" rounds into the Hertha in short order. They were lucky hits - for the French. The first one holed the Hertha's hull and she started shipping water at 100 tons a minute. The second was even worse. It demolished the bridge, destroying any hope of fighting back with effect. The 3rd perforated her uptakes. She couldn't fight and she couldn't run. But run she did, turning northeast in an attempt to bring the remaining dreadnought of the Support Force into the battle. It felt like a hopeless cause. 16" shells continued to rain down on the hapless Hertha, though she gamely pressed on, slower every minute.

By now, the Peter Strausser had recovered her carrier strikes and her deck crews were frantically rearming the planes. Land-based strikes continued to arrive over the scene and they found the second French CVL somewhere off to the west, dropping bombs and striking her with torpedoes. That battle was too far to see but the relentless aerial attacks must have been doing damage. They had to.

Some land based aircraft chose to attack the Hertha's pursuers, dropping bomb after bomb, but each one missed. Torpedoes were launched, but they missed as well and the enemy BCs came on, apparently unaffected as they continued to put shells into the Hertha. Limping north, the Hertha finally managed to make contact with the Support Force, which briefly turned south to investigate, but then inexplicably turned north again, leaving the Hertha to her fate. Within minutes of that defection the Hertha churned to a final stop, listing badly. The enemy BCs seemed to want to engage the Support Force and charged past the Hertha, still putting rounds into her tilting sides. But the flaming wreck was too attractive to them, and abandoning any thought of the Support Force, they turned to circle the Hertha and blasted away at her. Finally, just before noon, the Hertha went down, the recipient of 84 heavy hits. Two of my capital ships were now below the waves and I had managed to sink but a single light carrier.

41f934  No.107645

File: 9a526e5aaa613d3⋯.jpg (111.47 KB, 1029x732, 343:244, 808 - Ship tracks.jpg)


By this point the Peter Strausser, now far away to the southeast, had managed to ready some planes and began to launch them at the enemy BCs piecemeal as they became available. Finally my tired bomber squadrons began to show their mettle. They located the two enemy BCs, and in the course of just five minutes, turned a complete disaster into, well, just a defeat. They put two torpedoes into one enemy BC and 4 into the other. Even the woeful dive bombers managed to score a hit and several near misses. The two BCs, now reduced to 10 kts, staggered away from the scene in different directions. I sent in more marginal strikes from my decimated carrier squadrons and put one more torpedo into one of the limping BCs, sending it down. The other, much to the disappointment of the carrier aircrews, managed to escape with heavy damage.

That was the last act, other than the refrain of damage and destruction that occurred when the tired returning pilots landed on board and ashore.

I found out after the battle that my land-based planes, aided no doubt by the 13" shells from the Hertha, had managed to sink the second enemy carrier after putting 4 torpedoes and a bomb into her. I learned that the enemy force consisted of 2 BCs (one modern with 16" guns and one older), 2 CVLs and a CL. Like my Main Force, the French force had no DD support. The battle ended as a major victory for the French, but it could have been much worse had it not been for the gallant effort put in by my exhausted carrier pilots.

During the battle there were a number of air to air encounters with both sides losing fighters and bombers. Light AA caused the most air casualties, but then it was far more common than heavier weapons. Medium AA came in a distant second. There seemed to be very little heavy AA guns deployed on ships in the battle and what few were present caused no damage. Altogether, there were 17 aerial torpedo hits (including 3 by the French) and 4 bomb hits, with several near misses. 28 German aircraft were shot down or crashed on landing. 41 German aircraft ended the battle damaged. The battle resulted in a major victory for the French. (But they lost their only two carriers.)

b6808b  No.107674

File: 5143bb29b151517⋯.jpg (293.76 KB, 1844x1025, 1844:1025, Hail Atlanta.jpg)

File: a9f51651add9d03⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 995x289, 995:289, Dildo Class.jpg)




This is some ripping stuff but also makes me wonder if there will be a focus on dual purpose guns and the ability to construct ships such as anti-aircraft cruisers?

8dc21a  No.107679


DP guns are inand seem to be rather prevalent among the playtester's ship designs. AA cruisers are a given, but the real question is if they can be somehow excluded from other offensive operations you don't want them doing.

e7d725  No.107687


Shouldn't escorts be a thing? Or is the AI logic not that far advanced?

856b5a  No.107714


>Dildo class

Was there really a ship named this?

Because search results are a bit interesting


24ee25  No.107945


Did you really search for "dildo class" on google faggot?

2f1247  No.108967

File: b5794990224364d⋯.jpg (152.21 KB, 906x855, 302:285, 824 - Hybrid carriers.jpg)

For those of you curious about the ability of the game to support hybrid carrier designs I offer the following examples that I have experimented with while playtesting. There is no specific prohibition about creating hybrids in the game but there are currently game mechanisms that may make their usage less than ideal. These revolve around how these hybrids are classified by the game. If a ship has a flight deck, it is classified as a carrier. This classification carries with it a certain set of carrier-specific battle behaviors that may compromise the effectiveness of ships that are designed to engage in both surface combat and aerial combat. This should hardly be surprising; similar concerns ultimately dissuaded most navies from carrying through on plans to build hybrids.

My first attempt at building a hybrid, the Europa, saw me first designing a battleship and then making modifications to the design that were intended to transform it into a hybrid carrier/battleship. However, the game has restrictions on the size of carriers at certain points in the game and I ran into those restrictions when converting the large initial battleship design into a design that the game considered a carrier. As a result the design was reduced in displacement, and based on its eventual level of protection and weaponry, ultimately resulted in a form closer to what most would consider a hybrid CA/CV.

The Europa was equipped with 4 sideways firing catapults to launch planes and a flight deck to the rear of the ship to recover them. I was hoping for at least 12" guns but 10" were the largest I could manage within the weight limits. Its 7" armor and 8 10" guns should allow it to successfully engage most enemy cruisers but it would not survive an encounter with a BC, so I gave it enough speed to, hopefully, escape those ships. The cost of that speed was a reduction in plane capacity of 12 planes, dropping capacity from 46 to 34, which was still a useful number.

I'll mention that the two 10" turrets were originally superfiring but the design checker objected to the use of superimposed turrets on a carrier so I had to shift to a non-superimposed forward centerline arrangement. It was a visually prettier design before I was forced to make that adjustment, although she is a bit of a squat tub from any angle..

As a comparison, at the time this hybrid was designed I was also building a couple of fleet carriers on the same displacement that carried 75 planes. This design hardly seems viable given that comparison but I built it anyway to see how it would function in combat.

I suspected that the constant shuffling of fighters flying CAP would be highly disruptive to any attempt at surface combat so I intended to equip the ship with dive bombers and torpedo bombers, but no fighters. Of course, that makes it rather vulnerable to enemy air strikes if it is operating on its own. That is also rather counter to the imagined use for these types of ships. Proponents felt they would be able to provide protection from air attack for their division as well as aerial reconnaissance and aerial strikes while being capable of taking on, or running from, any surface threat. It is possible that the game will eventually allow fighters dedicated to CAP to be launched via catapults without the need to turn into the wind, which would replicate historical capabilities. That ability is just a suggestion at this point, which may or may not make it into the final version. Allowing this ability would certainly improve the usability of hybrids.

As it turned out I found no opportunity to test the Europa in battle in the game in which she was built. Despite this disappointment I was determined to try again. Looking at my first effort, I felt that at a cost of 100 million it provided very poor bang for the buck, so my next design, created while playing the French, was quite a bit smaller at 16,000 tons, resulting in a cost of 62 million. This design, the Flèche, saw the amalgamation of a more typical heavy cruiser with a smaller but still useful air complement of 20 planes. Equipped with 8 8" guns, 4" of armor and a speed of 30 knots, it fell well within the bounds of a typical heavy cruiser of the period. Like the previous design it was equipped with catapults for launching its planes and a flight deck to the rear to allow for recovery of wheeled aircraft. As with the previous design, it was well equipped with a formidable array of anti-aircraft weaponry (for 1924). At 30 knots it was unlikely to outrun an enemy battle cruiser but then neither could most other heavy cruisers of the period. Increasing the speed by 2 knots would have increased weight and cost and would probably have resulted in a reduced air complement, armor or weapons, none of which I considered a good trade off. But once, again this ship never saw combat.

2f1247  No.108968

The issues surrounding the operation of wheeled aircraft mentioned above caused me to consider a third option, the creation of a hybrid cruiser capable of carrying a useful complement of float planes. These planes are much more limited in their range of uses. While late versions are sometimes capable of carrying bombs, most early floatplanes have a non-existent or tiny bomb carrying capability. Their air to air ability is limited as well, leaving reconnaissance as their primary function. That's fine, it's a critical function and every search carried out by a floatplane means one less torpedo bomber or dive bomber tied up in that task.

I started this design, the Horst, with the Japanese Tone class cruisers in mind. I again utilized an all forward gun design, which allowed the aft portion of the ship to be devoted to carrying floatplanes (this is not strictly required in RTW2). I gave the ship a conventional treaty cruiser armament of 9 8" guns in triple turrets and a decent AA suite of 3" and 4" DP guns backed up by 20 light and 8 medium AA guns equipped with 2 AA directors. The ship carries minimal torpedo equipment of two double tube launchers. It is decently armored and compares favorably to other heavy cruisers it might be facing. Overall, It is a pretty decent heavy cruiser for the period that just happens to carry a very useful complement of 8 floatplanes. It costs a reasonable 47 million, around 5 million more than a more conventional CA, similarly equipped, would cost.

Unfortunately, for all you fans of hybrids out there, I never got any of these designs into battle. It is a reality that playtesting this type of long-play game often results in testing being cut short when a new alpha build gets released. For this reason each of these designs went into the scrap heap without seeing battle. I'm still trying, throwing good money into bad hybrid designs and hopefully one will find its way into enemy sights. When it does I'll let you guys know how it fairs.

I should also mention that the air system in the game is still in flux, so it is possible that additional restrictions may make these types of ships less appetizing to build, but it is equally possible that abilities may be added that make them more useful. Personally, I'll be lobbying for the latter. They are weird critters but oddly appealing.

9f9687  No.108982


>28000 ton vessel with 7 inch armor and 34 planes and 8 10 inch funz and torpedoes and fuckhuge AA battery while going 30+knots

Unless it carries no ammo and no fuel I don't see that happening. Not in 1931

e82ba2  No.108992




>land bases too

This shit gets better and better.


>AA cruisers are a given, but the real question is if they can be somehow excluded from other offensive operations you don't want them doing.

I know the developers were making noises about this being an option so I hope it's in. Also hope we can list raiders as non-fleet.


>I'll mention that the two 10" turrets were originally superfiring but the design checker objected to the use of superimposed turrets on a carrier so I had to shift to a non-superimposed forward centerline arrangement

I hope this changes. If you want to design a meme-carrier might as well allow for it.


Strictly speaking it's not 7 of armour it's the equivalent of 7 of armour in effectiveness. The weight per '' of armour comes down heavily over the game.

9f9687  No.108994


Yeah but I know for a fact a Lemington class which is similar to what anon proposed which is much lighter armed and equivalent protection is 20000 tons heavier

9f9687  No.108995




e82ba2  No.108997


A quick google says the Lexington classes were early 20s-era Battlecruisers rebuilt into aircraft carriers due to treaty limitations so they'd realistically be a few years older and not as efficient in terms of weight and they also carried 2x the aircraft. You're probably right though since by 30 years into RTW technology is normally a bit ahead of reality in at least a few fields particularly if you rush it. I find that by 1925 in the first game I was probably sitting at mid-30s.

9f9687  No.108998


Most early carriers were repurposed battlecruisers that are kind of similar to what anon proposed in cruiser/carrier hybrids so it's a fair comparison. Even modern aircraft carriers would struggle to keep that amount of aircraft and keep that weight

d243de  No.109006


Lexington-class (Saratoga) in greentext, Europa hybrid in pink

Naval Armament

>8x8" twin mounts, 12x5" single mounts, no torpedoes

<8x10" quad mounts, 12x4" single mounts, no torpedoes

AA Armament

>During late WWII: 52 'light' guns (Oerlikon 20mm/.50cals), 96 'medium' guns (Bofors 40mm quadmounts mostly)

<22 'light' guns, 44 'medium' guns





>5-7" belt, .75-2" deck, turrets .75", conning tower 2"

<7" belt (unknown taper), 2.5" deck (unknown taper), turrets 7", conning tower 8"

Aviation facilities

>Full flight deck, one catapult, 78 aircraft (although at some point she carried 90)

<Partial flight deck, four catapults, 34 aircraft

Seeing as how the Europa is German, it's possible she's short ranged. All in all, I think the question comes down to just how much space and tonnage an aircraft requires. At Saratoga's best, she carried almost triple the planes the Europa is advertised as carrying.

9f9687  No.109011


To poke holes in what you have just posted

>If you are going to cite early war Lexington then post a modernization fit then you may want to take the 8inch guns off and reduce numbers of 5 inch AA yes the 5 inch guns are in fact AA

<Europa has torpedoes actually please read carefully

Even with factoring in that Lexington is likely a larger vessel that tonnage is ridiculous for the Europa as no way in hell could you arm and protect a vessel that well and give it enough power to move for that tonnage

9f9687  No.109012


I should add, no way of powering such a vessel without a nuclear reactor

e82ba2  No.109014


>5-7" belt, .75-2" deck, turrets .75", conning tower 2"

<7" belt (unknown taper), 2.5" deck (unknown taper), turrets 7", conning tower 8"

Remember that the 7 in RTW =/= 7 actual inches, it's 7 equivalent with advancing technology. Probably closer to 5'' or so. I know it throws off trying to make historical ships entirely unless you know the calculations the devs made.

d243de  No.109017


>To poke holes in what you have just posted

My understanding of naval architecture is spotty at best and minimal most of the time. I'm hardly arguing that the Europa is accurate to the time period, I was just giving a comparison for debate's sake. The matter is also complicated by the fact that these vessels were undergoing armament swaps all the time, so it's rather difficult to decide exactly when to asses a ship.

<Europa has torpedoes actually please read carefully

No it doesn't. Look at the ship card. It has no positions listed under the torpedo tubes, whereas the Horst does. The beta tester also doesn't mention anything about torpedoes on the Europa.


>7 in RTW =/= 7 actual inches, it's 7 equivalent with advancing technology

I'm not 100% certain about this, in RtW1 yes that was the case as tech advancements simply made armor lighter, but per the dev thread "Armour is now increased in effectiveness with technology progress instead of becoming lighter." So I think it depends on exactly how you interpret that.

e82ba2  No.109019


>I'm not 100% certain about this, in RtW1 yes that was the case as tech advancements simply made armor lighter, but per the dev thread "Armour is now increased in effectiveness with technology progress instead of becoming lighter." So I think it depends on exactly how you interpret that.

Oh. I did not realise this but that's a lot more sensible for replicating real life designs so it makes sense. My knowledge is out of date then so ignore it.

9f9687  No.109021


My mistake about the torpedoes. Point still stands though about its unrealistic weight.

737b41  No.109183

Just a thought but shouldn't seaplane catapults and retrieval systems weight a fuckton?

6b1688  No.109249


Yes and no. Depends on the size and weight of plane plus surface area they take up.

fe2a5f  No.109827

File: 4199d179eb361ed⋯.png (467.26 KB, 777x400, 777:400, ClipboardImage.png)

Who World of Warships in here? just kidding, but I do have a question. There was this game sort of in the line of Silent Hunter but you commanded surface ships and naval squadrons, think might even been from same devs but I forget what it was called. Anyone care to lend a hand?

304519  No.109906


Probably not what you're looking for, but there was Destroyer Command that was based on the same engine as Silent Hunter 2 and had multiplayer compatibility with each other.

cfb311  No.110024


Task Force 1942?

c5e913  No.110329


>Different games having multiplayer compatibility with each other

I miss when vidya used to do this.

b32ddd  No.110992


>Destroyer Command

Does anyone remember anything naval other than the sub games?

304519  No.111025


PTO 1&2

Carrier Aces

Battlestations Midway/ Pacific

Naval Ops Warship Gunner 1&2/Commander


d5210d  No.111345


That's not a big list and most of those have playable subs.

4d7be9  No.111433



I am still bitter about that.

304519  No.111456


Damn you're nit picky, all that was asked is other than the sub games not no subs allowed.

022325  No.111567

File: ccb4efe954a1fc5⋯.png (525.78 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>no subs allowed

I feel we need an edit of "No Girls Allowed"

ae9825  No.111953


We need more autistic screeching about subs OC in general.

ef9fef  No.112225


Battlestations Midway?

ef9fef  No.112226


>short ranged

This entire debate is pointless unless we know if it is short ranged and cramped or not. In RTW you can save fucktons by doing that (essentially emulating a coastal ship or one suitable only for close-to-base fleet actions) and I don't think anyone ever made such a carrier in real life to compare against. Maybe the Italians?

ce0cc0  No.112231


>Nobody has made a carrier like that

What about Bongs and Burgers? There were carriers like that or am I misunderstanding your statement?

ef9fef  No.112241


I meant exclusively short ranged carriers not converted or hybrid ones. That's right in the face of doctrine for the USA and UK who both wanted to project power over the entire world. RTW lets you design short ranged and/or cramped ships to save a lot of weight with some negative trade-offs.

ef9fef  No.112246



And come to think of it the Italians also decided to use Italy itself as a big aircraft carrier in the med so they'd have no use for a short ranged carrier in real life either.

a6a8a6  No.112311


>Italy as a big aircraft carrier

I think you overestimate the range of aircraft back then, and also underestimate the size of the Med.

f82328  No.112336


But he's not wrong. The plan of the Italians was to have their Airforce cover their Navy from enemy Carrier actions. Didn't work out for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean the Italians weren't dumb enough to try it.

db34bd  No.112367


Itals weren't known for their military competence were they? I kind of want to know what they were thinking in their heads during WW2, in particular what sort of reality they were living in. I suspect it would be some sort of acid trip filled with spaghetti and meatballs.

0e5380  No.112373


It's a quote from Mussolini or some other retard.

2c139d  No.112433


Well who needs intelligence when you got style?

304519  No.112440



Not a bad idea, the problem was that the Air Force units tasked with air support over Naval forces were never put under Naval command. Only the Air Force could launch planes and the Navy had to ask them to do so.

9dc12b  No.112449

File: 7d078f393b1f610⋯.png (2 MB, 2614x1575, 2614:1575, 7d078f393b1f6105796eef3b01….png)

File: 4942552745c856a⋯.png (266.18 KB, 1487x827, 1487:827, percentageproduced.PNG)


Italy was in the midst of trying to modernize their military, but their industrial production was nowhere near enough to reequip them fast enough. So reaching their "ideal" strength (which was vastly underpowered anyway) was impossible for the majority of their forces. And finally their leadership structure was fucked, with precious few NCOs. All that means that in the end you've got a military with poor organization that's just barely equipped with anything past WWI levels.

80e1f5  No.112481


Back in WWI and even prior to that, we the Italians managed to be the second nation in the world to lose to an African army after the Zulus beat their sticks on two British infantrymen. The reason why Italians are so "bad" in warfare is twofold: on the one hand, Italy doesn't have as many natural resources like those of other European countries, with their biggest ones being manpower and food/rations, industry has always been lackluster and below European average even at peak mobilization; on the other, the biggest impact has been done by zealous, nepotistic leadership - even before Mussolini, generals and majors were mostly promoted out due to age and/or connections and very rarely by their actual skills and decision making, in fact most of the Allies laughed at the African Campaign, as it was launched against military inferior British/Egyptian troops with lower numbers and still managed to fail because the higher ups ordered the field commanders to just advance without any actual thought for supply lines or terrain difficulties. I suspect both are still a key reason why only the Navy gets any respect by the international community, promotion are still passed down generational lines.

The actual troops and armaments doing the fight though were top notch and even the Germans admired Italian mountaineers and Italian commandos. To this day the only forces who were ever able to breach the Alps and maintain them were the Italian mountaineers as far as I know. Also Italian Gun's smithing is quite alright compared to the rest of the world. But literally in no situation Italy can or should sustain a war ever, unless there's a shift in how battlefields are won.

1f7efb  No.112489


>key reason why only the Navy gets any respect by the international community

Traditionally the navy of any country has always been more professional than any other armed service. A lot of it stems back to the fact that you often could not simply buy your commission, so promotion was often down to skill and talent rather than connections.

80e1f5  No.112501


There's also a secondary reason why Italian navy is considered at least "good" compared to the others, and that's because of the vast coastline that Italy has always had to defend and because there's a need to protect convoys and non commercial ships in the Mediterraneum. But if you remove this, Italy's pretty hard to defend. Allies knew this and made sure that they had a safe area in Sicily to move into by contacting local mafia gangs.

3fb89e  No.112678


Did the Mafia cause Italy's defeat?

b32ddd  No.112708


I still can't get over those lack of NCOs. I can understand the equipment difference but NCOs, why? Do they not want to pass experience on to fighting troops?

80e1f5  No.112713


All fascist nations had one thing in common, despite being so different, and that is, they fought much harder and better on the defensive than on the offensive before muh aut-historians come in, remember that half of the Japanese and German offensives were encirclements with captured PoWs and literally waltzing into open pockets of French territory and both suffered immensely due to supply lines not cutting deep into enemy territory . Essentially, in all three nations' cases the Allies knew they would have eventually won, but how much effort they had to put into the victory meant they would have rather won in a much faster way. Italy was no different, because despite being battered and weak, the peninsula could still be garrisoned for at the very least another half of a year of conventional fighting, plus the Mediterraneum was in a deadlock because just how many light ships the Italians had at the time. The amphibious assault on Sicily came to fruition when (((politicians))) colluded with local mafias, who were the prime target of the Fascist government, to collaborate with the invading forces by giving them precious intel and acting as foreign spies, basically, in exchange of a buttload of money, the liberation of their fellow thugs and the positions of governor of whatever city they could get their dirty hands on, which the Allies conceded. I don't put the Allies to a fault on that, though, because their objective must've been founding partisans - the problem is that (((those in the know))) were also part of the local mafia, and hence you can already see where this is going. Though the Americans had the foresight of putting an actual puppet state instead of letting the country be run by the mafia themselves, so from that point onward began a long but steady infiltration of mafia and (((mafia))) in the Italian govt, which never really got finalized because the threat of communism was too much for the Americans to give up.

0e5380  No.112727


>Though the Americans had the foresight of putting an actual puppet state instead of letting the country be run by the mafia themselves, so from that point onward began a long but steady infiltration of mafia and (((mafia))) in the Italian govt, which never really got finalized because the threat of communism was too much for the Americans to give up.

It's no coincidence that both the American and Italian branches of the Mafia got fucked up in the 90s once the communist threat made them no longer useful.

0e5380  No.112729


>Traditionally the navy of any country has always been more professional than any other armed service

Uncertain if that applies to the USN.

80e1f5  No.112768


Very true. They were needed to smuggle illegal copies of western propaganda in the East and bring back currency and gold in the West. Compared to way back then, they're losing their grip fast in most countries that switched to either hard right or hard left.

4d7be9  No.112770

File: 90bf44fc30ea5b9⋯.png (1.34 MB, 890x572, 445:286, ClipboardImage.png)


Historically it did. For example during the war of 1812 the only branch of the US armed forces that showed any competence was the Navy and they were badly underfunded and underappreciated at the time. I could write war and peace about the state of current navies though

Also this Mafia talk has given me an idea for Mobsters at Sea or a smuggler game.

a5aaa3  No.112771

File: 7775f903b7f7df5⋯.jpeg (92 KB, 424x600, 53:75, cesaremori.jpeg)


>Though the Americans had the foresight of putting an actual puppet state instead of letting the country be run by the mafia themselves

Many of those puppets were gangsters since they don't care for politics that don't affect them and CIAniggers don't care for the people (even their own given they imported known criminals). Unsurprisingly the mafia which was almost defeated under Mussolini had a revival right after Italy lost.

9eac5e  No.112917


>smuggler at sea

Well there are plenty of games for that, just none that particularly exciting or I would label as good. Space vidya has better smuggling if I am honest.

4d7be9  No.113147


There's plenty of good naval trade games but yes, no real good smuggling games.

e57a38  No.113241

Any updates on Rule the Waves?

c5e913  No.113973


Nothing of note.

5bc2d0  No.114002

Anyone has an idea of the name of that Naval focused TotalWar-like game who's supposed to come out? There was a thread on /v/ but can't remember the name for the life of me.

cfb311  No.114011


Ultimate Admiral?

5bc2d0  No.114013


Yeah that was it, thank you for the spoonfeeding. Shall overcome my shame one day.

36e161  No.114045


>Naval Focused Total War game

That can be either good or terrible, depending on the depth of mechanics.

70d22d  No.114082

>Ultimate Admiral

Considering it's the devs behind Naval Action I give it 3 months from release till they completely fuck it up.

5f6b35  No.114461

File: e73553d7119bf01⋯.png (362.52 KB, 1019x760, 1019:760, asdv.png)



To the best of my knowledge they're ironing out the air combat, but this was posted recently.

da8932  No.114585


What is even going on with air combat as a whole? They give small pieces at a time but nothing that tells a full story.

3814f9  No.114833

File: f5e87acd7d4ec96⋯.png (200.12 KB, 1027x577, 1027:577, agfbvc.png)

File: 25afaa7827430f9⋯.png (36.86 KB, 1705x225, 341:45, adfb.PNG)

2dc1b6  No.115089

File: 1b281af2a3ba3dd⋯.jpg (17.81 KB, 214x286, 107:143, 892 - Aircraft Procurement.jpg)

Below is a description of the way you acquire planes in RTW2 and how you deploy those planes to your airbases and carriers. This posting does not deal with the intricacies of actually operating your planes during a battle. That system, while fairly mature, is still in a bit of flux, so a description will have to wait.

The system does a nice job of representing what historically happened when a navy acquired combat aircraft. While the player doesn't actually issue specifications he utilizes a simplified version of that process. You request a specific type of aircraft that emphasizes certain traits and the manufacturers respond by providing prototypes that represent their best effort at fulfilling those requests. You first pick the type of function you want the plane to perform. I should mention that this role is not exclusive; for instance, a torpedo bomber can also level bomb, perform searches and be used for ASW activities. Currently there are 6 aircraft roles you can pick from:


Dive bomber

Torpedo bomber

Floatplane scout

Flying boat

Medium bomber

You then pick a first and second priority from a set of aircraft characteristics you would like to see emphasized in the prototypes that the manufacturers present. The available traits that can be emphasized are:





Bomb load




You then submit the request and wait for the manufacturers to present you with prototypes. You can submit one request at a time. It will take several months (varied by type of plane and other factors, but always faster in war) before you see a result. When the prototypes are ready, they are presented to you as a group, so you can look them over and decide which prototype you would like to develop. Once one is selected (or all rejected) you then wait again as the manufacturer ramps up production, at which point the selected model becomes available for deployment. Note that you do not deal with the details of aircraft design. You inform the manufacturers of what you want and they provided their best effort using the latest available technology.

2dc1b6  No.115090

File: 6f458abc39636ae⋯.jpg (234.2 KB, 1248x562, 624:281, 891 - Deploying air squad….jpg)


Even after the plane model is selected and delivered the manufacturer is seldom done. They will continue to work on their planes and will often present you with an upgraded version that has one or several characteristics upgraded, sometimes quite significantly. Occasionally a manufacturer will develop a new plane on its own and offer the new plane to you for consideration. It's up to you to decide whether you want to purchase these spontaneous offerings.

When deploying planes to carriers and airbases, and for most operational purposes, you do not deal directly with specific airplane models, rather you deal with your airplane squadrons by role. For instance, you may decide that you want to equip a carrier with 1 torpedo squadron, (as well as 2 dive bomber squadrons and a single fighter squadron, to borrow the early war USN configuration). Once the squadron is created the game will then deploy a specific torpedo bomber model to fill that squadron. As your navy develops new models and older models become obsolete the game will automatically update the planes that populate your squadrons, replacing obsolete models with new models. This process can take some time to complete, so you'll sometimes be forced to deal with torpedo squadrons that have varying ranges or cruising speeds because they are operating different TB models.

Another quite nice feature of the system allows you almost complete freedom to decide on the size and roles of your squadrons. A squadron can be any size from 4 planes up to 20 planes. There are give and take reasons for wanting various sized squadrons. If your carrier is small you might be forced to create small squadrons, unless you want to put all your eggs into a single large bomber or fighter squadron. Larger squadrons are better able to overwhelm the enemy defenses and penetrate to release their ordnance. Smaller squadrons give you the ability to be more selective in your targets. Sending out a strike is always a risky proposition. You don't really know if that reported force is actually 4 BB and 2 CAs or perhaps is 4 corvettes and a tramp steamer, or simply open ocean. Having the flexibility of a second squadron, even if it's smaller, can save your bacon when you miss, or it can be a waste of resources if it sits waiting for a better target and never gets in the air.

It is just as easy to change a role as it is to change the number of aircraft in a squadron. You simply open the "Air groups" display, select an airbase or carrier, and make the modifications. The game will populate the squadron with the new planes required. However, changing roles means changing the type of plane that will be operated by the squadron and will therefore lower the experience level for the squadron. The same can occur if the player increases the number of aircraft in a squadron beyond a certain point.

The system developed to handle aircraft procurement offers ease of use and great flexibility, while quite neatly capturing the process that navies historically went through to obtain aircraft. The air deployment system relieves the player of the tedium of dealing with an endless churn of constantly updating aircraft models, while still allowing him to be intimately involved with the creation of those models. The player is free to concentrate on what the squadron is supposed to do rather than worry about the details of each individual plane model.

25b529  No.115138

File: edf25e89b93017b⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1000x625, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3ef321e23d4085e⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1000x625, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 760f53da408b6fc⋯.png (982.26 KB, 1000x475, 40:19, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd8e9ecd39fd22e⋯.png (674.37 KB, 1000x561, 1000:561, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a279a24a58354e6⋯.png (868.52 KB, 1000x475, 40:19, ClipboardImage.png)

Some Ultimate Admiral screenshots for you fags.

Nothing to report on game yet.

4b05d0  No.115202


It just looks like Empire Total War with better graphics? Did you just upload an ETW mod?

c6c265  No.115300



Getting real tired of reading about this game and not playing it tbh

bb6957  No.115301


Well, if all goes to schedule it'll be out by March, followed very shortly by another season of Rule the Wa/v/es: /v/ thinks carrier hybrids are a good idea

0e5380  No.115305


>detailed armour penetration values

Good. I assume it uses your own guns and armour tech so it's imperfect but it'll make things a fair bit easier.

0e5380  No.115306



>land based

So you'll be able to build them in colonies I assume and they'll become even more important as bases for planes. Any idea if you can build AA forts as well as anti-ship ones? It'd be logical.

c6c265  No.116090

File: a2c75d5b85d023e⋯.png (70.48 KB, 1708x300, 427:75, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 988b6a7031cf075⋯.png (182.08 KB, 381x327, 127:109, ClipboardImage.png)

a4f27d  No.116112


Download when?

9cca60  No.116141


Public release still slated for late March.

550203  No.116176

File: aaa97c16c982bd1⋯.jpg (229.82 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1402088484736.jpg)


Age of sail? I thought this was a dreadnought-era game.

ec0e67  No.116188

9cca60  No.116239

File: ebb6a2ee5c68db6⋯.jpg (134.18 KB, 399x744, 133:248, 919 - Air attack shown in ….jpg)

File: 1c687ed490692ba⋯.png (47.28 KB, 1695x279, 565:93, ClipboardImage.png)

Some aircraft updates.

9ec6e7  No.116271


I think it's both or it's changed genre.

4d7be9  No.116328


I like that autism of just because something new doesn't mean it's an improvement.

I foresee a lot of plane autists being amazed and equally butthurt by this system. I also wonder how much they will factor in costs of aircraft and manpower cause I think the first thing anons will do when they get ahold of this is block out the Sun with Dive Bombers.

4989eb  No.116442


I can already hear the autistic screeching of plane autists crying about not being able to get "Muh Hellcat" or "Muh Zero"

c6c265  No.116847


That sounds exactly like what I was hoping for.

35c86f  No.116851


It's interesting but also worrying that you can be stuck with Ital weapon developments.

9cca60  No.116889

File: 046f480790a0951⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 683x1006, 683:1006, Airship.jpg)



But anon that's half the fun.

110b6d  No.116890

File: c54b9c23108737b⋯.jpg (73.07 KB, 609x587, 609:587, 1370675936349.jpg)


Oh nice. Please tell me Zeppelins Air Carriers are a thing

0e5380  No.116910

File: 817010d25a8ffad⋯.jpg (72.91 KB, 388x520, 97:130, botulism_city.jpg)


Oh shit. Do we get normal airships as well?


>Please tell me Zeppelins Air Carriers are a thing

That's exactly what parasite aircraft means.

9cca60  No.117011



Per a dev tester:

>You don't design the airships. You build an airship base and the base gets populated with airships. You can expand the base to increase the number of airships. Airship bases automatically send out recon patrols during a battle. Airships have their own tech tree that will gradually increase their abilities. Parasite fighters are a fairly advanced tech.

097209  No.117036


>You build an airship base and the base gets populated with airships.

I just had a funny thought of airships breeding in the wild and that you have to catch them and domesticate them.

b9612d  No.117104

File: b6918e3b217f47c⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 6956583-fantasy-flying-wha….jpg)


The real reason airships went extinct is because they were hunted to extinction for their helium and blubber.

0e5380  No.117504


Not bad though I'd probably prefer the same system they've got for buying plane designs. Any word on if they can be shot down? It was surprisingly difficult to do without specialised ammo historically.

95b210  No.117728


Incendiary ammo.

d52a0f  No.118452


I thought it was difficult more so cause nothing really had the range till they developed heavy flak guns cause they flew so high?

550203  No.119290

File: b563aa4ca7d26ea⋯.jpg (213.29 KB, 848x317, 848:317, 1.jpg)

File: 682556a1b99c25e⋯.jpg (313.6 KB, 1600x908, 400:227, 2.jpg)

File: 40ce1147f1de1ca⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 804x515, 804:515, 3.jpg)

File: 40e497bfcf13e73⋯.jpg (101.6 KB, 740x580, 37:29, 4.jpg)

File: 921f7b422acde43⋯.jpg (24.33 KB, 458x303, 458:303, 5.jpg)

>tfw we will never get aesthetics like the Great White Fleet ever again

a16bf8  No.119341


But that's racist :^)

c6c265  No.119494

File: 893d08c71204f0b⋯.png (211.34 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

No updates in a while but some of the beta testers have been posting teasers.

>tonnage limit extended to 90kt

>end date extended to 1970

650a41  No.119551



So missiles and nuclear weapons when?

81f47d  No.119697

More beta tester information:

>The penalty for refusing a battle can be quite severe in RTW2. Refusal penalties can be in the thousands. I believe the highest I've seen was around 4500 victory points awarded for refusing a fleet battle. It is entirely possible to lose a war by refusing battles in RTW2.

>I haven't seen a battle in which one side lacks ships, but I've seen plenty of battles in which no surface shots are exchanged and the matter is resolved via air strikes.

>While you see airplane icons, those icons typically represent an entire squadron of a dozen or more planes which may or may not be tightly grouped and in some cases may even be attacking different targets. The position of the icon is an approximation of the entire squadron's location during that minute, with a fair amount of randomization built in as well. Often your planes are attacking ships that are out of sight and the planes may even misidentify the type of ship they are attacking to the extent that they will sometimes attack friendly ships.

>There's a fair amount of guesswork involved when launching a strike and a lot of ambiguity about the results of an aerial attack. There's a lot going on during an aerial battle and a lot of innaccurate information reported with misplaced confidence. If you really want to know what transpired during a battle you'll often need to resort to digging through after action reports. This is not too far off what actually occurred. It's one thing to read a nice clean historical report on a battle that has been compiled after interviewing multiple participants, it's another to be inside the situation as it plays out with often conflicting or inaccurate reports coming in sporatically while your own ships are frantically maneuvering to avoid enemy torpedoes in the water.


Missiles were confirmed in the initial announcement of RtW2. Although keep in mind that 1950 is the "end date", 1950-1972 is "post-game". So extreme long range missiles and ECM is somewhat unlikely by my estimate, although "Radar and Electronics" are included in the new research options, so perhaps.

4d7be9  No.119700

File: aa645ef983d78fd⋯.gif (67.05 KB, 300x400, 3:4, escipion-africano-his-face….gif)


>Refusing battle is a bad tactic

That's kind of dumb really since avoiding engagements rather than engaging in wasteful battle is a legit tactic that has won quite a number of wars since the dawn of time.

81f47d  No.119706


The post the tester was replying to was asking about declining convoy defenses, enemy coastal bombartments and other missions where the penalty for declining was illogically low given what that would mean sacrificing. He also uses the word "can" when he's talking about the penalties, which makes me think you'll have battles where the decline penalty is low, making a high decline penalty simply be an abstraction of something major riding on the outcome of the battle.

4d7be9  No.119711


That is still a note for worry as it feels like you could be lead into a situtation where you are fucked heavily by RNG rather than any skill.

54ed4c  No.119716

File: f58ec74c5a5098f⋯.jpg (58.26 KB, 587x403, 587:403, Gorch_Fock_auf_der_Windjam….jpg)

File: 59a1b4e0fe52fcc⋯.jpg (308.76 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, Sailing_ship_Gorch_Fock.jpg)

File: 09feac7f69e8197⋯.jpg (20.74 KB, 400x286, 200:143, Galionsfigur_gorch_fock.jpg)


There is the Gorch Fock, a German training barque with three masts and an emergency diesel.

81f47d  No.119719


While getting fucked by bad luck is practically naval tradition, I will agree that it sounds rather high. Rule the Waves 1 I feel has the opposite problem, where if I get an advantage I only need to occasionally accept the token battle to keep the gap alive in a war.

0e5380  No.119874





I'm in two minds. Declining battles was a bit too cheap in the first game if you were already blockading the enemy anyway since that's what was making them lose. If this is something like 'declining a battle while you're blockading is bad' or 'declining a bunch in a row is exponentially more expensive' I'd be ok with it.

27e89e  No.119966


Couldn't they make it so that a faster fleet can force an engagement?


ec31c5  No.120135

Question more about Total War but it relates to naval engagements. How the fuck does one get good with those? It feels like a buggy shitshow most of the time. Playing Rome II and I had a fleet of 6 ships wipe out 24 with only one loss and the game called it a minor victory?

e8b132  No.120352


>It feels like a buggy shitshow most of the time.

That's because they are and why they were eventually dropped.

0e5380  No.120498


Only if the enemy chooses to leave port in the first place.


For Empire's naval fights:

>1. Install Darthmod or similar

>2. Deploy your ships in one or more lines

>3. Group the lines

>4. Sail past the enemy, never sailing into the wind

>5. Never break the groups you can once you get used to it

Basically use standard sailing tactics.

14b917  No.120993

File: addd97b88a0db70⋯.jpg (93.98 KB, 1574x751, 1574:751, Painleve2.jpg)

Minor dev update: A little tidbit from testing. In RTW2, the player will be able to design custom made aircraft shapes fore the map display. The aircraft shown below were designed by one of our beta testers. (Aircraft enlarged compared to the carrier for visibility in the picture).

96f2bc  No.120994


Interesting, I assume it'll be like the cosmetic design of ships now. I wonder how biplanes will come out.

75f0ce  No.121028



>Implying anons aren't going to make anything other than flying benis

14b917  No.121044

File: f3e95c4359c2053⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 1050x680, 105:68, Roma.jpg)

1509f6  No.121147


Let me guess, all those planes missed?

14b917  No.121182

File: 74f816c2afd5500⋯.png (146.06 KB, 707x402, 707:402, adsf.PNG)

This might be a bit of a leak, but throwing it out here for you all. The speed seems quite low, but what's most interesting about this image is down in the bottom left.

>Invasion range (nm)

000000  No.121202



>pusher propeller makes delta wing(like modern fighters) plausible for props

>short wings with thick elliptic profile for deeply subsonic flight can fit fuel tanks inside

>biplane with vertically flattened x configuration, control surfaces on the wing trailing edges

>low drag, easy takeoff, exceptional maneuverability

>will let 192X engines carry nose-mounted autocannons >=20mm on a plane that lands on a carrier


660428  No.121223

So which Silent Hunter should I play first?

0e5380  No.121224


What flag is that after Italy?

e1b1a2  No.121226


They already confirmed manual invasions though right? Or am I missing something.

14b917  No.121227


Soviet navy flag from the mid 20's to 30's.


I'm speculating on this, but I'd guess that the stat down there would indicate either the maximum range your nation can stage an invasion, or maybe the current range of an invasion target.

c1bbbe  No.121240


I want to see the bugs that will happen with this, mainly if anons can make a plane that can fly to the moon and back.


As a meme? Funny, but it would not work. The laws of physics are against you.


Can stick with III if you got a modern system and just take it from there with all the mods you get. First two games might have trouble operating on modern systems.

a37310  No.121436

0e5380  No.121455


That's what I'd have guessed. Neat that it's an option though.

14b917  No.121660

File: c43d08bfd5a3786⋯.jpg (54.11 KB, 906x310, 453:155, 1012 - Lucky ship Massena.jpg)

Dev blog update:

Playing as the Italians I had managed to get toeholds in both SE and NE Asia. I built up those bases and their associated airbases, an activity the Japanese were not thrilled with. War broke out in early 1950 and several months saw minor encounters in both regions. This particular battle happened to the east of Peliulu, far from any assistance that I might have received from my land based air. As the Italians, most of my battles had taken place within the close confines of the Mediterranean an area largely dominated by land based air. This was to be the first time the Italians fought a carrier vs carrier battle without the support of land based air.

The Japanese floated a fleet with 3 BBs, 3 BCs, 3 CVLs (carrying around 100 planes) and 7 DDs. My fleet also contained 3 BBs, 3 BCs and 15 DDs, but my air component was comprised of 4 fleet carriers equipped with around 350 planes, almost all rated for experience as "Good". The battle took place during the day with clear skies and dead calm winds.

The battle started about an hour and a half before dawn. I readied my planes and my fleet sent out searching floatplanes just before full light. The enemy did better. They found my fleet before dawn and launched air attacks against my battleships that struck during the pre-dawn twilight and before my carriers had launched any CAP. They attacked in an uncoordinated manner with torpedo planes, and about 10 minutes later, with dive bombers. The Japanese managed to put a torpedo into one of my destroyers and hit another with a bomb but my major fleet units escaped harm. The Italian AA fire was fierce and damaged or disrupted most attacking elements.

About 20 minutes later I got my first report of enemy ships, and being cautious, I launched a single escorted, but uncoordinated deckload strike from one of my carriers, CV Massena, aimed at the early report location. More reports came in and I launched a second deckload strike at a different target. The sighting reports remained scarce, so I held two deckload strikes in reserve.

As I waited, another Japanese strike streamed in with what appeared to be 1 dive bomber and 2 torpedo bomber squadrons. They struck my carrier force. This time there was CAP up and they demolished the incoming Japanese bombers, putting 10 bombers into the ocean. Nevertheless, the Japanese came on, but the AA fire from the Italian carriers was even more ferocious than from the battleship line and dropped or disrupted many of the enemy striking planes. The Japanese dive bombers managed to put a single 500 lb bomb into CV Massena. Fortunately her decks were clear, having been the first to send off her strikes and she, rather amazingly, sustained absolutely no damage from the bomb, which failed to explode.

14b917  No.121661

File: 297a8587ada6442⋯.jpg (299.73 KB, 1280x919, 1280:919, 1006 - Map of the battle.jpg)


That attack was quite scary, especially with carriers that had full decks of readied planes. I could not wait any longer and I sent my two remaining deckloads off, aimed at the latest sighting reports.

By this time my first strikes began finding targets and they had much better success than the Japanese. In fact, my planes had found the enemy battleships. I didn't have much hope that they would sink any of those enemy battleships but I'd be satisfied with damage that would make it easier to fight them when our lines finally met. All of the Japanese capital ships were superior to mine, at least they started the battle that way.

The Japanese battleship's AAA was better than the French and British AAA that I had faced in previous battles and it caused a fair amount of damage, death and disruption, but when it did fail to hit effectively, my planes were able to score successfully. The Italian planes managed to put several torpedoes and bombs into the enemy battleships. The enemy CAP made appearances but they were never able to hit my planes before my attacks were completed. I did lose a number of planes to enemy fighters but not before they had released their ordnance.

My two late strikes hit gold. They found the enemy carriers and pounded them thoroughly. The Ryujo was struck by several 1,000 pound bombs and then brought to a halt with two torpedo hits. Dead in the water, she was pounded into oblivion before she sank under the weight of 10 torpedo hits (stationary targets are easy targets) and 5 bombs. Even the escorting Italian fighters got their licks in, hitting the listing Ryujo with two bombs in a glide bombing attack. Her two sister ships did not escape attack. Each took either a bomb or torpedo hit, possibly several, before my planes headed home.

By now my first strikes had returned and landed and the day became a production line of refueling, rearming, spotting and launching as each squadron returned to its carrier. I found the Japanese battleships again and hit them harder. The Japanese carriers made a run for Peliulu, which was just over the horizon, but my planes found them again as they entered the port's protective minefield. The CVL Unyo went down after 3 more torpedo hits and the Ryuho barely staggered into port, bearing the wounds from 4 bomb hits. My escorting fighters, which were apparently far superior to the Japanese planes, had a field day downing enemy bombers.

No contact was ever made with the enemy surface forces. By the end of the day my planes had hit the enemy fleet with 23 bombs and 16 torpedoes. The Japanese had lost 2 CVLs and two light ships, while sustaining heavy damage to another CVL and light to medium damage to 3 BBs and a BC. I had lost 3 DDs to bomb and torpedo hits.

The Italians lost 14 planes to AA fire and 8 more to enemy air attacks. The Japanese lost 11 planes to AA fire and 26 to air attacks. A further 20 went down with their carriers.

The Japanese did well to find my fleet so quickly and they struck with skill and resolve. With apparently inferior fighters and insufficient AAA, the Japanese carriers were unable to defend themselves and once hit could not put a counter strike into the air. While the Italians were quite lucky not to sustain heavy losses from that early Japanese strike, even had they lost a carrier their superior number would almost certainly have prevailed.

The battle shattered the Japanese presence in SE Asia, at least temporarily, and they withdrew to the north. But they have 2 new and much larger carriers building and more CVLs waiting at home. I expect them to be back.

550203  No.121730

File: c444404a551e3e4⋯.jpg (39.63 KB, 577x577, 1:1, 1402088484830.jpg)


Why does it say Morning USN strikes in your picture? Were the burgers allied with you or something?

cd073c  No.121753


I just copied the story off of the devblog, the person who posted it said the USN label was a mistake as he usually plays US.

ada330  No.121756


>By now my first strikes had returned and landed and the day became a production line of refueling, rearming, spotting and launching as each squadron returned to its carrier.

I'm wondering if there's any limit to how often you can refuel and rearm planes. Maybe something you can tweak like ammo count in the first game but hopefully with a downside this time that as well as increasing weight it makes you more vulnerable to fires.

14b917  No.121762


A brief discussion on the topic appeared on the forums. The following numbers were given as an example of what an American Essex-class carried for her aircraft.

>504 100lb GP

>296 500lb GP

>146 1000lb GP

>129 1000lb SAP

>110 1000lb AP

>19 1600lb AP

>19 2000lb GP

>296 325lb DB (ASW)

>296 100lb Incendiaries

>36 torpedoes

>178,000 gallons AvGas

Given those numbers, I think it's pretty reasonable that using all of a carrier's ordinance in any given scenario outside of extremely uncommon events is rather unlikely.

5ceb42  No.121766



This sounds more like a retard fight told by two autists who don't understand they would be crushed under normal circumstances.


If they were they'd have sunk the Ital navy.

14b917  No.121791


>retard fight by two autists who don't understand they would be crushed under normal circumstances

Mind elaborating? Real life naval combat was regularly a complete clusterfuck. In the Battle of Samar, for example, you had a major Japanese force turned away from two sets of extremely vulnerable and valuable targets by a handful of destroyers. This was exacerbated by the fact that the Japanese commander gave his ships confilicting orders that left them significantly less effective than normal while also thinking that he was attacking an entirely different fleet element than in reality. And the reason that these American units were so open to attack was because the commander of American forces in the area described the layout of his forces to other commanders in such a way that everyone thought the route to attack the American targets was being protected when it wasn't. And finally, when communications from the US admiralty was being passed down in response to the Japanese attack, the American commander was delayed from returning to protect the targets because two minor transcription errors shifted their meaning from an inquiry as to force locations to a "fuck you".

e8b132  No.121796


>19 2000lb GP

Could any of their aircraft even take off with that?

14b917  No.121801


Remember that the USN torpedoes weighed more than 2,000lbs. There's no real reason you can't have a torpedo bomber carry a bomb, even if it isn't capable of dedicated dive bombing. Given that the 2,000lb bombs were general purpose, it isn't like you'd be using them against battleships and the like.

ada330  No.121833


I guess you could still run out of torpedoes with that but it still just seems weird. I mean they track fuel available for ships and that basically never runs out during a battle.

6d7ed8  No.121894


Fuel tracking makes sense when you remember that Rule the Waves' battle system is built off of Steel and Iron, a game where fuel usage was a factor since it was more or less persistent.

3e0545  No.122057

File: 6c09a4478836c42⋯.jpg (221.81 KB, 920x782, 20:17, Caiman.jpg)

d92816  No.122210


Yes they could depending on aircraft. Just their range typically would be short or slow as fuck with such a payload.

6c07a0  No.122502

File: 8662e3d77a5cc0d⋯.png (212.87 KB, 531x284, 531:284, dfasrg.PNG)

Forgive the painfully low resolution on this one, but we can see in a 1920 campaign start Austria-Hungary is no more and Germany seems limited by a modified version of the Treaty of Versailles. We can also see different flags of the period and that Germany seems to have many research advantages. However, I will note that this is from Alpha version 12. Back in December the devs released an update that referenced version 18 and in February it went into official Beta, so this screenshot is probably outdated in some fashion.

a16bf8  No.122536


Can you form a new glorious reich from the ashes of the republic?

0e5380  No.122559


Neat. Still hoping treaties are more limiting in RTW2.

6c07a0  No.122565

File: 7a1dc26c3992435⋯.png (201.69 KB, 534x397, 534:397, th546.PNG)

File: 983ef5d804b8f74⋯.png (71.83 KB, 393x318, 131:106, u65.PNG)

File: 43459d781cdafef⋯.png (54.8 KB, 420x317, 420:317, ClipboardImage.png)


Reasonably likely. Fascist governments have been confirmed and in the initial announcement it was stated: "Refurbished the political system to cover the 30's. Less Kaisers, more Fuhrers after 1920." Of course, once you get a look at what 1920 Germany starts with, things become a bit more difficult.

69a02d  No.122570


Do you think Russia will demand that there be a restriction on fishing boats?

8bcfe1  No.122597

So when is RtW 2 coming out? Isn't it supposed to come out this month?

6c07a0  No.122606

File: 3d0f5bf8dec5cc8⋯.png (61.7 KB, 872x315, 872:315, ClipboardImage.png)

3c8141  No.122755


So never ever?

0ec4e9  No.122858


There were a few problems with treaties in RTW1 that I hope get addressed. In no particular order:

>too easy to pick anti-treaty options and avoid them happening

>when they happen they're just a sudden opaque 'ships are gone': you should at least get a month or two of rumours about it

>they're always just tonnage limits rather than numerical limits on classes like in reality or numerical + tonnage (only 5 BBs and none larger than 20,000 tons or only 5 larger than 20,000 and unlimited smaller etc) arguably it's unrealistic for older ships not to count to such limits but I'd leave them exempt because it's neat to have to actually rebuild them to keep the benefit

>they end immediately when war starts and the player will be pushing for warfare to be maybe 1/3rd of the total game time maybe breaking a treaty is possible at war but causes a global hit to relations? that way you'd risk a multi-party war

The fact Germany is shown banned from subs means we might get classic specific limits or bans and that's fine by me. Hopefully treaties like that can occur naturally rather than just for the one instance of Weimar Germany. I'm also hoping collapsing opposing governments can lead to that sort of treaty too.

f3ff31  No.122915

File: 4ef77b20b12e4ec⋯.png (154.92 KB, 720x795, 48:53, 20190314_204749.png)



b9d7c8  No.122963


That's a fair price.

b9d7c8  No.122964


That's a fair price.

75c221  No.123014

0e5380  No.123137



Gay but I can live with it

>discount for current owners


8bdade  No.123261

I just had a thought, anything explained about how subs will work?

0e5380  No.123409

By the way any news on if the CSA are staying as a faction? I'd love to do that thing where we all play and taking the CSA through fifty years would be perfect. If the original anon is around to do it that'd help but it nobody else is willing to try I'll take a stab at doing the actual playing.


Probably the same as they already do: mostly abstracted but sometimes showing up in battles under AI control or torping ships after they leave.

ef39fc  No.123416


Rule the Wa/v/es anon here mobileposting , I plan on running another game about a week or so after release.

c6c265  No.123626

File: a04313743b77996⋯.png (615.22 KB, 719x685, 719:685, 1446714420855.png)


>concrete release date means teasers are going to slow down

>every time I remember that there won't be wars between AI countries I get a little less excited

c6c265  No.123628


Looks like we're in autosage if someone wants to make a new thread eventually

550203  No.123718


Given the speed of the board, we might be able to hold on nearly until the game is released.

f6ad2d  No.123827


Do we have anything to talk about other than Rule the Waves?

0e5380  No.123970


Ultimate Admiral once it gets some substantial detials.



4d7be9  No.124361

99e2df  No.124608


Pretty big news, you should make a thread starting that.

0e5380  No.124657



>page 8

Time for a new thread yes.

df54d9  No.125769

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If this was the main game I'd play it all the time.

ba2058  No.128618

Thread when? I want a Rule the Waves update.

000000  No.129164


000000  No.129174


000000  No.129188


000000  No.129195


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