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File: a0a9b3f144463fd⋯.webm (11.36 MB, 800x600, 4:3, AlienShooter 2017-06-27 1….webm)

29cd99 No.47179

This board could use some blood.



>Gold Version



Gold version is definitive version with minor bugfixes and Alien Shooter 1 bundled in, but it's in full Russian. You can drag sound and text files from Vengeance into it and thus "localize" it.

Or just not bother with it.

>What's this?

Diablo meets your regular twin stick shooter. Well it's 70% TSS and 30% diablo, as randomness in loot only comes from implants and your "builds" are pretty linear.

>Why not Reloaded

Reloaded is dumbed down shit with removed content and compressed everything. Don't play reload.

>Shit's jerky as fuck on good PC

You go into AlienShooter.cfg next to EXE and edit VSync=1 into VSync=0

If it breaks vehicle controls it always breaks vehicle controls you gotta limit game's framerate to 60 in control panel.

29cd99 No.47180

File: 8889fbadf6732ab⋯.webm (9.88 MB, 800x600, 4:3, AlienShooter 2017-06-27 1….webm)

About vehicles.

354b8d No.47183

>it's dumbed down because you can use more than just one weapon

29cd99 No.47185



You also don't need to invest points in armor skill to wear the stronger armor and you don't need to manage your ammo and you can just pick up the best gun you come across and go.

It IS dumbed down.

4407ad No.47194

File: 35f3d1167497990⋯.png (121.31 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 15170516845910.png)

>Alien Shooter thread

Nice. I remember playing the first game many years ago, getting my hands on 2 felt like bliss. Is Zombie Shooter worth playing too? I also remember reading something about a free game Sigma Team made that's basically a reskin of AS1 but it looked janky as all hell.

d6bf30 No.47214


Zombie shooter 2 uses AS Reloaded as base and has like two times less content. I.e. you can finish it in 1 hour.

4407ad No.47228

File: 0e29905e9b26e43⋯.jpg (399.46 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, screen2.jpg)


Well shit. Guess I'll try Theseus for shits and giggles instead

24c8ea No.47331

File: 37f176eafd7aabd⋯.jpg (54.83 KB, 700x379, 700:379, Approving Brass.jpg)


>Running over xenos in a big ass fucking tank

Some of life's simple pleasures.

db969f No.48110


How Cheeki is it's Breeki?

22e61d No.48432


Not much.

If you just play Vengeance you won't even think it's made by slavs.

1fef05 No.48524

File: 6e8241dc384a106⋯.png (50.09 KB, 505x800, 101:160, 1492432989549.png)

Well I beat the gold version on the hardest difficulty twice in campaign mode and once on career survival mode. The difficulty curve is kinda weird because the further you go, the easier it gets. Especially if you go with shotguns, the final tier shotgun rips apart any enemy in the game in moments. I went with shotguns on my first run and energy weapons on my second run. If I went with handguns/rifles the game would probably be more challenging. The difficulty completely evaporates as soon as you get your hands on the highest tier armor which turns you into an indestructible bringer of doom. You also get to look the part like in op's webm. The game also showers you in energy ammo at the final stage or two implying that class of guns to be the strongest, but the shotguns still pulled ahead.

Most of your stats definitely come from implants, which you can cheat around because some implants give you upwards of +60-70 int and you can just stack cheaper ones until you can equip that one, and then replace the old ones with massive stat boosts, since at the endgame the implants will give you +60 or more in 3 stats.

I feel like the game would me much better with more levels and enemy variety.

Still, if you have about 4-5 hours to kill, going through this game isn't a bad option to pass the time.

Oh and there's a mod that lets you select higher resolutions, which also greatly expands your field of vision.

354b8d No.49209

File: 442562d048b6ab7⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018.05.18-22.10.png)

File: 934187b26d3e2a3⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018.05.18-22.10_01.png)

File: c60e88daa17098f⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018.05.18-22.12.png)



>remember Zombie Shooter

>wonder why I stopped playing it, reinstall to check

>just 3 weapon slots, for pistols, shotguns/machine guns and missile launchers/energy weapons

>garbage fire UI

>fucktons of reused assets, except it looks worse this time

It's so dumb it's not even funny. The game wasn't improved by zombie aesthetic at all, there was no point in making all those new enemies because it didn't change anything. It's pretty sad that they haven't progressed since Alien Shooter 2 at all because there still is some potential in there.


I'll give you that I forgot about inventory management and armour, but there isn't enough variety between gun types to say it's dumbed down because you can choose between them. There is little difference between pistols and machine guns, shotguns and energy weapons and between late-game machine guns, shotguns and rapid-fire energy weapons.

b054e3 No.49331

File: 393fb10cf873b51⋯.jpg (27.21 KB, 300x411, 100:137, barba.jpg)


It's like saying that merging all of Barbarian's weapon masteries into single "weapon mastery" skill wouldn't be dumbed down because all melee weapons function almost identical anyway.

07018e No.49358


there probably are games where this is the case, but you have to excuse me, because I don't know much about typical fantasy RPGs/hack 'n' slashes, I don't play them.

5cc686 No.49368


Well imagine a game where swords, axes, clubs, spears, halberds and flails all function the same. You just whack enemy with it.

But instead of giving character general "weapon mastery" skill that would raise your stats with all melee weapons, you'd have 6 different skills that would only raise stats for a specific type of weapon.

So for example if you specialize in swords but pick up axe with really good fucking stats, you'd either won't even use it, or would have to use it in heavily gimped state. Which leads you to choosing right off the bat what weapons do you prefer and be ready to sacrifice ones you don't.

d109cb No.57177

Alien Syndrome arcade is best

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