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File: 701916b6667ab02⋯.webm (11.87 MB, 960x540, 16:9, WindomXP 2017-08-16 23-08….webm)

cc8dac No.47268

Around a month left before New Gendum Broker release, including on PC of all places!

While you wait you might want to remember this old piece of shit and even play together.


Unlocked robots and shit:


f147b7 No.47335

Well shit. I might download this and see if it's not dolphin porn.

150bb0 No.47345

>Ultimate knight windom

Oh snap, we played this on /v/ a while back. I hosted the servers, tell ya hwat, I'll do it again when I get home.

91b376 No.47348

>linux references

>no linux port

Straight in the trash.

560119 No.47375

File: b70ac8f089a805d⋯.png (385.23 KB, 961x675, 961:675, what_is_it.png)


So what is it?

f147b7 No.47392


It's legit.

150bb0 No.47393


Weeb robot fitan gayme. The webm is pretty much whats on the tin, minus spaceship mode.

560119 No.47409

14b89d No.47419


>we want the Linuxfag market

>no Linux port

7dce22 No.47425

I hope someone hosts a server this weekend

So that I can cry for not being there as I'll be abroad

f25bc9 No.47502

Is anyone around now, I can try hosting and shiet

fc1e35 No.47538

File: 6c120523ddbd453⋯.jpg (202.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Obari as fuck.jpg)


It's a miracle that singular jap managed to put it together with working netcode to begin with.

Reminder that in general japs can't code.

Try wine or something.


I tried playing on your server last time and my ping was too shit.

c89445 No.47669

Is the netcode shit?

33be9c No.47671


No, it's functional. But since it's fast paced real time action game you need ping under 150 to the host for it to be playable.

Under 100 to be even remotely competitive.

15e22c No.47697


Actually if I remember right it's somewhat shit, where if someone with too high latency connects to the server everyone gets fucked.

df791a No.47782


I remember we disabled the sound clips and shit got better. It was pretty funny. It tries to sync every player so will will slow everyone down to try and compensate for players who have a shitty connection

8d0422 No.48097


Wait it syncs everyone on sound?

f25bc9 No.48363


I Something like that, disabling the pilot sound clips made it run smoother because japanese netcode.

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