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File: 26be7c862428c96⋯.png (14.2 KB, 134x59, 134:59, logokenshi1.png)

File: 50c1d3eaf69838b⋯.jpg (375.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_1.jpg)

File: bfb150454f1e562⋯.jpg (383.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, god dammit.jpg)

File: 85c5911c9f49c1c⋯.jpg (283.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, peaceful natives.jpg)

File: b5b3ef259aee8d4⋯.jpg (267.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, damn shryke.jpg)

201ecc  No.61146

I've been debating whether or not to make this thread due to the game being indev but fuck it I kinda want to talk about it.

What is it?

Kenshi is an open ended sandbox game where you can control a squad of guys and try not to starve to death, get killed by bandits, get killed/eaten by wildlife, get eaten by cannibals, get enslaved, or get beaten up and put in jail for being poor.

The games uses swords and crossbows with a jap flair to it. Instead of longswords you get katanas and shit and drink sake.

You can kinda choose how you want to play. Lone warrior with a dog? Group of thieves? Build a base then get kicked out by bandits and taxed by holy nation niggers? Raid old ruins and get one shotted by pissed off robots? There are a few different ways. Its been in dev for a while but the faggot has picked up speed and is rapidly approaching the 1.0. He even got in "luxury" features like dismemberment, robot arms, and crossbows added in a big update. At some point the ability to make your own fullblow faction will come which is sorely needed right now but I have a feeling that will be with the next update with the rest of the map.

My one complaint is that it can get kinda boring without as long term goal, you can build a bit of a settlement right now but without the faction system it still feels a bit off. Good fun for a while though.

I have the gog version but I don't really know where to upload it if an anon has a suggestion.

201ecc  No.61147

File: 010e38f760d5ce9⋯.jpg (312.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, What is that.jpg)

File: 31d11074d9bb0ea⋯.jpg (279.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_11.jpg)

File: c1e7815016c1139⋯.jpg (283.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, flying spider.jpg)

File: e73fedb49a0c7dd⋯.jpg (421.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_4.jpg)

File: 59a04de7169a21b⋯.jpg (426.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_5.jpg)

And a few more screens from my games I got going on. In the editor you can make custom starts, I downloaded tit jiggle from the workshop and made a flotsom ninja start called titty ninjas. I will probably have the rob the holynation and shit and see what trouble they can get into.

d386ca  No.61160


Kensi looks neat, I'm following my standard procedure of not picking it up until development has finished but I'll probably grab it eventually.

>My one complaint is that it can get kinda boring without as long term goal, you can build a bit of a settlement right now but without the faction system it still feels a bit off. Good fun for a while though.

This is what often kills sandbox games for me. I'm not asking for a blatant win condition but often it's too easy to fall into the same min-max pattern once you know how the game works. I guess setting yourself challenges can work.

f7a979  No.61180


This game isn't bad, but there aren't many things to do in it to be honest.

Also some stats are stupidly hard to grind early game. Like dexterity or weapon defense.

I needed to buy/make jitte for entire squad to fight against hungry bandits without getting some people KO'd.

02a390  No.61182


Well the problem with it as I perceive is that it is it still in development hell? It has been stagnating for years and going at a snails pace.

a3db34  No.61203


After you explore a bit and then make a settlement you kinda realize that there isnt much to do after and need to make your own fun. I mean you can do things like the bounties and try to take of the bugmaster but yeah, still needs a more meat to it.


These past few months have seen a shit ton happen. New map section, new crossbows and limbs. It was stagnant for years but it looks like every few months now a lot of content is dropping.

859386  No.61230

I'm still waiting for Mass Combat update.

Meanwhile, i'm still thinking where i should try to settle with crusader+eurosword mods.

cbc959  No.61234


Wait, wasnt mass combat crossbows?

Thats in now.

e6875e  No.61236

File: 3139a739e874517⋯.jpg (6.62 KB, 139x109, 139:109, no_mass_combat.jpg)


I meant melee type of mass combat. That's it unless dev decided to drop it.

aeefc4  No.61239


Oh, I thought it was shooting stuff. Whats it supposed to be then, group fighting?

e6875e  No.61242


For one versus many moments, yeah.

964538  No.61249


Lel I remember when I found the ninja village and they were constantly getting raided by beasts and cannibals.

My sneaky character just hid in their barracks and anytime one of them would come to rest I would just nig his weapons and armor. At first I did just to train my thievery but eventually I got every weapon and armor they had.

Poor ninjas had to fight the constant raiding unarmed and, let me tell you, they didnt fare so well.

Good shit.

201ecc  No.61437

Holy shit, I forgot how tuff guard spiders were. They just delegged my martial artist.

and then my loyal dog ate it within a second

7d1848  No.61452

I pirated a copy the other day, the game has promise but I had no clue what to do. I know open endedness is kind of the point but I could find any threads of intrigue after the start, only vendors. The only think I could figure to do is either start attacking townspeople or wildlife, and neither of those turned out too well.

58dcf1  No.61455


This game looks fucking awesome and was fucking awesome when I first messed around with it. I didn't even do that much but I was wowed by figuring out how to survive and adapting to such an alien world that I didn't know anything about in a game with so many complex features like this. I love shit like Dwarf Fortress, Elona, and Morrowind, and this seems right up my alley. I definitely plan on jumping in at some point and giving the game another honest try.

201ecc  No.61464

File: 266a5f35e67f8d4⋯.jpg (266.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, what the fuck are these.jpg)

File: c9df062173f2bce⋯.jpg (254.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, what the fuck is that.jpg)

File: 5f3fcaf3515f9b5⋯.jpg (271.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_13.jpg)


It will kinda take you a bit to understand shit, and its got harder with limb dismemberment. IF you don't know your way around you can be armless, or god forbid legless for a long time.


I love these alien worlds, it kinda reminds me of Morrowind where shit seems so alien to you the player, but in the context of the world everything is fine. You can get a lot of backround info if you let a skeleton tag along which is kinda cool too.

7d1848  No.61475


I'm not talking about figuring out the mechanics, with enough time that's easy. I'm talking about what to do. I have jack shit for money at the start of the game and I have no ideas how to make more other than murderhobo, but the game also doesn't show me any avenues of that that wont get my dick ripped off. The only NPC that had anything to say was some guy talking about a ninja/thief guild or some shit and it didn't tell me much, everything else was shops.

6349dd  No.61483


Try mining iron/copper or try looting/grave-robbing after skirmishes.

For first one try to get 100%+ ore worth. It will make mining faster.

The best places for second one is North-East town in Grand Desert or Hub with huge number of weak hungry bandits - avoid dust bandits.

1b1f51  No.61490

Very good game. Can't wait until it becomes fully optimized.

e7a2ce  No.61537

I wobder if that anon has his gourdment mod around. Or niggords as I like to call them.

Also I like how everything in this game tries to eat you in tot most horrifying way possible. From gobbling up your limbs to eating your stomach. I want to see the last part of the map already.

c17dc1  No.61553


>First pic

Those look like mechanical version of Skinwalkers. What manner of creature made them and how do we stop them?

201ecc  No.61643


I came over a ridge and they were sprinting fast as fuck away from me in the distance. They ran off to the beta area and I couldn't follow. I've never seen anything like so far have haven't seen anything like them since.

I'll try to get more screen caps of the game and maybe try uploading the gog version. They actually remembered to update the stable branch on gog this time.

201ecc  No.61846

File: 9bb2a69ba8c09a3⋯.jpg (274.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_24.jpg)

File: 212470b733379d1⋯.jpg (281.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_25.jpg)

File: 41409bd982f7031⋯.jpg (308.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_27.jpg)

File: cb46b43fef2dfb9⋯.jpg (314.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_35.jpg)

File: ef7d6e806a6714b⋯.jpg (196.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_36.jpg)

Some more screens. I never really explored around the great desert so I'm poking around there. I thought I was tough shit but have discovered I still have more to learn.

2d39f6  No.61922

But are there porn mods?

201ecc  No.62084

File: 6f2148f9e8cd81b⋯.jpg (331.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, THICC.jpg)

File: d602a556433cb61⋯.jpg (328.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Rsing after the fight.jpg)

File: c73fe4e59f4b654⋯.jpg (307.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, These item desriptions tho.jpg)

File: 66b6d8ed6d21e6d⋯.jpg (279.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Its time.jpg)

File: 81fe4b9acca9f63⋯.jpg (304.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, To beep.jpg)

Exploring some of the newest area added, I never really poked around it. I'm going to try and hunt bounties, maybe go fight some cannibals for amusement.

I thought the UC area wasnt a bad place to hang out but between the constant guard brides and noblemen hunters the Holy Nation territory is starting to look like a better time.

306787  No.62593


>4th Pic

Making wastelands fashionable are we?

201ecc  No.62608


That was actually a Nobleman

*whos lackys and him shitstomped my entire squad**

I do like his sense of fashion though and I hope to emulate it.

I'm starting to get to that point after I play a bit where I kinda run out of shit to do. I have a base going in the swamp which is coming together. I'm starting to farm enough food so I'm not starving but I need to begin to make money so I can hire guards while my main team goes out. I want the damn faction system already.

eb84c0  No.62654

Are there guns?

Will it run on a toaster?

365f8f  No.62657


I don't think so.


>Are there guns?

No, just crossbows.

>Will it run on a toaster?



<OS:64-bit Windows

<Processor:Dual-core 64-bit

<Memory:6 GB RAM

<Graphics:Pixel shader 3.0 capable card


<Hard Drive:14GB HD space


<OS:Windows 7 64-bit

<Processor:Quad-core 64-bit

<Memory:16 GB RAM


<Hard Drive:14GB HD space

f16b86  No.62823

What the fuck is this? A Zeno Clash RTT?

871117  No.62992


How are the specs even that high? How even? Do fags not know how to optimize shit anymore?

201ecc  No.63004


It still runs like shit but he has worked on optimizing it. I suspect as he gets close to the end the requirements will drop a bit.


b60251  No.63014

Does this play like that Marauder game we played last week? Cause that shit was clunky as hell

201ecc  No.63052

File: b0f89d4abc0a3c6⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kenshi v0.90 Beta Trailer.webm)


Kinda but not really. You pick you want want to attack, different stances, real time pause, but some stuff is different. Here is the beta trailer I converted real quick.

this is my first webm

b3a09b  No.63077

The combat is shit and the UI/UX is atrocious. So I guess this thing is banking on the settlement system but the damn thing will kill your system at a certain point which is earlier than one would expect on a game that looks this ugly. Isn't this bound to be released sometime this year? And it took him over a decade to make too. Damn, dev. Damn.

ce0df4  No.63093


>it kinda reminds me of Morrowind where shit seems so alien to you the player, but in the context of the world everything is fine.

That's the exact vibe I got. It was pretty rad and I'm excited to play it again in the future.

91d67d  No.63214


What engine is he even running it on? If it's Unity it would explain so much

b3a09b  No.63252


He built it himself which is kinda impressive but I don't know if it can take what he's been planning.

05cd5a  No.63275


Building your own engine is always a good idea if you are trying to make your own game. Problem is that it is very time consuming and you got to have a very clear plan on what you aim to accomplish otherwise you can end up with a game engine that is completely incompatible with the game you are trying to make.

db9fc6  No.63452


That depends entirely on how many people you have. You can't be your own paper factory when writing 50 Shades of Gay Sex.

7cac2f  No.63509

File: d88fade5f98a825⋯.png (529.79 KB, 800x900, 8:9, d88fade5f98a8258403836b44f….png)


>You can't be your own paper factory when writing 50 Shades of Gay Sex.

Unless you are a toiletpaper factory.

4c9152  No.64362


>2nd Image

Is that a (((GDI))) Ion Cannon firing?

9cb7a4  No.64808


Don't suppose you have a download OP?

201ecc  No.64844


I got the gog installer I can upload it somewhere if you know a place. I mean I could always do vola but thats slow as shit and its to big for a mega.

0b35f1  No.65124


What about mediafire?

cfa883  No.65758

So any news on download?

3cf8ae  No.66070


Just search for a torrent.

5f3f38  No.66182

File: c75198a0f715337⋯.webm (7.7 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Begin.webm)


What kind of horrors are in this game?

201ecc  No.66507


I guess I could try it, the installer is like 7 gigs.


Many that you can make yourself and man eating giraffes.

cec5cb  No.66511


Do you not know how to compress files anon?

201ecc  No.66569


>compress it

>it only gets a little smaller

Well its under 7 now.

267e85  No.66714


Anon you should look up a compression guide. If it's only getting a tiny bit smaller you're doing it wrong.

76fd69  No.66955

Is there a lewd mod for this? Sounds like there should be.

201ecc  No.66979


There is a tit jiggle mod that was added. So far thats it which kinda surprised me.

18ba0e  No.67006


Installers like that tend to already be compressed, you know.

72f2d6  No.67028


>Not having tit jiggling in as standard

Fucks sake we had this back in the 90's with square titties with Womb Raider. How does it have to be modded in these days?

68016e  No.67055


Dude, the game is stuttering enough as it is and you want it to do extra physics calculations too?

d568ef  No.67132

Put my base in the gut, there is a beak-thing nest near my front gate, everytime the trading guild sends there tax collectors, the beak-things murder them, get fucked greedy kikes.

a2a043  No.67171


The Jew fears the Beak.

d1dac9  No.67200


Won't the beak things bully you too?

0565ef  No.67501


Got a screenshot or webm of this happening?

005f30  No.67569


>endless supply of leather

Sounds good to me unles you got scrubs for a squad. Nothing suck more that getting eaten alive .

082dcc  No.67963


What if the creature gets frisky and decides to rape you to death?

a429a4  No.69814




Become Slaanesh and rape it back?

a429a4  No.69815




Become Slaanesh and rape it back?

d6c778  No.69860

Despite the half-assed parts, I really really want this game to succeed, at least for the dev to break even. If only so he can fix it post launch.

304dfd  No.69980


The problem is with devs like this they usually bite off far more than they can chew.

98415c  No.70997


I'm not quite sure he has experience doing work in the vidya industry before but that's normal for them. That's why for every indie successes like Stardew Valley or Undertale, there's a hundred shitty ones that never get finished.

18ba0e  No.71019


>Stardew Valley




>not shitty

fb618f  No.71045


I'm still waiting for space engineers to get finished which with each update gets more and more unplayable.

1a9149  No.71210


Both games are not only financial successes in their own right, they actually got released unlike Space Citizen which is never ever at this point.


I thought the devs abandoned that for their medieval engineers.

2191e6  No.71607


>Space Citizen

You could write War & Peace on the clusterfuck that is that project. Might even be worth making a thread to laugh at it.

>I thought the devs abandoned that for their medieval engineers.

They abandoned Medieval Engineers to further fuck up Space Engineers.

0282bc  No.76240


>rapidly approaching the 1.0

When exactly is this going to happen? Are there any more features that aren't in the game yet or is it just map expansion at this point?

b43ede  No.76457


Never Ever anon.

b2dc3f  No.76747


I think it's just going to be just more NPC's and some extra gear but nothing really else.

40123d  No.76801


Its the make your own faction update shit. I want to colonize the damn leviathan coast already.

1f7304  No.76881


You don't want to find what horrors lurk there anon.

e83820  No.77002

>tfw no cannibal girlfriend

ac4bea  No.77045


Trust me they are not worth it. They cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

ffcb3d  No.77119


That was awful anon.

83bd17  No.77259

>80 hours of working my way up to building my own town

>now stuck in a cannibal cage

time well spent

f3a8c6  No.77284


I kinda hate how the enemies just spawn out of nowhere in the game. There's no pop-count or even a way to mitigate them if I recall. You can wipe out their base but the patrols will keep on coming.

40123d  No.78167

>last map section coming september 17

Ohh, wonder how much shit is going to break.

c6c94f  No.78249


Everything but the legs.

5ed6d3  No.81035

>final map section released

I know what Im doing when I get home.

309fb5  No.81048

I think its about time I try some of this autism, where da link at faggots?

linux link for matter thanks

40123d  No.81287

File: 1b77a872708d2c2⋯.jpg (248.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, This is fine.jpg)

File: 05454d8a4e04e7a⋯.jpg (273.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_61.jpg)

File: 6d91271739b51bc⋯.jpg (346.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_79.jpg)

File: 0e2a74506b9036b⋯.jpg (355.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_80.jpg)

This is just fine.


I can try to see if I can upload it to mega or something later.

75e2cf  No.81315

Actually buy iron plates and shit is far too expensive for my taste, is there any recommended spot to set up a base and make your own materials?

2869e4  No.81319

This game is so empty.

b59b83  No.81322




cfb048  No.81327


I had a good spot betwen Stack and the nearest hive village.

40123d  No.81445


I like the game but yeah, its not like there are caves or any actual large necropolis you can explore.Just some scattered ruins. I guess for being like a 3 man job I can't complain but it would be nice to go inside some of the large objects you find sometimes.

3ca94a  No.81491


Random people and merchants traveling would help a bit. Also the fact that aside from the look and a few graphical effects, every area is basically the same. Watery areas slows you down. Big woop. I want areas where you really need to prepare more than just food rations to go through.

fb657c  No.81506


From what I've tried form Kenshi it feels like it would benefit greatly from having a Nam styled map, in a forest full of hidden dangers yet wonders that if you are unprepared a giant spider descends from the trees and attempts to make you her husbando.

10223e  No.81896


Isn't that basically the swamp area with the blood spiders? Also, the dev is running out of numbers before he hits 1.0, is this thing getting an October release?

3732f2  No.81897


I've tried to get into this game so many times, but the principles at hand are so poorly conceived that I basically just shit around for an hour trying to figure out what to do before giving up and dropping it for a month.

10223e  No.81901


Yeah, it isn't very intuitive. Classic example of a product designed purely by an engineer. Worrying bit is that this thing is almost a decade old and not one of his beta-testers told him what's what.

3732f2  No.81902


>almost a decade old

Holy fuck wat? How is the fucking wat?

>not one of his beta-testers told him what's what.

They're either cucks or so autistic that it makes sense to them. I don't know enough about the game to make a proper critique of it though, so he's not getting any news from me.

2a5261  No.81951


Probably with beta testers is that there are no true beta testers these days. In the old days you got proper fags who knew their shit especially when it came to UI, level design and gameplay who would test and break the shit out of a game and tell you exactly what was what. These days beta testers equate to discord circlejerks or paid demos.

d97ddd  No.82331


Beta testers were paid to do their job. Nowadays, you have to pay to beta test. Also the reason why I didn't chip in to help this guy out back in '09. If I'm going to help you make your product, the least you can do is give the alpha/beta to me for free.

796370  No.83032

File: 5e64a103b9908ee⋯.jpg (180.54 KB, 1599x664, 1599:664, justanigger.jpg)

A beta is just a demo these days or used as a bullshit excuse to explain why a game isn't finished.

309fb5  No.83092

File: 1a051abddb27f9d⋯.jpeg (9.56 KB, 319x316, 319:316, he.jpeg)


> a beta is just a game that isn't finished

< the water is wet

any more obvious points?

797d49  No.83122


Are Jews evil?

a46e0d  No.83151


Cool it with the antisemitism.

42f109  No.85118


Kenshi is fucked and so are you.


Sorry Rabbi

46cad8  No.85616

Are there any similiar games to Kenshi? Doesnt matter if they are old or new

391164  No.85631


In what way?

0987c5  No.85635


Well managing a crew , bulding your base , badicslly the gameplay mechanics , not so much the world and atmosphere.

a64973  No.85935


Well there's quite a few RPG's that do that. Guild come to mind and Jagged Alliance even.

4fdd9e  No.86082


Police Quest games might be up your street back when they were more sort of like top down RPG's and you could even play as terrorists.

c2d1d0  No.86894



Dwarf Fortress adventure mode.

Look out for the coming release which is gonna add a bunch of adventure mode features like a party creation screen, mounts, plotting villains.

It already lets you build a base or tavern.

df448c  No.86926


Evil Genius?

b2a96d  No.87243


So anon did you find anything from anons suggestions?

75cf07  No.87561


Not to sound like a fucking beta cuck , but the games pointed out are not really what I was looking for. Dorf Fort for sure is a no-no , I have no fuckomg idea wtf is going on in this game. The others are classics but not really what I was looking for gameplay wise. Maybe ill try Jagged Alliance. It looked fun.

c5e398  No.87704


DF is a decent foray into life/adventure simulation but it really does have an interface problem. It's kinda designed for robots.

a90294  No.87792


Beta cuck

d2cf8f  No.87875


top wew

d6c19c  No.87918


it's alot easier to handle then rimworld however.

c31f79  No.94614

Fallout thread got me thinking about this game again.

40123d  No.94647


Its this game, startsector, and pulsar that are the 3 games I've been waiting for to finish. All 3 seem like they are getting close.

When I played I took my group to that new area and found the endgame boss. He doesn't aggo on you and has some DEEPESTLORE dialog. I think if you have a skeleton he will say something but mine got lorecucked by beep who chimed in and went


breaking the conversation chain.

I have some grips about this game but its been pretty fun.

facff0  No.94661

File: c3acdc9adc07e58⋯.jpg (32.77 KB, 640x694, 320:347, 7135c8c34a6ce37fad7ea02737….jpg)


That, anon…is hilarious.

13b598  No.94843

Would be better as a full fantasy setting

57a59d  No.94906


A Deep♂Dark♂Fantasy setting would suit it better.

8560eb  No.95314

Update when?

7c2a33  No.96611

The 1.0 is releasing early december. Is the game worth the 15 eurodollars ? I've read a few comments saying the game is still barebones but I'd rather not trust them blindly considering the kind of shit eaters that have an opinion on everything out there.

63313e  No.96627


Is this porn?

54279e  No.96654


No a manly artform.

18ba0e  No.96683


He is hilariously referencing gay porn, yes, which is quite amusing. Gay things are really fun and funny. Gay shit is awesome and if you disagree you're some kind of idiot newfag, or just a retard in general.

13b598  No.96687


I enjoy it, it does feel kind of barebones though. Dev says it's feature complete already, so don't expect anything major in the 1.0 patch.

It is more of a sandbox than all the other "sandbox" games which is what people don't expect.. There is absolutely no driving force other than the goals you set for yourself. The world also doesn't really feel like it changes. there is some world state shit, where each town has a special character and if that character dies something happens to the town. The shitty thing is it is the same result every time, and there is no way to change it again.


>fort on the border of place called the foglands where hordes of feral niggers live

>if the commander dies, feral niggers will move into the fort and the attack other towns

>there is no way to retake this fort

>even if another faction takes over the fort, once the commander dies it just moves to the 'feral niggers run this shit' stage

Also it runs like garbage, and the official response is get a better PC and install the game on an SSD (where it still runs like garbage)

It's fun though and worth 15 eurobux. Decent amount of tech, buildings to build, places to explore, people to fight, builds to go for.

799995  No.96876


Pirate before you buy it anon. Give it a go and see if you like it. This game isn't for everyone.

7c2a33  No.96958


I don't mind it being a sandbox, I intend to play it as sort of a colony manager anyway. It's a shame about the world not really reacting to changes though, this is the kind of stuff that can make or break a game like that to me.

Thanks for the answer.


Thanks, I will.

2d51ea  No.97235

Are there dynamic faction missions yet?

94721b  No.97281


This is going to be sad. The game is going to be unfinished and wasted potential. The dev really bit off more than he could chew.

13b598  No.97414


It reacts, the changes aren't really dynamic. The changes are the same every game though.


Nope, you can't join faction besides the Shinobi Thieves and you interactions with the factions are limited.

The most interaction you get is making a town in their territory. Holy Nation comes by once in a while to pray with you, United Cities comes by to collect taxes. I think the Shek do something but I don't give a shit about the hive and shek faggots since they have almost no presence.


Yep, and he already has plans to make different games after 1.0. Seems like he just wants to slap the 1.0 on it and be done. His biggest cocksucker who will ban you for criticizing the game says he might do a Kenshi 1.5 way down the line with a new island. Might.

Hopefully he makes his next game like Kenshi but high fantasy and the world actually reacts dynamically to shit so I can rp as golbin slayer. Performance would be nice too.

40123d  No.98696

>1.0 coming out

Yeah, he just wants to be free of this shit. I mean I like the game but it really starts to show how empty it is after a while.

I hope he learned how to actually dev shit because I like the style of the game. It just needs more.

5df5ea  No.98793


Can we really blame the guy? He's been working on it for a decade now. He probably wants to do something else. Still, a shames that despite the size, it's still so half-assed.

b11899  No.98951

File: 746b3eec157dfcb⋯.png (829.16 KB, 705x683, 705:683, my leg.png)



If he gives modders better tools than just tweaking shit in the FCS, I wouldn't mind. Modding made Skyrim lesser games fun.

b11899  No.98952

Christ this thread is stillborn, not much activity.

813f8d  No.99094


There's not much activity in all of /vg/.

0c9716  No.99174


We've already discussed this game to death a while back before it got it's own topic. Add on we've not had much to discuss about the game in a while there's no real interest anymore.

40123d  No.99202


>can I really blame him

Nah, but I'm not going to pretend I know the reason. I wanna know what else hes going to make but f its going to take over 10 years to make again then hes going to run into the same issues.

Probably the reason for lack of some stuff is just engine lack of planning, this was his first game. I still have fun with it though.

fa0bf3  No.99215

Only thing fun would be a playthrough of the game with anon input.

6c638d  No.99347



It's dead cause there's too much activity on /vg/

Anons rarely if ever check past the first page of index so threads that are not actively competing to stay on top fizzle out and die.

a5b5ba  No.99523

I'm hoping it gets proper post-launch support or even . I know that's the norm nowadays but I'm not holding up for a one man dev team.

28bd94  No.99606


The best you can hope for is some mod support but even then that's stretching it considering it's one autist working on a game that barely works.

28fb16  No.103142

Game is out of EA

e57f39  No.103150


Still unfinished.

28fb16  No.103151

29f658  No.104509

What changed?

1da19f  No.104515


EA label got taken off.

29f658  No.104516


Aside from that.

40123d  No.104522




Still fun though, at least for a while.

2edb48  No.105172

some bugfixes or something

c6e247  No.106341

I just played 1.0. It's still so shit. Lots of things that doesn't make sense like enemies noticing you if you attack them from a mile away, making crossbows fucking retarded by design. Feels like the entire game is just feature creep and all implemented features are half-assed. 12 year development for this? Nobody in the community told the dev he's a retard and he should consolidate what's already in the game instead of adding shit unto shit?

1bb1f5  No.106444


That's because the whole community is a circlejerk and a safe space.

68a26f  No.106599


Well now that it's released, I hope the dude fixes it.

4f0320  No.106768

File: 468593ffbf6993d⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1424216014573.gif)

So do you just lob yourself infront of a copper node for 4 hours mining shit just to get a head start? That's all I'm getting from since everything in the get can take you on 3v1 even with bandit armor.

de429d  No.106773


Yeah right, he'll get constant praise and anyone daring to be critical will be shot down.


Pretty much.

2edb48  No.106920

File: 4bed27c738c5387⋯.jpg (108.52 KB, 512x600, 64:75, 7840110i.jpg)

File: a695b1765af335b⋯.jpg (138.44 KB, 967x1000, 967:1000, DqhcBmqU0AAkBbV.jpg large.jpg)

File: 71acb36f54f43df⋯.jpg (112.71 KB, 602x1108, 301:554, DZi9DGZUQAA9VcF.jpg large.jpg)

Does anybody know where to get Conjoh's mods? He seems to be making updates on his blogs, twitter, and niconico but I can't find downloads anywhere.

And why are japs so stingy with their mods, always trying to hide them?

2edb48  No.106925

Also, did anybody save his bow mod from the workshop before he removed everything?

be7155  No.106927


>dem clothes

This modder is a better 3D artist than what the dev has.

558350  No.107080


That is usually unsurprising with autism tier mods.

e8a894  No.107119


The guy also sells 3D models for Second Life, I wonder if he took out his workshop stuff because people could be stealing it to sell in there. Shit, that reminds me that some chink lady became a millionaire selling plots of land in that damn place.

1da19f  No.107210


Second Life disturbs me and confuses me on how it took off really.

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