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File: d478e2ad3850281⋯.jpg (137.52 KB, 800x937, 800:937, 27365-battlezone-windows-f….jpg)

4a53ab  No.61402

A recipie that if you were to put together on paper sounds good but in reality tends to go together like chili and dark chocolate; a very aquired taste that usually only extreme autists like. You'd think this would be kind of hard to fuck up but usually it's down to the playerbase making the games shit. Fags only have to remember (((The Empires Community))) to know what I am on about.

Despite this there are some decent games in the genre out there. All fags have to do is look at games like Battlezone. There's also the various Battlefield games before they went to shit that toyed around with the Commander idea that are fun. While the original Renegade was not an FPS/RTS Hybrid Renegade X got updated to include a Commander.

So the real question I put to fags is what FPS/RTS Hybrids work and when do we play them?

d72cb3  No.61404

Does Zombie Master count? I overall liked Zombie Master even if it was kind of simple.

Wasn't Natural Selection one as well? Only played a little bit of NS though.

4a53ab  No.61407

File: 5f15742f362f0c7⋯.jpg (99.23 KB, 1276x720, 319:180, Stanks Vs Adv Guard Tower.jpg)


Anything that combines FPS and RTS mechanics together anon counts. Natural Selection is another example of being good in idea but (((community))) turns it to shit.

40f1eb  No.61409


>Stanks Vs Adv Guard Tower

He finally got his revenge?

4a53ab  No.61411

File: a5b0818e0abb0eb⋯.jpg (1006.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Rx_PTMenu_Nod_Main.jpg)


We don't know how many Stanks he lost in the process :^)

e1ea97  No.61423

File: 5ea6a2aa4223b50⋯.jpg (647.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_2db02481853f42c146fed58….jpg)

Thoughts on Nuclear Dawn?

I didn't play much and was never a commanderfag myself but I remember enjoying it.

I think what makes these hybrid genre games work is that players are assigned separate roles as seperate genres and depend on each other.

As opposed to a generic FPS where you shoot the other team to win (everyone has the same role).

The (((community))) matters more because you rely on communicating with the other players on your team and them fulfilling their role.

Therefore playing with randoms is a suicide mission.

Also I will now try chili + dark chocolate it seriously sounds pretty good.

4a53ab  No.61430


I played it briefly and all I remember is finding the UI ass and being unable to figure out shit. Also maps felt a bit claustrophobic. I'm willing to chalk this shit about me being unable to play but honestly I tend to pick up this shit rather quickly and it never clicked.

5c6ea0  No.61444

SOCOM, Ghost Recon and Star Wars Battlefront I guess?

7623d6  No.61535


No, no and no!

What honestly is RTS in those games faggot?

3fa820  No.61566

There was fags shilling Savage a while back but I have no idea what came of them. I was debating on trying it but hear mixed things mainly bad stuff about the netcode and balance.

5bb7cc  No.61577

>>61444 (wasted trips)

Those are RTT/FPS, my dude.

83c455  No.61579

File: 0f5896755529c98⋯.jpeg (296.58 KB, 1192x1080, 149:135, shinryaku ika musume trap….jpeg)


Can Mountain Blade be considered an FPS/RTS?

I mean there is resource collection, Getting units and ordering them around in combat

It has a lot of aspects from both

e57373  No.61586


With some mods? Yes. Although it's often played in Third Person.

fc52f7  No.61588


The battles would be FPS/RTT, the campaign just a plain old RTS/RPG.

5c6ea0  No.61595



Eeeehm, Battleswarm?

382e9b  No.61672


If Renegade is so great why haven't we played it yet?

4a53ab  No.61718

File: ed52571a6ca3400⋯.jpg (240.33 KB, 485x600, 97:120, renegade-concept28.jpg)


I've asked before if anons wanted me to host a server for a brief bit but there was not much in the way of interest.

d72cb3  No.61797


There's also the Tiberian Sun and Red Alert mods for the classic Renegade, but both of those require some shitty launcher that I couldn't get to install properly.

e9f252  No.61799


Did you make a thread saying what the game actually is with DL links and such?

4a53ab  No.61812

File: b120e01947c4d17⋯.jpg (28.32 KB, 497x373, 497:373, Needspoonfed.jpg)


Attempts were made to get a non shit launcher working but it didn't get that far.


What anon? Do you need spoonfed? :^)

73e5c6  No.61929


I like being spoonfed though?

aa351a  No.62196


god i want to munch squid pussy

ace24f  No.62516

So does nobody want to play Renegade X? I guess OP was right

b02a22  No.62577

File: 4d750908b461de8⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Well for one thing it's considered mostly Third Person rather than First Person

Which begs a good question. Why does everyone focus on FPS/RTS hybrids when there's tons of Third Person RTS hybrids? Rise and Fall being an example of one of them which was essentially Age of Empires but you could play as your hero units. Then there's also Men of War. List goes on.

81f6b2  No.62626

I unironically enjoyed the new Carrier Command except when the game turns into a manta racing sim

b804f9  No.62706


I was wondering what that game was like. Debated waiting till "Mods will fix it!" then sort of forgot about it.

6a978f  No.62814


>manta racing sim

Care to explain anon? I am interested about piratefagging it

cb181a  No.62943


Well it is probably the best hybrid.

5bb718  No.62954


Base Blade? Not really.

Butterlord though is going to be a hybrid of Total War and an RPG.

31c6af  No.63129

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


60ec7a  No.63136


Not without a cancer client anyway.

31c6af  No.63152


>implying the gamenight fags can't just zip the program folder and use the CnCNet Renegade Launcher

b99c9b  No.63161



The game is rough as hell, plus people lost their fucking minds when you start out as an infantryman and you get the carrier later in the plot. The shooting is crap and the pathfinding is terrible, but you can switch to controlling individual units on the fly, so it's easily able to be worked around. When you're actually into it, you get 4 ground vehicles with a bunch of selectable weapons, and armor platings with a speed vs health tradeoff. Same with 4 aircraft called mantas. It's surprisingly hard to hit shit with your weapons on the move as a ground vehicle, especially powerful stuff like plasma cannons, so I always had a vehicle with the hitscan laser. Or you can turn on auto-aim but it's stupidly heavy as in your laser practically shoots sideways to hit shit.

The manta racing sim is what I'm calling a mission where you have to catch some guy in a manta. The mantas have a huge acceleration on their controls like a racing sim. I was playing on PC and I found this section so bad I had to get out a controller to complete it.

I have a perverse love for 6-7/10 games, bear this in mind when you decide.

003f78  No.63205


>Controls making shit impossible

This triggers me a lot about games. Do devs not playtest anything before they release it?

24c8c9  No.63284


You'd be surprised since it was tried before and it did not work properly or at least in a way that was not a pain in the ass.

92ce00  No.63325


Fags won't even download Renegade X what makes you think they will try that?

266883  No.63370

File: 445817c54f3b12a⋯.png (10.87 KB, 307x462, 307:462, 1450834470825.png)


>things they do every game night won't do this time

They've downloaded Project Reality before.

66867b  No.63520


>Project Reality

That was funny how the PRfags managed to get into a war with the /k/ cause they could not take honest criticism of the game and the community at large.

4a53ab  No.63541

Half tempted to host a Renegade X game if only for a few hours to test the waters this weekend but that's only if I get chance to do it. That or try and get Piratefag Renegade working and make it retard anon proof

ace24f  No.63560


It would conflict with the Barotrauma fags though.

f08c75  No.63580


The fuck why? It's not like making accurate depictions of weapons or history is hard.

29c3ec  No.63590


Wish I took screencaps but to give an idea /k/fags made a legit criticism on the game mechanics and approached it as if it was vidya; in particular they complained about how the bleeding worked was bad and drawdistance abuse made a lot of cover worthless. PR fags claimed that the game was hyperrealistic at which point /k/ tore them to shreds later being revealed in a meta discussion that PRfags tried to argue with a real life US Combat Medic and Brit Paramedic on how bleeding worked and lost badly. Then they tried to claim the game was good cause it was unrealistic which just made /k/ tear them apart harder. It was like watching a bunch of retards dig a pit for themselves and each time they tried to dig themselves out of it they just dug themselves deeper.

PRfags essentially made it impossible to invite /k/ to gamenights for a long ass time due to their blind shilling of PR trying to defend the game against a board that is legitimately the last place you want to pick a fight with.

392d44  No.63812


So? /vg/ has had multiple gamenights going before.

64dc10  No.64352

You know we could always squat on a Renegade X server if fags really wanted to play? There are a few admins who are chill. Just saying.

390103  No.64540


Might as well throw an unofficial night for it.

4a53ab  No.64628



If you make a gamenight in a server you don't control then it will end badly. We learned this the hard way when there was a PR gamenight which honestly majority of the problems were down to anons not having their own server to shitpost in.

Still nothing stops us meeting up and squatting in a server and shitposting together. I just think we'll all end up banned for stacking Nod.

31c6af  No.64659


>I just think we'll all end up banned for stacking Nod.


5509e4  No.65139


One Nod against 63 (((GDI))) players? I'd still think that makes Nod OP.

44de8a  No.65176

>Anons stack Nod

>Proceed to drive Stanks into pillboxes placed by (((GDI))) Kurwas

7c5dac  No.65236


pillboxes are Allied though.

7c5dac  No.65237

File: 3bbb1ff19967901⋯.png (34.06 KB, 1114x192, 557:96, ClipboardImage.png)


wich of you fags wants to infiltrate the team and make maps for them?

883997  No.65289


What are the map tools even like? I could have a go if they are simple enough.

125586  No.65294


IIRC W3D is retarded and it uses 3D modelling tools for mapping:


20c60e  No.65298

>Anons making Renegade maps

All I can picture is the Gas Chamber of Secrets and the Peace Windmills.

125586  No.65313

File: 031169fbd0de4c0⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1202x655, 1202:655, ClipboardImage.png)


You can also heil in APB (but your weapon remains in your hand).

495dec  No.65397



725f3f  No.65740


That would mean maps would involve a lot of autistic playtesting.

3b1238  No.65936


It wouldn't be hard to mod the grenade model out.

943788  No.65997


Oh, so that's why they don't allow anyone else to edit their mod or even just host servers for their mod - they're giant, retarded narcissists.

49424e  No.66061


Most modders are. See what happened to Tripwire as a prime example of a mod team turning into the ultimate faggot.

60ec7a  No.66081


There's instructions for hosting a LAN server using the BF2 dedi on their forums, but not sure if it actually allows you to connect:


a1333a  No.67656

File: 023d6fbd0a64372⋯.png (745.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, perseus_tyrant.png)

File: 6076a379329210d⋯.png (539.45 KB, 800x600, 4:3, parpax_h1.png)

File: 64d2686d0faaec0⋯.jpg (163.88 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, alpha_35.jpg)

File: 6366b641d761ff0⋯.png (625.61 KB, 800x600, 4:3, parpax_aliens.png)

Unvanquished is a free and open source FPS/RTS so might be a good candidate for a game night. Looks like it's come pretty far since the fork from tremulous and porting to a new engine. Aliens seem to be inspired by zerg and alien and humans are your typical space marines.

f02de9  No.67663


>but (((community))) turns it to shit.

Is there a single multiplayer game on the face of this fucking earth safe from its own community?

943788  No.67897


>even fucking TES3MP had a "community leader" emerge who tried to coerce people into giving their servers to him, who would have patsies infiltrate TES3MP Discord (I know) servers that didn't belong to him to have them try to rise to admin in those Discord servers and then use their admin powers to shut those servers down down, and who eventually threatened to ban people who'd even just play on any TES3MP servers that didn't belong to him

Really, it's pretty fucking disheartening. But I guess this sorta thing just reinforces the lesson we've all learned coming over to imageboards from the rest of the internet: The only way to be absolutely sure that you're not going to get a cancerous "community" forming is to have your community be decentralized and anonymous so that there's nothing for for "community leaders" to grab hold of the community by and no way for any kind of cult of personality to be formed around any would-be "community leaders."

4a53ab  No.67912


There are a few granted not many that have decent communities still. The RTS/FPS hybrid communities though tend to be in particular a special breed of cancer that actively shuns and attacks any new players and then bitches about why the game dies. The idea of fun is alien to them.


Reminds me a bit of the 29th ID from Darkest Hour Mod for Red Orchestra

>Join servers not owned by them

>Insist everyone should behave and play like them

>Try to abuse vote kick to ban people from servers

>Once server is a ghost town move to next and repeat till the only server with any population is their own

6f4b3d  No.67988


I call it eceleb syndrome. Fags will flock round a cancerous figure cause they like the idea of giving it attention and being seen with it. Like a certain BO on a rather cancerous board on this site.

ed9a8d  No.68297


>He who shall not be named

This shit is quickly turning into Harry Potter of all things. Do we happen to have a Ministry for Shitposting at all?

99e261  No.68593


Didn't a group of fags once get into a shitposting war with them and chased them off one server by having a tea party in the middle of a match?

fef9ad  No.68886

Does anyone have the screencaps and webms of the Empire Community being a sperg?

632ce5  No.69133


Isn't this just a copy of Naturall Selection but with a deader community?

1c41f0  No.69321


Wasn't there an issue with netcode or something with this game or am I thinking of another?

5dc7b6  No.69796


Shill it in the Gaynite thread and we might play it.

355816  No.69996


I'll be up for playing it but the gunplay is a bit crap.

e273fb  No.70014

What about Empires source?

60ec7a  No.70015


Unless we can fill up a server with at least 24 anons permanently then no. Did you not remember the cancer that is their community?

4a53ab  No.70083

File: 47995efbae62f95⋯.webm (434.1 KB, 960x720, 4:3, No, no sir.webm)

fc52f7  No.70086


>fork of Tremulous

Tremulous was great.

e57373  No.70396

File: c62c16ac81d80a8⋯.png (841.07 KB, 1275x1200, 17:16, ClipboardImage.png)

af2942  No.70413

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Rise and Fall is freeware now IIRC, well worth trying.

4a53ab  No.70555


Well that honestly took them long enough. Their progress seems to be at a snails pace in most cases. Probably because they focus more on that Sim Life game whatever it's called than other projects.


When I tried to give it a download it gave "You must connect to internets" error with pretty much every version I tried. It's sad cause I remember playing it a long time ago.

a1333a  No.70741


Conceptually similar, but as Tremulous was faster, Unvanquished has several things that seem to favor AFPS players. Humans have a stamina bar but both humans and aliens can strafe jump, giving aliens insane map control and humans some emergency maneuverability. The other thing that comes to mind is more projectile weapons than Tremulous and faster movement overall. As I understand it, the Daemon engine is a fork of the Quake 4/Doom 3 engine, which has very nice visuals, even for toasters.


What do you not like about it? Haven't played that much but it seems hit detection is fine and guns are pretty typical with a damage output advantage given to projectile weapons since they're harder to aim.

bd5490  No.70834


Tried running as admin?

68cf79  No.71021


> Sim Life game

The team is something like 5 guys that they keep shuffling around to whatever autistic lead needs shit done at the time.

51cf4a  No.71037


That doesn't seem like a good way to run a project with any consistency or progress?

ded1ee  No.72539

Any fags just fancy squatting in a random server at this rate since we will never really get a gamenight for any of these games ever again.

ea5595  No.72553

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nobody ever talks about 10six/Project Visitor.

Other game I can think of that fits is Allegiance, which is basically Battlefield crossed with Homeworld.

9d7260  No.72607



Once tried to get fags to play that. Everyone sperged out cause of the words "Microsoft" in front of the name.

4a53ab  No.72635


>Nobody ever talks about 10six/Project Visitor.

Probably cause nobody even knows what they are. Spread some autism about them anon.

1fd941  No.72673


>10six/Project Visitor

Never heard of it.

5f6380  No.72844


So anon are you going to leave us hanging with this complete cocktease?

fc7ba6  No.73224


Wasn't that a project of one of SEGAY's illfated mergers?

d2e201  No.73373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


697659  No.73395


That looks suspiciously close to the Renegade X model that they have for Nod?

d21e4d  No.73491


If you want a sort of sandbox version of Carrier Command, check out From the Depths.


Executive Assault is a very rough game but it's fun for a while and you can have multiple players on the same team playing in FPS mode. There is a sequel coming however and that legitimately looks good.

There's also this obscure as fuck game called Shores of Hazeron that had player-controlled empires settling planets, exploring space, and fighting all in first-person. It was free to play for ages, but lately it's a subscription game and I can't justify that price personally. Still, some of you might be autistic enough to do it.



Shit I remember reading about that in gaming mags in the '90s. That was the always online game that involved actual land on a single planet, right?


This game looks really interesting actually.

2db034  No.73588


>Allegiance is interesting

It is but try and get a match going with anons when they see the words "Microsoft" on screen ignoring the fact that up until the early 2000's Microsoft actually made great games before they went full console cuck.

14c826  No.73802

File: eeeca400c71b019⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 57986da107321e5⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 358b099b846463b⋯.png (469.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Apparently they also managed to drag the APB fags over to make some textures for the RA2 mod.

14c826  No.73803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0cf4f2  No.73812


that's pretty spot on

0cf4f2  No.73827


so wait, this is going to be a cluster fuck so bare with me, they have nations and from the sounds of it depending on what nation you play as is what vehicles you get but it's also vehicles from yuris revenge? it sounds like they're just winging it and hope things end up balanced after pumping it full of alot of redundant shit, furthermore the whole "recruitment center" sounds fucking awful either have faggots spawn in new tanks via support abilities or go homo.

14c826  No.73831


>via support abilities or go homo.

? It's just a War Factory that can only produce basic vehicles because Renegade / APB / etc. had an issue with entire teams leaving the game instantly whenever the production buildings were destroyed.

0cf4f2  No.73833


renegade X had a problem where stalemates were quite common if one team bottled up inside their base and it happened because they were loosing but even with their buildings destroyed they could still pump out apcs

14c826  No.73852


APB units are much less powerful in general compared to Renegade (X) due to them wanting to follow more RTS style balancing rules, AR probably has the same logic.

0cf4f2  No.73854


less shooty and less tanky? that doesn't really solve the issues

14c826  No.73864


RA2 mod's been stuck in development for 10+ years so who knows what the state of their balancing is. In APB they also had MAD Tanks and Demo Trucks to help with endgame stalemates, the "RTS style" balancing meant things like most infantry not having C4 and being shit against tanks, tanks and antitank weapons having low splash damage against infantry, aircraft having to reload, the basic vehicles building could also be destroyed and the cost was higher without the War Factory. If you lost anything major it kneecapped your team's ability to be effective.

0cf4f2  No.73865


that's really been the issue with these kinda games, the lack of ability to build and rebuild destroyed buildings really limits just what units can be capable of

14c826  No.73868


The old mods have an excuse since they're working with an ancient engine but RenX not trying something new with that besides having to attract oldfags is debatable.

0cf4f2  No.73869


nah I think Ren and Stimpy X devs are just incompetent rather then jerking oldfags off since last I saw of the game they added command abilities which rather drastically change the gameplay to something much "eh'er"

7c419f  No.73934


But it at least looks pretty anon :^)

04f7ba  No.74385


I find a lot of Renegade X map design rather repetitive. Do they have any other gamemodes cause it gets old fast?

0cf4f2  No.74677


if you have at least one autist who knows the tools he could build the sky with mud and clay


the only differences come form if they want crates to spawn certain vehicles or not

ace24f  No.74690


That was an issue with original Renegade as well. Not enough gamemodes.

a6b394  No.74703


Doesn't APB have the base mode, some shitty TDM and a Domination mode?

3fa820  No.75997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


autistic testing footage

975f97  No.76046


The only thing that pisses me off in both FPS Red Alert and Command and Conquer mods/games is that infantry moves at sanic speeds

Its Red Alert not fucking quake why the hell infantry moves so fast in those mods

85c642  No.76047


because it's a fps and fps need to be fast to be fun but they want to translate an RTS into a fps so they're going to "make compromises" and fuck everything up.

975f97  No.76055


>because it's a fps and fps need to be fast to be fun

I wouldnt call Red Orchestra, Battlefield 2 and project reality mod or games fast yet they are FPS and they are fun.

Dont get me wrong i like fast gameplay and low hitpoints-high damage model but i dont really like sanic speed movement if it isnt arena shooter like Quake III Arena

85c642  No.76058


sure but those aren't renegade

975f97  No.76063


renegade also didnt had such movement speed for troops

85c642  No.76068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


are you certain?

adbd99  No.76070


Yes it did anon?

5ffbca  No.76166


hazeron was a laggy piece of shit that I sunk way too much time into l

6f9678  No.76186


Well the vehicles move at sanic speeds as well? It's like the autistic spergs that insist playing at fastest speed is max framerate just no

4a53ab  No.76210


Is nobody going to discuss how all these faggots sound like they are sucking each other's dicks?


But they did that in base Renegade?

08f279  No.76228

Does Arma 3 and its mode where you can build stuff when you get game points count?

4a53ab  No.76233


You mean CTI? One where one fag is Commander and everyone else gets to command squads of AI and take over the whole map? very underplayed mode though it can become a game of hide and seek

8bfa71  No.76289


When I used to play that it turned into a spergout with fags literally quitting just because they thought they heard a plane and felt it was already gameover.

7c5dac  No.82462

File: 7509f46fb18ac6b⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d88d88b810738eb⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 669dc10b8baabf2⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2483b4af1f56127⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b80fcd51396df05⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


>You heard right, Interim Apex is now available on the W3Dhub launcher. Interim Apex began its life as the popular Renegade mod Imperial Age, and has since become wholly different and unique experience through the efforts of dblaney and Kaskins. Interim Apex is what I had hoped the original Renegade would be, with its unique approach to the engine that makes you feel as though you really are inhabiting the boots of a soldier on the front lines for Nod or GDI. Featuring whole new maps, well detailed vehicles, expansive new base buildings, naval combat, and even the ability to build your own obstructions and base defenses. I hope you'll be as amazed as I was when I first stepped in game.

>Communication Centers - These buildings allow you to research new technologies or buffs for your entire team that can give you the edge you need to be victorious on the battlefield

>Construction Yard - Just like in the RTS games , the construction yard isn't just for show. While it is still operational, you can rebuild a destroyed building for a hefty fee.

Naval Facility - Many maps feature a naval yard in close proximity to your base. Capture it, and rule the high seas with insurmountable firepower.

>Losing your original base defenses is no longer a death sentence! With enough cash, you can utilize a Sapper or Pioneer to build rudimentary defenses and barricades to keep on the defense, or to hold down checkpoints. Playing support is a vital role for your team which will help mitigate enemy attacks on your journey towards victory.

>Captain massive battleships that feature dozens of guns, all controlled by AI with the option to manually choose targets. There is nothing quite like this in Renegade!

>Utilize a trusty bridge layer to get your team to where it needs to be! They can be used to create shortcuts to the enemy base, ease passage, or to open up routes to valuable tiberium! There are other support vehicles such as the mammoth recovery vehicle, which will help you repair destroyed tank husks, vehicles, and buildings at an incredible speed.

>Tiberium has had years to rapidly mutate organisms, drastically changing the earth's ecosystems. There are many different types of tiberian fauna on some maps; from visceroids to veinhole monsters. Some of the others, you'll just have to get acquainted with yourself. Furthermore, tiberium fields visually grow and deplete over the course of the game

>Interim Apex is a fantastic addition to the W3DHub lineup and provides a unique experience that we hope you'll all enjoy. Download it via the launcher, and join the one and only official Interim Apex server in the community and see what the tiberium age has to offer!




c9a44e  No.82464


oh god it looks amazing even if it's a cluster fuck of the red, dawn and sun

748afd  No.82465


Did they just throw everything on the wall at once and tried to see what stuck?

748afd  No.82467

c9a44e  No.82468


I'm fine with this

748afd  No.82469


Yeah it seems there is a release there that doesn't need the W3D launcher so we can play it fine. Might be worth looking into.

c9a44e  No.82470


well that release seems to have twilight stuff in so let me check out the W3D and see if it's less cancer

fa8468  No.82478

File: bb63dd5697956ea⋯.png (590.51 KB, 804x604, 201:151, ClipboardImage.png)




What the fuck there are so many fucking options and you can even build defenses.

c9a44e  No.82479


I have no idea how to pick those options or build those defenses. there's also forgotten units and vehicles you can get. however I was expecting tech trees but the "research" is just paying money into a terminal if you have a communication station and I've yet to see a con yard so I don't know if rebuilding your buildings is in. I do know you can repair your vehicles after they've been destroyed.

so far it's pretty neat but I would like to see what imperial age has to offer

c9a44e  No.82487

imperial age is just a less functioning interim apex. that and only one master sever to play on, so if you want /autism/.

c9a44e  No.82495

I will say this though. there's only one map that looks even remotely good and the rest are very *thanks renegade engine*

4a53ab  No.82534

So verdict anon? Is it shit?

355816  No.82575


Is there any variation to the maps or gamemodes or are they all the same shit?

9d5bbf  No.82650

22 players on the official server for Interim Apex right now, if anyone wants to see if it's shit it's time. W3DHub server admins are gay though.

4a53ab  No.82651


Would take me too long to d

9d5bbf  No.82668

File: 6a5300d0a4ca1ab⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


> I've yet to see a con yard so I don't know if rebuilding your buildings is in

it is

c9a44e  No.82670


it /potential/


it's still renegade and that only has one game mode. the maps that're there are somewhat varied but only one of them seems like it has the most work put into it.


well that's something.

c9a44e  No.82674


seems like this needs the /radical/ treatment.

9d5bbf  No.82675

File: 6487ba6b4fd3849⋯.png (1012.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

You can build a fence and make Mexico (((GDI))) pay for it.

c9a44e  No.82677

9d5bbf  No.82681


you have to buy the Nod Sapper or Pioneer with the arrow on the top right of the purchase box and then to build you have to press T to deploy the building you have selected and repair it with the repair gun

9d5bbf  No.82682


*purchase box for the Technician

c9a44e  No.82683


oh ffs of course it's that simple

f3bdec  No.82700

How is the community?

9d5bbf  No.82706


It seems the same as the Renegade community, mostly dead. Also the mod doesn't seem as customized as APB so it might work without the launcher bullshit.

c9a44e  No.82709


that's what I'm talking about. lets chop shop this bitch.

4a53ab  No.82795


Last time I played with Renegade fags they were no fun allowed meta only or bust.


We probably would get bored with it without adding in more gamemodes.

6f45ce  No.82903


>Only one gamemode

As Neotokyo showed that gets old fast.

e44b12  No.82918


It's laggier than other games for sure, but it also has twice or more the amount of players at the same time compared to other games.

It's unbalanced at certain skill-levels sure, but not as a whole. For the longest time Savage games simply didn't end, ever.

e44b12  No.82919


When you have one random person being integral to the outcome of the game, it tends to lead to a lot more shitty games. The only thing really good about the RTS/FPS is that it leads to teamplay becoming important and interesting.

c9a44e  No.82934


I wonder if more gamemodes are impossible or the people who make these mods see the autism and go oh just make the base one slightly different gotya

e29e6d  No.83005


More gamemodes are possible if you even played APB. It has TD vs Ants, Domination and I believe CTF. They are just not in server rotation.

2309ec  No.83325

21 players on the official W3DHub Interim Apex server again if anyone wants to try it.

2309ec  No.83330

GDI won.

c9a44e  No.83348


>They are just not in server rotation.

so they're either really shit or autism can't have nice things.

9d5bbf  No.83357


90% of players leave whenever it changed to a map with a custom game mode on the official APB server.

c9a44e  No.83359


but muh command and conquer mode

1d1a57  No.83434


90% of the playerbase on APB is cancer so I fail to see the issue?

2309ec  No.83509


That's why they never run the maps.

4a53ab  No.83758


Why we need to be able to hostfag ourselves if we ever run Renegade. Offered more than once to host Renegade X a while back, nobody was interested but then again it has one gamemode

c9a44e  No.83784


renegade X was the most balanced game ever. so matches would last hours with no end in sight.

f36468  No.83894


I thought flamethrower rushes were insanely common and OP in it? Or have they fixed that?

32d4de  No.83968

So take it that Renegade mod is a bust?

c9a44e  No.84144


it goes like this

>small map

<favors nod to win

>large map

<favors (((GDI))) to win

>medium map

<favors nod to win

almost regardless of strat


<three actually decent maps with tons of really shitty ones

<only command and conquer game mode

<either play on the master server with the older verson or get cucked with a launcher

<old renegade engine

>lots of interesting tanks that fit the setting somewhat

>more unit classes although alot of them don't seem much different outside of slightly different equipment.

<lots of weapons and shit just spread out everywhere

>lots of weapons and shit just spread out everywhere

have I missed any point?

082978  No.84168


So it's Command & Clusterfuck?

c9a44e  No.84172


what is

b00fb5  No.84205


Seems like it would only be fun for anons to occasionally shitpost on but not for a gaymenite

c9a44e  No.84213


well geytomemights are just occasional shitposts but yeah

d2e201  No.84270


><either play on the master server with the older verson or get cucked with a launcher

How about someone download the new version and archive it? And use this tool to connect:


The official server is listed on CnCNet:


37 players are on now.


>not hosting shitpost night

8486f0  No.84398


>not hosting shitpost night

VR chat gamenight when?

7884b7  No.84906


What are the best times to go play?

390103  No.84912


Somehow the server gathers enough monkeys on a daily basis, there's 28 players on right now.

793f8f  No.85123


I played this, it felt like a good deal of the playerbase was underage or manchildren. Not getting good vibes from this community.

e57373  No.85193

File: 00e64fc16475b4b⋯.png (509.81 KB, 944x720, 59:45, ClipboardImage.png)

f1957d  No.85343


I thought this was a Tibetan basket weaving forum?

1d1c4d  No.85917

So I gave that Renegade Mod a go. It's pretty neat considering what they added but once the novelty of all the new units wears off it does get very bland and repetitive. Sad cause I wanted to like this a lot more.

908c81  No.85921


I figured that out as well. it's just another reskin of renegade ultimately.

08ccb2  No.85932


Congratulations you've just played most featuredump mods ever.

7fa7ee  No.86083


They would have been better off just releasing Renegade for free I feel.

Also can tell me what all the drama over the mod is about on their moddb?

2309ec  No.86090

43 players playing the featuredump mod.

99e261  No.86095


I know. I'm there but I am being a normalfag for tonight

379ec5  No.86247


See TF2V vs TF2C.

4fc182  No.86303


You can grab Renegade off pirate sites the autists that play it have been abusing the one game mode for over 10 years, I doubt they wanted more vanilla.

9d5bbf  No.86385

File: f40cbcccdf57bd1⋯.png (73.34 KB, 602x501, 602:501, ClipboardImage.png)

What did APB mean by this?

d2afa9  No.86387

Is it even possible to have an FPS/Turn-Based Strategy game?

4a53ab  No.86443


They will maybe finally get Red Alert 2 out?


Technically yes. I am struggling to remember the exact name of it but there was a game that toyed with the idea where you had a turn each day to send forces and during that day you got to fight over those battlefields.

c67bcb  No.86495


That their whole civilian larping game will be updated

36c6e8  No.86589


>Technically yes. I am struggling to remember the exact name of it but there was a game that toyed with the idea where you had a turn each day to send forces and during that day you got to fight over those battlefields.

Total War?

9b9f05  No.86620


WW2 Online? Was that turn based?

2e7a0b  No.86744


Some discord server I bet.

b72393  No.87249


Well I am dying of suspense

ace24f  No.89636

File: f19eeca67b394b9⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9b01f6188d21057⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e28aebdcc3ecba9⋯.png (847.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b6e061800110b41⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Ay Pee Bee to get MiGs, Cruiser, and updated boat models in next update.

ace24f  No.89637




1ed68c  No.89661



Too bad they rarely if ever play the maps with said ships.

5d868a  No.89724


This. What's the point if we can't play them? There's only one map that shows up in rotation with an airfield anyway and tech tree is for Yaks.

ace24f  No.89792



The naval maps end pretty quickly because both teams rush each other's naval yard and once it's destroyed the one team is at a serious disadvantage.

1c5444  No.89793


Well to be fair aren't most maps rush war factory and cripple team?

ace24f  No.89798


Difference is there are usually base defenses on land.

6f45ce  No.89802

So real question is, is APB worth playing yet?

6d5d9a  No.89835

mines and sea forts when.

b687f7  No.89861


All Points Bulletin? I'm pretty sure it got shut down.

179317  No.89865

File: df2529c48f0c53f⋯.jpg (51.37 KB, 624x624, 1:1, putinonnow.jpg)


Real question is playable ants when?



2c77c9  No.90226


I'll play APB with anons if they are playing.

4a53ab  No.90262


Well I'll have to download their launcher I guess again unless we really discovered a better way to run APB yet?

36c6e8  No.90279


You can host a dedicated server if you launch the game in Single Player under Skirmish, but it doesn't have any server commands.

4a53ab  No.90282


Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

6d5d9a  No.90286

File: a69688e43320e2e⋯.jpg (105.42 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ItCameFromRedAlert_Poster.jpg)


look. all the ant games are either mediocre or shit. you're going to have to accept that and quit this meming.

bd5490  No.90290

File: 82a84d90188f314⋯.jpg (43.9 KB, 259x231, 37:33, 82a84d90188f314a73748d62f2….jpg)


It allows you to host. The files for the server commands plugin are here but who knows how to install them:


14c826  No.90589

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


APB to also add doge.

6d5d9a  No.90590


that was in long ago tbh.

58554e  No.90647


They were to add a lot of things but they never do. Supposedly they want to add stuff from OpenRA into it.

6b43b3  No.91252

File: 136476383a8afdd⋯.jpg (141.28 KB, 736x1022, 368:511, 1e72a3fec5c949e84357521d41….jpg)



I am not sure I have an image that sums up how triggered I am by that.

355816  No.91523


That might explain a lot about their dev team.

d40d5b  No.91866


Anon you are a faggot. Ant missions were great.

a6d24d  No.92142

So may as well post it here. Thoughts on EA entertaining the prospect of a Renegade Remaster?

029501  No.92216

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>renegade remaster in current year

14c826  No.92272

>check w3dhub discord

>get halfchan /pol/ memes

5a9c75  No.92348



You mean Hot Topic Chan?

aa0b2f  No.93152

Any fags still playing APB? I know I've seen a few of you fags in game

9fc959  No.93171


>Remember, remember, the fifth of November time when APB had updates? Yeah, sorry about that; the recruitment of a ton of new talent to the scripting team, as well as a bunch of sudden contributions from 2D and 3D artists, mean I have been very backed up with implementing all their work and making sure it… works, in addition to what I normally do. On top of that, my hand in this got delayed further by almost a week due to my computer suffering a PSU failure. But the long wait should be worth it, many bugs and performance issues have been squashed and we have 2 new units to play with. And there is hopefully more to come as well!




4a53ab  No.93181


Might give it a go if fags allow funmaps.

d2e201  No.93240

File: 002ef0f506d2b67⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



>Okay, so it's known that the HUD is a bit overbearing on smaller resolutions (and apparently even at normal ones) and the MiG's firing mechanics don't translate well to a live environment (except against boats which are large enough to reliably keep a lock on). I'll soon be looking at a better way to handle the MiG firing, and next patch we'll be pushing a slightly smaller HUD by default, and an even smaller one and a larger one (i.e. the current one) as optional downloads on the download section if the new size isn't right for you.

fdf50a  No.93334


Did they playtest any of this?

4a53ab  No.93404


Knowing the playerbase last time I played? Probably not.

36c6e8  No.93408


Their playtest team is like 5 guys that are the devs themselves.

58b03f  No.93518


I thought the maps wouldn't be big for planes?

d51967  No.93853


They can be but it requires a lot of players to be worthwhile.

d08e6a  No.94127


APB devs made a GTA clone in the SAGE engine. Don't see how jets wouldn't work.

a0ade2  No.94228


Planes are already in the game, they just suck ass and there's a buy limit of 4.

09d65c  No.94270


Allegiance is on steam now.

4a53ab  No.94272


Been on steam for a long ass time actually. Tried to get fags to play it but nobody was interested.

ace24f  No.94618

20 players on APB official server right now if anyone wants to see the new version.

d2e201  No.94621


I am debating whether to join in on BF1918 or APB tonight. I might see you in a bit if fags are still playing.

ed6801  No.94624


a choice between a circlejerk and a circlejerk. hmm hard choices.

355816  No.94626

File: 760edfd2d8d7bc4⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 2e27d5d124bc2a62ddeb5dc9e7….gif)


You could always join me anon and we could rub scented oils on each other?

ed6801  No.94628


I like my own scent tbh.

355816  No.94629


What the smell of shit?

53c6ec  No.94941


I need to get some recordings of that next time we play.

36c6e8  No.95390

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ed6801  No.95392


hey if you naturally smell like shit, that's not on me.

14c826  No.95396


Did they texture the boats at all?

4fc182  No.95464


>The art for the naval units was out-sourced, both visually and technically the Destroyer is a mess and I believe a few people are already looking into updating it substantially (for starters the whole thing needs to be re-unwrapped). I don't know the specifics of the deal but I'd probably not go into business with that individual again, personally, given the fact he delivered half a ship here.

725f3f  No.95554


I kek'd a little at this and I am not sure why.

10d00d  No.95824


Evidently not?

b33176  No.96946


Why did they even add the model then?

bd5490  No.97018


>We knew it was going to be an issue, but it came down to putting the Cruiser in the game now, or waiting months for the possibility of a 3D Artist joining the team again. I decided to act and get us the ship now. In the process, I also brought up getting replacements for the rest of the ships, since the Cruiser was crazy detailed compared to the Gunboat/Destroyer. We decided it was for the best to update everything for now, and always have the possibility to go back later.

>The team is very limited on what can be done. We don’t have the team size like we did 10+ years ago, and this was the best way I could find to get the ships to the players (especially the Cruiser).

4a53ab  No.97027


>3D Artist joining team again

I wonder if they have team troubles? Wonder what their dev strucutre is like. It makes good gossip regardless

bd5490  No.97061


>implying they have structure at all

e29e39  No.97088


How bad is it anon?

04f7ba  No.97312


Okay anon you got to share with us. This sounds too good not to share!

905492  No.100424


>Still waiting for story

>anon hasn't delivered

You want to make us cry?

390103  No.100482


they executed him for giving away autistic secrets


c8be4f  No.100498

File: 71e3fe1988833e4⋯.webm (369.95 KB, 400x464, 25:29, What.webm)


I don't understand what I'm reading.

4a53ab  No.100501

File: 9a4ec3208116d53⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 1920x721, 1920:721, 14851051511140.webm)


Seems pretty tame for the Renegade Community?

420d42  No.100540

File: 4f8e58294fae9ec⋯.png (71.94 KB, 621x559, 621:559, ClipboardImage.png)


There's some dude who made an alternative installer, might fix it. That's from a myabandonware post for the game.

797a8a  No.100544

Fuck I miss renegade. I was playing it as late as 2013. There was a time when I figured there would always be a server or two up, but the game seems to be totally dead. I used to play with aircraftkiller and he was such a whiny bitch all the time because nobody wanted to play his stupid renalert mod. I have spent nearly entire days at a time playing AOW servers. Matches could go for hours.

392d44  No.100771


Game isn't dead anon, not even close. Problem is vanilla is on life support outside certain peak hours.

d2e201  No.100902

File: 0440a75fc0990bb⋯.png (674.52 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


>Taskbar now shows the title as "Red Alert: A Path Beyond" not "Renegade".

>Replaced a bunch of lower-quality RA music tracks with higher-quality versions.

>New font rendering.

>Improved error message for when the game crashes, giving easy access to the crash dump file and instructions on what to do with it.

>Infantry now swim on the surface of water. This is mostly for the sake of looking less silly than the original "iron boots" water, so swimming is still harmful and doesn't let you access much more than you used to be able to. Here's how infantry work when in deep water:

>Since they're on the surface, they are easier to notice and for naval units to crush.

>Uncrushable infantry become crushable.

>They cannot sprint, jump, or use weapons.

>They are slowed to 65% of their original speed (same as crouching infantry, half as much as sprinting infantry).

>They can crouch to dive just under the water surface, but this slows their movement speed even further, limits their sight range, and will cause instant death if done for too long. Your screen will turn red if you are running out of time.

>They can reach and enter LSTs and abandoned boats a fair distance from shore much more easily now; however, naval vessels outside the "landing safety zone" are still inaccessible. (If you don't see the 3 green arrows, you can't get in.)

>They will not receive any damage for the first 10 seconds of swimming; after that they will receive 2.5 damage per second (was 6.25 starting instantly). So now swimming times are greatly improved; a Rifle Soldier can swim for 30 seconds instead of 8, and a Tanya can swim for 70 instead of 24, but that's assuming nothing shoots them, and the slower movement speed means they can't travel THAT much further than they used to.

>If they end up deep underwater due to driving a vehicle into deep water and losing it, they will die instantly. This was already the case with subs but now extends to any ground vehicle.

>They receive an extra +50% damage from Tesla weapons' direct hits, and +100% from their splash damage.

>Water damage for ground vehicles works a little differently than before; if you're only slightly deep enough to start receiving water damage, the damage received is a lot weaker than it used to be, so you aren't too harshly affected if you can back out quickly enough. However, if you go about 1-2 metres deeper than that so your vehicle is fully submerged, the damage received is a lot heavier than it used to be, so fully submerged vehicles are likely done for (as are their drive

>Upgraded a bunch of older building textures (mainly in the Refinery) courtesy of Kicken.

plus bunch of balance bullshit



4a53ab  No.100908


They seem to be bouncing backwards and forwards with balance for the MiG. Not sure they know what to do with it.

266883  No.101712



4a53ab  No.101870


They had to find out what Aircraftkiller told them!

54e7d4  No.102081



266883  No.102909


>not playing aircraftkiller maps

He had one of his maps added to base Renegade with patches, it's called Glacier.

=====Renegade Map Readme======

ENORMOUS SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mike Amerson from Westwood Studios for helping me obtain this map and other models I've dearly needed, along with kindly helping me learn how to use 3DS Max. Thanks very much to Tse-Cheng Lo for designing Glacier Flying. Being able to finish his work was awe-inspiring! Another special thanks goes out to Chris Rubyor, also know as Delphi, for helping get these models to me and helping the mod community as a whole. We couldn't do it without you, Delphi!

Map Name: C&C_Glacier_Flying.mix version 1.2

Creator: Aircraftkiller

Email: aircraftkiller@cncrenegade.info

Theatre: The interior of a glacier in Alaska

Description: The third flying map that was to be included in the 1.030 patch for Renegade. You fly around in the interior of a glacier that (((GDI))) and Nod have taken for some reason and are battling it out for control of it, possibly for the high concentration of tiberium growth.

Homepage: http://www.cncrenegade.info ; http://www.cncden.com

This file is the property of the creator, all rights and copyrights belong to the him. This file is exclusive to Renegade Realm and C&C Den. Do not copy, alter, or claim credit for this map without permission from the webmaster and creator.

029501  No.103030

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Aircraftkiller made a map where he added the Nod Recon Bike to replace the APC in Renegade, replaced a bunch of shit like the Nod Flame Tank with the one from Tiberian Dawn and also balance changes like the Nod Artillery shell being affected by gravity. Here's the files extracted and made to work with the vanilla maps and skirmish:


Original map is here: https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/445-cc-fjordstr/

dceafb  No.103062


Don't most Renegade Custom maps do this though?

9d5bbf  No.103228


A lot of them are shit though, and same thing with the gay server side mods. It doesn't change that much but makes the game closer to TD.

9712fe  No.105410


So they make it more awful?

e57373  No.105477

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Whatever this shit is.

6f45ce  No.105752


I see that and wonder why fags think Renegade is any fun at all? Looks like a complete shitshow.

36c6e8  No.107168

>apb running a screenshot contest but only 4 guys show up

4a53ab  No.107202


>Inb4 they were all devs

Problem with APB I just find that it gets stale so fast and the map design isn't the best, and the good maps you do find nobody ever plays.

68cf79  No.110206

File: aec45742a24234c⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f33e2f26b4ed50a⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94bb1b8a4e1ab18⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a82060b28e0b058⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

W3DHub to remake Renegade on the same engine.

What did they mean by this?



14c826  No.110303

File: 3223a2ec991773c⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 480x360, 4:3, T0uTQJW.gif)


>Remake outdated game in outdated engine and expect it to go well

Wait am I reading this right?

f4bb8b  No.110439


This time it will only have the units from TD.

8462a0  No.110441


yeah they should move onto Renegade X

4a53ab  No.110444


Even Renegade X is technically outdated.

8462a0  No.110453


it is however, technically easier to use due to unreal engine being everyone's used goods.

4fc182  No.110509

File: b0b3f93d940852b⋯.png (12.38 KB, 435x66, 145:22, ClipboardImage.png)


They're too focused on giving the Renegade engine as many memory leaks as possible and not finishing TSR.

47f756  No.110624


That they are refusing to give up on the notion that Renegade after all these years is still a one trick pony game?

390103  No.110809

File: efbe3041cfea6a9⋯.png (151.26 KB, 1113x654, 371:218, ClipboardImage.png)

390103  No.110928

File: 2da8731c23b8d07⋯.png (38.46 KB, 1132x192, 283:48, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b1793f5c60faa75⋯.png (51.99 KB, 1131x234, 29:6, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f8643c287a1436⋯.png (47.88 KB, 1118x228, 559:114, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aade830c192b151⋯.png (120.77 KB, 1093x451, 1093:451, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f82089d85915647⋯.png (94.83 KB, 1108x519, 1108:519, ClipboardImage.png)



>/pol/-tier shitposting


>halfchan memes

>greentexting without greentext

>cucking to (((shitscord)))

>mods giving out gold stars to good goys


715ea5  No.110933


>the toxic/toxicity buzzword

I could overlook the rest but this is unacceptable.

a0ade2  No.110941

File: 2696a7d6584d847⋯.jpg (43.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1407347055141.jpg)


Nice cringe complication. Why are Renegade tards so awful?

9d5bbf  No.111168

File: f3a89b54ae1014b⋯.png (76.19 KB, 1119x309, 373:103, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 18d43a43207c75d⋯.png (170.54 KB, 1104x485, 1104:485, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 063663f5524974a⋯.png (25.71 KB, 1072x95, 1072:95, ClipboardImage.png)


more of the shitshow

also EA doesn't allow you to remake the games on a newer engine since they sent a C&D to the RA2 mod for Renegade X:


4a53ab  No.111178


>Asking permission


Why does the Renegade Community consistently get Dumb and Dumber?

029501  No.111179


RenX and W3DHub asked (((EA))) for permission which is also why they haven't been allowed to release on (((Steam))) even though they've wanted to.

7431b6  No.111188



Only if you counting shooting arrows as shooting. Which it is.

fa8468  No.111236


This is why you should never announce your fan project till it's released. That way it can't be shut down.

3fa820  No.111246


should have renamed all the assets and called it some generic name about world war 3.

8462a0  No.111260


hold the fucking phone, didn't EA give permission so long as it doesn't make profits? so why RA2 such an issue?

>it's because of their fucking phone game coming up

I really hope the chinks don't fall for it.

8462a0  No.111261


C&C fanboys are super autistic. like look at it like this

>dune's fanbase

<random slavs

>dawn's fanbase


>red alert's fanbase

(((OpEn rA)))

>Tib sun's fanbase

Autistics of the hyper defined variety

>Red Alert 2's fanbase

autism is still autism even if it's kept under a rug

>Renegade's fanbase


>General/ZH's fanbase

<CoH fags this game is close enough to my ww2 shitshow sim so I'll latch onto it all the same like every 3D fucking RTS outside of supcom cos supcom is 2hardee :(

>Tib War's fanbase



everything else's fanbase

''ching chong & cheeki breeki unite"

e57373  No.111270

File: 6b24288cc4f98e1⋯.png (26.4 KB, 1116x83, 1116:83, ClipboardImage.png)


>the W3DHub cuckold actually reports sites hosting copies of C&C games to EA

975f97  No.111275


>Red Alert 2's fanbase

One of the biggest modders for RA2 is literally French AND autistic Graion Dilach

But on the other hand the autism of the devs almost never bleeds into the game and i respect that, RA2 also had real lack of dramas from what i know save for Doomhammer who was autistic dutch streamer that streams bunch of old CnC mods and dreamed of becoming a big youtube star by doing just that

8462a0  No.111276


imagine thinking you've got a healthy relationship with a bloody billion dollar company.



well I was thinking more mental omega but wew all the same.

975f97  No.111277


>well I was thinking more mental omega

I didnt really noticed anything autismal in MO devs (other than Foehen, fuck this faction)

8462a0  No.111281


yeah exactly that. anything OC that is overpowered is stupid tbh.

b29dd1  No.111306

File: bfc3e88d27831b3⋯.png (567.13 KB, 670x373, 670:373, ClipboardImage.png)


What a bunch of cucks. Why isn't the Brotherhood of /vg/ putting these cucks to death?

8462a0  No.111310


our giant robot Nod scorpions are in the theory stage.

bd5490  No.113677

APB got 33 players on for once, if you want to see the game without an empty server.

cbdbd2  No.113868

So Renegade X is asking for translators. Any fags up for the task?


bb7d0f  No.113957


Shit I missed this.


They don't seem to ask what languages?

ace24f  No.114723

File: d97f99aeee398f3⋯.png (108.14 KB, 1116x648, 31:18, ClipboardImage.png)

Another APB GAYNIGHT scheduled for this Saturday.

c26bf1  No.114815


I might show up for this tonight if I get back in time.

9d5bbf  No.114971

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


well it happened

a0ade2  No.114996


They finally played a fun map for once?

b37047  No.114998


Better racing skills than /ovg/

d2e201  No.115027

File: 26c44e13613ae21⋯.png (405.82 KB, 1104x472, 138:59, ClipboardImage.png)

>we want the reddit audience


2309ec  No.115088

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

APB to get new plane physics some time.

aa1c3c  No.115133


So they are joining in with OpenRA Remastered?

b804f9  No.115210


I thought reddit was their playerbase for most part? Cause I remember these devs being fans of OpenRA.


Problem is the maps are still too small for planes which has always been a Renegade problem from start.


Was Renegade one of the games getting remastered?

9fc959  No.115230

File: aa3010be3fd82b8⋯.png (424.11 KB, 1113x622, 1113:622, ClipboardImage.png)


Did you read what the post said?

>The PR team is currently looking to bring in paid talents for W3D Hub exposure. Talents such as Big Man Tyrone and VoiceoverPete. 100% serious about this. It's my idea that we could use the meme boost and these would make great videos for our users to share.

>the meme boost


>Was Renegade one of the games getting remastered?


Also for some bizarre fucking reason they are re-releasing APB Beta.

1fcdb4  No.116308

I guess this is why FPS/RTS hybrids never get release no more.



Essentially a dev team had to DMCA their own game cause a publisher stole their game.

4a53ab  No.116339


I think that's more an issue of the devs getting scammed and not bothering to check the reputation of a literal no name first and being surprised they got fucked over.

dc9626  No.116431


>game never heard of gets ripped off by publisher never heard of

>Steam Early Access

I think it deserved it's fate.

68cf79  No.116497

File: c6de73a42f4d808⋯.png (81.25 KB, 1111x333, 1111:333, ClipboardImage.png)


tiberian sun reborn lead too busy raising his wife's sons to finish the update

dc7404  No.116508

File: 0f7825b7a55e355⋯.jpg (80.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0f7825b7a55e355f98e3a74c44….jpg)


>turning yourself into a wageslave to three kids that aren't even yours

>devoting your life to raising someone else's genetic offspring

69fe9c  No.116511


>quite literally Cuck N Conquer

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