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File: 99d4f3c8d2c1a13⋯.png (127.85 KB, 286x348, 143:174, Gender_Wars_coverart.png)

File: 48095e4e1344508⋯.jpg (46.95 KB, 667x364, 667:364, hatredgame.jpg)

819944  No.61598

So I was digging around and found out that picrelated is a game, apparently some sort of Syndicate clone or something, and I got to thinking: what are some other games that have retarded concepts or are just plain old edgy for the sake of edgy? If possible stick to games like Hatred that aren't exactly self-aware enough to pull it off. Also has anyone actually played Gender Wars?

Hatred by the way is a lot better if you get a colour mod and optionally either a first person mod or a third person mod. I know it was an artistic decision to go black and white but it makes the game a fucking hassle to play because it all blurs into a mass.

819944  No.61603

File: ab455d80151a055⋯.jpg (311.16 KB, 911x505, 911:505, betty.jpg)

File: ff3ccc7b343db44⋯.jpg (243.97 KB, 683x565, 683:565, black-guard.jpg)

File: c0a0ba98f0981e8⋯.jpg (178.4 KB, 674x984, 337:492, cap.1.jpg)

File: 93c97c8d96f8cda⋯.jpg (290.42 KB, 715x641, 715:641, dok_and_raybe.jpg)

File: a8d4ee8b8582dcc⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 807x620, 807:620, highguard.jpg)


Oh and mods are ok too like this one we found for Ghost Recon a few months back >>40243 though honestly it looks like it might actually be fun


819944  No.61604

File: 1fbacb029bd08b6⋯.webm (15.22 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, Krieg Trailer.webm)

819944  No.61605

File: c33b6f0cbfc68da⋯.mp4 (11.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Krieg Teaser.mp4)


Should add that I consider this a dumb concept mod rather than an edgy one. I like the idea a lot though.

819944  No.61606

File: 360d8c9737609f8⋯.webm (15.37 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Outro video - 'Auf wieder….webm)


Last video from that mod.

32aaf5  No.61615

>Games edgy for the sake of edgy

Call of Duty.

Homefront also tried it.

Edgy shit for the sake of edgy has been around for a while just to generate headlines and get (((free publicity)))

1f5bef  No.61623


Jewish free publicity? Free publicity is Jewish? Publicity is Jewish? Free is Jewish? Come on, man. Don't abuse the (((echoes))).

819944  No.61626


>Call of Duty.

I assume you don't mean the 2003 original.

9dbbdc  No.61740


What would you class as Kotaku anon? You know fine well what he meant.


Call of Duty has been non stop Hollywood tropes and attempts at shock value since it's inception. Shit series that killed Medal of Honor and Brothers in Arms which were far better game franchises. Call of Duty has been nothing but normalfag cancer since day one.

819944  No.61751


>Call of Duty has been non stop Hollywood tropes and attempts at shock value since it's inception

The tropes is possible but not the shock value, unless you're referring only to the console Call of Duty games.

>Shit series that killed Medal of Honor and Brothers in Arms which were far better game franchises.

Medal of Honor is wildly overrated but Brothers in Arms is fucking great. Not so much Hell's Highway though.

1f5bef  No.61759


There is nothing wrong with advertising by banking on people making a fuss over something. The problem only arises when your product isn't even good. That really has nothing to do with your marketing methods.

77f4c2  No.61764

819944  No.61774

File: 086d3b677b1f216⋯.swf (1.75 MB, shitty_fucking_art_game.swf)


Now in embed form.

49ee2d  No.61795



CoD was fine until it went multiplat with 2 because consoles and FPS are just a bad fit.

7af4e8  No.61801


There was an old shitty M&B mod that featured nazis and commies in a dumb way. I can't remember what it was called though.

431468  No.61825


I was going tp say Parabellum but that's pnly WW1 as far as I know.

dfbfe6  No.61932



An absolute classic

aca1c1  No.69200

File: 6f211caf3a2bc97⋯.jpg (231.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jack.jpg)


>because consoles and FPS are just a bad fit.

Pretty much. There are some genres that only work well on PC, some genres that work best on consoles and then some that are fine on both. FPS is firmly in the 'best on PC' group.

21d510  No.69303


Know the one you mean but I forget what it is called as well. Full Invasion 2 has them as a faction I remember.

305dc8  No.69797


Racing works better on console than PC. Just saying.

23b52c  No.76002

Any 'racist' game like Rattenjat or Race War. Not to be a /leftycuck/ but the games aren't really enjoyable to play and just suck. KZ Manager doesn't even have anything going on in it, just a punch of pop-ups. And one of these games is just straight up malware. I haven't been able to try any of them, I've yet to see a file for a lot of these games, they've been scrubbed from the internet.

819944  No.76006


Only because controllers are a better input device. Wheels have both beat.

3a70c3  No.76171


Don't suppose fags would be up for playing this? It looks so retarded it can't not be fun?

21bd59  No.76214


Games like Race War or Zog's nightmare as shit due to being made by some inbred stormfag. If you want a quality racially-charged gaming experience, Moonman Doom is right around the corner.

439533  No.76455


Moonman Doom though is actually a good game though.

21bd59  No.76600


That's what I said, Moonman Doom is a legitimately good game, hence why I called it "a quality racially-charged gaming experience"

762680  No.76660


It isn't though. It's just loud noises and subpar gameplay. You only like it because it's a meme.

e7ba5a  No.76723

File: e13e7b1957c7840⋯.jpg (590.39 KB, 1920x997, 1920:997, mooseinvasion.jpg)


>Nazis and Commies

Along with Moose Cavalry

0ab14b  No.76929


Columbine is also a good one. That was surprisingly well thought out for multiplayer.

28926c  No.77128

Nothing beats HDoom.

1d7c82  No.87557


True, recall that even the original Doom was intentionally made with shock value in mind because gamers wanted it and media/critics/parents hated it.

95a4d7  No.87560




USB has killed this shit rethoric long ago.

dd72f3  No.87563

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


your post made me remember super columbine RPG. I also remember a virginia tech flash game that I think was made by a strayan shitposter

51419d  No.89238

File: cd47ae3528dcf4c⋯.jpg (260.63 KB, 962x1143, 962:1143, 5125450-6285769-Shooter_Vl….jpg)

>still no Columbine fps

Speaking of apparently the slav who went on a spree in Crimea yesterday was a Columbine LARPer.

51419d  No.89239


>I also remember a virginia tech flash game that I think was made by a strayan shitposter

Yup https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-Tech_Rampage

819944  No.104169


Unless you're an Apple user.

05a3fc  No.104224


I was surprised to read "yesterday" until I saw the date. This board is slow.

213a0a  No.104259

819944  No.104423


No need to be so defensive lad.

1e901f  No.112139


Can't believe Manhunt wasn't mentioned yet. From back when R* actually made things other than Tarintino-tier 'swearing and pop culture references' normalfags bait. Pretty sure they're trying to pretend it never existed nowadays too.

2b4f25  No.112177


Manhunt wasn't that good tbh.

3af932  No.112213


2 was fun.

6b4033  No.112392


There was a virginia tech or columbine half life mod that came out years ago, still trying to find a download link for it

6b4033  No.112393


half life 2*

eac0f3  No.112398

File: 6d4219bfdc6af5a⋯.webm (6.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, v tech just kicked in yo.webm)




4 months till the Anniversary

I'll be sure to make a thread when it happens



I'll never forget how the faggots at ModDB cucked out after journos went apeshit over it.

6b4033  No.112399


is it available anywhere?

eac0f3  No.112401

File: 24fe00c10eb500f⋯.png (39.08 KB, 760x557, 760:557, AHAHHAHAHAHH OH WOW.PNG)


Yeah, should be around some mirror sites but I can't seem to find it

It's pretty garbage and the product of a time when GMOD wasn't even close to popular


eac0f3  No.112402

File: 9307f2a8f207b29⋯.mp4 (10.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, School Shooter North Ameri….mp4)



Here's some gameplay

Warning: Very Offensive

Click at your risk

706c46  No.112405

File: f1e2efdb5309a44⋯.jpg (577.31 KB, 1600x988, 400:247, 1478194800286.jpg)

File: fb428a748d58ff3⋯.jpeg (622.41 KB, 1280x1757, 1280:1757, how_many_women_how_you_sh….jpeg)

>gender wars


Look, I get you can miss the humor in Postal but come on faggot.

6b4033  No.112406


>literally the same effect as spawning a bunch of civs in a school map in gmod

eac0f3  No.112407

File: 23cf1951cae12bc⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 9.62 MB, 900x720, 5:4, EXTREMELY_IMPORTANT_VIDEO.mp4)


Pretty much

Meanwhile there are whole dedicated servers in GMOD dedicated to Roleplaying as School Shooters and the Goobyment is making one themselves.

Some people fags just like to get mad

6b4033  No.112414


yeah, i wish i could find players on that mode

>some fags just like to get mad

i really want to play those old neonazi games but i can only get ethnic cleansing, theres a few good ones like holocoaster tycoon and white power doom

21d510  No.112424

I swear I saw these exact posts several months ago? What the fuck is going on?

706c46  No.112430


That's what I want to know. Did the procedure affect you so badly you completely forgot your objectives once you arrived back?

0c624f  No.112508


We've entered a time vortex anon. We're repeating 2018 eternally now!

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