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File: 0334b92abc914ab⋯.png (346.89 KB, 964x702, 482:351, peacock_pizza.png)

3a7b8e  No.64521

Didn't see a fightan game thread or general so.

What are you guys playing? Is there any fightan games that you're excited for? What are your opinions on the fighting games that came out recently?

Also does anyone here play on fightcade or fightan online? I'd love to fight someone and refine my skills, or watch anons play, whichever comes first.

reminder that a Paki is the best StreetFighter player on 8chan.new tournament when?

c8e751  No.64556

File: 596933c44b7a90b⋯.jpg (83.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, latest.jpg)

File: 362d0510bfc40ae⋯.jpg (97.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, latest-1.jpg)


I haven't played anything new recently but from what I've seen, that fighting layer EX looks great. I love seeing my main nigga skullomania back in action.

0e1ac5  No.64568


This seems like the right thread to ask: has anyone ever tried to make another game like Bushido Blade?

fbdc8a  No.64582

someone play bbtag with me

i need to git gud

f8991e  No.64600


Well what do you play OP? You aren't giving us much to go on.

If anyone has KoF XIII or XIV on PC and is EU I'll gladly play them.

3a7b8e  No.64611


I play jojo, third strike and kof 98 on fightcade. I also have skull grills on steam.

97d7cd  No.64612

File: 79e77f16061e99c⋯.png (342.97 KB, 1200x1320, 10:11, PerfectPaki.png)

Nothing because I am white :^)

I actually never got into the whole fighting genre scene. I never it liked it that much and I've played a fair amount; mainly Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. It never hooked me. Was my game choice just wrong?

Also I'll have a dig around for the OC I made for the tournament cause it was fun to watch.

c8e751  No.64615


>I've played a fair amount; mainly Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. It never hooked me. Was my game choice just wrong?

Not really, those are the most popular and a few of the entry titles. Fighting games aren't for everyone, much like how certain RTS games aren't.

97d7cd  No.64617


Well guess I just am not a fan then. I always wondered if I didn't like them cause my choice was shit. Think the most I had fun with them was in the oldschool arcades anyway.

c8e751  No.64622


Understandable. Arcade fighting was so fucking good, I miss those days.

97d7cd  No.64623


I think if I had the money I might remake the oldschool arcades. Maybe put the fighting games next to a fried chicken and watermelon counter. In fact that might be a good idea for a thread.

fbeb73  No.64635

File: 353c32dc5107d48⋯.webm (4.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Guilty Gear OST - Slave's….webm)


Well, i actually started playing the most popular titles first and i didn't enjoy too.

But for somewhat reason the original Guilty Gear managed to snag on me.

Mostly because it showed me that move prediction, combo mastering and learning when to attack is the key of success in a fun and brute way. fucking Justice

After that i felt a bit more familiar with the concept of the fightan games.

I played that game non-stop for a month enough to start my lust for more, so i tried other games like SFIII 3rd Strike, SNK games, Blazblue CSII and lastly Virtua Fighter 3.

and i riked it

3d16a5  No.64671

I need to buy a new Dreamcast for some MAHVEL BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

36cb05  No.64675

File: 11957da733b9033⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 5.2 MB, 2500x3000, 5:6, 52696196_p0(RGB)(noise_sca….png)

I started seriously getting into fighting games with SFIV because it was the first one I owned with netcode, I didn't really have anyone else to fight against as a kid because lolarcades in the US. I played a ton of Soul Calibur and the 3d Mortal Kombats on my gamecube though, and I'm really looking forward to SCVI. I just hope that Cervantes or Raphael get confirmed.

As of now I've kind of hopped from game to game ever since SFIV after I plateued. Nothing really comes intuitively to me in fightan so I grind out a shitload of hours in training and slogging online to get my combos down but since I can never get a handle of proper spacing or the reflexes for punishes I get just good enough to stomp out all but one of my friends and I can never seem to move past that. Online just becomes a wall and my one friend blows past me in skill.

Right now I've been playing Tekken 7 since I outright dropped SFV after season 1, SFV never really clicked for me and I didn't think it was all that great of a game but I still had a lot of fun playing Mika, after the nerf to roundhouse I wasn't able to have fun with her and there was nothing else for me there. In Tekken I've connected the most with Paul and am trying to learn Jack and Bryan. Definitely running into my usual problem though.

Also I've been going to EVO yearly for four years but I think I'm skipping this year. After the first year I went is when it started getting really corporate and scummy but it's still been fun to go with friends despite what it's become. Just don't have the scratch or time this year.

f8991e  No.64683

File: cbf39bfd50360b7⋯.png (514.29 KB, 532x582, 266:291, cbf39bfd50360b74fe647434c0….png)



Orbital heel all day.

018439  No.64792

What do fags see in Skullgirls? Big titty anime girls me likey me buy? The game itself plays like trash.

3a7b8e  No.64798

c8e751  No.64816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy shit, look at what got announced and is getting a demo at EVO.

DSOGaming Article Archive:


028c3c  No.64834


Interesting if true. All though I can think of is the porn.

000000  No.65096




>>>/v/ censored my post crying for Voski, since he ruined his own OPSEC:

He uses Windows 10, Skype, & Google Chrome. And in his Youtube channel, he posted the general area where he lives.

I asked /v/ to do something about the recent copyright pigs who are pushing for Bulgaria to enforce WIPO on their own country, which ignored foreign claims, until recently.

000000  No.65097


1, stop linking to (((youtube))), post webm or some other proxy service like hooktube.

2. Yet another Ultimate Ninja Storm. Not interested,

needs more players than 2 to be fun.

0e1ac5  No.65100


Hooknosetube is dying lad.

000000  No.65102

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>post webm or some other proxy service

You can host your own if you want.

Empower yourself, don't centralize.

7e2443  No.65107


>I asked /v/ to do something about the recent copyright pigs who are pushing for Bulgaria to enforce WIPO on their own country, which ignored foreign claims, until recently.

well first off thanks for magnets but care to explain more on this?

16dac6  No.65149

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I thought KLK already had a video game, granted not a fightan one but still. :^)

3a7b8e  No.65183


Thanks dude.

46404c  No.65320

Going to CEOtaku, planning on hosting Million Arthur Arcana Blood on Sunday, unless others want another game.


>care to explain more on this?


fc3fe4  No.65321

File: f247b204ea5d49b⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 2106296-kasumi_todoh.jpg)

So, when will she come back?A bit surprised that she didnt make it to SNK Heroines, at the very least

fc3fe4  No.65332


Oh, thanks thats really nice

46404c  No.65335

9900a2  No.65349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Been playing Crosstag Battle and


0f2f2c  No.65745



I refuse to click that.

000000  No.65863

tl;dr I think, Sankaku Complex is misleading "no-boobs" for DoA6

Since this thread is past bump limit, >>>/v/15151033

Copy pasting: >>>/v/15159643/

Does mombot know they are shadowed?




They are hosting a tourney for EVO:


Looking for the interview as well. [Had a similar experience with >>>/v/15141996 ]


From: >>>/v/15159695


I think, this is the article in question:


000000  No.65864

from >>>/v/15159723

There's also this Famitsu article as well:


e61629  No.65865


Are your legs okay anon?

000000  No.65880

> http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/post.php

WEW, not me again, but 3 hours for calling out shills.

All I wanted to do was reply to >>>/v/15160472

<ソル バッドガイ→=⛔


I have a broken Soul, does that count?

000000  No.65881

000000  No.65882




AAAAA, HOW COULD I BE SO WRONG, I've been donating to the publisher instead!


And they are sooo nice!


Dammit, now I need to email them, for an address to send them money.

000000  No.65883

8157d2  No.65914

I can't tell if TORfag is legitposting


Or just a spambot.

f8991e  No.66032

File: 2fd88625d8f1ef0⋯.png (620.6 KB, 750x600, 5:4, 2fd88625d8f1ef0691eae89573….png)


The world is a crazy thing anon.

406a55  No.67260

File: a13136322afc545⋯.jpg (13 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Barney is in deep shit.jpg)

SNK is making their own Skullgirls

b1142c  No.67353

File: 8740afb42f12ef0⋯.webm (861.57 KB, 483x669, 161:223, split 837817B out.7z Gals….webm)


I didn't know you can dress-up characters in Skullgirls?!?

1e1bdd  No.67493


>0.00 second webm

What is this sorcery?

406a55  No.67664

File: 9d9c442be7fcb4e⋯.png (1.15 MB, 847x1054, 847:1054, Waluigi twisting his moust….png)


I was referring they were making their own waifu fighting game.

>Let's throw tf2 while we're at it

That shit hurts even after what happened to Metal Slug.

f1dded  No.67754

File: ac3b9349a28190f⋯.jpg (236.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

File: 4c2ac1f714e4cfe⋯.jpg (67.94 KB, 279x384, 93:128, 155004535.jpg)

File: b3278728630e630⋯.swf (7.29 MB, valkyrie.rar.swf)


That title belong to this game

0e1ac5  No.67756

File: cb40f107435cbf6⋯.png (19.37 KB, 1006x79, 1006:79, ffprobed.png)



It's actually 0.04 seconds (40ms) long.

cfd1d2  No.67788


>176449 kb/s

You didn't split the file. But it did note there was a foreign file since it marked matroska.

I do the literal matroska on my servers, with plenty embedded files. e.g. oniichanylo2tsi4.onion/t/793ec61f213988f7df8ecdea028c697b0a265622/#aa5c20edc086192a46e20157e7b0bc4cc3a64f40


b1142c  No.69020

File: 586e089cdc09e53⋯.jpg (437.52 KB, 673x972, 673:972, analog-arcade stick hold.jpg)


& keyboard WASD or L-Tap, 2,3, R Space

6d35a9  No.69341


Are you the Paki?

fc71be  No.70041

File: f6216c6f01662f7⋯.png (285.57 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 6c8e266a63c596753ebc539367….png)

Would it be okay to talk about the hentai mugen games here?

160ce0  No.70106

File: 2efe1618bcad32f⋯.png (258.97 KB, 554x313, 554:313, unnamed_thumb-1.png)

Are you okay?

54cafc  No.70112

File: eb7bf908b9893a6⋯.jpg (16.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1340488458321.jpg)


>fatal cutie

000000  No.70117


Actually, I'm about to make a streaming site just for lewds, please share!

Be sure to spoiler actual nudes ITT although.


*yawn.mkv* old news. https://invidio.us/watch?v=iEZCqQLWznk&t=2m40s

c025eb  No.70120

File: e62015eac793269⋯.jpg (44.77 KB, 350x253, 350:253, God's own programmer, terr….jpg)


It would kill the moment if they reveal that she's literally Terry with a vagina.

d90498  No.70162


This is scarily close to that tumblr artstyle. I dare not ask more.


>streaming site

As a porndumb site like a r34 booru or something?

4fbcac  No.70330

File: dd61383e42c0fb7⋯.jpg (536.87 KB, 1844x1697, 1844:1697, 1533264195230.jpg)

File: 9c3a46adf3a6a59⋯.jpg (354.11 KB, 1889x1114, 1889:1114, 1533263775249.jpg)

Evo's on

000000  No.70335


as in better than https://picarto.tv/

ToS for^ bans loli&shotacon: seeking to remedy that on my own.

Plus, mines will be LOSS, so you can host your own, with your own CDN.

It was recently found it's cheaper to buy many lowend VPSes across DCs wide with as much RAM* & Bandwidth as possible, and just RAM skip the packets to the client using a highly kernelized service.

English words for: Twitch, Youtube, and Cloudflare have competition, you can self host


I particularly ignoring them, not to yield them more analytics.


Yalso missed:


Would attach, but Ron

This is going to be the first order of business: tourney & bracket listings

000000  No.70336

Hint, if you want to watch, Use a VPN or relay VPS with streamlink.

^You can also record/dump all the streams, and then cut them, to watch are your own leisure.

Not doing that for EVO, since everyone is recording&streaming.

000000  No.70337

Le collage officiel: https://imgur.com/a/zhpsObh

Prefer unofficial IRC channels, faster & more reliable than IBs, incl. 8ch

a74d54  No.71002

File: 5a2ca61536f47e6⋯.jpg (116.54 KB, 1195x669, 1195:669, Tekken 7 leaked image.jpg)

Tekken confirmed to have a crossover with the Walking Dead. Fucking faggot shit.

e8e84f  No.71040

File: 22253ae1072264a⋯.jpg (33.19 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 22253ae1072264a63bf37a23b9….jpg)

Any fighting games where I can play as an Australian Crossdressing Shitposting Wrestler?

c5d8f9  No.73930

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


SFV killed SF4.. *sigh*

88dd8b  No.73961

File: aecfe02e8c4852a⋯.webm (13.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Soul Cancer V.webm)


And it attracted the /tv/ audience with it.

0e1ac5  No.74059


That's concerning.

7fa0ce  No.74085


>Mortal Kombat

what are you, 10

56f0ef  No.74089


No it's worse. He's gay

3c2744  No.74220

File: ab34b00bfbaea7b⋯.jpg (40.12 KB, 639x755, 639:755, ab34b00bfbaea7bb4196c59d19….jpg)

000000  No.74237


Meanwhile on jews: >>>/v/15333679

tbph, french bread soft doijin deserves some pitty donations

57160c  No.74339

File: 5f81e0fcce96c36⋯.jpg (13.52 KB, 236x177, 4:3, f837d03353369cfda8043635ef….jpg)


I am not sure I will ever get used to TORfags being a source of quality posts but I got to say thanks anon.

1ce43d  No.74425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So thoughts on this?

3fc716  No.74440



c8e751  No.74444


No DIO, no buy.

1ce43d  No.74471


I feel like they deliberately excluded Dio just to annoy you anon.

d6d76b  No.74473

File: 700b2dc3b977175⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 825x404, 825:404, foetal fury.jpg)

fd652d  No.74491


I posted about this, but IDs & TOR shouldn't be part of discussions, but what a poster posted.

With that post, I assume they are covering their tracks as not to mix IP addresses.



6f324d  No.74649


>Button mashing noises

I thought /tv/ fetishes were farts and underage

9457f6  No.74714

File: e9370e03798d50d⋯.jpg (17.47 KB, 316x238, 158:119, Felicia fuck the knicks.jpg)


>I posted about this, but IDs & TOR shouldn't be part of discussions, but what a poster posted.

I'd prefer not to have them at all, but you can't deny there's usually a correlation between TOR usage and insane bullshit.

251269  No.74724


If you consider that fags are too used to TOR being abused it's a breath of fresh air when an underage doesn't use it.


/tv/ is known for being a bunch of Goons trying to force their degenerate fetishes on everyone.

70ffb1  No.75908

File: 8bf838b29306e5b⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1250x772, 625:386, ClipboardImage.png)

>Absolute edgelord-tier main story about a family of edgelords with muh demonic superpowers crawling in their skin destroying the world and throwing each other into exploding volcanos, growing demon horns and wings when they're about to lose a fight because nuh uh I win

>Any side characters' subplot is far more entertaining and down-to-earth

This is funny.

b3b792  No.75954


To be fair do fags care about the story on fighting games?

70ffb1  No.75973


They can have compelling stories, no matter how simple. Skullgirls for example.

e3353d  No.75996

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The overarching story in any fighting game is usually a mess, but the individual character stories are often better than more story-focused games because they know their limitations and only examine one or two things about a character.

Xrd's arcade modes did this well:

>Potemkin's final boss battle is against himself because he lacks confidence

>Ky meets Chipp during his arcade mode, who tells him something which informs him another character is lying in the full story mode

>Johnny and Leo both have the same encounter in their arcade modes, but the justification for it is different because they're both stubborn and egotistical

7abfc2  No.76011

File: 1cf47e9a48c664f⋯.jpeg (11.03 KB, 297x170, 297:170, 1.jpeg)

File: 8c31b58756a41d9⋯.jpeg (6.69 KB, 299x168, 299:168, 2.jpeg)

File: ee51ed8f1673483⋯.jpeg (9.14 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 3.jpeg)

File: 475664bc01fa0f7⋯.jpeg (10.26 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 4.jpeg)

File: 8185327c25513f2⋯.jpeg (9.81 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 5.jpeg)


Chicks dig this shit

ce2001  No.76069


I am expecting trannies

6f324d  No.76242


I thought they dig into the King of Fighters

165826  No.76471

We need an Aniki Wrestling Game.

Surely one exists?

6ab25e  No.76738


>Girls only matches

Is competing against niggers too hard?

9457f6  No.76761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It was a grudge match that Daigo hosted, actually. I don't play Tekken, but everyone tells me both Tanukana (new up-and-comer) and Yuyu (used to be a champ but took time off to have children) played excellently.

f0a0a0  No.76767

File: d59adcafc8853bf⋯.jpg (31.54 KB, 300x400, 3:4, Guilty Gear XX #Reload box.jpg)

I can safely say I've been playing absolutely nothing since Arc System Works fucked over the PC "port" of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R and people finally stopped playing #Reload netplay. Madder than I've ever been at the fighting game "community" and its developers at this current time.

acc32f  No.76770


>Having Kids

Imagine if your mom was great at fighting games but would punish you by making you unable to get dinner until you beat her 2/3?

9457f6  No.76796

File: 14beab4ea9b40b6⋯.jpg (83.88 KB, 868x643, 868:643, Tekken rage 1.jpg)

File: 069bf8f0332ca61⋯.jpg (401.17 KB, 1416x2872, 177:359, Tekken rage 2.jpg)


>people finally stopped playing #Reload netplay

Are you that same autist who made a thread about it on /v/ six months ago and screamed at people when they wanted to play +R on Steam? I can't fathom why players wouldn't want to engage with such a courteous population.

>absolutely nothing

Do you not have a single other game to play online? Fightcade usually has enough people for a lobby or two. I'm lucky enough to have a couple groups to play with locally, but I wouldn't be choosy if online play were all I had.


I'd settle for being able to talk to my parents about any of my interests without their eyes glazing over or looking at me like I'm a mass shooter waiting to happen, frankly.

6df918  No.76808


I know a Chinese legal migrant to Australia mother who's interest and hobbies are gaming from Commodore [bootlet] games to WoW PC games, and only orders her kids to finish chores before they can eat.

She's a tad lazy, but very caring and responsible.


Anyone that hasn't played BlazBlue can't be called an ArcSys fan. And even I broke ties with them as soon as I found Frenchbread made the best games.

>being able to talk to my parents about any of my interests without their eyes glazing over

You and me both. My mother is finally warming upto to me, but my Father has disowned me.

70ffb1  No.76809

File: ecc232783fe12a6⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 480x262, 240:131, 5cc7af3237c7a8d24577637cd5….gif)


>My kids asked me what was wrong

>"I lost at Tekken" is the life lesson they learned

>Crashes his fucking car

f0a0a0  No.76811

File: 35f6a2a430fa7dc⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Slavery.jpg)


>Are you that same autist who made a thread about it on /v/ six months ago and screamed at people when they wanted to play +R on Steam? I can't fathom why players wouldn't want to engage with such a courteous population.

No? I hardly waste my time on Mark/v/ anymore. But Steam is fucking cancer so I wouldn't blame that anon one bit. Guilty Gear XX series was my love. I occasionally play some Smash with IRC chums, but I don't really care for most other fighting games.

6df918  No.76812


>I occasionally play some Smash with IRC chums, but I don't really care for most other fighting games.

Your kind isn't really welcomed here.

However I'm not an idiot to ignore outright shills and stay vigilant enough if they cross to this board.

I'm laughing my ass off the Bamco shills after the "buy our sixth installment, or no more SolCal":


>I've been working on it for months as a commission from the competitive community to centralize all the announcements and kill disinfo.

f0a0a0  No.76813


>Your kind isn't really welcomed here.

And why is that exactly?

6df918  No.76816

In case anyway hasn't read Bamco's outcry:



Having to ask that makes you less welcomed here.

Is GGXX the only FG you know?

6df918  No.76817

BannnedCo. reads nice

baf76c  No.76872


>Crashes their Hyundi cause they lost a Tekken

Well at least the damage is only like $5.




Why not just make a good game?

a0795e  No.77022


I would like another tournament just for kicks.


Hell, I still play SF4 even now. V is garbage that needs to die.

a0795e  No.77025

File: 26533e729849c1b⋯.webm (12.66 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, DOUBLE_KO.webm)


Stupid webm didn't upload.

2f785d  No.77031


>I would like another tournament just for kicks.

I hope you're ready to wait at least 7 more months because /radcorp/ can't prioritize for shit.

6f324d  No.77077


>Names his dog as a fucking transformer

12b937  No.77101


Nothing stopping you hosting one anon :^)

/vg/ fighting tournament when?

7181dd  No.77116


Who gives a shit about /radcorp/ now? /vg/ has taken over hosting gamenights and is actually playing vidya fags want to play.

061984  No.77722

Nobody talking about /vg/ winning the recent fighting tournament then?

2f785d  No.77764


I'd try but I'm too afraid I'd fuck it up, also no anon cares about my game other than me.

f0a0a0  No.77786


>Is GGXX the only FG you know?

No? I already said I play a bit of Smash too. Also used to like Killer Instinct 2 a bit and Bloody Roar 3 when I've had people to play it with.

b979b9  No.77822



lol I completely forgot he existed

Is there a more pointless character in the series?

0b3b85  No.77825


>Absolute edgelord-tier main story about a family of edgelords with muh demonic superpowers crawling in their skin destroying the world and throwing each other into exploding volcanos, growing demon horns and wings when they're about to lose a fight because nuh uh I win


20df6b  No.77895

I've been having a lot of fun playing super turbo and last blade 2 lately. my ethernet have broken so online have become a pain but I still play 3rd strike with my neighbor very frequently also if you guys play with keyboards and have problems playing with neighbors/friends/brother/cousins check out this driver


it lets you use two keyboards with same keys perform different tasks, I will recommend emulating only one and using one keyboard as it is. it turns your keyboard into xbox controller and blocks all other keys none of the keys work except assigned keys after activating its literally magic and have did wonders for me.

video on usage


9457f6  No.79476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lethal League Blaze got a big new trailer with music by Hideki Naganuma. It's also unique among fighting games due to the way scoring works and focus on ball possession, which makes it more accessible than many traditional fighters.

000000  No.79501

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Quite the advert there.

I'm more surprised non here & >>>/fighters/ are talking about embeded.

Would attach, but Ron.

I think SNK stole, or read my idea, seeing the TGS trailer

b979b9  No.79678

36cb05  No.79879


I only ever had two issues with Lethal League, the netcode wasn't good enough whenever I tried to play online instead of couch vs, and there wasn't enough of it.

Normally I'd be pissed when any 2D game switched to 3D instead of sprites, but this actually looks damn good. Can't wait to play as the RoboBeatbox or the Shocker.

253336  No.79881


>no sense of humor

>no banter


fa560c  No.81496

New fightan tourney when?

bb90f2  No.81523


When Niggers stop drowning long enough for there to be one. Seriously it's something only Burgers would be interested in.

b65eea  No.82473

42f149  No.83080


Well it is a genre that whites avoid playing.

3ce599  No.83845



stop typing like a fucking retard holy shit kill yourself

0e1ac5  No.83852


People have been spelling it that way for years lad.

ce6f24  No.83868


Anon it's a nigger genre. Do you expect them to know how to spell?

Now where is the robotsuit fighting games so I can at least pretend to be a Nip schoolgirl at the gym?

6afddc  No.83985



3ce599  No.84008


Yes, and it's been retarded cuckchan-tier cancer for years.

32ed91  No.84196


Ask the Mecha Thread?

5b2169  No.86115

Are fighting games better with purely fists or weapons I've always wondered?

75c6e0  No.87272

Fighting game niggers are full of spergs who only like to shit up meta threads cause they don't know how to act in civilized society.

61354d  No.88276

Saddened >>>/v/ fg thread has become BannedCo. Only people talking and shilling SCVI.

8d4615  No.88470


What would you prefer to talk about, anon?

780e8a  No.88502


Being a nigger considering how the fighting fags act.

ea8065  No.88548


Anything really, new discoveries, some combo guides, frame data, mods, ROM dumps, etc..

I'm busying myself with my EF-12 Godot port to Blender suite. Anything to pass the time. Outright shilling isn't enthralling.


I think we have a board for that >>>/nigger/

8d4615  No.88552


I'm actually fairly new to fighting games as a whole, so I've mostly just been lurking for knowledge myself.

Returned after years of not playing anything besides Soul Calibur 2 and eventually 3 when it came out, but that was during the PS2 life cycle and when I was too young to know competitive SC existed. Only fighting games I've played besides that were the old Mortal Kombat ones I could get on the computer I used as a child.


It's a given people are gonna act retarded anywhere with anonymity, especially when that place is connected to an e-sports scene. I can understand why people on this site don't like the genre, despite my own feelings towards it.

And I wholeheartedly agree, tho I won't conflate it to be purely just niggers. Like before, it's e-sports. Autists who care about e-peen are drawn to it, since there's a bunch of people in the modern world who have such low confidence they have to turn to things as mundane as video games to feel superior to others.

ea8065  No.88558

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The last good SC was II. I'm still enjoying Fate/unlimited codes to this day.

Also, fgc is the most diverse gaming community to date because all you need is skill. The people that post racial shit do it to banter, and in a fight, anything legal to win is worth it.

8d4615  No.88562


>Lowtiergod is still a faggot who jerks off to animal torture

Yeah, I don't care about if black people play my video game genre. I just don't like it when there's elitists putting an unreasonable expectation on new players via stroking their own ego after the game despite knowing someone's new. It's not happened to me, thankfully, but I've seen it happen enough to know there's been people doing it sincerely.

Smack talking is indeed entertaining, though. When it's done between actually practiced players.

Also, what were your problems with SC3?

I know it had shitty competitive balance, but do you have any other gripes with it?

8d4615  No.88569

File: 420051c39336330⋯.jpg (27.11 KB, 450x342, 25:19, Amish Superman.jpg)

Damn, just found out SC3 wiped memory cards.

I'm so out of the loop on Soul Cal, man.

2541b8  No.88570

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


git gud

SCIII had many bugs, stage clippings, some ghost hitboxes, and overall heavily delayed input. They were so numerous, fgc just stop playing since they interfered with tournaments.

2541b8  No.88571

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We tourneyed on Arcade. Some ran PS3, but the bugs were plenty to ignore competitive gameplay.

8d4615  No.88581

File: a83ef7b534a9f33⋯.jpg (64.83 KB, 599x716, 599:716, 1531771223713.jpg)


>Git gud

>Implying I'm not playing online, having fun, and learning despite losing every game

I actually took a round from an anon much better than me despite him still 0-12ing me. Felt real good, and it was in a mirror match. He was nice enough to even switch characters every game so I could learn more about the cast.

>SC3 had many bugs, stage clippings, some ghost hitboxes, and overall heavily delayed input

Glad I was a loser and only played with my bro of a cousin on occasion, since most of the bugs I never encountered. Besides GHs and noticeable input delay.


Even though I don't follow the pros that much, they were the ones who made me remember the hype moments I had back when I played fighting games. Got bored with other games that aren't as skill reliant since often the gap in power is instead time (and gear) dependent.

If I wanted to play something gear and/or time dependent I might as well just play a tabletop RPG since those are more open and interactive than a video game could be.

36cb05  No.89249

It's almost time to learn how fucking terrible I am at Soul Calibur. I only ever played whatever ones released on Gamecube as a kid, and I never played against anything other than bots/storymode.

Here's hoping any of the skills I've picked up playing SF and Tekken since then can apply.

ba15c9  No.89275

So was Tekken 7 a success?

000000  No.89306

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



🍒🔝 BanudoCo is OVERu.

Desperate feeling when a startup as

BaseSon/UNKNOWN GAMES & M2 Co. make a more stable game than AAA

000000  No.90382


8b4855  No.90658


>TOR magnet link

Mommy I'm scared!

I-is this legit?

b501fd  No.90776


If you're from >>>/v/15625675

Congrats on your new hardware kit.

If you're bothering to ask if fitgirl doesn't test her sources, you are welcomed to get slapped in the face.

I've thoroughly enjoyed all the botnet salt.

410d77  No.91653

Side scroller beatemups allowed in this thread?

fa560c  No.91671


Sure, why not.

ea6cb6  No.91702


I thought fags weren't interested in them at all?

41dba1  No.92170

Well might start a Golden Axe playthrough methinks.

62a1fd  No.92363

File: fe51ab50de53e25⋯.png (603.76 KB, 808x455, 808:455, b5bae5385b8406cb1d02c331b5….png)

Who still Streets of Rage here?

566423  No.93149


Nobody. No niggers here.

be0f69  No.96998

So any Christmas fighting tournament plans?

a8809c  No.97225


Six button mahvel.

2a9880  No.97283


Only if you make one anon.

41913c  No.109732


>Alex Valle riding low tier dick

41913c  No.109733

File: 29a94b4dc43cb9b⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 695x390, 139:78, westveast.jpg)

I want to make an west vs east mugen game.

11a358  No.109769

File: f0ff0277b5e341f⋯.png (785.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


So Ivan Drago Justice Enforcer?

ff1563  No.110367


That would have been great for Dino thread.

0f7241  No.112624

894b92  No.118720

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sure seems to be a lot of characters returning in fighting games.

Negan and Julia coming to Tekken 7 http://archive.li/SdVDd

Amy coming to Soulcalibur VI http://archive.li/jWz3X

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