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File: 88083557bfd4ee7⋯.png (16.68 KB, 653x203, 653:203, Elona Plus Title.png)

File: eea5718dd820cd5⋯.png (247.92 KB, 539x516, 539:516, More powerful than you kno….png)

File: e0f33fc26d582c7⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1360x1148, 340:287, elona thread.png)

File: faab80c1f49af46⋯.jpg (243.33 KB, 811x631, 811:631, ONIICHAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN~~~~….jpg)

File: cc76621a426a353⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 1263x116, 1263:116, welcome to elona.JPG)

48d6ed  No.72180


Yes its time to piss on monsters, start off as a snail, play tag with a catsister, find a living weapon, watch your tactics get nerfed into the ground, watch your archer charge into melee range, and mutate until you die.

>what the fuck is this

A jap roguelike with an overworld and no permadeath, with a bunch of sand box elements, its tough to nail down. Can be played a ton of different ways like being a farmer who grows magic items as well as veggies, a piano player who get rocks thrown at him, be a valiant warrior who breaths fire, be a magical caster and nuke the map killing everything including your pets, be charismatic as fuck and have lots of followers. Expect to get you ass kicked a bit but once you get going its nice.

See end of OP for download

Looks like the most recent is 1.81, get that shit. Elona is a game made by some jap named Noa. Elona plus is a mod of that game made by Ano.

WARNING there has been a lot of nerfs and the adding of a thirst mechanic in the most recent update. There was also a pissing mechanic for doing things like marking your territory and pissing on monsters to make them mad. Hopefully the changes stop after a while.

>Elona custom

see end of OP for download

Will be called 1.81 elona custom, has to match the base you are installing it to, so only elone plus 1.81 will work with elona custom 1.81. INSTALL ME TO THE ELONA DIRECTORY

This brings about some quality of life changes and general improvements to the game as well as letting you customize things like pet AI, teach them skills, makes it easier to feed them, highly recommended. I believe you just extract the game to the elona main folder and launch from the coffee cup icon. Made by some qt named annabannana and more recently taking up the torch a guy named bloodyshade. The version of custom has to match the version of elona plus

>elona Omake

Another offshoot of Elona made by some faggot. Contains adjustment to game difficulty, new npcs, knights of the little girls, CAN BE A LITTLE GIRL, A FUCKING RIVAL, dungeon events like tag and a challenge to kill a monster, alternatively you can tell the challenger to shut up slut, tries to give other npcs a chance to shine, a pudit arena, a new factions feature which ties into NPC appearances, literally an entire page of new shit ,and Imouto apocalypse which is exactly what is sounds like. Highly recommended to give it a try whether you are starting off or have played plus and want something new. A bit more forgiving and tries to move with you instead of throwing you in. It comes in Omake, and Omake overhaul. Overhaul I THINK is the most recent download. Ask in thread if you need help.

Get em here





This is a repository of most of the elona versions, plus custom. Your web browser might kick it back because he self signs his security certificates, so far there have been no issues and you can get if off the website anyway.

f03505  No.72191

>My shitty snail character got OC made of it

How wonderful

48d6ed  No.72216

Oh yeah, let me post some information that is helpful too.

48d6ed  No.72217

File: 16fbf0c40e5ff5f⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 969x269, 969:269, breeding.jpg)

File: 536e70e577f19d3⋯.jpg (384.53 KB, 1734x908, 867:454, chart.jpg)

File: ae097736c6245d2⋯.jpg (78.85 KB, 1111x406, 1111:406, genes.JPG)

File: 8ad649bf8abb6ab⋯.jpg (263.81 KB, 1790x905, 358:181, materials.JPG)

File: c3a8c7331466537⋯.jpg (185.88 KB, 1775x639, 25:9, pickanick basket.JPG)


And I forgot to post anything .

48d6ed  No.72221

File: 018be83fd42f850⋯.jpg (184.25 KB, 1788x559, 1788:559, jew guide.JPG)

File: 8ad649bf8abb6ab⋯.jpg (263.81 KB, 1790x905, 358:181, materials.JPG)

File: e235f82b5ca6576⋯.png (6 MB, 2999x1614, 2999:1614, ELONA CYOA.png)


Then the last of them.

I need to reinstall Omake overhaul. I keep getting errors when I try to play it and its pissing me off.

f03505  No.72346

Oh yeah, so what is the difference between Omake and E+? Or is it just basically a complete overhaul with many many changes?

017452  No.72348


Its an overhaul. Its based off one of the earlier elona versions where it split off. Has some new classes and races. It does lack some of the new features of the later elona versions but it makes of for it. It looks like there is the omake, the omake overhaul which could be compared to the plus version of omake.

bacc43  No.72379


E+ has new continents and quests and such and some quality of life improvements. It also has the Custom mod which translates more stuff and adds some useful features.

Omake is more like oldschool Elona with some extra stuff added on, with Omake Overhaul adding even more stuff. E+ is still being worked on, while Omake and Omake Overhaul are finished products.

8a0cad  No.72385

Hmm, this is weird. When mounting a ride, there's two options you can pick that prohibit picking things up. The first one doesn't seem to drop my horse's speed, but the second one drops it from 160 to 48 or something ridiculous. What's up with that?

35a673  No.72404


one option is to ride your horse(1st)

other option is to let your horse ride you(2nd)

8a0cad  No.72414


>You can force your pets to ride you

Oh no

48d6ed  No.72417

File: ddf8455aed6229b⋯.jpg (22.73 KB, 552x344, 69:43, Dat_smug_look_before_you_s….JPG)


>You can force your pets to ride you

8a0cad  No.72419

File: df7d7405db1cbd9⋯.png (752.69 KB, 806x625, 806:625, Untitled.png)

Okay so this is my character sheet right now. I'm working on acquiring Tailoring and raising it to 30 so I can fusion some picnic baskets and fix my fuckawful stat growth. Or is it too late to take advantage of it, since I'm sort of high level?

I only just recently cleared Lesimas 17 and I'm saving up for a castle so I can get more servants

8a0cad  No.72420


Oh shit I didn't even ask the question I wanted to.

How can I farm up materials so I can raise Tailoring easily? I only got to level 20 or so. Do high level recipes raise the skill faster? It seems like a very profitable skill to raise

799198  No.72423



Easy solution to both is to get strong pets that like you.

They will be able to cook a breakfast that raises potentials and get materials frim enemies they kill.

48d6ed  No.72441


When nefia go into fever the mining and gathering spots are doubled

13833f  No.72466

used up a well and then burnt it but its still dry what gives?

8a0cad  No.72474

File: 788351937821fd5⋯.png (743.26 KB, 806x625, 806:625, christ.png)

Damn, picnic baskets really are OP. Takes a bit of effort to get and set up, but wow

13833f  No.72522

any idea how to disable thirst?

48d6ed  No.72568

File: 5c636d683004d10⋯.jpg (51.78 KB, 585x370, 117:74, chanonii.JPG)

I feel like this is a trick question

48d6ed  No.72569

File: b120a0a9c5d7694⋯.jpg (15.27 KB, 577x66, 577:66, bls no.JPG)


This fucking game, I swear to god.

Side note, the Omake EN hack has given me issued but the regular seems to do ok.

f64b05  No.72604


By comparison E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy story starts to make sense.

fa8bad  No.72613


E.Y.E. makes perfect sense. You play a French paramilitarist/terrorist who got his wife executed collecting some arcane artifact in the secret tomb/vault of your base of operations. You are driven mad, either by guilt or perhaps the arcane artifact itself. Reality manifests itself in your nightmarish unreality primarily as Rimanah and Mentor - these represent parts of your psyche. The mysterious Jian also seems meaningful. The game is your cycles of guilt. I'd go into it more but this isn't an E.Y.E. thread.

7e9eaa  No.72623


Which one?

I hope you didn't do this to Noyel one.


Only by playing earlier versions that didn't have one. I recommend 1.75.


Honestly, I don't know what you expected.

eafcb4  No.72624


fug, next time spoiler that anon

I havn't finished by 3rd playthrough yet

bacc43  No.72639


You could use this mod:


>Hydration has been completely removed.

afff95  No.72640

File: 5f7cf33a5d870bd⋯.jpg (196.76 KB, 960x746, 480:373, 5f7cf33a5d870bd2b1d45cf26a….jpg)


>removed nerfs

>removed thirst

>removed anti afk thing

This man needs a headpat. Also bloodyshade for cleaning up the code to make this happen.

13833f  No.72660


it was the one in noyel but doesnt refill after a month or so?

13833f  No.72661


yer a legend mate

872371  No.72668


>Jian also seems meaningful

Anon why do you shitpost so?


Thank fuck. Downloading now.

7e9eaa  No.72677


Nice mod.


Yes, it does.

Just remember to not use mix command on that one. That holy well will turn into normal one if you do so.

48d6ed  No.72834

Why does omake overhaul crash all the time? What am I doing wrong? I got it in compatibility mode but I'm still getting issues.

e9a1d1  No.72917


I also get crashes all the time be it with omake or elona+

Running on a windows 8.1 64 bit system in compatibility+admin mode

Thinking of dusting off my old computer just to enjoy this game without constant crashes, or maybe run it under a virtual machine?

eeb5b4  No.72920



>works fine

Is this the power of jap coding?

>play fighter

>have eat command

>can vorenigger faggots at low health


c216c7  No.72934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not expecting vore fetish from Nips

What are you, new?

491b33  No.72972


To be honest, this vore command is omake only so I can see why it is kind of surprising.

48d6ed  No.73047

>plays fine for an hour

>crashes on the bottom of puppy cave

I'm going back to town and eating that little girl

40494f  No.73060


I honestly don't understand why omake overhaul breaks that often.

9c3f27  No.73121


I feel like Im fucking sonething up. There is no way it runs this poorly right?

309773  No.73179

File: 5d5f8565b49980a⋯.jpg (225.77 KB, 680x771, 680:771, 45e0eea7ff97d5a0537838ef2f….jpg)

File: f65ec4f79066d80⋯.png (31.67 KB, 1158x50, 579:25, children shouldn't drink.png)

File: 2f74f8616536aef⋯.jpg (248.22 KB, 840x525, 8:5, god pets.jpg)

I think I'm gonna grab this


and re-roll a new character after all this time. I'm assuming this is a replacement for elona custom and doesn't require it right?

Also what's this hydration everyone's complaining about? Did they add thirst on top of hunger? That seems superfluous.

f03505  No.73180


>no shota x monster shenanigans

309773  No.73195


Just in case anyone didn't know, I just tested it, you need to install Custom-G over Custom

34f43a  No.73229


>There is no way it runs this poorly right?

It broke few times for me too and I use Win7 so it doesn't run very well.


>Also what's this hydration everyone's complaining about?

While ignoring it isn't fatal, if you don't drink at all it will end up with PC losing entire stamina regen.

48d6ed  No.73260

Man, with all the updates I forgot how hard the older elonas were. I have cursed boots that need a blessed scroll, I'm trying to think of a good skill to get next, maybe gardening so I can at least farm for money and plat. Also


>no money

>bash fruit tree

>younger sisters fall out


34f43a  No.73264


>Man, with all the updates I forgot how hard the older elonas were.


The most silly thing that fucked me over in omake overhaul was that you can't eat cargo food in dungeons.

0f9a45  No.73326

>new feat in elona omake lets you be a better whore

OH BOY Im going to make a mega slut preformer and fuck my way through through the game

adeb1d  No.73380

File: 2426bd5f017c876⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 550x113, 550:113, Imouto invasion.jpg)

Oh boy here we go.

48d6ed  No.73409

Am I blind or is there an SP meter in Omake? I don't see one and feel fucking up and becoming tired when I try to do shit.

145214  No.73414


>Am I blind or is there an SP meter in Omake?

Just as status effect. Spry > none > Tired > Very Tired

5eb29a  No.73419

File: 553bd3f3e2b3989⋯.png (57.57 KB, 1124x89, 1124:89, the result of internet bul….png)

>kill the first cupid of love I encounter on a brand new character

>drops a happy bed

Lucky days are great

f03505  No.73423


What's the drop rate? I've found maybe 4 across two characters, both around the level 17 Lesimas, still early

9ba1fa  No.73424


If I remember it right it was ~1/300 defeated enemies.

5eb29a  No.73432


Really? You're pretty unlucky, either that or you're playing an older version where they're even more rare. I've only really invested time into one other character besides this one and at level 65 I found like 8 of them.

d82923  No.73511



That's your snail character? Dude, Bye Whatever Loser is my character. I posted it in a thread back when I made him and thought it was funny and now apparently it's become a small meme in the Elona threads on 8chan. I was happy to see it getting posted a lot and seeing this edit gave me a good laugh. It looks like our characters are destined to be BAD DUDES™ together.

13833f  No.73561

File: 70a166aae67a341⋯.png (329.08 KB, 903x487, 903:487, shit broke.png)

cant seem to get this to work

bacc43  No.73612

File: 7a48cb42e299e03⋯.jpeg (36.56 KB, 558x437, 558:437, Come_on_Now.jpeg)

48d6ed  No.73626


Nah, its another anons in the thread. I just looked at it and thought of yours again. I remember that thread, I think it had professor terror in it. Those were the threads that got me into elona and I can say I've enjoyed it. I'm close to beating the first act but I've been distracted by Omake recently. I'll probably hop back into it soon.

d82923  No.73643


Ah shit, who was Professor Terror again? I'm not sure if it was the thread I posted my character in or not.

1c5af0  No.73778


He was a lich who happened to roll that as his alias. It was pretty great. I still miss the death meassages of other players. I feel like the game is missing something still.

f03505  No.73801

File: 8c401ec06ac4a3a⋯.png (576.27 KB, 1286x793, 1286:793, NIGGER.png)

>Oh right I have that mage quest to do

>Read through a stack of Voynich Manuscripts no problem

>Read the next tier because I had no trouble last time

>There was trouble this time

f03505  No.73804

What the fuck? My save is missing a ton of shit. I had a second farm, joined the mage's guild, and like 20 shades in a ranch

f03505  No.73805

File: 1e90a15b866dacc⋯.jpg (14.72 KB, 172x227, 172:227, 1398217273841.jpg)


I forgot I copied my game and save to a USB stick for a weekend that I went away to my parents' house and it is on there

8f8661  No.73950


>reading books in your house

Shit nigger what're you doing?

48d6ed  No.73954


>whatya playing son

>not now dad, I have to harvest all of these milk and eggs from my little girl ranch

247aa7  No.73973


>That's nice son, just remember to take your sister out for a walk afterwards

d3421f  No.74094

File: e1946b069eeb7c8⋯.png (180.01 KB, 302x312, 151:156, shit dude you only got 1 I….png)


Multiplayer (as in moongates) or possibility to shitpost at in-game chat every time you want to.


>Reading ancient books in your house

0136ff  No.74360

File: cf1d7477f07f90a⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12237372_1633925530192744_….jpg)

I am new to this. What is the issue with reading books in a house? Please don't bully too hard

bacc43  No.74381


Norne the Guide will explain it to you the first time you leave your house.

f5ebf7  No.74392


>What is the issue with reading books in a house?

Failure in reading sometimes results in random monsters spawning around you.

These monsters aren't scaled to your level, so on low level it's just suicide.

01632f  No.74403



Really getting killed by the monsters isn't so much the problem, rather it's the danger of having all the shit in your house including your house itself being burned to shit.

1b2e72  No.74654

File: 9ccafdc0e236232⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 586x368, 293:184, screen4.jpg)

File: 274232eac814001⋯.jpg (4.77 KB, 376x17, 376:17, screen5.jpg)

I finally have a daughter on omake. Incestuous relationship here I come!

cc7c22  No.74723


The headpat tax will be expensive.

48d6ed  No.74773


All that was mentioned so far and the fact they hang out for a while so you will have them in your home.

3272e1  No.74774

File: d02960411f0fa64⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 236x333, 236:333, fd46a0ba33e326761a2688fbc4….jpg)

Can't you become friendly with monsters?

Or become a /monster/ girl and call one of them daddy?

48d6ed  No.74787

File: 8e9a380f6fd4a21⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1584x1488, 33:31, alsomonstergirl.png)

File: d40743be184ebf8⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1584x1488, 33:31, MONSTERGRILL.png)


You can. Get a monsterball and capture them, or use a custom race as your start to be the monster girl.

I even have a sprite pack for your degenerate ass. They are probably out of date though.

ad69f9  No.74789


It both scares me yet pleases me that anons would have this so readily available.

374c3b  No.74888



Do you also, by chance, have 2 other minions called Kaybwan and Kaybnyan?

8ba373  No.74918

File: 2183e08a73c178f⋯.png (534.58 KB, 2016x864, 7:3, brothel.png)


>Do you also, by chance, have 2 other minions called Kaybwan and Kaybnyan?

Yup, well done anon.

on a side note, I just found a brothel moon gate where you can fuck most of the elona female npc.

and the slime moon gate, The guy who created this must've been very dedicated, all female npc trapped in a slime, with each one having their own sex scene when you talk to them, shit was amazing.

01632f  No.74934


Moongate's still work? I thought they relied on a server for other players or something I'm not entirely sure what they do Is it just for omake overhaul?

8ba373  No.74936


I haven't tried the plus version moon gate nor the official one yet, but the overhaul unofficial server still working fine on my end without crashing the game.

Obviously, you need to change the in-game language to japs before entering any room for it to work.

or you could try using it while still on the english language, though I suspect you will get an occasional crash, eventually.

01632f  No.74937


huh, the overhaul has it's own server eh? I'll have to start up a second character. Out of curiosity does the overhaul use those alternative tiles/sprites/UI by default? All the screenshots I've seen of it use them.

8ba373  No.74938


>Out of curiosity does the overhaul use those alternative tiles/sprites/UI by default? All the screenshots I've seen of it use them.

Nope, it's still using the vanilla one, you need to change it yourself.

48d6ed  No.74943

File: 405e53866a2223d⋯.png (147.79 KB, 261x326, 261:326, 405e53866a2223dd758c84114b….png)


>fuck most female npcs

>they have their own lines

Now this is autism I can get behind.

8ba373  No.74944


I know right?

Too bad it was untranslated, though It's still fappable for me.

Hopefully I came across another similar moon gate soon.

b2b227  No.75070


That's nothing compared to Nip autism where they all have their own diets, likes, dislikes, clothing, and even daily routine.

48d6ed  No.75598


7736b2  No.75796


Your stats/resistances for nether/darkness/poison(?) are too low.

You always could take all your pets too for this fight if you need to.

48d6ed  No.75798

File: 402bbabb29fdefb⋯.png (77.63 KB, 205x255, 41:51, whyyyy.png)


They die first.

I guess I need to work somemore

644de9  No.75811

File: f0c8c03b02a2ff5⋯.jpg (149.75 KB, 811x631, 811:631, guest.jpg)

What's with all the sister on this game?

I mean, holy shit, they just keep coming.

Just two more and I got 15 of them running around as an adventurer.

bacc43  No.75839

File: c5ad176bd1f1525⋯.png (485.94 KB, 526x571, 526:571, c5ad176bd1f15254529fbd6681….png)

ddf50b  No.76201


You came to the wrong neighborhood oniichan.

48d6ed  No.76239

File: 6be3b533c4430f3⋯.png (46.26 KB, 735x806, 735:806, 6be3b533c4430f306d2c348994….png)


>gay love cabin


73ea76  No.76278


What if they are succulolis intending to steal your soul through receiving headpats?

6ac8e0  No.77089

7b698a  No.77094


>Ability to throw food

Food fights when?

65f230  No.77169

File: 8780bfd317ad662⋯.jpg (137.04 KB, 811x631, 811:631, testing class.jpg)

I Just found a class.csv file on elona uploader with an additional class for omake(dragon knight, magic gunner, necromancy, jobless,druid etc)

I just leave it here for anyone who want to try it.


Just copy the class you want to try out rather than overwrite your whole file.

Obviously, there might be some sort of error, so back up your oo_class.csv file before you try to use it.

eafcb4  No.77478

File: 58c792e55bb1bd1⋯.jpg (39.19 KB, 634x462, 317:231, Pissed off Mana chan angry….jpg)


>Race yerles

>not playing Elea

2018bb  No.77490


>Playing as Elona adaptation of elves

>That live in forest which gives entire world Ether AIDS.


I admit it's way better than alternative to it though.

0e3e4d  No.77503

File: 6b86a92cd0bf42d⋯.png (599.37 KB, 698x397, 698:397, the aka was too good to pa….png)

File: 79d6b4facc16753⋯.png (373.89 KB, 682x415, 682:415, ElonaCG_2018-09-03_16-50-1….png)

Nice to see that Elona threads are still around. I recently picked it up again after not playing for around a year and a half and was ready to not even bother again after I found out about hydration, but I'm glad the Custom-G mod exists and bless the soul of whoever made it.

I've been running this character since E+ 1.4something and I can't bring myself to start over.

44bee0  No.77661


>All these stats, equipment and playing time.

I can see why.

57cba3  No.77830

Could more people post their chars?

168742  No.77841


But why?

2e301f  No.77842

File: 5ee582aa2feb521⋯.jpg (70.64 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 0716.jpg)


But I'm too shy?

0e3e4d  No.78257

File: 4330ef858f9326c⋯.png (339.66 KB, 632x426, 316:213, ElonaCG_2018-09-05_16-32-3….png)

Post your collections.

9edeb2  No.78285



I was thinking it was shit collection for small moment.

bacc43  No.78294

File: 960aac6cbf5391e⋯.png (283.75 KB, 641x424, 641:424, so many dungeons.png)


Here's some fun facts:

-See Invisible is only generated on helmets and rings. (Not counting fixedarts.)

-The chance of a Nefia Core having a specific effect is exactly 2%.

-You can use Artifact Fusion to create inheritable gear that gives you seeInvis and all the status immunities, but it'll take a considerable amount of work. I'd recommend trading Little Sisters for a couple extra wakeup gemstones to save time.

f1c94e  No.78373

File: c0c3311e2034ffa⋯.jpg (69.63 KB, 620x397, 620:397, shit.jpg)

File: 1cbaeaf0d4c0c90⋯.jpg (80.16 KB, 629x415, 629:415, milk1.jpg)

File: 789a965a113e750⋯.jpg (79.33 KB, 628x409, 628:409, milk2.jpg)

File: bbec608605edf6d⋯.jpg (75.13 KB, 617x405, 617:405, milk3.jpg)


Sure thing anon.

683b1e  No.78376


Why do you have so much shit?

aadeee  No.78382


Because I'd like to throw a variety of shit.

8f76ea  No.78385


Because Noa panders to coprophiliacs.

While Ano panders to Urolagniacs.

48d6ed  No.78387

File: c4023511702c11e⋯.jpg (90.56 KB, 697x395, 697:395, My faggot.JPG)

Heres me, rate and hate.

eafcb4  No.78400

File: 9166cac3742b911⋯.png (729.51 KB, 1280x969, 1280:969, absolutely Disgusting mlp.png)



1889e4  No.78638

File: 7c3f081bf8377ab⋯.jpg (7.08 KB, 251x250, 251:250, 1337607070552.jpg)

>a legendary stage! The audience gives you a total of 1 gold pieces.

I swear this game is trolling me.

c6300a  No.78651


Or calling you a cheap prostitute?

3b2d9d  No.78962


>tfw kraut's dead

d82923  No.78978


Ah, shit, that is Kraut's work, isn't it? I remember seeing his last couple posts way back in the day before he committed sudoku. God damn man it's been around half a decade at this point.

ba2b39  No.79191

Did the new Elona+ update nerfed Claymores (Class and Weapon)? I probably won't update if he did.

d82923  No.79269


Nope, doesn't seem it.


Here; try this link. It's a patch for Elona+ Custom that undoes a lot of the recent nerfs. The dude was a total bro and even unnerfed Shadow Step when I brought it up to him; I'm going to start using this mod from now on honestly.

eafcb4  No.79380


>Some typos have been fixed (e.g. "Little Girl" instead of "Little Sister"

tbh i thought it was some sort of group collective camaraderie thing, like when the KKK refer to each other as brothers

Also does it stop me from peeing on my pets? because thats what matters to me

31fdce  No.79383


I thought it was a play on the imouto trope. Sounds funnier to me as "Little Sister."

bacc43  No.79396

File: 4f6158bedbfa624⋯.png (483 B, 48x48, 1:1, Chara_4_little_girl.png)

File: 32040f595b2788b⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 268x358, 134:179, little girl.jpg)

File: c9e510e97b2501b⋯.gif (336 B, 17x25, 17:25, Little-sister.gif)

File: 77864442c2d3332⋯.png (574.94 KB, 800x1282, 400:641, Little_sister_concept.png)

65bf7f  No.79523

Sorry if I'm missing something but I'm getting back into Elona. Was there a big pack full of moongates or something that existed?

And I'm still bummed theres no rigged up chat alternative to hear death messages.

f600c5  No.79524


>Was there a big pack full of moongates or something that existed?

>theres no rigged up chat alternative to hear death messages.

Even if there was one. It doesn't mean much if there isn't any server to use them.

65bf7f  No.79525


Eh? I saw some guy talking about finding a moongate so I assumed something like that existed, do they still work?

bacc43  No.79532


>do moongates still spawn in towns


>is there a server that sends you a list of .PUM files for you to visit when you use a moongate


It'd be nice if there was a programmer who could study source.hsp's "net_" functions and create a working server, and if there was someone who'd host it afterward, but it hasn't happened so far.

2e142e  No.79533

File: 3914138b2fab1a2⋯.png (289.98 KB, 816x633, 272:211, Imouto map.png)

Found this while randomly entering through a moon gate.

65bf7f  No.79537


For some reason the tilesets crash, hard. I tried converting them to BMP too. What gives?

dae2ee  No.79549


man, this one reminds me of the little girl moongate back then, anyone still have those .eum file pack?

0cbc6a  No.79552

Why is Omake so damn unstable? Am I doing something wrong?

d1a437  No.79561


Eh, I never got any crash on omake, other than a few crash during moongate diving, which is understandable.

Have you set the game compability mode to Windows 7 or even lower than that.

d1a437  No.79562


Found it:


I can't believe the link is still up after all these years.

65bf7f  No.79652


How do you apply custom NPCs to the game, by the way?

230b10  No.79661


Omake or plus?

If plus, just place them on elona user folder.

for omake put it on user\npc\omake_overhaul

f35db6  No.79671

I just died to a quickling boss. What is the way to deal with cut damage? Aside from contingency obviously.

6caa0e  No.79675


Kill him faster than he can kill you.

a4e211  No.79822


Easier said than done. He uses this one skill that I feel like it inflict damage based on my max health because I used boost and holy shield and it still took like a quarter of my health.

6caa0e  No.79836


Even as bosses quicklings don't have much HP.

So either use strong magic or use cut damage/squeeze it to just fuck its shit up.

48d6ed  No.80013


Oh snap, I might update now, I was avoiding it for so long because I didn't like the changes.

c71afa  No.80049


Is E.Y.E. DC a free game?

So uh… Guys… I never played this game. As someone who has never played Elona before, what the hell should I expect? is this a totally offline singleplayer game? what's the story like? is it similar to the sims?

what are the best mods to use? skin packs? clothes packs? anything and everything?

exactly what should I grab and install and how? I don't know where to start. butterflies in the stomach and the swirling room.

48d6ed  No.80108


I stuck the downloads in the OP. Go to the bloodyshade repository of stuff. In there download the latest elona +, then elona custom of matching release. IF you need more help just say so.

48d6ed  No.81268

>can now complete dungeons higher level than me

I feel like I achieved something.

03ea22  No.81477


Go beyond. Awaken those dungeons.

c090ce  No.81515

File: be82f4ca4e43dca⋯.mp4 (7.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Awaken.mp4)

48d6ed  No.82239


blease no, I want to beat the first act before that

cf292b  No.83040

How long till lolis in tanks start taking over the world?

250130  No.83415

Elona+ 1.83 is out.


>4 new items: clay, sulfur, butler's diary and something fossil

>4 new fusion recipes: Pottery, Regenerate Creature(from fossils), barrel bomb and sulfuric

<Only sulfuric was implemented for this version

>4 new types of dungeons - Nests, Cemeteries, Mines and Lakes.

>Added 6 new NPCs to bird race and 2 to mazin race.

>Made NPC spawn vary per dungeon types.

<Cave: 8 races - beast, yeek, kobold, orc, goblin, bear, bacteria, medusa

<Forest: 8 races -horse, bird, beetle, mandrake, sheep, ent, dinosaur, fairy

<Tower: 7 races - drake, cupid, armor, mazin, eye, hand, asura

<Forest: 7 races - giant, machine, behicle, lizardman, quickling, mutant, piece

<Nest: 8 races - dragon, wasp, spider, snake, worm, largeanimal, minotaur, rabbit

<Cemetery: 7 races - wisp, imp, ghost, skeleton, zombie, lich, cat

<Mine: 7 races - golem, rock, bat, slime, rat, dog, harpy

<Lake: 7 races - seamonster, shell, frog, yith, snail, mushroom, spirit

04c05c  No.83821

Thread fix.

48d6ed  No.84335


>new fossil monsters


1dc558  No.84344

I don't suppose anyone has a custom sprite sheet they can share? The ones posted earlier don't seem to work and I can't seem to find anywhere I can find a full sheet.

fedd0f  No.84364


You're better off searching for them at


1dc558  No.84496


That's what I was afraid of. Lotta work to replace all of the defaults but oh well I guess I'll just suck it up.

4741fb  No.84994

File: cebcc90c56898e7⋯.jpg (64.19 KB, 398x269, 398:269, 43759863d3154ecbbca82d88cf….jpg)


>ap for life

d928ea  No.85000

Elona+ Custom 1.83 is out.


So is Custom-G for that version too.


d13454  No.85081

So… What elona is best? Omake or Plus?

d928ea  No.85089



>Easier to mod and has more through mod support (for example making your own starting jobs or new gods.)

>More side content and major changes to gameplay

<Lacks some QoL updates from plus (Town healers don't remove curses, you can't eat cargos of merchant food in dungeons and few other things)

<Sometimes breaks for almost no reason.

<Lacks Bigger Sister (((Merchant))) God (No easy plat coins)


>More main story content (~1,75 Acts more to be exact)

>More things to craft, with exception for creating weapons. (You can't make them by yourself)

<Nerfs from ass and added some features disliked by many (Solved by installing Custom and Custom-G mods)


>Have unique special actions that don't exist in other version.

d13454  No.85092


I see thanks

48d6ed  No.85239


I would say Plus first, Omake is finicky as fuck for some reason and its easier. By the time you have had your fill of plus the Omake changes will be a breath of fresh air and you will know how to make fat stacks of gold.

I kinda got off my elona kick, but I've been thinking about playing it again.

bacc43  No.85245


>you can't eat cargos of merchant food in dungeons

Can you build a shelter in the dungeon and eat them inside the shelter? I remember doing that years ago.

d31596  No.85290


I didn't try doing that yet.

acebef  No.85303

I apologize for stupid question but I have great trouble finding what these charachip extend option on omake actually do.

can anyone help me? I can't find any info about it on wiki.

b4aced  No.85311

File: 79beca62003ba5b⋯.jpg (309.06 KB, 811x631, 811:631, dragons.jpg)


From the usage text file:

繝サAbout FFHP Character Chip Version

Normal character chips used by characters with different variations (including different hounds, dragons, normal younger sister, little sisters in mansion and such) can now individually show different graphics.

It is also possible to give different graphics based on the gender of character.

For example, it is possible to set a different graphic for just lightning hound (female).

Even for unique characters picture replacement is possible. A different graphic just for Lomias (female) can be done.

If you want to know more, look for "documentation for modding" on wiki overhaul release thread.

I've been using it myself to change each type of dragon appearance.

48d6ed  No.86186


Wait is this new? Because I can't wait to see some premium autism come from this.

412052  No.86194


>Wait is this new?

Nope. it's been there since the first eng release, believe it or not.

I'm guessing people just being lazy to check it out.

Then again, I've been spent more time testing the game feature and looking for bugs than I have actually playing it for fun.

2e7e32  No.86210

>You've swallowed something bad

>You get pregnant

B-but I'm male

e0ec37  No.86251


Yes and?

429027  No.86253


I recommend making your character drink some poison/dye/sulfur acid asap, unless you want to have some Dwarf Fortress-tier of FUN to happen soon.

8cf842  No.86279


>ap for life

Can the gained life be used for adding a new body part though?

429027  No.86285


I think so, because Ano wouldn't be able to limit it in any way.

11acff  No.86308


Nah he should learn the ramifications of randomly drinking out of wells firsthand. That's the best way to learn.

48d6ed  No.86309


>not spamming drink on wells you find in dungeons

What are you a faggot?

429027  No.86316



ddcc8d  No.86394


You know what they say about people unable to learn from their mistakes.

566b43  No.86906


Well time to turn my 10 pets into hindu gods.

167595  No.87469

Okay, so my little girl can killed anything we run into no problem, but apparently she can't walk past a well without killing her.

What could I do to save her?

794c77  No.87470


Make her wear wings, which will give her float.

48d6ed  No.87531


The well is the final boss that no man or monster can escape. It consumes mindlessly and without remorse. Accept your fate.

93c19b  No.87786

I haven't played elona+ since like 1.7 or so.

What have I missed? Is it still good? Is it more good? Are there new custom mods/patches/tools nowadays?

48d6ed  No.87810


I would say avoid updating but now that we have a patch that can remove gay shit then its worth.



Custom G is the patch to Custom that removes the new thigns like thirst which was gay. And even better LOWERS THE FUCK OUT OF THE SP NEEDED FOR COOKING. No more harvesting your entire field only to have to sped the entire day cooking it, or have some of it rot in your inventory. Shit I think I'm going to update right now.

472da8  No.88083


fuck it im gonna try it. any advice /vg/?

472da8  No.88094

File: 7f5f8b5e7cbea51⋯.png (9.53 KB, 336x241, 336:241, ClipboardImage.png)


literally just downloaded it and ran it and i got this wtf

48d6ed  No.88095

File: 1ef81eefc81c59f⋯.jpg (579.28 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 0c6a233f48b8a1f2cfece5c7d4….jpg)

File: 01cf5d066abdc4c⋯.jpg (158.3 KB, 877x644, 877:644, 01cf5d066abdc4c19218f568a1….jpg)

File: d470e78807fa3ec⋯.jpg (114.67 KB, 781x605, 71:55, 1c3df2d3779a4bfb1e3cb94571….jpg)

File: a5ed4d4ab7ca5ca⋯.jpg (214.63 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1ca9e2e6f9a00878fa50e50092….jpg)

File: 3a12d8c53746aca⋯.jpg (97.39 KB, 456x456, 1:1, 3a12d8c53746aca326eb28fea0….jpg)



Lets see, expect to die a lot. My first 5 characters felt like practice runs. Choose a fighter vocation and avoid snail unless you want full levels of FUN. Caster can take a bit to get going but they are monsters in combat. I have a lot of information in the first 2 posts but it might be a bit much for you now. Don't worry and try to focus on learning.

Of course you can do what you want, I am by no means an expert and the best way to learn is to fuck around and ask when you have questions.

Elona+ and custom is way more forgiving than old versions of Elona, thats for sure. Look for the elona +, custom, and G

Install in that order and launch from the G .exe, it's a little coffee cup.

There is a lot to do, take your time and enjoy it.

48d6ed  No.88096




I don't think you can downgrade versions.

472da8  No.88099


download you dyslexic fucktard :^)


thanks boo. i tried the download link and it seems to not be working, anywhere else i should try and download it from?

48d6ed  No.88117



This is what you tried?

You could always look on the elona wiki, there should be a place there. If not I can just throw it on a vola for you.


I swear I saw downgraded.

472da8  No.88129


yeah it is. i couldnt tell you whats wrong, but i posted my error above.

>I swear I saw downgraded.

honestly i get that all the time,

48d6ed  No.88145



Ere ya go, all three files

472da8  No.88151


thanks man. you're a good guy, I appreciate your help. definitely gonna give this a good try now.

472da8  No.88164

File: cb1311d502d93fe⋯.png (630.75 KB, 699x415, 699:415, ClipboardImage.png)


wish me luck /vg/

472da8  No.88165


oh whoops i forgot, does anyone wanna suggest a name?

472da8  No.88167

File: 82368e7320a8a1b⋯.png (230.28 KB, 693x228, 231:76, ClipboardImage.png)

i threw a vase at her…

98dee4  No.88182


You weren't killed by putit on your first character at least.

That one happened to me.

472da8  No.88202

File: 1e113dad1f98f2c⋯.png (435.11 KB, 586x371, 586:371, ClipboardImage.png)


nope, that was my second playthrough.


so far, so good. pic related.

b337a3  No.88205


>feeling homo

472da8  No.88206

File: f2428bd1444c4e4⋯.png (159.19 KB, 500x157, 500:157, ClipboardImage.png)


oh it gets better.

5a5c97  No.88214


God's work. Catbox.moe is better in future if it can fit though since the speed is faster and it lasts much longer.

48d6ed  No.88227

File: bbc1ca7659af3d8⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 240x180, 4:3, haha....gif)

>trickertreater moltolved my house a while back

>it burned something but I couldnt tell what

>blessed 10 bottles of water

>go to fuck with some equipment

>oh yeah I can bless those scrolls I have

>now where is my bookshe-

<its gone

<it was the bookshelf that got burnt

<with the stacks and stack of bless and regular change material scrolls

bacc43  No.88238

File: bde6da7840e6913⋯.jpg (58.37 KB, 409x499, 409:499, guardian_angel.jpg)


Don't worry dude, your Guardian Angel saved all those scrolls for you. Just put a new bookshelf in your house for her to return them to. (Also, keep a couple of api nuts or chestnuts handy during October from now on so that you can bribe kids.)

4ffb22  No.88239

File: bddb26960019237⋯.png (49.14 KB, 585x367, 585:367, screen3.png)

We finally meet, my nemesis.

8f30b6  No.88242



Not sure about acid though. Do acid break down furnitures?

75416f  No.88259


This is actually hilarious. the random name generators in these kinds of games are always great.

677c25  No.88273


>Do acid break down furnitures?

I think it only worked on equipment, but you can always check it yourself by throwing some sulfuric/casting acid ground spell on some place with furniture.

48d6ed  No.88342

Ohyeah I forgot to mention for you new guys.

In Derphy there is a black market vendor who sells higher tier equipment, when you get money start investing him him, hes a good source of easy to obtain good equipment.

48d6ed  No.88375

File: 6fc40f4b0d8def3⋯.jpg (104.56 KB, 891x622, 891:622, AWWWWW YEAAAH.JPG)

>randomly decide to try the last floor again

>kinda geared up but what ever we'll see how it goes

>expect pets to die in the first few turns

>may as well cheer so they can get a few hits in

>they wiff him in 3

Holy shit I did not expect that. What now? I never got past the first act before?

bacc43  No.88386


>What now?

Acquire AP, buy Speed.

ff4795  No.88471


Or Life.

595bad  No.88498


I actually had trouble with the assasin guy rather than the final boss honestly. But it's probably because I'm equipped with a ton of static artifacts with multiple resists by the time I fight him.

595bad  No.88499


Can you get Godly level equips though?

fb610b  No.88500

File: ff464be8f8626cb⋯.png (11.88 KB, 607x31, 607:31, from toilet.png)


They're fucking everywhere. Even I am surprised.

48d6ed  No.88530


I fought him like 5 times before on a whim decided I wanted another crack at him.


I haven't even ever found a living weapon weapon yet ;_;

c38a0b  No.88737



None of that shit has ever happened to me.

I wonder if the ingame luck helps or not.

17e23c  No.88744


You're better off searching for them by treasure maps.

Majority of time they will be either Great or Miracle equips though.

48d6ed  No.88843

>give goose god pet a rod of magic laser for shits

>she can duplicate them and now is a rape train

What the fuck? I feel like this is a bug somehow. I wonder what would happen if I gave her a rod of speed.

c1b291  No.88847

Should i stay at void depth 401 or try for 601?

5dbd3b  No.88852


Dupli-cane special action is a thing in Elona+.

<Rods use stamina instead of spell charges.

a318dd  No.88976

>start new game

>choose cat as pet

>teach it words


>runs around going MEOW MOTHERFUCKER constantly to my endless amusement.

48d6ed  No.89439

Wow this new map section is mean. I guess I need better equipment and so do my pets. I've been looking for shit with good resists and was just going to material change it but its hard to find something good.

74bca4  No.89537


You have Samuel L Jackson as a cat?

cb2cf6  No.89856

Raising a spellcasting pet is so tiresome compared to a melee/ranged ones. Should I just feed them tofu+ potential potions for years instead of grinding in dungeons?

1e28b7  No.91164

Elona+ 1.84


>The new Act III area is now called Aimwell as per [Noa's Etherwind] to prevent confusion. Changed some text to reflect this change.

>Added 4 new evolutions.

<little boy/scout boy, scout boy/battle boy, butler/sheep butler, bisque doll/bisque dolls

>Added 1 new NPC.

<bisque doll made by clay craft recipe

>Added 8 new items.

<mugi tea(raises healing skill exp), cola(SP recovery potion), chewing gum(Recovers 1/20 satiety), gum remnants(Recovers 1/25 satiety+infinite use), ancient pottery, decorative pottery, bisque doll(these 3 are clay craft recipes) and dark fragment(tool/planned to be used as way to learn special action made in future)

>Added 1 new special action.

<Killing Dance, boosts evasion and deals damage for every successful evasive action

<Group Hypnosis special action now has an additional roll which will inflict low strength Nightmare if it succeeds.

>Decapitation special action was basically a wasted turn if the target was not at low health, so it will now deal a small amount of Dexterity-dependent damage before rolling to decapitate the target.

<Characters afflicted by Gravity status ailment can no longer evade traps. Trap disarming is still possible as the roll to disarm occurs before trap evasion.

>Added pitfall traps to Nefia.

<Characters that are not floating will be dealt danger level-dependent damage (reduced by DV) when they get caught in it. 2 turns of Invert status ailment is them applied to them if they are currently afflicted by less than 2 turns of Invert. The pitfall trap disappears after it triggers.

>Pitfall traps can now be created by 'D'igging at your feet (except on the world map). Disarming pitfalls you created yield no experience.

>New town board quest for defusing traps. There are variations of it that require filling in pitfalls and defusing land mines.

7d5cbc  No.91531


>little boy

Is he an enemy of the Catholic Priest?

48d6ed  No.91546

File: 305a5d41f9e0622⋯.jpg (64.23 KB, 870x790, 87:79, 305a5d41f9e062225a1581de91….jpg)


>littleboy milk

>littleboy eggs

86b4cc  No.91650



He is just gender-bend version of little girl.

71a8ab  No.91709

File: a3f94be293955f2⋯.png (154.91 KB, 325x514, 325:514, Surprise Underneath.png)


So a typical anon?

77e0cb  No.92166


All I can think of is Lexx when I read that quote as well.

5965bf  No.92364

File: 9d76f8d98a1c0da⋯.jpg (109.7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, d867c3ac4e45a724dd96bc5b9b….jpg)


Stop being gay anon!

48d6ed  No.93194


Don't make me call Mike Pence, I'll do it.

e323ab  No.93342


I think we need an anti-gay patrol round here.

66466e  No.93392

File: 45c93cfa9fc68e8⋯.png (376.74 KB, 1860x2072, 465:518, 45c93cfa9fc68e8dd060c0b6c2….png)



Just wanted to drop in and post this.

576eef  No.93497

Elona+ 1.84 Custom is out.



<Ported 1.84 changes.

<Minor text/translation changes.


<New evolution special actions to Custom AI.


<Fixed typo in Killing Dance's data reference, it had tgsel (undeclared anywhere, would default to 0) instead of tgself for the target definition.

Elona+ Custom-G is also out.


Changelog is in readme file.

48d6ed  No.94313


>custom G update

I fucking love this guy holy shit.

After getting past the first act with my main I'm working on my alts my mage and it has occurred to me I made a huge mistake. I got the male exile instead of the female. What do?

36cd14  No.94333


There was item called forbidden meat(made by alchemy recipe) that changed NPCs sex, but I am not sure if that would change sprite too.

48d6ed  No.94335


Ohh I forgot about that. I man the biggest change is the evolution. One way to find out I guess.

48d6ed  No.94589

Now that I am thinking about it I might just dump the god pet and get something else.

bacc43  No.94734


I'd recommend a fire dragon child. Extremely durable, and they gain useful abilities as you evolve them. The final evolution's Megid Breath is particularly handy for a mage, since it inflicts Element Scar.

14b08f  No.94781

Is there any reason not to worship Kumiromi for his stamina recharge? Are any of the other gods worth it at end game?

bacc43  No.94805


I've heard that Prayer of Jure scales well, and Lulwy has Lulwy's Trick. I don't think the other five have anything worthwhile, though.

48d6ed  No.94832


The mountains of Plat big sis gives you is nice for early game but her late game is kinda meh

907a62  No.94909


>Prayer of Jure

I misread that as Prayer of Joel and nearly had to throw myself out the window.

14b08f  No.95063

Is it better to go Valkyrie or Witch for my initial little girl? The witch would have a higher CHA and the spell crystal spear but the valkyrie needs less evolving and has a float bit.

48d6ed  No.95104


I went Valk and its pretty much just little girl who will cheer everyone once in a while. Still pretty solid. I never went witch though.

bacc43  No.95181


Rain of Sanity is pretty rare, but if memory serves once you get Mind Resistance up to about 800 you're basically immune to sanity damage anyway.

737713  No.95240

How much autism do I need to play this game?

958c33  No.95257


>Mind Resistance up to about 800

>you're basically immune to sanity damage anyway.

No wonder. It's just 5% of base damage in that case.


>How much autism do I need to play this game?

Just large enough to learn controls. Besides that it isn't hard.

48d6ed  No.95478


I would say the hardest thing is learning how to do stuff BETTER but nothing is really hard to learn.

6cf6c3  No.96953


What about Brouzoufs?

c006d2  No.97060

>max luck perk

>still no living weapons


5616d0  No.97089


God Joel hates you!

bacc43  No.97109

File: 75ca5416c1b54a4⋯.jpg (222.77 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, Ehekatl of Luck.jpg)

40251d  No.97306

File: 8250bca3daf5efd⋯.jpg (76.23 KB, 800x337, 800:337, Praise the Joel.jpg)


Patron God of Novalogic and Mod Development

21293d  No.97325


That guy did make the code readable. I wonder if you can make gods.

35a673  No.97862

This game runs on safe mode. .

48d6ed  No.98432

>go to do jewel quests on my mage character

>rape face

Mage rocks holy shit.

0c17dd  No.99704

If you get a Hound or dragon as a pet will their breath attacks fuck you up?

bacc43  No.99707


I'm pretty sure they'd come with the Control Magic skill these days.

f3e01b  No.99709


Nice. I was thinking about snaging one as a pet. Maybe a sound or illusion hound. Then again there is that dragon with power breath that did good damage to me and a pet.

744cdf  No.99925

I want to make my own Elona in gamemaker.

18075a  No.99930


Like the same or something different? Or like an rpg?

744cdf  No.99935


More of the same but with more simmy features, I guess. Probably easier to edit by modders because it's gamemaker too. I think I'll do it as a hobby.

18075a  No.99950


>more simmy

More interactive little girl farm when?

57ee34  No.100221

File: 09058277b07302f⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 720x544, 45:34, eye_gouge.jpg)



no… simply don't

if you want a decent engine use godot, its reasonably well suited for that

I've imagined about a more lewd version of elona and if out fit nice into the setting (inspired by VH for example)

but that's if you have actually developing skills, if you do, count me in, if you do not, fuck off

6769ef  No.100224


How do you explain lesbian porn with strap-ons?

ec4f9a  No.100286


>use godot

I haven't touched it yet, to be honest. As for developing shit, I'm just a lowly programmer who has dabbled in Gamemaker (ver 1) for fun years back. It's kinda daunting to start a project like this though because of the sheer size, asset needed and of course the fact that there's so many roguelikes already.

Still, might be fun to do an open source Elona.

bacc43  No.100295


>might be fun to do an open source Elona

ElonaFoobar already exists.

956545  No.101702

Anybody know of any good, up to date, music packs for elona+?

75cb44  No.101757


Music packs get outdated?

00de0d  No.101772

File: 632a3684dcc741d⋯.jpg (129.87 KB, 500x575, 20:23, Blowout soon stalker.jpg)

Is there a mod for Elona that lets you go full /strelok/? I looked at the weapon page at the wikia that according to it only the plus mod adds a few more guns but it is a bit underwhelming for my taste, kinda hoped I would be able to start out with the Macaroni instead of a rusty copper sword or something.

48d6ed  No.101804


Not really. You can use guns and shit but its limited to a few different ones with some different ranges and stats. If you choose the gunner class you start with a gun, I think its a shitty handgun though.

00de0d  No.101909


Damn what a shame, I thought there would be such mods that would greatly expand on it or something, especially given that asides from balancing one literally needs to add 1 sprite and nothing else to make it useable so it would be very easy to add shit ton of content.

bacc43  No.101926


Plus lets you customize an item's name, sprite, and description.


If you want to have some specific variety of gun in the game, you could pick the most similar class of gun and use item customization to recreate it. That's as close as you'll get to adding new items without dipping your toes into editing and compiling Japanese QBasic.

893c57  No.102152


Didnt someone make the code not shit though? Or is it still in nipnong?

5a5c97  No.102353


Just play CDDA if you want that sort of game.

bacc43  No.102361

File: e1d2b29f63c9f99⋯.png (53.94 KB, 1293x1060, 1293:1060, pineapple_then.png)

File: 1fc5fbbc93a73e7⋯.png (64.01 KB, 1294x1058, 647:529, pineapple_now.png)


It's much better than it used to be, definitely. However, adding a new kind of weapon would still require (among other things) opening a ~13 MB sourcecode file and editing multiple databases inside it to add the new item type and its various properties and behaviors. And the version of Elona+ Custom compiled from that source would essentially be a new variant of the game, with save files incompatible with other variants due to the previously nonexistent item.

5e371a  No.104559

Elona+ 1.85 is out.


>Added "Item mark set/adjust/move/delete" to the 'i'nteract menu for characters.

>Combined weapon and armor hardening at the blacksmith into equipment hardening. Also you can now manipulate weight of your equipment.

<It's very expensive and doesn't work for <0.1s or >100s items.

>Added an event dialogue that happens on anniversaries. Get your pets happy, sad or cause special ragnarok full of hostile space aids NPC.

>Added 2 new special actions, both of which can be learned by the player. They called Hazard Recipe and Anaphylaxis. Both require "researching poisons" feat and gene engineering skill.

>Added 6 new kobolt and 1 new bacteria NPCs.

>Added 1 new evolution. (kobold>king kobold)

>Added 1 new item. (bomb barrel)

>Implemented 2 item fusion recipes.

Elona+ Custom for 1.85 is out too.


>Mainly translation and fixes.

427a70  No.104562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


More "if"s than Obama's speeches.

630d27  No.104597


It's still isn't as yanderedev pajeet-code.

630d27  No.104598


*as bad was

06f520  No.104613


Don't remind us. I still can't decide which was worse, yandev's or Novalogic's

a7b63e  No.104614


at least novalogic made video games

5a5c97  No.104827


>Added an event dialogue that happens on anniversaries. Get your pets happy, sad or cause special ragnarok full of hostile space aids NPC.

Interesting. Probably pretty easy to abuse though.

f57e66  No.104831


They made PTSD simulators, not vidya.

bf2689  No.104990


I don't see anything wrong with the code.

06f520  No.105011

File: 8e68f5fabd0b59a⋯.png (149.38 KB, 828x801, 92:89, gyubzyq87xmx.png)


>t. Yandev

bf2689  No.105018


Look at the variables called and look at the returns, what exactly is wrong with the code here >>102361 ?

0fa9b8  No.105020


Still not as bad as Novalogics code.

06f520  No.105039

File: cf849e2b70ea8a0⋯.jpg (23.72 KB, 240x180, 4:3, joelterry.jpg)


You don't need that many if statements when you can easily achieve the same or better with something like switches or even dictionaries for starters, there are tons of ways to optimize it. And that's not mentioning the fact that you have to compile the entire game just to add a new item and making it incompatible with saves,as stated in the post with the code screenshots.

I'm not going or trying to shit on Elona just based on badly written or spaghetti code, as there are games with objectively worse (novalogic).

4b5ce6  No.105058



why are those variable names so non-descriptive? was this decompiled from binary?

bacc43  No.105249


Yes. Ano doesn't provide the source for Plus; BloodyShade has to decompile it to make Custom. (Apparently the same thing goes for OO/OOENhack.) I've never tried it myself, but as far as I know this HSP decompiler is the one that gets used:


1fc6a7  No.106977


>dat description translation

I didn't know Nintendo of America worked on this.

bacc43  No.107062


Check out Custom's "\externalize\Cards" folder sometime. All ~975 monsters have a Japanese description that explains a bit about them (e.g. the yeek boss stealing crops from Yowyn's farms) when you look them up in your deck. The English text has about 20 actual descriptions; the rest is basically placeholder text.

48d6ed  No.107348

>want chaos seed pet

>now never find them

I hate this game sometimes.

a6432e  No.109289

I think I want to go gunner but what gun should I be using? They have different ranges right?

d6287e  No.109331


>what gun should I be using?

Decide it yourself.

>They have different ranges right?



Elona+ Custom for 1.85.5 is out.


>Mainly bugfixes and one new feature:

<when you die it now tells you what items were dropped and how much gold you lost.

83b6a3  No.110027


>now tells what you lost

Thank fuck. I would always miss something. I remember a time I was hungry demoned in a dungeon and when to reach for my cooler. Only to realize that I dropped it last death a while back.

I might jump back into Omake again. It just different enough where you can play it to take a break. I keep forgetting how much easier elona has gotten though since omake is closer to the original elona.

What have you been running lately?

c89f94  No.110029


>What have you been running lately?

It was quite long time since I played it.

But I usually preferred to play Elona+.

6adbe4  No.110043


Im trying to make money in Omake and its hard. Good thing there are new skills that make you a better whore.

c89f94  No.110047


>I'm trying to make money in Omake and its hard.

It could take some time, but it isn't that bad.

>Good thing there are new skills that make you a better whore.

As long you don't mind being town bicycle.

48d6ed  No.110053


If you roll performer its just apart of the job. When I played it I remember like 2-3 levels of whore you could get. It was pretty sweet.

16e70c  No.110054


I've never played this.

i want to give this game a go, but which of those files do i download? i just want the latest/newest/most stable official release.

plz advise.

48d6ed  No.110055

File: 4ae60182a5e1a9d⋯.jpg (57.98 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 2ci31i.jpg)


>This is a repository of most of the elona versions, plus custom. Your web browser might kick it back because he self signs his security certificates, so far there have been no issues and you can get if off the website anyway.

Follow this link, a guy keeps all the newest updates and updates of custom. Click the link then click the Elona+/, the most recent is at the bottom. IF you want custom, on top of that, which I recommend, after you download the above click the Elona + Custom\. Make sure you get the same version of what you downloaded which should be 1.85 for both.

48d6ed  No.110056


Oh god, the thumb nail looked so much better, I''m so sorry.

c89f94  No.110058

16e70c  No.110059


>Install elona+ 1.85 first.

>Then Elona+ Custom on that

>Finally install Custom-G on Custom

are you saying to play elona+first, then go onto the others? or are you saying i should install these in that order?

48d6ed  No.110060


Install in that order. Extract custom, then custom g to the elona plus folder.

16e70c  No.110061


my current security settings have issues with google drive, so im attempting to use https://bloodyshade.no-ip.org:42333/ElonaCustom/

to get the files. i downloaded elona+ 1.85… then you said Elona+ custom, so i downloaded the 7zip file of the same version. but i dont see a custom-G… is that the same as custom unofficial?

48d6ed  No.110062


Oh fug, bloodyshade doesn't have custom G. Thew is in here for you.


6fb28c  No.110071

How to not suck at this?

>install elona+

>sounds and looks fun

>make my character

>find ancient book

>go home and read

>a fish gunship or something spawns

>rip save

tfw I’ve played on 4 characters and fucked each one of them up to a point where the save is unplayable

6769ef  No.110074


Don't read books in your house.

c89f94  No.110075


Actually read beginner guide which I linked in >>110058

Also prepare to be minced a lot of times.

48d6ed  No.110138


If you have any question just ask here. The game is waaay more forgiving then it used to be so there is that. I rerolled more than once and every character got a little further until my recent who has cleared the first act for the first time.

6fb28c  No.110173

Thank you, I think I’m starting to get the game finally.

48d6ed  No.110478


It takes a bit, the grinds it way down with the of the Elona plus features, they have shit like skill tickets now so you aren't beating your head against the wall grinding for plat.

c016f3  No.110513

File: 436e92d09128914⋯.jpg (495.18 KB, 1176x1000, 147:125, awoo shy curious touhou hi….jpg)

Japan just made save editing and modding illegal, how will that effect Elona?

bacc43  No.110518

File: 1adbb46024acd72⋯.jpg (42.32 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 42499261_1838922429536483_….jpg)


Based on about ten minutes of research, it sounds like it's an absurdly badly-written law penned by idiot politicians in a flailing attempt to target console modding. I don't think anyone who was given Elona's source code by Noa would be sued by him for modding, so the question is whether or not the Japanese will panic over the law's mere existence.

Living in burgerland, where every library has a photocopier for people to make copies of pages from the books, the idea of caring about laws like that (when you're not trying to make money from what you're doing) is absurd, but from what I've heard people actually take those laws seriously in Japan, so I can't imagine how they'll react.

c016f3  No.110520


>but from what I've heard people actually take those laws seriously in Japan, so I can't imagine how they'll react.

thats due to Japan having such a low crime rate that police do everything they can to seem useful

Also I think the law is trying to push boundaries rather than an act of incompetence, Basically if they can get away with this what will they push next?

It doesn't help that the corrupt politicians are obviously being funded by kiketendo and soyny, although that might also be due to japan favouring their shitties console corporationsover their own people

Still, doesn't this law also prevent people from using devices that can mod games?

ca59df  No.110552


I think it might. I have serious doubts about this being heavily enforced though.

5b07c7  No.110553


Japan's crime rate is a bit higher than reported since police and prosecutors will drop cases they can't win or resolve to keep their success rates in the 90s.

ca59df  No.110555


I've had a suspicions the a lot of crime goes unreported. I wonder what the real numbers look like or if there are articles on it somewhere.

ad69f9  No.110562



What's the actual wording of the law? If it's so badly written it will be unenforceable and nobody will pay any attention to it.

534591  No.110584


Probably similar to how many rapes there are reported in Germany committed by Muslim Rapefugees. so none officially :^)

48d6ed  No.110774


Wow anon, muslims just don't know its not ok to do that. Stop being so insensitive.

3db231  No.110786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Been playing Elona and did a research, seems that Noa is making Elin, that looks like an Elona, since 2016, anyone knows if is still in progress?

4a65a4  No.110795


>anyone knows if is still in progress?

It didn't saw any update for over year on wiki, so it's probably dead.

48d6ed  No.111149


Kinda a bummer but elona+ is still chugging along so it works. IIRC we still need the last act translated.

07f6fb  No.111278

File: 4aff8f4f7942725⋯.png (97.03 KB, 525x550, 21:22, 549ebf85d6079424f6642426f4.png)

What do you do in this game if you're a useless piece of shit that can't fight putits without dying or complete a simple delivery or even fails at work as a cheap farm laborer. I want to roll in platinum coins and marry my pet, how do I achieve my dreams /vg/?

14b08f  No.111283


Have you tried to GIT GUD ?

f16822  No.111290


What class and race? You arent a snail tourist are you?

7ce002  No.111592


punch fruit trees in Vernis and cook them in the bakery

keep doing harvest time, eventually your gardening skill will get high enough to finish them, make sure you get weight lifting too

are you really dying on delivery quests? you sure those weren't escort quests?

other than gnolls the hostiles you face on those wilderness or road plots are very weak, but if even those are killing you on delivery quests use a teleport scroll to escape

no matter how strong you get, always keep tp scrolls on hand

d4415f  No.111687


Well sometimes I die but usually I just time out or can't find the NPC.

14b08f  No.111692


Are you a golem? That's one of the only reasons you could fail on a delivery mission.

Don't forget you can ask guards for directions to your quest objective.

d4415f  No.111695

File: fcadf14ed9f4bac⋯.gif (626.72 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 3c3aUim.gif)


Oh I didn't know you could ask like that, thanks anon!

48d6ed  No.111718


I know the thread doesn't move fast but I am always watching it.

and watching you anon

just post ITT if you got questions and shit.

Farm quests you will fail a lot in the start. I normally try to get just enough platinum at the start to get that skill. I go to Yowyen south of Vernis and grind out farming quests still I stop failing them. They are easy, safe and get you that sweet sweet plat and money.

6c5ff2  No.111967


If its your first game roll for farmer.

Farmer allows for hassle free hobo phase and early game, just make sure you got a whole suite of pets watching your ass because youre gonna be absolutely useless in combat in the first couple hours. On the upside, if you dont ditch the character you can go maximum Jizz Wizz later and invite everyone into your private fetish forest of pain, shitting apocalyptic levels of nukes everywhere due to the way your char will naturally progress his stats.

2ffb72  No.111980

Elona+ 1.86 is out.


>Multiple fixes and QoL some updates for roleplaying.

>One new item: deed of property transfer

<Allows to move your property across world map, but you need to read it in your property first and then finally go to the place where you want to move it.

>You can now glass yourself with your own potions to rehydrate yourself.

>you can now have up to 46 different shelters, but upon exceeding that by constructing and removing more shelters, their contents will start disappearing.

>When interacting with your player character while riding, you can now choose between interacting with the player character or with the steed. You no longer have to get off and get on your horse to do things.

<They get random danger levels from that though.

>Added the option to remove all shopkeeper feats from a character. Available at a certain character in South Tyris. Sales exp doesn't get reset, so feats can be re-learned easily.

>Added the option to remove all equipment attributes and Exp from a living weapon. Available at a certain character in South Tyris.

<Added potion of weakness to type II potion throwing.

>Implemented a maximum and minimum cap on the amount of time passed per turn.

>Made it possible to use items set as no-drop as an item mark.

>Doubled the player character's resistance to brainwashing.

<Increased the resistance to insanity conferred by drunk status and the unique NPC bonuses.

>Made dark fragments awarded from town board quests generate unblessed and uncursed.

>The gum remnant generated after eating chewing gum or gum remnant will now go directly into a character's inventory if there is sufficient space in it.

<NPCs will no longer eat food thrown at them when they are asleep or unconscious.

<Made audience members with the escort bit flag in an Act III sub quest immune to domination.

Elona+ Custom and Custom-G should be ready before this month ends.

9c6875  No.112040


<NPCs will no longer eat food thrown at them when they are asleep or unconscious.

I am actually going to miss this. They should never have fixed it.

48d6ed  No.112052


G might roll it back.

fae945  No.112057

File: e2a3d9c4886376a⋯.webm (416 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Sleeping Pig Wakes Up for….webm)

They should.

fae945  No.112058


Okay things have gone wrong here.

d741d3  No.112091

File: 884fb46cacf9cea⋯.png (339.25 KB, 665x960, 133:192, mile-vol-7-6.png)

Whats the best way of wrecking silver/gold bells?

I heard they give good drops.

I've tried throwing some bottles of sulphuric acid at them but I always miss or something.

48d6ed  No.112094


They are fast as fuck. I have an easier time with my magic user until I got Violent garden on my warrior.

bacc43  No.112100


Worst-case scenario, anyone can compare the source code for 1.85 and 1.86 and roll it back themselves. Not sure where exactly the code for throwing food is, though; I honestly forgot it was a thing.

2ffb72  No.112112


>Whats the best way of wrecking platinum/gold bells?

Cut/bleed damage or poison status.

>I heard they give good drops.

Gold ones drop a lot of tons of gold and plat ones drop multiple plat coins.

2ffb72  No.112114

I meant that >>112112 to >>112091

6c5ff2  No.112159


I just shit out darkness eye until they get abducted into the rape dimension

e99ddc  No.112166


strange iirc they have the elemental resist bit in addition to the metal bit.

meaning they should be completely immune

ceb720  No.112168


Speaking of rape, did they ever get the ayys in with anal probing in?

d8dbd2  No.112190


I don't think so.

There was new anniversary event, which can end up with ayy aids ragnarok-tier of invasion at your house.

6c5ff2  No.112265


might have been some other bolt spell, havent played the game in more than a year now

235466  No.112278



Water bolt is probably the most reliable against bells since it ignores all resistances.

8ead36  No.112297

File: 00f7ee9eb8d0e10⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 265x294, 265:294, 1510321089764.jpg)

8ead36  No.112933

File: 84c67d25df57dbd⋯.png (320.2 KB, 820x643, 820:643, NO ONE SLEEP IN PALMIA.png)

File: 97f153d5233b4a1⋯.png (144.96 KB, 449x304, 449:304, I_need_your_love.png)

4dd8b0  No.113300

Elona+ Custom 1.86 is out.


>Ported 1.86 changes.

>Some text changes/translations.

>More code cleanup, this trend should hopefully continue for the foreseeable future.

So is Custom-G 1.86.1


624038  No.113304


>muffled eurobeat

Is this a customchat file or is this legit?

b3bf95  No.113353


something I made a year ago, I'll post the custom chat when I get home

8ead36  No.113369

File: 01afaaf9659260e⋯.png (698 B, 48x48, 1:1, AE86.png)



you need to change the img to a 24-bit bmp without color somethings, you can do this with gimp

48d6ed  No.113455


Nice. I remember there was anon who made custom sound files for the Female android too. I wish I saved them.

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