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File: a98b09d1efc0b91⋯.jpg (212.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, so much pain.jpg)

de5345  No.73389


>Great game

>Has some gajin.net malware that is actually worse than malware

>Stays on even after you turn it off

>puts itself in different places on your hard drive and replaces itself if deleted


>Game still has ridiculous russian bias and needs way too much grind

-Escape from tarkov

>Great game

>Tons of features

>some of the best realistic close quarters fps combat around

>Game is still buggy as hell years into the beta

>Game has some of the worst netcode in video game history

>For a pvp game

>And they still haven't fixed it

>Game devs want to make the game a PvE eventually

>penalize players killing each other

>Even if its from different factions the way of knowing if a player is from yours or the other or a scav at 50+ meters is non-existant, and player sound cues don't always work fast enough at cqc

>The friendly fire is going to be insane if they implement and they will have to penalize 60%+ players

>devs actually want this

There are a lot more but I need some shut eye, will post more tomorrow.

e9ec1c  No.73390


>War Thunder

>a good game

lol no

f13afb  No.73391

File: 3afcb74193530e3⋯.mp4 (7.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BR 3.3 Realism Battle.mp4)


To be fair if OP said it was good before 1.37 then I would agree. But then the same could be said for most F2P shit in the earlier Beta stages when they are at their most fun and least kiked.

52b836  No.73413

File: da5de675b576aef⋯.png (44.1 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png)

>Good Games that were Crippled by the Devs

Pic related.

I had so much potential but cane man had to be stupid.


>Overpowered assassin classes

>Underpowered heavy classes

>Everything that constituted the 4v4 game mode

>Shitty campaign

>Bugs like vortexes, delayed guard break counter indicator and lightning speed zone attacks

>Idiotic mechanics like poison and bleeding

At least the new devs are trying to fix it now, but it's too late. The sociopolitical shitstorm it's been released in also didn't help.

ee10f8  No.73415

>Escape from Tarkov

The jewdevs made the game shit the moment it became pvp so from the start

But i heard that the idea of the game at first was singleplayer, they probably changed it to online only because they were scared of piracy

2ac0ae  No.73458

World of Tanks

>Fun, engaging tank gameplay (even if it is not a sim)

>Large selection of tanks to choose from

<every time a new tank comes out, it has massive power creep. Wargaming does this intentionally to drive up sales so people can buy their way into the new tank

<russian bias is as strong as ever

<cross-team chat disabled so you can't use the trash-talk meta against opponents

<you have to grind/pay crew skills in addition to tank/equipment exp and money

<crew skills actually matter and give long-time players an even more powerful advantage

<your tanks get temporarily disabled if they die in clan wars, meaning that you need to grind multiple high-tier tanks to remain competitive

<Gold shells render armor useless, making firepower, speed, and view range kings

<Artillery/SPGs exist solely to punish people for taking risks, causing high-tier gameplay to grind to a halt, making it the single worst part of the game

95cbd7  No.73459


>fast paced area mech shooter with depth and play

<turned into a f2p cash sinkhole and completely abandoned

9935a1  No.73468

File: cd4d549b364110b⋯.webm (7.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Battlefleet Gothic- Armad….webm)

>All this F2P shit that anons are surprised goes shit

You only have yourselves to blame.

Now for an example that's not F2P although I should have expected such a fuckup

Battlefleet Gothic Armada

>Made by little known Indie Dev that made an actually decent ASSFAGGOTS game

>Somehow develop one of the first decent 40k games since Dawn of War and THQ died

>Campaign has decent story and atmosphere, good tension going on

>Pretty much first 40k game I believe that has all four Chaos gods represented

<Devs decide that multiplayer should take priority over all else

<Neglect that all most problems in multiplayer stem from game design choices hardcoded in that need drastically changed to work

<Keep flogging a dead horse with sweeping balance changes which only nerf factions into the ground so they are impossible to play

<Introduce even more fucked balance decisions that break the way the game is meant to be played, decide to take out abilities from the game

<Eventually give up on game to make sequel since they fucked up the game to point it is now completely unplayable in Campaign and devoid of any enjoyment

If they had honestly fucked off with their focus on PvP multiplayer and instead on a solid campaign experience the game would have been a million times better and crucially remained playable.

9fd558  No.73489

File: e31bf66f2ef6d71⋯.jpg (50.73 KB, 256x360, 32:45, RUSE_boxart.jpg)



>RTS designed to be playable on consoles of all things

>Also has a big focus on misdirection

>Console focus means macro over micro, APM matters less than strategy

>Game is fast paced without being shallow, average games over quickly but can progress to full on late game stalemates followed by hundreds-a-side tank and plane battles

>Deep without being overly complicated (e.g. factions very varied without requiring unique mechanics or rules)

>Can zoom all the way out for strategic view or zoom right down to infantry level for a more cinematic view, game appropriately resizes things to accommodate both

>Surprisingly good single player campaign for an MP focussed game

>Well balanced if played in the right gamemode and map i.e. anything but 1v1 1945 cancer which even then is fun for the hyper-competitive metafags

>A WW2 game that actually features Italy and fucking France for once

<Tonnes of cut beta content

<PC version was clearly second priority to console version

<No way to spectate/observe other than replays

<Alt is hard-coded as toggle mic so alt-tabbing unavoidably turns your mic on how does this shit even get past playtesting?

<Poor number of maps and almost no 3v3 or 4v4 maps since consoles could barely handle the game at 2v2 (consoles also had hard caps on unit counts fucking over nations that relied on cheap units), DLC adds two more 3v3 maps total along with a few more small maps

<DLC adds poorly thought out Japanese faction that's downright unbalanced in some modes, flies in the face of the careful game design

<Can turn off DLC to prevent faggots picking Japanese but then you lose out on the new maps which are sorely needed

<Earning achievements gives you uplay points you can spend on shit, mostly cosmetic but one unlock gets you a direct no-downside upgrade to the end-game US heavy tank throwing out the dev's careful balancing unlike the DLC faction this cannot be turned off by the host

<Game has practically no modding support to fix the lack of maps, some people have managed to eventually hack in some balance tweaks and custom maps but they never gained popularity since the lobby won't show who's on what version and installing even a single map prevents you playing with vanilla players

<Game mostly flops on console so any long term support or balancing is thrown out the window

<Gamemode picked for ranked most played is least fun/balanced of the non-DLC modes and mostly just spam outside of 1v1s

<Licensing agreements to use the names of now 70 year old equipment apparently despite nobody else ever having that issue run out, game entirely removed from sale despite a solid and surprisingly slowly growing multiplayer community (which is of course now doomed to a slow death). Ubisoft don't even bother warning anyone or making an explanation, it literally just disappears one day and months later after everyone, including the developers who also weren't informed bitched at them do they bother saying why.

Ubisoft basically pushed the game out, saw it more or less flopped on consoles and abandoned it entirely. Eugen went on to make autistic RTT games with far too much micromanagement learning nothing at all from what R.U.S.E. did well. I don't know if it even has a lan mode for playing when the servers finally die.

ea9cb0  No.73589

File: 079f0723c77e051⋯.jpg (445.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RUSE_sc005.jpg)


>how does this shit even get past playtesting?

As someone who play tested it I can tell you straight away it used to be worse. There was no way to disable mic at all so everyone hot mic'd which caused earrape in beta.

>Uplay shit

That was more Ubisoft strongarming them into it than anything else.

>No map or mod support

Something Eugen systems is infamous for. They don't do it with their modern games either and wonder why they keep flopping or failing.

f1be51  No.73758


>>Has some gajin.net malware that is actually worse than malware

>>Stays on even after you turn it off

>>puts itself in different places on your hard drive and replaces itself if deleted


Is this accurate information? I need to know more.

9fd558  No.73760


>As someone who play tested it I can tell you straight away it used to be worse.

Story time please.

bb491a  No.73948


Quite a few F2P games are infamous for that anon. Have you not picked up on it till now?

a99795  No.74146


Well shit I thought I was the only fag that played beta.


Imagine the game with far more RPS with RUSES lasted no fucking time at all.

56c702  No.74351

File: 2b1736b66da31b8⋯.jpg (254.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Elephant In Room.jpg)

Unreal Tournament 4

i.e. "We don't know what to do with this, the game!"

>Only fucking good arena shooter released in recent years

>Gunplay is top notch

>Movement is smooth

>Looks amazingly good

>Literally nothing wrong with it apart from perhaps requiring more than your average toaster can provide

<Stuck on the Epic games launcher

<Epic has no clue whatsoever how to monetize it

<Epic does not advertise it exists at all

<Completely unfinished cause devs have all but abandoned it due to a "Modders will fix it!" mentality

This game makes me beyond angry as it's a good game being developed by fags who don't give two shits about it.

8b4ac0  No.74452


>i've never played enduring confrontation


I'd just like it if they added tanks to it, but I know that's not goint to happen since, in order to accurately portray tank warfare, they'd have to implement infantry in some way, and we all know that is not going to happen since they're lazy hebrews and the kiddies are happy playing arcade.

e9ec1c  No.74456


>i've never played enduring confrontation

I've played AW's global operations and that shit was rad, does it count?

Hopefully my ID didn't change

0ac8ab  No.74468


Wasn't Kike Thunder meant to include infantry at one point? I've seen it on dozens of trailers.

e43414  No.74597


Netcode is fucked. It's not even worth playing simply for that. Hits not registering, ping spikes, shots firing late or firing and disappearing. It's awful.

d99888  No.74673



Tfw played in closed alpha with a buddy all the way until it was released on (((steam))). What a shame it suffered the fate it did because it was a great game.

1de06d  No.74705


Wait they fucked the netcode? How? That shit was beautiful when I played.

3c8c40  No.74866


Wasn't the big first tournament won by a guy that just exploited a bug/glitch? I recall even the dev that came out ot give the award, calling the dude out.

8f051e  No.74884

File: d21ab85ce977908⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1404x1200, 117:100, 14324525.png)



The meat your match update was the worst thing ever to happen to the game.

B4nny and other goons begged for a competitive aspect to the game so they "balanced" (AKA NERFED) every single god fucking weapon that was considered above average.

In short: No fun allowed anymore.

9fd558  No.74902


>B4nny and other goons begged for a competitive aspect to the game so they "balanced" (AKA NERFED) every single god fucking weapon that was considered above average.

Other than the sticky bomb launcher of course.

fb5bf6  No.74915


>tfw people were excited by the pyro update

>always wondered what the inventory screen was for

We didn't know how bad the game could get. And it got real bad.

4f5909  No.74948


>meat your match

Gun Mettle was the small snowball rolling from the top.


>B4nny and other goons

Those F2Pfagpunch fags, there is a good reason why their iconic game costs 10 dollars.

29743f  No.75015


48c9a0  No.75032


I get that there's not much to say about spore that hasn't already been said but you could atleast try and list a few pros and cons like the rest of the examples posted.

28ab55  No.75035


MTG Arena

>Solid adaptation of a paper card game that has been in existence for two decades.

>Default mechanics allow for faster play and turn progression while options allow a player to customize their control over the game to suit their needs (anything from turning off auto tapping to enabling full player control for an entire match).

>Full Standard card set and ban list with all cards working as intended.

>Really good implementation of drafting and you keep the cards.

><free to play

><no card trading IN A TRADING CARD GAME

><loot box collection mechanics with a reduced number of cards per pack compared to paper magic.

><obtuse gems mechanic for buying store items which never round off correctly, leaving players to feel like they're "leaving money on the table".

><sets repeat some cards from other sets, meaning that you can get multiples beyond 4 of a card causing lost time/money on each booster opened.

><in cases where you have 4 of a card in a set, you basically get nothing for the fifth copy (the vault progression is 0.1% out of 100% for a single extra common, as an example).

><free play drafting is limited to the core set, can't draft in other sets for free.

><any drafts in sets other than core are cash only entry fees.

><"wildcards" are the only way to side step the loot box scam, you cant dust or craft or trade.

><wild cards are given away very miserly considering how players have no other method by which to obtain specific cards they require outside of gambling with loot boxes.

><wildcard mechanic makes decks that would typically be very cheap in paper cost as much as a tier 1 deck. Makes experimentation and playing "fun" decks less appealing by a large margin.

><the "pity timer" for wildcards is 1 per 5 booster pack for uncommons; 1 per 15 for rares; 1 per 30 for mythics. (keep in mind you can need up to 4 of a single card to have a working deck).

><even common wildcards are difficult to obtain, making even some common cards expensive to collect.

><matchmaking is based on deck, rather than rank/skill, which further drives the player to feel like they need to spend money if they're using a half assed rdw and keep getting matched VS full tier 1 rdw decks.

Overall it's a particularly painful thing to watch. The fact that it is a solid implementation of mtg in digital form makes me want to play the game, but given how ridiculously expensive it is and how random the collection mechanic is, while not allowing a player to destroy or dust or trade any cards in their collection they might not want, to get something they do, makes the entire ordeal ridiculously frustrating. I have been "lucky" and received a shit ton of green cards during my free play time, which means I can make a couple good green decks, but I don't like green, never play it, not even in paper, but here I am with a ton of cards I don't want while the colors I do like are apparently harder to come by.

I even wonder if the system doesn't detect the cards and the colors you play with the most, and then gives you shit it knows you don't need/want when you open packs.

967af9  No.75056

File: 47995efbae62f95⋯.webm (434.1 KB, 960x720, 4:3, No, no sir.webm)


Hurts too much

4f5909  No.75208

File: bc736b615b0b9ca⋯.png (358.13 KB, 512x544, 16:17, Jeff Kikeplan killing tf2 ….png)

File: a548a9e46f58c1c⋯.jpg (130.3 KB, 1200x1053, 400:351, Blizzard stalking players,….jpg)

File: 5a28ad7c170c682⋯.png (819.43 KB, 1632x1006, 816:503, Overwatch don't mind if I ….png)

File: 97f880adef778a7⋯.png (50.04 KB, 621x167, 621:167, Overwatch, get banned for ….png)

Blizzard in general, now with their Overwatch 2Dimmensional character roster.

45c11f  No.75211


If i could get overwatch without blizzard getting money I'd only play it like a completely braindead subhuman to get people to rage at me and get them banned for toxicity

0d1445  No.75218


I pretty sure somebody has beaten you to the punch on that one

45c11f  No.75222


I'd hope so; good for him.

59070a  No.75255

File: fc4414daeb05c62⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 600x662, 300:331, Inauidiable Screaming.jpg)



>F2P Mech game

>More arcady than MWO

>In alpha and beta.


>Dev shows off the Microtransaction prices

>Clearly favors P2W

>"Could" grind for the same thing that $1.50 could get you.

>It would take about 25+ games, straight, to earn the same ammount of points.

>Oh and those 25+ games, YOU have to win. Not just on the winning side, no you have to be #1 in order to get the points in a reasonable time.

>"We're still trying to make it good guys!"

>Community dies rapidly

>Its not like it can get any worse, right?

>Something happens.

>Servers go to shit.

>Community is down to Lawbreakers number of people

>Devs resurface

>Plaster some LGBTQ-whatever the fuck over their dead game.

>People STILL ask what happened

If they actually balanced the microtransactions with appropriate game-play time, it would probably still be alive. Or maybe it wouldn't have died as hard as it did. Basically they made it extra grindy on top of an already grindy game. No, it wasn't just cosmetics that were locked behind a pay-wall. I wish someone would have back-doored the devs, gotten the code then crapped out a "no transactions, everything unlocked," pirated version. It had decent gameplay but oh no! Muh Gayes!

c1f57a  No.75277

Greedy devs adding paw2win to their free games and completely ruining them happens so fucking often that you'd think new up and coming devs would have learned from the past.

But of course they don't. I'm genuinely surprised at the lack of foresight and research.

c8d8eb  No.75362


If you add into the fact balance was out of wack with only a few chassis and weapons worth taking then this accelerates why it dies.

17bab2  No.75416

File: d99aa2e1798b447⋯.png (76.93 KB, 188x264, 47:66, Akko 2 INT.png)


For Honor was shit from the get go, just like Siege

17bab2  No.75419


I remember still having hope for that at the beginning of 2012.

Just like I had hope for Planetside 2

52b836  No.75424


Every other game that's even remotely similar to its theme is either hipster trash full of lolspin exploits, a clunky mess or straight up vaporware.

17bab2  No.75440


Chivalry, Pirates Vikings and Knights and M&B are all superior to it and actually skill based, get fucking good you absolute plebeian.

52b836  No.75444

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>get fucking good

At this garbage? lmao

17bab2  No.75445

File: 72e31249bd7eaec⋯.jpg (32.71 KB, 639x356, 639:356, Wassup.JPG)


Yeah, because 3 directional rock paper scissors and mob killing ala ASSFAGGOTS is so much better right?

52b836  No.75446


There's literally nothing wrong with rock paper scissors design. The concept alone existed since 206 BC for a reason.

Simplicity done right > complexity > complexity with broken core mechanics

17bab2  No.75447

File: 0f55e9b57fa2ab8⋯.jpg (40 KB, 363x321, 121:107, Oh no.jpg)


>There's literally nothing wrong with rock paper scissors design

Except this one is super shallow for the normalfaggots with no brain that actually play Ubisoft games.

>Simplicity done right > complexity > complexity with broken core mechanics

Absolutely not, a complex game can at least be interesting unlike a iterative one.

Games like Blade of Darkness will forever be more interesting to discuss and play.

Not only that but For Honor never did simplicity right, having 3 directions instead of 5 or 6 kill and focusing on fucking chipping away health instead of fast kills and re spawns.

Now go play your Simon Says gobshite that even Dork Souls has beat.

52b836  No.75450


>Absolutely not

Absolutely yes. The best games are usually easy to pick up but hard to master, because they employ simple mechanics in many different situations and setups for variety, instead of being so chock full of mechanics that it crumbles under its own weigh with broken gameplay and you get shit like >>75444 or the absolute clusterfuck that is the souls series.

>Not only that but game never did X right

I did point that out in my first post. It had a good base design but it was crippled by its faults. That's the point of the fucking thread, 2 int.

Now fuck right off.

17bab2  No.75451

File: 0bb1bf7752935d3⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 604x539, 604:539, 0bb1bf7752935d339de00a58de….jpg)


>The best games are usually easy to pick up but hard to master

Yeah, DOTA2 and CSGO are the best fucking games ever.

>because they employ simple mechanics in many different situations and setups for variety, instead of being so chock full of mechanics that it crumbles under its own weigh with broken gameplay and you get shit like >>75444 or the absolute clusterfuck that is the souls series.

And yet they're better games than For Honor or Absolver, seems to me like you're just too much of a casual that can't pick up something that's been streamlined to shit

>It had a good base design

No it never did, Mount and Blade blows it out of the fucking water with similar combat mechanics that actually require effort to input and skill to deliver successfully, plus the rest of the content that For Honor severely lacks outside a shitty Coop campaign.

All I see here is a retarded button smasher who regrets his purchase while trying to justify it.

52b836  No.75468

File: 65d1815ca17a766⋯.png (612.61 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 4abaab17bacaf2f0ccf3be8677….png)


>simple games are exclusively the likes of assfaggots and csgo

>What are most games from the 90's and earlier

Kill yourself this fucking instant.

>muh casual

As opposed to being an autistic nigger like you? At least it wasn't as broken in its fundamentals as chivalry.

>mount and blade is better

That's why it's never talked about except to meme about butterlord never coming out, right?

All I see here is a shortbus faggot from /v/ getting mad at other people's opinions in an opinion thread. Now stop fucking derailing, you screeching turd burglar.

9fd558  No.75475


Dota2 and CS:GO aren't actually hard to master, they're just time consuming. They're overly complicated without being deep and that means learning to play is just memorisation of fucktons of samey stats and training muscle memory.

17bab2  No.75477

File: f2aed7b554d8452⋯.jpg (264.79 KB, 1600x740, 80:37, 01489a485d3b87c24561bf0d4e….jpg)


>What are most games from the 90's and earlier?

Considering most were genre defining they were certainly not easy to pickup at the time aside from fightans, but thankfully I'm not underage to remember that fact.

Your shit argument was already flawed from the get go considering "best games" are something extremely relative and opinionated, added to the fact that you pretend like Chivalry is more complex than For Honor when they just have different just to fit your needs and viewpoint when they absolutely aren't.

Neither is M&B more complex considering it's Simon Says as well but with actual effort needed to input combat actions.

Both games I mentioned simply have a higher time to kill and a bigger skill ceiling due to a complete lack of handholding which For Honor is full of, especially HUD tied visual cues and the existence of a lock on function which robs a shitton of mobility

>As opposed to being an autistic nigger like you?

I'd rather be autistic than a normalnigger honestly.

> At least it wasn't as broken in its fundamentals as chivalry.

Too bad For Honors fundamentals were trash from the get go.

>That's why it's never talked about except to meme about butterlord never coming out, right?

It's been talked to death and it's a finished game, meanwhile For Honor was released, quickly forgotten about and only talked about because of the autistic metashitters due to it being a "game as a service" kind of deal that ASSFAGGOTS affictionados love just so they can discuss anything and give meaning to their mundane fucking lives.

>All I see here is a shortbus faggot from /v/

/v/omits wouldn't even try to call you out on your shit.

>getting mad at other people's opinions in an opinion thread

That's what you're doing right now

I'm just calling out your shit taste, listing better alternatives and you're getting all pissy over an Ubishit game.

>Now stop fucking derailing, you screeching turd burglar.

We're on topic, but fine


>Decent shooting

>Great enemy design

>4 player coop

>Decent amount of weapons and animations

>Open ended maps that are populated by enemies in certain landmarks

<Add a shitton of overcomplicated systems with an absolute garbage gem system that only serves to pad out the game and make you waste time on menus

<Add elemental rock paper system to certain enemies which would be great and a way to force you to diversify your arsenal if the fucking thing wasn't tied to the gem system

<Every single enemy including regular humans are godawful bullesponges

<Make map navigation and discovery of loot impossible without the minimap

<A quite unique FPS pretty much becomes a fucking Boderlands like loot and shoot because of some retarded righthandist exec

I really wanted to like this game, so bad


> They're overly complicated without being deep and that means learning to play is just memorisation of fucktons of samey stats and training muscle memory.

That still fits the role of "hard to master" anon

5e6bf9  No.75506


That game is awful now. Its a shame, i went back to play the other day after years of not touching it and everything just seems broken. Theres absolutely no fun in that game anymore. Not to mention its filled with hues who cant drive.

17bab2  No.75510


Games as a service and anything that's constantly changed with new meta needs to die.

That means F2P and all of these garbage multiplayer games filled with microtransactions.

It was bad enough during Blizzcucks days even with no micros.

16bec3  No.75535


There isn't anything inherently wrong with things "constantly chang[ing] with new meta". Although multiplayer cancer will always be cancer and the constant 'balancing' of such games will always be a source of frustration and annoyance, there's no need to extend that to any game which consistently gets updated with new content that throws a monkey wrench into your 'most perfectest builds'.

6250db  No.75552


The fact they did not introduce deathcamps for Vanu shows how little they read the minds of their community.



Sure hope you mean Age of Chivalry bitchboi and not Chivalry Ballet Dancing.

a4c814  No.75599



Another game gaijin entertainment published that was fucked up completely was Star Conflict. Whilst it was a F2P game with grindan mechanics, it wasn't all too bad.

One of the cool things was that the game actually featured light weight and heavy weight ships that had significant differences in maneuverability and survivability. This is tricky to balance, as it very easily tips into interceptors being unhittable or frigateball of death, but they actually managed it. Frigates were squishy enough to nuke down with offensive-oriented interceptors when caught from behind, whilst interceptors weren't impossible-hard to hit from head on.

Then the developers decided to introduce a new ship class, the Destroyer Suppressor Class. Six times more health than frigates; which already relied on tanking damage and regenerating health over dodging shots.

That was the day frigates were made literally useless. There was no way to fight these cunts, and Destroyerball was the new meta.

The reason why interceptors could beat frigates is because ships can't fire all weapons backwards. Frigates had only 1/4th of their damage output, so an interceptor using its superior maneuverability could just stay behind a frigate to kill it.

With Destroyers, this was impossible. Their health numbers were just too insanely high to kill them in any reasonable timeframe.

Now, introducing a broken piece of shit is one thing. We know game developers are incompetent, so this comes to no surprise.

But the truth is they were directly banking on it being overpowered as fuck. To build a Destroyer you had to use a resource that is exclusively used for Destroyers and introduced the patch before. There were only two ways to get it; play Open Space (the open world MMO component of the game nobody plays) or buy lootboxes that MIGHT have some in them.

Needless to say; Destroyers didn't get nerfed any time soon. The developers pushed forward and introduced Destroyers in higher ranks, meaning you couldn't escape to high rank matchmaking to escape the wrath of Destroyerballs breaking the game's balance entirely. (As a sidenote, the higher rank Destroyers each have their own unique resource, and their own lootboxes.

I stopped playing shortly after Destroyers came out, but I did keep an eye out to see whether they were ever going to rebalance them. And if they didn't; to see what kind of trainwreck the game became.

New premium ships were introduced. There were already premium ships in the game; but these weren't really all that exciting. They were ships that had an extra stat boost, but I never felt like that was meaningful. Dunking scrubs and being at the top of the scoreboard was always easy in this game.

The new premium ships however didn't have an extra stat boost. Instead they had either an ability or customization options entirely unique to them.

Of course, the developers were thoughtful and decided you can also grind these ships out (unlike regular premium ships, but then why call them premium ships?). Naturally, each of the new premium ships had their own unique resource you had to grind. Not only that, but in order to get parts for a premium ship of rank N, you had to play a ship of rank N that is already maxed out. Since many of these premium ships are of the lower (early game) ranks, this meant that you'd end up with players that who already maxed out everything on lower ranks had a reason to come back and stomp everything. Either they made this decision because they needed more people to matchmake for the earlier ranks, or they were fucking retards that don't realize that people stomping new players only starves their own game further.

They've introduced a bunch more unique kinds of ships, each with their own way of grinding them with their own unique resources, but I didn't care enough to actually run the game and figure out how that shit even worked. The game was fucking dead, and they clearly much rather powercreeped their game forward and introduce 3 new unique resources every patch than actually address issues.

I actually installed the game and played a match a few months ago. I knew the game was losing players, as reported by steamcharts, but I wasn't quite ready for what I encountered.

>queue with rank 7,9,10 ships, find match

>"Your ship has been rebalanced to rank 15" (Giving me a stat boost)

>Look at what ships other people have

>Someone is using a rank 15 (highest rank), okay

>Someone else is using a rank 1 (aka I have less than 10 matches played: the ship)

>Players that are starting out and are literally playing their first few matches are being matchmaked with people that have hundreds of hours behind them.

I didn't even queue for a second match and uninstalled. I lost all hope that the game would ever get anywhere ever again. It wasn't just jewed, it was just plain fucking dead.

9183e4  No.75603


>Expecting anything Gaijin touches to not turn to shit.

Well anon I got news for you and you won't like it.

17bab2  No.75616


>and the constant 'balancing' of such games will always be a source of frustration and annoyance

That's what I mean, and that's 90% of games nowadays.


I like Trannus playstyle the best, it's a goddamn shame fucking Reddit attached themselves to the faction

>Sure hope you mean Age of Chivalry

Both the mod and the Unreal 3 release are better than fucking For Honor


You can just tell them they're Rusky and therefore kikes nearing gook/chink levels,.

b68a08  No.75742

File: a7118b727a7ee7c⋯.webm (2.31 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Wall Sockets Have No Hono….webm)


For Honor has No Honor. It's basically a nigger fighting game that is far more clunky

b53143  No.75816


At one point it was, but the P2W aspect, and as OP mentioned the russian bias turned me away. Considering I liked the German/American planes the most really helped me quit playing.

9fbb6e  No.75818


I played that, and WoWarships, both get boring after like 2 weeks. Grind, unbalanced matches, randomness, pay to win… the first few hours are fun though

9fbb6e  No.75822


>Star Conflict

fuck yeah I remember that, like 4 years ago or some shit I played that for a while, according to steam reviews its pay2win now

the movement system was so simple yet competitive, sort of arcadey feel

5d8f96  No.75869


They actually buffed the P-39 Airacobra to ridiculous levels although guess who was the biggest users of them? That's right, the Russians!

986fe9  No.75914


Now I think I should've mentioned I meant Ground Forces exclusively. I never played it for planes.


It's really annoying that high tiers are legitimately fun, but are only so if you can get around small maps, P2W and imbalance… So, if you play it like a retard on test server. Wish their code leaked so people could host their own servers. Some custom ones could be really fucking fun.

8e429c  No.75951


You know that Wargaming actually trademarked a matchmaking system that actively reduces your RNG to make you lose but give you better RNG if you pay for Premium time?

a4c814  No.76030


>the movement system was so simple yet competitive, sort of arcadey feel

They removed the Interceptors ability to shoot backwards, so movement for Interceptors has essentially been dumpstered.

35a45d  No.76035


I'm certain that actually they make their money now by renting their engine out rather then making games and unreal4 is just a tech demo

e17182  No.76044


Patented. Yes, I know. Officially it isn't used anywhere, but it's not hard to realise that you can do whatever on your server, if nobody can look at it. Remember when they wanted to can XVM?

c52897  No.76066


Activision did something similar for loot boxes where a player that did well you could see the gear to buy from lootboxes to get

11da89  No.76175


Well Unreal Engine has always been how Epic have made their money. Then CuckyB came along and sucked the dick of Microsoft and insisted the company become console focused so now it's in the state it is in now

0a111f  No.76759


There were fags that did a chart that has since been purged by Wargaming that noticed that Premium time gave you much better matchmaking than without. Literally you were more likely to be top dog with Premium time than without.

4f5909  No.76789

File: 01d5cb8f0ea411c⋯.png (446.93 KB, 638x397, 638:397, Eddy irked.png)


>They clogged the game with shitty CS:GO skins on the original guns

>Guys Miss Pauline isn't playable but you can listen to her talentless voice actress: Ashley Burch

>More mediocre updates

>No fixing MvM

>sv_pure 1

6c1959  No.76886


I wonder if TF2C will add Miss Pualine?

2da61f  No.76912


The gay stuff was not the original devs, it was the mobile company the original devs sold out to after they spent all their money trying to make hawken a multimedia franchise.

a99795  No.76921


I honestly forgotten how much Hawken devs squandered all their shit. I still remember when various /m/ related sites had high hopes for it and were praising it to high heaven for being a garage studio dev company. Boy were they all let down.

de708f  No.77129


I remember Mektek singing their praises. Boy were they all wrong.

77f340  No.77160

File: 7b7126125ac1306⋯.jpg (182.56 KB, 962x627, 962:627, 5913e7fda34b359e4b18dbede7….jpg)

>any online game that has its servers taken down

>any game that goes out of print

It should be a law to force devs to either open source discontinued games or, at time of release, submit their source code to some archive organization that will release it once the copyright expires. Same for BIOS for discontinued hardware. There's no valid reason for erasing digital history.

7d1517  No.77161


I think just having source code for the game released if servers are killed should be considered fair.

17bab2  No.77166


>letting people release things for free with the engine you're going to use to make a shittier game that's not free

Bad goy

02fab5  No.77215


>wart hunder

4f5909  No.77264


But who will voice her?

228384  No.77265


>flounder mouth within the first 30 seconds

how do people watch this garbage and think it's quality?

42005d  No.77296


>That still fits the role of "hard to master" anon

I'd argue that "hard to master" should be reserved for things that have more to do with reaction times, strategy, and situational awareness in stead of math, and memorization, but I see your point.

42005d  No.77297


>how do people watch this garbage and think it's quality?

Because little girls and tanks BAKA!

c8d8eb  No.77311

File: 3c4709d03040fa0⋯.jpg (90.21 KB, 1024x630, 512:315, __hsua_bitches_love_cannon….jpg)


Bitches love big cannons.

d293dc  No.77378

dunno if id call it good but runescape got fucked over by the devs multiple times

same with destiny 1

destiny 2 is just dog shit

ab2eb6  No.77396

>wargame red dragon

>nice graphics

>somewhat realistic mechanics

>prides itself with being realistic

<infantry can run at 30km/h nonstop

<infantry can not dig foxholes to hide/take cover, despite E-tools being part of the standard kit of every single nation's standard kit

<tanks with thermal sensors have "poor" optics and are basically blind

<every plane comes down to 300 feet to drop guided bombs/fire missiles that can hit a target from >10.000 feet and becomes vulnerable to MANPADS

<no soviet helo doctrine possible (strafing runs instead of pop up attacks)

<special unicorn units that can counter their counter

<recon helos with long range AT missiles

<infantry decides to start an interpretative dance performance right outside a building zone while under enemy fire

<helos can hover forever without using fuel

<tanks with 500 km range run out of fuel from going across the map

<planes can be used as often as you want/keep them alive, artillery uses supply points

<no hand grenades

<no smoke launchers on vehicles

<no chemical weapons in the age of NBC warfare

<no night time battles

<no weather

<no "tell this unit to surrender instead of pointlessly wasting human lives" button

159f98  No.77409


>removal of fun Cat C craziness

>pants on head retarded naval stuff


They then went and did the same thing with their Normandy game and wondered why it flopped

ab2eb6  No.77425


I hope their second SD doesn't flop as hard and they somehow survive. I just want them to make a smal(ler) scale wargame with weather, time of day and less retarded units.

The line of sight tool of SD should be mandatory for every tactics game where LOS matters.

Also: Steel Division Normandy

>nice graphics

>income by minute makes you spend points more wisely by design

<focuses on the second most boring part of the war

<retatded territory system means holding some unimportant field gives you victory, while capturing a strategically important crossroads or town means nothing

<rubble can't serve as cover for infantry

<worst voice-lines for the Germans out of ANY Eugen tactics game

<offmap artillery with literally no counter

I am sure I missed a lot

a99795  No.77428


You didn't even cover the AI which basically makes all those Single Player scenarios absolutely unplayable and no fun allowed.



>Steel Division

I wouldn't know so much about it as I didn't even bother pirating it after their fuckup that was Red Dragon. I wondering why the fuck they don't bother to make a R.U.S.E. II all things considered?

7aef65  No.77432

File: 51d720876b0b50a⋯.png (308.03 KB, 538x412, 269:206, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core….png)

Go fuck yourself Ishiwatari.

159f98  No.77439


>I hope their second SD doesn't flop as hard

it probably will given that the company went into shambles this last year with strikes and lots of people leaving over not getting paid.

I did like in SD how offensives were way easier to pull off and manage than they were in WG. In WG it was near impossible to get a good offensive move going against a competent player without good team coordination.

don't even get me started on towns

>rush and take town

>entire thing gets obliterated by artillery making fighting over them useless

the game balance was all sorts of fucked up when I played it as well, some of the divisions could just completely roll over their side of the map in phase 1. Wehraboo tears over jumbos were fun though.


>I wondering why the fuck they don't bother to make a R.U.S.E. II all things considered?

pretty sure they don't have the rights to it, Ubisoft does and there was a licensing issue of all things for some of the military equipment so it can't be sold anymore

ab2eb6  No.77487


It's the lack of ATGM and AT weapons in general. As long as they don't have an AT gun or a tank within range (or not stunned/smoked) you can drivr your transports right up to the town, have your guys jump out and start fightan. In WG you would lose haf of them to infantry AT weapons immediately.

Another thing is the "fall back" mechanic. Even if your mortars didn't destroy that emeny tank, you can make them fall back and use that time to move forwards.

Over all they had some decent ideas, but the game was ultimately ruined.

I am still not sure what to think of the phase system. It makes sense that some units would be there faster than others, but it also means that you can plan ahead when you will encounter what type of unit.

a99795  No.77537


>Couldn't get an offense going

The whole recon and spotting mechanics in Wargame was complete cancer. Everything was blind as a bat which meant that trying to advance was far too risky 99% of the time. Overall the pacing of Wargame is completely off.

>R.U.S.E. rights

They didn't even release it for free or say what the equipment was. I want to know what company kiked R.U.S.E. to death.

78c6f8  No.77543


Well to be fair the modern battlefield is dominated by ATGM's so it's kind of accurate?

ab2eb6  No.77564


>recon in Wargame

Yeah, it's retarded. You had to spam recon infantry at every front. Recon vehicles would get spotted and ATGMd/artilleried, recon helos would not provide sufficient intel unless you had them fly so close to the front that an enemy MANPADS team coming out of a treeline could have shot it down.

That only left you with spammable cheap recon infantry or special forces recon as viable options. Sine the super cheap infantry was also usually super slow you had to rush them in at the start of the game and hope that their transports wont get shot at before they get where you need them to go. Special forces recon was too expensive to risk like that, so you would either use them to flank around, or jump from one bush to another, praying that the enemy won't notice that two man team suddenly pop up on his screen.

I feel like Eugen completely forgot what made Wargame neat: map control. It was important to take certain positions, as they would provide an excellent choke point the enemy could not advance through. Coupled with the "hard and soft counter" idea that is everpresent you had to ride a fine line between Advancing your AA and AT troops just far enough that they could hit an advancing enemy, but not far enough that the enemy could hit them from their defensive position. This made assaults such a nice test of coordination. You had to call in smoke on positions you had determined as major line of sight blockers for the main enemy counter positions, which you must either deduct by assuming what the enemy would most likely do or by recon, you then must tell your own units to advance just as the smoke is about to arrive so they are in full swing when the enemy is blind, at the same time the normal artillery shells of your own should impact behind enemy lines, stun their infantry, possibly their AA too, and allow your hunter killer units (helos and tanks) to roll in while your infantry either occupies the town or distracts the enemy long enough for your H/K vehicles to mop up around the defensive lines.

Nowadays you just plunk down an Apache Longbow, maybe accompany it with a Hellfire Kiowa, set up a Patriot and some Stingers and there you go. Impregnable fortress against

a) vehicles (Hellfires)

b) infantry (helo main gun)

c) other helos (MANPADS)

d) jets (Patriot)

The only thing that would be remotely dangerous would be an artillery strike on your patriot, or a SEA plane (but your apache will spot those easily and allow you to turn off your patriot only to turn it back on once the enemy plane shows it's back).

These god damned unicorn units ruin the entire fucking game. Eugen should have kept the game somewhere around the 1980 or 1970. Would be fun to see the same game but somewhere around the 1960, when ATGMs first became viable, but had massive issues with range and accuracy. Also: when the T64 was THE HOTTEST SHIT AROUND and NATO didn't have a MBT to counter it yet.

Fuck I am pissed that they drove the entire franchise into the ground, just because they listened to stupid "history nerds" who wanted to see more modern equipment in the game because "It would be so awesome!".

159f98  No.77570


>Well to be fair the modern battlefield is dominated by ATGM's so it's kind of accurate?

not 100%, armored vehicles have lots of options for dealing with them. For example, almost every vehicle in wargame should be able to pop smoke screens and some should have passive kill systems


>Would be fun to see the same game but somewhere around the 1960

early cold war is the best cold war tbh, it's too bad everyone focuses on the mid to late 80s

cceb0c  No.77573

File: c0284338fbaa43e⋯.jpg (49.03 KB, 746x345, 746:345, Chieftain.jpg)

File: 6e5c5878b681ab5⋯.jpg (349.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 323282706_dd743184b9_b.jpg)


Not entirely. Towards the 90's especially there were countermeasures include passive and active kill systems mainly on Russian Tanks as well as stuff like ERA. Missiles would really need two hits to actually go through.


>Eugen forgot what made Wargame neat

They forgot what made any of their games good. Ever played Act of Aggression anon? My advice is don't


Arty was nerfed into nothingness in Wargame that you could literally eradicate a grid square with say 20 rocket batteries and no damage would be done.

>T-64 was unbeatable

While it was hot shit these two could deal with it with the former in most cases being considered an overmatch to it.


>Everyone ignores Early Cold War

They don't even go mid 80's. I would much rather have a Cold War game that focuses on 50's to late 70's more so than late 80's/early 90's.

ab2eb6  No.77574



This. Every single armoured vehicle of NATO was equipped with smoke screen launchers at some point. Same goes for the soviets.

If they detected an ATGM launch they would pop smoke, scoot a few meters back into cover, wait for the missile to miss and then rush forwards to engage while the missile operator was reloading. Of course this can not be done as often as you want, and the smoke launchers had limited use during strong wind, but:

<no weather

It's infuriating to see these faggots claim that the game is realistic in any sort of way. It's pseudorealism at best, and fraud at worst.

cceb0c  No.77575


>towards 90's

Meant to say leading up to 90's although by 90's these systems were in widespread use.

cceb0c  No.77577


Smoke is something we've had since before WW1 even. WW2 there were vehicles designed specifically for lobbing smoke. It amazes me they claim WG is realistic but not include it in any real detail.

ab2eb6  No.77590


Well, there is artillery that can drop smoke around, but even then it's a completely stationary and perfectly hemispherical cloud of smoke.

But infantry launched smoke grenades or vehicle smoke screens were a thing for a long long time.

The same goes for illumination. We used illumination rounds long before WWI broke out. They were used during WWII, we had them during the cold war and we still fucking use them today even though we have NVGs available.

Some weapon systems become unuseable without illumination, some are blinded by it. Even in '85 NVGs were mostly limited to high end missile launchers, vehicles and special forces (parachuters).

<no parachuting

The rest of the ground troops of NATO and PACT mostly relied on the Mk1 eyeball at night, and a flare gun. Ordering your troops to illuminate an area in front of them might reveal the team that shot the flare into the air, but would completely reveal all attacking enemies. But if you managed to keep your entire push undetected (using high stealth infantry, because engines are loud) you could get right on top of the enemy and fuck them up real good. All it would take would be one high end recon unit with NVGs to scout ahead and mark the enemy infantry.

God, there is so much potential in this fucking game, but they wasted all of it on shiny new toys for retards.

ef61aa  No.77594

I feel like starting up weather forecasts for /vg/ at this rate just cause you can sort of predict how threads will go on certain days.

>Monday - Cloudy with a chance of /k/

ab2eb6  No.77614


I would watch a totally serious thread-weather forecast, if the weather presenter was a hot female 2D girl, similar to Lucky Channel.

The forecast itself would probably influence the actual thread though.

69ee34  No.77617


If you read the recent posts in that language thread it's rainy with a chance of gay.

c2dc6e  No.77623


Wouldn't we need some sort of drawfag to make that work though?

ab2eb6  No.77635

File: ab0d5ee22ba6f65⋯.png (944.6 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, serveimage.png)


You could repurpose the actual animations from Lucky Channel.

ef61aa  No.77636


Why don't you anon? :^)

ab2eb6  No.77638


Because I am a lazy fuck.

An easier method: avatarfag at the beginning of every thread and give your forecast.

ef61aa  No.77641


Make the cutouts anon. Then we can all have fun.

ab2eb6  No.77651

File: 0c7f0174cb0f992⋯.png (551.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.png)

File: 31db21c2ed2984b⋯.png (766.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2.png)

File: 81b7fd11c79a174⋯.png (751.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3.png)

File: 820475ca13aed15⋯.png (767.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4.png)

File: d0bc0cd87d3e130⋯.png (756.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5.png)


What part of

>I am a lazy fuck.

do you not understand?

I took some snapshots from the first episode. It had the best animation quality, and I don' think you would need much more than a few pictures.


Sage because this is distilled autism.

ab2eb6  No.77652

File: a29626dd95fb67c⋯.png (696.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6.png)

File: cc8c4fadc049a35⋯.png (756.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7.png)

File: b34579c21652c5b⋯.png (720.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8.png)

File: 299d7a2b9239a94⋯.png (736.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9.png)

File: 54068dc05ba4cec⋯.png (701.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10.png)

ab2eb6  No.77654

File: 9926034c68f0935⋯.png (627.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 11.png)

File: 6ec322f0dd586d5⋯.png (759.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 12.png)

File: c808e0945017ab4⋯.png (750.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 13.png)

File: 1b14638f3ee6121⋯.png (630.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 14.png)

File: 058e2528b0554bd⋯.png (689.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 15.png)


Ask for more and you shall receive.

d50efe  No.77677

File: 3529d7bc2aa9da4⋯.jpg (524.11 KB, 1280x924, 320:231, its Skyrim with a chance o….jpg)

This honestly took too long.

a99795  No.77680

File: 6f35757b2e9af53⋯.jpg (138.69 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 5262443197_30332f480c.jpg)


Pretty good anon. I wouldn't mind a Lucky Star Vidya Weather Report Thread. If you can make up a batch of templates we could get started.

ab2eb6  No.77683


tracing around characters is always a bitch.

The "select foreground feature" is shit and makes edges either blurry or edgy.

d50efe  No.77684


Like the other anon I am too lazy for that shit.



e17182  No.77686



>It amazes me they claim WG is realistic but not include it in any real detail.

I only have experience from AW. It makes the game way too dynamic for retarded whales, especially since offensive isn't a perfect death sentence and artillery can actually support the team. To elaborate, smoke rounds on vehicles allow them to advance forward if the enemy spots you from only one direction, as well as allow to fill gaps between covers and move to better positions unmolested. I cannot stress how amazing this is, press G not to die immediately, though I'm not sure if it would fit WoT's slower gameplay as well.

Smoke artillery shells, on the other hand, required some tactical sense (much harder to use in randoms), but they were far from useless. In addition to breaking line of sight remotely (and often in a more efficient way than tank smokes), this allowed to blind enemy scouts. It's a situational tactic, but if you know where enemy scout is or you have a very good guess (meta spots), you could always land a shell there and deny enemy team vision until it goes off or forces the scout to move to a worse position.

Both of these would mean for WoT that camping is NOT the only way to play. Except everybody does it and maps are made for camping pretty often…

fc5f87  No.77716


I was confused with what you were on about until you mentioned WoT so

>Playing F2P Tonk games ever

Well there's your first and last mistake and I too am guilty of this. Especially with AW with how much they fucked it up. They even took the Smoke rounds out for Artillery. The maps for both AW and WoT are far too small. 30 Tanks on a 1km squared map is called no other words for it, a clusterfuck. It's knife fight range. Maps are plainly too small and punish you heavily for deviating out of a few predetermined routes.

692525  No.77737

File: a27f1138c56992a⋯.jpg (60.8 KB, 374x600, 187:300, 374px-GameInformerFangusOr….jpg)

I'll leave this here.

21d14c  No.77740


But anon that never came out and it was never crippled by the devs at all. It was more Publisher deciding it would not sell.

270be0  No.77799


Maps are pretty shit in WoT, yes, but in AW it's less size and more about how railroaded they are. Doesn't mean much in the end. I've played enough glops and frontlines, I can let them go now.

62ddd0  No.77851


That's more a NEVER EVER project than something that was ruined anon.

a99795  No.78062


Anon from what was proposed I am not so sure I wanted the game in the first place.

977d42  No.78252


Anon even their open maps are far too small. When you factor in it's on the Cryengine tiny maps that lack detail is not just incompetence but it's retarded. To put it in perspective your average Crysis Wars MP map is generally 4km squared and that's considered small.

45f3ed  No.78394

File: 09e763097bb27f6⋯.jpg (69.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, speech-with-a-clenched-fis….jpg)


Top Tier

93b80c  No.78932

File: 3eea50a09195378⋯.pdf (53.08 KB, Tale of AW v0.1 .pdf)

Surprised nobody has mentioned Armored Warfare. Rather than go into detail will copy paste a pdf an anon made that sums it up till 2017.

All I will say is that it was a better game than WoT that got turned into a WoT clone cause they were too afraid to change up the formula.

270be0  No.78952


>cause they were too afraid to change up the formula.

No, because OEI didn't have enough cash to stand up to Mail.ru and Mail.ru itself is turbo jew tier, so bad even Russians know it's a shitty company.

03912c  No.78954


How's it like to be dead inside, anon?

a741e5  No.79069


>>sv_pure 1

Coming in a week late to inflame my ass over this

>Check out the new Steampipe feature! Modding is easier than ever!

>btw we're disabling mods on all official servers

>also no sprays either

Plenty of things were tumbling down, but this was a big deal to me. After Steampipe I was installing all sorts of garbage since it was so easy to keep track of and share, and then they took it all away so fast.

No more did my victims explode into piles of Doritos and Mtn Dew. No more did my weapons have eye-searing colors and poorly shopped pizzas on them. No more could I spray crudely drawn faces on the wall behind Snipers.

I should have realized so much sooner that Valve forgot where they came from.

4c4e49  No.79914


Coming in later to bitch about this. Valve has routinely been encouraging yet stifling creativity cause you can't have problematic content goys.

49bef2  No.79931

File: 23744e7aac10ca6⋯.jpg (29.5 KB, 400x465, 80:93, ANGER.jpg)


Unironically this, also space/medieval engineers. With the latter, the modders do ALL the work to realize at least some of the potential the devs just sit on top of (AI, WATER, ships, household guards/servants, alcohol, trading posts, basically being a lord and running an economy instead of grinding rocks like a peasant the whole game.. the bold ones modders have done).

6e085e  No.79972

League of legends. They constantly remove content or "rework" content that a large portion of the community enjoyed. When Riot gutted the twisted treeline, 10 irl friends I knew who played LoL stopped playing right there.Not to mention that instead of balancing a champion's abilities, they change the champion into a much more boring version, that often changes the skins you buy for the champion. Imagine what that would be like in any other business, Ford would come over and paint your car pink, and you can't do shit because of terms and conditions… Etc.

45c11f  No.79974




062cad  No.79996

File: 6bf4f5563fbe6d4⋯.webm (6.68 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, BlindVoid - The road that….webm)


I can still remember low tier Nip players complaining about getting slaughtered by competent burgers maining P-47s in SB, which Gaijin decided to "fix" by adding the J2M3 jesus interceptor at 3.3 BR or some shit.

Then they added the A7M at 4.0, which made things even more retarded for burger players.

Have burgers recieved their own god plane to counter or are they still getting shoah'd in every match?

6535b9  No.80001


Reminder that the devs behind space engineers already made one (((early access))) game that they dropped halfway through development which pretty much got recycled into their later scams.

49bef2  No.80009

File: bf8c6871b9bf4fd⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 463x537, 463:537, Green eggs and sadness.jpg)



7d48b2  No.80016


They made Miner Wars which they abandoned

They made Space Engineers which they fucked up through development, abandoned to make Medieval Engineers, fucked that up, abandoned that and then took up Space Engineers again to make the game's performance worse with each patch.

de7e1c  No.80019


I really wish we had a drawfag to make more of these.

9bc6b9  No.80036


Ubisoft has to be the poster child for having games with great premises that get thrown in the gutter do to incompetence and poor choices.

<R6 Siege: tacticool CQC with destruction physics.

>Lol lets go full E-sports and break the game every time we patching it.

<For Honor: Medieval Dueling sim

>What is Netcode?

<Assassin's Creed: Travel back in time meeting/killing cool famous people from history while you parkour around like a ninja.

>Let's have a third wheel narrative about time travel that ends up going nowhere and stuff the maps full of collectathon crap.

<Skull and Bones: Pirate Ship fights from the 16th century. Simple, but Unique.

>My guess is death by esports.

4cd75b  No.80060


Well Ubisoft never learned anything from their past mistakes or well anything.

da8eb0  No.80087

File: 461d0e582524f0b⋯.png (223.8 KB, 500x248, 125:62, ass4.png)

>Cool looking cell-shaded animation

>Big weapon variety

>Sanic fast movement including wall jumping Matrix shenanigans

>Maps are designed differently from each other and are fun on their own

>Different game modes to spice up the experience

<P2W premium equipment with huge boosts for not only damage or defense, but HP, SP and movement speed too

<Getting them from a capsule which can only be bought for real money has 0.4% chance

<Terrible overpowered and easy to play weapons are released with each patch

<Every new map is either a clone of Station-2 or Neden-1

<New modes are uninspired and are basically Deathmatch with some new rules

<Ditching the original VR e-sports theme for unrelated shit like Alice in Wonderland and Indiana Jones to sell eye gouging skins

<More P2W features in case you still have money in your wallet

<Numerous bugs and exploits that are still not solved to this day

This game had a real potential to be huge, but sadly it was made by korean jews.

6e7f96  No.80195

war tsundere for u dollar

"here have dollar"

"i am a fun free game"

"money helps gaijon make gooder game"

"u can go faster if u use golden bird"

"100 match get plane could have been 50 with gold bird"

"nnooww yyoouu ggoottttaa ppaayy bbooii"

e42e6c  No.80216

File: 6ce9ad14821efef⋯.png (170 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Holyscreen33[1].png)


Do free games count?


>Roguelike with unique premise and humor, following a plantation slave ending up on an adventure.

>Complex material system

>Locational damage

>Actually good graphics, down to gear and wounds

>Different gods, factions, and NPC's with interesting interactions each.

But then…

<The dev decides to make the game arbitrarily impossible

<Seriously, LITERALLY impossible

<Enemies level up according to your gear, so only way to even get to boss fights is to carry your good gear in a box to cheat the system

<Only three people have ever beaten the boss, each one by exploiting the game, and each time the developer has fixed the game to keep it impossible.

As a result, what would be a technically superior roguelike is literally unwinnable. It's a great experience from the start, but it will inevitably turn impossible after a while so it's just a colossal waste of time.

ab2eb6  No.80219

>only proper military sandbox on the market

>large maps

>lots of players per server possible

>powerful editor with scripting engine

<insanely bad performance after five years of "performance patches"

<tonns of DLC that add a couple guns and vehicles

<main factions use the same HMG and GMG

<main factions use the same AT/AA missile launchers

<vehicle physics is still shit and will regularly send tanks flying

<DLC items can not be used by anyone who doesn't own the DLC

<if they try to do so anyways advertisements pop up on their screen

<amphibious content is just a husk

579f87  No.80230


>go into the second dungeon after you arrive to the capital and talk to the king

>always get killed by a bronze or steel golem

it has been updated? i remember playing in 2010 and it always have been IVAN 0.40.

56ac5d  No.80233

File: 14bed81a07452a9⋯.png (219.84 KB, 400x384, 25:24, 14bed81a07452a91947f5b227d….png)


You're forgetting the part where the game fucking locks up half the time you shoot at someone for a good two seconds. It's one of those games that seemingly gets worse with every patch.

e42e6c  No.80240


The game is now being developed by the community, and the latest version is 0.53: https://attnam.com/

5354ba  No.80464


Bohemia Interactive really needs competition badly.


Blame Slav devs. What they can't fix they break further.

105dd6  No.80470

File: ea56997f19e83d3⋯.gif (32.76 KB, 360x360, 1:1, You hear distant shuffling.gif)

323df9  No.80568


>The meat your match update was the worst thing ever to happen to the game.

Hell it was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen a developer do with a game.

e5892c  No.80570


Well you haven't seen Crytek or Mail.ru in action.

bb3eb3  No.80658



>good games

Now this is what I call nu-/vg/

17bab2  No.80671


Nothing to do with slavs, all to do with Russians.

Tarkov was always going to be shit outside their weapon system, everyone with a brain could see that the gamemodes and the gameplay itself were either fucking awful or as generic as it can be.

Plus the red flags like F2P deve, giving P2W shit to people pre purchasing 100 dollar game packs.

bfd9da  No.80706


Blizzard used to make good games anon just think about

4b2e3f  No.80713


EFT isn't anywhere near finished and is adding features and fixing bugs left and right. .10 is coming out this week. I'm not a shill, there's plenty of problems, but it's coming along nicely. No game breaking bugs at the moment, and no exploits. The ones that are in patch .9 are being fixed in .10. they're a small Dev team and are doing amazing for what they have. The game is fun, but gets boring fast. Once the game is finished it will be amazing. The planned features and the community interaction is great, BSG are good devs.

4b2e3f  No.80714


It's only P2W until the hideout system is released. I don't own the 100$ pack and it's unfair. Once hideouts is released though you can increase stash space by playing normally.

fc5f87  No.80869

File: 6e808baaa94e1ad⋯.jpg (3.34 MB, 365x205, 73:41, 1471473578474.jpg)


>Being this naive

Gud goyim. Make sure you buy all the DLC and lootboxes that are coming!

5eb894  No.81386

File: 5a162e009dde4ab⋯.jpg (117.25 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, honkai impact 3rd.jpg)

I had this game recommended to me by a close friend. It's a hack'n slash game where you control a squad of 3 cute girls to defeat waves of enemies consisting of different types of mechas, beasts and humanoids and there are boss fights every now and then too. There aren't that many girls to choose from, but every girl has 4 different variations of them and you can choose multiple of them to a team to make a full one girl squad. Every girl uses a different weapon (katana, cannons, greatswords, dual guns etc.) and you can obtain different weapons with different movesets. I thought this was too good of a deal since i never heard of this game before and that there has to be a catch. Boy what a catch it has.

It's a fucking mobile game made by chinks of all people and it's plagued with p2w garbage.

a99795  No.81392


Well what did you expect anon? Chinks to have souls?

5eb894  No.81402

File: a7a68ceff88e4d7⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 350x242, 175:121, 745a720a9f37da03934c53c4ab….gif)


I expected a good game with cute girls. Instead i got shattered dreams.

3edf4d  No.81409

File: a1e720c7011de58⋯.jpg (413.25 KB, 3000x1688, 375:211, reer.jpg)


>The meat your match update was the worst thing ever to happen to the game.

No, that would be the first hat update

Wasn't the devs for this one here, but the publisher. And fuck 2K for ruining everything they touch.

a99795  No.81426


We might end up having to make our own /cute/girl game.


I think the devs are more responsible for that one.

3edf4d  No.81428


>Assfucked by microsoft's 3 month title update cycle policy

>Assfucked by THQ going bankrupt

>Assfucked by 2K jewing their concept into the ground and shitting up the entire game with his idiotic talking to the media

TRS got fucked at every turn. They wouldn't of had the game in the state it was in if it was up to them.

9fd558  No.81497


Loot systems are easy to classify:

>non-cosmetic (i.e. gameplay effecting) unlocks that can/must be bought

P2W and thus unacceptable.

>non-cosmetic unlocks that can only be earned by ingame grinding

Skinner box non-content designed to keep you playing in an addiction loop instead of actual content. Often values playtime over skill. Unacceptable.

>Cosmetic unlocks that can/must be bought

Unacceptable if they bloat the filesize for everyone, if they fuck the art style, if they take development resources away from actual content or if they're in a game that's already full price. Possibly acceptable in an otherwise free/extremely cheap game if done well but that's rare as shit.

>Cosmetic unlocks that can only be earned by ingame grinding

Same as the above but with some more leniency if they're used like in Guild Wars 1 to reward actual achievement rather that just sheer playtime/grinding. A game with some unique costumes for someone who soloed the last boss on maximum difficulty is fine, a game with 50GB of cosmetic unlocks that can take 600+ hours of repeating the same task to earn is not (see: skinner box non-content)

Any rationalisation about 'they're just sidegrades' or 'everything can still be earned for free if you play long enough' is bullshit.

9fd558  No.81499



I should clarify: this applies only to multiplayer games though many games following the Diablo 2 route of loot spam are also skinner boxes.

25aed6  No.81519


Except when it comes to making vidya TRS are blatantly retarded. See Left4Dead2 when they were given free reign to do shit and how they messed that game up hard.

c4151b  No.81742

Tomb Raider

9fd558  No.81745


Which, do you mean AoD or nuraider?

951bcf  No.81790


Thank you for your valuable contribution.


What's wrong with L4D2? It's pretty fun, even if not much effort seems to have went into making it and so looks more like an expansion pack.

2d1771  No.82011


L4D2 was a console focused game compared to 1 being PC focused. It's still good but little things like the default FoV and massive UI give it away.

36d4cd  No.82019

Fugg how do i get rid of warthunder malware

66752b  No.82194


Nuke your computer. Literally.

2e4eab  No.82418

File: 3b87b533290a531⋯.jpg (23.55 KB, 263x375, 263:375, Star_Wars_Galaxies_Box_Art.jpg)


Fuck SOE. I'm still mad.

a99795  No.82452


Star Wars Galaxies I feel is one of these games that if it wasn't the Star Wars IP but pretty much the same there wouln't be much in the way of rose tinted glasses looking at it.

036446  No.82613


>There's no valid reason for erasing digital history.

While I agree, they do this with real history. No surprise here.

036446  No.82614


That was the one where you could tame the big monsters and erect player structures anywhere and actually had to sacrifice a class slot for architect right? If it was, I had a friend that played that game. If I wasn't a poorfag I would have played it back then. It was awesome when I watched.

86d46f  No.82766

Runescape and now Oldschool Runescape. Someone please swat Mod Mat K and Mod Markdonalds.

e5c88e  No.82775


Holy shit, I'm glad I quit the moment the first reskinned premium tanks were announced.

a99795  No.82784


I just checked recently. They've brought in a Tier 10 Premium P2W Tank that you can only get through loot boxes.

f7882b  No.82808


Now some vehicles have several reskins.


There are 4-5 premium tiers 9 and 10 that are/were available only through lootboxes, one of which was given barely a few months before in an arduous, hard event. Some were pissed, but it didn't matter, as many sheep bought lootboxes en masse anyway, repeatedly, when My.com has shown its incompetence in sometimes having literal nothing in lootboxes (not to mention that the chance for the tanks was near 1% or less).

d2fd00  No.82821

7 days to Die devs are about to kill their game with the next update

069da1  No.82828





It was fine until the gay pride and grand exchange were added.

af424f  No.82830

File: 57fd52e68610aa5⋯.jpg (389.29 KB, 597x600, 199:200, angry.jpg)


>Star Wars Galaxies I feel is one of these games that if it wasn't the Star Wars IP but pretty much the same there wouln't be much in the way of rose tinted glasses looking at it.

The only way you could say that is if you never played the game before NGE came along and destroyed everything unique about it.

4968bb  No.82837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rascal for the PlayStation:

>start making cool 3d platformer

>tomb raider suddenly becomes a hit

>publisher demands same kind of tank controls

>everyone hates it

The absolute idiocy of this decision is astonishing.

533be0  No.82901


There was nothing really unique about SWG if you had played previous sandbox MMO's before it.

d2fd00  No.82942


They are removing zombie looting, making you move slower during combat to "take a hit to give a hit", broke the health and stamina bars, no quality for tools or guns, increasing the consumption of food/water, reduced the backpack space (can be expanded a bit exactly like Mist Survival), removing wellness. There's a bunch more shit but I shut the video off at that point.

7e13b5  No.83001


I would say DayZ but honestly that was ruined more by playerbase than devs.


SWG was garbage anon when it came to gameplay. Good when it came to RP.


They are adding in a purchase only Premium Tier 10 TD as well. Did WoT even get that kikish?

506d13  No.83327


Also, the AI in skirmish mode just spam fighter bombers -_-

a99795  No.83334


Anon that's bull. Say what you like about R.U.S.E. but the AI does not spam fighter bombers unless you tell it to. It's actually a very adaptable AI that will change it's build and create counters based on what you deploy. If you are facing swarms of Fighter-Bombers it's because you are spamming nothing but Tanks. If you were to bring a swarm of AA guns it would start focusing more on AT Guns.

506d13  No.83349


Maybe it's just AI team matches? Just tested it on D-Day and they were Stuka's everywhere with a hand full of Panzers

f5060b  No.83393

File: 5b7258d60c37840⋯.png (6.95 KB, 360x140, 18:7, 2.png)


I had to drop a lot of decent games because devs suddenly included third party data theft programs like EAC. What the fuck is wrong with people? I can understand not giving a fuck if you have nothing important on your PC, but holy fuck am I not trusting these apps to have ull ram and HDD acces on the same maching I have my banking and accounting.

9fd558  No.83397



It depends on the map and which AI profile you choose. The default AI profile is air focussed and random might still pick it.

61e259  No.83425


You worry goyim you have nothing to fear! EAC is illegal in quite a few countries especially Eurofag believe it or not, retards are just not pointing that out because the way online stores operate is hoping everyone is naive

f5060b  No.83449


>online stores

I had to ditch Crosout, H&G and TWA, and the're all F2P. Dunno why the fuck devs think it's a brilliant idea, those are NOT tournament games.

0c1862  No.83986


Wait how illegal? Can you sue them?

5d63f1  No.84408


>girls und panzer


You know you'll be killed right?

31410a  No.84434


t. I haven't played for ages and run it on a potato.

I get perfect 60 at all times even when spawning in 9100000kg ships.

And no the devs should not waste timd on adding fucking dyamic water into their game about engineering buildings you dumb, stupid cunt.

>keen are shit devs!

>they never added water or [insert facile non gameplay changing mechanic here]

31410a  No.84435


>he played heroes and generals and is upset he cant play anymore

All your posts should be deleted and you banned forever

a99795  No.84438


To be fair the new film is unwatchable



Are your legs okay anon?

5d63f1  No.84446


was it? I watched the anime and intended to watch the movies but never got around to it

45c11f  No.84481



Doesn't comply with GDPR, and some other local data protection laws of EU bloc countries.

You probably won't need a turbo-jewish lawyer to win.

4b0d54  No.84484


I feel we need a "know your vidya rights" thread where we can counter-kike the kikes.

82895e  No.84612


That might be gud if only we had a (((lawyer)))

387d6e  No.84687


>once the copyright expires

Which means many many decades. Copyright is a scam that should not exist at all, period.

947f6c  No.84696

File: f7889b099f469d3⋯.jpg (14.54 KB, 158x187, 158:187, ok.jpg)

I have around 2000 hours in FH and you are right that its a shit fest but you are so wrong about the reasons I got upset.

>Overpowered assassin classes

Assassins were never OP, it was PK who was nerfed last patch and is currently one of the worst characters in the game.


P2P is gone now and they have servers, which are also shit but better than P2P.

>Underpowered heavy classes

The heavy classes are not underpowered except for Shugoki, currently Conqueror is the strongest hero(and absolutely bullshit) in the game, who is a heavy.

>Everything that constituted the 4v4 game mode

The game is far better in 4v4 because the game is centered in not throwing attacks, in 4v4 it forces people to open up which makes for a far more interesting game play.

>Shitty campaign

The story mode was real shit.

>Bugs like vortexes,

I don't know what you mean by "bugs like vortexes" this was never something that was a bug in game I don't even understand what you are trying to say with this.

>delayed guard break counter indicator

I don't know what you mean by this either, counter guard breaking is the easiest thing in the game and delaying it doesn't do anything to harm you.

>and lightning speed zone attacks

The only case this applies is in PK who has a 400ms zone with no recovery and little visible animation. The other zone attacks in the game are 500ms and are easy enough to react to. The serve as a low risk medium reward at the cost of half of your stamina currently. If you are trying to parry everything then you are doing something wrong.

>At least the new devs are trying to fix it now, but it's too late

They aren't new and they are still retarded. The only fired the previous head dev because he was indeed a retard. The current devs are very bad at the game, completely ignore the top players(even while saying they will listen to them, having a private discord for all of them to give suggestions to the devs, which are promptly ignored), make terrible balancing decisions due to using stats from console(which is locked 30fps) and PC combined together from far too large of a sample(2.5% top players, meaning basically every regular player) refuse to patch PC and console differently, and having devs that are actual idiots and have no idea what they are doing, nor do they care and are only there for a paycheck and have stated so.(Yes I'm talking about you Roman.)

The game has larger problems as ubisoft uses reddit as their official forum, the game's engine is spaghetti code, and very long times between updates. The game itself has broken stamina mechanics which promote turtling and has a mechanic called revenge which also is busted(however this will be fixed soon). The game is so deeply broken at the fundamental level and the amount of game breaking bugs are being discovered each day. but the problem is that I still find it so fun and the centurion character, and orochi character are too cool.

cd4d87  No.84905


So how much suffering of this game have you endured anon? I was tempted to try this again cause that PvE mode looked interesting since for whatever reason I could never find a PvP game I shit you not but is there any reason to play anymore?

0aaea6  No.84992


Is it weird that I like her way more when she breaks character? Cynical girls just do it for me.

7c473e  No.84995

There was a really telling livestream Gajin did a little while ago that entirely revealed their mindset. Couple devs mocked the idea of including Parts(needed to perform field repairs, an utterly vital ability) and Fire Prevention Equipment (almost as vital) when you unlocked a tank. When I say mocked, I mean outright contempt. Guy equated giving you the basic things needed to play the game with giving you all the end-game content instantly. Really pisses me off since I was incredibly close to coming back to WT since it's the only game I know of that allows for helicopter/tank gameplay that has even the slightest hint of realism.

82895e  No.85039


Gaijin treat their playerbase worse than Nips treat gaijin. They know that if there was anyone that would give them real competition they would be fucked overnight. To this day makes me angry EA killed Air Warrior which was War Thunder before War Thunder was even a thing and done infinitely better even had Tanks and vehicles to play with

947f6c  No.85082



Don't do it, the PvE is terrible. The bots are either 100% retarded or 100% cheating. This wouldn't be a problem if they threw attacks, but instead the bots will just sit and wait for you to throw attacks to the can instantly react to unreactable things. Also if you are talking about the new PvE they talked about mode you have to pay for the season pass to be able to play it. It also looks bad.

>I could never find a PvP game

If you want to try playing PvP you need to play dominion(its the only thing that has a player base) or duels(which has a small one of really really bad players).

>is there any reason to play anymore?

I tested the Chinese/Mongol heroes in closed and open test along with the new breach mode. Not only was breach mode stupidly fun and something I've been wanting in the game since it came out and thought it was wasted potential that it hadn't been done, but the Chinese heroes actually had some unique character design. The old man character was not only the most fun I had with a character in the game with, but everything from his armor design to his voice lines were just endlessly cool. He has interesting unique abilities that didn't feel unbalanced as well which is nice. I actually am dying to play him again. and I won't get to until the 30th because I refuse to give ubisoft money

465623  No.85129

File: 2371080ec0c3061⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1455x739, 1455:739, cunt destroyer.png)


>breach mode stupidly fun

sell me on this. I have FH and kinda like the combat, but I don't have anyone to play with and I really can't keep playing on my own.

947f6c  No.85237

File: 70e0b780677a3f8⋯.png (15.95 KB, 228x61, 228:61, ss (2018-02-05 at 08.54.47….png)

File: 2f7b9afe45048f2⋯.png (144.14 KB, 526x175, 526:175, ss (2018-05-19 at 09.54.49….png)

File: fbdaf33ce631c29⋯.png (13.89 KB, 187x59, 187:59, ss (2018-05-19 at 09.53.51….png)

File: 901cec06eef25f4⋯.png (19.39 KB, 170x65, 34:13, ss (2018-04-14 at 12.24.39….png)

File: 638cd6e20f3c94f⋯.png (31.43 KB, 262x130, 131:65, ss (2018-03-31 at 09.17.12….png)


I don't really know how I could sell it. It just is to me something that I had imagined was the original intention of 4v4 of being an actual game based around breaching a castle. So far the maps they put out pretty good except for the first one. The game mode is very dependent on map design for it to be good. Also if you really want to play it its also very dependent on teamwork. The took obvious influence from ASSFAGGOTS for the breach mode, but I think rather than being some retarded LoL bullshit it feels more like chivalry's castle fight, sadly you can't play as the lord at the end though.

>I don't have anyone to play with and I really can't keep playing on my own.

When it comes to playing alone I had to play alone for a long time, and if I had to make the recommendation, don't get into this game. However after time I just added people and now I have a bunch of literally retarded cuckchanners buddies that I play with on the regular, you have to make the best of a bad situation. Be aware the community is literally reddit. if you really want you can give me your uplay ID and I'll play with you and teach you how to play The game is very dependent on teamwork so be ready for that if you really want to play. At my level solo queueing is hell, be prepared.this is why its so much better to queue with cuckchan retards than alone.

e1ab00  No.85333


I feel like if I played it I would be interested for a week, get burnt out, then leave you hanging again. I don't want to do that to you anon.

465623  No.85381


>posted half past 2 in the night

Staying up late or American time zone?

947f6c  No.85517

File: 46c894503665749⋯.png (25.95 KB, 214x66, 107:33, ss (2018-07-26 at 03.28.10….png)

File: 9338b58d6b8403a⋯.png (12.81 KB, 224x55, 224:55, ss (2018-05-11 at 04.21.23….png)

File: 5a506c1b88ee7ed⋯.png (28.2 KB, 359x59, 359:59, ss (2018-04-23 at 12.17.13….png)

File: 12c8549dee43c4c⋯.png (23.85 KB, 185x56, 185:56, ss (2018-03-29 at 10.07.37….png)


Its for the best honestly.


I live in Florida right now but my classes are only half the week so I laze around the rest of the time. I woke up 20 minutes before typing that response. I'm active on EU servers via VPN because no one plays American servers in the mornings. Everyone on the EU server is actually terrible at the game which is hilarious. All the good EU players have quit so its left with a bunch of German children, angry slavs, and cucked britbongs with a side of Frenchmen that can't speak English. The best part is all of them can actually banter, where US servers if you do anything you upset someone.

25e7d6  No.85526



>these names

Feels like a bunch of tryhard

947f6c  No.85553

File: 32894b245770a4c⋯.png (11.32 KB, 253x56, 253:56, ss (2018-07-14 at 09.27.58….png)

File: c7a9b5829a93499⋯.png (43.16 KB, 166x165, 166:165, ss (2018-07-05 at 05.53.46….png)

File: 39baee6d7b179dc⋯.png (31.63 KB, 238x60, 119:30, ss (2018-06-16 at 09.41.49….png)

File: fd716abbff5d700⋯.png (117.11 KB, 308x334, 154:167, ss (2018-08-02 at 12.48.19….png)


ah no these guys are not try hards, anyone in these screencaps are actually pretty bad at the game. **this last "woman" is the story writer and armor designer, I think they replaced her or made her take classes on how to make armor because the new armor is much better.

500baa  No.85590

File: 1fa795d2aed0bc8⋯.png (238.46 KB, 635x356, 635:356, gup-depression-life-id-pai….png)


You could make jokes and shitposts about these but honestly it's too goddamn easy.

Whatever happened to the challenge of life that makes you want to wake up each morning?

cb0162  No.86103


We became decadent anon

f23718  No.86128



Same thing happened to spiral knights, content updates gave way to shit to fill the fake currency market to steer people toward the microtransactions.

6616ab  No.86215

File: cb507fca4b44d86⋯.jpg (60.64 KB, 480x600, 4:5, atlasimg.jpg)

Nobody has mentioned Battletech in this thread made by HBS. A game completely ruined by the story and the complete derp that was the campaign. The game designer who deigned got fired for sexual misconduct. The company HBS then got bought up bby Paradox after making that game.

That gotta be one of the worst designed games of all time, despite the combat being pretty solid.

6616ab  No.86228

File: 1aa5bfb235ab3ab⋯.jpeg (97.83 KB, 750x600, 5:4, steinerscout.jpeg)

It also had some balance issues as the best strategy was to play the steiner scout lance. I always play my 4x highlander scout lance when I get the chance.

ab12bc  No.86237



Probably cause there is a Battlekek thread that covers this already. It's what happens when you care about hair color than gameplay.

a99795  No.86455



Well probably cause I am so tired of repeating myself and I was too lazy to copy and paste response into a text document.

The game focused on lorebreaking pos that's directly insulting to anyone that knows anything about Battletech. The performance issues are retarded, the economy system is broken, the mech variety in reality becomes poor because only a handful at a weight range are worth bringing cause there is far too much customization making other Mechs redundant. Skill system is also pointless with a few skills being far more useful over all. Nevermind the single lance system and campaign.

2127c5  No.86506


Ah money money money, root of all evil. If you kike too far and early you kill a game.

16bec3  No.86524


>too much customization

Maybe it's handled incorrectly, but simply removing choices isn't going to increase how fun anything is.


>money, root of all evil.

The quote is:

>For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil(s)

If you're going to quote the bible, at least get it right.

a99795  No.86526


Anon there was virtually no reason as far as the 55 Ton Mechs go to take anything other than a Shadow Hawk 2D since it could perform every other mech's job and better. And there was a Mech at every weight level that was flatout better. This is a problem with the Mechwarrior games in that most of the time every Mech became an Omnimech with zero downisdes and it becomes a case of pick a Mech you like the look of rather than giving more variety.

In short in this case too much customization gives you far less choices than more.

a3d54d  No.86536


It's from a song although I would love to hear more bible versus preacher. Can you do a Sunday mass service for /vg/? I fear we are sorely lacking some spiritual guidance round here

6616ab  No.86563


It is because the source of battletech is a table top game where you couldn't change your mechs. In the tabletop game there were rules for mech construction to create game balance between mechs. HBS think were involved in that original table top game forgot to adjust the mech customisation.

It is simple another bad design decision of many.

Crescent hawks inception and Cresent hawks revenge are better desgined actually.

a99795  No.87167


Very well aware. You could technically take custom mechs on tabletop but a) they were ridiculously expensive and b) good luck letting anyone let you play them

As my original point stands they way they have it set up there is zero variety to gameplay due to as I said, far too much customization leading to everything being the same.

5fbd26  No.87181

>Soylent devs make a game

>Surpirsed it's bad

Are you fags new?

4945ee  No.88896


It is not wrong to be surprised how bad they can make a game.

9cfe38  No.88992


>Preacher on /vg/

I feel in these Dark Times it would not hurt to have some moral guidance thrust upon us.

2813c8  No.94997


We need some spiritual guidance round here.

a32420  No.95135


>At least the new devs are trying to fix it now, but it's too late. The sociopolitical shitstorm it's been released in also didn't help.

But anon, why would you buy and/or play for Honor when the superior and more fun Mount and Blade exists. Why play with UBISoft cancer? Was it because you just saw it on a shelf?

974be8  No.95244


They gave it for (((free))) anon.

ac96fd  No.96124


Ubisoft execs forced me to play or they would kill my cat.

3f4d92  No.96937


Is your cat okay?

fc5f87  No.99850

Latest toaster club game puts me in mind of a game that would have been good if the devs had made it a lot more child friendly or more catered towards that demographic. It seems to tug at trying to be too adult and being aimed at getting kids into the JPRG genre. I also think it would be better if it was aimed at girls personally but that's just my humble opinion

86d005  No.99884

File: 47bd4f9e440a9de⋯.jpg (9.3 KB, 210x200, 21:20, 47bd4f9e440a9dea414a5a0640….jpg)

>saw some videos of player planes torpedoing player ships in War Thunder

>get the itch to reinstall

>remember that crew skills exist and I'll be limited to turning half as hard for half as long as anyone I'm playing against until I grind for a few months

Guess I'll play something else

87d31c  No.99959


Well it is free to goyim, what did you expect honestly anon?

42e190  No.100282

Surprised no one has mentioned these two yet:

Titanfall 2

>Solid campaign that doesn't overstay its welcome

>Awesome multiplayer that's surprisingly well balanced for the most part

>Only game I've cared to prestige in because even the starting weapons are good

>Genuinely good sequel to an innovative but very flawed game

>Fucked over by EA and released at the same time as Battlefield 1 (and CoD)

>First party title with an active player base of a couple thousand now

Tribes: Ascend

>Fun arcady fps with a unique movement system

>High skill gap, easy to learn, impossible to master

>Nothing beats skiing around at high speeds and no scoping with the sniper rifle

>Doesn't look half bad for a 6 or 7 year old game


>Abandoned by the devs in favor of Smite

>Active playerbase is like one server on the weekends now

Why do they hurt me

09f8af  No.100283


>buy 60 dollar pack

>still need to grind for months to be on par

091231  No.100400


Sometimes it's less painful to forget.

42e190  No.100462


Not wrong, man. Not wrong.

34e9d5  No.100472


>no matches found

You niggers need to learn about the story of KSP.

>space sandbox game

>has an entire solar system for you to explore

>even has eastereggs hidden around

>you can build any spacecraft you want

>you can pilot them freely

>actual hydrox engines insteaed of scifi bullshit

>modsupport so you can get scifi bullshit anyways

But then the devs fucked up

<solar system is scaled down, has only one gas giant, planets are smaller than physically possible, star is less than the size of Jupiter

<eastereggs are mostly leftover bugs

<nothing else to see on the planets besides rocks, and trees

<you can only build small crafts because big ones will screw with everything

<some will randomly explode from time to time

<no autopilot in the base game

<less than 10 proper engines, severly limiting your creativity

<engines come in standard sizes, limiting you further

<fuel tanks can not be adjusted for size and volume, limiting you even more

<game shits itself after installing 5 mods

<modders have added more features to the game than the devs

<devs rip off mods in the worst possible way, including less features and less usability than the original

<without giving any credit

<this killed the modding community

<after the mods were basically what drove the sales of this game

I will never forgive SQUAD for creating Kerbal Space Program.

At least there is Children of a dead earth. Though you have to complete the fucking campaign to unlock free design mode, which sucks ass.

a99795  No.100481


I remember the Kerbal Space thread actually. Were you the anon detailing this when it was happening?

34e9d5  No.100490


Nah. I just got annoying with having to click through 8 pages of fuel tanks just so I could get to the procedural fuel tanks.

Then I realized how retarded that was, so I went through all the mods and the base game and deleted all other fuel tanks besides the proc-tanks. Then I relized just how stupid the decision of the devs was to not make tanks procedural in the first place.

I understand why you wouldn't do it for engines, or pods, or some animated parts, but wings and tanks? Really nigger?

86d005  No.100704


The only vaguely hard part of ChoDE's campaign is Vesta Overkill and that's pretty easy once you get your head around designing shit.

34e9d5  No.100824


I am literally stuck on that mission.

Don't give me any tips, faggot. I want to beat this game on my own and then complain about how shit it is while designing anti missile missiles.

86d005  No.101103

File: 189db15900a52c1⋯.jpg (941.23 KB, 1200x999, 400:333, 189db15900a52c13f5e24b3f49….jpg)


Ganbare, anon

34e9d5  No.101173


I want to shave Nanachi.

a99795  No.101809


What I gathered is that the team changed over time and slowly lost the plot of what they were doing as well as eating into their own hype and the procedurally generated meme. Think they thought it would pad out gameplay when it just makes it annoying.

150160  No.102103


This sounds like a mouthful of words strung together for sake of making a statement.

fd3dfd  No.106827


At least it's not space engineers anon.

cb3d72  No.106844

File: 6b0840cbc34520f⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 739x478, 739:478, [Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 어이 Uh-….jpg)


Yes. And the most ironic thing is that ubishit fanboys were mad at the guy, and not at Ubisoft for making a broken game, or to even acknowledge the game have a exploitable bug and forbid it in the tournament beforehand.

No player is ever obliged to play in the way you want him to play. In FGC people mas about others using exploits are rightfully called a salty faggot in sight. Want to blame someone? Blame Ubisoft.

a7a2e5  No.106848

File: c0df9407f00691b⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


i want to crush that thing in my hand

18f338  No.106890


>Tribes Ascend


You were the cancer killing the game and so is Hijew. I wish they'd sell off the IP so someone else can mutilate it's corpse.

90b9d9  No.106902


>not wanting to swallow it whole finding the feeling of its struggling down your throat and belly satisfying

a99795  No.107254


I've seen a growing trend of players over the years who are complete cucks who will suck the dicks of devs and shit on players who dare point out any flaw in a game's design. Frankly it's disgusting and should have been nipped in the bud years ago.


They did, they sold it to Chinks who raped it to death.

1f2c77  No.109527

File: 982e708a7a8d297⋯.png (334.02 KB, 640x647, 640:647, ClipboardImage.png)


Are you talking about White Knighting?

4c4e49  No.110372

Should be called Good Games that were Crippled by complete circlejerks really this thread.

c66e9a  No.111000


Like Renegade?

2ceb21  No.111240

File: 97cfbcd36f04209⋯.jpg (405.04 KB, 1600x812, 400:203, Obaid karki despair.JPG)


>Halloween and Christmas were fucking lacklusters

>Only shitty taunts that can be played in SFM without crashing

>No fixing what made the game great

>Bawwww specific loadouts are OP nerf Valve

Why even bother.


Lost Vikings 1 & 2 that's it.

f3d163  No.112544


Talking about TF2 or TF2V?

579494  No.112728


Don't start anon.

9eb753  No.116175

File: 661e4dbb9db0613⋯.jpg (162.31 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Duskers_SVvertical[1].jpg)

File: ec03cf68c643124⋯.jpg (156.87 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Duskersscreenshot-5[1].jpg)

File: 8b6e0ffc88d9172⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 92526971-vollbild[1].png)



>A game about investigating derelict ships using remote controlled drones

>Aliens-style retro-futuristic technology

>Promotes clever tactics and overcoming problems with ingenious workarounds.

And then, after many fantastic hours of gameplay, comes the slime infestations to fuck up everything!

>Slime will just spawn out of any wall, so fuck your plans

>Slime is very difficult to kill, and even then grows back in mere seconds

>Slime specifically targets immobile drones, so fuck your sensor and generator drones in particular

>Developer says it's to add urgency, which is the last thing this game needs and which it does in the most utterly bullshit way.

I'd love to like this game, but that one fucking infestation ruins it all. If the game had mods or hacks to remove slime entirely I wouldn't hesitate a second to offer my money for making my dream game true, but as it stands it's just a ten hour bait into a "haha fuck you" trap.

24e89d  No.116248


Know that feel mate, season 1 and 2 was the pinnacle. Granted some of the reworks they did where needed but champs like Karma and Soraka became boring. Not to mention unneeded item removals like Force of Nature.

f04262  No.116249

>Ctrl+F Minecraft

>0 results

16bec3  No.116255


>game is fun

>suddenly the scourge of the ticking clock

>game is now stressful and irritating

So many games do this. It always makes me feel like I'm trying to perfect a fucking speed-run route instead of, you know, play a game. There are probably better ways to engage or challenge your users.


No one remembers old Minecraft. That was before the dark times.

f04262  No.116256


>scourge of the ticking clock

This is why I don’t like Fallout.

d9307c  No.116261


Sounds like the infected from Pulsar.


Minecraft wasn't ruined by devs but by publishers and players.

03cb78  No.116462


What went wrong with Minecraft?

9a43fe  No.116848

File: 99fd302b7191530⋯.jpg (441.27 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, ap1Imum[1].jpg)


I haven't followed the game, but from watching a youtube video it appears they added new ugly-looking blocks in the game. Blocks that no one's forced to use, but the autism meme exists for a reason and these people really don't like change.

a75154  No.116850


Why does such a cringe book exist?

84f033  No.116999


Imagine having to come up with minecraft jokes or lose your job. Could you do better?

dd44e0  No.117001



It's like they took a bunch of autistic 6 year olds told them to talk about minecraft and then just transcribed whatever made them laugh

f23718  No.117030


I'm watching deep silver kneecap the metro game in real time, I just don't understand publishers.

44561f  No.117040


Damn they should just come to 8chan then.

dc7eaf  No.117100


So they went to /v/?

cfb23c  No.117108

File: 7dda5bb20b0f4cc⋯.jpg (46.28 KB, 680x500, 34:25, yang_depressed.jpg)


<Eventually give up on game to make sequel since they fucked up the game to point it is now completely unplayable in Campaign and devoid of any enjoyment

What? They didnt fuck the singleplayer. Armada 1 is a good game, that the devs only fucked the multiplayer part of it, because they coulndt into balance, specially since they released the OP Tau on it.

The game that they are fucking the singleplayer now is precisely the recent sequel, Battlefleet Gothic Armada II:

<Release the game on a incomplete state. Lots of bugs and errors on it.

<No cooperative mode at release

<Forced a very limiting ship limit per battle on campaign. Yes, you heard me, So if you send three fleets on a battle you fight with only one of them, while other ships appear when you lose ships from first deployment.

<And no, you cant choose what ship to appear first, and after deployment either. And said reinforcements appear at the bottom of the map while you are possibly far from it, so when the new ships enter the battle, it may be too late.

<So because of these problems, especial missions because really hard to complete if you play the game conventionally (So you have to cheat the game AI instead to even try to win). And in normal battles, most of the times, your first fleet is enough to defeat the enemy, even when they surpass you notably, or at least fuck most of their ships.

<Necrons, you know, the faction with extremely powerful ships in fluff, are really weak in the game. Campaign is almost implayable yet because of how nerfed they are.

>Meanwhile, Ork ships are really powerful in the campaign, being literall bullet sponges with lots of guns, and always appearing in great numbers. The hardests enemies to defeat, more than even Necrons & Tyranids.

<In normal skirmish and 1vs1 ranked, you get a fixed limit, so you cant raiser or lower the ship limit either. remenber how they promised MASSIVE battles? I do.

<First patch they released didnt fix any of this shit, with only raising the ship limit in the campaign from 1350 points at maximum renown rank…to only 200 more points (1650). Thats about one extra imperial cruiser on your fleet. WOW. AND THAT IS ONLY AT THE UPPER LEVELS OF RENOWN RANK.

<More sandbox skirmish mode will be in next patch, but should have been at the release of the game.

<Also, the soundtrack of the game, if not bad, is notably inferior to the excellent soundtrack of Armada 1.

Unless they dont fix this, game will not be as good as the first game, which at least had a working & good singleplayer.

d73f1c  No.117112


>Remove abilities that were essentially for completing campaign missions

>Not fucking up singleplayer

Sure thing bud.

cfb23c  No.117115


I played the game at release & then replay it again with all patches & DLC. Didnt remember any problem at the second time of replaying the game. What abilities they quit since release? ANd how they affected the game?

a99795  No.117144


>They didnt fuck the singleplayer. Armada 1

Actually they did. Abilities like taunt were removed from the game which were essential to winning some special missions so in turn devs made it so that even if you lost said missions it wasn't a defeat. They fucked hard with the campaign cause of their multiplayer balance shit.

2b82c8  No.118566


So how do you feel anon they are fucking up Armada 2 in the same fucking way?

cfb23c  No.118568

Another Warhammer game screwed by the devs was Space Marine FPS game. It is a good game, and the multiplayer was awesome & well done…but unfortunately it has a shitty matchmaking multiplayer, so no servers, and no long-term big multiplayer.


You mean how the game is going to mediocrity due to the petty devs? Of course bad. From time to time I play multiplayer, and I have my fan, and looks like the next patch will be a little more than a hotfix, but alas, main problems are still there, even when they are easy to fix, and I will not bother with campaign until they fix it.

459b06  No.118702


>Another Warhammer game screwed by the devs was Space Marine FPS game

Which one? There was at least 5 different dev teams I recall who worked on that game.

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