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File: b84409727b1c667⋯.png (297.25 KB, 620x349, 620:349, bg.png)

File: 342b9b0496581f1⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 342b9b0496581f1ed2ff905310….png)

File: 342b9b0496581f1⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 342b9b0496581f1ed2ff905310….png)

7fcef8  No.77463


>3.4/3.4.1 released

>Tons of bug fixes

>More things added

>Server build released, check moddb

>Ultiduo confirmed for working on TF2V (which means by extension the other competitive TF2 gamemodes will as well)

>Next patch in the works improves arena logic and adds a few more things

Other news

>First squeaker encountered and promptly chased away by intrepid anons


>Full game



Mega mirror https://mega.nz/#!TIM3kLpC!RScOaHMoPBUyhFDeLYSSwiCq1FdzTi0mPqjXHQemgd8

Torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8c5af96df60e04c8589d7cbffee86403b38f0eaf&dn=tf2vintagev3.2.7z or https://ufile.io/upqke

Installing TF2V


Follow the guide, TL;DR

>Install Source 2013 MP SDK

>Download TF2V and extract it

>Place the entire tf2vintage folder in your sourcemods folder under steamapps

>Restart Steam

>Run vintage from your library or add the -game parameter to 2013 MP SDK followed by the path to the tf2vintage folder in parenthesis





While a few weapons have been introduced (flare gun, kritzkreig, gunboats, LnL, Direct Hit). Right now its still on the backburner. We're looking for help for weapons, some would be easier to do than others (backburner, paintrain)

7fcef8  No.77464

File: 9aab7dedd4f6bd1⋯.png (31.09 KB, 598x413, 598:413, 9aab7dedd4f6bd1742ea8d40ca….png)

File: 06560a3bc4c5b74⋯.png (32.57 KB, 654x858, 109:143, 6f95b8418a299b47ce26f45f34….png)

Here is how to install revemu on windows, i.e. make it no-steam. Technically this needs to be done once by the guy who releases TF2V for the next version, so that the game will be standalone and run out-of-the-box. But anyone can do it. I have shit upload speed.

What you need:

1. Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer from steam. ( Just in case: https://mega.nz/#!AuJgSL6Z!9TatZzJMuSVXUKyRWXbCYq4CWQIUaD-NPmMVCeGIzbo or https://mega.nz/#!BqISUDRB!AINJuuTt4dV4tSuiPwH_ws6u8VsaGzri-grpfGF2aLM

Hash: 3bb2e73-d2d220-698-8376cd-1abbcfa-6781-0ad7f3e )

2. TF2V from OP.

3. Revemu package: https://mega.nz/#!IrJHyJiK!-U9fLMW4hTgCFBaYh9xPIWWjx-TmjNXy-C3O09UDjd4

In case the link goes down, here is the original source: http://bir3yk.net/forum/topic_179/. Gonna need full package from 27.04.2016. Then an update from 20.01.2017, it's a single dll, goes into game root.

Start by placing tf2vintage folder in Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer, instead of sourcemods. Now Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer can be renamed to anything and placed anywhere, I will be calling it game root.

Optional: fire up the game to make sure everything works by creating hl2.exe shortcut and adding -game tf2vintage. See first pic. You won't need that shortcut after this, you can delete it later.

Extract revemu to game root. Second pic is how it should look like.

Shut down steam and fire TF2V.exe.

That's it, make sure everything works.

You can look through rev.ini.

But here are the most important things:

ProcName=hl2.exe -novid -noborder -game tf2vintage -steam -silent /help

Your startup parameters. I added -novid (skips into movies) and -noborder (borderless in windowed more, makes no difference in fullscreen). More details: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Command_Line_Options.


Self explanatory, Everything should work as expected. Only no-steam servers will show up in server browser. They also need to have no-steam in sv_tags, if I'm not mistaken.

Hopefully I didn't fuck up. I won't have time to test linux client anywhere soon, so somebody else should do it. Ask here for any advice. Linux revemu: http://bir3yk.net/forum/topic_180/.

7fcef8  No.77465

Active servers

>Ahab's TF2V Server


bc4194  No.77500

File: ef8ac4268c96a60⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 616x546, 44:39, mental prison.jpg)

When will we playa?

7fcef8  No.77517


whenever people want.

a0f4a4  No.77548


Never ever.

Any updates on TF2V?

53f527  No.77738

Any fags on server tonight?

7fcef8  No.77769


look at the news in the OP

We'll try playing this friday or so, hows that sound?

8ae5eb  No.77868


We should all the time every day. With no breaks for potty or food.

d8b9e6  No.78222

File: f8c6e00677bc0c0⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WIP1.png)

File: 8393e04328bd847⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WIP2.png)


Because you asked so nicely

more to come soon

93746a  No.78231


Did you ever officially add Canada mode?

00c20f  No.78381

So nobody is gonna' bring Gang Garrison 2

a0b701  No.78444

Is there going to be a Pence gun added?

000000  No.78697

Remember to check out the TF2V discord to get updates and report bugs in real-time


000000  No.78791


We've already got 2 player on the server, things are already pretty hectic

Here's the discord server https://discordapp.com/channels/382568175101018112/382568175746809857

000000  No.78792


lol wrong thread, delete this post and the one above it

7fcef8  No.78845





No one gives a shit here about the goycord

838e7d  No.78861

So anyone here got it Dedicated servers working on linux?

7fcef8  No.78863

let's play right now at a god awful time of night

af8ae0  No.78913




TORpedos once demonstrating they are worthless underages.

000000  No.78965


lol fuck you

most of tf2v's playerbase is discord

you are just the minority

feel free to join us, though, we have a much better chat system

7fcef8  No.78968




>You're the minority

except this isn't, also the goycord's ,majority is people who don't talk or play and are there to "monitor progress".

5a00f1  No.79250

Anyone up to play right now?

7fcef8  No.79252


68ae26  No.79366


Kill yourself, you JEWISH KIKE

9e03cf  No.79367

I'm not returning until you fix a critical mistake.

7fcef8  No.79395


Your lack of explanation?

That's one mistake we can't fix

2d08de  No.79745


Not naming this TF2Cuck?

7fcef8  No.79797

File: ac1096455e34ff1⋯.png (415.9 KB, 845x475, 169:95, unknown.png)

Sticky bomb gibs now work

899b46  No.80100


big cool

cd7c53  No.80168

When are you going to change it from Blue vs Red to Green vs Purple?

e339eb  No.80174


Because TF2V wants to cater to normalfag nostalgiafags who won't understand the references.

7fcef8  No.80185





I knew reddit was around here but the retardation is so massive it's scary

d1a28b  No.80193


If there is an update why doesn't anything show up for the RSS Feed of the Moddb files section?

7fcef8  No.80197


No clue. I didn't know there was one

4c147e  No.80198

y'wanna play today or tomorrow or something?

7fcef8  No.80200


we can play later today

ffd164  No.80201

unless this has a standalone non-steam version, I'll probably never touch it.

bonus points for linux compatible.

7fcef8  No.80203


>I'm an illiterate shitter: the post

d1a28b  No.80205


moddb has that for pretty much everything, but it's likely because there aren't any new files or entries

7fcef8  No.80206


There hasn't been an update in 2 weeks might be the issue. 3.5 is being worked on

d1a28b  No.80208


Yeah in that case of course it won't, but since at some point there was a silent update I didn't know if that was something like that again.

4806ad  No.80210

Someone clearly never graduated from kindergarten.

7fcef8  No.80211


only time shit gets silently fixed is if a hotfix is needed. since most people end up downloading the hotfix we slip it into the FULL and PATCH silently and just go from there

7fcef8  No.80262

let's play

899b46  No.80315


let's play

7fcef8  No.80637

it's fucking 1 am come play

0b5102  No.80638

File: d7a623ff8d780b1⋯.png (610.13 KB, 752x940, 4:5, b7eba22f4ae535685b8d943821….png)


>Playing videogames at 1AM

Even weirder than posting at imageboards at 1AM

a600a6  No.80640

File: bd0f54684190a5f⋯.jpg (75.7 KB, 960x960, 1:1, xordox.jpg)


>tfw more weird than internet strangers on imageboards

So this is what it comes to

088abd  No.80647


who is this girl

0b5102  No.80651


Google Image search or sauce.nao usually provides those answers, anon.

088abd  No.80661

File: 43e4cbcc7beffd6⋯.png (366.76 KB, 630x840, 3:4, 29e9bdb1cf8b13d213020032ec….png)


i decided to use iqdb instead

7fcef8  No.80690


>Bumps thread with unrelated posts

newfag detected

20cbee  No.80738

File: 0d985a785de3783⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 299x250, 299:250, take it easy.jpg)

936353  No.80764

So, if this is supposed to be pre-Mannconomy, why is the loch-n-load in-game? Also, is the dead ringer going to be added?

7fcef8  No.80771


because fuck demoknight

5a00f1  No.80774


Demoman was given the Polycount equipment first because it fit his class better than Demoknight at the moment. The other classes should be getting stuff up to Polycount as well, but that's not as immediate.

cd8e21  No.80901

Where can I change where the mic input comes from in revemu?

ca7093  No.80907


Should be in settings or the config file.

a47c7e  No.81171


stay upset kike

56b90f  No.81277

File: 484c07d3f4a047e⋯.png (13.74 KB, 533x140, 533:140, Error2.png)

How come I keep getting this error when I try to install this game?

a47c7e  No.81284


Did you follow the install guide on the moddb page?

56b90f  No.81321


It's not a problem with installation, since whenever I open the .exe, it gives me this error. The install page has nothing on it.

12d537  No.81368


rev.ini? Don't see a thing in there

7fcef8  No.81393


its a 7z file, just right click and extract it

5e4714  No.81538

How do I use a self extracting zip file anons? :^)

7fcef8  No.82921

File: ef07fb72827ec5c⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1363x773, 1363:773, buff.png)

Slow on updates, big on fun

2140a9  No.83719

File: 35c6dffffa6ec28⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1280x768, 5:3, ctf_fissure 1.png)

File: 726dd4a1241ec1c⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1280x768, 5:3, ctf_fissure 2.png)

File: ed8aa42b4d25389⋯.png (917.88 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, ctf_fissure 3.png)

I just made a map for you, I call it ctf_fissure. It is somewhat mediocre, but I am satisfied with it and I hope we can have fun playing on it.

Download: https://my.mixtape.moe/pdwave.bsp

2140a9  No.83720


I forgot that mixtape.moe changes filenames, please rename it to "ctf_fissure_v1" !!!

5109c3  No.83901


Is there a chamber of lolis?

7fcef8  No.83944


Bach added this to his server

cdda47  No.83963


Why does the tree float?

df3937  No.84043


It's a feature

7fcef8  No.84100

Gamenight friday starting at 5pm. pick a server and play until it crashes

7fcef8  No.84101


All times EST, convert to local timezone as applicable

e2ceee  No.84111

File: 27fa3633c00725d⋯.png (133.43 KB, 413x403, 413:403, crime.png)

>OP's magnet link is for an outdated version

7fcef8  No.84112


we haven't had anyone set up a torrent for 3.4 yet

508a79  No.84580

StupidManCostume donated $5: "I want you to fuck my wife."

7fcef8  No.84880

Good gameweek

61ff4d  No.84895

Did anyone find my panties?

7fcef8  No.85420

Any fags wanna play friday, 4pm EST for start

936353  No.85432

File: 0bca44ff5348712⋯.png (356.73 KB, 1344x983, 1344:983, whatinthebloodyhell.png)


Alright, Friday 4pm EST on memeshit, be there faggots

936353  No.85984

Bumping, remember lads, 4pm EST on memeshit

b37c3b  No.86010

Alright, started, we're on memeshit, come on then m8s

5a00f1  No.86027


53f527  No.86075

When do we never play? I am going to hook up TF2V so I can play it in my sleep.

7fcef8  No.86110


we've got 6 on

some issues are causing people to drop

7fcef8  No.86166

14 people on memeshit

936353  No.86174

Alright faggots come back on memeshit

936353  No.86190

File: 2fcf5ea8f5103d3⋯.jpg (39.4 KB, 636x656, 159:164, erectiondemo.jpg)

Thanks for coming over anons, had fun

Remember, another gamenight next Saturday (i.e. tomorrow) at 7pm EST on memeshit

7fcef8  No.86325


we're on ahab right now

7fcef8  No.86361

8 people on ahab

7fcef8  No.87164

TF2 Vintage 3.5 build


TF2 Vintage 3.4.1 rollback patch


Current in progress build of 3.5 gamenight this friday to test it, not 100% complete

f931aa  No.87195

Going to host another sperg gamenight again?

7fcef8  No.88126

Steam release looks unclear. Turns out vintage would need to have live TF2 installed to run it if it is to get on steam

11ba6f  No.88161


You could still release it on Steam because live TF2 is F2P.

7fcef8  No.88169


the problem is it would require having not only vintage installed, but live TF2, granted it seems vintage would lost filesize due to only needing live to mount and run, but it might also gut the ability to run no-steam copies

11ba6f  No.88171


Right because the non-Steam copies would also need to have the live versions of files.

7fcef8  No.88173


dunno how it'd work

4c7c18  No.89397

Is anyone going to play today?

4c7c18  No.89425

File: f347bd5af298983⋯.png (197.35 KB, 500x276, 125:69, aa0.png)

Are any of you still alive?

7fcef8  No.89431


Yeah we're gonna try playing tomorrow night on 3.4.1

dea321  No.89538


We're all on discord.

f42adc  No.89539

File: a038f2d350a58f4⋯.jpg (89.61 KB, 900x849, 300:283, 132a0e97fdec320f35c79a4287….jpg)

Gonna be going into Ahab's server at 1600 Eastern if anyone is interested

7fcef8  No.89610


try (((steam))) instead

4c7c18  No.89619

Anyone trying to play now? I'll hop on memeshit in 5 mins.

4c7c18  No.89620

File: 1ea86412eb15688⋯.jpg (25.76 KB, 409x545, 409:545, 1ea86412eb15688f4126f2e67e….jpg)

I guess I'm not allowed to play anymore. Won't let me connect to memeshit without crash to desktop.

7995cd  No.89622

Memeshit uses different class tables.

d8b9e6  No.89624





Memeshit is running a 3.5 pre-release. Expect it to have bugs and shit

d8b9e6  No.89630

File: 6cfea6ec4edaf57⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1366x770, 683:385, 1.png)

File: 7d8eef5246519cf⋯.png (994.48 KB, 1364x766, 682:383, 2.png)

File: 6250c7ee77d9be1⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1361x769, 1361:769, 3.png)

Here's some more 3.5 screens

9d2b91  No.89667


Where are the lolis?

cd8e21  No.89804

File: 367025351da6d61⋯.png (4.12 KB, 265x282, 265:282, engineer.png)

8aca22  No.89823


What a tiny pitiful girly stick on Scout.

4c7c18  No.89834


I already installed the 3.5 patch. The other servers work perfectly on 3.4.1.

fb3f7a  No.89883


What is planned for Halloween?

ef5bb7  No.90013


Same as every night. A gamenight.

7fcef8  No.91606

Halloween gameweek starting the 31st and running till the next monday

464de2  No.91714


Will bones be rattled?

7fcef8  No.91730


someone will have tyo mic spam spooky scary skeletons

fea2c4  No.91853


I would demand nothing less.

7fcef8  No.91920

Starts 5PM EST (hopefully)

d8b9e6  No.92045

e66df9  No.92096


How do I extract this? :^)

7fcef8  No.92254

7fcef8  No.92256


fuck I left sage in

b3e712  No.92350

Bit late isn't it?

7fcef8  No.92404


for what?

7fcef8  No.92686

we're gonna try for 5pm EST today. 3.5RC

d8b9e6  No.92814

File: db4f89477b62f4f⋯.jpg (20.63 KB, 326x226, 163:113, db4f89477b62f4f3214972580c….jpg)



7fcef8  No.92911

last day for the 3.5 halloween gameweek

7bafbe  No.93040


Should run it till Christmas.

70a9da  No.93070

>adding the worst event from retail

Hello tf2c 2.0!

7bafbe  No.93076


Would you rather have hats?

70a9da  No.93103


Can we have neither?

a6eb19  No.93550

Why are devs even working on this when they would rather play Gaylo?

7fcef8  No.93553


the boss shit isn't in, at worst it was the ghost from event harvest spooking people.

Was pretty fun.

Also anyone up for playing latest 3.5RC on friday?

090310  No.93558


Was tempted to but didn't know what game fags were going to play so played nothing

16233c  No.93803

Is this now TFDead?

5a00f1  No.93814


That's a good question. I don't know why they would say they're hosting a once a year Halloween event, then tell people to go play Halo CE instead and then get confused why nobody shown up to play TF2V.

7fcef8  No.93815


nah. Just no real thing to wheel out except the build of 3.5 that was posted a bit ago. As usualy we'll be playing friday at 3pm EST most likely ahab or memeshit

9d2883  No.93828


They want to copy TF2C completely. Right down to the incompetent dev team.

7fcef8  No.93840


>one guy wants to do his own thing

>it's the entire team!

[special needs child detected]

4d3170  No.93842


To be fair it only takes a single ASSBLASTER to poison the reputation of an entire project.

7fcef8  No.93845


This screams of witch hunt.

>one of the devs wants to play Halo

>It's alphablaster all over again

clutch those pearls harder

5f263f  No.93850

File: 5687aacfa182bd5⋯.png (250.08 KB, 777x1027, 777:1027, 1424098174862.png)


>This screams of witch hunt.

You're wrong. It's a bitch hunt

7fcef8  No.93854


Well we found them it's the people bitching about one guy

c1bcef  No.93895

Did TF2C finally die? Sounds like someone's frustrated

e3b7ac  No.93938

>people upset i wanted to play halo

Its like coming across the bastard child of reddit and tumblr. In anycase both were fun, 3.5 is comin along. Bach fixed a few more things this morning

5a00f1  No.93975


That's not the point you uneducated ape, the point is TF2V had a Halloween event going on and instead of promoting that you chose to promote you playing Halo Combat Evolved instead.

It's like if Scream Fortress was scheduled and Valve told people to go play Quake Champions instead.

0f9199  No.94104



Seriously how can you niggers not comprehend why scheduling Gaylo over promoting the Halloween event was a bad idea?

5a00f1  No.94191



You mean in singular form. None of the other TF2V devs and players approved of this, it was the guy who runs the TF2V Discord server acting alone who decided everyone should play Halo instead, or:


7fcef8  No.94205


>he decided

Being one of the guys who bums around their goycord, there was no mention of it. Again the faggot was alone and on his own. He also mentioned at the bottom of the thread there was a vintage halloween thing going on, so good job not only missing the post in this thread about the halloween event, but the fact he mentioned it was running in his own thread

>One guy needs approval from a group of people to do something he wants

Holy shit reddit stop, this is fucking sad.

The vintage fags didn't post a gamenight because they're saving their load for 3.5 release. Their halloween was being run on the latest 3.5RC they posted here, and the average anon barely understand port forwarding, let alone the fact they'd have to install a full mod (3.4.1) then add the patch (3.5RC) half the thread would be bitching about how there is no full version of 3.5RC and other gay shit. People bitching about him doing a Halo gamenight are autistic

5a00f1  No.94279


>Being one of the guys who bums around their goycord, there was no mention of it. Again the faggot was alone and on his own.

I find it hard to believe someone that is (53) in the TF2V thread only "bums around their goycord" and isn't a (((certain developer))) trying to cover their ass for fucking up.

>He also mentioned at the bottom of the thread there was a vintage halloween thing going on, so good job not only missing the post in this thread about the halloween event, but the fact he mentioned it was running in his own thread

That's not the point you black hole, the point is instead of playing TF2V Halo Combat Evolved was played instead while nobody shown up to the TF2V event because a (((certain developer))) thought it was more appropriate to play their title than a special event once a year.

>The vintage fags didn't post a gamenight because they're saving their load for 3.5 release.

Is that why TF2V did the Halloween event on 3.5RC then? Doesn't seem like they were waiting for a formal 3.5 release.

>and the average anon barely understand port forwarding

Not a problem for clients, you have at least three full time dedicated servers all running 3.5RC for the Halloween event.

>let alone the fact they'd have to install a full mod (3.4.1) then add the patch (3.5RC)

Except there's been patches before anons figured out, how is downloading a full copy and applying a patch any harder than downloading a full copy and applying a hotfix?

>half the thread would be bitching about how there is no full version of 3.5RC and other gay shit

BF1918 this weekend has a full and a patch, there's been zero anons complaining about this as an issue.

>People bitching about him doing a Halo gamenight are autistic

Because a (((certain developer))) stole the momentum of the TF2V Halloween event to use it towards their own selfish attempt at playing Halo Combat Evolved, that's why. Anons are pissed off and are rightfully so for a retarded developer doing something extremely retarded and killing off a once a year event for their own self interest.

26ab04  No.94426


>BF1918 this weekend has a full and a patch, there's been zero anons complaining about this as an issue.

That's because the people on /v/ who only play Source engine games are retarded.

f6dc51  No.94444


Are you saying that /v/ is full of normalfags and reddit?

7fcef8  No.94457


>No one showed up for halloween event

[citation needed]

>Anons can figure it out

Anons were defeated by a self extracting executable file that is 3.4.1

Fuck off sperg,

5a00f1  No.94494


<[citation needed]

6 people isn't enough to fill a single TF2 session in any gamemode, that's not even enough for 4 Ultiduo teams.

<Anons were defeated by a self extracting executable file that is 3.4.1

>Pack a file so big it blows up people's RAM when you extract it

>Never fix the self extracting archive issue at all so anons still get confused due to your shitty packing

>Now blaming it on "Anons are retarded"

Anons might be a bit slow with installing games from time to time, but you're the most dense of them all.

e3b7ac  No.94498


Is your name sargon of akkad? Because you act like him, a sperg

ed2018  No.94659

File: b4e5555bfdc8fc0⋯.png (54.18 KB, 792x321, 264:107, Rip facepunch.png)


Well, Facepunch is.

5a00f1  No.94677


>Be garry

>Act like an incredible asshole to pretty much everyone else except for some brown nosing constable

>Pull bullshit SJW acts while developing your new game like "You can't pick your gender and race IRL, why should you in this game?" and prevent character creation in Rust as a result

>Pulling SJW bullshit starts inviting real SJWs into your forum while all the decent people run out of there

>Have a civil war start ingame where right wing death squads start race wars across the game, meanwhile SJWs are beginning to infiltrate top layers of the forum hierarchy

>SJWs go into power, kick the already out of control ban system into complete overdrive by banning anyone who says anything remotely out of line or against their agenda

>Site turns from a group of reject redditors and goons into a site of reject Neogaf/Resetera overly offended commies

>All the negative reviews of Rust, combined with the bad forums causes Rust to more or less lose all momentum even to other titles like ARK

>Forums take a nosedive, garry decides to migrate the forums over to a new software wiping everything almost clean

>Forum continues in freefall since nobody is interested anymore and even Gmod isn't the behemoth it once was a decade ago

>Come out now and go "I was only pretending to act like an asshole SJW guys!"

a6d99b  No.94819



Facepunch is like a Goon kindergarden. Fitting since only kids play Gmod.

abe02e  No.94914


I wanted to argue with you but you're actually not wrong. Something inherently cancerous and underage about the Source community in general.

eeb6c4  No.95299

So what are the plans for TF2V's future other than sperg wars?

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