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File: 85f8e3171a2aef8⋯.webm (8.77 MB, 480x640, 3:4, 4 year old server.webm)

6185d9  No.79473


<This thread should primarily be gamenight requests, discussion, and aid should be rendered to any possible hostfag.

>These threads have spawned all of the recent non /radcorp/ gamenights, including SWAT4, Soldner, and Savage.

I want to host a gamenite

Hosting is ezpz, you just have to be willing. It's fulfilling and fun, you have nothing to lose, so why not?

<Lots of hostfag resources can be found on /radcorp/ (A board we are not affiliated with in any way), such as hostfag ready downloads, guides, and other archived information relating to gamenights.


When making an OP for your gamenight, include some basic information

>What is the game?

>Why should anons play the game?

>What features does the game have?

>A detailed installation guide.

>A simple FAQ which explains any unique features or controls in the game.

<Proper use of formatting

6185d9  No.79475


here is the pastebin for the OP


a42a81  No.79506

So it looks like goldeneye source is already planned, so lets get that going and see if we got downloads for it

394df8  No.79515


That video reminds me of a bug in Goldeneye Source where the server would get really choppy, but if you recorded a demo it would fix the server.

2a1b77  No.79560

If anyone wants to host, you get a good trial credit with GCP, all you need is a Jewgle account and a credit card it won't charge you

If you're interested and want help with provisioning the serb add me on tox


6185d9  No.79634


Pretty sure /radcorp/ will provide the download.

92f7bc  No.79645


Yeah on a Friday night after everyone has gone to bed.

6185d9  No.79650


/radcorp/ is usually pretty good about putting the threads up on thursday.

a9e7ce  No.79651

File: 69b877bd1cc39c5⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 480x116, 120:29, Fortress Forever.webm)

We should try this.

c966d4  No.79654

File: b4395d99581eafb⋯.jpg (35.82 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 076.jpg)

Since this seems to be the best place to ask, what would I have to do to setup a server for any source mod/game? Thinking of hosting Neotokyo for a weekend but I might change my mind and due a different mod entirely. Hell I'd be willing to try hosting the Dark Messiah multiplayer but I can't help but feel that it would be more difficult to set up than your average source mod. Shit we still have a lot source shit we could possibly do. Whatever happened to that anon who said he would try hosting EYE during RO?

6185d9  No.79660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reminds me of the Chaos theory soundtrack


I'd say getting a nosteam copy working would be important, I know an anon who actually knows how to do that stuff, maybe I can get him to write a guide and post it.

6185d9  No.79667



Here is a guide for making any source game nosteam.

6185d9  No.79668

5f8a1b  No.79691


Kek and thanks

518535  No.79705


Thank fuck been looking for this for a while. Add it to OP!

2a1b77  No.79780


Can that be used for clients as well or just the dedicated server? Also can someone with an account post the links?

bd7f2d  No.79785


Would this happen to work with Steamworks not just source games?

6185d9  No.79863

6185d9  No.79865

File: f86cd5961a8a972⋯.jpg (117.37 KB, 1705x589, 55:19, nosteam.JPG)


screencap also

6185d9  No.79866


I'm pretty sure this is exclusive to source games and their mods


I believe it works for both, correct me if I'm wrong.

2a1b77  No.80098

So what are we playing next weekend? There was interest in Flatout in the old thread

6185d9  No.80110


No clue, flatout would be fun but I'm not sure how you would host a pirate friendly server.

466c2b  No.80113


Think we wanted something car related. Might see about doing a No-Steam D.I.P.R.I.P. but not sure what fags will be interested in. Could also do rfactor but not sure what interest there will be in that.

6185d9  No.80129


D.I.P.R.I.P. is fun, that and flatout are the only ones I know.

Make sure it has text chat and preferably voip also.

04fdf7  No.80132

Is OP going to post a thread earlier on Friday so that people can actually know and download the files for the game night beforehand?

a42a81  No.80134


Idk if someone has a no-steam goldeneye source cause that's what was scheduled for tomorrow (today)

a42a81  No.80141

OK, so if we can't get a no-source for goldeneye then we'll just do CoD United Offensive

b2ba1c  No.80158


How about you can't schedule a game night unless you prove that you have the files and the game works.

047283  No.80159



That'd be impossible, it's the engine it's in. If you mean no-steam that's different.

48a253  No.80161

What about Global Operations?


2a1b77  No.80186

File: 56e4d6dc9c7c23e⋯.png (421.42 KB, 620x1062, 310:531, 23a0f445f9c0353b1fac8a3962….png)



/radcorp/ is hosting this week, not me

2a1b77  No.80286

Would anyone be interested in Project Cartographer? it's an un-cucked version of Halo 2 PC


d66ccf  No.80297

So for the lazy anon in the GE:S gamenight 12 seconds in google

Still needs some experimenting but we could easily do no-steam set up for L4D

d66ccf  No.80298


I'd be down for that, it's a shame the devs behind cartographer didn't even try to make any kind of "Bungie" styled playlists, every server they run is a MLG styled weapon set because the devs hate dualies

6185d9  No.80375



Looks cool

6185d9  No.81032

So, anyone willing to host this weekend?

466c2b  No.81033


Did we decide on anything?

6185d9  No.81047


Depends on what any possible hostfag wants

b4bf23  No.81114

Bad news fags I'm gonna be out of town and not gonna be able to host. Like I said >>79560 I'll help out anyone who wants to hostfag

a42a81  No.81118




Could do Neo-tokyo if everyone wants more source-fag shit>>81047

6185d9  No.81134


Sounds great, whoever is hosting should also do a nosteam crack.

466c2b  No.81167


As much as I am not a fan of Neotokyo I would be up for this. Know /animu/ tried to get a game of it going. Might even try making a No-Steam for it myself just as practice

6185d9  No.81220



Server files seem to be at the bottom.

d66ccf  No.81244


Problem is there is no way to password protect the server properly

6185d9  No.81272


That may not be a problem depending on how active the community and the max player count.

466c2b  No.81387


Does this site seem to be down for everyone?

6185d9  No.81389


Down for me too, screencap here


links here


466c2b  No.81391


Going to make an attempt tonight at least on server but no promises. Trying this on windows is proving to be a bit of a bitch more so cause of outdated Slav links

6185d9  No.81401


I'm also trying to do it for neotokyo

here's the guide i'm using


im using release_05032016 from the revemu site.

6185d9  No.81434

Good news

I got the nosteam server working, and the client is close to being done. Very grateful for the anon who's helping me. Should be able to put it up for testing in the next couple of days. I'll have to host from my home PC so if anyone has a separate box or has bought a server wants to host I will provide the files when I get them working.

466c2b  No.81435


Congrats anon. I feel cucked but I look forward to it

6185d9  No.81446


Don't feel bad, I was in contact with an anon who is experienced in these matters. It's really easy tbh, I'll need to make a guide at some point.

Do you happen to have a separate server box for hosting?

ddd465  No.81512

File: db0dc58ff34da47⋯.png (2.56 MB, 2250x1060, 225:106, wallhaven-385078.png)

So we doing Neotokyo this week?

a42a81  No.81568

466c2b  No.81570


I don't actually on me at the moment. I was merely doing it as practice.

6185d9  No.81571



466c2b  No.81578

c966d4  No.81791


I'd say install it now if you don't have shitty internet just in case. That is if you are willing to deal with steam anyway.

6185d9  No.81816




Use this download, server IP is, tell me if you can connect.

6185d9  No.81819


also, use revloader.exe to launch the game.

2c36a8  No.81831


Well I missed this. How long is serb going to be up for?

6185d9  No.81858


It's up now, everything should be working.

d099d7  No.81859

File: 52508b3eebb5732⋯.jpg (465.19 KB, 2400x1613, 2400:1613, 42-33047306.jpg)


it works. just needs peoples

6185d9  No.81860


I may take down the server in a few hours and put it up tommorrow when more anons are on. Just need to work up an OP for the game.

6185d9  No.81866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>What is this shit?

<A source mod depicting a cyberpunk, dystopian japan (Think ghost in the shell), where a nationalist faction in the JSDF, the Jinrai, is vying for control. In response to this threat the prime minister formed the (((NSF))), an acronym for "Nibbling on Soy Food" which fights for the protection of israel in japan.

The game also has a amazing soundtrack, embed related.

>Why should I play this shit?

<This is one of the most well made and unique source mods out there, focused on slow paced "tactical" gameplay, no crosshairs, you can lean around corners, a boatload of maps, short TTK, and 3 classes with unique abilities and weapons (I'll get into this later).

>Ok, what should I know before going in?

<There are three classes, recon/assault/support, with light, medium, and heavy armor respectively these classes have some special abilities, including but not limited to; cloaking, thermal vision, and motionvision.

<You must earn points over the course of a game in order to unlock different weapons, only a few are available at the start.

Other than this I would recommend you look over the keybindings to get a feel for it.



>Just extract the contents anywhere you please, in the NEOTOKYO folder you will find revlauncher.exe, use this to start the game. Report any issues in the thread.


Make sure to make a pastebin of all revisions.

d099d7  No.81867


forgot ip

6185d9  No.81870


oh, yeah I did. serb ip is here, ill add it in for the final version.


6185d9  No.81874

File: d259bdaeaa01320⋯.jpg (205.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hl2_2018_09_19_23_07_51_17….jpg)

Should this be the OP pic, or should I stick with the soundtrack?

6185d9  No.81875

Shutting down the serb for tonight.

047283  No.81880


You should include legitfag link and instructions too.

a42a81  No.81898



Oh, didn't even know you had the serb up. If you put it up today I'll join for a bit and do some testing

d099d7  No.81900


it's a mod that you need cs source for.

466c2b  No.81910

What's the bet we'll be fucked this gamenight cause of Codemonkey?

6185d9  No.81941




I could also make a gamenight bunker stream, or postpone till next week.

6185d9  No.81942


oh, yeah,


ccc329  No.81944


If thread doesn't go up to night it likely will be. Also remember if we so please remember to invite /animu/

And password the server for fucks sake. Preferably with something word filtered that triggers the Cake Kike.

6185d9  No.81954


As much as I shitpost about mark being a kike and /vg/bestboard, I played with mark on the last gamenight and he's pretty chill. I'm going to invite /v/, and since you mentioned it I may as well post a thread on /animu/ if I remember, or you can.



>What is this shit?

<A source mod depicting a cyberpunk, dystopian japan (Think ghost in the shell), where a nationalist faction in the JSDF, the Jinrai, is vying for control. In response to this threat the prime minister formed the (((NSF))), an acronym for "Nibbling on Soy Food" which fights for the protection of israel in japan.

The game also has a amazing soundtrack.

>Why should I play this shit?

<This is one of the most well made and unique source mods out there, focused on slow paced "tactical" gameplay, no crosshairs, you can lean around corners, a boatload of maps, short TTK, and 3 classes with unique abilities and weapons (I'll get into this later).

>Ok, what should I know before going in?

<There are three classes, recon/assault/support, with light, medium, and heavy armor respectively, these classes have some special abilities, including but not limited to; cloaking, thermal vision, and motionvision.

<You must earn points over the course of a game in order to unlock different weapons, only a few are available at the start.

Other than this I would recommend you look over the keybindings to get a feel for it.



>Just extract the contents anywhere you please, in the NEOTOKYO folder you will find revlauncher.exe, use this to start the game. Report any issues in the thread.


>It appears 8chan may be going down on friday for god knows how long, but the gamenight does not have to suffer the same fate. If and when 8chan goes down use https://cytu.be/r/infinitygamenight for gamenight discussion and updates.



Name:Infinity Gamenight

4de331  No.81955


No, the game is completely free on Steam. that's an old warning Valve never removed from Source mods. I tested this with an empty account and it doesn't apply anymore as it says below it:

This is a stand alone mod and does not require SDK BASE or any other dependency such as HL2. It will run on it's own.

6185d9  No.81956


I'm not even sure if the server will work for legitfags, it's up so why don't you test it out for me faggot? If it works I'll put it in the OP.

66a7a0  No.81961

Shouldn't it work with legitfags?

6185d9  No.81965


I don't know, TRY IT, just download it off steam.

4de331  No.81967


It works fine, you have to specifically disallow legit clients in rev.ini for it not to.

d5efd9  No.81980


Someone should make a thread before 8chan goes down.

6f331d  No.81993


>Jump on cytube

>Copy of /vg/'s playlist


6185d9  No.81996


lmao I didn't even know they had the pentagon wars on, I just really like the movie.

6f331d  No.82053

I am inviting /animu/

ec369d  No.82285

File: a81258f1fb9bb31⋯.webm (1.12 MB, 576x324, 16:9, We Didn't Listen!!!.webm)

I think I see why anons were saying not to run Neotokyo. Still I feel there is much shitposting to be had.

6185d9  No.82491


One of the most successful gamenights in recent memory.

612a15  No.82499


Anything Source and on Steam seems to be successful.

466c2b  No.82536


Almost like anons will bitch about running Source mods and Steam all the time but never show up for anything other than Source?

c966d4  No.82548


Are you saying this because of how unstable the game is, the fags who were using voice chat last night, or how there is a low amount of variety for the gameplay?

b50179  No.82586


Well the game has very little replayability. I would even go to say this mod feels very unfinished and was crying out for a lot more development.

692278  No.82590


Sometimes your gun won't fire for whatever reason. Your knife is ineffective unless the enemy is standing completely still. You'll shoot someone 4 times in the face with blood decals and do no damage. Bunch of shit that makes the game not fun.

692278  No.82597


The lean working when it feels like it is also a pain in the ass.

6185d9  No.82664

So, who wants to do deus ex next weekend?

c3c77b  No.82705


So welcome to Source?

bc2753  No.82767


How much of a clusterfuck is prodding other fagtrons in MP? I'm definitely intrigued

a42a81  No.82773


never played deus ex mp

ae2ded  No.82785


Half the players were from reddit and 4chan.

9c37cd  No.82904


Well you did invite /v/?

395559  No.82905


It used to be dominated and think still is by RP servers.

c966d4  No.82915

File: 1889063643ab15f⋯.png (633.73 KB, 1280x956, 320:239, 1889063643ab15f2e73ce1d532….png)


I'm up for it, mostly just to see how Deus Ex's gameplay translates into multiplayer.

c966d4  No.82917

Oh yeah I forgot to mention this but since october is coming up are there any horror related multiplayer games that we could try during an off weekend? Only games that are coming to mind are F.E.A.R and Left 4 Dead.

d3ef6d  No.82926


I know about Zombie Panic, No More Room in Hell, and another source mod whose name I forgot in which special forces had to kill an invisible man. But that's it.

6185d9  No.82928

File: 57f9daa56dabc78⋯.webm (14.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Deus Ex Multiplayer 2018.webm)




I'll have to look into getting it working, here is a webm.


I invite /v/ to every gamenight, because fun is directly proportional to the amount of people you have on the server. even if it's laggy.


If someone wants to get a nosteam version of l4d working that would be nice. I did it for Neotokyo and it turned out well, but that's a free mod.

Would any more experienced anons like to chime in? If not I know a guy on tox who helped me with the last gamenight, he can probably help with setting up another.


Aside from all the zombie source mods and games, project zomboid I guess, and perhaps those slasher games. Not sure how some of those would work out, considering the huge map size in zomboid and low playercount of games like dead by daylight.


>special forces had to kill an invisible man.

That would be the Hidden Source, as far as I remember it had an 8 player limit, with the game being designed around this. Not sure how a 20 anon game night would go down.

392c18  No.82929


You know it really felt like that, but the people constantly spouting memes in voice chat were retards telling everyone that they browse /vg/ like it made them special when all it does is bring cancerous faggots over here. I hate to say it, but there are attention whores that browse this board and brag about it like a bunch of retarded reddit fags and lack any selfawareness. The first night of the Neotokyo gamenight was comfy as hell and everyone had a good time and chatted about random subjects, but after the first night it was just a bunch of underages meme spouting and telling everyone "I BROWSE /vg/ CAUSE IM NOT RETARDED LIKE THOSE REDDIT FAGS KYS!"

6185d9  No.82936


You realize you can mute people you don't like right?

01724f  No.82941


I think someone was on a Discord and invited a bunch of faggots.

0b85f4  No.82945


That isnt the issue.

21ef7c  No.82946


it's more then likely the same group who has fucked project reality, planetside2, worm, anything radcorp related and even the ss13 server.

they're just a bunch of thrill monkeys who don't have an off switch because they don't give a fuck and if you speak out against their antics you'll get stalker tier autismed at and wont ever stop.

e8a739  No.82987


It wasn't really that successful all things considering but also sums up why fags that bitch about running Source mods but never show up to anything else need to be shot.


Wasn't there a Silent Hill MP game or mod for something we could play? I think it was for/based off Unreal Tournament. I will do some digging.


I highly doubt any of them post on /vg/ or are from /vg/ unless it was cuckchan /vg/ Plus the fags that were spouting that shit were Burgers and we know Burgers don't post on /vg/ already cause they are allergic to true imageboards.


Pretty much this.

392c18  No.83057

File: 70d4a818777bc40⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.23 KB, 169x257, 169:257, cause_im_a_nerd.jpg)


But, Anon. I-I'm a burger

47be6c  No.83062

Burgers like attentionwhores and attentionwhoring. It is known.

b57854  No.83085



>trying to start a inter-whitefolk flamewar.

Stupid, dumb, foreign scum.

6185d9  No.83228


>It wasn't really that successful all things considering

But it was, the only thing considered here is playercount from 8chan, we were able to get quite a few more people than other gamenights. That is how the success of a gamenight is judged.



Why don't you dumb faggots shut up and contribute to my thread? I don't make these things so you niggers can whine. What have you dumb niggers even contributed to these threads?

6185d9  No.83233

Also, from the neotokyo thread

>There was talk about hosting deus ex multiplayer.

>This guide has some steps for launching the server ingame, as well as with a .bat file. It also has links to some recommended mods if we end up doing this regularly.


I was the one interested in hosting it, I'll try and set it up this week, maybe we can get another gamenight going.

a42a81  No.83410


So we can try Deus Ex, or CoD United Offensive, or something spoopy like No more Room in Hell or something like it. which do you fags want to try this week-end?

21ef7c  No.83414

File: 86eda4f8c2ad96a⋯.png (487.32 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5cc50a0c9a81dcf20a2e711e3f….png)


don't get your dick in a twist mate.

155176  No.83428


>What have you dumb niggers even contributed to these threads?

Working on some of the games you've played. What games have you worked on you sperg?

c966d4  No.83448


Deus Ex, save the spoopy stuff for when October actually begins. I do think no more room in hell would be the best spoopy game to start off with, but I'm biased because I spent the most time playing it than the other options.

08dbe0  No.83484


I really enjoy NMRiH but I don't know how you increase the player limit unless you're Chinese.

08dbe0  No.83485


If you're going to be a faggot like that then I'll stop going to events hosted by you.

6185d9  No.83488


This is a thread for gamenights, not complaining about reddit and 4chan and all the icky annoying people who us voip during gamenights.


Not to get into a pissing contest, but a lot of them. But it doesn't matter anyhow.


>CoD United Offensive

We've already played it too many times IMO, boring.

NMRiH and deus ex sound good


It's probably pretty easy.


Multiplayer games aren't spoopy.

795ad1  No.83490


How about we play Vietcong?

or Hidden & Dangerous 2?

or Gothic Online :^)

b79ae3  No.83499

Deus ex is probably better , NMRiH is unbalance with over 10 people unless you split the players into two servers .

047283  No.83589


>This is a thread for gamenights, not complaining about reddit and 4chan and all the icky annoying people who us voip during gamenights.

The solution to that is to bully those faggots ingame rather than arguing amongst ourselves.

40b44d  No.83604


>Hidden & Dangerous 2

This game requires some fiddling with the Registry and unique CD-keys to get working as well as a VPN service that's not Goyranger. Kinda sucks its so finicky because it's a very good game, I'm just not so sure too many anons are willing to jump through the hoops to play it.

c966d4  No.83771

So we're doing Deus Ex and the thread should be up by tomorrow right?

466c2b  No.83774


Oh fug is that time of week already? Well shit. Do we have a hostfag?

a42a81  No.83781


Guess so, I'm not the hostfag though

a9e7ce  No.83800

Let's just play Eternal Silence or Fortress Forever (this one is easy to install, lern to play and oldfags are non-faggots), these 2 has been on schedule since forever

00e195  No.83806

File: 8fd2fc0852dc79b⋯.png (94.47 KB, 300x308, 75:77, 8fd2fc0852dc79b5cf1c8799d0….png)


>Let's just play Eternal Silence or Fortress Forever

>Eternal Silence

You missed that one lad.

6185d9  No.83809


We can play a game more than once, faggot.

d4a02d  No.83881


Fortress Forever I wouldn't mind giving a go. Eternal Silence could be fun again despite issues.

796b57  No.83974


Fortress Forever if no Deus Ex.

a42a81  No.84025




Fortress Forever looks like a lot of fun, lets try that

12c076  No.84062

File: 8b2c101e28b9318⋯.jpg (17.28 KB, 331x330, 331:330, 10437762_10204488804126610….jpg)


would it make better sense to go with what has a setup guide for players and a host confirmed available?

2f854d  No.84070


The messing with the registry is only for the hostfag, and I think the CD key check can be disabled by the server. There is a registry file so you don't have to edit yourself on this site:


2f854d  No.84073


There's also a CD key changer but the file isn't available anymore:




Needs to be run as admin to properly change keys.

4de331  No.84074


H&D2 has direct IP connect so you don't need a VPN.

6185d9  No.84103


I never said I was hosting this weekend.

466c2b  No.84114


So putting feet up?

6185d9  No.84148


Yeah, I was thinking of playing with the armafags this weekend, I used to do it more often but other stuff got in the way.

c18d0a  No.84163

You know we don't have to host every week fags? Don't need to tire out hostfags.

2d9a04  No.84272

File: 7509f46fb18ac6b⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d88d88b810738eb⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 669dc10b8baabf2⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2483b4af1f56127⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b80fcd51396df05⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

reposting this from the FPS/RTS thread:


>You heard right, Interim Apex is now available on the W3Dhub launcher. Interim Apex began its life as the popular Renegade mod Imperial Age, and has since become wholly different and unique experience through the efforts of dblaney and Kaskins. Interim Apex is what I had hoped the original Renegade would be, with its unique approach to the engine that makes you feel as though you really are inhabiting the boots of a soldier on the front lines for Nod or GDI. Featuring whole new maps, well detailed vehicles, expansive new base buildings, naval combat, and even the ability to build your own obstructions and base defenses. I hope you'll be as amazed as I was when I first stepped in game.

>Communication Centers - These buildings allow you to research new technologies or buffs for your entire team that can give you the edge you need to be victorious on the battlefield

>Construction Yard - Just like in the RTS games , the construction yard isn't just for show. While it is still operational, you can rebuild a destroyed building for a hefty fee.

>Naval Facility - Many maps feature a naval yard in close proximity to your base. Capture it, and rule the high seas with insurmountable firepower.

>Losing your original base defenses is no longer a death sentence! With enough cash, you can utilize a Sapper or Pioneer to build rudimentary defenses and barricades to keep on the defense, or to hold down checkpoints. Playing support is a vital role for your team which will help mitigate enemy attacks on your journey towards victory.

>Captain massive battleships that feature dozens of guns, all controlled by AI with the option to manually choose targets. There is nothing quite like this in Renegade!

>Utilize a trusty bridge layer to get your team to where it needs to be! They can be used to create shortcuts to the enemy base, ease passage, or to open up routes to valuable tiberium! There are other support vehicles such as the mammoth recovery vehicle, which will help you repair destroyed tank husks, vehicles, and buildings at an incredible speed.

>Tiberium has had years to rapidly mutate organisms, drastically changing the earth's ecosystems. There are many different types of tiberian fauna on some maps; from visceroids to veinhole monsters. Some of the others, you'll just have to get acquainted with yourself. Furthermore, tiberium fields visually grow and deplete over the course of the game

>Interim Apex is a fantastic addition to the W3DHub lineup and provides a unique experience that we hope you'll all enjoy. Download it via the launcher, and join the one and only official Interim Apex server in the community and see what the tiberium age has to offer!



Needs someone to archive the game files from the launcher, and you can connect using this tool from CnCNet https://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Renegade/renlauncher.exe

The official server is listed on their site and has 37 players on right now:


c2869f  No.84399


>GDI with artillery

Fake news

19f4f3  No.84671

File: 807575003518fec⋯.jpg (340.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shot2018-09-28_15-35-18.jpg)

File: 236663ad2e8dbee⋯.jpg (387.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shot2018-09-29_14-18-28.jpg)

File: a6b0ad343e436e3⋯.jpg (401.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shot2018-09-29_23-02-06.jpg)

File: 2fd211cbf186ae8⋯.jpg (233.41 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shot2018-09-28_01-41-11.jpg)

File: 1c63530655141e8⋯.jpg (264.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shot2018-09-28_01-40-51.jpg)


That schedule's out of date again, Jedi Academy is delayed. Pretty sure it's been moved to burger turkey day. (so dystopia is probably earlier?) In the mean time I've been trying to get some new maps done. The editor's a little clunky but it's manageable. I tried decompiling some BSP's and actually ended up porting a map from some budget fps, CIA Operative: The Solo Missions. I'd say that turned out pretty cool: https://files.catbox.moe/1tra72.pk3


What was that about?

a42a81  No.84717


>Jedi Academy is delayed

Why? Is it really that much of a hassle just to put a server up for the week-end?

6185d9  No.84726


It probably is, from what I've heard.

466c2b  No.84728


It can be. From what I remember Jedi Academy doesn't need a hostfag just to setup a server but to actually be active and watch the server who has experience with the game.

19f4f3  No.84748



Yeah, and both me and our most active badmin are going to be busy. Gives us more time to get maps together at least.

c074de  No.84841


Most games are not simply just setup a server and let it run. Some need manual resets to change gamemode or settings which is far more annoying than you think. A hostfag can't be up 24/7

19f4f3  No.84859


>A hostfag can't be up 24/7

Unless it's Doom apparently. badmin stayed up 48 hours

80325a  No.84860


The technical difficulty in putting up a server varies with the game but there's also the practical difficulty of having someone sit there and manually manage the maps and gamemodes for playercounts and tastes. Usually the /radcorp/ gamenights has someone sitting doing that all the time, sometimes asking for requests and other times just silently messing with it through rcon. Just throwing a server up is a world away from having someone manage one and if you want to recapture the feeling of multiplayer games before the cancer of matchmaking that's the way to go.

19f4f3  No.84863

File: 68feb08a17afa78⋯.png (210.87 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, this is fucking garbage.png)

File: 2eaa52d2ff39e0f⋯.png (203.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, gay broken server.png)


>The technical difficulty in putting up a server varies with the game but there's also the practical difficulty of having someone sit there and manually manage the maps and gamemodes

I forgot to mention motherfucking avp2

>windows xp only

>crashes whenever it feels like it

>manual map change only

>screenshot makes it look like there's a map rotation list but that's just what you have to choose from

>you have to edit a config file to get them there

>server restart to change the gamemode

>didn't even play myself until sunday

d4650f  No.84868


Isn't AVP2 in Monolith's weird snowflake engine as well?

7439c0  No.85062


Did Novalogic help them design this?

d66ccf  No.85088


Anon on the GE:S gamenight not knowing google is a thing

I still wanna do a massive vs in L4D. L4D can be made no steam

6185d9  No.85240


Do it yourself then, christ.

43fac2  No.85254


Get the sand out of your pussy.

6185d9  No.85264

a94f95  No.85328

Just arrange a tea party and get comfy. I kind of want to play the toaster club this weekend anyway

9c37cd  No.85484

Any gay night this week?

690127  No.85497

File: 14c635aeba04ca7⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 5TANKS2.png)

I don't want to do a write up but. what would you guys think of wild metal country.

4de331  No.85507


Depends on if a big guy or his friends show up for you


Never tried the multiplayer but I'd be up for it. Used to play it quite a bit when I was a kid. Midtown/Monster Truck/Motocross Madness might be good vehicle games as well.

3e8f6d  No.85528


Why is there a cock and balls tank on right?

19f4f3  No.85534


metal country is wild ;)

6517cd  No.85610

File: 6a92957bbaf003b⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 300x169, 300:169, FiteMeBro.jpg)


What I want to know why it has a grinning face?

690127  No.85645

the only problem is I don't know what it needs to set up multiplayer.

690127  No.85685

a42a81  No.85845


I'll just wait for an actual game week-end

690127  No.85859


I was going to suggest for the weeb toaster but the game doesn't have much to it. it's just comfy as fuck.

74a719  No.85895

Anything decided for this weekend? If not some fags in the /rts/ thread got Dark Crusade running.

690127  No.85899

File: eea82026fb66b65⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 42074-thunder-brigade-wind….jpg)

File: efcc4044c7b07f7⋯.jpg (207.01 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd….jpg)


I had two games lined up as possibles.

Thunder Brigade and Wild Metal Country.


4d043a  No.85901


Looks like it's a bitch to setup though.

e00038  No.85957

If we have nothing no shame in taking a break or just making a weekend thread like we used to back when /vg/ took off. Anons just discuss whatever vidya is being played and maybe open a room or two for games that don't need a dedicated hostfag.

690127  No.85961


before the two game host nigger took it over? I'd be fine with that.

e00038  No.85962


It also means we don't need something that can grab a dozen players at once. We can play something that runs fine with just 4-8 fags like most racing games for example.

ce941d  No.85964

Kinda miss ace of spaces, anyone wants to play it in like 7 hours?

466c2b  No.86000


I'm up for some Distance or Dawn of War if fags are interested.

9c37cd  No.86061


Are you hosting anon?

aed6ff  No.86062

I thought /radcorp/ were hosting this weekend?

6185d9  No.86129


Are they?

b50179  No.86137


Says their schedule is this weekend?

6185d9  No.86152


That tends to be inaccurate.

c966d4  No.86165


Read >>84671 Jedi Academy had to be delayed due to requiring the host to be active at all times, so it will either happen during turkey day, or late december. Schedule has also been out of date for a while, so it shouldn't used to gauge whether or not an official game night will happen. Even then its best to assume the next game night will be Dystopia because I think its been moved up on what remains of the current schedule.

d66ccf  No.86167


TF2 vintage is always running if people can't get a gamenight up.

6185d9  No.86521


TBH there is plenty of stuff to host, sourcemods, deus ex, barotrauma, but no willing hostfags at the moment.

466c2b  No.86530


We don't have to do something every week since it will lead to burnout.

58fe2a  No.86534

Did we scare off hostfag?

6185d9  No.86561


Not really, if there is a willing hostfag there will be a gamenight, and it's not "we", "we" don't have anything, it's usually just one or two guys who put together a gamenight whenever they feel like, not "we" deciding when to have a gamenight.


There isn't one hostfag, there have been multiple hostfags, you could be a hostfag.

d66ccf  No.86595


I need a free week I'm not working, I wanna do HCE again

393fa2  No.86610

HCE was shit tbh.

f787c7  No.86665


>Getting burnout from playing a different video game every weekend

Are you the guy who says to wait 6 months for everything?

3c4e62  No.86733


I thought that was /fagcorpse/ and their rule about not playing same game?

970055  No.87251

Nothing being played at all?

466c2b  No.87398


No anon but breaks are smart if you want to avoid burning yourself out. Hosting a game that won't go tits up takes some effort and time and it is hard to do something different each week.


Debating whether to play some Distance with anons even if it's only till Saturday.

d66ccf  No.87416


someone figure out how to get no-steam working for L4D and let's get a 128 player vs server going

6185d9  No.87417


I may look into it tomorrow.

d66ccf  No.87418


would be good shit

6185d9  No.87431


Aye, my uncle(RIP) bought it for me back in '08, was my first game on (((steam))).

a3759d  No.87456

File: 678a7e10d738e83⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, Smashball.jpg)

Has anyone else considered playing Smashball?

It's a Source mod, so it's poorfag, legitfag, and piratefag friendly.

ad60d8  No.87467


I only have a no steam L4D2 server unfortunately.

2ac5d7  No.87477


Were you the fag that was discussing it during gaymenites? Cause if not it has been suggested heavily and I would be up for it.

a3759d  No.87493

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I mentioned it once or twice during NT, though I don't think I mentioned it before then.

d66ccf  No.87494


Well if you have a no steam L4D2 one I think we can make it work then

914181  No.88490

Best advice for gaymenite. Don't ask, just do. Anons will bitch regardless but never speak up when offered a chance to decide what game.

6185d9  No.88576


I concur

f4072f  No.88612

Guess we are getting a Hello Kitty Island Adventure Playtime gamenight afterall.

40ed1a  No.88711

I would offer to host this weekend but a bit of wind is making it difficult for me. Miracle I can post at all. Hopefully things will get calm soon.

c69648  No.88888

Let's play Pulsar Lost Colony this weekend.

d66ccf  No.88906

If no one has a gamenight this week fuck it I'm going to put up a SS13 thread. Pretty much every active server left is boring or filled with power gaming faggots

e8e535  No.88913


May as well.

047283  No.88952


Less than great get.


There's supposed to be a /radcorp/ one on. I'll know for sure by tomorrow night.

ffec23  No.88987


Terrible get but suppose can play.


I am less than pleased with them as late. They don't get shit sorted to last minute which means if you decide to give the weekend to them they are more than likely to fuck you over.

466c2b  No.89033


I get the hint. I'll upload the games tonight.

d66ccf  No.89087


I supposed not just /radcorp/ but hosts in general should post the thread on wednesday, get toruble shooting done then and Thursday, then on friday sticky the thread

059fd3  No.89262


Really all testing should be done by Tuesday at latest which gives time on Wednesday to find something else in case something goes wrong and thread on Thursday. Posting thread on Wednesday and discovering game doesn't work on Thursday is kind of moronic and leaves little time to find backup.

Maybe though it would be ideal to have a list of approved backup games that we have tested that we know will work and are easy to setup and host.

047283  No.89277


>Really all testing should be done by Tuesday at latest which gives time on Wednesday to find something else in case something goes wrong and thread on Thursday. Posting thread on Wednesday and discovering game doesn't work on Thursday is kind of moronic and leaves little time to find backup.

And then you're playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That's six days of work in a row for each gamenight which is impractical for anyone who isn't a NEET.

d66ccf  No.89343


well doesn't take too long, wednesday you could trouble shoot people installing clients thursday a test connection and friday the start of the gamenight

but thrusday is a bit easier

047283  No.89345


That's been done in the past but it's a matter of having the time. Speaking of testing SWBF2 is, thanks to the new patch, a complete bastard to get running for piratefag multiplayer outside of goyranger.

d66ccf  No.89357


new patch also broke most of the mods, including the unofficial 1.3 patch.

Funny enough, the last patch for Halo PC/Custom Edition was more stable than the new SWBF2 patch

Gonna put up a SS13 thread maybe

047283  No.89361


Yeh they re-added the multiplayer and 'accidentally' broke everything 3rd party.

caf877  No.89378

Almost like gamenights are hard work or something?

6f8e9c  No.89420


Can't we just use an old version? Shouldn't matter as long as we all use the same one

047283  No.89421


We were looking into that. Problem is so far we've only got it working with goyranger and that's laggy as shit. We're running on the assumption that'll be the version used once it's fixed up though.

efb0ea  No.89435

How is FEAR's multiplayer? I loved the campaign but never played the multiplayer

466c2b  No.89480


I remember it being kind of generic if I remember correctly. Nothing to write home about.

796b57  No.89489

So is /fagcorpse/ not running this weekend afterall?

395559  No.89582

Was trying to make a thread last night for Pulsar since a fag uploaded the game. Unfortunately Codemonkey had other ideas so couldn't make thread.

ff0c1d  No.90236

Anything running this weekend?

d66ccf  No.90251


might set up that SS13 thread I forgot to last week

Dunno if anything is set for the week after

047283  No.90538


Kind of fun but small maps, low player count and not a lot of variety.


We might be doing 1942 this weekend. Hold for details.

e8e535  No.90675

Anything planned for November the 11th?

4a93cc  No.90716


If BF1942 this weekend works we could always run BF1918?

12aede  No.90815

File: d0d08562802251c⋯.png (589.14 KB, 908x703, 908:703, ClipboardImage.png)


BF42 resources shittery for future reference (no mod shit):

Game (has some graphics patches, master server .exe already included):


Compatibility database fix if the game has a bad time being stable:


If the game crashes you can't rejoin for some time because the server thinks you are still connected, to get back faster you can find a CD key and use this tool (needs admin):


Dedicated server for hostfag, includes 128 players (put into game folder):

Linux: http://team-simple.org/download/bf1942_lnxded-1.61-patched.tar.gz

Windows: http://team-simple.org/download/BF1942_w32ded-1.61-patched.zip

Server manager tool (needs Windows NT compatibility mode, exe goes in game folder, playermenu.con into mods/bf1942/settings):


Remote version: http://team-simple.org/download/BFRemoteManager20final-patched.zip

Guide for usage: http://ftp.ltu.se/pub/misc/bf1942/tools/bfsm20ug.pdf

Gameplay FAQ: http://www.realtimerendering.com/erich/bf1942/faq.html

Proper widescreen FoV: https://web.archive.org/web/20180102044006/http://www.widescreengaming.net/wiki/Battlefield_1942


466c2b  No.90826



047283  No.90830



Many thanks nigger

2d9a04  No.90851

File: cb4ec96352f1249⋯.jpg (25.06 KB, 500x288, 125:72, 1496972293930.jpg)


note using windows 98 compatibility mode gives you + 100 ping and if you use the compatibility fix you have to turn the compatibility mode for it to apply, so the game night OP's advice is shitty.

d66ccf  No.90875

Railroad Tycoon 2 gamenight when?

382efb  No.90884


Auschwitz Tycoon.

6f8495  No.91250


That's Rollercoaster Tycoon.

3270ff  No.91389


So an empty map?

d66ccf  No.91403

anything running this week?

ffe818  No.91416


Don't think so.

d421aa  No.91429



We could play something for Halloween?

10aa04  No.91442

Did No More Room In Hell anon get server working?

908cab  No.91501


I think he an hero'd himself like most of the hostfags.

274b00  No.91559

Fags were asking for BF1918 during gamenight. Don't suppose anyone is capable of hosting here?

466c2b  No.91581


I'm interested in getting some BF1918 for 11/11

b7cc20  No.91588


That's a Sunday though.


Doesn't it only support 8 players?

466c2b  No.91591


Well it's rememberance weekend and 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1 so still be nice to do something.

d66ccf  No.91601


the vintage fags are doing a halloween thing from halloween till the following monday

I might do some Halo Custom Edition because I wanna do that

22e04b  No.91716

File: 6879c5f6453bff7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 137.64 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 000.png)


So you saying you are running Haloween?

6185d9  No.91783

I may host barotrauma this weekend if I get around to it, no guarantees.

249f78  No.91828



557aa0  No.91837



Eh I wouldn't mind but it has been sort of done to death.

97145e  No.91885

So anything being played tonight?

d66ccf  No.91917


That's actually clever

One of the non-radcorp nights I want to try and advertise 3 separate games

466c2b  No.91988


>3 separate games

For what purpose?

036c96  No.92114

Anything running this weekend?

11ce64  No.92128

File: 9f0687a73d1df57⋯.jpg (46.58 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1424342802931-4.jpg)


My refrigerator.

d66ccf  No.92144


just put up the gaylo thread. Going to tweak the settings

92f7bc  No.92148


There better be beer.

abc209  No.92150


Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our gaylo threads, especially since our settings are such big and all.

3c8436  No.92369


You can do it for a weekend fag!

b7cc20  No.93146

is anything happening this weekend?

466c2b  No.93170


Was thinking about hosting BF1918 this weekend but something came up meaning I can't host.

5f5a49  No.93345

Doesn't seem much enthusiasm for hostfagging these days.

12a3c5  No.93363


Why BF1918?

f2880c  No.93369


Sunday is the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.

466c2b  No.93397


Celebrate the end of WW1 by starting a new Great War.

5b834d  No.93527

Is it happening?

4de331  No.93532


it's happening

02e317  No.93588

File: de2e96539c41954⋯.gif (686.61 KB, 404x189, 404:189, itshappaning.gif)

c80d76  No.93778

So where is thread?

d9ca73  No.94079


c8f93b  No.94089



c966d4  No.94654

Considering that both Battlefield gamenights have been dead as fuck, I'd highly suggest changing to a different game for Christmas. Maybe UT2004 with christmas maps.

6185d9  No.94663

I've come to hate every board but /k/ to be honest, sometimes I can't even stand browsing /k/. The only redeeming aspect of this site was the gamenights, I loved hosting them and playing them, but now they all seem shitty for some reason, everything seems shitty, every post, every thread. What a shithole, hopefully the next radmod update isn't shitty.

2f854d  No.94669


stale memes gamenights are stale

b57854  No.94695


Only insufferable fags social network, even if it's video games. That's why it's shitty. Being known is shitty, knowing others is shitty.

466c2b  No.94753


If I was going to be around for Christmas I would do it and cuck /radcorp/ out of their chosen game. UT2004 is essentially the perfect gamenight game for anons that they will never ever play. In fact if I were to say anything it's absolutely fucking retarded that UT2004 has never ever been played for a gamenight. It has absolutely everything to offer.


I'd honestly give them a break trying to keep them to a schedule or only do them when you feel you have the energy to do them. Anons are also fickle. They will say they want something but never put in the energy to make it happen or worse not bother showing up or best of yet only complain when the game happens. If you give anons the choice they will decide 9/10 to say absolutely nothing and then bitch when a gamenight happens cause it wasn't what they wanted to play.

5213f5  No.94765

File: 6dea3fe6497fc09⋯.jpg (21.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, VcBSein.jpg)


>hopefully the next radmod update isn't shitty.

>not having faith in the sons of Joel

905e2a  No.94808


But it was really busy tonight and more fags showed than previous gamenights?

211494  No.94924



>Maybe UT2004

Anons tried that before. Unfortunately Cakefags autistically screeched about it so nothing got done.

93ff23  No.95296

Are gamenights on hold?

82677b  No.95827


Probably. Nobody has been showing for months except last weekend funny enough on that Sunday

52be62  No.96945

We should just all pile into the Quake server.

81fd5a  No.97399

File: 889008fc4ff37a9⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)








ISO: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/trophy-hunter-2003-bw0

Patch: https://www.antlercreeklodge.com/TH2003Patch_v11.exe

No-CD: https://megagames.com/fixes/trophy-hunter-2003

Map editor: https://www.antlercreeklodge.com/TH2003MapEditor_2.12.exe

Manual (has item descriptions): https://vztimg.exent.com/Prem/products/200450/manual.pdf

When adjusting the graphics options, there's a bug where reloading textures causes a crash. To get past this you need to select one of the presets (Low / Medium / High) before changing any texture options.

Extra controls: F1 - Scoreboard F2 - Vote Yes F3 - Vote No F5 - Toggle Player Names on GPS F6 - Toggle GPS on HUD F7 - Hold to rotate camera with mouse in third-person views F9 - Hide HUD F10 - Screenshot

Number key 0 to get in and out of vehicles, concealment, and collect kills.

To connect by IP, you need to click Search > Add in the Join Internet Game menu to enter the IP.

a42a81  No.97522


Seems to work fine without the no-cd patch

8fd1bf  No.97525

File: f85d74c650729a0⋯.png (627.99 KB, 1280x620, 64:31, 56654202_p0.png)


>don't bother checking on Sunday because nobody was there the times I checked on Friday and Saturday for that and the last game night

>there were players on

c3c77b  No.97563

File: e952172c75c245e⋯.jpg (23.04 KB, 232x198, 116:99, e952172c75c245e78c5b9eb1ec….jpg)


According to the game without the CD, you can only join local multiplayer games, which is forgiving as fuck.

For fullscreen support you can launch the game in windowed mode with a shortcut TH2003.exe -windowed and Borderless Gaming from https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming/releases

a42a81  No.97567


Well it runs fine except the whole preset graphics thing doesn't work because even that crashes the game. It's alright but I wonder if DH2005 has more content

c3c77b  No.97569

File: 0066c8016d59d6f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


don't change any texture settings until you set the rest of them

a42a81  No.97576


changing anything at all just crashes the game, also those dangerous animals aren't very dangerous, I walked right up to a pack of wolves and they just ran away

c3c77b  No.97577


Yeah it seems to only apply for some animals, and you have to piss them off somehow.

Here's the config with all the settings maxed out, it goes in game/profiles:


49f472  No.97617


Anons were playing with devs on Sunday. Ended up piling in a server together and it was good fun.


Can you piss off the animals by pissing on the animals?

ffec23  No.97713


No you just walk up to a moose or grizzly and they just kill you. The wolves can kill elk but they're set to be afraid of the player for some reason.

48a253  No.97914

File: bd222f095e80ef4⋯.png (311.27 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


It seems to be technically possible to edit the game to have the wolves kill you.

4bfd32  No.98131

So Radmod released. Gamenight when? >>98116

776a03  No.98136


Is this going to be a hunt gamenight or "anons declare war on nature" gamenight?

799763  No.98174


What if we are the prey all along?

466c2b  No.98187

File: 4c10279fcc56f59⋯.webm (6.45 MB, 640x480, 4:3, loli bucks buck.webm)



It's times like these you don't want to think about it, just enjoy it.

a42a81  No.98269


So damn adorable

908cab  No.98303

File: b59e0cdfd2911d5⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 63e90cc681c8cc6⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

new version of zombie panic source coming out nov 30:

>3.1 Gameplay Teaser

>We've been doing some major fixes and polishing on our unstable build for the past weeks to ensure things are in place and properly working for public beta testing. We all want you to have a decent and enjoyable beta after opting in to our unstable branch - especially for our Linux users out there who have been waiting patiently for this glorious moment.

>We've showcased the newest rifles animations & sounds and presented some actual gameplay footage representation of the unstable beta branch in the past - including new weapons, animations, props, sounds, UI and much more - where you can check it out in the teasers below if you haven't yet.

>The major bugs have been knocked out and we're focused on making everything the best it can be; however, we're not going to release during this weekend's US Thanksgiving holiday. What we can offer is very, very tentative release date of Nov 30th. Remember that anything can happen and an unexpected call for delaying the release is possible, so if we miss the target, we'll have a very good reason for it. We appreciate your patience and loyalty while we prepare to crank up the hype train.

>The Linux client support is still happening and our top priority in this upcoming build. Linux users that opt in the beta must report us every issue they find it soon. Server owners too.

>Thanks for following and supporting us!


8ce310  No.98411


Anon that's too cute to post here.


Does it solve though the issue with the game where it still plays like complete ass with it typically being a one sided shitshow either way?

11ce64  No.98427


This. We should be playing that instead.

8fbc13  No.98429


It needs a hostfag.

133fd2  No.98451


>radmod gets easier to host for

>nobody wants to host


11ce64  No.98461


Someone will step up r-right?

a9f61f  No.98464

Involves giving directip. Not sure any anons want to share out of fear of ddos.

f18cd6  No.98540


I might be able to next weekend

I'm the fag with datacenter serbs

11ce64  No.98573


It doesn't, as there's a server hosted up for it right now.

a51023  No.98973

So turns out anon has left up a permanent server for JO. Gamenight next week?

b52d01  No.99002


Maybe if we get a host that can handle more then 10 people.

t. current hostfag

612a15  No.99150


Get a server that isn't literally hosted in Serbia so burgers can connect without 200+ ping.

b96b0f  No.99172


>Not Removing Kebab with Serbs

What's wrong with you?

eb7e1a  No.99643

So JO this weekend? Yes? No? Joel? If so do we even bother inviting reddit?

d89faa  No.99864



5213f5  No.99878


We have to atleast invite /k/

63b5a1  No.99960

File: 6a2a4b538903243⋯.gif (381.62 KB, 300x200, 3:2, vgiskbanner_version0.gif)


>implying /k/ isn't already here

4365b1  No.100240

File: b0791446b3cd3b2⋯.jpg (5.17 KB, 249x234, 83:78, b0791446b3cd3b2c1249ae11d0….jpg)

Looks like there are still people playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault in 2018 for some reason, even though the game has literally 6 maps and no map downloading by default:


There's a fan patched version here:


Remastered shit mod:


Coop mod:


a42a81  No.100269


Holy shit…getting this now

a42a81  No.100273


Nevermind, shit doesn't even work

14b238  No.100397


Honestly I have no idea cause Medal of Honor was pretty crap to be fair.

0844fc  No.100447

Still running JO for this weekend?

81fd5a  No.100478


What happens with it?

a42a81  No.100492


Just crashes. MOHAA works on my PC but for some reason this doesn't

81fd5a  No.100577


>fixed but it's actually not fixed

The game needs an opengl32.dll in the folder still to run apparently.

81fd5a  No.100583


One opengl32.dll is here but the menu still seem to be glitched and it's a shitty fixed version if it's missing fixes, the GOG version might be better:


a42a81  No.100634


Well that GoG war chest thing they have seems to work fine which is what I was saying, I can play MOHAA and Spearhead with that but this revival thing just crashes

a42a81  No.100638


Oh that seemed to work, but yeah the menu us fucked

d91390  No.100753


Really? What OS are you running? Cause I used a boxed copy on Windows 7 and it worked fine for me.

11ce64  No.100865

Are there no objections to a JO radmod gamenight this weekend?

45ec23  No.100872


Are you looking for an objection?

11ce64  No.100874


I'm asking just in case. I was going to post gamenight thread regardless of objections :^)

45ec23  No.100875


Think plan was to hijack Quake server if it never happened.

45ec23  No.100876

or xonotic

11ce64  No.100882


Are you still around and willing to host anon?

a42a81  No.100886


Don't think anything was planned so go for it

ffec23  No.101095


I need to make a habit of playing Xonotic personally whenever there's not a gamenight on. It's like that comfy shit you take for granted cause it's always there.

466c2b  No.101807

I think piling on the Quake or Xonotic server next week might be a fun idea.

a5fbec  No.102105


Then we should do it this week or the next while we have time.

c966d4  No.102255

File: 9ae6ceaa1413889⋯.jpg (42.01 KB, 363x207, 121:69, 9ae6ceaa14138894fa3efef086….jpg)

Oh yeah this is mostly about the christmas game night, but wouldn't it make more sense to replay dystopia because of how there was as much demand for it like the Red orchestra game night back in August? Or is it because cowboys thematically line up with Christmas or some shit?


I say we go with the quake 3 server if only for the fact that we've never had a quake 3 game night before, and I prefer to avoid repeats unless there is an exceptionally high demand.

047283  No.102260


>Oh yeah this is mostly about the christmas game night, but wouldn't it make more sense to replay dystopia because of how there was as much demand for it like the Red orchestra game night back in August?

Dystopia is happening in April to coincide with the two year anniversary of when it was first done.

>Or is it because cowboys thematically line up with Christmas or some shit?

There are one or two snowy maps in FoF but no, that's not so much why. It's just a nice easy game to play again and was popular the first time around.

>I say we go with the quake 3 server if only for the fact that we've never had a quake 3 game night before, and I prefer to avoid repeats unless there is an exceptionally high demand.

Xonotic is close to Quake 3 and has the benefit of an existing community and servers.

9822ce  No.102559

Quake this weekend? Sorted? Good.

b1bc87  No.103124


You making the thread nigger?

2bf7d1  No.103126

I'm going to set up a UT 2004 server for me and my friends. You guys can play Source Engine of Spades for the 100th time.

6def0b  No.103133


>Implying we're /v/

>Implying we're /fagcorpse/

If you are going to be like that anon you can fuck off.

466c2b  No.103317



Funny enough you mention that. I've tried several times before to host an UT server. Nobody was ever interested.

9c37cd  No.104200

renegade game night when?

09ed83  No.104333


>One gamemode, the game

I'd rather have a one light source gamenight.

9c37cd  No.104468


>ace of spades isn't one game mode

466c2b  No.104506


Another game I offered when I was in a position to host it but lacked real interest.


To be fair Ace of Spades gets kind of boring after a short time.

595b68  No.105404


It's essentially legos. Hence why autists love it.

6185d9  No.108074

Any of you fags doing something for christmas?

db52f8  No.108075


There's something starting tomorrow I think.

1536f1  No.108078


Really? What?

db52f8  No.108080


Just going by what was said last time a gamenight was on.

1536f1  No.108083


Ah well they have a habit of saying one thing and taking forever to deliver. Probably nothing at this rate.

db52f8  No.108084


We'll know tomorrow I guess. It is on the schedule though.

047283  No.108086





It starts on Friday or maybe Saturday and runs until the 25th might swap to Doom instead on the 25th itself since there have been requests for that and people enjoyed it last year.

1536f1  No.108087


I'd rather have a stream where we gave /animu/ headpats honestly.

6185d9  No.108176


Shut up loser.

047283  No.108188


There's nothing wrong with /animu/ though it does seem silly to watch anime instead of play video games.

30c802  No.108221



What if we played anime vidya?

970055  No.108275

File: 7c89f400a608d10⋯.png (139.44 KB, 220x318, 110:159, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have a copy of Elite Warriors Vietnam? Some anon tried to have a 1 week 1 vidya event with it a year ago and it was a miserable failure, but the download was from The ISO Zone which now is, along with all its links, dead. It had a coop mode.

2408ea  No.108333


The slavs have it.

612a15  No.108375



9c37cd  No.108421

File: 950c736a96e576e⋯.png (43.26 KB, 312x390, 4:5, 950c736a96e576e9e67d443567….png)



>The forum is temporarily disabled for maintenance work until 04:49 MSK

Also found a copy but the game crashes on the fucking tutorial, thought it only happened because the game was unpatched. Apparently the (((Steam))) version fixes it.

612a15  No.108423


>rutracker is down


>Also found a copy but the game crashes on the fucking tutorial, thought it only happened because the game was unpatched. Apparently the (((Steam))) version fixes it.

You can probably find the patch the old fashioned way and manually install it.

b92add  No.108464


>he download was from The ISO Zone which now is, along with all its links, dead.

Didn't ISO Zone just host normal stuff you'd acquire by torrent as direct downloads? Try a torrent site.

ff1fa9  No.108545


The Steam patch is exclusive to the Steam release.


It was a shit game so there are no torrents for it and all the files they uploaded on Firedrop were taken down.

ff1fa9  No.108803

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any thoughts on a class-based CS clone?

2f854d  No.108805


Installer package available from this site:


The fan patch that makes the game work on Vista and above causes a false virus detection on some AVs.

612a15  No.108814


I own that on disk believe it or not.


>The Steam patch is exclusive to the Steam release.

There should be a non-steam version too though.

30c802  No.108820


Not source so nobody will play it

557398  No.108842


>There should be a non-steam version too though.

Nope, it was fixed up by the publisher who bought the property 10 years after the game was released, and no one has pirated the Steam version.

48a253  No.108914


>I own that on disk believe it or not.

What do you think of it?



612a15  No.108926


Ah. Not sure then.


Never got around to playing it. I own a lot of shovelware.

63b5a1  No.109308

How many numbers are gamenights even pulling these days? Is it worth even doing any anymore?

63b5a1  No.109830


So thinking we should do more short and sweet games rather than try to cater to cuckchannel all the time and play constant shit.

Do we even have anything planned for New Year or going to play Counter-Kike and Gay's Mod?

05d5e2  No.110352

Gamenights are dead.

63b5a1  No.112627

File: 37d9eb65b5d6376⋯.png (830.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 19adb46a1b7aaa0⋯.png (325.35 KB, 459x460, 459:460, ClipboardImage.png)


>Dear ET community,

>We hope all of you have thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas break and have endured a pleasant start into 2019. I'm sure most of you have gained a few pounds from all the delicious Christmas food and are trying to cut it down but before you get up and start jogging around we ask that you hold onto your seats a little longer as we've got one more present for you! It's been a while since our last release, but today's the day!

>What's new?

>* VM_Create on UI error is resolved so no more manual work-arounds are necessary.

>* Bayesian skill rating is implemented allowing for global comparison of skill among players.

>* WolfAdmin is now the default game manager, providing many useful admin commands.

>* Our own master server is up and running, so even if id master goes down you're good to go.

>* Renderer2 + assets will be available in a bit, bringing you the best graphics for ET yet (experimental).

>-> complete changelog


>What's next?

>'The enemy is weakened!' is by far our most comprehensive release yet. This means, that before anything else, we first need to take a step back and check if everything is running as intended.

>All pending tickets (nearly 200!) have been moved to 2.78 and 2.77 is now reserved for non-breaking quality of life improvements and smaller issues.

>There are three overarching focuses:

>#1 - Smoothing out the game experience to ease the transition of the competitive scene to ET: Legacy.

>#2 - Further improving our new renderer to make the game more attractive for new players.

>#3 - Supporting Android and Raspberry PI devices to simplify server management and test mobile gaming.

>The ET: Legacy development is open to anyone. If you would like to be a part of it, we'd be glad to have you.

Simply join our Discord and start chatting with us.

>If you feel like you can contribute in any other way, be it overhauling assets or proven competitive maps, advancing the new renderer or any other contribution, don't hesitate to join our Discord and chat with us. ET: Legacy is an open, community driven development and every helping hand counts.




047283  No.112649


Please no.

937ac2  No.112650


Oh shit I forgot this existed it would be nice to spam rifle grenades again.

361b9d  No.112651

File: 47995efbae62f95⋯.webm (434.1 KB, 960x720, 4:3, No, no sir.webm)


>ET Legacy

Reminder there is NO REASON for this to exist considering that ET on it's own is open source and Linux friendly.

d02243  No.112724

File: 862c68c0d3fcc0c⋯.webm (587.42 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Please Stap.webm)

6185d9  No.114036

Was thinking of doing a deus ex night, pirated the gog version and updated it with for the new master server. Some of you fags download it and tell me if it works


a243bb  No.114037

Does UT Killing Floor sound like a good idea?

55e39b  No.114039


I only know KF for the standalone game that's 8 players max normally. Is there a similar player limit for UT KF?

d98099  No.114049


>Not running UT2004 Red Orchestra for maximum shitpost


I think it can be easily set at 64+ players

82bdd7  No.114080



Why don't we just run the UT version of every game ever?

6185d9  No.114135


Are you going to host it?

047283  No.114147


The issue is more whether it's even playable past 8 players once the fun of breaking it wears off.

a243bb  No.114159

61d57c  No.114212


It's not. Don't understand why anyone wants one gamemode the gamenight?

72e9df  No.114243


>not just having a game night instead of stretching it over a weekend

c966d4  No.114245

File: 328ad06e43ea4c2⋯.png (83.86 KB, 234x243, 26:27, 328ad06e43ea4c22e1f66a0964….png)


What about a UT version of UT?

a42a81  No.114257


What if we played Unreal Tournament in the Quake engine with Doom sprites?

466c2b  No.114266


Only if we play the DOS version of it.

6185d9  No.114358

New thread


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