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File: 62ac9b0a90f5f6b⋯.jpg (97.45 KB, 800x300, 8:3, Stonewall-Jackson-feature.jpg)

471fc2  No.82080

Inspired mainly from everything that went on in that Cyberpunk 2077 thread.

It got me thinking about Confederate vidya where you can beat back the Yankees while flying the proud flag of Dixie.

Problem is I know next to nothing about any decent Civil War vidya other than most tend to be shit so I sadly will need spoonfed anons. I have heard good things about Ultimate General Gettysburg but that's about it. Any mods worth looking into?

Also reminder South did nothing wrong and the good guys lost to the gud goys.

74b5b6  No.82087

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


War of Rights is an obvious choice:


It is multiplayer-only currently with no plans for AI in the near future though, so that may be an issue.

471fc2  No.82089


Several redflags raised for me as well.


Well it's dead.

c2c939  No.82100

There's BF1861 which was sadly never finished.

Is there not one for M&B?

471fc2  No.82149


I just checked M&B

Seems there is one but it got abandoned.

f486d7  No.82155

File: f517e2dd10789eb⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 900x596, 225:149, british_redcoat_firing_by_….jpg)

no a vidya game where I can personally Reclaim the Americans from those blasted Yankee Peas for the crown.

893756  No.82175


1812 would be more fun.

cbe252  No.82208

File: 0b0f220b8d107ea⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: f678e58f5cc6e26⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 2.jpg)


There's Ultimate General: Civil War. Unfortunately, I don't have as many screenshots as I thought I did.

d5d6bf  No.82271


I thought you were showing a new Sims City game there for a moment.

471fc2  No.82298


I thought I mentioned that unless there's several different games?

0695c7  No.82319

File: 48f8c68dd779d6c⋯.png (237.17 KB, 389x353, 389:353, Tarnation.png)


Any good Western Game is probably going to mention the civil war in some capacity, since the golden age of the wild west intersects with the Civil War. I don't know of any western vydia with a large modding base but I'm sure that there are western games out there with mods that reskin everything to be civil war themed. Red Dead series would probably be a small gold mine (no pun intended) of Confederacy mods if they actually fucking released old RDR on PC. I don't think any rockstar game going forward is going to have any decent modding communities. Rockstar is in the business to push the multi-payer meme and will kill modding if it means stopping hackers. I wonder if Fist Full of Frags has any good civil war mods?

>Also reminder South did nothing wrong and the good guys lost to the gud goys.

Ehh, As a Dixie anon i can safely say both sides sucked. It was a culture war mixed with the monetary interests need to actually make the culture war go hot. The culture tension was getting built up by garbage like Uncle Toms Cabin with was hate propaganda for the north. Nothing in that book was real and all the southern characters are cartoonish caricatures. This is what Northerners who bought into the propaganda thought, that Southerners were sadistic Saturday morning cartoon villains. The Southern equivalent of this was really just calling the Northerners a bunch of Nigger lovers. But that was just fake news that got Americans willing to kill each other. The real reason for the Civil war? Money.

Basically, the Textile business was extremely profitable back in the day. The only places that had a good enough industrial base to mass produce clothes were Britain, North Eastern USA, and a little bit of Germany. Basically, the North East had stuffed their states full of so many immigrants (Irish niggers) that they had a majority in the House of Representatives and Electoral College. Basically the government was the North's to control and this led to a lot of problems. Once the North had control over Congress their lawmakers started passing laws favorable to their lobbyist backers (textile corporations). A lot of these laws revolved around funneling the cotton, and other agricultural raw materials of the South to the Northern markets were they would be refined into finished products and then sold in the USA and exported to other countries.

This made a lot of producers in the South really mad, Because they couldn't export their materials to foreign markets, and were basically forced to sell to Northern corporations who had the rights to export. They tried to get around this by invoking certain aspects of the Constitution and claiming that the federal government was braking their Rights as States to free trade. Ultimately it didn't do much, and Lincoln was elected president with the situation in Congress unchanged. Luckily the Average Joe Southerner Hated Lincoln thanks to Election Season hysteria, so Fort Sumter was bombarded, and the rest is History. It should also be noted that the majority of the Plantation owners were NOT Jewish. Their were near zero Jews in the USA at that time. The influx of Jews we have now are all from the 20th century immigration wave from Eastern Europe. This is a bunch of Nation of Islam propaganda that /pol/ has slurped up without checking their sources. Yes, they were a bunch of slaver rat-bastards back then, but they had no real settled presence in the USA.

All the fluff about the "underground railroad" and the "Emancipation of slaves" is just a bunch of post war non-sense like all the crap you see about WW2. The "underground railroad" wasn't really a thing and didn't funnel as many nigs as the name implies. The real influx of nigs to northern cities came after the war ended. The Emacipation thing that Lincoln did was only because he didn't want to deal with millions of slaves as he took over territory from southerners. It wasn't so much a "You're free now Niggas" as it was a "You're free to fuck off now Niggas". Lincoln wanted to ship them off to Africa eventually. IMO Lincoln should have stopped being such a pussy and just shot them all. Slavery is just a stop gap for progress in mechanization and is the sole reason why Rome, with all it's engineers, failed to industrialize.

551544  No.82323


>Also reminder South did nothing wrong and the good guys lost to the gud goys.

Slavery was wrong, mostly because it led to a stagnant & backwards economy which is why they lost the war actually and demographic issues that plague the USA to this very day. They were well within their rights to keep the system up but the system itself did more harm than good.

0695c7  No.82326


>stagnant & backwards economy which is why they lost the war actually

Nope, their economy was bust because Lincoln used the Navy to Blockade the South from Day one. The CSA leaders had a plan to get funds and help from the outside world, that plan was just neutralized pretty much immediately. Slavery was the reason why the south (and the Roman Republic for that matter) failed to industrialize. Small, but important difference.

0aadcc  No.82353


If their economy wasn't shit they'd just be able to sustain themselves without foreign help. Maybe they'd even be able to prevent the blockade.

4c553a  No.82374


>The CSA leaders had a plan to get funds and help from the outside world

So their economy was crap. Why else would they essentially be reliant upon outside help.

>Slavery was the reason why the south (and the Roman Republic for that matter) failed to industrialize

Same difference.

c2c939  No.82445


So much this. A lot of the US Civil War boils down to State vs Federal Government. Freeing the slaves played a very minor part of it in reality and was more of a vested interest.


Quite a number of Southerners did more for the emancipation of slaves than the North did and this was before the whole Civil War kicked off. The Union only brought the emancipation proclamation half way through the War in order to put pressure on the South. Not because they felt the goodwill to. If you take General Lee as an example, he actively fought for the education and emancipation of blacks before the US Civil War kicked off. Then you got Stonewall Jackson who even broke the law teaching niggers how to read and write and continued to ensure this went on well after his death. Just fathom how huge a deal this was, being taught how to read and write when most white people of that time couldn't.


They didn't just blockade. At the start of the War the Union went up the rivers and burned every farm and plantation they could see, torched whatever supplies they couldn't steal and basically went full scorched earth on the Confederates. They went out their way to ensure that the Confederates had a huge ass supply problem. It's pretty hard to fight a war when most of your fertile farmland has been torched and you are struggling to feed plus clothe an army. All things considering it's amazing the Confederates lasted as long as they did.

471fc2  No.82582

File: f10819eb0b56ecd⋯.jpg (81.13 KB, 683x476, 683:476, Just_as_planned_tzeentch.jpg)

>Look Pa, I accidentally a /his/ thread.

594f15  No.82894

There was an anon shilling for Ace of Spades Civil War edition. I wonder if he got anywhere with it?

c3f8e4  No.83011

File: 5efc9669e2554df⋯.jpg (75.14 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 38e0fdd965cb3edf3d63f2f7cd….jpg)

File: c99fec14a651567⋯.jpg (162.88 KB, 660x360, 11:6, Civil.War_.faceoff.Compari….jpg)

Henry vs Spencer

Which was the better raifu?

c2c939  No.83185


Early Henry wins on foot

Late Spencer wins on foot

Henry wins hand down as a calvary rifle

69f773  No.83995


>Dat plating

Was the Henry sexier than the Winchester?

3484e6  No.85926

So someone mentioned a Civil War mod for M&B in another thread but I have had no luck tracking it down. Don't suppose any anons can lend a hand?

03e888  No.85995



>Well it's dead

What's wrong with CryEngine? And why is it dead? This is probably the only indieshit early access game out there that is actually getting close to release and people actually play.

3f088c  No.86074


It's the new Unity Engine.

b40072  No.86256


Most Cryengine projects as of late have been disappointing or trainwrecks. One has to cite Cult Citizen and see how bad it is going to be.

b40072  No.86257


Most Cryengine projects as of late have been disappointing or trainwrecks. One has to cite Cult Citizen and see how bad it is going to be.

529547  No.86500

So anons a lame horse versus General Burnside, who would win?

c2c939  No.86529


Lame horse would stay still doing nothing yet still manage to outflank Burnside and get him to fall for his own trap of his own design.

ca58d4  No.87572


Spencer is a better gun in general, better caliber, more reliable but you can't beat that repeating rifle action, it was what everyone was looking for only trouble is the original Henrys were pretty dodgy and prone to jamming cause it was an open loader and dust easily got into that shit

f5fc9e  No.87712


I don't think I've ever seen it cocked and loaded properly in any vidya before. History Channel was half assed and less said about the unfinished BF1942 mod the better.

0fc279  No.87736

File: e892d36ea2b8291⋯.png (794.17 KB, 828x687, 276:229, Blownkotanime.png)



What do you mean? What happened?

65ed5e  No.89389


Is it piratefag friendly?

321b0a  No.92666

File: 43ea7bfc07e9c3f⋯.jpg (354.04 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 20160816024113_1.jpg)

File: 5423df39141da4e⋯.jpg (389.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20161112222958_1.jpg)

File: 029f2a5de7cad91⋯.jpg (463.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180128222215_1.jpg)


Alfa backer here (screenshots are form early alfa and not with the highest graphics). I'd say no, the game, at least at the moment, is not piratefag friendly. The main issue is the server; right now, all the servers are owned by the admins, there's no way of having your own private pirate server. Since the game wants to focus on the community forming clans and doing battles Warband style, private dedicated servers will probably come later in development.

The game's looking good, the sound effects are specially good. Stuff like the bullets buzzing by and the smoke building up and blocking your vision is quite cool. The melee is complete crap at the moment, and I wouldn't have too high hopes for it, since first person online games with good melee are few and far between. For me the main issue is that the game is way too focused on online play, and this paired with the complete absence of an European community makes it almost impossible to play for us Eurofags who are not willing to wait till 2AM.



There was a mod for the Napoleonic DLC called "North and South". It used to have an active community, but when Holdfast came along, it died, like most other online mods for Warband. A lot of regiments tried to transition to War of Rights, but the game is in such an early state that it wasn't really feasible.

There was also a single player mod that wasn't ever completed, and in my opinion, was barely playable.

41f010  No.92672


> right now, all the servers are owned by the admins, there's no way of having your own private pirate server

Thanks for the rundown anon though that point alone kills it for me. No servers means it's pretty much the mercy of badmins which means no fun allowed.

e2b164  No.92680


> It used to have an active community, but when Holdfast came along, it died, like most other online mods for Warband. A lot of regiments tried to transition to War of Rights, but the game is in such an early state that it wasn't really feasible.

Reminds me of Battlegrounds, when Napoleonic Wars came out that mod died.

ccf19a  No.92689


>Since the game wants to focus on the community forming clans and doing battles Warband style, private dedicated servers will probably come later in development.

This has always been cancer in my opinion. We'll see if it changes.

ccf19a  No.92690


Yeh, though to be fair Battlegrounds was pretty limited by its engine choice. Resistance and Liberation had a similar decline with WW2 autists.

321b0a  No.92692


If they want it to be like M&B Napoleonic Wars (which they want it to) they'll have to allow private servers at some point. The player-made companies will want their own servers to train and to do events, and with passwords to avoid randoms dropping in. They've recently open closed beta (for backer who pay $35 or more) and eventually they'll go into Steam Early access. At that point, I wouldn't be surprise if a small pirate community with pirate servers sprung up.

The development is going at a decent pace. At the beginning of the year you could only walk around the drill camps looking pretty. Now there are small team death matches with mobile respawns, mechanics to keep the players formed in line and a good handful of maps. I'd keep an eye on it if you're interested. Who know what will be added in another year.


I honestly don't see how they could make it work otherwise. Right now the community is pretty dam small and the devs organise most of the events, but once it gets bigger, they can't run it all, they need players making their own events and servers.

8acd22  No.92712

>No private servers

This has always been a problem. Sure you may get all fags on one server but if you want any communities to be formed/grow then you need to give them the tools they need to create such communities.

ccf19a  No.92716


>I honestly don't see how they could make it work otherwise. Right now the community is pretty dam small and the devs organise most of the events, but once it gets bigger, they can't run it all, they need players making their own events and servers.

They might do what PR did and only allow whitelisted hosting companies who have to abide by a code of conduct. It's pretty shitty but it's been done before.

188877  No.92719


Which is why PR is dying

ccf19a  No.92721


Part of why yes.

188877  No.92724


And why Squad will die.

321b0a  No.92758

File: 50305cf1a75b075⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x362, 250:181, nep-nep.gif)


Pardon my ignorance, PR?

ccf19a  No.92762


Project Reality, a realismfag Battlefield 2 mod held back mostly by a cancerous community it's basically only worth playing when the LARPing kiddies are asleep. The devs fucked off to make Squad, a paid for (((Early Access))) indie that isn't really going anywhere but which has accidentally improved PR by siphoning off a lot of the LARPing faggots.

1d94a2  No.92801


In my experience the LARPers you types tend to complain about are chill guys who expect the bare minimum of squad cohesion. I remember random anons acting like being killed for hopping in a helicopter or taking a logi truck as a squadless infantryman was a crime against humanity, and I expect you're one of them. I've met only a few people who I would consider genuine cancerous LARPers and they were all clearly autistic, so I'm surprised you'd insult your own people.

ca58d4  No.92874


Getting kicked from servers just because you don't want to be a gay autistic operator fag in a squad and just want to play the fucking thing is exactly why the game died. Who knew people just want to have fucking fun when they play a fucking video game and not be forced to be a mega autismo

1d94a2  No.92894


Find the difference

>Gay autistic operator fag


>Being a squad, listening to squad leader and general teamwork

You are the absolute scum, the dregs of video games. 'I just wanna have fun' you'll screech, and then act like a nigger and do whatever you want, blow things up, teamkill, whatever, like a down syndrome child because it's fun to you. The concept of people who actually enjoy working with other people or who actually play the game, instead of mindlessly destroying, is just on another dimension as far as your thought process goes. Playing the thing entails joining a squad - and that's not even close to LARPing, no matter how much you lads screech and flail and try to push it as such. If you want to have le ebic constant shooty rambo action, try Battlefield.

6e9630  No.93109



>Join a squad

<all of them are fuck off we're full

<rest are larp'ing kiddies

<badmins get salty if you try making your own squad

Sure thing bud. I know what circlejerk you are part of and you should go kindly fuck yourself.

1d94a2  No.93131


you literally can't join a full or locked squad and the only reason an admin would get pissy is if you don't have a mic. why do you hate a game you've never played?

>hurr hurr circlejerk


035894  No.95307


Why are you trying to defend a game that's so shit and filled with cancer?

980c9d  No.96962


>Since the game wants to focus on the community forming clans and doing battles Warband style

How the hell are they meant to form communities if they don't let anyone form a community?

1d94a2  No.97136


why are you trying to assert that a game is shit and filled with cancer when you've never played it?

412c12  No.97300


>Claims nobody has ever played it

>Everyone who played the game hated it during gamenight

Sure thing bud.

1d94a2  No.97334


>first he cries that he got kicked for not joining a squad

>then he says that it's filled with larpers

>and then he demonstrates that he doesn't know how squads work

>now he admits he only played it during a gamenight

no shit. you probably popped in with no mic, didn't join a squad, stole a logi truck or something and got kicked. as a pathetic defense mechanism you autistically make shit up, which would also explain why all you can do is flail when faced with any confrontation.

b746b2  No.97339



We laughed at you on /k/

We will laugh at you here as well.

1d94a2  No.97343

File: f8aeaeb65bfee3b⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 499x281, 499:281, 1422895303666.gif)



keep at it retard

ca58d4  No.109052


>Since the game wants to focus on the community forming clans and doing battles Warband style, private dedicated servers will probably come later in development.

Dropped. Hate when devs do that for games, they basically make them unplayable. Very least they can do is make it a choice otherwise it makes no sense

ca58d4  No.109053


Yes, I'm the scum because









And it's why no one wants to play these games

32847b  No.109095


I'm pissed at this game, I was going to back it but then I get "Hurr we're on Steam now, you can't back the game" and are charging people $30 with no benefits when I could have gotten the game for $15 with extras. $30 for alpha is dogshit bullshit.

72ed35  No.109175


Be glad you didn't since it will be dead within a year

482519  No.109259


>Paying for unfinished games

Anon be glad you never wasted more of your shekels.

32847b  No.109411



That has been my impression so far looking at it, it's simply asking too much for too little and doesn't have enough there to sustain it.

Holdfast has been selling for $10 on sales and has a lot of features already such as private servers and is laid back enough that it's comfy shitposty. Meanwhile this game wants more for EA on top of being autistic with public servers only and reward backing and all that bullshit that this game is going to end up on a sale in 6 months as the novelty wears off with the lack of content.

faf23d  No.109413

File: bf34ed66098dfda⋯.jpg (405.75 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 333332-original_characters….jpg)


>So class, what did we learn today?

<Never give shekels to kekstarter and Eternally Anglo tier projects!

Why do fags still fall for this in this day and age?

ca58d4  No.109427


I wish at the very least I could try Holdfast or any of these games first, hate that fags don't make demos anymore

32847b  No.109439


EA does work if you approach it as

>Do you think this game is worth __ right now

>Do you think this game is a game in this state if they cut all ties tomorrow

I mentioned Holdfast because it was worth $10 even when I got it really early and it evolved into a point where if they stopped developing it tomorrow everyone would be pissed but there would still be enough to do to sustain it for a little while.

Meanwhile when I look at this game, I see

>Do you think this game is worth $30

>Do you think having four maps and no private servers is enough if the game fails

For the former, not $30, not $25, even $20 is pushing it. Considering it was going for $15 before they jacked the price up that's bullshit. For the latter, absolutely not at all. Honestly it feels like you're better off waiting in 6-7 months for when they inevitably mark the game down to $15-$20 on sale with a more complete game.

fa7329  No.109457


What does "Eternal Anglo tier" even mean? Does it mean the project involves colonizing several continents? Industrializing a big island nation? Subjugating your ethnically similar but culturally dissimilar neighbors? Jousting tournaments? Piracy? Firebombing Germans? Helping the USA murder sand people? Forming Israel? Binning Knives?

You can't just throw words like that together and expect it to make sense.

5a650d  No.109541

File: 5e64a103b9908ee⋯.jpg (180.54 KB, 1599x664, 1599:664, justanigger.jpg)


Games like these need demos to gather a real population.


Early Access regardless is a scam and abused far too often. Nobody should fall for it in this day in age.

286316  No.110371


Are you really defending EA anon?

ca58d4  No.110426


>What does "Eternal Anglo tier" even mean?

Means he's jealous of Anglos

32847b  No.110434



That's the problem, EA can be good if it's done right but the vast majority of cases are not. The problem with EA is you can't buy EA as a game, but an investment for a game. Very few games properly do EA and pass off EA as the eternal beta of a game, then "releasing" when they're bored. Just like purchasing games smart, you need to be even smarter in order to deal with games in EA.

c2c939  No.110445

File: f0003cd89c1b716⋯.webm (7.03 MB, 256x144, 16:9, StarCitizenBackers.webm)


>an investment for a game

Dangerous waters there. That's Scam Citizen territory and lingo.

ca58d4  No.110495


Made it 1 second in, saw the furries, and shut it off

605f98  No.110626


>Those furries

How did such a thing take off again?

65a393  No.110972

File: 6ed2b927385de95⋯.gif (524.45 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1489562758582.gif)


Here is a revolutionary new thought, why not release a game when it's finished?

573b33  No.111356


Cause that would require time, effort and money. Three things modern devs don't have.

eda154  No.111536

File: 3eda1d1f50e7025⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, magi-18-morgiana-blush-emb….jpg)


>Tfw I'm related to Harriet Beecher Stowe.

1d94a2  No.111539



Joining a squad and using the little-known skills known as teamwork and coordination is part of playing the game. You seem to think that the game is supposed to be CoD.

c56494  No.111542


And you are proud to be such a thing?

ace4c6  No.112157

File: a102b9905627362⋯.jpg (138.8 KB, 850x650, 17:13, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)






so you are telling me that i should actually side with the north because they actually wanted to send niggers away? or should i side with dixie because they are agganist banker(in this case big industrialists) lobbies?

help me my dick is confused

d5d6bf  No.112186


In reality neither, as both sides are morally gray.

45df27  No.112193

File: bbcf74485a3f8fc⋯.jpg (93.77 KB, 652x575, 652:575, The Popes Cannon Fodder.jpg)


The South still comes up on top just for giving a shit about it's population. Although it boils down to who you feel who should have more control, Federal or State government?

The attitude of the South was the negro must be educated so they can be responsible which was not atypical of the time. Many in the North shared this same idea. Problem with the Confederacy was that it was a very rural and agricultural economy so it was quite backwards.

The North was more about immigration and trying to obtain a steady income. It was industrialized and relatively progressive. One of the things that is often buried about the North is that immigrants, especially the Irish, were treated worse than niggers and essentially pushed them as cannon fodder in the Civil War. Add on to the fact that the Union tactics were to throw wave after wave of their own men at the Confederates till they ran out of bullets, things were getting so bad that by the time the draft came around there was widespread rioting going on that had to be put down with force.

This is before we get onto the Union's deliberate targetting of civilians and infrastructure using scorched earth tactics against the Confederacy.

647aca  No.112307


Union vs Confederacy was very similar to the Russian Civil War in how a lot of it was played out.

a8f819  No.112318

File: 31399301548227a⋯.jpeg (215.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2nd manassas.jpeg)



well thanks for the replies i see everything through a clearer lens

now addressing the OPs Question

i have mainly 2 games (or rather game series) that could be interesting

1 would be Sid Meier´s Civil war (Gettysburg and Antietam)

wich i never played, they look real simple but fun games

2 would be the Take command series wich is Proto-Scourge of war

based on the civil war it is comprised of

Take command Second Manassas

Take command Gettysburg (Now its called Scourge of war Gettysburg)

inb4 courier memes

ca58d4  No.112328


As far as Sid Meier's goes, I really think Ultimate General did the best job of being a true successor to Sid Meier's Gettysburg. It has much of the same feel and just updates it. And as far as Scourge of war goes, I tried to like it but could never figure out an annoying sound bug that made everything sound like it was happening 20 miles away despite trying 100 fixes, but the concept of it I loved more then anything, sending couriers to order regiments and so on made it feel more like a good old battlefield

cbcc11  No.112329


Didn't Ultimate General remove the Confederate flag due it being deemed "problematic?"

a8f819  No.112335

File: 8d4575963683fd8⋯.png (93.5 KB, 221x342, 221:342, 3.png)

File: c9a246e7e5a3555⋯.png (22.86 KB, 350x248, 175:124, 1.png)

File: f49bb1751160ebe⋯.png (47.94 KB, 377x151, 377:151, 2.png)


idk what the fuck are you talking about because its fucking everywhere in the campaign

a8f819  No.112385

File: 7d3f53e234a47b0⋯.png (433.27 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Slav Ex.png)


if there is something to shit about in Ultimate general civil war its the fact that dev´s cant into difficulty curves nor AI and the Great battles revolve around you having to deal with bullshit objectives while the AI outnumbers you 3:1 half of the time and before you say "muh secondary missions" this is still a problem because even if you take your time and buff your corps up the game SCALES its difficulty you fucking heard me right the game instead of rewarding you for using your tools at its maximum effectiveness and taking your time to complete seccondary missions it punishes you by giving 20k more men to the other side, and the worst part of this is the devs insist on this being a (((Feature)))

and then you have all these niggers defending them for making shitty artificial difficulty


it really saddens me because the game has a lot of cool stuff like being able to make your own OOB and a dynamic campaign only for them to fuck it up with their own incompetence

i hope this helps to anyone who is interested into aquiring the game via blasting merchant ships in the sea

an before i go

>Take Command Second Manassas


>Ultimate General:Civil War


ca58d4  No.112459


No, fags complained but they put it back because people were pissed off

c7e780  No.112464


I completely agree with you. The beginning battles are all really enjoyable but by the end it's just a slog to get through the big battles because the enemy has troops everywhere you look.

7b514d  No.112497


They did for a bit but it caused so much buttblast they put it back. It was during that time when they were taking Confederate Flags out of everything cause history is bad m'kay.

32847b  No.116572


Just came back to post, it's already 20% off a month later at $24. That's pretty bad considering that just screws out the dumbasses who bought it at release.

3a577e  No.116575


That still sounds too expensive for what it is if there has been no changes since then?

32847b  No.116581


The only major change I can see in the update logs is a new system for ending matches with. Other than that, it seems to be just things like details on uniforms/maps and bugfixes.

286316  No.116583



If those are the changes no wonder the game is dead. Are the devs so blind?

32847b  No.116590


The problem I have is EA charging less over time instead of more, which seems to be more common. It's better to charge $10 now and $30 at release instead of having the game $30 now and $20 later. It would be worth a $10 or $15 game but definitely not $24 or $30.

e3f3f0  No.117353

File: dd240578b83fb7b⋯.jpg (238.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 20120914121454.jpg)

File: 8166d3cfef68940⋯.jpg (265.05 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 20120914121455.jpg)

File: 16894bf423b25b9⋯.jpg (261.48 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 20120925134600.jpg)

Scourge of War is great.


>Also reminder South did nothing wrong and the good guys lost to the gud goys.

They lost.

ca58d4  No.117359


still have never found a fix to the sound problem that makes everything sound like it's a mile away

e3f3f0  No.117365


I find problems with that are often related to it trying to play in surround sound when you actually have stereo headsets. Alternatively check if your sound quality is set too high and drop it to only DVD quality.

ca58d4  No.117366


Yeah unfortunately I spent a lot of time trying a million things with it and it nothing seemed to work so I gave up. The game itself though is great and I loved the courier system of sending orders, added a unique part of realism on old battlefields

80ff72  No.117396


>Those ammunition carriers for the guns in first pic

Am I the only one who thinks those guys behind them are taking a piss?

b2535f  No.120400

So is that Civil War anon dead or something?

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