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File: 54a70402ad7b18d⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, h.jpg)

9a765e  No.83199

Any men of culture missing the genre?

I used to have a love/hate relationship with it, first I was really into it, then thought it beneath me and now I'm rediscovering it again. The only problem is, getting to run these games on a modern pc is a nightmare, a very few gotten a console release but that's about it.

8d8dbd  No.83211

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Haven't played that many of them, but I enjoyed Beneath a Steel Sky, Full Throttle and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. I mostly like the unique settings, presentation/story and the puzzles that keep it from getting boring. The OST for Full Throttle was pretty good as well.

Never played any of the infamous ones with insane puzzles though, any anons that care to share their experiences with them?

b8ac0e  No.83219

File: 279f8be4b3233b7⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1570x1940, 157:194, Broken_Sword_III_The_Sleep….jpg)


>I mostly like the unique settings, presentation/story and the puzzles that keep it from getting boring

So literally everything that makes them?

Adventure or quest -as they are called over here- games are 80% atmosphere, 10% puzzlework and the rest divided between the miscellaneous stuff.

b53695  No.83222

Funny, I just finally got around to finishing the first 7 (6) Leisure Suit Larry games. Good times if you like obtuse puzzles. I also recommend the Space Quest series, cause I like non-serious point and click adventure games. Never got into PoliceQuest because of that.

Now I gotta go back and beat Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle!

812a54  No.83223


Of all the Sierra games I still prefer the Kings Qiest tbqhwyf.

8d8dbd  No.83230


Visual novels, interactive movies and walking simulators rely mostly on atmosphere as well, but classic point and clicks usually have better/more puzzle focus and more interesting settings. Walking sims can have interesting settings as well, but all the walking make them boring, interactive movies usually have casualized puzzles or no puzzles at all and most visual novels are mostly reading with little to no gameplay, in which case I'd rather read a book instead. I think point and clicks hit a nice balance and works the best.

Polite sage for veering slightly off-topic.

2480f1  No.83238


When I say atmosphere is 80% I don't mean that's all they have content wise, like walking sims or vns, I mean that's how important it is. You have to spend hours, sometimes days on the same 2-3 screens, trying to solve a puzzle, without anything else. No story progression, no dialogs, nothing. If you don't have a god tier atmosphere to support that, it would be a maddening experience.

f3a67b  No.83373

File: 988459bd4950b75⋯.jpg (657.5 KB, 1510x2162, 755:1081, full20080115222806.jpg)

203b93  No.83687


4908b4  No.83688

File: aaf3e8ee254a0f6⋯.jpg (21.15 KB, 400x240, 5:3, 3_polda_2.jpg)

These games were legendary in Czech Republic.

baa50d  No.83703


The genre is very popular with slavs in general.

651f8b  No.83730

File: 44699350883d658⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 370x266, 185:133, myst-ti.jpg)

I played the shit out of pic related when I was younger. I need to go back and finish it one of these days.

702a3b  No.83731


I feel like Myst was an entry point for 80% of people

6b24ed  No.83744

File: 9848e4fe814c70b⋯.jpg (179.92 KB, 800x1038, 400:519, 124241-sam-max-hit-the-roa….jpg)


Play the good one instead.

cb4a83  No.83823


i did

9bdb53  No.83870

File: cafa4fa2a175aae⋯.webm (6.88 MB, 480x270, 16:9, The Klingon Pakled Shoppi….webm)

Any fags remember the interactive movies of the 90's?

6b24ed  No.83874


You mean FMV games? I remember how shitty they were.

c9ec8e  No.83883

File: 2adf6c26ca3e9e8⋯.png (145.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1463841272wizyta u tatusia.png)


Harvestor was good fag.

6b24ed  No.83891


That's not to say they don't have their own charm. I still like Return to Zork, even though the puzzles are too obtuse for their own good.

5a459c  No.83921


absolutely trash

03c835  No.83943


Trek ones are great.

b9cf77  No.84076


absolutely trash

6deb5b  No.84153

Is Syberia 3 good?

99ce97  No.84158

File: 97de6145f11bb7f⋯.webm (155.2 KB, 634x480, 317:240, Gowron Slightly Cheesed O….webm)


>2hrs of Gowron being trash

6e1b84  No.84187


you know it's true

825413  No.84614


Oh no no no no

571a24  No.84660

File: 6195c03de85cd56⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 220x310, 22:31, y6.jpg)

Anons help me out, I'm trying to find Sokal's Paradise. Any torrents?

6b24ed  No.84662

File: 0b6c7f4b640519c⋯.png (716.95 KB, 1367x504, 1367:504, 2018-09-30 13_15_21-Window….png)

996c7d  No.84669


sadly, I'm not a member.

195892  No.84806


reported reddit

cb4a83  No.85080


>Never played any of the infamous ones with insane puzzles though, any anons that care to share their experiences with them?

The infamous goat puzzle from Broken Sword 1.

A puzzle so legendary there's a kikepedia article about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Goat_Puzzle

c95bd0  No.85084


>the goat puzzle

you're like a little baby


also I was glad this genre was being dead and buried in it's dead gay grave, can't wait till it goes back to it's dead gay grave along with Telltale trash and Life is Drumpf

fa46bd  No.85131


reported reddit again

d8084f  No.85147


>men of culture

>Point and click adventure games

These games were predominantly played by women. It still is to this day. That's why a fuck ton of them are now in the casual market.

195892  No.85192


>These games were predominantly played by women

err, no. Maybe in the burgerland where IQ is too low for puzzle games.

873946  No.85241

File: 4ec92d173007196⋯.png (302.88 KB, 639x482, 639:482, OOO1.png)

File: 32af69c82c4774f⋯.png (217.93 KB, 637x481, 49:37, OOO2.png)

File: 50a1ef08932d47d⋯.png (124.5 KB, 637x486, 637:486, OOO3.png)

File: 55935060a8a3000⋯.png (229.8 KB, 640x479, 640:479, OOO4.png)

Hey fuckers, up for a game I can guarantee you've never played before?

Out of Order is a mid-2000's point and click adventure game made by a small team and uploaded onto the internet for free! It was run by Hungry Software, and since then the website is dead and gone and there is nothing left of this game as far as I can tell pretty much anywhere.

Well fuck that!

I hunted down the installer from places long since forgotten and can now proudly present to you this game that I thoroughly enjoyed in my teenage years.


The story is about a guy, probably NEET, waking up in the middle of a storm when suddenly the storm cuts out like a TV turning off, and now his door opens upwards like its out of a sci-fi instead of like a regular door. Thus begins his adventure into figuring out where the heck he is, interacting with goofy, equally confused individuals and trying to outsmart the nefarious (?) people behind his fate.

Game has a lot of that normal charm and I think there's no actual way to lose. Controls are simple. Left click to do stuff, right click to cycle through Move/Look/Touch/Grab/Talk. Inventory in top right.

5a459c  No.85275


looks like shit tbqhwyf

6bd907  No.85307


Neat. I'll give it a shot in a bit.

c8bac9  No.85749

c59849  No.86407

3c1449  No.86933

File: b7e8dc981c73232⋯.jpg (738.31 KB, 1634x2048, 817:1024, Day_of_the_tentacle_cover.jpg)


Not baiting but I think this piece of shit help killed the genre. After playing this, I'm not surprised that Tim Schafer was fucking hack.

714f31  No.87003


Nothing killed the genre. All genres went extinct when gaming went mainstream and got overrun by normalfags. In their place a new, singular genre was born that all games are now.

6b24ed  No.87004

File: 2e42b7dcdf903e9⋯.png (147.86 KB, 270x400, 27:40, 2e42b7dcdf903e9a689d2c28f7….png)


>one of the best games in the genre helped kill the genre

b8fb72  No.87008

File: 567abf11be36d2c⋯.png (136.7 KB, 216x316, 54:79, ClipboardImage.png)


>I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

That game was alright, but some of the puzzles are a bit weird. I wanted to finish the game but I fucked up the Gorrister storyline very easily, so I quit temporarily. How the fuck are you supposed to know that you should NOT play the third song in the jukebox?

8eb654  No.87014


>as a game within a game

Do you have to unlock it? Why can't you access it from the menu? If you haven't played it before then there's no point because just reaching that part requires you to be spoiled on everything that happened as it's a direct sequel, and if you have then there's still no point as you've already played it and likely own a copy already.

8937b9  No.87067

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the game is kinda incomplete, for example you can barely do bad things in Benny's route, AM tells you to get something to eat pointing to cannibalise some native yet you cant do that.

6b24ed  No.87072


>Do you have to unlock it?

No you access it by using the computer in the house. It's not like the story matters anyway.

bc741b  No.87088

Whats a good point and click for halloween? I"m looking for something more moody and atmospheric than just straight up horror. Something that feels like the 1930s dracula.

6b24ed  No.87096


7th Guest

Clock Tower (SNES)

5 Days a Stranger

ccce77  No.87110

create a virtual machine of windows 7 or 2000, you can run all old games.

3c1449  No.87121


I liked Maniac Mansion and Grim Fandango but I hated Day of the Tentacle. DotT popularized the no fail state design philosophy of Lucas Arts. GF was great because it separate itself into chapters, streamline the gameplay, reduced the playable characters to one, and had an engaging story. Holding DotT up as one of the best P&C adventures, forced the genre to a downward spiral. The defining characteristic of MM is its many ways to die. The game had multiple solutions and multiple endings. However, DotT took a big step back in favor of Tim Schafer's equivalent of "Fail states are the failure of the developer." or Luddonarrative dissonance. Using deductive or inductive logic can get in the way of solving the puzzle because everything is trial and error without actually realizing why you could do that. Sometimes thinking too far ahead would cause problems and other times certain actions progress the puzzle without any logical cause or effect. On a specific note, putting the hamster in the microwave is only amusing in MM because it was pointlessly evil. Making in it a canon action and requiring it solve a puzzle ruins the joke.


>Benny's route, AM tells you to get something to eat pointing to cannibalise some native yet you cant do that.

They are robots.

6b24ed  No.87122


No fail states was better than the Sierra method of "you forgot to pick up this one item way earlier in the game? well tough shit, you can't win now"

3c1449  No.87124


>No fail states was better than the Sierra method of "you forgot to pick up this one item way earlier in the game? well tough shit, you can't win now"

Besides not needing to go either extremes, deciding that every P&C adventure is going to be designed the same way with a different coat of paint isn't healthy. Look at Telltale Games; they just make the same shit over and over again until their inevitable demise. Look at Broken Age; DotT also had all of its problems.

9ef0e7  No.87125

File: 1788b7dc90ac4a3⋯.jpg (41.33 KB, 620x465, 4:3, Primordia-1-620x465.jpg)


Give Primordia a go, set after 'Man' has disappeared from earth, the only things left are machines and you play as one trying to get a power core back.

aecb0f  No.87128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4522a2  No.87444


>you forgot to pick up this one item way earlier in the game? well tough shit, you can't win now"

that was great

0d2cfe  No.87446


>Luddonarrative dissonance

But that's not LD

LD is the following

>Lara croft in nu-tomb raider crying over hunting a bunny for food, but mows down 15 men with a machine gun later with no remorse

>Big Medic in TPP gets bitten by a snake (no snakes in the game outside of that cutscene) through extremely thick and heavy armor

>Any instance of you being god-like superkiller but getting beaten like a bitch in a cutscene.

3c1449  No.87454


I meant that Ludonarrative dissonance was some bullshit mentioned by some overrated hack like those other "design philosophies"

>Removing fail states completely in P&C adventures

<Tim Schafer

>"I've always felt that 'game over' is a state of failure more for the game designer than from the player."

<David Cage

>Ludonarrative dissonance is the conflict between a video game's narrative told through the story and the narrative told through the gameplay.

<Ken Levine (actually coined by Clint Hocking when talking about Bioshock)

All hacks and moneysinks.

2efbcd  No.87529

File: b8b857a8bc961ef⋯.jpg (85.78 KB, 500x215, 100:43, db.jpg)

So I just finished the Broken Sword series. It's a mixed experience, it's one of those series where developers made one great game seemingly accidentally, as they were trying to imitate it for the next 15 years, unsuccessfully.

If I were to rate the series:

Part I - 9/10: Good shit, great writing, great characters, great animations; was laughing out loud through out the game.

Part II - 8/10: I do appreciate the sort of anthological approach they went with, completely unrelated to the original, doing its own thing. Some mechanical improvements mixed with significant downgrades, proving they didn't know what exactly made the original into such a lightning in a bottle.

Part III - 6/10: Absolute trash. It has a few small redeeming qualities but as a whole it's embarrassing. Absolutely apocryphal, would never consider this as canon, a sentiment that the developers seemingly share.

Part IV - 5/10: Even worse than part 3. Lazy, cheap, ugly; the only game in the series I dropped. Tbf, it was co-designed with some faggot studio. Equality non-canon.

Part V - 7/10: A solid attempt to return to the formula but because of it's kikestarter roots it feels inconsistent and amateurish and all the wit of the originals has been completely lost over the decade of above mentioned shit. Still, definitely worth playing as a true third game.

662158  No.87539


>To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to play adventure games

They're casual games with low-skill ceilings so they appeal primarily to women and casuals. Deal with it eurocuck.

983a56  No.87543


6/10 is "absolute trash" to you? Do you work for a video game journalism site by any chance?

19bda2  No.87552


>casual games

>genre is dominated by legendary unsolvable puzzles

>clearly haven't played a single one

>got triggered because of his low 56% iq

kys, reddit. Back to >>>/v/

821722  No.87553


Care to elaborate what got you triggered?

014a9d  No.87556


5/10 is average, anon. 10/10 is perfect and 0/10 is unplayable.

f8c14d  No.87562


Funny you ask me if I'm a game journo yet you present yourself with that reddit mentality. No newfriend, allow me to explain it to you. Anything bellow 5 is unplayable and not even worth looking at. Do you honestly care if the game is 3/10 or 4/10? Would you play a 4/10 game? No. There might as well not be a gradation under 5, but since using a 10/10 scale became the universal standard, and since something like a 8/8 scale would be awkward and a 5/5 scale is not elaborating enough, we're using the 10/10 scale. But in reality, anything below 5 is irrelevant and so 5/10 is really the lowest you can rate a game that is conventionally working and playable, not plagued with gamebreaking bugs, but is just shit otherwise.

ca58bd  No.87567





ratings are overrated to be honest

listing cons and pros is enough

a50b38  No.87617

File: 74eb691eda795a3⋯.webm (123.13 KB, 97x77, 97:77, JAN_DentureANIM_Egg.webm)

Anyone remember the Nancy Drew games? i got bullied for playing them because That's a game for girls anon! Apparently they actually still make them. They had good music and a charming aesthetic. Iirc the story and dialogue was pretty retarded but in a funny sort of way. Webm related


I'll be sure to have some Jim Beam when I play it.

6b24ed  No.87706


That's for girls, anon.

a50b38  No.87747

File: b82e233abd17029⋯.jpg (179.05 KB, 896x792, 112:99, triggered loli with a back….jpg)

6b24ed  No.87756

File: d44c5a30494e5ee⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 500x446, 250:223, 61NUcmQaUwL.jpg)

Nothing wrong with liking girl games though.

6bd907  No.87757

File: 6e11b27194e3559⋯.png (164.73 KB, 256x306, 128:153, The_Sims_Coverart.png)

a50b38  No.87761

File: 58963221c284c06⋯.png (391.14 KB, 726x625, 726:625, clown cacthers.png)

File: 3ec0cba332d0d61⋯.png (174.75 KB, 495x742, 495:742, die clown.png)

File: a9b5538ffdf71d4⋯.png (100.83 KB, 475x407, 475:407, no efaect.png)

File: ee68cff2e1f1780⋯.png (148.68 KB, 403x597, 403:597, measay trash con.png)

File: 6275ea62a8f0121⋯.png (179.69 KB, 472x562, 236:281, scintist lab.png)




9cc69d  No.87797


Unironically this. Some are great if you are into tycoon games.

5685dd  No.87813


That's a guy.

6b24ed  No.87961


you're a big guy

6c2771  No.87965

8bdc7c  No.88006


Well it was a typo

Game was meant to be called Trans-setters

c34cc1  No.88928


4 makes 3 look good in comparison tbqh

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