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File: 4b5f474b00e5be9⋯.jpg (245.85 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, please stop getting in thi….jpg)

b2ecec  No.96431

Hospital visit edition.

Usual Points:

1) This thread is strictly focused on /vg/ meta discussion. This is not a dumping ground for your personal drama or other board discussion. Non-/vg/ meta will be deleted.

2) There's a few threads that host/hosted servers for games posted in the Server Sticky that might need updated. If anons find any server info that is out of date feel free to report it or post in the meta thread. Server Sticky: >>27332

Other than that if you have any points related to /vg/ ask away. As usual if you have any suggestions, gripes or feel like calling me a cunt for something I may have done wrong use this thread. If you think I might have missed an issue don't be afraid to keep posting about it till you get a response.

If you want to submit a banner go to this thread >>28505

Banner page: https://8ch.net/vg/banners.html

Board logs: https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=vg

Rules Page: https://8ch.net/vg/rules.html

Other Notes:

Since I've notice a disturbing amount of anons from this board have been ending up in hospital as of late felt it was worth saying.

1) Try and be careful to not break your bones.


2) Don't stick things up your ass that doesn't belong.

Edit: Well spotted anon that saw outdated banners page.

Post last edited at

7af96a  No.96433

It was so good without a meta thread :^/

23b91a  No.96442

There seems to be alot of spam posting going on.


/vg/ always has a meta every now and then.

b3ecea  No.96443


and it's always better off when it doesn't.

7f1bc7  No.96445


The banners page is outdated because of what CM did to the way banners work.

5a1a49  No.96452

Hiroshimoot's new moneymaking scheme is making a separate SFW domain for cuckchan to get ads from "bigger companies".


I hope BO will be ready.

44d497  No.96453

it seems to me that people who set up servers for peeps aren't asking to get it listed in the server thread.

2d06c4  No.96454


Damn it anon


5c32e4  No.96456



This is bad, we are too big now, we're gonna get hit no matter what…

7f1bc7  No.96459



I wouldn't worry. The rapefugees will all move into /v/ because we're too slow or they'll assume /vg/ is just generals like on halfchan. We also don't have wordfilters that automatically fix their fuckups so they can be spotted much more easily.

4a1202  No.96461


No we should worry. Every time these faggots get banned on /v/ they start looking for alternatives to complain and to infest. Then they go on cuck/v/ and tell them about this "new place I've found, it's slow but if we all come…"

44d497  No.96464


nah they don't give a shit about telling people. they just find the place on their own and then yeah complain over here.

4a1202  No.96465


anon I've seen it, I've seen threads where they plot their exoduses. This is no laughing matter.

7f1bc7  No.96466


The last time faggots from halfchan showed up here they namefagged and got banned, ran off crying to /v/ and somehow got banned even from there as well. Then they made a board which died. I wouldn't worry too much.

44d497  No.96467


and I suppose you want the mods to be sterner because if they don't then they let in the cuckhchannellers.


5563de  No.96469


That wave wasn't as potentially big as this one…


Eh? I want all of us to be vigilant and don't just "nah" it. This is how you fuck everything up, just look at /tv/

b2ecec  No.96470

File: e52a1420b1654ae⋯.gif (10.7 KB, 446x266, 223:133, mine-m16-1.gif)

File: 90d71aa97583792⋯.gif (8.63 KB, 464x282, 232:141, mine-m14.gif)


Well spotted.


I knew some anons joked about it being Hot Topic Chan, but didn't think Hiroshimoot would actively try it. Ah well, time to get some planting done.

Now your standard M14 toe cutter doesn't have a lot of bang, but she's very hard to spot and easy to conceal. She will reliably take someone's foot off. Anyone who steps on this is going to be limping home.

The M16 mine a.k.a. the bouncing betty is a whole different ball game. When your average Gook steps on her she likes to jump up and blow his balls off. She is a bit easier to spot and doesn't go off as quick but boy is she fun and anyone hit by her is not going to be having any grandkids.

44d497  No.96473


and we had even worse "potentials" before this. It does no good to get worked up over an assumed threat because at the end of the day, when it comes it'll come and it'd be the mods who'll get the worst of "dealing" with it, and every one else will just have to report the really damaging shit. Not much else can be done so putting people into a scare just makes things shittier sooner. I mean if you want a legitimate reason to not cry wolf, look at what young new kids do when trying to be apart of a place. They say alot of

>come on guys we're better then this

>this is such *old home* shit

>*unironic generic internet wide meme*

>X company is doing something we gamers shouldn't like! lets fax them memes lol.

you get the point they're easy to spot.

44d497  No.96474

but not so much when there's already a backleash because that sort of thing is easily picked up on.

6c70c5  No.96477


>I've seen it

Fuck off cuckchanner

358287  No.96478


Give me one reason why anyone but the most volatile literal autist would move to a different website because of this. It's literally fucking nothing.

3ad036  No.96482


>do I fit in

see, they are already here

0fe6be  No.96489


That's because Hiroshimoot is turning 4chan into Hot Topic and Spencer's with the split into 4channel and 4chan.

Hot Topic is a marketable place because it fits a geek niche mixed with the edgy emo bullshit roots. Shopping there is more or less being hip and different compared to shopping at a normal store. That is what 4channel will be, a hip and cool and different place to browse and talk about bullshit topics instead of using reddit or any other "mainstream" channels.

4chan itself will become what Spencer's is. It's more or less similar to Hot Topic, except even more outlandish, filthy and unrefined as the place where you buy dildo shaped lava lamps and dumb novelty items. It's the store to go to to show how rebellious and politically incorrect you are as you walk around town with a giant FUCK YOU shirt while reciting lines from "How to Piss In Your Mouth 200 Ways". It's the place that is not much more than pure unadulterated shock humor.

Everyone should have seen this coming years ago with the creation of the /vip/ board and the 4chan Gold meme becoming reality unironically, so of course the next step is to monetize 4chan with stupid ads and other shit to cater to people who think they're special and alone and different. I can think of the videogame generals on /o/ as a perfect example of the NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME mentality.

2a87fd  No.96490



358287  No.96491


Yeah, and 8chan will merge with reddit next week, trust me guys it'll happen.

6c70c5  No.96492


Reddit has already been infesting this place since the 2016 elections.

261877  No.96497

File: 55d5d4f3d6a924a⋯.png (55.94 KB, 1011x402, 337:134, (((Hiroshima)))_and_SFWcha….png)



Why not just post archive and image with archive link?

2d06c4  No.96570

Whoops, time to delete every post under >>95900

2ca0b5  No.96571


lets just all play ded for a bit, atleast until the initial wave hits. if hardly anyone posts for a couple days the board will slide down further and look ded

then mark can fucking deal with all the shidiots

2d06c4  No.96572


>then mark can fucking deal with all the shidiots

He will accommodate for them and because of that they'll stay

2ca0b5  No.96573


even fucking better

b32c7e  No.96578


They'll stick to this meta thread

They always do

04c1e9  No.96605

Still waiting on an answer to this, BO:

Define a "(1) and done shitpost" please and why exactly it's a bad thing. Let's imagine some scenarios:

Scenario A: Poster makes a post critical of something and sticks around for the next few hours countering arguments against their claim.

Scenario B: Poster makes a post critical of something, leaves for several hours to do something else, and then returns later to continue the argument or debate.

Scenario C: Poster has a dynamic IP that changes frequently and will never be able to make more than the initial critical post on that first thread ID. Was their first post a "(1) and done shitpost"?

Is scenario B not allowed? It certainly was never a problem in image boards' past. Ask yourself if you only care now because we have thread IDs which allows you to anxiously fixate on whom your opponent is in an argument rather than focus on the argument itself. Is this just more evidence that thread IDs suck?

99a9e2  No.96612


Does this relate to the /jewtube/ anon? I miss them dearly.

1dee24  No.96614


>Define a "(1) and done shitpost"

>Lol this thread is gay, sage


I'm not BO but is that good enough?

2ca0b5  No.96629


im worried about lain too anon

i know hes probably just laying low since google is probably starting to give him some bad noise (though he most assuredly dindu nuffin wrong), but i just cant help but worry that something absolutely awful happened to him. its not often that a guy gril? like that goes weeks without visiting an imageboard, unless they cant

9e3181  No.96717


Not BO but I'd say it's about the quality of the critical post as much as it is the number of posts. A (1) and done with substance is fine but a (1) and done THIS GAME IS SHIT FUCKING SAGE post is cancer and if it gets deleted fair enough.

>Scenario B: Poster makes a post critical of something, leaves for several hours to do something else, and then returns later to continue the argument or debate.

What type of critical post is it? If it's just SHIT GAME SAGE then its their problem if their post gets deleted before they can start replying since it was worthless in the first place. If it has any actual substance to it then it should be ok.

>Scenario C: Poster has a dynamic IP that changes frequently and will never be able to make more than the initial critical post on that first thread ID. Was their first post a "(1) and done shitpost"?

Anons with dynamic IPs should still have a post history longer than one post though. If not that means that they're only posting in one thread at a time and are never accidentally rotating back to the same IP which would happen eventually after a few months even if you were using a VPN provider. This can be checked by a vol pretty easily because they see post history across the entire board. That anon can also pretty easily reply to any criticism saying "this was me but my ID changed" if its that big of a complaint.

What has to be avoided is the situation where one faggot with a VPN or dynamic IP that changes with router resetting can drop multiple (1) and done shitposts to derail threads about topics they don't like which leads to them influencing what the board can discuss. It's extremely easy to do this since most VPN providers give you hundreds or even thousands of IPs to pick from and swapping takes seconds at most.

>It certainly was never a problem in image boards' past.

In the past imageboards were not subjected to organized groups of influencers paid and unpaid and people didn't have de facto VPNs in their pocket in the form of smartphones. Moderation was a lot easier and the odds of someone acting disingenuously were significantly lower. I'd love to go back to how imageboards were in times past but we no longer have that option. Legitimate anons have one "vote" each about a game being shit or not but influencers can have hundreds each: the playing field has to be leveled.

>Ask yourself if you only care now because we have thread IDs which allows you to anxiously fixate on whom your opponent is in an argument rather than focus on the argument itself.

Here's the thing: if the post contains an argument that can be focused on it isn't a (1) and done shitpost so there isn't a problem. SHIT GAME SAGE on the other hand contains no argument as it is an opinion with no substance there's literally nothing to focus on there at all. I think your issue is that you're confusing the two issues of a (1) and done post with substance and a (1) and done shitpost.

>Is this just more evidence that thread IDs suck?

Thread IDs allow you to have much better debates over longer periods but anyone who tries to use them as the end all of identity is dumb I agree. I still say thread IDs should be opt out as a BO-set option. Someone should be able to decide they want no ID at all since they pretty much can now using tor or a VPN.

dcf297  No.96870

Wait a second can we stop for the moment to ask what anon has been disrespecting his bumhole?

b2ecec  No.97049


I believe I've answered this several times already. It basically consists of posts that are equivalent of "I don't like this, sage!" where it comes across as a poster attempting to use the sage as a downvote and trying to disallow discussion of topics he does not like, not particularly if there is anything wrong with thread.

Anything critical with meat on it's bones is fair.

In otherwords it goes along with the practice "We don't put up with niggers here!"


I have no idea what has happened to him but I fear we may have to send out a search party.


> I still say thread IDs should be opt out as a BO-set option.

It's something I would ask for that OP's can set when they create threads.

62fb11  No.97116


at this point, I'd safety say that it's someone who wants it defined more so that they can abuse it tbh.

62fb11  No.97118

as in take a screenshot of the post and use it while saging and reporting shit they don't like inorder to get other people to do so kinda deal.

8c1352  No.97141

File: e60316f02673d44⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 288x499, 288:499, Kornheiser_Why.JPG)

>ask why mobage is allowed

>no answer

>delete post

Holy shit, is BO Mark 2.0?

What is even the point of this board if it follows the same philosophy?

a91acf  No.97143

File: e93ea4ee4a9cf5a⋯.png (61.53 KB, 860x650, 86:65, proofs.png)


>Makes claim

>Provides no proofs

8c1352  No.97144


>delete proof

>where's the proof xd

Same tactics as mark as well.

a91acf  No.97146



>Cries about something he provides no evidence of

>Not a shitter

BO never deletes anything without providing an archive. Go find it.

f8f21c  No.97148


Board's archive goes as far as september.

Nice fucking rimjob though.

9d0311  No.97150

File: b4bd0a371ea14e2⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.39 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 2387786434.jpeg)


Hey, /vg/, why did anon cross the road?

to smell Yoshi's eggs on the other side haha

a91acf  No.97151


You are trying too hard. Maybe you should lurk on this board more before coming across as a complete retard?

82d025  No.97153


Because almost nobody cares about that shit here.

f8f21c  No.97154


So you have no answer, only tongue up BO's anus. I got that.

62fb11  No.97156

File: dd78eb039b26030⋯.png (78.78 KB, 767x1047, 767:1047, firefox_2018-11-20_02-01-0….png)

what was the post

a91acf  No.97158


Nope you are just an obvious shitter that's all. If you weren't you'd know how blatantly obvious it is on this board in particular. BO and Vols always make an archive of any thread before they doing any mod. If you weren't a retard you would have known this before trying to be so obvious.

f8f21c  No.97159


Am I supposed to remember my posts' numbers? Seriously?


Show this miraculous archive then.

7f1bc7  No.97160


Check the archive that was edited into >>95496 and cross those post numbers off the list as you see them in the archive until you either find one that's missing or run out of deleted posts.



>Board's archive goes as far as september.

8chan's automatic archive archives threads by creation date not deletion date and only once they fall off the end of the catalog. The fact you don't know this is a clear indication you're a newfag just out to cause trouble.

a91acf  No.97161


I am not in the habit of spoonfeeding blatant shitters here to cause trouble.

7f1bc7  No.97164


>Am I supposed to remember my posts' numbers? Seriously?


<Check the archive that was edited into >>95496 and cross those post numbers off the list as you see them in the archive until you either find one that's missing from the archive or run out of deleted posts.

It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time to do.

7f1bc7  No.97166



>>96813 Is this the post you're talking about? It's still there. If you weren't such a newfag you'd know 8chan has a search function where you can simply look for every mention of 'mobage' across the entire board: https://8ch.net/search.php?search=mobage&board=vg

f8f21c  No.97167


How the fuck it got into another thread?

7f1bc7  No.97168


You're the one who posted it, why are you asking me?

23b91a  No.97169

File: e1e7b0916e3b5d8⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 600x587, 600:587, 3923dce948acb831357d12fe1e….jpg)

7f1bc7  No.97170



Also as a tip: next time you ask any sort of question to a BO even a small question of a BO you might think you can trust archive it yourself right off the bat with archive.is or whatever equivalent you want. I do this habitually and I've caught a certain jew out with it multiple times. Then when you're asked for proof you've got it in hand.

a91acf  No.97171


Please leave you fucking newfag and never come back.

b2ecec  No.97174

File: 24b67920d0f7da7⋯.png (587.93 KB, 992x720, 62:45, vidya General.png)






I put it to you sir, why are you content to act like a nigger? /vg/ policy is to never delete without first providing an archive (that is typically edited into OP) for your benefit so that you may see what was deleted and if you have a gripe you can acquire evidence yourself and present it to us. I am very happy to be held accountable for my actions or that of any vol.

Now the fact you were not aware of this suggests you are very new to this board and how it operates. I would recommend you take some time to familiarize yourself with how this board is run. I am happy to answer any questions in regard to this. In meantime, please expect to be bullied a little for posting your question in the wrong thread, and also welcome to /vg/, where all niggers must hang.

6c70c5  No.97175


You still didn't answer his question about mobileshit though.

62fb11  No.97177

File: 3a0617c121024ac⋯.png (26.56 KB, 842x664, 421:332, toaster_by_percyfan94-d53c….png)




he's entitled to a bloody answer, specially for a question that's been asked numerous times and given the same answer to.

b2ecec  No.97179


I will get to that point. Been asked several times across multiple meta threads. The short answer it's not considered an issue at the moment.

The long answer is in two parts; first off it involves if we ban "x" where does it lead? That's a slippery slope and you get defacto banned topics which gradually expand in catalog until you are only allowed to discuss specific approved games which frankly kills it for all. Unless there's a certain US law regarding it, it won't be banned outright.

Second part is that we don't ban it but frown upon it with good reason. We simply don't encourage it to spread.

The only time it's really been an issue was when it was made an issue by those who were complaining about it, and by that I mean they would literally bump the thread with content then immediately come into the meta thread to complain about the thread being alive.

As I have also said in the past. I am swayed by proper arguments, not by the equivalent autistic screeching.

04a9c8  No.97183



The only reason that mobile games aren't banned yet, it seems, is that they aren't "a problem yet". What sense does it make to hold off on banning something until it becomes a problem?

6c70c5  No.97186


>if we ban "x" where does it lead?

There is a flip side to that though; "if we allow "x" where does it lead?". Mobileshit is but the first gateway to more cancer.

23b91a  No.97187

File: 14995e48c384a47⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 235x150, 47:30, 1466292857442.gif)



The only mobage thread that's still up and active is that /ak/ game, which is currently found on page 8 and still barely gets any posts in it, occasionally getting bumped. That thread seems to be a constant reminder of what happened when it was posted, immediately derailed into /k/ shitposting by everyone allegedly including the BO himself and the vols and then ignored. The rest that can be found on the catalog (all of 2 threads found on the last pages) never made it very far and ended up being forgotten, started dropping like flies down the catalog and, in some cases, anchored.

This doesn't mean that mobage games SHOULDN'T be banned, but it really isn't an issue as of right now. If and when cancer pops up and starts plaguing the board with mobage threads one after the other then the BO and his vols will take the matter into consideration. This has been done before previously by them and it's worked out well thus far.

1a6dd2  No.97188


how about you lurk more you faggot

b32c7e  No.97191



This shit is too good

Fucking attention whores

8fd867  No.97218

File: d8174eebba352d2⋯.jpg (10.7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 4618362fcec2b601594b63e0b7….jpg)

If you see any faggot/tranny/pinkpill nigger/crossdresser/lgbt masking his nigger behaviour behind anime, beat them

Just beat them.

If I fled from 4cuck, krautkuck, and wizchan for one single reason, its these demons from hell. Hell, calling them demons is just an insult to demons, these are purely Jewish cattle that destroy every community.

Just fucking, beat them to death

f15f25  No.97228


Wasn't there some drama with those fuckers related to some discord about turning weak anons into traps and blackmailing them? If this is the same shit trying to be attempted on /vg/ we really should have something done about it.

026284  No.97232


If every word you said is true and seems to be an actual threat in our boards, including this one which is about being composed while talking about videogames, then i think we really need to embrace our slow death

1dee24  No.97236


There's threads about those queers on /cow/.

It's quite the sad and pathetic read.

62fb11  No.97238





there's been nothing of the sort on /vg/ as it has only been a /r9k/ thing.

1dee24  No.97239


I mean there was spam of shitcord links on /v/ for quite a while, but I'm sure only faggots use it to begin with. So anyone falling for it was already a faggot to some degree.

It's just pathetic to target already mentally unstable people, especially if they're underage.

62fb11  No.97241


this isn't /v/

1dee24  No.97245


And thank god for that. But you should still be aware of what cancer lies around you so you can spot it here should it show itself.

It takes only one retard to advertise /vg/ elsewhere to bring their problems over here. Like the pajeet with no gf waging a crusade against /v/ and /pol/ by spamming the boards every now and then.

62fb11  No.97246

File: a764543ffaabacc⋯.gif (725.19 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 7d1c527bbc4b35d74737fa22e2….gif)


works the other way round as well ya'know. like, say you had an agenda against a certain group of people and you wanted to just casually get more and more people interested in said group, it'd just be a simple matter of making them known through indirect advertisements.

1dee24  No.97257


While it is a good point, ignorance is not always bliss. I'd personally want to know if there was cancer in my neighborhood so I could avoid it.

But I wouldn't call on everyone around me to get their pitchforks and riot in the streets.

I'd just let them know that somebody might be trying to take a shit in their backyard.

62fb11  No.97260



>you're very late to the party.

>news on the site goes around very quickly because everyone is a crossposter.

>nothing of the sort, again, never happened here.

I'm more learning towards why you're "informing" people here. To put things alot more bluntly.

1dee24  No.97265


>you're very late to the party.

And there's still anons who didn't know.

>nothing of the sort, again, never happened here.

Well we did have a couple autists and attention whores already, but I'm glad vols and BO dealt with them instantly.

But fair enough. Anyone interested should already be aware of where to get that sort of information here. Just don't shove your head in the sand just because a board is not having issues while the site's been targeted by DDoS and pajeet tier spamming for months.

62fb11  No.97266


the DDos is unrelated to anything you've mentioned and that gf seeking poo in the loo is only focusing on boards that deserve that sort of spam tbh.

8fd867  No.97342

File: d73674fedf272d0⋯.png (100.66 KB, 518x295, 518:295, 1542725181097-pol.png)


>it has only been a /r9k/ thing

Bullshit, with the looming exodus on the horizon trannygger and homosexuality threads have been popping up on/v/and everyone seems to have no problem with the overrunning of trannyggers.

They're asking for the demise of their own board

62fb11  No.97507


if they indeed had the gays, it obviously wasn't as long as hard as /r9k/ or even for that matter /cuteboy/ whose user base had to move to another board altogether to be rid of the trannies. and all this is nothing compared to cuckchan.

6c70c5  No.97510


Yeah trapshit seems a lot more common than it used to be, and less ironic.

000000  No.97520


Agreed, traps are disgusting. Furry gays are bros though.

6c70c5  No.97528

35b349  No.97556


>Furry gays are bros though.

>ID: 000000

Coincidence? I think not.

000000  No.97557


I'm not the gay furry you replied to, however each person has their own kink and fetsih:

So long as we don't force them while discussing video games, it should be fine.

I am well aware cuckchan is splitting it's site from NSFW and SFW, which is already causing migrations.

However the if everyone follows the rules here, we should be fine.

Today has been a slow day, I would have expected more talk about the upcoming games this holiday season, but even >>>/v/ was slow.

Plus, my fetish is robot girls like Kula Diamond

6c70c5  No.97559


>So long as we don't force them while discussing video games, it should be fine.

Guess you've never seen a Digimon thread.

000000  No.97562


On >>/vg/ no.

On cuckchan/v/ prior GG and >>>/v/ yeah, I've seen that autist.

You know what I've also seen? >>>/hgg/ and >>46932

You know what also doesn't get mentioned?

f13d12  No.97581

Who the fuck is joel?

b86246  No.97585

File: f84acff8d88e8a4⋯.jpg (55.97 KB, 576x418, 288:209, 1405506736654.jpg)

So what about that mobage though? Why is it still allowed?

62fb11  No.97586

File: 9499f7dece5f094⋯.jpeg (169.05 KB, 1600x1285, 320:257, 3e99d0eb737827fb80713cbb9….jpeg)


maybe if you ask that more you'll get your way.

7f1bc7  No.97588


>You know what also doesn't get mentioned?

What? You didn't mention it.


Some fag who worked on Joint Ops. It was funny for a bit but now it feels forced.

f15f25  No.97600


Dev for novalogic. Became a meme because of how many times he's mentioned in the code for joint ops and because the devs for the radmod have gone fucking crazy.


>question was answered multiple times

>still asks anyway

Were you dropped on the head as a child?

b09ba9  No.97602


>Were you dropped on the head as a child?

I'm pretty sure he was joking.

f15f25  No.97604


You can never tell these days.

23b91a  No.97657

File: 093e93f55e9c00a⋯.png (368.77 KB, 896x782, 448:391, ask.PNG)

a91acf  No.97879



What was the answer tho? Mobage aren't games.

c56ce1  No.97881


As a fellow person that thinks mobage should be banned, think we should give you a big (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST).

6c70c5  No.97882

File: 33d92dabbb8cb38⋯.png (501.17 KB, 1100x720, 55:36, 33d92dabbb8cb38da47ac1d923….png)


The answer is "don't deal with the cancer until it becomes too big of a problem to deal with"

a91acf  No.97884



What's the point of this board then?

62269c  No.97893

File: a9c8e5f8d000ff0⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 752x360, 94:45, JUST.webm)


I'm sick of little faggots like you plaguing this board. You have autism, but you don't even have the good kind. You have the kind where you are just a childish bitch with nothingbetter to do than shit up a thread rather than contribute anything of value. If you dislike a new thread either ignore and filter it like everyone else, or sage. No, you have to go the extra mile and not only bump the shitty thread, but you have to come into the meta thread and show everyone how much of a retarded cunt you are because you crave drama. The Mobage related thread is nearly at the bottom of the catalog for good reason. Because no one care except for you because your low-end spectrum autism won't allow your attention to deviate away from it. You can't grasp the concept of letting things fade out naturally like they always do on this board. There are plenty of quality threads you could be reading and participating in, but you obviously have no interest in doing that. Shill threads and other cancer threads are taken care of pretty quickly on this board. I don't like mobage games either, faggot, but to give the OP credit they put effort into the thread.



6c70c5  No.97902

File: 64e779684dd5050⋯.jpg (130.85 KB, 585x556, 585:556, 72e45ff2ff27538fe66642c2bc….jpg)


Speaking of autism.

d605b5  No.97935


>/vg/ - mobile general

62fb11  No.97937

File: 92b9e8451391d27⋯.png (418.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 6d51529c1a2bad847340a7aa0b….png)


/vg/ will never be /v/

how does this make you feel bitchboy

000000  No.97940




Honestly, now that I think about it, why isn't there a >>>/mvg/

One of you should make it, and post all about mobile games, esp. the Switch.

000000  No.97942

INB4: NeoGeo Pocket, GB*, PSP/Vita, iOS belong on that catagory, esp. JavaME games

c56ce1  No.97947



Are you the Influx?

62fb11  No.97960

File: 78748610d3fb575⋯.png (180.44 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 78748610d3fb5753a2fef01f3e….png)

this is /vg/ not /v/, quit racemixing our metas

026284  No.97971



Time has taught many of us it is better for the mods to purge and clean the plate for a couple of days rather than try to do it calmly

If something funky happens around here i don't think any of us would mind the mods nuking the place and calling for a 3-day ice age, other than those who follow closely some posts

Although having control of the emails is insane, i remember that scandal but i thought it was dealt with accordingly, doesn't really surprise me it hasn't taking into account we are posting in a site where the owner disappeared and was replaced by a confirmed U.S. government and military operative that completely deleted a bunch of boards, including /sp/ without mercy, due to inane and americanized reasons.

3b6745  No.97976


If only non-vidya was prohibited on vidya board.

But that just can't happen in current year, can it?

d501d0  No.97978


It's a game on a platform not made for games and is cancer, but its still a game and the OP put more effort into it than many other threads on this board. Banning something because we dont like it is a slippery slope. Mobile games are cancerm this is a well established fact, but let it die out naturally as it should.

62fb11  No.97979

File: 99e7a7788be4abc⋯.png (26.33 KB, 512x512, 1:1, cara.png)

hey. I got a good idea. lets make a tiny issue into a massive issues.

totally solves the issue.

026284  No.97981


Tiny issues are massive issues in places where issues are not issued normally


62fb11  No.97985

7f1bc7  No.97992




/vg/ is not for /v/ meta

Edit: Agreed. Archive of thread before I purge non-/vg/ meta: https://archive.fo/CsnWy

Post last edited at

f649e5  No.98016


I'm talking about p2gach and you know it.

If you want to discuss monument valley or kotor port - that's perfectly fine.

But paid jpeg collection application is not a video game and therefore should not be allowed on video game board.


>if we ignore it, it will go away

Werked perfectly fine with feminists and censorship right?

Oh wait, it didn't.

Fuck you.

6c70c5  No.98038

Why is >>97755 bumplocked?

54dd06  No.98040


Maybe because it's not vidya?

23b91a  No.98041

File: 5a1652ae6ad3086⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 257x212, 257:212, 1428525293027.gif)



It's literally written right the fuck there. Maybe if you took the time to wipe the cum out of your eyesockets you might see it.

6c70c5  No.98043


Fine, let me rephrase that. Why do we have retarded rules that discourage people from making threads?

23b91a  No.98045

File: 343b544bd93b292⋯.gif (2.62 MB, 353x209, 353:209, 1456688461743.gif)


>Why do we have retarded rules that discourage people from making threads?

Did you actually read the rules? It doesn't discourage anything, they are in place to ensure that we don't become a lawless carbon copy of a certain other board that claims to be about video games. Or would you rather have 50 (1) and done threads plaguing the catalog?

6c70c5  No.98048


I would rather have some more fun/random/happening threads, but nobody makes them here because of the no fun allowed rules. /vg/ is supposedly not just for generals anymore, but that's essentially all that's allowed.

23b91a  No.98052

File: 433b32d0ba342f2⋯.gif (626.87 KB, 270x150, 9:5, 1458688649019.gif)


Here are your options:

>A) you could quit your fucking complaining and make the type of threads you want to see.

>B) fuck off to that certain other board that claims to be about video games.

>/vg/ is supposedly not just for generals anymore, but that's essentially all that's allowed.

One quick glance at the catalog shows you how wrong you are.

54dd06  No.98055


Honestly, why GIF? Can't you upload the webms in HD quality?

23b91a  No.98056


I could, but my folders are a hot mess and I was barely able to find those 3 semi-applicable Arnold ones.

54dd06  No.98061


Invidio.us works yah kno

23b91a  No.98065

File: 63f4db57737bedf⋯.png (182.92 KB, 500x377, 500:377, 1462987866799.png)


I am a rather lazy individual.

0c0c1b  No.98066


Oh yeah we should have more "fun" threads. I'll go start a "video gaming socks" thread full of ironic faggotry right now.

54dd06  No.98069

File: 7683ba1c0b16126⋯.jpg (95.67 KB, 997x626, 997:626, 12437bb0efd91ad9ce778a2229….jpg)

File: 7172d4b12ee2b4d⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 223x225, 223:225, s-l225.jpg)


I laughed more than you know

7f1bc7  No.98103



To be fair anon isn't wrong that we need more threads. It's just that there needs to be a middle ground so we don't end up with a new one line thread for every little SJW faggot with a blog that says video games are racist, threads like that end up with everyone simply stating that they agree with the OP. I'd have said that that thread was borderline quality personally, it'd be better if we had a thread dedicated to the rise of pandering-to-china in video games in general because that's been a serious thing even just in the latter half of this year.

6c70c5  No.98104


>it'd be better if we had a thread dedicated to the rise of pandering-to-china in video games in general

That's what I tried to steer the topic toward, but it's pointless if the thread is bumplocked. The OP is not the end-all be-all of a thread, that's why I think it's stupid to police OP quality when you can still get some good discussion.

7f1bc7  No.98105


I'd tend to agree with you that the thread looked like it was improving. I'm up for putting some legwork into trying to create a better quality thread on China to replace it since there's a lot to discuss.

3547cf  No.98108


You laugh but I wouldn't mind a vidya fashion thread. Gives me something to read while I paint my nails.

6eda68  No.98201

File: 47bae7e42108e51⋯.jpeg (103.31 KB, 384x313, 384:313, 1340433133397.jpeg)

>mobile slot machine simulator shilling is A-Ok

>censorship discussion is not


04c1e9  No.98204


1. You didn't really address any of those scenarios I laid out.

2. So we're not allowed to express negativity unless it's an essay? Is that really the slippery slope you wanna fall on now?


I want it defined to expose what a vague mealy-mouthed rule it is so that we can do away with it before it facilitates more vol abuse.

04c1e9  No.98207


>Why do we have retarded rules that discourage people from making threads?

It's basically an outcome of uninformed administration without experience of past attempts at alternative image board communities. They have very wrongfully come to the conclusion (as many, many of their predecessors also did) that they can wallow in declining traffic by putting up an elitist facade. Got nobody to talk to? W-well at least we're not those other guys!

b2ecec  No.98222


Well I've just had a look into it right now. Considering it's a clickbait article designed more for collecting some virtue signalling responses off twitter is it really rocket science? That said, I am willing to remove the bumplock if that's the kind of threads you would prefer in the catalog?



They were irrelevant to the answer.


You know fine well what the rule is for and what it means. If I must spell it out with an example; imagine if someone started sage bombing the Stalker Thread with posts that literally said "shit game" and nothing else hopping from one IP to the next in an effort to kill off the thread. Is that behavior you would condone?

04c1e9  No.98232

File: 3db063c0c18653a⋯.png (717.74 KB, 640x800, 4:5, sagebomb.png)


You know fine well that sagebombing is a very different sort of thing from a single negative jab at a topic with a sage. Sagebombing is deliberately trying to kill a thread by flooding it with posts past the bump limit. I'm all for rules against preventing that sort of thing.

It's quantifying and delineating this "(1) and done" nonsense that I take issue with. It's frankly a vague rule whose function is to attack the very idea of negativity. Whatever utopian ideas you might have about forum etiquette aren't going to count for much when you intimidate people from speaking their minds. There are absolutely truckloads of things to be mad about in the video game industry and one of the very allures of image boards is being able to vent them openly without threat from some traditional forum mod banning you for wrongthink.

6c70c5  No.98244

File: 09d014c6c8dc5fc⋯.jpg (32.24 KB, 482x549, 482:549, 09d014c6c8dc5fc62b272df249….jpg)


>intimidate people from speaking their minds

That's going to be the death of this board. Doesn't help that the BO isn't any more reasonable than Mark.

Is it even possible to have a modicum of control over an internet community without turning into a faggot?

798772  No.98247


Have you considered the only person here being a faggot is you?

2fc481  No.98250


>Why do we have retarded rules that discourage people from making threads

Because nobody wants low effort shit threads on this board

798772  No.98253


In fact let me spell it out why you are a massive faggot.

I watch meta threads each time they come around and each time they are exactly the same.

(You) come on and bitch about pointless shit and insist this board be like /v/ despite nobody here really wanting it to be like /v/

Then you ask pointless questions that you already know the answer to, get an answer, then ask the same question again as if you have not bothered to read the answer at all.

Then you cry that nobody is listening to you because you are like a child stamping their feet not getting their way.

And you do this every single time there is a meta thread.

You have zero interest in improving this board. Only destroying it.

a91acf  No.98259



If you want an echochamber why not make a subreddit?

Killing anonymity thread-wise with ID system that doesn't work is one thing, but flat out refusing people the right to criticize shit depending on whether moderation likes that shit or not is straight up "official forum" policy.

I.e. the antithesis of AIB.

7f1bc7  No.98273


>If you want an echochamber why not make a subreddit?

Allowing people to simply spam threads they dislike causes echochambers by shouting down new opinions.

>but flat out refusing people the right to criticize shit depending on whether moderation likes that shit or not is straight up "official forum" policy.

Which is not what this rule says at all, it does not prevent you from criticising a game at all it just prevents people spamming threads about games they don't like without putting any effort in.

Of course to be a fair rule it should also be applied universally including to modern games that are, in fact, shit. Otherwise you'd be right about it being abused. If there's evidence of it not being applied to every thread then there's an issue of bias.

f649e5  No.98279


Define spam.

Coming into jewtendo thread and posting BING BING WAHOO once and filtering it is not a spam.

If there are tens of users coming in and doing it, then maybe, just maybe, jewtendo is not fucking welcome here anymore.

But nah



>jewtendo dindu nothing

62fb11  No.98280

File: 4ba014d8855dc81⋯.png (59.66 KB, 338x570, 169:285, 1343504595333.png)


this issue isn't the same as that issue. who would have funked it.


different problems require different actions, wtf am I hearing this right.


>facilitates more vol abuse

you realize that is based upon the vol/bo themselves right and not the rules.

7f1bc7  No.98308


>If there are tens of users coming in and doing it, then maybe, just maybe, jewtendo is not fucking welcome here anymore.

How do you tell apart 10s of users and one man with a VPN or a group of people using a discord to push an agenda? Post history won't work on a board that has a lot of anons who have legitimate reasons to change IPs regularly. Posts that are merely functioning as downvotes about the topic and have no real content beyond that so negative posts with substance are a different matter and should not be touched at all are limited to one per 'person' and so always work better for the illegitimate user than for a legitimate one and short of banning VPN use entirely or going over to a forum style system of permanent identities you can't prevent that.

When you allow posts that are functionally just downvotes or upvotes without explanation the 'winning' side of an issue is simply the one who gets the most support. Legitimate users are only ever one 'vote' in this situation while illegitimate users can be however many they want. It's not only limited to people with malicious intent since a wave of newfags will also have the sheer numbers to decide the issue when they only have to post their opinion without an explanation of why. You can see that in action with the history of /v/, both here and back on halfchan, where the consensus view of what games are classics and what are shit is generational because it's based on weight of opinion not relative strength of argument.

However when you instead say that people cannot make 'vote' posts without backing up what they're claiming with substance it's irrelevant how many people are saying the same thing because its the relative strength of the argument that decides who 'wins'. So for some example:

>Vote style post



>Not-a-vote if arguably a bit lazy post

THIS IS A SHIT GAME because an fps with bad shooting is inherently a failure.

THIS IS AN ALL TIME CLASSIC GAME ONLY UNDERAGE FAGGOTS DISAGREE because it has a great story and a great story alone can carry an fps.

Note that I'm not saying these two are correct, just that they have some substance behind their claim.

The first two posts there have no argument and no response is possible beyond calling them a faggot and then the entire thing reduces to which side shouts loudest or most consistently across multiple threads. Odds are high they won't even bother responding and even if they do people will get tired of telling them to fuck off until they're left uncontested establishing that as a consensus view that isn't worth challenging. For the second two posts on the other hand it doesn't matter how many people say them be it one or one hundred: their value as arguments remains the same.

One important thing that does fall out of this though is that a fair rule should really prevent 'vote' posts that are positive as well as those that are negative. Also this issue of 'vote' posting exists regardless of per-thread IDs.

7f1bc7  No.98310


people will get tired of telling them to fuck off every time the subject comes up*

a91acf  No.98318


That's reasonable.

Is still want mobile gacha trash off /vg/ though.

Not mobile games period.

62fb11  No.98320


the trouble is, any mobile game will be considered gacha shit, even if it doesn't have any feature of so. Furthermore whose to say you can't have a decent conversation about said gacha shit? like what if that conversation is about a controversy where people are waking up to maybe not want to get fucked in the ass by their corporate overlords? nope sorry arbitrary rule 356 says no mobile

9e3181  No.98332


>It's something I would ask for that OP's can set when they create threads.

Also fine.

bd0e66  No.98338


>the trouble is, any mobile game will be considered gacha shit, even if it doesn't have any feature of so.

If you talk about old simple phone games as Sudoku and Snake or few legit games without gacha or (((energy))) crap, then nobody would consider it as one of these.

>Furthermore whose to say you can't have a decent conversation about said gacha shit?

Only people who play that shit or whales would do threads for that shit, so it means nothing.

2fc481  No.98339


>Only people who play that shit or whales would do threads for that shit, so it means nothing.

Nigger you haven't even been around this board for a week and you think you can dictate who is allowed to be here to post what despite being incapable of keep bare minimum posting standards yourself?

a78239  No.98340


>a week

You can't be sure how long anyone has been here.

2fc481  No.98341


Considering how he is repeating months old rhetoric, either he has an axe to grind or a braindead newfag.

f8f21c  No.98344


What kind of new rhetoric do you want?

Gachashit is not video games period.

Them being allowed there raises way too many questions.

5f5f69  No.98345


> any mobile game will be considered gacha shit


Only those with microtransactions.

62fb11  No.98348


>Sudoku and Snake

neither of those are considered "phone" games


you say that but any fucking slime line chance some fucker can shit up a thread and get what he wants, he'll do it. that's shitposting bait and you know it.

bd0e66  No.98349



You mistook me for someone else.

1115cc  No.98377


snake was the original phone game, underage b& who never had a Nokia flip phone

b6b66c  No.98381

File: 0ee763f7a1dcdcc⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 400x640, 5:8, s-l640.jpg)


>Flip phone

Underage yourself.

62fb11  No.98383



b85a33  No.98519


>Only those with microtransactions.

Microtransactions don't automatically mean gacha.

653a61  No.98561

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Aw damn, it's the avatar fag!

Hey do you need a boyfriend?



Did you know™ Arcades were the first Gacha's and nobody gave a damn?

Coins wasted and wasted, until the PC market wizened up.

eb1c96  No.98676


They do.

69a02f  No.98708


No they don't. A gacha system is named after Gachapaon machines which are essentially these little machines you put coins into and twist a little nob and out pops a ball that holds a random toy.

Gacha systems require the pull to be random. And then not all gacha systems even have microtransactions. Xenoblade 2 doesn't have any monetization model after the initial purchase, it just has a shitty gacha system. Cell phone games also don't require you to pay to use the gacha system but they encourage you to.

f16f65  No.98732


Do you have any idea what gacha even is?

62fb11  No.98735

File: 64532ae77f0bb4c⋯.png (23.64 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1f986.png)

either way you see me point of people hmming and er'in over the definitions. if you've ever been on a chan you know full well that it's enough.

955f99  No.98742



62fb11  No.98744


the people who casually shit up the place are typically crossboarders you know.

54aabf  No.98753


Crosssite posters* saw a fucking cuckchan influx with discard links. They are infiltrating by the dozens.

54aabf  No.98754

Oops replied to a plebbitard, my apologies.

62fb11  No.98757

File: 17e1ac6f46c3c78⋯.png (8.31 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 379444214385344512.png)


>filtering your self when there's no wordfilter

54aabf  No.98766

>identifying yourself by avatarfagging in Meta Thread

You still haven't answered if you need a boyfriend.


62fb11  No.98768

are you having a fit for something?

e387d3  No.98772

File: 112909f504a2a53⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 600x366, 100:61, android_disgust.gif)

whats with this faggot always crossposting between boards now?

b85a33  No.98796


Some new form of spam.

b86246  No.98801

File: 60a3ffa5a3d8cda⋯.png (2.13 KB, 417x19, 417:19, what is a chan.PNG)



e1194f  No.98814



56c4ae  No.98820

Is there some new retarded spammer around?


If you are trying to be retarded on purpose, it isn't funny.

86c08f  No.98864

Fuck that no file pic is just shit, it makes it look like we're No Sky or whatever the fuck it was called fans here. What happened to that MGS pic, I voted for it.

62fb11  No.99098

File: 1edee52f1bf4d03⋯.jpg (67.65 KB, 650x448, 325:224, british-Morris-Martel-tank….jpg)


>no file

>a joke which states that no man sky has no files

>implying that it is a game that lacks content

>somehow this means people here like the game and aren't just endeared by the memes

baa067  No.99102

File: 27d28071b345653⋯.png (320.78 KB, 680x683, 680:683, f92cc30990a5f413cc57a2a32e….png)

I'm surprised this board hasn't been overflowing with cuckchan refugees like every other board.

eb1c96  No.99109

File: d33c74a800174f9⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 350x266, 25:19, tumblr_n5vqhpDrPR1s5e5bko1….gif)



>calling chans chans is wrong because ???

62fb11  No.99110

File: 74325d183ef1c3d⋯.gif (348.34 KB, 609x406, 3:2, 1243035895209.gif)


because grouping them all together implies that cross-siting is ok. And since people who operate on a basic bitch level just need casual reminders like that to think coming over here with their mentality from cuckchan is acceptable.

or some autistic logic like that.

af23b7  No.99111

File: 871a99d4549833d⋯.jpg (17.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mati perez.jpg)


It just seems like a normalfag friendly term. Calling them imageboards it's ok since it's a name based on how the site works, while calling it "chams" is equal to saying "it's like that 4chan site"

My theory

e1194f  No.99114

Going to repost what I posted in another thread. BO needs to stop giving /k/fags special treatment and letting them shit up threads with off topic stuff just because he likes it. If you want this board to just be /k/ playing vidya why not have a thread on /k/ instead?



We've had that one for so long now the joke has passed since the game was FOTM indietrash. Why not ask for submissions for new designs?


Because they're called imageboards not chans you newfag.

62fb11  No.99116


you mean how they made the gacha shit thread everyone complains about into some decent for awhile because they talked about something worthwhile?

>Why not ask for submissions for new designs?

I'd actually like something that loops through lots of different designs like the banner does but sadly new features are never ever.

e1194f  No.99118


>you mean how they made the gacha shit thread everyone complains about into some decent for awhile because they talked about something worthwhile?

And the thread dedicated to weapon discussion. And the first tank thread. And the Civil War thread. >>83011 and similar belong on /k/ not on /vg/. If BO wants this board to just be /k/ with video games he should say so publicly so people who want an actual video game board know what's up and can leave.

>I'd actually like something that loops through lots of different designs like the banner does but sadly new features are never ever.

That would be really good but CM is retarded so it wont happen. Why not make a thread asking for new spoiler/deleted file images instead?

62fb11  No.99121


>And the thread dedicated to weapon discussion. And the first tank thread. And the Civil War thread

wthe only thread I'd give you is the Tank thread. However if there wasn't the /k/ autism that thread would be alot less comfy and alot more trashy over all.

>Why not make a thread asking for new spoiler/deleted file images instead?

I don't have an issue with the current images. either would I with a change though so long as it isn't based on a stupid reason like.

e1194f  No.99129


>the only thread I'd give you is the Tank thread

I literally posted an example from the civil war thread and those were just the first three I could think of. Pretend you arent giving special treatment if you want but I know what Ive seen.

>However if there wasn't the /k/ autism that thread would be alot less comfy and alot more trashy over all.

This is how Marks rationalisation of his special treatment started. First he said it was ok since the threads getting shit up werent any good anyway then he let them take over any thread and then he let them make new threads and now /v/ is shit.

>I don't have an issue with the current images. either would I with a change though so long as it isn't based on a stupid reason like.


62fb11  No.99132


that one example was a single post with some minor none-detracting conversation followed which soon after went back to the topic at hand.

>it's all mark habbening again fug time to move on to my /v6.0/ board.

what conversation would have happened in that tank thread if you kept it exclusively video game related? it'd just be like any old assfaggots thread or doa tbh.

b85a33  No.99133



The correct term has always been imageboards because imageboards grew out of Japanese textboards and 4chan was a clone of those imageboards. 4chan actually have text only boards until pretty recently when moot fagged out on everyone.



You can't ban something without an objective definition of it in the first place.

e1194f  No.99136


>that one example was a single post with some minor none-detracting conversation followed which soon after went back to the topic at hand.

Im not going to go through this entire board and every archive to pick out every example and thread but its not hard to find more >>66228 & >>50746 & >>46412. That entire thread is just a /k/ and /a/ thread that pretends to be about video games by sometimes adding the word "in vidya" same as /v/ has waifu and webm threads that pretend to be video games. Making a thread called vidya furries and only posting furry porn isnt video games just because I pretended it was in the OP.

>it's all mark habbening again fug time to move on to my /v6.0/ board.

That isnt what I said. I am asking the BO to change now because this thread is supposed to be for meta even though he will just do nothing about his protected topic same as every time.

c35d58  No.99142

File: 8498b048eed3dbe⋯.png (929.19 KB, 756x730, 378:365, moderately smug.PNG)

The best thing about the word chan is that it triggers channers

62fb11  No.99144


you already mentioned the weapon thread. tell me how much of a thread one can have if you're only limited to that one gun in x game is pretty cool

>Why not make a thread asking for new spoiler/deleted file images instead?

nah you brought up mark because he's a popular target. but let me tell you difference here anyways.


<''sure you can shit up these shitty threads

<nah we'll just bumplock those threads

<fuck it we'll delete on sight because fuck you


>occasional shitposting is ok so long as it doesn't get out of hand and detract from the thread at large.

>''lets keep the meta thread somewhat tidy and focused on /vg/ though since it isn't a circle jerk for your dramas

I'd agree with you more on the /k/ posting if it was alot more wide spread and in threads that you really can't justify it.

62fb11  No.99145

File: 6bbc5f2e70a024d⋯.jpg (267.97 KB, 807x1024, 807:1024, ERWIN-SCHRÖDINGER-2.jpg)


why do you think I used it

b85a33  No.99146

File: 6fcf7579279405a⋯.jpg (754.52 KB, 1000x1265, 200:253, novulcan.jpg)


>The best thing about the word chan is that it triggers channers


c35d58  No.99147

File: 2a106d8bcef4324⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 410x303, 410:303, 1220211517939.jpg)




But it does.

Try randomly using it in any thread and get a wall of


and downvote sages rained down on your post like it's some reddit.

b85a33  No.99148


>say something retarded

>surprised when fucktons of people tell you it's retarded

Not an argument.

62fb11  No.99149


oh also to prove my point shitposters will use anything even remotely tangible to shit the place up with.

af23b7  No.99154

File: d2ad448e3d2f7be⋯.png (222.24 KB, 371x470, 371:470, d2ad448e3d2f7beb712d3f63bf….png)


Have you ever thought that people reply with sages not because they think it's a downvote, but because they don't want to bump the thread giving attention to (You), or because they don't want to call attention?

a70c10  No.99156


>Translation "I don't like these topics! WAH! BO pls delete!"

Nigger those threads despite the occasional slight derail into /k/ have given plenty of vidya discussion and given me a few games to play. Tank vidya thread alone gave me Steel Fury to play. Civil War thread gave me insight into a few games in development. The weapons thread gave excellent shitposting about Black. You are acting like a no fun allowed faggot who wants to kill off any discussion just because he does not like a particular topic.

3ac401  No.99158

Is it another one of these days where some faggots shitpost on meta thread without any reason?

a70c10  No.99159


It's what the meta thread is for since there really isn't any issue with /vg/ so fags have to make shit up.

62fb11  No.99162


here's how it is.

>one dedicated tor/proxy Canadian faggot who actively is trying to subvert the board into /v/

>one group of loser boomers who shit up any server the site has, it's run by a cow called TRrename/ernest.

>random cuckchannellers who aren't seeing everyone screeching at small shit going off on one.

3e650c  No.99185


Not everyone who brings up issues in this thread is a cuckchanner or a faggot trying to destroy the site. That attitude to criticism is why I never bother using these threads.

3e650c  No.99187


Cuckchanneler is a great term though. Using that from now own.

62fb11  No.99188


Did I say it's only them? no. Put more words in my mouth though. Cunt.

3e650c  No.99193


That's the clear implication of what you said.

62fb11  No.99194


that's your assumed implication.

9e4d05  No.99210

File: b7c1a3d9a2af326⋯.jpg (727.72 KB, 1200x873, 400:291, katyusha_cheeki_breeki.jpg)


Why are there IDs?

2fc481  No.99216


where are you faggots coming from

62269c  No.99221

File: 74965c8637a8c67⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.26 KB, 440x622, 220:311, really_makes_me_think.jpg)


Almost makes me think he is doing it soley to ruin a good board.

000000  No.99362


Because >>>/svidya/ already exist. Why don't you post there then?

05dc59  No.99373


Because they are spergs who were jealous of /vg/'s success?

002567  No.99520




(you) is not an upvote you goddamn redditors.

b88437  No.99528


I don't think anyone envies >>>/vg/ >>>/svidya/ >>>/v2/ or >>>/v/

Unless you do.

7f1bc7  No.99533


>forgetting >>>/games/

If you're going to shitpost at least do it right.

3cbb19  No.99534


>Implying you don't envy /games/

7f1bc7  No.99536


That was my point anon.

9b94cd  No.99540

File: e670a7ba5a62be1⋯.jpg (106.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, e670a7ba5a62be18fdf58730a0….jpg)

>calling niggers niggers is ok

>calling channers channers is not ok

I will always call chans chans and channers channers.

If it triggers some autistic fags - good.

Lack of self awareness is a sin and sinful should suffer.

6dfece  No.99542

>calling avatarfags avatarfags is ok

>calling plebbitors plebbitors is not ok

I will always call plebbits plebbit and plebbitors plebbitors.

If it triggers some attention whore - good.

Lack of self awareness is a sin and sinful should suffer.

Proverbs 3:34

9b94cd  No.99543

File: 7981b9eb270ef7b⋯.png (306.14 KB, 593x540, 593:540, 798.png)


>reaction image is avatarfagging

7ee41d  No.99553


>one dedicated tor/proxy Canadian faggot who actively is trying to subvert the board into /v/

That fag was Canadian?

>one group of loser boomers who shit up any board the site has, it's run by a cow called TRrename/ernest.

I didn't heard about these at all, where they came from?

>random cuckchannellers who aren't seeing everyone screeching at small shit going off on one.

I prefer term rapefugee myself.

But I agree that majority of top 25 boards have awful cuckchan infestation after hiroshlomo planned to divide cuckchan into two parts to get more money from ads.


>Actually getting this autistic about one term that only newfags, retards or turbospergs use.




62fb11  No.99556


>That fag was Canadian?

that's the assumption based upon a fuck up on his end.

>where they came from?

the furthest back I know is way back on 4chan with the old wurm server.

>I prefer term rapefugee myself.

yeah but I wanted to be abit more specific there.

b307ed  No.99746

File: f6536fa8205635e⋯.jpg (77.09 KB, 507x525, 169:175, 1542736067614-pol.jpg)


>explain why sages are not a downboat

>get called redditor

Smoke off

b7b381  No.100035

>/vg/ is now >100k and in top 10 boards

w-we did it

6c70c5  No.100042


What were the gets?



6c70c5  No.100043

File: 9e27d4348611e60⋯.png (157.23 KB, 397x420, 397:420, 9e27d4348611e60c87e98e62ea….png)

0c0c1b  No.100044


Posting le smug animu girl is, in essence, avatarfagging. Especially the way you're doing it. I bet you think you're a real cutie.


"sage is not a downvote" has always been used by retards who are mad that you're not bumping their shit threads. I don't think one singular person has ever honestly thought "Why is this person using sage? Are they from reddit? Do they not understand?"


What a sorry fucking state, that poster should be lynched.

6c70c5  No.100048


Some retards sage just because they disagree with the person they are quoting. That's where "sage is not a downvote" comes from.

b7b381  No.100049

We'd be better off if those digits were stolen by another board, like early /vg/ gets :^\

8c1352  No.100669


>reaction images I don't like is avatarfagging

Cry more.

b76db8  No.100670

We need a better "No file" template. It keeps making me think there's threads about no mans sky. The lettering is barely visible too.

4b5eec  No.100673

File: 491aff6c952d326⋯.png (149.18 KB, 306x326, 153:163, 491aff6c952d3269c6d7ab9a0c….png)


Yeah, it confuses me as well. Change it to something more creative.

f15f25  No.100674


Anyone got any suggestions? I could try and make something to replace it but I'm not very creative on my own.

56be48  No.100678

File: 07972646afc61eb⋯.jpg (268.14 KB, 700x739, 700:739, ds2.jpg)

ae1ef2  No.100679


That's an alright one.

7b57ac  No.100680

Can a mod replace the old pastebin link in the /vgmg/ thread with this one?https://pastebin.com/K8qQfQn7

e64dce  No.100681


Picture of games for the ps3?

7f1bc7  No.100717


The problem is it doesn't work well from the catalog.


The PS3 actually ended the generation with a pretty solid library as long as you don't mind it mostly being weebshit.

b1cdaf  No.100718


no it needs to be something more related to current board culture and not ancient cuckchan memes.

931385  No.100721


You are the cuckchan.

b1cdaf  No.100722

d02db0  No.100723


We had a Metal Gear one before this shitty no sky shit. Use that one.


fuck off with your 06 meme, PS3 has the best library of the 7th gen

7313f8  No.100733


>PS3 has the best library of the 7th gen

Dark Souls sure is cool.

Oh wait it's on PC too.


7f1bc7  No.100736


The only two other 7th generation consoles are the Wii and the 360. It obviously has a better library than the Wii and most of the 360's exclusives are bland shooters.

b1cdaf  No.100737


the wii had a really good library but not much of one to justify it being the best. the 360 had an in house indie market which invented the genre I like to call "xbox indie trash"

6ee927  No.100739




being the best of poverty is not a good thing

026284  No.100796


>PS3 has the best library of the 7th gen

Highly debatable

7f1bc7  No.100827


Still makes it the best of its generation. I still agree the 7th generation was a shitshow though.


I wouldn't rate indieshit above actual AA and AAA weesbhit.

b1cdaf  No.100828


who says I was? do you seriously think something I'd call trash to be above anything? bloody think for once in your life.

7f1bc7  No.100836


>do you seriously think something I'd call trash to be above anything?

People use terms like slavshit without meaning the things are shit but fair enough.

1d3d9e  No.101149


>has undertale general

>not flowing with cuckchanners

b1cdaf  No.101155

File: 07f0bcec43bee4f⋯.png (148.63 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 07f0bcec43bee4f3b722aa9958….png)


>thread that was here before the recent move that people keep on bumping so they can complain about it.

712ded  No.101163


>Not looking at the date of the thread

>Forgetting that 8chan used to suck the dick of Undertale

It's like a timecapsule to remind anons of their shame. Complaining about it is excellent newfag bait.

b1cdaf  No.101167

File: f32bf58efa10d01⋯.jpg (274.98 KB, 1800x1196, 450:299, 05_5800_bloodstone_heliotr….jpg)


and then one dedicated shitposter shit all those threads up and their board, which made those people leave. So he kept at it in other threads he didn't like till he one day just stopped posting here altogether himself.

b32c7e  No.101525

Some autist is spamming the dinossaur videogame thread.

b1cdaf  No.101527


it wasn't spam. it was a meme.

b32c7e  No.101594


What's the difference nowadays?

d6cc95  No.101605

So Good old downloads just died. Probably worth checking share threads and stuff for GOG games for now on. Gonna be hard to get the updates for said selected games however, that was one thing that site was good at.

7069cc  No.101610

File: c4567186968a2a8⋯.pdf (2.11 MB, Investigation_into_igg_gam….pdf)

File: 5176f0934c55776⋯.png (71.81 KB, 834x859, 834:859, ee1a9653bd42efc0430033e275….png)


I admit it isn't much difference.

GOD is dead and IGG bugman admin killed it.


b1cdaf  No.101611

is that it then. the meta thread is the only thread. have we come so low?

6c70c5  No.101612


That's what happens when you discourage people from making new threads.

b1cdaf  No.101613


new threads? no one's done that. shit threads? sure absolutely.

6c70c5  No.101615


If someone tried to make a thread with just >>101610 it would be bumplocked, despite being enough to start a discussion about the topic. That is discouraging new threads.

b1cdaf  No.101617


it would just be a copy thread from /v/ because faggots think making the same thread on every board means more people will see it. clearly a notion taken from cuckchan.

6c70c5  No.101618


>we can't talk about the same things as /v/!

is also discouraging new threads

b1cdaf  No.101619


there's talking about the same thing and then there's straight up copy and pasting the same thread.

b32c7e  No.101621




I'd rather have quality discussion in older and quality threads than 100 threads about news for fags to post the same fucking outrage posts every time.

You're vouching not only for that but copy pasting from /v/, I like to come here because it's not /v/, not otherwise.

b1cdaf  No.101623


[muffled news general no one used]

4506c4  No.101627

File: 5c610070d589993⋯.jpg (123.78 KB, 736x987, 736:987, smug_lodoss.jpg)

File: 73d9adfe8dedd68⋯.png (704.04 KB, 600x806, 300:403, __deedlit_record_of_lodoss….png)

File: 7b12b19087857af⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1800x900, 2:1, __deedlit_record_of_lodoss….jpg)

File: 8dcd2a3f9d0c6a4⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 2873x4098, 2873:4098, deed3.jpg)

File: 0ed2d9b186e629d⋯.jpg (54.3 KB, 595x455, 17:13, DnQocJIUwAEPtiC.jpg)

/animu/ cordially invites you to watch

Record of Lodoss War

We'll be marathoning episodes 1-6 today, and 7-13 next week.

Countdown to the stream


Link to the stream


b32c7e  No.101636

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8f6ce7  No.101642


To be honest, it really isn't that much to actually make thread for.



I didn't even noticed that there was one.


I agree.

It gets tiring sometimes, especially when there are usual anons in these.

Blackpillfag, TORhue and few faggots that are probably baiting for (you)s from outraged faggots.

b1cdaf  No.101646


I think it's completely gone now. it wasn't enforced so no one bothered to use it.

b2ecec  No.101766

Well I guess I've got a lot to catch up on.

7f1bc7  No.101908


'The board is slow so you should allow shitty threads' is the imageboard equivalent of 'your birthrate is too low get importing shitskins'. I would like some new threads though.

026284  No.101928

Is it just me or in the last month there has been a lot of newfags coming around?

If so i think the mods need to take out the paddle again

b1cdaf  No.101930

File: fd84329067cfcee⋯.jpg (6.43 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 92c088d6c5d2ac381494fb7caf….jpg)


it's not alot but there's clearly some amount.

491869  No.101932


Can we just replace the nms no file pic with this one already?

b2ecec  No.101936

File: 07799f9ffc42ba9⋯.png (270.35 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0b2efd16e0c186cb0b36642db0….png)



I changed it to the older No File earlier. I've changed it now. It should take a while to show.

c3f1a2  No.102050

887a7c  No.102696


Trash fucking anime btw.

781e30  No.102701


All anime is trash, Anon. Except Bible Black of course.

79d733  No.102703

File: c126a1d3119df8a⋯.png (142.05 KB, 950x750, 19:15, 0Help.png)

Hey folks, question.

I remember there were a lot of people playing that game a year ago or so which I don't remember the details too well, but basically it was a fight between two factions and the host would slap images of creatures/buildings we made on the field. There were some people interested in playing that which sprung my imagination.

Is anyone here interested in replicating 4chan's /v/ermin games? They seem like good fun to me, even though they have the drawback of needing a coder to manage everything.


>Random people draw up creatures like pic related

>Host codes them into his videogame engine

>It fights other creatures

>If you win then whoopadoo

I don't know how to explain it better, but the idea generates a lot of OC, and fast.

6c70c5  No.102704



You have to go back.

b1cdaf  No.102705


yellow vs purple? and ants that was pretty fun tbh, rip op. I really like that idea but I wouldn't like it unless the person putting the work in was the one wanting to do it.

79d733  No.102706


Drop your flowchart or go to somewhere with more people that can see how you've "been here since 2015"

79d733  No.102708

File: e9131413e0a4a6c⋯.png (58.36 KB, 1246x1092, 89:78, Bullet.png)


Oh yeah, have some examples of what I'm talking about. I'd embed but I wanted to show a example vermin too.


2446f1  No.102709



why are you trying to import this over here?

were you banned or something?

906e2f  No.102710

b1cdaf  No.102711

File: f5158fdd74b9893⋯.jpg (239.11 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 20172303191240.jpg)


I wouldn't mind something like this if, again, we had talent willing to do it.


it doesn't have to be a literal copy. we can do something different but holds the same intentions.

however nothing should happen till, again, someone with the skills starts it.

2446f1  No.102712


it sounds very "OC" content and not very videogames related.

Why not making your own /vermin/ board and shill it around?

b1cdaf  No.102713

File: cdd8ec85f3674cd⋯.jpg (39.18 KB, 500x351, 500:351, xqh867v1cjaz.jpg)


>a board basically making it's own videogame

>not videogames

I'm sorry what, are you a retard or something?

79d733  No.102714

File: dac7af3ce42bfef⋯.webm (3.36 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Aintnothingbutahounddog.webm)


It was allowed here a year ago and its allowed here now. As far as I care you can go talk about this on /svidya/'s meta thread, where people that hate /vg/ are hanging around.



I tell you what, if this turns out bad it won't you can just ask the Board Owner to delete it.

b1cdaf  No.102715


there's alot of fucking misconstruing going on in that meta of theres holy shit. and what's worse is people actually agree with it.

906e2f  No.102722


>it was allowed here a year ago

No it wasn't.

If you mean /v/ or the previous owner, neither are current /vg/ and don't hold the same values.


>making a videogame

>equal to discussing an actual, existing videogame, or in attempt of actually playing an existing videogame

/agdg/ thread and board exists and >>102714 should use it instead of being a faggot and cluttering up the board.

If you want to do a one-off event, instead of what is akin to a FUCKING CUCKCHAN INVASION due to what his >>102703 post has shown, actually ask for that.


Also your writing style is still super fucking shit holy fuck. Apply to some 4th grade classes on grammar or something you autist.

b1cdaf  No.102724

File: e84d3ccd090cf3c⋯.jpg (64.28 KB, 900x633, 300:211, 1373784627298.jpg)


>he wasn't here for yellow vs purple.

>you can't talk about the video game you're making because that's not video games.

>hey guise lets do a thing is omfg cuckchannel invasion

6c70c5  No.102725


>Also your writing style is still super fucking shit holy fuck.

He does it purpose so people recognize him.

6c70c5  No.102726


on purpose*

026284  No.102740


>people that hate /vg/ are hanging around


Man i would swear the majority of that board posted here

Where's the love, what happened

026284  No.102741


Nevermind, i read and it's only 2016 newfags who think they know the turf and a bunch of /leftyhandedpol/ sympathizers.

I understand their points but, ultimately, they are misremembering/misunderstanding the place. Funny, they behave like the polar opposite of what they were back in 2015 when Reddit had their exodus.

Or am i misremembering?

7f1bc7  No.102760


If someone is willing to put in the legwork and it doesn't go cancerous I'd be up for trying it.

8a699e  No.102762

File: b860f0737cef62e⋯.jpg (32.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, b860f0737cef62e58903b6844a….jpg)


>No it wasn't.

>If you mean /v/ or the previous owner

Why hello dear new guest, you seem to be overstepping your boundaries

b1cdaf  No.102768


looking at it now, it does seem like just the same nigger whose posting here, trying to gain support on other places.

c817b5  No.103487


b2ecec  No.103523


I saw. Cleaned it up. First time I had to use a delete by IP boardwide I believe.

In regards to new threads I will say they are allowed on /vg/ but as one anon put it, no to clickbait. I think a lot of us are now sick of what passes for journalism these days where they spin a story rather than report news, no?

c817b5  No.103540


well I mean. "no clickbait" means what now? because again I know people will fucking use that to shit on legitimate threads.

b2ecec  No.103553


Well it should be painfully obvious what clickbait is by now, i.e. something designed to generate reactions rather than stimulate any discussion or report anything of note but you're right itis something that would need defined properly and would be abused.

6c70c5  No.103572


Clickbait = "something I don't like"

c817b5  No.103623


sure but this is also another reason why having a circling thread for news would fix.


this tbh.

b2ecec  No.103648

File: 90001c91d6d298b⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 225x300, 3:4, Ted-Koppel.jpg)


Which is something that needs to be nipped honestly in the bud as it clearly means polygon :^)


>sure but this is also another reason why having a circling thread for news would fix.

If you want to make a stab at it anon be my guest. Be warned though, you might get a bunch of autistic screeching like what happened last time when an anon made an attempt.

This is just personal opinion but I am a fan of /animu/'s news thread. It's simple, reports the news, and provides an archive link of the source.

c817b5  No.103686


I don't want to do it.

026284  No.104222


>It's simple, reports the news

Well then, now that's how i would explain it, sounds reasonable

Might want to take an acid bath checking some sites and post if someone makes that thread, perhaps i could do it but i'm still a bit hesitant.

954d2a  No.104343


>i read the news so you dont have too

I like it.

0713b2  No.104906

File: 7c0c911f1d75557⋯.jpg (176.67 KB, 850x998, 425:499, __deedlit_record_of_lodoss….jpg)

/animu/ invites you to watch Record of Lodoss Wars, part 2 (episodes 7 to 13)

At https://cytu.be/r/Jazzynight

7:30 EST (In about 10min).

e96e33  No.104909

bcfca9  No.104917

bcfca9  No.104920

And at some point maybe someone should look at the games and niggers thread >>104269 even if it is pretty amusing.

f6881f  No.105309


/vg/ is not for /v/ drama, see the OP. And if you keep posting on /v/ you have no right to complain when you get banned for no good reason. You consent to shitty moderation simply by continuing to use that board.

6c999b  No.105934

Are these all one fag spamming the doom thread? >>105917 & >>105914 & >>105906 & >>105898

6c999b  No.105939


This is just sad now >>105932

f61e9e  No.105950



let me guess.

>S'AraisVanu posting updates on his map

>every minor little thing

>gets a slap on the wrist

>flips out and gets his friends to flip out too

>something something shitposting.

f61e9e  No.105959

honestly he was given alot of leeway before, me being one of the people defending him alittle.

fuck'um this time though. fuck'um.

6c999b  No.105965

File: fa416e58fb06f1a⋯.png (167.78 KB, 1806x902, 903:451, pathetic.png)


>flips out and gets his friends to flip out too

You tell me. Be scared though. They have Lorem Ipsum at their disposal. /vg/ needs to surrender.

4b0a00  No.106021

File: 03dc1b2fc73677d⋯.jpg (93.99 KB, 640x512, 5:4, ∕vg∕ surrenders fixed.jpg)


We could not hold against weapons of this magnitude and as such /vg/ has capitulated to the will of S'Arais. We're sorry lads his Lorem Ipsum was too strong. I am bad at this.

f61e9e  No.106022


seriously though.

4b0a00  No.106025


>seriously though.

We'll clean the thread up and ban the faggots in a bit. Frankly it was decided he was far too funny and incompetent so we let the spergout run its course.

f61e9e  No.106026


I figured hence why I joined in but tbh, he's a erp faggot so he's probably furiously masturbating to "beating" /vg/

21d6f8  No.106033


I was never really interested in contributing but I found those threads quite funny.

4b0a00  No.106034


Yeh I'll ban them now. Guess I'll leave their half-assed attempt at a raid up until tomorrow for everyone to see. By the way all of those IPs, S'Arais included, have no post history outside of the Doom thread and none but him posted before his little spergout. Really makes you think.

f61e9e  No.106037

File: eac9794ab9b8c7e⋯.png (44.77 KB, 239x316, 239:316, dba46589daec3a60de8487a93f….png)


I knew it…. Arais sleeper cell terrorist agents

21d6f8  No.106038


>post history

Who watches the watchmen?

4b0a00  No.106057


I'm not going to post it publicly but feel free to go and look at what they posted in the Doom thread and judge for yourself. I'll archive it all before we purge the thread tomorrow as well.

f61e9e  No.106060

thanks for your work btw.

eaa123  No.106104

File: 0a6d6cbac66287d⋯.jpg (75.27 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)

>yfw you looked at DOOM thread

That was retarded and autistic screeching wasn't even justified.

7c96f8  No.106682

Oi, before you delete >>106673 investigate it first

This shit maybe site wide spammed >>>/tech/1008274

Robotic AI spam, or some autist

a2a248  No.106714

why the fuck in 1 thread I got that automated sage option for lazy normalfags?

177bb9  No.106731


What? If it is anything related to the automatic spoiler images I was getting last night it might just be a bug with the site.

e44091  No.107914


how about. the fucking retro fps thread?

e44091  No.107917


so you ask in the meta instead of making a new thread?

571c21  No.107967


>too many fucking "X genre" threads

Your question is relative to only one of them. And you chose the meta thread. There is also a qttdtot thread.

d3e0d9  No.107970





This clearly belongs in the Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread.

e44091  No.107978


that one thread no one really uses but instead make really trashy op'd blog threads? that's too next level for these sorts

de4540  No.108970

File: 5c124996925765e⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, co christmas card.png)

I hope this thread still bumps.

Merry Christmas to all of you, from /co/!

e44091  No.108971


autism tbh

murry Chrimbo though.

ef74bf  No.108974

I misread that as Merry Churrio

499b00  No.109069

File: ba0f095fd8c6593⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 621.56 KB, 500x375, 4:3, mememan.gif)

How do I block access to a board, I need to fix myself

f76ec3  No.109078


most routers will have filters for websites

good luck anon, but hurry back. we need the non homosexual numbers

bcf5ae  No.109108

Make more threads you dumb faggots

ef74bf  No.109109


I don't feel like it

b85a33  No.109115


The board has been pretty dead over christmas but it seems like most of 8chan has anyway. Hopefully it picks back up now.

6c70c5  No.109131

File: 40b2c1c1b735c29⋯.jpg (69.88 KB, 1056x720, 22:15, 40b2c1c1b735c29edc4ad01e16….jpg)


The rules discourage it, so of course people don't even bother. BO killed the board before it stabilized.

e44091  No.109132


the rules discourage shit threads from being made. no amount of you saying otherwise will change this.

6c70c5  No.109133


You're right, I don't expect anyone to listen. I won't say I didn't try to save the board though.

e44091  No.109134


you're so set in your narrative there that you misread my post there.

04c1e9  No.109137


I'd make more but it seems people prefer to stay in their secluded echo chamber general threads rather than take a change to argue about video games. That or shit on every thread that doesn't start with a master's thesis.

04c1e9  No.109138


take a chance* rather

e44091  No.109139


you realize that if you make a shit thread, you can write up a pastebin and the mod'll edit your shit op with your new much better one right.

ef74bf  No.109147


>Still crying about not being able to make shit threads

Really is tiresome

ef74bf  No.109149

Also what is the bet faggot is butthurt cause he can't make "What did he mean by this?" thread and thinks that if anons saw that all over catalog anyone would have stuck in first place? This place survived longer than most by not being a carbon copy of /v/eddit

6c70c5  No.109156


>board is dying

>a-at least there are no shit threads!

There are going to be no threads period eventually, congrats.

84d3d9  No.109158


>make another /b/

>board dies instantly as everyone just sticks to /b/

You are aware of how many /v/ alternatives have popped up over the years that prove you wrong?

6c70c5  No.109160


The thing is that /vg/ was doing great for a while, I think people started leaving after being turned off by the stricter rules here. I just wanted /v/ without cuckchan and Mark, not a complete nofun zone.

84d3d9  No.109161


Well the point I was making that it is all very well and noble goal but you can't attract anyone with the same trash they are used to. I personally would have left ages ago if this was just another /v/ Clone. I am actually thinking about dropping 8chan altogether though and it has nothing to do with /vg/ in fact /vg/ has been what has kept me around really it is the fact that 8chan is for all purposes dead and filled with bicycle helmets who parrot opinions they see off twitter. 8chan has pretty much failed and I am sad to say this but the only active board it seems that's not 99% bot spam is in fact /tv/

e63b82  No.109250

File: a51e99144cb243a⋯.gif (2.81 MB, 500x286, 250:143, a51e99144cb243a6400e55159c….gif)







>ywn be so butthurt by a ban that you spend months on a campaign against a board's moderation to get revenge

452165  No.109251


Where is there left to go?

499b00  No.109256

File: 038953330173dd8⋯.jpeg (111.35 KB, 634x717, 634:717, serveimage (32).jpeg)


I think the issue is that everyplace is decaying with time, /v/ has every thread from it getting derrailed by /int/ niggers, /pol/ is filled with schizos and federal agents, /tv/ has been filled with anti-white bait and cuckchan. It's not getting too good and the alternatives are a bunch of commie shit that doesn't seem to be any better.

And then if not is this frighten of not making a shit thread that kills traffic and makes people repeat the same threads forever, which is why I stopped lurking /r9k/ in the second half of the year

6c70c5  No.109260

File: 2c267e1917f0a6b⋯.png (116.03 KB, 249x345, 83:115, 2c267e1917f0a6b0ea282f4e79….png)


I've never been banned here.

da92f5  No.109269

I can see why the BO would want quality control but it can discourage thread making. I think it should be encouraged to make a well thought out OP but don't punish an anon for it. I do like this board though, I wish it was faster but I'm happy with it.

b85a33  No.109279


If the choice is no threads or shit threads I'd rather have no threads. If that kills the board then it simply confirms my suspicions that 8chan is in terminal decline.


>I think people started leaving after being turned off by the stricter rules here

There has been no change in the rules that are actually enforced as far as I can see.


>I am actually thinking about dropping 8chan altogether though and it has nothing to do with /vg/ in fact /vg/ has been what has kept me around really

I'm the same. The few smaller boards I still use are the only thing keeping me on 8chan and if/when they die I'll probably leave entirely.


Nowhere really. If there was an alternative I'd have left.

e44091  No.109324


if you just "encourage" a decent thread, you'll never get one, nah our system of bumplocking a shit thread till you write up a better op for it is vastly superior. as not only does it solve the issue of niggers just being niggers but it also allows someone not being a nigger to fix up their mistake.

f53e62  No.109537


Man this placed died over Christmas.

Funny you should say about fags dropping 8chan and /vg/ keeping fags around, I've noticed a sharp decline in the quality of the userbase of 8chan over the past year, all the oldfags that I hear everyone circlejerking have left and most of it is now cuckchan rapefugees populating the boards that have welcomed them with open arms in reality. I felt that /vg/ wasn't just about the old vidya fags having a place for them to go, I've noticed that a lot of /strek/ is here mainly cause I keep seeing their OC reposted here first more so than anywhere else. I also noticed early on a good chunk of /k/fags were here when their board was getting shit up still is really but they seemed to have quietly left 8chan altogether. I would be surprised if 8chan makes it to 2020 at this rate such you can't have a site that is mainly cuckchan rejects.

6c70c5  No.109584


>most of it is now cuckchan rapefugees populating the boards that have welcomed them with open arms

This is the real problem. I also tried to get BO to implement a rule against cuckchanners to stem the flow a bit, but I guess that never happened.

>I would be surprised if 8chan makes it to 2020 at this rate such you can't have a site that is mainly cuckchan rejects.

It'll still be around, just unrecognizable. Like how 4chan eventually turned into cuckchan.

f53e62  No.109589


>I also tried to get BO to implement a rule against cuckchanners to stem the flow a bit, but I guess that never happened.

Most of the fags that have complained about rules on /vg/ have turned out to be cuckchannel themselves so I'd say it's been successful here. Then again cuckchannel is only interested in speed so stick to the shit boards.

b2ecec  No.109642

File: ce00040ad172797⋯.jpg (80.19 KB, 561x637, 561:637, Coronel mestizo.jpg)


If I must confess I have not exactly been around for this month due to certain issues so not been here to give concerns my attention. I've been meaning to catch you for a while really.



Please explain exactly what kind of threads you are trying to make? I am interested to what you want to make and why you think it would be stopped. Which leads onto:


The rules are designed to chase off cuckchan guess we should call them cuckchannel now and generally prevent crap from flooding the catalog. If you have issues or even suggestions on how to reword them I am very happy to hear about them.

>Just wanted /v/

From the get go I have had no intention of making another /v/ and most of the anons that originally were coming over here were getting sick of having no place on 8ch to discuss vidya at all really without getting shutdown or drowned out with crap. That was before that soured gamenight that saw the major bulk of users coming over.

The real goal for /vg/ is having a place for anons that actually play vidya to have somewhere comfy to discuss it. That said, it doesn't mean we can't have fun. Rules are not intended to discourage posting but only discourage niggers.

e44091  No.109652


these kinda threads are what he wants.





b85a33  No.109659


Those threads are borderline quality. I'd say as long as OPs hang around and aren't just doing it to shit up the catalog to try and get them bumplocked just to bitch about it in the meta thread they could work.

f53e62  No.109662



I am the one who made those threads.

You can bumplock the Xbox and Nintendo threads if you really want as I just made them to prove that 8chan's userbase are a bunch of bicycle helmets who don't bother reading a thread before sperging out even if there is a lot of history about Nintendo and Xbox we could go into. I am interested about the other two though.

707078  No.109675


>He made two low-effort threads on purpose.

>Just to prove his biases about imageboard userbase.

Go and stay gone.

f53e62  No.109677


The Nintendo one isn't actually that different from Playstation thread in reality aside from me shitting on Nintendo in OP and everyone being too retarded to spot it. You saying you're Neogaf?

6c70c5  No.109678

File: f509c2f4a7abda5⋯.jpg (92.66 KB, 1024x1009, 1024:1009, f509c2f4a7abda56671b0b2743….jpg)


I'm not trying to make anything, I just want more variety in the catalog and I think loosening the rules would help. I think people are afraid of making new threads on a whim, even if they could spark discussion.

707078  No.109683


>The Nintendo one isn't actually that different from Playstation thread in reality aside from me shitting on Nintendo in OP and everyone being too retarded to spot it.

They were too busy shitting on your garbage-tier threads to care about that, myself included.

>You saying you're Neogaf?

Didn't majority of these people moved to REsetera now?

67ea31  No.109837

I'll tell you why the board has low speeds. it's because the site on the whole is dying thanks to no more hotwheels.

430324  No.109849


Elaborate further.

67ea31  No.109850


hotwheels was a passionate person who had a dream and followed it. without him all that's left is jim, code monkey is just hired by jim and has no real control over the site. so with the site just being the same piece of shit it's always been and confirmed to continue as such. like alternatives just sound more and more appealing.

430324  No.109861


Perhaps that's the second part is true, but Hotwheels wasn't a Imageboard user. His plans to make 8ch more popular always included trying to call in people that we honestly wouldn't like here in first place, such as reddit.

I mean maybe its in part our fault because we're always talking about reddit, tumblr, 9gag, deviantArt and whatever, but there are websites outside of those with more creative people or at least people that wouldn't try and kill the board with low quality posts such as the ones you're seeing on more popular boards right now. With Hotwheels it was always appealing to the lowest common denominator. If I and you managed to learn what a "sage" is then there's certainly no problem.

0c0c1b  No.109862

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a "slow" board. People go where they go and post where they post. Asking for more is asking for disaster.

7ef85d  No.109867

Most people in this meta have no idea what a slow board is. /vg/ is very active for a decent board. Quality over quantity is better in every case. The board being flooded with low effort threads that just barely follow the rules are already shitting up the catalog. If you can't think of a topic to make a long drawn out thread about providing info and links regarding your game/topic then go to /v/ i say. /vg/ - Actual Video Games this means video games not fucking journalist garbage and esports drama. People on /vg/ actually play vidya.

67ea31  No.109965


don't worry about those, the super autistic old men groups will excessively shitpost everything they don't like off the board, while the gamergate hang around group will also do the same.

fc0b86  No.109969


>the gamergate hang around group will also do the same.

I wish if that would be so easy.

/v/ is even worse than I remember with some faggots which spam niggerpills in any thread related to recent vidya news, dubs checking bots and even some fags so butthurt about ((BO)) that they shit up board over dozen of times per month.

b85a33  No.109977


>code monkey was just sired by jim


dddabe  No.109978



In my opinion, /vg/ was always on par with /k/ in terms of speed, which is a good thing because /k/ always had a comfy pace. Perhaps /vg/ might be just a tad bit faster than /k/ now.

Regardless, /vg/'s rules aren't restrictive at all, they just prevent cancer from manifesting itself. Those complaining about "lack of threads" are just shitters because they most likely don't bother making threads themselves.

04c1e9  No.109979


Whew, that really makes me want to make more threads. Thanks anon.

04c1e9  No.109982


>Most of the fags that have complained about rules on /vg/ have turned out to be cuckchannel themselves

I'd be interested in you attempting to substantiate this claim. You can't though, can you?


Pre-Scientology oldfag here. I stick around for the same reason I play challenging video games: I can't accept defeat. I hope you'll take what I'm about to say with some serious consideration, because I've been around quite a lot of image board communities over the years. This elitist attitude of "we have to seal off our community from [barbarian horde]!" has never once ended well. I have seen it play out, and even taken part in it myself, many times. Why doesn't it end well? Because it turns out that all online communities experience a natural rate of user attrition. People grow older, they get busier, their interests change, one thing or another happens that causes them to stop posting in a given community. Obviously, the only countervailing force to the phenomenon of user attrition is to get new users occasionally? But what happens when your community is so elitist that it scares away enough newcomers that it's unable to deal with user attrition? It is fated to die, pure and simple. And so those communities did die.

It's admirable to want to observe a standard of posting quality for your community, but it needs to be handled in the proper fashion. The point isn't to drive away everyone with bad etiquette or unpalatable opinions, the point is to mold them into the kind of community members you actually want to interact with. The old saying unfortunately became a meme that is no longer cool to say but it's still just as relevant today: "lurk moar, newfag".

67ea31  No.109987



if /vg/ was elitist you would never get another chance to ever fix your mistake or make a new thread. mr I'm totally pre-scientology here like that gives me some authority over the subject.

b85a33  No.109989


Lurk moar is fine but you can't enforce it without being aggressive towards new uses. That aggression needs to reach a google middle ground between too much that nobody stays around and too little that any scum that wanders in will stay. It's irrelevant anyway: we'll be lucky if 8chan lasts another two years at the current rate.

b85a33  No.109990


Google should be good. I have no idea how I fuck that one up.

99f697  No.110100

happy new year you fucking niggers

618704  No.110147

File: 3a77c3f846994e5⋯.png (312.21 KB, 640x592, 40:37, Surely you jesting.png)



>Literally the same talking points and a straight up copypaste of earlier posts(Enjoy the decline or off yourself)

Can we just ban & delete those posts? Arguing with bots doesn't do anything after all.

7ee465  No.110152


He's not wrong

67ea31  No.110170


happy new year you other nigger.

b6b66c  No.110337

Why didn't we celebrate Christmas?

e18da3  No.110408

Is there an official discord account for this board?


You should see what Fredrick Brennan posted on his Twitter the past few days

b2ecec  No.110412


>the point is to mold them into the kind of community members you actually want to interact with

I actually agree. One thing I've been meaning to do for a while is rewrite a lot of things making it more of a discouragement of acting like a nigger and making this place more comfy which if I confess I haven't had as much time to deal with as I wish.

To be fair with your post I think you are just rubbing anons the wrong way as we've had a number of to put it bluntly rapefugees who come over who want this board to be something that a good deal of the userbase does not want.


Happy New Year faggot


Cleaned it up a little.


Not till the 7th :^)


>Official Discord

Why would we use a Chinese Botnet?

67ea31  No.110440


the poor crippled midget had a hard life…


I mean if you tell these children how to act, they're going to double down. shit needs to be an ultimatum

3e2b52  No.110516


>Why would we use a Chinese Botnet?

Thanks, wanted to confirm /vg/ isn't the hellhole /v/ is

f840da  No.110536

File: 79d872159e06cfd⋯.jpg (74.43 KB, 500x504, 125:126, Blackpillmovingin.jpg)


>Cleaned it up a little.

I liked this one though. Guess it would be offtopic with all the replies deleted.

b2ecec  No.110560


Yeah I personally saved that image before having to clean it up.

b3981d  No.110782



Mad cuz he's proven right every time. Just accept that fucking everyone hates us now, and that will never change.

fa24a4  No.110821


Except he's proven right by people who know what the fuck he's talking about. See >>110810 and >>110811.

7ee465  No.110823


>the point is to mold them into the kind of community members you actually want to interact with.

If by that you mean red/blackpilling them on the state of the medium until they fucking break and realize that we are the only people they can trust, you're right on the money.

fcab35  No.110848

File: a753a511e0d413f⋯.webm (5.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, RemoveDiscord.webm)

Just posting this here because I can guys, don't mind me

67ea31  No.110860

emo femboys are hot as fuck tbh.

67ea31  No.110862

also I do think there's at least two shills, over here for gods know what reason tbh. usually comes in with this blackpill crap, of which is totally not their doing.

11f2a7  No.111150

Who grabbed the GET?


b2ecec  No.111407

File: 4276829a617df1b⋯.webm (13.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Church Militant.webm)


You should post it in the webm thread as well.

Anyway anons, Merry Orthodox Christmas. Noticed the Blackpill anon is back. Got a vol says he's looking at it but if it's still there I'll go a purging among a few other things.

281a31  No.111447

File: 55d57c5edfa900c⋯.png (101.33 KB, 894x894, 1:1, what_s_a_half_a_press__by_….png)

Since this thread reached the bump limit, I'd like to promote my board. It's closer to /v/ in some content and how there are less generals and more news, but I also have less rules, and am less prone to get assravaged compared to mork. Please, give it a visit!


67ea31  No.111510

Dice rollRolled 2 (1d6)

it time.

7bcd37  No.111522

Mod you bumplocked the Wario Land 7 thread so you're here.

How come >>110080 has not been cleansed yet?

b2ecec  No.111628


Mentioned earlier that was leaving it to a vol as didn't want to step on anothers toes as it were when cleaning up. Sorry it took so long.

7bcd37  No.111672


>Sorry it took so long

>it took

>Past tense

Its only 25% done, and the meta thread is up.

Sure to say I really don't think the other mod will be bothered if you delete replies yourself, otherwise we'll be pinging that mod a lot.

67ea31  No.111728

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d6)


it's a gaint mess of black pills and people like my self shitposting back at them. personally I don't think it needs much of a cleaning up as quite honestly that thread has already become absolutely useless since it's no longer end of 18 time.

0fd400  No.112291

File: 3301e9caa0da856⋯.png (165.76 KB, 1342x856, 671:428, animu's true calling.png)

/animu/ invites you to watch some anime.

Some old stuff, but mostly seasonal stuff. Also, a new season has just started, there are plenty of first episodes today.

Stream starting at 17:00 ET

Countdown: https://prolikewoah.com/t/20190111T21

17:00 Karakuri Circus - 13

17:23 Boogiepop wa Warawanai - 03

17:47 Kemurikusa - 01

18:11 Kakegurui xx - 01

18:35 Go-toubun no Hanayome - 01

18:59 Girly Air Force - 01

19:23 Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue - 01

19:47 Yakusoku no Neverland - 01

20:09 Bubblegum Crisis Ep6 - THORA

20:59 [fin]


f32fab  No.112586

File: 8a6f02c44f0bd8b⋯.jpg (177.11 KB, 1200x908, 300:227, Infiniteimageofdestiny.jpg)


>/agdg/ thread and board exists and >>102714 should use it instead of being a faggot and cluttering up the board.

Oh yeah that reminds me.

/agdg/ is for actual coders, not people requesting a coder because they can't code.

If nobody showed up to do >>102703 your resources are asking 8/v/ or letting that thing die/not live in first place.

b6b66c  No.112783

So I look at catalog and it looks like nothing has been posted on /vg/ since last week but when I check threads at random there's dozens if not hundreds of posts.

What is going on?

af1261  No.113429

File: 4d4a9d5d15a546b⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1399x683, 1399:683, WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.png)

so we have a "so you wanna learn japanese" thread on here.

not too sure how many nips we have on board, but it seems to be relatively successful.

on the other hand, we do have a shit ton of slavs on board, either native speakers, or close neighbors who can speak it relatively fluently. now im a sucker for a lot of the old JRPGs, many of which have already gotten pretty decent fan translations at this point, but newer jap games are mostly trash imo.

meanwhile, on the eastern europe, theres been an explosion of really talented indie studios since the 2000s. a veritable treasure trove of obscure games that, since they are made by and for a slavic audience, will likely never and in some cases, can never, due to how poorly a lot of aspects of russian (especially humor) translate into english see any sort of decent translation/localization for western audiences. tho if this idea is successful, decent collaborative fan translations wouldnt be nearly as far-fatched

i think thats a huge bummer, that everyone in the west gets to miss out on all these cool obscure games, so i propose that we have a thread similar to the learning moonrunes thread, about learning vodkarunes.

id go make it myself but its pretty offtopic save for the end goal of playing vidya. but more importantly, im just starting myself and have yet to find the best resources for a good OP


either way, it serves to bully these guys in pic related, so even if it just turns into slavic shitpost powerhour, its still a win-win imo


/vg/ is basD and vidyapilled

were all actually playing vidya instead of spamming low tier bait-threads at one another and arguing about frivolities

ae126e  No.113663


aight comrades

were gonna do this shit

if you have any decent resources to put in an OP for this idea, post em in here for now and ill be around tomorrow or the next day and try and slap something together for us

i suppose we can just have m_ds edit it later, either way

c8ea19  No.113892

I like how we're getting some nicer threads as of late, even if they're just dressed up typical shit.

0521b7  No.113903


i unironically like everything about this board

i have absolutely no idea how we were able to get such a good board going on a legacy board, no less this late into 8chins twilight, but im not gonna bother to ask questions tbh

reminder to spank all /v/irgins and redditors on sight

bully first, ask questions later

b2ecec  No.114256

Unstickied the server thread as it is ridiculously out of date. It will be replaced with a new one once we get a new list of servers.


Will also be updating rules page which has been long overdue but been putting it off and off. It will be a rewording to make things clearer and what they are intended to mean. This is a good time to yell about such things.

c8ea19  No.114258


I noticed afew people advertising servers but not actually asking for them to be put into the server thread.

b2ecec  No.114410


Yeah would be nice if we could have this info shared.

c8ea19  No.114415


it's kinda frustrating we have something like four different "main" server hosting threads and the odd random thing that gets left out because the people who made that that clearly don't care enough to do more then just "advertise it"

20a166  No.114616

Why is this place so dead?

47b075  No.114668


the site on the whole is. and I blame the closeted circle jerk for it tbh.

0e985c  No.114842


Because all the precious oldfags that 8chan likes to jerkoff about have left this site mostly, taking OC with them.

16b8cd  No.115509

Can we get a new meta thread.

47b075  No.115510


has anything of merit come up to warrant something like that.

b2ecec  No.115561


Anything pressing?

b2ecec  No.116345

Gave the rules page finally a tidy up.

It took far too long. https://8ch.net/vg/rules.html

Rules before:


47b075  No.116347


I feel as though no matter how much it'll get cleared up and expanded, you'll always get the same issues coming up from it. but I appreciate the effort all the same and as for the rewording, it is indeed alot better thanks you.

b2ecec  No.116372


I will never please everyone and I have no intention of doing so.

I don't mind anyone having issue with way it is worded, just wish they would come forward and highlight what they have issue with and what they want fixed. I was surprised for example how long I had so many spelling errors in there that nobody picked up on.

47b075  No.116373


alot of the people here seem to be fairly on board with each other, so as long as the words fit somewhat of the intention they assume then it would be easily understood.

4127ae  No.117595

Might or might not be usual /intl/ fearmongering but according to a /b/ thread, cuckchannel could plan to force registration for posting >>>/b/8650667

Could trigger a large refugee wave if real.

1464b5  No.118805


>reminder to spank all /v/irgins and redditors on sight

Board is filled with them right now

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