1) Global Rules apply
2) Don't shit up a thread and derail it cause you are butthurt over it; having valid issue with a thread is fine but if you are attempting to derail a thread cause you do not like a topic rather than anything being wrong with it then your posts will be deleted. Valid criticism will not be deleted but attempts at essentially using “sage as a downvote” will not be tolerated and you will be bullied for it.
3) Attentionwhoring posts will be deleted; this includes overuse/misuse of avatarfagging, namefagging and tripfagging as well as generally spamming a thread. - It should be noted that if you are posting a lot of content in a thread for example being a hostfag, devfag etc then you will not be hammered for this rule as long as it is not needless bumping.
4) Lewds are okay as long as they are spoilered - Porndumps without context will be deleted.
5) eceleb discussion is not allowed - this is because they are often attentionwhores who have no real use other than being a good target if you want to go for 40/40 with a rusty nugget.
6) Threads should be encompassing vidya and have visible effort. Template threads and low effort bait threads will be bumplocked. Spam threads will be outright deleted. - We do not ask for an essay each time you make a thread but we do ask that you post enough so we know what the hell you are on about.
7) News threads should contain an archive link and at least contain more than a few words describing the article. If they do not they will be bumplocked or deleted.

Other info/ Guidelines:
* For moderator transparency you can check the Board Logs
* When encountering attentionwhores it is best to filter and hide them rather than feed them (You)'s.
* Going naturally offtopic is fine, just do not intentionally destroy a thread you dislike.
* If you are looking for a thread OP to be changed - for example to update a download link or fix an OP - it is recommended you post into a pastebin and then use report function. It is suggested you also post in thread that you wish OP updated.
* In regards to news threads it might be worth considering if it actually needs it's own thread, especially if it's for a specific game and there is a thread that exists for the vidya already in question. This is not a rule just a suggestion.
* Put some effort into your OP. If all you are going to do is put a few words into your OP it may be perceived as being a template thread and be bumplocked. Best to read back an OP back to yourself and consider if anyone other than (You) if they read it will know what you are trying to convey. If you are going to make a bait thread the same is suggested as not only is high quality bait approved of it is encouraged.
* If you have any questions or suggestions please use the meta thread at anytime.