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New Headsets

Surprised to see no one talking about this here. With the Rift S and Valve Index coming out soon, have we reached Gen 2 for PCVR? The Quest is going to make mobile 6dof VR mainstream, or at least I hope. I've ordered one just to show VR to people since it always sounds like a gimmick until you actually try it. What does /vir/ think about the new tech coming out?

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Let's start a VR project with unity3d.

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VRchat is gaining massive popularity rn

i really hope people will figure out new online multiplayer games for VR that have the same sort of interactivity, like maybe a well polished MMORPG


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we're like 4 - 5 people here guys.

I'd like to know if it's 4 or 5.

can everyone like say "here!"

picture is quite unrelated.

also, would you guys like to stream VR related anime/movie soon? since we're a small number we could easily organize this to have everyone on this board.

I'm free sunday night, is everyone cool to watch anime/movie sunday night(19h - 24h) at eastern time?

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Recommendations for AR-Glasses

Hey Vir

Just asking, you have any recommendations for an AR-Glass

I need one for an Augmented Reality Software i made, the comon ones are too bulky…

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Time for some lewd, here is a nsfw games/videos list from reddit because I'm lazy. It's long so I'll be posting it in parts.
Original list is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/oculusnsfw/comments/2nv90j/unabridged_list_of_all_dk2_demos_released_up_to/


Virtual real porn: http://virtualrealporn.com/

PornulusRift's stuff:
EasyPop VR music video: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4r5b13vgbg34cgh/Girls_R-18.rar
Non-NSFW folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3zj3aeq3zi2ng/rift
NSFW folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/p3083r4nkp31v/rift_mmd

Vice Documentary: http://www.vice.com/video/love-industries-digital-sex-669

How to watch normal porn in oculus: http://www.reddit.com/r/oculusnsfw/comments/2gt7lv/how_to_use_conventional_pornvideos_and/

MMD demos:

Kurumi's Bedroom: https://www.mediafire.com/?7obp6ih37h3xb0q
Images: http://i.imgur.com/kGFRFJX.png
Meiko's Bedroom: https://www.mediafire.com/?ifkdl7ki7u6448e
Images: http://i.imgur.com/7q3qQjD.png

oculusnsfwmmd's demo: https://mega.co.nz/#!bpcQSDZY!YZVvi-mbNJusMfCfG1Ax2f6zEJS9InxHJQlmi_3jFg4

Busty Alice Video: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/p3083r4nkp31v/rift_mmd
Preview: http://webmup.com/jYNfi/

Around The Room 2.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f5d9ao432ud2jet/AroundTheRoom.zip
Images: http://i.imgur.com/FQo4Xmw.jpg

Pornulus Rifts Preview demo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s4tan142fvotn8n/MMD_4.3_v3.zip
Images: http://imgur.com/zuVnJRn

Santocomet's 2 cheap MMD demos:
Images: https://imgur.com/a/ibqLZ

Tylersobored's MMD demo:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyqbp2ihsi8zikh/hentai%20test%20v3.rar?dl=0 Download v3 (includes Anti-Aliasing)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/0h9yykfwxip7uxl/hentai%20test%20v2.rar?dl=0 Download v2 (no Anti-Aliasing)
Images: http://i.imgur.com/6pfhzkO.jpg

Pornulusrifts first demo: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/p3083r4nkp31v/rift_mmd

Endofthrowaway's MMD demo: https://mega.co.nz/#!2kNmmIrZ!rA_xBs4eJzErCt-pEr1AJfPV332fSiiWbix4oONOZSg
Images: https://infotomb.com/t8mmj.jpg

Head/eye tracking MMD demo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hy0zhf6sp3rby5g/head_track_test_v2.rar
Images: http://imgur.com/3CbFCEo

Candy Rock Star variation: https://bowlroll.net/file/58583
Pass: crs
Images: http://i.imgur.com/fzuoZhY.jpg

MocuMocu Dance: http://www.okayamamazoku.com/mocu/index.html
Preview Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm25047163
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Augmented reality

Do you think AR has a bigger long-term potential than VR? How far away are AR goggles? Will they even be goggles?

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Good VR games

Onward is pretty good for a military shooter sim. It also doesn't use the shitty teleport gimmick.

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Solutions to VR Obstacles

Virtual Reality games have difficulties that traditional games don't, so let's discuss them and their solutions here.

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>Now, a new component teardown from IHS Markit Technology, has revealed just how costly and complicated the consumer Rift is. Every component, down to the individual chips on each of the numerous PCBs found in the device has been individually costed and broken down with the total bill-of-materials coming in at just over $206 – around 35% of the Rift’s $599 price, with assembly and test costs factored. Notably, IHS Markit have included all boxed components, not just the headset itself, in the teardown too. – including the Oculus Remote, Sensor and even the Xbox One wireless controller.

>The lion’s share of the actual headset’s cost comes, perhaps predictably, from the dual Samsung AMOLED 1200 x 1080 displays present in the Rift, with a price tag of $69, making up almost half of the unit’s total BOM cost of $140. Electromechanicals, comprising parts like the Rift’s integrated headphones, also present a significant portion of the cost totalling $22.09. Interestingly, the included Xbox One controller and wireless adapter alone represent $24 of the final tally.

So either IHS Markit Technology got it super fucking wrong, or Oculus jew'd the fuck out of everyone. My bet is on the latter.

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AR app dev with Wikitude

I'm just an inter inside a small startup. They got an AR application for me to develop but because the company is only pay a few bucks we cannot afford to buy the sdk of Wikitude Pro, the only SDK working for me. Anyone who can help me with this issue?

Is there any chance to find something somewhere, or should I use another program?

Vuforia isn't working properly for what we have to do, we've got a room with target pic at 2m or less from the totem where will be placed the tablet and Wikitude is the only one i know it can recognize target up to 2.2 meters..

Never used Kudan but it could be an alternative to me..?

Please it's the first time I can work for somebody and I try to make a good impression :)

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Webm Thread


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Vive is now 600$

Still too expensive.

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Mocu Mocu Dance

Mocu Mocu Dance is basically a vr version of Miku Miku Dance, and obviously great for virtual dance shows.

Where can you find things like new dances and characters for it? The best site for characters I've found this far is http://mmda.booru.org/index.php and http://tstorage.info/91j5zmgpi5il for animations, but I know there must be more out there.

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VR game genre's

What game genre, do you think, will become the most popular for VR-related equipment?


>MMO social network & co god fucking damnit facebook
>sandbox games
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a life-simulator MMO in the anime-world of Urusei Yatsura with real-time clock/weather but with a twist - you get chances to 'date' lum/other NPCs

>starting intro scene deal with your parents/you win a trip sending you to [where the show takes place] as an exchange student because of some reason with an amount of money to start with

>you get on a boat/plane/bus/whatever and they ask your what is your name/how old are you and the basics

>you get to your dorm and look in the mirror [which activates the cc screen]

>VR supported

>pre-made answers or type your own [words translated by google]

>earn yen

>interact with NPCs

>build up relationships with points [think of the sims]

>have your own dorm but build up to owning a place such as a house or something

>GO IN OTHERSPACE/OTHER AREAS and to visit/live that are seen in the anime

>if you own land or something, it can be turned into a sandbox but things are returned to you after 24h if not locked in place or you 'forgot' to take it back.


>shops that renew every 24h

>if you run out of health, you respond in your bed or last place you saved at with 25%health

did i forgot anything?

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Could the crappy 2012 anime cancer Sword Art Online become a real thing by year 2025? Why? Why not?

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Multiverse Emulation (of) Quantum Universes (using) Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations and the NanoCheeZe app!


Video about the MEQUAVIS Story (fictional)


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Virtually a reality unto itself

HEY! Headset-donning brainful dweebs! I'm talking to you!

Do you like the human mind? Do you seek the answers to your problems? Ever heard of MBTI? How about Enneagrams? Do you think that sorta stuff is nerd astrology? Do you want a place to discuss fascinating things with fascinating people?

Do you just wanna freely bantz people?

Looking to meet friends?

Are you just bored as hell?

Do you want to see hell?

Want a place to pick up some hentai?

If you answered yes to any of those, hell if you answered yes to questions we didn't even ask, this server is for you!


The future of MBTI, typology, spirituality, philosophy, psychedelia, metaphysics, dickpicks, titpics, general banter and all other great things. How will you choose to spend your time and interaction in this 5d realm?

discord link:




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VR programs

Recommended programs for making VR videos or

Converting videos to VR

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Rift sale

Late on posting this, but you can get the rift and touch for 400$, there's a sale month, afterwords you can get it for 500$.

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Testing SUBNAUTICA in VR using the HTC VIVE for the first time ever… this game might be the best looking game in VR. really amazing and breath taking. unfortunately it broke midway so am sorry I'll try to play it again .


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Palmer letting loose after leaving FB

This is the guy who brought back VR. I'm alright with this development.

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Serious Sam VR

How likely is for this game to make me sick?

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Cellphone components

Although a few of the biggest players aren't single-panel headsets using literal cellphone hand-me-downs anymore, the display tech is still astonishingly backward. The Rift CV1, Vive, & OSVR HDK2, for instance, use two 1080x1200 OLED panels; 3.54", 3.6", & 3.81" diagonal (RGBG PenTile Diamond except for the RGB HDK2) respectively; meaning 24.83µm 25.05µm, & 20.06µm minimum dot pitch. Aside from the fact that this is somewhat behind the 19.8µm dot pitch (5.1" 1440x2560 RGBG PenTile Diamond) of contemporary flagship OLED cellphones, let alone the 10.64µm dot pitch (5.5" 2160x3840 RGB) of the sharpest LCD cellphones, there is an entire world of display modules that has always existed beyond cellphones.

Inside projectors, camera viewfinders, professional headsets, and numerous other devices, tiny (usually under an inch diagonally) display modules squeeze in far smaller pixels. Cruising around Wikipedia, the following minimum dot pitches were given per technology in micrometers: 10 (FLD), 7 (LCD), 5.4 (DLP), 4.7 (OLED), 3.7 (LCoS). Of course, aside from LCD (too slow for VR) & OLED, these are monochrome indirect-view technologies that require either a color-switching system of some kind, or a triple-chip configuration using a prism/mirrors. In addition, are non-panel scanning technologies like laser displays.

This means that, by a factor of at least 2-7 times, current VR is some combination of lower resolution, screen door-ier, bigger, heavier, power-hungrier, and hotter running than necessary. Panel limitations aside, boo on them locking the OLEDs to 90Hz-120Hz, well below many modern desktop LCDs of greater resolution, which top out at 144Hz-240Hz.

Obviously, state-of-the-art technology would be more expensive, but as VR is already using custom OLEDs at volumes of tens or hundreds of thousands, surely something from a slightly more appropriate supply chain wouldn't increase already high prices that much. And even in the case ultra-exclusive parts like $5000 4k video projectors are built around, a significant fraction of VR customers are whales that would happily blow that much.


>A high-density OLED from 5 years ago:


>Precise look at Samsung's OLED pixel geometry:


>Teardowns of commercial VR HMDs:




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Rift and Touce price cuts


So the Rift and Touch are now 600$ with components priced at $499 and 99$ respectively. It's a start, 400$ is ideal, but the price cut is enough to get new blood into the market. Vive is definitely getting a cut soon.

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Vive Masterrace

Vive VR content thread

Post any and all Vive-ready content here.

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So tell me /vir/, is VR gonna be the tech with which I can finally escape reality?

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I have read many people saying the reason they won't buy a VR headset (aside from money and no decent games) is the fact that both major headsets are making their systems more like a games console instead of a not-so-simple PC peripheral.

What are your opinions on this? How true is all of this?

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So for the time being, investing into the rift isn't an entirely trustworthy idea, but rift does have content worth exploring. Google cardboard is free and if I could find a way to immitate the former with the latter it'd make things easy. So is there a decent way to make Rift content usable on cardboard.

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Oculus Touch Is $199, Shipping December 6th, Final Design Revealed



>The controllers will go up for pre-order for $199 on Dec 6th.

>Oculus will also begin offering the Oculus Rift headset along with a pair of Touch controllers in a new bundle, priced $798.

>Touch will ship in pairs, with an additional optical tracking sensor to bolster the Rift’s single unit.

>Additionally, Oculus is promising 35+ titles that will support or be built for Touch within the launch window.

>Oculus Touch supports 360° and room scale.

>Extra sensors are $79 and ship December 6th

I was expecting a better price or at least a price drop for the headset, I a bit disappointed, but then again Oculus has been pretty disappointing this whole year.

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Raw Data

Why has this game become popular (in the VR scene)? It just looks so amateurish, tech demoy and the gameplay shoddy.

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HTC is not for "games"

Anybody else think that VR isn't going to succeed under most titles that the Vive and Oculus are launching with? The types of games that have "classic" objectives except you now play them with goggles like a retard..

I had the privilege of trying the HTC Vive today in a Zotac event nearby and was really impressed with the flawless tracking, greatly reduced screen-door effect (It wasn't even noticeable in motion), and feeling of immersion. But the experience playing the games was shit.

I played Fruit Ninja and Pirate Trainer and had fun for a couple minutes slicing fruit and shooting robots. But I had much more fun looking and rotating my futuristic shield and gun in front of my face and trying to touch the really pretty floor. The robots and objectives became background distractions after a while. I realized that VR doesn't work for games in a straightforward sense. Aiming and shooting shit in a really simple game is as boring as if it was without the headset.

Games using this tech have to make the user feel a presence, which funnels VR's potential to a select set of genres that I believe are: horror, adventure, top-down strategy, racing, and social games.

A lot of the upcoming VR games use teleportation to handle the player moving around without really moving around. But I think this breaks presence because humans aren't used to teleporting so they know instantly to expect an unfamiliar action when teleporting in a game.

And I believe I can understand the "gimmicky" aspect of VR after realizing that nobody in the long run wants to swing a sword, aim a fake gun, or dodge bullets even if it's kind of neat in the short term. Just think, who the hell replays Kinect or Wii fit games?

The real fun that not too many people are gonna realize, lies in the immersive experience and comfort. I'd much rather pretend I'm flying, diving, talking to random avatars (think VRchan), or sitting at the beach. No need to collect coins or laboriously swing your arms to kill an enemy. It becomes quiet a chore really. I don't necessarily want Gone Homo style "games" to enjoy VR, I just want a new reality.

There is just so much potential for VR and I think a lot of developers are doing too many basic down to earth games. The tech is there, the "killer app" for VR isn't.

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>11 Things We Learned By Trying Every Virtual Reality Headset Out There

>1. Palmer Luckey, the creator of the Oculus Rift, is not your typical nerd…

>He’s cheery and talks in normal sentences that are easy to understand.

For a second I thought I was reading buzzfeed. Holy shit. It's probably safe to say at this point that journalism is beyond a doubt dead, buried and rolling around in its shallow desecrated grave.

Nice cover though.

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Sword art online, ideas?
R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


Now with the success of Pokemon Go, will it give AR tech a boost now that people can see how popular it can get?

Not sure if this topical for this board.

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it's been a nice ride over here. I've been on /vir/ for the last year and half or so. Overall, many things happenned. This board gave me hope. In a time when 8chan was rising, I undoubtly though this board would get the biggest on a short amount of time. Eventually, the admins burned to the ground and users have been less & less active over months due to nothing happenning. When it comes to VR this board was to early. The never ending ride wasn't in 2014 or 2016. probably will be in 2018. I have teachers who also works & worked at ubisoft, it's just a question of time t'ill they finish their games for VR.

I wanted /vir/ to be my main source of VR news discussion, it's almost dead now. I'm not stoping from cooming here tough. I just want to tell my farwell before no one is left. I will keep on scrolling here until there's 0 active user for a whole month.

Oh well, here's my email for internet people: potatoturquoise@openmailbox.org

if anyone is interested we could work toward making this board an actual website for VR.

If anyone just want to talk about VR via emails it could be nice to. If you just don't have any friends or freinds that like VR, you can also talk to me. I will always respond under 48h.

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New games thread

Post games you discover


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]



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Touch Launches In Q4


>Oculus Rift is now shipping in 2-4 days. Apologies for initial delay. We're fully caught up & ramping production. Touch ships in volume Q4.

If for some reason you want the Rift instead of the Vive, you should wait until they bundle the Touch that comes out in Q4.

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animu and mango

Share/recommend anime and manga with a VR theme

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


How it plays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9rq99Z1B8g

This actually looks pretty cool and seems to have potential.

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VR News #3

Old thread >>906

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>Bought Vive after getting a GearVR from upgrading my phone

>Played Minecraft in VR

>Shit was fucking tits

>Waiting on vive to ship, but realize that my GPU might not cut it (i52500k OC to 4.4 and GPU was a 970)

>Bought a GTX 1070 (literally 10 minutes before it went out of stock)

>Just realized I spent 1300 dollars on VR.

So, how fucked am I? I mean, really, all I want to actually do is play S.T.A.L.K.E.R in 3d and in VR.

but now I have to by Vorbx.

Is Vorbx difficult to set-up, do I need an even more beastly rig to play things in it?

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Here's what Ben Affleck's Daredevil movie illustrates about VR

TL;DR: audio really matters


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Google Cardboard

Who here is rocking cardboard?
What apps are you running with it?

Has anyone got their phone set up as a monitor for occulus rift app compatibility?
Will we start seeing phones with HDMI-in or a chromecast baked in so people can use their phones as desktop displays?
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Vaped reality

I can't be the only one who tried this. I've tried VR while high twice now. First time was terrible because I had only used VR for a day prior, so I was shambling around in the cables, put the controller straps on the wrong hands, fiddled through interfaces I was unfamiliar with and trying to find my way to my chair using the front facing camera and the display on my hand. Shit was wild. But I also had glowing jellyfish drift past my face, petted a soft coral and drew glowing tables of numbers in front of me and eventually up my body. When I did it a second time it was much more enjoyable and I just laid down on the floor and drew some more trippy shit in Tilt Brush above me. Anyone else have any experiences or thoughts on this admittedly ridiculous endeavor?

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All VR "games" shown in E3 look like tech demos.

Will VR die as just another gimmick?

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Troubleshooting aggregation thread

Here's a thread for folks to talk about their troubles, either to vent or for others to assist with.

I guess I'll lead with my own.


I just got my Vive a few days ago.

SteamVR will show the starting room. Tracking works in said starting room for headset and controllers

No other software detects the Vive. Not even room setup.

I've tried restarting, reinstalling drivers, swapping USB ports, installing a whole new PCIe card for USB, updating firmware… nothing. Base stations on appropriate settings.

I just wanted to doodle things with Tiltbrush… and maybe put some work in to learning how to develop stuff for it.

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Q1: Do you own a VR HMD?

If Q1 == yes:

Q1.2: Are you bored of it yet?

Q1.3: Do you recommend people to buy a HMD?

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ITT list noteworthy games (no tech demos) that seem fun.

So far the only VR game I have heard about that already exists and seems fun is Out Of Ammo.

Don't know the names of all the space ship games but they probably wont be interesting to me anyway since I never really liked star wars or eve or sse stuff to begin with.

And I guess there's sword art online, but that will probably blow as well.

Future isn't looking bright.

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VR headset chart and comparisons

Charts & Comparisons


Is there a well done chart outlining the main differences between the Rift and the Vive? Maybe videos too?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]



The 1st gen is here, in all its unpolished glory.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Embassy Thread /machinecult/

Naturally we are allies because good VR and sentient machines both require high levels of processing power. That and society needs to be developed enough and people skilled enough to maintain at least the basic levels of electronics to persist in this advanced world.


We welcome you to our domain. We will gladly convince some of our sentient machine friends to help you upgrade your VR to more immersive levels.

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Time is flying, the amount of user on this board has been low since day 1.

I always wondered why we didn't tried to create something. we're a bunch of VR fan on the internet. Or we could simply talk about improving this board or make a website out of it.

I'm totally not saying that because IRL friend tend to never want to get involved with a project like this

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


If there's interest I could keep Convrge room open for a few days. Or some other VR chat thing.

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Building a new PC
Can wait months/years
How much should I wait to buy a VR optimized GPU/CPU?
R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


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Oh god help. JUST END IT NOW.

The VR reddits have gone to hell. It's no longer a relatively alright sanctuary of VR enthusiasts and experienced users anymore. New users have flooded the site already now and it is only the beginning. Someone, anyone, please. /vir/ PLEASE.

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Next migration

I'm sure all of you already know, but any new posts from today to whenever we migrate are not going to be on the new site.

I've been holding off (and still am especially now) of posting news articles until we fully migrate.

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When will it be possible to pre-order the rift?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Palmer correcting a bunch of misinformation

Good news.

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1.what VR headset you buying?
OP: Im confused as fuck.

list of headset


>htc vive
>project morpheus
>razers OSVR
>sulon cortex
>avegeant glyph
>vrvana totem
>google cardboard
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Can something like vr optimized hardware exists?

I mean GPU/CPU that can directly feed into the headset, for lower latencies

Also, where the work will be offloaded the most, on the CPU or the GPU?

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VR News #2

I'm starting a new thread since the old one slows to a crawl if it displays all the posts.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Developing virtual reality

Don't mind this thread, i made it for developers.

At the moment, pretty much every HMD uses a personal SDK. I hope this changes in the future by having a wrapper library that includes every SDK.

Dump in this thread if you found something that will make developing easier. I will be doing the same.

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Open Source VR Standardization

>buying cockulus grift
>supporting a closed source future
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ITT: 90s

just saw this at TV. Are we near the future?
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VR programming

What do you thing about usefulness of virtual reality for programming?

There is sub-reddit about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/HMDprogramming/

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Hobbyist VR General


vr game/experience developers

vr driver/api/binding/engine hackers


vr hardware hackers

diy vr hardware

not welcome:

consumer retard gaymers

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Custom Board Assets

If you want to make these new custom assets you can post them in this thread. I'll use the first one that looks 'good' enough, but don't worry, if someone uploads something better I'll change it to that.

Here's what you need to know before making the new assets:

All files must be below 500KB

"Spoiler" images need to be 128 x 128

"File deleted" images need to be 140 x 50

"No file" images need to be 500 x 500

The thread will be around for a long while, so no rush and take your time.

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Turns out there has been a 3DS vr video capture program for about a year now, but why haven't I heard about this yet?!

The only info I've been able to find on the program is a blog, everything else is in Japanese. It's called 3DS_VRift if you want to help find some info.


Anywho, thoughts? What 3DS content would you like to play in VR?

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How much of a change will HUDs and user interfaces go through in VR?

I wonder if it'll be the end of menu hierarchies and all sorts of status bars, and instead go for a minimal amount of "onscreen" information and contextual not just head motions but using head movement to guess what the player is looking at, where he pauses his attentions and whatnot, sort of like a swipe keyboard.

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>Room too small for HTC Lighthouse

>Don't want facebook strapped to my face

>Would have to upgrade my PC in order to run two 2k displays, and not too motivated about doing that for the above 2 reasons

What do?

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Vive Thread

Time to jack in to cyberspace.
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I haven't beeen here for the whole summer, what did I miss?

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VR Isolation tank

what are your thoughts on using psychedelic drugs and isolation tanks for a full immersive experience?

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Can we have a thread about phones for cardboard vr?

I'm shilling for the Meizu M2 Note




- ~37 FPS (avg) on Roller Coaster VR

- ~18 FPS (low) ~15 FPS mid ~13 FPS high ~ 7 very high (avg) on Tuscany Dive

It's not the best, but probably it's the cheapest

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in this board:

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so in the news thread there was something about mindmaze


so its seem to be neuroscientist putting their technology into the game. So….Sword art online called in their show that a fully immersive VR will exist by 2022. is this the beginning? does the fucking jap were right?

this thread isnt about an anime. this thread is about if neuroscientist will make us have a fully immersive VR by 2022 or so. will they? will moors law deliver by providing more tech opportunnity?
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GoogleCardboardVR and Smartphones

So I recently bought one of those google cardboard based plastic HMD with straps and everything. The fov is alright, it doesn't spherical lenses so I can use Tridef3D and streama 3d side by side image using Moonlight gamestreaming on android. I got a 2way970GTX SLI in my PC and I am able to stream games at 1080P 60fps to my phone.

So far it's been an awesome experience to test VR in it's developing stages. I tried Bioshock on it, it seems to be the best one to try. The big problem that I had was the aspect ratio, it seems to be 5:4 and not many games support it, so I end up using 4:3 which stretches it a bit.

The worst part was setting up headtracking using my phone, I found an app that transmits the gyro data to pc via wifi using FaceTrackNoIR. It's not perfect but it does the job emulating the mouse.

I had a great time playing around with it, my phone is a Sony Xperia z2 which has a 1080p screen so the games looked pretty clean.

I wish they made one that puts two phones side by side to get a greater FOV.

Anyway here is a link to the HMD I got.


What are your experiences with Google Cardboard based HMD?

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VR Peripheral And Hardware Discussion

This thread is for discussing any peripheral hardware for VR headsets like input devices and other output devices.

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Why can't they just start selling the rift and the vive tommrow? all the critics were mostly extremly positif to the VR headsets. Day passes after day it gets less popular everyday.

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VR News


>Creating a comfortable product is one of the issues that holds back a consumer version of the Rift headset from Oculus VR, according to the company’s chief executive officer Brendan Iribe. In an interview with financial news cable network Bloomberg, Iribe explained that company is close to releasing its first product for consumers, but his team is really focused on making sure that the experience is pleasant for those who use it.

>“To get [comfort] right is really a big challenge,” said Iribe. “We’re just at the point now where we’re confident that we’re there, and it’ll be not too far [from now].”

> acknowledged again that consumer Rift will have a lot in common with Crescent Bay. But he reiterated that the designers still feel like they have a lot of work ahead of them.

>“Well, [the wait is] less than multiple years,” said Iribe. “We can’t say where we are on it, but more than a few months and less than a few years, but it’s pretty soon. We do want to get it right.”

They just keep adding and refining features nonstop, really want to make it perfect don't they? We are either going to see the CV1 at the end of 2015 or in 2016 at this rate.
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Friendly reminder that it starts in 1:30 hours. Let us see what bombshells will be dropped.

Also does anyone know how to embed twitch?

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anyone interested that we gather the whole board on cytube and we do live stream of movie/anime that are VR related?

we put ourself a date and everything and like discuss and enjoy movies and anime and dank menes

I'd say saturday ngiht at 8 o clock. anyone in?

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If you want to make some banners you can post them here. If they look good enough I'll put them to use.
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VR Games

Post any interesting VR games you happen to find.
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So am I the only one thinking that Oculus 4K + Omni Virtuix + Control VR is possibly the best combination that could be used for virtual reality?

I mean you'd have eye tracking, decent vision, walking around with jumping, sensors on your arms for accurately motion tracking them (rather than all these stupid attempts at using depth or video feeds or wagglan motion controls in your hands), and the omni virtuix harness and frame can even support your body when you sit back, so it could be used in racing games too.

Picture unrelated.
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>tfw no news on news thread since friday

Is he dead or something?
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When can I finally zip around in all dimensions, no floor, no ceiling and fulfill a life-long dream of being IN the mines of the PTMC
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hey /vir/(the 2 or 5 other person here) does my solution seem legit to create fully immersive VR?
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Will I be able to shitpost in VR on /v/?

Mod: No advertising of other boards.
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Any plans for an 8chan janus VR room?
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Maximum PC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang (Who Tried Every Major VR headset) AMA On Reddit

He is answering questions about the VR headsets, HoloLens and input devices that he tried. The stuff he tried include Crescent Bay, HoloLens, Razer OSVR, Sixense Stem, Gear VR, Nimble VR, Virtuix Omni, and more.
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Just gonna leave this here.
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>tfw board is dead
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Half-Life VR

Found this board through the new tag system. I might spend some time here.

I got my Rift DK2 a couple weeks ago and got a Hydra a month or so before that. I'm intending to work on some games of my own over the end of year break from work.

Here's some video of me playing HLVR, which is pretty cool.
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VR Animation Thread

Any VR animation can be posted here.

I had to make this thread because I found something I had to share, enjoy this masterpiece.

Go to http://buttsvr.com/ to try it with the rift.
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Palmer anally wrecking a yellow "journalist"

Here's an archive (don't want to give them page views) of what started this (pretty old): https://archive.today/KQZuj

Some butthurt moron didn't understand how kickstarter works, proceeded to call Palmer a scammer and then afterwords calling the kickstarter backers "silly gullible humans needed to be protected from themselves". Needless to say Palmer nuked his ass with facts.
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VR Experiences

Didn't know how to name the thread better, this thread is for those interactive or not VR walking simulators. Some might be just a short 360 video which moves you around and some might be more interactive, but are certainly not video games.

Anyway, here is Foreign Nature (1.93 GB) https://wearvr.com/#game_id=game_647;
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Hey /vr/. Help me, I'm confused.

Feels like the VR movement is being flooded with all kids of companies trying to do their own shit. My question is, what's the best thing I could buy right now and get the best VR experience? I've never used any kind of VR headset before but it looks so fucking cool and I really want to try it.

Is the Occulus Dev Kit 2 worth getting? Or is there something different that works better? I'm not interested in smartphone shit. Mostly I want to check out the VR PC games (and the porn). I'm a game developer too so I'd like to fuck around with VR development.
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Oculus Rift/VR software

Post any interesting VR software here.

Starting with Tilt Brush.
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Starting the fire

This board is for discussing all topics and news related to VR.

Any headsets like the Oculus Rift and other emerging technologies related to VR are welcome to be discussed here as are games and applications that use them.
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Any opinion on the ZEISS VR ONE?
The Samsung one seems overpriced for just a plastic Google Cardboard VR.

Is the ZEISS the same?
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CES 2015

Oculus and other VR headsets will be at CES 2015 which start at Tuesday, this thread will be posting the events of the show. If anyone is going there you are free to post your experiences here.
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Yo /vir/

Any thoughts on how to mitigate proprioceptive negative feedback?

You know, the thing that basically gives you car sickness while in VR despite sitting still? Because part of your mind ends up thinking you're moving, and so tells you stomach to compensate for that motion - which ends up making you nauseous…

How do you think this can be avoided? Because this has to be fixed for VR to become more mainstream.
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Are there any other shows or movies that place such an intent focus on the concept of AR and VR through goggles?

Will things ever get as crazy as they did in Dennou Coil?

also, nice board idea. maybe viral this place a bit on other VR communities to get people interested, or link to it in YT vids when you show off your oculus.
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>Ctrl-F "cardboard"
>0 of 0
well maybe it's passé by now? too bad, I was hoping someone knew a workaround for that gyroscope drift I get with my Galaxy S4…
>Ctrl-F "porn"
>0 of 0
I am disappoint. Is this even a chan anymore?
>Ctrl-F "pony"
>0 of 0
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As a high school student with little game and tech experience, what can I be doing right now to get on the right path become a VR game creator?
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A bit late, but if anyone want's to watch riftmax you can go here http://www.hitbox.tv/riftmax

The awards given you can see here http://www.roadtovr.com/virtual-reality-awards-2014-ceremony-tonight-riftmax-via-livestream-1930-est/
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Playing normal vidya on a virtual screen

I'm sick of waiting for modern flatscreen tech to catch up to where CRTs were two decades ago in terms of color, latency, blur, etc. I was hoping that when the Rift came out I could just play vidya on a virtual 60" screen inside of it and enjoy ultra low latency and whatnot.

I can't actually find discussion or video of anyone doing this, though, other than the 80s retro arcade which isn't quite what I have in mind. Is it not as simple as something like pic related, but with Witcher 3 instead of a movie?