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File: 1470100423642.gif (382.66 KB, 490x257, 490:257, 1308193836322584.gif)


Let's start a VR project with unity3d.

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I already have a project in unity3D with friends for the summer. We're making a bicycle racing game that works with an actual bicycle.

by learning unity3D I concluded one thing, support for cardboard & other VR headset is extremly easy to make. There are already assets for thingss liek car(they aren't the best, but it works)

So I propose you this for a fun project we could all make:

1.open unity3D

2.get VR working

3.put car asset

4.put vr camera on car

5.open blender3D because

6.make a fun map to ride on

7.use it for unity3D VR car game

8.share them game in this thread

that could be fun.



I like this


I'll make the logo.



How do you use an actual bicycle in a vr game?



did you do it in the end?


VRchat is gaining massive popularity rn

i really hope people will figure out new online multiplayer games for VR that have the same sort of interactivity, like maybe a well polished MMORPG


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how do you pirate it?


File: 618e843a148a58f⋯.png (420.8 KB, 741x545, 741:545, evolved ant story.png)


a story of early days in vrchat, as told by evolvedant

>Team 5 Podcast | Episode 3

>Mar 23, 2018




>10 users peak time

>don't touch me

>no anime girls

>steam release

>anime girls everywhere

>everyone's patting everyone

>evolved ant wants hug

>decides to make cutest anime girl avatar

>creates first custom facial expressions

>vrchat devs have doubts

>beta testers love it

>but still no hugs

>then poke comes along



File: e375b01bb6170c0⋯.mp4 (12.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, @kohack_v Mar 30, 2018 中で….mp4)


File: 2a7469d2428c642⋯.jpg (192.37 KB, 590x567, 590:567, og4306_vrchatkchuuhen_003.jpg)

File: fc567c8794c070f⋯.jpg (354.35 KB, 590x567, 590:567, og4306_vrchatkchuuhen_004.jpg)

sleep parties?


>Well, as for what VR sleep is, it refers to the act of gathering together in VRChat in one world and sleeping together. Japanese avatars are generally pretty girls, even in men and voices, so it's going to be crowded with cute if everyone sleeps.

>"When people are sleeping, they can hear talk from here and there, listening to their voices is like a school excursion. Prior to this, when someone fell asleep, snoring was heard from a cute girl and" There was also a voice saying "I am snoring." Prior to this, when I got drunk at the VR drinking party and fell asleep, I was mischievous being surrounded by objects (objects of CG) "(Mizuna)


File: 4ae91ee73e617b3⋯.jpg (198.28 KB, 645x461, 645:461, Lachrymose.jpg)

>crashes my laptop

>300kb/s internet

>can't b myself

File: pomeegrnade.jpg (11.71 KB, 211x195, 211:195, pomeegrnade.jpg)


we're like 4 - 5 people here guys.

I'd like to know if it's 4 or 5.

can everyone like say "here!"

picture is quite unrelated.

also, would you guys like to stream VR related anime/movie soon? since we're a small number we could easily organize this to have everyone on this board.

I'm free sunday night, is everyone cool to watch anime/movie sunday night(19h - 24h) at eastern time?

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File: a6d852595e79f59⋯.jpg (83.53 KB, 737x460, 737:460, la-noire-the-vr-case-files.jpg)

Aye, I'm here too. I work at a VR arcade I'll probably be here fairly often, and when I got free time it'd be cool to hop into some games with people

Pic is my personal favourite game right now, my main issue with it is how short it is, but they nailed hand presence in that game, driving by using your hand to interact with everything on the dash and inspecting evidence in the crime scenes, its been the only VR port done right that I've tried. It'd be incredible to have another spinoff title like this for the next red dead game



Feel free to post a torrent link, thanks.


Came for wanon. Stayed for the VR board.


I'm here, but it looks like no one else is.


I'm here and usually visit about once a week or so. I don't own a headset yet since I've been waiting for a wireless option to be released.


Hey Vir

Just asking, you have any recommendations for an AR-Glass

I need one for an Augmented Reality Software i made, the comon ones are too bulky…

File: 034b47589f368fe⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 800x531, 800:531, the-xoloitzcuintle.jpg)


How would I make this work on android? Can I play tiddy games on android?

File: 1419969801894.png (1.86 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1387888107.png)


Time for some lewd, here is a nsfw games/videos list from reddit because I'm lazy. It's long so I'll be posting it in parts.
Original list is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/oculusnsfw/comments/2nv90j/unabridged_list_of_all_dk2_demos_released_up_to/


Virtual real porn: http://virtualrealporn.com/

PornulusRift's stuff:
EasyPop VR music video: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4r5b13vgbg34cgh/Girls_R-18.rar
Non-NSFW folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3zj3aeq3zi2ng/rift
NSFW folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/p3083r4nkp31v/rift_mmd

Vice Documentary: http://www.vice.com/video/love-industries-digital-sex-669

How to watch normal porn in oculus: http://www.reddit.com/r/oculusnsfw/comments/2gt7lv/how_to_use_conventional_pornvideos_and/
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Post last edited at


File: e5a343de935c6a0⋯.jpg (126.8 KB, 712x767, 712:767, 1349569150359.jpg)



The game is out, and easy to get uncensored, deleting the "moza" files from the game content reveals a high res genitalia, that leads me to believe that the game was designed to be uncensored from the beginning…


File: 828b59b3fd42677⋯.jpg (101.97 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 6.BaDoinkVR_Pumping_Jumpin….jpg)

you can also check vr-porn here http://vrpornjack.com


File: 1ec6faff7121750⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 450x253, 450:253, tumblr_nzgfmtCFcm1u8tgm1o1….gif)

File: 5f48139208ea57f⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 350x197, 350:197, tumblr_ofo224OUYR1u8tgm1o1….gif)


Anyone willing to share Virtamate 1.11 creator key?




Virtual reality looks wonderful!


Augmented reality also feels good.


Is this board kill


File: d3f59d7028ac9d3⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1205x1361, 1205:1361, sad_breeki.png)




I mean, if there's no interest then there's no posts… and since there's no posts then there's no interest. The board was made to capitalize on the VR hype, now that that's gone I doubt the board has any chance to grow into something interesting.

Besides, any VR (mostly games) content will get posted on other boards like /v/ for example instead of here. If a day comes that this board becomes popular it's because the VR industry will have grown to become absolutely gigantic and having a VR device will be on the same level as owning computers or cars, a necessity.

File: 74b8f128177735b⋯.jpg (97.72 KB, 354x352, 177:176, dennou_coil_goggles.jpg)


Do you think AR has a bigger long-term potential than VR? How far away are AR goggles? Will they even be goggles?


The long-term is really hard to tell, especially when you consider space travel. Virtual reality may prove to be more useful in a society where humans spend a great deal of time not moving.

In the nearer future, AR wins my vote. Headsets/goggles will slim down to glasses by the mid 2020s. By that point we will also have capable wearable sensors that can be placed on our bodies and in our environment in an unobtrusive way. By 2030 the world should look like


David Holz, co-founder and CTO of Leap motion provides a good timeline for the expected progress of XR technology. He also goes through the history of immersive technology, classifying the major developments into "generations"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Onward is pretty good for a military shooter sim. It also doesn't use the shitty teleport gimmick.

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


PavlovVR is great game if your just looking for a quick game of a CS:S clone. lots of CS:S maps have been ported. It also doesn't use the portal mechanic (unless your dead).

About motion sickness, Currently I could equate it to trying to get your sealegs. Some ways of defeating it are putting you in a cockpit or a slight blur around your fov. Some devs have found a rate of locomotion sweetspot that produces little motion sickness in the majority of people. Personally my longest session has been 5 hours of smooth motion gameplay without hassle, It really depends on the person on how tolerant they are of VR movement. Hardware makes a big difference. if you don't have a way to push a consistent 90fps then your going to have a bad time.


File: 2e8f2e03775c9a1⋯.png (143.85 KB, 745x899, 745:899, VR doesn't real.png)


Soiboi detected, just give it time. You know people used to get motion sickness from Doom and Descent back when they were new, right?


Seconding request for sauce, I have seen zero serious, statistically rigorous studies done on VR motion sickness.


No issues with the movement, but it takes like 1-2 hours to really get used to it. Can play unlimited hours in it now, before i had to take a break after a few.

You just get used to it, extremly quickly.


File: 928adfaa40c9303⋯.gif (6.94 MB, 600x338, 300:169, gorn.gif)

File: 2a0773e923a51e8⋯.jpg (448.49 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, sairento.jpg)

File: c7da2d4920eac71⋯.jpg (198.87 KB, 2500x1345, 500:269, rickality.jpg)

File: 131f0e82548b4b0⋯.jpg (157.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, I expect you to die.jpg)

Gorn is the game VR was invented for! Fantastic gladiator combat with gory locational damage and physics.

Sairento is another fantastic game, and has the best VR movement I've ever seen. Jumping, sliding and wallrunning turn out to work perfectly for this kind of game, and having five guns strapped around your body gives a physical inventory that feels great to use on the fly.

Rick & Morty in Virtual Rick-ality has actually been the best vr puzzle game I've played. It's like Job Simulator with actual puzzles and story.

Speaking of puzzle games, I Expect You To Die is another great one about James Bond -style situations.


File: 1b867865ec4aec7⋯.png (1.92 MB, 2090x1176, 1045:588, superhot.png)

File: 950fc89113807f0⋯.jpg (276.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, high noon vr.jpg)

File: 57edb38db34a185⋯.jpg (126.25 KB, 1864x1039, 1864:1039, viking rage.jpg)

Superhot VR may well be my third favorite VR game yet, right after Gorn and Sairento. It's about slow-motion gunplay, but I'm guessing it's famous enough that everyone already knows it.

Finally some smaller, simpler, but still decent games:

High Noon VR is a very simple western-style wave shooter, but does it well enough.

Viking Rage is a wave shooter mostly about throwing axes. It's most notable feature is that the throwing works well, and having played a lot of vr games I can tell how rare that is. Simple but satisfying.

File: 44d24255df6bec9⋯.jpeg (43.73 KB, 598x336, 299:168, 1_X1SNKGfo9SCNq5-ZauCb6g[….jpeg)


Virtual Reality games have difficulties that traditional games don't, so let's discuss them and their solutions here.


File: ca57b99011ad2e0⋯.jpg (493.74 KB, 1070x400, 107:40, SairentoFeature[1].jpg)

File: 67e11b271a4e042⋯.png (798.49 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Trials-heart-removal-gorn-….png)

Movement is an obvious one. Teleporting around seems like an unoptimal solution, but changing it to dashing with a split second of speed blur has at least made it slightly better. However, what surprised me about Sairento is that while it's about hectic jumping and sliding around, I haven't seen anyone get motion sickness from it. Apparently moving via jumping works perfectly well in VR, although it's naturally not suitable for all games.

Gorn was the game that finally made me purchase Vive, and still my favorite VR game to boot. It was also the first to handle movement with the armswinger style, and in addition to avoiding motion sickness with the directness of its controls, it also feels extremely good to use extra physical force when you need to move fast. The only downside of this system is that when you need your hands to move, doing other things on the move can get tricky sometimes.

Another VR problem is the lack of tactile feedback. Ranged weapons work well because they don't need to collide with anything, and thus far only Onward has made a small mistake with them by giving them upward recoil that obviously doesn't feel right when the controllers don't move accordingly. Gorn excels in this too by making the weapons floppy, which while silly as an idea, works in practice because it means the blades of the weapon can impact with real objects even if players hands are still moving unimpeded. It also mitigates the common problem of being able to shred anything with a sword just by wiggling your wrists, because the floppy weapons need a wide arcs of motion to gain momentum. Naturally soft weapons like whips and chains work perfectly, so once I again I'm left wondering why there isn't a motion-controlled Castlevania game yet?

The only game with motion sickness due to rotation I've played this far has been Detached, but I can already tell that it must be majorly affected by how badly the rotation is handled in that game. It's too fast and even more jerky, getting to unnatural speed quickly and wrenching to an unnaturally fast stop as quickly. I'm pretty certain that it would be at least 60% more tolerable if it instead gathered speed slowly and maintained its momentum until stopped, like the directional motion in the same game already does.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Movement is the biggest and most obvious problem of course, and in my opinion there are only two good solutions to permanently solve it. One is BCIs (Brain–computer interface), the advantages of this solution are enormous, the problem of course is that we have no idea how to create such technology. The neurotechnology field is in its infant stages, research is slow and we aren't even close enough in understanding the brain to even make BCIs.

The second more practical solution, that we can even achieve right now, is an haptic exoskeleton frame/bodysuit. Imagine wearing an exoskeleton that's slightly suspended in the air by whatever (by ropes or a mechanical arm), what you can achieve with this is not only all possible movement you can make in real life, but also full-body haptic feedback. For example if you punch a wall in VR, the exoskeleton would actually stop your arm.

Other feedback would be far easier to implement when the above is possible, this haptic exoskeleton frame/bodysuit alone would practically make VR 80% complete. VR headsets are barely half of what makes VR and the other half is the above, once we have the above only then will we have true VR. Which is why it really enrages me when people suggest treadmills to solve this problem when those are completely subpar when compared to the exoskeleton idea. You would rather have a treadmill which takes up a lot of space and gives you a subpar experience instead of an exoskeleton which takes up just as much if not less space and does far FAR more? Some people lack vision I guess.


The main obstacle VR is facing right now is the lack of free open platforms thanks to the crushing predominance of walled gardens.

This whole industry has been founded on the lie of being an open ecosystem, that's why the only products we've been seeing are glorified tech demos sold as games. Who's going to bother taking a risk when 30% of your profit is taken from the distribution platform and another few percentage points are taken from the game engine you're licensing? Might as well release several small titles and see what sticks. It's gotten so bad that both Valve and Oculus are paying for the engine costs and forfeiting a good chunk of the initial profit they'd have collected otherwise, without this drastic intervention nobody would bother to develop anything new for VR with the current state the market is in.

All the improvements in tech, reductions in price and availability of thousands of low priced titles that have their development funded by those trying to keep this platform alive can't change the fact that modern VR is a locked down digital prison with no real freedom. The lack of creativity and innovation can't be fixed in this stifling atmosphere. The tech conglomerates will never want to give up any control and the small players can't compete so there isn't any real solution.

At this rate it looks like the most successful game of 2018 is going to be Skyrim VR. Last year it was Fallout 4 VR. For 2019 I'm going to guess it'll be another game from an existing franchise that will have VR added on.


I've seen a bunch of treadmills etc trying to incorporate natural movement. Why isn't wearing a couple of small roller skates while tethered in place a solution i see more? if a ball mouse can use tiny wheels to track movement, why not a similar device for your feet?

File: 1469794170699.jpg (747.81 KB, 1196x2084, 299:521, oculus-rift-teardown-cost-….jpg)



>Now, a new component teardown from IHS Markit Technology, has revealed just how costly and complicated the consumer Rift is. Every component, down to the individual chips on each of the numerous PCBs found in the device has been individually costed and broken down with the total bill-of-materials coming in at just over $206 – around 35% of the Rift’s $599 price, with assembly and test costs factored. Notably, IHS Markit have included all boxed components, not just the headset itself, in the teardown too. – including the Oculus Remote, Sensor and even the Xbox One wireless controller.

>The lion’s share of the actual headset’s cost comes, perhaps predictably, from the dual Samsung AMOLED 1200 x 1080 displays present in the Rift, with a price tag of $69, making up almost half of the unit’s total BOM cost of $140. Electromechanicals, comprising parts like the Rift’s integrated headphones, also present a significant portion of the cost totalling $22.09. Interestingly, the included Xbox One controller and wireless adapter alone represent $24 of the final tally.

So either IHS Markit Technology got it super fucking wrong, or Oculus jew'd the fuck out of everyone. My bet is on the latter.



I hope they make one like this for the Vive too. That's a ridiculous amount of overpricing they are doing with the tech.

also makes me wonder how much the OSVR people hiked up the prices on the components they sell here http://www.osvr.org/buy/



There's no doubt Vive is overpriced too, Vivefags are just naive idiots if they think HTC isn't overpricing their shit, Valve has nothing to do with the hardware or its cost.



Well see thats the beauty of capitalism. If vives cost/investment ratio bothers you, go make your own vr hardware, and sell it for slim to no profit. Time invested be damned.


I'm just an inter inside a small startup. They got an AR application for me to develop but because the company is only pay a few bucks we cannot afford to buy the sdk of Wikitude Pro, the only SDK working for me. Anyone who can help me with this issue?

Is there any chance to find something somewhere, or should I use another program?

Vuforia isn't working properly for what we have to do, we've got a room with target pic at 2m or less from the totem where will be placed the tablet and Wikitude is the only one i know it can recognize target up to 2.2 meters..

Never used Kudan but it could be an alternative to me..?

Please it's the first time I can work for somebody and I try to make a good impression :)

File: 1471993118114.webm (6.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jokes.webm)



36 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 13df7e337050aef⋯.mp4 (1.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Keiichi Matsuda ‏ @keiichi….mp4)

File: 031096f229e98f1⋯.mp4 (178.56 KB, 224x180, 56:45, Keiichi Matsuda ‏ @keiichi….mp4)


File: 05aa3abbf172560⋯.mp4 (6.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TOGETHER VR @x_hisabilly_x….mp4)

File: c893f89779dbf7d⋯.mp4 (341.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, custom order maid 3d2 Mogu….mp4)


File: 99ca40e59404ace⋯.mp4 (3.8 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, x_hisabilly_x Apr 6, 2018 ….mp4)



Is there somewhere I can download this?


File: c893f89779dbf7d⋯.mp4 (341.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, custom order maid 3d2 Mogu….mp4)

File: ff42617908c0f46⋯.webm (4.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4chan Anime and Manga ima….webm)

File: ba5bd976745b257⋯.mp4 (2.07 MB, 480x360, 4:3, lipton(ポケカびより/PTCGO) ‏ @PT….mp4)


i think he posts in agdg

File: c42c65fd254f510⋯.png (48.84 KB, 728x520, 7:5, product-vive-family-shot.png)


Still too expensive.


lol watsa vive sounds like a sextoy amirite


i wouldn't buy one yet even if the price dropped to 300$ until they implemented tracking without the gay stations, wireless HMD and 3rd gen controllers.

there's no way that it's necessary for these dumb stations to exist. there has to be a better way of doing it.



are you fucking braindead? the tracking in XYZ is done using the relativity to the basestations, however 2 or 3 are more accurate. if you want , go play with your wii mote or playstation vr and sit the fuck down.



How much is the Vive Pro expected to cost? I might pick one up if it's $600 out of the gate.



You don't need the Vive Pro. The Vive Pro complete kit is over $1K… Just buy the Vive for $500 and upgrade your base stations at a later date if you want.

File: 740cdf1feb84734⋯.jpg (181.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Mocu Mocu Dance is basically a vr version of Miku Miku Dance, and obviously great for virtual dance shows.

Where can you find things like new dances and characters for it? The best site for characters I've found this far is http://mmda.booru.org/index.php and http://tstorage.info/91j5zmgpi5il for animations, but I know there must be more out there.

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