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File: ae0addf555fc569⋯.png (15.74 KB, 876x405, 292:135, Capture.PNG)

aba2b8  No.117[Reply]

I'm bored, and need a way to procrastinate now that voat is down.

aba2b8  No.118

File: 54a1afb22600f51⋯.jpg (68.88 KB, 500x332, 125:83, waiting goats.jpg)


File: 0cf6e57486250f8⋯.png (346.34 KB, 960x336, 20:7, optipess-comics-suicide-yo….png)

b60f6c  No.68[Reply]

So board

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b60f6c  No.92

Voat's back up for now

b60f6c  No.97

File: 42bf3b7c3110b76⋯.jpg (17.06 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 42bf3b7c3110b76b25ebfb6eda….jpg)


>voat.co Host Error

b60f6c  No.111

File: 0dfc08261d71665⋯.jpg (722.95 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 6641970717_3a223e4423_b.jpg)


>voat.co Host Error

b60f6c  No.112

File: 1a2690aaf8b899f⋯.jpg (64.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, V9B9CC1.jpg)


>A timeout occurred

b60f6c  No.114



File: 8f1b8d573412c3f⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, make posting great again (….jpg)

78b8b8  No.56[Reply]

How to win over voat crowd.


God damn fatties amirite?


God damn nig nogs nigging on everything.


Look at this goat. Look at it and be in awe.

or just make one post bashing a religion followed by billions of people around the world because of the actions of a few.

You're all bigots, the lot of you.

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78b8b8  No.63


I am not a bigot. Fight me

78b8b8  No.65

>People eating bait when it's posted with a bait image pointing out it's bad bait.

Bigots sure aren't the smartest.

78b8b8  No.95


OP here.

I'm sad to say I've proven a good chunk of voat's populace to be retarded. May god have mercy on their retarded souls.

78b8b8  No.106


>he doesn't take free bait

The only retard here is you

78b8b8  No.110


Because you failed to notice all the people who clicked and didn't respond to your bait? Ugh, silly pedophile.

File: c3d16994967ff34⋯.jpg (56.58 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 129501550968.jpg)

c57057  No.96[Reply]

Is voat offline for anyone else?

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c57057  No.104

Is back!! :)

c57057  No.105

another flood of plebbitors from the fbi story being censored probably

c57057  No.107

File: d05bf5887b4f7fb⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 400x600, 2:3, jews.jpg)

god dang it. What's going on?

c57057  No.108

Yep yep. You guys also cracking up about Wiener?

c57057  No.109


I want context of that image…..

File: 331d39a95832afa⋯.jpg (15.11 KB, 236x244, 59:61, Why would you do that.jpg)

47abd5  No.87[Reply]

Why do you all keep breaking fucking voat?

File: 6d871d23284f69b⋯.png (119.1 KB, 300x300, 1:1, mhkjb.png)

45a3cb  No.40[Reply]

The major reason being dank memes, of course.

45a3cb  No.51

File: 1a2b96e0b04a4de⋯.jpg (125.3 KB, 400x400, 1:1, zPrs6UD.jpg)

go back to srs/something awful

45a3cb  No.71

File: b97a3f2da96e775⋯.jpg (50.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, MeatPussy2.jpg)

45a3cb  No.72

File: 6885a7306dd8cfc⋯.jpg (183.29 KB, 660x747, 220:249, 80s-fashion9.jpg)

45a3cb  No.75

File: 6de7d1df51d2709⋯.png (647.09 KB, 1179x508, 1179:508, hill big face.png)

this is all the dank i've got

45a3cb  No.78

File: 811ab0fd7abebc8⋯.jpg (63.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, mask_leatherface_deluxe.jpg)

File: 7948a1ba4fea74a⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 260x350, 26:35, dubliners.jpg)

0e52ec  No.46[Reply]

voat is shit

now check my postage number for repeating digits

0e52ec  No.47

I think your prostate needs to be checked for double digits.

0e52ec  No.48



0e52ec  No.49


0e52ec  No.55

check these.

0e52ec  No.70

File: 1b6e97497a8aae3⋯.jpg (140.23 KB, 660x679, 660:679, christian16.jpg)



File: b1bdf5f6fac9df6⋯.webm (7.99 MB, 420x236, 105:59, 1470775687743.webm)

6275cb  No.66[Reply]

Here's some goats.

6275cb  No.67

That's a god damn llama retard

6275cb  No.69


there's a goat on its back.

Also, don't be an ableist. You don't know how hard retards are having it, faggot.

File: 47ea1f69554e763⋯.mp4 (4.17 MB, 680x510, 4:3, ..reginald died for your s….mp4)

216e37  No.64[Reply]

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal.cxbxcdsfsdf

File: fa21a6190d7ab66⋯.jpg (101.6 KB, 333x485, 333:485, 1363690979304.jpg)

36ffcf  No.62[Reply]

So Voat apparently has hit the bucket again?

File: 2dfa28b5715f500⋯.png (84.53 KB, 600x436, 150:109, 2dfa28b5715f5007d40b241d35….png)

963651  No.59[Reply]

Post some pics that you felt didn't get the attention they deserve.

963651  No.61

>I'm 14 and this is edgy

File: 54a80435d58feeb⋯.gif (4.43 MB, 270x480, 9:16, ScooterGuy1.gif)

167972  No.27[Reply]

Voat was down and I was getting lonely.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

167972  No.44


Is that your wife, Achmed?

167972  No.45


… That's a VoatGoat, newfag

167972  No.50

File: 5bddb8ace7b60c1⋯.jpg (156.99 KB, 650x479, 650:479, 42XfHIb.jpg)

You failed the CAPTCHA

167972  No.52


So you're married to a VoatGoat?

167972  No.54



File: 1434069331944.png (221.41 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, train png.png)

d5f2cb  No.3[Reply]

glad some one made this board

d5f2cb  No.4

File: 1434069721367.png (88.18 KB, 940x530, 94:53, tank snoo png.png)

d5f2cb  No.28

>locomotive has no tender or tank


d5f2cb  No.53


File: 1434283252273.jpg (68.07 KB, 771x625, 771:625, cancer.JPG)

d8faaa  No.6[Reply]

Go far away and don't come back. You are cancer.

d8faaa  No.7

Happens with every new influx of users. The solution is to start drawing up new subverses that explicitly disallow the maymays. Reddit had to do it when Digg finally up and died, and now Voat will have to. A community has to enforce standards.

The correct analogy isn't cancer. It's using a tourniquet to keep the poison from spreading.

d8faaa  No.29


d8faaa  No.38


You're the only one necrobumping around here.

d8faaa  No.43


no u

File: 1436086524651.jpg (54.55 KB, 725x483, 725:483, 1435951546956.jpg)

f85b00  No.10[Reply]

What happend?


Victoria's Secret/AMAgeddon


Meanwhile on reddit


reddit is kill, long live Voat


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

>what is 8chan




f85b00  No.26

File: 1467642059149.jpg (13.36 KB, 534x432, 89:72, XEmo4.jpg)



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