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File: cc61bb7a0a6257d⋯.jpg (546.44 KB, 1386x1630, 693:815, SmartSelectImage_2018-04-1….jpg)

72bf2a  No.859[Reply]

Here's the latest from the preview site.

Link to thread - https://preview.voat.co/v/Anouncements/2137443

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a9bf12  No.963

cfbbe6  No.970

File: 8565bf444709513⋯.jpg (31.83 KB, 252x394, 126:197, Bamboozled-2000-posterimg.jpg)


Anyone got any bamboozle insurance before I file on this?

57eab0  No.1046

bd899a  No.1112

File: 5f7ab870bdea803⋯.jpg (112.1 KB, 450x298, 225:149, 20180419_230424.jpg)


I'll just throw that in the fuck up pile.

ab7e0a  No.1119

Clearly reddit being butthurt about people rejecting their new crappy design isn't behind this…

File: dcc8c26929f5f36⋯.jpg (23.64 KB, 400x266, 200:133, dcc8c26929f5f36f185c41796a….jpg)

f11369  No.303[Reply]

==pdeee== is an absolute nigger and needs to be gassed

b52ceb  No.304


gotta newline that shit

130fca  No.1111

Save the gas we might need it later. Simply export the groid to Israel and let them figure it out.

File: 04040546e473c66⋯.jpg (72.68 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 04040546e473c66ba27c0b6b8b….jpg)

a2f631  No.154[Reply]

It's true.

a6c157  No.156


Yeah a great deal of his content is questionable. Porn and reddit stalking

bad503  No.1016

I upvoat every post by @aged because I love seeing people freak out.

f9d43a  No.1095


I'm going to rape your poophole

File: d2de3c4c78b61ff⋯.jpg (981.52 KB, 1403x1727, 1403:1727, Screenshot_20180415-091413.jpg)

e65f99  No.840[Reply]

where is voat omg the fucking kikes

495654  No.841


temporarily kill

File: 04f706f0e476201⋯.jpeg (29.44 KB, 680x520, 17:13, 04f706f0e4762014d09c64206….jpeg)

520ca0  No.159[Reply]

Voat down. Cannot post nor vote.

Seems like nobody can for the past hour and a half.


22 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

29bbf1  No.252

Would anyone be down to create a simple phpbb forum to gather voaters?

bfc0d3  No.253

What are you niggers talking about? Voat being read only? Because I can access it. I can't comment tho.

ab842d  No.254

should be back soon by the looks

0044a5  No.255

Merry Christmas kikes.

e59ece  No.816

Suspecting State-enforced censorship. Atko is in Sweden. Sweden has elections coming up in September. TPTB saw what happened in Italy and are scared as hell and will do anything…

File: e560e3d1f7c504e⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1964x1372, 491:343, TransformerAlefantisPizza.png)

d03b54  No.805[Reply]

d03b54  No.808

File: ef24e6657d964be⋯.png (105.05 KB, 421x545, 421:545, mangos-houston.png)

File: 1e9d0453eb646ad⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 220x345, 44:69, mangos-migrant-kids.jpg)

File: 5500c41b3a2e89e⋯.jpg (185.74 KB, 1216x901, 1216:901, mangos-mural.JPG)


d03b54  No.811

File: 8e6e897b7bddc28⋯.jpg (690.53 KB, 776x1080, 97:135, DanaEllynPostmaster.jpg)

File: cf32afc19152710⋯.jpg (405.19 KB, 745x935, 149:187, pandaface.jpg)

File: c89d6e7c84e90eb⋯.jpg (78.55 KB, 569x445, 569:445, panda-head-party-invite-56….jpg)

Exposing the Pandahead cult of child abuse since 2016

d03b54  No.812

File: 370c21ff98315fa⋯.jpg (101.17 KB, 749x725, 749:725, besta.jpg)

File: 5c9d41360108a31⋯.png (263.68 KB, 624x552, 26:23, 61808.png)

87b0d4  No.309[Reply]

Niggerfaggot putitout triped over the cable again.

746 posts and 289 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

130cee  No.1228


9-11 was interesting. About 6 months to a year ago and back he was a completely different person. More rational, level headed. I agreed with him more often.

Then, BAM, every other thing he was posting was absolute shill bullshit. Not sure what happened.

5962dd  No.1229


nice OC, saved

931daf  No.1230


I remember him mainly from v/niggers, where I believe he had come over from eddit's banhammer.

IDK WTF happened lately, but he def changed….puberty maybe?

b7087b  No.1232

>>1220 Damn good shit.

cbb4df  No.1233


9-11, needlestack, and adhdferret gave their accounts to someone on reddit

File: 6a1531a66fa3212⋯.jpg (103.37 KB, 580x580, 1:1, bf46e2a7376849282f7a91b04d….jpg)

aacc6e  No.305[Reply]

Been trying to get on Voat for close to 2 days. Will not let me sign in and always goes to a maintenance page otherwise. What kind of info does anyone have?

259a88  No.306

Amalek / James Alefantis is DDOSing Voat.

dbf012  No.307

cant access voat here as well.

259a88  No.308

File: eab17447a515145⋯.png (22.9 KB, 550x400, 11:8, bad-voat.png)

b2f1c0  No.300[Reply]

Voat's been slow for a bit, and I keep getting an error page. Preview site also won't load. Here's hoping Putt's pushing updates for bug-fixes.

1e88ae  No.301

Might very well be another influx of new users and/or another hack attempt. I think I read something about (yet) another subreddit being banned. Who knows. I'm just catching up on chan drama, in the mean time.

b2f1c0  No.302


Hmm, I doubt it's a DDoS or hack, but I could definitely see it being an influx.

File: 8de7476cc6282f1⋯.png (507.22 KB, 855x570, 3:2, CharlsMeme.png)

44c3c0  No.297[Reply]

Whats happening this time

ef4289  No.298


The 6 gorillion D chess of the trumptards broke the voat.

24621c  No.299

Hey voat is down for maintenance. Wonder what is goin on.

File: ba37f3670d246fc⋯.jpg (52.62 KB, 960x886, 480:443, 1505156412725.jpg)

ab707e  No.291[Reply]

new fags are killing the servers.

313737  No.292


probably temporary. newfags will dissipate in time

ab707e  No.294


took like two hours for it to go away.

File: 5b6d05c7b96c637⋯.png (311.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (2).png)

50ad2e  No.286[Reply]

Why doesn't voat have a searchbar anymore?

48a10a  No.287

because fulltext search is resource intensive

769597  No.288


This was asked in /v/Voat some time ago as well, addressed there.

72a3c6  No.289


64b23c  No.290

Search now uses searchvoat.co. Putt probably forgot to enable it again.



1ebea3  No.293


There used to be a search bar that automatically used searchvoat.co, but even it was removed when the major DDOS attacks struck. I recommend bookmarking searchvoat.co

File: ef5afcb15cf25df⋯.png (253.8 KB, 500x922, 250:461, to-say-you-haveaclaim-to-m….png)

023664  No.281[Reply]

More unscheduled maintenance?

023664  No.282

nevermind, it's back up again.

File: 3a59fe93423e0e6⋯.jpeg (48.13 KB, 629x435, 629:435, timthumb-php_.jpeg)

07324f  No.280[Reply]

Fuck you kikes.

File: 85544a04d7b1c22⋯.jpg (6.68 KB, 172x250, 86:125, 25344d14181eeaf29cb196a9ad….jpg)

c4a73e  No.275[Reply]

oplovesladybits is almost as big of a jew as Aged. Porn spammers are probably bots.

52a09e  No.276

oh smeg, it's down again

c4a73e  No.278

File: 49524eb620292be⋯.png (462.73 KB, 707x422, 707:422, Insane_Rimmer_and_Mr._Flib….png)


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