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File: 51e0fdcfd674cad⋯.png (4.38 MB, 1333x1884, 1333:1884, Bookworm.png)

File: 07099535c192787⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 2.png)

File: 0d0a4f18ca1db36⋯.png (927.15 KB, 798x1150, 399:575, Hungry.png)


>Inb4 Implying

Vore morphs/manips that don't suck, that means no cringe text on pregnant women, no liquify tool


File: e4b85137842089e⋯.jpg (498.67 KB, 924x1024, 231:256, d9dz1k5-8047cb21-c73f-4295….jpg)

File: c5e286b1a186c06⋯.jpg (967.86 KB, 1028x2333, 1028:2333, d99akfu-abd7e352-ca1c-4fbc….jpg)

File: d6921b54d1184b8⋯.jpg (249.61 KB, 578x927, 578:927, d989gze-3c6366dd-95d9-4a86….jpg)

File: faaa73b671da534⋯.jpg (814.46 KB, 1028x1717, 1028:1717, d9948ji-379df1da-75fe-4da9….jpg)


File: 5feb5e6f63e6670⋯.jpg (677.83 KB, 907x1015, 907:1015, d5gx91b-acf0911c-51c4-4c4b….jpg)

File: 0b703e460868a05⋯.jpg (105.08 KB, 900x1360, 45:68, showoff_by_analog_ai_d9mfg….jpg)

File: 20ec9706720875c⋯.jpg (114.68 KB, 500x656, 125:164, d83oy4r-973ab60a-4cd1-4abb….jpg)

File: 36762c2ddee6656⋯.jpg (195.44 KB, 722x1024, 361:512, dbsidqj-479573e9-e679-4cfa….jpg)

File: d826d3c20cb6c60⋯.jpg (343.71 KB, 495x618, 165:206, dc36ioa-0e73b067-035b-49ed….jpg)


File: 52274f4ade4fb47⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 387x570, 129:190, d9sucdg-b6594a9d-028d-4de4….jpg)

File: 550f4fc155bf74e⋯.jpg (78.32 KB, 575x383, 575:383, d9t4p4e-2f4dc433-e67b-454e….jpg)

File: 47be9b328e15c9a⋯.jpg (111.65 KB, 575x451, 575:451, d9tjw7l-fa369117-b22c-4b0f….jpg)

File: b87e79dec84a691⋯.jpg (92.11 KB, 575x766, 575:766, d9xsgck-578957a1-7748-432e….jpg)

File: ba3ce66c25f203a⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 449x600, 449:600, d9zqcsj-d3b89498-c9d3-4c19….jpg)


File: 14b535aabbcf22d⋯.png (521.93 KB, 567x984, 189:328, dd1vykj-52c9cc37-e5e6-40a5….png)

File: ef9246ca715309b⋯.png (675.08 KB, 655x817, 655:817, dd2fj7g-e882f2e6-0d75-40de….png)

File: e4ab85c5224866a⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, prey_for_serleena_by_cardi….jpg)

File: b71dc4f23889301⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, real_life_gabi__maybe___by….png)

File: 746f57fb623d433⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, real_life_gabi__maybe___by….png)


File: 3370bd5ddc552ca⋯.jpg (761.21 KB, 983x1475, 983:1475, da50w3i-63094a8f-d88a-408c….jpg)


File: 01f6fc62e1e8f0b⋯.jpg (567.67 KB, 1080x1669, 1080:1669, One Kid.jpg)

File: 4955debc3504ed6⋯.jpg (325.04 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Vore Day Snap.jpg)

File: 653782005b5dc2d⋯.jpg (626.68 KB, 830x1280, 83:128, Sis 1.jpg)

File: 0727eef5288d527⋯.jpg (627.73 KB, 983x734, 983:734, Pool.jpg)

File: 6b09bb6097a484b⋯.gif (4.85 MB, 640x540, 32:27, Niece.gif)

If anyone has Put Me in Your Belly's manips I would appreciate the post.


File: 49417be23da9ec9⋯.png (610.83 KB, 895x893, 895:893, MaeveBelly1.png)

Made it myself, hope you like it!


File: c5a8fb7f5615db8⋯.jpg (647.19 KB, 1080x1821, 360:607, 2c91bcf5ebc4198dc0d00532e9….jpg)


File: 57720dd11716a51⋯.png (1017.31 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, editbs.png)

Tried editing for the first time


Pretty good, anon


File: ca610a0e60ab4ee⋯.png (978.47 KB, 1242x1543, 1242:1543, IMG_2062.PNG)

Can someone morph a belly onto her?

She would look great with a gut full of prey


File: 1a9ef6c23b39b3a⋯.png (471.34 KB, 416x564, 104:141, manip.PNG)



Picture isn't particularly good for morphing, and this isn't a thread to request morphs of girls you stalk on facebook anon.


Can any of you recommend some guides on how to do photomanip vore? I got a good understanding of gimp and Photoshop, I just can't really find any good guides to making vore bellies that not shit.




File: b312c93d21114e2⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1080x855, 24:19, unknown.png)

File: cacd3f822fd7b09⋯.gif (3.48 MB, 512x405, 512:405, Gal.gif)

I made this. With Gif version too



I also did that in an older thread https://8ch.net/vore/res/16813.html#23768


File: 173e2b1ca3ed7ba⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 2382x3696, 397:616, 6pm7u5xair511.jpg)

File: 93e7c34a46dfd0b⋯.jpg (404.97 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Full on the Carpet.jpg)

these are good


File: 7ef29d7bba94172⋯.jpg (6.27 MB, 3745x4220, 749:844, serleena__no_its_megan__c_….jpg)

File: 76626813acb0b43⋯.gif (489.61 KB, 500x292, 125:73, 11819033.gif)

File: a497de046126322⋯.png (1.45 MB, 607x3147, 607:3147, hitormiss.png)


File: 2a14cefbf4eaa37⋯.png (3.51 MB, 2706x893, 2706:893, steps.png)

File: 7612e49347ad663⋯.png (3.26 MB, 2003x2516, 2003:2516, final.png)


Maybe this will help?


File: 80081973138f5c0⋯.jpg (109.2 KB, 500x750, 2:3, eng_pl_Bra-FB-Black-1154_7.jpg)



knt27 is one of the best:


Registration required to see the thread, but it's the best I've seen.



Source? Or did you make these yourself? If so, make some more of NyanNyan?



Anyone want a morph done? I wanna improve at them but i have no good pictures to do them on.




Take a look through these, maybe something will strike your fancy.


File: e763e6626a8ef18⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1677x2398, 1677:2398, Morph-8chan1.png)

File: 0ded4a7bb71a789⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1677x2398, 1677:2398, Morph-8chan2.png)


Here's the first pic, quite late where i am so expect at least another one later.


File: 404eb2bac8605ae⋯.jpg (115.99 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 14709563_1176602562460760_….jpg)


I hope this works.


File: 73bf286d8167b62⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, Morph-8chan2.png)


it does



forgot to mirror it back, oops.



Holy SHIT that's amazing.


File: 32787003fde7f4b⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1872x2808, 2:3, morph-8chan3-1.png)

File: 42d14d1074fd13f⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1872x2808, 2:3, morph-8chan3-2.png)

And another one from that imgur album


Anyone wanna try their hand at Domenica / Pavla? Too many images to post, so here's a couple of sets:




File: 63f45122c448a03⋯.jpg (748.09 KB, 633x1333, 633:1333, 8.jpg)

File: 3886e681e79c43b⋯.jpg (442.04 KB, 622x970, 311:485, 10.jpg)

File: 6ea1c149211d8eb⋯.jpg (622.08 KB, 595x1204, 85:172, 11.jpg)

File: ebf32c95ac1a09e⋯.jpg (703.49 KB, 621x1220, 621:1220, 12.jpg)


File: 05e1c5cd1e952c0⋯.jpg (458.31 KB, 642x972, 107:162, 9.jpg)





anon you gotta tell me your secret, how do you do that.

Or at least, do you post morphs anywhere?


File: 6969eacd2e7ce5b⋯.jpg (97.28 KB, 600x530, 60:53, dbsie3e-3d064176-a386-4e23….jpg)



I don't, started trying to improve on morphs not that long ago.

Also, i just copy the abdomen/belly, liquify it into a sphere-shape and refine from there with a soft brush and layer modes.





I hope you plan on doing more morphs.

Seriously you should get a gallery on DA or make a topic over on Eka's for your morphs, they're very good.



I do plan on doing more, unsure wether i'll post them elsewhere though.


File: 9ae6d79be6b86bb⋯.jpg (297.65 KB, 926x1144, 463:572, morph-8chan4-1.jpg)

File: 63be40bff1f14a4⋯.jpg (230.21 KB, 926x1144, 463:572, morph-8chan4-2.jpg)



Dark skin is hard


File: 055a8854031f168⋯.jpg (227.83 KB, 926x1144, 463:572, morph-8chan4-2.jpg)


Also i'm an idiot and forgot to add the water sheen onto it, god damn.


File: 109155d73a4a493⋯.jpg (371.92 KB, 662x1049, 662:1049, Not her First.jpg)

Would you be able to morph any of these?




>a bunch of wedding photos probably stolen off Facebook

You can't be serious



actually autistic



Imagine being this much of a beta cuck holy shit



File: ba4b50f99576ce8⋯.jpg (80.47 KB, 1062x1280, 531:640, IMG-20190513-WA0004.jpg)

Will someone mind to morph this pic please


File: 91739d76959c4a0⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, 52e6c72b104d6e8a2684f8bdf1….jpg)


The lighting isn't great and the pic is super fuzzy. It'd probably be better with a higher def camera.

Pic unrelated, just one i want to put out for shoppers


File: fe3b8d1c16b021b⋯.png (614.21 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, temp.png)


Took a 20 minute crack at it


File: 1863ffcab77ea8f⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 6070x4047, 6070:4047, wangyimeng.jpg)


Thanks! Here's another for any anons to consider shooping


File: 075b5930453dcd0⋯.png (306.65 KB, 720x717, 240:239, IMG_20190606_111137.png)

File: 84a444c28f683de⋯.png (782.5 KB, 720x719, 720:719, IMG_20190606_111218.png)

File: 7fa2b5af1612ace⋯.png (560.46 KB, 720x858, 120:143, IMG_20190606_111153.png)

File: 874625dc13b5780⋯.png (661.07 KB, 720x718, 360:359, IMG_20190606_111243.png)

File: 925c1b640a659f6⋯.png (632.09 KB, 720x852, 60:71, IMG_20190606_111339.png)

I've got a few requests


File: 7c9146198dfed72⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 837x1024, 837:1024, 1560706705224.jpg)


Can someone morph my boyfriends belly? I want a big vore belly for him , please let me know, thanks .


File: f9752d233c10337⋯.jpg (383.15 KB, 708x1064, 177:266, ReimuCosplay.jpg)


How about this?



Post a photo (PROVIDED HE GIVES CONSENT) and I'll see what I can do


Also seconding this one


File: 8bf90f72585ddd9⋯.jpeg (979.77 KB, 3079x2269, 3079:2269, 60D90914-0982-4798-83F4-7….jpeg)

Here’s my boyfriend the picture was taken by him for this , please put that fatty a big vore belly, also I know that is a lot but if you want you can do an after digestion pic with fatter boobs and maybe a double belly but don’t worry, also thanks a lot again, we are so excited.


File: 2664659c3eef7ce⋯.png (1.21 MB, 708x1064, 177:266, morph-8chan5.png)


File: 17681d90b18c11f⋯.png (347.12 KB, 532x582, 266:291, ApprovED.png)


Now that's some good shit.


File: 5a5219396188072⋯.png (814.87 KB, 1140x1160, 57:58, qXjsXWZ.png)


someone else did a manip of that cutie


File: 8ad3602afe66414⋯.png (2.44 MB, 990x1920, 33:64, Morph-11-07-2019-01.png)

File: 4da6d0c5580aa14⋯.png (2.4 MB, 990x1920, 33:64, Morph-11-07-2019-02.png)



she is already going mental about this on tumblr, keep it up anon



link to that, please? im curious now




thanks, i think i remember her, dunno if her tumblr got ever nuked but i remember i couldnt find her blog in the past after the porn pruning



her original tumblr did get nuked, the girl has turned into an absolute shill for her premium shit, and that'ss fine, but this girl is financially retarded .Not to mention she's turned into a thunder cunt, doesn't seem to realize that people dont have to be kind to her and if you are charging money for shit, you should expect creeps and for shit to get shared.



i mean, she willingly puts out nudes of her on the internet with vore/stuffing content, i'd be retarded to think people wouldn't do this if I was up to things like that myself. It's like a porn start getting antsy people share and do stuff with their photos, like c'mon now


"and block me from your account"

Funny, because i only posted it here and don't even use tumblr.



also no idea how can you steal a publicly posted picture, her job literally slutting herself publicly, getting angry at someone who took their time to turn the pic into a pred vore manip is retarded. On the same note, good job on the edit



What makes me curious is who reposted it, if at all? Considering she's claiming someone blocked her and accusing them of doing the morph, even though i only post my shit here.



eh, maybe one anon uploaded it on their tumbl blog and claimed he did it? It's possible





Funny, actually, my account never got nuked. I just changed my URL.



It would be a different story, had this person contacted me asking to collab and gave me credit. But no. I ask for my pictures to not be reposted without consent or being properly sourced/credited.



This photo literally only had 19 notes, and i would like to know, why this one out of all of them. Or why you didn't contact me asking to collab and give me credit for being the model involved. I would like this removed, but given the type of people most of you are here, i don't expect it to, but i would appreciate it. Or at least being sourced/credited to the rest of my content.




I'll be honest, when i made the morph it was late at night and i was pretty deprived of sleep, i had found the photo and thought "huh, this has some nice empty space".

If anything, i really didn't have crediting the photo in mind when i posted it and i'd say that's a big 'my bad' on my part. I suppose other anons might just laugh at me apologising but eh, being respectful is nice, and consent is even better.

In any case, considering the link to your blog has already been posted in the thread, all i can really do is attempt to delete the post, but i'm not too familiar with the deletion system on here.



Let them laugh, because I really respect you for your response. I'm sorry If I came off harsh in anyway, just being a content producer in the community for so long, I've dealt with way more photo theft than I deserve, and just wish to be credited/asked first before people post photos of MYSELF ya know? I don't like them lingering around anywhere I don't want them, especially a site like this.. However, you did a really good job here, and I am impressed. Is there anywhere else you post? Because I'm sure if you had a place set up somewhere else (Instagram/Tumblr) you could make something out of these and have a much better fan space than this. If you do have a spot that isn't this site, I wouldn't mind collabing with you in the future.



I don't really have a place where i post morphing work, i prefer to stay on the anonymous but an account could probably be made and not cause much trouble, so i dunno.

Even then i barely do morphs, i'm kinda picky with the pictures i use, another reason why i used yours, so eh.



Well if you ever do create a space for yourself (can still be done anonymously elsewhere) for anything you create/share, feel free to let me know because this is excellent work.Sorry for blowing up, I'm just big on consent/permission of my photos being shared.(especially when strangers talk shit about me behind my back over false assumptions)


File: b27a3dc437a3087⋯.png (259.01 KB, 768x601, 768:601, BveG41F.png)


for someone who's hellbent on credit you sure didn't give credit to that drawing you just reposted, how about giving credit and linking back to the original artist, huh?



i was the one who originally shit on her earlier, but I will go out and say that in her discord she made an attempt to always make sure any art posted had a source with it, and if people couldn't figure it out to say where they got it from. the specific picture you posted is in hundreds of imgur albums as well, even I couldn't find the source with the original artist


Please merciful artist don’t forget to morph my boyfriends photo :( please we are so exited to see that belly grow, I thank you in advance


File: abdf3eaa7f1c12d⋯.jpg (215.16 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, missmiafitvore.jpg)




He's probably not because your bf has a pretty gross torso. Sorry fam.

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