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File: 2bd91c79127fe01⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 258x145, 258:145, makayla.jpg)


the last thread reached limit so I made the second one, just share whatever you have.

Real life vore thread. Set to cyclic so use [-] if you never want to see again.

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>guys eating mice

Ah no thanks anon



fuck that


Pretty disgusting, but if anyone can share the endoscopic one, just out of curiosity looks really interesting


It's sad that they dont have female models doing this, they could earn so much more money



50 fish, enjoy



Someone needs to produce a goldfish vore video where the model puts an endoscope down her throat after she swallows. Then we can see how long the prey lives!



You are the hero this city needs.







Wow i bet her dump was big. Wish i could see what it looks like.








I'm fucking tired of Too Far bound fucking making garbage videos they use to have some of the best dialog in costume shit but now they just cover up everything. here's there shitty "willing vore" hopefully someone can blow loads to this other than me.



File: 8589b990b6ae9b8⋯.png (194.83 KB, 640x360, 16:9, img.png)

Since we're sharing vore videos - I'm trying to find one that disappeared - there was a video on pornhub that got delete where a pretty muscular woman was dressed up in cat ears and leopard print bikini, she talks about being hungry and how she found and chased a woman in the house who she ate, she describes digesting her and masturbates. After this, the cameraman feeds her shredded meat from a plate. Any ideas?

And here's an easier one…

Does anyone have the Ashton Monroe clip from AS where she shows off her feet to the camera and swallows a fish?

Here's a LCG clip I don't think has been posted here yet:


get it while it's hot.



That link's messed up. Might want to try again.




here you go, the aston monroe vid is in there somewhere, enjoy https://mega.nz/#F!E0EjEBAb!zW5orwRwEn-pQ6XQNNuOcw

key(if needed)




You're a saint, my dude.



Damn, that's quite a collection. Bit of a long shot, but I don't suppose you have the rest of the cheeralice clip? I've been looking for the full clip for quite some time.



Aw man.

I wish she shotgunned them all at once like that other girl did in the 20 goldfish tube video



"requested package does not exist"



doesn't show up also


I've been looking for a video for months … at least since LF went down. It's Galas stripping down and then swallowing 3 fish before masturbating head-on with the camera. All I can find is the one of her swallowing a fish bowl and then masturbating to the side … the one I'm looking for she swallows each fish individually and then bates toward the camera. Anyone have it? MP4 preferably!


I've been looking for a video for months … at least since LF went down. It's Galas stripping down and then swallowing 3 fish before masturbating head-on with the camera. All I can find is the one of her swallowing a fish bowl and then masturbating to the side … the one I'm looking for she swallows each fish individually and then bates toward the camera. Anyone have it? MP4 preferably!



you know the name?



Remember someone asking for this earlier, hope it's the right one: https://mega.nz/#!dxhyWQza!H06qSz0k0tE2RDNvF6Y-CetLTldDVt6S5C31snvzyaI



Does anyone have any scat talk or digestion vids they can share?




I too would really like to see that clip




nah, shit website.






cmon none of you have any of those? help an anão out

and didnt he eat a snake once though



>guy preds




I also got this. Any chance someone can reupload >>8950?



It's so rare for them to involve their ass as the final destination.. That is so hot when they do..



Someone once mentioned having a bunch of stomach noise videos (gurgling, etc) - I might be the only one but I'd love to leech those, pretty slim pickings online



Same, I would personally love for someone to share them as well.



Uploading it right now:




Is it just me, or does she look super young?



I think she's in her early 20's



I think I missed this … there's no package available when I click the link. BTW, I don't think the video had a name. It was Galas, I know that for sure! Any help is MUCH appreciated!



anyone has other goldfish chew movie?


Can someone post something with scat/digestion talk please?






Yes, I have closeup goldfish chewing clip from Galas as well as from other girls. Write to my e-mail - I will trade.



[email protected]


Anyone got any of Cutie Kayla's vore vids?


"Enjoy my tummy from the inside", "Boa Constrictor Throat", and "Feed my hotness" are the one's I'm really after, but anything else would be great!


Guys, stop with this fake ass shit

We need to make vore great again !

Bring on some Galas swallowing guinea pigs or something



lol i wish

i think rodent vore is illegal in a lot of 1st world countries.



Well that clearly hasn't stopped it from happening. It's out there but hard as shit to find.


Does anyone have any more videos from her?


If someone could post some, I'd be forever in your dept.



i doubt the popular gala would "taint" herself with illegal shit, and goldfish aren't "animals" to a lot of people.

It's hard as shit to find because nobody does it. I think the mouse swallowing russian girl was a fluke, we might have to wait another 5-10 years for someone to leak their private commission of animal swallowing




You mean Zera? I think you're right, people like her are like one in a million. But I'm enough of a sick fuck to wish someone would take her place in the future.




by the way I don't think she went by "Zera". I remember some russian vore forum where a guy went by "Zera" threw a bitch-fit because everyone thought the girl's name was his username. he said he was shutting the forum down if anyone called the mouse-eater Zera again. I visited a couple weeks later and the forum was gone so I assume he was so butthurt he closed it


Anyone have anything from here ? http://oralvore.com

Looks really interesting with the big fishes and object swallowing stuff



There's stuff floating around, but that site is a turnoff for a few reasons

>they charge fucking hundreds of dollars for mouse swallowing stuff

>the dude filming talks at parts in almost every video

>the dude has hairy gorilla hands in the vids where they suck on his hands

>they pretend to swallow in a lot of their videos




I think russia or third world country is the place where we could see such girls reappear

People with such swallowing skills are not that rare (Zera, guys from fleischsal, Mackayla) What is difficult is to find some who agree to be filmed considering the video could become viral if a dumbass post it on facebook.


Does anybody know Zera's website name or website link?






Dead link :(






At least I can say is that I have everything you guys are requesting for but all what you guys want is more and more and more so I will not share any clip.



Someone give this guy a BJ already!


easy to say i have.


Share with me, I also have everything they want. Just PM me at [email protected]



I'm not playing around. If you want screenshots, so go for it but I'm not about to discuss it.

It's just taking taking taking. Not giving.



Frankly, I'm not really interested in most of what others have been requesting, but isn't that a little hypocritical considering you're currently doing the exact same thing?


I think the issue with this 8ch thread format is leeches have everything to gain, and sharers take all the risk.

I used to not care about pleasing a few leeches if I could share with the community… Until I had dickheads add me on pornhub, download the videos I shared and then upload them, then remove me from friends, then demand I upload more stuff or else they wouldn't add me.

leeches are scum and should never be catered to.




I'm not doing the same thing because I don't need to ask when I already have the stuff, lol. Was the first time posting something from my side here on this thread.


and that's why posting as anonymous is detrimental. Leaving a name differentiates leeches from contributors. And yes, it is full of assholes


File: d3116cd59be5b34⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 448x513, 448:513, muppets2.jpg)


Can anyone share a scat talk or digestion vid? Iv been looking for one.



Taking a screenshot and posting it with your comment is too hard?


Guys guys… could please you just stop this shit? If you don't want to share stuff on the board, just don't do it. And stop bitching. thank you in advance


I would love to have this





Does someone have StomachCam 5 from fleischsal.at ?



>see mice

im buying this

>see guys mouth




it's not about the guy (I also find it disgusting) but it's about the stomach inside where the mouse is



I actually find the stomach view amazing. I hope they will find some female models one day



my dick will never let me fap to a stomach unless it's a confirmed female

i couldn't ever fap to the pauliness videos because I thought it was a guy







Hi, A nice goldfish swallow vid I bought from Chloe Creations. I love Bella.





Is anyone kind enough to share any scat/digestion content? Ill be forever in your debt.



I second this.


I'll release a couple good clips if anyone has this one. http://clips4sale.com/studio/75677/16007708/Bobbi+Wants+to+be+Eaten








holy shit thanks dude



anyone got vids by "story of alice"



I've got all her chewing/eating clips for the last 5-6 years, I shared them on Mega. Add me there and PM me if you cannot find them.



whats your mega?



My Mega - [email protected]


Would anyone be willing to share videos of Kim from Oralvore?



This is a RL vore topic so please keep that in mind



Lets get some shit on here besides fish.




that was the most non-sexual, weird RL vore i've seen



exactly, this is a fetish guys you might as well just show some random person wearing crocks to the foot fetish people. there's a reason models do this shit mostly.



>you might as well just show some random person wearing crocks to the foot fetish people

sadly i also have a foot fetish and there are hundreds of fucking terrible vids of dudes recording some random woman's shoes as she walks by






I have it, I just posted it in the fake-vore thread where it belong.



which thread? can't find it


Does anyone have old youtube or myspace vids where girls eat goldfishies as a dare or etc?




That's hot Thanks


Does anybody have more of Go Ask Alandra?



anyone got the manwitch one?



I second this. Someones gotta have it.




god damn is it so hard to keep things like that seperate to this thread? this is a RL vore thread



Get out


File: 294b398f2fb1507⋯.png (79.84 KB, 272x199, 272:199, disappoint.png)



>she swallows various objects and a frog

>not RL



We either need a thread for object stuff or we need more of it here.



There's not enough to start its own thread desu



Where does she do that?



Unfortunately true.



Nah, OV has top tier fish swallow clips. The ones posted here already (Kim and Cristelle) are godlike, and most of them are pretty good when the guy isn't talking (most of them just have shitty stock music)

The shittiest videos are Chloecreations, or youtube videos of some bitch doing a dare.



Nah, OV has top tier fish swallow clips. The ones posted here already (Kim and Cristelle) are godlike, and most of them are pretty good when the guy isn't talking (most of them just have shitty stock music)

The shittiest videos are Chloecreations, or youtube videos of some bitch doing a dare.



nah, they suck



The acting is the real turnoff for me. That's the reason I dislike any "professional" made videos. Best ones come from girls who do it out of their own volition.



Same. It's gotten to the point where the acting ruins the entire fucking video and I cant get into it. I would find it hotter if a girl said to the camera "I'm going to swallow these fish only because this morbidly obese man child is paying me".



The worst thing is when you can hear the guy behind the camera breathing heavily or in worst cases even talking. And don't even get me started on the horrible and cheesy lines the girls are made to say.


Oh man. You guys are just tooo spoiled these days.



I can't tell my dick to get up to whatever I like. I mean, if I could I would love to be able to enjoy every single video out there, but I can't. It fucking sucks.


Kind of a long shot but does anyone have the vid where a girl swallows one goldfish and the other anally. It was on livefetish.



How did she put it in her ass ? In a tube?

How's the girl physically.

I'm thinking of Galas, sexy panther or Riley


He's thinking of Riley. I have a ton of older more vids that aren't around anymore on my broken laptop. Once I get the HD out of it ill upload them on here.



Would love to see that one being posted somewhere. Been searching far and wide for it ever since LF was taken down.



i bought that and posted it to LF originally. ill post it here if i can find it. my mega is full though cuz they changed the rules. apparently anyone that shares any file with you on mega counts toward your storage, so im at like a terabyte over my limit


Does anyone have goldfish on vacation by Katelyn Brooks?



Anyone got the new kim videos from Oralvore? Are they any good?



Are you fishy? Guy had the serious hook up on LF. Posted some brilliant stuff back then.




File: fa0d530b206b658⋯.gif (540.42 KB, 325x183, 325:183, slomo.gif)



Does anyone still have that slow motion goldfish video KB put out? It was bouncing around on youtube and LF years ago and never reappeared anywhere after LF died…

Or the free ant video Katelyn did where she flicks at an ant with her tongue, she plays with it on her tongue and then swallows it and pulls up her shirt to rub her stomach? It's a long shot since it's not on her site, and it was from 08-09



Does anyone have swallowed by a succubus with Ava?



I'm with this person . Does anyone have videos of Kim from oralvore?



does anybody have any bug swallowing vids by Katelyn Brooks?


Hi guys,

does anyone happen to have that clip titlet "khia whopper swallow"?

I remember i saw some teaser preview that suggested that a girl swallowes some reallly huuuge fish there…

is this legit?

(oh, and by the way, i know this one is not rl stuff, but there was some youtube girl named Maryweather swallowing gummies… open mouth, and with incredibly good camera work, some of was like an anatomy lesson… does anyone has anything of her artwork, beside that is available on PH? I am pretty much into girls swallowing hotdogs, gummies, fish, mice marbles, but there is no separate thread for all this stuff afaik…)



I wonder what you can offer me if I trade you this clip.



Would still love to see it uploaded if you find it bud :)



Danke anon

Still Katelyn's best goldfish clip IMO


I think she only pretends to swallow it, unless it's another clip with the same woman


Hey guys, I'm the guy who just posted the slo mo. I recall seeing a video of a pink haired asian girl swallowing fish. She had braces(I think). If my memory serves correct, there were two videos. I'd really appreciate it if someone could post them.



Christlie is the girl you're talking about. From Oralvore with a pink wig.

Like I said to another user: What can you people offer me?



I don't have much fish vore, but I have about a terabyte of other giantess insertion and various vore videos



I have both and will upload them to mega in a few.



Cheers mate!



I have only a few things, and most of them i got from here. Simply speaking, i don't think i can offer you anything that you would be interested in.


bought a couple good clips thought you guys would like. would appricate if someone could possilby buy or share this: https://clips4sale.com/studio/72705/17188614/ANNIHILATED%21


decription key: !yp7MhWclRDCH8k3SUDgVBg








Does someone have this? Looks hot.



I literally just posted it




Thats not it.



Much appreciate the upload bud.



there's nothing in it :(



Link's broken


how strange? its working for me, even when ims igned out heres the link again. its got a 50 vore vid in it and another one with makayla



File: 8d81a2b0b0faa77⋯.gif (449.55 KB, 300x169, 300:169, CricketFanFeast.gif)

File: e5c9977623b77bc⋯.gif (298.06 KB, 300x169, 300:169, StevetheWormChompedinHalf.gif)

File: 90220caa28946b3⋯.gif (251.6 KB, 300x169, 300:169, TheHungryGoddess.gif)

File: bd6f65d3dae3ebb⋯.gif (710.42 KB, 325x181, 325:181, ThePrankstersOwnGame.gif)

Does anybody have this old KB vore clips?

While LF was alive, someone posted it, but now it's hard to find



You found it, awesome.


If anyone has this or the other one id be forever in your debt.



File: 6f31bd9812cbf36⋯.jpg (63.85 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, image.jpg)

i know this girl has done vore videos, but i can't find them. any of you have any links or downloads? it'd be extremely appreciated



she looks interesting! what kind of vore?


If anyone likes RL vore, here's one of a babe swallowing a minnow for $20 that got taken down from Youtube a while ago. Enjoy.




for me the link doesn't work. It just links me to my account page




Where did you heard of her ?



you sure thats a girl? face looks like a guy in a wig



I know her. Her name is Princess Jessica and she had stores at c4s, all closed. She is real girl, young, sexy, with perfect, cavity free teeth! I have somewhere a mouth fetish clip, gummy vore and object crush. I can dig the up if someone is interrested…


That would be dandy! >>9964



that would be extremely appreciated



but off-topic

>real-life vore thread



i think that means real prey like animals, not plastic toys/making noises at a camera


Does anyone have Wink’s Pink Picnic! or Wink’s Pink Christmas from http://winkinkpink.com/ ?




cool your autism, i don't know where else to ask about 3d girls on this board.



Still looking for this if anyone has it or the second one. Much appreciated.



probably the vid thread 1 thread below

>cool your autism

you're the only one getting upset, friend.


Goodluck, that's a pretty hefty price tag on that video to be giving up for free. I have some vore vids I havent released yet that I'll trade if someone has these vids though >>10017



Id buy it but i dont want that shit on my bill. Im just a lurker and alot of good content has been shared. I dont think anyones unappreciative of it. We are a group of people who generally have the same interests. Id share stuff but i dont download videos.



What vids? Just more fish?


>>10046 Mostly yeah. A lot of fish vore vids that have been wiped from the internet that I've held onto. As well as some personal ones I've made that haven't seen the light of day. One of my vore vids is one of the most popular vore vids on youtube right now kissing 100k views ;)



Just found this recently posted gem on youtube. A 23 year old Japanese girl writes into a variety show of some sort, saying that she doesn't have any skills but would like to learn how to be a "Human Pump", a type of Japanese street performer from some decades ago. Their most famous trick was swallowing a goldfish, and bringing it back up.

So they bring the girl on the show, have her try to swallow stuff on strings and research the process, consult experts and a book written about the techniques, and it finally culminates in her swallowing a live goldfish on a string. It doesn't come back up.

I honestly wonder if she was a closet vore fan, but with the cultural differences I just don't know. She seems to be enjoying the whole process more than I'd expect.



I have those, find me on mega. [email protected]


To all those "find me on mega":

honestly fuck off wth your inner circle jerking. you either share link or GTFO



I texted you there


You must be greatful that "hardvore" fans like me are sharing softvore here (on Mega - yes). This thread has nothing to offer me. It's easier for me to do it on Mega. Those Wink clips means nothing for me, I had them by chance and I give them for free. The sharing is easier there, communication easier here. What is the problem mr. Anonymous?


I sent you invitation ([email protected])



Yeah dude quit your bitching



sent you an invintation [email protected], have some old odject swollowing staff and if it is some ineterest i could upload some giantess scat videos (not vore)



Do you have any scat/digestion or talk. Been looking for stuff like that.


I can find some scat, my collection is quiet big, like 0.5Tb. I can upload only 1/10 of all. Ask me there for this. I'm not searching for trade, I share what I have for free. It happens that the Wink picnic clip is only a big preview of it. I'll share the original when I have it. But you can enjoy everything else in my folders.



I already added you. I have your shared files but idk if you have scat/digestion in there. [email protected]

If you do your the best.


I'm also looking to share clips on Mega. Most of my stuff is purchased swallowing clips but there's also lots of stuff I've acquired over the years. Still uploading but 100GB+ takes time. I'll allow access to my uploads in the hope that others return the favour. [email protected]



I'd really like to see some of that too.. Even if its just talking about it.




She swallowed a loach too around the 8:30 mark



i would love to see this as well



You have some great vids.

Im looking for stuff like this




Post pls



He literally said that they were gone forever










Hy guys!

I share for you some Riley Jane videos:





it says its empty :(



hm, wasn't she less thick?

Anyways, hair getting short bothers me more.





its empty


it's back! yaaaaaaaay







Would anyone be willing to post videos of Kim from Oralvore? Particularly the newer ones?




anyone has kim swallowing goldfish?


Am I the only one here who is just slightly appalled at the lack of content where the camera actually spends a fair amount of time "in" the mouth? Feels like everything in the here and now is just gloss talk with a bare amount of action.

And you'd think with some of the studios having the gear they have they could make stuff at least "somewhere" close to the angle and shot quality of what some of these mouth fags are using on YouTube. If they started pulling those kinds of videos out everynow and then I'd actually have something to comeback to when I jump into the internet but. . . None of this ever really does anything anymore. Lotta talk but no deepthroat if you catch my cold. *hekshu*



File: df82daba6733093⋯.jpg (319.62 KB, 800x520, 20:13, [clips4sale.com]GutSlut.jpg)


I got it

Want can you offer?



Just throwing this out there on the off chance, but any clips of Alexandria's STAR "Nikki" - Really love seeing that girl swallow live pray.



chloe creations natural born killers 2 (some parts), some oral vore vids, katelyn brooks, giantess vanessa, etc



Which oralvore and katelyn?


Here is a new vid. A girl swallows live eel. I have many more if you want to swap vids contact me




Oral vore: kim swallows mice and other goldfish vids, gabby eats neighbors, wink + stacy vore, gabby eats cake man

Katelyn: fish vacation, boss vore, midnight goddess,



How can I contact you?



Fucking hell, I wish i had the money to spend on shit like this.



I was wondering about that.

Let's take this example:


She's looks to me a totally amateur teenage girl. Yet somehow she manage to make such a footage that almost looks like some human anatomy class curriculum. If she had done a bit better editing, this would have been a perfect piece of art and should've been hanged in the Louvre, near the Mona Lisa.

And there are the studios with proeffsiaonal pron actress who can deepthroat 20" cocks, yet somehow fail to make half as fine material as this random girl did. How. Why.


Hi, I'll share a lot of vids like the live eels ones, etc.

Does anyone has some from Vicky below swallowing fishes ?


Also some from Wink or the new Roxanne from Oralvore?. Please let me know which ones you have and we will post and share on this site. Sounds fair for everyone?


Does anyone know/have this?


or this:


Does she even swallow fish? I'am not much of a fan of chewing, and it's hard to actually decypher the description what actually happens here…



I already got all those clips.

Nonetheless, as good faith here is the video, just give it 30 minutes to finish uploading:


If you want, earlier in this thread someone said they posted this video, if you find it please share it:



File: 07fa56927c482be⋯.jpg (363.98 KB, 800x520, 20:13, roxv2.jpg)


I got the Roxanne videos, every video from Vicky with fishes, and some videos with Wink, but I will have to look for them.



thank you so much, i was looking for that one too! i'm a sucker for vore vids with burps


Is anyone willing to post Kim from Oralvore, please?


real magic sfx


key !iX6G8qw2Y88wcwL6iXkmrutoKQBKFuffAA1wKPrppmU


Guys…. serious…. this is a REAL LIVE VORE Thread!




If it would be acceptable to post in any other thread, it doesn't belong in this one.


fk trolls.



at least let's be happy that people are posting in the thread again.



She is fake, these are dead fishes and she chews and not swallow



Thanks a lot!

I got this years ago i guess, i was hoping for some similar shit:


Well, not live fish, but at least pretty huge ones.

There exists some other videos of her, where she swallows other huge stuff, like big sausages, but unfortunatelly i don't have them.

(If anybody has some and also cares to share, that would be nice)


Hi GPR, could you let me know what you would you like me to post so you can post yours Roxanne of Oralvore ? Which Alexandria star girl do you prefer? I have all of them.

Please reduce your file first if you can as 3GB seems a lot. Let me know and I'll post recent Alexandria star vids of your choice. Sounds fair?

Vicky's vids I would also like are: professional executrix, birthday girl, cigarettes are expensive, you took everything, bedtime routine. Can swap too on this site for any real life vore vids you may not have. Let me know.



Do you have any of these videos?


I got the Roxanne videos already uploaded and unlisted at Youtube, so don't worry about the filesize.



can you share that youtube playlist? please




God I'd love to see this…




File: 8700732bffe12f7⋯.jpg (373.72 KB, 800x520, 20:13, [clips4sale.com]vore agenc….jpg)


I got the second video uploaded to Youtube, share something and I will post it



Hi GRP, thanks for the list. yes I have all these. I love Alexandria girls. i'll post some of them you want this Friday as it takes a while to put on Mega.




Anything particular you would like for this video?




wow you are amazing thanks so much!



As Felix said, it's already posted:


But it will be great if you share something too, so we all keep posting videos.



Goldfish vore and real life vore

Goldfish vore and real life vore

Goldfish vore and real life vore


this is a REAL LIVE VORE Thread!

Get out shit videos





Don't we already have a thread for all the other types of live action vore videos?



let's just be glad people re posting on this thread again.


Balloon fetish anyone ?



fuck off


Hi, I have added 3 vids from Alexandria star. Could I have few vids from Vicky and the new Roxanne one from Oralvore in exchange? For the other guys on the site. just enjoy, i'll post more soon. Thanks.








I need to upload the Vicky videos, it's gonna be a while.

I hope to have it ready for the weekend



Here are some Vicky videos:


Sadly, I can't post the rest here because they are in a unlisted playlist which I'm not the owner, but if you give me a mean to contact with you, or maybe send me a PM at youtube I will tell you how to get them.


Hi GRP, thanx a lot for the vids. Hope you liked mine. I have plenty more. Yes please send unlisted playlist to my email at [email protected]

Let's swap more.


looking fro anything of missax like The Competitor.mp4 jewel thief or the virus i had them before but lost them and now can't find them online anymore



we done?


Brothers! I come to you as a humble man in search of a video .

Did anyone manage to snag this video before they took it down ?vhttps://twitter.com/getPakistan/status/707438554499178496


Omg i was looking for that too, it looked amazing




Are these the same vicky's?



Maybe if they gave source it would be easier. Goddamnit.



I'm searching everywhere for it…


Hey does anyone have that Mandy Flores video where she vores after inserting?

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