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File: 2bd91c79127fe01⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 258x145, 258:145, makayla.jpg)


the last thread reached limit so I made the second one, just share whatever you have.

Real life vore thread. Set to cyclic so use [-] if you never want to see again.

Post last edited at



Is someone able to download this?


File: bef62f1c8a898cf⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 320x240, 4:3, tumblr_nuua8xEriR1udatomo1….gif)

Probably fucking ancient, but does anyone know if this gif is from an actual vid?

Also, anyone have any vids where the girls play with their prey before eating them? Like, letting the little critters explore their body, or dropping them into their panties, etc. Feels like it's pretty scarce but no harm in asking I guess.



yea that vid used to be on youtube, watched it, the mouse was a pet and she just plays with it for a few secs.

I wish she did more than just play though :P



is the gif the whole thing or does she play with it for a bit longer?




use ur imagination and pretend she swallows it in the end, i think it's solid


File: 357de56c3cf3d9f⋯.jpeg (89.31 KB, 359x314, 359:314, 725516D3-5E1B-4B7F-A8D2-2….jpeg)



If anybody has this video or can download it please share, user won't accept my request




There you go:


pass: !5lxre113FUNeLj0UTjmIUDgdc7lhl_6dDi0PkUo5jxM



This user does not accept a request from anyone, if he does not want to share, I do not know why he leaves the video exposed, it is only left on the hard drive in his machine


Can anybody download this?

And i am looking for the video for years! I love Alice swallowing live prey, she is the best in vore because of here mean talking and her real enjoyment of digesting the prey alive.






Can't see the gif link



Thisvid uploaders often try to scam you out of good videos by uploading something that's already been uploaded, like kim slow mo.

Kim Slow Mo check this persons post:


I have another luna video that has foxy in it to, already have it or would you like it?


So does anyone have Makayla's 50 or Butter? those 2 looked really good


does anyone have or know where to get the video in which a completely naked Wink swallows a live frog after showing it her naked asshole? I found the gif but no links



Would also like to know



He indeed is a scammer lol


Bro, I'm not "scamming" anyone - I haven't asked anyone for shit. All I said was if someone explains to me how to download videos from Thisvid, I'll upload the videos to mega for ya'll. If you think that's a scam well maybe you should see a psychologist cuz you got trust issues.


The latest from youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHLj7WlXPeg

Shame the site seems to have slowed down over time, though it occasionally has little bursts of activity



thanks! but didn't someone say that posting the link here would only shorted its lifespan?



Who cares? Stop fucking supporting them and their bullshit prices and dumb limited release windows.


Does anyone have anything of Claudia? I would really appreciate just about any clip.



you're right. Those prices are insane. A night with an escort costs less.



$500 of videos, in exchange for just 1 video, the Naked Wink video



Maybe I might be out of turn, but didn’t you just promise the crowd a bunch of things you already didn’t deliver on? What makes this one any different?



you are a cheater, you promised to Christmas what!

you can not trust !!!!!!!!!!!


Fuck off Anonomous, youre all thats bad and making things difficult in this community. The fact you show up here after your big promises wanting money shows just how lame of a human being you are. Mods should ban proven scammers like you if Im honest


Hahaha you are a liar and a cheater, where is the Christmas dump? and people say you also scam, you just know to say nothing,you should leave the forum.


He is a scam and cant thrust, and can not be trusted at all. He wants everything for free without paying a dime


Bruh you should just go, the vore community is quite smart (and possibly psychologically unstable)



just fuck off already, moron.


You know, if someone could help me figure out how to download full resolution videos from thisvid, several people on my friend's list HAVE some of those rachelsvideos videos and I could get them to ya'll.



To all pervs, but especially to those I made a promise to several weeks ago regarding two old Fetishfad videos. I hope you are still perving here, sorry about the long wait:

Sore Loser - Full Movie: (1 hour 18 mins long)

Simone swallows three pinkies - Full Movie: (12.15 mins long)




I don't owe an explanation to anybody, but I'll go ahead and provide one. At the time when I promised the Christmas Dump, I genuinely meant it and intended to follow through. However, before the dump several traders that I have traded with before released publicly or privately traded rare videos of mine without my permission, which ruined my videos' trading values. In other words, I can't use them to obtain more rare videos. So I must use the Christmas Dump videos in their place during my trades. A "scammer" doesn't takes something in a trade without reciprocating. I am not a scammer for not posting the Christmas dump…because it wasn't a trade, it was simply going to be a gift to the community out of the kindness of my heart. When I give a video to you and I say don't share it, I'm serious because sharing has negative implications for my overall trade strategy.

TL;DR A couple of idiots fucked things up for the whole community.


Keep in mind, I had nothing to gain from the Christmas Dump. It was supposed to be a gift to the community, and all I ask in return is people don't share my videos intended for trading. But it seems that is an impossible request.



ok cool



You come back to the forum 1 month and a half after your Christmas promise with your false excuses? shut up man shut up and leave the forum



do you play a game? where do you play with the people of this forum?

you are pathetic, keep your videos we do not want.


You know, regardless if his reasons are false or not, he still owes us absolutely nothing. keep that in mind.



Of course he doesn’t, his videos, he does what he wants. My point being one arrangement was reached, then broken. What reason is there to think this deal would end any better?


he is the champion of the lie, does what you want with your videos you have the right but do not care about people with false promises we do not want,

people ignore this guy


Anybody have that video of the girlfthswallowing the guys fish in the car? From Instagram, or just give me the insta link



We need more vomit vore



Bro fuck off, you nonsense doesn't even make sense.



I think i might saved it from yt.

will check when i get home


Holy crap, thanks man, (gonna tell them to take back the mwp award from Nick Foles and give it to you instead)


I need somebody to help me. I tried to buy it but OV banned me for trading on 8ch



How in the world are we supposed to help you anyway?



Did anybody get this before it came down?


that is what 8ch gets for over its over publicized trading…. good thing we have our own forum lmao! goodluck getting the new videos while we enjoy them nice anons


Man i know this is a random post but just going through the videos on thisvid, Alexandria Starr has some of the best looking live vore models out there (especially Stefania). I just wish they would venture on to pinkies, or even grown mice (Zera spoiled us /:). Maybe they have and i just haven’t heard about it


File: 73a5c5b672ef89a⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 952x537, 952:537, Capture.JPG)


Hey guys! The shoot with Nova went great! Thank you to everyone who ordered a custom video from her. Many of you emailed me asking if this was legit, so here is a screenshot from a goldfish clip we shot on Sunday :)



How do I get this video?


Anyone got any vore where the pred regurgitates their victim?



how much?



If you would like to purchase this clip or talk to her about customs, you can do so with her directly at "TheRealGoddessNova@gmail.com"



Somebody buy her pinky clip and post it on this board please :)


To the poor bastard who's been begging for the instagram video:



File: e763587f0435027⋯.jpg (553.33 KB, 1932x2576, 3:4, img_2921.jpg)

Hello boys! My name is Lisa and I have just recently ventured into the realm of vore videos. I have been doing fetish stuff for a long time now, mostly foot/domination.. but just recently started taking some vore requests. I was told about this board so I thought I would pop in and say hello :) I am very open minded about vore.. so feel free to message me if you would like to discuss me swallowing something for you :)

Email: forgedinfirelisa@gmail.com

Here is the link to my YT channel if you want to see more of me…




does that include something alive like a fish or cricket or anything that's moving?

Can you stomach those sorts of stuff, or are you just into gummybears and alike



I agree with gentleman!

Unless you are willing to swallow live pray this is the wrong place for you!

And keep in mind our Queen Zera swallowed 10 furry mice in one go!

And Roxanne swallowed a frog the size of a toad!

A tiny little fish won’t do it for us here!



you idiot.. of course a fish will do for a start… it's really rare for someone to show up voluntarily to do a Vore fetish… If you can't be contented with fish then starve.



everyone start small.

and the girls from OV not really beauties. and how long they have only swallow small fishes?


give us a sample of something vore related first like swallow a gummy whole first, clean mouth shots and throat view when swallowing



THIS! glad someone said this. Respect her limits and YES a fish is fine to start. even a gummy right now is okay.



Thats stupid. Even gummy bears will be ok for a start. Those kinds of things needs some time.



Btw, you sounded horny and creepy as fuck dude. Chill out.


File: dce20b23c593646⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 558x344, 279:172, 1xazem.jpg)


>our Queen Zera




he does not know de wey my bruddahs!


File: 681b57dfa9d85c9⋯.jpg (81.4 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1468878235406.jpg)


why cant you guys just be normal. I'm begging you




Are you implying that obsessively posting about "Queen Zera" isn't normal or something? I bow to her shrine on a daily basis, and I'm completely normal!


apparently some of us haven't talked to actual girls and depend on self-pleasure to survive


If anyone wants to post Wink swallowing the fat frog or the boricua pinkie regurgitation videos, you would be the best


Does anyone remember this video this used to be on youtube?

>at fair

>2 girls, camera focused on girl with (red?) tanktop

>she swallowed like 4 goldfish

That video was hot af desu, anyone save it?



Yes can someone please post some regurgitation videos?


Does nobody have „Crunch it up“ from Alice Fetishfad? Its on Thisvid, but the guy will not accept my request






Can someone post this one here? I requested to add the guy a little while ago but he hasn’t responded to it



File: 2105c8a3d390045⋯.jpg (242.55 KB, 1339x641, 1339:641, petit-February 15 001 .jpg)

Alexandria Stars started her new website

The membership is 29.99$ and you would have access to 510 Fish vore clips all together,


Highly suggest it to anyone who is here.


Does anyone have the full clip of this video starting at 1:16?



Can we get some vore with the prey being vomited out?



Thanks for all the dead links…





They're not dead, I downloaded them all an hour ago



They're dead, I confirmed myself



Oh crap they are, I did download them all though, any in specific you want?



The pinkiesshark one, please?



who has this video? I'll trade/buy


So every week Alexandria will make a new clip? Does this mean they arnet limited to goldfish since its not on meanie (we hate vore even though it put us on the map) c4s? I hope her models go for it and do everything survival style.. aim to swallow as much variety as possible. Other countries do octopus, bugs, birds, reptiles, I hate how self righteous some ppl are, I haven't been on c4s since they discriminated this community. Im totally glad Alexandria, nova and ov didn't give in to the hate.



Due to the fact that theres a chance that the file was taken down by a DMCA, i'm not using mega to upload this. This link expires in 4 days: https://upload.run/iccrse




Actually I Don't know what was in these 3 mega links, so I can't pick, so if you can upload them all we'll appreciate it.


Can someone upload this please? I Cant get the guy to accept. https://thisvid.com/videos/com-blowfishy/



(All These Links will expire In 2-4 days)

Alright guys, heres what i got condensed into one post:

CricketFeast (Giantass Katelyn): https://upload.run/ydwccc

Mealworms (Giantass Katelyn):


An Oralvore Video (if someone knows what its called tell me the name please):




Some were not uploaded due to there size and the time it would take me to upload, sorry.

Also, one of the files that was uploaded by the original guy was corrupt.




How can I get this video?



What are you talking about? Alexandria hates vore? There's hate against vore on C4S? What?



Yes she is going to add a new clip every week, and as bonus you will have access to all her previous ones!



First of all thanks a lot.

Second why don't you use mega especially with large files?



Where do you get this gif from dude? What page?



I would normally use mega but theres a chance the original files were taken down via DMCAs and I don't want to risk my mega account.



They're talking about how live vore was banned on C4S.



Yes where indeed? Whoever has this video let me know. I will trade a rare video for it.



Yes we need this


Can someone please post some vore with regurgitation in it?







Does anyone get his "swallow alive" movie?






$374…. holy fuck these guys man. These prices are so insaneeeeee!





I'd pay it if they accepted bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.



Does anyone have the full clip of this video starting at 1:16?






Can someone please post some links for vore with regurgitation!? I'm pretty new to this board and I've been asking for weeks now. I know none of you owe me shit but I'm just asking as a fellow voreaphile (with emetophile tendencies) to please help me out.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



https://mega. nz/#!wjpGlIzT!KY_BTjqq72IcUs3duI9DxsoZFRuTtfsl8BSoR_hvm7k



Wow thanks! You got anymore?


anybody here from other forum? what happened there?


Looks like OV made a swipe on thisvid, they had every video removed by the looks of it.



To be honest, thisvid deserves it. Uploaders there often hold hostage videos that have been distributed elsewhere to fool naive people into giving them rare stuff.



Oh man! I lost a lot of good diamond videos….



My playlist got cut in half over a day or so, while everything you say is true there was some nice stuff uploaded there i wish i saved.



yeah, but some people are buying them anyway lol



man, what happened to the divine?



That does suck. What all did you lose?

I wasn't saying that about all uploaders though also.



A handful of OV videos mostly winks and roxy , and a few AS vids. I saved the best but it was nice having them on playlist.. Btw are people still sharing over here ? here's 2 OV vids from Lily, someone requested them a while back ago but now that thisvid wont allow them might aswell share them here https://mega.nz/#!ACJiGDJI Key !VxgDtHbXj4N9qlOmuQx5jvkKXFqGzl8QWeHWJ9Qni4s


Key !cGVtSzsymlLC_sQdFzVUMXbAAasYPt8g6JjdaNOtrVY



I deliberately was more cautious with posters to avoid takedown requests, and have one of the three videos left. I accepted roughly 66% of requests but I did so expecting that they would try to do this.



Do other company's commonly do copyright sweeps like this on thisvid?

Theres nothing wrong with being cautious either.



Companies that are known for copyright enforcement in general do this, and their participation in the thread and subsequent DCMAs show they're vigilant about material.

I uploaded a few Missa videos to pornhub (or a similar site) a couple of years ago. Some guy friended me, unfriended me and then my videos were gone within an hour.



ahhhh damnit the links are dead now. that was me who requested it once upon a time.



Well, im here to help ya. I downloaded them both immediately so I do have them both. They're both OV videos but unfortunately one of them is to large to upload to the site I use.

Enjoy! https://upload.run/anvitt

(expires in 2 days!!)



It kind of seems like everyone (myself included) would like to keep this thread only for the purpose of uploading material. Seeing as how there's only one real life vore thread allowed technically, I feel like the forum above could be utilized to discuss swallowing stories and experiences.This could include goldfish or other livestock you swallowed, or that you got somebody else to swallow. Probably could upload some material there as well. Nobody has really posted there since 2013 and it was all guys, but who knows? I've heard that there are some female swallowers out there so maybe some will come out of the woodwork and share too. If anyone's interested, cool. If not, also cool.


Ok, update. Looks like someone hacked it to mess with the registration process. I contacted yuryutyty to see if he can fix it. I'll update again if he does.






who posted these?


File: 68ae0bbd3e86a50⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 1259x678, 1259:678, 5.JPG)

Hey Nova here! just thought you boys would like to know that I just shot another pinkie video! XD Thank you to all who have sent me requests.. you guys are awesome! ;)

Here's a preview of my two pinky videos.. email me if you would like to buy them. I look forward to hearing from more of you :p

Pinkie Treats! - https://mega.nz/#!ByAXjbxY!Q4J8-T4cuLejkiMZjJx18nb8VmqgORCEPMGns_t3Fd0

Pinkie Pizza! - https://mega.nz/#!AuowADDC!8-CkpzO45YpEgvIalrplIV_wBIXtAr43_nBD5AduYUc





can someone please reupload the wink and stacy picnic video, all the links i found are down



I don't recall that ever being posted on this board so I dont have it.. sorry…


i have it but will uploaded it to my mega site first



anyone have the roxy swallowing pinkies or the big frog



thanks dude, appreciate it


no prob no vid is un getable lol


I still have not figured out how to download thisvid videos /: I’ve tried pretty much all the apps I’ve seen people suggest on here and none of them work on my phone



You should use a PC, I use Chrome with video DownloadHelper extension



Can someone post some vore with regurgitation please?



Could someone please repost this? already taken down…




Key: !bL9vYdfTiN8ovC6H61Tdtxm–h9FV_us1Vi5ZrlBwbE



Sorry, false Key. XD


Ah, i see the problem. There should be two - between txm-h9FV but it posts only one.



> !bL9vYdfTiN8ovC6H61Tdtxm–h9FV_us1Vi5ZrlBwbE

I don't get it>>20718



!bL9vYdfTiN8ovC6H61Tdtxm- -h9FV_us1Vi5ZrlBwbE

Without the space between - -.


I find it funny how OV is trying so hard to keep us from getting there vids for free but theres always someone there to download it long before they get to it and it ends up being reposted


I read somewhere that it's not even them directly but have recruited a couple well trusted from here to keep an eye on it and report it. But yeah, they better be faster lol



Use a different website from mega also, especially temp uploaders. I've never had issues with upload.run



Wow thank you man! You have any more?



Hi Sexygirls , the gothic girl , it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2f-nF2_XHw ??

it is no privat


did anyone get


before it disappeared?



Check >>20716 's post

(decryption key below)


File: d8a748b87b2e5fc⋯.jpg (23.35 KB, 241x208, 241:208, big fish vore.jpg)



File: 4fc81690bf52064⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 242x210, 121:105, cece.jpg)

File: 85500e3af04f46b⋯.jpg (17.77 KB, 245x207, 245:207, long snake.jpg)



Thanks bro!



Yes, i have. XD


Anyone have regurgitation videos with pinkies or even just a ton of pinkie vore?


File: f5be203980c2a70⋯.jpg (9.96 KB, 267x342, 89:114, fish-neck-nominate.jpg)

File: f1634d3d6fc9736⋯.jpg (12.23 KB, 620x342, 310:171, fish-neck-nominate 2.jpg)

File: 5f5e87513f42859⋯.gif (972.24 KB, 320x180, 16:9, lesbian fish vore.gif)

File: 4319484b583e6bb⋯.jpg (137.64 KB, 837x581, 837:581, Wink swallows big fish.jpg)

Anybody have this video? Pls share on Mega.



Could you upload more please?


Does anyone have anything of Makayla's or Kim's videos? Those were always my favorites.



Ive got a fair amount, anything in specific your looking for?



anything means anything, but "butter" and "the challenge" looked cool for Makayla, and for Kim, anything is good


I never saw the one where makayla swallows goldfish with cereals


Or was it cheerios? I bet cheerios


Can anybody download „crunch it up“ from thisvid and upload on mega?

Its a video from fetishfad where alice eats some food and then put live baby mice in the food mess to swallow it all together. i used to have it years ago and its fucking hot!





yes there is one where makayla is eating cereal and goldfish together. its awesome. i just dont remember the name.


The cereal video with Makayla is called "mmmakayla". Anyone here willing to share it?



>Mfw Katie Cummings swallows goldfish

Godly tier material.


One thing I always wondered about these videos is what are the exact sensations of swallowing mice? And how long do they typically live? I'd imagine they would suffocate in the esophagus, or if they survived in the stomach they would try escaping. Would it hurt or damage someone to have the mouse possibly claw at the stomach lining?

Sorry if this kills the fantasy for anyone, I'm just very curious lol.


Does anybody know how to download videos off thisvid? I'm having difficulty finding a reliable source to do so.



Read my previous comment: >>19473


does anyone have that new wink and claudia swallowing mice video up for grabs? Will trade/buy.


File: c39d92be57f99aa⋯.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6443.PNG)

File: 424f72e3f1d83ad⋯.png (825.58 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6445.PNG)

File: f48f3fe60c65a9e⋯.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6476.PNG)

File: 8f4735b55a395f1⋯.png (821.63 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6470.PNG)

File: 92ea7883a2bbe4a⋯.png (779.37 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6472.PNG)

Fellas! Ive found 2 girls from Argentina (Julieta and Anahi) that are willing to do custom goldfish swallowing requests or any other various types of requests that you may have. Ive already had Anahi do a custom of her swallowing a fish for the first time and it went really well. She did it with ease and actually ended up enjoying it. Ive also mentioned the whole pinkie idea and she said she would consider it for the right price. Anyways, heres a few pics of their faces and mouths. You can find them on Instagram- Username: voreblog

Anahi (the girl in the pics to the left) still has to set up a business email but i'll post it here whenever she makes it!



that mouth in the 2nd pic is amazing, who is that?

also do you have a custom vid to share to prove this is a real instagram?


can anyone send videos of athena swallowing fishes



Key: !snHph2E52zfB5B4WehkbfhnyKlAfiWLIZcqXo8E7Tbw



Key: !AyUh70sKGF4_7Q2tm35he2ZllhcFv1LNXLM0xYEU7L4




Kinda have a hard time getting into girls swallowing fish, but mice, even if they're just playing with them in their mouths? fucking hell yes.




Thank you!

Loved the videos, specially since they were original!



The mouth in the second pics belongs to Anahi (the one who swallowed the fish) heres a shortened clip of the custom i ordered to prove that she's real. She chugged the fish in one gulp it was great lol. You can reach her on the instagram account in my previous post or at nskochoa@gmail.com



Who is the girl with the last pictured mouth? 92ea…png Julieta? Does she has a mail? I will order from her!!!>>20891


I'd love to see her swallowing a mice.



Thats Julieta. She has never swallowed a live fish before but she is 100% willing to try. They both share the same email for now, so you can request anything from either girl at nskochoa@gmail.com or instagram acccount: voreblog




I've seen a couple videos where someone had swallowed an endocam and the mouse/mice were moving around inside for 30 minutes in one and 55 to an hour in another. I can try and find the clips again.



Yes please find those clips!


hey mice clips are in trending nowadays and in future the mice swallowing videos will have more demand. many vore creators are in this planning that they will shoot this kind now. it is also there that baby birds will be also coming into vore industry to get swallowed alive and whole by beautiful hot and sexy girls.



How do you know that stuff? Do you have a magic models mouth that you can look into to see the future? Where do I find one! X) Actually… don't say its probably best to just be patient. The future is full of surprises :p



That would be awsome!



im guessing ur referring to firebolt's vids, if not hell yeah i'd love to see



So uh… hate to be like this, but could you please share something if you do have something? Sorry for being bothersome like this, but I really liked those two's content



No your good. To be honest I got busy with other things. I'll upload 2 vids tomorrow :)


I would love to see oralvore or another producer, add some pussy mouse insertion into the fetishe videos.






As promised, heres some of my Kim vids, please realize this folder will be deleted by me in 2 days. Enjoy! >>20930


Key: !XjilppwXCgC5dEjJhEOdtg



Was kinda hoping for more stuff like this if anybody had anything saved



Would be awesome! I think I know what you are talking about but I will never find the stuff again



Do you have any video of claudia swallowing frog?


**Please Note that my link >>20948 was dmca'd ironically about an hour before I was planning to take it down. Oh well, i'll use throaway accounts instead OV. Also, why even bother? 100's of people already downloaded it <3


Yes but do you have anything you could upload too?



does your friend still open for customs? will she chew and spit, instead of swallowing? Does she has at least 720p camera?


I've got some pretty rare vore clips from the best in the field (pinkies, eels, frogs, fishes) but I'm a hardvore fan… so I will trade them with only rare or private hardvore (chewing) clips, or if you don't own such - you can help with the purchase. Once traded, they will be shown here shortly :) Interrested? femalemouth@abv.bg


Does anybody have "Mouthfulls" by Alexandria Star. I can't find it anywhere on thisvid.


Post last edited at


Anyone have that Claudia vid where she takes shots of goldfish?



What the fuck does this have to do with Vore?

Pretty girl toh!



fuck ya! love it.



its because its a video of claudia from oralvore. and yeah shes pretty XD



Someone has her private mail? I want to contact her directly if possible…


Can someone please post some vore with regurgitation please?



Thanks for the hot upload. I bet the mice, frogs, and fish appreciate the semen she sent down to them when she swallowed ;)



Please re up those videos!

This just made the whole thing hotter <3


I would love to see her giving a blowjob, just after she has swallowed a goldfish.



That would be so good, I would love it.


File: a7f7704be5d024b⋯.jpeg (368.16 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 95E9A7DF-E669-4CD9-87E1-6….jpeg)

File: 704d5f843f1ce59⋯.jpeg (324.46 KB, 1242x1518, 9:11, 7E67D7F2-F7A5-437A-8B49-A….jpeg)

Guys, i really don’t mean to sound like the boy who cried wolf, but I’ve convinced another one of my friends to try out live vore videos. She’s seems more on board than the last two I’ve mentioned in here so hopefully she’ll go through with it. She did say that she’d definitely have to be paid substantially tho. Her Instagram is @envysoles if you want to message her directly.

I did get her to send some test footage of her mouth for y’all:




Find a way to cover up your watermark and post this shit now!

*Claudia Wink Fuzzy Vore*



I have an idea, she, and whoever you have that wants to provide a sample of what they can do. Then they can put up folders of previews of their videos, along with a way to contact them. After that I’ll be all ears. I’m not just gonna cough up money on the hopes of a decent clip.



she'd be the best vore actress by far


I doubt that we'll ever see *Claudia Wink Fuzzy Vore* here. OV only sold 3 copies of that, heavily watermarked and if they see it on here, then they will most likely just block the 3 people that bought it :(


I still have not found anyone with the courage to do what oralvore does. Beautiful girls swallowing hairy mice. I got in touch with some of these girls who do custom, but none of them dare to swallow mice.


Someone who already bought this video of Wink and Claudia, what is it like? Do you know if it's worth buying?


It's funny how Oralvore can order take downs of videos they own… but videos that are totally NOT LEGAL to produce. Women swallowing mammals alive? Really? Ever heard of the government pressure against crush videos? Well guess what - crushing a mouse under one's feet and having it die in one's tummy is much the same thing.



Clips4sale will also now that you use their storefront to promote hardcore videos sold under the counter. :)

NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES – or among fans of sick stuff. You will release your videos and profit from them until someone shares the thing and/or as long as enough people decide to buy instead of trying to download for free. Like all other porn out there.




Are you going to stop the snakes from eating mice as well? And the lions eating gazelles? The methods of slaughter are far more cruel than being swallowed alive. Go and pack something useful to do!




No man. I enjoy these videos as well. I couldn't care less about the mice. All I want is for Oralvore to let us share in peace. They have NO MORAL HIGH GROUND HERE! ;)

I even enjoy crush videos.


I want is FREEDOM for this board! You buy it, you own it. ; )



What are these watermarks? Just text typed on top of the video or something more complex?



I do not want oralvore videos. I want a girl like Zera, full of courage to make videos of fetishes like that. Oralvore aims at the financial return and only that.


The mice swallowed by zera are 3 times larger than the oralvore does, and it swallows them without making disgust. I believe there will never be another like her.



Agreed! She was one of a kind!



Part of my point is this: any fetish community dies without sharing. I saw it happen in the crush community, more than once. At first you have hubs full of files, so everybody can get some videos when they start going after their newfound fetish.

Soon enough anything new is "trade only" or for sale for A LOT. And the forums become chating rooms built around the same sample images posted alongside promises of future sharing extravaganzas (remember the "christmas dump?") or strict "want something new ONLY" messages.

And then the boards/forums just die, the folders get deleted, andv videos that used to be common just disappear.

And after the producers themselves stop selling this stuff it's all GONE.



How do you know only 3 bought em?


File: ae0235995d5f304⋯.jpg (6.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Because it's the guy who owns the oralvore who wrote this. Minutes after he wrote it here, he took the site with rarer videos from the internet. Friend from oralvore, do not worry, nobody will report your videos! Your mice are the size of pills! Look the queen!



Yeah I know. I have been checking in here a few times a day for about 5 months now.

And no one shares anymore.

I have given up on oralvore. It’s just to dam expensive.

Why not lover the price so many more can afford it? Then people would be like “it’s only 10$! Go buy it and support the girls instead of asking for free”

I bet at least 300 buyers would get it for 10$

That’s 3000$



Yeah, it would be better for everybody if the videos were cheaper. I think 10 is too cheap, though. 300 of course if just insane.

Oralvore doesn't care about the community, of course. It's a business.

I'd love to see them in court trying to sue somebody for sharing the ANIMAL ABUSE VIDEOS they rightfully own, though. :)

Plus – who's crazy enough to use a personal e-mail and his REAL NAME when buying a video that will plaster this info in the frames? NUTS! I bought crush videos years and years ago, but you can bet the producer never knew my real name or had my actual e-mail.



After having heard about the amount of money they charged for their videos, both from here and over by their website, so am I almost surprised that they had ANY customers at all. Depending on how high the price could be, as you all have said, for one single video. I mean, even if they have probably made a pretty good amount of money of their videos by now. So can I not help but to wonder how much they would have made if their prices would have been high, and low, enough so that even some of the people who doesn't earn that much money would be able to buy the vids they sell/sold. You know, a reasonable price.




One thing that needs to be debunked is the inverse relationship between "most pirated" and "sold the most." You will only lose ALL your sales if the price of your videos is absurd and completely out of the range of most porn studios.

Take BRAT PRINCESS 2 for instance, a femdom clips4sale store. They are always in the TOP 10 there. And yet you can find a ton of BP2 videos for download in most forums. New videos will take some time to be pirated, though, and will often be compressed. So enough people prefer to buy them outright. Their clips, of course, cost between 10 and 30, with most staying inside the 10-15 ballpark. And they are good enough to pay for themselves in the first weeks of sale, before they get pirated. After that it doesn't really matter.



>Katie Cummings swallows goldfish

You have this clip? I would love to see it


Does anyone have that necknomination video?


OV made ridiculous money from frog and mice vore. This forum is insignificant, mostly because it's comprised of non-buyers… and how many? Like 10 people are trading videos? Hardly 100s, LOL. As you pointed out, those types of videos are illegal, so I guess you geniuses would sell them for $30, so that you they showed up everywhere, and you get busted? Do it, please. Make mice vore and sell them on the cheap. You also make OV's point that putting watermarks deters sharing, so that is smart too. OV always knows when this forum in having an OV discussion, or posts a video somewhere because our OV store gets a huge spike in sales. So, I guess this forum does impact OV sales after all :) Thanks. Lastly, and again because of all the points made against producing mammal and amphibian vore, that Claudia/Wink white fuzzy video was the last OV will ever produce. Thanks for reminding OV of how bad those videos are for business, no more. So, if you miss Claudia's cruelty and fulfilling your fantasies, you can thank Mr Legal Eagle here for reminding us that we should have stopped that long ago. Maybe a few more goldfish vids in our future, but only to fund our new projects in porn, but once that takes off, OV is done, and not because of you, but because we spoiled our market with live vore that is illegal to make and there is less demand for gummy bear vore. So, we either break the law and get threatened legally by the people that want the content, but can't afford it, or make it affordable and have those same people give it away for free and thus still getting OV in legal trouble, or OV applies their efforts to other less legally challenged content. Hm, not a tough choice.



Ah! I see my point was well understood!

Write me at buddy_yoke22@gmx.com for instructions on how to be able to still have a Clips4sale store and not become a huge figure in online media in the next few days. :)



So you are a rep from OV?

Then help the girls out a bit and share there other artist names so we can find other legal material they made :D



You have mail!


I get it. If oralvore wants to focus on pornography, I do not know how it's going to be, since pornhub and xvideos are very saturated with normal pornography and we have strong industruas like Blazzers. Vore fetish is quite interesting, but fishes are very clichéd and Alexandria Stars, especially Makayla are hard to beat. If oralvore made little money with mices videos, it's because really the price vs. demand ratio really is not cool.


File: 87cc3c330ccc08c⋯.jpg (484.36 KB, 1024x641, 1024:641, Mocha’s Open Mouth Gummy S….jpg)

Mocha’s Open Mouth Gummy Swallowing (170 mb)




May I point out that while there may only be a few of us trading and posting, at one point when I used upload.run which keeps track of download numbers, there were over 300 downloads in 2 days! That proves we have a TON of lurkers on here lol


Stop bullshitting and start posting mice vores if anyone have. only dickheaders get lost from here.


Seriously, anyone gets excited seeing a woman eating candy?


For all you know that could be ov posting to catch you out.. id rather ov and alexandas stars just say yeah were all the same we have vore tendencies and human rights so lay off, then places like c4s wouldnt fk us around, thed never ban gay vids so why us. But it seems a love hate relationship with ov and its fans, they've really pushed the boundaries of vore and I wish one of their models would do 10 furs just to stop zera hype.. maybe 11..


does anyone have a video titled spaghetti smoking vore? blonde girl wearing black booty shorts eating spaghetti and swallowing goldfish? Can't seem to track it down anywhere.


Also, if the OV person is still floating around here I would like to LEGALLY purchase your latest Claudia/Wink video. Where can I do this?



Missed the download by around an hour by my guesstimate. Anyone willing to put it up again?


One of Makayla's older vids of her as a schoolgirl


key: !yu8JQml4u8kQvh6FCZVSEzmY_H49PnLd_HjPW5lKw7I


another Makayla video, called "Makayla's Big Boys"


key: !EzvSnZPc4vOlDpPv_YewUeWQ2ipH2WpWmV5evxIRRTA


Buddy Are you completely stupid in your head? You seemed to have started a war with Oralvore. who is the winner of it?.

It is only losers of this war.

Do you think Oralvore would like to make more live after this. Alexandra have soon even been tired to make videos.

people are talking about zera. she has stopped quitting. stop dreaming about her. We still want companies that do this. but as it feels now, everyone is soon gone.


And finally, 2 of Christlie's goldfish videos, given to us by the seemingly late Sexualenticement in a year or two ago.

Christlie's Goldfish


key: !JhaMjBcjVmgAfl3iY5zc3bF1iK1sB8hMaMwoII-z-2I

Christlie's Goldfish (but with boobs)


key: !bfA3GNmnPvnvAfQgIBNg42bDXmSUKxCwkfgwAy5PBJY

Why might I, a lurking anon, randomly drop some stuff? Because that was the original intention of the thread, or so I like to believe



Any one please got Riley's pool vore smaller, please share it.


Im glad I got to see the models I have in my lifetime, im happy they do what they do for us. he must be a crush guy who was banned or something.

Just ignore him I definitely dont want to be grouped with a guy who tries to blackmail girls to please him >:(



Link is dead. Can you re-upload please?


the videos are so bad, you have to use viagra?



nobody wants to hear you crying tears of rage, bitch


>>21051 can I offer an alternative theory, that whenever something starts to get popular, more people turn up. eventually theres a smart ass who thinks he's ahead of everyone and can make everything better with his smartness ( lets just call him I dont know… Buddy) a cunt like buddy turns up with no negotiating skills in his history and challenges the giantesses in the room (lets say idk ov) then everyone whos here to have a good time runs for it, the giantesses are furious, the forums/folders dont just die, cunt buddy gets them all killed by the giantesses he pissed off then goes back to c4s where all the other moral fucktards are. Because every story has a cunt.. I mean buddy, he survives the slaughter from sheer luck and goes on to screw over other peoples lives with his smartness.

We should pool our money to have you kidnapped and eaten by Claudia. Its what's best for this board.




U gona message everyone on youtube to get you off or you'll go legal buddy, ur a sex offender in the making






Just a "quick" thing about what you are saying. First of all so do I think that no here really thinks there is a lack of people who wants to buy RL vore videos like those from OV and similar places. Vore is after all more popular than people think. And as I wrote in my last comment so did I NOT think that Oral vore has NOT earned quiet a profit from selling the videos that they have sold. Even if the ones who have bought them have obviously been a…somewhat high earning minority in the vore community. What I and other people here simply thinks is that could have been even better of OV and us if their prices hadn't been as stupidly high as they were. I mean, I would be willing to pay for a clip of vore even if it would have cost something between 70 or 150 USD. Which to wouldn't have been a stupid price of a vore video if you ask me. (You know…as long as the quality was obviously good.)

Secondly so I want to say a quick thing about the whole thing that if more vore videos like goldfish swallowing, as an example, would get more popular so could that possible mean the death of an easy way to get our hands on RL vore videos like the ones here….I don't really think there is such a high chance of that happening honestly. Especially after crush videos got thrown into the spot light not too long ago and have now gotten themselves into top 10 YouTube lists of horrible videos that existed. As well as in big and small news articles and shit like that. And that's also not even speaking of the fact that goldfish swallowing exists as RL challenges all over the world and that most people pretty much simply take such videos as just nasty things that there exists videos of and that work as good "nasty" reaction videos. At least from what I've over all seen. So yeah, maybe I'm just talking out of ass when I say that vore stands safer than crush videos and stuff. But on ther other hand so do I think a lot of you can agree that even if crush and vore videos has some similarities so would most people be quicker to react on resurfacing crush videos than vore clips.

That was all ~


What the hell is going on with this community? There used to be clips shared, videos posted. Now it's just accusations and shit. All my videos got removed from Pornhub months ago (just gummy/giantess stuff, of course).



I can't afford OV videos either. But now it seems they won't even exist. So… if you can't have them no one will?


funny how everyone says they would buy and not share less expensive videos, yet above this post are several OV clips that are low priced. Just be honest, you will share anything and everything no matter the price. You are using price as an excuse to share, yet you share everything anyway. So just stop that argument, you will share and post for free no matter what.


I just bought Justice League, so I guess that means I can open a theater and charge people to see it? Maybe make copies and sell them in my video store? Buying intellectual property like a book, or film, or clip, is not the same as buying a car, or a hair dryer. Just a thought.


Anything goes really. Folks will either share, or they won’t. OV wants to set a stupidly high price fine, they made it, so they set the price. That’s the whole basis of supply, and demand. I shared, and was banned from OV. They still have that one clip I want where Wink orgasms with the frog. Can’t get it now. We need to control how much is shared, otherwise no one will make them anymore. No money in it if one guy buys it, and gives it to all their potential customers. I stopped sharing with that in mind. No money in it, no one is going to make anything new, thus making sharing a moot point.


Right. So, let's say you decide today, to write a book. You spend a week writing your book, you start to sell it on Amazon, and you sell a few, but then sales slow… so you go to a forum, youtube and a few other places to promote your book but instead find that someone posted your book for free. Now the people that would buy your book, don't need to because it's available for free. How would you feel? Suddenly you'd be screaming about people sharing your book and you'd look for ways to prevent it. When the shoe is on the other foot, your perspective changes. Now, let's say you wrote a book on how to do something illegal… you want to sell it, but you don't want it sold so much that the police get their hands on it… what can you do? Maybe raise the price to keep the book rare and out of the hands of too many people? You people should change your perspective if you don't want to run ALL the vore producers out of the business. Just a thought.



>Now, let's say you wrote a book on how to do something illegal… you want to sell it, but you don't want it sold so much that the police get their hands on it… what can you do?

If you're worried about the legal ramifications of a thing, you shouldn't do that thing.

And your eventual conclusion (i.e. oh easy, i'll just charge more) doesn't make sense because it's not like the police will need to buy it to press charges, and it's price isn't directly equivalent to the market it reaches.

The market that wants OV's video know full well that they sell their stuff, they just don't want to pay the extortionate prices. If they suddenly sold their videos at even half the price it's not like it would suddenly appear on the radars of tons of people who weren't previously aware of it.

tl:dr: your metaphor is idiotic, your point even more so.


Ok, I see I am preaching to a numb minded group. I can afford the videos, and I have the coveted Claudia Wink video, and it's fantastic :)



Wink orgasms with the frog?! OMG

Guess I could buy a car or this video though lol


To everybody speaking against the sharing of files: you're RIGHT, actually…. Piracy is piracy.

This IS a sharing board though. So the solution would be to just close it. What kind of "vore discussion" will we have? We'll just point to videos, share links and write reviews?

Also – it's porn. It gets shared. Don't know what more to say on the matter….


This channel is eating itself alive lately…



his metaphor and point were pretty good. not at all perfect but it should be enough to understand the prices. Youre pretty much approving of demanding the creator to lower their prices under threat. That approach makes no sense if people want more vore videos. realistically is this kind of attitude going to lower their prices? no probably not. likewise will reporting them help out the vore community? hell no. So whats the point then? just trade other videos or move on. OR we create competition by looking for other girls. it looks like many people have already did that. i cant afford oralvores videos but im not bitching. if someone releases it then its good. if not then meh. well go after other videos.

i have a feeling youll probably end up defensive and go crazy from this rather than just accepting it. oy im glad there are many sane, rational people on here though for calling out "Buddy"


to be honest since we cant ban certain idiots from here someone should just shut this place down. A forum that can ban certain individuals like "buddy" and the people defending him would be better.

Plus … Even if i agreed with you buddy … holy shit your strategy is terrible and detrimental to everyone but mostly us. So either youre just trolling from another forum, youre actually oralvore (another flaw with this place is not knowing who is posting, or youre just terrible at this.



Buddy IS an obvious animal activist. He doesn't want new videos, he wants to cause OV and any other producers in here to stop producing.



I agree. I lurked a lot in here looking for videos. But now this "sharing" board has become the voice of Oral Vore and other producers – remember the "christmas dump" fiasco? I bet that was OV itself playing with us… trying to make people buy videos and send them to shemselves lololol this has caused this angry "Buddy" to appear and fuck things up for good….


Yikes guys, how about we all shutup and start posting stuff again regardless?


Look guys, if we want to keep this thread alive and well, quit arguing and start using a different site than mega. Use a temporary upload site especially and set a shorter time limit because often times, those sites dont get the DMCA until its to late. Its worked for me every time.



Nice idea. Specially since my HD crashed and I got here to try and get some stuff back. But found "world war vore" going on lololol


Can some please just post a bunch of vore with regurgitation?



I would if I had it. I don't think anybody here has any or if they do, they're not gonna post it.



Yeah, this is not a sharing board anymore. It's about community discussion and product reviews! <3 This is the board that Buddy and OV built.



lol screw that. 75% of my vore collection came from this topic on this board alone



Yep, practically all that I had came from here. Plus a few bought videos and some stuff ripped from pornhub, etc



Sent you an e-mail!


I'm making an amateur vore porno so I am wondering is there anything that is a definite must for yall? First one is gonna be free and if it get a ton of views the next ones will cost a few bucks.


hope this hasnt been posted yet




One that was on youtube, and quickly torn down. Not a fan of chewing, but its something: https://mega.nz/#!NFQAgTKY!hSLj4Ebg81AGNfoec57XaDuA_jXG-f9nTtMBg37fXPQ


I thought that was the makayla sorority swallow with the eels. Ive still not seen that



Tuma is Buddy.


File: 9155b2d29ed20af⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 12278665_1098587010151558_….jpg)

Hey guys! I just spent a few minutes browsing through the posts and holy drama llama batman! lol. Just wanted to let you all know that I am shooting again at the end of this month so get your custom requests in soon before all the spots fill up!

Because you all have been so awesome to me, here is a free clip of me swallowing a little goldfish XD




File: fd221d48036d3c7⋯.mp4 (12.69 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 0c87fc2b6a.360.mp4)

he's just a sly creep who's wasted enough of our time. He thinks he can get us to fight each other so ignore him.

this is more sleek and clean than porn (most of the time) its more like 75% erotica 25% porn. And erotica is an art form almost as old as human history. Goldfish where also originally bred as food fish aswell.

I actually have a big problem with finning and whaling because they're large sentient creatures we don't get and we do not have the means to breed or replace. But lets say there was an island of giantesses who could breed them and had countless different colours and types but a shark or whale was a goldfish to them id feel ok about it because they can replace it and make more types.

But this too is something interesting and attractive and natural. if people didn't bread fish to eat, we wouldn't have so many cool types of goldfish. Its about balance. Also when karbo started he charged for his comic so im not seeing the problem. Ov has alot of cheaper vids the way I see it a few ppl want their best stuff for nothing which isnt fair. I wouldn't go crazy on someone selling high end vodka id just buy cheaper until I felt like partying with expensive stuff.


>>21142 oops sorry goddess nova I got a bit passionate talking there, :s didn't mean to stand on your feet so to speak 😌 and I didn't see ur post till I posted 🙇 im just a humble morsel trying to help this board 🙇


how do you even find these vids to buy them ? ov website and clips 4 sale has nothing but fish




Unfortunately, with people like "Femaleteeth Animation" posting creepy messages on her video to basically let her know he's getting off to this, it will probably be down soon. Just like many other original content videos are taken down when users are disgusted by basic vore mongoloids start posting comments typed with one hand on their videos.


>21151 email goddess nova and negotiate what you want?



agreed. i think he is on this page and frequents this place. I thought he was smarter than this. ugh someone needs to message his ass and scold the shit out of his dumb brain. Chances are that girl has other vids shed be willing to post or will post in the future but this will keep her from doing so *FacePalm* looks like she does this every year on her bday



What's wrong with the comment? If you ask me - we should inform the poor lady that what she did is actually a porn for a group of people. Including me. It's just not fair to pretend how casual this is, especially when we have kids involved (not that case). Just pay some $$$ and you will see everything you wish.


So I have been afk for a while anyone have a tldr for what's happening?



It truly shocks me that, not only do people make purely autistic comments like that, but people like you can't even comprehend the cringe and pure autism of telling them that you're jerking off to their video.

She doesn't need to know anything. Just let her enjoy her challenge without being disturbed for life knowing that a bunch of men just jerked their little winkies to her.



I second that, there's nothing more cringey than the comments on these type of videos. Most of the time I have to zoom in on the suggested video thumb nails just so i don't see the comments. Honestly baffles me why people comment that type of stuff like are they not aware of how cringey they're being



Awesome!! thank you!



yeah I agree. maybe not necessary on one-off videos like this, but in general that feels right.



I will vouch for Goddess Nova. I purchased $120 of content from her, pinkies and fish, and was very impressed. She's got some of the best videos around, and fucks up OV's $400 pricing. It's nice to see some competition forming in vore. Competition will give the community great content at fairer prices. Nova charged me $50 for a single pinky clip, compared to OV's $200. She's doing better quality at 25% of the price. Keep up the good work!!!


Anyone knows what happened with Oral Vore's goldfish videos? I tried searching in theri page and couldn't find them.



I agree with this guy, this group is great but its too public. I can recognize some of you that post frequently, but we hace too manu anonymous. And also some of the owners of the videos we are trying to share….



In other words, OV is no longer a monopoly for pinky videos, so they no longer have pricing power.


OV doesn't make pinky videos anymore, so the pricing point and monopoly argument is mute.



How much to swallow a furry one? Not just pinkies?

And something that both terrifies me and turns me on would be to find a girl that would and could swallow a kitten! Newborn ofc so it would fit!



It’s like the feeling when you see a corpse. You don’t want to watch it but can’t look away XD


Furry mice, ok, mas cat os Impossible.


File: 152984bf538a809⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 242x218, 121:109, college girls VS fish.jpg)

someone have this vid?



idk what your definition of anymore is. If they've made a pinky vid in the past 2 weeks I feel like that constitutes them still making pinky vids. Besides, them saying they won't make anymore isn't credible because they've said it many times in the past and then continued to make them. I'll upload my photo evidence of the many times they've said it lol


how many of those times was Rachel threatened and blackmailed? I think she's done this time. But that's just what I think.



Can you not remind them, dont stir up the stomach acid 😌 its fallout from the xmas dump, basically since that promise, roxanne did amazing clips with hilarious frog sidekicks then Claudia came from nowhere (first time ive seen her) and was seemingly competing with roxanne all with the good intentions of helping the xmas dump. But the guy (lets call him santa) fucked it up.

In true schoolyard fashion everyone bundled for the shiny pokemon cards (clips), realising they weren't secured. Then he who must not be named turned up thinking he was like a buddy. And tried to attack the distributor not santa.

Everyone take a yoga class or just chill for a bit crack open a cold one. Fingers crossed it will go back to normal.


We appreciate those who purchased our videos and supported our work over the years. We will continue our work, but this time, focusing on subjective fetishes. It has been a great pleasure to work with Real Vore, on the other hand, everyone knows that it is very risky, and we often suffer attacks and threats. Our last real vore video was Claudia and Wink. We had one recorded, Claudia and Roxanne two big white fuzzies, but to preserve us, it has already been discarded. Keep up the good work. A big kiss to all those who gave us true support. Love, Rachel.



Thanks for all the goodies. Go to China and get girls to do it there. No laws to be afraid of ^^



Also could you help me out?

How did you find your talents? And how did you approach them?

Not on Craigslist I take it? And not “hey want to make money by swallowing live animals so you can feel them squirm in your stomach”

How did you do it?


I happen to know that Rachel form OV did not post that last post from Rachel. Dickhead whoever it was



Who the fuck is rachel? OV's animal eating operations are directed by Jake Steingart. You can find that on their website.


ok whatever, it's not rachel who posted that comment about roxanne and claudia. still a dickhead. wish we could trade some content and stop all the bs.


21214 Hi Buddy :) LOL


File: 8cf3be03959cceb⋯.jpg (99.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 760669-t8.jpg)

hello everyone this is jasmine. i have talked with her for mice vore video and she is agree to eat baby mices alive and whole. so who are interested for it. then you have to contribute $5 each so that we can purchase the clip from her.



Everything is wrong with it. They don't need to know that you are jerking off to their video and I'm sure they don't want to know. All it does is creep them out and get the content taken down. The more people are aware that this is a fetish, the worse off we'll all be for it.



Can you tell us what you got for a $120? How many pinkies, where they old enough to walk move around and how long what the video?



wow, really?


Hey ya'll. Idk whats been going on in this thread but I recently went through a hard drive failure and almost lost all my vore. That is, had it not been for EaseUS recovery software that got me it all back. So if any of you ever have that happen I can send you a pirated version ;)

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