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File: 2bd91c79127fe01⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 258x145, 258:145, makayla.jpg)


the last thread reached limit so I made the second one, just share whatever you have.

Real life vore thread. Set to cyclic so use [-] if you never want to see again.

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>Alice did it. And she caught it on video, how she shit them out and showed the remains.

That wasn't posted here yet, was it?


Im looking for "Makayla human eating process"

Anyone have it?



Isn't there something like kickstarter but for kinky porn and shit?

For like 3-400$ is a bit too much for me (let's say i am from a poor Eastern-EU country), but if there would be something like that, i could throw in some 50-100$ every once in a while. And if there were a few more people (and i am pretty sure there are), comissioning some mice swallowing and shitting video would be no issue.

It's only lack of infrastrucutre and organization, there's no lack of interest & demand...



I agree i mean im sure theres been worse stuff requested.

I figured there would be a girl out there like alice who just does it for enjoyment.

Also if im gunna be paying 3 to 400 for a clip like that it better be excellent quality. Decent looking girl and dirty talk.

Theres has to be videos out there floating around of someone whos done it already its just hard to find.

We just have to message some models and see who is willing.


Hello guys, long time lurker, first time poster here.

Alright so I've managed to contact a few model sites and one of them has agreed to film a vore video where a model will swallow 10 mouses and thereafter her scat with the digested mouse. The details can be roughed out once the deal is agreed. However since they're only willing to do it for $215 and that's a little steep for me by myself(not that I can't but why not spread the joy?) and I'm opening up my offer to my fellow friends here. If you're interested in chipping in, kik me at jakelatebake for proof of email and roughing out of details. Regardless of the replies I've received, I will still be going ahead with the offer by 1st June.

Scam Alert.

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a good way to go about this is to get us in contact with them as well, so that we can directly send them money. that way we know this isnt a scam. let them know its a group commission


It would be a first good step to show us who we are dealing with.


hmm, that will be interesting, i guess. Considering some events in the past, and the nature of this forum… Well i prepare some popcorn seeds nearby my microwave oven, just in case.



If the person he found isn't already well-known and putting out a lot of vids, I ain't risking it. ive been scammed a few times before in the vore community.



I vote Jake for our Leader.



I messaged him. Seems legit. If you are questioning it then message him.



Can you post a link to the model site that has agreed to this Jake?


Contacted the fellow in the post above as well as a few others. Decided to commission a test clip at a lower price to see if the fetish store is legit. It's not anyone well known by this community as a heads up. Before we pull the trigger we want to see if anyone else wants to join. It's hardly the dumbest thing I've done with money based on the amount of folks we have. It may work, it may not, but at least we're giving it a go at a not insane price.


I'm the poster above, but just to clarify, they are a legit fetish shop with all sorts of fetish clips, we just don't know how legit they are for what we are asking specifically.



Why can't you tell us specifically which fetish store?


Install Kik and join our live chat to find out. We already have several willing contributors.



>Install Kik and join our chat to find out!11!!1!!!

Fuck off cunt.



Just a heads up to anyone thinking of commissioning a clip.

I enquired and got a response within 12 hours, negotiated (again all responses within 12 hours) and agreed to buy an existing clip prior to me ordering an 8-10 fish custom (her suggestion).

All seems very legit, I paid £30 and even received a PDF invoice. Incredibly professional!

What I don't have is a clip! I paid on Wednesday night and since then have had regular contact, but unfortunately daily promises of a link, but nothing forthcoming.

I'm sure it will all work out in the end, and it's only £30 so not the end of the work. I guess I am just disappointed as I think she looks awesome, but if it is taking this long to deliver a clip that already exists, it doesn't give me huge confidence in a commission at 10x the cost.

Really hoping it works out, would love to work with her on some customs.




Just a heads up to anyone thinking of commissioning a clip.

I enquired and got a response within 12 hours, negotiated (again all responses within 12 hours) and agreed to buy an existing clip prior to me ordering an 8-10 fish custom (her suggestion).

All seems very legit, I paid £30 and even received a PDF invoice. Incredibly professional!

What I don't have is a clip! I paid on Wednesday night and since then have had regular contact, but unfortunately daily promises of a link, but nothing forthcoming.

I'm sure it will all work out in the end, and it's only £30 so not the end of the work. I guess I am just disappointed as I think she looks awesome, but if it is taking this long to deliver a clip that already exists, it doesn't give me huge confidence in a commission at 10x the cost.

Really hoping it works out, would love to work with her on some customs.


I'm in the kik group with the other people. Here's the studio that will be doing the custom for us:



Head's up: The model behind


is a contemptible scammer. I ordered a (non-custom) fish swallowing video from her. It's basically half a minute of content looped over and over for several minutes, with a clearly fake swallow. Avoid.



Ah I guessed so, so thats my £30 wasted then! Oh well, so glad I didn't order a custom.

Second time I've been scammed, the first for a LOT more money. It kind of encourages me to create a board where studios can be reviews in terms of their descriptions vs content and ability to create custom work…. watch this space!



Ugh just imagine they provide the clip but it is a clip of Andy swallowing and shitting out the 10 fish…


This whole kik group shit is obviously fake as fuck.

it's either that "model" doing it or some other faggot is trying to scam people.


Wow, nice troll. You tried to con people into merging their funds for a video with some obese faggot to do the video.


Woah peopl woah calm down! Doesnt matter at this point if it was a con or otherwise. Lets be grateful no-one really lost out of alot money .



new roxanne clips





God you guys are retarded.

Im in the kik group nobody is looking to get scammed.

We are worried about the studio not providing the video after payment.

We sent an email requesting one of their models to swallow 10 pinkies and film her poop.

They agreed to it and gave us a price.

In kik we are trying to figure out if they are legit so we are trying to request a cheap test clip from them.

But you idiots wanna cry scam at every corner besides joining and figuring it out on your own.

Bunch of babys.




even if it's real it's gonna be bad



Well orginally we said mice and they agreed. We thought pinkies because shes never swallowed mice only goldfish.

But thats a non issue we just want to make sure this studio wont rip us off we are genuine people.

Its hard to tell if theyd stiff us or not.



Which is why we thought of requesting a cheap custom clip to see if they are legit.

If they are then they would have business.

Who knows maybe they are or not. Iv never bought clips online.


All the info is in the kik. Nobodys asking for money its just brainstorming.



Can we get some dirty talk going. Like talking about how her body turned these once happy and energetic mice into shit or something along those lines?



thanks for outsourcing the discussion to a phone app that pulls real names & numbers instead of discussing it here. :^)


great. now i shall check this out myself.

Idk why was it so important to get this on kik. I don't have kik.

What's the purpose of brainstorming anyways, there is no actual 100% way to find out weather the studio will send this custom mouse shit shit or not. A well estabilished studio has less risk a small unknown studio has a bigger risk. That's all.



We used kik because its easier to communicate with the people who are interested. We dont want to spam the thread with just discussion about it.




I'm just telling it's not a great idea to make it such a big deal and try to get a test video and shit. 200 is already a suspiciously low for such a specific vore and scat stuff. Idk anybody is willing to make any kind of custom video for much less then this, and even if they do, what would it prove anyways?



Thats not a low price. Its really not a hard thing to do. The popular studios or models of course charge high because they can.

If you lose 20 bucks or watever its not the end of the world.

If it turns out to be legit then it opens the door a little bit.

We all know the possibility of getting scammed.



I once broached this subject with Riley Jane from


When asked she said:

"I have never made any. I can't sell them on clips4sale as scat is not allowed, as well as there is nothing to see. My body completely digests them without a trace which seems like its hard to prove I actually digested them"

When I inquired further she said she was willing to do it for $400.

I have a feeling that price could probably be negotiated down. She seemed really cool about it and said the reason she was charging 400 was mainly because she could not sell it on her clip store.

If we banded together on this I think we could get it done. She is pretty attractive in my opinion.



you mean goldfish right? i dont think riley has eaten mice



Totally agree, that's interesting. She could open a clip store at scatshop.com or yezzclips.com. Publish a clip, and see what happen, that's how new market are created.

Imo Postvore scat only become interesting if there is enough creature eaten, even if there is no trace. Riley is used to eat small goldfish so she should eat a lot.

I would have love to see what came out of Diamond and Makayla after they ate 50 fishes

Anyway Riley seems pretty cool and opened but 400$ is too much


On Camera at least, I wouldn't be suprised if models who enjoy vore already tried off camera to swallow other things than fish.



If we could team up, and get like 10 people together, then it is not that much. I say let's wait a bit and see how this other mice swallowing kik group stuff ends.

Besides, what we lack the most is someone in whom everyone can put his trust. If we had this, getting enough people to chip in some bucks would be less of a problem.


This whole kik thing is utter nonsense. This kik group wants to buy a vore + scat clip from a studio that doesn't even have a single public vore video on their C4S page. In fact, the vast majority of the content on their C4S page is conventional porn. Why all the sudden would they be willing to produce a video in which 10 mice are swallowed? Not only that; this studio also insists on being paid in Amazon gift cards because their PayPal account "doesn't work". The whole thing is an obvious scam.


It's what we call, "thinking with your cock".



lmao, that is a 100% scam. this stupidity is shitting up the share thread also.


I also joined the kik group and can confirm what the above user is saying. It's unbelievable to me that people are falling for this. Not only that, the user responsible for orchestrating this whole thing claims he emailed "every single" C4S sale that produces custom videos. Why on earth would he email this one C4S studio of all the thousands of studios that produce customs? Judging from their content, they'd be on the very bottom of my list. I think this user is trying to scam us. Maybe he even works for the C4S studio.


Guys! Zera here! I have a video of me swallowing 50 mice and shitting them out.

Send me cash to WesternUnion account : totallynotscam@gmail.ru for the video



omg YES here's my credit card number pls post it so i can take this down




guys dont listen to this poster. i bought the video from her and i only counted 48 mice in the video. fucking ripoff


eyyy shut the fuck up and post more videos for me to fap to



The comments above this message is classified as TOXIC AF with a ton of shit heads insulting each other, much like how monkeys throw shit at each other. Discretion is advised.




Yes, we're being toxic because we don't want to squander our money on an obvious scam.


okay, allow me to tell some story what happened to me so far

- yesterday i asked this dude to add me to the kik group, and he did.

- a kind dude summarized for me what was the topic so far: they also see some risk that the studio won't deliver, so they came up with the idea of comissioning a cheaper video to mitigate the monetary risk. However even the test video would 150 something…

- i told my humble opinion, that there is not that much difference between 150 and 215 bucks, if enough people chip in. And i am not that much interested in some test video of goldfish swallowing, for me it means the mousy real deal would cost 365 at the and of the day, so for me is better option to chip in for the real stuff and hope the best.

- Some people agreed, for at that pont there were seven people in the chatgroup. some dude said they already though of that, but this idea was less tempting when there were only 4 people there, and the monetary risk were higher.

- I went to sleap.

- I woke up, drank my cofee, and learnt that i was kicked out of the group. (and i saw somebody else was also removed befor me)

- I asked the guy orchestrating all this what on earth happened.

- He said he read some toxic comments here that some people of the group is calling this mouse project scam here. And he sees not everybody is serious about this project. And for he can't tell who is the mole, so he threw out random people, and he also whined a bit how people cannot be trusted. He said if i am one of these people then i go tell my troll friends that he doesn't care. If i wasn't, then he is terrible sorry, but ces la vie, he cannot differentiate, so i was the collateral damage…

So i am a bit disappointed, for i made it clear i am villing to chip in, and said nothing wrong either in the group or here.

I also don't think this dude was a real conman, (or if he is, then he has a strange strategy for sure, for i wouldn't send away someone who already said to be willing to chip in some money if i truly wanted to rip him off…)

I seems to me more like this guy has the spirit of a 12 year old. And after all this shit, i also lost my faith in this. Not because it might be a scam (there is always a risk, i can calculate with that, worst case it turns out i am bad at math…), but after this i doubt a guy with such a childish attitude would be able orchestrate this.


can we just go back to our usual sharing? I know this isn't live vore but at least it's new: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ej3k88u1yyu9q7e/Megan_Loxx_aka_Stacy_-_In_and_Out_%23gts_%23vore_%23fulltour.mp4



wrong thread



appreciate that. She is really hot



If we could only get Megan to swallow and shit out the mice… Imagine seeing them come out of that hot ass of hers..




What do you think, would she do it with mice? Or could you ask her? I think this price is reasonable… If she's positive, at least we could try to gather the money as a team… well, actually that would be the hard part, how to technically put the sum together safe and sound and get it to her without anyone trolling the process…


You are asking anonymous, unaccountable 8chan users to crowdfund a clip. Give me a break. That sounds about as dumb as what the kik people are trying to do.


Here's the actual C4S store that the kik fools are ordering their "custom" from:


This studio claimed that they have produced vore + scat content in the past. But when the kik morons asked for proof of this, the studio refused to provide it, claiming that they have produced too many terabytes of content to search through.



It was posted in the old thread I believe. There's one with goldfish and one with pinkies. I would like to see them again though.




I have other clips too im just looking for makayla human eating process


Does anyone have the one where alice shoves the pinkie into her gargantuan ass?




90% of that is just reuploading the same fucking video under a different format on a daily basis 100 times per video. idk why C4S allows this shit.




Oops wrong thread


People will never understand it lol



very good site.. but its always giving me wndows openning how can i fix it?


seriously, I can tolerate girl torturing and eating alive typical prey animals (food chain): fish, pinkies etc.




We all have our threshold. Just ignore it.

Dogs wasn't hurt in the process.



Not really the point, but whatever.


Can I ask what about eating alive animals makes all of you guys so moist. Does it really get you going watching an innocent creature get its head ripped off by some woman. Not even for food but for the sake of men to fap away to it for 10 minutes of entertainment then on to the next video.



You do understand all around the world animals are being slaughtered every second both by humans and other animals. Its called the food chain.

I dont see what complaining about it on a vietnese whale hunting forum is going to accomplish.

People like what they like.



yes, and it's even hotter if it suffers and knows what's happening to it. it's a shame we can't shrink people and see them get swallowed whole and alive. the thought of a living thing getting turned into shit is hot as hell.

next question?


File: 64ba5bcb342f44d⋯.jpg (28.81 KB, 500x500, 1:1, rage-pepe-were-all-mad-her….jpg)

let me spell it out fro You:


Lets share.

Im looking for makayla human eating process.

I have a few clips.



Well, bestiality isn't the point in this thread either..



looking for that video too



>Not really the point

Even then, real life vore is more fucked up than bestiality. Don't act all shocked, when you're the bigger degenerate.



>real life vore is more fucked up then beastiality

Girl swallows some fish


Girl jacks off horse and takes a load to the face



File: cf5522f35b34d38⋯.jpg (2.76 KB, 125x101, 125:101, 1493886897467.jpg)


Girl eats animals like we allways do


Girl fucks animals

iunno man




I was using Alice/Simone as the standard. Girl plays with mouse in her mouth, slowly licking them, sucking their face, doing some weird lewd talk while getting off on their suffering. Or someone just jerking off a fucking horse because it excites them.

My fucking normies friends have jerked off to mare porn before. If I'd show them an Alice video they'd probably report me to the authorities.


File: b5f91a6d371763e⋯.jpg (475.49 KB, 1787x1347, 1787:1347, mousebuttcrush.jpg)


iv got a few crushing vids, but i'm only looking to trade them for more crushing vids. sorry




THOSE ARE 100% SCAM!!! I lost like $250+ ordering a fish chewing clip… they were so nice, polite and smart!!! We communicate for like a month!

PS: Anyone wants to help me flood their mail or something like it? I hate those bitches…



Get that shit out of here before you fuck up the thread!



Remember beatrice?



I'll Trade!

I have (SheDevil-Sittin on the job_part 2)

From this site: http://www.xxxfetish-media.com/shop20/shop.php

We should do it off thread somehow, since it is made for vore.


Human Eating Process:


pass: mackayla



Heh. Iv seen her swallow alot of fish and she says theres no trace. I would imagine unless you strain it like alice it would seem that way.

Alice is the only pinkie one iv seen. We need more girls like her although not as old…



i have lots of to trade



Sorry, If there is another chan for crushing then pleas link it and i'll be gone


My bad, I should of specified that I am only looking for buttcrush or boobcrush vids, anything else doesn't interest me.


While I am excited at what you got to offer, I think it is best if we end the Crush discussion here and move it somewhere else. (The above still applies, only looking for boobs/buttcrush)

I also have a bunch of fish/mouse vore but It's mostly a culmination of what's been already posted here these past three threads (a few from the mod deleted thread as well I think) so unless anybody has any requests from a dead link I doubt I'll be able to supply.


File: aa1e58eaca786dd⋯.jpg (13.53 KB, 250x194, 125:97, thumb.JPG)


It is buttcrush, she crushes live crickets.

If you like to trade we can talk about here: https://8ch.net/gts/res/397.html.

The linked thread hasn't*t been used in a while anyway.



She said she's not scamming, though.



Does somebody here know where to find that one video where a girl drinks a whole bowl of fish for a t.v show? The show was called "I bet you will" and i've been trying to find this video for so long but I can't. I've seen it once, it's quite the video. The show wasn't that popular so finding videos for it, specifically this one, is difficult.



Yeah because she would say if she were scamming.

You must be real fucking smart.



True, but I'm simply willing to give benefit of the doubt, until I see the video for myself. I've yet to see complaints against her on Instagram, or any other medium (i.e. YouTube).



Hardy matters, either ya trust what she says, or ya don't. If she's full of shit, it'll get out quick enough. Personally I've got enough vore material to last until the end of time. Stuff I've picked up here, back when saff.cc still allowed live vore, and the old Russian site before they shut it down. Never saw the appeal of scat myself, if anything one pinkie, followed by cam down to her stomach just to see the whole process would be interesting, but I'm not the trusting enough sort to throw cash at something which is likely a dead end.



Understandable thought process. But, she's been around long enough (over a year) that the truth regarding her content would have been established by now. Unless the scam (if any) applied strictly to live vore.

I don't see the appeal of scat either. I do have vore videos to share if you're interested.



do you have thread that working?



where can we move?



The thread i linked doesn't work for you?

Maybe I can make a new buttcrush tread.



it will be great



I'm not one publicly slating the video, but I have received an email from her stating that she has had some complaints. The video I received didn't have a linear timeline mking it hard to understand what was hapening, and impossible to see if the fish was actually swallowed, I have given this feedback to her.

She is proposing to reshoot the video for free, which I think shows that she is trying to get it right, will look forward to receiving the second attempt!



Still looking for your request, but here's the episode where some chick eats a plate of live mealworms (time stamped to the correct part)


BTW I'm still looking for the new Makayla vids


but the anons who claim to have them keep disappearing before I can find out what they want me to post here.

I'm willing to post first, cause I have a lot that isn't posted here yet, but please don't be an asshole. If I post something new and the vids don't show up, then I'm just going to buy them for myself.



for money on a college campus?




I can find the first 6 episodes, but we're looking for episode 9




when i looked for it i found some sources saying it was in Season 1 Episode 9 and some other sources say Season 2 Episode 6. I know spike.com used to host it but doesn't seem like it anymore. Damn episode is a ghost.



Heres one of the makayla vids you wanted





thank you!



Cool, anything you looking for? I have lots of stuff from oral vore, especially kim videos







Shit dude, fucking thanks. ill upload some stuff i have here tomorrow




Yeah alright. I have a mega account that I have some of my clips on, jaysunproxie@yahoo.ca to add me there. Which is easiest for you? If you don't see a vid, just ask. I don't change vids that often. I will if asked, and if the request if from folks who have at least tried to share with me.


Does anyone have any Racquel Devonshire throat/mouth videos?


Does anyone have the Zera Mice videos which was on beastialtylovers, there was one which looked like she downed 10 of them but they had been removed already it looks like.



The old real vore thread has so much good shit for whoever is new



Thank you so much! I'm going to check out the previous thread now!








Did anyone grab "Shelovesvore swallows goldfish" or "Goldfish vore 3" before they got deleted? It's the only video shelovesvore/hisbabygirl008 ever put out where she actually swallows anything besides food, and it's been gone from the Internet for years. It'd be a shame if it's lost all over again.


And does anyone have these? Saw them on bestialitylovers too but they deleted all the vore.




Well, since nobody responded to my post above, >>11903

here's the Christy one



I'd have to remove something I'm currently sharing to post the kim one, But if anyone posts another new Makayla vid, I'm up for it.

(for reference)




Thank you! Definitely uploading this elsewhere to keep it around since this thread is cyclic.



jesus man i only come to chans in hopes someone has this snake vore video. please share with us somehow


Does anyone have any object videos from arianagirls? Or any video at all.



any more of this girl?


does anyone else have any more of shelovesvore's videos? I never saved them when her account was deleted, it's haunted me ever since



I'm pretty sure there was just the one goldfish. I've never heard of anything else, and I've been around.



You can still find 20 or so videos on her first channel, HiisBabyGirl008

She only swallowed the one goldfish, all the other videos are only "vorish", she shows off her mouth, swallows food, and shows off her belly once or twice.



Thank you so much! Christelle is adorable



Can't find anything with that, can you link the channel please?





omfg thank you for the Kim videos!





That's not real vore though?


Whoever has the clip of Alice shoving the pinky into her behemoth ass needs to post it i know you are out there.



I would love to see this as well.



Or any other videos of this kind could be awesome as well!


Does anybody has the video with sarah liz swallowing guppies naked??



seeing as the the only videos being posted at this point seem to be fake vore or reposts I really want to quit coming back here… But as soon as I get ready to quit coming back here I think to my self what if they found a new Zera vid … She is my white whale …. I am Ahab …



We know that Zera has to shit out all those mice she eats. We know it is happening… if we could just get it on film…



she may have vomited them.


Has anyone in this thread seen the pickled fish video?



Vomiting back big mices like these seems impossible to me


yes it's been posted twice lol


Someone has clips from Roxanne from Oralvore? :)



its posible zera stomach burn all this mouse? house strong stomach she have?



I know i wish it was real.

Anybody have any vore digestion/scat stuff?

I have some vids ill trade or share too.



I know that being anonymous and having nothing to give back make me unworthy to ask this but if these videos you have are something that you haven't paid for, may you share here?

Thanks in advantages



Well, since this was originally a thread for sharing…

I tell you how it supposed to work, people share stuff regardless of wether they got, bought or stole the given vore video. In turn, other people do the same thing, and at the end of the day, everybody will have all the shit.

I put some stuff here that i bought, and i also got some stuff from here too… So i think littering the thread with trading (and sometimes scamming) offers is the impolite stuff here.

Why don't these people just go and create a trading thread, where day can jerk each other off conveniently?


File: b349b5c556d9eda⋯.png (492.7 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, scene17176.png)



I'm not sure why people keep bringing up the same topic, but here's my 0.02 (again).

I've always thought her stomach looked suspiciously flat for supposedly having ten mice inside it, but I see no indication that she's vomited between shots.

I guess she just has a big gut. That, or perhaps she waited a few hours between the first and last half of the video for the first couple mice to be processed.

>white whale

Speaking of that, that's something I've never gotten. Is she naturally that pale IRL, or does she just look that way because of lighting or makeup? I mean, she doesn't just look white – she looks like printer paper. Is she like the female version of a NEET that never leaves the house or something?


Well, bones and skin are digestible, as is meat obviously, so there's nothing indicating that she couldn't digest the mice. It would probably take a day or two for her stomach to work them over and she might have gotten one hell of a case of indigestion, but it's possible.

Whatever happened, the mice were probably dead within a few minutes of being eaten.



yeah ive already read what you said.

we dont know what she did. my point is everyone saying she digested them is making assumptions


File: cd2105ff28779ac⋯.png (629.32 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, scene04816.png)


>my point is everyone saying she digested them is making assumptions

I'd say there's a better than even chance that she did. It doesn't look like she vomited in between shots in the video, and by the end of the video all but the last one or two mice would be dead, so vomiting them wouldn't serve any purpose. And given how she smacked around and bit several of the mice before swallowing them, it seems to me that she didn't have any concern for their wellbeing. And its not like the mice had any way of forcing her to vomit them, as the presence of the esophageal valve would prevent them from climbing out even if they could figure out which direction was up. And given that her stomach would have an not insignificant amount of acid and chyme inside it, they probably wouldn't be able to get enough leverage to start scratching or biting at the stomach walls, even if it tried to do that. Remember that these are animals with brains the size of tic-tacs. They would definitely know that they were in deep shit, but they certainly wouldn't have the mental capacity to understand exactly where they were and that they could chew their way out. They'd probably just run around inside her for a minute or two trying to find an exit, at which point they'd expire from lack of oxygen.

Finally, there's the point that she definitely seems to enjoy what she's doing in the video, so I doubt she had any interest in getting the mice out of her.

Personally, I'd give it about a 90% chance that those mice stayed down. Obviously we'll never know for certain unless she happened to insert an endoscope into her gut or film an uncut video of one single shot showing her eating the mice and then not vomiting for several hours, but if I were a betting man I'd put money on the back of her throat being the last thing any of those mice saw.



10 mice might just be weighing down her stomach and making it go lower in her body, so we might not be able to see the bulge.


File: 1d0bfe4a87811cf⋯.png (482.56 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, scene13516.png)


The stomach is surrounded by quite a bit of abdominal muscle, and the abdominal cavity doesn't have much empty space. Also, ten mice would weight maybe a pound at most.

My guess is that the abdominal muscles around her stomach are just squeezing them together very tightly. There definitely wouldn't be much space in there for that tenth mouse.

Then again, the significant lighting change between pic related and >>12194 and the fact that she has a much smaller lower abdomen in this pic than in >>12194 might indicate that she waited a few hours for the first couple mice to digest before eating the last few. This would explain the lack of an upper abdominal bulge in that pic, since most of the mice would be in her intestines at that point.



all assumptions, but whatever helps get you off.



I'm just thinking it through, and that's the conclusion I came to. Out of curiosity, what makes you think she might have vomited them?



You got q bit obsessed with this girl, didn't you? I totally understand that, tho.

There is no point guessing and making assumptions, for there is no way you could figure it out what happened to the mice. I too like the idea that she kept them them in, and slowly digested them without any problem, and two days later pushed out a nice firm log with the remains of the digested mice, pieces of fur and bones mostly.


You sir have brought vore to as near an exact science as it will ever be, I tip my hat to you.



I didn't mean to sound harsh

I don't know if she vomited or digested them, I hope she digested them because that's hot.

But rather it's just the argument that she digested them is also based on assumptions.

>It doesn't look like she vomited in between shots in the video

she could have taken a break for hours and eaten some real food inbetween

>vomiting them wouldn't serve any purpose

she may not want to get sick or have pain, or she may actually find it gross.

>they probably wouldn't be able to get enough leverage to start scratching or biting at the stomach wall

they can still cause damage. someone in another real vore thread said they experience great pain when they swallow mice alive and they reach the intestines.

>she definitely seems to enjoy what she's doing in the video

she does, but she could just be a good fetish actress, im not sure it. she made a lot of money off these vids. some women will make themselves look as sexy as you want them if you pay them the right price. even if she enjoys toying with and swallowing mice it doesn't mean she'll keep them down

>what makes you think she might have vomited them?

most of the oralvore girls that swallow mice vomit them back out. i dont know if that's part of the fetish or not but it wouldnt surprise me if they have health concerns


meanwhile, i am quite curious what have the kik-guys achieved with that shady fat guy prn studio…



A clip of Andy swallowing then shitting out 10 mice while he struggles to masturbate is coming soon. Stay tuned.



I highly doubt she vomited them back up. Who would go through that trouble when they could just let nature take it course and get some protein out of it.




I dunno about obsessed, but I was curious about what happened so I spent a bit of time looking into it.

I got the frames just by playing the video in the background and having VLC capture every fifteenth frame. Hence why each one is named "scene****".


>she could have taken a break for hours

Maybe, but it looks to me like most of the scenes occurred at around the same time of day. So the whole video was filmed over perhaps a few hours. So she could have eaten a couple, vomited them, and then eaten the rest a few hours later, but that doesn't seem to make sense because by the time she finished the first half of the mice all the ones except for the last one she swallowed would already be dead.

>great pain when they swallow mice alive and they reach the intestines

Do you remember which thread that was? I'd be interested in finding out why exactly that would be the case. I would have thought that it wouldn't hurt at all, what with the mice being basically half-digested soup by the time they got to the intestines.

>but she could just be a good fetish actress

She could be, but it doesn't seem like it as far as I can tell. In most vore videos, the actress seems like she's clearly acting from a script or doing exactly what she was told to do. I don't know how to describe it, but everything seems "rigid" and wooden.

That's actually why I like these videos. A lot of the stuff she does seems spontaneous. For example, her batting the mice, biting at them, and patting her stomach. When she does those things, it looks like she's doing them on a whim; like she's doing them because they seemed fun to her and not because they were on a script.

Maybe she doesn't really like it and she is just really good at acting the part. But if that's the case, she's a hell of a lot better than all the other women that produce videos like that.



Of course…



She exhausts the mice with batting and chewing and sucking them, they are almsot passed out and numbe whne she finally gulps them down, so i don't think they could do too much harm after that in her stomach. Worst case she might get indigestion, as these furballs might irritate the stomach for a long time. Fur doesn't digest well. (As you could see that Rico video a few posts earlier).

Or she might not even have a belly ache at all, there are people with less sensitive stomach…



I totally agree with your reasons for why the Zera videos are so enjoyable. I would believe that she's not really into it, but she sure seems to like it better than most, even if that might be an act.

As for the pain, that might have been me describing my experience with mice in the "if vore were possible IRL…" thread. Didn't hurt my stomach at all, but gave me some intestinal pain. Don't think it was actually injury to my intestines, but probably more sickness/food-poisoning-like pain. That said, I've talked with a guy who has swallowed well over 100 mice over many years (and I've seen enough proof to be convinced he's not misrepresenting the facts) and has had zero pain. So maybe my pain was due to conditions the mice were raised in and he had some source with better living conditions? I've meant to try to find other sources and give it another shot.

And I can say from experience that my body can generally digest and pass mice just fine. I'm not into scat so I've never taken a detailed look, but clumps of fur in a maybe vaguely mouse shape remained, but not on a way that caused any problems. I'd imagine Zera digested them just fine.



That's something I've always wondered. Would she feel anything from the mice moving around in her gut? And if so, what would she feel?



What rico video?






Oh ya that one. Still they are rare even for dudes. Id still rather see a female do it.


I disagree I think Zera enjoys it look at the size of her pupils



>size of her pupils

U wot?



And to think >>12206 called me obsessed. I was just looking at obvious details in the video.

Anyway, the size of her pupils could be due to anything from lighting to amphetamine use. I don't think it means anything in and of itself.


Can we please just get back to sharing videos? This thread has lost track bigtime.


OK - this topic clearly comes up a LOT, and I usually just read through and wonder when it will go away…

But I may as well answer some of these and see if that helps 'put it to bed'.

1) i was one of the original people to get her into custom clips, started with fish, then lizards/frogs then eventually mice

2) she often made crush/chew clips too for other fans, but i wasnt into that

3) I can assure you she did not vomit them up

4) yes she very much enjoyed it, but due to what happened (idiots sharing her work outside of the vore community) she now HATES what she did and regrets it severely. she will never, ever do it again (trust me I've tried to convincer her)

5) as far as I am aware, she never made any scat clips

I still work with her on other stuff, but she'll never do RL again.

hope this helps somehow…



Pics or you're LARPing.







What are you working on with her ?



Then again:

- You say, as a good samaritan, you help this 'put in to bed'

- Then you imply you have 'Zera' videos with lizards and frogs and mice…

So now people will start to ask you to share these stuff, and you will do what now?

If it is some sort of trolling, then i must admit, it is a brilliant one…



So is she actually Russian? Because I heard someone say that she was.


she's indian



Yeah, and I'm Klingon. So let's see what you have. From the talk you must have something none of us have seen yet. One vid will do.




This is for goldfish and mice vore, there's a thread for sharing other types of vore clips


Looks like this thread has fallen apart. Oh well.


I know this thread is all about sharing but I think we also have to support our vore model.

Galas is one of the best around and she must have swallowed more than 800 goldfish since she started

I noticed that she do do less and less vore video with time, but here is her last one,

Don't hesitate to support her if you want to keep vore alive




If galas did a scat vid i can get behind that.



I love how galas always tends to show her ass at some point. It's amazing.




this thread is for real animals getting swallowed.

try this thread: >>8641



key !yRrOocfMUbJwnbkilzkCBw32UcYuvBaYh1yB5G3hifg



key !t-DFRKRHqaCpAcO7rmgWmjcX4xf6MvXfF9qdISffrAk


No, she's not acting. She's the only real vore girl I know - she's deep into this. No vomit and real enjoyment!


And yes - I will trade unseen chewing clips with someone who can offer the same. Hardvore only. Just leave your email…


Does anyone have any rare digestion/scat vids?


Does anyone have any Latin crush goddess clips? Valeria and Isabel are great.



Someone please post this!!



This looks hot as fuck but why is it filmed on a potato? Is there no higher quality?


Well I noticed you said Zera doesnt do vore anymore I also noticed you said she does other things. So can I have her information and Id like to commission her for for non vore things



Please contact me


contact me at michaeladammega@gmail.com


File: 8b58bb5f32c9cf7⋯.png (261.17 KB, 462x264, 7:4, galas7.png)

OMG she just realised a new one. It's amazing


the woman with the mouse being inserted is Ark AfterDark, I have all of her content uploaded onto my mega but its mostly just dog sex but there are multiple videos of her inserting mice and gerbils.

Shes on drugs in all of these videos and is dead now, these were VHS tapes im pretty sure.



I heard mention of a video where a guy swallows a live snake. Does anyone have that by chance? Snakes as live prey has been a fascination of mine.


I heard about that video, it was on Fleischsal.at for about 3 months before it just disappeared. Pretty sure it had shots of the snake inside his stomach, really wish I got it even though it was a guy.



Does any one have this Video of her here, eating mice or gerbals?



She has never eaten any rodent, nor will she ever lol it's just good ol' fashioned goldfish



let's see




Watch this link. Not the last one.



i guess this and a few more parts of it circulated on the net some time ago, i had them, i also had the one called "Khia whopper swallow" but eventually lost them somehow.

She swallows a couple smaller ones, and fakes swallowing some big ones.

Faking annoys me so much, tho…


Does anybody have hamster abuse from BestialityLovers please? I don't know where to find it


does anyone have daisy swallowing fish I used two have them from livefetish but don't anymore


Does anybody have Cathy and the frog or any ariana girls videos?


Anyone have the fetish vixen goldfish video



does anybody has this? does anybody has that?

Even when u guys analyzed 'Zera' screencaps and made theories whether she shits or pukes were more entertaining times then


Please, someone post one of the new Galas vids!





If you don't have anything to contribute then I highly recommend to STFU :) I'm outta here :/



do you have an G+ account or mega? we can trade :)


Ill trade what i have if someone wants. Im looking for scat/digestion vids that i dont have.



File: 5ad9cf3b510780d⋯.jpg (90.14 KB, 620x465, 4:3, download.jpg)

Hey guysss! Can anyone buy me some vore porn? I want this one, please!


Anybody have it, anyone pleeeease, anybodyyy!? :)


All I have is a mcnugget and a twig



That'll do. Swallow'em and I'll watch.


Does anybody have the alice and simone foot crush vid of pinkies?






Awful waste of time.>>12550



what the fuck


is this some sort of dadaist piece of art of vore, or wtf




I think this is pretty hot.

One with only real vore scene would be awesome



What was it? I missed it.


here is the link https://mega.nz/#!sA9j0LQY

here is the key !ockke7fjFHnIt4jL04noumrLWv4Q53CHqUPc_mr6mXk



oh that's bad



Honestly i don't think it is the right file if it should match the title of your post ^^


heres the right link


key !zzF5jUXA5Yd7wDjKCeBplGFW3HlAmZdloXNKMo6T6V


real key




Don't worry and Thank You ^_^



Who has this? I saw it posted before and had it too but I've lost all me content and I want to see this clip again. :)


Does anyone have Hunter "Shiners Gone Bubye" Parts 1- 5"? Been out there for a while, figure someone has them.



can someone please upload the 2 new videos from winkinkpink onto mega?:)


fish vore



key !sVFYX9-aMym5Vj3SRATupqXKHtaA77SAbpXcmhF5ei8



Hello, do you have more insertion videos?




I do have a short gif I made of it for posting here:


for privacy security I'm still reluctant to post the full video again somewhere… need to find a good platform, I think.



No. Fuckin. Way.

I could never imagine that kind of videos existed.



Was that a male, or female swallower though? How long is the video? Certainly looks like it would make for an interesting watch.>>12430


Which Daisy? Katelyn Brooks Daisy? Or Chloe Creations Daisy?


I have those, might take me a day, or so to upload to my mega though. I'll put a link here when I'm done, or add me there, which ever you like.



Creativity in the vore community is what makes magic XD


It's male



maybe with G+ ? I have some of my rare stuff there and it can't be flagged (I guess)


and yes it is male vore



Holy hell! I hope one day we can see the swallowing process too.


I''m looking for chole creations daisy used to have them



I have a few, as soon as I'm done with the tongueart clips, I'll start on those. I don't have that many, but I have one, or two.



I don't care if it's a male I just wanna watch it now!



Gotta echo what others were saying. Most clips online that claim to 'swallow' a snake are those performers who put em in their mouths and let them out.

Male or not, what you did, per the gif, is extraordinary. It would be highly appreciated if you were to share in one manner or another.



Did you digested the snake or you throw back it up?



What did it feel like to have the snake writhing around in there? Looks pretty intense.



Thanks! If there's a good place where I could post the video fairly discretely, I'm open to any suggestions. I've had privacy issues in the past, like so many other creators nowadays, that makes me hesitant, hence my desire for some discrete way to share it maybe only through direct URL.


Digested - though for personal interests, I have made attempts to throw up some of the snakes I've had before. Would be cool to have a snake that's visited my stomach and come back - even if only to be sent there again for good of course. Maybe one day, but as of now every snake I've swallowed has been digested.


Can't really be compared to anything I know of - the struggles have a kinda dull pressure feeling to them usually, depending on how it struggled. I could really feel it when it rammed the stomach walls on occasion.



Snakes? So you've swallowed more than one? Have you kept track of how many you have eaten?



Do you sometimes slosh your belly while a snake is digesting inside it?



Where do you even find snakes to swallow? Sounds like it would be fun to try if it can be done without complications.



you could upload it to mega

also are you male or female



It's either 9 or 11, I don't remember which.


Oh plenty - gets them stirred up well enough as well.


I live in an area with plenty of non venomous snakes living around here, so I catch them myself.


I considered mega, but I'd prefer a video hosting site rather - and I am male.



I believe google drive feature allows video uploads. Possibly do a 'private' link or invite only? Most people will probably want to download and save to their own devices because most hosts generally frown on such uploads. Not sure if dropbox does online video though, but I know google drive does.



Have you swallowed any other animals? Like fish or mice? And if you have, how many?



do you knowtice any bones when thye come out the other end and do you feel ill at any point?



You can try using Dropbox, it's pretty easy to use and you can privately share file on it.



Your best bet would be mega, or Dropbox. A hosting site would have too many prying eyes, as it were. On mega, or Dropbox you'll have more control. How long are those clips?



There's the Hunter files you wanted, with a few others.



I would love to see it too! I'm pretty sure lot's of people would appreciate it if you could share it on Mega or google drive, it's so rare to see something like that!



I used to eat like 10-20 goldfish at a time. Would love to roll my belly and feel them slosh inside me.

Do you get a distended belly after eating a snake?



Tons of fish, a couple mice - snakes have been by far the best, they survive for hours so long as air is provided.


Only a couple times I have noticed bones - I did some reading, and turns out human stomach acid can work through some bone, given enough time. The snakes I've had have remained in my stomach usually between 1-2 days as far as I can tell, and the longer they're in there the less remains I see if any. I never felt ill though surprisingly from them.


Depends on the size, but not usually extremely. The past few times though, when the snake really struggles, I have been able to see movements on the outside. I've been desperately trying to get video of this, but it's hard getting the timing right.

To everyone else - I may try google drive for sharing the video. Sit tight just a bit since I'm still pretty busy, but I'll see if I can get it out soon enough.



Do you ever feel bad for the snake you swallowed? Or do you just think of it as nothing but food?



Have you ever tried or contemplated trying to swallow multiple snakes at once? And if so, how many were you/do you think you will able to handle at once?



Goddamn I gotta find a way to get a snake for this kinda stuff. The fact that it survives for a few hours and that distension on the belly is possible to see makes me really intrigued to try this.



How long ago was it when you swallowed your last snake? 1 week? Maybe a month?



You will be my hero until the end of fucking time if you can upload a full video, holy shit.



If you manage to capture a belly bulge it will be the greatest vore video to exist yet.



How long is the video?



Do you have any other gif's of an animal in you stomach?



Little of both honestly


I did 3 at once one time, but they were all tiny. I want to be able to just go out and catch snakes and down them one after another sometime, just keep going for as many as I can hold.


longest I've had one survive is somewhere between 4 and 6 hours - however that's just because I get tired of swallowing air usually around there, so hypothetically they can survive even longer. Judging by how intact they seem when I check after a day with my endo cam, they could probably survive at least 12 if there's sufficient air, longer if you take antacids or drink plenty of water probably.


I think a month


Will try!


Again, really really wanna catch that on video, it's just difficult. Next snake I have I'll try again.


12 mins? Don't recall entirely


Not presently, but I could make more



Can you film the aftermath?

Id be curious to see what it looks like.



I know you're trying, but that video or more footage would be the fucking bomb. This whole thing is reigniting my love of vore, which has been waning for a while.



Curious as well, do any of your vids feature periodic checks with the endocam? Like looking in every few hours to see how the body has worked on it? Almost like a timelapse feature.



What does it feel like having a snake slide down your throat?



Duuuude, make it happen.



Are you going to share the video or are you still debating?

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