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File: 2bd91c79127fe01⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 258x145, 258:145, makayla.jpg)


the last thread reached limit so I made the second one, just share whatever you have.

Real life vore thread. Set to cyclic so use [-] if you never want to see again.

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Or other clips from her?



the vore community can be pretty autistic when it comes to personal preferences. micro/giantess or same-size, f/f, f/m, m/f, creatures, real, fake and 1000 more variations are all things, yet some tolerance is not

anyway, regardless of the state of the thread I do want you to know there's plenty of people looking forward to you doing more snake adventures. so dont let some posts here deter you from posting links to more footage and such as you make it and upload it


Here is a contribution I have to you all: a custom video I requested from EroticImaginations to swallow a fish…live.




Zera had very exaggerated yet enthusiastic motions related to devouring the live prey: the stomach rubbing, the tongue play, etc.

If she wasn't into it, she'd be wincing/freaking out at even holding the mice. She'd be gagging/grimacing the instant she put it in her mouth. If she ends up swallowing it, she could try to play along, but her expression would clearly be one of aversion. You can look at the many "swallow a goldfish for money" dare videos on YouTube to see examples of these body-language cues for girls not into it.



Huh. I guess I see it now, but I still don't get it – why would anyone be into eating mice? I mean, I'm into watching her do it, but I have no clue why, and I have even less of a clue why someone would want to eat live rodents.


Is it just me or is anyone else noticing that the older posts from the top are slowly getting deleted?



Hey, Holinka here.

Thanks for the clip! I remembered her as a fake swallower, right? Nice to see that she actually swallows that thing.


Does anyone have that clip of this asian girl in a pink wig eating fish, if my memory serves correct there were two vids.


come on guys the fetish of Zera is to swallow any living organism,, she is born to this… so I believe that if it had the proper size surely she would swallow people…


File: ac5de93cb5410fb⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 1274x625, 1274:625, Screenshot_43.jpg)



Because she's enjoying the vore from the other end. She's going as far as eating mice to fulfill her fantasies.



She may have faked some of her older vids, but the swallowing in most of her vids was real.

Plus, your account is still available on Divine. Simply ask the admin for restoration.



Since it got hacked, I deleted all my stuff and never logged in again there. I'm tooo feared about that this happens again.

- Holinka



plus my password is changed I guess



Your username is still intact, so you can just do a pasword reset, and get your account back.



Yep I tried a reset and it said I got banned. I texted the admin.




As far as i remember i've seen this girl huuuuge pickled fish and hotdogs too. for real.

Does anyone happen to have (and willing to share) the hotdog/sausage swallowings?

For me, the bigger the stuff getting swallowed down the better…



well, whatever floats your boat, but actually, this is all just guessing.

She can be a good actor too, beside not being fainthearted



No acting whatsoever, it's clearly by her own volition. There's no producer/cameraman forcing her to do it (she filmed them herself).

The live vore models from Oralvore, Tongue Art, etc are much more likely to be "just acting," and even there, some models genuinely enjoy it.



So, if she was large enough, would you want to be swallowed?


Thanks everyone for all the uploads these past few weeks!


In other news, LizzyVore/FetishVixen is still the scammer she is (at least for live vore vids). See for yourself if this is worth a 5 month wait:





I don't think that Zera is her actual name.

Do you recall 'Zera' having 2 you tube accounts?

One under the name "Jenifer Bomlie" and the other account written in Russian letters?

Well the Russian words in English spell out Vesselina Dimatov. That name is very rare - throughout the Russian federation. However, Veselina Dimatrov is very common. Which suggests that she deliberately misspelt her name for anonymity. Zera I believe was the male contact.


File: 389569cabb818a5⋯.webm (6.89 MB, 768x576, 4:3, Meow.webm)

Does anyone else think that the meowing in the video sounds weird? Must've sounded weird from the inside too…


>she deliberately misspelt her name for anonymity

>left out one letter


I can see we're dealing with an intellectual powerhouse here.



>cuts the video just before swallowing and thinks she can get away with it

>Annoying as fuck music

>over exaggerated acting

Jesus this is hard to watch.



How much did it cost you??

Did you have to convince her to swallow the fish or she just said yes??

Im thinking in requesting a custom vid from her but im not sure



Yes I am, however, this talented woman is not Zera. That was/is the guy.


anyone know she have email or facebook or twitter?



Well, she is out there somewhere. Search for veselina ( or vesselina) dimatrov, that might help.




That's a Serbian and Bulgarian name. Both countries use Cyrillic for writing, which explains the "Russian" characters. She looks slavic, not thracian, so I'd say that of the two she's probably Serbian.

Being Serbian also explains her hair color. Most Russians/north slavs have blonde or light brown hair, while most Balkan Slavs have dark black hair, like her. So I'd guess that she's a Serb.


I'd assume she doesn't want to be found considering what she went through. But I'm sure it's possible to find her, if you're that dead-set on it. If Vesselina is her actual name and she did actually try to hide her identity simply by removing one letter from her last name, I'm sure she has plenty more leaks that would give away her identity.


100% she is russian i speak with she before 6 years but close she mail probably she fear the law


jennifer momblie is a trick name for the eyes look here


Throwing this out there for those who really care.

1. She is Russian.

2. Zera is her alias online.

3. She did NOT enjoy doing those videos and only did them for the money. (She always found herself to be a 'prey')

4. She has stopped doing those videos and regrets doing them ever since they were all leaked.

5. She only does CG stuff now, which compared to some of the big names in the community, is subpar, but she is learning.

I've spoken to her a while back, and these are irrefutable facts. Whether or not you guys believe it or not, makes NO difference to me.


someone write she is dying i think she fear the law and duificalt find she now


you are corrext in 1 and 2 you are wrong in 3 4 5 if believe me or not


but we love she very much and we protect it



>she only does CG stuff now

Link? Source? I'd like to see it.





3 - she ENJOYING, but keeping "status-quo" about prefenses of "prey role" & "M/f"

4 - she not keeping that vids, but possible still doing them secretly

5 - she doing, but level of TheWiking2000 is not achieved yet


como on bro give one clew



I spoke with her over 10 years ago before she actually did all the vore….so yes I KNOW her preferences in the subject. I also know she charged good money for people for the mice videos, even which the original ones were possibly faked (later ones were real for sure).

And no, she is not doing them anymore as far as I know. Granted I haven't talked to her in a while, last we did, she told me how it ruined her life and she regretted it completely.

And as I said, she is working on her CG, but its a learning process to get it as good as the likes of wiking and eskoz.

Also Sakisa and Preved_YT, you guys can type in Russian if its easier :) I can read it.




Okay, but have any of her CG things been released?


>she told me how it ruined her life

Really? I mean, I know she got a lot of heat from random people on the internet, but I never would have guessed she would have had any IRL trouble unless her family disowned her or something.


"Nbah Anmntpob"

Well, that's about the extent of my Russian-to-English translation skills. :^)



And yes, she has release some of them for free, you can find them on pornhub, its Emi Voraphilm or something along those lines. That's her CG stuff alias.

The thing is now, if people see that stuff and recognize her, it can ruin her in many cases. Similar to how "Alice" was ruined for a while.

As well, the name on that webpage says Ivan Dimitrov. I would hope that's not someones actual name and just an online alias as well. Don't want real names associated with this kind of stuff, that way you avoid repercussion in the future.


just i wand find she nothing else some peoples to she her video in youtube accused she as annimal abuse all this we know zera very good but we lost she



She did all her m/- CG stuff for free, as a "commercial samples", but F/- stuff is mostly paystuff only, but all her vids already leaked here, on Mega, on Divine and on PornHub



>Emi Voraphilm

Oh, I've seen that. It's pretty good, actually. Does she do any of the voice work, or just animation (if you know)?

>it can ruin her

I mean, I get that it sucks to have people shitting on you in comments/response videos, but could it really ruin someone's life?


Yeah, it would be nice to be able to contact her, just to ask her a question or two. But I'm not willing to put in the effort to do so.


This thread is turning into a bunch of fucking retards that can't actually talk trying to communicate with eachother.



Well, >>13207 is a bit difficult to understand, but I get the general idea of what he's saying. He could always switch to Russian and get >>13203 to translate for him, though.



got the first one



i normally would call you a fucking liar, but i remember on some russian vore forum, (i think) emi was getting fucking pissed that people thought she was the girl swallowing mice, so she shut down the english part of the forum. but emi went by the name "zera" on the forum.

so yeah i wouldnt be surprised if it was her.

some extra proof would be nice though



>Does anyone else think that the meowing in the video sounds weird?

100$ says Zera has a cat and can imitate cat sounds pretty well because of it, some cat owners meow at their cats, so she probably has had "practice".


Zera_kori and zera are might be a coincidence - why would zera_kori go by "Zera" - tying her art and website and established profile in the vore community to her "performances"?

I think zera_kori was sick and tired of getting creepy/harassing PMs from people assuming that sharing a name and region of the world meant they were the same person. She shut down the English side of her forum and the RL vore video thread on the Russian side because the subject would keep getting brought up, and force her to constantly go into damage control mode.


File: ddf3240aac3f1b1⋯.png (518.97 KB, 1438x466, 719:233, Bellies.png)


>One under the name "Jenifer Bomlie" and the other account written in Russian letters?

What suggests this? Their stomachs look nothing alike.

Jenifer Bomlie is a fake, the woman in the videos was just sloshing or rubbing her stomach after drinking or eating, the safe bet is that she didn't swallow a single fish, and she wasn't even the one doing the uploading.



Which vid is the left image from? I don't think I've seen it.



WHERE IS this VIDEO????????



Could you post share it please?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's like thirteen minutes long, so the full video won't fit under the site's file size limit.

There's a thread on /b/ right now where I believe a few clips of the full video have been posted. You can ask there; I don't have the whole thing.


Yeah, I was just thinking that it would be pretty strange from the mouse's perspective. Like, it gets plopped into her gut and suddenly it hears a muffled meow from overhead followed by a couple more mice plopping in with it.

I mean, it probably would be more concerned about the "not enough air to breathe" thing, but it would probably still seem weird nonetheless.

Gotta love the reaction videos saying "the mouse probably just climbed back out", though.



It's from the end of OPSW (best video behind the 10 mouse swallow)




Which thread is it anon?

Something about normies getting mad over zera's videos or hoping the mouse tore her open or got her sick when we all know the mice were easily digested just makes it even hotter. That video is so retarded though.




I don't know about easily digested, but yeah, once the mice went down, they stayed down unless she brought them back up. Between the esophageal valve being too high to reach from the bottom of the stomach, the esophagus being closed off by a valve, and the fact that the esophagus is automatic and would immediately begin swallowing if the mouse did manage to get up there, the only way that those mice left the stomach was by filtering into her intestines – unless, of course, she vomited.



Fuck off neo.

Stop typing like an autistic child.



Yea someone posted the link for the video, then it was deleted pretty quick.



Here is an exact exerpt from a conversation i had with her back in the day on ekas…..

Sent: Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:41 am

by Emi

I dont ignore you, i just rarely visit Eka…

Anyway… you want me to swallow mice? Maybe i could, but they are expensive and unpleasant inside. I really don't want to swallow them…

Emi, Zera, Zera Kori. ALl the same person. What vids have hit the community are pretty much what she made aside from a few others that haven't been shared. The best ones are out there, and honestly, I'd leave the girl alone. She was more worried that friends and family would find out. : /.



And another one a little later she added:

Sent: Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:31 pm

by Emi

I don't use messenger now, i finally found a stable work + learning to paint:) I hope to become a real Artist to stop swallowing animals, i so hate to see myself a pred, it's disgusting!



sauce on the one on the right? I only ever saw her swallow goldfish clip



well she can't go into damage control any more. the dumb bitch could have just made a sticky post/rule but now people will say it forever because she's not there to defend it, and they ruined the forum, so fuck em ill spread the rumor forever


Not buying that she's not into it. No normal person would go and swallow full grown mice over multiple videos (and with such ease) just for money.



>they are expensive and unpleasant inside

Now I'd really like to talk to her, just to ask what it felt like.



No one can act like they enjoy swallowing mice, if it feels uncomfortable or bad in any way for them.

Also I'm not gonna believe a bunch of guys acting like russians just to be more believable.



>No one can act




I didn't say no one can act at all.

I'm just saying no one can act like they are enjoying their situation while something is moving inside them. We would be able to tell their disgust with the situation.






Almost no one can act, but someone can just actually enjoying that feelings - on aryion ucoz com I know one woman, who actually enjoying swallowing food & objects, digesting and passing through, but she impossibly shy & destroyed tons of her early filmed material, that never came nowhere, and after she filmed some object-swallowing, that I promiced never show to no one, I even haven't all of them, like promiced vid where she swallows small whole peeled cucumber.

But I won't talk about her in public, and sadly she is not going on contact about this stuff - she impossibly shy about it, but having great potential - I don't know her maximums, but by her words she easily swallowing sausages, passing through throat whole boiled egg without squishing it, and possible can swallow objects, size about pool ball. But it's impossible hard to force her to show her talents



First of all, We sure do believe you have some vids that no one else does, Gl with that.

Second, why even mention ( Supposedly real person ) when your not going to upload the vids.

Hmmm…… Now we just have to *Supposedly* take your word that the vids in question do exist, the person exists, your not making up, because we *All know no one lies on the Internet* every one tells the truth on the web.

So I guess we can pretty much disregard everything you just said. ^^


I'll interrupt this conversation by asking if anyone has the mega link to the zera swallowing 10 mice. I lost it and cant seem to find it on this or the old thread. Much appreciated if you can help.




Lets call it 4 bucks and a griddle for the swift help.



>possibly… …size about pool ball

Come on man, even if I were to believe someone could swallow an egg without squishing it, there is no way someone can swallow a pool ball.

Now this thread is "make shit up that are nowhere near believable and see who makes up the dumbest shit".




I have some her vids, but that is a bad quality crap, one - she swallows rubber earphones, 2nd she swallows small plastic bag and 3rd she swallows condom with peel from cucumber. Possible she filmed swallowing smal peeled cucumber, but non-shared with me.

All her words about swallowing big things and lot of filmed "self-experiments" in her youth is just words, that has no video proofs, I too can't trust her.

On Eka I saw 3 similar non-prooved "tales":

1 - about someone's "girl he know, that can swallow nectarines whole, but having indigestion after it and can't doing it often" - no videoproof exits

Thread here, posted by Hagglesmite: https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=13516&p=279116&hilit=+swallow+nectarine#p279116

2 - about someone's cousin (girl), who can swallow whole swall orange from 14 y.o. & trained herself to swallow whole big peeled orange from 17 y.o.

Therad here, discuss started by Silver_FangXxX: https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=28890&p=1135696&hilit=swallow+orange+bulge#p1135696

3 - someone told about his 4th ex-gf, who did "vore roleplay" by swallowing big (sized like in "Toy Story") rubber dolls, and trained her throat with oranges & bananas

Thread here, post by CrimsonFangX666: https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=33954&p=2354149&hilit=swallow+orange+bulge#p2354149



Okay. So why did she quit for?



>swallowing rubber earphones

Wow, now that's got me interested. I love the idea of just swallowing everyday stuff. I'm saddened by the fact that I will never see some stuff like this that "possibly" exist.


Why she stopped is kinda moot given that she has stopped don'tcha think? Whether, or not she enjoyed it is also moot, she did it. The only mouse vore vid that I'm missing is the Oralvore Wink Christmas one. That, and one where some Indian woman swallows a rat on twitter that was taken down, and no one seems to have seen since.



I can try to share that vids, BUT it must NOT GO PUBLIC, and here is public, even PornHub private is not enough private. I have secret folder on MEGA with that babe & Zera, but sharing only personally and with grief TOP SECRET, only with trusted people, because won't it will repeat fate of Zera's mouse vid - I just promiced her it will NOT be shared with no one, but trusted "friends-in-misfortune" is totally OK - they will never leak public like Zera's, cuz it will be disgrace for her and traitoring from me



Pakistan student girl from Twitter - sadly I too not catched it in time - known about this one too late

Oralvore - somewhere in net, on Divine & even in threads here it discussed lot of times & possible was posted, but I'm not sure


What's this Divine people keep talking about? New LiveFetish?



It's a closed private forum, more like dead swallowanything/swalloweverything, but kinda like privated version of 8ch threads on phbb forum drive

Here is it: http://s15.zetaboards.com/The_Divine/index/

Just registration here isnot enough to acsess, you need to have unlisted youtube playlist (or you also can use google drive, but MEGA is not in big prefences) with some good material (forum has mostly mouth or endo fetish, and ONLY female materials approving, male content is under hate there)

I got acsess just because had "hand" there and alot of materials



If I gave you an email, would that work? I don't know how to convince you that I won't release it publicly, but I have no intention of doing so if you send me the videos. I don't know what else to say to prove that I'm honest about that, but if there's anything you can think of I'd be happy to hear it.



I'll try to send you MEGA link, or if You have MEGA acc, You can just add me as contact - binonmmm[at]inbox[dot]ru

I actually have secret folder there, shared with very trusted people only.



Hey dude I'm the anon that wrote >>13251. I would absolutely love to see thoose videos. Object swallowing is one of my biggest kinks. Is there any way I can see them or prove I am trustworthy ?



Just added you as a contact on MEGA.



Strange, but I can't see any notifications, glitch or incorrect email, cuz [at] = @ [dot]=. without squares



Yeah, I did that. My burner email is in the email field, if you'd like to send me the link.



Ok, now I see - shared all, details about folders is in PM there, enjoy.



says they aren't accepting registrations?



possible after one hacker asshole they fully closed registration, but maybe they will open it again



I don't see anything – you might have sent it to the other guy. I sent the contact request again. If that doesn't work, you could send the link to my email.



>here is no way someone can swallow a pool ball.




can i add you too?




"Jenifer Bomlie" is a YouTube account that posted stolen vore and bloating videos, including from Zera and other YouTubers. The image on the right is originally from this video:




Oh I'm the other guy and I haven't added him yet. waiting for a reply.



Just realized I fucked up. I mistyped "inbox.ru" as "inbux.ru"

Just sent a correct request.


does anyone have a preview of the new winknpink videos to check out? A link? Downloadable link? Anything?



possible after one hacker asshole they fully closed registration, but maybe they will open it again >>13269

also on Youtube can be found about 4-5 vids with chinesse girl, who swallows iron balls size same as pool ball



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wXZGoOHRog - ehere even 3 at one session





Ok, I'll add all of you - abput 5 people added me at morning - will share totally all with everyone. Only 2 folders is secret: "TOP SECRET" & "ts2" - it contains Zera and that woman. Other folders contains media cuts, c4s & youtube vids , my own old animations and random finds



Sorry for long-awaiting, I just gone sleep, cuz was already 3:00 AM - now I added & shared all



Just to know, what other Zera's videos do you have which have not been shared here before?



All of her vids was shared before somewhere, but was not compiled. And in that 1st secret folder also vids of another woman I told about - not so much interested, only if you not in object vore & all in awful quality, but it's all I have with her.



Possible was some other Zera vids, that never exits in share anywhere, but even me don't have any info about it


post this folder please



I can only share it personally & secretly, cuz promiced not to share it at all and just trying to keep it in narrow circle of people.

I sharing folder on MEGA


[email protected]


add me too please :) [email protected]


prevet in how of your folder is this video?


add me please

[email protected]


Add me [email protected]



which folder is it? I've had you added for a couple years now I think, since livefetish went down



TOP SECRET & ts2 - early I shared it only with 3-4 trusted people




Ok, but too much people going in one time



ok, I don't see it then. Would you be willing to share it with me? I'd love ya! I won't ever reshare the ones you're giving me. whoever shared the zera stuff on youtube/pornhub is a moron anyway.

[email protected]



Thanks alot for that video. EroticImaginations has always been one of my favorite voraphiles. How did you get her to swallow a live one though? And how much did it cost? I'm thinking about requesting from her.


>> 13301

10$ per fish, + a mandatory privacy fee.



Nice. So is she like completely okay with doing live vore now or something? Because she never use to do live at all.


Hey add me plz! [email protected]



Hey could you add me to??

I'd really appriciate it

[email protected]

Ik wont share the vids!



Do you know where I should go to find the folder? My "shared folders" section is empty.



I don't know, what with that damn MEGA is going on - about 10 people added me for last 2 days, I shared ABSOLUTELY ALL MY FOLDERS for EVERYONE OF THEM like a damn machinegun

Also if someone has trouble viewing folders, PM me on MEGA and don't clear chat before I even read it, cuz I just can't answer to everyone at same time



thanks buddy!!!



Can you please add me ?

[email protected]


What's with all the "long tongue" pages on Instagram?





thank you Rox

does someone have more video of natalie?



Could you please add me??

[email protected]



It doesn't seem like I've been added to your contact list. Could you add me as a contact? My email is [email protected]


Could you add me as a contact? My email is [email protected]



You used to be in the old Russian site yes? Before they stopped the live vore board? I had put a few things up, that was when my collection was still small. [email protected] is how you reach my MEGA account. I'll likely have a few things you haven't seen yet. I'd like to find a few things I haven't seen yet, some share with me, most don't.


[email protected]



Lets share. Looking for anything that has digestion/scat talk or post vore. Mega

[email protected]




I would love to see some more object/food swallowing on here as well. Sorry I don't have anything new to contribute though.



All want, but most of contenr comes from me. And I most of content got from some my friends from that russian site + part of vids got from DA&Eka artist aka CratedCheese - about 12 years we are just "friends-in-misfortune" in searching that stuff. But after dissappointing on RL-swallowing vids from c4s (cuz lot of edited fakes) he stopped bying them and not finding them nowhere else.



Could you please add me as well?

[email protected]




Haven't. I will re-check c4s & compare full list with my archives - there will be my ginormous wishlist, but it'll take about 1 day…


I'm sharing Fetish fad material on my Mega drive. Add me if you want some - srimak at yahoo dot com

Will keep adding material


I'm sharing Fetish fad material on my Mega drive. Add me if you want some - srimak at yahoo dot com

Will keep adding material


Anybody got Pregnant vore videos???




Don't add him, he shares nothing



I already added him :/



you can remove him :)



Shut up you crybaby he is sharing. Problem is people like you who think your entitled to content when you have nothing to contribute except whining.




Tumblr is 2 blocks down



Sorry, I can forget someone - too hard to share to 100500 users per day like a damn Minigun.

+ MEGA has some glitches with sharing, so it can be not only my fault.

Remind me email & I'll try to re-share



I'm sharing vids, he's not.

He come and say, "Hey I'm sharing a lot of videos, accept my invitation, I accept him and he's actually sharing nothing, while he has access to my stuff. He can fuck off.

I'm not the problem here


Wasn't the whole point to this place about putting up videos so we don't all go broke buying them? Thus the whole "sharing" aspect. Anyone here gonna tell me that they haven't made off like a bandit from this place hmm? I know I have. I have more taking, than giving on my MEGA myself, no sense in complaining. It doesn't cost me anything. I've taken enough, now I give some back. So don't get your panties in such a twist, stress leads to cancer.



Well at least you're honest about it, and you don't lie to people to get video from them. (in case you didn't get the point)



I don't lie peolpe too, and I mostly even can't get any needed vids from anyone, but allways sharing all I have, early I only not shared 2 "secret" folders just cuz I promiced to owner it will not go public

If someone not seeing my folders on MEGA, just don't be shy to PM me there, I'll fix that



Oh thats funny cause he shared with me no problem.

Its almost like sometimes shit happens. Patience dude we are all here for content. If your sharing cool if not whatever.

Nobody needs to be forced to share.



Sure. I like to share my content with everyone, who like it, and not forcing no one to share back, just because I know most of people has content that's just mostly same with my or not stuff I interested in, or just haven't content I need. Rarely when people HAVING needed content & won't share, like privaters on PornHub or Orbisman on YouTube >>13375


Does anyone have a link to what >>12798 posted? The snake vid I think



I wasnt talking about you man lol.

I know you share thats cool.

Its not a big deal.


Yo why are some replies getting deleted from this thread ?



I have sent you an invite as dot dot! Please accept, much respect for all the sharing you're doing.


Soooo hold everything! I just began talking to a woman who would be interested in doing live vore videos. I'm going to give her the link to the thread so please please please be nice!!


Also shes plus size. Not sure till matter but if you aren't intereates then dont be a dick! Its pretty damn awesome that shes willing to do it.



I'm curious!


A plus sized woman doing live vore honestly sounds like the hottest thing I can possibly imagine right now




I agree with the poster above. I love anyone willing (all the better if "interested" means they like the idea) in doing live vore, and plus-size folks are my favorite preds: it just suits the innate greed and hunger that's part of vore, ya know?

So that would be great to see.


Ok so she said she can't seem to figure out how to post. So here's her info. 28yo female, making custom vore videos, kik me for details @ necrophorasaur


Ehm… massive rollback? lol


Hi Guys! I'm new here just found the forum. I want to join to share some good vore stuff :) I'm already uploading to my MEGA account.

Here is my email: [email protected]

Mostly these are thing I found on youtube, pornhub, livefetish ect maybe they won't be new for you or already shared.

Also I'm very poor so mostly i scavenge off this videos where I can.

I wanted to ask too, do you guys have this two videos from erotic imaginations? I'm really into seeing girls swallowing chewing gum but it's really hard to find one :/



Thanks in advance! :) Have a nice day guys.


A very good one from her too. I would love to see them :O



Hey for anyone who's added me on mega here's my account which ill be uploading videos since my original account is full. Being honest I doubt any of it will be new to you guys so don't get too excited lol also I work alot usually and have two kids so ill upload as much as I can when I can


[email protected] lol forgot to put it in the post lol



Holy shit, that's a fucking huge one…

is there a way to pay there via paypal or somehow where is don't need to use my regular bank card? This ClipCash shit looks shady as fuck, and that german SofortÜberweisung doesn't look too good to me either… Any experience, or suggestion?



I don't know. Unfortunately I never had the spare money to buy a clips from c4s, so I don't know. But it's a popular fetish site, also one of the biggest. Maybe they don't do shit, they know what they cpould lose. But really, I don't know :/



Hum I spent a shitload of cash on this site, this is safe.






Someone posted it on youtube, GRAB IT WHILE IT'S HOT



that's another one, i already have


not that it would be a scam, i simply don't want to make a line appear on my transaction list saying "some fetish video purchase from a fetish site selling fetish p0rn"… just in case my wife checks out that transaction list, for we are having a shared bank account…

not to mention i simply don't really want such firms to have my real name along with some other data…



Ok, The transaction appear under the name "Tropical something"

And you don't have to use your real name when you order


When you put your card holder name, I believe it should be the real one, so the card won't be rejected. Not sure. I've got like 200-300 clips from there for the last 10+ years, so it's safe. Noone can guess what tropical production is, unless you google it.

For the new guys who're into chewing/eating, add me on mega: [email protected]


I would like to advertise my new project - soft and hard vore art page, support me if you like the stuff :) https://www.patreon.com/femaleteeth


I'm glad it's safe :) I hope some day in the near future I will have the money to buy clips like those I sent. :D

FT, I added you as [email protected] :)



wow, you have so many completed stuff behind a paywall.

Sorry to say, but your stuff is sure to get leaked, probably on this site too.



Man, I thought I was whipped. You know most couples with shared accounts still have their own which their paychecks go into in addition to their shared one? That's especially important when you have separate statuses concerning taxes like if only one of you is self-employed or something.


Yeah, it's normal - It will be a good ad for me. Besides, I'll release most of the stuff for free.

Hey, can you help me reporting the uploader of this, he stole my stuff, this is not my real profile there: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph564c46ada0f77



Well, we don't. One family, one household, we share all our stuff, it's just more simple to have one account. (Here taxation doesn't have much to do with how you manage your bank account.)

I don't think it would cause any trouble if she learned about this shit, but this fetish stuff was always my little secret, somehow that's how i like it, and i'd just like to keep it that way…




Why do people keep using this fucking name, Jennifer Bomlie is a hoax, someone just reposted a couple water inflation videos and claimed they swallowed fish, with a Zera clip thrown in for good measure.



"Oh look how tiny, small, minuscule you are, and guess where you are going... In there hahaha, my belly."

Ugh, that type of acting is so cringeworthy it literally kills my boner.


Hey does anyome have more from giantvorebelly? I have the video where she eats a burger and smokes while swallowing some fish and the one where she has on the the green and black yoga pants and the one where she's staring and wearing jeans swallowing goldfish. But did she do more?



Yes, I feel the same way too :D But one of my biggest issue is that it is very rare to see gum swallowing vid :(



Finally, someone else who agrees.

I hate these so called "professional" videos in which the girls clearly act for money.



the last thread had her stuff linked


add me on mega [email protected]



I prefer he more ASMR approach, but can tolerate it if the woman in the video is attractive and the angles are good, so OralVore's shit is okay as long as gorilla hands doesn't start talking. Chloecreations is the worst for it, at least girls like Galas, Kim, or Christelle can act like they enjoy it, and there isn't cringeworthy dialog followed by ten minutes of the woman with her mouth hanging open to pad the video.


Which thread?



Does anybody have all the cg17 videos???


Hey guys, take a look at the oralvore website, this description for the Roxy video:

ROXV16 – The Party is in My Stomach – Roxanne has a fun time with 4 little fishies. Roxanne makes sure the remaining fish can see where they will end up, and she makes them witness their friends going down. Roxanne has a belly full of fish… um, and the 5 mice she swallowed earlier =O

Time: 16:38| Size:1.20GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

That's right, it was ME that ordered a custom Roxanne pinkie swallowing clip!! If somebody can upload the two most recent winkinkpink videos by 11:59pm ET timezone July 29th to this thread, then I will upload my custom Roxanne clip ;) Otherwise I will keep it to myself >:)



If you really have that video show us some proof so that we know that you're not a scammer


i've spent the last days looking all over for the new winkinpink videos but all i'm gotten so far are trailers



I have a video of a canadian woman chewing up pinkies, spitting out into a cup, and then drinking it at the end if this can count towards the july 29th goal.




mouse insertion



Yeah, I think we best see some screen shots before anyone takes that deal.



If you're into hardvore and your clip is worthed, I'm interrested.



PLEASE upload this somewhere regardless


from oral vore

who has honey's revenge or syn videos



cool! where did you got this from?


Did the thread stop updating? I can only see posts up until 7/22 suddenly.



Just you, buddy.



Does anyone have a snake large enough to swallow a human, because if you need food for them then I'm more than willing to volunteer



First you post on craigslist, now you post here, aint no-one gonna feed ya to a snake :P


Hey! Im mostly looking for chloecreations clips and i can share stuff i have. add me on mega: [email protected]



This is what people think every one with vore fetish is like. Peak level autism.



That wasn't me 😂 What did it say?



Legit someone asked if anyone would eat them, FOR REAL or if they had a pet snake that's large enough to do so……



Do you have a link to it or something?




Something tells me they weren't serious.

I hope not, at least.



If this is posted I'll post some hard vore I got a while back that I haven't seen anywhere since.



I'll post if it somebody posts the two pinkie vids that this guy was talking about. They are no longer available on winkinkpink.com so I can't buy them myself.




its cece mice swallowing



People should say when it's pinkies and not full grown mice. Some people don't like seeing pinkies swallowed because there is almost no difference between swallowing them or a gummy bear.


don't stop now




Tempt us with a jpg preview :) someone could offer a good deal!


[email protected]

Please add me on mega


are there any new wink and pink videos out?


Anybody that has the winkinkpink video pack currently on sale on the site, question for you. Is there any actual nudity/sex in the vids? Description kind of makes it sound like there is.


>>13690 That video was posted a while back, never any sort of nudity in it at all.



Let me know what you want for the pinkie chewing clip - I can find/get everything! PM me: [email protected]


I heard that there was a vid of oralvore

That swallowing and throwing back up mice or goldfish

Now i cant find it

Anyone knows?



Anyone have a source for this?




I wanna say it's a video produced by Genki Genki studios, but I don't believe she actually ate any of the pinkies.



Probably G13 with the snakes. I think you're right. They are alive though and they're swapping them mouth to mouth, but no swallow.



So this looks fucking incredible, mainly because it has a post-vore farting and scat video that goes with it.



Does anyone know where to download this? All I've found are defunct premium links.



I mean you can pay at the website, but I'm not sure where else you can get it. motherl has a few genki videos but not 13.



>Gummy bears

>Real Life vore

There's a thread for this.






File: e5e64d5880970de⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 320x180, 16:9, kv16b.gif)

Does anyone have that Kim video where she teases fish with her ass before swallowing them, I think it was posted here last month?

I'm going to repost videos that are in comments on the chopping block since this stupid cyclic mode is eating all the links.






















Yo dude, I don't wanna bother you but what happened to that snake vid?




Roxanne vids, You have?



Thank you

Not my upload, but here's a folder of Ariana videos:



girl on tumblr who used to swallow lizards and geckos is sharing a new vid on her kik @calivorenia



god they all so ugly



is this legit or bullshit ?



That was an awesome video. If we could have just seen her winking butthole while she talked about it that would have been perfect.



What is the link? she mentioned new blog @nevoreda but I have no clue!




not easy to find this girl. have you an link for me?



sorry, are not working. loading and loading and….



lovely! thank you. has she ever done anything else? love this girl would like to see more of her



Thank you pal!



those girls are nasty lol



its not working for me either, just keeps loading






Ditto. Would love to see anything else she's done if you happen to have some.



Holy shit that was short but good.

Does anyone have any more of her stuff?


We definitely need more of her!



/vore/ is raving this worn-tongued landwhale? Are we reaching a new low?



>degenerate fetish

>little to no quality content

Beggars can't be choosers. What 'new low' are you fucking talking about?

Personally, I prefer the 'amateur' stuff over mass-produced, badly scripted studio shit anyway.



>not also having 50 other fetishes to combine with vore, including bbw

>being this casual


I recall seeing the links to this video before but I have lost them. they're two videos of an asian girl with a pink wig and braces eating goldfish. If someone could post the links it'd be greatly appreciated.



File: 5944db663ea54c5⋯.jpg (50.86 KB, 500x572, 125:143, soohappy.jpg)


OMG thanks! that's hot.

A real vore robot would be awesome, I would make her swallow sooo many creatures


Hi all! How are you guys? :) Do someone has some gum swallowing vids? Or more object swallowing vids form the good ol' Alice :D

I'm trying to scavenge some more videos up to my collection if I find any but at least I have the time now :D


Also, I found calivorenia's new tumblr (if it was found already, sorry)



Thinking about swallowing my first, the thought turns me on.


Does anyone know how long they live after being swallowed, witch I want to do with water?



Very sexy, I love how the goldfish cant not escape.



I wholly support doing it if it's something you think you'd enjoy. Chase that bliss.

From my experience, it varies how long they survive: you want to be swallowing air and have a good bit of water in your stomach. And it's best to do it on an empty stomach. They average probably 15 min through that technique. And for max sensation, I find swallowing 10 is a good number: enough to be knocking eachother around and packed tight, but still have enough space to be swimming and sloshing. Then just sit back and feel around for the sensations.



For me, I would down 15-20. Drank a lot of water so they could survive a bit longer. Felt bloated with them in my stomach. I also like to roll my stomach while I have them in there. The sounds on top of the feeling of having them in my belly digesting is amazing.


Does anyone have Makayla regurgitation vids?They r only on xxxfetish, so it's tough to get them. That would be cool if someone can share them


Thanks for the reply. Knowing that there are Goldfish being swallowed alive for our pleasure turns me on so much.

It is such a cruel, yet sensual thing to do to another creature. Love to talk more.


I love how they can not escape from you, you are so much larger. It is so unfair. I hope it gives you the most powerful orgasm.

I love watching women swallow Goldfish, yet I know that they, most of them, are not doing it for pleasure. When I do it, it will be sexual.


I like to talk about Goldfish Swallowing here: http://waltdisneyspa.altervista.org/chat/index.php




is this a cover name or are you abusing a disney hotel website? i dont want to be on disney's radar



I'm always happy to talk about this stuff (I did a good bit on the "if vore was possible" thread: I'm the one who had the lengthy spoiler text post about it). So down any time as long as people don't get creepy or demand I share personal details/images/videos.

And good luck with your swallowing! Let us know how it goes





This doesn't seem right. Is this a honeypot?



For the "canadian woman chewing pinkies", I can offer unseen clip - closeup of Linda's mouth as shte play with a fly, insane closeup… crushing it at the end.

In the mean time, enjoy Angie (LEGO crushing): https://youtu.be/bRGuznbs1tM


It looks like some moron is uploading all of the zera clips onto youtube. Get ready for the the blowback. Whoever this Mike Hill is, he sure needs a punch.



link it so we can report it



This Mike Hill fella is putting the zera clips on vimeo. Problem is that he is promoting the zera and 10 mice openly as one of his yt uploads.

Put simply, anyone and everyone can have unrestricted access to his yt account - until he gets barred yet again.



Not to my knowledge, It is the chat room from Livefetish, witch no longer exist. At one time it was very active. I would like it to be again.



Have you ever swallowed a live Goldfish?


How long to mice live after they have been swallowed? I'm tuned on by the thought of them being alive inside a human.



Does it turn you on, it does me?


I would like to know, after swallowing a live Goldfish, how long you could you leave it inside you, then regurgitate it, and it would come up alive?


File: 74182b75fa21776⋯.png (688.51 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, JH BG.KJ.png)

hi anon



I'm more into women doing it than men myself. As for doing myself, no. Not sure why, just something about a woman swallowing something whole, and alive does it for me. Not scat, or puking it back up, but to keep it down until finished. I guess I'm just really specific.



I have. I can probably head off a lot of these questions by directing you to my long, spoiler-text-filled post giving an overview of what I've done. I started with fish and I've swallowed more of that than anything else. Frog and mouse have been the best though

Link: http://8ch.net/vore/res/6997.html#8230


See the above linked post for more details, but lasted about 45 min with me starting on an empty stomach and consistently swallowing air. (and I'm turned on by the thought - and experience - of them being alive inside me)


Hell yeah. I've got a vore fetish, I'm a pred, and I enjoy them being inside me, so it turned me on then and the memory of it does now.

And to your next point: I'm not interested in puking them up. Not into seeing it happen and I hate puking, personally. Plus it defeats the point of having them imprisoned and digested inside me. But that's just me.



I love women doing it, I love cruel women. The only thing is that most of them are only doing it for the money.

I am hetro, but if a man does it, I like how he is turned on by it. I love the idea of a man experiencing sexual pleasure, while his victims are swallowed alive. I am not into the loom of the man, just what he is feeling.



Just read your vore experiences. I love how it turns you on, and how long the mouse lived, it must have been horrible, yet I was so turned on. Your victims are so small.



How do you get into live vore?



Indeed! I can watch a woman swallow something, and digest it easily enough. Just not do it myself oddly enough. Yeah, very few women seem to be into it sadly.

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