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File: 2bd91c79127fe01⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 258x145, 258:145, makayla.jpg)


the last thread reached limit so I made the second one, just share whatever you have.

Real life vore thread. Set to cyclic so use [-] if you never want to see again.

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Link missed a H at start



Hey thanks for this but can you please share NOVA pizza treat previews clips also.




well in the case of those instagram girls its good riddance.

nova is quite attractive and has always been polite to me so let her make some money first.



absolute true




i agree 100% with this. itll keep this kinda content going. eventually Nova will probably go even bigger too. and yes shes gorgeous. I actually think this should apply to most other vore creators too. atleast allow a couple or more months to go by before posting them. that way they make big profits and they make more vids


So…are those makayla vids ever going to Be re uploaded or ….


What happened to Rachel? Of katlyn brooks site? She was totally going for it, getting naked and eating pill bugs. (Not that models have to be nude, they just have to vore) but she was really going for it.

I know she was on pornhub im not sure if that was just a radom share, perhaps that made her close up shop :/



Pornhub link?



yeah let's focus on vore, after you made a total fool of yourself lol

i did some googling and i found their facebook pages if anyone is interested lawlz



rachel had her own studio or something? links?

i hate how often you cant find any additional content because these girls change their names or try to stay anonymous. and im very good at finding ppl. ;)



Okay even though they scammed and threatened me and tried to doxx me, I don't condone this.



I'd pay to see Rachel back on Katelyn she was a favorite.

Afaik theres nothing more on her besides her work on giantesskatelyn. If she'd make a reapperance that would be gold



You willing to share the vid? I'm always interested in endoscope whatever the gender is.



Julieta's Facebook, please! I couldn't find her :(


Unless its a fan site, dont out them publicly especially fb, they will vore if they want to. Lets not give a reason for anyone to nuke this thread.



im tempted to just because of that nice anon white knight FT


>>22109 if they call the pigs for you sexually harrasing them on fb? A white knight? So what are you a super cool harassment charge knight?



ive never spoken to either of them so itd be pretty hard to slap me with a harassment charge. also even harder considering ive never purchased anything from them and i browse through vpn so.

that makes me even more tested… julieta's name is actually jeda.


Did somebody call…. Harrasment Charge Knight!? Da Da Daaa!


anyone got any youtube/facebook/unprofessional vids? always been a bit partial to those just doing it on a dare or just being adventurous. Also, anyone nab the ones on thisvid? got a few that i'd like to have on hand ('pet beta fish swallowed alive,' namely). Can't find a good way to download them. Here's what i got, for sharings' sake: https://mega.nz/#F!EZhSDQSD!XfMF6U9KcKMxnr5ijDvmMw


Does anybody have the video where Maxine and some other girl swallowed a bunch of fish.

It was from chloe creations.



I recommend using flash video downloader on chrome. it works 100% of the time (I dont know if it does for private videos or not, probably not)


I'll share it tomorrow, I got busy with other stuff sorry.


any mice video collection….please share on mega


File: 09d3388981328d5⋯.jpg (214.74 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424_125045.jpg)

Hello everyone please see this that the voreblog girls are just scammer. They don't make any videos and just fooling people. See this chat



this is only a short part of the chat where she just start to fight with me about the vore videos.

she told me that i am fake person and she will not give me anything.

if you don't want to waste your money just do not pay them.

also they place the condition that the customer first pay to them and if if talk about what is the proof that you will do the video after taking the money..then they told you that you have to be otherwise they will block you and make your complaints to any high authority.

in this way they threatened many customers.

and it is very rare that they make the clip and handover the customer. and also that clip will be of very low quality and not obeyed the instruction as well.

so please beware of voreblog on instagram.



Either fish feat (which i have a few parts of) or the pet exterminators thing (which I have nothing of). So this is what i got: https://mega.nz/#F!YNJFCQga!0ugIra7z3q4rWDgvjNxh1A





Thank you



wow this girls have gone off the rails. they also accused me of being someone else when i messaged them. clearly crazy.



Okay - let's everybody stay away from them, stop spaming already. It's a share thread.


> They don't make any videos and just fooling people. See this chat

I've literally bought customs from them. Stop trying to ruin a great new content creator.



They don't listen man. Those are just selfish people. We could have 100 clips from those girls and 1000 proves that the problem is not with them - but they will never let us work in peace. Selfish, envious, greedy people.


yes, it is true that voreblog on instagram are fake people and scammer. they cheat with their customers and take all the money.do not buy custom clip from them.



hey bro i have mentioned that it is very rare that they handover the custom clip after payments. it might be possible that you are their favourite customer….lol ;)


yeah i agree with this that voreblog are scammer.

stay away from them…. :-(


hey all stop fighting here….if they had done the pinkies clip and if any single guy have purchased that clip then share it…all matter will be clear that they are scammer or not…isn't


Does anyone know how to download videos from pornhub? I can download public videos using Savido but no idea how to download private videos from my friends. Any help please?


Wasn't FT the guy who originally advertised voreblog (before deleting the post)? Didn't he mention they were "friends"?



It can be justify by sharing the pinkie clip of voreblog. Then we can say that they are not scammer. So share their clip here. Otherwise they are scammer….. Scammer and scammer.



i agree, no one has posted any actual material from them, so we dont know for sure that they actually have any videos. all we have is a very short clip of 1 fish getting chewed briefly.



Someone advertised them here, so I wrote to them and untul now, I have 4 perfect clips, delivered in time and very nice prices too. I'm not the only one happy customer, so maybe the problem is not in THEM. After all - "innocent until proven guilty" and not the opiste. And a cheat picture is not a proove - I can make a conversation between me and the Queen in 10min. (Photoshop work). But anyway - I'm sure that some people are not okay to trade with those girls - everyone has the right to do it or not. All I say is that those two are WORTHED A LOT! I don't care if you believe me or not - it's your choice. I don't have the pinkies for share, but I'll ask them if they're still around and maybe I'll buy it for all of you.



""innocent until proven guilty"" - funny you dont apply that some principle when people complained about the girls…

"And a cheat picture is not a proove - I can make a conversation between me and the Queen in 10min"

oh okay, so anytime anyone posts proof youll just say its fake. except you havent proven it's fake. so what happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

man your thinking is so infantile.

"I don't have the pinkies for share, but I'll ask them if they're still around and maybe I'll buy it for all of you."

if someone posts a (full) pinky or fish video from them, ill take the risk of trying to buy from them. but until then really youre the only person who has come out in their defense, with no proof, meanwhile, we have some proof of them threatening customers, so…


File: 903c6b34ac2fb9f⋯.png (3.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, julieta1.png)

File: 5962d3488720891⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, julieta2.png)


Now we see what this is all about. So transparent.

Two screenshots from a custom none of you have seen to put the debate to rest.



that doesnt prove shit, certainly not that they dont scam customers at random.


> i agree, no one has posted any actual material from them, so we dont know for sure that they actually have any videos

> *posts screenshot*

> that doesn't prove shit

You right though, you right. Maybe I got super lucky.



i never said post a screenshot, i said since nobody has yet shared a video from them, we don't even know that they even make videos.

i buy from oralvore - same price as these girls, but i know i wont get scammed and the videos will be high quality.



Sure let me just post the whole video to prove you wrong. Go away Buddy.



obvious … about what?

and why? because i wont buy expensive videos from shady girls on instagram who have been accused of scamming and threatening customers? (with at least proof of customers being threatened/harassed).

from an actual studio, you pay, and you get the dl link. every time.

check the thread about instagram girls. not very good prospects.



check it out message any of the tongue fetish or vore girls on instagram and see what they charge… $5/pic or $5/min-$15/min for videos… go on clips4sale man, and you can find hundreds of vore videos and the price is $1/minute. you can even find vore picsets around $0.50/pic. and you wont get scammed or ripped off and theres these things called previews and thumbnails that let you see the quality of the product youre gonna get before you buy. girls on instagram consider that "freebies" and if you ask youre "begging".

fuck instagram girls.



I mean that's fine and your choice, kind of just a natural benefit of studios over instagram. Insta on the other hand gets you a wider potential source. But they definitely deliver. (100% of the time in my case, have bought multiple.)



"asshole" is subjective - that's the problem. why should i risk my money vanishing based on some woman's subjective opinion?

youve had good experiences with them? good for you. but in the final analysis do you honestly think thats compelling enough to encourage people to buy from them?

"hey guys, if they dont think youre an asshole you wont get ripped off." lol?



i mean if i wanted my money to vanish based on some woman's subjective opinion that im an "asshole" - id get married!!! LOL!!!!!!



Egh, I was just trying to be fair-handed and offer a potential explanation for that guy's poor experience. Won't do that again.

And yeah, it kind of goes without saying that most people, if you get in a huge fight with them, might walk away from you. Even so, didn't she offer that guy his money back?



she sent a partial refund for some undelivered pictures, but the dude also said that the pictures which were delivered were grainy and too dark to see anything, and the video wasnt to length nor done correctly.



and lets not forget that she harassed him and threatened him from her personal account when he posted the video online.



Ah ok, so he just didn't like what he got and received a refund for the not-yet-complete portion. Seems pretty fair.

> and lets not forget that she harassed him and threatened him from her personal account when he posted the video online.

…Well… probably not the best response, but I get it.

Look man, all I can say is that I haven't had any problems and I know others with the same experience.



hey dickhead…just share the pinky clip of voreblog without bullshitiing here. i know you don't have that and you can't buy them because the girls do not make any clips…lol…hahahaha


wish we could permaban all the damn trolls by ip. You're turning this board into a pile of crap. Go away! You're OBVIOUSLY the ones at fault! Every time you write something you do so in a very UNPOLITE and UNRESPECTFUL manner, so of course you get treated like the jerks your are by everyone. Seriously, go away. We don't care about you "getting scammed". Nobody cares and nobody believes that so… adios!


They do make clips. You just have to be polite and not too complex as it is their 2nd language.

id recommend some of the people on here practice speaking to real women every one in a while. Go out to a bar or club. Instead of throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way.




I've uploaded a proove (part from a REAL clip) but no - you want the whole thing for free - not gonna happen. :)

It's like talking with an 8yo boy - you show him the proove, but noo - he is too immature to understand it :D

I don't recommend the girls to anyone - just leave them to me. I like them - I'll use them. Stop scarying them, okay?

And yes - I will ask them about the pinkie clip and I'll buy it for all of you (if they still respond, because of you), just to make you appologize to me and to them. Yes - I'm a white knight and you're just an of orc. Bow before me!



So well spoken! Tbank you!




"It's like talking with an 8yo boy - you show him the proove, but noo - he is too immature to understand it :D"

ironic how much of what you say about other people applies to yourself.

you guys are all for banning the "trolls" but i promise once you get scammed youd be here whining just as much lolol



ps: the only reason theres even theres an argument in the first place is because of you. yes, you. someone posted their honest experience with voreblog (aka jeda and noreiuska) and you turned it into an argument, calling people names. if you'd never said anything (yes, you!), none of this would be happening.



"Instead of throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way."

if this is your response to someone talking about getting scammed, then you are truly a piece of shit.


hey those who are taking the side of voreblog…. i want to say them only one thing that do not try to make the fake argue here and just post the pinky clip if they are not scam…otherwise go and get fuck



Thans Pal


>>22224 thats 100% what I mean your throwing one rn because im not feeding into your poor poor me story, in a club thats the way to talk for a fight, and im guessing if you lost a 70 doller clip you haven't been in a club fight before theres alot more to loose. People will get you outside, see you again and youd be scared.

You dont have control of your mouth… or fingers on ur keypad haha. ive paid tonnes for clips that dont go right, but you know what, im asking alot this isnt a practiced market. I still thank the models for trying focus on what went well and maybe in the future they'll be great and no doubt think of something I havent as women are good at fantasies once they get a taste for it. But if its not fun all business they wont.

You are probably shredding their confidence by making a list and expecting it to be 100% perfect. And I think you leaked it to porn hub? Thats the worst kind of client to work for.. you wouldn't work for you so ur dam right they wont. Those girls at voreblog are brand new kinda young, so in a social situation if a new girl drops ur order or ur drink are you going to tell the paper so she cant be hired? There's such a thing as restraint.

Now ur here crying about it to us making your problem everyone's problem. I lost more than that just signing up to an online wallet, im not crying about it for a month. Grow up you little sad peice of shit




To whoever wanted that mouse vore video with an endoscope into the stomach AND you can actually see it moving around, here you go (WARNING MALE): https://mega.nz/#!w1kjXTLY!kwgFQee1dJSe0ngsfoAh8lzwLbIsZT4A-GJt5OI_pyM


now I have to share something… hmmm.. anyone in contact with her?: shes giving off a serious natural predator vibe and shes doing it for fun. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCwndzCZB9oo4WIEZHGUsrOw



Thank you! My english is not fluent, but you said it so right! I lost thousands of $$ waiting or clips or getting awful quality or bad scenario. All serious vore investors sometimes lose - we take the risks! I got mad about voreblog just because in my experience they follow exactly what I wanted + they give a bonuses, extra shots! Like 12 instead of 10 fishes! Those two girls are in my top 3 list along with Nova and LCG! But you must learn how to respect those brave girls - in a form of a tip or just a nice talk. I didn't bargain for the prices - instead, I pay extra each time! If you want respect, you must show respect first.

They will treaten me too if I attack or bother them 10 times a day with no obvious reason - it's called self defence. So I believe your stories, but please - believe my story. It's happy end for every everyone! And watch your language - only 12yo kids are still using bad and inmature language.

Seriously - I'll try to buy the pinkie clip from them and I'll post it here for real (well, with a heavy watermarking of course). I just wanna see your face! :)




You got any other endo vids?



"in a club thats the way to talk for a fight, and im guessing if you lost a 70 doller clip you haven't been in a club fight before theres alot more to loose. People will get you outside, see you again and youd be scared." - watch out, we got a tough guy here!

"And I think you leaked it to porn hub? Thats the worst kind of client to work for."

uh no dude ive never bought a clip from them, for obvious reasons. and the video wasnt posted until after their drama nonsense - try to keep up when the adults are speaking.



"They will treaten me too if I attack or bother them 10 times a day with no obvious reason"

10x/day? please kid, go back and reread the chatlogs posted. he checked in every couple of days, not 10/day, and why is that any reason to attack and threaten someone? if you say "the video will be on saturday" and you dont deliver it… you can expect the person to check in and asked what happened. its called common sense which you have demonstrated a complete lack of since this whole affair began.

"And watch your language - only 12yo kids are still using bad and inmature language."

oh please just reread your own posts, you started off namecalling and accusing people. dont try to take the moral high ground now. just be a man and admit you were wrong, or shut up, and this ends.



Nope. I've shared the rest here already.


>>22236 ah of course your a lurker not even the guy who bought the clip. Thats why you remember every little part of the argument like an exam. But theres no A grade for you here.

A club is a good social scenario for group talking. Where you can find people from different walks of life. Youll get an idea that you cant scream right or wrong at everything you see. And hopefully you'll chill out 😥 sorry but your so aggravating. Even if were in the same community. Im hoping you find a nice girl to calm you down that you can tell all ur fantasies to ;) then you can share your thanks to me here hahaha

You may think your an adult but you dont talk like one. "tough guy" do people still say that 😂 in appearance id fit that category, but people like me for other things.

Ive been here for ages actually ur the first guy calling me names. So its more like we've got a gobshite over here. if its tourettes you have ill try to understand 😂😂😂



"ah of course your a lurker not even the guy who bought the clip. Thats why you remember every little part of the argument like an exam. But theres no A grade for you here."

no i can just read and im not an idiot.



It'd be a lot hotter if it were the same girl for all of the vids, but it's not. When you cant see the face never assune it's the same person. Yoy can tell there are different models when yoy go through a couple of the vids.

Also, will you fucks kick this arguing BS already and act like adults. Half the people here don't give a shit about your shitty drama with instagram users. We're to share and talk about content. Go beat your chests somewhere else.

Fucking imps.



I second that. Enough is enough. Either share something, discuss about sharing or get the hell off this thread. You wont attract newcomers by bickering over this for over a week.


i agree. share the voreblog vids, or shut up about those scammers and fakes. endofdiscussion.


File: 9564a2e20072b0c⋯.png (279.59 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180415-155252.png)



Where did you get that from?


i dont give a fuck about what stupid argument youre trying to win; share vids or gtfo. this is a sharing thread. you keep talking about "lets get back to sharing" but you keep going on about the same fucking stupid argument. share the vids or fuck off about it already mate.



Hey by just posted a picture here is not the way to reality or fake. This image may be subjected to Photoshoped because you may want to win the argument. So post the clip and not any Photoshoped image here


File: 58c8f8dee193adb⋯.gif (840.97 KB, 320x180, 16:9, katv3.gif)

File: d0a4b96544436a6⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 320x180, 16:9, katv4.gif)

File: d3e33ad525ebc4c⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 320x180, 16:9, katv1.gif)

Has anyone got these, its pretty cool how she can stick her finger down her throat with prey.

Can Buddy Yokes children go find somewhere else to be stupid? Your pissing everyone off even people who usually share now have to talk. Even if I had the video you wanted I wouldn't share it with you. the tantrum child in the supermarket does not deserve what it wants.


hey what about pinky clip of voreblog…is it photoshped image only…hahahaha….


what an idiot……if this guy can't prove that the clip of voreblog are not really exist ..they posting photoshoped image here….what a bullshit….cheap man..


I was really excited about Nova, but that bitch wants $100 for a custom video with *normal food*, and that's her MINIMUM price. These bitches are getting greedy.


hey guys one of the voreblog girls deleted her personal instagram @creepieatp, was one of you bothering here?



thanks for harassing her guys she changed her instagram name and made her account private. at least her twitter is still up tho


File: 0a0cabf19d2851d⋯.png (15.06 KB, 532x176, 133:44, voreblog.png)

so which one of you is voreblog lol





This was happened or not that we don't bother but the fact is that voreblog girls… are cheater and scammer and when we caught up this about them.. They are leaving the matter and the main thing is that they don't have any pinky clips.. That's all….this is only make the divergence of the conversation about this matter.


Now where is that dickhead guy Who was challenging the people of this board that he will purchase and share the pinky clip of voreblog.?????



if someone shares a full clip of the black chick eating fish or pinkies then ill buy a clip of the white girl and share it.



Lets have fun with black chick clips


Now buy voreblog girls pinky clip



thats from oralvore, not voreblog. nice try tho.



at least he tried, lol



look at them trying to be sneaky and trick people. it seems dishonesty and sketchiness just follows voreblog everywhere!





i agree, share some voreblog content or stfu about it ;)


Hey what the fuck is going on here…. Where is FT guy… Buy and share the pinky clip of voreblog girls



$100 is pretty normal for custom videos man. I pay more than that to other models for food clips on c4s and IWC. If you can't afford to pay her prices then don't, but calling her a bitch just because you're cheap only makes you an asshole.



It's obviously some webcam footage edited with sound effects anon. Even when you don't see her face, her navel and belly changes shape video to video.


File: a2b0b8951c9c20a⋯.jpg (875.78 KB, 2445x2090, 489:418, morningclaudia.jpg)


First person to email me the MEGA link to this gets Claudia bad morning breath pinkies.


man sexualenticement, you should share these oralvore videos at the least. They are scammers and we all know it! Instead of your personal gains you can just share these clips with us so atleast the board gets to progress and it'll benefit all of us and even you as more and more people will share


of course u don't owe us anything. But still it won't hurt you


Anybody on this board whose sharing things needs to share it for everyone instead of emailing it to a specific person like sexualenticement. I haven't had any dealings with him to prove hes scamming or some crap but as someone who did a 60GB dump awhile back, it seems a little odd and selfish that he wants the video all to himself.


Does anyone have the other videos like this, with different women in pink bikinis swallowing multiple goldfish? It was fun syncing them up.




just because you let yourself get ripped off doesnt mean anything about me ;)


File: b0adcedb5ab13cb⋯.mp4 (13.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, fish2.mp4)


Here's a short clip from another one of those videos.



wasnt he that guy saying "share these vids with me on mega and ill do a christmas dump" or something?

i shared a bunch of stuff on mega with that email address ("sexualenticement@yahoo.com") and never got anything shared back. when i messaged that user about it they blocked me…



That is true. He never came through with that dump. I believe that he may indeed be scamming. We don't need to discuss it but let this be a word of caution to anyone on this board claiming that they'll share videos if you personally email them yours.



It means some of us are adults who make enough money not to embarrass ourselves by throwing a tantrum over $100. What professional fetish model works for under $100? lol. If you found some you should probably make sure they aren't trannys :)


File: e0fac93d3dad1da⋯.png (186.73 KB, 384x225, 128:75, fhfh.PNG)

hey what about this clip….is there anyone who is going to buy it from voreblog girls..


File: abefed642bff3ba⋯.png (298.88 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180415-155217.png)

File: 0afd54587092cae⋯.png (288.89 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180415-155240.png)



man imagine if she swallowed an actual mama rat in front of her babies and then swallowed them too! Too bad that guy budy yoke blackmailed them and maybe they won't do pinky vore now



hey we not required screenshot..we required clips because screenshots may be photoshopped….so share the clip here if it actually exist in reality….haahahahaha




yes share this clip on mega…..


as if i'm gonna share these videos just right now. I CAN'T DO THAT JUST YET!

These girls charged a hefty price for this 6 minute vid. I don't have many oralvore vids,at least the latest ones. If only someone can share claudia's double pinky and or fuzzy vore videos i'll straightaway share this video and another pinky one done by her partner right away


the second pinky vid by voreblog will be delivered this evening or tomorrow



If you're going to go post it here, that'd be reallll nice.



Second voreblog pinky clip????? Means there is a first voreblog pinky clips also exist…



"What professional fetish model works for under $100?"

lololololol you consider random chicks on instagram who use their phones "professional models" lololololol


ps: don't give the people bragging about having voreblog clips any attention folks. cuz thats all they want. otherwise they would have posted the vids already.


File: 2a99355efcc0dd8⋯.jpg (2.54 KB, 120x90, 4:3, file_1849795.jpg)

File: 0d9a3cd38c038b5⋯.jpg (2.41 KB, 120x90, 4:3, file_1864515.jpg)

File: 3af2d98483655cf⋯.jpg (3.04 KB, 120x90, 4:3, file_2067588.jpg)

File: 6fa041fd46f623b⋯.jpg (3.06 KB, 120x90, 4:3, file_2184351.jpg)


I found photos of a few more of them. Sorry if their blurry.



hey share all the pinky videos of voreblog here..its a share board and you will also get the claudia clips..dont worry about this bro…



Nova is not on instagram and definitely does not use her phone. She has been around for years and has worked with other big fetish names like Giantess Katelyn. I just ordered a video from her that was shot in 4k! So yea.. I would say she is a professional. And probably doesn't need your pocket change anyways :)



can you place a custom pinky vore video to makayla of alexandra star…if they do this then it would be fantastic


File: ad655065c8204b6⋯.jpg (64.26 KB, 536x242, 268:121, Cl.jpg)


That's all I have from Claudia - she is so pretty!

If anyone wants those, let me know. I've dumped those a few weeks ago.

Please, if you share pinkie clip from voreblog - place on it some heavy watermarking (like a big finger in the middle of the frame) - let's force some people here to appologize to the girls and actually buy the clip from them.


You should all just ignore the sexualinticement guy. The idiot scammed in this very thread and he scammed me on another site. Basically hes garbage and enjoys "inticing" people with promisses. Its all in the name and he should have been banned from here long ago.




if you care so much about forcing people to apologize then share a clip - without watermarking. dont make other people do your work for you.

share a clip of anahi eating some pinkies or fish, without watermarking. ill apologize and buy a clip of julieta or whatever the white girl's name is and share it.

otherwise stfu.



okay nova whatever you say ;)


lol ironic how the little boy white knight mangina betas in this thread dont realize that theyre actually hurting themselves by promoting these ridiculously high prices that they now have to pay hahahaha.



You see? It's a tactic - a lot of people here want a "proof", but do they? Nooo, they want free stuff! I don't mind if anyone shares, but this is not the case. All you will see if I get the pinkie clips first will be heavy watermarking. Because the watermark will not ruin the proof. :)


I did my test with the latest dumps - they were downloaded more than 500 times! This is the number of vultures here. From 500 people how many are actually active? 5? We're like a 5 animals in a zoo cage making funny tricks and 500 guests are laughing otside without even buying a ticket…

And because as someone said - this is a share thread, I dare all of you to share something with each post. I have enough material to do it. Who is with me?


pass: vore



Scuse me but I already did a 60GB dump of my entire collection. It was downloaded 2000 TIMES YES 2000 TIMES! I'm sure everyone here is good :)



If I blocked u it's because you were wasting my time by sharing videos that have already been shared on this thread, that everybody already has… and expecting me to give you my rare clips in exchange. If I was a scammer I would change my email so people didn't recognize me you fucking idiot. lol

I use the name sexualenticement because when people see it they know I have lots of rare videos to trade for OTHER rare videos.


The christmas dump didn't happen because people posted my Leana Smith vore videos without my permission.



bro, im telling you to post the voreblog videos, not because im particularly interested in either girl, but to call you on your shit and your claims.

you keep saying you have videos (to support your claims) and you talk about posting them "to make people apologize", but when its time to put your money where your mouth is, you make excuses.

i dont give a fuck how much youve shared, youre a full of shit child.

post the vids or stfu about the scammers.



thats interested because nothing that was on my mega (20 gigs) was posted anywhere else. i know this, because everything was custom work that i commissioned from various studios and individuals.


this guy is just full of excuses. just like that ft child.



ive shared tons of content here and over the mega group that was active from the thread.

and now this little FT punk bitch is gloating over having a video and he wont share it because of some stupid fucking argument.

like really, ft is an even bigger jerk than the people he was arguing with.



well now when people see your name they think "scammer, dont trust" lol good job good job



I have not been here for a while, but I'm scared, pretty aggressive.

and always without names (anonymous).

@ sexualenticement I have changed several videos and it was perfect and the expensive videos !!

I've spent a lot of money for my fetish you do that too?


I trust sexualenticement. it was always fair trade.



whatever you say sexualenticement ;)



Yes, so 5 seeders and 2000 leechers! :) (84 downloads for 2 hours)

Well, my entire collection is 490Gb. I don't even know how to share it all, but I want and I will, gradually.


Calling me child and cursing is… childish. Anyway - I'm not making excuses, I told you - I don't have the clip yet, but I'm 100% sure it exist and I'll buy it for all of you just to show you that voreblog have a great potential. That's why it will be watermarked - so you can buy it.


The little "FT" child is here already 18 years, from the time of fetishfad, mouthfetish and all of the pioneers. And I'm still here, sharing just because I'm not into soft vore and I don't care. I'm collecting it just to have a share material for hard vore clips. Calling me "punk bitch" and "jerk" can only make me disapear like I did a few years ago. I'm asking myslef why to stay in the stupid community full of retards? I can get the clips I want and you cannot share anything with me, just because I don't care about your childish soft vore fantasies.

You're so pathetic - you don't even dare to share at each post, you just don't have enough material…

But the white knight is a man of his word, so I will share an interresting high quality clip from voreblog with 5 fishes, chewed and sensually swallowed to the last scale - so you will finally see that vorebolog has potential.

I've placed a small watermark, barely noticeable ;) Enjoy! And if you like it - go and buy it!

Link: http://fromsmash.com/b16889c7-4c02-11e8-830d-0a39043893bc

pass: vore



Thank you Marcel. I always enjoyed trading with you. Welcome back!


Epic upload, thanks!



"I told you - I don't have the clip yet, but I'm 100% sure it exist and I'll buy it for all of you just to show you that voreblog have a great potential. That's why it will be watermarked - so you can buy it."

werent you the one bragging a few days ago how you have multiple clips from voreblog?????? "i dont have the clip yet" is just an excuse. you have clips, youre just making excuses and dodging.

i said share an unmarked clip of the black girl and ill buy a clip of the white girl to share. this provides maximum benefit to everyone involved; voreblog gets 2 sales and everyone gets 2 vids. the way you want to do it - voreblog gets 1 sale only, and everyone gets 1 vid ruined by a watermark.

youre not the brightest jewel in the sky are you?

"The little "FT" child is here already 18 years"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2iOedGCPLo i think this sums you up pretty well ft.



"I've placed a small watermark, barely noticeable ;) Enjoy! And if you like it - go and buy it!"

i told you no watermarks, so, no, i wont be buying from voreblog. for all we know that watermark was already there.


we already know that the girl from voreblog watches this thread. maybe shes giving ft free shit to defend her. who knows. either way these girls are really shady and as far as im concerned this argument is done.

i wont be doing business with them until an unmarked vid of the black chick is posted. endofstory.



"Epic upload, thanks!"

I threw it in the Recycle Bin as soon as I saw the watermark.


ps: since ft pissed me off, here's her twitter: NO

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Who cares


This thread has turned into such a shitshow. Any amount of evidence provided, "no that could be fake". As if everyone can't see right through you. So toxic. Betting it's Buddy back from his temp ban.



Hey this is not the pinky clip of anahi… Here we all are arguing for the pinky clip and you just posted the fishes clip of voreblog… That's not good bro… We want to see that thay actually done the pinkies clips or not…. So please don't bullshit here by just simply post a fish video. Go and get fuck.. Dear FT… 😂



Wrong. We're argueing IF voreblog deliver or not. Well, obviously, they did. I have more clips like this one, but no pinkies, because those were not chewed. I told you that 3 times at least. Probably you're not 12yo, you're 8yo.

I'm out of the forum. FAREWELL!


File: bbc06493ecd257a⋯.png (120.69 KB, 381x225, 127:75, fhfh.PNG)

hey we want this clip….where is that guy who was telling that he gonna share this today…..


this FT guy first argued for the pinkies clips of voreblog..then he mentioned>>22326 this to share here….now he left the board by just simply posted a cheap fish vore only…he just cheat us because he is also associated with the voreblog girls…..may be they know each other out of the board…he is just advertise about voreblog here..


This chat room is fucking lame. If you guys are bitching about one another youre here trying to mooch expensive content for free without any contributions of your own.

Fucking children. You guys are a joke.



the guy said twice that he will buiy the clip and share but you piss hjim off… at lesat we know the video exists.


if I were FT, I wouldn't share anything anymore. Fuck this board and fuck you assholes, honestly. Now suck it up, jerks!



you are so right



well considering that we were arguing about pinkies and he posted fish (heavily censored)…


finally! bye! XD

i feel bad for this board now, because this board would have gotten 2 pinky videos from voreblog, but because of ft's stupidity and stubbornness, now there will be none. :(

Post last edited at


lol i told you guys ft was full of shit and now its proven :)



gosh just leave her ALONE! how dare you to post someones private fb account? now she will get creeped out there bc of all those guys talking bullshit at this board



wow dude, just delete this post man


Hey is there anyone who is going to buy the voreblog pinky clips and share it on mega….. Anyone rich here… Lol.. Hahaha

Don't fight… Just think how we can get that voreblog clips and enjoy…


Thanks a lot FT, now we don't get any videos and the girls are going to be driven off. You're awesome man!



are u stupid? now noone will buy it - she will hide… stupid fag…\

FT was buying it, but you make him quit. who's the next rich guy to try?



If FT had just shared what he had none of this would of happened. This is a SHARING thread, not a BRAGGING thread.



he was the only one sharing lately, he even dare all of you. and told you he does not have pinkies yet… are you readin the posts?

all starded because of some greedy bastards threatening Nova and voreblog…



nova has nothing to do with this situation.

i said multiple times if someone share an unmarked vid of the black chick from voreblog eating fish or pinkies ill buy a clip of the white chick and share it, unmarked. are YOU reading the posts?

instead ft decided to post a vid of the white girl and covered the entire thing with a watermark. i bet he thought he was really cute and clever, but now ill make sure the girls are scared off.


violating a persons privacy so hard…

who ever shared this fb account, should feel ashamed


I know FT from way back then, ten to twelve years, I recon. I know this person and artist long enough to tell he's a straight-up kind of guy even till this day. It pains me to see what's happening, the provocations and escalations..

Now, I am not much of an online talker, but this doesn't seem right at all.

I am not going to point and blame, but I am saying that he doesn't deserve this.

Perhaps this is a good time to take a moment and reflect on the situation.



that's okay…you knew him from many time but can you please talk with him that we will not take him to the target..as we are here to share the things but due to some divergence and advertisement we take him as a scammer..but honestly if he is a good guy then please let him ask to but the pinky clips of the voreblog and share it here for all of us..we will not target him further…hope you understand what i want to say…;)



are YOU READING? He sais at least TWICE that he doesn't have the black chick clips, only the white chick chewing onese, he said he will share with a watermark and he did just that.. then he was about to buy that black chick clip if you were not stupid enough to make him leave…


Knowing the art of that guy (if this is the real FT, not someone else) - he definitely doesn't deserve this. But from all the shits, we all lose…

I think we should report and scare all the potential vore girls out there and shut down the stupid forum… we're all just a bunch of masturbating freaks…



you act more like the only freak here

violating privacy… good job, good job - not



There's no doubt in my mind that this is the Female Teeth we all came to know and love for his artistic traits, generous nature and calm demeanor.

Everyone's a freak in it's own way. Some just know how to hide it very well.

Godspeed if one happens to be masturbating.

Just do it somewhere private. :)



hey contact with FT and get the clip of voreblog

as soon as possible



I am sure that you are a great guy who's in possession of a healthy set of brains and therefor understands that ordering people around seldom gets you what you want.

I am not an arbiter so I am leaving it to the people who are involved with this issue to find resolvement.


Fuck this board right now


Read my mind, what a freakshow…




File: 6485561a7392b91⋯.gif (417.79 KB, 458x258, 229:129, output_kpwawb.gif)

this is needed! it's nowhere to be found :/


well i saw no point fighting with FT if he was gonna post the pinky vids eventually. if he didnt end up doing it then who cares. he was one of the ones sharing here. even during the argument he was posting shit. Just makes no sense since that makes us lose a live vore contributor as well as losing voreblog as well for posting their private accounts. strategy wise it doesnt help anyone here who wants vore shit.


plus if FT was femaleteeth then this board los a great contributor. alot of the custom vids from galas, alexandras stars, clips4sale, xxxfetish, etc. are customs femaleteeth paid for. but of course this comment im leaving will be attacked by people. come on use your head. we need to keep as many people as possible here


File: ab2e072f0152046⋯.jpg (324.53 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, petit-April 30 007 .jpg)

I am tired of all the childish fights in this page!

Sharing time!



File: a11f5a8debddfae⋯.jpg (128.28 KB, 1225x611, 1225:611, petit-April 002.jpg)



I want to share, but all I have is from here. But I just found that, hope you like: https://mega.nz/#!XktzwIKY!sQSDlVPIubiYws1a7GAi8NPgAFmC8xpJG3mvQzJ1iHw



I had that but i lost it due to hard drive failing, it's called riley's poolvoresmaller


I have a plan to get the clips from voreblog. If we all contribute a small amount of money then we can easily buy the clips and after that we will share it here as everyone has contributed.

So select one person from here Who will collect the money as well as buy it from creators.

Money will be transferred through paypal account like $5 which will be minimum amount. Those who want to pay they will have to give their mega mail id. After buy the clip.. We can share it directly and those who not contributed will not get that clip.. So agree or not… If yes then select most trust worthy here. You can also select me if you think that I am giving the plan and I have the ability to trust by you all…. Agree or not



Wow that got killed really fast. What even was it ?



for weeks we argue if voreblog even deliver, then we threaten them, showing their facebooks and now we want to buy from them? do you believe they're still around? but nice plan - I'm in! let's loose $5!



Wtf happened to this thread? Lol plus is nova still around?



Wow, wtf happened here. Did this asshole really just scare off FT? I'm sharing with ft on mega, and he has lots of quality stuff. This is a sad day.



I ordered from her recently. I don't think she comes here often.. probably because of the asshat to decided to threaten her. Honestly there are some really shitty people in this community.



As a big fan of Daisy, you have my thanks, kind sir.




it not only scares off current producers of vore like nova but ALSO potential woman who could get into vore. i really think there should be a stance with people posting like that on here






Thanks my friend



If she accepted cryptocurrency we could tip her


hey please get the voreblog pinky clip….it awesome…..



Hey guys, I have a video of me swallowing a live mouse that I’m selling. I created an Instagram yesterday so DM me on there if you’re interested in ordering it (@goddesslisafire). If you don’t have an Instagram, you can email me at forgedinfirelisa@gmail.com and say that you saw my post on this board.

Here’s a preview of the video:



File: a45c7f76d0bcbfb⋯.jpg (51.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, unnamed.jpg)

Here's a pic of me


I like where this is going



We could not even see you put the mouse in your mouth!

Also what is your instagram name?



Also you have a youtube account!

Lisa Fire!

You are into mostly crush! I hope you swallowed the mouse whole! And not chew it!


Wow!! It's going to be very interesting. I also hope you swallowed the whole mouse. If you did that, you're the queen!



If this is legit, it will be the best vore vid yet.



holy fuck that would be the best vid out there by a thousand miles. but Im getting overly suspicious it's prob fake/ edited. Seems like you got startled by it just touching ur mouth. but only time can tell


Any one got Roley's anal vore?



it's spread all over the internet. Very easy to find it


Has anyone ever found out if Lisa Fire's video is true?



I can confirm the video is real. She chews it and then swallows it! Pretty hardcore!


File: 8a9e630e03c1ec8⋯.jpg (102.2 KB, 1259x713, 1259:713, zera.jpg)

"Chews it"…HA!

Zera did a great vore video… and with 10 mice!




This is a troll I'm guessing? She said it was swallowing.


Its a fake post, she has no idea whats going on.











Then it’s “crush” not Vore!!!



No one will ever take our Queens throne!

All hail Zera!


File: 685b686ca595f4d⋯.mp4 (9.69 MB, 960x720, 4:3, devourfishprvw.mp4)


It's hardvore man, crush is under feet. This is natural eating - chew and swallow.

She can either do soft or hardvore. That woman has some potential!

Zera is gone forever… we need new Queen!



wow not bad. Did you write this morning (12 hours) until now no answer:



>we need new queen

yeah one that doesn't lie, hard vore is not swallowing live.



Don't shoot her down yet, if she's willing to chew a live mouse then she's probably willing to swallow one without chewing as well.



99% of girls will swallow whole and alive. Chewing is too gory for them. ;)


I've never seen a mouse chewed and then swallowed. I'll have it !!!!!!!!



Exactly. So this girl could certainly be the next Zera.


She isnt happy about being posted on here.


She confirmed. Its hard vore. She could someday make a swallow alive for the vore community.



Are you serious?

I’d rather see her swallowing mouse/fish also but this is still something.

she’s gorgeous.

maybe she’ll do a swallowing one in the future.


that's really cool! does she have a store?


id say if you guys want to keep her making content then dont post her stuff here. Since this is a sharing board though we should move on to other stuff.

someone will get overly aggressive from my comment. i hope not but someone will.



I actually agree I’ve never seen her on here before or anywhere else

better for creatures to go unseen even if created with no one to see

than to be obliterated without

the chance of “discovery” even if this uncovering is as deep as the sea 🌊


hey guys miss whitney morgan can shoot pinkies clips..if want then contact them…



Who is that?


File: 635c6e145627fe9⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 258x145, 258:145, (m=ecuKGgaaaa)(mh=wGmzdncn….jpg)

this is miss whitney morgan…



Too bad FT was such a dick, we could have had two clips from voreblog and now instead we have zero.



Dont even fucking start dude.


File: 0ac68ed46290a27⋯.png (926.5 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180505-155242.png)

File: 3a92376060b0dbb⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180505-155227.png)

File: 4c9e52e3d400013⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180505-155201.png)

This girl is mostly into foot fetishes, but she does dabble with vore. Not too sure how far she'd be willing to go. So far I've only ever seen her with toys. If someone could get her to do a goldfish that would be very impressive.



Someone got her mail? I can ask her for fishes…



I wrote her on instagram, and asked and then she blocked me.lol



She she put out your text for everyone and wrote

theenchantressbThink I’m gonna pass on this one


File: 1e74954aac6214d⋯.jpg (301.18 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180507_173957.jpg)

hey can anyone ask galas to make a video of eating baby mice pinkies alive. She is so hot and sexy and want to do taboo video like pinkies alive.

I don't have her contact info so please ask her if anyone knows her.


https://youtu.be/_szV_oE0yYw this is a dude but i am wondering if any ladies are ordering this at the Chinese restuarant?


Any one got any new Galas videos?



last i heard wasnt gonna swallow pinkies. i asked as well a while back too. Unfortunately she is not doing any live vore vids anymore since the recent shutdown of xxxfetish. Well she still does do video but her prices went up because of the shutdown and because there is no where else to sell the vids im assuming



its only a matter of time. possibly find a female chinese vlog and dare them to do it. of course while being sly about it. unlike alot of people that leave stupid comments on vore vids lol


Hey someone please share voreblog pinky clip here.. If have…



That site isn't shut down, it's just on maintenance.



so can any one request galas to make a pinky clip as it will be awesome because she is super hot and sexy and want to see that lucky baby mice in her wet sticky mouth ;)



Yes… Please share voreblog pinky clip here…. If anyone have that..


sorry, but all these new pinkie videos do not compare to OV's clips… not by far. The story, the camera quality, the lighting, I can go on. The biggest mistake this forum made was to scare away the really talented vore producers :(


This isn't specifically vore but does anyone have this video


Its Alice eating food, There's a part 1 and part 2.

If anyone does I'll give them this unreleased incredible vore & scat video https://thisvid.com/videos/unreleased-mom-turns-son-into-food-vores-him-and-shits-him-out/


Please share pinkies swallowed video by voreblog girls


I disagree completely.


These “amateur” videos are way better.

the “pro” videos the girls are always laughing with useless dialogue I can’t stand that shit.

You may have a point about the lighting but even that isn’t that much of a big deal.




There can be no talk about it. Ov was never here !!! Laws have changed and the trade in these videos has been severely curtailed. therefore also the shutdown of xxx fetish media.(Alexandria Star …………..)



Again, the site isn't shut down. Just undergoing maintenance.



And why is that for several months? Believe me they are gone !!!! In the beginning, they were still looking for a legal gap. In other forums are the owners of because -Shops.




talked to alexandra stars and she can also confirm xxxfetish may not come back unfortunately. like marcel said. same with galas. a friend said they talke to her as well. which is why i brought up earlier about galas raising her prices



thanks, but where did you get this?



Haha agreed. The lighting is nice but isn't worth a $300+ premium on the price xD


Besides, OV has obviously banned all the sharers by now. They should offer their trusted customers zero watermark videos again if they expect them to pay so much money. Never would I pay hundreds for a watermarked video. It diminishes the intrinsic value.


Mice are horrible, im completely guilt free watching girls eat them.

Just like the horrible woodpeckers id be fine watching girls eat them.

Warning graphic truth of mice scum:




Can someone post "Makayla call 911"?



here :)






this isn’t the full video.

Judging by this.


but still grateful for what you shared.


what’s the chances of ever seeing the full video of this?



Been thinking the same thing myself. Really want to see this video to see if she actually swallowed it. >>22674


It is hard vore. :(


Avery is super hot. Whish she was accessible.



Yea I know. She told me. She said she isn’t selling that particular clip anymore.

Honestly I still would like to see even if it is hard vore which I’m not really into at all.



awe that sucks. i dont care for hard vore but still wouldve liked to see it.



LMAO already got suspended.



that playlist was atleast 2 years old and it didnt last 1 day here in here..




I downloaded the entire thing before it got suspended, anything you all want from it in specific?



I think the playlist had Vicky clips. Not sure as I didn't get a proper look before it went down.



Whats in it?



could you upload the whole thing to mega? or screenshot the files on your computer and show us them? please and thank you.


any one got Riley's anal vore?



Follow this girl on instagram


I have talked with her and she can make custom video… But you have to follow her



thanks a lot


So swallowing snakes is always fun



Has anyone here actually done this? Wish it was something I could try



I have, and just did again last night



Mind explaining how it feels?



File: b8f81bf53d58ebc⋯.gif (36.63 KB, 320x180, 16:9, frame_24_delay-1s.gif)




Yes please!! Would you he so kind as to link to purchase for this video or even upload it?


Anyone check out the new alexandria's stars site? Does it still get updated every few days?


Hey all… This instagram girl is currently available for the vore chat and vore story. Those who can pay her… She will do the chat and vore story. After getting a good earning she will do every kind of vore videos like pinkies frog fish and baby chicken.. So please ask her and take her session for paid chat

Follow her @manisha_shrma_007

On instagram. She is so hot 🔥



Better not be hard vore. Not that I trust any of these insta girls will do any kind at all.


I already know where this whole thing will lead toooo…. on this board… I… I will just go get my beloved popcorn :3


and another girl get's creeped away in 3, 2, 1



that account seems new or probably fake as there are no google search result and paid chat session really?



Unfortunately this is what's gonna happen. Gonna be people commenting about how they wanna do something with her belly or mouth.



You should upload that :p



She is back on updating once a week, she has added a crush section that has separate membership.



while she is very attractive i do not trust anyone who doesnt atleast have some proof OR has good word of mouth from people i know :/ still added her on insta to keep track though




lmfao that is so fake



Hey there vore boys! I am shooting some videos this Saturday and I have room for one or two more customs. If anyone wants anything make sure to let me know by tomorrow :)

Thanks guys! As always you rock! XD



>>22799 yay save the poor albatross chicks! Go down evil mouse


>>22646 thats the story dovahk, albatross are endangered and there are so many mice that they started killing albatross when they land :(

I really dont like mice anymore, if there where more vore driven girls maybe there would be less mice!



hard or soft doe



Did you chew or swallow?


hi, I have video vore (crawfish, lobster,..). contact me in private: alcory@fastwebnet.it


She swallowed without chewing.


can anyone share voreblog pinky clip?



Oh boy.



How do yoy know?


File: 25476a63d31ce90⋯.png (60.74 KB, 1078x460, 539:230, Screenshot_20180519-154700….png)



Is more expensive than at Oralvore. I would not give her a $ 250. Who knows if this is not a fake.


I don't believe she swallowed it, the mouse is too big to be swallowed.



if she did then HOLY CRAP then i guess the price is justified. but yeah wed have to check if its real.


Is is me, or does some quite relevant post got deleted?




pls everyone,

don't start this bitching session over pricing and credibility and shit again. Lamenting certainly won't do much good.

Some people already wrote her a line or two for sure (at least i did, for i have a soft spot for such kind of shit), let's see first where is this going.


I've spoken to her at length, she's a very cool girl. And I believe her. She has a massive amount of potential.




Then you two are nothing in the way. buy it and report please.


she says that the video is 15 mins long

she seems pretty straightforward

if I had $250 I would definitely buy

really pricey


So, you'd all pay $250 for this garbage.. no story, no good light, no good view of the swallowing… you'd prefer some newbie crap for $250, and whine and chase away good producers that sell far better content, for the same price :| I don't get it.



Name me one producer who brings a “good story” to these vore videos.

Is that even possible?

If I want a story I’ll freakin watch Attack on Titan lol

What makes a good vore video to me at least has ever thing to do with how beautiful/hot the woman is and if she’s really into it out of her own volition.

Producers tend to get caught up in what they “think” is hot. Everything is hit or miss either way.

I won’t be paying because it’s way too much but if I had extra cash than yeah I’d definitely pay



What the fuck do you mean good story? Acted out shit is exactly what people here DON'T want. It's allways bullshit and cringy. Go watch a movie if you want a story.

Ameteur things that the person in it actually enjoy what they are doing is better than the things that "good producers" make.



Don't you notice it is only you whining and chasing away people…?

Could you pretty pretty pretty please not write any more posts here? Thnak you in advance, your consideration will be highly appreciated.


I was going to dump all my videos here today, but you wouldn't like them… all stories with pretty girls that you can SEE because there's light LOL. Ok, this isn't the forum for me, bu bye now.



you don't need to understand it and it language…..just subscribe and share and i have a gift for all of you and make me 1k+ subscribers and i will share one of the amazing vore clip….which you never seen before. its not fake and i will really share . i am not scammer…i am a strugling youtuber…please help me by subsribe our channel…




go and fuck yourself you piece of shit


any respectful one got Riley's party on


Does anyone have this gem? I'd be very grateful if you could upload it! https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/111470/19535741/Leviathan+Devours+a+Tinder+Date+-+wmv



XD this is a BIIIIIG gem XD



I think we should all pool some money together to order a custom pinky swallowing video from the great Leviathan! So sexy!



I made sure to downvote all of your videos.



well you know … its HIS money …



Kill that fat thing with fire


can someone share Wink videos please



Yeah right, of course. It's allways "I was gonna but you did this". Definitely believe you.



impossible to suspend disbelief that he could ever get a tinder date



It's an extremely fat man, saved you a click.




Does anyone have this, I would be great full if anyone can post.




I want the same vid :(

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