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File: 2bd91c79127fe01⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 258x145, 258:145, makayla.jpg)


the last thread reached limit so I made the second one, just share whatever you have.

Real life vore thread. Set to cyclic so use [-] if you never want to see again.

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Please share the caudia pinkie video… Plsss



Haven't found it yet, I just used google and Yandex reverse image search to get this far.




Dude, it's my playlist...


sexualenticement, i'm sure it has nothing to do with OV being too pussy… it probably has to do with salesm marketing and payment processing. Once you go nude, you're classified as xxx and everyhting is restricted, even to what countries can access your content. You're kind of an idiot I can see from your posts. It's no wonder you have to beg for free videos, cuz if you had a brain, you'd probably make enough money to buy a video here and there.hahahahahaha



the owner of Oralvore speaks. lol Nice to hear from you.he does not beg but exchanges. I understand that you do not like it. if you did not take $ 400 for a video. We will all buy from you again. Lol 😂



Roxanne = Riley Pier



>Chloe Grey

Great find!

Now we just have to know her real name!


Marcel AKA Erik Stolz


another begger, lol


Here's an idea, Erik. Find OV girls that'll swallow pinks and frogs for $100 - $200 and they sell them for $20 or $30. Do the math. The girls want $1500 to swallow a couple pinks, and I wouldn't do that shot for $3000. So, you have $1500 invested in talent, then you have the guy that films, the editing and publishing… even at $100 they'd need to sell 20 copies just to break even, and that's about how many copies are sold in the end. You really have no idea of what a losing proposition vore is. Then they have to deal with people with no clue that hate them for trying to make a couple bucks and make it all worth while. It's not, which is why you won't be seeing any more vore from them after next month. Especially after C4S made it even more of a worthless effort by not allowing the one affordable video thing they did, fish and eels. They'll not make a living selling gummy swallowing, and you guys hate them form trying to make a buck on pinks and frogs… then there's the animal rights people breathing down their necks, so they can't do any marketing, so they're stuck making a couple hundred profit (maybe) you should start your own vore content biz and show us all how easy it is to make the extreme vore OV makes and make money doing it. Please, show us all how to do tit.



I understand you!!!!! _I'm not saying $ 20 or $ 30. $ 100 is a good price.

I do not have $ 400. What should I do?

for example winky pinkie has cost $ 200. Now costs $ 400.


please do not say because of the watermark, that's done quickly with video deluxe.

and please do not insult me.THX



If it was only $ 400.Hahahhhahhh




I love you Marcel lol


Does anybody have any non professional/amutuer female videos?

I've collected a few videos of non professional videos but most of them are male.


Actually back in the day you'd only see, tongue art, mary jane and caitlin brooks on youtube, and Alice. Then karbo, vore was so niche. Its actually a growing scene as people don't feel so weird about having it and are alot more accepting and expressive. There have and always will be those that will fight for animals, but this is not a slaughter house or a chicken farm, or gene modification or animal experiments (all legal part of society btw) its not even a brutal death for an animal, its totally natural.

None of us have a shrink or growth ray so we arnt dangerous to society 😂 I remember seeing one of the ov creators on YouTube just making simple vids, I'm glad they've got so far with it. I say good on them so far… but if I could use a shrink ray it'd be on the clips for sale team, then id give them to roxanne! And transfer all they're vore profits back to the vore studios.




do you need the wink pink videos?

I have them if you would buy the nurse pinkie claudia :P


anybody got the old wink videos such as Vore Games, Cheaters get swallowed, and a like?


C4s are fetish hitlers! Tryna give us a yellow star, its fucking insulting!


the vore games and cheaters get swallowed videos are cheap, so there goes "we trade OV vidoes because they are $400" :|


Erik, I gave you a long explanation about what the costs to OV are and the price OV charges to make $200 or $300. Jeez man. The watermark is to deter sharing, or at least make you cover it. You are all sharing $5 to $20 videos as well, so t's not because the price is too high. What should you do if you don't have $400? IDK, maybe you don't get to have that video. I want a rolls royce, but I don't have $100,000, what should I do? Get a toyota I guess.


Erik, if you were selling something that the law wanted to stop, animal rights people wanted to stop and the whole world was against you… would you sell them for cheap money so they were all over the place, putting you and your biz in more jeopardy and risk, or would you want to make the price high so only a few people could get the video and less would be out there putting you at risk?



everything sounds good until you realize you're just a horny man who'll do whatever to see a fish get swallowed


I guess OV will just have to do these last few vore vids with watermarks before they move on to ther next venture. Steal'em while you can. That'll work :)



This logic immediately falls apart when you realize that knowledge of the videos extends beyond the purchasing of the videos, and also the fact that you take down vids to replace with others, so you're always selling vids. This entire reasoning is horse shit.




You have my absolute dream job, I would give a finger to do what you do.

be there live as Roxy swallows a frog.

yes of course it is wrong what I am doing !! I'm a sex offender, I'm tail controlled.

You also have our fetish.

I've already bought a lot from you, I have everything there is from your side. I only stopped buying when you started taking $ 400.


nobody at OV has your fetish, so they won't miss it at all. Jim is actually looking forward to having his cock sucked instead LOL. The whole thing started because Titi was licking a lolipop and her then bf (Jim) at the time videoed it and uploaded it to YT. Your fetish was introduced to Titi and Jim at that time and they discovered they could make a buck granting vore wishes. I think they're already working on getting into female training or something, so their vore days are fast approaching the end. They deserve to make a living and not have their income controled by people that don't see the value in what they do.



The added cost of the watermarks isn't added value to the user and ultimately works like a hefty tax in terms of reducing purchases. In economic terms, it's a price floor. Additionally this is a grey market, on the fringes of illegality, and at $400 you're looking at a market of people with high disposable income who are also not particularly concerned about having their name attached to a disreputable fetish, from a site run by someone with questionable ethics when it comes to clientele. Given how this thread has gone recently, namely the effort to expose certain people, it seems my personal concerns were well founded.


It's completely reasonable to stop an unprofitable venture. It's unreasonable to expect loyalty after the price hike as it specifically punished regular customers.


Disreputable? Vore is not disreputable, we aren't hurting anyone, deadpool gets off to unicorns on the big screen? 😂 hes still deadpool.

People are curious about models, no one has been exposed. It looks like another alias for roxanne, I once got a pm because I used a models old alias and she was doing new stuff, she just asked if I liked her then gave me a link to her new name and site. She had a good laugh with me and it was nice to see her casual side.

Ill apologise on our behalf for that if it wasn't supposed to be open to the public (idk who found her but it was just a reverse google apparently)

Ppl around the world eat live animals its impossible to avoid.

We are born into the human race idk why maybe its evolutionary to make sure the mate is fed or your own body is fed.

But we exist, brushing us under the rug is absolutely the worst way to introduce yourself to a community. Or customer or whatever you see ur interest to us is.

We aren't just guys begging girls to swallow goldfish, theres 2 genders and 2 sides to this. If your curious about the community read articles theres no point judging a share thread.

Any girl whos eaten a wild fig eats a community of fig wasps, that doesn't make her a monster its just one of those things in nature.

We are just one of those things in nature as well.

Fetishes and fantasies are experimental

If you want a business venture you need passion behind it, if you claim you have no passion for making those clips… I'm absolutely shocked as to why your in that area

Now can we shake hands were on this page for the same reason to claim otherwise means your very lost and terrible with your cpu, lets quit the birds and the bees explanations and try to get on with the thread.


Getting ur dick sucked is literally so normal, jim sounds like he's incapable of getting any outside of the clips 😂


yeah, jim is old and looking forward to the fun. and this coming from a group of people that have to beat-off to videos and not actually be in them. anyway, all you guys talk about are the OV models and how great their videos are. i think you'll miss them. the value was in the efforts made over the years to entertain you, not in the watermarks. OV has the right to limit the sale of their content due to the taboo nature of live vore via a price hike. They will sell what they have left to sell and it will be heavily watermarked and really expensive. Good luck finding all the hidden watermarks, cuz you probably won't. Anyway, have a nice life, bu bye now. I hope the guy who's name starts with a L and ends with an S has a good christmas dump. ha ha ha ha .



>OV has the right to limit the sale of their content due to the taboo nature of live vore via a price hike.

Except they have continuously told us that the reason they charge so much is because of how expensive it is to hire models, not this reason.

Nice try though?



How do you know my name? And yes it will be a fantastic Christmas dump. In fact I think lots of people stopped purchasing OV videos when they heard about my dump, because they realized they don't need to spend $400 for a video that will be included in the Christmas Dump. I think lots of people hope OV will go out of business, because it will create a vacuum and a better studio will take its place. hahaha



Agreed. They must think their customers are stupid or something



Oh am i ever looking forward to that christmas dump ;)

When you say low quality, do you mean 240p? 360p? 480p? not trying to be nitpicky here, im greatful that your even doing this. Just curious


Is the guy from Oralvore actually in here? Or is it just someone sticking up for him? Just wondering.



It's all about market and interrests… I'm still waiting for them to start making hard vore and take my $400 for each piece…


Does firebolt2526 still come around here? I remember seeing some videos by him in the past and they were amazing.



Here's a vid of him digesting fish.




Haha I found this so funny after reading the fig bit 😂 its the fig devil vegan girl, thats actually a wasp city. U were never a vegan.

Blue berrys also have creatures in them..

What a bad (or good for us) place for a town.. in a fruit..



This is not false talk. I know that they are about to end vore and it is very much affected by what is happening here. So thank you so much Nigga and sexual sentiment and many others because you destroyed this awesome company (almost 10 year of Oralvore).

Now it will just be fish at Alexandra left.


Yeah, I don't know why OV would owe us an explanation about anything… the videos belong to them and they should be able to charge what they want. I don't feel that they or any studio owes me affordable entertainment. I agree with a previous post and if we don't like, maybe one of us should make our own videos, and then we can sell them for less, or give them away if we want to because they will be our videos. Must be alot of spoiled children in this forum that think they are entitled to get something somone worked very hard on for free or something.


seems they know who everyone is, not hard to figure out. maybe they should do a name, address, email, credit card number dump =O revenge LOL


Nah, the card companies protect em. If it were me, I'd upload an infected video and give everyone a virus :) Not saying I don't like getting free videos, just saying that's what I'd do if I were them


Hey this is Rachel. I obviously talk to certain customers too much, but they have a lot of this wrong. I don’t like when other people speak for me, so I came here to clear the air. To the customers coming to my defense, I appreciate the loyalty, but you’re making comments that are not correct. I’m not going to defend my prices, but it’s true that I risk a lot by killing mammals for entertainment, so I need to stop that. We know who you all are = somewhat true, but only if you bought videos from me before. I care = false. If you bought videos, thanks. We are stopping vore because of this group = false, actually you are a small handful of people, most of which never bought a video anyway, so the group has no affect on our business. We have done quite well over the years selling vore videos, but vore is a narrow market and as C4S has new rules about what we can and cannot sell, so we will be looking to film more mainstream fetishes that they allow, and that will do better than vore. Probably something that appears in the best-selling content list on their main page. We don’t like vore = false. I myself cannot go to youtube without watching many lizard swallowing chickens vore… love it. I too dream about being swallowed alive by Wink, Kim and Claudia,,, oh, and Christlie was a favorite too. I hate this group = false. Again, you are not affecting my biz and if it weren’t for the customers I talk to all the time because they order customs, I wouldn’t even know this page was here. I would imagine that whatever fetish I get into, there will be forums and people that will beg, borrow and steal to get their hands on my work… I’m flattered, thank you for not being able to live without my work. Let’s see, what else… there’s so much on this page… well, I guess I see a lot about my prices, but again I’m not going to defend that. I just want to add my flair for making good videos to a fetish that will thrive online as opposed to getting banned all the time. I’ll miss vore and I wish C4S would allow at least the fish and frogs, but they have to comply with their credit card processor’s rules, or they’ll will have no ability to accept payment and then we all lose. I guess that’s it. I’m not going to frequesnt this page, just wanted to clear the air. Take care 😊


wait who is rachel? Are you the guy.. I am sorry but rachel is a girl's name .. I am confused :(


so what happens now? Is the claudia nurse video the last pinkie video that will ever be made ?


This is why we cant have good things. people bitch way too much. Atleast oralvore was still making vore vids despite the c4s vore ban. If you all were gonna trade atleast keep it low key and stop the bitching. trading is gonna happen no matter what industry it is but DAMN did alot of people here bitch. im bitching as well but for good reason.



I know people don't like male content in this thread but honestly the more stuff we can find like this the better, god damn.



I don't necessarily like male content either BUT That video of firebolt digesting a snake was absolutely amazing. Not seen anything like it since



i liked it as well and prefer females but thats a rare video to see. another case of "this is why we cant have good things" with some people bashing his content. Hopefully hes still here so we can see what else he has


why can't girls do this shit :((((

I wish he can get his girlfriend to do it too.


Girls can, its just getting it on film, guys I think we should keep off clips4sale until they stop treating us like freaks. This back of the bus shit doesn't fly.

We just need to ask open minded girls if they would mind for a film.



its not impossible to get girls to do it. i just dont feel right sharing videos without their consent. Its not like its exclusive to just online sites.



… now asking a girl if itll be cool for me to share (upload for all to see) said video online THAT is near impossible. Either she wont do it again or ill get in trouble




Thanks man


Does anyone have any of the object swallowing videos by Alice? I saw someone mention their existence earlier and it piqued my interest.


if oralvore can manage to film a snake or a rat or even a fish inside a stomach, then that would be a dream come true. Hopefully within 5 years it could materialize


They've done regurgitating before. Also whover put vicky xxx was it? Clips4sale shut her store for a content search. Im betting they're spying on us. Probably after the share.

It actually makes me sick how nazi they're acting.

If I owned a store id just get they're mission statement at the bottom and take them to a small business court



I need this video


I give you Roxy mouse and pinkie video.

Or Roxy big frog , small frog………………

I've got everything from OV.I'm missing only Claudia Big Frog, Roxy and his Boyfriend and Claudia pinky patient.I hope for a fair trade



tbh, let's face it, OV produced quite crappy videos. It is also a horrible idea to pay ridiculous sums just because the producers live in a well developed country… This is typically something that could've been produced more economically. Like the totally amateur Zera/Emi whoever shit in low res easily beats all OV shit combined.

Feels like getting a plumber from Switzerland fly to you on a private jet anytime when your toilet clogs, when Carlos could have done the job better…

Better if they live this market gap, so sooner or later it might be filled with something better…


Oralvore have made the absolute best Vore videos ever. The quality (superior) of the video and the content as well.

Only company do frog and pink.

Zeras is better content, but she has stopped for many years

They have had wonderful girls. Roxanne Wink Claudia Kim Mackenzie 'Gupsy Cupcake Stacy Kiki Baby a part of them.

They will be extremely missing for me

That you are not ashamed Marcel. Complete idiot



OV certainly has the best content of any accessible studio but they've never come close to doing anything comparable to Zera. No long bullshit script just 13 minutes, 10 adult mice.

Non stop action.

OV would have to do something similar and toss in some frogs here and there to beat it.


What? since when is OV shutting down??

first C4S and now OV? WTF is going to be left? Alexandria and their snagletooth models?

This is truly a dark, dark day if this is true :'(



The darkest hour is just before the dawn

OV was pretty mediocre at best, twnety minuts of bullshitting and crappy acting for four-five pinkies. Eventually someone will produce content after the market got a bit purged, that's how it works, fear not


File: e1062b6f5781e09⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1525x847, 1525:847, e1062b6f5781e093482310ac4e….png)

File: cb9fe190f4b90a2⋯.png (1.94 MB, 2549x1323, 2549:1323, cb9fe190f4b90a2c009a433440….png)

File: 298b3c9f56737a7⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1225x853, 1225:853, b78feec884b86c07fa5b7413fc….png)


I am still looking for the Claudia Nurse pinky video. I am trading these three videos for it:

-Roxanne white mice ($400)

-Roxanne pinkies ($400)

-Claudia pinky "Trick or Eat" ($120)

So if you spend $120 on the video, you're getting $920 of OV videos. If you're interested, please email me, Marcel Dimmer, or Lanz (Nigga) the MEGA link for your video and we will trade with you.

4K TRADES ONLY! The nurse video should be over 1GB. Thank you.


File: 1620979004b9bba⋯.jpg (847.72 KB, 3717x2053, 3717:2053, bc99e3cf029bb755c460f9058a….jpg)




somebody better get those vids


File: 7faada62d33bff5⋯.gif (7.09 MB, 300x169, 300:169, thumb.GIF)

Does anybody have MMMaykayla?



it would be nice to have the opportunity to buy them, the links are deleted




Nice 👍🏻

write an email to OV. and ask him afterwards he will give you a link.



thank you, try to buy "claudia pinki patient" if I get the link … you have claudia halloween? Do you share it with a patient if I can buy it?



I have Claudia's Halloween.

I will share it with you if you too share the Nurse video.



I give you Claudia Halloween, Roxy mouse and pinky . Or Roxy big fad frog or or what you want




My girlfriend says she'd swallow a baby mouse before she'd swallow a fish(she has a soft spot for fish for some reason). Where would I be able to acquire baby mice? At a pet store, or would I need to breed some adult mice?



Pretty sure most pet stores have mice you can buy (Petco comes to mind). Not sure if they have pinky mice there though. Most feeder mice come frozen.



Look for reptile breeders/salesman in your city, they usually breed their own feeder mice and you'll likely be able to get them dirt cheap.

Step 2: Put a small mask or cat make up on your gf for the sake of anonymity and film everything.



I'll keep that in mind ;) It's gonna take a lot of effort for me to convince her to do it though. All she says now is that she might do it in a few years or something, but I think I can make it happen sooner. If anyone has ever had any luck with convincing their girls to do this, let me know how you did it :)



with my exs i usually just did their fetishs to get her to do mine. nearly all of them said my fetih (vore) was too easy and asked if thats all i wanted XD thats one thing to do. also depends how much she likes you and how turned on you get after she does the deed.




go fuck yourself



You're serious about buying the Nurse pinky video for $120? I have the link I can send you if you're serious about buying it. Email me for the link. Then I will give you these 3 vids when you send me the MEGA link



Does anyone know a girl that's willing to not only swallow fish but also film herself pooping the remains??



I don't want to publicly post the link on this board because then the fucking asshole will just take it down again. But if you want to trade for those roxanne mice videos, and the claudia trick or eat video, email me if you want to spend the $120 and I'll give you the link



Tons, hundreds.

What kind of stupid question is that?


File: 19dfe8e200557ae⋯.png (5.24 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 3685a429fa42a9a975f20789ae….png)

Anyone have this video :( ? i try to find it for 2 months.



Really?? Like who??







I sent you my e-mail address for the link


does anyone have that vid with a hottie swallowing gummies open mouth and then brining them back up a few times before eventually swallowing them? She also ties them to a string and plays with them in her throat. I remember the sound and the video were off sync. Anyone?



If anybody ever needs help covering their name and address in a video, please email me and I can provide step by step instructions on how to hide the watermark. There is software that can re-render the video without losing 4K quality.


Anyone got the clip of the old mtv show where the teacher chugs a goldfish bowl for money? I lost it on my old harddrive.


I'm sure 90% of you won't like this cuz male but I think this is a nice find. plenty more on their channel.




She drank a lot of water. How long would the goldfish live inside her, I imagine a few minutes.

I love how they are trapped inside her, while she is smiling.

I have not swallowed my first goldfish yet, I will soon. Can someone tell me what it feels like? Also, what is the most pleasurable part?



dont man. if you're not a girl, then dont do it :( Have mercy for the fish





No thanks


File: 8d3e95f993cd072⋯.gif (229.86 KB, 300x225, 4:3, thumb.GIF)

File: 7da6dc0515ce2fb⋯.gif (259.11 KB, 300x225, 4:3, thumb (1).GIF)

File: c076e19e159efbc⋯.gif (245.71 KB, 300x225, 4:3, thumb (2).GIF)

Does anybody have any of these Galas videos?


File: 219673cfeaae481⋯.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wxx.png)



is this a new vicky vore video?




>▶ Nigga  23/11/17 (jeu) 17:21:34 No. 17340

No it's a old video of vicky (january 2016)


File: 1d252e1bcc54e51⋯.png (918.77 KB, 1280x736, 40:23, dfgh (1).png)

other old vore clip of vicky.



I love women doing it, and I am straight. Yet when I watch a woman do it, it makes me want to do it. I love how they can't escape.



What video is the second Vicky image from? I want to buy it


File: 4bf10e5dadb6483⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1088, 30:17, vlcsnap-2017-05-20-00h05m3….png)

vicky is wonderful !


File: 532c03efe3dba98⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, dfgh (2).png)

File: 41de019a91008de⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, dfgh (7).png)

And maria ! :)





Wow who is she?



fake swallowing



That's Zera. You can find tons more of her vids on the Zera thread.



oh, thanks man! Its just one thing, I cant seem to find the Zera thread..



File: b8bd8dda97cf397⋯.gif (182.37 KB, 300x169, 300:169, thumb.GIF)

does anybody have riley's balanced breakfast?



I do. Share something and I will post it.



Fuck that bird really let herself go…. :/




Can someone please repost the Galas videos?


Does anyone know a club where people pool money into to buy these expensive videos, or better yet does anyone want to start one because I’m definitely willing to contribute.




write an email to Oralvore and ask for ClaudIa morning pinkie .

send it to me then i will give you the expensive videos. Marcel.dimmer@gmx.de


Anyone have any claudia or roxanne pinke swallowing viods…or any frog swallowing I might not have already. Willing to trade. Have lots


Alright Marcel I will email them tonight for the Claudia pinky video. I will make a post when I send an email tonight in about 6 hours. If I don’t post I will for sure tomorrow. If I don’t post just forget about me.




anybody gots the new wink eels? their cheap as fuck and I'd give the previous OV videos.


I share claudia nurse with claudia halloween, who and interested let me your mail


Nurse Claudia Anonymous 11/29/17 (Wed) 15:07:07 No.17570




hey please share claudia every pinkies swallow vid…..

my mail id is bera10000@gmail.com




do you own claudia halloween to share?


File: f95cc13072a6e47⋯.png (4.96 MB, 2478x1848, 59:44, alice.png)

anybody ever seen a bigger fish than this swallowed? I'd LOVE to find the full length of this video… it has to be Alice's best work



People warning beware of members of this forum who promise to share more than one video very expensive of oral vore in exchange for the latest just released you will not receive anything in return and only a group of scammers trying to steal 4k video for their personal use and publish here the bad copy free



can you share claudia halloween with me you own it?


Wow I’m so glad to have found this thread!! Thanks every one who’s shared videos here. Can’t express how much i appreciate it





File: 96ba139b648e37e⋯.gif (724.18 KB, 320x180, 16:9, wvamph4.gif)

$ 124,97






no shit sherlock. how dumb can you get? if anyone posts an email, tell them to go fuck themselves. this thread is for sharing not trading


also don't like hostile members who have to swear and insult to communicate, its a real downer.

I wish ov pooled their old vids and swallow outtakes somewhere, maybe have a monthly site like tongueart.



Hope they can get Kim to do it.



She seems like the person that would do it for free or as a dare no problem


So I was on Pornhub the other day and noticed someone called Poloice has a video on his channel that has the woman CassiaQueen swallowing a live fish. Unfortunately the video isn't available in my Country. Does anyone on here have it?



Just post the link of his channel or the video's link to see if it's available in my country.


Start wearing the half face masks.


Unless that's the username? Not police? Lol



You're absolutely right, my warning and this, take a look at the forum and tell me how many public shares there are and how many scammers who require private exchanges? they're just thieves who steal expensive videos but for their part you will not receive videos in exchange




My mail is virtualmail874882@gmail.com


Why do guys purposely try to hide their gender when creating mouth/vore content? Tired of fags like the one below trying to trick people:




I used the TunnelBear VPN to view it. It's nothing special: the fish is dead, and isn't even swallowed.



File: 3c91524bdd286dc⋯.jpg (304.7 KB, 1917x946, 1917:946, [clips4sale.com]TopOfTheFo….jpg)

Does anyone have this video??

I have it but it freezes around half of the video



I have plenty to share, please mail me at niels3000@gmail.com


whats the secret to finding alice's videos


File: f4b909188c5b682⋯.jpg (5.14 KB, 256x144, 16:9, 1.jpg)

Speaking of Alice, does anybody have this video? The site i found this video on refuses to play it.



File: 6661177f882539a⋯.gif (257.61 KB, 320x240, 4:3, generated_11828979.gif)

It appears clips4sale hasn't taken down all of the live vore videos. Does anybody have this?




she's hideous!




thisvid has some alice's videos, but of course they're all private



i would die happy


anybody have those wink eels or wink fat frog.. please email me


File: e9b0c98742a763b⋯.jpeg (289.49 KB, 1242x1141, 1242:1141, 76CD035E-6F2F-4189-966D-9….jpeg)

File: 0a152fc28f8e901⋯.jpeg (320.23 KB, 1242x1205, 1242:1205, DE07F26D-D5CD-42AA-8C40-A….jpeg)

File: b1556b06c4063a6⋯.jpeg (5.72 MB, 3072x3072, 1:1, EBBA5F14-CAD1-46ED-A755-7….jpeg)

File: 68c4d5ba3a722b1⋯.jpeg (3.97 MB, 2457x3072, 819:1024, 7039B906-E899-4977-B893-3….jpeg)

So guys, my friend said she’s willing to swallow a goldfish on video but she’d have to be paid quite a bit. I’ll post it here for y’all and maybe she’ll make it a regular thing. Who’s willing to take one for the team and pay her? 😂 here’s a couple of pictures of her



tell her to swallow the ducks!

joke… give a teaser video first… just a mouth tour with a face.. no goldfish yet



lol. wouldn't spend any money if it's not confirmed, that she is really about to do it and it's no scamming


Nice picture with a hand that requires money



depends. shes quite pretty but what price are we looking at and wed still need a bit of proof. maybe a short vid. pretty much more details


File: 50dd039ec4be56c⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2017-12-04-16h37m4….png)

File: 8c8cb76bd4da7ac⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2017-12-04-16h41m3….png)



give us a preview, and if it's good I will probably order something


File: 505d2d6faf869b2⋯.jpg (113.24 KB, 1193x380, 1193:380, vore list.jpg)

Hey everybody,

in order to show you guys what I have in store, I have made a screenshot of all my vore videos. Name a studio, and I have it.

This is excluding the almost 100 videos I have of Chloe Creations.

Please mail me at niels3000@gmail.com if you want to trade :)



stay confident



ehm… I din't wan't to disappoint you but this is standard stuff …


File: 8cf1e189522b9d5⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, lp.png)


File: b72f1b28e70cf00⋯.jpg (218.21 KB, 1024x649, 1024:649, liveFetish - Riley color f….jpg)

File: 22c2b37c0926f53⋯.jpg (178.73 KB, 1024x645, 1024:645, [clips4sale.com]BumPunishm….jpg)

File: 48065bbcf7c519c⋯.jpg (157.1 KB, 1024x645, 1024:645, Riley Party On!.jpg)

File: 4d4487f445e1585⋯.jpg (177.87 KB, 1024x645, 1024:645, RileyBigFishVore.jpg)


i never saw that video

Does everyone else have other common videos of riley besides me?

She's wonderful



Does she accept bitcoin?


I would like to test the offer




We still do not understand the traditional method of payment let alone Bitcoin!






Btw there are gorillions of goldfish swallowing videos out there…

Get her swallow some mice, and film her pooping them out.

accoriding to what Adam Smith said about supply and demand, that could be something that could worth a lot…


got a copy of roxane white mice and freiends, and found many watermarks hidden that appear only for a fraction of a second and are scttered evrywhere. Be careful sharing, hahahahahaha





WTF is wrong with you?!


wrong? I'm doing you a favor.


does anybody have the new wink vids :(


Fact: The watermarks are hidden in single frames, where Lubos didn't see them while the video was playing. Somebody has to REALLY look carefully to find them, which makes you an asshole for going frame-by-frame to find it. Hey Lubos is the Christmas dump still happening?



Still waiting for more proof.

If she is willing to do a quick freebie, I will order something.


Great Scott, Ive never seen the party on video :0.


Why'd you expose this guy's name and address on a public forum?


Anyone have any of Galas' newer vids or the one of her chugging a bowl of goldfish?



In order to stop any and all trading of purchased vore. If everyone here fears they will be exposed publicly for sharing videos then no one will do it. Just watch as from this day no one will share anything recently produced that they have purchased themselves.


there is a site of crush fetish?


anyone have?



Hahaha! You just violated his private security! That’s a way more serious crime than a mere copywrite law!

And you also took the law into your own hands. Also something the courts view very seriously on!

You better hope he doesn’t report you to the authorities!


File: b78feec884b86c0⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1225x853, 1225:853, rm3.png)

File: 19ad3c3fa7cdea4⋯.jpg (311.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, clavp3.jpg)


"Just watch as from this day no one will share anything recently produced that they have purchased themselves."

You haven't caught on that most people are using fake info, so we don't care? Get the fuck off this forum bro xD e-junkie doesn't even give vendors credit card numbers (it's illegal), so our credit card numbers will never appear in the video…nothing to worry about

There's a new Claudia Christmas pinky up. If you email me the MEGA link I will give you Roxanne white mice, and Claudia nurse. Claudia nurse is very, very rare because nobody wanted to buy it since it was $125 for only one pinky swallowed.

Claudia christmas ($100) gets you

-Roxanne white mice ($400)

-Claudia Nurse ($120)


People are still looking for: Roxanne turns boyfriend into frog, Claudia Big Frog, Claudia Morning breath pinkies, and Wink big frog


File: 9ad98ce896416c0⋯.jpg (927.75 KB, 1348x6531, 1348:6531, 11-11.jpg)

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?





File: eb229e0a25b0168⋯.jpg (83.11 KB, 600x397, 600:397, 0fa8329b60ca10546747421033….jpg)




You're assuming I posted the pictures ;) I'm just giving you the point of view and only reason

(That i can think of) anyone would ever post those details.

Good thing he got banned for it.



Did roxanne gulp all those mice in one go?


File: 5c79a1499bdfb5e⋯.png (279.65 KB, 1971x1339, 1971:1339, SoIHearYouLikeDoxxing.png)



If I'm understanding this correctly, all of these posts came from OralVore, ID #Bxsnz5mm? WOW hahaha…. how pathetic. Posting the fucking address of a customer that paid hundreds of dollars.



Wow, just wow. I guess if they wanted to to get out of the vore business, doxing their own customers is one way to go about it smdh.

Glad I reported the posts, and thanks for the swift action.


someone download and post plz



Why isn't anyone posting stuff anymore!?



what is this fetish exactly and do you have similar videos with girls putting animals in their panties?



Disclose such extremely sensitive information to discourage sharing some videos,boys are disconsolate and a serious crime and we are all more interceptable than we think



They all became traders instead of shareing.

I only come here from time to time to see if we ever would get a new swallowing queen like Zera!

Roxanne is very hot indeed. But she is only in it for the money. So the attraction is castle fading there.



Even zera made videos under payment do not believe



its butt crush



Ok. Zera it’s not professionally made by a studio.

Roxanne and Kim and the like are all made in studios. And what do studios only care about? Profit!



Remember the video where he swallows 10 mice? I do not think he was holding the camera and for that video has been paid before you stop making more videos,because then he stopped making videos?



We should make a new board here.

I'm using giantessa.ru

motherless was great years ago, now it's shit

does someone know other sites?


File: 811de25aad40715⋯.png (549.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fish.png)

Does anyone have the video from this image??



its private



dude …. that's a fucking sandwich the title to this board is goldfish vore and real life vore where in that do you think a sandwich is relevant ?




Any news?!



I would like to thank you and all the ones who shared videos.


ill keep posting new videos here when i find them



Sexualenticement or Nigga or other trading persons.

are those who trick others to buy videos and give to him. Then he use that video to trade other video then.

He gets everything for free and you get to buy expensive videos and take the risk that you will be exposed to info embedded in the video is spreading.



People can do whatever the fuck the want with their videos, plus Nigga and Sexualenticement aren't forcing anyone to buy the videos, they simply tell them what they can get in return if they buy them and trade them, if someone buys and shares a video that shows personal info, that's their choice and their problem



Besides dont act like everyone here is sharing everything they have because that's not true, a lot of people only come for the videos and dont contribute to the thread at all, that's why people started trading in the first place, maybe Nigga and Sexualenticement are getting everything for free but at least people who trade with them get something in return as well.



Dude your the fucking man!!! Please if you have any other Alice vids like this you would be the great white buffalo! Im not sure what else is out there that hasnt already been shared but Ill do whatever I can for more of that clip! Ive been looking for that vid for a long time!



does anybody have any athena videos?



File: 87e69fe471036a0⋯.jpg (719.23 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, claudiachristmaslongtongue.jpg)

File: 1abe023aa6be98f⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1139x851, 1139:851, winkfrog - Copy.png)


Somebody send me Wink Eels on Glass ($25), WV52a – Wink Gummy & Eel Swallow Part One+WV52b – Wink Gummy & Eel Swallow Part Two ($19), and WVAMPH1 – Wink’s After School Mouth Pet ($45) to receive Wink Frog ($ 120)and Claudia Christmas ($120) :)


File: ba8208938439ed0⋯.mp4 (198.66 KB, 202x360, 101:180, GIRL SWALLOWS MY FISH WHOL….mp4)


>uploader gave girl a couple fish they won thinking she'd take care of them

>finds out through social media she gulped both of them without a care

That's hot as fuck, and she swallowed the fish like a champ.

Uploading here in case the fucktards that can't keep it in their pants end up getting the video deleted.



Hopefully someone here can track down the instagram where this vid is recorded off of. Itll be a higher quality with sound. at least before its taken down >_<



Why do the best videos have to be short as fuck



I know right?!







Deleted now, if your going to upload something presumably major, you should probably use a file sharing service as oralvore mointors this group



New girl eats live octopus vid:




although cool, octopus really have a higher sense of thinking. It's as smart as a pet cat and can really sense pain. They are really smart and have a sense of gratitude. Ughhh i dont know how to feel about this.



I hate chewing videos!




I love chewing videos! The poor thing was so helpless - yes, smart, but so innocent and soft compared to her strong, hard teeth…


File: 0c1499fdec51b8a⋯.mp4 (2.61 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, [720x1280] @kallikoepplin ….mp4)


In my opinion, videos like these are infinity hotter than a paid model doing it.



Anybody have it in higher quality?



Anyone saved it?



I don't think you uploaded this video properly


File: 32fd972a38eae94⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 900x900, 1:1, photo (7).jpg)

>tfw firebolt memed us all saying he'd post a video swallowing a snake

>tfw he nuked his youtube



Do you know if that video was from a story or if it's an actual post? If it's from a regular post, it can be directly downloaded on a computer.



Someone has to have saved this.



If your looking for the youtube version, I saved it the instant I saw it:




I'm a fan of seeing women's stomachs post-swallow, and that doesn't happen in dare videos.



right click -> save link as. -> profit



Its a post from insta BUT we dont know from whose profile. if we did we could get the high quality version. unfortunately looks like the vid was taken down already.



Yes it was but I downloaded it beforehand if you look at my post above


isn't it time for a new thread ?


Noo, I hate it when favorite my model becomes a pornstar… they tend to forget vore :(( It's sad!




"Wink" was a porn star long before vore… pretty sure she did spit swap and lesbian. Octopus can feel pain? They also kill other octopus for being near them by ripping them apart. Its an evil creature if it has enhanced pain yet mutilates its own kind. I think it'd be cool if they put a pill camera on it if she swallowed it and get her to swallow different things and see how it reacts.




Can you show me how she was a pornstar.. what is her name?


all i know is her name is Roxy and ièm not sure if she was a real porn star then i have never found any other videos besides vore!!!



can you re-up it on yt or somewhre else? Can't watch it. Even not with saved link




if you never found vvideos of her.. how did you know she was roxy? Who was she before oralvore? Information pls.. if I like the information I might as well upload some good videos



Shut the fuck up >>18066






Have any of you guys downloaded that video of firebolt2526 digesting the snake? I couldn't find any reupload of it on Youtube.


Also, did anyone download this one too?


Wasn't trying to be a grammar nazi, Nightmar3. I just didn't know what you meant.



Oh I know you wern't dont worry. I realized my silly error before I even saw your post.

I'm uploading the two i've got right now, they'll be done in a sec.




Thanks man




Is it a guy or a girl?



Firebolt is a guy, but you don't see anything so it matters very little




Feel like that term loses some meaning when actively engaged in a group that jerks off to live animals being eaten. We shot well past that standard by default, being here







Instead of making obnoxius comments here, why don't you kindly present us a video where a girl does the same thing, if such "fagotry" disturbs your circles that much?



so you defend watching male videos? What is it that you are after when watching vore videos: Is it for sexual satisfaction or knowledge of digestion? I doubt if it's the latter. And if it is indeed the sexual satisfaction, then no matter what you say, you have fag-tendencies. Even if I was sexually deprived for 20 years with girls, I will not resort to boys. If I would, I am gay. Simple as that. #NoHomo does not exist idiot!


File: bd8a047976e171b⋯.mp4 (783.86 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 43FCA3ABF49676344394484817….mp4)

well since traders ruined this thread, lets just post vids of girls swallowing shit for dares and whatnot. It's way hotter anyway


File: 6937454f688aa43⋯.mp4 (1.58 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 984948.mp4)


File: fec316960728c2d⋯.mp4 (1.39 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 494.mp4)


File: c7449a08f23aac3⋯.mp4 (762.94 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 58416541.mp4)


File: 5d1f4d3bac8f56f⋯.mp4 (12.9 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Johne Burkhelmer[via torch….mp4)



>I doubt if it's the latter

beleive it or not, not everyone is the same as you are (thank's god, else this world would be even more horrible place…), some people migt find vore interesting without the sexual part.

Also, what if some female visits this forum who enjos watching males?

What if some gay people comes by, who also enjoys watching males?

What if achcyuallly you are the one with severe autism?

Look, i don't need to spit on the floor every other minute, or buy a big truck to be assured i am a though and cool guy. I also don't feel the urge to point out every possible faggotry to remind myself i am straight…

What if it is you who actually has some sexual insecurities?

So many whatifs…



>Ralphie 2




oh noes i'm triggered



you can say whatever the fuck you want.. you can deny everything… you can say some random geneder shit or whatever… point is you watched male content and liked it…. case closed…. don't sleep to hard



Here’s a live cricket vore video I’ve had for a while




Decryption Key?



This is probably in my top 3 favprite vore vids ever. i prefer these kinda vids as well over manufactured videos (not saying theyre bad cause i like em too). How she downs 6 fish at once is crazy. plus shes hawt. I always wondered if the other guys with phones also have the vid but from a different angle



STFU faggot



If your not here to post/trade real life vore stuff, shoo



Then go make your own community.



Done my part. You and the other fags leave and make your own community.


My favorite part of these random girls swallowing videos is when they stick out their tongue to show their empty mouth. It is proof that the fish has indeed been sent to their stomach, to be digested into nothingness….once a unique specimen, but now it is as if it never existed on the earth, due to the power of her stomach. Also when her tongue is out I like to imagine cumming on it.


File: 95b2bb263ba5b4a⋯.gif (1.12 KB, 240x180, 4:3, bg_private_video.gif)



i commissioned this, she only swallows one int he jar, the rest she did one at a time by hand. the lighting was kinda poor.

she also just swallowed a small hamster for me, but managed to "miss" the actual swallow bit, so i think she probably faked it…



Low standards-having, closet fag Nightmar3 posted them earlier, in the form of 2 Mega Links.



Oh. What's her name?

BBW fish vore is kind of rare. I like to think of a mere fish being trapped in those large guts.

Will you post the video? If it's not too much to ask?



I have it, does anybody have this? https://thisvid.com/videos/hamster-boobcrush/






File: bf00f22387267ac⋯.webm (1.23 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Belly digest 100 live gol….webm)


She's hot and the way she swallowed it was sexy, but the vid is noisy, shaky and most of it was focused on some guy. Why do people like dare videos so much? They're always too short and shot like shit.

Solo amateur videos are the best IMO. Does anyone have GiantVoreBelly/Jolie Moore's videos from Instagram?



… did she actually swallow 100 fish? Is there a longer version of that video?




Whats the key?


Ok just dont argue.

Lets agree with putting a label when posting a video if its a guy



Aww thanks, your so special


File: bd7d33386ecd755⋯.jpg (58.12 KB, 463x730, 463:730, dsgsgsgsg.JPG)



Is there a video?



Oh come on with that hamster one. How do you "miss" something like that. Maybe ask her to do again? And if she actually does it she'll probably get a lot of commissions.



People have already been doing that.


Does anybody have any vicky videos? Would be greatly appreciated!



All I've managed to get/find/purloin/etc: https://mega.nz/#F!VUp1GK5B!eXbvTRm5Sjlo7y3GukqqUg



will she do it?




Anything more?



Just curious but are you still doing that christmas dump?



I bet you touch your own dick, you disgusting faggot.



BBW? Fuck people who claim BW being BBW… Stop that shit, seriously. Can't you tell when someone's objectively unattractive? So, quit overrating fat women.



Yeah, eat this rant because I am fed up with every fat woman passing as BBW. Most of them are just FAT, and a woman. We should use FW far more often than BBW. Most of those illiterate dumb asses are just fucking up the term "BBW', and I'm sick of it. I would make a Big Beautiful Woman queen of my world, despite that I am generally repulsed by fat women.



just for future reference, motherfuckers, this is a BBW as much as fine as they come: https://www.xvideos.com/video16335977/busty_joi



>implying someone that fat can be beautiful




That's fucking horrible. That's even worse than the animal being swallowed alive, fucking hell.



i don't think the hamster was harmed in this one, but yeah i used to enjoy rl vore but lately im literally feeling sick of this shit rl fetish. stick to vore art


"worse than the animal being swallowed alive" and why again are you in this thread?

Here are some ants being swallowed, plz look away 18219 you will only get disturbed


Btw if anyone has the full old Alice & Carly analvore video I would be much obliged if contact between us was made for a trade.




Well you gotta acknowledge the fact that some things you like are fucked up.


Hey guys, sorry for posting the link earlier without the key. But anyways, here’s the live cricket vore video. Hopefully this one won’t need a key at all:




Thank you, really appreciated



Thanks man




Yeah, you're goddamn right. Great observation, bro. Now what?



"Fucked up'' is a relative term.


File: 15094364cc7942b⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ww.png)


Hey anyone have this…. Please let me know and I will Trade for this.




bumpp that



You posted my video. Niceeee, now I can't trade with it anymore. ughhhh



Do you have any hamster/mouse buttcrush videos?




Do you have any hamster/mouse buttcrush videos?

A lot but this is a vore thread



he posted a vid he bought probably. I bought it too from leana smith. you can go fuck yourself, tradefag.



should we use >>>/gts/ ?

it would be nice to have a crush thread



Hey I am talking about claudia not wink dude.

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