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File: 60f44c16661a278⋯.jpg (75.66 KB, 550x616, 25:28, I_am_encoded.jpg)


Use this:


All you have to do is get the password simple enough right?


I never was, yet always will be. I am never seen, yet always come. I can carry nothing, yet hold much for some.

Good luck, you'll need it for this one.


Anyone know the riddle answer?



You copied your friends work in school didn't you?


the answer to the riddle is "tomorrow" but that's not the password



Ok ok



It might be future



Never mind



could be something related to tomorrow or future have you tried tomorrow date?


tried all combos for tomorrows dates, also trying the 14th and 12th, nothing so far


also tuesday and wednesday




Fuck, must be something more obscure.


i cant find out what it is i tried old time English, l337 speaking it, making it the date…





also tried tomoorw in binary, hex, ascaii etc



I tried vertex in binary etc. Too.



I dont think its that simple I think its related to tomorrow or future



Did you try "time"?





man this is hard


Anyone got it yet?


1:45am, dropping out for the night


what file are we supposed to be using?


note: passwords are case sensitive.




nope, might just try to bruntforce but i don't know what wordlist i should use



The image from this post



Did it work?


is there something hidden inside the OP image?



well the picture is encoded with a phrase, but you need a password to decode it, which no one has found






The password has got something to do with "future" or "tomorrow", which is the answer to this riddle.

>never was, yet always will be. I am never seen, yet always come. I can carry nothing, yet hold much for some.


the fact the riddle is in first person as well as the filename makes me think that they are referring to the same thing.



hmm interesting



any ideas?



idk i guess we could try the filename




To obvious I think.



Maybe future events?


God damn


maybe were just stupid and whoever solves it cant post the solution, kinda like cicada. if no one solves it soon i think were being fucked with


The password may not even depend on the riddle at all, he did say we would need good luck



I agree 100%



so what do we have so far:




>first person




Time travel?



I'm thinking it is a person or physical thing, someone try time machine



another thing to note is he never actually asks "what am I" or states that the answer to the riddle is the password. I think the riddle is a red herring and we're too focused on specifics.


I was thinking it might be political or something but doubt it now



Idk man


The image looks like it was taken a while ago or was to look that way maybe that is a clue in itself?



age, past, present going to try these





Maybe put these together?

Might be someone from the past



this looks like it could be on the right track.


so old presidents maybe going to try Abraham Lincoln etc.



I dont think it is because there's isn't a whole lot else that could be the password



But where does the future or tomorrow come into play here?



people from the past that influenced the future?


>>55 (checked)

Think we're close, if not we are definitely being fucked with.



>people from the past that have influenced the future

>famous people maybe?

>first person riddle


>never asked "what am I?"




Maybe someone that influenced the future by accident?







Could actually be Hitler.



Christopher Columbus?



Malcolm X?







These are all people that changed the world but how do we know they have any impact on the future if we'll never be "in" the future, like the riddle said.


Someone that predicts the future?

The Simpsons?





Nostradamus the answer is fucking Nostradamus.



Fucking finally dude I've been trying to find this out all day lol



It took me to a website




I need some fucking water after that.



holy shit.

nice dubs.


File: 4164e7e1bf15921⋯.jpeg (7.5 KB, 225x225, 1:1, phew.jpeg)


Thanks, that was intense



Now does anyone have a clue what the site is about?


number does nothing. location is france?


File: 0470ea901eb5cd8⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1280x1659, 1280:1659, f73576be2d62fd3fc170ed9a4b….png)


"Follow the magpie"


The phone number is listed for a Northern Lymphoedema Services in Louisiana



What the hell lol



Do you think that its connected?


try value yet?



pass was Nostradamus






I dont think this has anything to do it.



Follow the magpie definitely means something.



Magpies are a type of bird



what's "northern" lymphoedema services doing in the south?






This is crazy


Magpies are birds of the Corvidae family. The black and white Eurasian magpie is widely considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world and one of the only nonmammal species able to recognize itself in a mirror test.

Google lel



Their contact is in Australia but they're located in Louisiana? this is cooky



Pretty fucked up



Location is France too



He could have been using a VPN.



Number might be nothing too



That's me for tonight man, I'll be back later. Hopefully you get a little further.

Can't believe I got that password holy shit.


Maybe the phone number isn't a phone number? But some type of code? That'd explain the random website.

Also, Nostradamus was French. Thought that was relevant.


the poem follow the magpie references cliffs in north korea… thats it im out






>Also, Nostradamus was French. Thought that was relevant.

That's what I was thinking too.


so has anyone found anything else?


if you google serch the number they all come to this same style web site







and so on… weird coincidence i guess, but its weird how many people have that number



one of thos sites, the last one, has a french email hendersonr@wanadoo.fr


on http://www.northernlymphoedema.com/ ABOUT section, theres latin????? and it translates to

Lorem ipsum carrots, you have it right debate. From the bad men. As soon as, and at the same time signiferumque. But no more discomfort may be undertaken, that the animal must seek the office of pain is football. I judge to find him to, embrace the debate so that the people of these things.

weird ass shit



correction, under SERVICES/ LEARN MORE


i thought maybe "follow the magpie" meant to follow it on twitter, im sure this is nothing bc its all 10 year old posts but the posts are also weird as shit, everything is leading me to weird shit https://twitter.com/themagpie




Maybe it is just the default number for websites made with the same builder?



What in the fuck


lets us also try to focus on the url containing the number 1001713


ok, ive looked alot into this 123 site… the phonenumber does indeed seem to be a default number, and the default location seems to be hill street louisiana, so the france location was intentional….i dont think we should focus on the telephone for leads…

perhaps the magpie, france and 1001713 are connected



this mofo has to be vertex


probably unrelated:

Follow The Magpie (Regional Korea) - Poem by Ronald Chapman

Far to the East,

My heart travels with desire,

Where memories of flying with a magpie send me dreaming,

Flying high above hazy cliffs of Kosŏng-dong,

I see, Oh wow!

What is this ship sitting on top of a mountain?

A cruise ship was shining like a blue and white sea shell in the sunshine,

The magpie yells come follow me and see other amazing things,

Beautiful Hangang shows me the way back home,

My heart beats with desire,

As the magpie beckons me to follow my dreams,

And come back home.



you got me bro totally.




I agree with this dont think the number is connected.



Yea that was me that asked if it was something to do with this.



it's so weird wtf what is this??



Its some sort of challenge like cicada we've got through like 2 or 3 tests so far but idk what it is about the first one we completed said the reward would be a chance of a lifetime


File: 7a59941f00d1fec⋯.jpg (7.37 KB, 257x196, 257:196, images.jpg)


tits or gtfo … or not can you help me get up to date on this?



First one was a Morse code message and an anon decrypted it then it took us here from /b/.

And the the second was steganography and we needed a pass to decrypt it which I got yesterday now we have this weird site and need to find out how to get to the next clue



seems pretty hardcore, do you think i'd be able to join or has that ship sailed




I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure people have joined in anyway


Damnit wtf is this site about, anyone have any leads?


This might be the hardest one yet



yea, nothing on the poem leads to anything, including the author… ive tried anagrams of the phrase follow the magpie, which can have "poem" and "image" in them but nothing… still thinking


I think magpies are known for snatching shiny objects, dunno if this helps


even though nothing has been posted on @themagpie on twitter for 10 years i followed him and the account followed me back??


the file of the background image is 800_5aa737e5a164a.jpg thought maybe it was an 800 number but theres one extra number… i think im the only one left, ive posted like the last 5 messages



I'm here too



That is strange.


"Follow the magpie" might be a reference to the matrix I was thinking.

I was unable to embed but here is the Magpie video of the scene.







you tube



The BO must have made a word filter for you tube without the space to change the it to magpie so must have something to do with you tube






He's right, so its probably a video or channel were looming for


If magpie = you tube nospace then the tweets that say "the magpie ad" are really saying "the Magpie ad"


**the you tube ad



Hmm could be.



what do you mean here is the magpie video of the scene



the board has a word filter that changes “You tube” (no space) to Magpie




The hell you say.. I'll have to do some more digging after work


Word filter test







so its looking like we either have to find a username/channel on you tube or the end of https://www.Magpie.com/watch?v=_____ to find a video



You made me thought about a phrase in one of animatrix mini-movies. The one where a girl run after her cat and arrive in a glitches building where gravity is a bit… Drunk xd

In this short movie, there is a question always redundant, "where are you?"

À faint voice answers "beyond the rainbow".

It made me think to the scene with the mirror when neo is disconnected for the first time.

So I mirrored the website name 1001713 to 3171001. Seems like a phone number.

Thanks to the guy who searched the op picture on tineye, I did the same with the background picture of the site, and noticed there was differents resolutions for it. The one used by vertex is tagged 800.

So…. 1-800-317-1001.

Check this: https://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-800-317-1001

I can't call myself but it might worth a try I guess :/



nope, its a number but it says welcome to new york life, our office is closed



Thx for trying… I just hope all this is not done to end there https://www.Magpie.com/channel/UCpfkD_qxA7XD_9of3AVTF4w xD


guys, the image source changed i swer yesterday it was 800_5aa737e5a164a

now its 2000_5aa737e5a164a


I give up



its both, the 800 and the 2000 are the image size, the actual jpg name is whats after


well this board died fast



I think it did



Well, anyone any closer to solving this one?



nope, its dead


we can assume our next clue would be a you tube video considering you tube autofilters to Magpie, but theres nothing solid point the way



no videos though, pretty specific name to chose



That's what I was thinking and also we should note that on the original post on /b/ there was a reply that said:


which is 20 days so maybe this means something or maybe it is just the dealine



I'm sure there are people who have solved the one we are on.




Can you link the /b/ thread please ?


Maybe /vertex/ is related. Only one weird post in it



Made a little over a day after this board, I'd say it's worth looking into. Reverse image searching the image isn't giving me anything, although I'd say it's cropped.

Maybe we should look into /Magpie/, except, y'know, not /magpie/. /you tube/

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