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File: 9312b9bf0a7fe27⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 932x1148, 233:287, 29089814_360480934431452_2….jpg)

File: 47b4a8a0925b265⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 47b4a8a0925b265187199d2d66….jpg)

File: 28ff234c343ea96⋯.jpg (115.33 KB, 1065x1331, 1065:1331, 28751540_869276359917996_8….jpg)

File: 6a7000b27a27920⋯.jpg (128.66 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 29089445_130850600972326_5….jpg)

45dea4 No.761663


>post qts

>friendly discussion

>moderate autism

4108d0 No.761665

File: eb79fa9cd1f0cce⋯.jpg (136.51 KB, 808x734, 404:367, 20582583_1927328450816548_….jpg)

File: 8c402ce1d5b4f08⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28766025_347999372366407_4….jpg)

File: 05d0d4f572324db⋯.jpg (106.65 KB, 1080x1215, 8:9, 26865662_254672265072047_5….jpg)

9d736b No.761666

File: 2a3138e53fd1fbb⋯.mp4 (428.51 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, 27988670_1630934320329424_….mp4)

Lei è una meraviglia 😍ma quanto mi stanno simpatici questi spagnoli 😉

45dea4 No.761667

File: d823bd4630cacea⋯.jpg (1009.99 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28429831_194271574672589_4….jpg)

File: e7143ec195a839b⋯.jpg (1016.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28158961_174067536558339_8….jpg)


>ma quanto mi stanno simpatici questi spagnoli 😉


b4413b No.761668

File: c3582df8ddfcc56⋯.jpg (134.98 KB, 767x1363, 767:1363, 28752147_765975996928303_5….jpg)

/Movienight/ tonight bros?

b73488 No.761669

File: b03a5503ec96488⋯.jpg (80.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28433172_2001120333461146_….jpg)



gud theme, bost roses

f2f7c6 No.761670

File: 208ab6c5656833c⋯.jpg (184.4 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 28429713_558510717875166_5….jpg)


should bee

e13597 No.761671

File: 3d292f6b789bb6e⋯.jpg (151.64 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tahynaandpiper___BMF9Q-pge….jpg)

4108d0 No.761672

File: 11dca3f7c4b380d⋯.webm (4.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dh.webm)

c8bc0d No.761673

File: 1a801fd4dc4c19d⋯.jpg (172.13 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 28434801_154206041922921_8….jpg)

File: b374946f54fc411⋯.jpg (200.13 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 28751300_541543562888048_8….jpg)

File: 95e6c2765500486⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28432988_195054387765400_4….jpg)

File: 4c84cc306a56da8⋯.png (816.54 KB, 1439x809, 1439:809, Untitled5675.png)

4470ea No.761674


>that Hayley

Stop making me think things

74372a No.761675

File: 7f7daf2d40cb661⋯.jpg (190.91 KB, 800x1019, 800:1019, larsen-thompson-photoshoot….jpg)

f3aa63 No.761676

File: 40138d81ad49344⋯.jpg (98.14 KB, 1080x1238, 540:619, emmaellingsenn~1520800382~….jpg)


you are responsible for your own thoughts

idiot prevert

4108d0 No.761677

File: e7f75e33f0493d2⋯.webm (5.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hb.webm)



4470ea No.761678

File: 8be44280f3d114d⋯.jpg (68.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, missjaydenb_28428702_14433….jpg)


who you calling a prevert?



a4375a No.761679

File: 21da376a8ecf8d1⋯.jpg (78.4 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, u28flfgpsahz.jpg)


is she 18 yet?


hey Lew :)

74372a No.761680

File: c24acbbf356c8bc⋯.jpg (899.16 KB, 1118x628, 559:314, 1118full-lulu-lambros (3).jpg)

4470ea No.761681


heey u

b8c3f9 No.761682

File: 1f549b8b26cb032⋯.mp4 (9.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SHE'S FALLING APART 😢 (WK ….mp4)


no thinking allowed

a4375a No.761683

File: a743d8eb8b5f972⋯.jpg (1016.39 KB, 2560x1709, 2560:1709, qn9BkfmqTUU.jpg)


how's it going?

903f1a No.761684

File: ea5224ae18e09b3⋯.mp4 (2.14 MB, 540x960, 9:16, 226537540051345408.mp4)

Hey all

74372a No.761685

File: 69d2c3a1f7420ec⋯.jpg (132.69 KB, 1080x1151, 1080:1151, tumblr_p5bv0vSMCD1qm31uro1….jpg)

4108d0 No.761686

File: 7f5fde156db7bf5⋯.webm (4.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HH.webm)





hello again :)

903f1a No.761687

File: 25e02d9a6078f2b⋯.jpg (222.14 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 25e02d9a6078f2b78119d92854….jpg)




4470ea No.761688


yeah sorry, like Cruise said, only pure thoughts from now on. I am only human after all :/


It's going bro, dunno where though. Yourself? >>761684

hey bossman

4470ea No.761689


fucked that post up

74372a No.761690

File: 0d3416ea10b3d2f⋯.jpg (28.62 KB, 746x640, 373:320, 26373834_177817812821868_3….jpg)

f3aa63 No.761691

File: 64bf2b44ed19716⋯.jpg (56.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28751448_347257365788156_4….jpg)

[suppressed coughing sound]

74372a No.761692

File: 8329d6acb5a9252⋯.jpg (192.84 KB, 655x1079, 655:1079, tumblr_p555541lQi1qm31uro1….jpg)

903f1a No.761693

File: c8f5949c6141492⋯.jpg (101.19 KB, 720x1278, 40:71, 1546106598794303783_164168….jpg)


How's the lew?

74372a No.761694

File: bac3166631ade17⋯.png (853.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_p5bv0vSMCD1qm31uro2….png)

4470ea No.761695

File: dddc310016fc08f⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 640x640, 1:1, !qt2.mp4)


bored and tired, barely slept last night

4108d0 No.761696

File: c9bb0cb0b618d23⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 152027048644097082.jpg)

File: 6abe8986bfa3c6f⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e2.jpg)


i think its graces birthday tomorrow

903f1a No.761697

File: cc0a82525320ea2⋯.jpg (318.77 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1543048964121771452_175269….jpg)


i was woken up early so i know the feel. will probably lay down for a tiny bit more when come back to my ppl

74372a No.761698

File: 37fe47288d1f942⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p51ir5fhxE1qm31uro1….jpg)

f2f7c6 No.761699

File: 2c3bdefdc626667⋯.jpg (113.26 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 12751034_1164251476918248_….jpg)

File: 8a8e32d595c8613⋯.jpg (97.68 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 13712580_591982374297284_1….jpg)


bully quiet and he'll make the next thread a grace birthday thread

654131 No.761700

File: 46cde76d449a127⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 1080x1263, 360:421, 29092725_177956712837607_6….jpg)


903f1a No.761701

File: a1b2deec52a98f7⋯.mp4 (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 27309048_334812487008719_2….mp4)


ohhh nice. they grow up so fast!


how about noooo

b8c3f9 No.761702

File: 9a67a63607db244⋯.jpg (588.25 KB, 820x935, 164:187, 29096189_153520605335507_6….jpg)

File: df5f34bf6426cca⋯.jpg (926.45 KB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, 28430067_225707007988649_2….jpg)


don't do it!

4470ea No.761703

File: 8e0fdb0b46ffe44⋯.mp4 (3.78 MB, 640x1138, 320:569, !ily 1.mp4)


take the risk, go to jail

f2f7c6 No.761704

File: d2df013f157aef2⋯.jpg (189.54 KB, 1080x1118, 540:559, 28156341_154831998539411_3….jpg)


i'm gonna do it

654131 No.761705

File: 866399825190930⋯.webm (771.37 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Hey Everyone.webm)


don't post loli jj ;-;


you should't, see >>761703

4108d0 No.761706

File: 43e36ffccfb31ef⋯.jpg (158.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 22639416_138771113428949_6….jpg)

File: e8bccea2d33676c⋯.jpg (521.02 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 26156433_148047045978425_9….jpg)

File: fcb8e6fd14c2677⋯.jpg (118.89 KB, 731x870, 731:870, 27581362_1972525652998030_….jpg)

File: 9ea9f55f14a3cb3⋯.jpg (65.1 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 27892658_170875606889149_9….jpg)


good idea


shun the non-believer

b8c3f9 No.761707

File: d85a1f2bde3fed5⋯.jpg (429.82 KB, 699x799, 699:799, 28432682_819215484954888_5….jpg)

File: 69b09d5eb14a96c⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1234, 540:617, 29090079_361898367624872_7….jpg)


just 2

a5589a No.761709

File: fab5bbb2f1d7397⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 18-03-cotton-tail-cropped-….jpg)

File: 2e5c2fa0ef305ff⋯.jpg (28.55 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 18-03-cotton-tail-leotard-….jpg)

File: 15fd28160b83ec9⋯.jpg (275.48 KB, 1920x760, 48:19, CottonTail_Homepage-Banner.jpg)

File: 0b96b964532ea39⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 5626x1917, 5626:1917, CottonTail_CategoriesBanne….jpg)


Damn! What's the name of this video?

74372a No.761710

File: 071d50418d65b55⋯.jpg (222.66 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p4riw8Ag5F1qm31uro1….jpg)

4470ea No.761711


it's from a vlog on the Bratayley yt channel

74372a No.761712

File: 720965e8b0297a9⋯.jpg (212.89 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, tumblr_p5hfuoZZpD1qm31uro1….jpg)

b8c3f9 No.761713

File: cbab32adc8052e7⋯.jpg (638.76 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DYEWgfcVwAAgdXZca.jpg)

File: 12e1693aabd3e6b⋯.jpg (649.27 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DYEWgfZVQAAj-gFca.jpg)

File: 642c17fbbc0d56f⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DYEWgfZVMAA8gOWca.jpg)

File: 2a5f36883fd4b87⋯.jpg (264.45 KB, 606x1080, 101:180, 28430558_610295329310446_4….jpg)

File: 7ae96d7ae99a864⋯.jpg (230.59 KB, 630x1080, 7:12, 28433192_996635657150058_6….jpg)

ftfy edition

74372a No.761714

File: dba62caaf09fbd0⋯.jpg (59.03 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p4k26d3IXk1qm31uro1….jpg)


Nice work.

4470ea No.761715


post her while you can

4108d0 No.761716

File: 0d20e24c0ef21d9⋯.jpg (177.53 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 16230196_1016076821869856_….jpg)


yeah what lew said >>761711

i cant remember the exact video because i changed the filename like an idiot

77c25f No.761717

File: b03a03ba17cbc11⋯.jpg (137.37 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28433295_144949599658524_6….jpg)


This is exactly like when Stalin had a bunch of people he had previously put to death edited out of pictures.

903f1a No.761718

File: 816f28c5eee05d8⋯.mp4 (944.52 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 27310256_145319066142659_1….mp4)


lol nooooo



b8c3f9 No.761719

File: 7437b305357bab6⋯.jpg (300.29 KB, 1360x2048, 85:128, DWI-XgtUQAA48OO.jpg)



a5589a No.761720

File: 019bbbff38d1b15⋯.jpg (137.61 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 28436391_2062688880637047_….jpg)

File: 1d06479ec90d6a4⋯.jpg (148.89 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 28434109_400847920363277_2….jpg)


Thanks anyway :(

903f1a No.761721

File: cc452c64cd8c409⋯.jpg (158.82 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, sophiesantella~1508964116~….jpg)


Murphy please

77c25f No.761722

File: a851cf7c632b735⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x1345, 216:269, 28763652_151128025561801_3….jpg)


Hello QG at what time are we having the movie night tonight and what movie are we watching?


I will tell you tomorrow what that picture makes me want to do to Jordyn.

7de8dc No.761723

File: e24309db554dd51⋯.jpg (92.32 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1500744046249-0.jpg)

Hi guys.

74372a No.761724

File: 34a657321decdae⋯.jpg (187.5 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, tumblr_p59l9prILO1qm31uro1….jpg)

74372a No.761725

File: 274b9e6d2bca908⋯.jpg (36.94 KB, 493x616, 493:616, 788full-francesca-capaldi.jpg)

f2f7c6 No.761726

File: 053142f41f5ff0e⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28432771_360544647687816_3….jpg)



7de8dc No.761727

File: 77a2cb50a6ae983⋯.mp4 (2.83 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, zhenyaeb4a.mp4)


I am wondering this also.



hi hi

903f1a No.761728

File: 0e67939d859f2d5⋯.mp4 (2.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sophie is a mutt.mp4)


you don't like horror right? or zombie movies? and 30 minutes sounds like a good time

4470ea No.761729


hai looms :3

77c25f No.761730

File: 83f4c963030b282⋯.jpg (90.69 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 28427317_1999633620050310_….jpg)


Heyo loomie, what a cutie.


Well not really but I'm sure there are others who do like those kinds of movies so I'm fine with watching one today. I don't want to limit the kinds of movies we watch because of personal taste because it's a group activity, so occasionally you have to compromise. dumb little girl nationality isn't the same as ethnicity

7de8dc No.761731

File: d0a8cb749a9a870⋯.jpg (141.79 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, d1b68.jpg)


zombies with lg's


Hey lewis


ikr <3

903f1a No.761732

File: ce70119f019b079⋯.mp4 (696.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sophie you do you.mp4)


you are such a gentleman lol. I was looking at 28 Weeks Later. I kinda want to watch something that isn't a drama this week.

>inb4 lew says "What about It??" we gotta save something for the 50th movie!

l-leave her alone! its funny you say that, i didn't notice that mistake the first time, but when i was cutting this, i was like wait a second lol

74372a No.761733

File: 5ea00cb89fd8114⋯.jpg (124.95 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, tumblr_p49tjnIBgm1qm31uro1….jpg)

7de8dc No.761734

File: 877a396031c4409⋯.jpg (159.89 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, we23214-0.jpg)

4470ea No.761735

File: 9f72aed97afa691⋯.jpg (66.44 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 10518027_819312671455919_8….jpg)


how's it going?

7de8dc No.761736

File: 0fc3ca274e3a19d⋯.mp4 (339.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, zhenyabeep3fff.mp4)


Good thanks, you? It has been a busy day, I nearly fall over and break my neck in public, very embarrassing lol. Hmm but now I am ready for peace and a movie.

4470ea No.761737


Glad you didn't break your neck senpai

7de8dc No.761738

File: af93a471ea36d67⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, zhenya3f7b0.jpg)


Thanks. Well me also.

903f1a No.761739

File: 21fdeb536caef83⋯.jpg (107.76 KB, 1080x863, 1080:863, MS SMP 10 13 (26).jpg)

7de8dc No.761740

File: b42f37491879155⋯.jpg (244.71 KB, 1080x1346, 540:673, alisa8b7.jpg)



a7f969 No.761741

File: 07574574f62a516⋯.jpg (153.17 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 1wkristina.jpg)

File: 106960832a87232⋯.jpg (109.38 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 113784.jpg)

File: 0d47ae234d4ed2b⋯.jpg (118.76 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 113715.jpg)

File: f2fbb0b001961b5⋯.jpg (98.32 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 113577.jpg)

File: 14e2999c29fa5be⋯.jpg (200.16 KB, 639x516, 213:172, 108994.jpg)

Good afternoon, gentlemen.

How about a thread-related contribution?

4470ea No.761742

File: 24fa34fa0561391⋯.jpg (94.31 KB, 899x899, 1:1, 15538380_1822127834668831_….jpg)


hey hey

654131 No.761744

File: 58c0600ef554cf2⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 29089308_116749022494910_1….jpg)

File: 62899abb2621fa7⋯.jpg (163.64 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 28158153_196195221155179_1….jpg)

6c9d2f No.761745

File: 3115574032819a1⋯.jpg (201.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, WBfRwI5.jpg)


Very nice.

654131 No.761746

File: b33f5a5daa8ee9c⋯.jpg (81.97 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28429661_890405717804081_1….jpg)

File: 9168c821d8b4e15⋯.jpg (162.83 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28428192_1715053578551374_….jpg)

6c9d2f No.761747

File: 7875edd49832631⋯.jpeg (33.67 KB, 300x300, 1:1, img-thing.jpeg)

6c9d2f No.761748

File: 7952786ebd1e042⋯.jpg (146.29 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 7952786ebd1e042052e016a010….jpg)

654131 No.761749

File: 44b8753dd33fbc0⋯.jpg (121.01 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28753496_839496576254290_2….jpg)

File: 925d04324f87a46⋯.jpg (133.98 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28430561_200104097244209_7….jpg)

File: 9158a70ee42c994⋯.jpg (132.99 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28435547_533130743753934_8….jpg)

4470ea No.761750

File: 36a1f114513b96f⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1080x1094, 540:547, cocoquinn3_28751826_586754….jpg)

File: 55174d9247b7aee⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, cocoquinn3_28754688_575871….jpg)

File: 1676e78ce768603⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, cocoquinn3_28763957_120412….jpg)

903f1a No.761751

File: 0efd53054e124ef⋯.jpg (39.1 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 11012781_1015330941818581_….jpg)

4470ea No.761752


I concur

b8c3f9 No.761753

File: 7744f66153270cc⋯.jpg (95.04 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 26273066_1754410537911099_….jpg)

903f1a No.761754

File: 1a3533256a291d8⋯.jpg (111.96 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, sophiesantella~1509497592~….jpg)


a-are you team coco yet??



45dea4 No.761755

File: 465ab87985eb78a⋯.mp4 (3.46 MB, 540x960, 9:16, 6528753135874216960_BbjxBP….mp4)


cute flower

4470ea No.761756


I am now

c6ac51 No.761757

File: 39418865815e048⋯.jpg (117.99 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1398394447527.jpg)

File: 12d41de871054cc⋯.jpg (239.11 KB, 1646x848, 823:424, 1f549b8fe270.jpg)




yes, of course…

4470ea No.761758


thanks for that cap

6c9d2f No.761759

File: be0879f7c7e8c2a⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p5cte306Z31qm31uro1….jpg)

024fe5 No.761760

File: 2136e9c6269e694⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 1080x1345, 216:269, jordynjones_28435107_16106….jpg)

File: d29c4acc155f87e⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x810, 4:3, jordynjones_28435988_80012….jpg)

File: 376be7a3aebbc5e⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, jordynjones_28752336_60681….jpg)

File: bcbbf3c59e05b25⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1080x1345, 216:269, jordynjones_28752818_18393….jpg)

File: f9991572ac83411⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x810, 4:3, jordynjones_28754100_10519….jpg)

More vacationing Jordyn…

80af07 No.761761

File: f7a39d34ed01409⋯.jpg (840.35 KB, 1029x697, 1029:697, 3424.jpg)

839612 No.761762

File: b7a8de5e71e9510⋯.jpg (169.3 KB, 1200x865, 240:173, DXxejBCUMAEGfr1.jpg)



80af07 No.761763


Oh my god.

839612 No.761764

File: 2bd629b712292d0⋯.jpg (109.47 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 1328b736cc44148be69587a6fb….jpg)

c9e8db No.761765

File: a53f50bfae3f086⋯.jpg (29.06 KB, 624x468, 4:3, pervert image and idea.jpg)

80af07 No.761766

File: f69b7cf875976e7⋯.jpg (106.19 KB, 1080x1263, 360:421, 28751052_124757215025606_4….jpg)

File: 6fcfbf80bbda548⋯.jpg (106.02 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28433703_2182479638646148_….jpg)

File: 949fbe4e1296320⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 539x960, 539:960, 28754534_1998509500470215_….jpg)

839612 No.761767

File: 7c36581f80a0a70⋯.jpg (203.49 KB, 853x1222, 853:1222, artem-chigvintsev-bc-jean-….jpg)

4470ea No.761768


good anon

80af07 No.761769

File: fb4ab2fcf1b8d57⋯.mp4 (350.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 21876945_522993228037121_2….mp4)

654131 No.761770

File: 5bb92c0d52d789e⋯.png (339.35 KB, 611x662, 611:662, Captura de pantalla (74).png)

>thinking of #bestchee

>Akinator says Lily


839612 No.761771

File: ffbe4eeadb635b7⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 746x880, 373:440, tumblr_p40hnykOXy1qm31uro1….jpg)

4470ea No.761772


dumb genie

80af07 No.761773

File: f0bf85c2f3972f7⋯.jpg (94.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28434670_405467859913196_3….jpg)

80af07 No.761774

File: 539ab32d083d7a7⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1080x1316, 270:329, 28153735_1982170392042838_….jpg)

File: aca949280472f42⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 1080x1315, 216:263, 28435082_232882137280206_5….jpg)

File: 932d40a77e373f2⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 29089414_2349532645273549_….jpg)

File: 925350d6d638023⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 1080x1346, 540:673, 28428439_1270580679752935_….jpg)

45dea4 No.761775

File: 1ab62c0497b41bc⋯.jpg (107.41 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28430991_565826920464238_6….jpg)

80af07 No.761776

File: f3a564488819b67⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 1080x718, 540:359, 28752553_563525050685478_4….jpg)

80af07 No.761777

File: 2c80dc86a9fe0f7⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1080x1352, 135:169, 22069739_154121278516083_8….jpg)

File: ed152d64329559e⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1080x1346, 540:673, 22069534_1674221005978115_….jpg)

903f1a No.761778

File: 514a9e2ce8130e5⋯.jpg (196.29 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, 1428244716264-1.jpg)

QG's here

4470ea No.761779

80af07 No.761780

File: 1e36f853df2a539⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x1255, 216:251, 29089743_200240707414093_2….jpg)

File: bf9845b9938bc86⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x1255, 216:251, 28752357_414931292285785_3….jpg)


At last!

654131 No.761781

File: a624267117f958d⋯.jpg (138.23 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28763117_205948550155247_8….jpg)


get out

b2b878 No.761782

File: 797591e48cafcdb⋯.jpg (216.6 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, casual flowers.jpg)


Lock up your daughters

903f1a No.761783

File: 06f0b06696ee67b⋯.mp4 (2.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, VLOG #2_2_2.mp4)


n-no one




2 bullies here i see


make that 3….

7e15f1 No.761784

File: 838bddc823408bf⋯.mp4 (1.29 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, haliabeamer~1520906132~173….mp4)

Hali'a got braces!!!


4470ea No.761785

7e15f1 No.761786





times two

903f1a No.761787

File: 8a195728fb0de95⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1427327456124-0.jpg)


bad newssssssssssssssssssssss

80af07 No.761788

File: b99637cf36d04f8⋯.jpg (114.73 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 26869158_910038289156116_7….jpg)

7e15f1 No.761789

b2b878 No.761790

File: 9ed13c33e2352e4⋯.jpg (545.25 KB, 2048x1642, 1024:821, CzRkCP1UcAE22-u.jpg)

80af07 No.761791

File: 95c270e8d0b3308⋯.jpg (140.09 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28764229_445176652585249_5….jpg)

Mama mia.

80af07 No.761792

File: 49fbbec68342554⋯.mp4 (2.7 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 29148774_1879937078912103_….mp4)

b2b878 No.761793

File: 10372e65bfb3ffd⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, flower 6.jpg)


I like that song

903f1a No.761794

File: aa620e9cb307061⋯.jpg (196.01 KB, 800x1040, 10:13, Barbara-Palvin-Feet-152105….jpg)


i didnt ask for this amount of trouble!

b2b878 No.761795

File: ed69aa16f9440ab⋯.jpg (186.57 KB, 800x1199, 800:1199, 1451007923247.jpg)


I guess that makes it a gift

903f1a No.761796

File: b6e665e986a6a7d⋯.webm (9.55 MB, 720x720, 1:1, That's What I like.webm)


these guys made me like braces more than I should have lol

b2b878 No.761797

File: cca90af5867e180⋯.jpg (741.88 KB, 2050x2050, 1:1, 1510071560842.jpg)


Yeah it's everyone else's fault

53c60f No.761798

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

qt lil sis

903f1a No.761799

File: f306aeab9fd7111⋯.jpg (592.2 KB, 995x1500, 199:300, http://40.media.tumblr.com….jpg)


i-is it not?

079183 No.761800

File: beecffd6b3a2c14⋯.jpg (153.5 KB, 1080x1351, 1080:1351, tumblr_p49ri9DiCr1qm31uro1….jpg)

b2b878 No.761801

File: 6680f471cced6a4⋯.jpg (114.14 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, rose.jpg)


Well unless your like a woman and your tastes blow around like a leaf in the wind.


Ayyy whats up

f8d12b No.761802

File: 5a5c64adf9b10b8⋯.jpg (210.43 KB, 1500x998, 750:499, 5a5c64adf9b10b847dccebe14a….jpg)

File: ee9390afbb8893b⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 755x488, 755:488, IMG_20180312_222827.jpg)

What's up all, what did you watch today?

079183 No.761803

File: 52f39af73af1fc0⋯.jpg (108.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p4f9wbspvp1qm31uro1….jpg)



Nothing heavy going on here. Just relaxing a bit. How are you?

903f1a No.761804

File: e15a87325c89aaa⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2500x3750, 2:3, B83nzEIe_o.jpg)


Lol nah like i dated a girl with braces but I'm a teethfag. so i mean they were cute but i didnt fetish them. but others tend to. and just being here, I started to understand it a little more


heyyyyy, we watched 28 Weeks Later

f8d12b No.761805

File: 282476a6a84da40⋯.jpg (124.11 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 1520135117948.jpg)



Oh okay cool

b2b878 No.761806

File: ff6a4ff5e69830b⋯.jpg (79.63 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 11193156_826961934006671_1….jpg)


Reminds me of that sister hashtag video with mckayla maroney and her little sister. Was pretty adorable as I remember it


I'm good. Doing the same. Is that Skylar from I Am Jazz?

b73488 No.761807

File: 09e6f4261fa828f⋯.jpg (192.79 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 26386862_2564731710418497_….jpg)

903f1a No.761808

File: 94d9028b2973074⋯.jpg (86.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2018-03-12 01.26.05 173318….jpg)


you saw it before?

b2b878 No.761809

File: f669a2f4b94e1b1⋯.jpg (694.57 KB, 2271x1955, 2271:1955, smile.jpg)


Who do you like in terms of teeth?

079183 No.761810

File: a747099b8acaa9d⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 1352x868, 338:217, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

File: 5a55c04697b0916⋯.png (771.73 KB, 566x852, 283:426, 980x.png)

File: c6c8099cb14fa74⋯.jpg (75.79 KB, 1080x736, 135:92, tumblr_p58wzdVqsT1qm31uro1….jpg)


No sir.

That's Legendary Tough Girl, Jaycee Wilkins. She almost lost her leg to Perthes Disease. She fought her way back, and is in Dance again.

903f1a No.761811

File: f9d7751c55bbb1a⋯.jpg (944.89 KB, 2100x2738, 1050:1369, 51970799_kiernan-shipka_pi….jpg)

File: 05d6c398f5ebc39⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 1469529795089.jpg)

File: 3501a6373a31989⋯.jpg (676.94 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, A2134-S.jpg)


well it changed. but before i didnt like gaps. The best example of gaps i let slide was early Demi Lovato before she fixed it. and though Dakota Fanning was a top waifu, i hated her tooth gap. which i know was genetic but still didnt like it

but idea? hmmm these girls come to mind

a5589a No.761812

File: e442c80efcac6af⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 5760x3840, 3:2, a83627780004153.jpg)

File: 037d1e526c36395⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 5760x3840, 3:2, e908be780004353.jpg)

I didn't know Joaquin was a cunnyseur

f8d12b No.761813

File: d00b18669e4cb21⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, imgsrc.ru_54054030jSq.jpg)


Yeah, I'm a fan of 28 days later and apocalyptic type movies for sure

903f1a No.761814

File: 119da4db71598ef⋯.mp4 (3.09 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, sophiesantella~1509495635~….mp4)


Lol we definitely waiting for movie night for that one


ohh ok nice. i will remember that. I'm into zombie stuff myself

b73488 No.761815

File: 5cff473d2a5fec8⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28754036_356192854896337_9….jpg)

>watched 28 Days Later for moobie knight

How come we only watch kino when I can't watch?

f8d12b No.761816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cool cool, ever seen Exit Humanity?

079183 No.761817

File: ce3bc1a4bf2dc66⋯.jpg (189.51 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Jaycee_Wilkins_2018.jpg)

903f1a No.761818

File: 4a075034aafeb76⋯.jpg (529.33 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, A2001-S.jpg)


slightly less kino 28 Weeks Later

but sorry!


never even heard of it but that looks pretty creepy. thanks. added to my list

b2b878 No.761819

File: 4841ab9e6841171⋯.jpg (486.45 KB, 1500x2093, 1500:2093, muppets smile.jpg)


Wow, well good for her. Your bones dying and rotting in side you sounds like a gnarly thing to have happen.

f8d12b No.761820

File: 3cc2d23a846ee28⋯.jpg (176.76 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ef043b204cbb8d49d90cb5edc5….jpg)


Its quite a different zombie film, compared to most out. That made it a have to watch for me. Civil war era, imagine trying to survive zombies with the weapons available then lol

079183 No.761821

File: ffd6124477d4b2c⋯.jpg (87.91 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 25011249_1947306238856769_….jpg)


Yeah, very scary indeed.

Not to mention the constant, intractable pain.

And the multiple surgeries.

And the eventual hip replacement she had.

I don't know how she did it, she must be the toughest girl ever.

b2b878 No.761822

File: dd0d37cc2bd4544⋯.jpg (128.61 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, kaylyn roses.jpg)


She did have a hip surgery? The story I read must not have been that up-to-date.

903f1a No.761823

File: d97c788ad0f2cc1⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 1954x2443, 1954:2443, A1912.jpg)


lol oh nice but see i like different' because they tend to be just carbon copies

f8d12b No.761824

File: 3262188dfb0a881⋯.png (4.89 MB, 1440x1792, 45:56, Screenshot_2018-03-12-22-1….png)


;) 👉

079183 No.761825

File: 071d50418d65b55⋯.jpg (222.66 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p4riw8Ag5F1qm31uro1….jpg)

024fe5 No.761826

File: 2ec57974cb35aac⋯.jpg (46.39 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, ekaterina samsonov5.jpg)


She's a cutie!

903f1a No.761827

File: 1e07d55df6853c0⋯.jpg (634.97 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, A1882-S.jpg)


oh nice Vandy


hey hey

b2b878 No.761828

File: 45b4b41026ef37a⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 400x494, 200:247, Dakota-Fanning-in-Marc-Jac….jpg)


Medical science does a decent job for once

024fe5 No.761829

File: eaa727a8a7c2f4a⋯.jpg (877.54 KB, 2500x3750, 2:3, A2273.jpg)


Hey Hey back at you…

b73488 No.761830

File: a124b7007f45010⋯.jpg (87.29 KB, 757x896, 757:896, 28763536_1794529253943727_….jpg)

>momma Sophia comes through in the clutch with a last minute Sophia for the day

f8d12b No.761832

File: 5eb832625d22f3f⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1440x1444, 360:361, Screenshot_2018-03-12-22-1….png)


Yeah she cute

7e15f1 No.761833


picture Neya in braces

97047e No.761834

File: eac6a69bb320199⋯.jpg (173.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, hXQrdUw3.jpg)



It's a very inspiring story.

903f1a No.761835

File: 2ea1ae5c94d68bc⋯.jpg (96.86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 2ea1ae5c94d68bc14d702d9402….jpg)


how is the day?


bless her


as is The Moo


she actually had them but pretty young. this is the only pic with them i could find right away

024fe5 No.761836

File: 44f4274b3aa33a4⋯.jpg (1013.9 KB, 1080x1162, 540:581, 22352099_480568822328236_5….jpg)


The day is about over….or needs to be anyway…must work in 6 hrs…sucks…

b2b878 No.761837

File: 47c7c47e980bbbd⋯.jpg (118.02 KB, 925x1143, 925:1143, 26367777_1446223238840146_….jpg)

903f1a No.761838

File: 984109560e83a63⋯.mp4 (3.81 MB, 504x896, 9:16, 20171009_itzsophiarose_178….mp4)


gorgeous Sophia

wait so is your day over as in the part of the day you aren't working?

b73488 No.761839

File: 27a2a5b26796571⋯.jpg (354.78 KB, 1363x2048, 1363:2048, 59855765_sophia-rose-001.jpg)


Good Sophia

b2b878 No.761840

File: 4f271bc42d2781d⋯.jpg (61.84 KB, 403x577, 403:577, der thot.jpg)

97047e No.761841

File: 1c7c700280f2224⋯.jpg (604.9 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, tumblr_p4sbielyUC1qm31uro1….jpg)

Jaycee and Brynn.

024fe5 No.761842

File: e9f465d90b69e28⋯.jpg (258.31 KB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, Sophia-Rose_PicturePub-002.jpg)


Yes sadly I have come to the end of the not working part of my day…in few hours will be back into the working phase….

fb7943 No.761843

File: 969e2d1070a76c7⋯.jpg (84.67 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28157800_205779686824335_1….jpg)

fb7943 No.761844

File: cfbc86dc0738b0f⋯.jpg (136.58 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20065720_1593985263959499_….jpg)

how come i can't into chat

b73488 No.761845

File: 23971045e7ca79b⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 2449x3674, 2449:3674, 52376131_sophia-rose_tshir….jpg)


Is that Liev Schreiber's kid?

b2b878 No.761846

File: 55ce52be51419cf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.87 KB, 396x594, 2:3, liev schriber's kids.jpg)



024fe5 No.761847

File: cc3fd88c052fab9⋯.jpg (12.61 MB, 3840x5760, 2:3, Halcyon_UHQ-005.jpg)

903f1a No.761848

File: 29c2a7ce15a0a3f⋯.jpg (18.19 KB, 300x452, 75:113, 300x300.jpg)


dem legs


ah that sucks. remember, we will be here when you get back!


its bye bye, gibe me your email and ill let ya know

fb7943 No.761849

File: 95dd492c3087a51⋯.jpg (100.7 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, BYrjZjATfB8.jpg)

File: ab07c5027d713a9⋯.mp4 (10.58 MB, 396x704, 9:16, based agnia.mp4)


i know you have seen agnia here a million times so …………………


fb7943 No.761850

File: dc3ba9bc2f44d0b⋯.jpg (196.16 KB, 818x960, 409:480, BcNzlJAFyrg.jpg)


wheeee everyone send me email at valqara@gmail.com

supplies are limited woot woot :P

903f1a No.761851

File: dd3f90ea3ddca87⋯.jpg (253.61 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2016-10-11 08.23.00 135869….jpg)


w-what are you supplying??

fb7943 No.761852

File: 1da32edbc903bd7⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 564x564, 1:1, c22ebab06ba46765aed6d69dba….jpg)


unlimited hugs and a few kisses here and there

i would assume

b2b878 No.761853

File: 4e8fa25a9734551⋯.jpg (58.07 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, flowers 03.jpg)



You guys talk like you're striking a deal with a hooker

fb7943 No.761854

File: c718534f537b91d⋯.png (290.31 KB, 600x601, 600:601, 1513609352661.png)

903f1a No.761855

File: 8b21900603d5d69⋯.jpg (105.91 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 925707_459130994196671_769….jpg)


that's what I'm talking about



b2b878 No.761856

File: 5974f6aeb4474ac⋯.jpg (159.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)

97047e No.761857

File: 6765a7989e27427⋯.jpg (884.78 KB, 1118x628, 559:314, 1118full-lulu-lambros.jpg)

b73488 No.761858

File: 89173b1b7b38e32⋯.gif (941.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, liev son.gif)


What goes on in the Schrieber house and how do I join the family


I have not no.

024fe5 No.761859

File: 510e410d73a9067⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2500x3750, 2:3, Amiah-Miller_PicturePub-00….jpg)

f8d12b No.761860

File: 1c3e29a25c8290d⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1080x1345, 216:269, 7109e937e8630ef1e69ca4230e….jpg)

File: a417b387f672b24⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 12224164_1526038877718503_….jpg)

File: 0c4b580b00a9ada⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 426x478, 213:239, large.jpg)

File: e78e27a0c8cf3cf⋯.jpg (120.53 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 18a7db6bba146064a6c13bf883….jpg)


Shes adorbs

f8d12b No.761861


Well there's one way to get dic pics lolol

903f1a No.761862

File: 57b1a9fde36d2a7⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 33d39e6c889911e38e841267e….webm)




I emailed ya

4108d0 No.761863

File: e0077fbeefe617c⋯.jpg (124.59 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 12328046_797398800404722_1….jpg)

Morning lads

903f1a No.761864

File: 57b1a9fde36d2a7⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 33d39e6c889911e38e841267e….webm)


I'm gonna repost this just for you lol


Heyyy sup

f8d12b No.761865

File: dd3d56fcbe6ec7b⋯.jpg (84.3 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1520245932288.jpg)


Lol nice



b2b878 No.761866

File: 5e64e630d2bc079⋯.jpg (182.74 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, sabrina the thinker.jpg)


I saw a webm of her "what what what" mixed with linkin park's "light that never comes"

It was cute and I wish I would have saved it.

903f1a No.761867

File: 8bf8fabbc872309⋯.jpg (701.35 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, A1775-S.jpg)


i need to find the remix, not like i saved it 100 times lol


ohhh if you see it again, save it for me please

97047e No.761868

File: be0879f7c7e8c2a⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p5cte306Z31qm31uro1….jpg)


Best in the Business!

4108d0 No.761869

File: 30435bf2387778e⋯.webm (7.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gd.webm)

me in the grey shirt

97047e No.761870

File: 73c4d53bf072cae⋯.jpg (123.69 KB, 750x901, 750:901, DGQjTI9UIAElMcZ.jpg)

File: 16aa850f7002f8c⋯.jpg (209.45 KB, 750x739, 750:739, tumblr_oy7bwn81aH1sl52fgo3….jpg)

File: 5eb4997e499b878⋯.jpg (228.61 KB, 640x838, 320:419, af5ac8988586e776e351b6340d….jpg)


More Jaycee and Brynn

b2b878 No.761871

File: d930f25c222c2e7⋯.jpg (124.08 KB, 1080x1117, 1080:1117, 20687046_1916642611921366_….jpg)


I'll save it for me

903f1a No.761872

File: 6aecc086ba1d10e⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 224x250, 112:125, 9ad2c8503344786.jpg)


truth he speaks


Lol me the black guy of course tbh

903f1a No.761873

File: 687024f5968f823⋯.jpg (101.05 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017-10-15 17.58.35 162642….jpg)


Lol fine that is fine too

9d736b No.761874

File: 57fbfd003c87603⋯.jpg (141.68 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, aroarenauoficial_13_3_2018….jpg)

dashuofficialstar0408 Awesome


¡instagram comentario tu apestoso mono español maloliente!

4108d0 No.761875


>so this is the power of white people dancing

903f1a No.761876

File: 505fed80cf27f25⋯.jpg (243.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017-10-06 16.04.05 161984….jpg)


Lmao pretty much me

b8c3f9 No.761877

File: 54f5e16bcde08f7⋯.mp4 (15.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nicole Laeno _ _ That's Wh….mp4)

I reject any responsibility for posting this

903f1a No.761878

File: 900f441de9d2776⋯.jpg (102.89 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017-11-05 18.02.56 164167….jpg)


no can do bud. no can do

f8d12b No.761879


Well then

97047e No.761880

File: 24693608f7494de⋯.jpg (835.04 KB, 1118x628, 559:314, 1118full-lulu-lambros (2).jpg)

b8c3f9 No.761881

File: b1e12fc39aecdcb⋯.mp4 (2.21 MB, 1180x1080, 59:54, Nicole Laeno _ _ That's Wh….mp4)

903f1a No.761882

File: e806f273284e32f⋯.jpg (671.9 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, A2057-S.jpg)


lol tell her not to look at me like that while doing that please! thanks

b8c3f9 No.761883

File: 37cfb6bbfa37107⋯.mp4 (15.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted….mp4)

f8d12b No.761884

File: 19a09ba3ea9ebb3⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1440x1431, 160:159, Screenshot_2018-03-11-21-3….png)


Lol what cuge said….

f8d12b No.761885


Lmao Paula Abdul geesh aint heard that name in a while

903f1a No.761886

File: caa2152cec42fa2⋯.mp4 (6.48 MB, 396x704, 9:16, 10000000_167550077141551_5….mp4)





blah hows your night going? as time passes, I'm realizing i am on 5 hours sleep cuz i was woking up to knocking i wasn't expecting. They came to give me the oven after all

4108d0 No.761887

File: 748c09ccb16cfa9⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 843x841, 843:841, 17817583_1316412661781260_….jpg)


how very…….expressive…

f8d12b No.761888

File: 76ca322e654663c⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 403x228, 403:228, v-I33w4lpCI(1).jpg)


Well it had been pretty good. Put some stock away, ran more invoices. Now people are asking for stupid shit. Just ready to go home tbh

Get some damned rest today son!!! But i hear ya, I think i got about 30 minutes more than you lol

f8d12b No.761889


Oh shit, delivered too?! Sweet!

903f1a No.761890

File: a30831aabc0026a⋯.jpg (76.66 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017-10-22 20.28.15 163157….jpg)


ah, that time of night when you are done with the night lol. and I am. calling it in a little bit. but yeah everything set up. and then i had a some repairs in the ceiling i need to get done so finally working towards all the things that need to be fixed for years are getting there

f8d12b No.761891


Sweet deal

That's good, things take time unfortunately we aren't rich and can't have it all fixed with a snap of the fingers lbvs

903f1a No.761892

File: 4d0caed9cd41859⋯.jpg (59 KB, 598x598, 1:1, 2018-03-04 14.50.11 172782….jpg)


exactly. and next is that bed and a handful of smaller things and done and done

f8d12b No.761893


Hell yeah! I've got a side gate that needs rebuilt, but not doing that until the deck and pool are removed from the backyard..hopefully by the end of this summer…

97047e No.761894

File: a2ffe55f12f1987⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 28430517_349138425492098_4….jpg)

903f1a No.761895

File: ccae88142a72d33⋯.jpg (7.13 MB, 2479x4096, 2479:4096, SN8B4AtH_o.jpg)


oh boy. let's get this done for 2018 sir! lol

alright, i guess i will sleep and mentally prepare for the next 5 days.

Night all

4108d0 No.761896

File: e7c63dc4fad7b3b⋯.mp4 (7.3 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 15320526_1155677557854266_….mp4)


nighty night

f8d12b No.761897

File: 5a5c64adf9b10b8⋯.jpg (210.43 KB, 1500x998, 750:499, 5a5c64adf9b10b847dccebe14a….jpg)


This is the year to get it ALL done!!

Sleep well sir

95c2cf No.761898


hayley is so darn cute and cute and cute

97047e No.761899

File: 169f337a62492e0⋯.jpg (86.13 KB, 1166x2000, 583:1000, Francesca-Capaldi-Sally-Mi….jpg)



Sleep well.

6d2033 No.761900

File: fbb1999cb056979⋯.jpg (100.9 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 27890910_1951652031752040_….jpg)


come home if ya still around

97047e No.761901

File: a8241b9fec970d2⋯.jpg (148.44 KB, 1125x1674, 125:186, tumblr_p4xv0oOf8U1qm31uro1….jpg)

c14c61 No.761903

File: 634d2c259382953⋯.jpg (84.49 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1733962151726384625_202225….jpg)

File: 6cb8aed11dd383c⋯.mp4 (779.97 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1733497136866923458_202225….mp4)

File: a37d3cebd53e7b9⋯.mp4 (841.03 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1733736252913388726_202225….mp4)

[becomes legal in your path]

wat do?

654131 No.761904

File: d98be6e9ece390d⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1285, 216:257, 28765381_149426605754638_6….jpg)

File: a4fd03ded21f2c9⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1288, 135:161, 28434922_850915575088830_3….jpg)


wow rude and not even making sense, smh.


I'd do a lot of legal things.

b73488 No.761905

File: 22cb999e53620a7⋯.jpg (110.23 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28433497_787148744804028_2….jpg)

>Uh what are you staring at anon?

>He's so weird…

654131 No.761906

File: 279bbdc6c725d86⋯.jpg (247.71 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28059_037_sudadera_m2adl.jpg)

File: 0dbd47f1688181f⋯.jpg (258.2 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28063_100_camiseta_m2adl.jpg)

File: 37b3207026ff66f⋯.jpg (206.59 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28053_080_vestido_m2adl.jpg)

File: 49fa1064b9859bb⋯.jpg (274.15 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28056_080_camiseta_m2adl.jpg)

45dea4 No.761907

File: af646c0b1ad9336⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1261x1006, 1261:1006, babeth-tria-1(UpPhoto)(noi….png)

File: 2f5c90fd4f50b27⋯.jpg (664.99 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, homepage2.jpg)


4108d0 No.761908

File: 2d5d9f3c6a0f88b⋯.jpg (116.12 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 28433159_1984101308494652_….jpg)

File: a999fe66afacf0b⋯.jpg (244.32 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28435013_175997336360037_2….jpg)


wew lad

4108d0 No.761909

File: 49714721d10fef9⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 28764832_842458302623562_4….jpg)

File: 93be81fc100872f⋯.mp4 (6.5 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 29000277_153541041985721_4….mp4)

Happy birthday Grace!

97047e No.761910

File: afa80eb0fb28b8b⋯.jpg (246.72 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 18518115_786358721528795_3….jpg)

654131 No.761911

File: 657d2f08d7afe11⋯.jpg (294.21 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28054_037_short_m2adl-2.jpg)

File: 8c6de517e79160e⋯.jpg (277.78 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28050_100_vestido_m2adl-2.jpg)


happy birthday!

b8c3f9 No.761912

File: a36a5f8165dac2a⋯.webm (9.48 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Jump Around.webm)


happy birthday Grace

geez it's been a year already

4108d0 No.761913

File: af08f058142fbcc⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 843x843, 1:1, 13116788_1091005347604984_….jpg)


lol that webm is great, did you make it?

b8c3f9 No.761914

File: bfbefed3dd1334c⋯.jpg (199.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, pepe grace.jpg)


yes, last year on her birthday actually.

b73488 No.761915

File: 237395703fb1259⋯.jpg (179.42 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 29087119_2024961300866240_….jpg)

>Sophia hoverhanding JJ

>JJ goes for full body contact


6d2033 No.761916

File: 053238ea74e173b⋯.jpg (201.6 KB, 1080x1170, 12:13, 28433392_189435921664196_1….jpg)


sophia is comfortably resting on the jj hips

b8c3f9 No.761917

File: ad791c78cb45642⋯.mp4 (3.01 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, mobizen_20180311_200734_2.mp4)


bro that's not a hoverhand, Sophia is resting her hands on JJ's tush, up your brightness a little.

b73488 No.761918

File: 8e27a91a9d3aced⋯.jpg (81.96 KB, 1080x719, 1080:719, 28434681_1609070365877044_….jpg)



No look at the space between the wrist and the bum, the lazy resting and hand clasp. That's the middle school dance position. JJ is in the "I want your body" position.

654131 No.761919

File: 48d5f22ea59b4ec⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x1800, 4:5, WHITE-BLACK-KIDS-GIRLS-SEA….JPG)

File: 27888736ef2809b⋯.jpg (626.87 KB, 1440x1800, 4:5, WHITE-BLACK-KIDS-GIRLS-SEA….JPG)

4108d0 No.761920

File: 0faa892a403f66d⋯.jpg (93.18 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 14026747_671351119689726_5….jpg)


the pic is inconclusive, she may be in transition to a tighter grip, we need more evidence

b73488 No.761921

File: 5a5413a33df2983⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, JJ.jpg)


Further evidence has been unearthed from the cold case archives showing JJ once again maximizing skin contact with Sophia while Sophia attempts to remain hands-off.

Clear conclusion: JJ, now an adult, is one of us

4108d0 No.761922

File: c696432de2eea04⋯.jpg (396.63 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, figure1.jpg)


Its possible Sophia has her right hand resting stealthily on JJ's tush, see fig.1

6d2033 No.761923

File: 461f86a9d7991b5⋯.jpg (62.43 KB, 500x1241, 500:1241, g0roxctevm9z.jpg)


my eyes are stuck between the circle and the arrow what am i doing wrong?

b73488 No.761924

File: d501d0721389c9a⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Exhibit B.png)

sum1 link me Jordyn's sister's instagram so I can replace Jordyn with her pls


An interesting hypothesis. If I may modify your document:

b73488 No.761925

File: 1e5b36f1409d355⋯.jpg (88.46 KB, 776x942, 388:471, 26864143_936006123237651_5….jpg)


Rethink you're life.

4108d0 No.761926

File: d42ea9b96fc9726⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Figure2.png)


we have to go deeper

6d2033 No.761927

File: 2bbfb8f428d188c⋯.jpg (148.4 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 26864315_416116175512281_6….jpg)


things sophia says and bar never seems to manage

45dea4 No.761928

File: e267b8c1269e1cd⋯.jpg (117.3 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28764417_587799868235531_6….jpg)

me as the rainbow

b8c3f9 No.761929

File: e6e2d8675c8ddcf⋯.jpg (273.73 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, enhance.jpg)


if you see the reflection on the ballon you can see Sophia is grabbing a handful.

969504 No.761930

File: 2f1cf9e64319486⋯.jpg (110.71 KB, 960x635, 192:127, 1520967638186.jpg)

/Waifuist/ in a nutshell.

b73488 No.761931

File: 07179565d297996⋯.png (2.97 MB, 2004x1350, 334:225, Exhibit C.png)


I can always go deeper.

969504 No.761932


Are sophia and lexi relatives?

6e846b No.761933

File: 95fa0561e25dd1a⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 736x920, 4:5, c27d6aaac84cd244afdf0fd315….jpg)

b73488 No.761934

File: 920221a449db654⋯.jpg (36.9 KB, 720x720, 1:1, thonking Sophia.jpg)


Excellent police work I think you've cracked the case.


They will be relatives by marriage when they are both my wives yes.

f2f7c6 No.761935

File: b18324b9c0124a8⋯.jpg (160.57 KB, 1060x1325, 4:5, 28751721_463859140695774_4….jpg)


/our clergy/

4108d0 No.761936

File: 0d76f2903e05ac1⋯.jpg (93.9 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 14241017_580743148764198_1….jpg)

969504 No.761937



That's monogamy, you misogynist pig.

903f1a No.761938

File: 8266a237e66de7e⋯.jpg (738.83 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, A1991-S.jpg)



Lol smh


needs at least one black guy lol

969504 No.761939


>Puffy vagina.webm

6e846b No.761940

File: fcd6758d2376930⋯.jpg (23.7 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 25036591_728610147336279_4….jpg)

b73488 No.761941

File: 93a17968fe30881⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 26154286_269585956906683_7….jpg)


Wait hold on just a second that hand is placed on a front left hip of a girl wearing a separate top and jeans.

I hate when a lead doesn't pan out >:(


It's okay it's polygamy so I'm not a misogynist then. I agree though that monogamy would be misogynistic because it is depriving more women of being with me.

4108d0 No.761942

File: daf7644d9f62261⋯.jpg (168.13 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28427905_195394634386268_4….jpg)


indeed, the lack of diversity is very problematic

903f1a No.761943

File: 9f117cfaf59a6ac⋯.jpg (88.08 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 28157375_1960185547346290_….jpg)


Lol that is what I'm saying

b73488 No.761944

File: 2ef8eb31be2b7ce⋯.jpg (289.01 KB, 1233x1800, 137:200, 2ef8eb31be2b7ce3f24bd01df3….jpg)


/w affirmative action when

Where can we get more female, black, latino, and trans members? Are there boards we can recruit from?

Asians not allowed their GPA is too high



4108d0 No.761945

File: def5ce65d7bf1f9⋯.jpg (140.45 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 13712321_1652283045088412_….jpg)


>female, black, latino, and trans

literally me

a5589a No.761946

File: a690d2bb90de249⋯.jpg (366.64 KB, 1350x1080, 5:4, 28764410_2088012651214900_….jpg)

File: 38fcef346b55b2f⋯.jpg (993.53 KB, 2474x1595, 2474:1595, 1238x1600 (12-13).jpg)

File: 75b1ded23a7018d⋯.jpg (162.68 KB, 2048x1462, 1024:731, 19679245_731712300334459_1….jpg)

File: feb28d4578af35d⋯.jpg (162.85 KB, 2048x1463, 2048:1463, 19693501_731711397001216_2….jpg)

Does anyone know who is the Ahole reposting pics to CelebMafia et al. from PPub. I would post to PPub more, but I don't want to give them anymore material

903f1a No.761947

File: cef2e123a137bde⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x810, 4:3, 2018-01-08 15.59.51 168799….jpg)


Lol we need a /w/ symbol that only like minded people would understand and then post it on every board

903f1a No.761948

File: 8578865f97d5e37⋯.jpg (164.64 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2018-01-07 18.48.18 168735….jpg)


No idea that was even happening.

b73488 No.761949

File: f923e1ed734f4a1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.56 KB, 300x280, 15:14, Symbols.jpg)


> a /w/ symbol that only like minded people would understand

Hmmm yes I think I know exactly what you mean

903f1a No.761950

File: f0696a837c99e1b⋯.jpg (2.46 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, picturepub-sky-katz-001.jpg)


lmao, ok maybe something not so obvious thx

77c25f No.761951

File: 0f6cd5a10dfae20⋯.jpg (150.51 KB, 959x1199, 959:1199, 28151505_545702655812603_5….jpg)

She might be a la creature but she's my la creatura

a5589a No.761952

File: 3950086f1bf9884⋯.jpg (399.24 KB, 1620x1080, 3:2, 165A3957.jpg)

File: 566b488f18e6fc1⋯.jpg (83.04 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 28684842_10155603500902144….jpg)

File: 43c0102d798883e⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 4500x3000, 3:2, NewSlider1.jpg)

File: 169688c1cadd37b⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 4500x3000, 3:2, NewSlider3.jpg)



I talked to one of the mods about it, but he didn't want to do anything unless I could name the person doing it.

0b5dd6 No.761953

File: 0974221e63ebe91⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 244.7 KB, 454x231, 454:231, Vee.png)



Hmmm a w shaped symbol that's not completely obvious… How's this? :')

f2f7c6 No.761954

File: 7bc8346edd422c1⋯.mp4 (1.09 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 28691740_1465889426867767_….mp4)

File: 9450581d7a7bb35⋯.mp4 (2.23 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 14181527_545064049010571_8….mp4)

i'm looking for some technical help, something is wrong with both of my lolibots

903f1a No.761955

File: c233b19b4e2b3f2⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2018-03-08 15.26.54 173074….jpg)


and she a cute


nice pics. oh ok, i'll be honestly I never even been to CelebMafia. I know one guy here that actually posts sets on PP but its mostly Stranger Things related like Millie and Sadie.

6d2033 No.761956

File: ebdce63ac56519c⋯.mp4 (725.21 KB, 480x852, 40:71, 28840126_409125852867323_9….mp4)


>belgian flag


4108d0 No.761957

File: f628b6ae7b9f0b2⋯.jpg (38.55 KB, 843x843, 1:1, 22710934_121365015226286_9….jpg)

night lads

903f1a No.761958

File: 57f8d875789ae12⋯.jpg (277.93 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2018-02-16 17.40.57 171631….jpg)


did you shake them? also maybe the main battery is running out


see you laters

b73488 No.761959

File: 80f49997a9b77c5⋯.jpg (212.02 KB, 1080x1267, 1080:1267, 29093597_559827194410339_1….jpg)

>when jellyhaters try to say you're not 14

f2f7c6 No.761960

File: 7ba63253ea49ee0⋯.jpg (139.27 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 28436392_2022022298069863_….jpg)


i only shake them a perfectly reasonable amount

654131 No.761961

File: c867ccbc81ccadd⋯.jpg (281.93 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28067_055_vestido_m2adl-2.jpg)

File: ccad1bbaa28fce2⋯.jpg (287.74 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28062_055_vestido_m2adl-2.jpg)

File: 2d3e7461e778e0c⋯.jpg (221.79 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, 28060_056_pichi_m2adl-2.jpg)


night night


I like coca cola now

903f1a No.761962

File: 9b3ab6111521eb6⋯.jpg (197.94 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2018-01-17 16.16.43 169453….jpg)


Lol we will just have to create on that is similar

77c25f No.761963

File: 2b10c658c155b7a⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28432937_227682067808041_8….jpg)


Apparently she's going to start a youtube channel but it'll be in Dutch.


You might need to blow in the cartridge or try turning it off and then on again.

903f1a No.761964

File: df880f6c249c21e⋯.jpg (122.82 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 2018-01-06 19.18.46 168664….jpg)


aww. well there are cute moments i hope even if i dont understand a thing she is saying lol

a5589a No.761965

File: 2b68c59e248877c⋯.jpg (194.2 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28434081_177736209677403_6….jpg)

File: d05272c5caebb4d⋯.jpg (175.16 KB, 948x1685, 948:1685, littlefoxhermes_1644686052….jpg)

File: 4fc5efed3ebf010⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1787, 1920:1787, peyton.jpg)

File: b6fe7961bf215e4⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 661x1024, 661:1024, missbehavegirls-basic-shee….jpg)




I know they have uploaded my posts, and Jason's for sure.

903f1a No.761966

File: 424d2b98cf4cf6c⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2018-01-02 12.14.24 168353….jpg)


ah ok. wow Peyton tush is like that??

I actually thought for a second you were someone else. are you new here?

f3aa63 No.761967

File: e9d8efe3ee86986⋯.jpg (59.76 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, emmaellingsenn~1519240521~….jpg)


pedofilo tonto

77c25f No.761968

File: 5bec279828d3ab3⋯.jpg (103.19 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28158954_998115553668810_3….jpg)


She's already part of a Dutch ripoff of TeensReact but it will be nice to have videos with just her in them.

903f1a No.761969

File: 96fdace62f3083a⋯.jpg (126.81 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2017-08-29 12.43.01 159219….jpg)


ah is it typical that they know a little english? or is it just like random words that they hear on tv and stuff?

654131 No.761970

File: 8d509ba4395ddb5⋯.png (997.07 KB, 862x1295, 862:1295, 28434742_798574260348264_6….png)


this is not a lewd lips thread sir

a5589a No.761971

File: 9a0d3bf829d6db5⋯.jpg (76.67 KB, 950x1187, 950:1187, 28151335_150388472439396_3….jpg)

File: bd01c392a51cc0f⋯.jpg (164.76 KB, 760x1140, 2:3, web_18_2_8_Juniors_©DonDia….jpg)

File: c5cf17dbc8f9e73⋯.jpg (184.41 KB, 781x1140, 781:1140, web_18_2_8_Juniors_©DonDia….jpg)

File: 87c035d9259338c⋯.jpg (338.45 KB, 760x1140, 2:3, ddiaz_warhol_FD1A1449.jpg)


I've been posting and chatting here anonymously for a couple years.

903f1a No.761972

File: b6b7878a5a275ef⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017-09-18 06.53.07 160651….jpg)


oh ok, cool. maybe i know you after all lol

77c25f No.761973

File: c9553b77db1fc96⋯.mp4 (5.33 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 27669267_1006348522847552_….mp4)


She actually asked on her instagram whether she should do videos in English or in Dutch so I assume she knows quite a bit.

024fe5 No.761985

Well that was an ultimate douchebag move……

903f1a No.761986

File: bad897412e32986⋯.jpg (108.94 KB, 840x940, 42:47, 2018-01-10 14.46.43 168941….jpg)


oh nice. tell her do both. those are always nice


Heyyy, welcome. the life of liking cute girls is never easy

024fe5 No.761987


I gets even less easy when you think your alone at your house and suddenly from behind over your shoulder your nephew says "Hey are you looking at pictures of ___?"

And then after suddenly closing your browser you try your best to change the subject without much luck…..UR@#!

45dea4 No.761988

File: ce0b63d254e3f0b⋯.jpg (171.21 KB, 548x896, 137:224, babeth-top-pearl.jpg)

File: 5da8f31a44b56ef⋯.jpg (170.78 KB, 936x1170, 4:5, 29089550_173884426586782_4….jpg)

903f1a No.761989

File: b824152b2b13b2d⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017-07-05 07.29.53 155217….jpg)


Yeah, i know that feel. more than you know. though i live by myself. but that's my fault channing at work. and someone being like "oh you looking at agirls" and i'm like ummmmmmmmm

b73488 No.761990

File: fb1cac53034efe8⋯.jpg (97.25 KB, 937x1171, 937:1171, 12912474_219978061708640_1….jpg)



>not openly having you're waifu as your background wallpaper

f2f7c6 No.761991

File: 8f090d169dca015⋯.jpg (425.37 KB, 1920x1281, 640:427, look1-look1-uuid1.st.jpg)

File: bc55214b02cfa02⋯.jpg (183.03 KB, 1920x1277, 1920:1277, look9-look9-uuid1.st.jpg)


you better pay him off

77c25f No.761992

File: b78a3e03fcf546d⋯.mp4 (12.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Survive The Jive™.mp4)

Something to consider

903f1a No.761993

File: 4e0fad6014f985b⋯.jpg (122.49 KB, 1080x1168, 135:146, 2017-12-20 16.16.04 167423….jpg)


I do….slightly hidden. been the same Chloe picture for a while

024fe5 No.761994


I actually considered that…but that was like 10 years ago…but he still gives me that look like he knows I am up to no good….I would have much rather been looking at hardcore porn..that would be much easier to explain…hehe

b73488 No.761995

File: 598f23cc0ec493a⋯.jpg (113.1 KB, 393x525, 131:175, 1a.jpg)


Oh this one?

024fe5 No.761996

File: 04b6383b5a39176⋯.jpg (346.63 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, ShopTweens-Feb_copy.jpg)


I am not that brave…too many wandering eyes to worry about….

903f1a No.761997

File: 33df0fc20b0b3e7⋯.jpg (71.6 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, 2017-12-12 17.00.37 166846….jpg)


wait how does one explain you casually looking at hardcore porn? lol


no no Chloe East. ill post the pic in a sec

f2f7c6 No.761998

File: dbb98932746a5f9⋯.jpg (133.72 KB, 768x1364, 192:341, 28434115_172451103551486_1….jpg)


compared to pictures of girls, you explain it much more casually

a5589a No.761999

File: 7504d996b05914f⋯.gif (4.18 MB, 600x338, 300:169, sNnZnUZ.gif)



We need a cunny version of this

b73488 No.762000

File: 17863d136449be9⋯.jpg (69.57 KB, 720x900, 4:5, 25014691_127922587993304_5….jpg)


>not telling them it's your legit gf, thus absolving yourself of all suspicion


>chloe east

smhing at ur lyfe tbh grim famdango

024fe5 No.762001

File: 8e64ab9e86dffaa⋯.jpg (273.88 KB, 1088x1450, 544:725, 0030121836900_77_Set22.jpg)


People would expect a single twenty something guy to be looking at porn…not so much at 13 year old in bikinis….like I said easier to explain…lol

It was this lovely girl I was looking at at the time if my memory serves me correctly..before she went all raccoon goth chick on us…

903f1a No.762002

File: 53f4b0d47b9a0d8⋯.mp4 (2.43 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 29157686_553552188349422_8….mp4)


hmm yeah that is true


Lol really! need to use Zhe or something


lol be nice. i like her a lot

77c25f No.762003

File: aa396b3a77c7f9b⋯.jpg (177.5 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28156806_1739815266073784_….jpg)


Why was there a humanoid squid in Star Wars?

b73488 No.762004

File: 56e55483b6ec135⋯.jpg (119.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, lexee thiccness.jpg)


Lexee is /mybanji/

f2f7c6 No.762005

File: 65345ccf938b1c4⋯.jpg (234.19 KB, 1080x1921, 1080:1921, 28751460_486598965069466_4….jpg)

File: 3ee91f0fb8d48b4⋯.jpg (198.78 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28429299_1494866000622854_….jpg)


they make space black with their squid space-ink

903f1a No.762006

File: 343b6acd422c0a1⋯.mp4 (3.51 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 28554067_547623205618933_5….mp4)


oh ok yeah good point. and ahhhh yes yes. tbh right at that inbetween mark, she was quite nice. when she went full raccoon kinda went downhill


JJ was at first as you know. then Chloe sweep me away

903f1a No.762007

File: 3ea89306e64b4d0⋯.jpg (76.48 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, 2017-12-07 17.53.47 166486….jpg)

ok brb

a5589a No.762008

File: 4511d153138b1d2⋯.mp4 (984.07 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, Stories • Instagram_6.MP4)

File: 7c792b4c099782c⋯.mp4 (2.03 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, Stories • Instagram_3 (2).MP4)

File: 84b488a4a4e3301⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, Stories • Instagram_2 (3).MP4)

File: f7ac7218537b929⋯.jpg (126.36 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 15043534_1422180478081237_….jpg)

File: 0f7083d46086620⋯.jpg (85.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 16585632_377167879326147_3….jpg)


It seems to be mandatory to have squid in any space movie.

77c25f No.762009

File: 294b9f7999a7054⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28765577_222379505166798_3….jpg)



Is this canon? Does Luke Skywalker milk the space squids for ink with which he writes the sacred jedi texts? How do force ghosts play into this?

77c25f No.762010

File: a201c9ec98a361b⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28765238_280957832438834_1….jpg)

>laura.niemas Miss you gorgeous ❤❤

024fe5 No.762011

File: dccff0f16713de5⋯.jpg (538.62 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, MyBanji.jpg)


>Here you go…

f2f7c6 No.762012

File: cd0e0cf94184fb1⋯.webm (1.42 MB, 1280x536, 160:67, me getting my MILKIES.webm)


i can't say for certain how the official canon answers this problem, disney are just messing it all up

speaking of star wars, that girl is a little bit moonish

b8c3f9 No.762013

File: 1ff4bac961de579⋯.mp4 (14.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DIP DOP _ Dj Flex _ Choreo….mp4)

smolcass with Emily and the other one.

6d2033 No.762014

File: 22ae1bbb0fab39b⋯.jpg (78.15 KB, 750x562, 375:281, vsco_111815.jpg)


kek unbelievable how tummyb carries them both. emily needs to work on her feetwork smh

77c25f No.762015

File: c6cf596f13d3535⋯.jpg (175.59 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 29088130_1588066811300146_….jpg)


I had only seen pictures of this scene and this is way worse than I had anticipated, Gott im Himmel everything about this just causes a visceral disgust.

6d2033 No.762016


thats the point of the scene. he's trying to get her off the island

f2f7c6 No.762017

File: 3571a5e1b77230c⋯.jpg (76 KB, 1080x1167, 360:389, 28434926_166387840748972_2….jpg)


he's hinting at what he wants. those Daisy Milkeys

a5589a No.762018

File: f99ea5acaec5bec⋯.jpg (204.79 KB, 2460x3578, 1230:1789, Ava-set_1_2460x.jpg)

File: a33f82f1441a7e2⋯.jpg (189.69 KB, 2460x3392, 615:848, Ava-Set_3_2460x.jpg)

File: 01f97a6f3e749b3⋯.jpg (128.55 KB, 2460x1784, 615:446, Ava-Set_4_2460x.jpg)

File: 570b4b460e29257⋯.jpg (109.97 KB, 2460x1784, 615:446, Ava-Set_5_2460x.jpg)

File: 51daada6fede9df⋯.jpg (239.45 KB, 2460x3392, 615:848, Ava-Set_6_2460x.jpg)

d48c17 No.762019

File: d572ddc9cfa2b60⋯.jpg (170.45 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 28433301_220792841811988_7….jpg)



c694e0 No.762020

File: c466708aa8473aa⋯.jpg (29.22 KB, 266x400, 133:200, Beautiful-Bealla-Avery-Tho….jpg)

b73488 No.762021

File: 3bb6fae97e3a184⋯.jpg (929.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3bb6fae97e3a1848d83e938920….jpg)


>imploring I don't remember all your different name iterations since like 2015 at least


Unfiguratively me

77c25f No.762022

File: 0f53cad204be914⋯.jpg (213.3 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 27891843_276150752919844_8….jpg)

File: 45a907fd5ebe761⋯.jpg (971.06 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 27891516_217359965506391_7….jpg)

File: 162db91386f0991⋯.jpg (75.04 KB, 1080x811, 1080:811, 17596435_1896362810630426_….jpg)

File: 975b46e586e4e02⋯.jpg (113.3 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 16585039_753112174847769_5….jpg)

Mi preciosa

a5589a No.762023

File: 29b1d3f7ec7cd97⋯.mp4 (278.65 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 29b1d3f7ec7cd976d5c007064f….mp4)

What's this girl's IG name?

4470ea No.762024


hmm I'd like to know this too

f2f7c6 No.762025

File: 32151f83f9dfda9⋯.jpg (210.25 KB, 1080x1921, 1080:1921, 28157185_283852618813597_6….jpg)


he's right bros, why aren't girls ladylike any more?

b73488 No.762026

File: 89ad571efe530df⋯.jpg (330.03 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 22157527_719439798251954_7….jpg)


Boys are ladylike now.

c694e0 No.762027

File: becd4a6fa479053⋯.jpg (48.81 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 15101573_184679638661184_3….jpg)

File: 43d65e54e31f434⋯.jpg (57.62 KB, 399x600, 133:200, Francesca Capaldi Cinderel….jpg)

File: 6996c498928c8ed⋯.jpg (261.72 KB, 1280x1801, 1280:1801, francesca-capaldi-creative….jpg)

File: ce6e279c034a22d⋯.jpg (108.78 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 600full-francesca-capaldi.jpg)


Capaldi is Ladylike.

77c25f No.762028

File: 3d18a675240f845⋯.jpg (119.38 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28753923_186756171841980_2….jpg)


So this is what you do all day when you're not here

05c2a6 No.762029

File: 466e0804209e7ae⋯.jpg (133.77 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28751073_231671317380097_6….jpg)


Lol shut up

f2f7c6 No.762030

File: 29260dfe4fda6f8⋯.jpg (201.17 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 29089074_152531665563017_2….jpg)


that's true, i'm glad she carries herself well


i would never film myself wearing one of my dresses, i'm no degenerate

4470ea No.762031

File: 640e23e2299a732⋯.jpg (82.26 KB, 1080x1149, 360:383, zhenyakotova_official_2758….jpg)


who's this?

77c25f No.762032

File: 1fd98dc4b10512e⋯.jpg (667.41 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28764721_1841262329505556_….jpg)

4470ea No.762033

File: be0442696e170ec⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017_12_07_09_23_24845599_….jpg)


damn, muchas gracias

c694e0 No.762034

File: 5950148251bbede⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 323x302, 323:302, tumblr_nwnrf5ccFS1ue4b15o1….gif)


Kendall, too, carries herself with class.

d10a1c No.762035

File: c44e47e94308158⋯.jpg (167.5 KB, 750x750, 1:1, tumblr_ocbz2vG5Rk1qleddro1….jpg)

d10a1c No.762036

File: aa8fcc0c0034bf4⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 425x558, 425:558, 01_53369867.jpg)

File: 581c457344db499⋯.jpg (84.49 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 640full-francesca-capaldi ….jpg)


>>>Two Classy Dames.

e52e1b No.762037


Not a fan of this choreo but damn Cass really is the best.



95c2cf No.762038


cuz of black people blasting out their stuff on radio n teevee n jews who ca't take a joke

05c2a6 No.762039

File: db7dc944d121c79⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28434260_567541416935680_8….jpg)


Yeah that makes sense…

f2f7c6 No.762040

File: f51c3f804b8863b⋯.jpg (203.54 KB, 1080x1921, 1080:1921, 28766174_196244860968910_1….jpg)


aren't you going to apologise for blasting out your stuff?

05c2a6 No.762041

File: b9423dadb2a2cec⋯.jpg (972.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28436503_807333389474497_9….jpg)


Yes I'm sorry for ruining classy girls for everyone

d10a1c No.762042

File: 3abb4c4dabb256a⋯.jpg (641.96 KB, 1431x1800, 159:200, Annex - Hayworth, Rita_24.jpg)

File: 63de53fe5925230⋯.jpg (314.68 KB, 711x711, 1:1, 20180307_231415.jpg)

f2f7c6 No.762043

File: 2445fa179544e70⋯.jpg (251.01 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28752168_177703602849547_6….jpg)


i forgive you, black people

3b4ea8 No.762044

File: a0c7fcee06f0fa2⋯.jpg (706.8 KB, 2250x1731, 750:577, Columbia publicity still o….jpg)

05c2a6 No.762045

File: 0d2231ae3b94a16⋯.jpg (129.32 KB, 1080x1324, 270:331, 27575815_1783363048354089_….jpg)


Thanks lol

e52e1b No.762046


Don't be a cuck.

d10a1c No.762047

File: d1ee46c675de981⋯.jpg (299.92 KB, 600x826, 300:413, a4cc7e8342b9a4c159b186b019….jpg)

File: 044b189a280532f⋯.jpg (235.99 KB, 1280x1656, 160:207, francesca-capaldi-creative….jpg)



Doing some comparison shots..

d10a1c No.762048

File: 0f875b18a5c5a1c⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 347x520, 347:520, betty-grable-pinup-9.jpg)

File: 580ea6b077fbdc1⋯.jpg (252.12 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, aaf3fed826d48f01a3118a5976….jpg)

3b4ea8 No.762049

File: b282f1ee8f08959⋯.jpg (602.63 KB, 1500x2243, 1500:2243, mm__207_.jpg)

File: ec6a85ec5debab9⋯.jpg (1022.03 KB, 2500x3750, 2:3, Jordyn_Jones_Bonnie_Nichoa….jpg)


always interesting

d10a1c No.762050

File: 04f581fcaa850d4⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 720x540, 4:3, bdf0bccff0b8b7eec055d9fa2a….jpg)

File: 30a22370d9afcb9⋯.jpg (76.16 KB, 428x640, 107:160, MNTS TROO LUVE 46474748399….jpg)

b73488 No.762051

File: 1ce3c39e1a3a1f2⋯.mp4 (1.25 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 29001021_173579143286769_7….mp4)

File: e7f1b7b5ee6b5a0⋯.mp4 (545.81 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 29013477_305139436680518_7….mp4)

r8 my wife and daughter

d10a1c No.762052

File: 7bf23bccd199a23⋯.jpg (24.73 KB, 256x320, 4:5, c674a3e696ec801065d08e52a6….jpg)

File: ced5cc3f1de46a7⋯.jpg (196.61 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1l3jd6bq6awz.jpg)

4470ea No.762053


I thought your wife was Sophia

b73488 No.762054

File: 33a5045345d56e9⋯.jpg (62.45 KB, 1080x934, 540:467, lexi and sophia purity.jpg)

4470ea No.762055


hmm, to each their own I guess

f2f7c6 No.762056

File: fbfdfd3e9f0da09⋯.jpg (169.91 KB, 1080x1921, 1080:1921, 28433100_1866963383361918_….jpg)

024fe5 No.762057

File: f43bb2c121f7926⋯.jpg (10.48 MB, 5297x8688, 5297:8688, Laneya-Grace.jpg)


If only!

dfc3ae No.762058

File: 608c572307b7d0e⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, 1520996478298.jpg)


whoa dat neya

5e7ff5 No.762059

File: 831b6f6f550d49b⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28427909_1804612792894105_….jpg)

File: d7baed68c32393c⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 29088136_593115487693911_5….jpg)

4470ea No.762060

File: 603a2eaac72d966⋯.jpg (123.53 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, sagaj_28435848_15329955215….jpg)

05c2a6 No.762061

File: b1a950e6933096a⋯.jpg (518.13 KB, 1080x1082, 540:541, 29088888_562098087509321_1….jpg)


Ugh why must she be so perfect?

5e7ff5 No.762062

File: d189e388cd9c8ae⋯.jpg (101.01 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, 28430077_187009815250121_2….jpg)

File: f10bc8a14c618ef⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28155920_1993823050834601_….jpg)

File: 3c0a87fd4b98620⋯.jpg (104.24 KB, 1080x1055, 216:211, 28435391_388893904855105_4….jpg)

CapaldiBro, you are prolific.

5e7ff5 No.762063

File: 35f6c10ffb04ef9⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 759x1350, 253:450, 28435706_1693294014090086_….jpg)

File: bd028c7b0670a79⋯.jpg (157.56 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 28753346_2002514843335389_….jpg)

File: 80a059fe081c992⋯.jpg (187.75 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28433450_170474503598653_5….jpg)

b73488 No.762064

File: 85a3b3a3c50b761⋯.mp4 (2.51 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, surprise yulia.mp4)

95c2cf No.762065


forgot to finish my sent

meant jews who cant take a joke making comedy

5e7ff5 No.762066

File: eb9e1d7eb18922d⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28752005_206277940105805_7….jpg)

File: 87072580a36a8b3⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28754046_376902956111574_5….jpg)

File: 13ee9d7d0b14054⋯.jpg (274.07 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28435098_1945345695794470_….jpg)

File: dca2fcb61b6804f⋯.jpg (126.65 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28766795_410439099368235_7….jpg)


Nicole looks so fine today.

f2f7c6 No.762067

File: e7d5466c7a6a34f⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, angry yulia.webm)


i hope she fixed her anorexia

5e7ff5 No.762068

File: 713b08d726d7a14⋯.jpg (158.82 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 28434641_931352693698716_4….jpg)

File: 03d04fd5cea99b5⋯.jpg (129.32 KB, 1080x1351, 1080:1351, 28432995_1895580147179980_….jpg)

File: b836715e3b6d398⋯.jpg (220.17 KB, 1080x1351, 1080:1351, 28433958_2029987960580709_….jpg)

05c2a6 No.762069

File: 3338f52a56a311f⋯.jpg (104.09 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, skykatz~1520984193~1734463….jpg)


Oh, that makes it make more sense? Lol


Yeahhhhh. Her ears make me smile lol

4470ea No.762070

File: b66b1bd154a77f9⋯.mp4 (2.61 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1734034833183982040_628572….mp4)


gibe sky pls

024fe5 No.762071

File: 0889437b541b629⋯.jpg (4.3 MB, 1731x2813, 1731:2813, 1608BTS_GIRLSDENIM_04A_424.jpg)


I am so into this chick Abby!

05c2a6 No.762073

File: a2209d290b49288⋯.jpg (211.92 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 26867733_1704765749587969_….jpg)

File: 40823757fe2ef13⋯.jpg (536.85 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 28435650_348141859003053_9….jpg)


Oh you like her? She's a top 5 for me

Also Halia please


Oh yeah she's great

4470ea No.762074

File: afefdaab752203c⋯.mp4 (3.34 MB, 640x1138, 320:569, officialemilymurden_286885….mp4)

File: 8a01767f7bd4a03⋯.mp4 (2.42 MB, 640x1138, 320:569, officialemilymurden_288395….mp4)

File: 7929aa558b8b334⋯.mp4 (2.18 MB, 640x1138, 320:569, officialemilymurden_290004….mp4)

4470ea No.762075

File: ea7c9fc58d5d35f⋯.mp4 (2.55 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1733742142218920291_628572….mp4)


yeah, I've been following her for a while.

05c2a6 No.762076

File: 65c0d2a65d8e42e⋯.jpg (212.25 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 23967294_130149990985315_2….jpg)


Niceeeeeee. I knew I liked you lol

9bc8ca No.762077

File: f03791ddbd13524⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1520149320249.jpg)

File: 0be0f56e58b6e76⋯.jpg (167.33 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 1520130069280.jpg)

b73488 No.762078

File: bbffdc96ae1ef15⋯.mp4 (11.72 MB, 600x1080, 5:9, gymnastics.mp4)

>when I can post half a live in one vid

Gud bitesized lives.

First three seconds is Sophiaw she sees bar btw

4470ea No.762079

File: 53e71b7f37c77c5⋯.jpg (53.27 KB, 433x433, 1:1, slunk5_27576353_1425171997….jpg)


hey bb

079183 No.762080

File: c1f9d3a2faa294f⋯.jpg (262.23 KB, 1000x697, 1000:697, Elle_DakotaFanning_Slijper….jpg)

File: 35cfa1d3b738a64⋯.jpg (18.77 KB, 320x280, 8:7, Old Hollywood Vanity - van….jpg)



I guess I am.

9bc8ca No.762081

File: 007e08ed4faec21⋯.jpg (70.22 KB, 800x529, 800:529, Arina-Demchuk7705658.jpg)


What's goin on tonight?

4470ea No.762082

File: 9c890a43aacf67e⋯.jpg (104.11 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, slunk5_27891069_1993389804….jpg)


nothing much man, just yt vids

9bc8ca No.762083

File: 17ef0b2a63b6433⋯.jpeg (270.86 KB, 1242x1206, 69:67, 7863987_1.jpeg)


Anything interesting? Or just gurls?

4470ea No.762084

File: 15979b40574fb1f⋯.jpg (204.36 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, slunk5_27576130_1777680589….jpg)


nah, just old hickok45 vids lel

a7f969 No.762085

File: 2e21c83ceb6f02d⋯.jpg (208.75 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 130957.jpg)

File: 4e2bdf6f3fc67ee⋯.jpg (240.93 KB, 720x960, 3:4, m0.jpg)

File: 1841f4c97f10cd5⋯.jpg (351.75 KB, 960x960, 1:1, bk2.jpg)

File: bd2a62e377e724d⋯.jpg (61.89 KB, 960x802, 480:401, sa5.jpg)

File: ea1fae6a39ea490⋯.jpg (157.52 KB, 602x451, 602:451, 1.JPG)

Good evening, gentlemen.


My laptop background wallpaper is a sequence of five photos of girls from ages 8 to 11. The eleven year old is sucking on a lollipop. Laptop is open on my desk at work or home at all times.


Don't know exactly why I like girls in school uniforms. Maybe it's because of that one young model who would skip school to come sleep late at my house.

So… back to a thread-related contribution. I have very few if any of my own photos of girls with flowers, so these flowergirls are from them as they shared to my FB feed.

9bc8ca No.762086

File: 969e2d1070a76c7⋯.jpg (84.67 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 969e2d1070a76c7f0563b51a7c….jpg)


Oh nice, didn't he do a video on the grease gun and the sten too? I think ive seen a few of his vids

4470ea No.762087

File: 2cf8b4bf7cfcbba⋯.jpg (172.52 KB, 1066x1332, 533:666, slunk5_27880094_2042311926….jpg)


>The eleven year old is sucking on a lollipop.

pls post it

9bc8ca No.762088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nvrmnd yeah I've watched a number of his videos lol

4470ea No.762089


ha I'm watching the STEN vid right now

9bc8ca No.762090

File: 9241c4c3333fbdb⋯.jpg (104.67 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 2e1fb8dd5f04105585fc3e0547….jpg)


What a badass, yet quite basic weapon.

Also one of my favs in the new COD its a beast

4470ea No.762091

File: 17b9ea7fbb73583⋯.jpg (120.06 KB, 663x829, 663:829, 2017_08_20_05_31_20839106_….jpg)


yeah man, nothing fancy, easy to clean.. it just werks

do you play on console or pc?

b73488 No.762092

File: 39845fb45b470d0⋯.mp4 (1.77 MB, 600x1080, 5:9, head dance.mp4)


Alpha as fuck

4470ea No.762094

File: 4c0124213a7f652⋯.jpg (189.67 KB, 1080x1212, 90:101, slunk5_27574253_1442674295….jpg)


pretty cool

9bc8ca No.762095

File: 38b8728943b5b50⋯.jpg (240.44 KB, 1280x1782, 640:891, 38b8728943b5b5003621efea1c….jpg)

05c2a6 No.762096

File: 42562d1d655c970⋯.jpg (90.38 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28753938_704875059636155_7….jpg)


Hey riff-raff

dfc3ae No.762097

File: 51a836ee285bf0a⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2473x1600, 2473:1600, 1520996458170.jpg)

9bc8ca No.762098

File: 78f877fae5080b5⋯.jpg (92.07 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 78f877fae5080b5a648ec7ccd1….jpg)


Good evening bossman

a7f969 No.762099

File: 8d555d8ec1a8c1e⋯.jpg (98.2 KB, 338x600, 169:300, 4.JPG)


Thank you sir.

Here is another thread-related.

dfc3ae No.762100

File: 41a3b42d089d70e⋯.jpg (183.99 KB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, 1520996472237.jpg)


4470ea No.762101

File: 7391374c6cc3611⋯.jpg (177.28 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, slunk5_27581038_1544954453….jpg)


sooooo cute

a7f969 No.762102

File: 1252bfbbf16ffce⋯.jpg (147.95 KB, 750x750, 1:1, bg (2).jpg)


Need to sleep, so goodnight all.

Here is another theme-related friend.

05c2a6 No.762103

File: fb80d95aa30f24f⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 1080x1346, 540:673, 28434468_1756255441063386_….jpg)


How was the day?


Night night

4470ea No.762104

File: 98e5630527ec034⋯.jpg (78.47 KB, 618x618, 1:1, slunk5_26153853_1608570212….jpg)


goodnight bro

05c2a6 No.762105

File: 784b9153df5c7fe⋯.jpg (122.86 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1520981372416.jpg)

File: a45b0a9517ac47b⋯.jpg (103.66 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1520981384741.jpg)

I'm starting to wonder about Jayden…

dfc3ae No.762106

File: ac1cf8a5553d61b⋯.jpg (3.5 MB, 2000x2658, 1000:1329, 1519886031542.jpg)


small and white of course, like any basic white girl

4470ea No.762107

File: 6d5053fc8cb2163⋯.jpg (210.59 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, slunk5_26393402_1643501652….jpg)


wow no love for mutts smh

05c2a6 No.762108

File: bfa19b692b36c5c⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 2333x3500, 2333:3500, 1520650081352.jpg)


Lol hmmmmmm I learned something today


Smdh, shame amiright?

4470ea No.762109

File: dfba6853107dee6⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, taylormariecowhey_28435584….jpg)

b73488 No.762110

File: 970960af1febdc3⋯.mp4 (1.8 MB, 600x1080, 5:9, angel dance.mp4)


izzat au'li?

dfc3ae No.762111

File: 782322116a5ab66⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1080x1345, 216:269, 1521011027384.jpg)


talking about dogs, smh

4470ea No.762112

File: ac6a65e46763dff⋯.jpg (166.44 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, taylormariecowhey_29087789….jpg)


that dog's gonna get diabetes

9bc8ca No.762113

File: fbb530ae24a5b25⋯.jpg (366.52 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 2933329-cara-delevingne-bl….jpg)


Pretty good. Busy moving stock from the warehouse to the showroom rn, break time for a minute though lol

dfc3ae No.762114

File: f4d9a9de74eee71⋯.jpg (265.41 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 1518500756158.jpg)


poor doggo

4470ea No.762115

File: 351de909524d9be⋯.jpg (65.56 KB, 1080x1097, 1080:1097, taylormariecowhey_27581014….jpg)


are you guys hiring?

9bc8ca No.762116


Lol not that i know of

05c2a6 No.762117

File: 1029f6a69d749c2⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 3840x5760, 2:3, BQtYo2qo_o.jpg)


Sure is


O-oh lol


Oh nice. Breaks that end too damn fast

9bc8ca No.762118

File: f33b56c1228ba2f⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 566x768, 283:384, cf6a479748dd4c852aaa090b9e….jpg)


Yeah, having a smoke now, cooling off for a moment. Then the next 2 skids I want to bring up, I gotta dance like 10 others around to get to them.. Fun super fun stuff. Hard work is good for the soul or something like that?..

4470ea No.762119

File: f9debb174490cc0⋯.jpg (400.79 KB, 980x1370, 98:137, Absolutely Russian Zhenya.jpg)


Pallet Jacks a fun. How heavy are the pallets?

9bc8ca No.762120

File: a358d4c2430b86f⋯.jpg (231.88 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1519014763448-0.jpg)


Anywhere from ~2000 to a skid of 54 batteries is about 3100lb

4470ea No.762121

File: 70caa456e96414c⋯.mp4 (1.64 MB, 640x1138, 320:569, grace__anais_28256577_1551….mp4)


jesus dude, do you guys have some of those electric pallet jacks or is it all with brute force?

05c2a6 No.762122

File: 62d5d7f9acc581b⋯.mp4 (1.18 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, alabamaluellabarker~152095….mp4)


Lol only the best kind of fun

9bc8ca No.762123

File: 9cc546546cda5f3⋯.jpg (52.76 KB, 450x1286, 225:643, 1c595a75bc309ef42ebf2e04a7….jpg)


Forklift, and force lol no electric pallet jacks. Its not so bad once you get em moving lol

4470ea No.762124

File: d5d3b84f8b9f228⋯.jpg (131.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, miss_gemma_fied_28764774_6….jpg)


I love freckles

9bc8ca No.762125


Can't blame you ;) alright, back to it. Catch ya after a bit

4470ea No.762127

File: 93f7bc7f9272244⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2018_02_03_02_17_BevNNMIg4….jpg)


lmao I didn't mean to quote you

fuck it I'm out, goodnight cuties

5f96ae No.762128


got sauce?

079183 No.762129

File: 197ad531ce789cc⋯.jpg (21.14 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 6415544c42f6d5cadecc9b67e1….jpg)

05c2a6 No.762130

File: 0a815a215d6cf2a⋯.mp4 (606.86 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, maceyanderson~1520948703~1….mp4)


Night kiddo

079183 No.762131

File: d93b79bc2b4615e⋯.jpg (31.57 KB, 640x569, 640:569, παραγ.jpg)

File: bd2f1be599a37bc⋯.jpg (61.62 KB, 600x602, 300:301, vanessa-hudgens-bongo-jean….jpg)

95c2cf No.762132


kek im just joking

whats your plan now still keen on school?

05c2a6 No.762133

File: df0f695348abc5a⋯.mp4 (528.93 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, dmeiyue~1521010736~1734686….mp4)


It's on my mind. But not like a straight thinking path to it. I would only do it if I had that

6d2033 No.762134

File: 3050ce61ae88a4d⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 5943f690b895f07c843af99b.mp4)


come hang out

whats ur email dudeeeeeeeeeeee

95c2cf No.762135


cant gotta go to lab vsoon + coin laundry

just send me through chat one's or leave me a message ill check it when i have time

has anfisa and evecher had any good stories lately


weird ass looking girl

6d2033 No.762136

File: c25b999bc33fb28⋯.jpg (201.35 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 28158013_151898118828548_8….jpg)


they nuked hipchat so i cant access ur email

839c84 No.762137

File: 80090655645f239⋯.jpg (174.69 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 28434095_151894852147289_1….jpg)


No can do bud. Email is the only way now. Will explain when you can see it.

And I like her weird look tbh

95c2cf No.762138


who are they


no explain it to me now

839c84 No.762140

File: cbb05048b2d06ff⋯.jpg (173.65 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 28754341_141400976687635_8….jpg)


No seriously I'm not explaining it here. If I could I would. Just post it and you'll understand

2417e6 No.762141

File: c6574089ec87b9a⋯.jpg (110.55 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, dmeiyue~1521010162~1734681….jpg)


Thank you very much sir

9bc8ca No.762142

File: dc2fe892cdb0923⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1440x1786, 720:893, Screenshot_2018-02-20-22-0….png)

Well that was a good time. Back to the ladies!!!

903f1a No.762143

File: 6c2b1e9b9793d38⋯.jpg (100.66 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2017-07-19 15.10.21 156255….jpg)


just in time ;)

9bc8ca No.762144

File: 98e729145060307⋯.jpg (170.34 KB, 1080x1921, 1080:1921, 98e7291450603075146ec6a9af….jpg)


Oh yeah!!?

079183 No.762145

File: 9a71c44d1c07264⋯.jpg (196.85 KB, 1052x1052, 1:1, tumblr_p5avee2z351qm31uro1….jpg)

9bc8ca No.762146

File: bffc19ac5bf25e8⋯.jpg (122.29 KB, 500x695, 100:139, 588d293d20c94bc9a018bba198….jpg)

079183 No.762147

File: c5723bc2889eeca⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 463x463, 1:1, 740full-rowan-blanchard (3….jpg)

Is Rowan Bisexual?

9bc8ca No.762148

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RIP Stephen Hawking. Science bitch ❤

903f1a No.762149

File: fd65dd577097f0d⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 2017-11-09 08.35.17 164428….jpg)


yeah ;)


I believe she mentioned not wanting the "straight"label

9bc8ca No.762150

File: c5ddc0efa3ba231⋯.jpg (134.33 KB, 1125x1406, 1125:1406, c5ddc0efa3ba231cdfc0252efa….jpg)

903f1a No.762152

File: b21b3184c2b3129⋯.jpg (182.48 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 1333417870822445711_167868….jpg)

079183 No.762153

File: c3dd7b91813819f⋯.jpg (477.42 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 720full-rowan-blanchard.jpg)

File: 663c7ab94ca1e76⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_o3yk7y3u7o1uxdmcro1….jpg)

File: abfd9fc7bf2a083⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 427x240, 427:240, QT LES 55477.gif)


You're right.

e8f0ef No.762226

File: d19cefdd5969eaa⋯.gif (3.24 MB, 472x200, 59:25, 5aa9b7bf6674c011799934.gif)

File: 28e52d296d71588⋯.jpg (161.48 KB, 1080x1303, 1080:1303, 20590027.jpg)

File: 485198a53480f99⋯.jpg (138.65 KB, 1080x1264, 135:158, 205900272.jpg)


I-It's actually not as bad as looks.. you have to see it in theaters…

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