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/weap/ - Weaponry and Firearms

Discussion of Weaponry, including firearms. Not a political board.


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b4a597 No.1[Reply]

Greetings gun nuts, /k/ommandos, and medieval weaponologists, to /weap/, a cesspit of people who jerk off to guns, swords, and other weaponry from stone age to information age. Here are a few rules that i suggest you follow unless you want your post fucked over:

1. Don't try to turn this into /k/ or /pol/, this isn't about "muh gun grabbers", it's about discourse related to all types of weaponry (including vehicles/ siege equipment to a limited extent)

2. Follow the global rule. If you wanna be a retard and openly post your illegal weapon or whatever other illegal shit you have on this board, you're probably going to have a not-so-friendly meeting with Mr. FBI or ATF Man in the not-so-distant future.

3. Try not to start retarded arguments. Listen, I understand it can be frustrating when someone finds a horrendously ugly weapon to be the Mona Lisa, but trying to convert them to your point of view simply isn't gonna happen.

4. As i said in Rule 1, "[this board is] about discourse related to all types of weaponry (including vehicles/ siege equipment to a limited extent)" and not your dog or your dying mother or how you just love fucking dogs or whatever. Try to stay at least loosely on-topic.

Well, that is really it for now. Another major rule is to use your common sense, but that's pretty obvious. If you plan on following these extremely simple rules: Welcome and have a nice time. If you plan to purposely subvert them and break them? Don't even fucking post here and save me the effort of locking your thread or banning you.

Have an idea on how I could improve the thread? Great! Leave it here and I'll look at and consider it, probably.

6946a5 No.2

Fuck off, nigger /k/exists so we don't need this board.

af1fc7 No.4[Reply]

413b14 No.3[Reply]


Yeah, its some bastard doing a thing to have some say power of teh rules and thin out the other boards

Or a fed that brought in Name and Email

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