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Welcome to /wh40k/, Warhams.

File: 1412289204084.png (325.99 KB, 646x529, 646:529, Rules2.PNG)


/wh40k/ is for the discussion of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe and IP, this includes all games, music, books and background lore relating to Warhammer 40,000.
The rules are as follows.

• NSFW images are only allowed in NSFW threads.

• NSFW thread images must be spoilered and have a NSFW warning in the title.

• Scans of Codices, novels, magazines etc are forbidden.

• No lists of unit stats such as those found in the official rulebooks or Codices.
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File: d9542ba73c5e099⋯.jpg (103.47 KB, 759x821, 759:821, UltramarinesWarrior2.jpg)


what kind of Warhammer movies /animated series would you love to watch?

Who should be the director?

My ideas:

- A horror Scifi movie like Dark Heresy where a group if Inquisitors try to unravel a mystery (chaos cult or xeno technology)

- a movie trilogy with epic space battles (like Dawn or War) This could be the sequel to the inquisition movie

- an animated series about the Horus heresy (you cant squeeze all events that lead to this war in a movie trilogy)

- a trilogy about the rise of a Dark Eldar or a Chaos Champion. If its about the Dark Eldar than this would focus on the conflict between Eldar and Dark Eldar



>Animated series about the Horus Heresy

Wouldn't work, consider that to even get to the Heresy you would need to establish,

1. The Emperor and the Unification Wars

2. the Primarch project and the Primarchs themselves

3. The Great Crusade, at least all the greatest hits up until Davin (Megarachnids, Ullanor,

4. Lorgar, the destruction of Monarchia and the runup to the Battle of Calth

5. Istavaan III and everything that went on there

6. Istavaan V and the Drop Site Massacre.

7.Phall and the entire relationship between Dorn and Perturabo

8.Imperium Secundus, the Shadow Crusade, and all the nonsense between Curze and the Lion

9. Finally, we get to the siege of Terra. Sanguinius dies, Ollanius Pious makes his sacrifice, and the Emperor defeats Horus.

Now you need to get into,

10.The Scouring

11.The creation of the Codex Astartes and the Iron Cage

12. maybe end it with Scalathrax, Harmony, and the First Black Crusade.

and thats skipping over a good deal of it.


A poorly equipped Imperial Guardsmen battalion is tasked with protecting an insignificant planet. Cultists begin attacking because of an ancient artifact is somewhere on the planet. Guardsmen become desperate to repair their busted Blaneblade as their only hope. Commissar turns out to be an alpha legion saboteur. Artifact is activated creating new Eye Of Terror. Commissar becomes Daemon Prince. Baneblade is fixed at last minute destroying artifact. Inquisition shows up and Guardsmen must prove their innocent.



you can cover a lot of those events through flashbacks

For some of them you probably need a series as well (i agree with you on that)

- The Emperor and the Unification Wars

- the Primarch project and the Primarchs themselves



i like this idea-

File: 1435366223095.png (1.71 MB, 2133x1920, 711:640, heresy_detector_by_torquem….png)


You are a Rogue Trader about to go on an adventure for profit and will take with you nothing but your ship, your wits and your best friend.

Which one of these awesome friends would you take on this exciting trip?

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Only if you do it, and clean up, while she's asleep and make sure she has no idea you're doing every night. Maybe that sounds kind of kinky to you, but remember if she ever realises what's happening then it's arcoflagellation for you.


Son of Nurgle. Best as far as friends go, best as far as gifts and kindness goes. Even if his space aids make me ugly, we can find some Daughters of Nurgle to make it worth while.

Or buy masks/costumes.



>Teaches you the secrets of the universe

>The secrets piss you off

Basically old /pol/ incarnate



The Necron, maybe one day he’ll let me fire his Gauss rifle.




- Sororitas

- God Emperor

- Space Marine

- Tech Priest


- Eldar

- Tau

- Necron

File: ab108241a813c2c⋯.jpg (408.85 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, grey.jpg)


Does anyone here have Warhammer 40k pdfs they could share? I am looking for Eisenhorn Omnibus.

File: 911c36856cc2604⋯.jpg (157.29 KB, 960x543, 320:181, 2sh7pb.jpg)


Seriously, why?


File: d3048c2f8e85a6c⋯.jpg (38.78 KB, 495x778, 495:778, 9a2482ea212f32b8b51d6a288e….jpg)

Because interest in the xenos leads to heresy.



Because GW only cares about Imperium and Chaos, any time before the Imperium existed and Chaos was in its heyday is irrelevant.

File: 1443123788006.jpg (287.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Earth's Engine.jpg)


What would you do to make Warhammer 40k better?

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



1.Write the rules to be more clear cut. No "Well if you have a disagreement, then roll off!" because that means there WILL be an instance where the rules become open to interpretation and then abused.

2. Slowly advancing the setting. Don't have the calendar stand-still for eight editions. But don't one day move it forward at a steady pace then jump a few centuries later. Have each edition be ~500 in-setting years long.

3. Reduce prices. When I started 40k, a 10 figure-Tactical Squad was about 25.00 USD. Now its 39.99/40.00 USD. I can easily get a hold of a recaster and get a 10 figure squad for about 20 USD.

4. A current codex for each army for the current rules. Do not leave anyone behind unless you squat them then and there.

5. Increase the variety of models. We can all see how newer models are having less and less customization. No more mono-posed models. We all know you want to have it easier of the customer to just rip the model out of the box and slap it on a base. But this is a hobby for fucks sake. Let the consumer modify their models. Also allow for in-game customization to reflect these modified models. (ie, a Space Marine Tactical Squad can have a Lascannon, even though the Tactical Squad box does not come with a Lascannon.)


Nominations for Attention-Hungry Games 25 has started, go:




>GW = Devil!

No. GW is Nurgle.



>Also allow for in-game customization to reflect these modified models

You could do all kinds of, awesome, things with that. More customisation will inevitably be a bitch to balance but the options are potentially incredible for players who want to put a part of themselves into their army.

>Have each codex consist of a series of hero units and one (very) customisable unit, and a few very customisable vehicles.

>These units can be tailored with gear, weapons, stat boosts, and even special rules.

>where possible make these upgrades a physical change to the model - a boost to their cover save requires camo netting or similar, that sort of thing.

>Hero units grant army wide buffs and nerfs that have been carefully tailored to the fluff.

>40k becomes good again.


My main ones are:

-Reduce the extreme amount of dice being thrown around. Too many rerolls, high attack rates, saves after saves, exploding dice…either that or standardize/endorse a roller app.

-Get rid of IGOUGO and phases. There's too much potential for swing.

-Improve RAW:

–Quit mixing fluff and crunch into the same sentences.

–Quit using the same words to refer to different things. Ex, change Wounds to HP, to avoid "wounds" meaning "HP loss" vs a successful roll to wound.

–Don't do scunthorpe 'x in its name' clauses, unless you really intend for Pink Horrors to use Promethium Fuel Relays. Keyword weapons, so they inherit from the models wielding them. For example, SALAMANDER FLAMER weapons would benefit from the Flamecraft stratagem.

–Clarify how "as if X phase" abilities interact with phase-specific powers…or dump phases.

File: 027a2e5ed26d6eb⋯.jpg (92.64 KB, 700x393, 700:393, god-emperor-trump-small (1….jpg)


>shines with a golden light… like beautiful Lucifer.

>armour decorated with lightning bolts.. "I saw Satan fall from the heavens like lightning" -t. Jesus

>takes man away from religion, disses religion for causing wars.. only to replace religion with a religion worshipping himself and constant war.. and used war to slaughter all religious believers on Terra.

>he's a turk mudskin

>plunges humanity into age of constant suffering.

The God Emperor is Satan.. literally. When and if he "dies" he become known as the Chaos god Satan finally.

Fuck the God Emperor.

(just listen or read "The Last Church" if you don't believe me faggets)

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If that is true, what is to happen?


It really does go a long well with the grim darkness of it all. The Imperium of man, which does seem like not-crusaders and a not-catholic church worshipping the opposite of that which they imitate.


File: 86711be876a6095⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 486x409, 486:409, 1290578511138.jpg)

>Taking the Last Church seriously



But he's from Anatolia millenniums ago.


File: a9ec81e09d2a42f⋯.jpg (114.04 KB, 600x720, 5:6, 1420999247354.jpg)

Well well well, what is all this then?

File: 1420971597648.png (133.57 KB, 250x251, 250:251, 250.png)


So since this board seems to be becoming more active again I thought I'd start a topic asking what Races/factions you guys play or like the most. Personally my favourite army are the orks I like them because they are the most successful race in the galaxy
49 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 7312a46ebffad5c⋯.jpg (157.99 KB, 770x1036, 55:74, lamenters_by_lynxc-d4ka151.jpg)

One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness

One last blade forged in the defiance of fate

Let them be my legacy to the galaxy I conquered

And my final gift to the species I failed

Pic related are the the only people in the entire galaxy who come remotely close to being truly good and pure-hearted. right?


If we're doing 'best faction' I think the Raptor SM chapter need to be at least mentioned. No, they have nothing to do with the Chaos Jump Infantry. Basically they're the only Space Marines who actually thought "Shit, we have to do Special Forces stuff. I guess we'd better think about that and not just charge at the enemy waving our dicks about and screaming at them".



space marines

All the other races are just generic fantasy, the imperium is what really separates 40k from everything else



Chaos: the Red Corsairs.


File: 42e83be46eea3f8⋯.png (179.52 KB, 250x390, 25:39, ClipboardImage.png)

>Death Guard and Space Marines

Eldars also look cool, but I don't own any atm.

File: f86fa4f309e22e2⋯.jpg (150.56 KB, 637x561, 637:561, Vampire.jpg)


So my rouge trader campaign im in is recruiting new players, and one candidate is wondering about playing the vampyres from 40k: Rouge Trader (that being 40k first edition). Personally Im fine with this as long as it fits the fluff some what. So from what i've read vampyres are a shape-shifting race from the warp and drain the life force of their targets. They are supposedly unaligned, weather this means not chaos following at all or just follow chaos undivided i don't know. Obliviously being a warp denizen the pc would need to avoid pyskers, priests and other methods of detection while keeping his disguise and climbing what ladder of power is available. So any thoughts about possible rules?

File: b2f5028f513da1d⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 768x432, 16:9, The_Lord_Inquisitor_Burn_H….jpg)


Lord Inquisitor is now dead. All hopes and dreams for an actually good 40k movie is thrown out the windows.

How does this makes you feel?



Really fucking bad Anon.

What happened?



yea what happened? the trailer was awesome




the guy who made it cancelled it for his other projects


do not loose hope yet brothers

https://www.youtube. com/channel/UCFMtdiQILuTZr22sKUeAOOA

File: 34573bb22f0788b⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 216x282, 36:47, confused ork.jpg)


> host a RP wargame set in the w40k universe

> basically a ripoff of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade but with some different mechanics

> entirely web-based with a few self-made rules

> a few days in, chat with the tau player

> he makes the joking idea to start making the orks think a certain fire warrior is invulnerable

> plans to use that dude to kill the warboss

> I null it, because Tau don't know about waaagh fields

> he insists

> no, fuck off you faget

"But imagine the bootleg of a fight they`d have. The warrior shoots the warboss and his right hand explodes even tho he missed"

> If u do that I`m gonna allow the orks to exploit the waaagh too

> Invincible fire warrior vs invincible warboss

"Wait, I wonder… if we trap enouh ork on a ship and make them think the ship is invincible… then what could be done?"

> idk, go in the Eye of terror and bully Abby?

"Someone needs to write a fanfic out of this"

> idea.holopic

> why don't we go a step further

> what if we make all orks belive gorkamorka will just get up and start beating the 4 chaos gods?

" He`s just gonna T pose across the warp and assert dominance until the chaos gods give him their lunch money"

> laugh ass off

"wait, I just got a massive revelation"

> oh yeah? what`s that?

"The Waaagh field is basically weaponized autism"

>that means orks are chan users

> that means orks are chan users


>are we orks?


Oh you came here too? Nice map game convo

OP sux tyranid dix btw


> says the T`au lover

File: 1423168089325.jpg (77.27 KB, 430x660, 43:66, AlphariusOmegron_Power_Arm….jpg)


I am Alpharius.
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



You seem to be mistaken sir, I am not Alpharius - as I clearly stated earlier. I am a completely normal, 12 foot tall, heavily armoured, loyal Imperial citizen. I am not Omegon either, there is nobody called Omegon. Don't be silly.

I'm just sat here, doing completely unremarkable and loyal things, certainly nothing of interest to any Inquisition agents.



I for one am also not Alpharius, Im alpharius, you must be confusing me with alpharius. and have never heard of omegon. you must be thinking of those ultramarines, the sons of omegon.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


It's strange how many people are talking about Alpharius. I'd never even heard of that name before people started accusing each other of being this non-existent person, it really is the strangest thing. I've no idea who this Omegon person is supposed to be either. Going by their names they sound like the most incredibly loyal citizens the Emperor could ever ask for though! Can you help me out, battle brother? I forgot if we're loyalists, traitors, or false flagging for ourselves/the Emperor/Chaos/nobody/everybody/all of the above this week. I know it was all explained in the briefing, but I always lose track after the 30th double cross


File: 32aded3529f3371⋯.jpeg (52.42 KB, 500x281, 500:281, BAD6AD77-0334-4E09-A68E-E….jpeg)


Salutations fellow Alpha Legionnaires.

It is I Rogal Dor- I mean, Alpharius.

That being said, it would be a great help if someone could point me towards the real Alpharius, as it has come to my attention that I have failed to properly end his life there are matters pertaining to Alpha Legion business that must be brought to his attention forthwith.

Hydra Dominatus.



Sup alpharius, havent seen you since you, alpharius, alpharius, alpharius and me had that drunk pillow fight, how have you been man?

File: 1414812031356.jpg (362.98 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, tumblr_n0jsmfi6ou1rltys9o1….jpg)


I got nothing else, so here's a small attempt at kicking some life into this place: Dredged up an IG Regiment generator from /tg/'s past.

Here's mine: Regular Imperial Guard hailing from a Feral World covered in dead wastelands. Made up of siege units that specialize in trench warfare and are overzealous in their efforts. They are recruited from the best of the subhuman population, and use specialized vehicles in order to prove that their homeworld is the best in the Imperium. Oddly enough they have close cooperation with the Inquisition and primarily fight against the Orks…

So what I'm saying is: I have an army of Krieg Ogryns that specialize in laying siege to enemy strongholds by garrisoning in trenches while riding giant deathworld monsters into battle. My guys have an elitist streak, being recruited from the brightest of the dim, and are fiercely proud of their dimness. The Inquisition loves them because it's like a wrecking ball exterminatus without the cyclonic part, and in between killing heretics the regiment is loosed on Orks for target practice.
64 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



As you seem to have abandoned your regiment (you heretical scum) let's see what you rolled.

>Imperial Guard

>Death World



>Ranged Combat


>Vat Grown

>Elite Tithe

>War Trophies

>For the Homeworld!


>Chaos Space Marines

Several centuries ago an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus called in several favours with an unnamed Magos Biologis. In return he received an almost fully automated cloning facility to create a personal military for the use in his lifes work of hunting cults dedicated to the worship of traitor marines. By now this inquisitor is long since dead, but the regiment remains, and has built strong relationships with their original masters promoted Interrogators and their successors. The cloning facility was given the gene-prints of numerous veteran Catachans (it is rumoured that elements of Sly Marbos genes were included as well, but that seems unlikely). The vat-born boys are thrown into a neighbouring jungle world as soon as they are able to leave the tank, this reduces the number of potential recruits from a few hundred thousand a year to just enough to replace the regiments losses.

After the cultists main cathedral has been identified by an Inquisitor the regiment establishes a perimeter around the position and slowly starts to fill the area inside the perimeter with landmines. The regiments marksmen and mortar crews then begin a constant rain of fire on the enemy position waiting for the foolish cultists and their masters to charge out of their defences, straight into a minefield in the middle of a prepared kill zone.


Dice rollRolled 3, 30, 58, 9, 94, 2, 60, 74, 57, 69, 96, 6 = 558 (12d100)


>be heretical newfag lurker

Why not?



Rounding for tens as usual

>Imperial Guard Regiment

>Feral world

>Primarily Ice

>Primarily Infantry

>Specialized in Hive Warfare

>Overzealous in loyalty

>Vat-grown recruits

>Standard conscription requirements (not sure how this works with vat-grown recruits)

>Blessed Wargear

>Believes they are the best of the best

>Friends with Rogue traders

>Hate the Orks

I'm getting a Stalingrad vibe from this. Just a regiment whose incompetent leadership prevents them from fighting off the orks until they are already in the cities (not proper hive cities yet, but getting there. Ice has a way of encouraging cities instead of villages). As a result, both the regiment and the population have grown accustomed to urban warfare. If anything, it reinforces the fanaticism that is found everywhere except in the planet's elite. The vat-grown conscripts only inspire the normal recruits to outdo their test-tube grown counterparts. Ultimately, however, the most interesting thing about this overly cocky band of fanatics is their connection to the rogue trader dynasty, and the blessed wargear they bring.


I-3: Imperial Guard

II-53: Forge World

III-94: Temperate

IV-82: Artillery

V-9: Guerrilla Warfare

VI-6: undisciplined

VII-52: lottery

VIII-7: Standard Conscription

IX-90: preferred fighting style

X-73: best of the best

XI-41: Adeptus Mechanicus

XII-21: The Orks

So what I get from this is that we have a regiment of scout saboteurs, who reconnoiter positions on Ork held territory then call down artillery fire on the co-ordinates. They come from a forge world and are friends with the Ad Mech, so they probably have some really advanced targeting equipment. Sounds sort of like Catachan/Armageddon Ork Hunters, only instead of being Spec Ops, they’re the French Resistance.



I: Regiment

>3: Imperial Guard

II: Home World

>19: Hive World

III: Predominant Terrain

>66: Wasteland

IV: Core Units

>92: Siege


>7: Ranged Combat


>5: Adherent

VII: Recruitment

>99: x3 reroll

>53: Lottery

>33: Nobility

>62: Firstborn

VIII: Nature of Recruitment.

>6: Standard Conscription

IX: Special Equiptment

>44: Rare Heavy Weapons

X:Regiment Creed

>56: For the Emperor

XI: Friends

>23: Adeptus Astartes Chapter


>59: Chaos Space Marines.

A group of upper class siege masters who put stock in all ranged pursuits from Artillery to Marksmanship. Their penchant for besieging fortifications has led to them being blessed with many rare armaments designed for destroying forts and walls. Word of their exploits reached the ears of the scattered Iron Warriors, who have since clashed with them many times in an effort to humiliate them as their Primarch did Rogal Dorn so long ago. The memory of the Iron Cage still in their minds, the regiment has earned the sympathy and friendship of the Imperial Fists.

File: d35a6286cda74b6⋯.jpg (20.33 KB, 250x408, 125:204, 250px-CatachanJungleFang.j….jpg)


are their only function is to help Imperial Guard on their homeplanet…like wtf is their M.O?

picture definitely related



Their M.O. is being the Vietnam era US military in space. That’s why there’s lots of Bandanas and Flak Jackets with minimal shirts. It’s also why the most famous person from Catachan is Rambo, complete with Colonel Trautman. They function as the Green Berets of the Imperial Guard. The lesser version of them being the Armageddon Ork Hunters.

File: 1432277086562.jpg (108.24 KB, 1392x832, 87:52, muh game.jpg)


>looking up boardgames

>Warhammer 40,000: Forbidden Stars pops up

>war on planets


>ground forces

Holy fuck. I'm kinda hyped for this. Anyone have any extra info ?

And how reliable is a boardgamesgeek score this early on ? Because it has a pretty high score.

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1432277639466.jpg (163.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, muh units.jpg)

Does not seem to have basic infantry just a control marker of some sort. And the jumps directly to heavier units. I kinda like this since heavy units usually don't come up in decent numbers in most games.

And there is some warp storm thingy that blocks access to certain sectors of the map.

Though is 9 map tiles enough ? Kinda small.


Does GW still make boardgames? the sets ive found are so fucking expensive here in aust



Not sure. This is made by fantasy flight games.

GW seems to just throw the license around these days. Both for video games and tabletop games.

Yet at least on the tabletop the results seem good.


It's fun, fairly well balanced, feels 40k. It's not about individual models, think of each game peice as representing batallions or whatever. The warp tokens create barriers and bottlenecks to keep things interesting. The nine tiles each have 4 locations on them, more than large enough. Out of print now that FFG lost the licence.


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