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Celebrating, encouraging, promoting and supporting interracial sex between white men and asian girls
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File: 2eeca8179d5d29d⋯.jpg (509.2 KB, 1513x2047, 17:23, white girl.jpg)


White women > asian girls 😎


File: 8a9961bd18a6304⋯.jpg (406.81 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, obey.jpg)

File: 640650d85b68ef9⋯.jpg (380.48 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, your.jpg)

File: 2e2f86086c00adf⋯.jpg (379.91 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, white.jpg)

File: 3db9212f487db90⋯.jpg (345.24 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, goddess.jpg)

I strongly believe many submissive asian girls should be on their knees ready to worship white goddesses if they’re called upon to do so.

Asian, black, Latina, Indian, and so on, it doesn’t matter, all must worship regardless of race or skin colour. This board is about WMAF and asian girls but just like race, sexuality shouldn’t come into it either. I really don’t like the idea of asian girls playing the “I’m straight” card as a get out clause. That’s because very beautiful white women should be able to pick and choose any girl they like to be their sexual servants.

We should encourage and promote white worship so that it can be further developed to become a sexual obsession in addition to a simple recognition of very beautiful white women as deities. It needs to become a deep desire to submit and serve – a hot, wet, pulsing, lustful obligation to the pleasure of white women.


File: f854579b14209a8⋯.jpg (138.88 KB, 870x1110, 29:37, seriously.jpg)

Let's get real here.

Even if you ignore the fact that white women are the most beautiful (something you should remind yourself of every day), asian girls can't have white babies. Never forget that simple truth. Yes your mixed babies might be cute and grow up to be very pretty, especially the girls, but they're not white. Only white women can give birth to white girls who will grow into future white goddesses and white boys who will grow into powerful white men.

Should white men have lots and lots of sex with asian girls? Yes, of course. Asian girls are for white men after all, and their racial and sexual colonisation is part of white supremacy. Let's encourage and enable that as much as possible. But both asian and eurasian girls have to know their place.



i agree but we can always have a white wife(for reporduction) and a asian (, or maybe arabic) vixen (for sex, emotinal support for the wife & help with childsupport)


File: 2ceff464da95380⋯.jpg (97.83 KB, 736x862, 368:431, paint.jpg)


(checked. Nice pro-white number by the way)

I completely agree with this thread. White women are superior to asian girls in every way. I really wish buxom White women would humiliate flatchested asian girls more often.



Yes of course. Use asian girls as maids, nannies, or even just for sex if you want. Impregnate them too if she deserves it. Just always keep them nicely in their place. Nothing at all against using other races of girls in the same way, but on this board you say "AND maybe arabic" rather than "or", because the board is about WMAF sex.


Thank you. I support the fourteen words 100% so it was good fortune.

>We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children


>Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth

The first one can be changed from "our people" to "white people" for asians into white worship although personally I don't see why anyone wouldn't support those slogans.

>buxom White women would humiliate flatchested asian girls

Breast size comparison and bullying is a high-tier patrician fetish anon. I strongly approve.


File: c5d5af17d4e5ab0⋯.jpg (128.04 KB, 787x1200, 787:1200, white girls are the most b….jpg)

File: 31f067927ea53b2⋯.png (21.87 KB, 1280x552, 160:69, white girls are the most b….png)

File: 0aa8a8855fed01f⋯.jpg (125.18 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, white girls are the most b….jpg)

That’s not to say other girls can’t be very beautiful too, of course they can be, with enough luck and effort.

But the most desirable white men will always prefer a gorgeous angelic white girl, that’s just a fact. Learn to accept the reality of white beauty and work with it. There is room for you in their relationship though. You could be their maid or sex slave for example, or maybe she might want you to be some kind of exotic seductress. Either way, play the role they need and get in there. Imagine how hot and just fucking perfect it will be to look into her pretty face as her man fucks you into orgasm after orgasm.

If you somehow already managed to get a white boyfriend or husband then for goodness sake make sure he gets a white girlfriend too.


File: bd466c1395b24e3⋯.jpg (212.6 KB, 1222x817, 1222:817, pedicure.jpg)


Yes, White men need to use all non-white women including arab girls, black girls, latina girls, etc. as maids, nannies, sex slaves, etc. but that can be covered in the bleached threads on the 4chan trash board.


>>1500 (🥚🥚)

My view is that while I love and appreciate other women very much, asian girls have a special role as second place to white women. Asian girls have shown dedication to white worship that other girls don't match, and there's no doubt white men go crazy for them too.


File: 9a979d60468492d⋯.mp4 (372.33 KB, 480x388, 120:97, approve.mp4)

>this level of absolutely blatant and unabashed white worship


File: 304608500f71684⋯.webm (5.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gets.webm)

File: 964ec15931393a0⋯.jpg (218.66 KB, 900x850, 18:17, ericka.jpg)

>>1488 (Checked)


File: d1c90819394b728⋯.mp4 (723.46 KB, 854x480, 427:240, footworship0.mp4)

asian girls belong at the feet of White Goddesses



whats even the point if shes black-haired. she might as well be chink


File: 3261b2d5e335231⋯.jpg (57.81 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, nastya kusakina 1.jpg)

File: 5e2e25614669fe0⋯.jpg (276.31 KB, 1363x2048, 1363:2048, nastya kusakina 2.jpg)

File: 1593a332b672947⋯.jpg (740.43 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, nastya kusakina 3.jpg)

File: 8668441c3924bff⋯.jpg (794.39 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, nastya kusakina 4.jpg)

I mean I guess asian girls can be pretty but…





File: 1b34e7f4687cb1a⋯.jpg (144.95 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, nastyakusakina1.jpg)

File: 0f02c521ed61ee1⋯.jpg (57.45 KB, 816x816, 1:1, nastyakusakina2.jpg)

File: dd61173565bca84⋯.jpg (110.54 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, nastyakusakina3.jpg)


How can asian girls even compete?


File: e532713d362e23f⋯.jpg (262.62 KB, 933x1400, 933:1400, some kind of sexy uniform.jpg)

File: c97772fe201f3a7⋯.jpg (236.2 KB, 729x974, 729:974, nastya kusakina.jpg)


It's not even the same game let alone a competition.

White girls are the most beautiful.

White girls are the most beautiful.

White girls are the most beautiful.

White girls are the most beautiful.

White girls are the most beautiful.

Every asian girl should get a pen and fill a page of paper with that.


File: 50424d30de11fae⋯.jpg (240.31 KB, 1080x1229, 1080:1229, pretty everything.jpg)

File: 77a976f88e91ca8⋯.jpg (195.13 KB, 645x900, 43:60, perflat.jpg)

File: 28160e89f72a1ed⋯.jpg (121.45 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, light freckles.jpg)

White girls are more important. Easy to understand if you just look at them.


This post is dumb as fuck.


File: b41bb6fc24db43d⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 536x401, 536:401, feminine not feminist.jpg)

File: 63351cd3d64da21⋯.jpg (104.29 KB, 720x721, 720:721, women's role.jpg)

File: 1a45d16cd71f6ae⋯.gif (946.93 KB, 350x219, 350:219, feminine not feminist.gif)

Asian feminism for asian girls

Traditionalism for white girls


File: 68cd7df3e59ab6c⋯.jpg (84.01 KB, 708x473, 708:473, respect.jpg)

1. Choose Joy

It’s true: A happy wife makes a happy life. Please don’t use moodiness as an attempt to manipulate your man, but in all things rejoice, because that’s the right thing to do. (1 Thessaonians 5:16; Philippians 4:4)

2. Honor His Wishes

Give weight to what your husband thinks is important. Make those things a priority that matter most to him, whether it’s having dinner ready when he gets home from work or keeping the house tidy or limiting computer time. Don’t make him ask twice. (Philippians 2:4)

3. Give Him Your Undivided Attention

Yes, I know that women are masters of multi-tasking, but when your husband is speaking to you, make a point to lay other tasks aside, look into his eyes, and listen to what he is saying with the goal of understanding and remembering his words.

4. Don’t Interrupt

Have you ever been around a person who won’t let you finish a sentence? That gets old fast. Even if you think you already know what your husband is going to say, allowing him to say it without cutting him off mid-sentence shows both respect and common courtesy.

5. Emphasize His Good Points

Sure, he has his faults (as do you), but dwelling on them will only make you (both) miserable. Choose instead to focus on those qualities in your husband that you most admire.

6. Pray for Him

Faithfully lift up your husband in prayer every day, and you will likely notice a transformation not only in him, but in yourself, as well.

7. Don’t Nag

Your husband is a grown man, so don’t treat him like a two year old.

8. Be Thankful

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Don’t take your husband for granted. Be appreciative for everything he does for you, whether big or small. Always say thank you.

9. Smile at Him

Smiles spread happiness. Smiles have even been shown to create happiness. Smiles are contagious. And a smile makes any woman more beautiful.

10. Respond Physically

Did you know that the way you respond (or don’t respond) to your husband’s romantic overtures has a profound effect on his self-confidence? Don’t slap him away when he tries to hug you or make excuses when he’s in the mood. Your enthusiastic cooperation and reciprocation will not only assure him of your love, but will make him feel well-respected, too.



11. Eyes Only for Him

Don’t compare your husband unfavorably to other men, real or imaginary. It is neither fair nor respectful and will only breed trouble and discontent. Avoid watching movies or reading books that might cause you to stumble in this area, as well.

12. Kiss Him Goodbye

Success and respect often go hand-in-hand, so be sure to send him off right, and don’t forget to greet him with a kiss when he returns home, for good measure.

13. Prepare His Favorite Foods

Although the rest of the family is not overly-fond of spaghetti, my husband loves it, so I try to make it at least two or three times a month as a way to honor him. Next time you’re planning meals, give special consideration to your husband’s preferences.

14. Cherish Togetherness

I love to sit near my husband, whether at home or away. Our church shares potluck dinners every Sunday afternoon, and although the men and women normally sit separately to visit, I like to position myself close enough to my husband that I can listen to the conversation, as I think everything he says is so interesting. At home, I’ll take my book or handwork to whatever room in the house he’s working in, just to be close to him, because I enjoy his company, even when neither of us is talking.

15. Don’t Complain

Nobody wants to be around a whiner or complainer. It is grating on the nerves.

16. Resist the Urge to Correct

I know one wife whose spouse can’t tell a story without her stopping him fifteen times to correct inconsequential details: “It wasn’t Monday evening, it was Monday afternoon… It wasn’t blue, it was turquoise… He didn’t ride the bus, he took a shuttle.” Please. Please. Please. Don’t ever do that to your husband – or to anyone else, for that matter!

17. Dress to Please Him

Take care of your appearance. Choose clothes your husband finds flattering, both in public and around the house.

18. Keep the House Tidy

To the best of your abilities, try to maintain a clean and orderly home. Seek to make it a haven of rest for your entire family.

19. Be Content

Do not pressure your husband to keep up with the Jonses. Take satisfaction in the lifestyle he is able to provide for you.

20. Take His Advice

Do not dismiss his opinions lightly, especially when you’ve asked for his counsel in the first place. Make every effort to follow your husband’s advice.



21. Admire Him

Voiced compliments and heartfelt praise are always welcome, but you should also make it your habit to just look at your husband in a respectful, appreciative way. Think kind thoughts toward him. He’ll be able to see the admiration in your eyes.

22. Protect His Name

Honor your husband in the way you speak of him to family and friends. Guard his reputation and do not let minor disagreements at home cause you to speak ill of him in public. Live in such a way that it will be obvious to others why your husband married you in the first place.

23. Forgive His Shortcomings

Please do not hold grudges against your husband. Do not allow a root of bitterness or resentment find a home in your heart. Forgive your husband.

24. Don’t Argue

You are not always right, and you do not always have to have the last word. Be the first to say, “I’m sorry.” Be willing to accept the blame. It takes two to argue.

25. Follow His Lead

If you want your husband to lead, you must be willing to follow. Neither a body nor a family can function well with two heads. Learn to defer to your husband’s wishes and let final decisions rest with him.

from taken-in-hishands on tumblr


File: f03ecda66b40652⋯.mp4 (769.9 KB, 360x640, 9:16, stop.mp4)



Nice. Part of me hopes that this kind of traditionalism fetish for women will catch on in opposition to the feminism BS in the west.


File: d8ce9847f8ed3bf⋯.jpg (210.77 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, living art.jpg)

File: 0e14e91094960c6⋯.jpg (352.53 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, white goddess.jpg)


It will and is. But just like how asian girls are going for white men in real life, traditionalism, submission, surrender, etc, are not just fetishes but lifestyles.

Do men want to be associated with the worst of the leftists (eg that guy who roundhouse kicked that girl recently or the other one shouting at a gamestop employee)? No. The majority of women don't want to be associated with those types you see in "SJW fail" compilations on youtube either. One of the worst insults for a woman is to question her femininity and the "other side" only offers mockery and destruction of that precious thing.

A masculine white man and a feminine white woman are the perfect partnership if they love and respect each other and their respective roles and responsibilities. That will be a theme of this thread along with lots of white worship and ideas about how asian/eurasian girls can be part of it too.


File: 4100c2182aeb38f⋯.jpg (147.97 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, blondegirlmagic.jpg)


But how should White men show their reverent respect for White women?


File: f7e5a7a9fa6be40⋯.jpg (801.66 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, roses.jpg)

File: 037bf01bf317c29⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 650x650, 1:1, ring.jpg)

File: 6628c58f53f9ab0⋯.jpg (260.36 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, art.jpg)


I’ll have to find/do posts on that but the short answer is white women are wives and mothers who are meant to be loved, respected and cared for – whereas asian girls are just for casual sex: used as maids, slaves, raceplay dolls, mistresses, side bitches, vixens, concubines, etc.

When you think of white women think of marriage, children, communities and building a life together. When you think of asian girls just imagine them as sexual playthings for white men and women to enjoy. However if a white woman is an ultra submissive cuckquean for example then it’s okay to roleplay different roles in private, so long the appearance of female white supremacy over asian girls is maintained in public. It's fine to use asian girls as part of sexual fantasies in this way.



Maybe you could train white women with cuckquean tendencies to be more dominant towards asian girls and learn to get off more to dominating asian girls, having them pleasure them orally, worship their feet, etc. and force the asian girls to do all the painful BDSM sex their husbands might be into but the white woman finds beneath her to participate in. Sex between a white man and his white wife should always be tender, romantic, and equal.



I appreciate the thought but it's fine for white women to have different sexual fantasies and kinks. Some cuckqueans are dominant, others are more submissive, just like non-cuckqueans. It's okay because they're white and it doesn't change anything outside of the bedroom or home. Asian girls should act whatever part is required because they are servants.


File: d16b37bf68d4307⋯.jpg (137.72 KB, 1119x590, 1119:590, TOTAD.jpg)



File: 95b0032cf159a98⋯.jpg (76 KB, 800x800, 1:1, heresy.jpg)




File: 8ec1038aa304bc1⋯.gif (152.09 KB, 178x188, 89:94, THE POLICE.gif)


Ban evader. Same guy.


File: 2118ae1ea157915⋯.jpg (382.1 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, freckles and v generous.jpg)

File: babfb49281fd474⋯.jpg (207.44 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, tennis.jpg)

File: 3bd844a36dee61e⋯.jpg (267.71 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, eternal hearts.jpg)

Some palette cleansing white beauty after that unpleasantness.



File: 70bbcf0f8b5ccfc⋯.png (10.44 KB, 632x74, 316:37, proof that god hates us.png)



polite sage


File: 39b00f75ba84aaf⋯.jpg (103.61 KB, 927x1200, 309:400, christ-chan tomoko.jpg)


That is pretty funny but if I may point out the serious truth.

If white women weren't special and unique then asian girls wouldn't be forced into second place and we wouldn't need the solution of white men marrying white and having asian concubines. That would be a shame if you ask me because it's so hot. Why are asian girls so suited to their role? Why are they born to love white men? Think about this. It's all connected and proof God loves white men.

Although at least asian girls can make eurasian girls >>1601 and they belong to white men too. What more proof do you need?


File: 0eac31122bc4e79⋯.jpg (487.72 KB, 1600x1011, 1600:1011, fanny francois 1.jpg)

File: 5d9a16fe1fce7da⋯.jpg (420.04 KB, 1600x963, 1600:963, fanny francois 2.jpg)

File: 9f6a8123988a918⋯.jpg (111.81 KB, 1280x764, 320:191, fanny francois 3.jpg)

File: f55dad1d9ff1928⋯.jpg (308.79 KB, 940x1240, 47:62, fanny francois 4.jpg)

File: 353277d5dc561e5⋯.jpg (412.27 KB, 940x1187, 940:1187, fanny francois 5.jpg)

The fact that only white women can have white babies makes them even better.


File: a1dd330a41e32f3⋯.mp4 (689.86 KB, 640x800, 4:5, tekken lili 1.mp4)

File: 531ba12fc0ce7eb⋯.jpg (62.77 KB, 720x900, 4:5, tekken lili 2.jpg)

File: bcd5e3a37cf9da2⋯.jpg (68.95 KB, 807x1008, 269:336, tekken lili 3.jpg)

File: b21eaf21b28f622⋯.jpg (34.8 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, tekken lili 4.jpg)

File: 3800ad27f99c9b2⋯.jpg (272.87 KB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, tekken lili.jpg)

One of my favourite Russian cosplayers. Showing the archetype of the prettiest "perfect girls" being white in games also holds true in real life. Excuse picture quality from instagram.



Holy shit those digits


Oh God, freckles are my weakness. Only white women and usually White/Korean/Japanese hapas tend to have them.


I'm a Christian as well and a white nationalist, I hate being degenerate, but I've had these thoughts as well. It'll always just be a fantasy, but how did we wind up like this? Is it just our fallen nature and the way the poison of the world has seeped into our minds, indoctrination we can't undo? It's more like I've lusted after a few asians and hapas, but I love white women, I want to marry a white woman and have white children, I want to cuddle with my white wife and rub her nose and kiss her every morning. I want to raise my children right and protect them.


File: 195a995ff5e3a00⋯.jpg (122.8 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, russian girl 1.jpg)

File: 02d418969954811⋯.jpg (95.85 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, russian girl 2.jpg)


>I'm a Christian as well and a white nationalist

Good. Pleased to see this anon.

>I want to marry a white woman and have white children

When all is said and done as long as you do this then you’re doing the right thing. But in the scenario you describe why can't you have dutiful asian maids bring you breakfast in bed who you also take care of occasionally? You see it's not immoral for a white man to like asian girls or to have sex with them in my opinion.

You can have pet cats who you home and feed but don't provide any practical value apart from to be cute and be fun to play with and be around. Same goes for dogs unless they're used for hunting or some other practical thing. Some would say pets also help children to develop.

Isn't an asian girl the same thing? Are you hurting her? Is she held against her will? Does she serve a practical purpose? It's similar except asian girls can also do a lot of useful things apart from just being entertainment.

There are lots of issues to work out here like how asian girls fit within white nationalism and white ethnostates, do ideas about premarital sex only apply to white women but not asian girls, is sex slavery of asian girls okay, and so on. One thing I do know is that white women are the most beautiful and that white men should marry and have lots of white babies with them. Everything else? Up for discussion and debate.


File: d71c262bf9d50c6⋯.jpg (290.14 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, asuka 1.jpg)

File: ee11f726a02711d⋯.jpg (593.87 KB, 1086x800, 543:400, asuka 2.jpg)

File: 73b11e33900dfcb⋯.jpg (172.92 KB, 1272x1249, 1272:1249, karen.jpg)

White girls are superior in 2D as well.


File: 3cf7c2b65c52e77⋯.png (2.32 KB, 244x119, 244:119, report.png)

File: 3f93a32f7d6e527⋯.webm (563.33 KB, 625x450, 25:18, wrong.webm)

File: e4edb3fcb5c8b42⋯.png (9.75 KB, 774x189, 86:21, rules.png)


File: 86f58fa97f17ec0⋯.jpg (141.9 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, support tedandgracie.jpg)

File: 99a2fa1daade5c5⋯.jpg (57.03 KB, 853x853, 1:1, look good tedandgracie.jpg)

File: 9c3ca14b5e49c1c⋯.jpg (133.77 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, be obedient good-girlfrien….jpg)

File: 62341ff926a9c29⋯.jpg (182.94 KB, 660x934, 330:467, he's in charge good-girlfr….jpg)

File: 70dfcf294f4cc5d⋯.jpg (90.15 KB, 556x800, 139:200, know your role his-good-wi….jpg)


File: bc3713d999d35be⋯.jpg (283.51 KB, 889x1280, 889:1280, fuck feminism.jpg)

File: 3c5594e023c37b8⋯.jpg (261.42 KB, 1045x951, 1045:951, cuckquette I will stay in ….jpg)

File: 205d2bfa75ddcf4⋯.jpg (92.27 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, kneel vintageinstepford.jpg)

File: 99efbc958c3133b⋯.jpg (50.36 KB, 775x765, 155:153, I can tell by the pixels.jpg)


This doesn't belong here. If you don't agree with wmaf don't browse this board




Why does liking white women imply someone doesn't agree with WMAF in your mind?



By chaining them in your basement and raping them repeatedly with various blunt and sharp objects.



File: e4fc563bef0958a⋯.jpg (106.14 KB, 856x1280, 107:160, redhead.jpg)

File: f401cee5145e47e⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1809x2385, 201:265, pixie freckles girl.jpg)

File: 787c445e6b4cff9⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 500x544, 125:136, oppai.gif)


Why are you so mad about white women? Let it all out "anon".



I'm mad because they are the reason for the demographic genocide the west is currently experiencing.



White women are airheads and stuck up sluts for the most part.

White men are way more attractive and smart, every accomplishment of the white race has been a result of white men's blood, sweat and tears. White women were just along for the ride. The second white men started failing or losing control they would have just jumped ship to whatever race was dominant which is what we are seeing today in Europe and the US.



File: f5b1e133a655285⋯.webm (877.13 KB, 960x720, 4:3, too busy for this shit.webm)

>thinking blackpill faggotry or pretending to be white is acceptable


File: 70cf173f210b200⋯.png (23.58 KB, 528x399, 176:133, benevolent sexism.png)

File: beeeea08cbd203c⋯.png (30.46 KB, 525x805, 15:23, redefine feminism.png)

File: 79d93790ddee79c⋯.png (21.22 KB, 532x556, 133:139, what's inferior.png)

File: 43a78c7f0c85c9d⋯.png (24.57 KB, 528x567, 176:189, mansplaining.png)

>The belief that Patriarchal culture is best for everyone, including women.

Yes. A white heteropatriarchy is best for white and asian girls.


File: c7142c77fb92743⋯.jpg (390.64 KB, 1424x1487, 1424:1487, more important.jpg)

File: b03ab2cd711c61a⋯.jpg (314.38 KB, 1372x1280, 343:320, but it's okay.jpg)


File: 6789fc8c4201b9d⋯.jpg (266.77 KB, 1002x1613, 1002:1613, anjel.jpg)

I feel a lot of guilt about being attracted to Asian girls. I want a white woman, there's just something about Asians that gets me hard. I'm really ashamed.



First of all if there is any fault, it's asian girls' for being cute, not yours. Second, is there anything actually wrong with a white man liking asian girls though? No, I don't think so. I'm assuming you're white and male given the context here.

Don't be ashamed because honestly it's as dumb as asian girls being ashamed for having a white preference. Not trying to insult you but it's like saying you are ashamed of being straight or white, so it's a bit silly from my point of view. Besides you still like white women so it's not as if there's anything wrong with you.

Maybe there's something I'm missing here but why can't you like and want both? Shouldn't white men have both white and asian girlfriends? Get married to a white woman and have asian mistresses? It's hardly the same as having a white mistress and I think as time goes on way more white women will be tolerant of or even want their man to be with asian girls as well.

If there is such a thing as "white privelege", that should be it.


File: 21ad518a1b2d205⋯.jpg (220.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uzamaid.jpg)


File: 1833361f91c8940⋯.jpg (213.53 KB, 900x700, 9:7, morisova 1.jpg)

File: af8b9b45bec6a5d⋯.jpg (166.35 KB, 800x1350, 16:27, morisova 2.jpg)

File: 054986729b6f225⋯.jpg (202.32 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, morisova 3.jpg)

Dear feminists

When someone is gay or a lesbian we’d like to see them accept their sexuality and live happily being true to themselves rather than trying to force themselves to be something they’re not. We want the same thing for a woman who’s submissive or a cuckquean. It’s her sexuality. It’s a tragedy if misguided politics get in the way of that and she ends up with a vegan soy boy who doesn’t even lift rather than being the perfect submissive, surrendered wife to real man that every instinct tells her to be.

It doesn’t make sense to feel guilty about such fantasies because they’re natural and healthy due to being grounded in biological reproductive instincts. One thing women can do is to think about how feminist and sex positive it is that she can choose to indulge her fetishes in a safe way where boundaries are respected simply because she likes to and it makes her happy and feel fulfilled.

She can willingly allow herself to give in to mental and sexual colonisation within the wholesome and protective framework of patriarchy and white supremacy while being an equal and respected partner in other walks of life. She can enjoy the sexy and exciting consensual non-consent roleplay of fighting against him and her own orgasms in the bedroom, enduring domestic discipline when she needs punishment or as part of a routine, and of course the heavenly and complete satisfaction and contentment of being the perfect homemaker and mother.

Some people in chat and outside of tumblr online and in real life have criticised me by saying I want women to become “Stepford Wives” as some sort of fetishisation of gender roles and white men, and that I’m a heterophile and white worshipper. I think that is very true and I accept such criticism. When I look at something like The Handmaid’s Tale my immediate reaction is to see it as a good system because of the structure, control and power imbalance (with the added condition of it being more consensual), so they do have a point.

Yes, I like all of this because it’s hot, but also because I do genuinely think female submission is the best choice for a lot of women. Maybe I am mentally colonised myself but if that’s true I’m obviously way too far gone to ever be “cured” of it. Besides going back to the gay analogy, why should a person be cured of a sexuality just because it’s politicaly incorrect as globalist corporations and leftists define it?

Under the tenets of female submission, cuckqueaning and interracial harems, the feminist idea of “women helping women” could change to become women helping women to be fucked and cummed inside by strong and powerful white men. In this fantasy I suppose women can get off to the idea of being a highly submissive and compliant “traitors” to feminism, or for non-white girls the surrender of their minds, bodies and wombs to white colonisation, whereas white men can enjoy controlling and sexually dominating multiple women who essentially amount to willing slaves. Fantasies aside though, in truth such a system would be hugely beneficial for everyone. It could arguably be described as a feminist utopia.

Pictured one way for feminists to deal with feelings of shame or guilt is to let a dominant white man take all responsibility, in this case physically with shibari. The intense rush of fear, loss of control, sexual pleasure and then overwhelming cosiness will set her frustrated little mind at rest, allowing him to fuck and cum inside her unprotected pussy at his leisure, impregnating her.

Post last edited at


File: e74a74a1b7b57a3⋯.jpg (79.18 KB, 1024x875, 1024:875, kill yourself and myself.jpg)




File: 85e8f9eea6a07b4⋯.png (150.57 KB, 463x411, 463:411, samus aryan.png)

File: 35e328ba776cd86⋯.jpg (169.87 KB, 1189x1680, 1189:1680, harukon.jpg)

File: c85aa3bf00c222e⋯.jpg (347.47 KB, 1361x1935, 1361:1935, nazonazo.jpg)

File: c65dd3fcdbcf747⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2463x3600, 821:1200, sakimichan.jpg)

File: 2726142cc0c5d43⋯.jpg (291.21 KB, 2048x1537, 2048:1537, komi shou.jpg)


Shh, shh, it's okay.



This pic makes me imagine Tomoko converting to try attracting white men because strategy vidya has taught her to associate Christianization with white conquest. Naturally she would try to follow the example of Christian white women but feel shame for her inability to bear a white child. No one else can meet the standard they set,

I am curious abut the role religion has to play in WMAF, and whether blue-eyed white Jesus and the perception of Christianity as American and vice versa can be used to promote white worship by proxy.


The girl in the middle here is a solid qtp2t. Freckled girls are a blessing upon our Earth,


File: f3a3feeee3a12c5⋯.webm (306.4 KB, 720x480, 3:2, ∞ch.webm)


In her mind things we going to play out differently (weird sex cult) but in the end she just ended up handing out flyers (it was a legitimate church).

>the role religion has to play in WMAF

That's actually a really good question. People who debate that along with other representations of white people tend to talk about everything apart from what to me seems like the obvious thing: they look better. But who knows what influence it had.






File: 99ceb39e8604383⋯.png (299.24 KB, 378x503, 378:503, deovultdance.png)

File: 60b2a02fed2e332⋯.jpg (161.69 KB, 593x880, 593:880, patriotism.jpg)

File: b3a43ee17e57d58⋯.jpg (147.1 KB, 714x1331, 714:1331, pride.jpg)

File: 3fa78407889caa3⋯.jpg (93.51 KB, 745x735, 149:147, spaciousskies.jpg)


Quietly giggling and slavering over fantasies of being accosted by the Knights Templar, she realizes it's just like any other part time job when she backs into a girl handing out tissue packets, except she's not even getting paid for it.

Christianity in anime is nothing but token Christmas episodes and the occasional fantasy church of light, and Christianity in Japan is mostly about commercial holidays. It's completely missing a big part of what makes the faith attractive: attractive people having the faith. It's why white girls in American flag bikinis and Asian girls in maga hats are particularly potent kinds of sexy. Patriotism has this confidence to it and it goes hand in hand with faith.


File: 056c24e88185d5d⋯.jpg (107.07 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, cintia dicker.jpg)

File: 00f6f4d5a777500⋯.jpg (469.19 KB, 780x1170, 2:3, classic.jpg)

File: 69f8ad73e7f448b⋯.jpg (146.74 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, intense.jpg)


>Freckled girls are a blessing upon our Earth

That's right.


File: 6e56fbc78c04818⋯.jpg (176.62 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, very pretty.jpg)

File: 41a803bc5c69481⋯.jpg (85.58 KB, 697x1000, 697:1000, country girl.jpg)

File: 157c4963ecdf6e0⋯.jpg (118.45 KB, 633x950, 633:950, delicate.jpg)

File: 9c6c183ef48a4d3⋯.jpg (280.24 KB, 1000x1479, 1000:1479, like a painting.jpg)

Scrolling through blogs again and one thing that stuck me about those that mainly post asian girls is how much white girls stand out when they make an appearance. It's always a stark reminder that white girls are the most beautiful. I will have to start saving more pics that make me think that.

Don't get me wrong, I think asian and eurasian girls can be gorgeous but they are always in second place to the most beautiful white women.

>>3044 (Checked)

That is a very good explanation. I didn't think of it that way before. The whole thing of both white and asian girls fitting into their rightful place is just really nice. It's wholesome but also sexy too. You're very right that the confidence of it makes it appealing. I remember reading posts complaining about "the white heteropatriarchy" on tumblr and thinking what they described was a good system and seemed one where men and women would be happiest and most productive. Asian girls should be part of it too.

>>2999 (Checked)

Nice trips. Is it me or does this board get more dubs and trips than normal? It's amazing to see.


File: bf586f313883b38⋯.jpg (188.79 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, emily rudd 1.jpg)

File: 563d5877c763f60⋯.jpg (62.93 KB, 750x750, 1:1, emily rudd 2.jpg)

File: b059028ea7cd63d⋯.mp4 (473.9 KB, 640x640, 1:1, emily rudd 3.mp4)

File: 5c02352c852d48e⋯.webm (996.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, emily rudd 4.webm)


None of the women in my town look like any of these. Fat blobs mostly. Also the pro feminine not feminist posts are good. Wish that would take on, but I'm in a liberal shit hole.


File: 4c51e961d514ba4⋯.jpg (192.04 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, Tomi Lahren 1.jpg)

File: 43abbffca5dedcd⋯.jpg (88.03 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, Tomi Lahren 2.jpg)

File: 652ca79545fc4b4⋯.jpg (292.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Tomi Lahren 3.jpg)

>>3522 (Checked)

Fat people and libs, the two things I hate. In truth I do have some fat friends and some of them probably are libs too, but I hate it because it is something that can be fixed. Me, I was underweight. Not anorexic or anything, just an appetite issue. Lifting is what worked for me. It turned out that proper exercise was needed to get my body and appetite self-regulating, and I believe that is true of everyone.

So for that reason I always say to people, men and women, stop messing around with bullshit diets and jogging and learn to squat, deadlift, OHP, and so on, you giant pussies.


File: 48a1e15379ea657⋯.jpg (104.28 KB, 704x1000, 88:125, MV5BNzgyNjYwNjE2Nl5BMl5Ban….jpg)


Agreed. I like cross country jogging, and mixing up the terrain. My appetite is pretty regular, sometimes a bit overboard because of the amount of energy my body burns. Fat people to me are lazy fucks, and liberalism is laziness too. So it's natural that they go hand in hand. I saw ONE skinny white girl today. I nearly broken out a camera as if I saw a rare species.


File: ae149b9ce11c550⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tomi Lahren 4.jpg)

File: 92690fc11538ec3⋯.jpg (208 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tomi Lahren 5.jpg)

File: ad214138304cd20⋯.jpg (123.46 KB, 934x1110, 467:555, Tomi Lahren 6.jpg)


Sorry you live in such a place. In the US I know that both blacks, latinos and others have a higher obesity rate than whites. Fortunately for me almost all my white female friends / acquaintances / colleagues are a healthy weight.

A big factor in liberalism / leftism and fatness going together is political correctness. Not being able to fat shame people or call them out for other things they do. But it's also true that all types of people are fat. Being overweight is a serious issue in health and psychological terms and should be treated as such.

If parents letting their children get fat was seen as child abuse with punishment to match, the problem would begin to end immediately. Let's be real, it is the parents who setup children to overeat as well as failing to teach them to cook. Not that I don't blame food manufactures too.



It's hardly just liberals. In the deep south it seems like there's hamplanets everywhere and nigs. There are some /fit/ country girls but it seems like they're going away and becoming fatter as time goes on as well.


File: 13ffdc4399ef38e⋯.jpg (127.53 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, tumblr_oopq0mKULQ1rihvleo1….jpg)

File: 7e7e7602ab35835⋯.jpg (112.47 KB, 750x928, 375:464, tumblr_pghgqvhFjL1wyqlbao1….jpg)

File: 1bb92664384cba5⋯.jpg (443.48 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, tumblr_pe2wbwGG5L1v19lc1o1….jpg)

File: b19b2c3eb8f26ef⋯.jpg (108.26 KB, 531x777, 177:259, married pregnant.jpg)


File: ca046c5c4d474b8⋯.jpg (299.74 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pretty white girl.jpg)

File: 7bffd3104ed3322⋯.jpg (194.82 KB, 911x1200, 911:1200, pretty white girl.jpg)

File: 1cfbbc82045f3f2⋯.jpg (226.32 KB, 1200x994, 600:497, pretty white girl.jpg)

File: 76c8990b077c7eb⋯.jpg (191.22 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, pretty white girl.jpg)


File: d45892cef574573⋯.jpg (118.22 KB, 1350x900, 3:2, D1uPOGZWoAAQdBZ.jpg)

File: aca535ce97eec3a⋯.jpg (158.89 KB, 1350x900, 3:2, D1uPOGZWwAEVWPW.jpg)

File: 164bad0abd4204c⋯.jpg (116.77 KB, 1350x900, 3:2, D1uPVWBWkAAYDqp.jpg)

File: 91dca7eb8981b58⋯.jpg (161.12 KB, 1350x900, 3:2, D1uPVWDX0AAAcM2.jpg)

I like looking at cosplay but often times the girls are just so beautiful it's difficult to deal with. This is one called Lada Lyumos.


File: bef27eae35b086e⋯.jpg (329.38 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, D3KVxfMX0AIo1Y4.jpg)

File: b60ec8b4c2ae12e⋯.jpg (313.28 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, D3KVxfPXgAEa8Oc.jpg)

File: 4b1970250ef8b0b⋯.jpg (214.37 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, D3KVxfWW4AACBjw.jpg)

File: 81e4f04b89125de⋯.jpg (161.32 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, D3KVzywXcAAD7YZ.jpg)


File: 7b1fd3fd4f36b97⋯.jpg (233.65 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, D14maQ2WwAAVvBj.jpg)

File: 0a18ef5eb286b2d⋯.jpg (166.29 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, DxJY4voWoAEY7jU.jpg)

File: f7d2749c16b7f13⋯.jpg (285 KB, 1442x2160, 721:1080, D0XZ7wcWsAERQgF.jpg)

File: d808c930b689386⋯.jpg (266.63 KB, 1442x2160, 721:1080, D0XZ7wgXcAAk2AK.jpg)


File: 43a6e4d37ee9e55⋯.jpg (88.73 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D2mP1ZFWoAAeieZ.jpg)

File: 0002a49aa19b61a⋯.jpg (100.85 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, D2mP3jiXcAAs4Fe.jpg)

File: ccdc4d0a1bc7c8c⋯.jpg (94.83 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D2mP4noX0AAq259.jpg)

File: ab25f87f2062eda⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 1200x772, 300:193, D2mQIM1WsAAcedi.jpg)


File: 1cc73bfb19a9ec2⋯.jpg (131.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 19424997_1792535107666575_….jpg)

File: 768758514dbb5cb⋯.jpg (156.53 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tumblr_oqru0jbgGi1wogcr6o3….jpg)

File: 22b9be6bcfe9701⋯.jpg (150.94 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tumblr_oqru0jbgGi1wogcr6o4….jpg)

File: 781f82e07588dd9⋯.jpg (117.7 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tumblr_oqru0jbgGi1wogcr6o5….jpg)

File: 98715bf8c454d8a⋯.jpg (113.25 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_oul22yVUUj1wogcr6o1….jpg)



File: 7efbbf6c51de369⋯.jpg (448.53 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_opc9nfElwZ1wogcr6o1….jpg)

File: 893b2235b317fb9⋯.jpg (496.84 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_opc9nfElwZ1wogcr6o2….jpg)

File: 0231f559e4a06d8⋯.jpg (540.71 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_opc9nfElwZ1wogcr6o3….jpg)

File: c073176e07e1ddd⋯.jpg (337.87 KB, 1218x1218, 1:1, tumblr_opv3xgFb271wogcr6o1….jpg)

File: d23defb0e19f284⋯.jpg (481.12 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_oqg3k4EGHx1wogcr6o1….jpg)


why is this here?



Probably better for you to say what your problem with the thread is.



it's obviously off topic for the board


File: bcf76d336c58604⋯.jpg (373.56 KB, 1500x1057, 1500:1057, taylor swift quote.jpg)

File: 10b260de938ec8e⋯.png (5.84 KB, 487x199, 487:199, 4 months ago.png)


White worship is part of WMAF and that includes white girls. It's ridiculous to say it's off topic when everything around that is so interesting and hot. It's also useful as a statement against MGTOW-tier faggots and reddit losers who hate white women.



>White worship is part of WMAF and that includes white girls

you'll have to explain that one to me dude


File: 948a74ce2b785c6⋯.jpg (96.09 KB, 500x645, 100:129, News flash.jpg)

File: ee7927eec462da2⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1024x3803, 1024:3803, who_is_a_precious_kitty_by….png)

Why do I get so turned on reading white supremacist propaganda? Like, it's becoming a real fetish for me at this point and I'm not even remotely conservative.

Maybe it's also why I love seeing Asian girls in like police or Nazi uniforms so much.



Just according to keikaku.


File: 23382a28acaf8f1⋯.jpg (134 KB, 640x911, 640:911, cool lightning symbol.jpg)

File: 609f2ea4cce91e4⋯.jpg (246 KB, 1146x1125, 382:375, family over feminism.jpg)

File: 0a3e755065f2273⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 640x640, 1:1, heart.jpg)


Let me tell you my story related to that. You sound like an early version of me.

The sexualisation of white supremacy is a gateway for some. It used to be just a fetish thing for me based on my observations of how white men and women were more attractive. Maybe it was a way to process it. But then I got "redpilled" on a bunch of different things so now it's something I genuinely believe in as well. On the sexual side that in turn means it's gone from just a fetish to my actual sexuality. Looking on fringe reddits I saw some people calling it the "racepill" but I only partially agree with their views. White beauty is certainly a real, biological thing though. It's not really possible to hold onto politically correct or leftist views about everyone being equal when you start to see reality as it is and get in touch with your underlying feelings.

I really like the imagery and uniforms too however while I am now what some would call a right wing extremist, I wouldn't call myself a "Nazi" (whatever that actually is) nor do I "hate" people. In real life it usually ends up that normal people tend to agree with most of my views. It shows that the meaning of terms has changed a lot. According to the lugenpresse I'm a "Nazi" if I disagree with genital mutilation, paedophilia or illegal immigration for example.

Anyway it was always nice when I'd do a very pro-white or white worship style post on tumblr and get a lot of likes and reblogs from white supremacists. Some of them were fakes but some were real and it was interesting talking to them. Always so annoying when they got falsely suspended for "hate speech", especially when in the middle of a conversation about how asian girls fit into their ideas about white ethnostates and so on.

(these images are posts I found, not made by me)


File: 74b74ec13013ed4⋯.jpg (110.38 KB, 540x674, 270:337, aryan.jpg)

File: 32b09a981aa308e⋯.jpg (602.7 KB, 850x715, 170:143, sabre.jpg)


I think it's mainly the taboo or danger element that works for me. Like me finding it so hot being talked down to or trained by white supremacists probably comes from the same place as racist /pol/acks cumming to BBC stealin their wymynz.

But I think also it's a power dynamic, that kind of belief that just projects its own superiority is intoxicating, probably to those who hold it as much as those like me who like to fantasy about being put under heel by it. It's really hot to imagine that I might fall victim to beliefs I hate because of sexual weakness or pure mindwashing propaganda. Even the phrase 'redpill' is kinda sexually charged, always makes me imagine someone physically putting a pill to my lips that brainwashes me into their follower/supporter/slave/pet/cuck. And it helps that I think no one in the world can project natural entitlement and superiority than beautiful white women.


File: 706a25c99d7015c⋯.jpeg (477.87 KB, 2000x1443, 2000:1443, BUF.jpeg)


Remember, Fascism is Fabulous nya~

(you were warned not to spam)
Post last edited at



It's interesting because maybe my beliefs are the result of brainwashing. I don't think they are, but then again I would say that. Either way the outcome has been positive.

The idea of consensual nonconsent is choosing to be deeply submissive because you know that what you will experience and be forced to do is for the best overall. A leap of faith. It's a bit like having that pill forced into your mouth - first you have to be in the situation where it can happen. That applies to you here because you are choosing to read and make posts on this site on top of using white supremacist propaganda to orgasm.

I believe you will be better off giving in to it all. That sexual weakness you describe is there, that's a fact, so one way or another it will express itself. How it happens doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, just so long as you end up on the right side. Think of it this way, the majority of asian girls in western countries are being fucked by white men and there's a lot of raceplay going on in private, but in general these women are better off for it for all sorts of reasons aside from just sexual fulfilment. The same applies to things like worship of white girls, becoming a cuckquean and learning to share, being an asian guy who supports WMAF, etc.

Perhaps this goes against your attraction to the taboo or danger element but propaganda / brainwashing / mental colonisation are good things if done for the right reasons, and are helping to normalise and uphold the white heteropatriarchy. A awkward tumblr name for something that I support with every fibre of my being.


File: 6be72bf6c9faa8f⋯.jpg (100.57 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, D3jS5VZUIAAGMWW.jpg)

File: 5126b2dcdad4237⋯.jpg (133.42 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, D3jS5VZU0AAT8K1.jpg)

File: 4d3b5ed723ab489⋯.jpg (103.94 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, D3jS5VYUIAAYltU.jpg)

File: 0b0b31935194c20⋯.jpg (108.39 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, D3jS5VXU4AERKWU.jpg)


File: 932db50fe4f0897⋯.jpg (300.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hypnotic.jpg)

File: 02d3cc647ec30c9⋯.jpg (54.54 KB, 500x332, 125:83, cultural submission.jpg)


what even is that board


Consensual nonconsent is a good way to describe a lot of my kink, probably. It's not really something I want to do… but the idea of it being done TO me by others or just by cultural pressure is really hot. But that's a really good point, my sexual need probably don't care so much about the outcome, but just that need to be submissive on an extra level even when it means violating my beliefs.

I don't know how I'd go about giving in to it all if that's what I decided to do. It's an obscure fetish but I'd love if it there were more communities devoted to psychologically manipulative and condescending white supremacist/traditionalists/conservatives/fascists/whatever 'redpilling' non-whites and leftist girls and cucks. Being convinced genuinely that it'll be best for me is really hot in the moment, but it's kinda like hypnosis where I tend to snap to reality before I can enjoy it as anything more than a fantasy.


>>4899 (Checked)

Lots of white men have told me it's for the best and their arguments and evidence all stood up. Plenty of white cuckqueans really got into my cuckquean posts with heavy white supremacist themes too. If you have white men and women both telling you the same thing it's time to listen.

>the idea of it being done TO me by others or just by cultural pressure is really hot

Yes. The hotness of it is more important than you not necessarily wanting it. Hot for the white men and women who take power and control from you as well. You always have to consider what they get out of it as much or even more so than your own needs.

>Being convinced genuinely that it'll be best for me

Well I can tell you I definitely am convinced. This isn't a fetish or fantasy for me. Not anymore.



Any reading or viewing you'd recommend for someone curious about taking that path?


File: fdf3edcd3e7c525⋯.jpg (154.27 KB, 750x911, 750:911, bring Him other girls.jpg)

File: 3622dfa4a6d5421⋯.jpg (91.25 KB, 540x958, 270:479, leashed.jpg)

File: 0553f2ea20f19c1⋯.jpg (174.9 KB, 533x1028, 533:1028, grab.jpg)


I would send you some good blogs with interesting essays but tumblr suspended basically all the ones I knew of. In the meantime I suppose look at blogs like weiss-blume.tumblr.com and follow the reblogs and notes to find others. Only found this one because they reblogged one of my posts.


File: 09fa11a98a4029b⋯.jpg (114.52 KB, 1080x1205, 216:241, Madeline Ford 1.jpg)

File: a9fb6ed714aee07⋯.jpg (112.59 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Madeline Ford 2.jpg)

File: 3ecfbaa0e410aaf⋯.jpg (116.07 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, Madeline Ford 3.jpg)

File: 6bdb8b22ec87207⋯.mp4 (1001.73 KB, 640x800, 4:5, Madeline Ford 4.mp4)


File: d2cf00071b704a7⋯.mp4 (686.58 KB, 860x720, 43:36, 5be33d3505841a32ce42a2765a….mp4)


Redheads are the greatest thing to ever happen to the planet.


File: 68d1ecbb816eb66⋯.jpg (757.66 KB, 1280x1648, 80:103, 1.jpg)

File: 63218687347f516⋯.jpg (76.4 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, 2.jpg)

File: 78c635c6a01b620⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 3.jpg)

File: 3407fc6aa194c35⋯.jpg (72.02 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, 4.jpg)


Agreed. My fetish for redheads is actually debilitating at times. Not saying white men shouldn't be with asian girls because of course they should, but redheads are somehow even more perfect than blondes and brunettes. We all HAVE to put white girls first.


File: a03dd8357878daa⋯.jpg (158.92 KB, 628x890, 314:445, OptionalTypo 1.jpg)

File: 0c31d5a3d8bbf39⋯.jpg (151.26 KB, 628x890, 314:445, OptionalTypo 2.jpg)

File: e88cd1a48dce679⋯.jpg (158.26 KB, 628x890, 314:445, OptionalTypo 3.jpg)

File: ecd977140b848af⋯.jpg (132 KB, 628x890, 314:445, OptionalTypo 4.jpg)


File: 2073795dfb03200⋯.png (10.61 KB, 692x197, 692:197, bdsmlr image.png)

>>4700 (Checked)

This post on my blog goes some way to answering your question:

Not a revelation but I think white men should have more interracial sex to the point that it’s a routine, normal thing. I’d like to see the majority of white men’s sex be interracial in fact. Not just to altruistically fulfil women who have a white preference in sexual and reproductive terms, and not just because I want white cum pumped into a diverse range of pussy as possible, but because it’s hot. The same as how a typical white man will need to have sex with lots of non-white girls simply because of the numbers is a practical concern, but simultaneously also a huge turn on. Probably as you say because it ties into a more natural and instinctive version of sexuality that just feels right.

However, I recognise that white women are the most beautiful and that white men are usually going to prefer them most of the time. I’m not saying every white woman is more attractive but thinking more about overall averages and the apex examples. Also only white women can have white children which is always going to place them in an elevated position in the eyes of white men and white worshippers alike.

Taking all of this together I realised a while ago the solution is to push more and more white women into becoming extremely submissive. White girls surrendering to consensual nonconsent and/or becoming cuckqueans is really the only way to allow more sexual access to white men. I don’t see how else white girls will come to accept this idea of white men having interracial harems as normal on a societal scale. Having non-white girls "steal" white men away from white girls is of course very hot in fantasy terms but in real life outside of that there has to be cooperation and understanding.

If a white girl wants to pat herself on the back for being so “non-racist” to encourage her man to have more diverse sex, then good for her. If she’s doing it because it gets her off, that’s fine too. If she’s fetishising non-white girls as seductive and exotic femme fatales or as non-threatening raceplay dolls, or even sees herself as superior to them, it doesn’t matter. She can be a full on white supremacist for all I care. As long as she's pregnant with another white baby while her man is fucking other girls then I'm more than happy.


File: f935aa758d4ad31⋯.jpg (347.35 KB, 1125x1267, 1125:1267, Summer Ferguson.jpg)

File: e4e45c9fd8f7eee⋯.jpg (108.54 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, Alex Harper.jpg)

File: 9563935ef07a29d⋯.jpg (114.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Danielle Boker.jpg)

File: 34941913542dc14⋯.jpg (222.69 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Kamila Pompeu.jpg)


File: d106c49958927fb⋯.jpg (276.34 KB, 944x971, 944:971, pretty white girl 1.jpg)

File: bb6be1218437ef8⋯.jpg (278.63 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, pretty white girl 2.jpg)

File: fc872db9f1d99ec⋯.jpg (136.21 KB, 1027x848, 1027:848, pretty white girl 3.jpg)


File: af428765353e930⋯.jpg (301.16 KB, 1280x1706, 640:853, pretty white girl 4.jpg)

File: d8f2886ab3f07a6⋯.jpg (142.68 KB, 1280x959, 1280:959, pretty white girl 5.jpg)

File: 633436184082bed⋯.jpg (317.11 KB, 1280x1679, 1280:1679, pretty white girl 6.jpg)



This is not a place to post this

Mods pls



Is it because you don't want to see white girls portrayed in a lewd way in this thread?



because it's irrelevant to the board you fucking idiot.


File: f52ef8a8dd88536⋯.jpg (258.73 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, confederate flag.jpg)

File: 10c8138e378b8da⋯.jpg (377.46 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, hindu symbol bird necklace.jpg)

File: dd1923495a3cd14⋯.jpg (57.49 KB, 500x433, 500:433, some kind of cute locket.jpg)

File: 1ab82404de505dc⋯.jpeg (1.48 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, girl with uzi 9mm.jpeg)


File: 9b4d69f57ad32dc⋯.jpg (91.33 KB, 480x641, 480:641, tumblr_pr1mr606cU1wb94uj_5….jpg)

File: a1babcd19e83c8c⋯.jpg (52.58 KB, 453x604, 3:4, tumblr_nv77d4S1H91s73k0so1….jpg)

File: 7abc4ba859ea12b⋯.jpg (62.65 KB, 540x540, 1:1, tumblr_pb1mfi1fR61tqv615o1….jpg)

File: 2bcff92839657ab⋯.jpg (132.29 KB, 540x674, 270:337, tumblr_pdt1fkTqjL1w33vlwo1….jpg)

File: 4a36f5a9c06a98b⋯.jpg (108.84 KB, 638x638, 1:1, tumblr_p7le9gM4cG1w33vlwo1….jpg)


I'm going to allow this. Sexualising white supremacy is necessary and hot.


File: d28b8b6a6279ee6⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 615x820, 3:4, 0_PAY-PNMISSHITLER03.jpg)

File: 043a6a0009e1e0f⋯.jpg (69.2 KB, 540x715, 108:143, 272347-JOA5X6ELxG.jpg)

File: cb235c89d6100ba⋯.jpg (83.46 KB, 453x604, 3:4, tumblr_n61ke397t01sb7p2jo1….jpg)

File: caff051bc71a32e⋯.jpg (278.8 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_odnxzft4uv1r2qr2so1….jpg)


Thank you. In that case…


File: e024e51ade6ca07⋯.jpg (59.92 KB, 456x810, 76:135, tumblr_oymjfw5pKK1wre9nro1….jpg)

File: 929ec2d18150dcf⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 434x453, 434:453, tumblr_oi6yywk1Xz1rr29zno1….jpg)

File: f335c6de4f7791c⋯.jpg (118.4 KB, 540x800, 27:40, tumblr_o008jqtrkV1uhn1kco2….jpg)

File: 042c53d16e1db7a⋯.jpg (33.07 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_ofcuahZMYS1t63i2lo1….jpg)


File: f391e6e003cd5dc⋯.jpg (152.5 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, tumblr_p76daiDAZy1w33vlwo1….jpg)

File: 316a28064130039⋯.jpg (211.19 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, tumblr_paswnreEer1wnd8veo2….jpg)

File: 9f865f8c296cc17⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 540x674, 270:337, tumblr_p42km8WK3T1w33vlwo1….jpg)

File: 30e40ef97a6e5a5⋯.jpg (93.47 KB, 540x675, 4:5, tumblr_okzzkj52Yc1uhn1kco1….jpg)


File: 7c3199a351c0d68⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 4000x2667, 4000:2667, 1377561462596.jpg)

White women should respect their bodies, not get tatted up like whores.



Maybe a small tasteful tattoo is okay but I have to agree many of these are way over the top.


File: 2ff51e993b8824b⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, typical white girl.jpg)

File: bb00ca837f65200⋯.jpg (180.42 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, redhead cutie.jpg)

File: 08bef123ec5ce5b⋯.jpg (673.91 KB, 1279x1920, 1279:1920, another redhead.jpg)

File: c6141928aa02e4d⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 640x640, 1:1, average white girl vs aver….jpg)



I usually hate tattoos but those ones are straight boner material.


File: 338d5e72a679eb1⋯.mp4 (699.48 KB, 852x480, 71:40, t-shirt.mp4)

File: 5cb8728965e3b02⋯.jpg (268.91 KB, 960x960, 1:1, necklace.jpg)


White girls who are right wing, white supremacist or "racist" are hotter. Same goes for white men and asian girls. This is just a more extreme or obvious version of that.


File: 4ea09814eeb5634⋯.mp4 (12.99 MB, 646x364, 323:182, natalidemorejessica.mp4)

White women are naturally very dominant towards asian girls whenever they interact, and asian girls are naturally very submissive to White women because they perceive themselves as inferior to White women in every way.


File: 45f09f0969a2ecf⋯.mp4 (15.13 MB, 646x364, 323:182, sophiedeekitazen.mp4)

The most natural place for asian girls to be is at the perfect Aryan feet of White Goddesses.


File: 2006e7171cdc203⋯.webm (7.75 MB, 835x800, 167:160, Heil Kamaraden!.webm)




>breast implants

Degenerate. Also here is a more relevant thread >>2914


File: f5142ed8d2bbbd5⋯.mp4 (1.78 MB, 406x720, 203:360, really racist towards asia….mp4)

File: dd1d59ad0e78678⋯.jpg (82 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Miçary Ruiz.jpg)

File: 136e72a5da404ea⋯.jpg (319.88 KB, 800x995, 160:199, Taylor Freeman.jpg)

File: a681407bf11710b⋯.jpg (195.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Vanessa Barnfather.jpg)


Smaller version of that vid


File: c64f5494673f50e⋯.webm (1.97 MB, 680x900, 34:45, too much.webm)

File: be97a5118f1e30b⋯.jpg (288.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, nice body.jpg)

File: a1c7942956dabfd⋯.jpg (189 KB, 1053x1563, 351:521, angelic.jpg)

File: 9df345c464aa9a4⋯.jpg (897.9 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, variety.jpg)

WMAF is important but let's always put white girls in first place.



> but let's always put white girls in first place.

fuck no



White girls are more attractive and only they can have white babies. They win by default. Asian girls are in second place.


File: de7cfb86e568af9⋯.jpg (90.22 KB, 480x480, 1:1, blonde racist white girls ….jpg)

File: 7d0f4200ec3d439⋯.jpg (69.92 KB, 540x363, 180:121, wn girl nazi 14 words tatt….jpg)

File: 8ff8394931fb6cd⋯.jpg (213.27 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, blonde wn nazi girl.jpg)

File: 48b8e6653fa64d2⋯.jpg (51.66 KB, 540x526, 270:263, wn girl mein kampf.jpg)


File: 02f23882e715d81⋯.jpg (204 KB, 650x975, 2:3, no chance agains this.jpg)

File: 4d8f924e390e4b2⋯.jpg (98.92 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, fitness.jpg)

File: 22877e98806fca8⋯.jpg (300.56 KB, 950x1161, 950:1161, iron cross.jpg)

File: 3fb470ece9b134c⋯.jpg (157.43 KB, 640x852, 160:213, necklace.jpg)


Those tattoos are too big and too busy. The third pic one would look horrendous when she is pregnant. I like the design of the eagle thing but it has to be a sensible size, in a sensible location, and not ruined with all other random unaesthetic tattoos around it.


File: 3fb6bc6d471805e⋯.jpg (71.8 KB, 581x388, 581:388, cat girl.jpg)

File: b68edddb6cedd42⋯.jpg (344.23 KB, 1276x1920, 319:480, D1cWf1pX0AAQn7c.jpg)

File: 2077737f822689f⋯.jpg (356.44 KB, 1276x1920, 319:480, D1cWga5X0AAjPRo.jpg)

File: ba258345afd1bd6⋯.jpg (227.41 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Dx_nX_xWoAEdI4r.jpg)


File: 5228c5346f8f961⋯.jpg (224.48 KB, 1152x1920, 3:5, D5qyb4oXsAARhgh.jpg)

File: 668c02472c950d0⋯.jpg (273.7 KB, 1244x1920, 311:480, D5qycdMW0AALFFJ.jpg)

File: eea6ec0920857e3⋯.jpg (370.46 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, DxWvwcAX4AEepAd.jpg)

File: 98999daa56db7bb⋯.jpg (245.51 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, DxWvxdJWoAAa7D7.jpg)


File: 5b2099ab0cbc361⋯.jpg (47.63 KB, 800x456, 100:57, blonde wn girl tattoo.jpg)

File: eca4798d075b47e⋯.jpg (141.31 KB, 640x857, 640:857, wn girl nazi pussy tattoo.jpg)

File: b1113d04c92e331⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 750x721, 750:721, wn nazi tattoo pussy .jpg)

File: 17fe42b6a37cce7⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 540x960, 9:16, wn girl 3.jpg)


Sure cutesy tattoos are nice, they display different personalities. One is feminine, racist blonde becky and the other is a racist thot that needs held down and forcibly bred. She's just proud she alone can carry a white child into this world and her other tattoos signal (quite literally) she wants to be held down and fucked.

Some white girls are angels others are wilder.


File: 5bfaee572a30175⋯.jpg (49.15 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, sdghnsd.jpg)

File: 5ba7eb13dd68174⋯.jpg (86 KB, 974x905, 974:905, ethjfgt.jpg)

File: 03b085f62b94997⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, SDFH.jpg)

File: 0fa288fec535c9a⋯.jpg (111.15 KB, 1080x808, 135:101, aDSFZDF.jpg)


File: d46a275e933840a⋯.jpg (205.9 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, MetArt_Urdina_Zsanett-Torm….jpg)

File: 77b0f9db083e430⋯.jpg (208.36 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, MetArt_Urdina_Zsanett-Torm….jpg)

File: 81bbd6234641c04⋯.jpg (195.75 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, MetArt_Urdina_Zsanett-Torm….jpg)

File: 35f85f69dd225c4⋯.jpg (195.44 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, MetArt_Urdina_Zsanett-Torm….jpg)

File: 39a16c26b58859e⋯.jpg (220.15 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, MetArt_Urdina_Zsanett-Torm….jpg)


File: 348b282ded7f4a9⋯.jpg (346.72 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 0113134921433_003_ri90905v….jpg)

File: c6d5bf4f86809f8⋯.jpg (253.58 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0113134921433_004_5lvdmur8….jpg)

File: 7a90a9379a3173c⋯.jpg (302.1 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0113134921433_005_eztlyjx9….jpg)

File: 025300603fad57a⋯.jpg (275.84 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 0113134921433_006_8c4ef211….jpg)

File: eb736fef81b6246⋯.jpg (270.65 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0113134921433_007_clymzwxn….jpg)


File: b4ff09238f8cde7⋯.jpg (295.41 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 0113134921433_008_d0tnykon….jpg)

File: fd0f3149de42a11⋯.jpg (247.82 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 0113134921433_024_5utrjc00….jpg)

File: 364eaa73a7fffe2⋯.jpg (247.54 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 0113134921433_061_p8ipl9ua….jpg)

File: 38ffbe77957a84a⋯.jpg (224.23 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 0113134921433_062_5grqatn0….jpg)

File: 8300c688d30f38e⋯.jpg (249.93 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0113134921433_064_dun1u963….jpg)


File: 5534723caa7a6a7⋯.jpg (105.4 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_on8b26EaI41t63i2lo1….jpg)

File: 642ad93621cbbbc⋯.jpg (83.58 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_ofmj62Y8gS1t63i2lo1….jpg)

File: a69a40f88da91bf⋯.jpg (96.62 KB, 960x720, 4:3, CTiziciT_3M.jpg)

File: 20c0c5b87ddc0e6⋯.jpg (106.14 KB, 612x487, 612:487, tumblr_ohyu5iNgj51uhn1kco1….jpg)


The pride in her white race and how openly she signals it is a big part of what makes it so hot, even if the tattoos are trashy. It's also a good thing to eroticize white supremacy if it gets people of all races orgasming to images of white power


File: 0d493730142c75a⋯.mp4 (3.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, cute girl.mp4)


Meh. They just look ugly, shops or otherwise. It's your fetish and some others too probably but I think that's enough for this thread.


Swastikas and celtic crosses are good and all, but it's absolute ass when they're tattoos.


File: b52a8e6fe07e417⋯.mp4 (3.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, aaaaaaaaaaa.mp4)

NORTHERN vs. SOUTHERN accents | British English Pronunciation



File: 2784480bbc935c6⋯.mp4 (10.96 MB, 640x426, 320:213, maga.mp4)


File: 162f2df657a70d8⋯.jpg (154.18 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DvEuKUQUYAUBA4b.jpg)

File: 27e7a475698bc50⋯.jpg (156.3 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DvEuKUIU0AA3-NU.jpg)

File: fd718e59905a989⋯.jpg (183.2 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, DvEuKUKUUAAsba0.jpg)

File: 7f47ce00449145b⋯.jpg (143.75 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DvEuKUQVYAYuy91.jpg)


File: da5ba022d9d5a4b⋯.jpg (151.15 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 00 (1).jpg)

File: 36022ccc0210918⋯.jpg (189.24 KB, 750x904, 375:452, 00 (2).jpg)

File: 5a88bf6a299b7a1⋯.jpg (179.24 KB, 650x854, 325:427, 00 (3).jpg)

File: 0f296359adca582⋯.jpg (363.14 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 00 (4).jpg)



Please tell me there is more of her


File: 8d309d84ae5b4c6⋯.jpg (111.69 KB, 576x646, 288:323, what do you prefer.jpg)

File: f13bdffae589b1e⋯.jpg (448.48 KB, 1280x1706, 640:853, D0AswPBW0AIVdDV.jpg)

File: 4446b74d7d326a9⋯.jpg (666.54 KB, 1280x1706, 640:853, tumblr_p17vdjQSu41th4gp2o1….jpg)

File: 95be6afe7a1478f⋯.jpg (482.5 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_p17vdjQSu41th4gp2o3….jpg)

File: 1b7e702349bb0fb⋯.jpg (455.78 KB, 1280x984, 160:123, tumblr_p17vdjQSu41th4gp2o2….jpg)


There is.


File: 5bada9f9fb086ff⋯.jpg (463.2 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: cb83fc04d708163⋯.jpg (479.35 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 2.jpg)

File: e6301bf400e7e85⋯.jpg (484.36 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 3.jpg)

File: 36f48180a11f672⋯.jpg (405.87 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 4.jpg)

File: 65fd534328f439a⋯.jpg (481.28 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 5.jpg)


File: fbf42e25b655069⋯.jpg (82.93 KB, 1600x992, 50:31, geisha-makeup-look-by-Shir….jpg)

File: c1646dd415ccf21⋯.jpg (28.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, maclaine.jpg)

I thought these were kinda funny.

in the movie, Shirley MacLaine gets worried that the geisha (played by her) will steal her husband away



All I see is infidelity and entitlement.



And incidentally, the world is so full of people, we don't need more, I'd rather have an attractive concubine that is pleasant company than some bitch suffering from first-world'itis who is one fight away from having a "gals night" and making a decision which would destroy a family.


File: ac6ba86110fa8a1⋯.png (77.6 KB, 697x768, 697:768, stop being such a degenera….png)



Fuck off retard.


File: 924a9a52f9cf64e⋯.jpg (82.05 KB, 960x936, 40:39, 00 (5).jpg)

File: fae528446c7fe95⋯.jpg (209.08 KB, 1106x886, 553:443, 00 (4).jpg)

File: a30da132774e308⋯.jpg (78.26 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 00 (2).jpg)

File: 71b30f9fd41b5ed⋯.jpg (394.37 KB, 2005x1500, 401:300, 00 (1).jpg)

There is nothing in this world I love more than blondes.


File: a9132e0cf8aa0ae⋯.jpg (253.61 KB, 1200x1644, 100:137, tumblr_ps2tdasdZO1vst10jo1….jpg)

File: 8f9971b391a807d⋯.jpg (126.18 KB, 657x960, 219:320, tumblr_ps38fkaZi81y585w0o1….jpg)

File: 7aaafa81cdfc0e3⋯.jpg (115.88 KB, 640x960, 2:3, tumblr_onncpwQBcH1rbeo1xo2….jpg)

File: 9da140e800a42d3⋯.jpg (482.23 KB, 962x1443, 2:3, tumblr_pe143q8Krb1ryina5o2….jpg)

File: 376397a41df4312⋯.jpg (169.52 KB, 700x933, 700:933, tumblr_p905iiafuO1w33vlwo1….jpg)

Every so often there's a wave of reblogs and likes on some pro-white post I did despite tumblr being defunct these days. Often some of the notes are from white supremacist and white nationalist blogs in addition to the usual white fetish/worship blogs. It varies but I do agree with many of the things they say, others not as much, but I will tell you they are always a good source of pretty white girls.


For me it's redheads with blondes and brunettes extremely close behind. But anyone who has genuine pure love for blondes is my brother/sister.


File: 6c9548a76190530⋯.jpg (264.99 KB, 1002x1326, 167:221, Isabelle Pierson.jpg)

File: b199bb35d529fd6⋯.jpg (481.75 KB, 1000x1307, 1000:1307, Emily Ruhl.jpg)

File: 429181b0e8ab07d⋯.jpg (853.68 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, egorovphoto.jpg)

File: a0e7181e0830c45⋯.jpg (325.12 KB, 1022x1312, 511:656, Ali Michael.jpg)


File: b97ab6c962d98c1⋯.jpg (202.32 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0016011343651_110_52d5d796….jpg)

File: b3c4e7991b7d0cc⋯.jpg (238.56 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0016011343651_114_52d5d7ab….jpg)

File: db209ed0e9114fe⋯.jpg (276.93 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0016011343651_116_52d5d7b6….jpg)

File: f8271c0aa503140⋯.jpg (225.9 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0016011343651_117_52d5d7bc….jpg)

File: d3de3b92879ff7c⋯.jpg (279.57 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0016011343651_119_52d5d7c7….jpg)


>>5755 (Checked)

Girl in the first one is incredible. Such a beautiful pic.


File: 18e5a04fe01a613⋯.mp4 (1.99 MB, 1294x728, 647:364, blonde girls folder.mp4)


File: b1b9d240b405225⋯.jpg (105.09 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, nic_the_pixie 1.jpg)

File: 6b55bcd9c9cc56f⋯.jpg (97.74 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, nic_the_pixie 2.jpg)

File: 20ff80ab2a12791⋯.jpg (96.92 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, nic_the_pixie 3.jpg)

File: e0b99600d2f4875⋯.jpg (127.14 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, nic_the_pixie 4.jpg)

File: 58dbf65799b34b1⋯.jpg (114.7 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, nic_the_pixie 5.jpg)



nice white supremacy get


File: 43d022afcc829b6⋯.jpg (137.03 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, nic_the_pixie 6.jpg)

File: 1d4850c6052414f⋯.jpg (467.67 KB, 1638x2048, 819:1024, nic_the_pixie 7.jpg)

File: 2597da461908a45⋯.jpg (93.37 KB, 819x1024, 819:1024, nic_the_pixie 8.jpg)

File: 980754940dd2da3⋯.jpg (288.74 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, nic_the_pixie 9.jpg)

File: f459322cab3840e⋯.jpg (142.77 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, nic_the_pixie 10.jpg)


File: 1c0e752aa784b2a⋯.jpg (104.26 KB, 845x555, 169:111, I saved this image from da….jpg)

>>5988 (Checked)





Oh, it's you again. I want you to know you are basically trash compared to this girl and your man (if you even have one) would obviously prefer her over you. Do you think he would even think twice about cheating on you with a girl this perfect? Do you?


Then look at yourself. You think he would turn down the opportunity to have a legitimately anger-tier cosplay gf? Be honest with yourself. You'd be lucky to stay on as a side bitch.



You're right.


File: 2523bef29b05b97⋯.jpg (92.36 KB, 1080x1309, 1080:1309, daisy keech & nicole kopch….jpg)

File: 8a29d9ec4c2179e⋯.jpg (98.36 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, daisy keech & nicole kopch….jpg)

File: 59455b593dce3bf⋯.jpg (102.37 KB, 1080x1226, 540:613, daisy keech & nicole kopch….jpg)

File: 24abb37a73bf63d⋯.webm (648.57 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, daisy keech & nicole kopc….webm)

File: b4c791d40f54f23⋯.webm (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, nicole kopchak 1.webm)

Excuse instagram picture quality.


File: cad54e5dd01b005⋯.jpg (180.28 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, average white girl 1.jpg)

File: 2d28aafeb8a7cbc⋯.jpg (241.89 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, average white girl 2.jpg)

File: d16cc69cfae39b2⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, average white girl 3.jpg)

File: dd8707075b23bfd⋯.jpg (240.82 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, average white girl 4.jpg)



Excuse me, I have searched far and wide, but may I ask for the sauce on that video?


File: 591a1a3b44a1d27⋯.jpg (150.34 KB, 1080x1063, 1080:1063, Lauren de Graaf 1.jpg)

File: ba8159fdb677fa6⋯.jpg (144.71 KB, 1080x958, 540:479, Lauren de Graaf 2.jpg)

File: f740cebdcbe50bf⋯.jpg (84.68 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Lauren de Graaf 3.jpg)

File: aa3df8bc66ad871⋯.jpg (114.52 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, Lauren de Graaf 4.jpg)

File: e5e0bce4f939994⋯.jpg (112.96 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, Lauren de Graaf 5.jpg)


File: 2aa99b757490520⋯.jpg (121.59 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Lauren de Graaf 6.jpg)

File: db78240c738a62d⋯.jpg (108.81 KB, 1080x1297, 1080:1297, Lauren de Graaf 7.jpg)

File: f06aca39a8cd8fa⋯.jpg (151.49 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Lauren de Graaf 8.jpg)

File: 9724b194a2e4de6⋯.mp4 (3.29 MB, 720x546, 120:91, Lauren de Graaf 9.mp4)

File: 6e977dc73c6447f⋯.jpg (183.13 KB, 920x1150, 4:5, Lauren de Graaf 10.jpg)


File: 9173bc460990f7f⋯.jpg (158.33 KB, 1064x1064, 1:1, Sasha Sup 1.jpg)

File: 48dd910f55cae5c⋯.jpg (95.59 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 2.jpg)

File: 9a003a8810d8c32⋯.jpg (210.6 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 3.jpg)

File: f7f09172b4edb10⋯.jpg (177.66 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 4.jpg)

File: 5956e95effc8bf2⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 5.jpg)


File: ccf67646a70de34⋯.jpg (133.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 6.jpg)

File: 55055c2b5f57b52⋯.jpg (102.39 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Sasha Sup 7.jpg)

File: d28cae7fcecbb2d⋯.jpg (66.43 KB, 1080x828, 30:23, Sasha Sup 8.jpg)

File: 48a2d37c3c1d38a⋯.jpg (199.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 9.jpg)

File: 1801eddb27605d7⋯.jpg (77.02 KB, 849x1000, 849:1000, Sasha Sup 10.jpg)


File: 5d8302a76da3af4⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Sasha Sup 11.jpg)

File: 0c2cb2965e2341a⋯.jpg (53.38 KB, 1080x809, 1080:809, Sasha Sup 12.jpg)

File: 437949844fbc69c⋯.jpg (149.36 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 13.jpg)

File: accb1d174bf4227⋯.jpg (256.48 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Sasha Sup 14.jpg)

File: 5717cbcadc67250⋯.jpg (158.46 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Sasha Sup 15.jpg)


File: 44f84af9c05037b⋯.jpeg (64.9 KB, 564x705, 4:5, 2EA59CB3-D42F-4032-9BD8-8….jpeg)

File: 42f177399cb3121⋯.jpeg (100.32 KB, 1079x1347, 1079:1347, 34E159FC-E377-4B13-BAD0-E….jpeg)

File: 38c0dd2f389ba21⋯.jpeg (190.42 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 73985968-3F0D-4584-B402-7….jpeg)

File: 3e5cf0ef5b2344b⋯.jpeg (129.14 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, E34F79B7-9CA7-4D25-A683-B….jpeg)

How can Asian women even hope to compete? Yes there are beautiful Asian women but they all look the same so if you’ve fucked one you’ve fucked them all. White women on the other hand can be beautiful in so many ways. This thread proves that. For me, the killer combination is blue eyes and red hair.

The only reason white men even consider Asian women is because white women have forgotten their place. But once white men wake up and remind them of it, all those white men with yellow fever will forget what caused their fetish in the first place and go back to white women. So Asian women, be sure to worship your white man so that he may at least keep you as a side piece when he decides to have white children.

Remember, the answer to the 14 words is to repeal the 19th.


File: 473d44856e3882b⋯.mp4 (2.7 MB, 320x240, 4:3, women - know your limits.mp4)


It would be nice if asian girls had no hope of competing. That seems counter intuitive coming from a dedicated supporter of WMAF like myself but I absolutely love white worship and white supremacy and so want white people to be the best they can be. It would be a paradise for asian girls who want to be forced into an ultra-submissive role in order to get sexual access to white men and women. Becoming essentially nothing more than sex maids / raceplay dolls / slaves.

>the killer combination is blue eyes and red hair

Me too. White facial features are more refined and interesting and just more attractive fundamentally, so any eye or hair colour is beautiful, but out of them all I agree that's the combination that's my personal number one.

>repeal the 19th

It started as a fetish thing for me but now I seriously agree with this. Women who are smart enough to figure out how dumb other women can be can see why it's a good idea, and why the """logic""" of """equality""" is retarded in general. In contrast men (unless they're low test) have an easier time understanding the issue even if they're not that intelligent. It's a different thought process.


File: 23dd4c6521d79e7⋯.png (47.01 KB, 736x626, 368:313, white is right.png)

File: 7a1f60ef500d9ab⋯.mp4 (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, smug.mp4)


File: 72382ab0eb3f459⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 4324x2883, 4324:2883, blue eyes freckles.jpg)


When you have an image that's blurred or fucked up in some other way try putting it in google image search. Sometimes you can find a higher quality version.


File: 8c9e4f5ea9ffe6f⋯.jpg (180.61 KB, 947x947, 1:1, puckmoonen 1.jpg)

File: b2c2db4b302977c⋯.jpg (116.58 KB, 938x1172, 469:586, puckmoonen 2.jpg)

File: 7000aed97274757⋯.jpg (324.39 KB, 1080x1332, 30:37, puckmoonen 3.jpg)

File: 0a7e4576fd706a0⋯.jpg (179.72 KB, 960x960, 1:1, puckmoonen 4.jpg)

File: 6a50713794858b5⋯.jpg (148.36 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, puckmoonen 5.jpg)


File: 5e3f95637ebde8b⋯.jpg (118.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, puckmoonen 6.jpg)

File: bd39dceadafeec3⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, puckmoonen 7.jpg)

File: ab994982b232473⋯.jpg (249.64 KB, 1080x1149, 360:383, puckmoonen 8.jpg)

File: 8021394a18b4580⋯.jpg (148.73 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, puckmoonen 9.jpg)

File: 356808a2b184add⋯.jpg (263.32 KB, 1080x1269, 40:47, puckmoonen 10.jpg)


File: dbbec240f826a6e⋯.jpg (143 KB, 750x919, 750:919, asian gf vs white gf.jpg)


File: 817fd8d6a225f24⋯.jpg (246.77 KB, 863x1331, 863:1331, IMG_4078 (2).jpg)



White women cannot compete with asian women. Especially since asians do dyed hair better if that's your thing (b-b-but it's not natural! - neither are bottle blonde white girls)



Cope for what? Being able to dye your hair is not an advantage if any other woman can also do it.



Holy shit, the bias. Is this real?



Yes. Real white preference is actually higher because various groups will under report it for different reasons.


File: d99a19035be0b77⋯.png (358.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8B621209-74B8-4392-A550-35….png)

File: 48d9fcba12314aa⋯.png (342.4 KB, 454x537, 454:537, 42D747EB-17C9-4890-B7C1-FC….png)

File: 67612ac2f5001f1⋯.jpeg (123.2 KB, 468x714, 78:119, AE0B178E-EF5A-463C-A9EC-C….jpeg)

File: 2f40e37783d4bd8⋯.jpeg (335.11 KB, 1092x1052, 273:263, C7274B6B-CA15-42C6-82CB-F….jpeg)

File: f4af11e6e5e2fb6⋯.jpeg (919.56 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, FD0DE4CD-1630-418B-8A50-D….jpeg)





We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.


Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.


The Strenght and Valor of The Aryan Man Must Not Perish From This Earth.



>shoping greek statue heads onto modern bodybuilders because you're obsessed with the temporary aesthetic of strength over actual achievements

>definitely not degeneracy



Admiring a trained physique is not degenerate nor is appreciating the symbolism. Also if you don't take exercise seriously you won't be able to enjoy any achievements due to back pain and being obese / skinny fat.

Using GUID filenames >>6683 however is degenerate. I should make a hot white guy thread though.



The self control and toxic masculinity pic were statues made in the third Reich. Please tell me how the Nazis were degenerate.

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