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Discussions, problems, advice, questions and answers about WMAF sex, relationships, marriage, breeding, etc.



>So to you I'm just…

…a fuck toy, yes.

Face it OP, a lot of white men just see asian girls as objects to be fetishized and have casual sex with.



I have no problem with that.



So post your nudes.



Your fantasies can't ever be quenched, can they?



thanks for opening the thread.

I currently have a fling with a hapa girl, and I was linked this board when discussing this with someone on tumblr.

At the moment I am having a hard time processing the overload of thoughts and sensations I am experiencing. Has anybody had a similar experience?


File: 605462637a2e1a0⋯.jpg (358.08 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, data from star wars.jpg)


>I am having a hard time processing the overload of thoughts and sensations I am experiencing



lmao yeah not the most brilliant way to put int



If you have a problem with white women you should probably get it out in the open right here and now.



I can repeat what I said in the meta thread to you or someone else who posted a similar thing.

You're white and she's eurasian so no one is going to be surprised you like each other. The majority of hapa girls are with white men after all. Many have never and will never have sex with anyone other than them. Anyway, if she's attractive and you enjoy her company then it's pretty much birds and bees stuff for you to be infatuated with her. I said in the other thread a person can't like someone "too much" so it's not exactly something you should be worrying about. It's a really good thing isn't it? I'm happy for both of you. If it ends up being just a fling and nothing more, so be it, but hopefully it works out.

You're saying you're finding it more intense or a deeper connection than you had felt before? To that I say, just go with it. Fuck like rabbits, worry about the hows and whys later. Both asian and eurasian girls are an increasing part of white men’s sex lives and relationships anyway so white men need to get used to fucking these girls.



In a sense it feels like I lost control over myself, I'm just taken aback.

And are you serious with the sex thing?? I don't understand how you can be so sure that it's going to happen



I thought by fling you were saying you've already started. If not, get to it. What are you waiting for?

>how you can be so sure

It's not that I'm sure in your case. Of course I don't know anything about your situation. Though white guys and hapa girls are having sex, and not just a little. Why shouldn't you two?


My Chinese gf has big tits and is wife material, but is currently far away from me. Meanwhile, im studying at university and theres lots of really hot and cute asian girls around, some talking to me. Its hard to keep strong and not cheat, but damn… If I were a lesser man, it would be so good to fuck around.


File: 5af865f1d1711b4⋯.jpg (105.92 KB, 743x693, 743:693, breast comparison a study ….jpg)


A white man should fuck lots of asian girls, even if he already has a girlfriend or wife. If she's not a cuckquean though you should only cheat if she's very submissive or you already have a consensual non-consent thing going on. It's all about whether or not the relationship will continue after she finds out. If she'd be okay with it, or can be made to be, then you should fuck those girls. Otherwise, no.

However you have to tell them you already have a girlfriend. You don't have to tell them she's okay with it though. In fact weirdly enough some girls won't go for it if you do because they don't like the idea of such an "unequal" relationship, even the same ones who are willing to enable infidelity. Actually it's not unequal because there is nothing wrong with an asian girl being hyper submissive to a white man, just as it's okay for him to be dominant. Some people don't get that unfortunately.

>has big tits

Any girl with big tits needs to be put in her place lest her ego get as big as her boobs. Fucking flat girls will do that nicely, as well as increasing the amount of justice in the world.



I mean, it's not physical at this point, no.

I don't know; I have always considered myself to be traditional in regards to sex and dating; this sudden passion has taken me off-guard.

And also all the things you guys write on here only add to my confusion haha


all the FOB chink broads at uni avoid eye contact and are incredibly insular

better go for Westernized asian girls?



FOB are a curious case. I went to a uni where FOBs were sent as punishment from their families for not getting into higher status schools. So there was an odd mix of wealthy rebellious/underachievers. Some were extremely insular and ignored not being in China, like asking questions in Chinese to the prof in the lecture. Some (my favorite) were looking to get the most out of the Canadian university experience. Those girls didn’t stand a chance against big Canadian hockey players, Chinese fob boys just can’t compete. I converted one to white men for the 3 years she had left before she went back to China, maybe she’s fucking expats back in guongdong now. I also knew of one FOB who loved going downtown and going home with different white guys every weekend.

So I’m essence, depends on the local make up. FOB’s can be fun but be prepared to probably get dragged to asian people shit you wouldn’t normally do. Go chat a couple up, if you’re tall handsome and white and she’s already open to the idea of dating a white guy it’s a layup. Just be aware of some of the shit you might have to deal with.



>considered myself to be traditional

What has that got to do with whether you get infatuated with someone or not? People can have the same feelings regardless of how they go about things. Where's the confusion? You like this girl. Good. Don't belabour the point.


Think of it for their point of view, it's got to be scary and intimidating and if there's the language confidence problems too you can imagine them taking the easier option of hiding away. That means you have to put in the effort.


>ignored not being in China, like asking questions in Chinese to the prof in the lecture

I remember having to do group projects with people who couldn't speak a word of English at all. We wondered what makes them so delusional (couldn't ask them of course) but your post makes me suppose they must have been forced there by their parents too.



it's just that I really think about sex a lot lately


How are asian women with hapa babies viewed in Asia (or particular part of it if you have info)? Frowned upon like mudsharks in Europe and US, praised for breeding with white man? None specific stance?



No shit.




Well you keep talking about this hapa girl and you are posting on a board with a bunch of porn on it literally about sex.



I just got linked to here…I don't really care about the porn as much as I do about what you guys have to say



>your post makes me suppose they must have been forced there by their parents too.

University in China is a super cake walk but its tough to get in, you need those rigorous high school marks. So rich kids with bad scores in highschool get shipped off to second tier schools in US/Canada to 'at least learn English'.

If they are doing their damnedest to not learn English and only hang with other FOB's then they were forced here.


>>3144 (Checked)

That's kawaii.




What exactly do you mean by this? You made a number of posts repeating this term.

>white genes are recessive genes

All of them? Which ones? Be specific and accurate.



He's got nothing, basically troll posting by latching onto the word 'dominant' in reference to gene transfer.

The flavor of the best whisky in the world is 'recessive' to the 'dominant' flavor of sewage. Doesn't make sewage a superior beverage.



it's funny because i was about to post more or less the same thing in the other thread, but decided against it to not derail that thread.

but since he seemingly can't help but litter, I guess it's fair.



My white genes crushed my chinese wifes genes. Our son is 99% white. Only the inside corner of his eyes have any Asian attributes. He is a carbon copy of me, but cuter.



Ah, you must be a calianon, right?

A friend of mine traveled all around california recently and was amazed at how many white guys had asian women on their arms.



Asian girls usually have a preference for white men, and white men tend to like asian girls, so it shouldn't amaze or surprise anyone. It still does though, mainly because people aren't necessarily that aware of asian female sexual preference.



It's because asian women are wife material. Why settle for anything less when you can buy a lamborghini


There's this cute Chinese/Korean girl that I work with (she was born in the US to her Chinese father and Korean mother, she only speaks English but she's a massive weeb for Japanese animation and comics, she cosplays for conventions and everything, you can easily find the pics online), she keeps flirting with me on our lunch break, and I've only just begun to catch myself flirting back.

Right now we're just good friends, but I know she wants more than that with me.

The thing is, I'm married to a White woman whom I love, who loves me, and with whom I have young children with, I'm tempted to cheat, but if I do, I'd make it clear to my co-worker/friend that this is just sex and nothing more (which I know is less than she wants with me, but which I am quite confident that she'd take me up on it anyway).

She obviously knows that I'm married with kids, as she even came to our house for BBQ and drinks (along with a few of my other friends from work), this hasn't deterred her in the slightest, she is heads over heels for me according to her mother.

She knows there is occasionally conflict in my marriage regarding politics, religion, and raising our kids, she probably also knows this is a factor that may contribute to a desire for cheating on my wife with a cute asian fembro, she's right about that, it;s only during these times when controversial topics become unavoidable that I've begun to have arguments with my wife.

I'm right-wing, openly a combination of Libertarian and Conservative, but privately a combination of AnCap and Nazi, my wife is publicly apathetic to politics but is privately a normie-type liberal who considrs Trump an embarrassment, I'm an atheist, she's a christian, I want to raise my kids according to my religious and political beliefs, and she just wants to give them a normal upbringing, she trusts in the system and wants to do what every other parent is doing with their kids.

Basically, she the average american white woman, and I used to be the average american white man until my enlightenment, and here's this hot coworker who is also a super cool friend of mine, one whom I hang out with outside work (though I do that with other coworkers of mine as well, mostly guys), and she wants me in a sexual and romantic relationship, even though she knows I'm married and have young children.

I still love my wife, and I love my kids, I don't want to risk losing them for some sex, if this happens, I want to make it clear to her that this will only be sex, and that I have no plans to make any changes to my current love life for her.




You'd basically be giving your balls over to another woman who could potentially fuck you over. If you were childfree and just had a gf I'd say go for it, but getting caught means potentially ruining your marriage and relationship with your kids.



it’s complicated for sure. I think you’re just scared of the consequences though. imo you sound like you’re ready to move forward with her (or else you wouldn’t even be entertaining the thought)

although if your marriage is already troubled, this could accelerate the decline. so if you don’t think the relationship is inevitably doomed then it wouldn’t be a good idea. you really can’t have both without possibly alienating two people

although, optimally, even marriage wouldn’t be an impediment to WMAF sex… we still live in the real world ;P





Here's the thing; I'm in love with two women, if it was possible to be so, if I had to choose between them, I'd go for the asian co-worker, she's like a guy in the body of a hot asian girl who knows everything about me and is totally happy to let me be myself, in addition, I share common interests with her, and we have this deep understanding that doesn't exist between me any anyone else in my life, If I'd met her before having my kids, I'd be with her in a heartbeat.

But I met my wife, had my children, moved, and then got my job where I met my co-worker.

My children are the most important thing in the world to me, I hide my political and religious beliefs for their sake and I would rather die then lose them or allow something terrible to happen to them.

If I had to choose between my co-worker and my kids, I would choose my kids in an instant, I love them more than anything else in this world.

They are two sons, oldest and youngest, and one daughter, middle child, all three are amazing in every way, losing them would be the worst thing in the world for me.

I've been pretending to agree with my wife on everything for their sake, everyone around me believes that I'm a christian for christ's sake, and I hate kikestianity with a passion (for the record, I have only slightly less hate for paganism, both are lies and promote cuckery and faggotry).

Don't get me wrong, I love my wife a lot, and there is a fuckton of history between us and has formed a close bond and feeling between us, I'd rather die than hurt her or allow her to be harmed in any way, but we are drifting apart at an ever-growing rate due to the political and religious differences becoming unavoidable due to the current climate.

When we both met, I was a normie like her, we were both geeks and fell for one another in the cutest of ways, our romance was perfect, as was our marriage, and our love was deeper than the mariana trench, however, I spent time on the net, and began arguing with those I felt were not only wrong, but evil, first the atheists, then the likes of /pol/ and /liberty/ after some notable atheists began to transform into the anons of those boards, instead of changing them, they changed me, and now I'm what I am, and hiding forever, my wife knows my atheism, but only assumes I'm a conservative libertarian.

The asian girl, however, she knows everything and wholeheartedly accepts me, it's a part of why I love her.

I was drunk, as was she, when as was she, when we first shared her secrets, such as her doing solo porn to pay for her education (stripping, masturbating, etc. she was the "geeky asian girl" in cosplay, due to how she wears prescription glasses IRL), and her fetish for white guys (meaning she doesn't like dating within her race, and she feels kinda ashamed of it), and my opinions of various issues, we were the last to leave the bar at an after work party celebrating some milestone for out company, I was waiting for my wife, she for her dad, but at the end, she was saying she was attracted to me, romantically and sexually.

I originally cast it off as something she didn't mean, it was the alcohol talking, but meeting her mother later at an event in the area, she confirmed that this was an enduring thing her daughter had told her about.

So later on, this must have hit some switch in her, as she gradually became more overt and aggressive with her feeling towards me, and I know I could report her to HR, but I'm tempted to make a move on her due to the increasing arguments with my wife, particularly on decisions regarding how to raise our children.

This situation is tough.

with my wife, I feel like my marriage is falling apart, we had so much and nostalgia is like a curse on me, I want us to go back to that, but both my wife and I have changed so much since then, if our relationship can be salvaged, I'd like to do it.

with my friend, I feel like I found my soulmate, but too late.

more than anything else, I don't want to lose my kids, they are my dear life to me, and I'd rather die than lose them.

I know I'm repeating and rambling here, but I want you to know everything about my situation before you respond again.



well, there seems to be two major paths

1: you stay with your wife and potentially live an increasingly miserable life (but maintain normal, unstrained relations with your children)

2: you choose to be with your magnetic asian lover and eventually alienate your family and plunge your life into chaos

i wouldn't enter into a sexual relation with your new GF lightly. it will have repercussions. your wife will eventually either suspect or find out. you might think its the best and easiest decision, but it's probably the worst

that girl wants to marry you. she will work her way into your life and make it an inevitability. there won't be an easy 'out' with her. shes obsessed. if you make the decision to be with her, you should make it under the assumption that she is now your future



Well, to be fair, she's only "obsessed" because I've led her on (intentionally or not).

But she is going after a married man, so what does that say about her?

and despite all I've said about her, I do still love my wife, but I think a lot of that is me being in love with who she used to be, and as the man I once was, I think we're growing apart, which sucks because of all the great memories of the good times between us.

Plus, my children, if I leave my wife formally before going with the new girl, I would want to arrange a good situation with my kids and I.

the last thing I forgot to tell you, though you probably figured it out by now, is that there is a significant age gap between me and my co-worker, she's young, and adult and legal, but much younger than me and my wife, this doesnt bother her (it's part of my appeal to her) but it kinda bothers me, I feel like I'm leaving my long-term lover and mother to my children for a younger woman of another, more exotic race.

That just looks terrible from the outside, and no one will actually see that there is a rift that has been growing in my marriage, and a connection between me and the new girl that I've never really had with anyone.

"so don't give a shit about what people think", you might say, but with my kids on the line here, looks are everything, so going through with this, getting a divorce and moving on instead of trying to recapture the past, it has real risks to it.

There's also the fact that I'm very well off financially, but my wife earns so much less than me, and works much fewer hours, that means she'd try to gut me for all I'm worth.


Maybe I should go with your suggestion, but how to tell her that she shouldn't be interested in me any more? I've already kissed her, more like makeout and groping, and this was at her place, and we were drinking, but that was when the (welcome) "sexual harassment" at work from her to me really amplified, because she assumed she got an "in" with me.


File: 6dea70f77e16e54⋯.jpg (77.65 KB, 632x646, 316:323, poorly drawn confused anim….jpg)


>Basically, she the average american white woman

Of whom the majority voted for Trump, far more than asian women. If you knew anything about politics you would know that already. So just be careful with the bullshitting.





>but we are drifting apart at an ever-growing rate due to the political and religious differences becoming unavoidable due to the current climate

So in other words you are dancing to the tune of the lugenpresse and doing exactly what they want, dividing. Why don't you stop talking bollocks about politics and religion and put effort into not "drifting apart"? Assuming this isn't all lies anyway, you are spinning a lugenpresse narrative by theorising that the solution to marital problems is separation. It isn't.


>I do still love my wife

Then why the fuck are you talking about divorce?

The bullshit quotient of your posts is very high. Please dial it back significantly because so far you have sapped all sexiness from a situation I would normally be all over.



Not bothered by the Nazi part though.



Because it's an actual stance rather than wishy-washy crap.



You should really talk to your wife about your problems with the relationship before you start doing anything with other people. Until you do your relationship with her will only get worse and worse. If you actually care about your children, you'll deal with that now instead of later. Kids aren't dumb. They'll notice your familial relationship tanking and it'll stick with them for life.

If you are charismatic and even just a bit lucky you have a damn good chance of converting her to your point of view, even going so far as to having an asian mistress. You are the man of the house. Act like it. Right now you're acting like a faggot.


File: 39d20992ae2939e⋯.jpg (180.13 KB, 915x1000, 183:200, 1519445640483.jpg)


1. hapas dont have a monopoly on mental illness

2. all of this "hapas" are bad was spread by a mentally ill guy who hates white men and asian women and basically spends all day spamming the internet about it



What is the crime rate of male hapas compared to black males, latinos, muslims, etc? Many magnitudes less. Also Elliot Rodgers' father isn't white so use a relevant example.


His name is Tenda Spencer.



>I tried looking up his dad

Try harder, faggot.



>a combination of AnCap and Nazi

>I want to risk my wife and kids for sex

Is this Jewposting?


File: ed429f13164f2aa⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Japanese-Korean girl talks how her Japanese girlfriends ask her about the "size" (starts at 7:00)


File: 13709a49d717b34⋯.png (46.45 KB, 914x499, 914:499, advice on reddit.png)

Found this relationship advice from a Chinese girl when looking on AGW.


Whole video is worth watching. The answer she gives them is the best one, try it for themselves and find out. Agree with that. Better for asian girls to just start having sex with white men instead of being eternally curious.

Another interesting part is where she explains she doesn't have a preference for white men, rather that the individuals she happened to find attractive and end up with are always white. If that's the way it turns out then good, but personally I don't think there's anything wrong with asian girls going specifically for white men and being exclusive.


File: 942d6b29fb26454⋯.jpg (119.99 KB, 946x612, 473:306, jessue tu.jpg)



First of all let my preface this by saying I support WMAF and hope the author of this article and her friends do get white boyfriends. But I am really bothered by the hypocrisy of what she’s saying. Ideally I’d want any asian women to be with a white guy if that’s what she wants but we’re not going to get to that point by calling white men racist or entitled. A desirable white guy has choices and he’s extremely unlikely to be shamed into doing anything by SJW-tier bullshit and buzzwords. Why would any women even want to shame a guy she likes anyway? Take away his power? That’s unsexy. So maybe you get what you want in the short term but you are ending up with a guy who folded and you won’t respect him.

So an asian woman has a preference for white guys. That’s pretty normal. But it’s also normal for white men to have a preference for white girls. I normally don’t like to use words like sexist but it is genuinely sexist to minimise a guy’s preferences and try to make out a woman’s are more important. If it’s okay for you to have a “whites only” dating policy then it’s okay for him as well.

Instead of bitching about him and writing passive aggressive articles, how about acknowledging his sexual preferences and their similarity to yours? Understand them and see that they are legitimate. Instead of being yet another annoying idiot going on about entitlement and racism (which white men have heard enough of already) try showing him through your words and actions that maybe he should give you a chance, that you should be the exception. If you like tall, strong, masculine, dominant white men, have you considered that maybe he likes sexy, feminine, submissive women? Be that.

These articles frustrate me because if with the right attitude even full-on white nationalist / white supremacist guys can be seduced into accepting the possibility of an asian girlfriend then obviously some normal guy on a dating site can be. I get the situation is frustrating for her and I do give her and her friends credit that “most of the men they swipe right are white Anglo” but talking about discrimination law and the rest at the end is ridiculous. You’re not going to give asian women more sexual access to white men through a fucking legal case.



<Lately, my single, female friends have been telling me about the extraordinary messages they receive


<I image the scenario playing out like this: the messages are written on cardboard signs which men hold up – like this actual line on the profile of a sun-kissed Liam Hemsworth lookalike: "Looking for love. Pls no foreigners."

She means imagine there I assume. I'm sure she does imagine that, the desparate horny little slut.

<No Blacks or Asians

Just throw in blacks to make it seem more legit.

<When I ask several friends about their swiping habits on apps like Tinder and OkCupid, and they don’t deny that most of the men they swipe right are white Anglo.


OK if you say so asian lady.

>which white men have heard enough of already

Too right. Listen, if asian girls like her are blowing their chances with that crap then it just means less competition for those who don't.



True but I'd not the competition type thinking one person has to lose for another to win. I'd much rather see her with her "Liam Hemsworth lookalike" than writing SJW articles. On top of that I don't think white men have to choose between white or asian women when it makes more sense to cooperate and share.


File: d333dc70e4ae97a⋯.png (84.61 KB, 627x900, 209:300, offmychest.png)

File: b2366d5cc4609ca⋯.png (13.33 KB, 761x173, 761:173, ovulating.png)

She got lots of reassuring replies but it sucks how asian and hapa girls feel guilty about fantasies and sexual preferences that are obviously very natural. White guys need to help girls like this and not let themselves be shamed by people for having a much younger asian gf.



But aren't most older white men already married?



Yes, and?




It makes it hotter but it's also practical.


We get along because I have a giant dick and she likes to get fucked and get thrown around the room. Just little 45kg asian girl things.


File: 1e32b3dcf179e61⋯.jpg (133.05 KB, 562x555, 562:555, cute.jpg)

>>4455 (Checked)

If a man can't pick up his gf he either needs to lift or his girl is too fat. But pic related, imagine if they threatened to expel a girl for being overweight (which by the way is an eating disorder)



I love pushing her little body around. She is all helpless and whimpers, her pussy gets so wet.

I want to start breeding her. Her mom told her to get white guy's dicks. I think we could make cute kids and have endless sex together.



Hot. I love how WMAF is about sexual domination and I love how asian girls are able to bring that out of white guys just by being asian.

>Her mom told her

She admitted that to you? It happens though. I mean, it's not that uncommon for asian girls to be gently (or sometimes not so gently) pushed towards white guys by their parents.



She kept telling me how I was really hot and exactly what she wanted. And yeah her mom agreed.

When we make love together it is totally perfect. I like the degradation too and the breeding.



Degradation isn't my thing but if you two like it then I'm glad you enjoy it together. Pretty neat her mum is that supportive and open about WMAF.

If you have daughters who grow up to have white boyfriends then I hope you'll support them too. Not presuming to tell you how to be a parent or anything, but it's just my opinion that white men are usually the best choice for asian and mixed girls and in general I like to see the mixing with white men continue.



damn, she looks a lot like a girl I had a great chance with


>>4722 (Checked)

Does chance mean you didn't actually close the deal?



how do you get an Asian gf to shave?

She's never shaved anything before (anything), is very sexually sheltered and worst of all the latest trend seems to be that it's feminist to not shave

Everything else is great, but dear God I wish she'd shave at least her armpits and her legs. I really prefer everything bare but the armpits are a bit much for me.

Looking for realistic advice btw




Hard to imagine any man would let his girl not shave.


File: 9696ab234507906⋯.jpg (86.36 KB, 972x950, 486:475, IMG-20190309-WA0077~2.jpg)


Just ask her to. What's the worst that could happen. Mine does and it looks fantastic



>the latest trend seems to be that it's feminist to not shave

this feminist shit unironically does ruin relationships nowadays


>>4922 (Checked)

The post is bollocks. A "very sexually sheltered" asian girl with a white bf is following fringe "feminist" trends not to shave her armpits and legs? Yeah, right.



Why is that weird? Heaps of Chinese girls are very sheltered. Not the ones born and raised overseas but if born in China, absolutely, and in China heaps of women don't shave anything at all.

Not sure what the point of faking that sort of post is though, but I know more than a few Chinese girls with the same mindset.

I'm assuming this is Chinese too btw, Japanese and Koreans don't do this.



But because they are following the latest feminist trends? Mutually exclusive with being "very sheltered".

>Not sure what the point of faking that sort of post is though

You're asking why people make terrible posts that are completely fucking stupid? You want some kind of logical answer? Come on.



I don't know how many straight outta China girls you've met but there are tons like that nowadays, that are sheltered and want to stick to Chinese norms, but at the same time who want a white boyfriend.

One of these things they weirdly see as 'feminist' in their odd way is how China doesn't generally demand that women shave, and sometimes they're reluctant to adopt western trends. It's very much a 'have your cake and eat it too' kind of mindset they have with this.

If you haven't run into this kind of girl you're not exactly missing out, but I guarantee you they do exist, especially in the new generation of Chinese people coming to the west.



Bullshit. Why are you defending that fucking faggot? He won't ever reply about asking her because she doesn't exist. How does her having unshaved legs let alone armpits not come up on their first date? Imagining the type of guy who would put up with that genuinely makes me feel sick. And how does she have friends? I have heard of women hanging around with ugly people to make themselves look better but having to introduce Ms Fucking Gorilla everywhere you go? Give me a break.

God damn, what an annoying conversation.





Jesus Christ how can you get this mad about a post that innocent? If you don't like it just ignore the post instead of shitting up the thread with your autism.


Seconding >>4882, just ask, it probably has to be brought up at some point, and I'd say the longer you leave it the more difficult it will be to change her mind. Complacency might be a reason why she doesn't bother shaving, but you kind of have to get her to acknowledge that part of being with a white boyfriend is that she has to accept that white beauty standards have to be met for things to work.




Why didn't he "just ask" already?



who cares


>>4944 (Checked)

Don't pretend it's not relevant just because it shows you're wrong.



Who gives a fuck about why, if you can't offer advice just shut the fuck up. You're way more insufferable than that post.

You cannot conceive of a single fucking reason why someone's girlfriend might not shave, and might be motivated by misguided feminism and an anon is asking for advice on how to handle that? You can't believe the other people and probably tons of other accounts online about how not shaving is common among Chinese girls? All this is somehow just some bullshit story for no apparent purpose at all? Even if you still think it is for some retarded reason, do the board a favour and shut the fuck up anyway. God forbid you contribute to the thread instead of autistic screeching.


Offer to do it for her. That sometimes works. But to be honest, if she's listening to too much of the feminist rhetoric, this could just be one of many future issues with this sort of thing.



why weren't both autists banned for that display? because one was a mod or what?




It was more than two ip addresses and I take post history into account.



Quality stuff if that's your gf anon

no ban pls


My dick is too big :(


File: aeb314f1405bae4⋯.jpg (5.16 KB, 229x220, 229:220, 1450792017729.jpg)

I had an affair with my asian friend's mom, she got pregnant and had a kid from it but it's all been kept secret and everyone thinks her husband is the father. He's still my friend and whenever I spend time with them it kills me inside because it's being around my daughter and having to pretend and keep the secret.



Is her husband Asian?



There was an asian guy who I was talking to and this was his fantasy (in your friend's role). Also too lots of asian guys who would want to be in the husband's role. Anyway I always think it's a shame when adultery happens to a guy who's not a cuckold when there are those guys out there who are. I know I'm an idealist but I wish asian women who want mixed children (or just want to fuck a younger white guy) but are in a relationship with an asian man could always come to an honest agreement. Without that there's always the horrible risk of the relationship or marriage being destroyed and also forcing someone like you to go through all that secrecy and worry.

The only advice I can give is to keep the secret because anything else would cause harm. At least doing nice things for your friend might make you feel better.



Asian milfs are just as entitled to casual and reproductive sex white white men as any other asian girl, regardless of relationship status with any asian man. I don't think you did anything wrong, apart from breaking off the affair as you speak of it in the past tense (had). Asian men have to accept more white cock inside their female friends, crushes, girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. That's reality.


Let me quote from ingtld. It's from a cuckquean post but it applies here:

>interracial sex with white men is more important than monogamy

We all have to start thinking like this. Asian girls belong to white men.


File: fe6ffb74af6ca3e⋯.png (10.38 KB, 358x331, 358:331, thinking, smug anime girl.png)


I agree insofar as wanting white cock fucking, cumming inside and impregnating more asian girls but realistically cheating can be a serious thing with bad consequences. If the cuckoldry of asian boys was more widespread and open then I'd say cheating is always okay but until then plenty of asian boys would and do have a problem with it. That is my quote by they way (glad you like it), and yes, I hope we eventually move to a point where white men take complete sexual ownership of asian girls in a way which would override monogamy. But there is a difference between making posts to help people fap / schlick to these ideas in a fantasy sense with more direct or extreme themes versus the subtly and care required when doing it for real. I would be mortified if a relationship was ended because of something I wrote.

But yeah, I agree with these statements

>Asian men have to accept more white cock inside their female friends, crushes, girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters and daughters.

>Asian girls belong to white men.



Here is the post from bdsmlr

When is it okay for a white man to cheat on his girl?

I’m writing this to explain the difference between good cheating and bad cheating to white men. Some people are bound to be offended by the idea that cheating can be good and that it’s okay for white men to do under the right conditions, but please read to the end. There’s a difference between cheating that is beneficial to women overall versus cheating that is abusive, and I hope you will appreciate the spirit of my argument even if you don’t agree with some parts.

Anyway, here goes.

If she’s very submissive then it’s okay to fuck other girls. This is an obvious one but cheating is a potent way to play with and test female submission. However it has to be done right and he has to know her well. If she finds out and is not submissive enough to accept or learn to accept his infidelity then it’s not okay.

It should go without saying but cheating is okay within consensual nonconsent relationships. Because girls in such a relationship have given away their consent to her man she no longer has the right to object to him fucking other girls. Well, she can try to object but at the end of the day she has to let him continue because she doesn’t have a choice. Her desperately begging him to stop yet knowing she has to stick to her vows is such a hot submissive thrill and something we should want more girls to experience. In an ideal world I’d like to see the majority of relationships with desirable white men be based on consensual nonconsent.

If the other girl is younger, prettier and hotter than his girlfriend or wife then it’s okay to cheat. If she’s not that hot then cheating isn’t as sexy and honestly can become kind of gross. Cheating needs to be understandable and have a feeling of inevitability; that they would make for a sexy couple and should be together officially if he didn’t already have a girlfriend or wife. She has to be able to look at his mistress and even though she may hate the humiliating comparison and feelings of intense jealousy, know that she doesn’t have a choice but to stand back and let the infidelity continue. Not just that it’s excusable, but yes, that it needs to happen. If a girl is hot enough (legitimately crushingly beautiful and gorgeous with a perfect slim nubile and pert body) then it’s actually wrong not to cheat on your girl with her. The age difference and power imbalance adds a lot as well.

If she needs to be put in her place and cheating on her it an appropriate way do it for her, then it’s okay. A regular schedule of domestic discipline is usually the most effective way to control and teach girls, and as we all know the female brain can become unruly and chaotic without it. However some extremely submissive girls will deliberately misbehave in order to receive more physical punishment. In such cases the shock and threat of another girl taking her place will set her back on the straight and narrow.

Some girls are turned on by or even have a sexual preference for taken men, including married men. So for that reason if a girl gets off having cheating sex then it’s okay to cheat on your girl with her. Not only okay but something you should do. It’s unfair and wrong for a girl with that sexual preference to be prevented from expressing it. Whether she likes the idea of stealing him, wants to keep it a secret, wants to flaunt it in front of her or lives for the look on his wife’s face when they get caught the first time, white men should accommodate.




White men should be fucking a diverse range of pussy and with that in mind cheating is always okay if it’s interracial sex. More white girls need to be forced into being submissive, surrendered housewives and part of that is accepting her man’s affairs. It’s not simply just hot that he’s fucking all these exciting and exotic girls, but the contrast itself helps white girls to understand other girls can give him something special she cannot. Aside from this, white girls also have a responsibility to enable other girls to express their white preference freely. Many girls prefer white men and it’s not right to deny sexual access to them, even to those already in a relationship. Interracial sex with white men is more important than monogamy.

White men in interracial relationships should cheat with girls of other races but also with white girls. Only white girls can have white children and it’s incredibly important for non-white girls to admit that. Talk of non-white girls having “white babies” is a bit ridiculous. Of course she should have his children, but they are mixed, not white. It’s better to be realistic and accept he’s going to have to knock up one of his mistresses as well and that she’ll have to move in and you’ll have to help raise their children. Again, like the lesson white girls must learn, non-white girls have to understand white girls are special and unique for that, and not just for the intimidating objective reality of white beauty. We want all different types of girls to be hotly jealous, envious, obsessed, worshipful and supportive of each other within an inclusive, progressive framework, with tall powerful white men as the focus.

If she’s a cuckquean, whether or not she realises it yet, then it’s always okay to cheat. Some cuckqueans like to have a lot of rules so they feel safer and in control, which is fine to discuss and respect up to a certain point, but it’s also important to push the boundaries and even break the rules when necessary.

Male infidelity is wickedly wrong but it’s also extremely hot and the sex can be deliciously perfect. Acknowledging that and even encouraging it is a powerful symbol of female submission, acceptance of female sexuality and that other women are often much, much more desirable. Helping women to leave behind the more toxic and poisonous ways to deal with jealousy and instead using it to enable more positive sexual competition and cooperation between women is the goal. But it has to be done the right way, for the right reasons, and the outcome must be positive overall. That’s the most important part of all: the relationship must continue and become stronger if or when his girl finds out. If cheating would end the relationship then it’s not okay.

By the way, I do accept the inevitable criticism that posts like this only pour more fuel on the fire of white male power fantasies, but the problem is any way I think about it I always come back to the fact that empowering white men to take dominant control of more women aligns with my views on how sex and society should work.


File: 012ca14fe381b2f⋯.png (23.4 KB, 699x411, 233:137, sexualized.png)

File: 5ef85b81d05329c⋯.png (5.46 KB, 658x99, 658:99, deleted.png)

Just out on meme/content theft safari and saw this. The first post about being sexualised for being half asian stickied on /r/hapas, the second post from the same poster deleted.


File: 7747a12f523381f⋯.png (59.92 KB, 1021x572, 1021:572, sad state.png)

File: aa8f2e5d56fe4eb⋯.png (30.86 KB, 854x588, 61:42, a new low.png)

File: 482e823556911d7⋯.png (5.8 KB, 764x72, 191:18, m'lady.png)

Similar sort of topic with posters on a different subreddit complaining about it. Honestly I admit they make good points about the humblebragging. The best thing for hapa (and asian) girls is to get a strong, tall, handsome white bf and simply have him and his friends pummel anyone who gives you hassle.


File: 57831f66e45b005⋯.mp4 (2.56 MB, 854x480, 427:240, it's not creepy is it.mp4)

Interesting points about the difference of perception between white men liking asian girls and asian girls liking white men. A combination of male sexuality being portrayed as bad and white male bashing is behind the "yellow fever" myth. This girl however has a more sensible way of looking at it and no, it's not creepy to have a "fetish" aka sexual preference for white men. It's actually extremely common.

Think about how crazy it is to shame or deny the attraction element of relationships.




That's cheeky.


Nice meme safari findings.


First story doesn't sound very believable, reads like one of those fake hate crimes that Jussie Smollett types like to manufacture. I mean I guess this 14 year old boy could be one of those rare psychopaths who skinned alive cats on the sly. "Thousands" of stories also sounds like bullshit, I'm sure many of them are "I received an unwanted and awkwardly expressed compliment".

But I agree with the /r/hapa take that what these women are doing is just disguised humble bragging. I think most of the women who do this don't understand that that's what their actual motivation is. Also agree that another facet of women's lack of self awareness is them not being able to put their issues in perspective relative to men's issues. I have met women who were able to understand and empathize with men's issues and agreed that men have it worse, but they are not common because that perspective is so outside of the mainstream.


I mean if she knew she was going to immediately contradict herself she shouldn't have started out with the "there is definitely a line between" bit. Resolve your cognitive dissonance girl. Many women are so timid about thinking for themselves but I give her credit for trying, as it's more than most people do.

The bashing white men for "yellow fever" thing is just an extension of the general lefty hatred for white men, all of it is flagrantly hypocritical. It's a disingenuous attempt to shame people for imagined thought crimes. All yellow fever is, is being uniquely/especially attracted to Asian women in particular. Why is physical attraction bad? That's the basis for 99% of relationships in the beginning. Is it bigoted or creepy to be particularly hot for red heads? But I mean I'll stop there as the idea is so obviously stupid I don't need to preach to the choir any more.


File: 9a3ca13b31f5d7d⋯.jpg (182.8 KB, 1031x654, 1031:654, anticoncept.jpg)

Meme content finding of my own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNLACIAOJ4A

In this vid a Japanese guy goes around the streets of Japan and asks women what they think of "yellow fever".

He interviews very few women which I find a little suspicious. But of the women he does talk to you can kind of tell they are not really bothered by the concept in the slightest. I'm not really knowledgeable about Japan but I would imagine this is because feminism and SJW ideology isn't really a thing there.

They struggled to grasp the phrase because Asians don't literally look yellow, and they were not familiar with the non-literal use of "fever" either. But if you get past the misunderstandings, they clearly don't care or see it as a problem and have the common sense take that "so they find Asians attractive, that is a good thing".

>1:18 Question: In a broad sense, 'yellow fever' is used when a non-Asian person is obsessed with dating Asian people and it has negative connotations. What do you about it?

He asked them this but I doubt he explained why people thought it had negative connotations, because it is one of those things that if you try to explain it to someone out of the ideological loop it immediately sounds silly. In order to make the 'yellow fever' concept sound bad, you have to attach some other negative behaviors to the people who are accused of having it. But those negative behaviors are still separate from the definition of it, effectively smearing any non-Asian (let's be real it's just about white guys) who are hot for Asians. Ayn Rand coined a good term called "anti-concept" that hits the nail on the head of these shitty liberal terms, see attached pic. Another way of putting it is that it's a concept that doesn't make any rational sense and is just designed to politically or socially manipulate others.

Anyways back to the vid. To the extent the women expressed any disapproval of "yellow fever" at all, you can tell it was only because the interviewer lead with talking about how others were offended by it. You can tell they were trying to work out why it was offensive by assuming it made any sense at all and they just had to puzzle out the reason. If you start by saying "some are offended by" people high in agreeableness with be sympathetic to those supposedly offended by default, out of a preference for being conciliatory. This kind of thing is why poorly worded poll questions are criticized as being leading. Still the women applied some common sense to it that you wouldn't hear from a lot of western women.



So much of that is just nonsensical assertions, it doesn't even sound like the person writing it believes what they are saying. I mean I get it you highly value WMAF enough to see it as an end in itself. But personally I wouldn't resort to mental gymnastics in order to justify being shitty to my girlfriend or wife. I mean if you find a white girl who is genuinely accepting of it then fine, but much of that was implying you should just do it anyways. There is also the practical matter that if you don't have your wife's consent to sleeping with Asian girls on the side, she will straight up divorce rape you. The legal system has rendered much of this "put your women in her place" talk toothless. Anything other then making sure she is totally okay with it is impractical.



I do believe it. I have made myself believe it. White girls tend to love those posts and one said I am "always knocking it out the park" in response to that particular one.

>justify being shitty to my girlfriend or wife

Strange way to interpret it.


File: b40e7f23c6d37c8⋯.jpg (94.12 KB, 599x800, 599:800, b40e7f23c6d37c879e08664fa4….jpg)


Anti-concept is the same general idea as Newspeak that George Orwell wrote a lot about. It's nothing new. If you control the method by which language is utilized you control the output of thought for the unthinking populace. It's why cable news, newspapers, politicians, etc, all now use phrases like "climate change," "undocumented immigrant," or "feminism."

None of these phrases really mean anything. They're just vessels for a negative association that are easy to pound into the masses brains through endless repetition and redress.



Yes it all does seem exaggerated. Self centred to go on there complaining then say she has a white bf. The majority of hapa girls are with white men, which I support, but who would go on that part of reddit and say it so obliviously? Should /r/hapas etc support WMAF and WMHF? Yes, and maybe in the future they will if things keep improving, but at the moment I wonder if posters like that aren't outright trolling rather than just attention seeking.

>Resolve your cognitive dissonance girl

Seems like that is what she was trying to do and getting across how her views evolved, looking at it generously.

>Is it bigoted or creepy to be particularly hot for red heads?

Good point. For me white men not liking redheads would be weird. Asian girls only liking white guys is fine, but white men ONLY liking asian girls is strange. That's how I feel about it.

Anyway don't worry, it's fine to criticise everything around "yellow fever" because it's an unfair and inaccurate thing. It annoys me too.



This is a fascinating explanation of what's going on in relation to the phrase. Thanks to both of you for explaining how they're trying to turn what is essentially a flattering and positive list of things white men think about asian girls into something that's supposed somehow to be bad.



Yes he is asian


Thanks for the advice


Yes we had an affair. I am dating a white girl now



Well I think I've read your other blog posts and like them, but my standard for relational health is a pretty traditionalist appreciation of dedicated monogamy. I'd probably have to read a pretty compelling book chock full of many-faceted arguments to be persuaded but I'll speak a bit to why I disagree. Your last sentence you say that it aligns with your views of how sex and society should work, and that is what I picked up which made it unpersuasive that it was such motivated reasoning.

The idea that cheating could make a relationship stronger is pretty alien to me. I think the only kind of women who would find this tolerable is the kind with fairly substantial psychological issues / childhood trauma which I wouldn't want to marry in the first place. So trying to pull such an arrangement off in the real world with a real human being would be taking advantage of the poor mental health of a girl. I'd rather help my partner grow stronger and healthier. Not really impressed that women who hold a fringe fetish outlook who were already inclined to agree with you, agree with you. Just like I view male cucks as psychologically unhealthy I'd consider female cucks to be the same as well until I observe plenty of examples to the contrary myself. Open relationships has always been something I've associated with degenerate lefties, because that is only ever who I've seen practice it.

Dedicated monogamy is the time tested model for healthy relationships, a healthy environment to raise strong children in, and a cornerstone of civilization. It's traditional for a reason, it wasn't arbitrary whim or happenstance that it came about. Whites thrived and expanded with it. The decline of marriage in modern times has to do with the political system interfering with the relationships of men and women, perverting the incentives of women. I'd rather address what caused this break down rather than get more experimental. The way you argue that cheating keeps your woman in line sounds like you are trying to address the shittyness of modern women, but the shit behavior of modern women stems from their ability to divorce-rape (take a man for everything he's got and full custody of the kids for any trivial reason like "waaah I'm not happy"). The state artificially removed the natural consequences women would face. Men basically get cucked over by the state, our power is undercut so we're like betas compared to the power of the state to compel us to pay up.

My interest to WMAF is pretty new and I'm still working out in my head what I want to do with the interest, but how some propose it intersect with other stuff like cuckqueening is pretty alien to me. On paper it sounds fine enough if you and your wife to be agree on those terms after really talking it out first. My moral views aside regarding cheating, there is still the practical concern that in the west even if she is really sub and likes being sub you are still rolling the dice on whether one day it REALLY bothers her so she divorce rapes you.



You seem pretty sure of yourself and you're not submissive either so you wouldn't get turned on by someone seeking control over you. Submissives can like the idea someone is manipulating them so I'll deliberately throw in things that undermine previous altruistic statements to show my "true motives". It's always up to the audience to interpret things how they like but the post is aimed at women who want to imagine it is aimed at men. You'll notice there's things that reaffirm certain qualities white girls have that other girls can never have, no matter how seductive or irresistible they are. That's about reassuring them this is a safe fetish to have.

>Open relationships

I don't support them either. They seem dishonest to me and there's not the power imbalance I like.

You are exactly the type of white guy who should be in a monogamous relationship with a white girl and having lots of white babies. I am sure she could trust you completely. But that is also what makes the idea of you having asian girls on the side so hot. Not only do you fundamentally deserve to, but you being so desirable to asian girls and such a catch makes you more desirable to your own wife. She could indulge everything good about being a cuckquean while always being able to fall back on her confidence in you if it ever gets too much.

>I'm still working out in my head what I want

You're white so it's normal to have attraction to asian girls. The intersection of cuckqueaning and WMAF is about someone like you with your views being able to explore that natural sexual desire, and also allowing asian girls the sexual access to you to explore theirs.


>You are exactly the type of white guy who should be in a monogamous relationship with a white girl and having lots of white babies. I am sure she could trust you completely. But that is also what makes the idea of you having asian girls on the side so hot. Not only do you fundamentally deserve to, but you being so desirable to asian girls and such a catch makes you more desirable to your own wife. She could indulge everything good about being a cuckquean while always being able to fall back on her confidence in you if it ever gets too much.

Sexually of course I find that idea very tempting/appealing, and the idea of white guys spreading their seed around appeals as well because it makes the world less dysgenic then it already is in the face of mass migration from 3rd world countries. I am the blonde blue eyed big dick that asian qts like this girl are into >>5319.

I'm single at the moment so it's just kicking ideas around, but my hesitation comes from disbelief that it would actually be possible to convince a white woman to be okay with it to the point where it doesn't hurt her and ruin something good. So basically I'm trying to be careful and skeptical about it rather then going with a "do what feels good" approach, because I'm inclined to think that mentality could sabotage the comfy family life priority. But the temptation is real which is why I'm here talking about it.


The comprimise I'm inclined towards right now is just to get with Asian women before settling down whi



If it could work in the way you want and not compromise your ideals (which I agree with and support) then you would be okay having asian side girls. You don't want to take advantage of or hurt a girl and I respect that.

Sadly it seems you were killed by assassins before finishing your post but if you were going to say settle down with a white girl but for now get with asian girls then yes, that's a good compromise. Zero problem with white men using asian girls for casual sex but preferring white girls for a serious relationship.


File: cbc020f658b8f7d⋯.webm (84.46 KB, 400x330, 40:33, smugbedo.webm)


>impregnated his friend's asian mom

>now dating a white girl



File: 47878bc468fce88⋯.png (119.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1549846615957.png)


Thanks mate!



>Yes he is asian

Well he will definitely know that his wife has been colonized.


Is it really ok to only be with white guys?



I hope not! But maybe he know and don't want to talk about it.






That's your daughter?



Yes it is. I deleted the post because I think it is not allowed to post kids pictures here



She definitely looks hapa. Either he's really gullible or it's way too scandalous for him to bring it up. Your friend doesn't think she looks too different?



My friend never talked about that and I never asked. Like we are not friends that talk about anything you know? We just play video games and magic the gathering.



Fair enough



Some asian women want to mix and if she's with an asian man that doesn't mean it won't happen. Sometimes it's cheating but other times there can be an agreement reached to allow it. If no one else asks or brings it up then it can stay private.

So it could be that you >>5379 were specifically targeted by her for that and not just for sex. Wouldn't surprise me if the affair was sanctioned. Not saying it was, just it's a possibility. All I'm saying is it happens a LOT more than people might think.

>magic the gathering

Fucking nerds.


You guys are making me want to have a hafu baby like the first story of this post >>4790



I don't get the appeal of knocking a girl up and not being involved at all in the child's life… Just look at male Hapas… They fucking hate white people. If you spawn a male Hapa and are not involved in raising him, you are just helping to create more anti-white hatred when they consider themselves more asian than white.



>I don't get the appeal of knocking a girl up and not being involved at all in the child's life

Minus that part obviously, I'm not a nigger.



Just have a baby and get out. It is not your job to raise hapa kids.

>But male hapas will hate white people

They will hate white people even if you raise them well, so I would not care.



Tenda Spencer sock accounts do not represent hapa males.


File: 6cf5ed980c5a056⋯.jpg (132.2 KB, 797x797, 1:1, mensa.jpg)

File: 0706c3a8d608af8⋯.jpg (255.6 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, kpop.jpg)

File: b13f9f12039c6e8⋯.png (38.46 KB, 684x726, 114:121, australia.png)


File: daf2508ddbed5b8⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Screenshot_82.jpg)


>mfw I don't have light coloured hair and eyes


File: b6e51f2cbc3a92f⋯.jpg (195.14 KB, 1296x720, 9:5, alimony of the jungle.jpg)


at least you're white.

i'm slavic


File: 47413433a0c68ed⋯.jpg (81.92 KB, 673x960, 673:960, 1553763323757.jpg)



>he bashing white men for "yellow fever" thing is just an extension of the general lefty hatred for white men, all of it is flagrantly hypocritical.

As a white guy living in Korea it reminds me the fucking nerves white girls on the our expat Facebook group have, denouncing "white guys with yellow fever" when the group of expats is 70% white girls with green hair. It's so fucking bad that in my language lectures back at home we were 2 white guys for 60 girls all bts fan. To tell you I heard stories of students in Paris that go to the fucking Eiffel tower to pick up Chinese tourists that's how desperate they are. There was this recent article about the C-pop phenomenon where they followed young girls sweating on their male Idol magazine and then the girl holding the magazine says how she feels disgusted that some men want to date Asian girls because they are more calm. But ah yes damn white guys fetishising girls.

>but white men ONLY liking asian girls is strange.

It's my case but I understand why you would think that and It's safe to say, and I assume it too, that someone exclusively dating x race that isn't his/her own race usually has something bad to hide. I myself avoid Korean girls who have only dated foreigners or who like foreigners very ostensibly. However while I could fuck white girls if I wanted to for me Asian girls simply have way more to offer, and I know more white guys that have switched to yellow because of that. Extremely pretty girls are more accessible, always smoking hot tight bodies, smart/open minded, but especially nice/sweet and no by that I don't mean submissive, just genuinely nice. Being "bitchy" behaving like an entitled princess has been pushed forward so aggressively for some reasons that it's been the norm most people are ok with and "men" consider it's part of the relationship to be a doormat for their girlfriend to wipe their shoes on when they are in a bad mood. I never had that kind of prob with my kgfs so I stuck to it, and eventually realised I lost any attractions to white girls. Since yellow fever is a tool of the evil I thought my attraction for white girls would comeback but it never did, and I'm glad it didn't.

tldr: been fucking Kgirls for 2 years and I will keep doing it when I comeback.


File: 35b1d5162eef79c⋯.jpg (157.77 KB, 710x757, 710:757, unfucked.jpg)



Looking white is good enough most of the time. Also if you have parents or siblings with light coloured hair or eyes then that's a bonus. It's a bit like girls going on about how they want a guy 6'0 or over, in real life a guy who's only 5'12 still has a chance.



You can like who you like but I know lots of white girls who aren't bitchy or entitled princesses. So the problem is when you generalise them all that way it makes me and others think the problem is with you not them. Now of course maybe you got treated badly by a series of girls through no fault of your own, and also I don't deny there are women who are terrible just like some men are.

>part of the relationship to be a doormat for their girlfriend

Yes. In the end I don't think most girls will be happy outside of traditional gender roles. It just creates a cycle of disappointment where both sides end up hating each other. Her for not being feminine, him for not being masculine. No woman will respect a man who lets himself be henpecked.

>that profile




They obviously aren't all like that, but it's enough to not bother at least that's for me and for many people I know. And I obviously met pretty shitty Asian girls too but it didn't made me see them as all bad, I could distinguish the individual from the cultural trend. I strongly believe that there are huge and toxic societal/cultural trends in the west that make dating barely even worth it.

>So the problem is when you generalise them all that way it makes me and others think the problem is with you not them.

It's sad no matter how I phrase it, it will be perceived that I'm a resentful incel but it's not your fault, I would probably assume the same since that kind of discourse is overwhelmed by exactly that kind of person.

And I agree with the last part, although I wasn't really thinking about that when typing this. I don't really care about muh traditional girlfriend, I can't stand slavics although I would admit I have a strong bias against them, I just want muh mentally stable girlfriend as a starter.



>They obviously aren't all like that

Then why say they are?

>white men/women are bad

>the west is bad

>it's not worth dating

I get being pissed off or depressed but this kind of talk is exactly the same as what the leftists and the lugenpresse keep saying. Maybe I am lucky enough to see, live and work around and be friends with enough counter examples to be able to reject leftist narratives for what they are.

>resentful incel

Anyway no I don't actually assume you're a resentful incel, and I did not say it, after all you said you have had girlfriends. I don't have a problem with "incels" anyway and anyone can be resentful if they have reason to be. The only problem I have is with people veering into anti-white racism, and amplifying leftist narratives is a form of that.


Why bring this up?

>muh traditional girlfriend

>muh mentally stable girlfriend

Same thing. It depends on how you define it but surely wanting to be married and have children at a healthy age is extremely sane, and any deviation from that goes towards denial of reality and delusion.



Funny profile apart from the retard spelling and the word "smexy". The pic is terrible though. Needs to shave if he can't grow a proper beard! Also seems a bit like he's hiding his neck with the angle.


File: 8d2cda4c0e28a16⋯.png (4.93 KB, 344x70, 172:35, VOILA.PNG)


>Then why say they are?

As I said for me "Asian girls simply have way more to offer" and I stand by that point. I could have say "most of". Nobody is actually gonna say "every" unless they believe it's a racial/biological issue which it obviously isn't.

I will admit that I might have a bias since I have been studying in field overwhelmed with leftist females. I moved on anyway, it's not something I think about and even if tomorrow by some magic, they were all behaving normally it wouldn't affect me more than this, I'm just not interested any more.

>the west is bad

Isn't that what many conservative say by praising countries like Russia ? I feel like both bash the west in their own way and I like the west.

I like the west just not the girls and the middle eastern guys that are there.

I see what you mean when you mean the leftist hate it and in a sense you are right, although for me the problem is that they want to impose all their standards when they go to Asia. I naively thought that leftists girls would have an open mind coming in Asia and realised they just like the kpop/aesthetic and other surface level thing and consider all the other societal aspects to be backwards and in need to be fixed, I don't know how they manage to live there since they are everything these societies don't like, but they do.

>it's not worth dating

It's arguable, for me it really wasn't, and it won't be for a long time at least. I have some friends who gave up, others who think it's worth it, personally I would probably date effeminate men instead.

> The only problem I have is with people veering into anti-white racism

I like white dudes. White girls can be ok friends when I don't have to interact with them too much I guess, I just don't date them. But yeah no self hating here just hating of feminism and modernism.

>Why bring this up?

cause they are often considered to be the white good trad gfs. Not important.

>muh traditional girlfriend

>muh mentally stable girlfriend

Don't really agree. Don't really want to have kids and I'm annoyed when people think it's a lack of maturity or whatever. But the terms used are broad, if you say : >muh feminist gf >muh mentally unstable gf then yes I agree same thing. Not important anyway.


The smexy part is what makes me laugh everytime I rediscover this picture actually.



To you they have more to offer because they're apparently opening their legs to you. So that is a pretty big bias right there.

>I feel like both bash the west in their own way

Don't worry I have plenty of ire for conservatives.

>just hating of feminism and modernism

Yes but what does that have to do with white girls? What about all the rest who aren't leftists? You admit your bias and I understand if you're not around the good ones. But you are basically saying things about all the white women in my life that aren't true at all so it's hard to be understanding and not get annoyed by it. So that's my bias on top of the whole white worship and white supremacy thing.

>Don't really want to have kids

>think it's a lack of maturity

Because most of the time that is caused by a lack of maturity. Depends a lot on age of course. Also I'm talking about women here and to my mind at least any women who doesn't want kids is crazy.


Sex isn't such a strong bias since I had no difficulty having it in the first place.

>Yes but what does that have to do with white girls?

Feminism/modernism is 90% a white thing. No matter how hard they try, it just doesn't appeal to minorities for obvious reasons.

What about all the rest who aren't leftists?

great, still not fuckable passed 25

>any women who doesn't want kids is crazy

don't know, maybe

Sorry for being annoying wasn't my intention in the first place, I will stop posting about it now.



What's the difference between you and an extreme anti-white feminist or leftist? You think like an anti-white racist and post like an anti-white racist. Your points are clearly wrong and ridiculous. You still refer to non-whites as "minorities" despite living in Korea.

>Feminism/modernism is 90% a white thing


Let's get real here "anon", it's highly unlikely you're white. What sort of white man would vomit up all this bile about white women, including his own mother? You doing some kind of larp? Becoming the strawman?



File: 1e714ff338ed22d⋯.png (15.15 KB, 359x459, 359:459, reeee.png)





Ban this fucking faggot holy shit.



It's okay, I already did.


File: e9ac5d22117d0f9⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 617x540, 617:540, I saved this image from br….jpg)



Asian girls sometimes have to settle for soy because white girls keep claiming all the prime beef.


File: 3425a76919f5f14⋯.jpg (78.21 KB, 673x494, 673:494, scrape.jpg)





This is why all white girls must become cuckqueans ASAP.


Shut up.


File: 413f8360001ef30⋯.jpg (423.53 KB, 1200x1807, 1200:1807, you're not the only one.jpg)

He’s cheating with other girls too.

Even though she’s white surprisingly his wife isn’t a cuckquean yet. Well, according to him anyway. She apparently has no idea what he’s been up to all these last few years. You still feel a little guilty for doing this to your best friend but she just looked so beautiful in her angelic dress that you were too jealous and had to let those feelings win. At the time it felt very wrong but it was hot too… fucking him on their wedding night. So bad, dangerous and exciting, such perfect cheating sex. Setting him up with other asian girls felt even more wrong, as did reassuring her nothing was going on when he was off with them – that she could trust him.

Holding her like that, gently soothing and reassuring her worries while you were secretly enjoying the sadistic powerful thrill of stealing him away, was deliciously wicked and evil. All of you working together to convert him until he understands that white cock belongs to asian girls. If she knows about the cheating, or how turned on you were, she isn’t letting on.

You often imagine how she’d react if you told her the truth during those times. Imagine? More like fantasise to be honest. You’re not a lesbian but you’d lick the tears from her face as you forced her to cum. That’s what perfect gorgeous exquisitely pretty white girls like her deserve for monopolising all the best men.


I went to school with a girl whos an athlete at UCLA now. I wish I was into asian girls back then.



Sorry to hear you missed out on an opportunity. Regretting things like that sucks and everyone will understand that general feel. On the positive side at least you are now, and way more white men are seeing asian girls as an option and learning about the dynamics of WMAF these days.


File: 1383b5ef0841c33⋯.jpg (114.02 KB, 624x936, 2:3, 2pCxdQW8.jpg)

File: 20580aaedafaaf3⋯.jpg (269.2 KB, 1065x1600, 213:320, 1559230100011.jpg)

Having a blonde girlfriend and at the same time picking up asian girls should be the ideal situation!

You can also have thresomes with your white gf and asian girls. Make your gf dominate the asian one.



Yes. For white men the question of white and asian girls is easily solved by the "why not both" philosophy. It's so simple and solves 99% of any problems related to WMAF.


File: 89d48476948b0ff⋯.png (39.43 KB, 850x440, 85:44, harsh reality.png)

Trying to attack asian girls, a redditor inadvertently makes the case for white/asian female cooperation and the cuckquean fetish.

>basically every white male in America learns sometime during his late teens/early 20s that Asian women are obsessed with white men and are easy fucks


>AFs cannot compete with WFs

This is why white girls have to help asian girls. Share with them.



More like attacking white man. For me it is saying that asian girls will only date yellow fever weebs.

One tip to anyone here: NEVER tell any girl that you are into asians. In Japan the japanese girls will ask "so do you like japanese girls?" say something like "hum I don't know they are kind of cute but they are wierd, they are too shy". No girls wants to know that you are picking her up just because of her looks! Hide that information.



>asian girls will only date yellow fever weebs

Can only, not will only. So if you look at it on a deeper level it puts both white men and women on a pedestal. He says 95% of asian girls aren't good enough for a "normal" white man, but they are presumably good enough for him as an asian/hapa male.


File: 094618d5faae804⋯.png (130.42 KB, 250x300, 5:6, 094618d5faae8047514bbd1505….png)


>But Asian women NEED white men



And when you need something, that's a responsibility.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why do Asian Women Prefer White Men ?


The Red Letter Media stock music in the background adds a certain je ne sais quoi.


File: 31dff48d5ce9d0c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 477.73 KB, 1840x1035, 16:9, aposematic.jpg)



Marrying a white woman while east asian girls exist (and even south east asian, since filipinas arent half bad) is retarded. The best white girls are swarthy churkas from russia and georgia, anyways. Otherwise for purely sexual and socioeconomic reasons, asian girls all the way.>5720


File: 3d5afef30a662f6⋯.png (38.94 KB, 530x891, 530:891, dutiful white wife.png)


<all white girls are danger haired feminists who hate men

You can prefer asian girls and think they are better for marriage for you, but do you want me to post images of danger haired asian girls? The vast majority of white girls I know in real life aren't man hating feminists and the ones who are married are respectful of their husbands. All of them are really nice and are valued by their family and everyone else who lives and works with them in the community. Same deal with ones I've known and seen online. Pic related was responding to this by the way >>48

If you have to falsely attack white girls rather than praise asian girls then what does that say about you? If it's offensive to me then I can't imagine how it seems to a DECENT white guy who loves and respects BOTH white and asian girls.

I should have heeded Christ-chan's warning and not clicked the image ✝️



But white girls in general are going to have to get used to seeing a lot more white men and asian girls getting married not just having sex.



You are treated well by white girls because you are a total ass-kisser and spend your life worshipping the ground they walk on like the good little sidekick you are. Nothing more than a trendy accessory and no doubt sex toy. Plus most of the white men you know in real life are wealthy Chads. Maybe some anons who post on 8chan need to get out more and stop believing the media but maybe some of them have been treated like crap. Hence viewing Asian girls as some better alternative to what they see as entitled white girls.



Not all white men I know are "wealthy Chads" and don't forget I've spoken to over 9000 incels online as well. As for the rest, no comment.


File: f9716853d6ca699⋯.jpg (371.71 KB, 1102x1653, 2:3, marriage.jpg)


I thought about this post and it inspired me to make a caption.

More and more white men and asian girls are getting together, and they’re having more and more interracial sex. We all accept that and know it needs to keep happening. We have to keep pushing forward with ideas about sexual colonisation and how asian girls belong to white men as an exciting, sexy and progressive expression of asian female sexual freedom, as well as something we all get off to through masturbation and raceplay sex.

Asian girls becoming the mistresses and concubines of married men is not just extremely hot but also a very practical way of giving freer, more open sexual access to these desirable men in a way their white wives will not just accept but encourage through the cuckquean fetish.

But what about the prettiest asian girls, those girls who are irresistibly perfect and unarguably deserving of the title asian princess? There’s only one way to deal them. Marriage. The reality is that in these cases it’s white girls who’ll have to become the mistresses and concubines.

Unless you can realistically claim such a beautiful girl shouldn’t wear the wedding dress, shouldn’t have the wedding ring, and shouldn’t be the one who your boyfriend loves the most, this is something you have to support. If she’s pretty enough, he belongs to her.


File: 30c9cf0e11e923d⋯.jpg (388.82 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, just another side girl.jpg)

He’s using you for easy sex, you know that. After he’s done he goes back to his wife. It hurts sometimes but you know the next time he calls you’ll jump to attention like the obedient slut you are. And why? Because it turns you on to be used and abused. You’ll do whatever he wants and he knows it.

The asian trolls who call you a noodlewhore are right. That’s exactly what you are. You post pictures of yourself online for white men to jerk off to then let a married white man use you as his personal ready-to-fuck sex slave. His wife probably wouldn’t even care if she found out.

You’re just another side girl left with an asian pussy full of white cum while he’s back at home eating another delicious home cooked meal, his perfect white girl wife looking on in satisfaction.

Post last edited at


File: 32ef705f552ff35⋯.png (31.71 KB, 710x505, 142:101, coworker.png)



>not knowing about female jealousy

Women need male attention to live. If a woman sees their attention source giving attention to another woman they react about they same way a dog reacts to someone taking their food.



Dogs can be trained.


File: abc105f54564648⋯.jpg (105.47 KB, 780x689, 60:53, 0cc55f6bdad48973f0ed9fdbf2….jpg)


File: d7bfea76107cdea⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 585x464, 585:464, laughter stops.jpg)

>>6533 (Checked)

>not complimenting and supporting other women whenever you get the chance

>not dealing with jealousy constructively by being even more supportive



Never complement a woman you want to attract on her looks, unless it's also a jab at her looks.



Thanks for the advice but it has little to do with the posts. That woman was not trying to "neg" the other one to attract her, just being a bitch.

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