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Discussions, problems, advice, questions and answers about WMAF sex, relationships, marriage, breeding, etc.



>So to you I'm just…

…a fuck toy, yes.

Face it OP, a lot of white men just see asian girls as objects to be fetishized and have casual sex with.



I have no problem with that.



So post your nudes.



Your fantasies can't ever be quenched, can they?



thanks for opening the thread.

I currently have a fling with a hapa girl, and I was linked this board when discussing this with someone on tumblr.

At the moment I am having a hard time processing the overload of thoughts and sensations I am experiencing. Has anybody had a similar experience?


File: 605462637a2e1a0⋯.jpg (358.08 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, data from star wars.jpg)


>I am having a hard time processing the overload of thoughts and sensations I am experiencing



lmao yeah not the most brilliant way to put int



If you have a problem with white women you should probably get it out in the open right here and now.



I can repeat what I said in the meta thread to you or someone else who posted a similar thing.

You're white and she's eurasian so no one is going to be surprised you like each other. The majority of hapa girls are with white men after all. Many have never and will never have sex with anyone other than them. Anyway, if she's attractive and you enjoy her company then it's pretty much birds and bees stuff for you to be infatuated with her. I said in the other thread a person can't like someone "too much" so it's not exactly something you should be worrying about. It's a really good thing isn't it? I'm happy for both of you. If it ends up being just a fling and nothing more, so be it, but hopefully it works out.

You're saying you're finding it more intense or a deeper connection than you had felt before? To that I say, just go with it. Fuck like rabbits, worry about the hows and whys later. Both asian and eurasian girls are an increasing part of white men’s sex lives and relationships anyway so white men need to get used to fucking these girls.



In a sense it feels like I lost control over myself, I'm just taken aback.

And are you serious with the sex thing?? I don't understand how you can be so sure that it's going to happen



I thought by fling you were saying you've already started. If not, get to it. What are you waiting for?

>how you can be so sure

It's not that I'm sure in your case. Of course I don't know anything about your situation. Though white guys and hapa girls are having sex, and not just a little. Why shouldn't you two?


My Chinese gf has big tits and is wife material, but is currently far away from me. Meanwhile, im studying at university and theres lots of really hot and cute asian girls around, some talking to me. Its hard to keep strong and not cheat, but damn… If I were a lesser man, it would be so good to fuck around.


File: 5af865f1d1711b4⋯.jpg (105.92 KB, 743x693, 743:693, breast comparison a study ….jpg)


A white man should fuck lots of asian girls, even if he already has a girlfriend or wife. If she's not a cuckquean though you should only cheat if she's very submissive or you already have a consensual non-consent thing going on. It's all about whether or not the relationship will continue after she finds out. If she'd be okay with it, or can be made to be, then you should fuck those girls. Otherwise, no.

However you have to tell them you already have a girlfriend. You don't have to tell them she's okay with it though. In fact weirdly enough some girls won't go for it if you do because they don't like the idea of such an "unequal" relationship, even the same ones who are willing to enable infidelity. Actually it's not unequal because there is nothing wrong with an asian girl being hyper submissive to a white man, just as it's okay for him to be dominant. Some people don't get that unfortunately.

>has big tits

Any girl with big tits needs to be put in her place lest her ego get as big as her boobs. Fucking flat girls will do that nicely, as well as increasing the amount of justice in the world.



I mean, it's not physical at this point, no.

I don't know; I have always considered myself to be traditional in regards to sex and dating; this sudden passion has taken me off-guard.

And also all the things you guys write on here only add to my confusion haha


all the FOB chink broads at uni avoid eye contact and are incredibly insular

better go for Westernized asian girls?



FOB are a curious case. I went to a uni where FOBs were sent as punishment from their families for not getting into higher status schools. So there was an odd mix of wealthy rebellious/underachievers. Some were extremely insular and ignored not being in China, like asking questions in Chinese to the prof in the lecture. Some (my favorite) were looking to get the most out of the Canadian university experience. Those girls didn’t stand a chance against big Canadian hockey players, Chinese fob boys just can’t compete. I converted one to white men for the 3 years she had left before she went back to China, maybe she’s fucking expats back in guongdong now. I also knew of one FOB who loved going downtown and going home with different white guys every weekend.

So I’m essence, depends on the local make up. FOB’s can be fun but be prepared to probably get dragged to asian people shit you wouldn’t normally do. Go chat a couple up, if you’re tall handsome and white and she’s already open to the idea of dating a white guy it’s a layup. Just be aware of some of the shit you might have to deal with.



>considered myself to be traditional

What has that got to do with whether you get infatuated with someone or not? People can have the same feelings regardless of how they go about things. Where's the confusion? You like this girl. Good. Don't belabour the point.


Think of it for their point of view, it's got to be scary and intimidating and if there's the language confidence problems too you can imagine them taking the easier option of hiding away. That means you have to put in the effort.


>ignored not being in China, like asking questions in Chinese to the prof in the lecture

I remember having to do group projects with people who couldn't speak a word of English at all. We wondered what makes them so delusional (couldn't ask them of course) but your post makes me suppose they must have been forced there by their parents too.



it's just that I really think about sex a lot lately


How are asian women with hapa babies viewed in Asia (or particular part of it if you have info)? Frowned upon like mudsharks in Europe and US, praised for breeding with white man? None specific stance?



No shit.




Well you keep talking about this hapa girl and you are posting on a board with a bunch of porn on it literally about sex.



I just got linked to here…I don't really care about the porn as much as I do about what you guys have to say



>your post makes me suppose they must have been forced there by their parents too.

University in China is a super cake walk but its tough to get in, you need those rigorous high school marks. So rich kids with bad scores in highschool get shipped off to second tier schools in US/Canada to 'at least learn English'.

If they are doing their damnedest to not learn English and only hang with other FOB's then they were forced here.


>>3144 (Checked)

That's kawaii.




What exactly do you mean by this? You made a number of posts repeating this term.

>white genes are recessive genes

All of them? Which ones? Be specific and accurate.



He's got nothing, basically troll posting by latching onto the word 'dominant' in reference to gene transfer.

The flavor of the best whisky in the world is 'recessive' to the 'dominant' flavor of sewage. Doesn't make sewage a superior beverage.



it's funny because i was about to post more or less the same thing in the other thread, but decided against it to not derail that thread.

but since he seemingly can't help but litter, I guess it's fair.



My white genes crushed my chinese wifes genes. Our son is 99% white. Only the inside corner of his eyes have any Asian attributes. He is a carbon copy of me, but cuter.



Ah, you must be a calianon, right?

A friend of mine traveled all around california recently and was amazed at how many white guys had asian women on their arms.



Asian girls usually have a preference for white men, and white men tend to like asian girls, so it shouldn't amaze or surprise anyone. It still does though, mainly because people aren't necessarily that aware of asian female sexual preference.



It's because asian women are wife material. Why settle for anything less when you can buy a lamborghini


There's this cute Chinese/Korean girl that I work with (she was born in the US to her Chinese father and Korean mother, she only speaks English but she's a massive weeb for Japanese animation and comics, she cosplays for conventions and everything, you can easily find the pics online), she keeps flirting with me on our lunch break, and I've only just begun to catch myself flirting back.

Right now we're just good friends, but I know she wants more than that with me.

The thing is, I'm married to a White woman whom I love, who loves me, and with whom I have young children with, I'm tempted to cheat, but if I do, I'd make it clear to my co-worker/friend that this is just sex and nothing more (which I know is less than she wants with me, but which I am quite confident that she'd take me up on it anyway).

She obviously knows that I'm married with kids, as she even came to our house for BBQ and drinks (along with a few of my other friends from work), this hasn't deterred her in the slightest, she is heads over heels for me according to her mother.

She knows there is occasionally conflict in my marriage regarding politics, religion, and raising our kids, she probably also knows this is a factor that may contribute to a desire for cheating on my wife with a cute asian fembro, she's right about that, it;s only during these times when controversial topics become unavoidable that I've begun to have arguments with my wife.

I'm right-wing, openly a combination of Libertarian and Conservative, but privately a combination of AnCap and Nazi, my wife is publicly apathetic to politics but is privately a normie-type liberal who considrs Trump an embarrassment, I'm an atheist, she's a christian, I want to raise my kids according to my religious and political beliefs, and she just wants to give them a normal upbringing, she trusts in the system and wants to do what every other parent is doing with their kids.

Basically, she the average american white woman, and I used to be the average american white man until my enlightenment, and here's this hot coworker who is also a super cool friend of mine, one whom I hang out with outside work (though I do that with other coworkers of mine as well, mostly guys), and she wants me in a sexual and romantic relationship, even though she knows I'm married and have young children.

I still love my wife, and I love my kids, I don't want to risk losing them for some sex, if this happens, I want to make it clear to her that this will only be sex, and that I have no plans to make any changes to my current love life for her.




You'd basically be giving your balls over to another woman who could potentially fuck you over. If you were childfree and just had a gf I'd say go for it, but getting caught means potentially ruining your marriage and relationship with your kids.



it’s complicated for sure. I think you’re just scared of the consequences though. imo you sound like you’re ready to move forward with her (or else you wouldn’t even be entertaining the thought)

although if your marriage is already troubled, this could accelerate the decline. so if you don’t think the relationship is inevitably doomed then it wouldn’t be a good idea. you really can’t have both without possibly alienating two people

although, optimally, even marriage wouldn’t be an impediment to WMAF sex… we still live in the real world ;P





Here's the thing; I'm in love with two women, if it was possible to be so, if I had to choose between them, I'd go for the asian co-worker, she's like a guy in the body of a hot asian girl who knows everything about me and is totally happy to let me be myself, in addition, I share common interests with her, and we have this deep understanding that doesn't exist between me any anyone else in my life, If I'd met her before having my kids, I'd be with her in a heartbeat.

But I met my wife, had my children, moved, and then got my job where I met my co-worker.

My children are the most important thing in the world to me, I hide my political and religious beliefs for their sake and I would rather die then lose them or allow something terrible to happen to them.

If I had to choose between my co-worker and my kids, I would choose my kids in an instant, I love them more than anything else in this world.

They are two sons, oldest and youngest, and one daughter, middle child, all three are amazing in every way, losing them would be the worst thing in the world for me.

I've been pretending to agree with my wife on everything for their sake, everyone around me believes that I'm a christian for christ's sake, and I hate kikestianity with a passion (for the record, I have only slightly less hate for paganism, both are lies and promote cuckery and faggotry).

Don't get me wrong, I love my wife a lot, and there is a fuckton of history between us and has formed a close bond and feeling between us, I'd rather die than hurt her or allow her to be harmed in any way, but we are drifting apart at an ever-growing rate due to the political and religious differences becoming unavoidable due to the current climate.

When we both met, I was a normie like her, we were both geeks and fell for one another in the cutest of ways, our romance was perfect, as was our marriage, and our love was deeper than the mariana trench, however, I spent time on the net, and began arguing with those I felt were not only wrong, but evil, first the atheists, then the likes of /pol/ and /liberty/ after some notable atheists began to transform into the anons of those boards, instead of changing them, they changed me, and now I'm what I am, and hiding forever, my wife knows my atheism, but only assumes I'm a conservative libertarian.

The asian girl, however, she knows everything and wholeheartedly accepts me, it's a part of why I love her.

I was drunk, as was she, when as was she, when we first shared her secrets, such as her doing solo porn to pay for her education (stripping, masturbating, etc. she was the "geeky asian girl" in cosplay, due to how she wears prescription glasses IRL), and her fetish for white guys (meaning she doesn't like dating within her race, and she feels kinda ashamed of it), and my opinions of various issues, we were the last to leave the bar at an after work party celebrating some milestone for out company, I was waiting for my wife, she for her dad, but at the end, she was saying she was attracted to me, romantically and sexually.

I originally cast it off as something she didn't mean, it was the alcohol talking, but meeting her mother later at an event in the area, she confirmed that this was an enduring thing her daughter had told her about.

So later on, this must have hit some switch in her, as she gradually became more overt and aggressive with her feeling towards me, and I know I could report her to HR, but I'm tempted to make a move on her due to the increasing arguments with my wife, particularly on decisions regarding how to raise our children.

This situation is tough.

with my wife, I feel like my marriage is falling apart, we had so much and nostalgia is like a curse on me, I want us to go back to that, but both my wife and I have changed so much since then, if our relationship can be salvaged, I'd like to do it.

with my friend, I feel like I found my soulmate, but too late.

more than anything else, I don't want to lose my kids, they are my dear life to me, and I'd rather die than lose them.

I know I'm repeating and rambling here, but I want you to know everything about my situation before you respond again.



well, there seems to be two major paths

1: you stay with your wife and potentially live an increasingly miserable life (but maintain normal, unstrained relations with your children)

2: you choose to be with your magnetic asian lover and eventually alienate your family and plunge your life into chaos

i wouldn't enter into a sexual relation with your new GF lightly. it will have repercussions. your wife will eventually either suspect or find out. you might think its the best and easiest decision, but it's probably the worst

that girl wants to marry you. she will work her way into your life and make it an inevitability. there won't be an easy 'out' with her. shes obsessed. if you make the decision to be with her, you should make it under the assumption that she is now your future



Well, to be fair, she's only "obsessed" because I've led her on (intentionally or not).

But she is going after a married man, so what does that say about her?

and despite all I've said about her, I do still love my wife, but I think a lot of that is me being in love with who she used to be, and as the man I once was, I think we're growing apart, which sucks because of all the great memories of the good times between us.

Plus, my children, if I leave my wife formally before going with the new girl, I would want to arrange a good situation with my kids and I.

the last thing I forgot to tell you, though you probably figured it out by now, is that there is a significant age gap between me and my co-worker, she's young, and adult and legal, but much younger than me and my wife, this doesnt bother her (it's part of my appeal to her) but it kinda bothers me, I feel like I'm leaving my long-term lover and mother to my children for a younger woman of another, more exotic race.

That just looks terrible from the outside, and no one will actually see that there is a rift that has been growing in my marriage, and a connection between me and the new girl that I've never really had with anyone.

"so don't give a shit about what people think", you might say, but with my kids on the line here, looks are everything, so going through with this, getting a divorce and moving on instead of trying to recapture the past, it has real risks to it.

There's also the fact that I'm very well off financially, but my wife earns so much less than me, and works much fewer hours, that means she'd try to gut me for all I'm worth.


Maybe I should go with your suggestion, but how to tell her that she shouldn't be interested in me any more? I've already kissed her, more like makeout and groping, and this was at her place, and we were drinking, but that was when the (welcome) "sexual harassment" at work from her to me really amplified, because she assumed she got an "in" with me.


File: 6dea70f77e16e54⋯.jpg (77.65 KB, 632x646, 316:323, poorly drawn confused anim….jpg)


>Basically, she the average american white woman

Of whom the majority voted for Trump, far more than asian women. If you knew anything about politics you would know that already. So just be careful with the bullshitting.





>but we are drifting apart at an ever-growing rate due to the political and religious differences becoming unavoidable due to the current climate

So in other words you are dancing to the tune of the lugenpresse and doing exactly what they want, dividing. Why don't you stop talking bollocks about politics and religion and put effort into not "drifting apart"? Assuming this isn't all lies anyway, you are spinning a lugenpresse narrative by theorising that the solution to marital problems is separation. It isn't.


>I do still love my wife

Then why the fuck are you talking about divorce?

The bullshit quotient of your posts is very high. Please dial it back significantly because so far you have sapped all sexiness from a situation I would normally be all over.



Not bothered by the Nazi part though.



Because it's an actual stance rather than wishy-washy crap.



You should really talk to your wife about your problems with the relationship before you start doing anything with other people. Until you do your relationship with her will only get worse and worse. If you actually care about your children, you'll deal with that now instead of later. Kids aren't dumb. They'll notice your familial relationship tanking and it'll stick with them for life.

If you are charismatic and even just a bit lucky you have a damn good chance of converting her to your point of view, even going so far as to having an asian mistress. You are the man of the house. Act like it. Right now you're acting like a faggot.


File: 39d20992ae2939e⋯.jpg (180.13 KB, 915x1000, 183:200, 1519445640483.jpg)


1. hapas dont have a monopoly on mental illness

2. all of this "hapas" are bad was spread by a mentally ill guy who hates white men and asian women and basically spends all day spamming the internet about it



What is the crime rate of male hapas compared to black males, latinos, muslims, etc? Many magnitudes less. Also Elliot Rodgers' father isn't white so use a relevant example.


His name is Tenda Spencer.



>I tried looking up his dad

Try harder, faggot.



>a combination of AnCap and Nazi

>I want to risk my wife and kids for sex

Is this Jewposting?


File: ed429f13164f2aa⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Japanese-Korean girl talks how her Japanese girlfriends ask her about the "size" (starts at 7:00)


File: 13709a49d717b34⋯.png (46.45 KB, 914x499, 914:499, advice on reddit.png)

Found this relationship advice from a Chinese girl when looking on AGW.


Whole video is worth watching. The answer she gives them is the best one, try it for themselves and find out. Agree with that. Better for asian girls to just start having sex with white men instead of being eternally curious.

Another interesting part is where she explains she doesn't have a preference for white men, rather that the individuals she happened to find attractive and end up with are always white. If that's the way it turns out then good, but personally I don't think there's anything wrong with asian girls going specifically for white men and being exclusive.


File: 942d6b29fb26454⋯.jpg (119.99 KB, 946x612, 473:306, jessue tu.jpg)



First of all let my preface this by saying I support WMAF and hope the author of this article and her friends do get white boyfriends. But I am really bothered by the hypocrisy of what she’s saying. Ideally I’d want any asian women to be with a white guy if that’s what she wants but we’re not going to get to that point by calling white men racist or entitled. A desirable white guy has choices and he’s extremely unlikely to be shamed into doing anything by SJW-tier bullshit and buzzwords. Why would any women even want to shame a guy she likes anyway? Take away his power? That’s unsexy. So maybe you get what you want in the short term but you are ending up with a guy who folded and you won’t respect him.

So an asian woman has a preference for white guys. That’s pretty normal. But it’s also normal for white men to have a preference for white girls. I normally don’t like to use words like sexist but it is genuinely sexist to minimise a guy’s preferences and try to make out a woman’s are more important. If it’s okay for you to have a “whites only” dating policy then it’s okay for him as well.

Instead of bitching about him and writing passive aggressive articles, how about acknowledging his sexual preferences and their similarity to yours? Understand them and see that they are legitimate. Instead of being yet another annoying idiot going on about entitlement and racism (which white men have heard enough of already) try showing him through your words and actions that maybe he should give you a chance, that you should be the exception. If you like tall, strong, masculine, dominant white men, have you considered that maybe he likes sexy, feminine, submissive women? Be that.

These articles frustrate me because if with the right attitude even full-on white nationalist / white supremacist guys can be seduced into accepting the possibility of an asian girlfriend then obviously some normal guy on a dating site can be. I get the situation is frustrating for her and I do give her and her friends credit that “most of the men they swipe right are white Anglo” but talking about discrimination law and the rest at the end is ridiculous. You’re not going to give asian women more sexual access to white men through a fucking legal case.



<Lately, my single, female friends have been telling me about the extraordinary messages they receive


<I image the scenario playing out like this: the messages are written on cardboard signs which men hold up – like this actual line on the profile of a sun-kissed Liam Hemsworth lookalike: "Looking for love. Pls no foreigners."

She means imagine there I assume. I'm sure she does imagine that, the desparate horny little slut.

<No Blacks or Asians

Just throw in blacks to make it seem more legit.

<When I ask several friends about their swiping habits on apps like Tinder and OkCupid, and they don’t deny that most of the men they swipe right are white Anglo.


OK if you say so asian lady.

>which white men have heard enough of already

Too right. Listen, if asian girls like her are blowing their chances with that crap then it just means less competition for those who don't.



True but I'd not the competition type thinking one person has to lose for another to win. I'd much rather see her with her "Liam Hemsworth lookalike" than writing SJW articles. On top of that I don't think white men have to choose between white or asian women when it makes more sense to cooperate and share.


File: d333dc70e4ae97a⋯.png (84.61 KB, 627x900, 209:300, offmychest.png)

File: b2366d5cc4609ca⋯.png (13.33 KB, 761x173, 761:173, ovulating.png)

She got lots of reassuring replies but it sucks how asian and hapa girls feel guilty about fantasies and sexual preferences that are obviously very natural. White guys need to help girls like this and not let themselves be shamed by people for having a much younger asian gf.



But aren't most older white men already married?



Yes, and?




It makes it hotter but it's also practical.


We get along because I have a giant dick and she likes to get fucked and get thrown around the room. Just little 45kg asian girl things.


File: 1e32b3dcf179e61⋯.jpg (133.05 KB, 562x555, 562:555, cute.jpg)

>>4455 (Checked)

If a man can't pick up his gf he either needs to lift or his girl is too fat. But pic related, imagine if they threatened to expel a girl for being overweight (which by the way is an eating disorder)



I love pushing her little body around. She is all helpless and whimpers, her pussy gets so wet.

I want to start breeding her. Her mom told her to get white guy's dicks. I think we could make cute kids and have endless sex together.



Hot. I love how WMAF is about sexual domination and I love how asian girls are able to bring that out of white guys just by being asian.

>Her mom told her

She admitted that to you? It happens though. I mean, it's not that uncommon for asian girls to be gently (or sometimes not so gently) pushed towards white guys by their parents.



She kept telling me how I was really hot and exactly what she wanted. And yeah her mom agreed.

When we make love together it is totally perfect. I like the degradation too and the breeding.



Degradation isn't my thing but if you two like it then I'm glad you enjoy it together. Pretty neat her mum is that supportive and open about WMAF.

If you have daughters who grow up to have white boyfriends then I hope you'll support them too. Not presuming to tell you how to be a parent or anything, but it's just my opinion that white men are usually the best choice for asian and mixed girls and in general I like to see the mixing with white men continue.



damn, she looks a lot like a girl I had a great chance with


>>4722 (Checked)

Does chance mean you didn't actually close the deal?



how do you get an Asian gf to shave?

She's never shaved anything before (anything), is very sexually sheltered and worst of all the latest trend seems to be that it's feminist to not shave

Everything else is great, but dear God I wish she'd shave at least her armpits and her legs. I really prefer everything bare but the armpits are a bit much for me.

Looking for realistic advice btw



Hard to imagine any man would let his girl not shave.

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