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File: 9c66cb0711f2832⋯.gif (2.41 MB, 540x287, 540:287, mylittlehugot.gif)


How asian guys are dealing with asian girls having a sexual preference for men. Advice, experiences and examples of coping strategies, whether good or bad, and their consequences.



>dealing with asian girls having a sexual preference for men

You accidentally a word? Freudian slip, or you don't see Asian guys as men?

>bad coping strategies

Have you heard of /r/hapas?



If the only purpose of this board is to turn white guys into The Bull, then it's time to shut it down. White men should be more honorable than the unclean dusky ones.


File: a0f1ff275c853a0⋯.jpg (136.96 KB, 850x851, 850:851, thinking about thinking.jpg)

>>388 (Checked)

Portray as, not turn into - I'm pretty sure an 8chan board won't have that much influence.

But no, it's not. Some asian guys and a smaller number of asian girls will sexualise white men as "the bull" in terms of the cuckold fetish. I don't think you can get away from that as one of some asian men's coping strategies / eroticisations. Others won't because they aren't into it, and there's a big difference between the sexes in terms of interest of course.

Some white men will be into accepting that role, others won't. This board is about WMAF and related things. So for example you will find many post and captions about the cuckquean fetish already posted here, if you actually read those threads that is. There are usually no asian men are involved in that, and the white guy is not a "bull". Also see >>>/cuckquean/ in regards to that fetish generally.

>White men should be more honorable

If you're a white guy, or have opinions on this, then this is another example where you should "post by example", or at least make suggestions. Anyway, I hope this post made it all clearer.


File: d7c608582eb4a67⋯.png (336.51 KB, 540x405, 4:3, tumblr_inline_p0ygw7ESdi1v….png)

Asian boys are just naturally beta. Also asian women really do prefer white men and non asian men. This isnt some sexual fantasy. All stats show this. There are asian boys who accept their place, and have grown to love WMAF relationships. There are of course toxic asian male nationalists who attack asian women all day online just because she has control over her own body and chose to be with a white man.

I think either way, both types of asian boys realize that asian girls prefer white men and one type accepts it and the other doesnt



>This isnt some sexual fantasy. All stats show this.

As opposed to "raceplay" I've seen this fact referred to as "race reality".

>both types of asian boys realize that asian girls prefer white men and one type accepts it and the other doesnt

That is a very good point. I've looked at communities that don't accept it (like the one mentioned here >>380 ) and while they attack asian girls for their white preference, they don't ever deny it. Didn't think of it that way before your post.




is that the person currently paying your bills? is your mom a man?



What kind of coping strategy is this?


I’m going to paint with a very broad brush here but as I see it there are generally three overall attitudes Asian men have when it comes to WMAF (white male asian female) sex.

Bad Asian betas

>Obsessed and bitter about being a virgin

>Trolls Asian girls in relationships with white men

>Attacks and often hates Asian girls generally

>Hateful and racist towards white men

>Threatened and intimidated by white cocks inside asian girls

>Infrequently masturbates to WMAF porn and switches between periods of shamefully using it and then swearing it off

>Guilty, depressed or angry after cumming to WMAF porn

>Trolls image boards about WMAF sex

>Often a member of misogynistic and/or racist online communities

>Despises the idea of being gay or a cuckold

>At best an underachiever, at worst depressed and chaotic

Good Asian betas

>Not hung up on being a virgin

>Supports Asian girls in relationships with white men

>Loves and appreciates Asian girls

>Gets on well with or is attracted to white men

>Welcoming of and sexually aroused by white cocks inside Asian girls

>Frequently and consistently masturbates to WMAF porn

>Satisfied and relaxed after having a WMAF porn orgasm

>Bumps and discusses WMAF posts

>Active in communities promoting WMAF interracial sex

>Accepting of being gay or a cuckold

>Very likely to get a boyfriend or get married to a nice asian girl, may even get to live out his cuckold fantasies

>Generally successful and happy

Normal Asian men

>Probably already in a relationship so just doesn’t give a fuck about any of this


When and how did you guys get turned on by WMAF sex?

That's one thing about me that I still don't understand.

WMAF sex just looks so ``right`` to me. Was never able to enjoy AMAF/Japanese porn.


File: b5dae3ca4b02870⋯.png (26.65 KB, 491x413, 491:413, 3211123.png)

This is how alot of Asian guys get hooked on WMAF sex, they just grow up around it so much that it's just normal.


>>444 (Checked)

Are you asking everyone generally or just asian boys?


Small world, I remember reblogging that. I find it fascinating to see all the different things that are helping and pushing asian boys towards being pro-WMAF. Anyway, here was my response.

A beta asian guy can be a very suitable boyfriend or husband for an asian girl who happens to be more promiscuous and wants to have sex with a lot of white men (as opposed to those described above).

His history of enjoying and supporting WMAF sex means he'll usually be quite happy in the cuckolded provider role. She can be a total whore for white men if that's what she wants, and in fact the bigger slut she is, the more he'll like it.

That's why I disagree with shaming or attacking inexperienced, virginal or beta men just as much as I do with slut shaming. In relationship and practical terms they can fit together well.



being shamed and emasculated is what eventually got me off my high horse to become a wmaf beta though

and now i've learned to love the shaming. maybe there's a right balance?



Different people like different things. Personally I was always about being gentle and coercive, kind of embracing people to get them thinking in the right way. However if you like being humiliated then there's nothing wrong with that. So I'm not sure there is a balance, just different tastes.



I’m my school there was one Asian girl, we had our nerdly persuits together and were co captains of the “university challenge” team (called a different thing locally). After one event her and I car pooled to an afterparty at the movie theatre. The other car got lost on the long way from the other school so we had an hour to ourselves alone in an empty parking lot.

Of course we start fooling around in the car, first time for both of us. I feel he small tits, were both bad at kissing and then she asks to see my cock. I’ve got a pretty big one but at 17 I had not filled out my growth spurt so my cock is as thick as my wrist, around 7.5 inches long. I pull out the hardest boner I’ve ever had in my life and I’ll never forget the face she made. Her eyes went big and her jaw dropped, “oh my god!” She said after a beat. She wrapped around my cock with her small hand and her fingers didn’t touch, then her second hand, still two inches sticking out, ‘what the fuck anon?’ She said, ‘I heard white guys had big dicks but I never imagined THIS. I bought condoms but they’ll never fit this thing’. Being cramped into her compact car we couldn’t do much for angles but Shen tried in vein to get her little mouth around my cock and only ever got about an inch down, not without teeth scraping. Being a virgin I should have been able to blast her but she couldn’t get any rhythm going and I didn’t know to just get to to lick and slobber all over it. This only lasted a couple minutes before we both got a bunch of texts from everyone else in the other car asking us to go in and check what movies are playing in the next 10-15 because they were getting close. This is early smartphone days so ya kids only had flip phones and couldn’t check movie times. We got our close back on and said ‘You have an amazing dick but I don’t know if we can fuck. That won’t fit anywhere in me’.

We went in and waited for our friends and watched some forgettable teen movie with our friends. A couple times she whispered into my ear that she was still really turned on by my big cock and can’t focus on the movie.

For the next couple months we didn’t have time to meet up with our university prep exams coming up but she would regularly sext with our lousy sliding keyboard camera phones and ask for pictures of my “giant white dick”. Once she asked for a fresh picture with me holding something to prove it was a real picture to show her cousin that I was real and white guys do have bigger dicks. We ended up fucking a few times in first year university and she was right about the size difference, she was only about 5’2” with the pussy to match.

She’s a Dr now and Now and then I wonder if she caught white fever off me from our first time in high school. I haven’t kept up all that much but as far as I know she’s still got her gold star.

The memory of her jaw dropping and being so amazed by my “giant white cock” has turned me on to asians ever since.


I feel a bit sorry for the cuckolded asian men but I just like asian girls too much. I don't feel sorry for indian, black, or muslim men though.



What's a gold star?



Never been with an Asian guy.

Co-opted lesbian term for never being with a guy.



I think for me it's because I grew up watching American porn, where I was accustomed to seeing muscular, hung, white guys fuck Asian women like total beasts.

This was further compounded by the fact that there were no Asian men in porn. You could find videos of Asian girls fucking literal vegetables but not Asian men. The only time Asian men were mentioned were when they were made fun of for their tiny dicks, and often by the Asian porn stars I was infatuated with!

Japanese porn only made things worse, because they basically confirmed every stereotype about Asian guys. The comments always made fun of how wimpy and tiny their dicks were, and they were true!

So after a lot of denial, I begrudgingly accepted that Asian guys just can't compete with White men and it's futile to even try. After that, I never fantasized about fucking Asian girls anymore, I just couldn't. When I fantasized about my crushes I would picture them with White guys instead. With enough time I grew to love it, And that's how I became addicted WMAF sex :)


Do people here want actual coping mechanisms?

I have some of my own coping mechanisms I am willing to share, but I'm afraid they might ruin the fantasy for people. Lemme know!



Arguably a good thing for a lesbian to lose her gold star, but not for an asian girl. It is an interesting idea though and makes me wonder if there is a better term we can use or if gold star is fine.


Yes. The OP does say good or bad. We've already seen asian/hapa guys making troll threads here as a coping mechanism. Are yours worse than that?


>>566 (Checked)

So your sexuality and view of sex as a whole was pretty much informed exclusively by porn. And JAV is usually mosaic censored too, so the asian dicks aren't even visible.

You talk about coping with more porn and how your fantasies changed, reminding me of this post >>466, but what actually happened to your crushes? In real life I mean, who did they end up with?



Yeah. I know porn is not a reflection or reality, but I was a young teenager when I was exposed to all this, so it really shaped my psyche. Other medias and seeing a lot of WMAF pairings irl also helped.

I don't think what I did was a solution, but more of a coping mechanism.

My coping mechanism wasn't more porn, but subconsciously reshaping how I fantasized about women.

I didn't even realize I was doing it either, I just remember feeling embarrassed and ashamed when I thought about an Asian guy having sex, including myself. So inadvertently, all my fantasies of women were of them being intimate with White men.

All of this dawned on me when I discovered cuckoldry and raceplay.

As for my crushes, besides one that dated an Asian guy once, rest of them all kept their "gold stars". :)



That's understandable. It's not just exposure though because presumably you were masturbating to all that porn, associating your own sexual pleasure with WMAF. So it did reflect your private sexual reality as it were. If an asian boy's every orgasm is for a white cock inside the object of his heterosexual desire then it's bound to affect his whole sexual response.

>I just remember feeling embarrassed and ashamed when I thought about an Asian guy having sex, including myself

So it being subconscious you didn't know why at the time, but do you now? Why were you embarrassed and ashamed, and do you still feel that way?

>what I did was a solution

At the time it wasn't but now you seem to be okay with those girls being elusively white only, in fact unless I'm misinterpreting your post, you're happy about it.

Non-porn WMAF pairings in the media is probably something worth exploring.



>And JAV is usually mosaic censored too, so the asian dicks aren't even visible.

It didn't occur to me until you pointed that out. Even as an Asian guy, I've never actually seen an Asian dick penetrate an Asian pussy. Wow.

To add to that, even with mosaics, you can still tell most of the actors are packing 4 inchers.



I always use to wonder why the blurred out genitals in Japanese porn, but now it makes sense, no one wants to see asian dicks!



Yes, it's maybe a lot bigger deal than people think.

Before porn was like it is now many people would not see any dick penetrate any pussy before having sex themselves for the first time. Certainly not in the same hardcore way. So that's what I mean about sexuality being discovered or centred on porn.

But anyway, if you are very pro-WMAF then excluding asian boys in this way can be considered a good idea, or at least a sexy one from the fetish point of view. If I was going to make a change to the Japanese censorship system I would probably make mosaic censoring not apply to white cock, which in turn would make WMAF a lot more popular and so import a lot more white male performers. When you look at just how fucking smoking hot some of those JAV actresses are it's actually a crime they're not being fucked by white men on a regular basis (on film, maybe they are in real life).

>>666 (😈 Checked 😈)

Could have been the original reason, not even joking. Maybe the guy in charge had a cuckoldress wife whispering in his ear.


File: ea1de7c52b8da65⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 500x281, 500:281, alina3.gif)

So you are no longer able to orgasm without thinking about WMAF sex


You have reached the state of sexual Nirvana for the modern Asian male. A state of sexual awakening that coincides with reality.

For Asian guys like you, it was really hard to swallow the reality that Asian women are collectively going White. Since Asian girls are almost always the only sexual option for Asian guys, you realized this meant you are relegated to a life of sexual frustration, envy, and masturbation.

For awhile, it cut like a blade for you to see WMAF everywhere. To see it plastered all over media, from movies to billboards. To see your aunties, cousins, sisters, and friends all marry White. To be all too familiar with hearing the phrase “I don’t date Asian guys”. To learn that an Asian penis will never measure up. To only see White cocks twice your size penetrate the women you pine over.

To come to terms with your emasculation.


File: f8153d66450a0dd⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_ny4iobFbxX1uex0tno5….gif)


But once you achieve this sexual awakening, all things WMAF no longer bring you envy and turmoil, but intense ecstasy and euphoria. WMAF becomes your aphrodisiac, and seeing WMAF everywhere now fills you with excitement. You are genuinely happy for all your friends and relatives that married White. Hearing Asian women say they don’t date Asian guys is now music to yours ears. You agree with people when they say Asian dicks are inadequate. You are perfectly content with never knowing what a pussy feels like.

And nothing brings you more euphoria and ecstasy than seeing big White cocks sliding inside countless Asian pussies.

Your emasculation no longer bothers you one bit, for you will have no desire to be intimate with a woman yourself. The only sexual pleasure you want now comes from witnessing the splendor that is Asian women consummating their raw lust and desire for virile White men.




I’d love for that to catch on, gold for never and silver for never going back to Asian after a white guy.

I’m 99% that I made my first a gold star and gave out two silver stars in Uni.

Both were shy girls, one mainland Chinese.

The fob was attracted to white guys but I was her first shortly after she broke up with her also fob Chinese bf. She acted to giggly and embarrassed to really let out the slutty accented dirty talking she did before we would fuck. The chinglish really turned me on. She only dated nerdier white guys after me but we made a latex mould of my cock when we were together for her to practice. She sent me a couple pics of her practicing after we broke up.

The other was a viet-Canadian so we didn’t have to bridge any cultural gaps. She was just on the chubby side of thick, her fob mom would give her shit sometimes.

She had watched porn with white guys but thought it was all porn fake dick stuff and all guys were like the asian guys she dated. She was a wild fuck, on bc so I was blasting cum deep in her pussy all the time. She would regularly tell me and some of her female friends that she would never go back to an asian guy because my cock was so amazing. We would take some picture fucking and once her friend looked through gfs phone while we were in the other room and we both heard her scream. She was standing and grinning ear to ear holding the phone and said “I guess you weren’t kidding” and turned the phone around to a picture of my cock laying across my gfs smilingly face(from chin to past her hairline).

Gf ran across the room and grabbed the phone from her and was super pissed for about an hour, friend could stop laughing and making jokes “open your mouth as wide as you can. I need to know how you can suck anon”

She would never share photos with her friends but after getting over the embarrassment started getting turned on by telling her friends about our sexual life. I think her friend who saw the pictures got her own silver star later that year, and gf bragging about getting fucked so good by a white guy convinced another friend to get her silver star.



She was into being degraded and submissive by me but not her asian bfs before me. She was big for an asian girl, 5’7” around 140lbs, so never felt like small and submissive until me. She would regularly call herself a chink sexually and non sexually. We would do “no engrish sucky sucky” role play where she would only do chinglish and whatever Vietnamese she actually knew. That would always make me shoot massive loads on her face and she’d lick her lips saying “[vietnamese] sanka yu pho cum, mmm [vietnamese] white so good”. Memory still gets me off 5 years later.

My last story with her involves her fob mother (not like that) who didn’t like me at all. She was cold to me at first but got way worse after she came home and heard us fucking. The house was kinda small, main level was kitchen, 3 bed. Full bathroom, and a small living room, so as soon as she walked in she’s would have heard.

She made it to the kitchen putting something away before we noticed so it was at least a minute of loud sex. “Fuck my little chink pussy” “I love your huge white cock” “your big cock fills me so good” “fill my little asian pussy with white cum”, and moaning screaming. We stopped of course but we thought we would be alone longer.

A feeble weeks after this though, I’m over and we’re a studying for a stats exam and her mother is yapping in her ear about when she’s going to find a man to marry “you getting old, looking chubby, lose weight;find man” all kinds of asian mother guilt shit. And this one I’ve never decoded “you should marry Chinese man, they have big dicks, good at sex. Keep you happy”. I was trying not to laugh in the moment but looking back what was she trying? Entice her daugher with big dicks after hearing her love mine? Does she’s actually think that Chinese guys are hung?

Anyway gf had enough and screamed “we both know that she not true! Anon has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!” And she started listing off all her asian ex’s and their sexual shortcomings.

Obviously that didn’t get go over well and we had to finish studying at my place. Gf was so angry we didn’t get any quality studying so done and she just wanted to fuck aggressively and angrily rode me while saying how no asian guy couldn’t ever or would ever fuck her like I can. When told her ice was getting close we she got off me and laid on her back holding her legs up behind her knees told me to put my white cock as deep as her chink pussy can take and fill her little hole with white mans cum. When’s you know how tic ask you can get whatever you want, I filled her with so much cum I was spilling out before I pulled my cock out. When I did pull out she said “don’t waste any on need your cum in me and pulled me over to clean my cock off, and she’s must have spent 5 minutes licking up the drips from her pussy before passing out to dribble over over maybe sheets.

That’s all my asian sex stories from my Uni days. 2 silvers stars and 2 by proxy technically but I wouldn’t count those


File: a7afe2192d7f927⋯.gif (2.3 MB, 480x270, 16:9, tumblr_p9c918DiUA1umoqyno1….gif)

If you are a white guy its important to fuck an asian girl with everything you have to be honest. You need to make her legs shake. You need to make sure she never goes back to asian boys.



>So it being subconscious you didn't know why at the time, but do you now? Why were you embarrassed and ashamed, and do you still feel that way?

It's because every time I thought about myself or Asian guys with girls, my mind would go back to when I heard Asian girls reject or make fun of Asian guys, particularly our dicks. This is probably what prompted the shame and embarrassment.

I don't feel those feelings that strongly now, probably because I'm so used to it. Saying an Asian girl only dates White is like saying water is wet.

That said, I still can't come to AMAF sex, whether through porn or fantasy. I'd rather watch BMAF than AMAF.

>unless I'm misinterpreting your post, you're happy about it.

Yeah, it turns me on now. There's something strangely erotic about an Asian pussy that's only been penetrated by White cocks. Maybe it's a forbidden fruit thing?



>gold for never and silver for never going back to Asian after a white guy

I like it. I am starting to imagine something can be done with this concept.


Good point actually. Being white isn't an licence to be lazy. There are plenty of white guys that need to shape up.


Thanks for the explanation and being open about this even though it's a very personal thing.

>I still can't come to AMAF sex

You like what you like so this isn't something to be worried about or try to change. It looks like you aren't anymore but to other asian boys reading this, if you prefer WMAF there's nothing wrong with that. In fact it's common enough for people to see it as normal. Trust me, no one is surprised to find out an asian boy prefers to masturbate over white cock inside the girls he's attracted to. Everyone knows white guys have a monopoly on asian pussy in western porn so it's obvious.

>Maybe it's a forbidden fruit thing?

Plus there's the association with the cuckold and other fetishes. You're hitting on all these different things which for you a different racial pairing wouldn't have.



I obviously can’t make lingo happen but I think it has good imagery.

Giving her the gift of a gold star with my white cock. Something for her to both take pride in displaying and protect at the same time. The contrast of losing virginity with gaining a star seperating wmaf as something uniquely special


What kinda stars are given to Asian girls that's only bedded Asian guys so far?

Bronze? :P No Stars?



What do they get? Disappointed?

I don’t even know how to answer that.

What did you get when you didn’t play soccer as a kid?



What do you call an Asian girl who has only been with Asian guys?




We can make lingo happen. I agree about the imagery, and will have a go at creating some graphics / materials.



>white guys have a monopoly on asian pussy in western porn

And real life, let's face it.



>What did you get when you didn’t play soccer as a kid?

I like that analogy. It's akin to saying if you've only slept with Asian guys, you haven't actually had sex. :P


File: 8751769a99d99fd⋯.png (1.76 MB, 640x959, 640:959, XeZP51545362857.png)



Here's a first go. I'm bad at captions.


File: c1e8215ca7812e6⋯.png (322.09 KB, 575x378, 575:378, 1Gbsd1545363580.png)


Wrong one, here is caption


File: 89322f2dc352bba⋯.png (530.95 KB, 876x480, 73:40, miko_deep_cap.png)

File: d2281f126f2dc23⋯.png (351.43 KB, 587x403, 587:403, miko_shock_cap.png)

File: 7b3b51857d81e23⋯.png (513.89 KB, 732x598, 366:299, lelie_3_gold star.png)






Here's 3 more. Someone else run with the concept.




>>822 (Checked)

>I'm bad at captions.

I am sure with practise and advice you can get better. If enough people want to try their hand at captions it might be worth having a feedback thread just for that.

I think the idea of these are actually quite good, it's just they could be executed better. You likely saw this yourself, but one of the hard things is legibility of the text. Most people just knocking together a caption quickly for fun use white text with a black border. It's not original, but it works.

File format wise, save photos and photo-like images as jpeg otherwise your captions are five to tens times bigger for no real reason. What program are you using? That can make a big difference both to file quality as well as text editing and layout.

Now for some specific points to get you thinking,


The text should scooted down a bit. By chance you've lined it up vertically with the bottom of his hands which is subconsciously visually confusing for the viewer. Instead you want some amount of empty space around text. Empty as in neutral or not cluttered relatively speaking. The actual concept of this caption is really good.


The third image, the text layout should be redone to avoid the empty space after "gold". The phrase "gold star" is a key part of the caption so you don't want it visually disrupted.

I hope you do more captions because in my opinion you have good potential.



Thanks for the advice.

I just fired these into the first web program that came up in google.

I wasn’t trying to slam dunk the format the first time, I just wanted to see if it “worked” for anyone else or maybe inspire someone who’s better at it to run with the “gold star” idea.

I’ll move it to the captions thread and leave the asian boys to enjoy their wmaf-aholics anonymous thread.



>web program

Oh, that explains it. Very much appreciated anyway and you have good ideas.



i'm 22 and i've been into it my entire life. i've never known anything else!

it's probably due to complete saturation. the younger an asian guy is, the more likely he will be into WMAF imo. you just cant escape it. WMAF is basically all porn. you see WMAF couples everywhere IRL. it's in the mainstream media. WMAF is in our families and friends.

like the post above, AMAF feels embarrassing and weird. i've literally never had a single orgasm to AMAF sex before.

when i was younger AMAF used to bother me a lot more. when i see an asian girl with an asian guy, i can only assume it's just because shes never been with a white guy… and i have to wonder, why not? has she like been brainwashed by her parents or family or something? lol ;P

>Advice, experiences and examples of coping strategies, whether good or bad, and their consequences.

i think it really depends on how you feel! a lot of my virgin asian guy friends are fine pumping away to WMAF porn. they don't feel any guilt or anything about it. like i said, it's just reality these days! but then again, they're not WMAF 'supporters' (to be fair, maybe not everyone needs to be?)

if you're having issues dealing with it, or feeling embarrassment and shame, i think confronting your sexuality is the only way to positive mental health. you need to be honest with yourself. this is who you are. it's better to accept it than suffer your entire life.

i've had a ton of conflicting and difficult emotions that many people will never understand. we've been brought up in a world where WMAF has worked its way into every part of our life. asian women are the ones who made that decision, so it feels 'unfair' to some (understandably)

sorry for the rambling. i've got more to share later. i'm happy to chat more with anyone here or answer questions ;D


File: 3f90d4b732fea22⋯.jpg (224.97 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_ojs0pi9d211s3l2too1….jpg)


a lot of asian girls do sometimes have parents that will put pressure on them to date asian boys. Its unfortunate. This is why good asian betas should defend the right of asian women to be with white men. I think in another thread a white anon posted a story about how he was fucking an asian girl and her mom heard them fucking then a few days late her mom was arguing with her about how Chinese men have big dicks too lmao.

Asian women have been oppressed by rice dick asian boys for too long, Its time to accept that they have control over their own lives and can make their own choices and asian boys cant do anything about it.

WMAF should be celebrated and cherished in all forms. Asian women shouldnt be attacked by bitter asian boys. And asian boys should be happy they have a front row seat to WMAF perfection.



yes, exactly my thoughts!

a lot more conservative asians, parochial and narrow-minded as they are, still view AMAF as the 'default' relationship. they do not accept WMAF and, in some extreme cases, do not permit it!

when i was in middle/high school, i frequently felt that this was the case with some girls i knew. they wouldn't date white guys because of family pressure (they wouldn't date asian guys either lmao) … and so personally, AMAF gained a kind of oppressive and unnatural feeling for me. like something that is artificial

asian women need support both external to the asian community (WMAF in media) and definitely support internally. the AMAF culture/brainwashing has to be dismantled

unfortunately you're starting to see more intentional AMAF even in movies and stuff. even here in the united states, can you believe it? it feels very reactionary



Can you check out some of my captions, I’d like an asian boys perspective. I want to know what you find so arousing about WMAF.






File: 81488fafa585f4c⋯.jpg (245.92 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_p8qr1suyKr1xsqrb2o2….jpg)


i think the 'gold star' concept is good, but hard to communicate. theres no context or explanation so people might not 'get it'

the thought of an AF being white exclusive is insanely erotic. even better if shes NEVER been with an AM. thats why it's arousing. the idea that a status is conferred for such an achievement…

it works the other direction too. an AF who has been with an AM is defiled. impure. she can atone by dedicating herself to white cock of course, but her status is now lower. she will never truly be 'white only'

an AF who only fucks whites, and has literally never considered sex with an AM (and perhaps finds the concept shameful or laughable) is basically the holy grail. total dedication ;D



An AF who has been with an asian boy shouldn’t be though of as defiled, just lost. She either pushed by an oppressive culture to not seize the opertunity before her or unaware.

That’s why WM and am like you both have a role to play, you need to encourage and advertise for WM and I need to provide the satisfaction


20 something asian virgin guy here. got into WMAF a few years ago and its the only thing i fap to these days. I'm even trying to get my fob asian female friends who are only interested in asian and/or date asian to try or date white guys.



On the gold star thing, it’s hard to communicate because it’s new. If you heard it in 2016 you would be rock hard hearing the word in normal context.

The only way to push it is to make stuff now.


But you asian boys will be so happy to hear that I converted 3 asian girls to be white only. One gold star virgin too.

Along with my hapa current gf who was already white only if you can count that



>theres no context or explanation

Yes. And it is a reuse of an existing phrase, adding to that confusion. However in some ways that reference plays in it's favour, provided it is communicated.

>pure / purity

This is a good idea. This anon >>1161 makes a good point, but it still works for me according to my own taste as long as it remains positive.


>it’s hard to communicate because it’s new

Why not simply create content explaining what it means?



I hear you guys on the gold star thing, make it more explicit.

How about the sister/daughter/mother stuff?

I don't mind the Purity angle, I'm more about conquering/rescuing asian women but I can work with that.



My story about converting a fob chinese girl in Uni.



My story about taking a little chinese girls virginity and instilling a love for white men and big white cock.



I meant make content that literally and directly explains it in order to introduce the meaning of the terms. Think of it as a PSA.

Regarding other terms and phrases, it's up to you what you do. I would say focus on what you personally like or can empathise with, let other people focus on other things. At the end of the day having multiple competing approaches is a good thing.


File: a1670df56212cdc⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 334x281, 334:281, I'll give you a taste.gif)

One asian boy has been contributing to this board but then tried to post AMWF. He even tried to hide some with a sage in a thread off the front page.

Dear asian boy,

If you're enjoying fapping to WMAF but then get angry and feel the need to troll with off-topic content then don't you think perhaps you need to take a break from the internet for a bit? Yes a lot of asian girls are being fucked by white men but this board is mainly porn and you shouldn't take it so personally.

Another thing you could do is try discussing your issues here then maybe you would feel better.



>it's probably due to complete saturation. the younger an asian guy is, the more likely he will be into WMAF imo. you just cant escape it. WMAF is basically all porn. you see WMAF couples everywhere IRL. it's in the mainstream media. WMAF is in our families and friends.

This is why I have sympathy for asian boys who aren't supporters yet. It's overwhelming and pervasive so it must be difficult to cope with before the acceptance stage.

>this is who you are. it's better to accept it than suffer your entire life.

The way you describe it is kind of like it's similar to any other form of sexuality.

>sorry for the rambling

No, the way you explained yourself was interesting and your advice very good. Realistic and pragmatic.


>WMAF should be celebrated and cherished in all forms



>AMAF even in movies and stuff

There's nothing wrong with that to a certain extent in my opinion, just as long as there's equal (or more) WMAF. The problem at the moment is there's nowhere near enough WMAF representation, and also not just full asian girls but eurasians/hapas too.


File: aa80879fa71b0d2⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 225x360, 5:8, joi.gif)

>>1277 (Checked)

How he should cope.



Asian chicks are cute, and as a white, it allows for better immersion. cuckolding is and always will be cancer.

>WMAF sex just looks so ``right`` to me. Was never able to enjoy AMAF/Japanese porn.

The problem I have with AMAF is the following:

The first is that 90% of all AMAF porn I see, the male is treated as a prop, not a partner for the female. The second, which I'm pretty sure is a trope of Japanese porn, is the fucking CRYING!… So much crying, and all of it was fake as hell, not like real, occasional squeaks and tears of pleasure, just the nails-on-a-chalkboard crying.




I find this topic interesting when it comes to asians because they are such a hivemind group. Is there any nuance?


File: 16217a3fb87c5c0⋯.webm (1.61 MB, 508x500, 127:125, heh.webm)


my main issue with AMAF in western media is, it's basically intentionally pushed by people who are our antithesis ideology-wise. AMAF couples in western media send an explicitly anti-white supremacy and anti-'colonization' message

i also have a feeling these kinds of casting decisions are done by asian males ;P

it's just another way agency and identity are stolen from AF in the west imho



Setting aside not really wanting to see asian boys in that sexual role, the censorship puts me off almost entirely. Even in the little I watched noticed that trope too. There probably is JAV without it but it's so common. If it was just in noncon fantasy scenes then maybe it would be okay but even then much of the time she'd be more quiet were it to be more realistic.


Of all the people I've talked to online and off there is going to be a selection bias because of my blog. But even so there were asian boys into WMAF as porn for various reasons but didn't see themselves as cuckolds. They would request WMAF posts without a cuckold element. Often they'd also like the cuckquean posts for that reason.

Many, probably most white men were not into it being associated with WMAF simply because they had no interest in asian boys being involved. Others did like it or were ambivalent. You might think bisexual men would be more into it but no, they were just as likely to dislike any humiliation or cheating themes. Instead the threesome/sharing thing was more popular.

I think asian boys who do like being cuckolded have to be respectful of that. On this board for example it's fine to discuss and have threads about, but it shouldn't be forced into other threads in an off-topic way. It remains to be seen what sort of audience develops here. Will most asian boys be full-on cucks or only some of them? We'll see but hopefully there will be threads for both groups.


>>1300 (Checked)

I'm looking at it in a fair way whereas you're right to say they are just against our views full stop. But there are examples of asian males who've favoured WMAF in casting/writing just like asian women have done. I'll have to dig them up. Because most of my interaction with asian males has been positive in regards to WMAF I wouldn't want to draw the same conclusion you have without looking at actual examples.

>another way agency and identity are stolen from AF in the west imho

Is WMAF is unfairly underrepresented? Yes, I think so. But is it having a real life effect?



I appreciate the well thought out response. I suppose my definition of cuckolding is different than others, or perhaps it's not even considered cuckolding at all. For instance, I'm not into bisexual stuff or most humiliation.

I wanted to ask because honor and saving face are so prevalent among asians that they may feel forced to date/marry within their race despite their preferences, and I'm only taking it to the logical conclusion that the situation may lead to "infidelity", if you can call it that, or possibly polyamory. From what you're describing, I can see a reflection of what I'm also talking about.

But being a responsible white guy, I don't want to introduce an unwanted element to the board, so it's probably best I see how things progress beyond 3 pages deep before contributing more than a few paragraphs here and there.



>I don't want to introduce an unwanted element to the board

No, I don't think you have to worry about that. I'm only talking about threads not going off topic. If you want to make a new thread about the type of cuckoldry you like then please do if one doesn't already exist. As long as what it's about is clear and concise in the OP then it's fine. Give your definition and those into it will hopefully also post, although the board is only very small at the moment.

If your posts fit into other threads, then feel free to discuss it in them too or instead. Also see the relevant board rules here >>166

This same guidance applies to any WMAF related fetish provided it fits within the rules.


File: 9f409a4bbe59278⋯.png (109.62 KB, 529x589, 529:589, Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at ….png)

File: e15a8125b11489c⋯.png (42.43 KB, 536x236, 134:59, Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at ….png)


it has a real life effect. check out the tweet by oxford to see how toxic asian males structure their arguments against WMAF in media

>I don't think Asian women's stories are obligated to always include Asian men.

(yes he does)

anyway every time theres a WMAF couple theres a chorus of angry AM complaining about it so it has a chilling effect on AF


File: 7673b2c8eb4ae9d⋯.png (480.18 KB, 697x516, 697:516, 1504393870001.png)


Toxic asian men have always been ass backwards. They say that interracial relationships are racist. While saying that asian women should only be with asian men.

Their whining has always come from a place of jealousy and anger. Both at white men. But also the fact the asian women have a choice in who they fuck and are free to fuck who they want.

If you actually sit down and deconstruct asian nationalism or places like /r/hapas you realize their entire viewpoint rests on contradictions


File: d8cc9b3be4bfcea⋯.jpg (298.67 KB, 780x681, 260:227, white man's burden.jpg)


But do such comments actually stop asian girls from going after white men? That's what I meant. Maybe it does have a chilling effect though.


Blaming white men for any of it makes no sense even within their logic (ie saying there is blame in the first place). You're right about the contradictions. If they were against interracial relationships entirely then that would be a position I could respect as logical but they seem obsessed with white women and attacking asian girls. They end up hating both because obviously white women are going to reject them, especially if they are basically insane asian trolls. No woman wants to be with a guy like that.


File: 10d1a0c1a2791c5⋯.gif (1006.04 KB, 500x281, 500:281, cry.gif)

>make on topic posts

>a few hours later

>make off topic posts

This is not a good way to enjoy this board. It's pretty obvious why some asian boys are doing this. If you're frustrated or pissed off after you've done jerking off then why don't you try actually talking about it instead of acting like a brat. Until you grow up and stop being scared of saying what you think people will always look down on you. Try being honest instead.



I'm sure it's quite difficult to come to terms with such deep seated identity issues, and it's no wonder why asian cultures are so insular. The jealousy of asian boys is palpable, but hey, at least they aren't niggers. This is why I encourage asian boys to go back to their native lands and become the human adding machines they were meant to be. Maybe they can be the ones to make advancements in the sex doll industry, because let's face it, their women aren't going back with them.


File: c37812ccd355742⋯.jpg (23.8 KB, 437x336, 437:336, It is by will alone I set ….jpg)


Anon, I am not sure your cheeky banter will help very much. You do make a good point though.

>human adding machines


File: 63a0d77332975cd⋯.mp4 (1.91 MB, 320x240, 4:3, tumblr_pbgsmng68u1xqw964.mp4)

This is what all Asian boys should aspire to be.


File: 8f5b61ebdc310bc⋯.jpg (195.02 KB, 959x1386, 137:198, dubdubs.jpg)

>>2277 (Checked)

Well done that asian boy. Take note.



The number one thing to do is for you to masturbate to it. Cum often to WMAF and only to WMAF.


>>2288 (Double Checked)

You have to give those poor boys permission in the thread though otherwise they're not allowed.



>Double checked

D-Do you guys just not understand how dubs work?

I shouldn't really explain this to newfags but since this is intended to actually encourage good content creators from tumblr to post here, this


is dubs




are still dubs



and this post, which will be 2305, are not dubs




are not "double dubs" lmao

There you go, you now know how dubs work, newfriend.



I have been exclusively cumming to WMAF raceplay, and wmaf couples i know irl for 3 years now



Quality dedication



Thanks only thing that gets me off anymore, espeically when I imagine friends of mine getting rammed by their white bfs


File: 962ed8f3992df66⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 640x640, 1:1, gondola maximum chill.webm)


I am not claiming that my post >>2286 is dubs of course.

However I am claiming >>2277 is double dubs and I stand by the other anon's claim that >>2288 is double dubs too. All number patterns will be recognised and checked to the full extent of the law as God is my witness.



And then everyone stood up and clapped, while a moose looked on at the scene of Canadian-Asians being bleached as a single tear of pure maple syrup rolled from his eye in joy.



I mean that doesn't mean you're right, it just means 2 people are both newfriends together



Thank you anon.


We are all new friends.


File: 6f67704d377799e⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 384x216, 16:9, hand motions.gif)

>>2288 (Checked)


The simplest, most obvious and best method. If asian girls cum exclusively from sex with white men (and sometimes white girls) then surely asian boys should do the same but with masturbation? Also see this post >>466 (Checked) on the "The New Asian Sexuality".



I’m glad there are asian boys like you, who are happy in their place and not resentful to WM or AF.



i do this too, and it is a great fantasy tool. an alternative to WMAF porn is imagining your friends etc in WMAF relationships. if I find an AF attractive, I then imagine her with WM. this helps strengthen your personal sexuality and association with WMAF. it’s an important coping method

of course asian girls who are actually with white men are god tier. I get instantly hard lol

but you should be thinking about all AF in a WMAF context imo. it’s a daily recommitment, and it makes your attachment stronger and better over time



yes at a bare minimum asian boys should solely masturbate to WMAF, and it’s a good “entry point” but there’s a lot more we need to do before our “heterosexual” impulses are completely replaced with WMAF sexuality ;P



For asian males heterosexuality is masturbating to WMAF porn and fantasies like this too >>2370. Bisexuality is that but also liking white men and sucking / being fucked by them. Homosexuality is just liking white men without the sexual interest in WMAF, although of course it can still involve support of it.

Maybe this is debatable but I don't think there's anything wrong with sexual contact between asian males, which would technically make them bisexual or gay, but would probably be okay for straight asian boys to be involved with too. You know, if it helps them to deal with WMAF and find their own sexual relief.

A lot of this is about definitions which I think people will disagree on or at least be able to refine. However from a practical point of view it's about asian girls belonging to white men and keeping asian boys away from having penetrative sex. But now I type that I wonder if an exception can be made when two asian boys are together. Is it okay for one of them to be the “top”?

I don't know. To be honest I am still working all of this out and how asian and hapa boys should fit into WMAF overall.



I cannot even imagine an Asian girl with another Asian guy, in my head every Asian is either dating or fucking White guys



>However from a practical point of view it's about asian girls belonging to white men and keeping asian boys away from having penetrative sex. But now I type that I wonder if an exception can be made when two asian boys are together. Is it okay for one of them to be the “top”?

In the gay world, all Asian boys are pretty much bottoms and don't want each other. Most crave for White cock just like the woman.



preventing AM from having penetrative sex is so important, i agree. i think its an important part of the sexuality for AM to be virgins. imho WMAF incorporates the total denial of all penetrative/sexual activity for AM


im mostly the same. given any solo AF I imagine/assume she’s with or is into WM! all fantasies should be based on WMAF

in my HS the amount of WMAF dating was really overwhelming. girls I had known for years were completely white only, and were becoming increasingly promiscuous. the environment kind of felt like domination

all of my male asian friends were virgins (including me ofc lol) and I realized that some of my white friends probably aren’t. and in all likelihood, they had done it with an asian girl. the asian girls were energetically fucking many white guys and creating an immense power imbalance. as the years past the white guys had more girlfriends and more sex. one by one the asian girls would lose their virginity to whites, including my sisters ;P

i decided then that this is the way it is supposed to be. the asian girls SHOULD give their virginity to the white guys, and they SHOULD be white exclusive. in fact, more specifically, i dont believe AMAF can actually have 'sex' … an asian girl who has tragically never been with a white man is essentially still a virgin.

i hope one day there is no chance an asian male can be with an asian woman who has never been with a white man. the first time (and optimally, every time after :D) should always be with a white man


File: a4e4b60ea56140f⋯.jpg (101.62 KB, 540x810, 2:3, afwm.jpg)

All Asian boys should accept that WMAF is the default. And that white men not only come first, but Asian women will always pick a white man over an Asian boy.

The life of an asian boy should be spent one of three ways. Fapping to WMAF porn exclusively, supporting and promoting WMAF relationships in all aspects. Not just sex. If you are creative or artistic make some WMAF art, make some WMAF captions. And most of all defend asian girls who are white only.

Finding an asian beta fap friend is of course allowed. You can jerk your rice dicks together and watch asian girls get pounded by white alphas.

The second way is for the asian boy to become the asian girl. Asian boys always make the best traps. Of course the best option would be to serve a white man with your fellow asian trap. You need to offer up your asian boy pussy to white men who are interested immediately.

Finally the third way of the asian boy is to be a cuck. This seems hard to pull off. But if an asian boy ever finds himself in a relationship with an asian girl. Its time to launch the master plan to slowly tell her you want to watch her fuck white dudes.



That makes sense, white male domination of asians extending to penetration of male as well as asian female bodies.

Outside of asian boys who are gay (or become gay) though I would like to see them involved in sexual play with each other. Like the asian boys in this post >>2525 for example. They were probably all jerking off to WMAF but I can’t help but think turning to each other to experiment would also help. My question is if thy should be penetrating each other or not, should it be limited to non-penetrative contact, does that include mouths, etc. Can’t really stop people from doing whatever in private, but more from a theory and advice point of view.


I want to see white men taking complete sexual ownership of asian girls in western countries, and at least some amount in other countries too. So let me reassure you of that as I reply to some of your points.

>the total denial of all penetrative/sexual activity for AM

I wouldn’t go this far. It’s right for some asian boys, and if they have cuckold or denial fantasies anyway they will want this. Sexual activity is a pretty broad thing to say and I think there are lots of things that count but are still acceptable. Think of a cuckoldress with an asian boyfriend or husband for example, not all will be into zero sexual contact or activity of any kind.

>asian girls SHOULD give their virginity to the white guys, and they SHOULD be white exclusive

It shows how far we’ve come that even on this small board there are asian guys who believe this. Thank you for sharing your story and it's interesting to see how you came to this point. A lot of asian boys must be going through the same thing, seeing almost all asian girls around them going to white men.

>day there is no chance an asian male can be with an asian woman who has never been with a white man

It probably will happen in lots of places. I don’t know about no chance, but close to it. The vast majority of asian men who end up marrying a so-called “bananarang” asian girl will find she has a possibly extensive and definitely exclusive sexual history with white men, and may well want to continue to do so.


File: bd48f02405bacb8⋯.gif (404.79 KB, 540x469, 540:469, advice for asian boys.gif)


>fap to wmaf, support it, possibly get a fap friend

>be a femboy and serve white men

>be a cuck

That's a good summary of the main choices.

>supporting and promoting WMAF relationships in all aspects

Yes, well said.

>And most of all defend asian girls who are white only

This. If every single asian boy who faps to WMAF also took a bit of time to support the white preference of asian girls then you'd totally drown out the trolls. You don't need to go overboard if you don't have the time, just simple nice and polite comments praising WMAF couples, liking posts on social media, etc, is enough. Don't worry if you can't be some kind of WMAF crusader, just do what you can. It all helps.

Reporting troll comments and accounts if you see them is also a good idea.


File: eb470e81c0bbbe6⋯.jpg (74.54 KB, 1310x424, 655:212, furfag pedo.jpg)

A bad example of a coping strategy: posting child models because you're an angry namefagging furfag.


File: 8ec1038aa304bc1⋯.gif (152.09 KB, 178x188, 89:94, THE POLICE.gif)


Makes me sick.


There's very little choice but to deal with WMAF for us Asian guys. It's a part of everyday life for us. It's always in the media, we see it at home with our sisters dating white, or at school with the Asian girls we fall for but know only want to date white guys.

All I can do is accept it and watch and jerkoff as white men fuck Asian girls like I couldn't. I would cum way too fast anyway.



Exactly. You're coping the right way: with acceptance and masturbation. A good and practical contrast to the more negative examples. Plus if you do get married to an asian woman at some point then your attitude makes it much easier to deal with your other problem: she can just keep fucking white guys.



One of the best things you can do, once past the initial acceptance phase anyways, is going out and befriending white men and introducing them to your female family members and girls at school.

Partly because it's one of the only freedoms you'll get when it comes to asian women, where at least for family members you get to curate who she sees a little bit. You don't want some piece of shit fucking your sister (or maybe mom as well with any luck) in your own place after all. She deserves only the highest quality white cock. Another reason is it allows you to live vicariously through the white dude(s) doing the fucking. If you play it like your a little bit jealous but still cool, you might get the guy to "rub it in" and tell you about it, giving you tons of fap material for later.



>live vicariously through the white dude

Or live vicariously through your sister!


>>3022 (Checked)

What great advice. A simple and personal form of WMAF activism that does a great deal of good and he benefits from too. I love that asian boys are protecting their female family and friends like this, while at the same time helping to get that white dick inside them.


Asian boys entering a more submissive mindset can start to think this way, but don’t worry, there's nothing wrong with it. It's not uncommon at all, and pretty natural for any asian boy whose sexual focus is turning exclusively towards white cock inside asian pussy rather than his own.



If your an asian boy fascilitating an Asian girls White experiences you are, in a way, responsible for the amazing orgasms she’s having.

So you can hang you hat on that, the way asian boys can make asian girls cum (giving her a white man)



Good point.



facilitating more WMAF like this would be a privilege but it’s not that easy. a lot of times girls don’t really want to talk about it with asian guys

something that works that you can casually question is something like “so you must like white guys huh” … haha. it at least gets the topic going regarding their dating. some girls are embarrassed to say it though

getting an entry point though is productive and you can work in some positive and affirmative thoughts. any encouragement is helpful i think. be careful though because you don’t want to seem obsessed ;P

another thing you can do with your guy friends is to share and discuss solely WMAF material. discussion like “doesn’t she look so good with that white guy” at some level makes them start thinking more about the racial content



lol… my younger sister has at this point fucked at least 6 white guys (that I know of) and I feel so proud of her



I would think it would be better to make comments about how tall white guys are or how nice blue eyes look or even bring up fairer skin. Since I'm 6'4" myself, I know for a fact height in particular will get you comments and pussy. Whether or not that leads to more racial stuff is kind of secondary to actually fucking asian girls.



This is what I want to hear. More asian boys being proud of the Gold Star sisters, and quite possibly hotwife mothers.


Is it weird that as an Asian boy and WMAF fan, living in USA who recently acquired new stepsisters and a stepmother from Asia, to think about them being introduced to White men?

It doesn’t help that they’re attractive. Obviously I absolutely would NEVER or can even think about MYSELF doing anything sexual to them. So I know I’m not interested in incest but I literally can not help but think of my sisters who are now attending school in America, eventually experiencing BWC. I can’t even look them in the eye or I’ll just imagine them with white cock.

Incest isnt okay but is this alright? Whats even more weird is that I imagine them having sex with white jocks/bullies or even teachers. Before you call me a huge pervert.. I didn't choose these types of fantasies.. It's not like I read about it online and eventually became a fan of it. Its because of my love WMAF and my real life events that put me in this situation.

Post last edited at



Of course not.You’re just a normal asian boy. Not only should you expect your step sisters and step mother to experience white men but you should encourage it. These Asian women have been giving an amazing opertunity to experience sexual ecstasy that their home country couldn’t have given them



Not really dude, asian boy but in UK here and it's gotten to the point where I am regularly thinking about my own mother and younger sister with BWC. So you with your step relatives is to be expected.



it just goes with the territory imo. we think about ALL asian women being with bwc so, family wouldn't be an exception. nothing to be ashamed of ;D



You can't do this with your sister! You have to protect her purity and chastity!



A noble cause 200 years ago. But this is 2019, these women are free to experience what they please with or without their brothers approval.

Asian girls want to find out about white men and your smiling contentment at her choice is what being an ally is all about.



But if you saw your own sister getting fucked…you could be traumatized, or worse, mindbroken! Is her desire really that strong?



I don’t have a sister personally, let alone a BWC obsessed little asian sister. But you don’t have to watch the act of WMAF love itself, I’m sure you could pick up on the queues. A slight limp the next day, shifting in her seat, a state of happy relaxation, more confidence. Why would you feel so traumatized by your sister being so very happy?



There is nothing wrong with him seeing his hapa nephew being conceived. Well, as long as he doesn't masturbate too loudly.



from personal experience, it's not necessarily traumatizing but it can be a strange feeling initially. i don't mean literally seeing her get fucked btw (i havent and honestly thats kind of weird lol)

when my older sister had her first BF it was a white guy. this made the whole WMAF thing very real to me, more than it had been previously. now my own sister was going with whites, not just random girls at my school. it was a very powerful emotion at the time. ultimately though it strengthened my support of WMAF and made me a better ally, because now its personal

it also mentally prepared me for when my younger sister matured. shes also white only, and she has been far more promiscuous as i said a few posts up. if i hadn't accepted it before hand, it would have perhaps been difficult to see her fucking more and more white guys…

but it was not hard, and i can feel happy for her and support her as a brother, even as she rapidly becomes sluttier ;P



>but it was not hard

Oh but I think you are hard every time you think about it.

Do you all still live in the same house?



hah! no i don’t live with my parents


The thing is my stepsisters are already 4 months on USA soil and acting/dressing promiscuous. I can’t really speak my own language so theres a slight language barrier. I know that from where they came from, teens have sex alot earlier, as sex education isn’t wide spread

/a birand parents there are embarrassed to talk about it. Even though I cannot help to think about it, I actually hope and want them to engage with BWC as they’re getting accustomed to America. I even provided them condoms (they dont kno it was from me) because I know they also skipped the grade that they teach Sex Ed in our county! ,so the best thing I thought I could do was getting them condoms just in case..atleast it help prevent them from getting STDs.



your heart is in the right place. the best we can do is support and enable. youre being very thoughtful

just remember it's new for them too. a new culture, language, etc. they were probably brought up in the AMAF culture so it will take some learning. don't be impatient, and help in any way you can!



I really hate Hollywood, but a simple way you can help along their WMAF progress by seeing if they recognize pictures of white actors. Maybe you've already done that?


File: dd7ea594048efca⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 3840x2560, 3:2, fuck and cum inside.jpg)

File: 13c8d4516cb3445⋯.jpg (332.16 KB, 1056x1698, 176:283, steal your bf.jpg)


There's an increasing awareness that many asian boys support WMAF for sexual and fetishistic reasons on top of it being the right thing to do. Nevertheless it's still seen as unexpected / weird to see a guy interested in a girl's sex life that doesn't include him. When she knows it's his fap fuel she's usually not going to like that. Some girls do, but not the majority. Of course that feeling will be magnified if they are friends or relatives.

Things are changing but male sexuality is often demonised and seen as bad. White men are having sex with asian girls, and asian boys are masturbating to it. There are still people who have a problem with the first part of that, let alone the second. If however a white/eurasian girl is schlicking to WMAF then it's usually seen by men as maybe weird, but still hot. Most white men would want a girlfriend who's into asian girls in that way for example.


From talking to many asian boys I can tell you it's the difference between when they are turned on versus after they orgasm. During masturbation it's all good but afterwards, when they're holding cum-soaked tissues with a fading erection, the contrast against the usually much bigger white cock still fucking the asian girl on screen is upsetting. Remembering that thinking of their sister taking white cock is what pushed them over the edge feels shameful or disgusting.

It's not disgusting of course, it's just masturbation, but it takes some asian boys time to get over that and not be so hard on themselves. Sadly a vocal minority never learn to relax and enjoy WMAF despite it being their exclusive source of sexual pleasure for years on end. These guys don't have someone to reassure them it's actually a good thing asian girls are going to white men, and that it's okay to fap to.


nerdy asian guy here. I'm a huge supporter of wmaf but I don't have any sisters or female friends. I wanna become friends with asian girls especially fobby ones and convince them to go white. Any advice?



Befriending them wouldn't be that hard FOB university girls want to experience the local culture more than guys I find. You will need some kind of in (being asian-*western* is a big start) to hangout a couple times with a few friends (more asians than whites) with some FOB friendly activities, like hot pot or some shit.

Then when you're a little closer ask them to come out to cool western university things things like house parties with lots of white guys and let nature take its course. You did your part, White Men at house parties with a couple FOB's will do their part.

Maybe you ask them about what happened last night and you get a couple stories to masturbate to.



I'll try to get university girls but I'm already out so that would be a bit harder.

Also how soon should I hint if they are into white guys? Like should I ask if they like certain white actors?



I don't know where you're located, but I know even here in flyover USA, asians tend to have community meetups. If you can speak the language, that should be enough to get you in the door.

But to answer the questions in your post, it will probably take a while to break the ice about the subject. I would expect no less than several months, just so you don't weird anyone out. The last thing you want is to get a reputation right away that bars you from interaction.

You could ask about actors, but another way is instead act slightly jealous towards white men. Don't go too crazy with it because that will creep her out as well, but being overprotective will trigger a woman's vindictive side and she might start acting more flirty with white guys just to spite you. This is only after you have gained enough rep with her to signal you are very much in a platonic relationship, but beta enough where you sometimes act like you still have a chance. Be generous, but not thirsty.

I could go on, but hopefully you get the gist of it. The name of the game is subtlety. I can't stress that enough.



I'm from the east coast. This seems like a really long con haha, might be worth it though. I might even take a class at a university with a lot of fob students.

And go on, I wanna hear all of your ideas.



>a really long con

I think you have to make friends genuinely first of all rather than thinking of it this way. Whatever happens you benefit from making friends, and female friends too. Do you have white male friends? I bet if you hang out together something is bound to happen.

What I am saying is, it will be worth getting involved with helping people anyway, regardless of anything else. On top of language and knowing the area and culture you said you are nerdy so you probably have a bunch of things you can help out with that you haven't even considered. I think you can be a valuable friend to lots of people.


File: cc644ee9d6642f0⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Japanese-Cucumber-1-600x40….jpg)


Sorry dude, but it was me who corrupted her honestly. Started sending her shit like pic related as a joke and it spiralled from there.



You didn't corrupt her for anything

Just helped her reach her true desire



True, that's a much healthier way to look at it, next person to help on the journey is my mum then.



So many asian boys have a hard time with this. Your mother is a woman too, she deserves to experience wmaf just like the girls your age do.

I had an asian coworker who was into wmaf, gold star older sisters, got rejected by other gold star girls all the time, seemed almost repressed bi, but his mother was very overbearing and divorced. If he ever offered I would have happily changed his moms life.



You’re a good brother. Encouragement is all you can offer her, maybe if you’re lucky she will allow you to watch her get filled by a white man.


File: 5de08967e11716e⋯.mp4 (10.92 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, lv 30 beta.mp4)



lmao so sad



Mainland Chinese guys just don't get it.


cross posting from my tumblr:

Over winter break I realized WMAF has become a more significant, growing, inescapable force in my life (and others) and it amazed and humbled me. It has always been around me, but now it seems so much more common.

First of all, ‘Asian spaces’ are now dominated by WMAF. This wasn’t the case 10 years ago. During Christmas, i went to church with my parents (Taiwanese Presbyterian) and the amount of WMAF couples there was staggering. What had been an almost fully Asian church was now full of white men, their Asian wives, and their hapa children. Girls I knew from Sunday school were now married to white men! it’s, of course, beautiful, but also I must admit quite shocking. The future of the church now belongs to WMAF

Second, Asian restaurants and grocery stores (99 ranch market, etc) are now full of WMAF couples. This one is interesting, and can’t solely be attributed to the Asian places becoming more mainstream. The simple fact is, the majority of Asian women are (rightfully) choosing white men, and this now makes 'our’ spaces WMAF spaces. Asian American culture is WMAF culture. WMAF is part of our heritage, family, areas, and traditions.

Beyond all that, I have been more involved in the WMAF community/fetish the past year, and it feels great! I feel more comfortable and in touch with my sexuality. Most of the people are friendly and exciting, and we can all comfortably discuss our desires and fantasies. If you are an Asian 'beta’ on the sidelines, just give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed. Please get over your guilt and shame. asian women belong to white men and its right, beautiful, and something to be happy about



Amen. WMAF isn't going to stop and being bitter over it won't help one bit.

Accept that it looks good seeing asian girls in the arms of strong white men and you'll be a much happier asian boy.



>I have been more involved in the WMAF community/fetish the past year

Like what? Do you take it beyond the internet or is that still a hurdle?



for RL stuff i've discussed it with other asian males for a few years now, 'proselytizing' i guess you could say… and a few asian females, but as covered in posts above it's a difficult subject and im still a shy person ;P



How did asian girls feel about you discussing wmaf with them. I’ve known a few asian girls who would privately confide in me that they were curious about wmaf but would never admit to an asian boy.



How would your conversations go with other asian boys


asian dicks dont deserve tight asian pussy… Asian girls belong to big white dick… the only way for an asian guy to please his asian girlfriend's tight asian pussy is to let a big white dick fuck her small asian pussy


I use to be a bad asian boy mad at about white men fucking all our asian girls… now I am a good asian boy and masturbate to white men fucking all the asian girls..


File: bf76aeb603e1c7a⋯.jpg (83.1 KB, 626x640, 313:320, interracial marriage stats.jpg)

File: 103e4af95a18352⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 611x759, 611:759, interracial marriage stats….jpg)

File: 657c0d0f7b4ae0e⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 540x303, 180:101, tumblr_p0tzuuWsiF1wrisp7o1….gif)

The new stats are out and show that asian women really do love white cock.

Its science.


wow Japanese men have less chance of marrying a Japanese woman than white men. very inspiring

I hope that Chinese girls can catch up hehe. hopefully white is trending towards the majority for all types of asian females :D


File: 97ef7d203df9c91⋯.jpg (16.95 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 97ef7d203df9c918f16eab45ae….jpg)


White males seem the most popular out of any other group but I didn't expect Japanese woman to want them more over their own, their size gaps in both charts are way bigger then I was expecting.



Not a surprise to see Filipinas winning but good to see Japanese girls coming in with a strong second. Only 27% of Chinese girls? I mean it's still good though and I guess starting from different places excuses it.


The cohabitation rates are even bigger, and of course the had/having sex with white men rate larger again.

>I didn't expect Japanese woman

But why?



>The cohabitation rates are even bigger, and of course the had/having sex with white men rate larger again.

Got any charts for that? Asking for a friend.



US born is majority white, though. which makes sense! a lot of chinese females might come over with boyfriends. i know the chinese numbers are disappointing (lol i wish they were higher) but for US born, chinese males are still in the minority ;P


File: 0df7907cb74508f⋯.jpg (103.64 KB, 640x775, 128:155, 0df7907cb74508f175adac1299….jpg)


>But why?

I'm just more surprised by the numbers I thought it would be high but didn't expect the majority of them to want white men more over their own guys hell non western born Japanese woman who married White men is double that for those who married other jap men, I guess WMAF is way more popular and prevalent then the media lets on.

It's also funny how hard the media pushes BMWW and yet its one of the smallest groups out of all of them.



It shows there is a big difference between what the media says and what is actually going on. On your last point there is that difference again, the difference between raceplay versus race reality. All the fetish stuff about WMAF is hot and I like a lot of it, female submission especially, but asian women choosing white men is a very real thing and not just a porn/fantasy thing for men. By the way generally I have no problem with weird fantasies or cuckold stuff or whatever, nor porn either.

A typical narrative is that "evil white men" are taking advantage of asian women due to economic advantages, like in the case of Filipinas for example. But that totally falls apart if we look at Japanese girls. Are they naive or poor or any other insulting stereotypes people throw at other asian girls?

No, asian women are making choices because they can. White preference is real, instinctive and powerful but asian women for whatever reason are more appealing to white men than others and so naturally they take advantage of it.

In an ideal world it wouldn't be a surprise because the media would reflect reality, tell the truth, represent WMAF, support women and encourage acceptance of white preference, etc. If even on this tiny corner of the internet we see a lot of quite vile spam and hatred from ineffectual people who hate white people out of jealousy, imagine those same types in media organisations. That is one of the reasons why the media is the way it is. Well hopefully you don't see it if it's deleted quickly enough.



What the feminist harpies really want to say is white men are taking advantage of women who are unable to think for themselves, all the while the feminists are also fucking white guys.

Not to get all /pol/ on here, but it's hilarious to see faggots whine about whites saying we are being subverted by jews, all the while they go and bitch about how whites are the root of anything that ever goes wrong. The level of hypocrisy is ridiculous when it would be easier for the colored women of the world (since it goes beyond asians) to simply come out and admit they love white cock. We have to put up with all of this degeneracy because it might "hurt someone's feelings" if we don't, yet white cock worship is frowned upon. Imagine how much happier women would be if they could just come out and say they crave white men.



There are a lot of non-white women who realistically aren't ever going to get the white man of their dreams. The ones that can feel guilty about it so you end up having all of them virtue signalling and bitching non stop. Asian girls are clearly going to monopolise the "second place" position to white girls. I think that while there are plenty of attractive black girls out there for example, when you look at a country like the US so many of them are obese or have those terrible wigs or weaves. White men used to being able to run their hands through long, smooth, flowing white and asian hair aren't going to accept that.

The whole idea of saying one person is better than another from your own point of view is so against the leftist point of view and is such a can of worms that you can surely see why many women are just too scared to even think about it, let alone be honest. White preference and white worship is a kind of white supremacy but that's labelled as a bad thing. Imagine if we said an artist is evil because he's better at art than someone else. That's obviously crazy so instead they have to make up a whole mountain of lies to keep up the narrative. So in this example defaming/smearing the artist until he's at the same level - in other words blaming white people for things they had and have nothing to do with.

Yes, women would be a lot happier telling the truth but there is so much out there seemingly stopping them. Lots of women will showboat about how strong they are, but in reality they are desperately scared.


File: 9a30acd5017dd76⋯.jpg (353.52 KB, 937x528, 937:528, cra-pierregemma.jpg)

File: e829c2dcedb49d0⋯.jpg (155.78 KB, 632x926, 316:463, 4F39BEFD00000578-6077159-F….jpg)

yeah ive made the argument before that wmaf preference is intentionally minimized in the media, perhaps intentionally

with these statistics, you should basically always have an asian female paired with a white man. with perhaps exceptions for historical things. it just reflects reality. imo it feels like theres less wmaf now in movies/tv than there was in the 90s

fantasy vs reality



I have nothing against asian men with asian women and that guy on the left is pretty good looking if you ask me. My opinion is white men and women are more attractive but of course still very much appreciate asian girls and to a lesser extent, asian men too.

So I don't agree with you on that always thing. Maybe 50 to 75% of the time paired with a white guy. It's really a personal opinion thing but it's 100% true there's not enough WMAF and it's honestly surreal when you notice the lack of it.

Also depends on the country too. In white countries I get the argument asian girls should always be with white men even if I don't agree with the always part, but in asian countries it seems reasonable to have a lower WMAF percentage.



ok maybe not 100% you’re right, but I do think it’s kind of dishonest still

especially when you consider that media which is actually creatively controlled by US asian females explicitly features WMAF. the lack of WMAF in media certainly isn’t for the benefit of asian women if you get what I mean ;P


File: 87f23b4d48e269a⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 540x707, 540:707, tumblr_olpopcLDdG1uay5ewo1….jpg)


I actually read some medium article put together by the butthurt brigade of male asian nationalists who read the stats and it showed that like 75% of korean american women fucked white guys exclusively.

When i think about all this i feel like if somehow you were to stop asian immigration that the Asian community would basically be fucked out of existence by white cock


File: c091965a35106d8⋯.jpg (237.66 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, tumblr_oza4l4dSP31wrruhlo2….jpg)

I used to think about race and feminism when i was bored. Thats and odd thing to think about. I came to some conclusion

Asian women are the biggest threat to white female beauty standards. And to white women.

White women are def the top of the totem pole and even white feminists know it.

But what if the most beautiful womans man decided to start dating a different type of woman? Asian women.

Beauty is power, a beautiful woman can make men do things. because men can be smart, they often turn their brains off and think with their dicks

Masculinity on the other hand is more something someone learns. An ugly man can be considered masculine, even women can learn to be masculine.

I feel like a lot of white women do resent asian women because white men do find them attractive. But of of course women in general are passive aggressive.

White feminists hate white men, but their response is to attack white men. And they use women of color and men of color to position themselves on top.

When they say they want "more women ceos" you best believe they mean white women.

Asian women on the other hand are a threat to white female ambition and beauty standards. If white men find them attractive that helps them move up the social ladder. and rather than wanting to replace white men its more of power sharing thing.

On another note pushing anti wmaf propaganda never works because that just makes the whole thing more sexually taboo and naughty

White men and asian women just seem to excel when paired off in a correct manner. And that makes asian men and white women jealous. But even white women would never stoop so low to date a rice dick xD

White girls with daddy issues already have Negroids to fill that spot

Honestly. Living in the west has to be hell mode for asian nationalists. And white cock heaven for asian girls



You need to think about it some more. Feminists and leftists in general hate beauty standards because they don't meet them, sometimes because they are mentally ill and self harm, other times because they eat too much (arguably the same). So it's honestly retarded to imply feminists are upholding any kind of beauty standard when it is the bane of their existence.

Also too the existence of asian women is completely irrelevant to the ugliness of a childish lazy woman with no impulse control aka a feminist. The foremost threat to her is obviously first and foremost a white girl who looks smart, takes care of herself and is personable. Someone who everyone else likes and can get on with.

>White feminists hate white men

Because they are often invisible to the men they want. It's sour grapes. Exactly the same as MGTOWs and other assorted faggots who try to say all white women are feminists.

>attack white men

The ethnicity of people who do this in the lugenpresse is very often not white at all, but jewish. Check next time, you will see.

>White girls with daddy issues already have Negroids to fill that spot

Fuck off.


File: bbe2872138c5f63⋯.png (68.97 KB, 400x734, 200:367, confession 1.png)

File: 6528ded5efbabf2⋯.png (51.28 KB, 400x500, 4:5, confession 2.png)

File: 61f6f2dd5c26e97⋯.png (10.94 KB, 758x153, 758:153, reaction.png)

Seeing something like this I wonder if it's legit or if it's written by an asian guy. I'm not sure, but if it is real it shows some of the peer pressure asian girls face.

>almost assaulted

But not actually assaulted.

Also a response to it from an AGW poster who does have an asian husband.



If dumb cunts like that want to only be available to asian manlets, then she can get on a plane and go back to "her country". She isn't integral to the function of western countries. Some nerve calling everyone else racist but not participating in the culture and whitening her parents obviously wanted for her.


sounds like it was written by an asian guy to me haha ;P

there’s a lot of projecting and frankly, most of the language seems to be from raceplay (who talks like that irl? lol) it’s probably another sad asian boy who jerks to WMAF and then gets upset about it



>the trope of white saviour needs to stop

I wholeheartedly agree, along with "noble savage" and "dumb nigger who reaches stone age by XV century" (^:

What's keeping her from going back to her country and enjoying all the asian men native to it?

Is it the fact they don't have clean water?



Taking it on face value for the sake of discussion, I don't think it's right of her to call asian women racist for trying to convert others over to white men or for having a sexual preference that happens to exclude asian guys. However I can see the offence over the blanket statements about them. Neither is it right for others to call her racist for preferring asian men.

If the post is legit then to be frank the hostility between the two sides isn't doing anything to help get a white cock inside her. Calling her names just drives her further away.


It does, and I agree with your reasoning.


I agree with the point about emasculation of asian men because I'm not fond of it at all, but generally I think the systemic fetishisation of asian women is a good thing. That combined with indoctrinating white men with asian female stereotypes is definitely encouraging WMAF sex, and encouraging both parties to live up to their role. Female submission to a white patriarchy is the right choice for most women in my opinion.

>white saviour

This isn't why asian girls are having sex with white men so it's another thing that seems off about the post.


File: 3942fe08fd8140d⋯.jpg (92.1 KB, 636x352, 159:88, asian masculiinity.jpg)

Asian nationalism like all nationalism is inherently conservative. Asian male subreddits uphold patriarchal ideals which seek to restrict the agency of Asian women. So it comes off as hollow when they try to use liberal or leftists terms and ideas. Because at the root of their ideology is a deep hatred of asian women and women in general, who they blame for not fucking them. Asian women who fuck white men are exercising their freedom, which is an act of liberalism. Asian nationalists are right wingers who larp as left wingers and whose ideology is basically "women don touch me peepee, me mad" Asian male nationalists abhor interracial relationships, of course this is wmaf only, they hypocritically glorify the 1% of white women that have farted on asian men or looked at them once.

Asian male nationalists hate white men because they want to be white men.

Asian women arent forced to fuck white men, they WANT to fuck white men.

This is the core truth at the heart of asian male butthurt


File: 7a0e2c2c45ad703⋯.jpg (46.27 KB, 540x602, 270:301, tumblr_inline_p06mq1MhDC1v….jpg)

The true horror at the heart of asian men

Princess peach wasnt kidnapped by bowser. She went with him



That'd be amazing to have them completely bred out by white cock.


Great analysis. asian women definitely want to share their spot at the top with white men. Or underneath them.

But I gotta disagree, even white feminists date white men. It says a lot that even with all the complaining they do, most white feminists are with white men. White men have exclusive rights to white women and asian women.

And white women definitely don't want rice dick haha. Indeed, the west is white cock heaven for asian girls, and asian boys are unwanted and die alone. The state of asian american activism haha.


Since we're on the topic of the pushback against wmaf, I've been told Tenda and his cronies post and practically celebrate bmaf because they think it makes white guys angry for some reason. In other words, it's not about building up asian males, rather it's only ever about trying to turn white men off of asian women. Is there any truth to that?


File: 24553e2cded124e⋯.png (16.76 KB, 802x108, 401:54, ridiculous.png)

>>4499 (Checked)

>bred out by white cock

What is this nonsense and why is anyone into it? White men deserve a diverse range of sexy exotic girls of all types in addition to their white wives. The idea of anyone being "bred out" is abhorrent. Eurasian girls are great but there is always going to be something special about pure asian girls in all their varieties.

>>4500 (Checked)

I did a post making fun of that a whole ago on tumblr. Not in a mean way, but pointing out the silliness of it. Tenda linked to it on /r/hapas of course. The premise was that it's okay for an asian guy to prefer BMAF in porn but he should respect his girlfriend's/wife's choice to cuck him with white guys. The actual content of the post is off topic for this board though. He linked to quite a few posts of mine, not just that one.

Tenda once said he wanted a black son in one of his youtube videos, and this was during a period where he was claiming to be married to an asian woman.

>building up asian males

Yes and no. Everything is to tear asian men down, or rather victims who he thinks he can influence, those closet to him. Tenda became a misanthrope and an antinatalist because reality crushed his narcissistic delusions. Does he have plans about what he wants to achieve? Sure, but they are all executed in a disorganised and shortlived way and he'll switch from one thing to another frequently. So to say he has some kind of idealogical or consistent strategy is wrong. Instead he just goes after who he can access. He does however frequently lie to himself that he has a purpose.

Don't forget that Tenda is a person who has literally smeared his own shit and vomit over his room on more than one occasion during an outburst. Remember that when you consider his actions.


File: dc37b8ae6e0a74a⋯.png (270.2 KB, 706x412, 353:206, dc37b8ae6e0a74abe3b16861db….png)


>I've been told Tenda and his cronies post and practically celebrate bmaf because they think it makes white guys angry for some reason

So because their attempts to get white women to "get back at them racists whites" failed and WMAF keeps growing in popularity they're new plan is to cuck themselves even harder?

I'm honestly confused how they think that will make white men upset, they didn't think that plan out.



Another "plan" was AMBF. Actually getting a gf in real life though rather than spamming, apparently not.



Giant loads need to be dumped in Flip pussies. They want huge ass white dicks in them.

And they blow you good.



Isn't that what Chinese men are doing in Africa because 1 child policy with a preference for boys ensured that there's 120 men for every 100 women?



Just wanna say that as a white guy myself who lives in a rural white area, I am seeing more WMAF couples around. Some even have kids too.



How can China have the problem of "left over women" who can't get husbands but also not enough women at the same time? I suppose we can theorise those women have too high standards. What happened is that the population simply didn't report many births of girls outside of large cities meaning the problem is far less severe than the lugenpresse wants you to believe. Many missing girls are only missing from the records, not reality.

Chinese men are in Africa because they are sent there to work by their government. The local population isn't competent enough to do or organise anything. Stands to reason some African women would go for Chinese men over the locals.



Woman in the 3rd image is a hotwife.


File: b27a5224842657f⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 513x461, 513:461, yes.jpg)

>>4511 (Checked)

The images and post is from a thread on /r/aznidentity that came up in a search. It's nice to see asian women who are in relationships with asian guys are able to have sex with other men and that their boyfriends/husbands support it. Looking through her posts it looks like he gets a lot out of it too. I'll post her in the reddit thread.






Sorry to laugh but a girl posting in aznidentity about how she's a minortiy for being married let alone in a relationship with an asian guy and it turns out she's cucking him? Too perfect.

There might be some asian boys who are mad about WMAF but way more of them are happily fapping away to it like these guys >>4027 >>4028 and her husband.


File: 242c930dd7186d5⋯.jpg (95.06 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, ntr.jpg)


Erm actually anon as she explains in her posts she isn't a cuckoldress, she's a hotwife. So it's not really accurate to say she's cucking him, it's more like she is sucking other men's dicks and being fucked by them with his approval while he watches and NOT cheating or done in a way to humiliate or degrade him. She even says he can be with other women if he wants but for whatever reason he doesn't take her up on it.

If you had a gf who fucked other girls with your approval, is she cucking you? No. In fact hopefully in the future most white men will have a white and an asian gf at a minimum so that will happen naturally. Please think of it that way.


Why do I get off on this racist depressing shit…



Why do people make vague posts ending in ellipsis…



WMAF is already interracial. I honestly dont give a fuck if asian women fuck black guys or other types of guys. (although asian women who are white cock loyal should be treated specially :3) If anything this is just creating an even bigger problem for asian men as it creates more competition.



I honestly think Asian couples are the best suited for cuckolding. I have said this before on here. But we all know asian girls like white dick, but at the same time asian culture is traditional and lots of asian parents would be happier if she married an asian guy. So i think cuckolding would be for the best for asian couples. Just find a cool, discreet, white guy to fuck her brains out on occasion, he gets to fuck her with no strings attached, she gets to actually be pleased in bed, the asian guy can make his parents happy by making them think he isnt a total loser.

And the asian couple can bond with each other (over white cock) and be friends.

The term those asian masculinity subreddits came up with is bananarangs. Asian women who fuck white dudes but marry asian guys. You just know they still think about white dick



Often, but not always, black men are used as a degrading device or as humiliating her or the cuck. Call it racist or whatever, but that is how some cucks or people trying to troll/score points think. It can be a way to compartmentalise it as non-threatening or only part of a fetish. Whether or not someone thinks of black men like that outside of this is another matter.

You will see some asian cucks cast white men in that light, for example say how asian women don't mind ugly/fat white men etc, or by portraying it as about sex only and not relationships. So either introducing black men or trying to put white men in the same role can actually be about asian guys protecting their ego or minimising the threat/seriousness of white men.

Provided an asian guy isn't going around trolling and harassing people then he can think about it however he likes. Weird fetishes are fine by me and if he gets with a girl into his thing, good for him.


I agree and whatever anyone thinks about it, an asian guy with a "bananarang" girlfriend/wife is infinitely better off than one of those redditors who spams and trolls 24/7 driving themselves insane. If he can learn to be okay with a half-open relationship then he doesn't have to be as threatened by or jealous of white men.


File: 2198866a9c69984⋯.jpg (366.6 KB, 1280x1704, 160:213, buxom fuckable asian girl.jpg)


For sure white men and Filipina girls should be having more sex, and white men should always cum inside, but the same applies to all asian girls. It's fine to have a preference but that should come from experience (ie fucking lots of different asian girls).

By the way, any girl can get good at oral sex with practise and direction, and there are a lot of inexperienced and virgin asian girls who need to learn how to serve white men


If you have white men and asian girls in proximity, they'll get together. You're posting on this board so maybe this advice is redundant but I think you should consider getting an asian girlfriend too (if you haven't already).


File: b231eea084c4d30⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, azhhafq.jpg)

This is going to be TLDR but i believe the future is WMAF. Also the success of asia is actually going to create a hell for asian male nationalists

Globalization is going to destroy white female beauty standards that have been set by the media. In order to move into foreign markets and make profit, and because america will become less white. This will lead to WOC being marketed to more and white female beauty standards being pushed to the margins.

Which will lead to white women losing their status as the most beautiful woman or the woman who held control over that title. Most likely asian women will be the biggest threat to them as their spending power increases in china, they will demand two things, more asian female representation, white boyfriends. (let us face the facts, asian chicks like white dudes, its statistically true, also they will use white guys as trophy and status signals, this will lead to the butthurt of asian men and white women)

There is a thread here about WMAF in media, there is a post about a commercial where a chinese woman wakes up to find tom hiddleson is her husband

Actually those asian male nationalists on reddit who tie their identity to the economic prosperity of china are basically cheering on a paradigm shift towards a situation where they get cucked even harder. As marketing tends more towards women (who control the money) and asian women statistically…..will date asian men, but there is a significant chunk that likes white dudes

The rise of china is actually a shit deal for asian dudes and white women. if butthurt asian male incels think its bad now. Imagine when asian women have purchasing power and white women are no longer the standard of beauty.

The rise of china is actually detrimental towards asian men who will be tasked with fending of white, black, muslim, hispanic, and all all typed of men who will seek to fuck that sideways pussy.

asian women who get with white men will exude the aura "i am in control, i am above white women, i am above asian men, i am in control of my own body" And white men will be the key as white men being with asian women symbolizes the complete decimation of white female beauty standards and the rise of asian women

I dont think black and white guys are going to fight each other over asian women. Actually i think asian women might unite black and white guys as they become bros who go to pound town on chink pussy. Asian men are going to be the ones who suffer.

As the saying goes. Mo money mo problems

The actual shif that will occur. WOC will be the new standard of beauty. MOC will no longer see attaining white women as the highest goal. The only control white female beauty will have is over white men, but this would be freyng as white men will seek status by dating asian women and asian women will seek confirmation of the new normal by stealing white men. And asian men will be the ones who have to "defend the beauty of the asian woman and a future for asian children".



White women, like white men, are the most attractive. That's reality, not the media. I love women of all different kinds but I fully accepted white girls are the most beautiful shortly after fully realising white men were, and that race and whiteness was a very real part of it - not just them as individuals. You can only have so many crushes on white men and women before seeing the obvious thing they all share.

Using the term "WOC" shows how full of shit you are. Some kind of retarded cope for not being able to get a white gf is it? Incredibly unattractive and honestly I'm starting to hate men who aren't right wing or white supremacist these days. Some of the things you say are interesting but the idea that white beauty is some kind of social construct is just complete and utter nonsense.

The future will be women coming together and seeing the answer is to share and cooperate to get more sexual access to white men. You could argue white women will lose some power, but that's only if you see it that male way. Maybe you don't understand this but a women doesn't actually lose anything by letting another woman be with her man, she's not "cucked" like a man would be, and it ties in so well with female submission. Any dominant white man with actual balls rather than the pseudo-cuck you seem to be would absolutely love to have multiple girls and recognise why he needs a white girl, especially for white children.

>post about a commercial where a chinese woman wakes up to find tom hiddleson is her husband

This post >>4536

The reason why they use him is because they know that seeing and hearing him goes directly to those Chinese pussies in a very basic and instinctive way. It is a sexual fantasy first before all the romantic and dreamy stuff comes in. White preference came first, the media (advertisers in this case) are just taking advantage of it.

It is so fucking stupid to try to claim white women will somehow not be a beauty standard while white men will continue to be so. In truth the white beauty standard reality is only going to become more accepted.



It's not just looks. Asian girls are willing to be extremely submissive for white men so the sexual competition will be incredibly intense for white women who don't play along.


File: aba44145c31838e⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 348x145, 12:5, bladerunner ad.jpg)


I actually have no interest in white women. I came here from tumbler. My main focus was white men and women of color. I am a non white male submissive. I get off on dominate white men and cruel women of color who like to humiliate non white sissys

The truth is beauty standards are made by the media. The make up and fashion industry have catered to mostly white women. But soon, in the near future, due to globalism and lowering white population this will lead to them seeking new markets in non white women.

Especially in china.

You will start to see two things increase on tv. Less white women main characters who have every man (black men) attracted to them. And more WOC characters who have white men chasing after them.

when white women have less power they will revert to submission to white men in order to imitate asian women and to try and gain control over thier own men, the only control they will have left

if asian women become the standard of beauty who are marketed to, then all men will seek to attain an asian woman as a status signal

white men will benefit from asian female lust and drive to rise above white women.

MOC will no longer see attaining a white woman as the highest goal, it will be asian women



When it comes to men its different. Men dont have to be good looking to be considered men. Beauty is visual. Masculinity is more like an ideology. An ugly man can be considered a man. You know, like some MMA fighter with a swollen face.

Anyways, white men are an important aspect to the rise of WOC. A woc with a white man will signal she is more valuable.

This will create the paradigm where all men stop chasing after white women. even white men

White men and women of color would be a symbol, a marking of territory.

The future benefits white men and WOC more. Marketing tends towards women, who control the money in the household.

Capitalists are scum who only care about profit. If there is a large chunk of WOC who like white guys and see it as a cathartic revenge act against white women to steal thier man and it becomes more profitable in the future.

The future benefits white men and WOC

(also cucks who are into the kind of thing :p)



File: cd28edbb720d08d⋯.png (27.75 KB, 750x294, 125:49, ricecel.png)

File: b6bcb8158bdf1f2⋯.png (55.66 KB, 742x700, 53:50, fill in the blank.png)

File: ffff189ef923e7d⋯.png (33.19 KB, 734x976, 367:488, whore's mouth.png)

Some examples of bad coping from reddit. Got to laugh at this stuff. I gathered "ricecel" must be a play on "incel" but not sure what "foid" means.



>Asian countries should have enforced patriarchy arranged marriages just like Pakistan

Pretty sure Eliot Rodger said something similar in his manifesto. If their end goal is to drive all Asian women away towards White men by acting like a bunch of perma asshurt virgins with an ego complex who think their women are to stupid to think for themselves then well done boy you're doing a bang up job.



White and asian women can make each other better through a healthy mix of competition and cooperation.


Things like enforced patriarchy, arranged marriages, taking away women's rights, etc, are only really hot if it's in the right context. There's a very big difference between a young asian woman being "forced" to serve a tall handsome white guy as one of his concubines versus some guy who she wouldn't be in to. Same as rape fantasies really.

Outside of women with extreme degradation fantasies, she wants to live out her sexuality with a guy who, to put it bluntly, gets her wet. And makes other women jealous that he chose her as his "victim". Women can choose to go as far into as they want, maybe just limit it to the bedroom, or take it further if it's right for them. There are lots of sexy, female friendly and non-abusive ways to do it like BDSM, domestic discipline, cuckqueaning, the list goes on.

In stark contrast to that looking at Pakistani men, arranged marriages in the UK are so ridiculous that cousin marriage is actually more common in that group than in Pakistan itself. The toll on women and their children is horrific. Maternity wards look like something out of The Zone. White men on the other would never do that. It's completely alien to their culture and civilisation. Same as things like not letting women drive or making them wear burqas and all the other vile things non-white men do.

I could go on, but the fact that some idiot on reddit actually holds up Pakistan as a positive example is disgusting. Excuse me for going on but they just make me sick. So angry about it but at least more and more women are being given the chance to leave that all behind and switch to white men.



While arranged marriages may be shit for the parties involved, the only way a loser like Rodger would've benefited from it would be to move to whichever asian country in question. And let's say he would've found a mate, instead of being "in solidarity" with asians, he'd actually be passing on his half white genes. So even fuccbois like him would be useful to the cause.

Besides, they can't all come here, if for no better reason than they would be creating more asian women for white men to play with.



>they can't all come here

The limit is how many concubines the average white man can deal with.

>passing on his half white genes

The reason why he was a loser was because of the NPD. If that is genetic then it wouldn't be so great. I would want anyone to be happy but I'm not sure that was ever possible for someone severely mentally ill like he was.

Overall though, yes I see your point.


File: a0da310d8f7f157⋯.jpg (145.69 KB, 1105x875, 221:175, reddit.jpg)

File: cdd6f9b6f535388⋯.webm (67.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, nyeehahahahaha.webm)

More from reddit. Here we see non-white girls failing to cope with WMAF sex. Sorry brown girls but asian girls have second place locked down. So pathetic to think insulting white women helps you in any way.


File: 5b5a069d5b0c74f⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 679x719, 679:719, 5b5a069d5b0c74f6d5081246ff….jpg)


>A white man dating a non white woman is racist

Ah yes that's the first sign of racism, it's just like how all klan members marry black women and zionist marry non jews, oh wait.

Also what the fuck is a moid?



It's really stupid. Even if a white guy only likes white girls then there's nothing wrong with that at all, in fact it's normal. Honestly? It make him more attractive. But I guess they're not saying him being "racist" makes him unattractive, just that they're mad about it.

>what the fuck is a moid?

Must be related to foid but not sure what that means either. They're using this term but still want them as bfs. Well, good luck with that.


File: dac35edf79c69a3⋯.jpg (69.59 KB, 811x466, 811:466, moid.jpg)


>what the fuck is a moid?

A guy who doesn't like ugly girls



How many of these cursed "trufemcels" would be kind of okay if they worked out and ate healthily? If they have done that and still can't get any man after posting some flattering body pics then they have a complaint I will listen to. There are ugly men out there too but I suppose those guys aren't good enough for them.

Speaking of terminology, some asian guys there are calling asian girls "noodlewhores". You know, I kind of like that. It's too funny to be offensive and it's almost endearing.



Don't post links without context. It looks like spam.



>This guy I like wont date me, his a bigot!

But I bet if you presented them with an ugly guy every single one would turn them down.



Of course.


File: 6cb6d2bbe7b82bc⋯.png (6.62 KB, 586x157, 586:157, moid.png)

File: 9fee9a58b53877d⋯.png (11.22 KB, 588x243, 196:81, foid.png)

File: 0d72d00f78a9069⋯.png (22.22 KB, 895x451, 895:451, cuckmaxx.png)

Found out what moid (male humanoid) and foid (female humanoid) mean and also some other terms useful to asian guys.


File: 39b11280b971d26⋯.png (17.19 KB, 812x278, 406:139, god damn hapa girls.png)

File: ee947aac42e8bef⋯.mp4 (671.4 KB, 326x244, 163:122, I got news for you.mp4)

>being a guy who's jealous of hapa girls getting white bfs



I would say those guys should try cuckmaxxing like in that post above but they are already posting on /r/hapas so not sure how more cucked they can be?


File: cad06b4b0f92efa⋯.png (60.75 KB, 591x754, 591:754, more reddit.png)

I just wanted to say more extreme stories like this are rare, it's just they seem common because all the girls whose brothers don't mind them being with white men won't be posting about it. Think about it, the majority of asian girls in western countries are the same as her now and if asian men as a whole were acting like her brother then reddit and other sites would be loaded with such stories.

The truth is most asian guys can cope with it just fine because they don't have weird incesty type control issues with their sisters or Oedipal feelings for their mothers. It's something I have to keep reminding myself of: we can't let a few bad apples make us dislike or distrust asian guys when most of them are good guys. Sensitive, nice, polite, good listeners, work hard, etc.


File: 1d76793f7f874a6⋯.png (170.32 KB, 1123x393, 1123:393, even more reddit.png)

Annotation isn't mine, image is from reddit.



>Asian American

She's probably had sex white men before.

>not even one Asian guy?

Not unusual unless she went out of her way to find porn with Asian men like JAV.

>the girls all resemble her

This part seems like bs. Let's say the post is legit it's still hard to imagine him thinking this.


File: 7f1e9a07b9868a9⋯.jpg (99.93 KB, 626x767, 626:767, 87847382748392748932748392….jpg)

>mfw even this guy's own parents want him cucked

Truly the current year.


yeah idk about that porn one. it kind of defies belief that an asian guy would find WMAF porn to be unexpected or anomalous, unless he’s just some kind of insanely sheltered prude

that last one is pretty common tho. my mom told both my sisters to only date white men primarily because of mixed babies lol



>And so does her parents

>Mine also



>Let's say the post is legit it's still hard to imagine him thinking this.

It would make sense if he were married to a White woman like when Ted Cruz accidentally liked that porno on twitter with the woman who had somewhat similar looks to his wife. But Asian porn thots all tend to look the same. Especially westernized asians.



One's status as a cuckold does not depend on whether or not one enjoys being humiliated or watching. The mere act of one's wife having sex with another man is sufficient enough to make one a cuckold. Porn has completely warped the definition of this word.


>>4755 (Checked)

An asian man isn't going to be implying all asian women look the same unless he's a cheeky bugger. Another way of looking at it though is maybe the problem is his wife looks like a porn thot. Or maybe he is projecting onto her and wants to believe she's self-inserting into the porn. If he's not trolling or posting a scenario he would like to happen of course.



I know, I was just having a bit of fun. I think that reddit girl was probably doing the same thing. Obviously the guy is a cuck. Sometimes asian guys need to be reassured or be presented with an alternate view of things so they feel better about what's happening. Even if a guy is very submissive and a massive beta that doesn't mean he wants other people to see that, or even fully face up to it himself.

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