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/wmwf/ - White Male White Female

A place for WMWF porn, conversations, information, stories, roleplays and chats.


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File: d3598d84e5997f7⋯.jpg (22.91 KB, 400x267, 400:267, Perun.jpg)


1.) Whites only, that's right, there are plenty of other skin colors and all sorts of interactions between them elsewhere on the internet, so any and all things on this board will pertain to white couples/families(although this board will most definitely not be family friendly).

2.) Nothing disgusting/particularly degenerate. Anal porn within porn threads may be accepted, IF the people in the content are a loving couple, and not just professional actors being paid to commit the act. Obviously things like scat, piss, urethra insertions and just generally extreme fetishes won't be allowed, there are other places just on this site for that.

3.) No couples other than WMWF, and no WM solo or WF solo. This is a place to embolden the want and craving for a WMWF relationship. I've been through WMAF and while amusing, my heart craved for something that is not only attractive to me, but empowering for the reproduction of whites. If there's a place with only WMWF, then perhaps white males will think about wanting, and getting a white girlfriend/wife, rather than having asian females on their mind all the time. Yes, there may or may not be females who will be on here, but let's be frank, the majority of users who will view this board and it's threads, will probably be white males.

4.) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ILLEGAL. Besides the risks it brings the site and this board, anything along the lines of pedophilia, rape, murder, blackmail, and the like, besides being crimes, are downright wrong, and I will personally be scouring any threads created here for illegal content.

- Yours truly, Perun

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Fyi, I'll delete posts by trolls, but know that I'm not angry, it's funny and I expect it. Have fun, just don't expect things that break my rules to stay up for very long.

- Yours truly, Perun

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File: 0cf5a3ebdf3f17a⋯.jpg (22.75 KB, 399x386, 399:386, 1527259605902.jpg)


Will be working away from home for the next few days, may or may not be able to manage the board during that time. If I can, I'll be adding some threads and content while away, but if not then I will once I get back.

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