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File: fe23ed874bf2d3d⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 300x231, 100:77, 1252629650405.jpg)


Hi, I'm the new board owner. I'm not sure how many have noticed, but /x/ has been almost 4 months without a BO. Anyway, we can use this thread to discuss the state of the board, rules, settings, etc.

To the person who reported the cuck porn thread: thanks, and I'm sorry that the previous BO banned you for asking a perfectly valid question. Thanks to everyone who has reported off-topic posts.

So far I've disabled "Require image for OP" (you can now create a thread without having to upload a picture) and "Require subject for OP" (does every thread really need a title?).

What do you guys think about "Forced anonymous"? Should it remain enabled?

Rules (I'm posting them here since board pages are all broken at the moment)

1. Follow the global rules: no spam or illegal content

2. Keep politics and political memes out of /x/

3. Porn and gore will be removed unless they're relevant to the topic being discussed, and they should be spoilered

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Forced anonymous is fine, I can only see it being worth it for Anons wanting to tell long stories across multiple posts. We could try enforcing a "No tripfaggotry" rule. We're a pretty small and slow board, so it'd be easy to police.


There's threads from 2014. How about nuking everything over a year old at least?



I am in agreement with this anon. Forced anonymous works well. Tripfaggots tend to be attention seeking cancer and generally bring in cliques of ass kissing and other stupid shit. Fullchan /x/ shouldn't embrace half chan's cancer.


I disagree with this anon. I have seen a few good boards go almost dead with nuking. Also, 8chan /x/ has a slow but steady pace. Some of said older threads still see participation. Cleaning the catalog for the sake of cleanliness seems contrary to maintaining a solid basis for possible discussion.



Yeah one of my threads from 2015 got bumped the other day I wasn't even aware it was still up. I don't think nuking the board will do any good though since /x/ is already slow, I figure it'll just make the board seem even less populated than it is now thus discouraging people to post



But if we started doing that, soon there wouldn't be many threads left. What's the problem with old threads anyway? Every board has its own pace, and most boards are slow (by /b/pol/v/ standards).



I'd say that even /b/ is slow by /v/ and /pol/ standards. Assuming you're going off US time, night /v/ isn't as fast as day /v/.


I wonder how many threads that would actually kill.



With the reports and all, I was starting to wonder if there was one or not. Thanks for stepping up man! Forced anonymous should stay, as it keeps places like this more about content rather than a name. IDs would keep out samefags and totally real people.



>I'm not sure how many have noticed, but /x/ has been almost 4 months without a BO.

Lel, I had no idea.


There's no point in doing that. In fact, that's the benefit to being a slow board; you can always go back and find old posts that you remembered and want to see again. Also, nuking over half the board is against 8chan's rules and would cost OP his board ownership.


The cuckchan /x/ quickly died becasue of lack of oc, and endless roleplay/tarot/succubus threads

so it would be great if you could ban that shit from here

Maybe dedicated greentext personal story threads? if it isnt too cancerous


Nice for you to pick this up though

My old fetish board /vore/ got stolen from me a while back


Wait the BO has been gone for almost 4 months?



I abhor two out of three of those kinds of threads, but it'd be counter productive to blam threads on the board where we talk about the paranormal out of not believing in their version of the paranormal as long as it isn't a blatant shitpost like the cuck porn thread. Even if their shit is retarded. Also encouraging people to make OC and pushing a cyclical greentext thread is just going to make more terrible fake stories.



Can't we all just get along? Most of the people who would have made those kinds of threads in the old days post on /fringe/ nowadays. Should it become an issue again, we could confine it to a general.

>Maybe dedicated greentext personal story threads?

The only problem with that is, like >>26587 said, we'd soon run out of real stories. Maybe we could encourage people from other boards to share theirs.


Yeah, since the 2nd of May if I remember correctly.



>new board owner

As long as you aren't cancer like certain other boards have become, this could be great.

>forced anon

No reason to remove it, tripfags and namefags offer no benefit.



The threads are still alive because people are still discussing whatever those topics may be. People will just make the threads again if you delete them.



Hell no. Here's what I interpret that as:

>In a rush of excitement, the new board owner cleans out old threads.

>Soon, he thinks, many new beautiful threads will replace the old ones.

>Within a week, people aren't excited anymore and the posting rate is back to normal.

>The board now has very few threads and a low posting rate.

I still participate in threads that are very old. I actually expect replies to come weeks or months later anyway.



and just after you post this loads of shitposting threads popped up that dont benefit the board in any way well done


File: 73f92672ee7210d⋯.png (93.12 KB, 296x326, 148:163, isn't that nice.png)


>/x/ has been almost 4 months without a BO

I know. The stench on this board was almost unbearable back in the day.


How one can concieve coexistane of aliens with angels/demons? It's either one or another, isn't it?

I used to play Ultima Online back in the day and it imprinted my (sub)conciousness with middle ages magical atmosphere. so sci-fi feels too materialistic to my taste. when you think of different alien races - you imagine them just like us but with more advanced tech? living lifes, feeding children? way too materialistic.

it is either sci-fi technology or middle ages magic. what do you think



not so crazy. If man is God's proudest accomplishment, what is the bacteria, and everything in between? Or what if man means more than just homo sapiens, but also man in the way Lovecraft described the aliens from In the Mountains of Madness or Orson Scott Card's system of sapient classification?

The idea that the Bible is Word of God is a human construct in the first place so you can make a lot of room for a bigger universe. Angels, and the origins of demons have little to do with man, Lucifer's fall being tied to his distaste for God's love of man is extracanonical in the first place.

Alien intelligences will either be the result of convergent evolution and will be somewhat similar to our own as a result, or incomprehensibly alien to the point communication is meaningless/impossible.

If aliens be not that form of man, then they may have their own understanding of God, their own relationship which doesn't require salvation since they have no Christ nor original sin, and may be targeted by different types of demons. Angels and demons also may not be similar to humans in any way regarding sapience/behavior etc. Are Ophanim (thrones) machines or men? Extraterrestrial forms of man will have their own covenant, but it may be implicit or have nothing to do with Earth man's covenant with God. The "bug hivemind" covenant may be simply to be fruitful and multiply, since without sin they have no other concerns. If Satan charges them too with temptation, then there may be alien Christs, etc. The trinity interpretation may be falsified at such a point (omnipotence means a lot of things) but that's again, an ecumenical decision, not a canonical statement. Could be a large number of space Christs which are tied to the holy ghost and God.


On-topic: I hope we can get more posters! Glad we have a BO again.




It's entirely possible that some races could have a religion, or multiple considering how many are on Earth, similar to what you follow, while or are unable to comprehend the concept of religion due to being too "young" in the sense of the age of the race, while others adopted a hivemind and slowly dropped religions over time, or never developed the concept of religion.



People should be able to make their own usernames if they want.




Don't you remember 4/x/ pre-'10? Where tripfag circlejerking was the greatest cancer contribution?



no we need IDs turned on and shit like "le grifter" deleted

and hopefully more actual interesting OC and content from people discovering real creepy shit not roleplay args they made themselves



For what purpose? No good has ever come from allowing people to use names and tripcodes…



Fucking called it



Go visit halfchan and tell us how that's going.


Old BO here, sorry I abandoned you.. I figured someone who had the time and patience for it would take it up eventually.. it taking 5 months seems dumb. I couldn't defeat the cp spammer and couldn't get any help from the site. Fucker was getting persistent. I'm happy to see it still active I was just burned at getting no support from the fucks that run this site(into the ground)



Why didn't you hire some volunteers to help you fight the spammer?


>4 months

That's nothing in /x/ time.


What the fuck has happened to /x/? I leave for a few days and now we have several multi post rambling threads with bad grammar about BeforeItsNews-tier concepts or downright "enlightenment" (aka my ideas, aka the truth) dumps, sometimes repeated several times, like in the case of the Mandela Effect threads.

Is there anything that can be done at least about the repeated threads? I know the Mandela Effect is the new hottest meme, but three threads about the exact same thing is maybe pushing it too much.



It's probably just some guy who forgot to take his meds. At least he's not spamming Time Cube.

>Is there anything that can be done at least about the repeated threads?

I wish we had a "merge threads" function like many traditional forums do. There are two threads about the Mandela effect on the front page now, and I think it would be unfair to lock either of them. Anyway, the thread bump limit has been changed to 300 posts (previously 600) and if another Mandela thread gets made before the existing ones reach the bump limit, it'll get locked.

Post last edited at



Why the hell did you lower the post cap?



To help people with slow connections and old hardware.



What the fuck has happened to this board? There's so much shit here now. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.



>users post shitty threads

>blame the board owner

Well, fuck you too, buddy.



The board owner is the one who went around advertising this board. It sure as hell attracted a lot of shitty posters. Can you see the connection?



I haven't done any advertising for /x/. The only time I see someone "advertise" it is when a thread about conspiracies/aliens gets posted on /pol/ and the OP gets told to go to /x/. So if you feel the need to blame someone, blame /pol/.



So you're telling me that the huge influx of posts and posters just happened to coincide with when you became the board owner..?



Pretty much, yeah. Keep in mind that we're not talking about hundreds of users suddenly finding this board, in reality it's more like a handful of users. It only seems like a "huge influx" to you because /x/ is a small board and even a few posters can make a big difference.

And the reason we're getting these posts now could be that moderation has gotten stricter on /pol/ lately and people get banned for making certain threads, so they seek asylum here. Or maybe I'm cursed and everywhere I go, shitposters follow me. Who knows.


>/fort/ for serious discussion




>And the reason we're getting these posts now could be that moderation has gotten stricter on /pol/ lately and people get banned for making certain threads, so they seek asylum here.

That explains the snowflake /pol/acks arguing how they are totes absurd high IQ empaths lel who were reprogrammed by the government by drilling their skull and have also travelled through several dimensions because CERN forced them to just to come to this one and start shitting on /x/ by posting on AMA threads.


File: a5bbaa57826fbb7⋯.png (164.34 KB, 607x375, 607:375, Library_-_the_law_of_one_b….png)


Why is the reply box missing on older threads?? There's something I really have to tell the anon in the Hat Man thread.

Pic related. I was reading The Law of Ra, and this excerpt immediately made me think of that anon's story. Down to the exact details.

He said he has missed a whole day, and that the experience has deeply disturbed him ever since.

He thought it was something to do with the "Hat Man," but I think he was abducted.



That has nothing to do with me, unfortunately. It's a site-wide issue where many threads are "broken" due to something the administrator did. I don't know if and when it will be fixed.



This issue has to be fixed by us. It's the same thing as wgen threads were 404. You need to make a post in mod.php mode. Thst should fix it.



Maybe forced anonymity is not the smartest idea, just considering the option someone might want to post a story about himself across various threads and wants to secure his identity.

make trip faggotry (using the trip code for no real reason) a bannable offense


File: 3a1a9d0032cef03⋯.jpg (38.69 KB, 590x350, 59:35, flyingclocks.jpg)

Previous Owner back to say remember to periodically change everyones name, Ghost Ghoul Goblins, etc. Id change the forced anon name and it was a lot of fun. Sorry I was so shit



Thanks, I hadn't thought about that. How do you feel about temporarily allowing names/tripcodes, as an experiment? (Obviously attention whores would be banned.)






Yeah, no. 4 chan x is all the proof you require for any "experiments" on trips. We don't need special snowflakes and their cancerous circle jerkers squirting in our faces about themselves. It robs away from the content and inevitably makes it about the message-bringer. No, fuck that. This ain't facebook.







There's a large consensus against snowflake faggots who use tripcodes. Unless you're blind as a bat, how does one not see this? A scientific analysis has to take into account certain basics, environment being one of them; that should be one of the first things which sticks out.

Anonymity means that none of us are better than any other. All opinions are considered. Tripfaggotry introduces culture around the positions and presence of said figures, shaping rhetoric and conversation based upon the supposed importance of one's prominence. It gets even more cancerous when they inject memes, creating little groups of like-minded faggots who act as echo-chamber paint-sniffers.


Not trying to shitpost or be weird or anything, but there was a Discord chat link thrown onto halfchan. Copying here just in case anyone is interested



Look at this: https://8ch.net/x/res/18735.html#18735

It's a thread from 2015 with someone listing times of videos that they are going to stream on Oct 15th of 2015. And the thread is still on this board.

Why are threads like that kept? Seriously.



Old threads automatically get pushed off the catalog once new threads are made. What's the point in deleting them?



Old threads automatically get pushed off the catalog once new threads are made. What's the point in deleting them manually?




>Old threads automatically get pushed off the catalog once new threads are made.

Retards, there is a post from Oct. of 2015 on page EIGHTEEN of the catalog – and you think threads get pruned??? The catalog here just keeps getting bigger.

Did you even read the post you responded to??



Threads do get pruned. The reason there are now 18 pages is because I've changed the number of pages to 25 (the maximum number available). So it just takes longer for threads to disappear.

Why are you bothered by the fact that old threads still exist anyway? I don't get it.


Can we get the board log to be opened up? I like to be sure that the mod team no matter the board I'm at least somewhat regularly using wont be as shit as /pol/, /leftypol/ and /a/'s mod teams.


Because they exist and don't have any new relevant posts. They're probably used to a board that prunes threads after a month max.



>Can we get the board log to be opened up?

Has this ever done any good for the board/users? But okay, let's try it.


What do you all think about advertising the board through Youtube videos? 8chan has stopped growing and it's the small boards that have suffered the most because of it.



Best idea I've seen considering the lack of others. I don't care if they're newfags or not as long as they're interested in the general topic and put some life into us.

>The vague possibility of us becoming one of the more populated boards due to thinking to shill outside of our own site



>What the fuck has happened to /x/? I leave for a few days and now we have several multi post rambling threads with bad grammar about BeforeItsNews-tier concepts or downright "enlightenment" (aka my ideas, aka the truth) dumps, sometimes repeated several times, like in the case of the Mandela Effect threads.

>Is there anything that can be done at least about the repeated threads? I know the Mandela Effect is the new hottest meme, but three threads about the exact same thing is maybe pushing it too much.

the problem is that I make a good mandela effect thread and a bunch of other fuckers don't even check the catalog and create their own, usually really messed up disinfo shill threads designed to confuse people who want to know about the mandela effect.




>Why are you bothered by the fact that old threads still exist anyway? I don't get it.

because they are grumpy shills who want to destroy the board or erase a redpill thread from existance



>Because they exist and don't have any new relevant posts.

stop existing!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>They're probably used to a board that prunes threads after a month max.

who the fuck are you to tell anyone what they are used to? go fuck yourself shill you just want to delete something important and make /x/ worse.


File: 93f9f132a51e391⋯.jpg (18.07 KB, 235x255, 47:51, 1469216776375.jpg)


I was making fun of him, that's literally his entire argument as to why the old threads need to be deleted. Hence why I added >They're probably used to a board that prunes threads after a month max.


File: 505aa09413dbeb8⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 609x409, 609:409, lavabo.jpg)


>who the fuck are you to

Fucking hell just neck yourself


Hey BO your board doesn't even update bumps properly what the fuck? How do you expect to have a good board when it's functionally broken.



What are you talking about?


File: d46ef338a532767⋯.jpg (259.15 KB, 745x1005, 149:201, boogy.jpg)



Spooking in an epic thread, hehehehehehehh get it?


I'm not fucking reading all these recommendations, so I don't know if someone has mentioned sprucing up the place a bit and making the vibe a little more, creepy. Not too creepy though, or too over the top ridiculous, but just enough to set the mood, maybe? Just think about it, I'll check back in a about a month or or two.



You mean something like >>>/late/ or >>>/grim/? I feel like that kind of style would get boring after a while.



Yes, but experimenting beforehand would help the most. Not too over the top or silly, just the right text and background color combo. The aura is eerily similar to the old /x/, which wasn't terrible, but isn't the real /x/ is all. The name stuff though, top notch.


This one is a pretty out there suggestion, but hear me out. What if we were to make a youtube channel where one or some of us would read some spooky shit while endorsing this board? It would take the latent namefagging that is always there and put it towards something creative. I'm open to criticism on this.



It's not a bad idea, but we'd need someone with a nice voice, who doesn't read in monotone. (I've been told I have a nice voice, but I'm not a native English speaker and I don't have a microphone.)



Perhaps some of us could try vocaroo?



Sure, why not? If nothing else, it would be fun.


I do not know if this deserves its own thread but I will just ask here. How do you fuck with UFOs? Can you force one to land? Basically…how do we troll the ayyy's or the government spacecraft?



That's a fun subject to discuss but the meta thread is for issues related to the board itself. I suggest that you open a new thread for this.


You shouldn't have locked the trump thread.

this is an actually important relevant thing happening.



The fact that you said "trump thread" and not "wicca thread" makes it clear why it had to be locked. Wicca threads are allowed on /x/ (despite the fact that wicca is bullshit), trump threads are not.

>this is an actually important relevant thing happening.

How is it important or relevant? A bunch of cunts are going to burn candles and use visualization techniques to influence politics (lol), and they're going to fail miserably. I'm surprised that someone cared enough to make a thread about it to be honest.


I see you went ahead and made the dark theme default. Could be comfy.



>paranormal and conspiracy board

>wiccans try to summon demonic influence

>lock thread cuz it involves politics

You seem pretty fucking retarded tbh. Are you under aged? Politics is need deep in this shit since the dawn of time, locking it because >muh trump just makes you look like a shithead and youre dragging the board down to ever being good. Can we get the old BO back? the new one just adds in useless fucks who have no critical thinking.



Just because wiccans do something, it doesn't make it /x/-related. It was a political event and thus didn't belong on /x/. Deal with it.


File: 890ef04edd83d7a⋯.jpg (30.94 KB, 670x503, 670:503, 890ef04edd83d7afef978d973b….jpg)


>wizards rise from the dregs of society and reform humanity

>Just because wizards do something, it doesn't make it /x/-related. It was a political event and thus didn't belong on /x/. Deal with it.

>aliens invade earth and start probing anuses

>Just because ayylmaos do something, it doesn't make it /x/-related. It was a political event and thus didn't belong on /x/. Deal with it.

If occultists start doing paranormal stuff it isn't because they're bored, they generally have a political goal in mind, so what you're saying is that the board should just be waifufaggots trying to summon tulpas and the same 50 fake spoopy videos over and over because we don't want to get too political? If there's a paranormal happening, it should be on /x/. This board is too slow to ban actually relevant topics because we don't want to hurt feelings.



I'm not sure why you can't understand something so simple. If you want to talk about wiccan magic or wicca as a religion, you're free to do so. If you want to discuss political activism by wiccans, you're also free to do so of course, but on a political board, where it's actually relevant. The nature of the event was political, there was nothing to discuss about it from a paranormal perspective. Just because the board is slow, it doesn't mean we should allow off-topic discussions.

>If there's a paranormal happening, it should be on /x/.

Did the wiccans turn Trump into a frog? Did anything even happen at all? Should we make a thread every time a wiccan says she'll do a spell? It was fucking nothing, the only reason it made the news was because it was part of a 'rebellion' against Trump, that's what made people care.


File: cff6db4f5e5f367⋯.png (68.59 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 29f82223449d10c9df7e2cdaa8….png)


>you're also free to do so of course, but on a political board

4chan.org, or any other site browsed by goons is going to be more your speed. Music with political motivation still goes on /mu/, TV/film with political motivation still goes on /tv/, video games with political motivation still go on /v/, lolcows that get political still get covered on /cow/. /pol/ and /leftypol/ don't get exclusive rights to the political topics, just as we don't get exclusive rights to paranormal music, tv, video games, lolcows, or political happenings.

What you want is to ban certain discussions because you control them, and thats textbook faggotry


File: 90b8d5a4e8e39c6⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 960x720, 4:3, eea933d317161b4d56f038be6d….jpg)


>waaah why can't I discuss Trump on the paranormal board??? it's not faaair

Go back to /pol/, retard.



Now, don't talk that way about /pol/. We might not ask you to the winter ball this year, with that attitude.



I thought /pol/ had already dumped us for /fringe/? Every time I see /x/ mentioned on /pol/, it's always in a negative way.


File: cf3f9b1c437bed5⋯.jpg (43.91 KB, 640x459, 640:459, IMG_0098.jpg)


I don't go on /pol/ a lot, but the last time I did, I saw someone talking smack about /fringe/. Clearly we and /fringe/ should go to prom with /leftypol/. That'll show that smug, beautiful asshole /pol/.




Unless you start rambling about how racist and sexist is to be afraid of aliens you won't get anywhere



Well, of course. Sometimes you have to do stupid things with stupid people when you're crying out for attention. You're obviously not a girl, 'cause that's a basic part of being an angsty teenage girl. "Mom. Dad. This is Herb. She's a dumb shit who thinks she's a demon or something, so I made her my girlfriend and we're going to pretend to be lesbians to show you that you fucked up, because I'm too stupid to realize how hard you're trying."


I was wondering if you could let TOR users upload images.



I've looked in the settings but there's no option for that. I think uploading images via TOR was disabled by the admins to prevent pedo spam. You could get around it by uploading the picture to a third-party site, like imgur, and posting the link.



>/x/ has been almost 4 months without a BO.

So, it's been just normal /x/ then? Remember we had absolutely no mods on halfchan.



This would have been a great OP. Go and make the thread.


This board was better as an anarchy with no board owner.



File: f5b0c123be889b6⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 320x256, 5:4, suuuuuuuuuuurfiiiin biiiii….gif)


It would help to start a Discord specifically for this.

We would need verifiable forms of Anonymous identities.

Tryouts would need a poll for users to decide.

We would need material and a schedule.

We would need people to check on copyright usage or whatever since we all know how gay JewTube can be.

It would be nice if you could find someone to send your reports and content to who is willing to post the material to JewTube without any of us having to risk being tracked, helping keep anonymity unless you guys can manage on your own.

It wouldn't hurt to consider taking up the same route with another board to not only increase this boards activity by chance, but to increase views for your own channel.

And if any money is earned it should go to a good cause. Like, NASA or a private investigator who smokes and drinks every morning before his smoke and whisky who wears a fancy detective hat and types on a typewriter, who solves mysteries on his own.

So on and so forth.


File: 1825cf765794fb0⋯.jpg (63.89 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, 8683729baf8fa071bacf02fcee….jpg)



>dude jews lmao




This is why I think rule 2 needs to be changed, removed, or amended


>no politics allowed? really? even if its related? there are topics on /pol/ that have relevant /x/ related material. before you consider me one of the /pol/ group I disagree, those cuck mods ban everyone who follows the rules to push their shill agenda. I really don't like them. whenever there is a good discussion I join and get banned right away for having unkosher opinions even though I have nationalistic values and love my country.

>if /x/ disallows all political discussion then how the fuck are we supposed to talk about the JFK assassination? how are we supposed to discuss relevant topics? WHOOPS! this /x/ related topic has some relation to something political! YOU CAN NEVER TALK ABOUT THAT TOPIC NOW!

>seems really stupid and detrimental to the health and quality of the board.



forgot to add


this post in reply to this one was edited "rule 2" was added at the bottom. I wasn't banned and my post wasn't removed, but I have seen others get their posts removed before.


It's not okay that some posts or topics are being permanently disallowed because of rule 2 just because they have some relation to political matters. I understand that rule 2 is made to avoid all out politcal clusterfucks but zero tolerance policies like rule2 are created with zero intelligence and zero consideration for the freedom to discuss all /x/ related topics on /x/




The only posts that have been deleted because of Rule 2 were posts that had nothing to do with /x/. This rule was created to prevent /pol/ and other political boards from invading and turning /x/ into their playground, like they have done on /tv/ for example. I just want /x/ to maintain its independence.

Topics like the JFK assassination or the NWO are perfectly valid since they're conspiracy theories, but if all you have to say about the topic is 'fucking kikes, they ruin everything, I hate them so much blablabla', then that's just political shitposting and will be removed. Usually what happens is that some guy posts a meme from /pol/ and it gets deleted or edited, and he acts like this board is run by a communist.

Rule 2 doesn't mean 'avoid any discussion on politics', it means 'politics shouldn't be the focus of the board', which I think is a fair policy for a paranormal board. For example, a few months ago someone made a thread about a group of witches who said they were going to curse Trump. The thread was locked, because it wasn't about magic, it was about Trump.

Some people are getting really tired of politics. You go to /tv/ to discuss your favourite tv shows, and there are threads on jews. You go to /co/ to discuss comic books, and there are threads on jews. You go to /r9k/ to discuss women, and there are threads on jews. Etc etc. When people come to /x/, they expect ghosts and other spooky things, not happy merchant memes.



okay, fair points. I agree with everything you said to some degree or another, but if that's that, then when was my post edited with rule 2?


if you actually read the whole thing, you can see that politics are only mentioned where it makes sense to mention it. it explains the conspiracy first, motives and such, then explains the politcal connections and why they would be motivated to do things like that. it was 90% or more paranormal/conspiracy related, the rest being where it ties in.

I'm savagely butthurt.


copy of my post, with BO edit included with '' effects for accuracy

alright anon, listen up. I'm going to tell you exactly what's going on here. I'm here to tell you this because I'm sick and tired of this propaganda I have been seeing being spread around everywhere. No, not your image or its details in particular, but rather the "reincarnation trap fear meme" that's being spread around.

to put it simply these gobalist shit bastards who think they are such hot shit and believe they have any real sense of control are throwing a tantrum of sorts by trying to spread propaganda that plays on peoples fears. remember the demiurge meme? to make this simple, they want everyone to believe that instead of going to heaven when their life is over, that they will just keep being born on earth over and over and over again in a never ending loop, never able to experience paradise/heaven/afterlife etc. etc. etc. whatever religion you belong to etc.

this is part of their easily recognizable and recurring theme of fear=power=control type of methods that they use everywhere from school to jobs and law enforcement and so on. jail being a revolving door instead of rehab and so on.

among the many reasons for why they want to do this is because they as globalists are basically "anti-god" and it gets them jumping around to believe that they are insulting god and making people afraid. what's worse than losing your entire childhood to school and then your entire adult life to slave labor/ jobs? basically doing it forever instead of it ending one day. this is what they want people to fear, because people who are afraid don't think as clearly and become stressed out more easily in day to day life. people who are all messed up like this make bad choices. obviously you can connect the dots.

remember remember, God controls everything. it is God you see when you die, and it is God that chooses what to do with you after you pass on. not some globalists that want to tell you scary stories about their false gods.

the globalists are metaphorically and figuratively "the demiurge" but that means jack shit because it's a false religion. globalists love everything "false" or "wrong" because they are a bunch of cucks. they are obsessed with transmutation and worship black goo because they think they can turn it into gold.

ask yourself why the united nations wants to turn the whole world black?

bunch of cucks.

no fear.

only God.

screencap this for everyone. repost where relevant

Rule 2

Post last edited at 08/02/17 (Wed) 09:23:10



The only thing that I edited in your post was the ((())) around the word 'globalists', because it's a /pol/itical meme.



was it really that important? it's just a meme.


also BO if you just happen to be jewish and ((())) makes you upset, please understand that I'm not singling out jewish people when I speak out about globalists. not all jewish people are globalists but alot of globalist people are jewish, or claim to be, so that the negative attention scapegoats out onto the general public, giving them more distractions.

so again I say, not blaming the legitimate jewish people. God bless you.



Don't underestimate the power of memes!


Thankfully no, I'm not jewish.


/x/ will be participating in the Hunger Games event organised by the 8chan admins.




alright well please don't unnecessarily delete or edit posts that are well within the okay zone.



I came across a show called Paranormal Witness. It's pretty cool.


Today /x/ is 3 years old. Happy birthday, /x/philes!



Have we accomplished anything in that time? Its kind of depressing.



Has any board accomplished anything?



Other boards dont have something to prove.



And we do?



Kind of.



Says who?


This board is pretty dead. Is there any other (good) forum about the paranormal? Preferably one that won't kick me out for registering with a proxy, like a certain forum did TWICE.



There's Abovetopsecret, they have some good threads once in a while, but their mods will delete your posts and ban you if you're rude to other users or make off-topic comments. Their userbase is retarded and the admin doesn't even believe in the paranormal.

Another one is the David Icke forum. Their rules are less strict but the userbase is still retarded and you have to kiss the mods' ass.



4/x/ :^)


>the userbase is retarded and you have to kiss the mods' ass

That's nearly every forum for you buddy

I could never go back to the forum format after being introduced to imageboards



If I could avoid forums I would. But 8ch/x/ is just too dead. And 4/x/ has crappy recaptcha for every post. I have dignity, you know.



Aren't most proxies banned from 4chan though?

>That's nearly every forum for you buddy

>I could never go back to the forum format after being introduced to imageboards

Idem. I came from forums to imageboards in 2008 but now I don't think I could switch back. I like the culture here too much (even though some boards are annoying as fuck).



Are there any other active /x/ boards other than 4 and 8chan's?



Yeah, 2ch is bigger than 4chan and they probably have their own /x/. Other than that, no.



Not very helpful if you don't happen to speak chink

Anyway i checked it out and they don't seem to have an /x/



File: 6697ed4a417a184⋯.jpg (29.25 KB, 720x529, 720:529, 1494109776761.jpg)


Any new invites for this or other /x/ discords?




The purpose of this server is to hang out and chat about esotericism, occult, paranormal, conspiracies, etc..


Rule 2 is unconscionably & indefensibly vague





>Rule 2 doesn't mean 'avoid any discussion on politics', it means 'politics shouldn't be the focus of the board'

bullshit. I got Rule 2'd because of this"


>Gail [schuler] is not insane. The US government and the media are hiding the truth from you because they're being held hostage by the jesuits ever since they dropped their nukkake bomb on Canada, caking the whole country in jesuit semen and impregnating all the women. She's been begging all of you to contact Putin, so he can help, but no one will listen!

Literally what about this is "politics" or "political"? It's a fucking ironic comment about a completely made-up fantasy world!!! I don't know if I was banned or not, because I always use a different node on my vpn every time I connect. But, its still really irritating. Half of /x/ is political. GATE is political. Illuminati is political. UFOs are political. Kennedy assassination is political. Censorship is political. HAARP is political. Paedowood/pizzagate/etc are political. gangstalking is political. religion/mysticism/etc is political. It's all political at some level – EVERYTHING IS If I make a post that would cause someone on /pol/ to give me the ol' >>>/x/, then there's no reason I shouldn't be able to make that post on /x/. This is absurd.

Rule 2 could be easily amended to state no electoral politics. That would keep /pol/ out as much as is needed, and would avoid the most contentious of political subjects while still allowing talk of topics that /x/ is known for.



I disagree that 'everything is political', but anyway, 99% of the time, when you see a post edited because of 'Rule 2', it's because the poster used those triple parentheses around a name to imply that it's the jews' fault for something. Your post wasn't deleted and you weren't banned. I just don't want this board to become /xpol/, that's it. I'm not sure why, but /pol/acks feel the need to rant about the jews wherever they go, and it's annoying. The rule states clearly that political memes are not allowed on /x/, so it should be pretty obvious that the parentheses are forbidden here, as are pictures of 'happy merchants'.

t. the BO


File: 8397d2dcde4d8a4⋯.png (187.91 KB, 1130x840, 113:84, 1390179778103.png)


>I disagree that 'everything is political'

I cannot think of a popular /x/ subject that doesn't involve some sort of government research, conspiracy and/or coverup. And, if going on an ironic rant about a nuclear semen bomb is political, then I can't think of anything that isn't.

>Your post wasn't deleted and you weren't banned

that makes me feel moderately better about the situation, but still…

>90% of the time

>muh parentheses

>muh jews

>muh /pol/ boogeyman

So… you're Jewish and you wanted to make a rule against bad-mouthing Jews, but you knew that would cause a massive shitstorm, so instead you've created this ambiguous rule that no one understands and that you enforce inconsistently? That doesn't sound like a better alternative, tbh fam. Have you ever thought about just not being Jewish?:^)

I don't see why you're so resistant to simply reformulating the rule in a manner that makes sense to everyone. unless I'm right, and you're not acting in good faith It's not like this is just one or two people who don't like/understand the rule. It's pretty much everyone. When that's the case, its not their problem its yours. I know this is a difficult concept for jews to wrap their head around lol Are you sure you can't come up with clearer language to express the rule?

PS can I still expose (((your people's))) Jewish conspiracies as long as I refer to them as "reptilians" etc instead? :^)

>inb4 b& bc BO can't handle some mild bantz


File: 3992b71b81131df⋯.png (146.82 KB, 1124x615, 1124:615, feminazis.png)


This kind of reasoning is why everyone hates /pol/. Just stay on your containment board or migrate to meguca.



>0 (zero) arguments


File: 47e92f949947a32⋯.png (52.49 KB, 306x343, 306:343, 4bae0f81aa3.png)

One more thing… ask yourself this: /fringe/ doesn't have Rule #2 and it hasn't become /fringepol/. Why would /x/ need such a rule? I'd hate to break it to you, but 99% of /pol/ thinks /x/ is not just retarded, like /lefytpol/, but batshit insane. They are not interested in your board in the least


Jews lack a sense of humor - it's endemic


lol butthurt jew detected

also, check 'em


File: 2bef17153af6e99⋯.png (90.21 KB, 875x959, 125:137, how kiked is 8pol.png)

File: 59d07cfe1bbfb9b⋯.png (37.4 KB, 818x171, 818:171, i was merely parroting.png)


> /fringe/ doesn't have Rule #2 and it hasn't become /fringepol/. Why would /x/ need such a rule?

Maybe you're thinking of these rules on fringe?

>3. No creating new threads purely to no-effort shitpost (you will be forgiven if it's a major GET)

>4. Post threads that fall under the subject matter of /fringe/ (creepypasta is not allowed here, take that to /x/)

/pol/ topics would break either or both of these rules since merely hating jews is not esoteric. You're free to discuss why you don't like judaism though, but be prepared to engage in a serious discussion. Actually there's a thread for it right here:



pic related


Yes surely /pol/ isn't controlled by jews…




>muh jews!!!

>muh doubles!!!

Opinion discarded.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.








Your garbage shitposts and incessant bitching without a doubt prove that Ghost is right and /x/ should remain non political.

So feel free to bitch about how /x/ is full of commies and Nazis on your corresponding boards because it doesn't conform to your political wankery.

Maybe then someone will give a shit


File: c715f4d55277761⋯.png (707.67 KB, 770x1080, 77:108, backtoleftypol.png)

File: c621c1583148468⋯.jpg (136.3 KB, 546x700, 39:50, bk2pol.jpg)


> feel free to bitch about how /x/ is full of commies and Nazis

Take your pick.


File: b6025d92821aa84⋯.jpg (54.71 KB, 793x794, 793:794, McGas.jpg)


I pick /liberty/ of course

How else would I legally diddle children without violating the NAP?


File: d2e39fb9835c675⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 250x268, 125:134, hi.jpg)


File: e69d0ed61552142⋯.jpg (108.83 KB, 640x640, 1:1, e69.jpg)



>/x/ should remain non political

this is completely orthogonal to the topic at hand. And, it ignores substantive arguments already made. Despite its pretensions, this actually might be the biggest shitpost ITT. Nobody is asking /x/ to "take a position" on anything "political." I literally got Rule #2'd because I made a joke about Gail's claim that Brent Spiner witnessed a nuclear bomb filled with jesuit semen explode over Canada. Clearly, the definition of "political" is the problem, here – no one really understands what it means. Please read the thread before you comment. And, if you get so triggered by my language/jokes that you cannot discern and digest the substantive content I (and others) have offered, then you should probably GTFO teh internets, you pea-brained babby

>So feel free to bitch about how /x/ is full of commies and Nazis on your corresponding boards because it doesn't conform to your political wankery.

wtf are you even talking about. this is a complete non sequitur. No one is doing this.


>/pol/ topics would break either or both of these rules

You're missing the point, dipshit. Every once in awhile someone uses the triple parenthesis on /fringe/, but it is few and far between and no one gets banned. No rule violation gets declared if you make a joke about a nuclear bomb filled with jesuit semen (ie nukkake bomb). The fear of /pol/ "taking over" if you don't have this ambiguous "Rule 2" is absurd. It hasn't happened on /fringe/.

Furthermore, your comment is a strawman. No one ITT is advocating allowing "Kike Hate" threads on /x/. If you cannot add anything substantive to the conversation, then fuck right off.

>Yes surely /pol/ isn't controlled by jews…

I don't even know what you're trying to prove by saying this. Your whole post is a non sequitur.





please don't derail w/ arguments about political philosophy. That's not what this is about. This is about an ambiguous rule. Notice how I barely waste any time at all replying to what are clearly butthurt /leftypol/ posters? Just laugh at them for being triggered by a joke, and then move on with the substantive content. perhaps I shouldn't respond at all, but I suppose I'm still too immatureplus, its funny:^)


File: ef00074529c33aa⋯.jpg (184.24 KB, 810x744, 135:124, pol-x.jpg)


> No one ITT is advocating allowing "Kike Hate" threads on /x/.

So pls do tell what /pol/ has to offer aside from jew hating? I've spent years on different incarnations of /pol/ because I'm interested in actual (US)politics and now and then someone drops an interesing link to an article or document I can make use of. But any and all arguments and views expressed comes down to this one thing

>on /pol/, every single thing posted is put there with the ulterior motive of motivating hatred for jews

Try to argue against feminism

>/pol/ will tell you it's actually jews behind it

argue against communism

>/pol will say communism was created by jews

argue for capitalism

>/pol/ will say capitalism was created by jews and if you defend it you're a jew


The reason no one gets banned for ((())) on /fringe/ is because the board was created by a /pol/ack and nazi occultism is built into its foundation. Currently /fringe/ is being run by /pol/ mods. But /fringe/ is for discussing occultism, methods, practices and sharing experiences. It's not for mindlessly hating jews, /fringe/ users are supposed to be beyond that. If you start obvious jew hating threads there, you're a newfig, a mundane, it places you att the bottom. We don't talk about it because what is there to talk about?

/x/ on the other hand, as the name implies (x-files), deals with conspiracy stuff, aliens, ghosts, things you may have experienced or crazy ideas you have. /x/ is seperated from /fringe/ in that it isn't founded on a belief that occultism is real. There is also no link to any specific theory, philosophy or ideology.

TL:DR /pol/ is for hating jews, /fringe is for discussing your occult practice (which may be linked to nazi occultism), /x/ is for discussing paranormal experiences with no preconceived notion or prejudice - /x/ is not ideological

Pic related, it explains the relation between /pol/ and /x/ with the help of ancient board tans.



>So pls do tell what /pol/ has to offer aside from jew hating?

strawman / red herring. This has nothing to do with /pol/. Remember, I got Rule 2'd for making an ironic post about a nuclear bomb filled with Jesuit semen.

>The reason no one gets banned for ((())) on /fringe/ is because the board was created by a /pol/ack

this actually proves my point even more. /fringe/ is not /fringepol/ despite the fact that it was created by a /pol/lack.

>/x/ on the other hand, as the name implies (x-files), deals with conspiracy stuff

That's political, and banned under Rule 2

I just stopped reading there, because you're retarded and your whole post is a series of strawmen, red herrings and non sequiturs



>non sequiturs

So you're saying you have no attention spam or reading comprehension.


>The fear of /pol/ "taking over" if you don't have this ambiguous "Rule 2" is absurd. It hasn't happened on /fringe/.


> Currently /fringe/ is being run by /pol/ mods.


File: 8808fd513c5cc03⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 1442x587, 1442:587, 880.jpg)



>non sequitur

This is a red herring. nothing i said was a non sequitur

>Currently /fringe/ is being run by /pol/ mods

Tell me, how would have Rule 2 prevented that, asshat? In my understanding, a /pol/lack was the one who created the board.

At any rate, your comment goes to further prove my point, you halfwit fucking dipshit. Remember: this has nothing to do with mods. This has everything to do with the content of the board and the user experience. The point is /fringe/ isn't overrun /pol/-style posts even though they don't have a rule against it. It's not overrun by /pol/-style posts even though the BO is a /pol/lack!!!!!! THAT'S IT. GAME OVER. YOU LOST THE ARGUMENT



>This is a red herring. nothing i said was a non sequitur

oh, I read that wrong at first. I'm half asleep right now.

No, I stopped reading your post because you're a fucknut who doesn't know how to argue properly. I mean, I gave it a scan, but when someone isn't even making coherent arguments, then there's really no point in spending any time reading it because there's nothing there worth arguing against.

It's like if I said, "baseball is the best sport," and you responded with, "no way man turkeys gobble and pigs say oink oink." How do you respond to that? The only thing you can do is ignore it


File: 26456a4cfa30cd7⋯.png (160.4 KB, 600x480, 5:4, meguca3.png)



You don't get it do you?

/fringe/ is /pol/ with staffs and robes. If there were no rules against jew hating threads that shit would indeed take over. We have outbursts of that shit now and then both in the form of new threads and random comments within threads. It can be in any topic, someone comes in and says something along the lines of

>it's not the demiurge/illuminati/reptilians, it's THE KIKES

without providing any argument or even bothering to read the thread, learning anything of the topic discussed or showing any actual interest in occultism. Just because we share the basic view with /pol/ doesn't mean it's ok to be a retard and post the same nonsense over and over again. That's what the /pol/ board is for, keep it there. Once you realize there's more to it than

>kikes and niggers

you're welcome to make the leap over to /fringe/. You don't tell anyone about the jews on /fringe/, you're supposed to know about them already and keep that entry level shit out of there.

The rules are meant to enforce quality.

You keep acting as if /x/ had the same ideological grounding as /pol/, which it doesn't. To anyone not stuck in the /pol/ ecochamber it's ==extremely== obvious when a basic bitch /pol/ack comes in trying to push


threads disguised as legit topics. For example there was someone trying to push the "poo in loo" meme to shit on indians by talking about some obscure news article about indians being scared of "the toilet witch." Yes, sure, some believe in this, but there is nothing /x/ over it, it's a badly veiled /pol/ agenda of trying to convey the idea that westerners are so advanced and civilized while asians are backwards.

This what happens when /pol/ starts leaking. Every topic turns into white supremacism and anti-semitism with a varnish of whatever board it's posted on. No one will find those threads interesting because they don't contain anything. There is nothing to discuss.


File: 14ec8bb3eff7332⋯.png (53.84 KB, 500x534, 250:267, when someone think they ha….png)


>you don't get it do you?

<rhetorical nonsense

judging by your post, you're the one who doesn't "get it." You keep trying to justify an ambiguous and overly broad rule by using a /pol/ boogeyman. Once again: I got hit with Rule 2 for making a joke about a nuclear bomb filled with Jesuit semen That post had nothing to do with /pol/ and therefore the rule has nothing (or very little) to do with /pol/

>If there were no rules against jew hating threads that shit would indeed take over

<reasserting an already refuted argument. see: >>36895 & >>36822

>/fringe/ is not /fringepol/ despite the fact that it was created by a /pol/lack

>I'd hate to break it to you, but 99% of /pol/ thinks /x/ is… batshit insane. They are not interested in your board in the least

but there isn't and they don't. period. every once in a while someone posts ((())) on /fringe/, but it is few and far between and no one gets banned. let me say it again: /fringe/ has not become /fringepol/ despite being created by a /pol/lack and not having any rule similar to Rule 2

>inb4 but there is a rule against /pol/-posting

No there isn't. see: https://8ch.net/fringe/guide.html

>All of the rules concern the creation of new threads. If you don't plan on making any new threads, you don't really have to worry about the rules, as there are no rules really for people who are replying to already existing threads.

Someone could, hypothetically, post "it's not the illuminati, but rather TEH JOOOOOOS" if they wanted, but this is exceedingly rare. As a newfag, you wouldn't know that. But, as someone who has surfed /fringe/ for several years now, I can assure you this is true.

>We have outbursts of that shit

>translation: our board gets raided sometimes, boo hoo

<red herring

Boards get raided all the time, faggot. Spamming is already against the rules. This is not a defense of Rule 2

>You keep acting as if /x/ had the same ideological grounding as /pol/

<strawman. This is a complete lie, and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for posting such a thing. See: >>36868

>No one ITT is advocating allowing "Kike Hate" threads on /x/

So, tell me: Where? Where did I say that at all? Where did I even mention ideology is any way? I'm complaining, in the first instance, about making a topical, albeit ironic and joking, post about Gail Schuler which got hit with Rule 2. The only one here who is concerned with /pol/ or with ideology one way or the other is you. I'm not ideological heh


perhaps you should lurk two years before posting, newfag. If you haven't been around long enough to know how to redtext, then you haven't been around long enough to have an informed opinion on the topic at hand.

Nothing you've written in your logical fallacy ridden post in any way supports Rule 2 as it currently stands and in light of my critique. Hysterically squealing "muh /pol/" is not an argument at all, let alone a defense of Rule 2. Further, you provide no remedy for the problems of Rule 2 being used against posts that have nothing to do with /pol/-style posting (whatever that means), as in my Gail Schuler post. Similarly, you fail to acknowledge, as I've pointed out, that Rule 2, if interpreted literally (and how else can you interpret it?), would necessarily prohibit a great deal, if not the majority of, /x/-related topics, since these topics almost always have something to do with government research, conspiracy and/or coverup (ie x-files). If you'd like to respond, I'd implore you to actually read the thread – or at least the part that I've engaged in – and take note of the arguments already made before you post. I shouldn't have to repeat myself over and over again. Arguments are meant to advance toward resolution, and walls of hysterical non sequiturs are not accomplishing that in the least.


File: 68c70b0e001f696⋯.jpg (150.84 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Sadako.full.1243678.jpg)


You know what?

Keep typing the meme words and phrases you learned to use to fit in here, the other redditors and phoneposters will do the same and you can all pretend you belong here. You people will never understand what you destroyed. I'm not going to stay around and watch this corpse rot.


File: 89fc1e6ddbc45f0⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 292x376, 73:94, 1470164036969.jpg)



There's absolutely nothing in this post that is /pol/. If Rule 2 is really just there simply to keep /pol/ from spamming the board with shitposts, then why was this post flagged? Rule 2 is shit and the BO needs to grow up and admit it.


>meme words and phrases

>le if i clame iz all a meme dens i wins meme fallacy

nothing I said was a meme


>belong here

le imma old fag guise I swares listen to meeeeeeeeee fallacy


>other redditors

le ur wrong cuz i say ur le reddit meme fallacy


>I'm not going to stay around


Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, you insufferable faggot



Jesus christ you really are retarded. That post was edited because of the meme parentheses that /pol/ loves so much.



let me guess, around Hollywood? Hollywood is run by jews. and, that can be significant, just like its significant that bill graham - who was quite influential in his time - was a christian. quit being a fag. you're getting triggered over nothing. its pathetic

you still have no excuse for Rule 2'ing my post about the nukkake bomb the jesuits dropped on canada in an attempt to silence (((brent spiner)))



oh gay. it fugged up the formatting. I was trying to block out the parentheses only. brent spiner is, of course, actually jewish lol



>anon should magically know what baleet

omg some retard posted ((())) it ogre the whole board is destroyed iz annuda shoah!!!


Can we delete all the threads and get a rebirth ? Of course, you (the owner) should let one or two weeks to let people registers fila, posts and/or threads. What do ye think?



That was already suggested here…


And it seems that everyone was against it. I don't see how nuking the board would lead to a rebirth, honestly.



Sorry, I forgot.

IF we delete all the threads, it will feel like /x/ was freshly created. What do you think ?



>IF we delete all the threads, it will feel like /x/ was freshly created.

Where do you get that idea? And why would that be an advantage anyway? I honestly don't understand…



«To re-energize /x/ »


Okay so where is the fucking ayy AMA that coincides with the Anon who dreamed of doomsday? There is a post speicifcally linking it but nobody shares the fucking AMA with it.



What? I have no idea what you're talking about…



shill detected.


wiping /x/ will kill an already slow and almost dead board.

this is exactly what they want.

Rule 2

Post last edited at


Why has the announcement disappeared from the first page but it can still be seen when I view this thread? Fix your site, codemonkey REEEEEE



How do we revive /x/?





t. fascist


File: 611313b2982f8fd⋯.jpg (119.36 KB, 568x702, 284:351, Cthulhu_sketch_by_Lovecraf….jpg)

Reposting this from /lovecraft/… >>>/lovecraft/419

Greetings and salutations! Would any of you be interested in doing a HPL ‘book club’ over at /late/?

The idea is to read all of HPL’s stories in chronological order and discuss each story before beginning on the next; the themes, characters, quotes, inspirations, whatever.

In the past I have posted over at /hpl/, but it is now long dead, and I think the fine folks over at /late/ could be interested in doing some nocturnal reading and story discussion. I haven’t read all of HPL’s stories yet, so it’d give me a good reason to finally do so, and it introduce new readers to Lovecraft’s works as well.



We would need to advertise outside of imageboards.


Count me in! Lovecraft deserves his own thread though.


File: 27028f57e531387⋯.png (204.04 KB, 350x435, 70:87, Ghoul drawn by HPL.png)

File: 9a3c9591629efb6⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, madness-notes.jpg)


>Count me in! Lovecraft deserves his own thread though.

Swell! If the anon over at /lovecraft/ hasn’t changed his mind, we’re three anons now, and I haven’t even asked if anyone from /tg/ might be interested yet.

We’re gonna have to figure out if we are going to split up some of these stories into chunks so we can focus on the stories more in-depth, or just take them one by one. Some stories are split up into parts/chapters, so we should probably do them individually, but some of the longer stories are not, so…

Some of us anons have done a similar thing, only with films, over at /bestemma/ & /sapphic/ with great results.

Also, what about Lovecraft’s juvenile works? There could be some plot ideas, concepts, names that would be used again in his later stories, and they aren’t long, so I’d be open to reading them as well.

I was actually kinds surprised Lovecraft didn’t already have his own thread here tbh.



One by one or breaking them into chunks, either way is fine by me, but maybe it's best to decide on a case-by-base basis. Besides >>>/tg/, I think >>>/lit/ and >>>/pdfs/ might be interested too.

I'd like to start with his juvenile works if it's okay with you. There are only 8 of them, I think, and The beast in the cave is one of my favourites.



I’m totally cool with doing his early works as well, and if we are going to be through we should go through his Commonplace Book too, right? There is also his famous essay Supernatural Horror in Literature.

Supernatural Horror in Literature by H. P. Lovecraft: http://archive.is/ItkCw

La Petite Claudine: [H. P. Lovecraft’s] Commonplace Book: http://archive.is/GR3fK

Commonplace and Trivial: http://archive.is/KXhcc


I don't know anything about board management or how much you can automate as an owner but I really hope there's a way to auto minimize any thread with an OP of five words or less, block mewch links, and undo mass necro bumps. We really need it.



>auto minimize any thread with an OP of five words or less

No way to do that, unfortunately. There is an option in the settings that allows the BO to set the minimum number of characters for thread creation, but how many characters are too few? And if the problem is that those threads are low quality and low effort, does that mean we should start deleting every low quality, low effort thread, regardless of the number of words?

>block mewch links

Wordfilters could take care of that, but then again, wordfilters are easily bypassed…

>undo mass necro bumps

I think that's already the default site-wide. It used to be that if someone bumped an old thread and the last post was then deleted, the thread would stay on the front page, but now it should return to the page it came from.


There are only two books I've found on this:

Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us ISBN#978-1933665375

Unfortunately the second one is missing, and I don't recall its title.


summon hotwheels and force him to make a thread


Anybody watched A Serbian Film? There is a high pitch sound on one of the songs that is exactly the tone that I am searching. Do any of you know what frequency and note it is?

If you have an idea of what I am searching, you will recognize it instantly so I don't need to show when in the movie. Also, it is a pretty good movie if you didn't watch it, it won a lot of awards on 2010.



I watched it years ago but don't remember that sound. I don't remember any of the music from that film to be honest. I suggest that you find the specific song and then ask this question on /mu/ or some other forum for musicians/audiophiles.


Out of curiosity, why are you searching for that tone?




just some tones that I want to use it for a remix, thanks, got the rigth music.


love this board.

halfchan is wasted.

>thnx GITDN.


Gimme ownership

I am an X





Geez did we get a raid back in March?



If you think that's a raid, you weren't there on 4/x/ when /b/ raided us…



Speaking of raids, I'm pretty sure we're getting raided by /pol/ right now. Page one is so full of /pol/acks that actual /x/-related posts are getting buried or derailed.



Sorry, I was a bit busy yesterday and didn't expect so many spammers and shitposters all at once. I don't think we were raided by /pol/ though. They don't really care about us since we're so small and apolitical; and if they decided to raid us, the whole board would be full of swastikas by now. Didn't 4chan experience a bit of downtime lately? Maybe it was just a few newfags, who knows.


File: 98aabfabce615c0⋯.jpg (123.3 KB, 655x500, 131:100, retreat-from-russia-firing….jpg)

"Forced anonymous" should be removed, back on /x/ I used to post stories and people would ask questions, or tell me if they want me to continue or not.

Having a name made it easier for every one to fallow the stories.

If people want to be anonymoos they can do it, but forcing it is just immature.



Names and tripcodes have their uses, unfortunately they get abused most of the time, and the community here is strongly against them.



>ban what i dont like

Why dont you faggots go to Facebook?

This is 8chan

Where do I have to go where people appreciate freedom of speech?

Fucking NPCs




Tripfags are cancer

go back to reddit



Names and trips were used well mostly back in the day for stories and junk because of trolls, but now, yeah, we don't really have that problem anymore. The problem is getting people to post here at all.



Any time someone suggests that we advertise the site to help it grow, he gets shut down by those who want 8chan to remain their secret club.



You're not entitled to speak freely on the internet boards that deem your posts to be degenerative quality if the boards standards are quality posts.



>replying to a six month old post in a two and a half year old thread



Go back to reddit you demonstrable faggot.


File: e736c77a153533c⋯.png (21.86 KB, 526x160, 263:80, shameful-display.png)

So, it finally happened.



Yes, and the BO who's never active is suddenly alive, and doing the exact same thing that killed the board in the first place: using his hate boner for /pol/ to ban people for non-existent violations and issues while leaving alone the people who are actually bringing up /pol/ as a "counter-argument" to people.




what are some /x/ alternatives then?







i don't know whether to take this as an insult or as a real post



I was just joking.


For a long time, ever since leaving 4chan, I've been posting everywhere about how much I missed /x/, have been checking back here every once in a while, and /x/ has pretty much been still deceased. This week I checked back due to winning the Hungry Games, congrats by the way, and now notice there's more activity here than ever. Are we back? Did we finally get revived once more? Was there an exodus or something?



No moderation was one of the saving graces of /x/ back in the day.

No moderation was also one of the reasons it died several times over, but our ability to rise from the ashes like some kind of undead creature was always remarkable to me.

I hope BO thinks hard about what's right for the board, whatever he's doing. I haven't been here, so I don't know the details.



4chan's /x/ is still just a flood of stupid shit so I don't know if an exodus would be a good thing, quality over quantity.


I haven't been to 4/x/ in years, but before the exodus, we used to have a bunker site (called "sanctuary") in case /b/ raided us (which happened with shocking regularity). But the quality of /x/ itself was so bad even without the /b/ spam, that some of us tried to organize a small exodus to the bunker site so that we could finally be free of the tripfags and other idiots…



Does anyone have that image of /b/ raiding us?

I don't remember sanctuary, that would have been nice. I remember /x/ radio with Monster Boogie. I bought that NEET a pizza once.

Any way, it's nice that /x/ is finally showing signs of life again. I knew it couldn't stay dead forever. /x/ always reanimates. We survived all the /b/ raids with absolutely no moderation, after all, even though it changed the board every single time.



Which raid? The tractor raid?



Bring back the little to no moderation. Some lefty or centrist faggot that does nothing unless a topic or subtopic that could remotely be called /pol/ in any way even if it's 100% related to the thread topic, in which case he hands out yuge bans like it's candy. The old 8/x/ BO that did nothing at all was so much better than this reactionary faggot. Hell, he nuked half the thread about "early 1900s was fake" (just the "/pol/" half of course, not the "/pol/ bad" half). Just give the BO position to someone who actually cares about the board and doesn't have a spergout over topic-related politics. Even 4/x/ is better because of this.


File: 3cb6c8a668b081b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 561.14 KB, 742x874, 371:437, 1421422674101-0.png)


>Does anyone have that image of /b/ raiding us?

I only have this one, not sure if it's what you were thinking about. NSFW.



Bring back the little to no moderation. Some right-wing or centrist faggot that does nothing unless a topic or subtopic that could remotely be called /pol/ in any way even if it's 100% related to the thread topic, in which case he hands out yuge bans like it's candy. The old 8/x/ BO that did nothing at all was so much better than this reactionary faggot. Hell, he nuked half the thread about "early 1900s was fake" (just the "/pol/" half of course, not the "/pol/ bad" half). Just give the BO position to someone who actually cares about the board and doesn't have a spergout over topic-related politics. Even 4/x/ is better because of this. I want to suck my mom's penis.

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