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Oh shit! What was that?


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File: c2606c57115bbc4⋯.png (252.2 KB, 960x612, 80:51, hmph.png)

File: 44f0988d4d6e500⋯.jpg (266.18 KB, 1260x600, 21:10, pentagram7.x59943.jpg)


Along the same lines as `pentagram of blood` (pic related pentagramofblood.com)

I started making a list of huge cities, with tunnels, reptilian sightings, and occult histories and rituals (and pedofiles).

This is fucky, this might be true, i doubt it but its still fucky.

Now after I connect the dots I notice two things:

1 most of those places have tunnels

2 are most of those places are the birthplace of christian soldiers, Kiev, Stockholm, (and spain for catholics), wtffffffffffff

3 (or home to the most violent religious fanatics)

4 traditionally home to executions, and executes anyone who challenges him

5 and of course our rulers

(disclaimer i think the reptos/cats are just digging veins?? if you inject an egg with die you get vains, pic related, so they are making a sun out of our planet!! and are not that bad (but militant))

Ok for example Saudi arabia, known to kidnap and sell women, tunnels, alien sightings, total Barbarian king who executes anyone who challenges him.

Connect that to london, home of the catacombs, and lots of pedophile MPs

and connect that to Spain, a huge catholic cult empire, full of executionists and pedophiles; just cuz theres nowhere else to connect it

SO Africa is the same thing, egypt has tunnels and reptos and niggers, israel has underground sacrifices, but israel is not a point, just a small station on the tunnel.

where do you think the Points lie in america?

DC - occult and pedos

Florida - Micky mouse swamp, not sure how i know this but it popped out any time i drew a star

Also worth looking at is Phil schneiders underground base map.

First pic is my guess, 2nd pic is pentagramofblood.com, third is vein+egg+dye

I want your suggestions on what places have occults, tunnels, reptilians, whatever, can we crack this thousand year old case?

Also if you know about the history of christianity?? How much of it came from these places; are they actually the occultists (Duh?)?


File: 7d2b9602707755c⋯.gif (518.87 KB, 270x270, 1:1, v2QJNn.gif)


digging veins to make a sun?



ill say that if you know about the history of earth

brown people with guns is usually where the reptos are

this makes spain and their whackadoo religion very obvious

egypt and saudi too

but whats more interesting is the white places that they came out of (before genociding everyone!? stockholm maybe? kiev maybe? rome/athens. london. denmark. who knows where the tunnels are)

part of me wants to say there is tunnels in E-den, whever that is, its lost, my guess is sweden or denmark, but idk.

my second guess is the reptos hide in the ice tunnels, where mankind hid to survive the ice age, but idk.


File: 1e5cd899b6b8c6a⋯.jpg (262.7 KB, 1100x873, 1100:873, map.jpg)


heres phil schneiders map of underground tunnels and ayy bases, he made this before he was killed

has too many data points youd have to remove some to find the pentagram



also suspicious to me is huge brown cities

china has abillion people, always sacrificing dogs and shit, very scared of paranormal, dragon statues (also 50million people died when they tried to overthrow)

mexico city has 50 million and tunnels and ghost sightings and lots of seriel killers

india has a billion men and some violence

africa's population is now 1.2billion, 200 years ago was 400 million. egypt has tunnels and all kinds of whacky occult shit

sri lanka has dragon temples, statues, pyramids, etc

new york also has shitloads of serial killers, rapes and disappearnecs


File: 0c1f038cf77d582⋯.gif (113.21 KB, 960x612, 80:51, niggers.gif)


heres a blank map

connect the tunnel/catacomb cities and upload



>brown people



Nigga you went full retard.


if this were in any way legit, you could just paint these symbols all over the map of the whole world and predict the next major bad events


File: a0cfd3e1104b72b⋯.jpg (56.29 KB, 907x661, 907:661, a0cfd3e1104b72b134720092b9….jpg)



Seriously though, OP if you just proofread what you sperged out into the post section it might have more credible/less like a schizo wrote it



sry its a lot of shit to fit into a tweet, let alone a tweet dumbed down enough so the average person could handle it, and its not safe to talk about reptos too. dunnoo man


Why must every poster on /x/ either be:

Non-english speaker with broken grammar/spelling


Typing like a schizophrenic?

Really kills the mood of spoopy shit. It's not much fun to read posts where someone posts 20 links and a few pictures then assumes it's 100% proof and anyone who says otherwise is a gubment agent.

What's the point of posting shit if you only believe yourself and everyone else is a figment of some higher power trying to dissuade you?


>if i remove a bunch of things that dont agree with my theory, i can prove my theory


Also, I notice a bunch of posters here directly link to or say they're from Reddit. I thought /co/ was bad, but it seems much more common on /x/.


File: cb4afeb6eb94139⋯.png (64.51 KB, 170x260, 17:26, cb4afeb6eb94139f144f7e1bc4….png)


>a couple of posters is 'every poster on /x/'

>Also, I notice a bunch of posters here directly link to or say they're from Reddit.

So what?



A couple posters might as well be the entire board, the usercount is so low.

>so what?

Fuck off. That site is the entire reason 4chan got cucked so hard and we had those insufferable mods.



>A couple posters might as well be the entire board, the usercount is so low.

Not really.

>using the word 'cucked'

I see, you're a /pol/tard. Your opinion is irrelevant.



>haha u used a word i associate with a group!!

>ur irrevalent!!!11!!one!!

Nice argument, fag.

/pol/ has been cancer for years, anyways.


yo check this out

[VIDEO] Thousands of Body Parts Found In Chicago linked To Detroit Body Part Business


from this weeks pizzagate news




dont puss out its clear as day







File: c82d62afc0b7631⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1028x1240, 257:310, kappa - Copy.png)

File: e022bd2eaafc7dd⋯.png (139.18 KB, 739x511, 739:511, pupils.png)


bump the only real paranormal thread on /x/ is this one!


File: 5e468d0d1b77433⋯.jpg (99.67 KB, 648x388, 162:97, t3_4hyyn6.jpg)

Hoover knew.



Wasn't he talking about communism?


File: 0b71bb86f0be80f⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 460x834, 230:417, aDWX08w_460s.jpg)

something is fucky





Dude travel more.

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