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File: f8bd96eb93c63e4⋯.png (200.62 KB, 1881x947, 1881:947, 155032505633ae94bc289c9e29….png)

File: c2a4756ac3775ae⋯.png (439.87 KB, 1420x764, 355:191, c2a4756ac3775aead2d7c88c65….png)


Looking for greentexted spooky shit like pics related.



I want more of these stories. I've seen some good ones that actually scared me but I've either lost them or didn't save them. I'll post what I can find in my mass of folders.





File: c605d9e9dd55ff0⋯.jpg (90.3 KB, 960x793, 960:793, 1445319948339-0.jpg)

File: 5e76ac8713c9832⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1194x5400, 199:900, 31c1dcaa4e040b614adb226d1b….png)

File: 55cdf153bd33b45⋯.jpg (602.29 KB, 1198x4896, 599:2448, 3c81ab8d4a41bc68d5aebd8e3c….jpg)

File: 49ff0420ac63a44⋯.jpg (451.64 KB, 1600x1378, 800:689, e991a83e3430958b2631e6f652….jpg)

File: 148956a5e76d99e⋯.jpg (1023.82 KB, 1632x3465, 544:1155, f067c0a31c0169a169b8ff6805….jpg)

The last one probably isn't want you want but I thought I'd throw it in anyway


File: 14431a371e2102c⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 3349x2022, 3349:2022, GUAyd.gif)

File: cad4f3b7222fb20⋯.jpg (170.77 KB, 1205x736, 1205:736, Wendingo.JPG)

This was sadly all I could find. I had this one before my greentext folder got deleted that about some demon or something outside this guy's trailer that howled and scratched his front door. I don't remember any mroe about it but I do remember the spooks I got from it. Assuming I'm thinking of the right one Sorry I couldn't find anymore.


Greatly appreciated anons. Good shit.



Those first 3 are fucking spoopy, man.


File: 58ef6b1e1f8f7fe⋯.jpg (628.69 KB, 2448x4252, 612:1063, FPOjtZE.jpg)

File: 2391b443bca7fcf⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 3560x2280, 89:57, fa5a6b_5354482.jpg)

File: ca6035bb3a43a21⋯.png (186.43 KB, 1920x3126, 320:521, Good_ea7cfe_5354482.png)

File: db57f68a7fb01e5⋯.png (472.16 KB, 1313x4181, 1313:4181, J1F19kI.png)

File: 4cd1df2f18d6d39⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1840x6060, 92:303, 8B8AyRk.png)

I found some more while searching for stories I read before.


I also found this one. I was somewhat close with the details. It is the first image.


File: 804651353e5bedb⋯.png (3.92 MB, 1243x3303, 1243:3303, cabin wood cryptomonster.png)

File: 8fd32f645282646⋯.png (441.52 KB, 1176x2496, 49:104, skinwalker snowy mountain.png)

File: 7cf0ad3e9ebac66⋯.jpg (508.12 KB, 1058x3569, 1058:3569, goatman new mexico.jpg)





I'm enjoying this thread. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.


File: d29c5f9dcc74bef⋯.png (76.16 KB, 1230x992, 615:496, 4WTIg0T.png)


But anon, I'm the only other one here. I'm having some difficulty finding more stories.


wow this was scary


File: 0401f4824b84572⋯.png (887.66 KB, 1054x1130, 527:565, 1501870600743.png)

File: f971dddf1a50505⋯.png (63.05 KB, 1286x693, 1286:693, 1501874296605.png)

File: 4e808b9be59b966⋯.png (150.74 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1501874812314.png)

File: fd21956bae125b0⋯.png (622.68 KB, 1904x2200, 238:275, 1501875192437.png)

keeping this thread alive


I've been looking for one for awhile now… About a guy delivering a pizza to some place way out in the boonies. Guy is creepy as fuck, pizza guy floors it out of there in his car to a stop sign…

And the creep is right there.

About all I remember of it, but a definitely good one.


YES another one of these threads, these a very fun. thanks OP and other posters.



check one of the other creepy story screenshot threads it's still up and had that story in it.


>be in early elementary school

>special scientist doctor dentist lady comes TO the school as a "field trip" where we don't go anywhere

>woopdy fucking doo

>tells us all that our teeth are indestructible and cant break because of the enamel

>raise hand and ask "but then how do cavities happen?"

>literally ignores me and quickly says "next question!" really fast and picks someone else

>in the next few weeks every other kid in the class showing up with severe mouth injuries because they believed them and tried to eat rocks or something

>all the parents had to pay thousands of dollars to dentists to fix their busted fucking teeth

>wonder how I managed to avoid believing her


>at school

>some plumber proffessional comes and tries to convince us that garbage disposals in kitchen sinks are totally safe because they are only designed to break up food and that your hand can't actually get cut up

>raise hand and has them why it can cut carrots but not fingers

>guy bullshits his way out of answering because I'm like 5-12 years old and they think I'm retarded

>thank god that nobody fell for it, nobody comes in missing fingers.


>person tries to convince my friend that dna evidence only lasts a few minutes at crime scenes

>then tries to convince them that it's incredibly easy to commit murder and get away with it so that my friend they aren't interested in being criminals and the person was just trying to convince them how it would be so "easy" would do something stupid and be dumb enough to be more careless.

>friend tells the person they are retarded and can't believe that they aren't in jail yet

>person says "nope! never been caught! I'm a pro! trust me"


>overhear some person talking to someone about sexual education related topics

>telling this other person who is worried about getting sick with something that "it's very rare to get HIV"

>"you would have to sleep with 90 people to get a 1% risk chance of getting HIV"

>"the chances of getting it are less than 1%" he says in the very next sentance

>the worried persons friend steps up and asks clearly upset with the guy "then why is HIV such a problem? why does it spread so easily?"

>at that moment the liar guy steps back and looks visibly nervous and chickens out making some half impossible to hear mumbled excuse and walks away REALLY fucking fast.

>the friend tells their friend "should I call 911?" but I guess they didn't. I was tempted to look up the non-emergency number and tell them so they could report the suspicious activity.


>be really little

>everyone thinks I have severe mental problems

>have some, but really not justifiable for the way they are always treating me

>get treated like some kind of monster even though "hue hue OCD ADD"

>always dosing me up on prozac and ritalin and other drugs

>always have severe dry mouth, terrible headaches, eat very little food because no appetite, yet somehow extremely fat back then.

>constantly feel retarded and can't think straight. hell on earth.

>tell my psych/doc/therapist asshole "please let me get off all these drugs. I felt better before I was taking them."

>they tell me that I can't stop right away or I'll get hurt and need to slowly reduce my dosage over several years

>immediately think "this is bullshit, they just want me on them forever"

>beg and plead with them to reduce my dosage so I can ween off and feel better and just be free

>"okay anon we will do what makes you happy. just relax, whatever makes you feel good"

>leave the room and overhear them saying "Okay so we're going to increase the dosage of anons medication but put it into a smaller pill"

>instantly furious with seething rage

>go home and flush all pills and never take their damn drugs ever again

>feel much better in a week, much much better in a month, ate better, and got healthy

>never trust mental health "professionals" ever again


>snowy afternoon

>driving to cooking class because It seemed like a nice hobby

>driving slowly to avoid becoming a bar of soap on the street

>got the windows rolled down because I'm hot

>cool air breezing past

>slow but quiet peacefull snowfall making it very difficult to see a few feet infront of the car

>kind of uncomfortable silence

>don't know why it's so quiet out

>saw one or two cars but aside from that the streets are my playground so to speak

>about to turn on radio to try and find one song that isn't shit

>notice woman walking slightly faster than the speed of the car

>gets closer to my window

>really don't like when strangers approach so quickly

>ballers clocked yah


>I'm sorry what?

>clockers bonked yah

>I can't understand

>she is shouting at this point and has an extremely worried look on her face and the tone of her voice is of pure terror

>blonkers talked yah!?

>colored bong longs!!!?

>I've unconcsiously sped up my car

>her tone is increasingly fearful and excited

>p-please colon blocked brack!!!?!?

>I'm shitting my pants at this point, struggling to keep an eye on the road and her to avoid crashing

>ten fucking cats dart out from between two buildings on the right and run leftways

>the lady stops dead in her tracks

>I slow the car down after I make a small amount of distance between us

>I look in the backmirror and adjust it quickly to find her standing behind some ways before the car

>she is so still that I doubt she'd be breathing

>I adjust the mirror and angle it to meet her gaze

>her face is just dead. hollow. she isn't looking at me.

>her eyes are still in the same direction they were before my car moved

>to her, I might as well still be infront of her


>she doesn't move for at least 30 seconds before she opens her mouth as wide as it can go and unleashes a crude loud high pitched yelling ramble


>without another sound she turns walking towards the left side of the street, still a ways behind my car

>I quickly realize all my windows are rolled down and the cold is finally getting to me as well as the fear of meeting another stranger

>as I close them all up and turn back to study her I notice her disappear into an ally

>there is silence for a few moments and I ask myself why the cracking shit I havent driven away yet when I see her pop out walking like everything is fine now

>as she approaches she starts saying something and my curiousity gets the better of me but not my paranoia as I crack only the top edge of the window so I can hear

>she's got something under her coat

>her face has red on it "there aint no collard black girls and I have hollowed cat dulls" and she throws it into my back side window with a disgusting sloppy wet sound

>I struggle to simultaneously roll up the window and find the acceleration with my foot as my curiousity betrays me again

>I look for one second in the side mirror and see my window covered in blood

>a half of a cat lay below it on the street

>and I'm off

>I force myself to slow down without sliding on the ice before I can panic myself into a crash and notice two feet in my mirror

>shes standing on the back of my car

>I lose all control and my car spins circles around and around down the long and wide empty ice covered street, street lights are the only thing letting anyone see

>if I could see anyone else out

>my car eventually slides to a stop without hitting a single thing

>look in the mirror


>look at surroundings


>fuck it, I'm not going back home right now.


>decide to reorient the car and go straight to the cooking class. maybe I can borrow a friends couch for the night. I'm not staying alone after this shit.

>remember that I have a phone I can use and immediately dial the police

>"boo bOO BEE! the number you are trying to reach is unavailable."

>yea right, I must have miss pressed.

>"boo bOO BEE! the number you are trying to reach is unavailable. please hang up and try again"

>how is this possible? the police not picking up the phone?

>I try again and get the same response

>shit I'll call fred one of my work buddies

>"hello this is fred kimbly and my name is fred and I have been using bathrooms for 32 years and today I have been clean for 3 days"

>fred, this isn't funny I need to talk to you I tell him

>"okay it's not a problem I have been clean and I didn't use the bathroom yet please come to the AA meeting I know you have a problem" he rambles on and I can hear him dropping big ones

>fred stop stepping on ducks you fucking tosser I need to talk to you this isn't funny

>"no, no, hello this is fred and my name is fred and I didn't go to the bathroom for 32 years"

>Hang up on the bloody fucking joker and leave him to cutting shit grenades in the fucking office all night like the bastard he is

>see a few more cars on the street speeding by in the opposite direction but I can't be bothered to stick my head out the window and yell at them that they are stupid and the roads are ice since they are already so far

>get on the lane to make a turn onto the way leading to the hobby class and see a person dressed up in too many layers of winter clothing, probably a very skinny person that looks obese from wearing, two.. n- three jackets? just jumping up and down in place on the turn walk


>look closer

>they are barefoot and jumping on nails

>blood all over the fucking walkway


>make turn

>make mental note to quit cooking class because it's in what I apparently didn't know is a bad neighborhood

>finally pull up at the place

>this really annoying alarm keeps going off, a really shitty one too, like some poor jackass got a bad deal on a car refurbish.

>decide I'm going straight in as it's clearly not safe out but that shitty alarm keeps going off

>against my better judgement I look up at the lines running on the side and all the crows lined up sitting on them

>only one crow goes CAW at once, and then the next crow goes CAW, and then the next one goes CAW.

>realise this is the fucking alarm

>they just wont stop taking turns going CAW.

>only one bird at once


>go inside

>cops "gently" arresting some drunk man in formal clothing

>"ay let go of my freedom" he yells sobbing at the police

>quickly ask them about the phone being down

>"it's up, yes we're sure, try it again bruv"

>I try to tell them what happened but this guy is just sobbing so loud

>"I double dunked me blingy bungles"


>half angry that they wont listen to me, half trying to not laught at this poor man I decide to just go to my fucking class already

>take a seat in the front left of the class

>chef ramsey (no relation to the chef on the telly) welcomes everyone

>there's the smell of something cooking in the oven

>everyone asks him what it is but he says it's something he's precooking for the next class

>it's nine

>classes stop at ten so I wonder who paid alot fucking more to get him an hour longer

>okay friends I'm going to teach you how to make a good dip

>he takes out his rounded cleaver and starts cutting some mint leaves

>"now if you can't mince you can't make a good dip or any other decent course"

>"follow my knife and try it yourself on your tables but don't cut while watching me, this is food and cooking for food only and we don't need anyone becoming food and needing stitches like phillip last class"

>phillip still got his bandages on his hand and makes a dumb ass smile


>"okay now just mince your mint and mince it well and then we will add a fresh squeeze of citrus for some vitamin c"

>he begins to look nervous

>"mince your mint like this and you will get alot of vitamin c vitaminc vitamince mincey and vitamincey mince a vitamence vince a mighty c might you c a mince commence mints mince mints come and c we might mince yee for all of your vitamin c"

>one man in the seats says "hey don't worry ramsey it happens to all of us"

>I ask the person next to me "what did he just say?"

>ramsey lifts his cleaver and and cleaves the face clean off his female assistant

>she starts screaming as blood squirts out of her fac… nothing and pours down the front of her white labcoat like chef uniform

>her suffering doesnt last long enough to really sink in as he cleaves her in the neck over and over and over until her head falls off

>her body tumbles to the ground

>he stares still rambling "mince a mince a mince a mince a "

>his head turns without his eyes moving and his gaze meets us. he stares blankly into the entire class. his white chef top splattered with blood and minced mint

>he starts a fast and dedicated and very intentful walk towards the rest of the class

>jason just picks up his pot full of boiling frying oil and throws it at chef ramsey

>ramsey just stands there as all his skin melts off

>he blindly fumbles over back to the kitchen area


>he stumbles and falls onto his knees and falls over grabbing the handle of the oven opening it as he falls

>he's dead.

>the oven is full of roasted feet

>just feet

>we hear the sound of a hundred military helicopters fly overhead and all the windows shake

>someone flicks on the class radio and we hear the radio man saying KILL IS KISS! KILL IS KISS! before it cuts out.


File: ed44d266ad4a69e⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 1264x7033, 1264:7033, ed44d266ad4a69e96a56bdfc72….jpg)




File: 08766711253a129⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 1932x6935, 1932:6935, 1502656457022.jpg)

File: 1b8793a00d2c9de⋯.png (464.97 KB, 1024x4500, 256:1125, 1502653406472.png)

File: 19b510e0d6dfd38⋯.png (439.27 KB, 1548x2407, 1548:2407, 1502653079519.png)



File: d85fbd7462ae19e⋯.png (867.74 KB, 1559x2239, 1559:2239, 1502417909041.png)

File: deb66ce1fefbaef⋯.jpg (211.57 KB, 988x926, 494:463, 1502417759445.jpg)

File: 73ea8ad0c7a0a2d⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 3848x3768, 481:471, 1502184291426.jpg)



Never seen these before, thanks dude


File: 2243d4e96b61886⋯.jpg (38.86 KB, 600x568, 75:71, tumblr_inline_nt0vb5equP1s….jpg)




File: e32ee8fdf5affeb⋯.jpg (915.76 KB, 1362x2694, 227:449, 1504286675472.jpg)

File: 235538eb1a15cd3⋯.jpg (199.77 KB, 1252x656, 313:164, 1504285745336.jpg)

File: df21aeb844fae70⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 1753x7763, 1753:7763, 1502740269347.jpg)


no problem, the thing is i collect them quite slowly



Was there a another thread about the Swedish thing after the grandfather and grandson?


File: b2c6a9b6d9c65d0⋯.jpg (21.66 KB, 600x577, 600:577, 1470718109593.jpg)

Awhile back both my computer and backup flash drive died, so I've been uploading my spooky collection into imgur albums as an online backup: http://imgur.com/a/ugT24

Thought y'all might get a kick out of it.



It's quite clear when you think about it, but that last one wasn't an Ayy, it was a succubus who succ'd his soul out.


File: 3a6440de9c2f349⋯.jpg (182.5 KB, 717x880, 717:880, 2JYDSF0.jpg)


get the fuck back



Need a safe place, sweetie?



you could at least pretend that you're not retarded


File: ab3f1ddff4a68cf⋯.png (298.52 KB, 1000x1472, 125:184, Gw8xoml.png)

File: 175f30f7c2fa4cc⋯.jpg (466.58 KB, 1856x3742, 928:1871, zn2efsB.jpg)

File: dc893019f4f40af⋯.jpg (1000.06 KB, 1224x4277, 1224:4277, l2YuODw.jpg)

crossposting from /k/ spook thread.

>Two anon's from Nevada had really similar experiences. Both have pretty good descriptions of the location

>one anon was hiking up the mountains themselves, the other drove up- one location would only be accessible by hiking, the other by vehicle

>both should be within 10-15 miles of one another

>one more northern nevada anon had a similar experience, not proximate to the first two, but it also involved a cave/abandoned mine.

>Ted the Caver described the same sort of phenomena http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Ted_the_Caver

>our cryptid is likely camping out in abandoned mines

>per UNR sources there should only be two abandoned mines on the eastern Side of the Ruby Mountains. I located one ~20 miles south of where both anon's described their encounters but i can't find the more likely northern location

>UNR map says its there

>lots of mining claims in the area to back up UNR sources, don't have geocodes though

Here are the three Northern Nevada stories.


File: 2cc0ef869bb060a⋯.png (275.81 KB, 943x849, 943:849, abandoned mines elko count….png)

File: cb44acff31d1f42⋯.png (72.55 KB, 775x451, 775:451, abandoned mines elko count….png)

File: a015c582352374f⋯.png (153.44 KB, 919x773, 919:773, abandoned mines elko count….png)

File: f0f7b266b0651c9⋯.png (284.53 KB, 799x1537, 799:1537, Battle Creek tungsten mine….png)

File: 6ba2ef56c2315e1⋯.png (364.84 KB, 1065x1005, 71:67, Battle Creek tungsten mine….png)


And sources for the two abandoned mine locations.


File: d2631c2207e28cc⋯.png (7.3 MB, 2294x1698, 1147:849, Battle Creek mine entraces.png)

File: f8e985a7ba83f3f⋯.png (333.52 KB, 1915x763, 1915:763, closed mining claims Elko.png)


Some google earth images of the Battle Creek location.


File: d2cd8a61ef1b78b⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1247x947, 1247:947, possible northern location.png)


and a possible northern location that I had previously missed as it seemed to be too far north, and too far east, but again may be worth investigating.

This is the website I used to pull geocodes for claims from.


Thats it for now. I'll post some more if anyone is interested or if I come across something new.


Hey /X/ I'm repetitively new to you, I've lurked for a little while, looking at your Spooky stories, and some of the more unrealistic stories, but i thought it was finally time to post my own. "It's going to be a bit of a ramble, and sorry about the writing structure, it still scares me to the day, and i almost had a panic attack telling my GF about it"

I'm hopeful in the fact that one of you could tell me what it was that i saw, but it's very likely you won't believe me, since i was at such a young age.

Anyway, I'm not going to green text this, because i don't know how detailed I'm going to get into this story, but Eh…

I've only ever told my Girlfriend who's had some paranormal stuff happen to her, and even she was terrified.

Now… i was Born in the UK, and i currently live overseas, this was in.. 1999 when i was 6 - 7 years old, so pretty young, but still able to comprehend what was happening, and what i was seeing.

Anyway, We had just moved into our new house, and for the first few nights, nothing happened. My new room was pretty cool, a big bed, that i had to climb a small ladder up, that almost reached the roof, that had a space under that i could put my clothes in, and a small table so i could "paint" my warhammer figurines, "i didn't know how to play the game, i just thought they looked cool, and if any of you saw how i pained them, you would throw up"

The room was pretty big, for a UK house, normally they are all packed in, but this house was cheap, and big for the size we paid for it, and in hindsight, i can see why it was so cheap.

Anyway, one night I'm laying in bed, reading a book, about to go to sleep, when i look over to my door. and i catch the slightest glimpse of a figure, i thought it was my mum checking up on me, it was about 8-9pm and i should have really been getting ready to sleep, but i was pretty independent in getting myself into bed and sleeping on time. i thought nothing of it at the time, went to sleep, shit was still pretty normal at this point.

Cont -



Fast forward a few weeks, and every now and again i keep seeing this "Figure's" shadow, quickly disappearing just as i look up, or away from.. say, The TV or one time i specifically remember eating dinner, everyone at the table, i look up and see the shadow standing in the hall, for a few seconds, and then.. it like Shimmered and flitted away around the corner.. it's so hard to describe, but it like shimmered then vanished.

"The story is just getting good"

A few nights later, I'm laying in bed, I'm not really concerned about what I'm seeing, i was young at the time, and had no concept of Paranormal, or "Ghosts"

Anyway, laying in bed, reading about to go to sleep, when i look up from my book.. and i see a face, peering at me from around my door, its.. face.. just staring.. it's pretty high up, now at 24, i can say he was around 6'2 6'4 up off the ground, the tallest man i had ever seen at that time.

"I'm actually shaking as i type this, fucking hell"

The face.. is distorted.. the only way i can describe it, is it looks like I'm looking at it in a mirror from a carnival, those mirrors that stretch, and make you look fat.

it stays, standing look at me for a solid ten seconds, both of us locking eyes. I'm frozen in bed, having a fucking heart attack not wanting to take my eyes off him.

It felt like it lasted forever, but eventually i blinked, and he had vanished. Like that, gone, Poof, i rocketed out of bed, and ran straight into my parents room, i didn't tell them what i had saw, because at the time i had no idea, and in my stupid kid mind, I didn't want to panic them. i fell asleep after a time, but woke up in their bed. At the time, i was confused, thinking "Did i actually see that" "was it a dream" and, "If it was a dream, why did i wake up in my Parents room"

Fast forward a few more days, possibly a week, it's in the back of my mind now, you know, I'm a kid, I've got stupid shit to deal with, completely pointless and miniscule looking back on it now.

Back in my room, it's about 4pm, i use to walk home from school, it was only five minutes away, and in the UK you know literally everyone on the street, so it's completely safe, and you'd walk home with you friends, who'd live one or two doors up, or around the bend.

Anyway, Home alone. Completely home alone.

Upstairs, playing Pokemon on my GBA, and i hear a noise coming from the downstairs hallway, thinking it's my brother, also coming home from school, "he's a few years older, so he goes to another school, but further away" i leave my room, and stand at the top of the stairs, and look down. Nothing, nobody is there. I'm confused, and i turn around, to walk back into my room, when i hear a creek at the stairs, i turn around nobody. i turn again, another creek. At this point I'm scared, and bolt back into my room, and STOMP, STOMP, STOMP all the way up the stairs, it sounded like steel toe cap boots, crashing all the way up.

I panic, and push this flimsy fucking chair i had infront of the door, not even under the handle, that was a fucking knob, so it wouldn't have done anyway anyway.

The door doesn't move, no more noise. i stand in panic waiting for my door to burst open, but nothing happens, a few minutes later my brother gets home, and my mum, 40 or so, dad an hourish after.

I don't tell any of them, but i no longer sleep in my own room, i slept in my brothers room after that until i moved out, and convinced him "We can use my room as a games room"




Day's later, nothing has happened, but I'm starting to get weird feelings around the house, like…. at times the house will feel competently normal, exactly how you are now, sitting down reading this, but at other times, The room.. it's like.. it like it slows down, like the room gets cold, but nobody else feels it.

a week or so later, i see the face again, out the corner of my eye, when I'm walking down the stairs, past the computer room on the left, he's standing just inside the doorway, but his face was completely clear, and the name that came to my head, instantly was "Drowned man" I've no idea why, I'd never even seen a drowned man at that point in my life. still to this day, i can't figure out why it's the name i gave him, but it's the name that came clear screaming into my mind.

Over the next couple weeks, i keep seeing him. he's not bothering me, and nobody else has seemed to notice he is around, for day's he'll be gone, then he'll suddenly pop up as I'm walking around the house, or I'll see him standing in the doorway to a room, peeking at me.

I'm no longer terrified of him, just scared when he shows up.. he's just… around.

Stuff from the house will randomly show up in other rooms, like Spoons in the bathroom, or books misplaced, nothing serious, like.. actual valuables, just random fucking tat.

i never tried to speak to him, out of fear.

I never tried to prove to anyone else he was real, I've no idea why.. Even now.. i think if i did, something bad would have happened, something screaming inside my mind even today tells me it was the right choice.

The last time i saw him, it was late, it was the weekend, and my dad had gone to the pub with mum, and it was just me and my brother home, was was upstairs watching Red Dwarf on DVD, i went downstairs to get a drink.

and suddenly i get an ice cold chill, like you just opened the door to a freezer… and i saw him. Standing in the middle of the hallway between me and the kitchen, he was.. stretched, like his body had been broken, and his skin was flayed, i stood and watched him what looked like he was writhing in pure agony, before i literally pissed my pants and ran back upstairs.

That was the last time i saw the Drowned Man, We moved out a few weeks later and only recently I've brought up the courage to ask my family why, apparently they had also "Experienced" some strange stuff around the house, and my brother said "it was haunted as fuck" but I've never asked him about it.

He never hurt me, never actually interacted with me outside of the horrifying stares.

As for Proof, I've got none.

Maybe this will just be another story on /X/ or maybe someone will actually let me know what the fuck it was that i saw.

I.. could post the address, but i don't want this traced back to me somehow.

Thanks for reading.


Does anyone have the skinwalker story about the family that went in the woods and discovered they had an additional person with them when they went into the cabin?





Thanks for the story. I don't know why it scared me so much, but it did. For what it's worth, I believe you. I think it was a ghost. Have you ever thought about going back to your old house to see if it's still haunted?


The problem with skinwalker stories is that they all sound the same. I'll look through my /x/ folder just in case, but don't hold your breath.


I got a story that happened a few years ago, just remembered last night when I was talking with a friend about some random stuff.

>going to sleep

>can't sleep for the life of me

>just lying in bed with my eyes closed tuning everything out trying to go to sleep

>think a hour has gone by still not asleep

>suddenly the darkness starts to twist and blue light starts to dim around me kind of making a spiral effect

>start floating down this tube

>feel like its connecting with something

>feels like I've been floating for hours now

>the farther I go the more the area start to twist and turn, and starts to get darker again

>find myself in front of a door

>reach for the door

>suddenly hear a loud booming voice telling me to get the fuck out

>suddenly start flying backwards through the tunnel and the area regains it blue hue until I open my eyes

I don't know what was behind that door but it kind of felt like I was entering someones mind. I know it wasn't a dream and I wasn't asleep.



Or maybe it was your subconscious… Why are there parts of our mind that we can't access? What would happen if we did?



I now live in Australia, and my old house was in the UK, I've not been back to the UK, in almost a decade now, and if i did go back, i don't think i could grow a pair big enough to even walk down the same street.

I've looked at the place on google maps, and it looks like people are living in it.


File: a6109d360260cf4⋯.jpg (360.93 KB, 1723x2866, 1723:2866, changeling.jpg)

Years ago (2013 or earlier, I think) I read a creepypasta/greentext story about a guy telling a story from his childhood – his dad was heading for work, but just after leaving he called to tell the mum to close the door. I think the story mentioned that his dad had a mobile phone in the car, since this happened, I assume, before mobiles were all that common.

Anyway, years later, he asked his dad why he had called and told them to close the door, and his dad would tell him he had seen an abnormally tall and deformed man dressed in rags standing outside and looking in thru a window in the neighbourhood.

Anyone know where I might find this story, or got a screencap of it?



>you will never have a cool swedish grandpa to teach you lore.



I've tried searching on Google using various keywords but in vain. If it still exists, it should be in the archive, which thankfully has a great search function. If you remember any specific word or phrase, anything not too common, I suggest that you search for that. Put the words between two quotation marks to search for the exact phrase ("my dad", "close the door", etc).


I wish 8chan had an archive like that


File: 7d156f082cc8315⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 402x402, 1:1, fucking degenerate.jpg)


Most of those stories are from 4chan, you retard. If you're not having fun, feel free to leave.


File: 87d5dc82890d37a⋯.gif (263.88 KB, 148x111, 4:3, 1424638410821.gif)


>that dog pic

Nope, that shit looks like a fuckin bear

no thanks






Nice collection, thanks for sharing.


Gonna be a bit of a long post, and in several parts. I’ll greentext it so that it fits in with the bread. Got to cover some history to get to the meat and potatoes of the spoop story, so forgive the blog posting. This happened about a year ago.

>be me. Who the fuck else would I be?

>age around 12, cousin of mine who was a born loser falls into meth. Using it, cooking it, selling it. His best friend also gets into meth.

>cousin’s friend is behemoth of a guy, at least 6’6 and 300lbs. Cousin nowhere near that big.

>one night, friend breaks down cousin’s door, wanting meth. Cousin isn’t gonna just give that shit away, so friend decides to kill cousin, cousin’s wife and baby daughter to take meth.

>friend beats the shit out of cousin, is choking cousin’s wife, about to kill her.

>cousin grabs Remington 870 shotgun and fills friend full of buckshot, killing friend.

>cops rule it self defense, no charges filed. Cousin can’t keep gun used to kill best friend, gives it to my dad.

>backstory on Dad. Everyone in podunk town calls him witch killer. Grew up wondering why. Churches wouldn’t let him in, say he’s cursed.

>once every year or two, Dad would grab his 30.06, take off in his truck, on an ATV, or on horse to go hunting alone.

>before Dad went hunting, there would always be visitors at the house. Usually niggers, sometimes some of the Indians (feather not dot), rarely whites.

>Dad never came back with any game, but said he got what he was after. Never let me go with him on these hunts.

>After Dad gets back, same visitors as before show up and bring food and stuff to us. Always found that odd.

>Dad gives me Remington 870 and tells me this gun will save my life a few times. Don’t know what to think of that, but free shotgun!




>Gun does save my life twice before story proper here begins.

>Fuck you, liberals. Betterbringyourswhenyoucometotakemine.jpeg

>Will tell those stories if anyone is interested.

>marry first wife in college, have 3 kids before out of med school.

>first wife is crazy bitch.

>divorce, win custody of kids by miracle.

>few years later, meet QT3.14 on MMO.

>Yankee girl, city girl, but trad girl. She’s getting divorced, has 3 kids also. Is a bit younger than me.

>/pol/ would not approve of me taking step kids, but fuck them. They’re all white and she hates niggers as much as I do.

>apply for job at hospital near her, get it. Hospital is about 50 miles from town she lives in. We’ve met and are officially dating at this point. Decide to get married and I move to her Yankee state.

>Bring raifus and raifu accessories. Bring Remington 870 too.

>get married to new waifu. She loves to garden, loves to cook and sew, has masters degree in computer programming.

>As opposed to crazy bitch ex who has masters degree in sitting on her fat ass and getting fatter.

>rent house in town hospital is in, but out in the country. Need big house for 6 kids aged 4-14.

>house has big woods behind it, also owned by same landlord.

>landlord says I can hunt there.


>house also has old wooden shed in back yard. Landlord says not to go in it.

>new waifu sees me doing what she calls “crazy bumpkin stuff” in the woods before hunting.

>asking permission from the trees, letting them know I mean them no harm, etc. Stuff Dad taught me





>two weeks after moving in, have horrible night in ER.

>can’t go into too many details due to HIPPA, but girl of about 8 dies and I have to call it.

>go tell mother we did all we could do.

>mother is huge landwhale in daisy duke shorts, belly shirt, and nigger on arm.

>also two other mulatto children.

>”You killed my baby!” mother screams at me. Nigger doesn’t seem upset at all.

>Tell cops I suspect abuse. Autopsy ordered by state police, body taken away.

>Shit bothers me.

>Get off work at midnight and go home. Try to clear my head by going out the back door to have a smoke.

>waifu hates me smoking, but it’s either that or drink or be on xanax.

>everyone else I know in medical field is on xanax or alcohol. Other doctors, nurses, lab techs, rad techs, even the janitorial staff.

>hear rustling in the garden. Look over there. See eyes staring at me. About two and a half foot off the ground.

>Feels wrong, man.

>always armed, but had Taurus Judge on my at time

>unholster and fire shot at eyes, thinking it might be a bobcat.

>eyes and dark shape skitter to shed, which I noticed had open door.

>Waifu comes running out, asking what is going on.

>Tell her about eyes.

>She gets flashlight, we look around the garden. No tracks of any kind. Try to open shed, door won’t budge.

>”Must be rusted shut anon. You had a hard night, you’re tired. Let’s get some sleep.”

>Agree its probably the stress and will go talk to friend of mine next day and get some xanax.






>Next day, visit other doctor in clinic and get xanax Rx. Never taken it before.

>Off this day, but sleep schedule is all fucked up due to working noon to midnight.

>3am I’m wide awake and looking out the kitchen window into the backyard as I get glass of water.

>have taken xanax, shit doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me except make me thirsty.

>should mention here that anon is color blind in red/green.

>looking out window, see at edge of porch light a little humanoid thing.

>Fuck the xanax is making me hallucinate.

>can’t make out features of thing, but see it’s got on a shirt, pants and a pointy hat. Looks like a garden gnome kind of. Has long beard.

>thing sees me, stops moving and stares at me for a full minute.

>then, it raises both hands and gives me a double shot of middle fingers.

>I laugh. Xanax might be making me hallucinate, but at least its funny.

>Creature is not amused by me laughing.

>it turns around, drops its pants and moons me!

>I’m watching what looks like a garden gnome wiggle its ass at me.

>laugh a whole lot harder. Thing does not like that at all.

>fast as I can blink, it’s up to the window.

>of course, anon does sensible thing and jumps back, crashing into shelf in kitchen with jars of stuff that waifu has canned, knocking everything over.

>waifu comes out to see what is the ruckus. All I can say is, “No more taking xanax.”

>next day, go to work at noon like usual.

>Regular day. Mostly metheads wanting pain pills and old people falling. Couple kids with fevers.

>Get home next night, lay in bed beside waifu.







>Hear loud thunk against back door.

>jump up, grab handgun from nightstand. Is Smith and Wesson SD9VE.

>waifu is up as well, grabs Ruger LCP from her nightstand as I’m headed to back door.

>Open door, start to step outside, and see I’m about to step on the biggest fucking timber rattler I’ve ever seen.

>sumbitch is 8.5 feet long, easily. I fucking hate snakes from previous encounter where Remington 870 saved my life.

>Magdump 17 rounds hollow point into that bastard.

>Change magazines, about to dump next mag into the snake when waifu grabs my arm.

>”Anon, it’s dead.”

>Hear giggling.

>”What the fuck is that?” I say, scanning.

>From the garden, hear in waifu’s voice, “Anon, it’s dead.”

>Then hear my voice, “What the fuck is that?”

>Aim SD9 at garden, tell waifu, “Get in the house. Now.”

>Line is repeated from the garden.

>She bolts.

>I look and see creature from the night before in garden, smiling. Ugly, ugly teeth. Britbongistan bad teeth.

>Waifu hasn’t seen it.




>next day, call dad and tell him about it.

>Dad says the snake was probably a gift, likely from a fae. Need to give a gift back.

>Tells me to leave a glass bottle of milk at the door of the shed. Don’t want fae thinking I’m an ungrateful bastard.

>leave milk at shed door before going to work.

>get home from work, sit down at computer cause everyone else is asleep.

>hear sound of glass breaking against back door.

>Waifu wakes up. Is getting pissed about being woken up so much.

>I open door and see milk bottle shattered on back porch.

>Waifu looks out kitchen window.

>We both see garden gnome looking thing standing there, looking angry as hell.

>She screams, frozen in place with fear. I shut and lock the door and go to window.

>”Waifu,” I say, snapping her out of it, “Go get my shotgun.”

>Shotgun is in gun safe, loaded with slugs. Don’t want step kids getting ahold of it.

>She comes running with Remington 870, hands it to me. I open window about two inches.

>Can hear garden gnome talking about all the things he is going to do to us and the kids.

>Says he’s going to cut my throat and fuck the hole. Says worse things about waifu and kids.

>I’m pissed now. I put the barrel of the Remington 870 through the window, aim right between that motherfucker’s eyes, since he’s not moving and isn’t scared of a 12 gauge being pointed at him one bit.

>pull trigger. Aim is off a bit. Hit the cocksucker in left eye.

>Little bastard falls back, holding left eye. Lets out the most blood curdling scream I’ve ever heard in my life.

>rack Remington, get ready to shoot again.

>fucker gets up, still holding left eye, runs off before I can get another shot.

>Can hear the shed door slam shut.




>call Dad next morning, tell him about incident.

>Dad asks one question.

>”What color was the cap?”

>”Uh, hang on, dad. Waifu, what color was the cap?”


>”FUCK!” Dad almost screams into the phone.

>My dad has never used a swear word that I’ve heard in my life. Never raised his voice at all.

>”What is it, dad?” I ask.

>”Listen to me very carefully, anon. If you were supposed to work today, call in sick. Go into town and find a wrought iron cross. Take a spent 12 gauge shell and find one with pieces that will fit into the shell. Buy the cross, bring it home, and cut as many slugs as you can from the cross. Use a hacksaw, DO NOT use a cutting torch. Reload some 12 gauge shells with those slugs. As many as you can. Keep your 870 with you at all times you’re home. Do not let waifu or kids go into the back yard today. Buy a few bags of salt and pour salt at every doorway, every window of your house. It can’t cross a salt barrier.”

>Ask dad, “Why don’t I just pour salt across the door to the shed?”

>”It’s going to get out of the shed. You don’t want it getting in your house. Next is important. Do not be outside when the sun sets. And have a fire going in your fireplace. Do not let the fire go out. You need the protection of a hearthfire. I’m leaving in 20 minutes headed to your house with my 30.06. I’ll try to get there before night falls. If I’m not there by then, and you see it, shoot it with the slugs.”

>Dad lives over 8 hours from me.

>Can tell about that 30.06 if anyone is interested too.

>”Anything else I can do, dad?”

>He answers, “Yeah. Pray.”




>Do everything Dad says to do. Able to make 5 slugs from the wrought iron cross after doing everything else he said to do.

>Sun starts to set, Dad hasn’t made it. Call him, he says he’s stuck in traffic in the bigger city an hour and a half away. He hauled ass to get here.

>Sun has set. Porch light goes on. I have a plan for this fucker, though.

>Waifu is in the kitchen looking out the window like we have done before.

>I’m in a different room with the window open, shotgun pointed out the window, no lights on, being as quiet and still as I can be.

>As soon as its full dark, the shed door slams open, and I see it come out.

>Can’t get a good shot on it as its moving too fast.

>creature gets to the edge of the light and starts yelling.

>”Anon, come out and fight like a man you pussy!”

>the thing calls me everything but a white man in a few short seconds, but doesn’t get any closer.

>it’s trying to bait me outside.

>I line up the shotgun sight with the thing. Then, remembering the things its said about me and my family, I aim a little lower.

>it still hasn’t seen me, just sees waifu.

>I pull the trigger, the 870 barks and I shoot the sumbitch right in the balls.

>it doubles over on the ground, holding its balls and rolling around, screaming like the devil and swearing in several languages. Some of which I even understand.

>go to kitchen, out the back door, shotgun trained on it the whole time

>It’s still writhing around, holding its balls.

>I get two steps away from it and pull the trigger again, this time aiming for its heart.

>damn thing shatters like glass and the glass melts into the ground

>all the grass is dead where it was, but it’s gone.

>Dad pulls up not 5 minutes later, runs into backyard with 30.06 drawn and shouldered.

>”I got it, dad.”

>the look of relief on his face is priceless. He seems to get 10 years younger when he sees the dead grass in an oval shape.

>ask dad why he wanted me to use slugs from the Remington instead of bullets in my AR or bigger hunting rifles.

>Dad explains that since this gun was used to kill in self defense, and has saved my life twice before, it’s attached to me and has a purpose of protection. That’s how I was able to hurt it. That, plus the iron slugs are what killed it.

>Dad and I torch the shed, tell the landlord that the kids built a campfire and it got out of hand. No more trouble in this house since then.




Enjoyed the story, anon.


File: ed90e98030987fa⋯.gif (515.96 KB, 312x200, 39:25, Mmmmhm.gif)




Oof, ah, this fucking edge. This is /x/. not /pol/.


File: 248be7c30adc8e9⋯.jpg (51.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 9a4.jpg)


>Triggered by someone saying nigger.

>On hatechan.

>Muh /pol/ boogeyman






are you seriously getting asspained that someone said nigger on an oriental image board? were you around a decade ago when everyone said nigger every 5 seconds on ching chong image boards? kindly fuck off and never come back.



>>asking permission from the trees, letting them know I mean them no harm

Why would you harm trees when you're hunting?



As was explained to me, you tell the trees you're not there to harvest them and ask their protection while you're on their turf, and permission to hunt animals. Be respectful and the trees won't let anything unnatural harm you if you do have good intentions of just hunting animals and not destroying the forest.



There is much more /pol/ in that story than just the word nigger, strawman-wielder.




>the absolute state of nu/x/

I guess it's not unexpected from the board after the cuck faggot new BO that gets triggered by happy merchants took over.



Where the fuck do you think you are, faggot?


File: 54af0037c017978⋯.jpg (29.28 KB, 442x640, 221:320, 1452305110360.jpg)


Who in the fuck actually complains about the usage of racial slurs in 2017, go back to cuckchan or /leftypol/ you fucking niggerlover.


Tell us the extra stories.



Ignoring the niggerlover who's likely the same cuckposter from /tv/, the other stories about the 870 are pretty mundane. Nothing spoopy about them, so I won't greentext them.

When I was about 15, I was riding my atv back from duck hunting and pulled into my parents' driveway and jumped off the 4 wheeler. I took two steps, carrying the shotgun while it was still loaded and a damn king cobra was raised up, ready to strike, close enough to me to get me, and between me and the front porch. If I'd tried to move back, it would have struck. So, I managed to pull the shotgun up, shot from the hip, and by some miracle hit the thing. Birdshot will take a cobra out. What was a freaking king cobra doing in the American South? I wondered the same thing, as did Dad and the local animal control people. Turns out a guy who lived a mile or two away had gotten the bright idea to make a snake farm, and the cobra had gotten out.

Second time, I can't remember if I was in late high school or early college. I was out squirrel hunting, and a coyote with rabies was blocking my path back to the truck. It wasn't gonna let me pass, so I put some rounds into it before it lunged at me. Killed it, called animal control, and they took the thing away.

Sorry those aren't more interesting.




found the teenagers



This isn't the first story I read about gnomes giving people the middle finger and generally being rude cunts. In fact, now that I think about it, I've never read a story where a gnome acts nice to people. There was even a post on abovetopsecret by a woman who said gnomes came out of her closet and tried to kidnap her. Weird.



It's somewhere in here, i think




its the top one, thanks been looking for it for a while now



that story was reddit-tier and also


>step kids

enjoy being a cuck you dumb nagger



What's up with the 30.06 story?



This is night elf religion tier.


So I've never been as bored as I was while reading the /k/ basement dweller's supernatural fanfic.

"Hurr Durr my pappy is a hunter of paranormal beings and not actually a child molester who cooked meth"

Next time just beat off to gnome rule 34 like you want to, faggot.


I read a greentext once that had a kid meet this guy on the internet and he came to the house but then the kid got scared and wouldn’t let him in. AND there’s ANOTHER story I read that really freaked me out, where a family is hearing weird noises and they find a guy hiding in their wall. I sometimes conflate these stories together, and I don’t remember if they’re the same story or not, but can anyone post them if you know what I’m talking about?



Have you tried looking through the galleries posted in this thread?


The Best Spooky shit I've ran into involves..

>Strange mist that moves on it's own, typically away from me.

>A 30m area in Fox Ridge Park Over in Henderson NV. I can't move through this area easily, it's like walking through knee deep water and chest pain.

>Lake Mead is nothing but weird shit.

>The Flood Channels in the Las Vegas Metropolitan is just filled with weird shit.

> Northern NV is a well discussed locale.

> Mt Charleston is strange in general.



Don't tease us like that, give us some details



Well the Mist itself tends to move away from me and I'm not sure why. If you want some details on some other strange encounters

>There's a Park in Henderson called Tuscany Park

>Sitting in a car with a friend, talking about stuff.

>It was January of 2012.

> I notice an odd, pink, man sized shape move quickly behind my car in the review window.

> She's Spooked, I'm intrigued.

>I check the area where the shape might have went, it was far too large for it to merely be a plastic bag

>Nothing, and not much of a breeze to pick up a bag to that height.

>Friend is Critically Spooped by the Sighting and a Ghost Radar.

I can provide more if you wish.






Please do


File: b346603fe6b444a⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 639x479, 639:479, taneo.jpg)

>night time

>driving parallel to train tracks

>train going by

>sudden intense flash of bright "light" suddenly emanates from within a traincar

>the flash only causes a very mild irritation to my eyes, as if adjusting to simple lamplight turned on in the dark

>the flash is some kind of x-ray best i can figure, i dont know shit about that, turns whole traincar and contents semi transparent and colorless

>clearly see a human figure strapped to a wall or table

>pulled over

>freaked out


File: c31eabf79cd9dd4⋯.jpg (521.64 KB, 1335x2436, 445:812, Cabin Memories 2.jpg)

File: bcd8557e6c150a6⋯.jpg (543.33 KB, 1335x2368, 1335:2368, Cabin Memories 3.jpg)

File: 8902c7b2386bf08⋯.jpg (261.83 KB, 1335x1421, 1335:1421, Cabin Memories 4.jpg)


5th one lacks all the remaining parts of the story


File: 31522e51ad7a203⋯.gif (426.69 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 1510465361712.gif)


>That moment when you live about 10 miles from Gold Camp Road

>That moment when everyone is freaking out about it being haunted

The forest doesn't want you there at night and this is clear to anyone with a more "ethereal/supernatural" connection, but the haunted part of Gold Camp Road is questionable. Been up there multiple times late at night drinking beer/smoking weed with out-of-state friends faggots who wanted to go to the "haunted area." Just pay your respects to the woods, leave a small offering to it like a beer or blunt or whatever value you happened to bring up there, say a short prayer to god, and clean up your trash afterwards so as not to anger it. I'm not sure how many times my drunk/high friends need to thank me for keeping shit from happening to them when they were disrespectful to the old places.



2nd one is most likely bullshit, the latin phrase is wrong, the correct form would be "Specta supra te"

It was probably some dumb amerishit who put some random latin in his made up story to make it more sp00py without even actually knowing the language

Which does not even make that much sense really, why would the girl be speaking latin?




That doesn't sound like a real story.


God doesn't exist, grow up.



Where/when did this happen?


File: a63271258ca3ef4⋯.png (101.67 KB, 677x508, 677:508, a63271258ca3ef4e327b43d646….png)


Being an edgy teen won't get you brownie points, anon. Grow up.


File: b8bdb7ff046c9e5⋯.jpg (4.7 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ca7b66be0e37cc7e1fab0fd2f1….jpg)



>Friends of mine wanted to Check out Lake Mead

>l checked the place out around 2010 with my cousin.

>Most I saw was odd shadows darting in and out of view against the afternoon horizon around the Boulder Wash.

>Odd and nigh impossible to explain how that went on around the hiking trail we were at.

>Not terribly threatening, just shadows of some guys upper torso.

>Come summer of 2011 and we arrive at night and my memory gets choppy, was accompanied by some friends

>I come to while Exiting Lake Mead heading into Boulder City.

>My Friends seem rather spooked and skittish to reveal the details.

>All I can remember now is the ear-splitting silence and the wet rocks of the lake shore.

>Apparently something was wrong with me.

>Something about me moving towards the lake, not acting like myself, and more things they really don't want to tell me about.

Still Good friends, but that always gets me in the gut. it's a fucking awful feeling and I'm still trying to figure out what caused it, and find it.

here's a short one dealing with something at my Grandma's place.

>Exit Room to get a drink

>See Ironing board unfolded.

>See that it is resting on the front point unsupported

>It's standing on one point of contact to the rest of the floor, not on it's legs, nor on the top surface of the Ironing Board.

>It Jumped up and falls where you expect it, on to it's flat surface

>Somethings fucking with me.

>I don't care for that kind of bullshit no matter the source.

>Hasn't happened since.

I have quite a bit more, but this threads moving a bit slow.

Pic not related, despite the fact that I hate Greys in ways you couldn't believe.


File: 89a623dce848949⋯.jpg (3.31 MB, 1327x7010, 1327:7010, tomtenisse.jpg)


File: 13f11c52df0e6e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.68 KB, 960x496, 60:31, ayy lmao.jpg)


please post more


File: 8d3e6164bd12af7⋯.jpg (89.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, shower-door.jpg)


Why do you hate greys? They seem neither good or bad…


>A few years ago

>I like to take showers in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep

>We have those shower doors that open on the inside, pic related

>While I'm taking a shower, I hear a thump

>The light goes out

>The shower door suddenly opens a bit


>The light comes back

>Close the door

>Finish taking the shower

I told my dad about it but he didn't see anything strange about it.



>Will tell those stories if anyone is interested

Please do just to further trigger this faggot here >>34953


File: d15e893dffb8bad⋯.jpg (158.29 KB, 622x829, 622:829, a81531_7f506a5118064eacb36….jpg)


>>35455 (Checked)

I really don't know and there was always odd family stories, but with out any real proof of these "Sky Doctors" I really can't say. It's a fucked up sort of rage and revulsion I have for them is admittedly irrational. I guess I will have to find one for myself, If I don't fly off the handle and kill it.

One instance of odd at a friends place.

>Sleeping at my friends place for the weekend, a common occurrence.

>Wake up and see something in the hallway in my 10 o' Clock.

>It has my silhouette.

>My friend is talking with his Mom and His Girlfriend in the Kitchen.

>Clearly the sound doesn't line up with what I'm seeing

>Sleepily think "Don't start any shit" as I lock eyes whit where I might find it's "eyes"

>Return to my slumber, awake unmolested in the morning.

First Solo Lake Mead night drive

>Get bored one Wednesday night during the summer of 2014.

>Head out to Lake Mead to check it out, alone I could get more done.

>Drive for 45 minutes through the enchanting darkness and canyons.

>I find a space where I can pull up and get a better view of my surroundings

>Black as coal dust, no moon and scarcely enough light from Las Vegas itself to see the smog haze.

>Anticipating this I brought some Construction Glow Sticks.

>Crack it

>Shake it

>Leave on top of the Dashboard so I can see where my car is.

>Venture out into the inky night, with one Hard Hat light on my belt.

>I can Hear and smell the presences of Water, so I approach the trail sign to get an Idea what around.

>Learn that Lake Mead has a great deal of Springs lining the perimeter.

>Look towards Car to gauge my distance.

>See a shape obscure the light in the windshield.

>All signs and shapes immediately confirm that this shape cannot be produced by a Mountain Lion, too tall.

>Find a half of a Cinder block, my Car could be at risk.

>Head Briskly towards car, keeping the brick out of the light. Wouldn't want to cue something off.

>Something launches itself off the roof of my car, I can tell from the suspension squeaking.

>Sprint towards Car keeping my head low.

>Reach car, find nothing. Exchange Brick for Tire Iron.

>Reeds from the Spring rustle greatly, I detach light with car door still open.

>Large Coyote, Normal.

>Large Coyote standing 7 feet off the ground with no ears with strange mange, Not Normal.

>It "Yawns" While receding behind the reeds.

>Perhaps I got more than what I Bargained for this night.

>Perhaps this bargain was quite generous, I still breathe.

>Descend into my Car, Start it, Burn rubber out of parking lot.

>See this "Coyote" at the exit.

>Mangy and large, I pass it clipping it with my passenger side side mirror.

>Not the yelp I was expecting, and the sound was very close.

>It was the jolting shriek that deserves a Jacketed 12 gauge slug in response.

>Drive back home in 25 min, toss Glow stick into flood channel.

>Sleep it off.

Considering that some have dealt with something kid of similar to this thing before, I will mention that I did not get the best view of it lest I loose track of the dark road. I will Argue that it might not be the best sort of thing to bring out into the light.



I will add More later to keep this thread afloat, when required. With the Thanksgiving Weekend coming I might try to find more odd things out there.



reminded me of a time I got really scared. still creeps me out thinking about it.

>live in shitty apartments a couple years ago

>driving home when gf texts me

>anon do you want anything to eat?

>im driving so I dont reply

>get home and still havent texted back

>taking a shower

its a weird old school walk in shower, no doors, can see my bedroom from shower

>hear the front open, then close

>I call out and say "hey, my bad I forgot to call you back!"

>no response


>my bedroom door opens

I can now see out of my bedroom via the large bathroom mirror, nobody is there

>scared at this point

>get out and wrap towel around me

>instead of being smart, closing door and putting on pants, or arming myself, I walk around apartment in towel

>notice a cold breeze

>the fucking back door is open

>oh shit nigger

>run back, get dressed, get gun

>close door

it wasnt her. she was still like 15 minutes away, and roommate was out of town. that whole thing updated the fuck out of my journal.


File: e73ebd75b65a958⋯.png (564.92 KB, 1351x1783, 1351:1783, Greys.png)

File: ccead43d426e89b⋯.jpg (1002 KB, 2550x1218, 425:203, Neckless carcass.jpg)

File: 08b5478421a75f8⋯.png (449.35 KB, 1090x897, 1090:897, Pig Man.png)

File: 2e9c0ad7d292414⋯.png (11.73 KB, 652x426, 326:213, POV.png)

File: eccfc730a353de5⋯.png (113.17 KB, 1818x1352, 909:676, sweden abandoned military ….png)


File: bfde46f3a300f93⋯.png (553.39 KB, 1024x2429, 1024:2429, 1454254398097-0.png)


Sounds like every goatman story ever

Also, please stop calling everything a "skinwalker", here's a practical guide for future reference


I think I've told this one here before, but it seems like the right place to post it.

>15, not many friends

>Invite best friend and a guy he's friends with called Bruno

It's important to note, the 3 of us had known each other for a long time, since we had been on the same school most of elementary all the way to high school. Bruno used to be a popular kid in elementary, but his parents had some weird situation when we were in 4th grade and they got divorced for a bizarrely short time, like 2 months. They got back together, but somewhere inbetween, Bruno got mentally rekt and most people stopped hanging out with him. He became weird and paranoid, constantly talking about how some songs had hidden satanic messages in them and stuff like that. He also became a bit of a germaphobe.

>Decide to sleep in a tent outside, in backyards woods

>Bruno completely opposes the idea saying it's not safe

>Keeps saying some individual is gonna come kill us if we do, can't remember the name he said

>Ignore him , chalk it up to his usual behaviour.


>Another friend joins us

>Having a good time, playing ygo

>Bruno is absolutely terrified inside his sleeping bag

>Keep saying whatshisname is gonna come get him

>We all keep telling him to chill the fuck out, that if there really was someone out to get him, he'd be just as safe inside

>Eventually fall asleep

>Wake up in the middle of the night

>Notice Bruno isn't inside the tent

>Go outside

>Bruno is outside, doing a weird duck waddle while slapping his own ass and singing a Bee Gees song

>Ask what the fuck is he doing

>Bruno inmediately gets up, and runs back to my house, all the while screaming like a banshee

>Everyone wakes up

>Bruno bangs on the door like a maniac until mom lets him in

>Bruno runs into the house and cowers in a corner , saying whatshisname is out there

>Dad goes out to check and sees nothing but the tent and Bruno's clothes in a pile

>Bruno is freaking the fuck out, so mom decides to call his mom to come get him

>His mom arrives, dressed in a weird black velvet tracksuit and slippers

It should also be noted that neither of us really knew Bruno's parents, since we had only been to his house 2 or 3 times and he had a nanny that picked him up from school.

>Asks my mom some questions once Bruno is in her car

>Might've been me, but it sounded like she was actually expecting someone to have appeared.

>Next day, Bruno tells us he's not allowed to hang out with us anymore, since his mom thinks we're a bad influence.

That year was the last time I saw Bruno. He left our school and none of us has heard of him ever since. I would try to look for him , but something tells me he wouldn't be too fond of social media.



First pic legit looks like a blurry spoon with eyes drawn on it.


File: 9671847307a4d20⋯.jpg (95.61 KB, 1050x699, 350:233, 9228109_web1_weather_09132….jpg)

To continue some of the Accounts of odd things I have ran into.

>Spring 2012

>Helping out my Aunt with some family related crisis and staying at her house.

>It's a big house that lies in the Las Vegas Outskirts southeast of Mt Charleston.

The house itself was fairly spooky, for another time though.

>Having a Cigarette on the Balcony looking at the city at night.

>It was a clear night and the City was as bright as ever.

>Look south.

>Notice Flashing lights that would belong to a plane.

>The Flashing lights we're rapidly changing position, whilst remaining silent.

>I tried to get a good image of these objects, however they blended too well with the background.

I'm guessing that they were drones or some other new toy that came out of Groom Lake.


Not spooky, but it's something weird that I couldn't really explain back then or now.

>it's autumn of 2016 and early in the morning, so I'm about to go to bed

>I live in a popular holiday destination by the beach but aside from that short period of the year it's a small and sparsely populated town

>typically all I can hear is the lapping of waves against the shore which lulls me to sleep but when I turn off the lights and go to bed but there's a sudden but persistent mechanical humming sound which is loud enough to keep me awake

>get up and turn the lights on to see if I forgot to turn anything off but it suddenly stops so I figure it's probably something the neighbors are doing (they're night owls like me)

>go back to bed but within a minute the noise starts up again and now there's a yellow light, like from a car's headlights, which seems to be scanning by my window, sending vertical bars of light against the wall

>there's thickets outside the front of my house and there's no road leading towards my house, so my heart begins to race once it happens for the fifth time

>I make a racket, turn on the lights and get my cricket bat from its place by the door

>decide it's either my neighbors or perhaps local kids playing a prank, so I open the door only to see that it's pitch black outside and the closest street light in my street is off for some reason

>call out but hear and sense nothing, look at my neighbor's property to confirm my suspicion only to find that their car isn't there and since this is their beach property, that means they're not here

>Hear a possum hissing which makes me rush back inside with a "Nope!" and I lock the door, close the curtains and keep the lights on until it's dawn

>the lights and humming don't start up again and haven't happened since

I'm not the type to say it was anything beyond a rational explanation, but I've no idea what it was.


I've had those same lights hit me before and the feeling is terrible, to the point where you think you're going to hyperventilate.

An anon insisted it was a snow plow strobe light at night, which would match the description as the strobe gets faster like planes of light and only shines in front. Those fuckers go pretty quick so you can miss them if your nopeometer is on.



As far as I know though, commercially available drones are not particularly fast.


You're lucky that you didn't see anything. Next time it happens, stay inside the house and ignore the noise.


>be me

>winter of 2015

>happy late night shitposting

>cat starts shouting at me



>go to kitchen, nearly pitch black

>see shadow move next to me

>reach down to stroke cat

>cat isn't there

>see another shadow

>turn around

>cat still not there

>stand up

>see two shadows either side of me

>cat brushes up against me

>shadows disappear

explain this shit


File: 628eb7bb3ec782a⋯.jpg (5.59 KB, 166x237, 166:237, paige.jpg)


>cricket bat



I figured as much. Whatever they were, they were fast and capable of pulling crazy high G turns.


File: 0b03ad956bd88ce⋯.jpg (77.88 KB, 700x480, 35:24, Lord Lionel Tennyson.jpg)



>being an Amerimutt

Do you even watch the Ashes?


File: 0694617c58c52a0⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 361x451, 361:451, 17934668_422333304791766_9….jpg)

My cat just had a possibly paranormal experience.

>Be Thanksgiving

>Neighbor has put a missing cat sign all over the complex

>Cat is one of the ones that wanders into our house/gets the shit kicked out of it by our cats at least once a week neighbor laughs it off/calls his cat a retard and calls it a day even when there's been patches of fur missing after a more intense bout

>Figure it sucks, but I guess I don't have to worry about that cat any more

>There's no such things as missing cats in our neighborhood, only cats at home and cats that wandered too far into the state park behind the complexes and got eaten by coyotes, owls, or other critters

>Be sleeping

>Wake up to what sounds like cats fighting right outside

>5AM but still dark outside

>Assume my ma' who works morning shifts let the cats out at 4/5AM again

>Check doors, everything is locked up tight

>Little sibling's cats are all indoors


>Oh fuck, maybe he finally grew back his chopped off balls and cut a hole in my window? (I live on first floor)

>Go back to my room figuring it was other cats fighting outside our house or my cat couldn't get back in and I needed to check window

>My cat is in his chair by the window and poofed out like I've never seen before

>Like I've seen him get poofy when he's just fought something or he's pissed off and about to charge something, but never this much

>His tail is as thick as my wrist

>Pet him a few times I know they say never to do this, but it legit calms my cat down and he's never attacked me even when he's super spooked

>He's not calming down

>Look out the window

>See cat from missing cat poster

>Except something is wrong

>Its pupils are fucking huge, and black as fuck

>Pet my cat a few times and the cat begins to growl through the window

>Know this cat pretty much never growled at our cats, it was just retarded

>Decide to close my window, I'll scare it off if it keeps up the bullshit

>It bolts when I approach the window to shut it

I like leaving the window open at night with the screen in so my cat can get fresh air even at night, but I think I'm gonna stop. That cat should have been dead three times over if it was actually missing, and it didn't seem right when I saw it through the window, like it was a corpse or something, but it was focused entirely on my cat. I didn't notice a smell, but then again I wasn't thinking about it and once again the cat was outside so it would've been hard to smell it.


File: 438f500467f06f8⋯.png (80.79 KB, 245x316, 245:316, 1413273553331.png)


>maybe he finally grew back his chopped off balls



It wasn't my choice. It was a matter of neutering the poor fella or getting in trouble with the HOA. We had an outbreak of stray and feral cats in previous years because of tenants not neutering their cats, and said cats fucking the strays when they were in heat.


File: 4e4418437310d7e⋯.png (953.1 KB, 1856x6196, 464:1549, Korean stories.png)

File: 03782ece0ebd6c5⋯.png (1.86 MB, 4265x6628, 4265:6628, Maine taxi driver.png)



first 3 are great


first 2 i couldnt read/couldnt be bothered. last 3 were awesome


8/8 m8


not too bad





I want to know more so badly. Was Dana dead? Did they all die? Someone must go check!



I gotta really ask why your parents would leave the two of you alone in a house they also thought was haunted



Hauntings kill the boner. Unless you're Descartes.


File: 07fbd2b8164dbd6⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1713x4203, 571:1401, k_A_goatfucking_place.png)

- /k/, A Goat-Fucking Place

What's /x/'s thoughts on this, was it a real goatwoman?



>tfw no goatwaifu

Do female goatmen even exist or was it just a standard goatman posing as a girl to trick anon into fucking it for whatever reason?



that wasn't a "goat-girl"

that /k/ommando got tricked into being a homosexual


File: 5afd6f0e3463573⋯.jpg (764.33 KB, 2225x2542, 2225:2542, 1512718540093.jpg)



That fucking red text on the images is fucking unreadable in some points


File: 133dc0f5a22b9bc⋯.png (744.73 KB, 4856x2324, 1214:581, Blue1.png)

File: 866c13c13354794⋯.png (352.38 KB, 2448x2140, 612:535, Blue2.png)

File: d41bfd94767b799⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 4984x2328, 623:291, Blue3.jpg)


Man. It must suck to be an aboriginal.



>Greentext thread

>Virtually no greentext

>Red text on shitty background

I ain't gonna even bother, damn abbo.




The only interesting story is the one with Animal and the eyes, but then he decided to cut that off because lol reasons



Why are you samefagging?


File: a9b10ce8ce023f4⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1713x4203, 571:1401, 07281646955725321529548716….png)



Literally 9 posts above you


File: 585aaebaa17fed4⋯.png (288.96 KB, 1209x1200, 403:400, 1.png)



1st one looks like the girl was responsible for the dogs but they got out and she has to bring them back before they kill someone/something. Nothing /x/ about it (except maybe the random dog at the end), and Anon should've called the police. I reckon there was some criminal activity going on there.


Happened a few days ago. Not really spooky though.

>middle of the night, didn't check my phone but probably around 3 or 4 in the morning

>have some toys in the living room for when my brother and his kids come over

>one is a barn where you press's buttons and whatnot and it makes sounds

>toy starts going off in the middle of the night for no reason

>I think its probably the cat or whatever being annoying

>next my computer in my room that I usually turn off but this night I had in sleep mode starts booting up

>monitor is off but I can hear it turning on

>think to myself the only way it would turn on is if someone pressed a key on the keyboard or ,moved the mouse

>roll over and go back to sleep; too tired to be spooked


Does anyone have the story of Dog? And no, not the Smile Dog BS. I know it probably wasn't real, but even so, it was very well written and just spooks me every single time.


File: f6666537ec78512⋯.png (588.08 KB, 1387x4321, 1387:4321, Yh5UW2D.png)

I just saw that yesterday.


File: f6666537ec78512⋯.png (588.08 KB, 1387x4321, 1387:4321, Dog.png)


File: 0fcb7962545041a⋯.webm (231.95 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jpg Artifacting.webm)


>Third pic




Oh fuck i'm sorry, didn't realize you had already posted it



I'm going to tell you right now that while giving an offering of beer is an alright alternative, if you really want to get on their good side, including fey; give them an offering of black berry wine and honey.


>fedora tipping intensifies


File: 7959ff0ba6d36de⋯.png (546.27 KB, 1129x1600, 1129:1600, 008.png)

I want you.



File: b085b6427ab687f⋯.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, 125:92, 47e.gif)

File: 39a7caec429e646⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 615:413, 39a.gif)









File: c6d1f386cd5c491⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1840x6060, 92:303, 1423217597464.png)


File: 9a6d52936bbc842⋯.mp4 (14.67 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Creepy Nope Stories From 4….mp4)


File: 38072e57f6853d3⋯.mp4 (14.88 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Creepy Nope Stories From 4….mp4)



>”What color was the cap?”

>”Uh, hang on, dad. Waifu, what color was the cap?”


>”FUCK!” Dad almost screams into the phone.

what would other colors have meant ?



I think he means that it wasn't a gnome, it was a red cap. Pretty much they're these little bastards that kill people so the blood makes their hat a bright red.



>first pic

Where's the source of OP's pic?



The last one , What the fuck is it with people being this stupid like they are in a horror movie

"I will invite my friends into an area I know to be full of monsters and tell them nothing about ,also if they start asking I will ignore them an lead them to death"

And their parents never asked what happened

You should ducktape that cousin to a chair and beat him until he answers for what he did



"He smiles"-And this is where you start shooting my friends

Playing pen&paper is going to either save me or get me a life sentence one day-probably both



Dont you recognize a made up horror story? Real true stories ring different from the dudeweed lmao bbq at horror cottage movie script.


Wish screenshotters wouldn't do so in wide-screen so I didn't have to keep scrolling back and forth to read that shit. Or better yet, save the text not a picture. Polite sage for no contribution.


May have posted this story before but it fits the theme. It's not really scary or spooky, more of a "what the?"

>exist in state of perpetual selfhood

>at my house a few years ago

>is a farm house, only house for a mile in any direction

>fields all around, relatively flat landscape so can see for miles in every direction except

>west is a corn field, nbd

>have some buddies over so it's me, my roommate, two brothers and another guy

>waiting on another guy to show up

>havin some drinks but nothing too rowdy

>younger of the brothers had a long day at work and zonks on the couch to prepare for night of assorted gaming ahead

>night is young, everything normal

>go out for a cigarette and everyone but sleepybro comes outside with

>random lulz by the front door

>porch light is on but otherwise it's p dark around us

>be talking about something irrelevant

>bright flash of light like a camera flash around the corner of my house and like 8 feet above ground

>v bright

>stops me mid-sentence and we all do aforementioned


>seemed not normal

>we all take a few steps so we can look around the corner

>nothing to see

>be quiet listening for anything in the fields around or in my yard

>nothing to hear

>maybe a car turned the corner

>no car for miles

>older bro says maybe bro was takin dick picks or something

>kill cigarette and go back inside

>youngbro is asleep on the couch, TV is still in not-on-mode

>wake him up and ask if he saw that flash


>shrug it off as grays and start shuffling our MTG decks

Periodically we bring it up: "remember that flash?" "yeah heh that was weird." Still no clue what flashed us, but we all saw it so it wasn't an acid flashback or something plausible like that.

Actually two more come to mind since they're at the same house.



Couple of really short, probably not paranormal things that happened. I attribute the first to my mind just playing tricks on me.

>be same self as before

>a little before dusk

>sheep in the big old red barn so sometimes I walk through to check on them

>randomly decide to walk through to check on them

>walk through the big front bay of the barn

>as I enter I distinctly and clearly heard the whisper

>"shh he's in the barn"

>freak out a bit: home alone

>pause for a second then decide it's time to shoot someone

>run back to house, 100 yards or so

>grab my lever action

>slowly approach barn and walk through the whole thing looking high and low

>don't see anyone

>could have been an acid flashback

Second one is not at all paranormal but definitely spooky and only a few weeks ago

>Sammy Davis Jr. - I Gotta Be Me.wav

>1:30 a.m. going out for a last smoke before bed

>fiancee asleep inside

>use phone light to see the way to my car where I am about to sit and enjoy this fine pipin' tobaccy

>as soon as the door closes behind me

>sound over by the barn (if you'll recall, about 100 yards away) alerts me

>sounds like a dirtbike speeding off across field, away from the barn/my house

>can't see anything

>get in my car and drive around the barn yard shining headlights into my field looking all over

>I don't see any tracks

>worry a little, fiancee is still inside and I'm now sitting in my car

>decide to have a pipe anyway and go back inside after

>don't see anything or hear anything

>go out the next morning

>don't see any tracks

No clue who or what was spying on me. As I write this I'm not wondering if a drone could maybe sound like a dirtbike? It was pretty loud but seemed to move quickly because it got quieter like it had gotten far really fast. If it was a dirtbike the guy was booking it.



That first one is believable for me up until

>Eating jello off a loli's stomach so don't give a shit

That part throws me off, and drops credibility for me. Unless Anon is a retard and thinks that 14/15 year old or short grill= loli.

Most normalfags wouldn't let you get away with that type of creepy behavior, especially here in the US. Without context it sounds made up.



Anon could mean an underage looking girl, not neccesarily an actual underage girl.


File: ba7a8790b2e4c59⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1409x2429, 1409:2429, ReDead_Artwork_(Ocarina_of….png)


Quite a bit late, but it's official artwork of redeads from Zelda.


File: d96a18da95e7ff2⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1200x450, 8:3, St.-Boniface-cutting-down-….png)


Instructions weren't clear, pagans were BTFO'd. Send help.



My computer constantly turns it self on from sleep mode. I just chalk it up to it being a piece of shit.


File: 265cc4df6f6a76a⋯.jpg (169.06 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 265cc4df6f6a76a87d72dc14b3….jpg)


Try cutting down any of my trees and I'll turn your Christian ass into compost before you can swing your axe.



lol don't you have some government gibs to collect, snownigger?



>one of my trees

Doesn't Varg constantly fail to grop his own crops?

>Shieeet fam we wuz kangz and shieet until da christians com alon and destroy us with da alcohol mang, we wuz noble, pure and shieet


Reminder that stabbing communists doesn't count as souch if you're not stabbing him for political reasons.


File: e2c02cc4214df1d⋯.png (275.58 KB, 361x285, 19:15, Varg the Wizard.png)



We wuz doing just fine and shiet, and would have preferred it if you had kept your middle-eastern, Semitic religion out of Europe.

Friendly reminder that you must turn the other cheek, repent your inherited sins, support your greatest ally and cut off your baby boys' foreskin for reasons.

Rule 2

Post last edited at


File: 21593cc870438b6⋯.jpg (177.22 KB, 640x429, 640:429, tumblr_lbqcd233cb1qe23mao1….jpg)


>doing fine

The kangz of Europe were literally Africa tier.


True Story

>13 years old

>parents buy a shitty old bed and breakfast

>plan to fix it up and re-open it

>first night there

>whole family shares the basement


>start hearing weird noises

>laying awake in bed terrified

>temperature drops, but don't think much of it because winter

>rest of family still in their beds

>wait until sunrise to even consider getting out of bed

>parents doing the same thing, told me they heard the noises too

>everyone was afraid to get out of bed

>head upstairs to a odd sight

>everything was unpacked

>furniture was placed and set up

>everyone is very confused

>everything was placed pretty close to how the previous owners had their furniture set up

Everyone blamed everyone else, but we never found out who was upstairs.



>Rome and Greece were kangz-tier

This is why Christkikes are cancerous, /leftypol/-tier faggots.



What happened to the guy in the last pic? Anyone knows?



He was talking about the Germanics.



You speak from complete ignorance of the subject, then. Or blind rage.






they're all the same thing


>be me

>alaskafag, second year of college, going for business degree

>crushing hard on qt in my business class, same major

>we'll call her Emma, names were changed, etc.

>redhead, big brown eyes(important detail), pale as fuck, mind like a steel trap(another detail to remember) pretty nice person to top it off

>would probably like her more than I already do if she weren't immature as fuck

When I say immature, I mean pranks. It's something new every fucking day. One day it's a foghorn taped behind your door so it goes off when you open it, the next day it's a can of febreze with the trigger ziptied down tossed into a dorm room like a fucking grenade(she knows better than to do this shit in class, thank god).

I told her I was never going to talk to her again a while ago after she gave me an onion disguised as a caramel apple(this shit would probably have been funnier if I hadn't been the target, if I'm being honest), but that vow lasted all of two days.

Anyway, I'm getting off track. As I said, I've got a crush on this girl. So to get closer, I figured I'd invite her on a short camping trip(I grew up in Alaska, she's from New Hampshire so it was a safe and correct assumption from me that she'd never been camping). I would rather not post my cringey attempt at inviting her out here, but it ended with her saying she'd think about it. I assumed that was the end of it and didn't say anything about it after that.

>about two days later, Emma approaches me after class and asks if the offer is still on the table provided she invites a few friends

>after the realization that I didn't make her think I'm a serial killer sets in, I say yeah as calmly as possible

>we end up planning one out for the end of the month

>spend the day drinking, smoking weed and shooting targets in the woods with everyone and generally dicking around

>met all of them a few times before, everyone gets along fine

>night comes

>pretty uneventful at first, at least until Emma had to pee a few hours in

>give her my bear handgun and offer to stand guard

>she insists she'll be fine, don't argue because I don't wanna be creepy

>minute or so later, hear terrified squeal from the woods

>figure she's fucking with us because that's what she does constantly


>she's definitely not fucking with me, or if she is she's a better actor than I ever realized

>stumble to my feet, grab 12 gauge

>drunken charge into the woods along with the rest of the group, she's still screaming her head off

I realized later on that I never heard the pistol I gave her go off. What that means, if anything, I have no idea. She'd never fired a gun before going to Alaska for college, so it may have just not been her first reaction. Anyway;

>everyone splits up and frantically looks for her for a minute, screaming stops

>I finally see what looks like a body slumped against a tree

>oh god

>get closer, fish flashlight out of pocket and turn it on

>it's her

>I've only ever seen dead animals before, but for some reason I know instantly this girl is dead as fuck, she's too still

>look over her carefully, no visible marks of any kind

>check for a pulse

>no pulse, she's cool to the touch

>losing my shit now because I'm fucking wasted in the woods and Emma is dead as a rock

>lose my lunch all over a nearby tree

>stumble back to camp and grab my radio, call state troopers

>after they confirm they're on the way, head back out to check on her with other campers

>she's gone

>I know it's the right spot because there's a tree painted with my puke

>no signs of anything being dragged away, she's just gone

Another note, I've heard stories where people have felt a 'presence' of some kind, smelled a stench, heard and seen strange things. I felt, heard, saw absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe I was too wasted, I don't know.

>state troopers arrive

>it's pretty obvious they suspect foul play

>after they grill me for a bit and realize there's no body, they conclude I must be completely shitfaced and sit me down while they interview everyone else

>I'm the only one who saw her dead body, so the general consensus is that I'm wasted enough to puke on a tree and probably saw something else and panicked

>State Troopers get everyone home and organize a search through the night

I want to note at this point that I know damn well what I saw and felt, drunk or not. I stopped arguing after a while because people were starting to get pissed off at me for making them worry, not to mention being the organizer of this disastrous camping trip.




>State Troopers find her just before first light

>my pistol is gone(whatever, I can get another one) and she's none the worse for wear, just scared shitless from being alone in the woods all night

>says she thought she saw a bear and ran away, then ended up getting lost

>they get her home(I didn't have a chance to see her as I'd already been taken home) and try to recover my gun, which is the priority now that they know she's okay

>she takes a day off from school, shows up back safe and sound

>once again, I know what the fuck I saw, but everyone is teasing me and just relieved that I was apparently wrong, me included, so I put it to the back of my mind

>finally get a chance to talk to Emma near the end of the day after our Business class, couldn't before because the faculty wanted to make sure nobody did anything to her(because state troopers didn't already do that, I'm sure)

>"So anon, I heard you found my dead body."

>she teases me relentlessly, seems pretty like her

>feel my worry fading

>still, something feels off but I don't know what

>finally, my dumb ass realizes what it is

>her eyes are purple now

>don't say anything, mostly out of confusion

>look it up that night at home, sometimes people do get purple eyes as a form of albinism, but obviously nobody's eyes go purple overnight

>even more confused, ask one of the other campers if they've noticed anything weird about Emma's eyes the next day

>specifically, that they're fucking purple now

>"Anon, are you still hungover? She's got brown eyes. She's always had brown eyes."

>Ask a few more people, same response

>talk to Emma near the end of the day again

>"Why have you been asking if my eyes are purple, anon?"

>nervously say I must've smoked some bad weed

>"Are you sure, anon? Because we have ways of dealing with people who ask questions."

>nervous laughter

>she laughs at how freaked out I am, pats my hand, tells me to go home and get some rest, says it's sweet that I'm so worried

>realize as I'm walking away that her hand felt warmer than normal, almost like she has a fever

>get back to my apartment a few hours later

>my roommate is looking at me funny

>decide to ignore it and take a shower

>try to lather up, nothing


>the fucking soap bar is covered in clear nail polish

>use my shampoo as body wash and get out

>interrogate my roommate, who says Emma put him up to it, paid him 10 bucks and supplied the nail polish

This all happened about a week ago, and it's been stewing in my brain ever since. What the fuck is going on? Emma seems normal, except she seems to misremember small details about things that happened before the camping trip(As I said at the beginning, she's had a mind like a steel trap for as long as I've known her). Other than that, I catch her staring at me in class sometimes, like she's watching me.

What the fuck is going on here? Am I losing it? I thought I knew what I saw. Was I really that drunk?



She may have had her body infested by a skeleton. The only way to be sure is to cut deep into her arm to see if there's any bones there.



>anon gets his crush eaten by a bodysnatcher

Stick your dick in it.



Only way he wouldn't be a virgan.



>qt crush got replaced by an alien

Dude you're being given a gift. Original qt wouldn't have been interested/wasn't worthy, now you've got the same body with an advanced intelligence behind it. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, they're giving you everything you wanted and more. Do what >>40317 said and don't question it. You're alaskan so you know damn well what's out there.

Ask her if she's into astrology or whatever and let her teach you spiritualism because that's what they will have replaced her with to guide you. You're lucky, most people don't get to have physical mentors to learn from who are worthy, nevermind ones they can fugg.


Dice rollRolled 17 + 4 (1d20)


>her eyes are purple now

Are they still purple?



>stick your dick in it

Not until I find out what happened to Emma, or at the very least not until I know for sure she's not going to eat me after we fuck or something.

>wouldn't have been interested

I mean, she was willing to go camping with me even though I sounded like a fucking axe murderer with the whole camping invitation. Even if she isn't/wasn't though, I'm really uneasy about the possibility of a purple-eyed doppleganger assuming her life. What if she/it decides I'm dangerous because I can see the eyes? Why can I even see the eyes? I'm so confused.

>not worthy

Maybe? But that doesn't mean I want her dead. Or getting AYY LMAO'd on the dark side of the moon somewhere if they used a body double. She was always nice to me even though her pranks are annoying as shit…


Yes. And I'm still the only one to see them that way afaik. I haven't noticed anything else out of the ordinary with her aside from her increased body temp, but she's been trying to hang out with me alone for the past few days. I'm trying to avoid that until I figure out what the fuck is happening.



You'll get told what happened to emma if/when you need to know. If the motive was to kill you, you'd be dead already.

The nail polish thing was an obvious firt.

Purple is the color of royalty. Whatever replaced her is of a naturally high vibration (note: most people with naturally purple eyes are also blind or at least have heavily inhibited vision, has to do with the pigmentation).

>why can I see her eyes

Because you're supposed to notice she's different.

>what if I'm dangerous

You aren't, and you know that, which is why you're scared.


You can't die. Or in another respect, you die all the time. It's difficult to explain but intuitive once you understand it, but I'll try.

You aren't the same person you were when you were a kid, yes? Or that you were five years ago, or that you were a year ago. All of these are quite obvious, I hope. Where most people begin to struggle is when you get closer to home… You aren't the same person that you were yesterday, you aren't the same person you were this morning or last night, you aren't the same person after a meal as you were before it… You're always going through cycles of rebirth and reincarnation, the final physical death of the body is just the most obvious and so it's what people key in on.

Sometimes a very different "soul" occupies the body than did recently. In my circle we tend to call this a "walk-in", "possession" is a more common term but has negative connotations. Benevolent possession can be a thing, however, and I have experience with it. It's rarer, because positive spirits won't wait for a moment of vulnerability, but it's happened millions of times through history. Some cultures even would encourage it and would have a designated individual be possessed by a local god for half of the year or longer.

Things can't force you to give up control. Some (negative) stuff will totally trick you, sure, that's how fear eaters work: They get you afraid, by which you agree to be afraid, and from that point on you're in an agreement to keep feeding them fear. Low-level parasites like this are what prevent most people from astral projecting further than their own bedroom, even though they're easily dismissed or transmuted.

The Emma you knew three years ago is not the Emma who went camping with you, and the Emma that came home is neither of those Emmas. This would be true even had nothing happened when she went out in the woods with your handgun, it's just differently true than you would otherwise expect. So: This event happened, and you were given privilege to witness it, because you were meant to witness it. Stop feeding it fear and feed it optimism, though retain your skepticism; the two are not mutually exclusive. You were given a sign (nail polish) that she retains the essence of the old Emma, you were also given a sign (purple eyes visible only to you) that she has changed significantly.

Have some heart, be adventurous, be a Seeker.

>but she's been trying to hang out with me alone for the past few days

>trying to avoid that until I figure out what the fuck is happening

Kill the version of you that's a pussy and revitalize the version of you that's curious. Maybe she'll tell you what she is if you hang out with her alone, ever thought about that?

Maybe it's not even a possession, maybe it's something more "mundane" like an awakening experience that she wants to share because you're the only person she senses would be open to it, the only way to know is to find out. And I'm going to let you in on a secret… You don't have to tell us.

Sometimes things are more special if you keep them to yourself. We aren't your diary. The people here who have seen miracles and Real Shit™ keep the realest shit to themselves, because it's best to discover what the world really has to offer for yourself. It's way cooler than you think.



must have meant fort campbell kentucky. pretty much on the tennessee line


File: 97cd791d2c1926c⋯.png (93.1 KB, 564x452, 141:113, 95F37960-9218-4AAB-9427-68….png)


Hey anon, I have something you can do. Wear a rosary or brown scapular, first. Second, the next time you're in class with 'Emma', bring a container full of water with a good, visible amount of salt at the bottom.

A plastic water bottle is fine, but glass is better, crystal is best. Sit as close to 'Emma' as you can. I understand lecture halls can be quite large, and distance is important.

If the salt rises to the top, something supernatural is going on. If the salt turns black, something demonic is going on and you need to leave IMMEDIATELY.

Another thing you can do is smear charcoal crosses(the older the tree the better) on your inner wrists and and on your chest.

If 'Emma' is something possessing the real Emma, the charcoal will cause it physical pain, or visible discomfort. Discomfort is better than pain, as it means it's at least not demonic.

If nothing happens, then it's probably(probably!) an AYYLMAO like the other anon said.



>an ayylmao

Or the girl knows magic and she never told him.



Has anybody been able to find sources for the excerpts? Why doesn’t anyone who visits /x/ cite their sources when quoting something?



First, salt tests can be fooled. Second, the charcoal cross and rosary will affect some ordinary people too, even if they can't see the cross/rosary.

The best thing to do is distance yourself from 'her', and DON'T CONFRONT 'EMMA' DIRECTLY ABOUT THE EYES AGAIN. Seriously, don't. If 'Emma' is malevolent it will take the damaged relationship as a pyrrhic victory, and it's a thousand times better than shilling ayy/demon propaganda under duress. Otherwise it will take a hint and give your gf back and everything will be normal in about a week.


im enjoying this thread even though the more recent posts are still old. We need to get more if there are any others saved on hard drives.


File: 4e5c9c35dc51e1e⋯.png (35.8 KB, 900x250, 18:5, Richard Katz.png)


>crystal water bottle

I want one.



>Shimmered like smoke when they wanted to

>aura of evil and horror


>hollow, empty eyes

>needle/shark-like teeth

>awful smell

>almost human but not

Reptilians, those are fucking reptilians. I know this post is nearly a year old now but I just started browsing this thread.



Redpill on Reptillans anon. I thought they were intelligent but apathetic aliens. These sound more like mind altering savages.



Yes. Classic.





File: dfffd9515b96540⋯.jpg (437.47 KB, 1385x2023, 1385:2023, Cabin Memories creature.jpg)



Just remembered this thread. A while back I sketched an interpretation of the "laugh not-laugh" creature. I tried to base it solely on the descriptions provided by the author (and filling in the blanks with basic facial anatomy). The author never comments on this in the story, but when you put all the bits of the description together, it seems as though the creatures' faces were some kind of mockery of a happy/overjoyed expression.



Got any updates, Anon? I'm curious as to whether you fonked that ayylmao yet.



You need more Loomis.

Just kidding, I think you're pretty good. Do you have any other drawings of /x/-type stuff?


File: c3ffd265ad3f11c⋯.png (36.19 KB, 659x526, 659:526, 1536797171943.png)



That can't be real, come on.



>random cop knew what Anon's parents looked like

Seems legit.



should call this story "the addictive loli"


>be me circa 2007

>visiting my dads house, he lives with my stepmother and young sister

>playing COD Modern warfare on ps3

>dad goes out to the park with my sister

>just me and my stepmom in the house

>she's in the kitchen and I'm in the living room

>suddenly hear footsteps from upstairs like someone running across the hall

>assume it's my stepmom making noise in the kitchen

>it happens again and my stepmom comes in to the living room to tell me to stop

>while we're stood there looking at eachother we hear it again, louder this time

>we both shit bricks but decide to go upstairs to investigate

>we go to my sisters room and this creepy fucking doll my sister never plays with is placed in the middle of the fucking room staring at us

>at this point we run downstairs because we are freaked out

>dad comes home and doesn't believe any of it and gives the usual dad routine

>later when we're out of the house my stepmom tells me all sorts of weird stuff has been happening lately, like the lights in the hall turning on by themselves while she was home alone

>apparently my sister was supposed to be a twin, but the other twin was stillborn and my stepmom thinks the other kid is the one haunting the house

>we move not too long after that and all paranormal stuff stops happening

I'd call myself a skeptic when it comes to paranormal activity but this story makes me very uneasy every time I think about it. I haven't asked about it since, as far as I can tell by google streetview the house is still standing, so this stuff could still be happening.


File: 2112fbd68b2c913⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 131x120, 131:120, 9r98fiwhj3r8wfjn.JPG)

>be me, about 14 or 15 years old.

>at my friend’s house on his birthday with a couple of other friends.

>day goes normal, we have a cod competition and have a great time.

>it's late at night, most of the friends are gone, and only me and two other friends are left.

>we all decide that since it's late at night, how about a hide and seek game in my friend’s barnyard.

>I decide to hide in one of the animal pens.

>there were no lights on, so it was totally dark.

>some time passes when I see that a person is crawling across another pen besides my pen.

>couldn't see who it was because of the darkness.

>think this is just one of the other guys so I thought nothing of it.

>time passes and the other guys shout for me to come as I had won the game.

>when I got out of the pen and told them where I was, they got quite pissed because that was the only place where it was forbidden to hide or enter (the reason being not to disturb the animals).

>since I had broken the rules, my victory had been forfeited.

>I told them that I saw one of them go across one of the other pens and asked them what the deal with that was.

>they were confused for a while since none of them had even went in the room (it was forbidden to enter it after all).

>we all looked at each other confused and spooked for a few seconds

>they tell me that when one of them was hiding inside a feed mixer (think that's what it's called in English, a machine that cuts and mixes hay), the weight scale on the machine showed that there was another person inside it.

>it was about 70 kilos.

>when he got out of the machine, the scale showed that the other extra 70 kilos were still there. After a few seconds, the extra 70 kilos disappeared.

>that device had never malfunctioned before, nor did it after, and since there was no indication of malfunction on it, it couldn't be that.

>we decided it was best to end the game now and just head back to the house.

In short, we just played a hide and seek game with an extra player that was a ghost. This wasn't the spookiest encounter with a ghost that I had experienced, nor with my friends, but it was spooky nonetheless.






Cool story. Got more?



Probably had a rough few days and grew a second or first pair of balls seeing his ole nemesis once he got back in town (having survived several near-death experiences he has become a courageous rather than scaredy cat.)



You've been hitting the listerine bottle too hard.



My cat had a couple paranormal experiences as well.

>We had a few cats

>One of them dies one day

About a week later

>The other cat was running around and playing with a rubber ball

>Suddenly stops and stares under a cupboard

>Stares for a couple of minutes

>I look down under there and see nothing

>I tried getting her attention but she was not responding at all

>Does not move at first, then eventually starts getting lower and very slowly moving towards this empty space under the cupboard

>Suddenly stops, looks around… and carries on playing with the ball as if nothing happened.

This was going on for a full 4-5 minutes, and I had cats for many years that came and went and the same thing happened with one of my cats when I was younger, but I can never explain it. Is it a ghost?



What I'd like to understand is, why are cats and dogs apparently able to perceive ghosts and other supernatural entities? Do they have some sort of mysterious sixth sense that we completely lack? Is it the same so-called 'second sight' that allows certain people to see fairies?



I don't know how to explain it, but I have my own theories on ghosts. I remember my grandma visiting me in a dream a few months after she died, and my mom saw her mom in a dream after she died as well. So I think it could be that ghosts could select whoever can see them in whatever way, ie in a dream, physically, audibly, etc.

Or allow themselves to be seen to as many as people as there are in a space to scare people off or to just fuck around.

That would explain the situation with my cat.



>Second pic

>I lived in DC and took the red line a lot as well

>shits bricks

I'm skeptical of 4th pic because fog looks shopped in. Everything has this high contrast and low grain quality to it except the dog. Still quite spooky



I'd like to point out that the metro where the being was spotted seems to be underneath comet ping pong. I've also heard rumors of urban explorers to avoid the dupont tunnels in that area on satanic holidays. Massive human sacrifices, sacrifices to what exactly? Could it be vampires that are so ugly they need to hide underground? Makes me wonder what shit is underneath the Aztec and Mayan pyramids


File: 31c5d155870dfbe⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 820x746, 410:373, b7ad6fc86046f338ded18dd346….jpg)


>satanic holidays

>sacrifices to what exactly?




My laptop does the same, even if i close the lid so no buttons or the touchpad can be pressed it sometimes wakes up overnight, at first i thought it was just windows 10 screencapping the mountains of loli on my hard drive to report me to the feds, but even after uncucking it with 7, no updates and disabling wifi at night it still does it, i think it may just be a piece of shit though, it did cost me like 350 dollars.





Newer Windows OSes like to schedule automatic maintenances and updates at odd hours, interrupting sleep mode to do so. Go to Control Panel, System and Security, Security and Maintenance, open the maintenance dropdown and click change maintenance settings, and uncheck the option to wake up at the scheduled time. Never get spooked by nightly maintenance again.

By the way, whoever charged you $350 to change this one setting ripped you off big time.


File: 8104ba6b130821d⋯.jpg (72.85 KB, 800x500, 8:5, shoes.jpg)

>Be me, 14

>Stays up all night fapping and playing vidya

>It's about 2am

>Bedroom on the second floor with the stairs that lead to the first floor on the right side of the door (so basically, when you go upstairs, once at the top, my door was on the left)

>Decide it's time for bed and go to the bathroom, which is down the hallway

>Leave bedroom and remember not seeing anything at the bottom of the stairs except the usual side table, etc

>doing a pee and brushing teeth at the same time

>Hear weird thumping, like footsteps coming from down stairs Thump. thump. thump.

>think its odd but the house is old so "heh heh, guess it was nothing…"

>Head back to bedroom

>Get a quick glance of downstairs (completely dark, only illuminated by the hallway light from the second floor)

>see my father's shoes neatly placed near the base of the stair case

>Found it really weird because my dad was a stickler about putting shoes in closet

>heh heh, guess it's nothing intensifies

>Step into bedroom and just about to close door


>Oh shit.jpg

>Slowly poke my head out the doorway and look back down the stairs

>One of the shoes was now closer to the stair case than before

>Absolutely sperg out

>wake up my parents and tell them someone's in the house because waking them up because of ghost would be too retarded

>Dad jumps out of bed and rushes downstairs turning all the lights

>Just our dog in far side of the living room

>Looks at me, son I am dissapoint

>notices the shoes. shits bricks because he put them away

I should point out I live on a house that used to be land for a plantation (maybe? The neighbor hood has some history to it) We have a graveyard in the far part of out backyard. I have many a story


File: 3c5ea3790840d8a⋯.jpg (116.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, construx 01.jpg)


>Be me, 10

>Get toy as seen in pic for christmas from grandma

>It has a motor function so it can drive on it's own with the help of 4 AA batteries

>months later playing with it in room

>Mother decided to leave me home alone and pick up younger sis from soccer practice

>Happily playing in my room with my robit toy I built myself

>Told to conserve batteries because this was early 2000's and batteries are expensive as fuck so the motor was shut off

>Have my back against the toy playing with action figures when I hear the motor jolt on

>The robit moved about 3 feet, even got a chance to watch it drive for the last foot

>Check the motor thinking it might have been turned on by mistake

>it wasnt

>get autist scared, pick it up and put it in my parents room

>convicne self that it might have been a power serge or faulty wiring that caused it to move, but still found it best to get it out of my room

>parents room has floor carpeting

>decide to just leave the house because now spooked and want mommy

>leave the house and go down to the soccer field which was just a block away

>15 minutes later return home, with mommy in the house with me decide it's safe to check on the robit

>find robit on the far end of the bedroom, not only did it move on it's own I could see the tracks in which it turned a few times to avoid bed posts and boxes under bed (parents bed was about 2 feet off the ground)

>Robit fairly cheap and doesnt have ability to turn, only forward and backward

>Robit wasnt even facing the direction of where it ended up

>batteries still off

>disassemble robit, put it back in it's box and never play with it again


File: e65d4e29f99daea⋯.jpeg (38.56 KB, 736x449, 736:449, download.jpeg)


>Be me, 6-ish

>have snake stuffed animal about 3 feet long, pretty awesome

>have child like fear of monsters under bed

>get tucked into bed, good night mommy

>bed is centerish in room, with only the backboard up against the wall


>awake, still night

>get weird feeling something's under the bed, could be childhood imagination

>decide to throw the end of snake toy over the backboard of my bed for some reason

>tail falls down, I look down to watch, tip points under bed


>lean back to look around

>suddenly snake it being pulled on hard

>Snakey nooooo, pulls back but snake is pulled out of hands

>peeks back over and snake is gone

>fuck this.jpg, get back into bed force sleep hopes that in the morning all will be ok

>Sleep happens pretty quickly, even when writing this I dunno how I could have done that

>wake up in the morning for school

>checks under bed

>finds snake in the center of under the bed, perfectly coiled like a real snake with head resting on body facing me

>convinced monsters under the bed for about 10 more years

This story still spooks the fuck out of me



I had other childhood experiences when I would hear moans and long screams and the sound of hammers hitting anvils coming from my back yard.

For a good portion of my childhood when I'd go to bed I could feel a hand lightly curling my hair


File: 6d5407930738ab8⋯.jpg (53.57 KB, 736x736, 1:1, cde8ac28134f95148ee7ec389f….jpg)


This isn't much of a ghost story but still a spooky one and why I believe in modern witchcraft and freemasonry today. Please be mindful of the details in this one because It might save your life

>Be me, 29

>it's sept 10th 2018

>Living in Pittsburgh, already know it's crawling with freemasons but more of a "I'm pretty sure" sort of understanding, like a strong belief rather than a knowing

>taking evening class, full of 'suspects'

>wait for class to start, alone

>6/10 girl who i spoke with once before comes in starts flirting with me hard, even moves to sit next to me

>"gibs puss plz" flirts back

>while chatting large fly comes in with white mark on back, I notice this but swats it away, its gone

>during class she passes me not "you smoke weed?"


>"come over my place afterwards"


>during class we have an up close presentation, me being 6'1 and rest of the class 5'5 girls I stand behind

>6/10 girl wearing saggy beanie that covers the back of her neck all day, moves it once during presentation that reviels edgy tat like image posted, not with pyramid but lines and a fancier design around the base of the eye

>cool tat i guess lol

>after class we're walking to her place chatting more

>she's fatherless, doesnt really cook for herself, total art school girl basically

>get to her place, meet her roomates, all have dyed hair, different colors of bright pinks, blondes and greens

>meet the only guy there, 5'4 manlet

>shakes his hand, feels like a stretch armstrong stuffed with marshmallows, most bitch handshake I have ever shook

>she shows me her room, has pictures of herself with mid 50 year old guy, weird thought she was fatherless

>tells me more about herself, wants to be a youtuber like GameGrumps, got a steam account over the summer and already has level 64 with 1200 games. More weird. I am only lvl 11 with same amount of games and had mine since 07

>show her an art video I did, immeditly sub to my channel and like my video, both of wich (along with her view) never showed up on my account, i know this b/c no one subs to my channel and i basically shit post so my views stay the same number for weeks

>"if we smoke we gotta do it ouside"

>me, her, manlet and her bff (who "rolled" the blunt) get lawn chairs and go out back

>last to take the hit, veteran weed bro of 10 years and one hit KO

>BFF says she rolled it with weed, honey and menthol crushes

>I'm out, they start talking about the movie The Mothman, find it weird that early 20 something ever heard of that movie, especially their kind. keep ging on about how we should watch it

>Weird conversations all around, emphasis on words

>I smell cinnamon, not constantly but in small bursts, odd because we're out in the middle of the backyard, weird levels reaching crit levels

>start looking around, "wtf smells like cinnamon?"

>"do you like it thou?" turn back to 6/10 gurl and shes leaning forward towards me with chest pushed out, try hard flattery

>Monk of autism, deflects alure "Yeah, but where is that smell coming from??" turns away to look around again

>one point a tell a really long pointless story of a time some guy jumped in front of a metro train I was on, even forgot what I was talking about at points because of weed, they all were comically over enthused, "wow it was like i was right there with you"

>BFF leaves to get another friend, 6/10 girl starts telling me how shes a cosplayer as well asks what I think

>Reminder autism monk here, says truth regardless saying cosplaying is degenerate

>6/10 and manlet look at eachother

>kk, anon time to go inside


File: a2fb9886601d49f⋯.jpg (60.12 KB, 736x736, 1:1, cde8ac28134f95148ee7ec389f….jpg)


>we head back in, their house is a town house so all rooms are on the second and third floors. First floor is just a hallway leading from entrance to the stairway upstairs with one door on the right leading to god knows what room

>I'm practically a zombie, 6/10 asks if I'm free the rest of the night it's only 9 so I say yeah sure

>as we head upstairs 6/10 takes time to air spray the hallway for some reason, so she follows last

>we go upstairs and everyone takes off their shoes but me and manlet

>We're standing by the top of the stairs, with my back against the wall, 6/10 between me and the stairs

>conversation ensues with BFF and 6/10 something about having a fight club

>"we should have the fight club in the attic"

>"no we should do it in the basment"

>"No we can't have the fight club in the basement there are too many critters"

>obvious code, starting to come too, weirdness levels at full max, all system crit

>I'm thinking, if they wanna fight me I'm gonna win easily, they are all small woman and the manlet would die with one hit, why are we fighting?

>I break the spell

>"what the fuck are you talking about fight club?"

>Silence, BFF has fearful stair into nothing, no making any eyecontact

>why do you care about critters if we're going to have a fight club? we're going to be hitting eachother, who do critters matter??"

>Everyone starts forced laughter, really hard trying to brush off

>keep asking questions wtf??

>harder laughter, really funny even thou I was asking in fearful tone

>6/10 turns to her BFF, so left of her head was facing me and then I saw it

>on her temple was this square bug bite looking bump, it was paler than the rest of her skin, almost like a scar

>shit bricks harder than I ever shat thinks: thats a microchip

>keeping as much composer as I can i blurt out "I need to leave"

>laughter stopps

>6/10 turns back to me, looks me right in the eyes but keeps her big fake joyful smile

>her eyes had this shine to them, like if a light was behind me and reflecting the light off her eyes, but a wall was behind me and the light was behind/above her. Im def no hallucinating, no way

>something very demonic about her

>"yeah sure anon, thats cool" she immediately says keeping her grin

>I get my things and thank everyone for the 'lovely' time and keep positive and compliments

>they just quietly watch me leave

>head down stairs to hallways door, it's locked

>fuck fuck fuck

>scramble to unlock door, they just watch, get door open and rush to front door

>locks and deadbolted, scrambling to unlock, praying to Jesus to protect me

>gets front door unlocked and all thats left is screen door

>screen door jams


>kick screen door open power walk home 2 miles

>one person walking on the other side of the road starts creeply whistling loudly, who the fuck whistles anymore?!?1

>entire walk home people make eyecontact with me, they know they know they know

>walk through college town, full of people, all seem to know

>one guy has black and bleached zeebra stained shirt, I see a horned beast in the stripes

>max power walk

>have this weird idea that i might have been cursed with a demon and that i should swing by the CVS and buy something to ward off demon, dunno if true or not, but do it anyway

>line full of people all looking at me, I keep my composure pretty well but possible they could might tell still how do they all notice?

>everything feels off, like a nightmare

>make it home, salt the doorway and read bible until morning

Because of this I believe in witchcraft, synthetic telepathy mindcontrol and now a full blown christian

If any of you knows what The mothman or fightclub could mean please tell me

Dont trust anyone with floral patterens or dyed hair, not sure if natural dye counts but def not colored hair


File: 3a48556bb01d63e⋯.jpg (47.28 KB, 540x720, 3:4, tumblr_oe8aqfMPd61tafxkho1….jpg)


Forgot to mention that 2 weeks later we had class together again (it was half online) and I asked her what was up with the "Fight club" she just sheepishly laughed it off and avoided answering it making an implication that she actually wanted a fight club, also her tattoo wasnt as detailed as before, now it's just an eye with some lines, but before it has a full bottom to it and more vibrant line work. It made me think of some stories Ive heard about demons possessing you though tattoos

Also demons are a real thing. find christ anons, please for the sake of your soul

Also also tattoo posted is pewdiepie's arm tattoo, the eye was much like hers






Thanks for sharing, anon. Did your parents or sister ever experience anything similar? You could try asking them…



Sounds to me like the weed and your natural paranoid tendencies made you feel more in danger than you really were, to be honest. The critters were probably bugs or mice. You think their behaviour was weird but have you considered that yours was too, and it made them nervous?



they deserve to be fucking put in concentration camps. all of them


File: 9ad500b36de141a⋯.jpg (391.16 KB, 1143x1842, 381:614, 9ad500b36de141a33eb10ab85f….jpg)



I know the difference between my paranoid fears and reality, the computer chip might have been a fantasy but it still leaves the question of what was with her temple.

>The critters were probably bugs or mice.

Bugs and mice could be it, but why do you have to worry about that when fighting a guy with a good 6 inches on you and about 40 extra pounds?

>You think their behaviour was weird but have you considered that yours was too, and it made them nervous?

Like I said I kept my composure, when people looked at me it wasn't a nervous look, it was different look, like they knew who I was but couldnt remember and didnt want to engage, kinda shocked, but all knowing. There's a difference. I've been high in public many a time before (and high in general 10 fold) and people most of the time don't even notice nor care. As well as that I have a pretty good tolerance when it comes to weed, I don't "lol so high man" I can handle my shit. Something about that night in particular was off. It could have been I was drugged with something else, but it asks the question with what and why would she do that?



I got another personal ghost story but it's more experience than story

>Be me, 28

>Home for Christmas

>In living room shooting the shit with my dad

>dad sits on couch that has back facing towards stair case

>stair case has some what of an opening to it to the rest of the room but halfway through gets walled off due to lack of sight from the second floor.

>In the back corner to the right, facing dad, there is a little cabinet with a ceramic Christmas tree that plugs in

>it's very old so if you jiggle the wire the lights flicker, but other than that i't's still good.

>back to talking with dad

>see lights on the christmas tree flicker, grabs my attention

>just then a faint black shadow, static in form glides up the staircase to the second floor




I hould further say I have other experences that lead me to this rational, but they aren't spooky just weird and off putting, leads to the conclusion of Freemasonary and which craft


>Be me in my teens

>Be from southamerican coastline

>Never see storms or get lightning or thunders in my region

>Go exchange student to Germany

>end up on a quiet village 1 hour away from some big city

>Host family consist of Father, Mother, 1 daughter my age and a 5 year old daughter.

>Suddenly, at night, Thunderstorm

>Theres a blackout

>Parents ask me to help put some things in order and check stuff

>Preparing to go to bed, still without electricity and emergency lights on some areas of the house.

>See little daughter staring through the window at the storm, shaking

>I go an tell her its just a storm, that lightnings are just electricity and blablabla

>She tells me shes not afraid of the lightnings or thunders.

>She tells me to stae at the clouds

>When the lightning hits, i see strange gigantic inhuman shapes, as if they were sitting among the clouds.

>She tells me " I am afraid one day they might come down and hurt my mommy and daddy"

>The mother comes in and puts her in bed, tells me to ignore her cause shes little and still believes in ghost and fairies and such.

>Couldnt sleep that night, remained staring at the clouds from my rooms window….

>I am 30 and never returned to Europe ever again, there are no lightingstorms in my region.





I still remember reading all this when it was posted over a year ago because its so horrifying. these have stuck in my head over the past year, why would this happen at a school?

it made me correct myself when I was at a friends house in the backyard.

>about 4 different famlies here

>its a cold night and we have a fire going

>someone accidently kicks their glass into the fire

>i reach through the flames and grab it

>little girl loudly ask how I didnt burn myself

>fire cant burn you if you move fast lol

>thought that would sound creepy if kids repeat this later and quote me

then i explained fire can totally burn you and yes, its stupid to reach into a fire even for a second

Id like to think thats the case. That these adults just said stupid shit and didnt wanna admit they are wrong and they arent backroom agents of evil, but that wouldnt even surprise me at this point.


File: d065dc8f898fa4b⋯.jpg (151.88 KB, 1079x832, 83:64, real charlie noonan.jpg)


That one has been debunked, the whole picture is edited, pic related.



>get the fuck out of my room i'm playing minecraft


File: 176f640be8b7a4a⋯.jpg (481.53 KB, 836x628, 209:157, th.jpg)


I don't know man, it sounds like you just got high and sperged out

but this always creeped me out

John Wayne Gacy's wiki page

>The first of these six victims, 18-year-old Robert Gilroy, was last seen alive on September 15. Gilroy—the son of a Chicago police sergeant[168]—was suffocated and buried in the crawl space. On September 12, Gacy had flown to Pittsburgh to supervise a remodeling project and did not return to Chicago until September 16.[169] As Gacy is known to have been in another state at the time the youth was last seen, it is possible that Gacy's subsequent claims that he had not acted alone in some murders may have held credence.

My friend's friend was a student at duquesne who went missing for months and his body was found down river.

This happened about 5 years ago

What part of pittsburgh did this happen in?





the third image is just some fag copypasting a reddit post



>Its pupils are fucking huge, and black as fuck

No shit, nigger. It was night so its pupils extend in order to catch more light – it's how cats can see in the dark.

Your neighbour's cat probably got itself into a few tough scraps with stray cats, got fucked up more than usual, and so it found a quiet spot and waited for a few days for its wounds to heal (cats do that. They don't go home to sit in your lap, they go into some quiet spot they like where they are alone and wait until they either get better or die) and probably got bolder from the experience. You should have grabbed the cat when you had the chance and handed it back to its owner, like a good neighbour. Alternatively, it was not the neighbour's cat at all, just some stray that looks similar.


File: baa19444a8dd4af⋯.png (3.87 MB, 3786x7040, 1893:3520, ayys visit anon in jail.png)

File: 4c460c427b7f52d⋯.jpg (970.89 KB, 1263x7032, 421:2344, Skinwalker Orders Pizza.jpg)

File: 7d62bf3908a01d7⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1251x1900, 1251:1900, TV Station.png)

File: 189befe1a03ead5⋯.png (201.08 KB, 1366x1854, 683:927, The Wretching Imposter.png)

File: f8e020d119a9b93⋯.png (1.16 MB, 4110x3116, 2055:1558, Oklahoma Ayys.png)

Commencing Dump


File: efaeb8c10816dbf⋯.jpg (359.39 KB, 1104x1456, 69:91, Thatcher Effect.jpg)

File: db57f68a7fb01e5⋯.png (472.16 KB, 1313x4181, 1313:4181, Breaking The Rules.png)

File: dfde916d9d5f19e⋯.png (60.11 KB, 837x464, 837:464, Boat Lady.png)

File: defabe6bc1a3c32⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1088x5200, 68:325, Friendly Rock Monsters.png)

File: 6c630d4e5d742bd⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1868x1856, 467:464, Okinawa Ghost.png)

More Dumping…


File: 3ef24a06fff4bc5⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1194x5400, 199:900, Subway Tunnel Beast.png)

File: bafe2e616cb0e32⋯.jpg (400.94 KB, 1221x1358, 1221:1358, Shanondale West Virginia.jpg)

File: af944e295059786⋯.png (93.84 KB, 999x488, 999:488, giant floating head in the….png)

File: e5567239c39c1dc⋯.jpg (971.89 KB, 1821x2315, 1821:2315, Koosh Ball Monster.jpg)

File: 776b01118ff0e04⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 3040x5848, 380:731, Habbo Stories.jpg)

Even More Dumping…


File: 293ed8e190dd0ed⋯.png (682.13 KB, 989x2793, 989:2793, Triangle Heads.png)

File: 653b2ae900a1feb⋯.png (801.69 KB, 1710x2767, 1710:2767, Biblical Dreams on V.png)

File: 6f07841993d498e⋯.png (219.21 KB, 817x2325, 817:2325, Dragon.png)

File: b755734f701ae8d⋯.jpg (444.04 KB, 1316x3048, 329:762, Quake 3 Bots.jpg)

File: b780101e150b1a6⋯.png (121.15 KB, 1060x680, 53:34, Great Uncle Donnie.png)

Yet More Dumping…


File: 375da9661596982⋯.png (729.2 KB, 1578x1805, 1578:1805, Argentina Spoops.png)

File: 16b5a1e5cac1391⋯.png (1.69 MB, 4000x2671, 4000:2671, Bugaria Stories.png)

File: 4e4418437310d7e⋯.png (953.1 KB, 1856x6196, 464:1549, Korea Tales.png)

File: 49c9a8d6f1a22a5⋯.jpg (2.73 MB, 3000x4250, 12:17, India Spoops.jpg)

File: 2cce2118fa6f1e7⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1266x5543, 1266:5543, Czech Forest Spoop.jpg)

Spoops from around the world


File: 90d6ce9c2862a35⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1928x2796, 482:699, Anon meets the GORP.png)

File: 0b2fe5432fd3acc⋯.png (79.05 KB, 1003x731, 59:43, Russian Fishing.png)

File: 1d9ecda653f02c6⋯.jpg (978.52 KB, 1524x3119, 1524:3119, Chernobyl Mutants.jpg)

File: 8af3a7f1c3a7e4e⋯.png (41.97 KB, 962x549, 962:549, British Skinwalker.png)

File: d96f3b83a9ec833⋯.jpg (120.76 KB, 1024x638, 512:319, Lake Monster.jpg)

herp a derp derp


File: cacac0137bcb899⋯.png (112.06 KB, 1570x788, 785:394, Afghanistan Zombies.png)

File: 137bc74e14c65c0⋯.png (377.38 KB, 1366x1778, 683:889, IED Factory.png)

File: 833e22c0b7f4a32⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 1320x2424, 55:101, Iraq Prison.jpg)

File: 833e22c0b7f4a32⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 1320x2424, 55:101, Iraq Zombie Virus.jpg)

File: 617d25cf7e5d883⋯.png (248.81 KB, 1090x1719, 1090:1719, Mexican Gitanos.png)

Stories from War


File: a284087293511fb⋯.png (111.11 KB, 895x961, 895:961, 0 Daves Without An Acciden….png)

File: ab7b3fa82b7db99⋯.jpg (118.5 KB, 668x580, 167:145, 1000 yards selfie stare.jpg)

File: 70a14df2f66abc1⋯.jpg (306.64 KB, 900x1543, 900:1543, Abandoned Factory Symbols.jpg)

File: d85fbd7462ae19e⋯.png (867.74 KB, 1559x2239, 1559:2239, Abandoned Farmhouse Skinwa….png)



File: 316337e02564fd6⋯.png (559.89 KB, 1920x3126, 320:521, Airsoft Guys Innawoods.png)

File: b3a2798fab0363b⋯.png (46.83 KB, 1448x440, 181:55, Airstrip Mystery.png)

File: e094893996c499d⋯.png (223.26 KB, 1552x1419, 1552:1419, Alabama Skinwalker.png)

File: 76c28011650c384⋯.png (569.79 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, amazon.png)

File: 3a52e2f471255e5⋯.png (39.32 KB, 593x623, 593:623, Anon Avoids His Own Death.png)



File: 4d19f0d930a6036⋯.jpg (80.1 KB, 870x503, 870:503, Anon Fucks A Ghost.jpg)

File: d168e58c1b1be75⋯.png (742.38 KB, 685x1357, 685:1357, Anon Fucks A Skinwalker.png)

File: 801eeb75a3c6573⋯.jpg (46.94 KB, 912x335, 912:335, Anon Is Homeless.jpg)

File: 408ee57907e1a08⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 900x649, 900:649, Anon Makes A Blood Sacrifi….jpg)

File: 2960f8466a78d81⋯.png (301.89 KB, 780x1177, 780:1177, Anon Meets Ayys.png)

bapping some more


File: b3cce46cf595118⋯.jpg (94.67 KB, 828x413, 828:413, Anon Watched Pokemon.jpg)

File: 901e5bfdc2abb19⋯.jpg (689.03 KB, 1556x1807, 1556:1807, Anon's Cousin Meets A Skin….jpg)

File: 6156875a50479b3⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 875x474, 875:474, Anon's Friend Is NOT A Ski….jpg)

File: 5572faeeb452be5⋯.png (2.52 MB, 1836x6493, 1836:6493, Antartica Secrets.png)

File: 586f004139f5253⋯.jpg (673.48 KB, 1198x4896, 599:2448, Aussie Skinwalker.jpg)

bapping again


File: 444e234526353be⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2592x3664, 162:229, Aussie Swamp 1.jpg)

File: 8caf0fa06336929⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 2608x3616, 163:226, Aussie Swamp 2.jpg)

File: 0e6363041f86689⋯.png (1.12 MB, 3641x4569, 3641:4569, Baby 1.png)

File: f3b3c1904ef00a4⋯.png (453.24 KB, 2109x4522, 111:238, Baby 2.png)

File: 3711ab6b9e16905⋯.png (121.75 KB, 1243x903, 1243:903, Bad Dog.png)

bapping yet again


File: b8771fa32293360⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1210x2965, 242:593, Call of Duty Autist.jpg)

File: 4b04db51f749b76⋯.jpg (938.05 KB, 1006x2268, 503:1134, Canada Wendigo.jpg)

File: 447393cfd397293⋯.png (225.99 KB, 1350x2040, 45:68, Carsex With Bonus Creepy.png)

File: 04ac5c9fa86b45e⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1345x4509, 1345:4509, Charred Man.png)

File: ea410689451c384⋯.jpg (36.3 KB, 1024x281, 1024:281, Christmas 1998.jpg)

fuck this fucking fuck filter


File: 7b58b1191031a70⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2316x2116, 579:529, Cow Trickster.png)

File: 5364588b96bcda2⋯.png (120.3 KB, 1012x2106, 506:1053, Dead Wizards Harm Property….png)

File: fea66ed48d6fa3c⋯.png (144.84 KB, 624x2069, 624:2069, Demon Girl.png)

File: a093d075358c566⋯.jpg (1017.41 KB, 1224x4277, 1224:4277, Desert Rat.jpg)

File: 4a5cb3fa5795451⋯.jpg (772.75 KB, 1369x2418, 1369:2418, Dildo Garden.jpg)

no really fuck this fucking fuck shit


File: 2c62cbc12b5777a⋯.png (757.79 KB, 1087x1902, 1087:1902, Dimensional Shambler.png)

File: 5967acb6291b46c⋯.png (439.25 KB, 1548x2407, 1548:2407, Doc Knows Best.png)

File: db7e68f087992df⋯.jpg (580.48 KB, 1197x2563, 1197:2563, Dog Killer.jpg)

File: 2a0802958b7000c⋯.png (588.11 KB, 1387x4321, 1387:4321, Dog.png)

File: 6cbcd6a9ea3bf62⋯.png (429.45 KB, 902x2791, 902:2791, Dogs.png)

ffs I'm going to be up all night coming up with new shit to type


File: 3055ae2fa0531ef⋯.png (165.75 KB, 1037x1257, 1037:1257, Doppelgangers.png)

File: e2ade4dc2b7d5b1⋯.jpg (562.41 KB, 1497x2240, 1497:2240, Dream Factory 1.jpg)

File: f4387c3eb78dcf0⋯.jpg (377.06 KB, 1497x1475, 1497:1475, Dream Factory 2.jpg)

File: 97473802a4e7134⋯.jpg (540.52 KB, 1497x2498, 1497:2498, Dream Factory 3.jpg)

File: f5063061309f803⋯.png (902.91 KB, 1219x4883, 1219:4883, Eli and the Cats.png)

weeb ass shit


File: 3fe7c5e67ca2c96⋯.png (47.56 KB, 974x522, 487:261, Eyam Village.png)

File: 7237e9e5e50975c⋯.png (339.37 KB, 1266x1204, 633:602, Faces.png)

File: 66edfb8c47485a4⋯.png (395.49 KB, 1024x4383, 1024:4383, Friendly Stranger.png)

File: 7ed1226d57638dc⋯.png (824.92 KB, 1913x4041, 1913:4041, Ghost Puncher.png)

File: 4dcc58ad8e4b4a4⋯.jpg (425.9 KB, 1204x1964, 301:491, GORP in Brazil.jpg)

not even half way done


File: 5efd26f1fef8deb⋯.png (86.58 KB, 1057x1275, 1057:1275, GORP in Massachusetts.png)

File: aa876cc157f6901⋯.png (156.08 KB, 751x1082, 751:1082, Goth Chick.png)

File: e2414d5b01b519d⋯.png (576.04 KB, 1600x1300, 16:13, Grand Caverns.png)

File: abfdf69755941f8⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 592x833, 592:833, Granpa's Attic.jpg)

File: f6f18768ece3ecd⋯.png (778.65 KB, 1632x3465, 544:1155, Grey Waifu.png)

still not done…


File: 38e241f91c46c78⋯.jpg (420.52 KB, 1200x910, 120:91, happy mommy.jpg)

File: 554e511d401dc22⋯.jpg (2 MB, 3961x1079, 3961:1079, Haunted Cove.jpg)

File: bef7db5db1b31d8⋯.jpg (697.05 KB, 1800x4196, 450:1049, Hawkeye's Camp Story.jpg)

File: b543a626cd256d4⋯.png (502.43 KB, 1360x3404, 340:851, Hidden Predator.png)

File: d85fbd7462ae19e⋯.png (867.74 KB, 1559x2239, 1559:2239, Hoodie Guy.png)

happy mommy.jpg


File: 4b0f05405b51341⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1866x3078, 311:513, House Sitting 1.png)

File: 223de6a310b1a20⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1889x3138, 1889:3138, House Sitting 2.png)

File: 8cc36ed265a0ee0⋯.png (869.71 KB, 1889x3150, 1889:3150, House Sitting 3.png)

File: f6de85a42c9f4e7⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1885x2458, 1885:2458, House Sitting 4.png)

File: 6157a52f9a09785⋯.png (28.89 KB, 853x291, 853:291, Hung Dog.png)

house sitting


File: 34f15e2368333ea⋯.png (138.47 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, Ignorances Is Bliss.png)

File: 4ba02de9909a0b3⋯.jpg (142.34 KB, 914x845, 914:845, in bed with a ghost.jpg)

File: 7c6941a781c54dd⋯.jpg (674.45 KB, 522x4759, 522:4759, Incident Drills.jpg)

File: f971dddf1a50505⋯.png (63.05 KB, 1286x693, 1286:693, Iron Maiden T-Shirt.png)

File: 49b5aa5c3f8849f⋯.jpg (991.54 KB, 1731x2842, 1731:2842, Joshua Tree National Park.jpg)

ignorances is bliss


File: 04ac5c9fa86b45e⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1345x4509, 1345:4509, Jurdak.png)

File: 77578107c5e45fa⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 1605x4686, 535:1562, Kindergarten Teacher.jpg)

File: dff10c8092c3fca⋯.png (660.49 KB, 1007x954, 19:18, Latin.png)

File: be3fc6303a5a5e0⋯.jpg (54.14 KB, 682x413, 682:413, Leaf Peeper.jpg)

File: 57ecee13c88f888⋯.png (231.06 KB, 779x2162, 779:2162, Living In The Walls.png)



File: 3a26031213e016a⋯.png (188.2 KB, 1220x1588, 305:397, Loli Skinwalker.png)

File: 9ad500b36de141a⋯.jpg (391.16 KB, 1143x1842, 381:614, Lord of the Flies.jpg)

File: 71bd9d21a96d174⋯.jpg (621.27 KB, 2388x1124, 597:281, Made Of Sticks.jpg)

File: 5a11860545b1530⋯.png (289.21 KB, 1269x3822, 423:1274, Made up Spoop Turns Real.png)

File: 5a11860545b1530⋯.png (289.21 KB, 1269x3822, 423:1274, Man in the Woods.png)

loli skinwalker


File: 0cb0c9208367dae⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2750x4434, 1375:2217, Maine Stories.png)

File: 41526d2bf582b5d⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 4337x5783, 4337:5783, Maine Taxi Guy 1.jpg)

File: 07b415879433544⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1980x3004, 495:751, Maine Taxi Guy 2.jpg)

File: c690084a780c701⋯.png (3.8 MB, 3422x1492, 1711:746, Mansion Monster.png)

File: 4e808b9be59b966⋯.png (150.74 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Mantis Man.png)



File: d07567888308b2a⋯.jpg (521.22 KB, 1058x3569, 1058:3569, Marines vs Skinwalkers.jpg)

File: 6156875a50479b3⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 875x474, 875:474, Mark.jpg)

File: bb56fee0c5ff068⋯.jpg (633.22 KB, 1371x2255, 1371:2255, Massachusetts Skinwalker.jpg)

File: 47e4b02f9e333b4⋯.png (398.13 KB, 710x2824, 355:1412, Merrywood.png)

File: fc70fae1bf5d9cb⋯.jpg (527.61 KB, 1264x1268, 316:317, Naked Satanists.jpg)



File: ee8647c282ebd70⋯.jpg (480.85 KB, 1288x3052, 46:109, Mimic 1.jpg)

File: 43d8af8a51538eb⋯.jpg (558.39 KB, 1288x3052, 46:109, Mimic 2.jpg)

File: f499a079adfd713⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 1350x1385, 270:277, Neighbor's House.jpg)

File: fc70fae1bf5d9cb⋯.jpg (527.61 KB, 1264x1268, 316:317, New Mexico Cannibals.jpg)

File: d972ec6151e514c⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1286x6889, 1286:6889, Nic the Hunter.png)



File: c3ffd265ad3f11c⋯.png (36.19 KB, 659x526, 659:526, Not Anon's Parents.png)

File: 08766711253a129⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 1932x6935, 1932:6935, OP almost lured to his dea….jpg)

File: 262b53b6f64e787⋯.png (104.2 KB, 1002x930, 167:155, Oregon.png)

File: ae500b140458927⋯.png (50.14 KB, 999x532, 999:532, Oregon 2.png)

File: d29c5f9dcc74bef⋯.png (76.16 KB, 1230x992, 615:496, Outback Spoops.png)

not anon's parents


File: b543a626cd256d4⋯.png (502.43 KB, 1360x3404, 340:851, Ozark Stalker.png)

File: 024eb8fd3f151eb⋯.png (94.88 KB, 786x441, 262:147, Peeping Tom.png)

File: dd599a52f260b78⋯.png (56.79 KB, 832x1204, 208:301, Pennhurst Asylum.png)

File: 24d997f31f2fa81⋯.png (583.82 KB, 1006x3722, 503:1861, Psychotic Methead Aunt.png)

File: 0852056eeac690d⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1659x4923, 553:1641, Roadrunner.jpg)

ozark stalker


File: 96950302867fe76⋯.jpg (419.64 KB, 2080x1192, 260:149, Satanic Murder House.jpg)

File: a64e45b6714054e⋯.png (268.67 KB, 1550x2712, 775:1356, Satanists in the Woods.png)

File: 59302524d54dd63⋯.png (275.3 KB, 1357x2627, 1357:2627, Say No To Skinwalkers.png)

File: 2a2075fb8572526⋯.png (651.64 KB, 3840x1820, 192:91, Scouts Stories.png)

File: 1c5a06a60df6809⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1431x2976, 477:992, Shaving Cream Guy.png)

satanic murder house


File: 0f052bf88f8b43c⋯.jpg (662.04 KB, 908x939, 908:939, Showering At Night.jpg)

File: 9729c2cbc8167b7⋯.png (568.36 KB, 1320x2702, 660:1351, Skinwalker Girlfriend.png)

File: a5ba938d6bd03ca⋯.png (315.54 KB, 1356x1794, 226:299, Skinwalker in the Snow.png)

File: a0e23ec2cf367e6⋯.png (663.92 KB, 1288x6104, 23:109, Skinwalker Uncle's Cabin.png)

File: 17c1b523d607d58⋯.png (789.18 KB, 1864x2553, 1864:2553, Skinwalker.png)

showering at night


File: e27a64cd755ef89⋯.png (75.87 KB, 900x1374, 150:229, Sliding Glass Door.png)

File: f219e7f1aac31df⋯.png (240.12 KB, 1549x1789, 1549:1789, Snow Angel.png)

File: d6d24929f885f67⋯.png (244.58 KB, 1384x1145, 1384:1145, South Carolina.png)

File: 0924df5da4e390b⋯.jpg (983.94 KB, 1281x4309, 1281:4309, Spiderman.jpg)

File: 9dbf22c8e2d0775⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1848x3702, 308:617, Spoop Dude Ranch.jpg)



File: 7e2dda7b93c2242⋯.jpg (163.77 KB, 1205x736, 1205:736, Stiltwalker.jpg)

File: 9319e3c60639492⋯.png (145.19 KB, 1335x1779, 445:593, Stupid Cat.png)

File: 8d3e00bb3b560b9⋯.jpg (916.25 KB, 1864x1419, 1864:1419, Suburban Wendigo 1.jpg)

File: 6a4fdc4473ac80a⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1904x3548, 476:887, Suburban Wendigo 2.jpg)

File: c65ceed48bced21⋯.jpg (750.18 KB, 1864x2426, 932:1213, Suburban Wendigo 3.jpg)



File: d7d7d130935396a⋯.png (163.88 KB, 1378x478, 689:239, Sweedish Troll 1.png)

File: c9287d4b12263bb⋯.png (113.65 KB, 776x621, 776:621, Sweedish Troll 2.png)

File: 96861ace30747c9⋯.png (86.67 KB, 772x663, 772:663, Sweedish Troll 3.png)

File: e667590d5ed172f⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1884x3216, 157:268, Tennessee Skinwalker.jpg)

File: 7348e6d8466ceab⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1884x3216, 157:268, Territory Dispute.jpg)

sweedish troll


File: 37336bfabc5fe33⋯.png (622.55 KB, 1830x4358, 915:2179, Tennessee Spoop 1.png)

File: a69fd069cef7ae1⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1840x5104, 115:319, Tennessee Spoop 2.png)

File: 226f0226fd123d7⋯.png (169.15 KB, 1514x1414, 757:707, Texas.png)

File: a136c595d78edd5⋯.png (400.58 KB, 1502x2230, 751:1115, The Blob.png)

File: 9ad500b36de141a⋯.jpg (391.16 KB, 1143x1842, 381:614, The Thing In The Corn.jpg)



File: d50e6457db2c30f⋯.jpg (383.38 KB, 1874x1463, 1874:1463, The Wailer.jpg)

File: 41857dd40b4b802⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 3600x2880, 5:4, The White Man 1.jpg)

File: 472336c051206ec⋯.jpg (2.94 MB, 3600x2880, 5:4, The White Man 2.jpg)

File: 8200624c69cb313⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 3600x2880, 5:4, The White Man 3.jpg)

File: f62df3896369950⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 3600x2880, 5:4, The White Man 4.jpg)

the wailer


File: 2dd76dea9b19965⋯.png (358.76 KB, 904x3084, 226:771, Thing in the Barge.png)

File: 554318ff358a763⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 938x790, 469:395, Tired Yet.jpg)

File: 7237e9e5e50975c⋯.png (339.37 KB, 1266x1204, 633:602, Tree Faces.png)

File: 293ed8e190dd0ed⋯.png (682.13 KB, 989x2793, 989:2793, Triangle Heads.png)

File: be213ad91458020⋯.png (28.33 KB, 848x433, 848:433, Uncle Tony.png)

tired yet?


File: 766770518b9bb0c⋯.jpg (861.98 KB, 1373x1323, 1373:1323, Unravelling.jpg)

File: 463e5ee3a41f87b⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1829x6468, 1829:6468, Voodoo Doll.png)

File: 797f304c6858bef⋯.png (248.16 KB, 1547x1280, 1547:1280, Walls of Jericho.png)

File: 9dbf22c8e2d0775⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1848x3702, 308:617, Wendigo Standoff.jpg)

File: bf25a369e246dab⋯.png (209.78 KB, 1156x812, 289:203, you there nigga.png)



File: aed722a18016464⋯.png (173.55 KB, 863x1812, 863:1812, Yowies.png)

File: 586ce88f4f97ace⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 1753x7763, 1753:7763, Yukon Spoops.jpg)




>get to her place, meet her roomates, all have dyed hair, different colors of bright pinks, blondes and greens

Out of everything this is the thing that would scare me the most. Spoops aside, that's a good tell they're liberals, which means you were definitely right to run even if there wasn't anything occult going on.


>Be my mom and decide to take you're kids to Al Capone building where they dropped about a K in bodies.


>Take your kid there on a ghost tour

>See lots of spooky stuff and hear bangs talk to ghosts who have retard level communication skills (Not always so gay there)

>ghosts touching the top of my head and lifting up my hair

>ask politely to stop ghost stops all is good

>fuck this basement do some bullshit upstairs

>channeling w copper rods actually works feel ghost

all up against me and shit like okey les leave

>Mom wont leave cus shes talking to Uncle Charlie n crying W/e

>Finally leave

>Shits haunted from now on

>Years go by, stupid bullshit mostly but my family deteriorates, alcohol, violence, fighting, divorce, rehab. All good really just a lot of bullshit.

>All my friends see creepy shit in my crib. I'd go to sleep on the corner couch when the house was empty. wake up and the whole section is rolled over I'm sleeping on back end of it like nothing happened.

>See ghosts fly through room

>See bodies standing in weird places that pop out at you sometime

>Mum comes down when the homies is chillin, stands behind the corner couch. Bunny mask on the pool table. Mum talks to us, leaves, were all just sitting there in a semi circle.

>Bunny mask flies into the middle of our semi circle.

>Everybody starts bro freaking and talking shit.

>Different night, everybodies sitting around the pool table,

Hearing shit in the boiler room,

>I go to fuck with it "Do some shit bitch!" on my way to close the door, close it, start walking away

>BANG BANG BANG everybody freezes. More bro tweakage.

>One night my dad and I are putting together the pieces, and conspiring a divorce against my mum

>Decide shes possessed and try to bring it up to her.

>Next day she shows up, we bring up uncle Charlie, she acts weird as fuck. Sais… idk some crazy shit. Cowdog starts barking at her, but behind her. Suddenly he face.

>Me mums fucking face does a grinch grin, from cheek to fucking cheek. Her neck slides forward almost to an elongated 90 degree angle. Little hunch, and my heart drops but I square tf up in my chair.

>Dads freaked, she leaves like right after that. Her new boyfriends literally a murderer.

>I start studying demonology and talking to dad so I don't go insane.

>Mom and I are estranged.

>Girlfriend starts hearing ringing in her ears one night. Describes it as super fucking loud. Shes freaked out about it too.

>Fun fact, she was possessed too, but maybe we'll get there later.

>That night she has violent dreams of murdering me in my sleep, right next to me. Wakes up crying

>Sais it wasnt her, it was a repulsive demon her.

>W/e but start hitting the demonology readings hard, spend the next three days without sleep basically, eventually somebody offers me addiral.

>Hadn't slept the night before, chilling with friends in the early afternoon when I start to hear the ringing.


>Couldn't here a fucking thing. Drove me out of my mind a lil.

>3rd ring comes, Nope. I leave all my friends

I have to go to sleep right now.

>Go to my room, try to go to sleep, all my senses start experiencing intense stimulation. I keep seeing awful pictures in my head. grotesque. But they come so fast that they're gone before I know what they were.

>The sheets starts moving and changing colors. It was like all my senses combined, and now I could see through the colorful waves in the air, a green translucent fucking dude in my room with me.

>Skinny, Really skinny. Long legs, hunch torso, bitch ass fucked up wings, little horns, devil grin. t rex arm pose. And I'm fucking irritated.

>He's standing at the corner of the bed. Then hes gone for a millisecond because he hopped to the other side.

Go to sleep go to sleep god help me go to sleep fuck this skiddish douche nozzle

>Trying to block him out now, all of a sudden hes fucking my shoulder blade. Like sticking a demon dick under my neck. I was so fucking mad I bolted up, ran down stairs, and sat on the couch with my dad, the nicest fucking person I'd ever met in my life.

>Always saw him as a beacon of light, told him to protect me from w/e Im taking a nap. Hes like, ight. Cat looks over at me from his lap, this cat kills Raccoons. Only time I ever saw it afraid. It jumped to all fours, at me, looking behind me. Than boltz.





> So, some time passes. I probably forgot to mention I'm 18 or 19 by now, 14 in the beginning. And I'm attending school in Chicago at Second City. Driving home on weekends or every other week to visit the girlfriend and take care of dad.

>Things are normal for a little. Learned my lesson about mental strength and demons. No more allnighters, addiral or booze.

>Brother gets married and Mom gets invited to wedding. Trying to not hate her, and help her w demon, we decide to all stay in same hotel.

>My birthday rolls around on this trip, we all go out to get Fondu.

>Directly at 3:33, P.M. 12 hours after I was born, I check my phone on the way to the restaurant and mom says some scary shit.

Realize shes possessed.

W/e lmao

>We get there, shes sitting next to dad and she reads something off the menu.

>Right before she reads it she looks at me, and grins from cheek too cheek. Turns her head, elongates it at my dad while stairing at the menu out of the side of her head.

Souffle…. Souuufllee…. Souuuflleeee.

(Or some annoying ass word.)

>I know I said my dad was super nice, but I could see he was gonna snap at this.


>She giggles

>I shit myself like wytf my birthdays suck.

>W/e We just try to make it through the trip.

> On the plane home mom has a seat alone in the back. When shes walking by dad and I she makes this little comment and dad and I start fighting w eachother while she walks away.

>We practically instantly realize she just magically made us do that. Start talking about how often that happens. Brainfuck.

>My life goes downhill and dark, I meet a clairvoyant whose my teacher at school in Chicago.

>She thinks I'd be a good apprentice or coworker or some shit so we start hanging out around campus and being friends.

>One night I'm back at her place, we have spooky ghost sex

>Jk it was regular sex but she can tell I'm possessed, reveals to me that this little cunt moved into my soul. She ripped out all these little grey needles in me.

>Turns out hes a little bitch ass demon aint shit ass nigga

>We cycle energy, at one point I feel 1,000,000 whattz in my hands and try to put it back into my chest for… Safekeeping?

>Open her window which is apparently a vortex now, Blast the demon out the window, Close that shit. Feels like it took 15 minutes

>We started at 9 oclock, its 3am now.

>disconnect and disassociate till he accepts he cant come back.

No more demon problems with my mom or at home.

>Get home, go to my athiest jew decieved sleeper girlfriends house.

>Were watching t.v. and she wanted to watch friends or some satanic shit.

>Suddenly I realize evil resonating in the air with the evil on the television. Realize its manifest, I'm only so physic though.

>Demon is sitting on my lap, specifically on my dick.

Is this bitch wondering where her demon dick went? Oh god.

>Mental prayers, ward the fucker away for a minute.

>I try to bring it up to girlfriend, we get into huge fight and she goes to the bathroom.

>When she comes back I offer compromise, atheist style prayer, let me put one on her.

>Angry but scared she agrees, demon fucks w her dreams on a regular and all.

> I put my hand on her chest and start to recite things like

This is a home of the like, and shall smight all that oppose it.

> Girlfriends stomache growls immediately

> Look at me, scooby doo moment, looks skeptical for a second, leans back, AND PASSES THE FUCK OUT.

>I keep doing prayer, her shirt flies around and my shirt flies around and my stomache growls.

0_0 Fuck.

>Wrap girlfriend up tell her to let it go, she suggests she does and we go to sleep.

>Go back to Lansing home and decide I just have to get back to my clairvoyant friend in Chicago in a few days.



>Be me borrowing your girlfriends demon, day one.

>Shit yourself and sleep all day feeling terrible.

>Day 2

>Shit 6

>I call my friend, whose almost clairvoyant. Tell her to come smoke w me.

>Friend arrives, walks through the door, tell me theres a spirit here. Walks around my house. Looks worried while we smoke the blunt, and leaves abruptly.

>10 minutes go by

Fuck this this fuckers gotta go

>I'm taking a shit stomache rumbling like nuts


>I shit the demon out the toilet.

>Feeling really good about it too, but instantly hear screaming.


>I guess one of my homies had just arrived to see what was up w me, and my garage was flooding at a seeerious rate.

>No time to celebrate victory, have to shut off the water valve in the garage because my ceiling exploded and released 6 hot tubs worth of water in -10 degree weather.


>Totally still thought I won.

>Girlfriend has horrific dreams of me murdering her that night.

>Girlfriend starts to be kind of afraid of me


>One night I'm drinking w my parents, girlfriend knocks on the door

>Drunk me runs to greet her super exited,


>I open the door smiling at her, Black out.

>Demon enters my body and takes over my drunk brain.

this whole story was told to me after by her.

>Mood flips, I grab her arm, storm up the stairs past my parents with her, and into the guest room at the end of the hall. Don't turn on the lights, and start screaming at her. All I remember from that is kicking over a lamp which made a spark in the black room when the bulb broke.

>Girlfriend is leaving the house now, I'm walking out after her.

>The second she walks through the front doorway I snap back into consciousness. In that split second I see the demon go back into her and she tries to dip fast as fuck. I grabbed her arm and she fell over.

>Remind you, I Just woke up.

Where are you going?


>Get in her car crying while shes trying to leave telling me how she feels,

What are you talking about I love you I would never do that wtf wtf

>Let her drive off because shes super fucking serious.

>We stay together, she kinda maybe believes that it wasnt me. Things are kind of okay. I try to sage her ass XD

>New detail, we find out she fucking hates sage. She attacked me, Dodged the smoke when it was an inch away from her back and she had no way of seeing before sprinting out of the room, gouged my eyes for it once, and would scream and fight if you brought it out.

>There were four sage stories but that was easier.

>True story anons, we broke the fuck up after a few months. I don't think she ever got away from that fucking thing. But it started going on the LOW FUCKING KEY from me after all that.

>Fast forward to today. Single, No clue how to help my ex she hates me now. Demon pooper for higher though.




I guess I've got a couple. Not terribly spooky, just generally paranormal.

>My family comes from north Florida; my great-great uncle Thornton built a house on a property next to the St. Johns River

>after Thornton died, my grandparents moved into the house

>when my cousin was maybe 5 or 6, he asked his dad about "the tall man"

>he describes a tall figure wearing a long coat wandering by the house

>description generally matches Thornton, who was notoriously tall

>20-some years later; cousin is living in the house temporarily with his fiancee, and his daughter who was 3 or 4 at the time

>cousin's daughter asks cousin about "the tall man"

>she describes a tall man in a long coat who stopped by one of the house's windows and had a brief conversation with her

>description matches up perfectly with what my cousin saw when he was little

>apparently, toward the end of his life, my grandad had remarked that he would occasionally see a figure that looked like Thornton walking the short gravel road between the main house and the small boathouse on the river ~100 yards away

TL;DR there's a good chance that some aspect of my great-great uncle Thornton is benignly haunting the house that he built.


>cousin's fiancee has a passing interest in the paranormal

>downloads some sort of "EVP" app on her phone

>cousin and fiancee drive to the old house, park under the small carport in front of the porch

>fiancee pulls out her phone

>fiancee's phone immediately starts receiving multiple text messages in rapid succession

>text messages consist of:

>my parents' names

>my name

>my brother's name

>the town where my family now lives


>last one was what spooked me; I'm the only person who ever referred to my paternal grandfather as "grandaddy"

>cousin didn't even know about the nickname until he was telling me about the incident

>the rest of the info could hypothetically be trawled from social media databases, but that last tidbit has never been committed to digital media

>cousin and fiancee nope right out of there before even getting out of the car



one shoop disproves another

and one shoop to prove them all




dude. pro reptile much?

reptilian brains are extremely simplistic and savage. they are extremely evil not apathetic at all. you need to get redpilled on them (Im sure you already know better ;) hisssssss



Was there ever any further news of the vanfriend from the suburban wendigo story?



Shoops all the way down.



Meant for>>45074




The spooks on that board are already on /x/, read every one from /x/ and check it for yourself.



File: ad91bb0bbf1ca1b⋯.png (546.52 KB, 1011x1470, 337:490, redcap using anons shotgun.png)


It's a little late but someone actually tried to meme at this anon a month after he posted his story.



The first one was an idiot for going back after apologising. He's lucky to be alive.

t. 'strayan


File: 4d566cddbcdd1fd⋯.png (703.42 KB, 1006x3722, 503:1861, tKE08bd.png)



cant read any of these


Most of these stories are all the same shit.

We can make a "shitty creepypasta" bingo.

Boxes to check out

>suddenly all went quiet, no birds chirping and shieet

>smell the very familiar smell of copper

>something made a sound i never heard, like, literally never and it repeated the sound periodically, always closer than before

>it was a monster that looks like a deformed human with scales or fur or animal face

>i shot it but it got back up and i run

>i came back later for more




>I thought something was something

>but it was something else instead

is a common element to use


File: 7114925eefd0edf⋯.jpg (35.84 KB, 786x798, 131:133, vagina dentata.jpg)


Post better ones or fuck off.


File: da85bc5fccd9dfe⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1713x4717, 1713:4717, Story.png)


Do you have this one anon?

Professional opinion?


File: d8ecf58c63e4083⋯.png (494 KB, 1366x3063, 1366:3063, IMG_0358.PNG)


does anyone have a huge creepy greentext library?



Like on our hard drives, or on the net in general?



I live close to boden, that's Fuckin cool



>moving at 50 or 60km/h for 5 minutes

not only this dude had a paranormal encounter, he also can outrun usain bolt's 100m dash pace in a 5k race



Anytime I see




I immediately stop reading. Same with proper names or dialogue. 9/10 they are complete shit.



>browse /pol/

>join random weird honeypot servers

>become a spammer for one to get into it


Help me get in I will post the contents



Why you gotta be a sniping nigger gamma? Post better or stfu.


File: 475a39ba184433a⋯.jpg (73.88 KB, 1079x1093, 1079:1093, derishious chirrenz.jpg)

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