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File: 3a45e28bb37442e⋯.jpg (43.91 KB, 550x366, 275:183, IMG_20170819_095218.jpg)


I've been wondering if there's a way one can make themselves into some sort of living shock absorber. Turning a received blow, like a punch, into chi or something. If so, how, & could one make use of that energy?

Pic unrelated.


Interesting idea, more like a hydroelectric dam than a shock absorber. It would be quite a conversion process. Turning sunlight into chi would be something to try first.



This is the kind of thing that would be really cool if it were possible. Sadly, I don't think the human body is capable of that. There's a martial art called Aikido that's supposed to work like that, basically you use your opponent's force against him… The problem is, it doesn't work. Even Aikido masters can't make it work. However, I vaguely remember reading in a book about an occult way of making yourself almost invulnerable. Not exactly the same thing as what you're suggesting, but pretty close. I'll search for it later today.


Why not just use Chi to strike first?



That'd be the goal, but you only got so much at hand, and the body can only take so much damage? Why not handle both problems by turning incoming kinetic energy into chi?


Start getting in fights and let the opponent punch your head. With enough blows, you'll stop feeling pain. Promise!


I've found the book I was looking for. It's about invisibility, but it briefly talks about invulnerability too. The 'cloud' is some kind of mist that the magician creates and puts over himself to make himself invisible. I haven't tried to create it personally, so I can't tell you if it works. I'll copy and paste the relevant parts below.

"Now there is one other effect that can be produced with the cloud that does not lend itself to experimentation, but I want to make mention of it nonetheless. This is invulnerability. In times of danger, you may surround yourself with the cloud, and thereby protect yourself, not only by making yourself invisible, but by physically isolating yourself from whatever the danger is. As Madame Blavatsky interprets this phenomenon:

The astral fluid can be compressed about a person so as to form an elastic shell, absolutely non-penetrable by any physical object, however great the velocity with which it travels. In a word, this fluid can be made to equal and even excel in resisting power, water and air.

In India, Malabar, and some places of Central Africa, the conjurers will freely permit any traveller to fire his musket or revolver at them, without touching the weapon themselves or selecting the balls. In L.aing’s Travels Among the Timanni, the Kourankos, and the Soulimas, occurs a description by an English traveller, the first white man to visit the tribe of the Soulimas, of a very curious scene. A body of picked soldiers fired upon a chief who had nothing to defend himself with but certain talismans. Although their muskets were properly loaded and aimed, not a ball could strike him. Salverte gives a similar case in his Philosophy of Occult Sciences: ‘In 1568 the Prince of Orange condemned a Spanish prisoner to be shot at Juliers; the soldiers tied him to a tree and fired, but he was invulnerable. They at last stripped him to see what armour he wore, but found only an amulet. When this was taken from him, he fell dead at the first shot.’

This is a very different affair from the dexterous trickery resorted to by Houdin in Algeria. He prepared balls himself of tallow, blackened with soot, and by sleight of hand exchanged them for real bullets, which the Arab sheikhs supposed they were putting in the pistols. The simple-minded natives, knowing nothing but real magic, which they had inherited from their ancestors, and seeing Houdin, as they thought, accomplish the same results in a more impressive manner, fancied that he was a greater magician than themselves.

Many travellers, the writer included, have witnessed instances of this invulnerability where deception was impossible. A few years ago, there lived in an African village an Abyssinian, who passed for a sorcerer. Upon one occasion a party of Europeans, going to Sudan, amused themselves for an hour or two in firing at him with their own pistols and muskets, a privilege which he gave them for a trifling fee. As many as five shots were fired simultaneously, and the muzzles of the pieces were not above two yards distant from the sorcerer’s breast. In each case, simultaneously with the flash, the bullet would appear just behind the muzzle, quivering in the air, and then fall harmlessly to the ground.

A German offered the magician a five franc piece if he would allow him to fire the gun with the muzzle touching his body. The magician at first refused, but finally, after appearing to hold conversation with someone inside the ground, consented. The experimenter carefully loaded, and, pressing the muzzle of the weapon against the sorcerer’s body, fired. The barrel burst into fragments as far down as the stock, and the magician walked off unhurt. In our own time several well-known mediums have frequently, in the presence of the most respectable witnesses, not only handled blazing coals and actually placed their faces upon a fire without singing a hair, but even laid flaming coals upon the heads and hands of bystanders, as in the case of Lord Lindsay and Lord Adare. The well-known story of the Indian chief, who confessed to Washington that at Braddock’s defeat he fired his rifle at him seventeen times without effect, will recur to the reader in this connection."



Got a PDF copy? Sounds neat. I'd like to read further into that.


File: 523a998364f3dac⋯.pdf (1.03 MB, Steve_Richards_Invisibilit….pdf)



Shaolin Gong Fu is probably the best way. But good luck getting them to teach you.


Aikido doesn't actually absorb shock, it tries to redirect it without ever colliding. Imagine standing grapping that focuses on the disengage and you've got 60% of Aikido right there. It's actually a decent art to mix with more practical disciplines (Anderson Silva cross-trained with Aikido guys) but like most mystical arts there are a lot of dingalings who don't like testing themselves.



Thank you.



I will buy this shit when there is HQ high definition livestream of a indian chi-deflecting a WW2 MG32 round



You're welcome!


It's good to be sceptical. If it was any other writer, I would probably dismiss it as bullshit, but Steve Richards seems like a pretty rational guy. He does a lot of research before writing his books and approaches the subject from a Western point of view.


That's easy. Marry an abusive alcoholic drug user. You can be his/her shock absorber.

Guaranteed to get lots of practice absorbing all of those punches.

I mean really….

Every single martial art concentrates on AVOIDING your opponent's blows and delivering your chi's power in each blow you GIVE your opponent.

Not absorbing the punches thrown, but deflecting, negating them, and turning them against your opponent.

I once danced around this idiot's punches, making him madder and madder. Then I put my back up against a cement wall as if I were trapped. He put everything into one punch at my head. I simply moved aside and listen to every bone in his hand crunch when he hit the wall.

I never threw a punch.

Here's the funny part. he got even madder and said he'd 'get me' for doing that to him.

I didn't do a thing to him. he did it all by his lonesome.



Either you're really fast or he was really slow. When both fighters are roughly equal in terms of speed, it's pretty difficult to 'simply move aside' to avoid a punch. There could also be situations where this strategy wouldn't work, for example on a train or against multiple attackers. I don't disagree with your advice, but if there was a way to turn your opponent's power into energy to use against him, wouldn't that be even better than avoiding his attacks?


you dont, let her suck your dick



In that particular situation, I had plenty of room, and any boxer can tell you about the importance of moving your head aside when an idiot telegraphs his punches so well. (I did mention that he was an idiot, didn't I?)

I was able to avoid all contact with him. In an enclosed space, with his same level of expertise, avoidance, deflection, AND counter-blows would have to be used. One good punch to the throat usually takes care of the most stout idiot. Done correctly, he won't get up again. (I don't pull punches. Someone attacks me, he isn't worried about hurting me. Why should I worry about hurting him?) Works with multiple attackers in an enclosed space, since they have a limited attack radius.

Multiple attackers, not in an enclosed area, say a bar or alley, Don't focus on the person in front of you. The first one to attack will be the one you can't see. Since most people are right-handed, the one on your left will be second. The one to your right will come at you as soon as your back is turned to him. The one in front of you is too chicken shit to do a frontal and will rely on his buddies. Take them out quick, then kick his ass.

Any more than four, clear a path and get the hell out of there! If they give chase, choose your battlefield, and make them afraid of you, and I don't mean fronting or threatening, I mean doing serious damage so you don't have to fight the same one twice. Unless it's a mob, this usually works.

Remember, when someone attacks you, they are not trying to tickle you, hug you, or be your friend. They are trying to hurt you, rape you, or kill you. Do not even THINK about NOT hurting them.

Now, as to the topic of this thread. The human body is NOT made to absorb concentrated blows received, as the creator asks. It can however absorb the impact of blows given, and that's how breaking a block of wood or bricks with a punch is possible. BTW if you hit someone like that just below the rib cage on their right side, slightly upward, the liver is crushed and he will bleed to death internally in about 5 - 10 minutes.



The whole premise of the martial arts is to turn your opponents strength and energy against him, just not in the 'magical' way that you seem to be looking for. Sorry, it takes work, discipline, and more work to do it. Not just waving your hand.

Semper Fi



Thanks anon, as someone interested in martial arts and self-defense, this was actually really enlightening.

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