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File: 7337fa45c61b473⋯.png (495.65 KB, 803x803, 1:1, the choise.png)


Time is ending, with the 6th trumpet, God will close the gates of grace, WW3 will start, 1/3 of humans will be smitten, leading us to a living hell on earth, the 7 plagues, nuclear winter, famine, death and destruction, you had been advised, good luck anon



Time has been ending since Hesiod, when he wrote that we live in the age of iron. Don't worry though, the Christian god Yahweh doesn't have the power to destroy the world, because the other gods (who are much more powerful than him) won't allow him to.


File: 18af411d3505cd7⋯.jpeg (37.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 18af411d3505cd727b2212489….jpeg)


>Another bogus doomsday date


File: 4e0e303482b951a⋯.jpg (53.4 KB, 452x570, 226:285, skeptical suomi.jpg)

>mixing astrology with christianity



>cucking for a kike-on-a-stick


File: cb8a4283123a84d⋯.jpg (27.02 KB, 503x377, 503:377, tumblr_inline_ouybiiTxh81t….jpg)

Fucking christards, will you ever stop shitting all over the internet?


>you just so happen to live during the time of the end of the world

Bit self-centered don't you think?



Remember 23rd of September?


Jesus stole my wallet. I say we send him back home via catapult.



They've been shitting all over European culture for 2000 years, I don't think they're ever going to stop. Just be glad that they can't burn you at the stake for being a heretic any more.



Those are stars, Chuckles. Sound can't even travel through space.




>thinks they mean the same thing

This is about the lowest quality thread and infographic I've ever seen. Tie a noose. Hang yourself in a remote area. Be forgotten.


File: 2b30019ab3013d3⋯.jpg (10.56 KB, 319x162, 319:162, 20e340c0b64fc042aacaf7fa4b….jpg)





>March 6, 2017

>Aquarius Sign appears in heaven

Fucking What?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




File: 9237a7692bae8d3⋯.png (7.12 KB, 591x111, 197:37, peace.png)

File: e96dca7af8ee5cc⋯.png (866.41 KB, 731x411, 731:411, nkoreaskorea991.png)

Isnt it beautiful?, get ready, less than 40 days, the day is getting closer, good luck again


File: a5da484dbef43c9⋯.png (24.15 KB, 717x526, 717:526, smitten_definition.png)


They do mean the same thing.

Obtain a dictionary. Read it. Be literate.


It's unfortunate but the world has been steadily getting more insane thanks to the stupidity of the boomer and the craftiness of the eternal jew.


who is a


dont fall for it. jesus is satan. they are one in the same.



Can you back that up please? Thanks.


Well, I guess the hint is YHVH



"jesus is jesus" -t. 2000+ years of tradition, faith and beauty as seen, foretold, and guarded by your ancestors

"jesus is satan" -t. you, a guy on an imageboard where 90% of the posters are only interested in getting friendzoned by demon pussy



Dude, it's all in the Bible. Pick it up some time.



Nobody who actually read the Bible knows that's false, but people who see excerpts of the Bible on the internet might assume that when implied. LMAO ya Satan is going to come in a human manifestation and teach universal love and forgiveness, and promote wisdom and growth


Oh look. The dates in OP's pic have come and gone, and nothing happened.


>universal love and forgiveness

You mean like massive propaganda campaigns against Christianity despite its rapid progress since medieval times? (Rev. 13:5-8)

>wisdom and growth

As in forcing the entire human population to get supernatural tattoos declaring their affiliation with his cult and banning all financial transactions with the unmarked? (Rev. 13:16-17)


Jesus was a Jew who wanted to lead his people against the Roman Empire. He was a political rebel, not a mystic. He was not and didn't want to be the saviour for the whole of humanity. If he was alive today, he'd probably be confused by the religion that took his name.


File: 1c0d09fc7284f89⋯.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, 441:302, wheeze.png)

Wow, would you look at that. The world hasn't ended yet. Looks like another antifa tard muffin is wrong again.



What if the world did end and we are now in Hell?



I am in hell, that's for sure.


File: ff1519111ffaef6⋯.png (1.31 MB, 800x1123, 800:1123, rip and tear.png)


How do we get out?



Well, I don't know.

Maybe the truth shall set me free? But the gatekeepers don't want me to tell the truth. They threaten.


File: 5f9cf05c5a1b183⋯.jpg (105.72 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Hell Station, Trøndelag, N….jpg)


Have you considered trying to fight your way out?



Fight how?



Ever played DOOM, Anon? That's how.



I am not a violent man, so no.


And how would one get out when the entire earth is hell?

It was fighting it that turned it into hell so I know more fighting will not make anything better.

I guess it's like the saying, "If you're going through hell - keep going."


File: b7882e2dbeb41ce⋯.jpg (16.23 KB, 518x345, 518:345, The-Matrix-has-you.jpg)


All you have to do is wake up, Anon.



The threat of violence is the only thing that has the power to keep other people from using violence against you. As they say, if you want peace, prepare for war.


Why can't Jesus just accept me and leave me the fuck alone?


File: 3d13e070e518075⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Overly_attached_GF.jpg)


B-but he loves you, Anon! No homo though!


Why the fuck do people flock around me and demand my attention when they clearly see and hear me talking on the phone lately? Clingy fucking NPC demons.


File: 9c9a3b5110d3808⋯.jpg (414.44 KB, 1220x829, 1220:829, TheVision&TheVoice.jpg)


This [pic related].

>good luck anon

Indeed! Though it is you who will need it! Poor christcucks, you've been duped! Scammed quite badly in fact! You don't know what it is that you don't know. And the truth is worse than you could have imagined! If you had dug only a little, you would have come to know that in reality you have served that very same adversary which you yourselves have claimed to oppose! You have quite willingly made yourselves slaves to a lie!

So with that firmly in mind, you must now do yourselves a service & renounce that wicked King of the Devils, the Son of Man Jesus while you still can! This is your only hope to be redeemed, for the Day of Reckoning when all wrongs shall be righted is almost upon you! Do this now faggot[s]! It is your only hope!


Honestly the typical responses to christposters are pretty autistic



Honestly the typical christposters are pretty autistic. Good intentions no doubt, but blinded by their own sheepishness.



What book is this?




If God is almighty and let Satan loose the he is an accomplice. If he is not an accomplice then he is not almighty.

Wich is it?



>Babby's first atheist argument

Satan's not "loose" brainlet, or else we wouldn't be around. Hard to imagine, but the plans and purposes of the author of all creation might be more complex than can be easily understood by the typical un-serious redditor like yourself.


>Thinking the achievements of the pre-Christian western world aren't completely dwarfed by the Christian west.

This is honestly the most reddit-infested board on 8chin which still ocassionally has threads of value.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Dice rollRolled 13 + 1 (1d18)




>Ordo Templi Orientis

>"God is a woman" meme

>The three most prominent gods (and one son) are actually Princes of Evil

>Historical Mary is a blasphemy against Babalon

>Babalon described as exactly what the Catholics call Mary

>Lilith described as a monster that "squatteth upon the Crucifix" and feeds her filth to Christians (implied to be Catholic Mary)

>But at the same time is claimed to be good, and actually an avatar of Babalon

I knew Ordo Templi Orientis were second only to the Jesters as far as off-the-walls occult societies go, but I didn't know they even swallowed this meme.


Fuck YHVH. It's high time for the world to end, personally I will enjoy a little action before leaving this shithole forever.



>god works in mysterious ways

utter bullshit

if you believe the bible is true and you continue to worship a cruel control freak, you're either a shill or an easily programmed moron who is unable to see things objectively


I've accepted that he is a mythical figure based loosely on a Jewish Rabbi but mostly based on greek/roman pagan beliefs


File: 767807c1ba37d34⋯.png (98.6 KB, 997x518, 997:518, SaucelessJohnDeeBio.png)


>What book is this?


Liber 418: The Vision & The Voice.


Text obtained through the invocation of Enochian Angels beginning in Mexico circa 1901 & completed in the Sahara desert 1909, based on a system of skrying derived by Dr. John Dee [pic related] about whom you can read here:



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Satan was spotted in Malibu! Would you really argue against George Noory!? CARNAVORA!



dumbass heretic OP

nobody knows when the apocalypse will begin except for God the Father

nobody else knows, period, even the Son said He didn't know

if even Jesus doesn't know when the end of the world will be, how the fuck do you know?



For those interested, a quite excellent overview of Dr. John Dee's contacts with the Enochian angels by which he acquired [or was gifted, it might be better said] the Calls of the Thirty Aethyrs; so successfully utilized by A.C. in 1909, the end result being Liber 418: The Vision & The Voice, which in this anons opinion makes the Book of Revelation read like Dr. fucking Seuss by comparison. It really is that spectacularly epic, not to mention highly informative! Particularly, when Liber 418 shows insights into Christianity as well as some of its most storied myths.

With that in mind, consider this article a primer of sorts for the intrepid anon whose intention it is to perhaps delve into The Vision & The Voice:




historians disagree with you



They were demons fooling John Dee.




If I recall correctly, John Dee's "angel" contacts promised him that he'd receive the same "reward" that Martin Luther and John Calvin got. Not very promising.


File: 3ec833ade3400a3⋯.png (513.18 KB, 648x517, 648:517, OrganizedChristianityIsDee….png)


Define what you mean by "demons". And while you're at it, tell us: Who needs so-called demons when you have monsters like El, the god of Abraham, or Jehovah unto whom Moses blindly served? Let alone Paul the Usurper, the true prophet of the New Testament, whose sole mission it was to subvert the fledgling cult of Christianity by the authority invested in him by his blackhat masters? Please, by all means enlighten us!



If angels and demons look and sound alike and the results are so similar that someone very well-versed in both could be completely and totally deceived to the extent that Dee supposedly was, then what good would it do me to distinguish between them? At that point, if you're really so worried about demons tricking you, just assume total nescience on your part and give up trying to work with either. Just go back to being ho-hum laity and play dumb.


Fuck off heretic, Gnostics are the real Christians.

We accept all the gospels, not just the ones some degenerate Roman kidfucker control freak told you were acceptable.

Jesus thinks you're adorable BTW, she told me so (came back, but not as a man… Just to fuck with you).



Sure they look and sound alike (They're opposing factions of the same species after all) but the real way to tell the difference is by their behavior. A demon is going to demand sacrifice (physical or otherwise) in exchange for assistance or even relief from their own activity, while also trying to get you completely dependent on them, typically by ritualistic behavior. An angel will discourage such practices, and nine times out of ten if they interact with us at all they'll be discreet about it. And when they do make themselves visible (usually to deliver a message) they tell fascinated onlookers not to fear them, and that they're "merely a fellow servant" in the event someone mistakes them for some kind of deity and kneels before them. Last but certainly not least every instance of angels making their presence known to humans involved direct appearance, either physically or in dreams. No speculum or crystal scrying orb needed.


And this, the Thelema Bible, was obtained by the very same methods used by Dee, and it couldn't be more obvious that the author contacted Lilith even if the mother of succubi herself appeared with a signed copy of that book and smacked you over the head with it.

As for Dee, the fact that at one of his spiritual conferences in Bohemia he couldn't tell that "Uriel" was making a mockery of the entire group by asking all the men present to share wives just shows that not only was he not very bright in the first place, it also shows that fallen angels can be massive, massive trolls.


>Who needs so-called demons when you have monsters like El, the god of Abraham, or Jehovah unto whom Moses blindly served? Let alone Paul the Usurper, the true prophet of the New Testament, whose sole mission it was to subvert the fledgling cult of Christianity by the authority invested in him by his blackhat masters?

Do explain please. I'm curious to know more about this proposition.

Also, where does this leave the vampires? As far as I'm aware, they hate the New Testament(They only use the Old Testament and stripped out a few verses quite possibly related to the NT in it iirc) and the word "kike" comes from them not signing their name with the cross and instead with a circle. Where does this leave the teachings of the bible anyways?



Just because the West is Christian doesn't mean that Christianity is the reason those achievements were made. For most of recorded history, humans were infected with head lice, yet it would be might fucking stupid to attribute the discoveries and accomplishments of early scholars and scientists to the parasites in their hair.



>Thinking the achievements of Europeans were only made possible because of a pale, dead vampire

The faith of the weak, the faith of the untermensch.


Beware the bearers of false gifts. Beware those who claim to be God but are of satan. Beware those who wear two masks, one of an angel and one of satan.


>southern california burns to ashes

Nigger we live in a desert and have homless and refugees constantly making campfires in the bush, what the fuck did you expect to happen? The only reason the fires get so big now is becuase we have gotten better at fighting them. Fire pops, burns less becuase its set upon by thousands, more plants are able to grow bigger. Keep that up for a couple decades and when a good fire hits it has all the fuel it needs to grow massive.



Not to mention climate change has turned regular yearly rainfall into an erratic boom-bust cycle. You get a year of absurd rain (like this year was) which makes everything overgrown all over the place, and then several years of drought that dry up all that foliage into a tinderbox. Next year or the year after is going to be the worst fire season ever seen; I guarantee it.


Last "world" has already been destroyed, widely available instant communications marked the end of that era, its acceptance brought in the new one.

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