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Of course there's so much fiction on such things, but are there any examples of some partial discovery of a wretched truth out there?

C'mon lads, help me go mad :^)


no you bafoon



Esoteric? Sure, Cthulu like shit? No.


It does exist but I'm not gonna tell you goon


"esoteric" just means "understood only to a small audience". Higher level physics is esoteric knowledge.



> Of course there's so much fiction on such things, but are there any examples of some partial discovery of a wretched truth out there?

"/pol/ was right again…"

The Rothschilds and Soros are guilty of what they are accused of, and it is only a partial discovery because they are front men for a larger crime ring that is not exclusively Jewish.


File: 530c06ef2e80f75⋯.jpeg (60.55 KB, 477x403, 477:403, 28E3D513-FA01-4F20-B244-0….jpeg)


File: 94d29346dca8848⋯.png (263.61 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 45654444.png)


If magic and esoteric was real wouldn't there be magic companies that have professional full time mages doing stuff for money?



I think it means a bit more than that. Traditionally, esoteric knowledge has been hidden from the masses and only taught to a few selected disciples. Physics may be hard to understand for most people, and thus be inherently 'esoteric' in a way, but anyone who wants to try learn it, can easily do it nowadays thanks to the internet.



Actually they have, successful ones at least.


'Experimental Physics' are actually 'more esoteric than esoterism' and failed a lot of times, check Einstein constant or how he stopped big bang theory because it was born from a catholic priest based on The Bible, shit is so contradictory that some indian universities

says that Einstein just robbed a theory that he didnt understand, you have a point.



I am unclear on your request, OP. Are you asking for a list of conspiracies that turned true?


I consider money to be a form of magic (and also a form of idolatry). Every dude in high finance and every accountant thus fits your description.



>I consider money to be a form of magic (and also a form of idolatry). Every dude in high finance and every accountant thus fits your description.

Fun fact, american dollar is used in brujería in south america.



Yes. But definitions matter…

"Esoteric" simply means something that has fallen out of common usage. If I said "nearly two centuries ago, the wealthy and powerful knew of an esoteric mode of transportation that dramatically cut travel time in ways most people couldn't dream of", you'd be forgiven for being sick of my shit when I told you it was just a horse and buggy. You're using spoopy language, and it's a little ridiculous.

Likewise with forbidden knowledge. There's all kinds of reasons knowledge is censored by one group or another and the vast majority of it is because "muh christianity".

Knowledge of great power is always hidden. Basically all of the truly valuable information is behind one wall or another, locked away from the prying eye of Google. This is usually because the laity cannot be trusted not to chimp out when something confusing, and maybe a little dangerous comes along. They meow about their religions and start burning people at the stake. This doesn't mean the knowledge is spoopy.

Is there spoopy knowledge? Yes.

But if you think you're going to find it here you should probably overdose on pain killers tonight for the good of humanity because you're very very dumb.



You want some backstory?

There was once a word in the Hebrew language, "m’khashepah". This is best translated as "one who uses little-understood phenomena to inflict physical harm." This word is unique in that no modern language has a single word for this concept. You may be wondering why no other language in use today has an equivalent word.

You may also be familiar with the verse "Thou shalt not suffer a *m’khashepah* to live." Or at least, that's how it should be written. The thing is, the king who translated the bible to English, James VI, hated witches with a passion, so whether he realized it or not he set off a chain of events that would result in one of the world's greatest tragedies, create the world's longest moral panic, completely ruin Catholicism, cause the invention of Protestantism and a mass exodus from the Catholic church, and give Christians a bad name for centuries to come.

He newspeaked the word "m’khashepah" into "witch".



>Actually they have, successful ones at least.




What a retard, wow.

מכשפה is literally the male of


Which meant wizard, magi, or more literally one who uses kabbalistic/oral mystic knowledge to connect to a pocket of consciousness allowing him to perform or at least convince others of miracles/magic. It does, and always has, just meant witch.

The better etymological root is that of כישוף / מכשף / נחש / נקש. If you look in to that you might find some spoopy shit.

Source: yeshiva student



I don't care. Abrahamic religions are retarded with or without mistranslations of words.



A lot of rich dudes go to spiritists, astrology or things like that, its a common practice, even fedoras, once they destroy everything, start doing 'psychic' things, communist Russia has a fuckton of documents about that.


This jew is right.


Go and drink ayahuasca, mdt or wathever faggy thing you do then if you dont have any argument.



forbidden knowledge exists but its mostly /pol/ shit about IQ



Wall street traders consult astronomers


Of course it fucking does. Best way to hide shit though is out in the open, buried beneath a mountain of trash



There's a little bit of mystery inherent in the word esoteric. Something like theoretical physics I think for most people myself included, the term esoteric fits pretty well. But then there are things even a hardened scientist would call esoteric, and then I think the meaning is a little different. Here I think it would imply that some phenomenon is just a little bit beyond our understanding.

The most 'esoteric' kind of shit I was ever introduced to was the math involved in X-ray crystallography. Very strange.


This is probably going to cause a lot of political drama, but what the Hell.

I've recently come to think of climate change as a bit of both of these things. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that, as early as the 70's, some researchers have looked at the data and known that it's REALLY FUCKING BAD. I'm not talking a few degrees rise by the end of the century, I'm talking more like a few hundred degrees and complete human extinction, within our lifetimes. Now, none of the papers written about this, and that don't ignore the obvious implications of the data on the subject, are actively being censored. They are out there, but just aren't what people are talking about. They're ignored, sometimes due to being considered mere sensationalism, in favor of reports that ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS say "we still have time". No matter that emissions have gotten worse instead of getting better since we've known that the globe is warming, no matter that weather is the craziest its ever been, no matter that sea ice melting and permafrost defrosting and methane releases are larger than ever before; if you ask the pundits they will assure you that we still have a few decades left to "turn the corner". Then decades later they're still saying it. Same as when they've been telling us that fusion power is just about to happen, since the 80's. They, and most people, are falling prey to the fundamental human delusion of hope.

But it doesn't look that way at all. In fact, it looks like things are far worse than we ever dared to imagine. All the projections based on the data in the 70's had margins for error, of course. They had a predicted amount of sea ice melting, extreme weather events, methane releases, etc. based on a projection of the amount of carbon that would be released in the future, and also a best and worst case scenario that varied in either direction from that. Well, here's the thing: their projections for a WORST CASE in the 90's and 00's were what actually happened! The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is doing MORE than what they initially thought it would do. So when these same projections point to a "worst case" by the 2040's of SHTF, and the Earth being basically Venus by the end of the century, perhaps we should listen this time?

But NOBODY is. That's why this is "esoteric". It's also "forbidden" because nobody WANTS to talk about it, and discussion is often shushed to the corner by calling it crazy. Everyone either outright denies that it is happening at all, or just thinks there will be minor difficulties in the coming centuries. Nobody wants to prepare for or even imagine, a scenario where human civilization is at its end and damned sooner than you think. The truth very well may be that we "turned the corner" fifty years ago, and even if all carbon emissions stopped tomorrow, natural processes in the Earth's climate have gone far enough that the dominoes can't stop falling. The ice will keep melting, the sea will keep warming, and the methane in the ice and the sea will keep billowing out in a positive feedback loop.

Nobody wants to discuss this or plan for this because it's essentially fatalist. If true, there is NOTHING WE CAN DO about it except what is essentially palliative care, easing the pain of death and protecting our legacy. Technology isn't sufficient to either reverse this trend or shoot enough people to another habitable planet. It's like we've just diagnosed humanity with untreatable terminal cancer (extinction within fifty years) and right now we're all in the "denial" stage which is quickly turning to "anger". Even if it's a very small and remote chance that this will happen, it's downright shocking to realize that nobody is talking about it.


File: 26c8c8e73f061be⋯.gif (142.18 KB, 2150x1280, 215:128, sss.gif)

File: bb61b566a70b62b⋯.gif (28.09 KB, 956x490, 478:245, serveimage.gif)


There's actually no reason whatsoever to think this. The earth being as hot as venus in 100 years is the most absolutely anti-scientific nonsense I've ever heard in my life. It took venus hundreds of thousands-millions of years to get to that point with solar energy exposure per m^2 that's multiples of the earth's and a completely different atmospheric concentration. it's not going to happen in 100, 1000, 10000 or 100000 years. Relax

The thing you need to realize about the consensus global warming hypothesis is that it's fundamentally correct (co2, methane, etc. do cause a warming effect), but it's missing a huge piece of the puzzle - the Sun. Since the 1500's people have struggled to figure out the pattern of solar energy output/magnetic field/sunspots (choose your measurement proxy) and only in the last 10 years have we figured out an actually effective predictive model. For this reason, the base of all the warming hypotheses, the math behind them, etc were based on a consistent solar output or a simple linear extrapolation, but that simply isn't the case.

The truth is that the output power (in light and magnetic field strength) of the sun is based on the interaction between several magnetic fields. When the fields interact additively, they create warm periods of high output that make the earth warmer, when they interact destructively (cancelling each other), the output energy of the sun drops. This is what's happening right now.

All the raw datasets on global temperature show this too. Look at the UAH data, it shows clearly that 2015/16 was the peak and the temperatures have been dropping since that at a rate approx 2.5x the rate of increase prior to that 2015/16 peak. ie 8-10 years of temperature increase erased in the last almost 3 years. Just this winter, 10's of thousands of all-time/long term cold records have been set compared to almost none for heat. Its a common saying that weather and climate are not the same thing (which is true in single instances), but climate by definition is the aggregate of weather state and change vectors across climatic zones. So when the entire northern hemisphere is setting cold records despite supposedly unprecedented warming, there's strong reason to believe that what we're being told is not correct.

See pics related for measurement and projections based on valentina Zharkova's model for solar output which is by far the most accurate when compared to historical data. Here you can find her presentation on the subject which goes into much more detail on the magnetic interactions and how her model works:


Don't just dismiss this all out of hand because it doesn't fit your ideological orthodoxy, I was where you are right you once, before I decided to actually do the research for myself instead of listening to and believing cnn, IPCC, et al.'s fearmongering


File: f7d54c884c3088e⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1266x950, 633:475, Scientism 021.png)



I don't think it's necessarily hope, so much as disbelief. People have been saying the end is near for centuries, and yet we're still here… Also we trust in the power of science to save us, should the worst predictions come true.


Yes I'm trying to implement it already.




Vortex math



Smoke em if you got em. Help a brother out while you're at it.



I've heard of this, and so have a lot of people who deny anthropogenic climate change altogether. Their problem, and yours, is they just take the fact that Solar minimums/maximums exist as proof, when it's actually the opposite. Based on models of Solar activity, we should actually be in a cooling trend right now. You admit this. But we're not. I don't know where you're getting your information that shows that global temperature has been decreasing for the last few years, because it's not doing so. Literally everywhere you could look can tell you that. I don't even need to provide a source because pick one, any one, and it's right there for you to see.

>climate by definition is the aggregate of weather state and change vectors across climatic zones

No it's not. That's bullshit. Ocean temperatures are still rising. And last summer was the hottest year EVER, so even by your basic and flawed metric, that would still be false. Climate change doesn't make things hotter all the time at first, it just starts upsetting the balance. Like pushing over a spinning top that makes it start to wobble. You get hotter summers and colder winters. More floods and more droughts. More storms and bigger ones. If anything should tell you that things are fucked, it's when record-setting heat waves are followed up by record-setting cold snaps six months later. People approaching the century mark in age can tell you that's unprecedented in their lifetimes.

It's funny, though. I was wrong about one thing, and that was my claim that nobody is doing anything about this. Turns out the Jews actually launched a digital library of tons of information about humanity onto the moon. Someone really DOES care about the legacy of our doomed species! And since, according to the /pol/tards they rule the world, if they're taking action like this, surely it means something is up. It's just that the public hasn't been told yet.


Forbidden tech is a psyop or lie.

Human is far to greedy not to make a gain on some gadget or creation.



No invention to benefit the world of man will exist 'till I got the money in my hand. - some rich fucker probably


File: 84630febbc0725d⋯.png (29.71 KB, 864x363, 288:121, esoteric.png)


ding dong

your definition is wrong



Huge backstory fail.

James didn't translate the bible himself.

The KJV didn't "ruin" the Catholic church.

The Protestant Reformation predated James by a century and that didn't "ruin" the Catholic church.

The European witch panic predated James by 50 years.

The European witch panic was primarily driven by the Catholic church.

Biblical scholars generally regard the KJV as the shittiest of all biblical translations.



He is an angry Catholic. Don't be bothered by him



What actually ruined the church:

>Emperor Diocletian persecuted a religious minority that became very politically active ten years later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diocletianic_Persecution https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edict_of_Milan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_church_of_the_Roman_Empire

>Emperor Constantine thought it would be a great idea to further merge church and state, giving clergy a lot of political power. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constantinianism

>Someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to create a theocratic state headquartered on a forged land claim, as if politically backing a religion didn't already make it unstable enough. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donation_of_Constantine

>This power got to the clergy's collective heads, and they started making their own additions to religious canon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_Mariology

>In a misguided attempt to ease tensions with neighbors, the Church merged Christian holy days with foreign rites. All Hallows' Day and Samhain became Halloween, Christmas is moved to the winter solstice, Pascha and Ostara's Day became Easter. This bites them 800 years later. (Too many to link, easy enough to find)

>For some incomprehensible reason, the pope started canonizing pagan gods as saints. What could possibly go wrong? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigid_of_Kildare

>Politics and tacked-on religious doctrine start getting out of hand, now priests have to stay single like the Hellenistic vestals of old. The Eastern Orthodox Church noped out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East%E2%80%93West_Schism

>Pushed to a breaking point by Muhammad stomping all over Christendom with little to no resistance, the pope called for a crusade. The first of many. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crusades

>Henrich Kramer wrote the Malleus Maleficarium, which nearly outsold the Bible for almost 200 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malleus_Maleficarum

>The above book played a huge part in setting off the European witch-phobia. The Church encouraged this because it helped them garner support for the ongoing persecution of heretical sects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witch_trials_in_the_early_modern_period

>After all this tacked-on canon, mass hysteria, politics and corruption people decided enough was enough and noped out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reformation

>The papacy chilled for a few centuries, and lost all their land except Vatican City in the Italian unification, probably for the better. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_unification

>A massive infestation of kiddy diddlers was found within the Church. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_Church_sexual_abuse_cases

>The Catholics' prominence and misdeeds come back to bite every other denomination of Christianity, making them appear one and the same and giving trolls plenty of ammo (Way too many to source, lurk more)



>The Jews fucked up and smashed their Lunar Library into the surface at like 330mph




Lyn Buchanan, the dude who managed the CIA's remote viewing program now has a consulting group: https://www.crviewer.com/

Their clients include many fortune 500 companies and wall street firms.



The vampires never make mistakes. Every single thing they do is carefully calculated



I'm finding it very difficult to figure out how smashing a small spacecraft to shrapnel isn't a mistake, but whatever. TECHNICALLY we have no way of knowing the thing actually crashed. There was just telemetry that showed a descent speed of over 100 meters-per-second and about 100 meters above the ground right before it cut off. If the telemetry was faked, I guess we can't know, but what's the point?


>does knowledge that only a few people have and is kept carefully guarded and secret exist

OP, fuck off until you graduate past a 4 year old's mental capabilities.

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