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File: 55cbb9fc44cee7c⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 556x417, 4:3, f73cdcd0a26e3b24922ce6e618….jpg)




what did Tesla mean?

go far and wide

ive heard all the common explanations

get weird



Why don't you try reading his books? He probably explains it himself, no need for us to offer our empty speculations.


File: 3afd6995ea14601⋯.png (22.79 KB, 915x162, 305:54, 3-6-9.png)



>what did Tesla mean?

>go far and wide

>ive heard all the common explanations

>get weird

Tesla had a hard end, got a little desperate and started getting cryptic to sucker in some financiers. Even wrote to the Red Cross about alien signals. It sucked living in past.



just ordered 2


interesting saved


ill bear that in mind


both shills who replied, you know who you are

Read his autobiography, OP, he was showing RC cars to ford engineers in 1896

All of our electrical engineering was changed by one soul.

We are on the optimal timeline, because in this one, evil fails. This is why the mandela effect is here. We are meant to live and thrive here, we changed dimensions. We woke up, we did it, whether you believe it or not.


I never even heard of any explanations behind it. If I did then I forgot.

What's your favorite explanation?


File: 9d37ca6743bf559⋯.jpeg (38.91 KB, 509x410, 509:410, 04353B6C-D2FA-4D3C-9C24-D….jpeg)

In all honesty, you could take any historically famous person and slap on a quote followed by their name and spread that as fact. I’m not saying I don’t believe that Tesla actually did say that, what I’m asking for is more proof that he did.


File: d2aec48065499d7⋯.png (43.75 KB, 432x434, 216:217, B8539BD8-B878-4AC7-A676-9F….png)

File: 604d7ae8ec9d4f1⋯.jpeg (669.27 KB, 709x525, 709:525, 38AF68EC-AC5B-4EF7-BF93-D….jpeg)




File: faf24550f68ea91⋯.jpg (176.24 KB, 1095x730, 3:2, DS4Kr6wVQAAVUuU.jpg)


Will do anon.


electromagnetic field = free energy, i think i see but more info required and im not really very knowledgable about the science so still lots of unknowns



do any of you fine gentleman have any other recommended reading? Teslas Autobiog arrived today


File: 445a0366798b74c⋯.jpg (922.63 KB, 1488x1983, 496:661, tesla-map-to-multiplicatio….jpg)




You have to remember he didn't look at numbers the same way we do.



Seriously, thnx for this anon



What spiral is that?


Idk why didn't he just tell us. what a faggot



Idk sounds like evil won considering Tesla's workshop was burnt down and most of his advances twisted for monitary gain


3 = Saturn

6 = Sun

9 = Moon




outwitting the devil by napoleon hill



zero point energy

cold fusion

hydrogen engines


vibratory resonance

national semiconductor

simulation theory

perpetual motion machines

electrogravitic motors

X planes/UFOs powered by anitgravity propulsion

when was the USAF made? What day did the roswell crash happen? do you see now?

We have all of the inventions we need to survive, this is a mechanized event happening on our planet to wake us up.

We are on the optimal timeline. Be diligent in your research anon, as these are matters of life that will change all of our future.

Read that damn book, youll learn a lot.




Which book?


File: 6e76c4c89fef8f1⋯.png (293.01 KB, 455x455, 1:1, cool nice.png)


fine i'll read it.



read what


Look at the face of an analog wall clock or wristwatch

Plug in variables

Connect the dots



That sounds more like John Keely than Nikola Tesla. Why do you believe he ever said that?



69 is the sex number

haha nice



Disinfo shill trying to downplay how great the man was. They hated him for knowing what he did and they tried, and still try to shut down his brilliance away from the world.


Okay, bump for /x/philes.

str8 from nikola's wikipedia page;

"Two days later the Federal Bureau of Investigation ordered the Alien Property Custodian to seize Tesla's belongings. John G. Trump, a professor at M.I.T. and a well-known electrical engineer serving as a technical aide to the National Defense Research Committee, was called in to analyze the Tesla items, which were being held in custody. "

John G trump is who? POTUS's UNCLE

not a lie, its real, look it up.


I'm not making this shit up, OP.

After Nikola Tesla's death, the FBI ordered the Alien Property Custodian

( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Alien_Property_Custodian ) to seize Tesla's

belongings, even though Tesla was an American citizen.

The National Defense Research Committee called in an MIT Professor to make sense of Tesla's notes in order to analyze if anything in them could be weaponized.

That MIT Professor was John Trump.

Tesla's theories in his later years, he explored fantastic

topics like free energy, antigravity, invisibility and even time travel.

John Trump claimed that there was nothing of any real substance in Tesla's notes – but this

of course was a lie. He knew that if the National Defense Research Committee realized what the notes contained, it could mean the end of the world – because included in them were blueprints for a theoretical time machine.

This is the greatest timeline, and it will be even better than the ETs, EDIs, and even the deplorables can imagine. We already won.



do not let the shills push this down



This board only has ten posters.


The 3, 6, 9 quote doesn't appear to come from him, but I recall an anon breaking down the maths of those three interacting in a unique way.



Why would shills be pushing this down? Maybe people just aren't that interested.



Knowing Trump though he probably gave Tesla's secrets to Israel, where they will forever remain hidden to the goyim..


Something about negative voltages


9 months for a baby to be born. 3 is the number of a father, mother, and child. 6 is the number of a man and his parents along with a woman and her parents.

6 is the number of marriage between a man and a woman. 3 is the number of a man, woman, and their child. 9 is the number of months it takes for a child to be born.






The bible's doctrine begs to differ. These numbers are typically considered incomplete and wrong in some way.



Nobody cares. The bible and christian doctrine are designed to lead you away from the truth and into subservient slavery.



What truth exactly? Assuming you're not a troll, enlighten us.



christian doctrine the church



He doesn't care. From the way he says christianity (Not the church, but christianity itself) leads you away from the truth into slavery, he's probably a gnostic, luciferian, thelemist, or some other "opposing" belief system. Unable to explain how his own beliefs don't lead people away from the truth into subservient slavery, he won't even bother to follow up on his post.

He could also just be a troll.



All those opposing belief systems are just christianity yang. If it doesnt teach mastery and application of human energy fields and cultivation of the godhead its slavery.



Empty promises of power are a common recruitment tactic of destructive cults. Another common tactic of destructive cults is declaring mainstream religions inferior, typically through the use of loaded language. What's worse is when there are actual supernatural entities involved in said cults who would rather lie to people and tear them down and silence them for seeing through the false promises than help them for real.



>it's hopeless guys, muh isreal muh drumpf zog zogpuppet

You blackpilling niggers can go eat plasma



>free energy

>being mentally ill


Shills are pushing this down because free energy is right around the corner.



I agree and I'm not talking about cults. Christianity is a religion of sheep and nost people are sheep. It serves its purpose. Real power will not be shared nor given, its must be sought and taken. No spiritual entites are your friends and all will devour the weak. Stray not from the flock of your father's house. The woods at night are dark and deep and only the vicious survive.



As above so below. All entites act in the perception of their own best self interests to acquire resource. The truth is written in the fabric of obervable reality but none can be taught to read, they can only teach themselves.



>As above so below

Hermes Trismegistus, the first alchemist. The man actually knew what he was talking about, and his work was a major influence in both the occult and scientific communities for centuries. It's too bad some of his modern day followers devolved to the point they call the All a malicious slaver and believe that all sapient beings other than humans are predators.



t. demiurge



Gnosticism predates Christianity, you stupid monotheist.



As above so below. You cannot show me a being that is not a predator. Life feeds on life.



Gnostic Christians were put down in the second century AD



Idk but but I bought the square Tesla purple plate for 17$ and the coin/necklace 10$ one from amazon, there's a book about the plates as well.


OP is simply plugging his stupid vids to make money on the back of the gullibles. He does that on many forums.

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