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File: 4a1ae70c08d405b⋯.gif (5.69 KB, 200x321, 200:321, rrp36.gif)


I would like to learn more about supernatural occurences as well as the myths and superstitions of the original native people of the Northwestern US. I will be moving to an eastern area of Idaho at the end of summer, a few hours away from Yellowstone and approximately 4 hours away from "Skinwalker Ranch." The entire state of Idaho is sparsely populated, and much of it used to belong to Shoshone, Blackfoot and Nez Perce tribes, and I would assume that both of those factors would contribute to paranormal encounters.

From my understanding skinwalkers primarily occupy Navajo territory, and that they are shape changing witch doctors. Are there similar creatures in the traditions of other tribes?



I'm not very knowledgeable about skinwalkers, but Idaho sounds like a great place to live if you're an /x/phile.



File: 88d7709245a8025⋯.jpg (435.44 KB, 898x954, 449:477, 88d.jpg)

>From my understanding skinwalkers primarily occupy Navajo territory, and that they are shape changing witch doctors. Are there similar creatures in the traditions of other tribes?

La creatura de Norte America…



Are you talking about the wendigo? I have to admit I hadn't even thought about that one. I figured that would be something from further north than the area I'm landing in. Apparently it's an Algonquin legend. Thanks anon, I will research this.



This fucking meme. If it's not /pol/ fucking everything up its /intl/



Boy, the goblin meme came from cuckchan not the herd.



There is no difference.


I'm working on that right now! I also moved here recently & began looking into this subject about a year ago. I can tell you there definitely is some spots but they've been so hard to identify bc most of the people here themselves don't know & its not found anywhere on the internet. (most of them)


I'll try to come back and post some links or the photos I have of books & sites I've been to that I chased down.




I'd appreciate that anon, thanks. I know a bit about the culture there having grown up Mormon, so I would imagine trying to probe into the darker corners of the state is difficult. People don't like the idea of attracting supernatural activity to their families.

I look forward to seeing your research. If you're interested, I can give you my email or honeypot to assist you, though it sounds looking up info online is a bust.


I have had Nez Perce friends. Asking natives about things that they fully believe in and don't like to talk about is tricky. Multiple people I consider sound and have no reason for making up a story have seen Bigfoot or Skookumchuck whatever its called, one couple face to face outside the windshield. I played ball with a kid who's father was the Fish and Game guy for the area, out there constantly in the woods for yearz, he told a story a couple times and you could tell it scared him still, just heard 'something' calling/yelling one night and did not say what but he didn't have to and he would know what everything normal sounded like.

Friend was camping and had some totally weird aircraft, using the term loosley, fly overhead of them …. you could hear something way off like a creek running he said, and he stopped his freinds to listen…after a min it had slowly grown and he said that must be a car … which was not normal total BFE… shit I think thats a truck… no semi truck you guys ! what is a big wheeler doing out

…What The F isss … and the treetops over them start swaying back and forth for 2o secomds and then noise and wind fade. From creek to craft took 4 or 5 mins! So they go back to hanging out and after a few he hears it again so he ran and grabbes his phone and caught the second pass mostly just audio but the treetops do start moving around pretty good at the end. He can NOT talk about it withoiut getting a serious case of Goosebumps. I can't even say two words about it without him twiggin like that hyperaware mode. I think they got pulled honestly but I don't say it. Not any normal kind of vessel for a fact. Not saying not ours. And the video never catches any visual of it but …. somethiny d3f strange went by.

Damn sorry for book I had to think about it for a min and rememberd tbat one so … probably more. Crazy place in ways. Welcome to the N.W. parts of Hell's Canyon are totally amazing. Shit I just remembered dogman / wolf cryptid, and it might sound stoopid but one of the strangest things I have ever had happen was with a few owls … but they were not owls. Weirdest shit. I think you are in a good area for things like that. That is a good ways away from where I am at but still…


there are many weird or occult locations in idaho. for exapmle, there is the old frankly county sugar co building in whintey. 805 W. Linden Street in boise. the kuna caves. if you are in eastern idaho, the "lava flows" are an interesting location. hundreds and hundreds of miles of old volcanic field. people say not to go out there alone, as it all begins to look identical once you leave range of the city lights. people get lost and never return all the time.



White Pine and St Joe and mainstream campgrounds aren't creepy unless you're a cosmopolitan urbanite faggot who gets scared by the wind in the trees at night.



There are several military installations all around the same, some reportedly hidden in the wilderness. Lake Ponderay in the north of the state houses a military research base where they test underwater acoustics. To the south are some abandoned Titan missile silos. Wouldn't be hard to believe the military is testing secret craft up there.






can you elaborate in the owls thing


Idaho's a really fucked up place. I don't know if I'd lean more toward federal agency fucking around or "supernatural" stuff, but it's super fucked. Infrasound and general evil feelings all around. Evil companies, evil people, if you're anyone not native to the area you're satan but convicted child molesters are allowed to live within a 2 minute drive of a school.



It's the mormons and their evil Anglo-vampire ways.

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