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File: d7dccc5b2d2ecc4⋯.jpg (149.27 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 1560077268735.jpg)


Hey /x/,

What is that one paranormal thing that interests you the most? I am trying to diversify my interests.

For me, I'd say that Clockwork Elves that have been seen by folks tripping. Probably bullshit, but still interesting to think about a veil being lifted after taking these drugs and experiencing these boiz.



>drugs and experiencing these boiz.

I think it is a bad thing if you only can experienc them through drugs. Work on meditation, work harder if needed but don't take shortcuts.



File: 6debf52d95d9520⋯.jpg (10.13 MB, 4148x6516, 1037:1629, Giant_Suttung_wants_reveng….jpg)

File: 76af4fad52654ae⋯.jpg (68.8 KB, 620x981, 620:981, giant mound builder.jpg)

File: 4fedc4dd0a0cce0⋯.jpeg (134.97 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, 1997.jpeg)

File: 2384e8daa2eb254⋯.jpeg (384.61 KB, 1300x1045, 260:209, Giants of Baal.jpeg)

As of lately, somewhere between faeries and giants, so I guess bigfoot.



Do you think there's a link between fairies and giants? Cool pictures by the way, especially the last one.



why on earth did you post a screenshot of this game?

this is legit spooking me out right now



it's a comfy game, and 8/x/ is mor comfy and good for your soul than anything else

>secretly shits on halfchan



I kid you not but, I played this game again last week or so for the first time since I was a teenager, a long time ago. Until now I never, not even once saw anyone post a screen of this game. Then I play it and come here and see this, I feel like someone is watching me or something.

I even said to a buddy of mine that I want to make a game like this because I love the comfy feel of it and the art

do I know you maybe?



either synchonicity, where your mind is focused on one thing and you autmaticly start to look for it without knowing it or…

since this game is general loved by the anons and therefore actually posted quite a lot, pure coinceding



I can't think of any connection between them that would be of any significance. They are both mythological and from within the same mythologies quite often so there has to be some kind of connection that is more than this.


I'm pretty interested in a "healing touch", mostly because I'm completely sure that I have it. Thing is, it only works on non-human animals (I once brought a dog that was paralyzed from the waist down back to being able to walk normally). I suspect this is because the mechanism that it functions by is by stimulation of the animal's own healing processes (albeit far above what it would to on its own) through direct stimulation with my own life-energy. It doesn't work on humans because they have their own life-energy that resists my own. But it's just my theory, and have no way of knowing if it's the truth. I just know it works on dogs frighteningly well.

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