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File: ea09e68aaa407c2⋯.jpeg (53.93 KB, 753x645, 251:215, 37F060EE-90BA-4F14-9B0D-1….jpeg)


Does anyone have the unedited image of pic related? It’s not Katy/Heather according to this thread


It’s a different girl who used to post a picture of herself on /b/. As a result of spamming this one pic of herself (shown in a dark room pulling a stupid smile on her face), many people in her thread began progressively photoshopping it onto something vaguely creepy to troll her. The post was said to be made around the years of 2004/05’ and along the caption of the photo, the girl asked if she was pretty. Anons began photoshopping it, and the earliest one replied to her saying “Now you are”.

I don’t think anyone new (like me of course) could find the unedited source and photo of pic related. The thread including the girl’s shoops are either archived or still untraceable. The girls name is Victoria and the only way we can find either her thread and unedited image is to bring some ancient and oldfags from 4chan in here.

Anyone willing to help?



Not only when you have to find some ancient oldfags, you will have to find one that remembers. I mean that shit was 14 years ago


My name jeff.



it has been a decade and a half almost, gonna be pretty hard to find it if its still available


I had it, still might assuming the HDD will still allow me to read the files. I have a lot of HDDs in storage with old /b/ folders on them. I plan on putting my old PC baxk together soon I'll see what I can find for you.

Been planning on doing that for 5+ years so don't be surprised if I never get around to it

you should leave while you still can. I found /b/ through SA in 2004 and never left imageboards. It's true what they say you're stuck here forever although some times the location changes. I'm mostly on altchans and the darknet these days



>altchans and darknet

like what? I hate the faggots here






You have it? Cool! I hope you put the unedited pic up as long as you fix your old PC. Your doing God’s work friendly anon.


I got my HDDs out of storage but I need to get an IDE to Sata adapter so I can pull the data off them. I'll let you anons know if I manage to find it I didn't realize it was rare.

I'll see if I can get my old PC going in the mean time. I have a lot of old HDDs so I'm not sure which one it's on. I'm a data hoarder going back 2 decades so it might be awhile assuming these HDDs still work. I also have a lot of CD-Rs with data backed up on them I'll look through those too.



Cool man. Where were the 2004/05' /b/ forums on Something Awful? Going through the archives rn.

Also did the girl say anything in her post in prior to what OP said? Did she have more with her or just that one image?



Godspeed, anon.


Bump this threat till the Pic was posted


File: 08f4280c8bbbe8c⋯.jpeg (24.21 KB, 450x385, 90:77, 0E900EA3-138F-48DE-8AED-5….jpeg)


Did you save some of the other photoshops aside from the two? Here’s one but it seems slightly edited. Just by looking at the shops I think they seem pretty unremarkable.


Hey guys, BBS Original Fag Pro from the original Channel, I also have a full hd file conversion of Saki Sanobashi in my old computer but it's lost somewhere in the radioactive pits of Chernobyl, if you want I can go find it and get it back to you guys.

I don't post much here these days as I deliberately seek out imageboards with only 1 post per month to post on or darkweb cp boards but if you want I can give it to you, I also have the original doll image, and the original Smile.Jpg image along with the original Happy.gif from 1992 and the Grifter, just be warned once you see it you gotta spam it lol.



what doll image? i think i remember seeing it. also what was the happy.gif image supposed to be? post it nao



also bring bacc up the saki sanobashi anime plz


Hey guys. I’m just an old ancientfag passing through here; I’ve briefly seen the unphotoshopped image myself of course, and I’ve vaguely recall seeing her old thread back in the day. 2005 or 06’, I still don’t know when this exactly occurred. Also, this “Victoria” is probably just another camwhore who joined 4chan and some people don’t recognize her now (aside from crackychan). And I thought these photoshops of Victoria were unremarkable too.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know how anyone (from that long ago) would steal one of the photoshopped images and make them into such a retarded story made by some edgy middle schooler. Whatever needs to be found, let me know. I can’t even rack my brains to figure out what exactly happened in the thread. If you choose to find the unedited image and/or her thread, then cheers for you man. I won’t be in this post for long; I’ll talk tomorrow if I can.



Post the spooky pics m8!



Some guy is saying it was just a latex mask




No it’s not. The girl in the photo clearly has black human hair and the camera blocked her face off.


so you guys found anything yet?



post the unedited picture man >:(


BTW isn't this a photoshop of boxy? I've heard that this is the photoshop of a random fat femanon but i'm pretty sure this is boxy.



Have no idea. To many shitty theories itt man



You're pretty based. You can come over to my house and fuck my wife.



Did you find it? Keep us updated, man. We’re starving over here.



Hey guys, 4channer here. Made this really quick. In regards to >>51200, did you find

the unedited image yet or are you sill looking through shtuff?




If both of ya can’t find it, I’ll call both of you losers.



Why leave? Chan culture is great: I have learned enormous amounts from here, had the opportunity to explore new ideas and hobbies from philosophy and politics to cooking and gardening and gained massive amounts of motivation to better myself from some of the things posted.



You don’t understand what it’s like to get fucking trolled.



>trolling is traumatic!!1!

>wasted trips

Go back to Twitter.






Did you do it yet? don't leave us hanging here, dude! D:

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