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File: 1dd64980c17de94⋯.jpeg (51.19 KB, 474x743, 474:743, emporer of mankind.jpeg)


How do I live for eternity? Don't really care how tbh, just as long as it isn't some devil shit. Becoming transhumanist or whatever is acceptable but I need either proven or at the very least theoretical probables.


To become pic related and lead humanity into the future and to ensure the survival of man.

I can't do that if I don't have literally all the time in the world to work with.

Anything helps.


You can use prayers and craft symbols and monuments to help your spirit live forever in the future, or you can use mental science to regenerate or body forever, or do both




He's unfortunately right. You'll also want to replace organs with young men's newer one's every 50-80 years too.


If anyone found a way, they kept it quiet enough. I'd say you're relying on technology now rather than the occult.



Won't work because your brain tissue also degrades over time, and you can't replace your brain with someone else's because OBVIOUSLY. The only result would be you becoming a 20-year-old with horrible debilitating dementia.


File: e31d4ff07c33f17⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 40k_imperial_march.webm)


>To become pic

You did catch the corpse Emperor bit, right? Immortality came back to bite him.


>be human

>want to live forever

>accomplish goal

>realize the world is boring

>go to hell




Try looking into alchemy, red and white tincture, supposedly some recipes for something close to it can be found even online (helps maintain age, will slightly rejuvenate, won't really offer immortality as it's not the finished thing) but most people won't even try to get at it as it requires quite some dedication, time and a smudge of actual chemical equipment.

There's also internal alchemy which has much less to do with that alchemy. Both require certain spiritual ability, but while in the former it's more like meditation and concentration when you make the thing over months, in the latter it's almost completely spiritual stuff.

Transhumanism, at least in the most popular edition, 'become digitalized/robot' is kinda shit in that there's no at all proof you'd be you when it comes.

Important thing though, anon, why the hell you think you'd be good for it? Why would you be given immortality if there's so many more people possibly more qualified than you? There's absolutely no reason for anyone to think here you'd acquire any power even if you'd become immortal or that the future you'd lead anyone to would be better than if someone else would do it.


If the placebo effect can cure actual illnesses, it can probably stop or at least slow down aging.


never EVER fap. the semen will constantly renew your body



he didn't choose to be immortal and he's only a corpse because of Horus betraying him.

The Emperor could die and regenerate at any time, but he can't since his body is what prevents a second wave of demons from raping humanity into another dark age.



If this were true, either boys would never age (they aren't wasting semen and can't) or they would wither and die into corpses overnight (because they have no semen to keep those oh-so-important anti-aging whatevers at bay). It also conveniently ignores how women exist at all.


What about vampires? They are immortal.


you can never become "immortal", you can extend your life significantly though, but at a great cost in your next life so I would not recommend it.

the magic that gives you further material life drains your spirit, hence why the vampires fear death so much

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