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File: 2aec59e0ed0e51a⋯.jpg (77.02 KB, 600x1063, 600:1063, 16personalitys.jpg)


>Soy is a biological weapon to alter male behaviour. Hospitals mostly make stuff with it and Give it to kids where it is most effective. It's purpose is to weaken the males minds so they are more reliant on others than themselves which makes then easier to control. When a soyboy deals with the media he believes everything is true and then goes on social media where this truth is shared. This truth is meant to control the population so they will not question things. Most companies are owner by the same people who want this truth to be reality.

>with physics we know that the timeline is a dot but since we are in the dot it is a line to us. The beginning and end of the universe has already happened, we cannot stop that. There is so much of the universe that what happens on earth means nothing to the overall universe. Neurons make it so chaos theory is possible (neurons move randomly so free will happens with other stuff). Humanity is like neurons since we are as small as neurons in a universal sense. Neurons can be controlled but it takes a bunch of energy to do so. Same can happen to humans. If neurons cannot move randomly then free will cannot exist in that area.

Do your research friends and stay alert.


what does free will have to do with your theory of time



It was an analogy between neurons and the human species.

Both have ability to move around randomly which has cause and effect.

Neurons moving around causes human free will. Humans moving around randomly causes a chain reaction which controls what society is like.

Neurons can be controlled by humans but it takes a lot of effort.

Humans can be controlled by society but it takes a lot of effort.

Soy alters how neurons move in the human anatomy. This effects their random movement and thus free will is altered enough to disappear from that person. If enough humans are altered then society can control itself though it's control of humans. When society has control society cannot change to human demands since humanity is controlled by the same society.



neurons use stochastic pattern generation and are subject to noise in signal transmission, neither of these are truly random processes. "chaos theory" is a framework of mathematics that focuses on the sensitivity of complex systems to initial conditions, it's not something to be proved or disproved. wtf are you even trying to say?


>Muh soy

/pol/ wants its meme back.

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