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File: 81761ac091a0a9f⋯.png (466.48 KB, 646x615, 646:615, enron.PNG)


No crimes were committed at Enron.

Enron was one of the most innovative companies in the 1990s and 2000s. But there are certain powerful people in Wall Street, in the press and in government, who absolutely fear innovation. Why do you think they've been running a massive campaign against cryptocurrency? Against alternative energy solutions?

You need to look behind the curtain for once.

Giant, iconic companies like Enron don't just collapse in a few weeks, not without some MAJOR tampering going on. Lay, Skilling and Fastow were close to revolutionizing communications as we know it, basically creating a new and better Internet; and they were treated like criminals and imprisoned for it because someone feared their power.

Yes, it was Enron who first created the vision of secure decentralized transmissions; known today as the BLOCKCHAIN.

Of course, the fucking vampires and bankers couldn't have their power overturned so fast, so they launched an absolute storm against the company digging up dirt on the execs and constructing a fake "scandal" to get the public to move along with them. And so, the stock price of Enron fell dizzyingly fast, and as a result technological advancement is still 2 decades behind to this day.

Now destroying the company was not enough of course, they had to destroy the research too; so they had goons invade their offices and shred thousands of relevant documents so it'd all be lost. Then they invented a fake story that it was Enron trying to cover up their fake "financial scandal", so that nobody would ask questions.

And Blockchain is just ONE of many examples of the technologies Enron was developing. If the company was still around for just a few more years, there would be no global warming.

Seeing the advancement of humanity delayed further and further at the hands of these vampires drives me up the fucking wall.


The vampires fear money that is not in their banks. I wonder what happens if everyone suddenly invested a lot of money into cryptocurrencies…


The richest have no money

The richest have a different form of currency


they only care about the value people put in fake little rectangles called money

don't worry, illuminati has fallen. New-new world order. (not theirs)



We are richer than billionaires and CEOs, we still have our youth.


They were turning off power plants and causing blackouts in California. All to raise the price of power so they could artificially profit off of it.

They went down because they were so fucking stupid with their scam.

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