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File: 3571fc213cde1ee⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 318x306, 53:51, ee687dfa898be2a26b8ea2f77e….jpg)


Hey /x/, shit's gone massively sideways in the past month and i'm not sure I myself can fix it. I seek help from the paranormal. Wonderinf if any of you guys know anything on selling your soul to the devil in exchange for a favour


You'd be better off barking up a different tree. This is basically a meme-status thing now, and has been for a while.

We don't want your soul. I mean, we do, but bargaining favors or material wealth for souls hasn't been worth it for over half a century. It has never been easier and more boring. You're marketing a shot-glass of river water to someone standing under a waterfall. It's not worth it and in the end, we're getting it anyways.

Barely any of you can throw together an actual ritual anymore anyways. We still show up because it's something to do and we're so frustratingly bored. Maybe get some advice here on how to get a little train-wreck of your own going here and cook up a decent meal, it'll go further.



First of all, you can't sell your soul, because you don't have a soul. You ARE A SOUL, you have a body. Second, God owns your soul, because if you have a soul, you belong in the kingdom of heaven, and go there no matter what. Third, even if you could (And you Can't), Why would someone ever be stupid enough to trade something that is forever and pure and good, for a small temporary good or pleasurable thing or power in a temporary life that results in a forever of suffering later? What do you think the demons do with your soul in hell? Retard, absolute retard.


You need to travel. Hitchhiker style. Talk about your dreams and the idea of souls. Eventually you will encounter a crossroad demon. You won’t think much of the chance encounter but it will be the one that sells your soul with blood, semen or a handshake.



>you can't sell your soul…You ARE A SOUL

I don't understand. Do you think we took them immediately? It comes into our possession after your death. Sometimes that's an untimely one.

>God owns your soul

Haha! You were given free will in life to do with it as you please.

Not that the system there is perfect, you get no sympathy from "above" if you fall victim to dementia or other similar affliction and live/die in sin. He might have taken flesh to understand the troubles that plague the flesh but not everything was taught from the short experience.

If you've died saved and forgiven then yes, it does return back under his dominion. If not, then you become ours.

An eternity as a damned soul separate from His light means SEPARATE. He will abandon you just as you abandoned Him.

>what do you think the demons do with your soul in hell?

Entertainment, in the short-run. Imagine any of your modern sports leagues but with more dire consequences for the losers and relief for the winners. Suffering always tastes better when there's an element of hope involved. It was a hard issue to resolve since the hope of eternal salvation is off the table. It's more enjoyable than just straight torment.

Wager-fodder for the big dude in the long-run.



You talk like you're one of them. Are there really demons lurking /x/?



More like demons walking the earth, become globalist politicians, UN, EU, communists, socialists, democrats, modern day liberals, and useless idiots pretending to be something else.


You talk like you have power, but you have none. God decides everything, and you have no say. God has all the say start middle and end. Doesn't matter how wrong you are, you will always lie.



Don't forget teachers or other school related jobs.



We call them LARPers round these parts son.



>walking the earth

I can't tell if your idea on how possession works is influenced too heavily by historical/modern fiction. Or if you think we take physical form.

>become globalist politicians, UN, EU

Hilarious. Please, keep thinking this.

>communists, socialists, democrats, modern day liberals

I think our greatest success has been directing the ultimate rejection of His ideals by His adherents. You're so blinded by fear and the words of individuals that were worth making substantial arrangements with that you will likely never again see the Truth. Fear, hate, and more hate. You consume their words and stray further, effectively hamstringing yourself from ever changing. If He again decided to take human form we would not see His deniers nailing Him to a cross. It would be His self-proclaimed disciples doing so with manic grins on their faces. Tragic and humorous.

>You talk like you have power, but you have none.

Time and The Fall have reduced us but we still hold some. Not that we truly need much to influence the flesh and through it the soul. Get black-out drunk, consume any mind altering drug, take steroids, accidentally hit your head in just the wrong way, religiously watch any fear/hate-mongering media so much that it corrupts you. The flesh drives the soul more than the soul drives it.

>God decides everything, and you have no say. God has all the say start middle and end.

By His Word those who reject Him are in turn rejected by Him. The refuse falls as we did and is ours to do with as we please.


File: 5ad828ce95e69c9⋯.jpg (135.69 KB, 900x900, 1:1, questioning anime girl.jpg)


What if instead of selling yourself to evil spirits who want to torture you forever, you just got off your ass and started fixing your life?



If you clean your room you sell your soul!




We live on the precipice of the Kali-Yuga and you're bored?

>speaking of YHVH in caps like he's the actual creator of everything

Not very, uh, demonic of you, is it?

On top of that, very dualistic of you. Funny how one of the entry-level wisdoms of basically all esotericisms is the idea that good and evil are illusions because of perspective and such. Are you sure you're a demon, anon?

Oh wait, I suppose you're just evil and your whole existential purpose is to… ruin everything? But you're losing (on purpose?) because muh HE is in control at all times and he's just letting you think you're winning? What's your ultimate goal? Destruction of everything that's good, true, and beautiful?

To be quite frank you read like a clichée comic book villain. Kill yourself anon.

Personally, I've met very few demons that are actually anti-cosmic. What breed do you belong to? Angels? Demons? Norse, egyptian, babylonian, persian spirits?

Dude, fucking Apollo is a demon, and the dude's literally a sun god. What the fuck are you on anon?

tl;dr: obvious controlled opposition is obvious


Oh wait no. Are you one of those people that think they're "incarnate demons"? Like how some people believe they've incarnated from some star like Sirius, there are people that think they're literally some demon born into human form. Are you one of those faggots?

In any case, kill yourself. If it's one thing this universe doesn't need more of it's retards buying into the controlled dialectic of dualism.


Satan is in all women. If you sell your soul for true love you end up with an obsession. You truly love her but she wont love you back. You will see. I tried to beat satan by selling it for love but i learned a harsh lesson.


>how to demonstrate low value to ethereal beings of divine indifference.

yea that'll work well



>and you're bored?

Contrary to what Human perception would tell you it IS boring right now. Tell me, what is going on right now that makes the past pale in comparison? Stand aside millennia of strife, some people are unhappy with their genitalia! The mitigating factor here is how populated this world is now.

>speaking of YHVH in caps like He's the actual creator of everything

Of us. Not of everything. An artist creates imagery but they did not create the raw materials. I do not know if there are older things but there are other things.

>good and evil are illusions because of perspective and such

Both are illusions in the same way that time is. The three are linked in that they're all only relevant to those affected by the other two. If time touches you then so does good and evil. Is that not why a few of you seek to become unbound? To escape such frameworks before your life can be weighed?

>just evil…ruin everything…destruction of everything that's good, true, and beautiful?

Everything? Where have I said that? Human's are not everything and they are certainly not all that is "good, true, and beautiful."

>Apollo is a demon

Apollo is not His. Apollo wasn't created by Him and as such isn't bound to Him.


I'm not going to BS you, I did this to get a file that was long gone back from my computer.

Pray to Satan, as if praying to God.

If you get results, which you actually might, the deed has been done.

No sacrifices or any of that bullshit, old fashioned prayer. The more petty the task, the more likely there will be intervention.

I was able to do this twice, after that I stopped getting results.


>selling your soul to the devil to solve your problems

honestly makes less sense than just killing yourself


File: 6b0f55cfbc89218⋯.jpg (126.29 KB, 660x660, 1:1, toby.jpg)

Last I checked, selling your soul is a meme started by fiction writers.


File: 00f771a96315e7b⋯.jpg (30.64 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 00f771a96315e7b819a12c032a….jpg)

you know what to do



The shortcut is a lie. There is only one path to the mountain top - there is only the hard way. The uncertain way.

Sacrifice yourself, burn off everything unworthy in service to your potential, and you will be rewarded manyfold.


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nothing is worth your immortal soul. your mortal time is limited and if you want the favor of gods i suggest you start trying to impress them rather than beg.

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