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File: 0b95087bf1ac0e0⋯.jpg (68.04 KB, 772x960, 193:240, FB_IMG_1562356589469.jpg)


I have a confession to explain why I look so much younger than I am. I will also answer question. I will not post any images that reveal my face or identity.

Firstly, I know there are more of us -more like me- out there, because I can feel them. I can tell when we meet. I always know, even if they don't, and I believe we're supposed to be "paired" together in order to fulfill the strange will of the source.

Moving on, that being said.

Now I'm not sure everyone has the exact same "senses" as I do, or whatever you want to call them. Using these senses, I can dramatically increase the flow of time around me, while I remain unaffected by the passage of time.

Sometimes it happens in my sleep, and I wake up to realize a few days have gone by. I do not recall any memories that people have during the time I skip, but apparently I am still there. I don't disappear. The flow of time for me is almost like a spoked wheel, but with infinite spokes. I don't have direct control unless I'm pushing the clock forward a few minutes or hours. I am aware that spacetime flows drastically "slower" through my being.

In addition to this, I can sense emotions or hidden thoughts, but it's always blurry and it doesn't always work on others with these same senses as I. No, I am not an "empath" or whatever. At least, I wouldn't call it that though I imagine the original idea spawned from another like me.

Also, I highly doubt most of them know they have this, as they don't want to be labeled as crazy or whatever else might inhibit them from embracing it all. It can be pretty terrifying sometimes.

I am also cursed with strange, un-earned knowledge and awareness. I am always aware of a strange presence I can't really describe, which is where these extra senses come from.

This is becoming too long, so I'll post the rest in the comments.

pic unrelated


File: 7160776f16f7380⋯.jpg (92.64 KB, 565x640, 113:128, FB_IMG_1562466073129.jpg)

I have a "starter kit" of sorts, describing a few symptoms that may clue you in on if you have similar abilities or not. They are as follows:

>If you see shadow people, and moreso when you are blackout drunk or on other intoxicating or mind-altering substances.

>If you have proven to be able to "know" the entirety of a person you just met- that is, know them on an emotional or interpersonal level without any prior knowledge or contact with absolute minimal first interaction.

>If you "feel" the environment around you as if it were an extension of yourself. This can sometimes be debilitating.

>If you age unusually slow, even if you don't take care of your body, and are always in good health.

There are a few more symptoms, but I won't list them all here so every autist can say "hey dats me".

I WILL answer questions.

And no, I am not schizophrenic, schizoaffective, or anything like that.

I was diagnosed with childhood ADHD, which has become Adult ADHD. I do not believe these ADD or ADHD are real disorders.

I believe I gained these abilities after connecting with the previously-mentioned presence, or "source". There was no special circumstance or event that happened to me. I suppose it just "chose" me, or awoke inside of me.

As I said before I will answer questions.




How old are you now?



I am 27, but I have not physically changed in age for the last ten years.



No offense, but I kinda doubt that. You probably haven't changed much, but if you compared your photos from 10 years ago to one taken today, I bet you'd see a difference.

Anyway, if I'm wrong and you actually haven't changed, it's more likely that you're somehow affecting your own biological time, rather everyone else's. Everyone knows that our perception of time passing can be influenced by our mood, and it's well established that a person's state of mind can have an effect on his body. Maybe there are people who can sort of control the speed of their own metabolism?

If we want to get more into /x/-territory, there's a theory called the 'ladder of selves', according to which our mind is a bit like a skyscraper, with many different floors, some of which go below the ground while others reach the sky, and normally we just stay at the ground floor. There are people, like Colin Wilson, who believe that precognition and other similar abilities are the result of our mind being able to temporarily switch to a higher position on the ladder.



It's fine. I expected doubt, of course. But no. If anything, I look younger now than I did back then but that's probably because I'm in better shape now than back then.

As far as metabolism, I have far-above-average reflexes and exemplary sensory awareness, my body temperature rides around 100°F year round, and I am very unaffected by extreme cold. I doubt my metabolism is slowed.

I wouldn't say the mind is akin to a skyscraper. The entire mental body of the self is still a part of physical reality. Every single absolute singularity of reality is through and through interconnected to each other. I assume it's just a matter of moving the essence of the self from one state to another, but perhaps I just haven't developed the ability to move my physical body through spacetime outside of mere physical locomotion.

As we pass through each singular moment into the next, we are moving through spacetime. As all points in spacetime are interconnected like an infinitely dense web, teleportation should be as easy as walking out of your front door. However, there must be some resistant force holding everything into its own order, otherwise all of reality would be a tangled, violent mess of chaos. I'm quite afraid of making the jump, because I don't want to sublimate myself into nothingness.



Are you from the 618, by chance?

I could be wrong, but there's no harm in asking.


Do you know anything about Christ Consciousness? It's an understanding of all things here. Understood (downloaded?) in an instant. Takes a long time to unfold and understand. A touch from the Creator or link made from It.


Whatever you do, do not fall into a Jesus Complex. It will do no good. And seeking out hidden feelings, thoughts and emotions in others is really none of your business. Permission is needed. Don't go swinging open doors that aren't yours. There are some that will object.



That's not that unusual.



You're just neotenous like me. You probably have a high IQ too and are more susceptible to hypnosis. It's not a rare condition. Maybe we're vampires or aliumz but it doesn't really matter because no one would believe that and it wouldn't change our lives anyway.



I'm impervious to hypnosis, and my IQ was 150 when I was in gradeschool, but IQ can change. I haven't been tested and to be honest have no desire to be.



I don't care about other people's personal salvation, and I don't purposefully "look" into people, nor can I directly access their thoughts. When I meet someone, I get the vibes, and I'm always able to put things together. It's usually a good character judgement tool, or I'm able to feel out a situation with absolute accuracy.



also, perhaps I am am neotenous, but I sexually matured normally and have been able to grow a beard since junior high, despite retaining youthful features.



I wouldn't call it christ consciousness, but maybe something like that.



Do you know anything about Weiner Unconsciousness?


Mental health problems identified


File: 2d42f5667edec2f⋯.png (334.31 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, __someya_mako_saki_drawn_b….png)

Maiden Heaven?



>I'm impervious to hypnosis

It's voluntary, dipshit. You have to larp like you're doing itt to be hypnotized. That's how I know you're easy to hypnotize.



Me too. Without my beard I look 16. You're just a standard neotenic. You even have the I'm special attitude. The good news is from my observations people like us tend to reproduce and have lots of children unlike normies. Also I wasn't the person you're replying to so I'm curious about what that post said before it was deleted?



He typed the post number manually which either means he's old-fashioned, or unfamiliar with OpenIB.



>Sometimes it happens in my sleep, and I wake up to realize a few days have gone by. I do not recall any memories that people have during the time I skip

i too, am an alcoholic



can confirm this is a huge trap. use as stepping stone and move the fuck on. It's no good to stay there.




IQ is an imperfect concept applied to an imperfect test created by imperfect human beings to test an imperfect concept



this son of a bitch in every fucking thread



Joke or usual troll asshole…?


File: 0a965fdf6844b34⋯.jpg (130.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, anime_girl_happy_laughing.jpg)


Naw you're just a crybabby gb2/plebbit



as soon as you stop being an isolated neet, time will catch up with you and you'll lose your powers.



only people with low iqs say things like that.

coincidence, isn't it.




Lol you fucking baby


File: 6540a88720a221c⋯.jpg (125.47 KB, 700x700, 1:1, initiator.jpg)



>Every single absolute singularity of reality is through and through interconnected to each other.


>I'm quite afraid of making the jump, because I don't want to sublimate myself into nothingness.

You won't, it's pretty hard to leave the physical rut you're stuck in actually. There's a reason we can only move about in 3 spacial dimensions and only unidirectionally through time.

Sounds like you're mostly dicking with your own perception more than anything. The best analogy would be interaction between matter and electromagnetic energy (light, etc.) - you can project it far and wide and move information around in ways that would be impossible through physical means. You can build lasers and whatnot to concentrate the effects but this does not occur naturally.



>my IQ was 150 when I was in gradeschool

Should be noted, IQ is normalized by age. A "highly gifted" IQ score for a highscool student is barely average at graduate school level.

Mid to late 20s is typically when people will reach their potential from the perspective of IQ, tests on children reveal more about merrit than intelligence.




>only people with low iqs say things like that.

or those who don't understand statistics.

truth, lies and statistics. iq scores are simply statistical measurements and most people don't have a fucking clue what to do (and what not to do) with those.

>coincidence, isn't it.

correlation is not causation <- write that down and remember it



OP here, I thought it was funny.



The scope of current human knowledge is limited. I'm convinced there is a way around this.



I'm aware of this, that's why I stated I haven't been tested since.



I'm not an isolated neet. I work and I have a decent social life. I meet new people every week, and I still manage to get alone time to recharge.



I could say the same thing about people who feel the need to point their finger at someone else's shortcomings. People who tend to point out the flaws in others are only recognizing something they see in themselves.



You also should know that all matter is just energy, just like everything else. It seems logical to me that we should be able to move about time in three dimensions. Since space and time ARE, in fact, the same thing.

Entropy is what we generally refer to as linear time. Find a way around entropy, you'll find the answers to everything.


Has your ability of empathy made you jaded to the point where you don't care about suffering anymore?



I've been there before, but it was during a dark period of my life.



actually, allow me to further explain.

I've met more bad people than good. No matter where you go, it's apparent that everyone has some dark, ulterior, entirely selfish motive. That's the way humans are, even people we would consider "good". I believe the truth of morals is that it's entirely relative to an individual moment and only shared with those involved. Bad people can do selfless things and still be bad. Good people can be selfish.

I understand this goes for myself as well.

I like to say "enlightenment is impossible to achieve if one strives for it", because it's futile to act against your nature.


We can't escape our nature. If anything, I've learned to be even moreso sympathetic towards people because of this. We've all taken turns being the good guy and the bad guy.



And here you are, browsing /x/

What exactly are you looking for? What about yourself can you not accept?


go see a psychiatrist



Why do you keep saying this when you know it is wrong?



What's wrong with some level of selfishness? It's not like you either have to be entirely selfish or entirely selfless, there's a lot of middle ground. Same for "acting against your nature": yes, we are ruled by our biology but we also have some level of control over it and it's also part of our nature to try to rise above it, no less than using it as an excuse to be bad people.



Pay no attention to the demons.



I never said there was anything wrong with it at all. I've learned that everything plays an equal part. It isn't about morals in the grand scheme. Everything has it's place, everyone has their moments.



So many mental logic traps in this thread



At least Someone gets it



and energy is just information



Doesn't hurt to strive anyway in spite of all evil



A dangerous trap to fall into, to become the monster you seek to run from or avoid



This is the same person in every thread on 8ch that tells people they are schizophrenic or crazy because they don't agree with them. Fuck off Mathew.



Oh right. True.


This is my only post on /x/ but I will make it brief. Your mental projection of how you think you look is not the same as how you actually look. You do not have the ability to warp time. You can train yourself to perceive time differently and thus move/think/react faster than others.

You can will almost anything into existence if you train yourself both mentally and spiritually. Your brain matter is the only part of you that is real, the rest is cogs and wheels that allow your meatsuit to walk around. Understanding this is critical if you actually want to learn to manipulate reality. Otherwise you're going to be playing with a Ouija board asking OTHERS to do the work for you.


I have some of these aspects maybe?

Did my involvement in witchcraft have anything to do with it?



no. self-awareness training did.



>The scope of current human knowledge is limited.

That is not a coincidence, it's the whole point of this.


>all matter is just energy

Inaccurate and misleading. Yes you can transpose to/from any form of energy to any other but of minimal praxis for this universe. "matter" is a very specific subset of "energy" (using that term in the most generic sense) as is 'electromagnetic' energy.

>space and time ARE, in fact, the same thing

Nope. Time and matter have weak links relative to how strongly the three spacial dimensions are linked. Time only moves forward, or rather our motions are is aligned along that (temporal) dimension, and anything that does not (see 'anti-particles') is basically disappears in a hurry. Now consider: So why is this different for spacial dimensions?











You know, humanity with the good/bad/moral/etc. business is just here to test out a newfangled random number generator. Results are confusing, entropy is king…


File: a008f58fc395e48⋯.jpg (61.09 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1548845066387.jpg)




File: 01e3b8a32028e44⋯.png (553.48 KB, 1020x1020, 1:1, 01e3b8a32028e4496e30d58f81….png)




File: 0d51e7215ee827b⋯.jpg (39.87 KB, 720x720, 1:1, food.jpg)

Take your LARPhaggotry to tumblr.


>Sometimes it happens in my sleep, and I wake up to realize a few days have gone by

>Sometimes a few days go by where I do nothing and nobody cares

So you're a friendless NEET?

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