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lulz epic longcat iz winrar!!!!!


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the most epic board on the internets!! - /y2k/

File: 5ca15e114a98e98⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 185.01 KB, 90x90, 1:1, crashdance.gif)


Re-writing this since I removed a lot of the word filters that messed with the original post. Welcome to /y2k/! This is a board for talking about anything and everything from the 2000's, especially Internet culture from the time.


1. Remember the 8chan global rule - any illegal content will be removed either by me or the global admins.

2. This is a SFW board. NSFW content, spoilered or not, will be removed.

3. No modern slang; it's annoying to other users and will just be removed provided it isn't already filtered.

4. No spamming or flooding the board.

5. Don't post personal information about anyone but yourself.

6. Don't send false reports, or "over-report" over 9000 posts.

7. No political discussion. Images about political events from the time are moar or less k, but meaningless bickering over Bush and 9/11 will result in a ban.

8. Have fun!

Post last edited at

File: cf95fc1bef6f385⋯.jpg (286.11 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 353.jpg)


Old chan general. Post old memes, screencaps, etc

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File: b9cc18ead26bab0⋯.png (359.53 KB, 799x448, 799:448, Auschwitz.png)


4chan/b/'s CSS layout changed to nyan cat for caturday


File: 14a4077504d79d5⋯.webm (11.2 MB, 320x240, 4:3, ancient meme.webm)

I got one.


File: d138caf1f6c4f0d⋯.png (222.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, heather2chan.png)


File: a8287e11fe540ce⋯.png (242.63 KB, 800x323, 800:323, humans.png)

File: 92a2b53c1d52a15⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 595x322, 85:46, welcomenhk12.jpg)


wat are some old websites that have kept teh same design since teh 2000s or early 2010s?

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Most imageboards


File: 95429293c1e9d05⋯.png (129.5 KB, 807x473, 807:473, 4zbbPb3v6Y7joKPuMZSInEQX1q….png)

if you think about it, 4chan's /po/ is said to be the slowest board on the site. It's pretty comfy, it's like it's still in the early days. The same thing with /f/, now that flash is dead and obsolete the board is like a time capsule


File: 1bb3809c9989113⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 428x326, 214:163, human-swastika-habbo-hotel.jpg)


The last time it was updated was 1st August 2008 and the most recent comment is from 2013.


File: e92cdeae35b39c5⋯.png (216.99 KB, 806x934, 403:467, bb7efb94a267e0d8e1b3878a01….png)

The website for the japanese guitarist Masayoshi Takanaka has got that classic look, and it's still being updated with current tour dates.



This one looks pretty ancient. You still have to actually phone them up to place an order.

File: c8970d7d2f2a11b⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 2Fb174c5142a8f7a4f5ad82a40….jpg)


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File: 5d1a12e569a4bd5⋯.mp4 (12.11 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Tomorrow_I'll.mp4)

TOMORROW I'LL realize this song is 10 years old now.



Look no further.

>Blademasterz - Masterblade

>Donkey Rollers - Strike Again

>Headhunterz - The Sacrifice

>Headhunterz - Time To Rock

>Max B. Grant - Hey DJ!

>Michael Jackson - Thriller (DJ Isaac Remix)

>Technoboy - Hardrive (Lesson 1)

>Technoboy - Hardrive (Lesson 2)

>Walt & Feliz - Endless (Original Mix)


File: a906c0da13c47e0⋯.jpg (141.19 KB, 960x720, 4:3, cutthemonitors.jpg)


y is this still so catchy? I'm going to have this stuck in my head all day now. Not that that's particularly bad I suppose, but thar has to be a reason.



File: 3426b8cf880337b⋯.mp4 (14.15 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Robotnik_II.mp4)


>y is it so catchy

It's an essential quality of a proper YTMND.


File: 8844f8680c3d293⋯.png (553.12 KB, 825x623, 825:623, d33.png)



May be a bit of a gamble, but do you guys remember a specific Youtube poop where Robotnik goes something like:

"Point it at that door, and when I say point it at that door, you point it at that door, and when I say fire you shoot, and when I say shoot you fire"?

For some reasons I always lost it whenever it played but I forgot its name.

>You will never have enough computational power to create a neural network that replicates Long John Baldry's voice to keep him immortal

Feels bad

File: 187ff070d030cb9⋯.png (98.31 KB, 523x203, 523:203, 461.png)


Lord Time claims yet another one.


Actually, someone on the webarchive archived the whole thing, only problem is that I'm too stupid to get it working right

File: d2683cff1ed0b56⋯.jpg (84.44 KB, 650x433, 650:433, 18256268 - Miami.jpg)


>remember all the parties I went to in places that had picrel's exact same look

>sound of early trance/house music blasting from every speaker


>"friend me on myspace when you get home anon!"


File: c9d065ff95e2826⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 650x433, 650:433, park-house-las-vegas-nv-pr….jpg)


File: 2bc281623ca0862⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 640x368, 40:23, square mall.jpg)



This kind of aesthetic rly reminds me of shopping centres. I can't find an image of exactly what I mean but you can sort of see the similarities in this.


File: 032a5b5da736a80⋯.png (43.6 KB, 722x489, 722:489, 26.png)

For the longest time, when I was a young lad and unironically played habbo, I always wanted to live in a place that looked like this.

It's my perception of the idealized, quintessential y2k aesthetic, that I happened to only be able to find on an old browser game for tweens.


File: c9568020e9eced3⋯.jpg (171.81 KB, 900x675, 4:3, sims2.jpg)


Shit, I think you hit the nail on the head thar. That square grid look of it all, the fact that it all fits together perfectly. Everything is clean and polished like you'd see it in a showroom. Is thar a name to this sort of style or aesthetic we're talking about?

Pic semi-related, moar so to OP's idea than the Habbo effect or however you call it.


File: b81a99e5d7a6090⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 213046b22739362d00392683c2….jpg)


It reminds me of neo-futurism with a bit of minimalist postmodern aesthetic.

Add some soul, contrast, and pretty neon lights, and you got ecstasy for your eyes.

File: 8d9f13024b9ab44⋯.jpg (75.15 KB, 960x720, 4:3, rare footage of a happy Ma….jpg)


The five years surrounding y2k was the peak of western animation.


>later seasons of Billy and Mandy

>Courage the Cowardly

>Ed, Edd n' Eddy

>Hey Arnold

You're almost right.


as much as i love the new serial style shows, the 2000s where the last bastion of episodic cartoons



>teen titans



>billy and mamdy

>ed, edd n eddy

>puffy amiyumi


>samurai jack

>duck dodgers

>justice league

so much good shit



code lyoko was god tier at the time, still is


It's too bad everything went on a severe decline afterwards.

File: 3ade7c22f4ec59c⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 320x268, 80:67, all your base.webm)


Post your webms or mp4s of teh 2000s. Starting off with this classic.

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File: 1590095fceb6dbb⋯.webm (3.08 MB, 320x240, 4:3, The past.webm)


File: 78789f8888cb323⋯.mp4 (10.4 MB, 640x480, 4:3, E3 2006 Todd Howard.mp4)


File: ba1106b06cc49fd⋯.webm (8.72 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Drop The Dodongo.webm)


File: 67748969f21aba6⋯.webm (4.98 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Internet Killed the Video….webm)


File: d7ab79e7f0a78b2⋯.webm (15.2 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Don_Vito_learns_Mexican.webm)

File: d169998233ebb36⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 480x480, 1:1, omg.jpg)


Ur fucked, wat do?

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gais we gots 2 stop making seven eleven joeks!!! tehes joeks are just PLANE wrong.



Yeah, let's talk about something less offensive, like sports! My favorite team iz teh teh n00b York Jets!


File: 5daf1db889f8125⋯.jpg (8.99 KB, 191x200, 191:200, Blank _2ecc8f0b2204f6e3535….jpg)


Uh I mean

Mrow mrow mrowmrw\ow


war criminal





wat was school like for you in teh 2000s?


>2000-2001: Comfy early childhood in Gerover 9000 with my d00d. Lived on an army base and looking back it was clearly 10 years behind watever was happening in teh US. Kind of like living in 1991 with blockparty cookouts, gundam, SNES. Still miss it actually. School was ok. I remember 9/11 happening and walking home and finding my mom watching teh tv and crying.

>2002-2006: Move back stateside, early 2000's at its fucking extreme. https://youtu.be/Cwkej79U3ek this song every fucking day on teh bus to school. Nostalgic memories of playing video games with bros, read a lot of Magic treehouse books lol. Got into anime from a friend showing me Naruto around 2004 (although I used to watch DBZ with my dad before that.) Everything was pretty cool. Was on teh early 2000's internetss because mom got me a computer.

>2007: discover 4chan. Life progressively gets moar depressing. I have awful feminazi teachers at school that legitimately skip teaching biology for a semester in order to put on a play about teh birth of feminism in america I shit you not. I become moar reclusive and start spending a lot of time on teh internets, /k/ /co/ /mu/ /b/ and /r9k/ especially. /r9k/ gives me all teh angst fuel I could ever ask for as an edgy teen. rly it was just depressing though.

>2008-2011: I burn as over 9000 bridges at school that I can. I have a close group of 2 other anon bros that I've hung out with for 3 or so years now. We relentlessly troll teh school administration, other students, etc. We are teh top edgelords of teh town by far. desu looking back Im surprised no one called teh cops saying we were going to shoot up teh place because we fucking fit teh description. On a moar positive note, I get to have sex with a qt 3.14 redhead that dated me.

Some good and some bad. I don't know that I'd want to go back though.


File: 0bb15fdb5d470f5⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 858x465, 286:155, MAKING MY WAY DOWNTOWN.jpg)


That's quite a story, thx for sharing.

Also, that fucking song. I haven't heard it in so over 9000 years, but it's throwing me right back. Damn.



That sound rly was overplayed. I remember disliking it because my sister would play 9001 times a day. Its probably teh most nostalgic early internet or 2000s song. Teh uber /y2k/ athem

File: 1e48dd2b8e3bde4⋯.jpg (76.11 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, HWTJ8gG.jpg)


Any music fags know a (potential) 2000s song? It's electronic music, heard it in 2007/08. It had some woman screaming "Gone Free!" or something like that, and had a section of this man saying random things. It sounded like "mee sperl, mee sperl, mee splek" or something (might be speaking a diff language).

I don't have a sample of it and I don't know music notation. It sounds sorta similar to Eric Prydz's "Call On Me".


Ask over at the music thread mang



First songs that come to mind are

>Rozalla - Everybody's Free

>Ultra Nate - Free

but thar's no real male vocals thar from what I can tell. Can you remember any other details about it?



None of those songs. Don't remember much other than what I said earlier. It seemed like a song that would play in a gym environment.

File: 794238f95c5a3d5⋯.png (49.59 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



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winrar over 9001 internetsz XD


lol is catface a newfag? dsfargeg is an old /b/ meme



It was a joke ban that lasted for five minutes, most of my bans are. Of course I remember dsfargeg.



Yeah I'm alright, b&hammer didn't hurt lol


File: 154ff88f81dcf04⋯.jpg (37.99 KB, 578x373, 578:373, bannnn.jpg)

File: 5ef9375bbd3806f⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 1275x916, 1275:916, jzc9UkS.gif)


Anybody else wonder where the people behind abandoned profiles in 2000s websites go?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 7fdf2560bbf15c3⋯.png (265.03 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Last logged in on 9-10-11.png)



Wow yeah that's creepy alright. Last seen the day before 9/11.


I just remembered that I have a few accounts I haven't used in a long time.

thar should be some day where everyone goes on their old accounts at once. If the idea spread far enough, then it might get to your old friends, and they'll come on as well.

It'd need to spread in the form of a meme to appeal to the mainstream, so that it hits enough people for those going on-line to find at least one old friend. Preferably something like Xbox Live.

It's not entirely impossible. It happened with Fortnite Burger's at McDonalds on Aug 6th


File: 85706c92cdfdb91⋯.png (409.25 KB, 639x799, 639:799, sam only me.png)


This is a brilliant idea.

I had a few close friends on Runescape back from 2006 that I lost contact with around 2011 when we all moved on to other things. To be able to chat with them again would bring me so much joy. How can we start this meme off?



You're not going to be able to. All people fade, and in the digital world, it's not even real people. Consider it mirrors into human behavior. Interacting with simulations. Good luck man. It's not going to happen.

File: 055a2225caec8bf⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 580x358, 290:179, WindowsXP-580x358.jpg)


Post your Windows XP machines, old screencaps, Virtual Machines, etc and discuss teh best Windows OS here.

ISO for VMs:


29 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ae9bb4be7c7f955⋯.jpg (443.38 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, bliss ww1.jpg)


File: 4a9034764aad7db⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, bliss snow.jpg)


File: f1f3327040bf74e⋯.jpg (374.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bliss sub.jpg)



hey mate can you reup?


File: 47668eade13ed87⋯.jpg (143.11 KB, 800x600, 4:3, bliss sm64.jpg)

File: d4dc626fc653243⋯.png (198.77 KB, 597x407, 597:407, gta.png)



File: 43bd953d424a7d1⋯.jpg (30.93 KB, 219x300, 73:100, Thedishwatercover.jpg)

i have huge nostalgia for xbox indie titles


File: c9b15b70f4851af⋯.jpg (249.22 KB, 836x888, 209:222, 04.jpg)


I finished the entire Shadow Hearts series.

I can't decide if I should move on on to Dark Cloud, Rouge Galaxy or the Xenosaga series.


File: d2fcfa124e7a4e8⋯.jpg (18.32 KB, 220x302, 110:151, Trialshd.jpg)


All I remember of those indie titles was Trials HD and later on billions of shitty Minecraft clones although those are outside of /y2k/ territory, the dreaded '10s+


Who else remembers thinking games like Mass Effect 1 and Peter Jackson's King Kong were the pinnacle of graphics?

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