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Young girls are best


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File: d1f9f801de6c33e⋯.gif (986.64 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 63256958.gif)


Post in this thread every time you visit this board so we can get more traffic.


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Likely an error, I didn't check. I keep the original filename so it's sometimes strange

File: b8f503a97df1975⋯.png (2.35 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, 32602595.png)


This board is for discussing young girls.

Don't post CP, don't shitpost and no moralfags.

It is encouraged to discuss about your personal experiences, how to fight against moralfags and their laws, your fantasies and such.

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File: 3823741e36ef6d6⋯.jpg (34.34 KB, 800x527, 800:527, 03adf59753a2f440dac4f4852d….jpg)


I'm reporting this place to 8chan globally and the fbi; burn in hell you fucking pedos

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reproduction is bad



>I'm reporting this place to 8chan globally and the fbi; burn in hell you fucking pedos

Look everyone a newfag.



Hey now, I didn't choose to only be attracted to white kids.


I think AOC should be 25, that's when the brain is supposed to be fully developed. I also think that that's around the age where they have enough life experience to navigate the social consequences of having sex. To be honest, sexualizing anyone under the age of 30 is sick though.


File: 9ebb2809f225f88⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 480x720, 2:3, cca6afdc92ee3687de16ced94b….jpg)

File: b8e606b020f04e3⋯.jpg (11.17 KB, 414x640, 207:320, 6d5282b8120964bcca782ec47e….jpg)

File: defa257258b4484⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 338x500, 169:250, 9c467de5341ae544aac20e62e9….jpg)

File: 9b2866c14483fec⋯.jpg (26.38 KB, 567x746, 567:746, 57cee36e99cb45fc792163b7bb….jpg)

File: e34f12c74721115⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 640x959, 640:959, 7931943a9f1915d5435c0903c8….jpg)



>Do you really find this shitskins you posted attractive?

Maybe these ones



>reproduction is bad

When you really like children you may end up liking all the process, being a daddy too

File: 587bfe98f76189a⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 300x400, 3:4, CGaqccoWQAABcZ2.jpg)


At what age do girls start having orgasms?

When so they start to squirt?

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So if some girl was raped earlier she would also said start orgasming earlier?



It's partly a physiological reaction so it's linked to stimulations wherever they comes from. It happens more frequently on collective rape just because of stimulation lengh

Orgasm isn't always pleasurable and can be traumatic if linked to a traumatic experience, rape victims are ashamed of it, some part of the trauma may be culture linked.

Some chinese used to masturbate babies to help them sleep and there are several strange things found by anthropology


Orgasms can be any age. But the youngest squirt I've seen was around 11 or 12 in a masturbation video.


>At what age do girls start having orgasms?

They have the potential before birth. Practically speaking, it's probably going to be around age 1 when they have the dexterity to be able to stimulate themselves.

>When do they start to squirt?

Girls can pee from birth as well; no reason it can't happen anytime they have an orgasm. If you're talking about "real" female ejaculation, nobody can even agree it actually exists, so you're basically asking about the anatomy of Bigfoot here.

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YouTube thread

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Wait for the lip-slip.

File: e2e3ef0220bdafe⋯.png (836.15 KB, 923x580, 923:580, 1516546512105.png)


Only 8 years old and already knows right from wrong. Bless her heart.

File: e857775ed5dd351⋯.jpg (164.79 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, spencer.jpg)


File: afffed8b462da77⋯.png (660.16 KB, 1137x711, 379:237, 1516553415446.png)


What did she mean by this?

File: 2f0782a4542b552⋯.jpg (93.45 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 5128180.jpg)


>you will never cuddle with cute loli in a bed after sex

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File: aac57c4ca08a7db⋯.png (386.96 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, Pedo-bear-seal-of-approval.png)

File: 528cbfc140d86a9⋯.jpg (74.98 KB, 600x544, 75:68, martine-embellit-son-jardi….jpg)

File: 70d5db9e64642a6⋯.jpg (59.75 KB, 703x600, 703:600, 0_8cdce_6167b2c0_XL.jpg)

File: 83aae84cfe1424a⋯.gif (758.65 KB, 256x192, 4:3, CT6TTQCTTZ4PCSYDC6HESQIA4M….gif)


You don't need to have sex with her to enjoy cuddling a Loli, however it would be a great lack of courtesy to frustrate an enthusiastic consent. I'm sure that minor's corruption doesn't need to be traumatic, that some part of the underage sex's damage are a difference between their aquired sluttyness and depravity and what is acceptable in the society. However it surely require to start really soft


File: 588d19d0426f316⋯.jpg (26.07 KB, 487x500, 487:500, muzzie-pedophile.jpg)

File: e89bb5aab4c0ada⋯.jpg (28.29 KB, 300x250, 6:5, Muslim-men-marrying-girls3….jpg)


Ask muslims about child marriage, there are several case of deadly hemorrhaging after wedding night



tfw people hate pedophilia because of mudslims



I have, and it was good.




File: 97b98dcea037425⋯.jpg (26.21 KB, 422x750, 211:375, 97b98dcea037425b1e28fcced1….jpg)


Would you order a loli real doll?

Will we have android loli robots by 2030?

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talked to an anon on 4chan who said he built his own. I could get into that.


To expensive, rather have used car instead.

And no, you got a lot longer then that for anything commercially viable and available. Very few in robotics are working on androids to begin with.


File: 5925730807ae1ff⋯.jpg (62.91 KB, 930x1024, 465:512, e93bcf92700d57af4ab1180d57….jpg)

File: c22d31cd272e50a⋯.jpg (54.83 KB, 847x1024, 847:1024, 9e9e577f97329d9e9e29636844….jpg)

File: 16aeb452be43647⋯.jpg (66.24 KB, 1024x780, 256:195, f6682f06593099c098414134a0….jpg)



Do not fuck your car man.


When will we have concious loli androids designed to fulfill your every sick fantasy you have towards little innocent girls?

File: e6144663d913ff9⋯.jpg (335.69 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1.jpg)


Daddy is holding her bumb! But what is she holding??

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File: 98d8168453b53a7⋯.jpg (51.02 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 1431994468330-2.jpg)

Do you mind if i take a few pictures .


File: 261111e439825c3⋯.jpg (98.73 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 137398997865.jpg)

Big sister lets brother feel her tits.


File: f8640865a707455⋯.jpeg (131.85 KB, 1259x1259, 1:1, tumblr_nnzw5sIUzl1smsv9ro….jpeg)

Busty friend.


File: 77900932d0a7a6c⋯.jpg (855.38 KB, 1332x1532, 333:383, 1515540328552.jpg)





I thought "yg" stood for "young girls", not "your grandmother", which is what most of these pictures are.



Nice pic

File: 737be2dd44329d9⋯.png (274.98 KB, 812x1200, 203:300, 63258558.png)


What should be ideal breeding age?

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Girls 8-12 are not fertile dumbass. Most girls do not start their period until 12 and it takes a few years to get fertile after their first period. And girls under 17 have issues with childbirth I already posted this stupid fuck.



No pregnancies before 17. The risk is not worth it.







> it takes a few years to get fertile after their first period.

elaborate please

File: ad79e97dd97481a⋯.jpg (856.88 KB, 776x1024, 97:128, 50834069.jpg)



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File: 0fa1c83aa2de5cb⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 953x737, 953:737, 042e436e-7645-46f8-a207-05….jpg)

File: 4e4276be07bef4b⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 369x285, 123:95, 4857a447-822c-4b52-af5c-99….jpg)

File: 8aec88e390a3b27⋯.jpg (27.04 KB, 653x653, 1:1, 1e21f7f3-4038-4e08-b453-cc….jpg)

File: 90694293179f443⋯.jpg (41.64 KB, 470x519, 470:519, de2678b08e199d41ef1a9563bc….jpg)

File: cdfed44d094f57f⋯.png (646.38 KB, 650x652, 325:326, 07a748f8be6fcd1fc94c2d9615….png)

Pics of celeb as kids


File: 6e267359928d581⋯.jpg (113.39 KB, 2048x1463, 2048:1463, 27664765359_8f67b112ce_k.jpg)

File: f75a824203aec3b⋯.jpg (25.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 31922198224_ba1a12f4c4_b.jpg)

File: 4fb248c813399c7⋯.jpg (26.95 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 33370195123_7d427e0af5_b.jpg)

File: 199d5efb23bf327⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 27703218829_c1f95de39b_b.jpg)


File: 061e60cd8e96be8⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 942A4683-copy-2.jpg)

File: 59df9cd870b0fcd⋯.jpg (6.18 KB, 236x314, 118:157, www.pinterest.fr_new.jpg)

File: 79f74a3dddb1bdd⋯.jpg (24.98 KB, 502x625, 502:625, 891b75f00c0d97c4d367b3f884….jpg)

File: de29ccc5ca07036⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 640x960, 2:3, b472bdc90128ac95b570d7a71e….jpg)

File: a9536e97631cc90⋯.jpg (48.92 KB, 636x960, 53:80, 8715de73203ce2dd5a62c98d34….jpg)


File: 885c630792b44c2⋯.jpg (145.68 KB, 3072x2048, 3:2, 2018-01-15_08-16-50.jpg)

File: ec8523aff634c57⋯.jpg (14.9 KB, 340x454, 170:227, 2018-01-15_08-17-08.jpg)

Do poltards like kids


File: 205de696c0027f9⋯.jpg (221.74 KB, 3008x2000, 188:125, 204079599_c7f7c4e449_o - C….jpg)

File: 804d2d2b8b9deb9⋯.jpg (10.15 KB, 600x406, 300:203, 3624131340_6008391f0c_o.jpg)

File: 10bdc705cb12cc7⋯.jpg (15.61 KB, 600x421, 600:421, 4386755041_5b27bac21e_o - ….jpg)

File: 0381658c579027f⋯.jpg (243.36 KB, 2592x3872, 81:121, 6089315305_441f9974d4_o.jpg)

File: cf5bf4cc23ab8e6⋯.mp4 (764.26 KB, 400x720, 5:9, Дарья Клэт тверк.mp4)


Upload what you have!

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It is an anti making us look bad.



oh ok lol



>asking for woman's permission for sex





>>asking for woman's permission for sex


Sex is better with enthusiastic consent anyway. You could have some guys who prefer rape but they likely run into problems quickly. Borderline consent may lead to boring sex for both




>or ya know you could gain her affection and have consensual sex instead of being a sicko rapist and hurting her.(also sorry if you didnt literally mean rape but meant sex but were cracking a joke about how any sex we have with a cute girl is rape according to the law)

If she's even a little bit of whore rape would not be necessary for sex, unless you disgust her, the questions for her wouldn't be if she gonna have sex but instead whith who.

File: 354efb36e63ef1e⋯.png (537.45 KB, 637x873, 637:873, 24390573.png)


Young girls > adult whores

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That's been a claim for 15-20 years, and yet it doesn't seem to be happening. Even the people pushing for pedos to be added to the LGBT spectrum haven't made much headway. The trans people are just barely getting any respect. Widespread acceptance of pedophilia and bestiality (where consent is being debated) are not gaining traction, and polyamory lacks any major support, and yet people insist that all of these (and more) are coming. Any day now. Just you wait. Any day now. Just wait. They're coming. Any day now.



like religous people bleatting about how jesus is cumming again.

Shoot, he's not even hard!


This thread is pathetic.



The stats are all true. Women are actually useless.



If that was true the human race would be extinct.

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