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Welcome to /yuri/!

This board is a >>>/u/ alternative, and is not intended to replace /u/!


1. All images must pertain to the yuri genre. Yuri is lesbian and/or softcore in nature, and of Japanese origin. Western art and the discussion of western shows are allowed.

2. Images should ideally be high quality, of two or more women and not contain men. The occasional solo image is allowed as long as it's relevant to the topic, but solo image dumps should be posted on >>>/e/.

You can review the rules and other information on the rules page: https://8ch.net/yuri/rules.html

Please use this thread to discuss the rules and suggest banners + user flags!

Banner properties: 300px width, 100px height, maximum of 500KB

User Flag properties: 11-20px width, 11-16px height, maximum of 48KB

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Yuri Games & VNs thread

Go nuts and post any game or VN with yuri in it.

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General Thread

Post ITT every time you visit this board

so that we can generate more activity.

Previous thread >>104

Another Madoka OP because Walpurgisnacht is April 30th.

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Fire Emblem

This series always had a bunch of gay girls in it.

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Fanfiction Thread

This is a thread for fanfiction.

Places to read fanfiction:

fanfiction.net (sort by follows)

archiveofourown.org (sort by kudos)

>An archive of fics compiled and shared by a kind anon


Post links to fics and discuss them and fanfiction in general.

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Manwha Thread

I binge read White Angels Have No Wings/Rest the other day:



Pretty good stuff. Post anything you all have read or are currently reading. Don't link to Lezhin tho. Try to provide a free to read site or download.

I've wondered about something - is there any reason 4/u/ doesn't post links to places that aren't lezhin? Just seems really stupid.

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/yuri/ music

What music do you listen to whilst browsing /yuri/?

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/yuri/ /lit/erature

Let's read, request, recommend, and discuss books that are /yuri/ related!


ulit Archives 2017 torrent (4670 books, release dates up till December 2017):



Direct download:


ulit Archives 2017 Erotica add-on torrent (969 books):


How to find books:

Mobilism Search for Lesbian, FF, LGBT, and GLBT keywords:


Custom Google Search:


Downloading from #bookz on IRC:


B-OK (Bookzz):


Library Genesis:


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/yuri/ Streams

A general thread for all Internet streams that pertains to /yuri/, including but not limited to the Weekly Stream. Discussions, suggestions, and technical questions for all streams are welcome on this thread.

/yuri/ Stream Channel:


/u/ Stream Channel:




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Make requests and post your scanlations/translations. Also request cleaners/typesetters/quality checkers here for anything you want to translate.

Some useful info:


I'll post other links later.

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Share thread

It's about time we have one of these. Share whatever relevant files you have, or request things that other Anons might have.

Sharing is caring and you do care about other anons right?

To get things started I'll post links to things on my mega account that people here might want.

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Comic Book Yuri

Comic book yuri thread. This is a thread for non-Japanese comic books.

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Guide to WIXOSS


Batoru Online


A pretty out-of date Batoru Sim, it'll let you play with most LRIGs except for Guzuko, Carnival and Key Era LRIGS(Layla, Eternal, LoV).

Heres the git for it:


Random Decks For Batoru


For Webxoss only.

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No Carole and Tuesday thread? Let's fix that.

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YuriArts - Let's Draw Some Lesbians, /yuri/!

Tired of waiting for good Yuri stuff? You want fluffy romance stories with something beyond schoolgirls, more content of your favorite couple or just sexy women eating lots of pussy? Then, how about to make them yourself?

Based on /monster/'s drawing thread, where anons learn how to make monster girls, this one will give sources and tips for those who want to create Yuri-themed pictures. If you find anything interesting or want to share your gains, please feel free to post.

Websites to browse:



/loomis/ is the 8chan version of /ic/'s begginner threads but with more constructive critique and less shitposts. The board is very slow but has interesting topics about drawing and precious books and videos in their sticky:

Resource Hub:


MEGA.nz page:


Recommended book for start: "Fun with a Pencil" -Andrew Loomis.

Fun with a Pencil explores the basics explaining construction and use of shapes on pictures. A very funny didactic book, imo.

Second book: Famous Artists Course Collection.

Quoting Wikipedia:

>"Famous Artists School is an art correspondence course institution, in operation since 1948. The school was founded by members of the New York Society of Illustrators, principally Albert Dorne and Norman Rockwell."

>"The original courses offered in 1948 were Painting, Illustration/Design and Cartooning. The Painting and Illustration & Design courses, which are still offered, consisted of 24 lessons, with a new lesson mailed to the student upon completion of the previous lesson. When a student completed and returned the assignment, it was critiqued by a professional artist who sent suggestions back to the student."

After reading FwaP, these lessons will become very handy. It will explain almost EVERYTHING that you should know about art, from the human body to picture composition.



A lot of their art tutorials are free. I recommend the ones made by Joumana Medlej about Human Anatomy:



Site with lots of awesome artbooks. Great as a source for reference.


If you search well, this can be a nice free sauce of books. Many of them are very old, but still useful.


Now shake your ass and make this board proud, faggot.

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100% Orange Juice

Setup lobbies, bitch about poppo stealing your stars, discuss the other games, lose to the ai every time, get bullied, land on a bomb etc

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Write a Yuri Plot

Give me your best ideas for anything yuri related

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Does anyone have thick lolis? It can only be one,I don't care

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Buyfag Thread

Let's have a buyfag thread. Remember not to charge too much to your mom's credit card at once or she might get suspicious.

General guide on buying yuri manga


(there is a guide to buy digital manga from amazon.jp from a yuriblog, I will see if I can found it)

/a/'s buyfag guide (some relevant info, incl: customs, shipping, book and doujinshi retailers, alternate honto signup guide, etc)


How to signup for honto:


How to purchase and convert a JP kindle book


Japanese wiki listing yuri manga:


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WebM and MP4 thread!

For tips on creating webms, please check out the following:
- 8chan's >>>/webm/ board! (this thread especially: >>>/webm/2573)
- /g/ wiki's guide to webms: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/WebM

If you're familiar with the command line, install ffmpeg and check out these guides:
https://www.virag.si/2012/01/webm-web-video-encoding-tutorial-with-ffmpeg-0-9/ (guide to creating webms)
https://www.virag.si/2012/01/web-video-encoding-tutorial-with-ffmpeg-0-9/ (guide to creating mp4s)
http://blog.superuser.com/2012/02/24/ffmpeg-the-ultimate-video-and-audio-manipulation-tool/ (general ffmpeg guide)
http://video.stackexchange.com/questions/4563/how-can-i-crop-a-video-with-ffmpeg (how to crop your video's dimensions in ffmpeg)
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General Thread

Post ITT every time you visit this board

so that we can generate more activity.

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We only have two banners at the moment and need more so here's a banner thread. Go nuts and have fun.

Some important info for making the banners:

>File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly.

>You may upload up to 300 custom banners per board.

>Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.

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Spring Anime 2019

Spring is finally here and so is the latest anime season.

What do you all think is worth watching? TBH this looks like a good season for going through your backlog.

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Madoka Thread

Have you praised the goddess Meduka today?

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Naked Girls

This is lacking naked girls
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Voice Work Thread

Welcome to /yuri/ Voice Work Thread!




What is voice work?

Any form of media that involves and has auditory content as its main focus such as voice drama. Voice work derived from the Japanese term 音声作品 「おんせいさくひん」which literally translates to 'voice work'.

Where to start?

Voice drama:

RJ224365 - tags: heartwarming, sister x sister incest, lovey-dovey, pure love, yuri

RJ211285 - tags: background music, binaural audio, ear cleaning, fantasy, healing, piano, water sounds, whispering, yandere, yuri

RJ217333 - tags: drama, ear cleaning, teacher, yuri

RJ246088 - tags: comedy, lovey-dovey, women's viewpoint, yuri

RJ243770 - tags: comedy, daily life, healing, personification, yuri

First person yuri:

RJ214431 - tags: background music, binaural audio, ear cleaning, healing, lovey-dovey, piano, pure love, uniform, whispering, women's viewpoint, yuri

RJ220857 - tags: binaural audio, ear blowing, ear licking, lovey-dovey, twins, women's viewpoint, yuri

RJ234815 - tags: binaural audio, ear cleaning, moe, tsundere, women's viewpoint, yuri

RJ247709 - tags: binaural audio, black hair, comedy, ear cleaning, ear licking, healing, long hair, whispering, women's viewpoint, yuri

RJ186993 - tags: childhood friend, first experience, lovey-dovey, sisters, yuri

How do I use those codes?

The most of the voice work communities use these codes to refer to a work. It's commonly called RJ codes; similar to your JAV codes or hentai manga codes you read off of 'that' site. RJ codes are originally used in DLsite as a content identifier (similar to content ID) of which you can use like the following www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJxxxxxx.html

Note: For piracy concern please refer to the 'Resources' section.

What is this thread for?

Honestly I don't know but I'd love to see people having an interest on the voice work scene especially yuri voice works. There're circles out there that need recognition for making yuri voice works with such passion and love for yuri.




Learn Japanese: https://4chanint.fandom.com/wiki/Japanese

4/h/ Voice Thread: http://boards.4chan.org/h/thread/5286721

Yuri voice work MEGA archive: https://mega.nz/#F!xl9RyAjB!yneCT_fgQFrrYUyOWoho3g

Note: This archive will not be updated. Show your support by purchasing their work!

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General Image Dump Thread

Post anything yuri.

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Magical Girl SPEC OPS Asuka

Manga Link:


>Last update: 1 Year Ago

RIP. Wonder if they'll come back.

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Manaria Friends

Anyone else watching this?

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Touhou Project!



Pixiv pairing tags list:


( for pure discussion of Touhou you may also be interested in >>>/2hu/ and >>>/jp/ )

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Yuri Light Novels and Webnovels

Has anybody been reading any yuri light novels or web novels recently?

Some recs courtesy of 4/u/:

The Villainess Blooms [on hiatus] (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-villainess-blooms)

I Favor the The Villainess https://www.novelupdates.com/series/i-favor-the-villainess)

Omae Gotoki (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/do-you-think-someone-like-you-can-defeat-the-demon-king/)

A Lesbian Elf and a Cursed Princess (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/a-lesbian-elf-and-a-cursed-princess/)

Isekai Saikyou wa Yuusha? Maou? Ie, Yousei Desu!! (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/is-the-strongest-in-another-world-a-hero-a-demon-lord-no-its-a-fairy-desu/)

Quick Transmigration: Fate Trading System (CN) (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/quick-transmigration-fate-trading-system/)

Mistress, I was Wrong (KR) (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/mistress-i-was-wrong/)

Female General and Eldest Princess (CN) (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/female-general-and-eldest-princess/)

Senpensekai no Madoushoshi (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/senpensekai-no-madoushoshi/)

Himegami no Miko (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/himegami-no-miko/)

Maria-sama ga Miteru (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/maria-sama-ga-miteru/)

Some of these are edited machine translations - so be advised - the translation can be a bit off.

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